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2023.06.09 17:20 SuperWoodpecker95 Visit your shelter (0/5) has to be the dumbest score challenge by a mile

Like seriously, who came up with that one? 1250 score for staring at loadscreens for 5 minutes? Giving you ample time to write a post on Reddit complaining about how stupid this challenge is? You arent even playing the game like in some of the other tedious ones like collecting wood, just sitting there waiting for the world to load....
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2023.06.09 17:19 rawlskeynes Good lord, Dave gives terrible financial advice sometimes

Dave's youtube channel had a highlight from yesterday: "How $1,000,000 Can Be Enough For Retirement". A relatively young (56) potential retiree writes in asking if the $1.4 million he has is enough to retire on. The hosts tell him that he can pull out $140k (10%) a year forever, because he'll never touch the principle.
For someone who brands himself with phrases like "financial peace", this is an incredibly reckless approach to retirement, for a bunch of reasons:
  1. Dave likes to cite the heavily debunked idea that the stock market has grown by 12% on average. Almost any other source is going to tell you 10%, and it's hard to imagine you'd want to base your early retirement on the most optimistic assumptions.
  2. He then acknowledges that you need to subtract inflation from your growth, but ignores that they just said the guy could pull out 10% forever. Dave cites inflation as 4%, which seems to be a reasonable, conservative estimate, which would bring us down to 6%.
  3. However, in order to get that 10% average growth in the first place, you'd have to have the entirety of your retirement in stocks, something that isn't realistic or advisable for your average retiree. Add in bonds, which grow at a pre-inflation rate of 4-6%, and now even that 6% post-inflation growth is unrealistic.
  4. Most importantly, the biggest threat to retirement is sequence of returns risk. There's a decent chance you experience a bear market at some point in your early retirement, and if that happens, it has an incredibly outsized impact on the odds that your retirement account outlives you. Dave dismissed this by saying that it might be lower some years, it might be higher other years, but overall, "it'll pretty much run like a machine". Ironically, right before saying that "idiots on the internet" are stupid because they expect everything to go exactly as planned.
In the real world, the Trinity Study has been the gold standard for pretty much the entire rest of the industry. It suggests that a plan to withdraw 4% from a well-managed portfolio has a 97% success rate of not running out in 30 years. Folks who have a lower risk tolerance or less ability to adjust their spending downwards in retirement might want to go lower than that.
It's bizarre to hear someone who is so conservative in basically every other area of advice telling listeners that they can withdraw 2.5 times as much as they actually can in retirement.
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2023.06.09 17:18 Fun2Forget Feeling super discouraged after a weigh in at the doctors

I put on happy weight when I entered my relationship two years ago. Went from being a dancer on my feet literally working out 8 hours a day to serving and now to a very sedentary job. I knew I had gained some and began working out off and on about a year ago. My last weigh in was 146 over a month ago and i made some serious diet changes, not making myself hungry but cutting bread almost entirely, avoiding sweets, I already had a pretty good diet so it was more about portion control which I am working on. But then today - after a 12 hour fast for the test - I weighed in at 154. My highest number EVER. Im a big advocate of ignore the scale, focus on how you feel but frankly, i dont feel good either. I tried on pants in two stores this week and hated ALL OF THEM. I am 32 and 5’3 and just feeling so lost and discouraged. My fiancé is fit and sexy and loves me as i am but I am so scared of this downward trend continuing especially if/when we have kids. I just want to love the way I look or at least be ok with it. I end up in leggings or sweatpants because i feel like my body doesnt look good. Found out i could have hypothyroid after an ultrasound and the bloodwork today will clarify which i guess would be a relief to know its not me its my hormones, but what if its not that? Just needed to vent idk will read and appreciate any kind words or advice you wonderful people always offer.
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2023.06.09 17:18 Purpose-Level 4 yr old with possible bronchiectasis ?

