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Black Twitter

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Screenshots of Black people being hilarious or insightful on social media, it doesn't need to just be twitter but obviously that is best.

2012.11.15 14:30 kettlecat A Safe Space for Black Women

The face of Black Women on Reddit!

2017.08.15 23:38 Shyenetta MarchAgainstNazis

An Antifascist/Anti-Nazi subreddit standing AGAINST radical white nationalist terrorists and other hate groups and enablers, both on-site and off.

2023.06.09 16:37 lukappaa Asking for tips on how to handle a cost issue

I'm creating a TCG based around RPG-like mechanics which has been in development for over a year by now, but recently I started asking myself a question about the battle system. I'll give you a brief explanation on how it works.
The basic idea, which had been already established since the very beginning and won't change, is having a pool of 8 diverse characters per player always battling 2 vs 2 (kinda like a competitive Pokémon game, but with separate turns). Before the game starts, your characters are separated from the "spell" cards (which I named "action cards" and must be 25 according to the current rules); while the action cards deck is shuffled and your hand will be drawn from there, you can choose the order of the cards in your character deck, which won't change during the game unless you switch out one or an effect allows you to do so (even if there's like 3 of them at maximum between more than 340 cards). Once the order is decided, both players set their 2 lead characters face-down and draw 4 cards, then they are revealed and the game starts with the first draw.
After a main phase where you can play cards from your hand or switch out characters from the deck, you are forced into a battle phase where characters can use a huge variety of damaging, healing or status moves (even if the starting player can't use damaging moves on their first turn), which I implemented with a pretty unique method (at least I haven't seen it done by anyone else) that I won't spoil until the game's release because I'm kinda proud of this idea and I don't really want it to be stolen. If a character gets damaged over their max HP threshold it's knocked out and sent into a KO zone with 2 slots, which eventually leads to them moving to the bottom of the character deck again (if you played Pokémon Duel you can have a good enough comparison in mind), and they are replaced by the character on the top of the deck. You might notice that this way a player will never run out of characters to send out (and the action cards, which are pretty much all hard once per turn, are put under your deck after being used too, there's no graveyard or discard pile), and this is intentional as the game actually has a points system. You start with 50 points and you will use them to activate action cards and use moves, but you can also lose them if one of your characters is knocked out and you can gain them if you knock out one of the opponent's characters (each character has a "cost", which, a bit counterintuitively, is actually the amount of points you gain/lose when they're defeated, or can be paid for switching out, not a toll you pay for letting them in), with the obvious loss if you run out. And here's what made me think.
Since all of the points costs are drawn from the same pool (which loses you the game if it runs out), there are really few ways to gain extra points other than by knocking out characters and they are generally very restricted, the character costs are pretty low and due to a big health buff I gave to each character (nearly doubling the healthpools, due to a miscalculation by me in early development where I didn't consider the option of double targeting a character), knocking out an opponent without losing more points than what you will gain from defeating them is nearly impossible even by exploiting type weaknesses, status conditions (there's 10 of them in this game) and damage buffs. This actually works in its own way as is for now, putting a soft time limit to each game and encouraging the player to manage carefully their move choice, but what I fear is this turning a future competitive scene into either a stall slugfest, where the meta is stacking damage reduction effects while healing off all the damage dealt and waiting for the opponent to run out of points to knock them out (if you don't have enough points to attack with a character, that character skips the attack and you gain 1 point), or a total bloodshed where the life expectancy of each character is half a turn at best.
As such, I had the idea of introducing a separate pool of points for move selection only. This idea, even if not implemented yet, turned in my mind into a mechanic like SMT Liberation Dx2, where each character has 10 MP per turn and they recover 3 at the start of your turn, but shared between the active characters (you have a maximum amount of 10 points to attack with both characters, maybe with various amounts of points recovered depending on the character). The idea looked interesting to me despite
Since that would imply recreating the card layout and there's quite a lot of stuff to fit into each card already (name, cost, artwork, HP, stats, ability, signature moves, type interactions), as well as having to rewrite a lot of already existing effects, I'm asking: what would you do if you were to design this game with me?
1) Keep the current system where move costs are drawn from the same pool as points lost/gained for KOs and action card costs, encouraging resource management but with the potential risk of polarizing the game.
2) Move to a system where move costs are drawn from a separate pool, with or without a consistent recovery, but with the need to rework tons of existing cards and potential for unclear interactions.
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2023.06.09 16:36 okidokurrrr Really Sad About Having to Stop TTC