4M 13kg, 97 cm had acute bronchitis, on Seretide inhaler (flixotide inhaler previously) Hi everyone.. looking for some advice. My son (4yrs in August) have had back to back viruses since he started preschool in Feb this year and a bout of acute bronchitis (caused by RSV and adenovirus) where he had to be hospitalised in April. Since then he has been coughing everyday but only in the mornings when he just wakes up and in middle of the night. It sounds dry and it’s quite short maybe around or less than 5 mins. He doesn’t cough otherwise during the day except maybe after he wakes up from his nap. Cough generally sounds dry. Doesn’t show much exercise intolerance maybe the occasional cough after running a lot. Can jump around and climb flights of stairs with no issues. He did an impulse oscillometry test today to rule out asthma- it doesn’t show asthma but shows some airway resistance. Bear in mind he is quite little so not sure whether he did the test properly.
He has been quite a long course of antibiotics of almost 2 months when he had back to back viruses as his ENT suspected sinusitis. While he had bronchitis he was on antibiotics and nebulisers (ventolin, atrovent and budescort) and singulair. After the bronchitis subsided he was put on a flixotide inhaler. But since his cough is still there and seems a bit more frequent the dr has switched him to the Seretide inhaler with singulair. The dr says if this inhaler doesn’t stop his cough she might have to do a ct scan for as she suspects bronchiecstatis / bronchiolitis obliterants. We are really hoping to avoid a CT Scan because of the radioactive exposure since he is so young. Any advice ? Should we seek a second opinion? Any help much appreciated - we are quite worried as both conditions are no walk in the park.
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2023.06.09 17:18 Mozias 5 day workweek is inhumane. And should be Illegal.

I'm a pretty young guy 27 year old and I just don't have any free time. I live with my gf working full time job after fairly recently moving to finland. My current job is allright. Working in a laundary company 8 hours a day 5 days a week. But that grind is killing me. I have 0 free time for anything. It's summer now and I want to go places and explore this country. But on 2 days that I have off during the week I'm just dead tired. Im also trying to learn coding on the side now and Im way too tired to understand any of it.
Thing is the tiredness is not only related to this job. My previous job in Ireland was working in animation studio. It's what I studied in uni. But I just got bored and uninterested in it. But even when I was working that job I would get mentally exausted and just had no energy for the time I was free. With an anditional bonus of going out of shape.
But before even that I was working in KFC. A job I absolutely despised. But my manager allowed me to only work 4 days a week which was fantastic. I wasn't tired all the time, I would have time and energy to hang out with my friends, had less money but it was enough. It didn't feel like I was slowly wasting away all the time. Where as now I feel like Im just stuck in a dead end.
I'm a person who isint afraid of work I don't mind doing phisical or mental labour and I catch on to things in a work place fairly easily but working 5 days is just too mutch. I would look for 4 day job here as well but cost of living in finland somehow feels more expensive now even though I'm living with my GF and it feels like costs should be lower then when I was alone. But then again I was in a different country.
I also know people who work 7 days a week and I just don't see how they do that. Fine if you enjoy it go for it but i don't want to waste majority of my life stuck in a place I dint care about and not even having any free time to even try figuring out what I really want to do.
I guess rants over guys.if you stuck with me till the end thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 17:17 mejomonster Any easy alternatives to sucralose for mild laxative relief for ibs c?

I have ibs c and when my prescription amitiza and motegrity aren't enough to relieve constipation, i usually have 2-6 sucralose packets, and sometimes that's enough to help. If it is not enough, then I usually have to take 8 miralax to get anything moving.
Does anyone know any good alternatives to sucralose for a laxative effect (that doesn't taste as bad as miralax lol)? I can't use lactulose, I was prescribed that before but it caused a lot of gas and dissension for me and increased pain and vomiting. I have sorbitol at home, so I'm going to use that for now. It did used to work for me when I'd put 5 spoonfuls of sorbitol in tea. I don't want to use prune juice as it takes 2 large bottles to help me use the bathroom and that's not cost effective daily for me and I do not love the taste lol. So yeah, any other sweet/okay tasting stuff that you've found mildly helps constipation? Maybe fructose? I'm not sure if that can be bought...
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2023.06.09 17:17 s_money64 one of my favorite scenes 😂

In season 5 Marlo and Chris trying to figure out how Omar escaped the shootout in the apartment is hilarious to me 😂😂
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2023.06.09 17:17 AnarZaram 29 Tips and Tricks for Adventure Mode

With the news that development of Adventure Mode for the Steam release is progressing along, I figure some people may want to download the original version to give it a try ahead of the graphics update. As someone with hundreds of hours in adventure mode (there are literally dozens of us!) I thought I would share some of the biggest tips and tricks I've learned. I'll probably be making this into a video once the official release is out and I can get footage with graphics, but until then I'm posting the script I have now here. The rest of this post contains spoilers for every phase of adventure mode, so turn back now if you want to discover all of this for yourself!
  1. Always have food
-Large stacks of vegetables can be found in containers in human towns. Meat can be gathered from butchered animals. Meat from sentient creatures can’t be eaten.
2. Always have wateale 
-Adventurers need to drink 3-4 times a day. Water skin only holds 3 water, so it is useless. Bags hold 40 and Backpacks hold 100 which is too heavy for most adventurers. Quivers hold 20, which is the perfect amount. Fill quivers with water at rivers or wells.
3. Equip armor 
-Armor and weapons can be found in the barracks of each town. Try to get iron or steel if possible. Make sure to cover the head, neck, torso, legs, hands, and feet.
4. Get a mount 
-Mounts increase overworld speed which increases the amount of ground that can be covered in one day. This reduces how frequently you need to stop for supplies.
5. Get some pets 
-Companions can be tricky to recruit in the beginning, but pets are a great way to increase survivability. Unlike companions, you can also recruit a very high number of pets immediately. Everything labeled “stray” found within a town can become a pet, from ducks to dogs, and rarely even bears and elephants. Just don’t get too attached, most pets die very fast, or permanently run away after combat. Especially the small ones.
6. Make sure your character can read and swim 
-Most skills can be acquired organically by actions which your adventurer does, but certain skills like reading are never unlocked. Because you need to read slabs or books to learn magic, putting a point in reading at character creation is mandatory. A few points in swimming are also recommended. Even a single tile full of water is enough to drown an adventurer with no swimming skill.
7. Make a young world for less necromancers and more Megabeasts, and an old world for vice-versa 
-World parameters matter. Evil is slightly stronger on average, which means the older a world is, the more likely it is to be infested with Necromancer towers and Goblin Pits. Savagery is just the number of animal people to play as, and beasts is the number of beasts to fight. You want both of these as high as possible, the difficulty is actually easier with more beasts, as you won’t have to travel as far for missions.
8. Don’t be afraid to run if you can’t win 
-Although this is technically a turn based RPG, running away isn’t a button you press, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an option. If you are heavily outnumbered or facing a very strong enemy, don’t be afraid to sprint away and reengage when it is more advantageous to do so. This is better than dying and losing your progress.
9. Don’t swim until you’ve really trained 
-While it may be tempting to take a quick dip in the river, death can be moments away in any body of water. Even at competent and above levels of swimming, your character can only go about 10-20 squares before getting tired, and swimming while tired has a chance to keep your character in the same tile, further increasing their fatigue. This can mean your character drowning even just one square from the shore if you are extremely unlucky.
10. Aim for the neck/head for instant kills 
-Aiming in combat can be extremely beneficial. Lots of minor enemies such as kobolds and bandits can be killed with one solid hit to the neck or head. Using this tactic can make encounters against large groups of enemies much easier.
11. Fast travel to long rest 
-If you are damaged in battle and bleeding out, even if you are faint with mortal wounds, fast traveling via the world map will instantly heal your wounds. This may be considered a bug, but since adventurers cannot currently be healed at hospitals via adventure mode, this is the only way to actually heal. Furthermore, since you can’t fast travel during combat, and because fast traveling doesn’t remove major injuries such as missing limbs, I’d say it’s a pretty balanced feature.
12. Jog whenever possible 
-Whenever not mounted and not in combat, you should set your speed to jog. This will increase your endurance stat naturally over time, increasing your combat prowess while you move around. Just be sure to reset your speed whenever your character drops to the ground from exhaustion to give them a chance to rest. Keep extra water on hand while doing this, as your character will need to drink more. And make sure not to jog into combat, this will increase your character’s chance of becoming exhausted during combat, which severely lowers stats.
13. Create a character that just wants to perform 
-A focused character will always be more proficient in combat, receiving a boost to stats such as accuracy and damage. Fully customizing needs in character creation can make a character that is very easy to keep focused. You can completely remove needs in character creation if you wish, but this will also remove the chance to receive the focused buff. If anything, just be sure to avoid needs that are currently impossible in adventure mode such as “Make romance.”
14. Create a world with legendary metals for better loot 
-The more metals you choose at world generation, the better the loot will be everywhere. This setting can make gearing up in the early game either extremely trivial, or extremely challenging. World age can also affect possible loot, as extremely young worlds will not have created enough armor to make most encounters have meaningful loot.
15. Tell stories of your notable kills 
-Information in dwarf fortress is passed via a rumor system. No matter how many dragons you may slay, when you enter a new town, no one will care because they don’t know who you are. Every time you reach a new town, you should tell the largest group of people you can the stories of every notable encounter you’ve had. Early on you should tell stories of killing bandits, while later on you should focus on just semi-Megabeasts and Megabeasts.
16. Recruit other party members 
-While animal companions are good choices for meat shields early game, you should recruit as many fighters at barracks to adventure with you as possible. The amount of companions you can have at any one time is limited by your current reputation level, which is why it is important to tell everyone you can of your notable kills. Animal companions take up companion slots even though they go over the max cap, so try to transition from lots of animals early on to a small party of adventuring companions in the midgame, and a large number of companions in the endgame. Just be sure to let your companions win some easy battles on their own to level up their skills, otherwise they will die just as easily as animals in fights against Megabeasts. Don’t be surprised if some of your companions get terrified in combat and run away just like animals. If you can, be sure to find them, as they will take up a companion slot if you don’t part ways with them or watch them die. If they die and you don’t see it, they may permanently take up a slot this way. This is a bug and will hopefully be fixed eventually, but be wary of it for now.
17. Become a hearthperson 
-Starting a new character and trying to find quests can be very challenging. Lots of random characters will have various rumors, but won’t know enough details to send you on a proper quest. Lords and ladies however can make you into a hearthperson, and can then give you proper quests. They will only do this if you have enough reputation level though, which is why telling stories is important. Usually it takes a story of a bandit leader kill or higher to get a lord or lady to recruit you. You can bypass this stage and get to quests right away by choosing to start as a hearthperson. Just beware that quests are randomized, and sometimes your first quest will be to kill a megabeast. When this happens, I recommend traveling to another town and becoming hearthperson there.
18. Train your skills early 
-Training skills via active combat can be very deadly. If possible, try to fight large, easy enemies to train all related combat skills as early as possible. If you find a horse for example, you can attack its legs to immobilize it, then spam nonlethal strikes to train your weapon skill. A couple horses with no legs is a brutal but safe way to train up weapons all the way to legendary.
19. Set combat preferences to facilitate training 
-Skills like observation and stats like endurance are very important for late game combat. These skills in particular can be trained incredibly fast with combat preferences. If you set melee combat preferences to close quarters, this will prefer to grapple the enemy over and over again. This means you can move into the enemy repeatedly to quickly train without navigating menus. Doing this without changing preferences can mean your character automatically makes a headshot and kills the enemy before you get the chance to properly level up stats. Just be sure to move away from your legless horses if you get tired, as the lowered stats means that even low risk combat can result in injury.
20. Sneak up to enemies for stealth kills 