Basically as the title says. My husband and I have a big family move coming up in less than a year that involves a lot of time and financial commitment. Because of the timing of a pregnancy and the move, we have to prevent pregnancy from July to December.
The move is a big deal and I am not a healthy person, I also work and have a lot of family responsibilities. I can't endlessly pile things on my plate, so we came to the conclusion that we have to pause so that I could get settled into our new home before a baby would come.
I also need to establish care with a fertility doctor because this is month 6 and I am pretty convinced I am already out for this cycle. I don't want to start working with a doctor here, and putting myself through testing and treatment, only to relocate a few months in, while dealing with all my normal responsibilities. Not to mention the costs.
This month is my last chance before I have to pause. It's not going well and I'm starting to spot when I should be ovulating and everytime this happens, the cycle doesn't work.
I have had 0 indication that I will ovulate besides a little EWCM. Estrogen, LH and Progesterone have been essentially nonexistent on all my at hormone tests for weeks. No ovulation on BBT and I have had less of my ovulation migraines this month.
Whatever. All this to say, I'm fucking sad. My heart hurts. I've been sick, to some degree, my whole life, with multiple diagnosis. It feels like years of medical and health trauma just bubbling up to the surface every time I am confronted with my reproductive organs failing.
I just feel my fertility slipping away from me. I'm trying to hold onto the dreams for my family, but they feel like sand between my fingers. My husband scheduled me a meeting with our family therapist, but I feel like maybe it's time to go back on all the psych meds I was on before ttc.
I am constantly having melt downs and sobbing. I have these weird dissociative moments where all i have all these thoughts about how my body doesn't work, or flashing back to a friend telling me they are pregnant, or even anger about how I wish my mom wanted to be closer to me and could see how much I was hurting over this.
Idk, I'm just here to get it out of my head and vent to people who actually know what it feels like to live with this disease.
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2023.06.09 16:36 slayerslayerslayersl Sick Turkeys

Sick Turkeys
So last month I bought 3 Turkeys to go with my one, which was alone, and now two of them are sick and one has died. They just kinda stand still, their poop is yellow and they aren’t grazing or eating as much, I wormed them and put VetRX on them today, but I’m not really for sure on how I can treat them, any help with be appreciated thanks!
It’s a bad picture but they’re standing around like that
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2023.06.09 16:35 Cinnamon-rose1213 House maintenance when living with boyfriend

I had a breakdown today because I got triggered when my boyfriend puts my newly washed clothes on top of my sister’s really really smelly clothes. The resentment has been piling up for a while now.
A little bit of my background: I am about to start college in September. Right now I have a lot of things on my plate. Me and my boyfriend are almost 9 months into dating and we live back-and-forth in each others’ house.
However, I’m starting to notice that he doesn’t care about house maintenance and organizing as much as I do.
Not only him, when I’m staying at my own house, my younger sister is the worst. She would pile up unclean laundry in the bathroom to the point it collapses and fills the floor; she would also never washes the dishes no matter how many days they’re left in the sink and wait until I do it for her. She claims herself to be a perfectionist and gets mad whenever I said I don’t think she is one. I don’t know maybe it’s some 16-year-old’s common issues during puberty. So when I am in my own house I’m always cleaning already, I would also use my own part-time salary to buy different items for the house to look tidier. Yet my stepmom (I’d rather call her my dad’s wife) would still complain that I am messy and a germ to this family. It kinda explains why I’ve been building that resentment in me.
One day I heard my boyfriend arguing with his mom about clearing the clutter in the house. Apparently he doesn’t care about house maintenance as much / prioritise it at the moment, I do always notice that he doesn’t mind if the room is messy or if anywhere is not tidy in the house, he can just live with it. This fact bothers me.
Maybe it is because I have always been taking care of my sister’s mess while still being complained as a messy person. I tried my best to maintain the house already and even prioritise it over all my studies and sleeping schedule, and people still can’t see it.
I want things to work out between me and my boyfriend. I’m scared I can’t handle it if it’s going to be like this in the future. Today’s breakdown really make me realize how heavy this has been on me and I feel like people around me doesn’t understand how messy the house is and how hard I’ve been trying to maintain it.
I tried meditation, I tried effective communication (with my boyfriend, cannot with my sister cause she thinks the whole world is against her), I tried gratefulness, I tried breaking down tasks and divide workload (he always leaves mess or things undone behind). Please tell me what I can do anymore, before I have another breakdown again.
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2023.06.09 16:35 bellumaster Gut Feeling