-If you want to dispatch of large camps quickly and efficiently, chaining stealth kills can be an easy way to do this. Just press S to toggle sneaking, then try to approach enemies without walking into their cone of vision. Doing this at night can be especially effective, as enemies have greatly reduced perception.
21. Get a slashing, piercing, and blunt weapon 
-Some enemies in dwarf fortress are much easier to kill than others. Kobolds and crundles will crumple against most weapons, while things like bronze collosi are much harder to deal with. A good rule of thumb is to keep a slashing, piercing, and blunt weapon on hands at all times. Use slashing against basic targets and undead for quick decapitations, piercing against large organic creatures like giant cheetahs or rocs so that they give into pain (essentially stunlocking them), and blunt against inorganic enemies to crush them (collosi, armored titans, iron men, etc). When in doubt, keep a whip on hand to one shot most enemies. A legendary lasher with a named masterwork whip can easily one shot most things in the game with a heavy attack to the head. This should be considered a bug that will probably be fixed later, but is very fun if you want to RP as a legendary vampire killer. Regardless of weapon choice, weapon skill is equally important. A novice hammer dwarf with a steel war hammer is just as useless against a bronze colossus as a legendary axedwarf with an artifact copper battle axe.
22. Remove your backpack when starting combat 
-Fighting while overencumbered is a death sentence. While fighting above default speed does not reduce the number of frames it takes to swing your weapon, fighting below default speed will add a delay after each swing before you can act again, giving enemies free strikes against you. This is also why fighting prone is ill-advised. However, this mechanic should not dissuade you from overencumbering yourself. Most mounts negate a large (if not all) amount of encumberance. In addition, your character can move anything they can grab, even if it is the entire corpse of a megabeast which weighs multiple tons, it will just take them more frames to haul these items. So long as you store all of your loot in the same backpack, you are always safe from ambushes no matter your encumbrance, as you can remove and drop your backpack as soon as combat starts, which usually takes less frames than it takes for any enemy to move. After combat, your backpack should be where you left it, and you can easily retrieve your haul.
23. Aim for the legs first, then the hands, then the neck 
Aiming for the neck can make weaker enemies trivial, but more proficient enemies will not allow this tactic, and very large enemies will have necks too large to decapitate. An advanced tactic that works against most strong enemies is to aim for the legs first to knock your enemy prone (or wings against flying enemies). Once your enemy is on the ground, their speed is halved, essentially giving you twice as many turns to attack. It is at this point you should aim for their arms, as these hold weapons for humanoids and usually have claws for beasts. Once the legs are taken out and the usage of weapons is disabled, you are much more likely to land a headshot, and in a much safer position to repeatedly spam this attack.
24. Bleed out megabeasts, cut off hydra heads, pummel collosi 
Certain enemies such as Megabeasts are much harder to kill. These should be considered boss fights, and thus have certain kill parameters. Bronze collosi in particular usually need to have every single body part destroyed in order to be killed. Hydras in turn need to have the brain of each head destroyed to die, and will almost always live if one head is alive. Hill titans can vary from nigh unkillable (humanoids made of steel) to killable via literally any damaging attack (blobs made of water), so reading their description is extremely important in dealing with them.
25. Never get hit (level dodge and block) 
-Because major injuries are unhealable, these accumulate over time. This means that the best way to play adventure mode is to never get hit. This may seem like a tall task, but almost all damage is avoidable via dodge and block. If you have a high observation stat, you will be able to dodge or block attacks. While this may automatically succeed against weaker enemies, it has a chance to fail against stronger enemies if not properly leveled, so be sure to train these skills early on. Fighting when focused and not exhausted should ensure that these avoidance abilities work properly. Just don’t try to block an attack you wouldn’t block in real life.
26. Don’t let enemies get a surround 
-Fighting against multiple enemies can be a likely death scenario. If enemies completely surround you, then your character has a greatly reduced chance of automatically dodging or blocking attacks. In addition, moving through an occupied tile in dwarf fortress will roll a die, and the losers will be forced prone, as only one creature can stand in a tile at once. Make sure to set speed to scramble in combat if this happens, get to an unoccupied square, and stand up as quickly as possible. Dodging into an open space in this scenario is a much better option than moving manually if at all possible. This entire scenario can be avoided if you slowly dodge in the same direction as enemies approach you in combat, ensuring that you only fight one at a time, and force the others to tire themselves as they run after you. Striking the legs of as many targets as possible is effective here, as it drastically increases the time it takes for each enemy to reach you.
27. Throw stones to level archery 
-Archery can be very cumbersome to use, as most bolts are too heavy to use without causing constant encumbrance, and training it is very slow and painful, as arrows usually split into stacks of one when fired. However, there is a way to level archery extremely quickly. By throwing something at the same tile you are on, you level your archery skill. You can then pick up the thrown object and throw it again. This is much faster than using arrows. One of the best objects to do this with is coins. As it turns out, coins are actually the best ranged weapon. Coins can be used in combat to great affect. Because dwarf fortress uses the archery stat when throwing items, it calculates the damage of thrown items as if shot from a bow with the same archery proficiency. While this does not do nearly as much damage as bolts themselves, it effectively gives adventurers a way to reliably use ranged weapons without worrying about retrieving ammo, as money can usually be found in multiple stacks of 100 at bandit camps.
28. Use archery against webs/fire 
-While archery is a niche weapon type for most scenarios, it is mandatory against certain titans and most dragons, as well as giant cave spiders. Titans, like spiders can possess the ability to web your adventurer. This stunlocks your character, making any shot a guaranteed hit. Against large enough titans, getting hit with a single shot of web is enough for instant death, as they will squish your head while webbed. Other titans may possess deadly dust or poisonous gas. While some of these effects are benign, breathing others can and will kill your character, and to my knowledge not even fast travel stops this. Fighting fire breathing dragons is an instant kill scenario as well, as they can melt your armor into molten liquid metal, stunlocking your character until they die from the heat. You can attempt to repeatedly jump until you reach a river, but you are certainly dead at this point. The use of archery (or rather, throwing coins) is mandatory at this point. While a few shots may not do anything at first, repeated shots will accumulate damage, and eventually kill or disable the enemy. Just be very careful getting into melee range to finish enemies off after this occurs, as one unlucky web or fire shot can and will still kill you. Avoid looting titans with dust or gas effects until after you leave and return to the area with fast travel to be sure that the gas dissipates.
29. Know the game progression (Kobolds, Bandits, Hearthperson, Semi-Megabeasts, Towers, Megabeasts, Dark Fortresses, Caverns) 
Knowing what you’re doing at any given point can be the difference between life and death. If you’re playing adventure mode without savescumming (which is the only way to play it in the old versions), then you will be making new characters a lot. Knowing the basic progression of where you should go on new characters will make the ultimate goal of raiding the vault and fighting the angel that much easier. Your basic path should be gearing up in towns, training basic combat skills against animals, fighting kobold and bandit camps to level reputation, telling stories to become a hearthperson, doing quests as a hearthperson to further reputation level and combat skills, fighting semimega and Megabeasts to become a legendary hero, raiding towers to find the secrets, raiding dark fortresses to find the vault and slay the angel, and finally using the secrets to delve into the caverns without having to eat or sleep and fighting forgotten beasts there until your character dies. The surface and visiting towns should be considered the early game, raiding sites should be considered the midgame, killing the angel in the vault should be considered the endgame, and roaming the caverns should be considered the postgame. Of course, adventure mode has lots more to offer than just combat, and if you want to learn its ins and outs for yourself, the only way to do that is to jump in and play it.
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2023.06.09 17:17 Huge_Sandwich5272 I (19M) received bad, unexpected news from my girlfriend(18F)