Balzleban was nothing if not cautious.
An ambassador called forth by the council of his people, he was personable, intelligent, and one of the few of his race that didn’t possess their natural naivete. Thanks to his gift of skepticism, in his years of service he had amassed a body of individuals charged with defense and support of him in difficult situations.
It was no weakness to acknowledge one’s shortcomings; instead of trying to bluff his way through interactions he knew nothing about, he listened to the words, warnings, and calculations of those with good track records and recommendations. He could not trust himself to make judgement calls- but he trusted others in judging of those who could.
That was why today, he left his ship with no less than eight xenos bodyguards, informants, and interpreters at his side. The interaction that would take place today would herald the end of a war that had lasted for over three hundred years.
The ship rested behind him on the dock, engines cooling. Before him the ambassador of the CoolNee waited patiently, as was ever their strength. Patience and subterfuge, countered by the brute power of his people. Every time they had bared their throats in a show of peace, the CoolNee had broken their pacts- but this time, it would be different.
Balzleban scanned his retinue for peace of mind. Two machine-beings incapable of rest constantly evaluated their surroundings. In front of them were his interpreter of language and cultural significance, his interpreter of situation and context, two bodyguard from his own people who both carried enough armaments to flatten a city, and a dangerous looking creature from the rancid prisons of a fringe world. It sniffed the air, continuously on the lookout for blood-hunger.
Alongside that creature was the newest addition to his retinue, a human woman with long black hair, a tall rifle of some sort, and several sidearms. She had come highly recommended as an expert in unseen threats; though the description was vague, Balzleban had erred on the side of caution and submitted a request of service.
She’d been on his payroll for two months now and, aside from the odd word here and there, had not truly contributed much that could not be done by the others. He was beginning to wonder if her services were redundant. They approached the CoolNee ambassador, who stood alone beside the entrance to the pact hall.
“Haio, Balzleban. A pleasure to see you again.”
“Let us hope it is the last time, Nogguran.” Balzleban responded. “Where are the rest of the ambassadors? Pellidan, Farati?”
Nogguran spoke smoothly to ease his anxieties. “They await below, Balzleban. No need for concern.”
Balzleban turned to his retinue. The machines flashed green, the specialists waved assent, the bodyguards stood ready, and the beast-thing grumbled with hunger. Only the human seemed put off, her eyes narrowed.
Odd. She was usually so reserved.
Balzleban addressed her. “Is there a concern, Lydia?”
She spoke quietly, eyes shifting side to side. “Something’s wrong.”
Nogguran was quick to assuage her misgivings. Maybe too quick- but Balzleban could never tell.
“Of course not- merely a small change in the traditional reception. No need to worry.”
Lydia dropped a hand to her belt and made some motion that Balzleban couldn’t decipher.
“I’m certain. Let’s proceed then.”
Balzleban followed Nogguran down the path into the pact hall. His mind, shackled as it was by his trusting nature, could not see what was hidden. Yet he knew that he was a blind child being led by those he’d been told could see.
They filed into the pact hall after Nogguran. Balzeban turned back to address his retinue and saw the human’s eyes widen as she stepped across the threshold.
The human female unslung her rifle and primed it. “We need to leave immediately. There’s a trap of some kind up ahead.”
Balzeban looked from her to the rest of his advisors. The machines showed no alert; his interpreters calm, bodyguards relaxed, and even the beast creature showed no sign of disturbance.
Was the human to be trusted? She had shown no affinity for independent reports of danger before.
“Balzeban. You need to get out of here, now!”
He was nothing if not cautious.
Balzeban shouted behind him as he ran back up the exit, followed closely by his bodyguards and the machines.
“Apologies Nogguran! One of my advisors suggests foul play, and I’m led to believe her. Another time, perhaps.”
Nogguran turned back towards them, hands spread. “Please, be-”
The human’s shot went clear through his head, revealing it to be a hologram. Nogguran shattered. The beast thing began to growl- unpleasant sounds reminiscent of soldiers began to echo about the chamber.
The doors leading back to the dock had been locked from the outside, of course. His bodyguards set to making short work of the blockade.
Balzeban turned back to the human, who stood at the bottom of the stairs alongside the beast thing.
Lydia activated some sort of device and a shield popped up before her, blocking the stairwell. Through the murky green haze of the shield Balzeban could see a mass of mercenary soldiers, perfect for an ambush had they ventured further in.
“Come, Lydia! The doors are open!”
They left the lair of the CoolNee to see enemy forces closing in on his ship. Had they waited any longer, their only means of egress would have most definitely fallen into enemy hands.
They rushed for the ship, machines and bodyguards on either side giving and receiving fire as they blocked Balzleban with their bodies. The human sprinted alongside them, long rifle coughing out bursts of light. The beast thing gnawed on something unpleasant while the interpreters ran tokeep up with them, clothing flapping.
They piled into the ship- the pilot immediately cycled the engines and took off.
Balzeban paused. It should have taken over a half hour for the engines to prepare for sub-orbital flight. Instead of fighting off a horde of mercenaries, they were already safe in the air and headed for the nearest Order outpost.
Balzleban composed himself and approached the human, who was performing maintenance on her weapon. She looked at him, dark eyes satisfied.
He gestured to the pilot.
“You knew? You warned of immediate evacuation?”
“Call it a hunch.”
“How did you know? The machines reported no threat, the-”
“Some things,” Lydia said as she popped out the power cartridge for cleaning, “Can’t be recognized. They have to be felt. It felt wrong, and it was.”
She clicked the cartridge back into place. “I learned long ago to always trust my gut.”
Balzleban returned to the bridge, mind humming along at the events that had taken place.He didn’t understand even in the slightest, but the human had obviously warned and saved them from what would have been a fairly unfavorable ambush.
Balzeban looked over his retinue, mostly unscathed, and decided that the human had already earned her pay up to that point, and would most likely do so in the future.
Even if it was just a ‘gut instinct’.