I (19M) received bad, unexpected news from my girlfriend(18F). What do I do? So I want to start from the "beginning" because our relationship is not very long. So: I like my girlfriend since the summer of 2021, and she started liking me from the end of 2022. (We have known each other for about 5 years from the current date). She took the "first step" and confessed this to me at the beginning of March 2023. From then on, we started dating. We were very close, and we have been officialy together since 15 May. everything went well, we understand each other, we love each other, of course there are also "arguments", but not so serious as to affect our relationship. sometimes I saw my girlfriend was sad, and I always asked her that. her answer was always like: "no", but I knew her quite well and always wanted to talk to her. she told me that this upset is related to her problems and that she does not want to talk about them. I kept insisting, I kept insisting, but I couldn't do anything, so I gave up and told her that if She ever wants to talk about it, I'm here, present. I always try to make her laugh, to become more “smiling”. She didn't always seem to have this upset, but she was starting to get "sad" more often. and today, June 9, I went to school, we met, everything seemed ok. I got home, we talked again, we sent each other messages, she told me a few more things, and then she said something that I can say just upset me and from here I want to start reading the whole conversation:
her: "I want to talk to you about something. something serious and I don't know if it's that good" me now?" she: "I don't know, if you want I'll tell you now, if not, tonight" me: "tell me now, if you can" she: "ok, I'll write in the notes and come back" me: "since I heard that it's not good, I already want to cry, but I'm waiting here, I have to listen" her: "promise me that you won't cry, nothing, otherwise I won't tell you" me: "you have to tell me" her: "you have to promise me" me: I can't because I might not fulfill my promise, but at least I try her: so I dont want to talk anymore but only for two weeks and you haven't done anything wrong, I'm not mad at you, I'm not doing this to talk to someone else or anything like that. I just want to be "alone" for a bit so I can put my things and thoughts in "order" and I hope you don't get upset and understand me because I'm really not ok and that's the only way I'll be able to be again ok and sorry (She doesn’t want us to talk for 2w- this means exactly when im done with one of the most important exams in my life) Her:and that way you will be able to learn without being distracted Me:love, do you think this is best for you? Her: for both of you that there are 10 days left and you take the exam Me:but are you sure you want to do this? Her: Yes Me: ok, know that I'm always here if you need to talk to someone and I'd be happy to. and I'm sorry that I couldn't help you with anything and maybe I noticed that you were sad and I tried to make you talk if "you don't feel ok", but maybe I didn't try hard enough, sorry Her:why sorry, nothing is your fault, you did everything you could, I really appreciate , so yk Me:still not enough. I hope that in the near future you will be able to discuss anything with me and I'm sorry that you couldn't discuss and want to talk about your "problems" and everything that bothers you and doesn't make you feel good Her:and I hope Me: and I still hope that, in the near future, your problems will be our problems. I know that life is hard sometimes, but together we can make everything easier and together we can overcome all the problems ,and im sorry again. and I will do my best to respect your wish. now I don't feel too well and I want to go to bed.. I'm sorry, and just so you know, I love you and I'm sorry that I couldn't be there for you when you needed me Her:ok, I understand and thanks and I don't want you to think about it because you didn't do anything wrong and you have no reason to feel bad for it and I want you to focus on your studies and the exam, not to think about this thing me:ok, i'll try *seen 5h ago”
Please, i need help. should I leave her like this for 2 weeks so that She becomes ok again? I think she would go deeper into her thoughts and I don't know how good that would be. should i go and try to talk to her?
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2023.06.09 17:17 help-idkwhat-imdoing first diagnostic

first diagnostic
took my first diagnostic with no studying beforehand to get a baseline and honestly I expected worse. haven’t taken biochem and don’t remember anything from physics (and my regular bio classes are from like 4-5 years ago) so B/B and C/P scores are honestly expected but CARS and P/S were better than I thought I would get! planning to test in january and feel like I might actually be able to do this 🤭🫣
for context, this is BP half length
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2023.06.09 17:17 autotldr World has lost battle to stop glaciers melting and sea level rising, UN meteorological chief says

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 66%. (I'm a bot)
The British Antarctic Survey has released its new maps and they are a stark visual depiction of the retreat of ice at our poles.
In an interview with Sky News, he emphasised that the melted ice will never return, remarking that the planet has "Lost this glacier melting game and sea level rise game".
"He said:"Thanks to an already high concentration of carbon dioxide, we have lost this glacier melting game and sea level rise game.
Professor Taalas's unusually blunt language reflects growing concern about the Arctic and Antarctic ice.
The warming drives further melting, and as the ice melts into the oceans, sea levels rise.
The melting of permafrost, or ground which has previously been permanently frozen, is one of the things that most worries climate scientists.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: melts#1 ice#2 game#3 level#4 poles#5
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2023.06.09 17:16 Foisting Weird Keyboard Issue vSphere ESXi 7.0u2