You can find more of my HFY storie s here. More projects over on my Patreon.
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2023.06.09 16:35 svenmnn Convinced that Bernard (I.T.) is the big bad.

Think about it. If Judicial is just a rubber stamp and Sims is unlikely to be the sole boss of "surveillance". I.T. has got to be the actual big bad in the Silo.
I.T. is the technologist. The mirror spy cameras don't function without I.T. powering them and rigging that whole monitoring system.
Bernard stands to gain by becoming mayor after the actual mayor died by poisoning. He also said "some mysteries are best left unsolved". Not to mention he is brilliantly cast but doesn't have much screen time???
I think Bernard/the "surveillance SWAT" Is coming for Rebecca Ferguson and they are going to arrest her & send her out to clean over the illegal possession of relics/ tempering with Gloria, etc.
However, she is the one to not clean the damn lens even when everyone that goes out cleans.
That's how we end season 1. I think that's the plot.
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2023.06.09 16:35 AutoModerator Megathread: Ask anything about buying your next car - June, 2023

This is a megathread for people who have queries regarding any car they are planning to purchase.

Please try & follow this template when posting your query:

How much are you willing to spend on your car?
What do you need your car for? (e.g., daily commute, family trips, off-roading etc.)
What are some features that you want or need in your car? (e.g., safety, mileage, performance etc.)
What are some brands or models that you like or dislike?
Where do you live and where do you plan to drive your car?
Additional Information
If you want to share more information, then use this section.

Please be respectful and helpful when replying to other queries. Do not spam or troll. Follow the subreddit rules and reddiquette.

Happy car shopping!
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2023.06.09 16:34 Tucker58859 [GA] Alabama - Red Root Floaters

[GA] Alabama - Red Root Floaters
Well I think I have enough to justify shipping if needed… There is duckweed and snails (bladder and Ramshorn) probably but I cannot be bothered to sift through this much. If you want it and you are local I’d be glad to meet you, if you want it shipped I do ask you pay for shipping and explain how you want it shipped. I have never shipped plants but I’m willing to give it a go. Last picture is just a pretty picture I took of them, but the second shows I have about three pints of rrf
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2023.06.09 16:34 dbb4004 Puppeteer Issue

**Please forgive the organization. I'm a beginning programmer and am still trying to figure this stuff out.
So I'm having an issue. I am getting the following error when I try to run my exchangeMessages function.
Execution context was destroyed, most likely because of a navigation.
It get's the userAccounts and it log's in, but once it steps into the getNewOutgoingMessages, there's an issue.

exports.exchangeMessages = functions //.https.onRequest(async (request, response) => { .runWith({timeoutSeconds: 60, memory: '1GB'}) .pubsub .schedule('*/5 * * * *') //Update every 15 minutes (*/15 * * * *) .onRun( async () => { const userAccounts = await getActiveUsers();
for (const user of userAccounts) { try { info(\Here is the userObj`) log(JSON.stringify(user)); const browser = await crawler.createPuppeteerInstance(); var page = await browser.newPage(); for (const account of user.emailAccounts) { await crawler.userLogin(, account.password, page); //Get new outgoing messages let outgoingMessages = await crawler.getNewOutgoingMessages(page); info("Got the list of outgoing messages for this user"); //Make sure you add the messages into the relevant user collection if (outgoingMessages.length != 0) { for (const message of outgoingMessages) { //Add the messages first so that they don't get dropped addMessage(user, "outgoing", message); // TODO This is the line to process the messages on the way out of the system processOutgoingMessage(user, message); } } else { console.log(`There are no new messages for this user.`); //messages = await crawlerGet.getAllMessages(userName, userPass); //console.log(JSON.parse(messages)); } crawler.userLogout(page); }`
} catch (err) { error( \There was an error running the server. Here it is: ${err}` ); } }`

Here's the getNewOutgoingMessages function.
async function getNewOutgoingMessages(page) { // TODO Need to figure out why this is not working and fix it. Then get rid of eslint line // eslint-disable-next-line no-constant-condition if (page.$eval(\#${corrPrefix}newMessageLink`)){ // Get new Messages only try { await page.goto(`${baseWebsite}Inbox.aspx?UnreadMessages`, {waitUntil: "domcontentloaded",}); await page.waitForNavigation({ waitUntil: ['load', 'networkidle2'] }); return await getNewMessages(page); } catch (error) { console.error(`Something is happening here. I'm going to check into it$. Here's the problem: {error}`); } } else { console.log('No new messages'); } }`

When it goes to this line in getNewOutgoingMessages() and tries to read this line, there's an issue:
await page.goto(\${baseWebsite}Inbox.aspx?UnreadMessages`, {waitUntil: "domcontentloaded",});`
I've tried changing the website and everything else I could find on Google to include this line:
await page.waitForNavigation({ waitUntil: ['load', 'networkidle2'] });
I've also tried changing the line to something innocuous as ", but I keep getting the same error.
I think it is because I am passing around the page instance. If I do not need to pass around the page instance, can someone tell me how to create a global instance of puppeteer that can be accessed by my modules.
Thank you so much. I've been trying to figure out this problem for days.
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2023.06.09 16:33 Deriviera 3070 vs used 3090 vs arc 770

Hey. I'm a user of old RTX 3070 card and my problem is amount of video memory for blender renders. I'm ok with performance, but 8 gb is not enough for me.
After looking for the options I came to conclusion - 4080 is too expensive with 16 gigs.
Used 3090 I can find on local second market for 800 eurs. 24 gigs sounds awesome but I extremely afraid of buying used cards.
And then I noticed that arc 770 has version with 16 gigs just for 400 EUR NEW in local shops.
Problem with ARC is Intel updates drivers a lot and the answers all around the internet about ARC stuff are very controversial: some people saying drivers are fine and good to go, others have issues.
Aside of blender I play VR over Virtual Desktop and Pico 4 through wifi connection so it adds even more doubts on the matter. But there are many people who is saying that ARC is working fine with VR now.
What is the state of A770 drivers at the moment? How much Intel improved it? Will I just get 3070 with more memory by buying A770 in blender and games?
And how risky is to buy 3090 that has no warranty if arc is not an option? Are my worries unreasonable?
Other specs if it's important:
11700k, 32gb DDR4, 2k 144hz display.
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2023.06.09 16:33 trash_panda7710 Interviewing for J2 could use some advice

Hi everyone,
I'm currently interviewing for my first J2 between two different companies. I'm pretty confident that I will get an offer from both, but I could use advice from the OE collective since this is my first rodeo going OE.
my fulltime J1 is all administrative, very little customer or management facing and while busy there is a lot of downtime!
Potential J2's - I don't have all the particulars like exact pay, Kpi's to share but they are both for Sales development fully remote, both base pay and OTE are very similar to each other. Send equipment, so I can keep J1 & J2 separate.
One is for a large company with well over 1k employees and the other much smaller start up.
I've worked for large corporations in the past, and some of the red tape and micromanaging was awful and I've worked for start ups in the past and some were chaotic!
I've read through this sub and can't seem to find a clear opinion. Is it better to go with a large company so I can stay under the radar or do the smaller company that seem more progressive?
How did you all figure out during the interview process if you would be left alone to do your work being OE?
I will take any and all advice!
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2023.06.09 16:33 JustSomeGuy_22 I don’t quite grasp dating and I’m not sure if I ever will