Hello all!
Currently experiencing a weird issue and wanted to reach out to see if any of you have seen it or have a fix for it.. To give you some knowledge on the situation, There are 5 VM's on this specific host. On one of those VM's, only half of the keyboard works (it works up until the arrow keys and extended number pad on keyboard). Its a Windows 2019 virtual. I know it sounds silly, but the client wants the utilization of the full keyboard. The other 4 VM's, Windows 2019 as well, full keyboard works perfectly fine. There has not been any new software installed and I tried rolling back windows updates (since thats when the client noticed it) and that didn't seem to do the trick either. Even when we went back to the snapshot just before the updates, it still gave us the issue. Its a file server, so rebuilding the VM is the less ideal option, even though I know this is probably the fix. Just wondering if anyone has seen this or has an easy fix for this.
Thank you kindly in advance
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2023.06.09 17:16 somecoolusername2021 Please help my goldfish

Please help my goldfish
I know what I have done wrong, is there any way to fix him or have I missed diagnosed?
Long story short, did too large of a water change, cleaned filter and rocks plus I think he's suffering from dropsy or an internal parasite.
This is Gary or Gaz as he's affectionately known. Last night I noticed his very swollen belly and swimming unusually. Google researched and decided on an epsom salt bath using 1 gallon (which is 3.7 litres) of water and a teaspoon of Epson salt. I accidentally overdosed the first batch of tank water, so without thinking grabbed another gallon of water (so now 7.4 litres are gone).
Gaz lives his days in a 20 litre or 5.2 gallon tank... this is now where the issue is on top of my already sick fish. I have now taken 30% of his water out. I filled the bucket added water conditioner and pathogenic bacteria and green water, stirred and added it back into the tank. I then notice his filter is a little dirty, so I changed the carbon filter and sponge.
After Gaz's bath, I put him back into his tank via a glass to adjust to the new water temp. As soon as he's in the tank, he's clearly stressed, almost jumps out of the tank, crashing into the walls. It was a lot to watch, can only imagine his experience.
I've since learnt not to change the water, wash the rocks and clean the filter in one go and to make sure the water temp is the same, especially if he's already sick. Thought he'd enjoy a clean tank....
He's now in the top 15% of the tank. Not really gasping at the surface but won't swim down, he had a long, very stringy poop hanging today which when I touched was slimy. He has a red tinge to him and still swimming erratically. I haven't tried to feed him as I was fasting him for 3 days.
Also going to buy testing kits and a thermometer tomorrow 🙃
I'm really worried this is it....
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2023.06.09 17:16 WonderfulNet5587 Just trying to help you guys on this sub with a piece of advice...

I see this sub pop up from time to time. I read some of the posts and I feel for y'all. I know it's rough out there.
If there is one thing I can emphasize for anybody struggling financially, it's to learn a trade. I see sooo many posts about people who are buried in student loan debt and most of them got useless majors. No offense, and I'm not trying to talk sh*t, but if you took on 5 or 6 digits of debt for something like a liberal arts or theater degree, you aren't the best critical thinker.
This world will always need skilled individuals to do the real work. We're the ones who keep the world spinning and the lights on. Stuff will always need to be maintained or repaired.
Learn how to use tools, learn how to take stuff apart and reassemble it, learn how to get your hands dirty. There is good money in trades, and it's only going to keep going up.
I'm an advocate for blue collar workers. I think plumbers and electricians and mechanics Etc. should all be charging much more than they do. A couple generations ago, most of the trade stuff was common knowledge. Almost everybody knew how to do a basic tune up on their car or how to do plumbing work or home repair. These skills have been lost unfortunately but the need for them only grows.
If you're stuck in life in a no-skill job working at big lots or something just to get by, please consider getting into the trades. It will change your life and you will be so glad you did.
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2023.06.09 17:16 Hapikoala Stormfibre Wifi Internet