Alright. So I’m a 20 year old bi dude with a complicated relationship with romance. I’m good at making and keeping super close friends, but I tend to have an impossible time differentiating platonic and romantic attraction, which really hinders the way I interpret others if they show interest in me. Being queer makes it even more difficult because, well, we like to dick around and flirt platonically. It’s something all my friends and I are comfortable with, so I don’t take flirting literally a lot because I find it hard to believe someone would flirt with me sincerely (no I’m not fishing, I mean I’m just not someone who comes off as laid back and open to genuine flirting. I’m a pretty nervous and serious person).
I don’t get the idea of dating someone I don’t know (while yes, I would be dating them to know them) because I’d rather be close friends first. That, and I’m…picky? Not sure how else to phrase it. Relationships are just ways to connect with others on an individual level where someone can understand your essence as a person and vice versa. Unfortunately, I have a lot of shit that makes it difficult for me to connect with, let alone trust, others. (I didn’t want to bring it up because it opens me up to a lot of potential problems but yes, I am trans. And neurodivergent. I’m not ashamed of either but I know a lot of people make specific assumptions based on those labels so I didn’t want to introduce them unless it was necessary.) I have all sorts of nuances in my identity and I’d rather be with someone who “gets” it.
I’d like to be in a romantic relationship. I’m more comfortable with myself and my boundaries than I was when I was in my first relationship (yeah, we never even got to kissing because I was so anxious back then) but I’m not sure if that translates well into actually being IN a relationship. I don’t want to date someone for the sake of it. I want to be in a romantic relationship because I actually want to connect with that person specifically. It’s hard for me to tell if my feelings are there, though, and not just platonic. Dating makes me clam up and feel even more emotionally distant from a person because of all of the pomp and circumstance of “dating etiquette” and unspoken expectations that I have a hard time understanding on my own. Maybe I’m just not ready for that sort of thing still.
I’m just afraid that I’ll never be up to it and that after college my social circle will shrink too much for me to actually find someone single and with the patience to deal with my inexperience. I’m not afraid of not hitting milestones at a certain age, but I’m afraid that others will see my lack of relationships/experience as a red flag or as too much emotional labor to get invested in. I’m afraid if I wait too long I’ll be left behind by my closest friends because they’ll find romantic relationships and I’ll just be…me. Like, they’ll love me as much as I love them, but I’d be intruding on their privacy by trying to live with them idk.
I like the idea of having a partner. Someone to have my back while I have theirs and we can share jokes and projects and ideas and spend all the time in the world nearby without feeling the need to fill the silence. Maybe I’m just aromantic. Maybe I’m just bad at understanding the line between platonic and romantic. But I’m not sure. Kind of wanted to open up the conversation and see if anyone else feels this way.
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2023.06.09 16:33 Flimsy_Interest_9766 What do y'all think about...

I'd like to have an open discussion and hear some of your thoughts on Nika not allowing or wanting her children to have anything good or decent. What could be reasons for this? Do you all think she is intentionally manipulating them psychologically?
Before they moved Nika cooked way better for the kids. It was still a hot mess but she put actual meals together most days. However, they lived in extreme filth and were made to all sleep on the floor of her tiny, dirty room. She purchased way more food and variety of food when they lived there. Fast forward to them now living in a nicer place, she is feeding them literal slop every day. From my account she's maybe prepared 5 meals since they've been there. She's not even frying chicken like she used to and as we can see she has meat to cook. It's as if she does not want them to have too much of something good or nice.
Now on to Dollar Tree, they go every day I have seen Nika make them put back things they chose and direct them to candy or snacks. Granted she's buying the snacks with EBT. BUT why don't at least the older kids go to the freezer section and get microwavable foods? Everything is @ least 1.25, a meal is the same price as a pack of gum. We saw Kiyah and Liyah so hungry the other day that they microwaved and ate a plain potato. The only possible reason these children are not getting food out of DT is because Nika does not allow it. Candy and chips are their only option. WHAT IS THE REASON FOR THIS?!
Nika will spend $13 dollars on a wings and things from Zaxbys for herself, eat it in front of the children, pick over it and complain its nasty. But will make 8 children split a medium pizza or a 40 pc nugget from McD's.
Who has children to make them suffer? How can you be jealous of your children or desire them to be jealous of you? Every thing with Nika is always mine, mine, mine and if they touch it she rants and rages that they are stealing. Wtf is this?
I'd really like to hear all thoughts and opinions on why someone would willfully deny children they claim to love and be so thankful for.
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2023.06.09 16:33 L1spanish Native speakers of Spanish needed for a language study

(English below -- posted with mod approval)
Hola a todos!
Estoy buscando hablantes nativos de cualquier variedad de español para un estudio lingüístico y apreciaría mucho vuestra participación (si por aquí hay alguien de España, también puedes participar!). El estudio se puede completar en unos 15-20 minutos. Además, sortearé una tarjeta regalo de Amazon entre todos los participantes (valor: 600 coronas noruegas / unos 50€ o 55$, sujeto al cambio de divisas el día que contacte con el ganador). La tarjeta se podrá asociar a la tienda regional de Amazon que elija el ganador.
Para acceder al estudio, haz clic aquí: Necesitarás un ordenador (o, por lo menos, un dispositivo con teclado físico) que tenga instalado Chrome o Firefox. Los datos que proporciones se tratarán de forma confidencial (hay más detalles en el link).
El estudio tiene tres partes: un breve cuestionario y dos tareas lingüísticas. En la primera tarea tendrás que puntuar una serie de frases según si te parecen naturales o no. En la segunda, tendrás que rellenar los huecos en las frases que se muestren con la frase o expresión que se indique en la pantalla. Hay bastantes frases, pero lo importante es que respondas según tu intuición como hablante nativo, así que la idea es ir bastante rápido.
Muchas gracias por tu ayuda! Intentaré estar pendiente del hilo para responder las preguntas que pueda haber.
Hi everyone!
I'm looking for native speakers of any variety of Spanish to participate in a language study and would really appreciate your participation (if there are any Spaniards here, feel free to participate as well!). The study can be completed in 15-20 minutes. Note also that I'll be raffling an Amazon gift card among all participants: the value of the card will be 600 Norwegian kroner, or the equivalent in €/$ on the day I get in touch with the winner (currently it's €50/$55). The winner will be able to choose what regional Amazon store the gift card should be valid for.
The study can be accessed here: You will need to use a computer (or, at least, a device with a physical keyboard) and either Chrome or Firefox to participate. All data you provide will be treated confidentially (there is more detailed information in the link).
The study consists of three parts: a brief questionnaire and two linguistic tasks. In the first task, you will be asked to rate a series of sentences based on how natural they sound to you. In the second one, you will have to fill in the gaps in several sentences with the provided word or expression. There are quite a few sentences to go through, but the point of it is to go with your gut, so trust your intuition and go through them quickly, that's totally fine!
Thank you so much for your help! Happy to answer any questions you may have.
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2023.06.09 16:33 Aquos18 Race mixing is bad. Guess she failed biology

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2023.06.09 16:33 PolarDorsai Pizza & Coffee Reviews, Part 2--Review structure. Please share thoughts; still brainstorming.

Original post:
So this is what I came up with last night while also searching for a good platform to host these reviews--probably Google Sites so I can integrate the Google Sheet data seamlessly. Please let me know what you think, I'm not super attached to this structure or anything, my main priority is accessibility so that people who want reviews can browse quick and easy (thus the 1-100 ratings) but those who want more in depth, experience-based reviews can get them as well. Without further ado, here is the loose review structure so far; again, all input is welcome, just please be nice/constructive.
Pizza - so I figured I'd order a large pizza, half cheese, half toppings (input on which toppings would be appreciated)
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2023.06.09 16:32 kmk100 41 [M4F] UK gent available for wonderful company and joy

Let’s chat and see how we get on. It may last 30 seconds (likely when it’s just a “hey”), a day, a week or much more.
Some things I am:
Edcucated (I went skool), fun, hilarious, loads of life experience, fit and have all my shit together - In 2 large bags.
Some things I’m not:
Fake, so serious about myself, short of things to say, able to insert a usb cable in correctly first time.
Some things you are:
Funny, fit, smart, positive and great company.
Some things you aren’t:
A catfish, a bot (unless you’re a highly sophisticated ChatGPT level bot), an imbecile, a twit, just “bored”
Drop me a chat and include your favourite fruit
Have a great day x
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2023.06.09 16:32 immortal192 Good defaults for workstation installs?

A while back I used a wrapper script for qemu-img/qemu-system-x86_64 and I now realize virsh, virt-install, virt-builder is probably the way to go, just because it's all libvirt-based. At the moment I have something very basic, mostly from an example of how to use virt-install from the Arch Wiki.
Can anyone suggest more optimized options and what to consider for using virt-install-based wrapper script to create workstation VMs (x84_64) for testing installs via Ansible playbooks and similar? I know if the VM is used for gaming there's a lot more customization depending on hardware, but I'm not at that point yet. I feel information for optimizating VMs are scattered and often outdated--I tend to prefer information from a wiki and more recent suggestions than copying from e.g. 8 year-old comments online. I was wondering if there are community-managed "profiles" for configuring VMs, e.g. a server-based install, gaming-based, Arch Linux workstation, Debian-based, etc.
I tried at least translating the options from my initial script to the virt-install based scripts as I remember being able to find more straightforward information from the Arch Wiki but I feel like virt-install has better defaults and I don't want to misconfigure. The manpage is useful for someone already have a deep understanding of libvirt but I don't imagine have the intention of tweaking for a very specific set of parameters to extract that extra % in performance at the cost of breakage or incompatibility with other hosts.
Any tips and suggestions is much appreciated.
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2023.06.09 16:32 xXCensoriousXx Writing down all my symptoms for the doctor

So, I recently received a diagnosis of the combined type ADHD. I'm now getting ready to schedule an in-person appointment with a new primary care physician (PCP) to discuss starting treatment. A few days ago, I had a video call with a psychiatrist, but it didn't go as well as I hoped. I completely forgot most of what I wanted to talk about, and when they asked about my symptoms, my mind went blank, triggering my anxiety, and things went downhill from there lmao. I've spent the past few days after that call writing down everything symptom-related that I've been experiencing, and it's surprising how much more there are than I initially thought. So, I'm hoping that my upcoming in-person visit goes much better having written everything down.
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2023.06.09 16:32 LibertyPrime-77 My in-laws have died, and one of their sons is demanding sensitive documents... what are we legally obligated to provide?

Long story short... my wife's parents have both died, and one of her brothers who never has had any contact with the family now all of a sudden is texting her and demanding information and documents.
My wife's brother (whom I'll call B1) has been the kind of person whom I've only seen or heard from three times since we got married over 20 years ago. One was at the wedding, the other two times were at each of the funerals for their parents. My mother-in-law used to cry over the fact that he never would call or visit her, ever... except for times when he needed money. His wife is also the kind of person who is manipulative and had him put in jail once, and my in-laws used most of their savings to bail him out. They even bought a car for them, and when it broke down, B1's wife wanted them to provide a replacement car. She also complained that when my wife's grandmother died, they weren't included in the will (but none of the grandchildren were, either). She has always been the type of person with a sense of entitlement.
As soon as my mother-in-law died last year, B1 started asking about how much money was left for them in the will, even before the funeral proceedings were over. My wife and her other brother (I'll call B2) explained to him that their remaining funds were necessary for my father-in-law to live on; he was in assisted living and required the help of memory care, which was quite expensive. After the funeral, B1 and his wife then went through my mother-in-law's belongings at her home, trashing the place as they took anything of value they could find, and left without even shutting the front door as they left town. Among the valuables they took were my father-in-law's military awards from the Vietnam War. B2 and my wife had previously told him that they wanted to display his medals at his funeral, when he would eventually die. Despite multiple attempts to contact B1 and have the medals returned, he never responded. Our assumption is that he sold them for money.
Recently, my father-in-law died, and when B1 was asked to come to the funeral and bring the medals, he claims that he looked everywhere but couldn't find them. At the funeral, he again asked about how much was left in the inheritance. Now, my wife had received power of attorney for her parents before they died, to make decisions regarding their medical care and assist with paying their bills, etc. Once her father died, she and B2 thought it would be wise to consult with a lawyer to handle the will.
B1 has been asking for documents about my father-in-law, including his social security number, some military documents, etc., so he can "learn more about his life". It turns out that B1 has the same name as his father, and our suspicion is that he wants to have his SSN so that he can try to obtain funds from the trust before it is properly distributed. Last night he sent my wife a text, saying that she must send him a copy of the trust, a copy of the power of attorney, and the lawyer's information, for him and his lawyer, within 12 hours. (At the time of this post, this means we have about half an hour remaining to do that, haha.) Of course, my wife is concerned that he might try to steal their father's identity and steal money from the account. I have suggested she ask the lawyer working on the trust what she is legally obligated to share with her brother. For what it's worth, she doesn't even have the trust right now, which she says is hundreds of pages long and the lawyer currently has it, so she couldn't provide that to B1 anyway.
What, if anything, are we legally obligated to give her brother at this time?
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