Every month it goes off and on alternating for like 2-3 days and the stormfibre support comes and changes the wifi adopter for rs.300, they have changed it 4 times already in the past 4-5 months or so. It is most likely the wifi router's fault and i would have to change it... Unless!- it is a deliberate strategy to exhort more money out of customers. Just want to see what other people's experience with stormfibre is. And do you recommend nayatel internet; does it go out and back on again or not...
View Poll
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2023.06.09 17:15 k8ties Things on my mind…

Thought I’d share some updates and things on my mind with people who probably understand.
Anything you’d like to share? I share with those in my life who know I have cancer, but they don’t really get it.
  1. My oncologist wants to do an MRI of my brain to make sure my recent dizziness isn’t related to any metastases in that area. She said that it’s rare for my cancer to travel to the brain but since it’s traveled from my uterine area to many “ports of call” along the way to my neck, she wants to exclude that as a possibility.
  2. They’re scheduling my 3 month check-in PET scan for next week. I’m so curious (and a little anxious) to see what these tumors have been doing. We had to do a CT scan of my lungs about a month ago, and two of the tumors had grown 25%… the oncologist thinks the growth was from the time between cancer discovery and chemo start. That was a 6 week timeframe, so I have some doubts.. I mean, growing 2 and 3 mm in 6 weeks seems like very fast growth to a layman like me. Anyway, looking forward to seeing how well treatment is working.
  3. If you’re a newbie like me, believe people when they say that chemo side effects are cumulative. I have never felt so whiny this past cycle as I did sending all the emails and making all the calls I made about new things suddenly hurting. The oncologist reduced my Taxol to 80% to help and I hope it will. And I appreciate that they’re so responsive to my side effects.
  4. I asked about my large dose of Taxol and the oncology nurse said they basically give me 3 week’s worth so I don’t have to come in every week. I’m sure they’re following research-based protocols but it made me wonder about the efficacy of an approach like that.
  5. I still feel kind of numb/disassociated from my diagnosis and what I’m going thru. I feel like I’m going to just crack someday and it’ll all come at me like a scary, painful firehose. I met with a therapist that they set me up with but it was basically me repeating my side effects to her and her repeating grounding techniques and techniques to reduce the anxiety and fear that I’m still numb to… for 5 sessions in a row. So I stopped the sessions. Thinking about finding my own therapist but I’m not looking forward to the firehose of emotions.
  6. It really fucking pisses me off that the days I have a bigger appetite (4 days every 3 weeks that I take steroids) are the same days that my taste buds are totally skewed because of the chemo. Another cruelty of this process. Either way, I’m going to get Korean food with a friend who’s coming into town tomorrow to see me.
Hope you’re all doing as well as you can be! ❤️
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2023.06.09 17:15 ruthlesslymagickal Will my state [TX] ever legalize it?

I check every month and our medical bill died in Senate. They won’t reconvene for another two years. Our recreational bill is in the Senate likely to meet the same fate. We know TX is red, but something like 77% of our constituents want it legalized so our lawmakers are legitimately ignoring our pleas. So, ladies what do you think is blocking this in Texas? Crazy conspiracy here.. but I strongly suspect the cartel has a lot of interest in keeping it recreational but not medical and they have bought some of our lawmakers. That is the only thing that would make sense as we’re such a huge state and we would massively profit off legalization. Most big cities have already decriminalized, so districts aren’t making a lot of money off MJ tickets anyways. So, hypothesize why this is happening with me. Also let’s predict how long it will take to become legal - at this point I’m predicting 5 years although I was so certain everything would pass this year as it’s 2023. There’s literal proof of aliens in the sky but I can’t smoke a joint
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2023.06.09 17:15 K_Vyn I think my game is bugged

I think my game is bugged
I used an ascendant boost like 2 days ago, and it’s grey’d out when I am in a bonus stage. I’ve since done 5-6 bonus stages with no gear drop. Which I thought maybe I just have bad luck. But then I just completed one and received a sword and the ascendant badge boost is still on my screen and I can’t purchase anymore badge boosts.
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2023.06.09 17:15 Sopapillapraxis 34 (m4m) jerk buds

Just looking for a casual, discreet jerk bud or two in houston to get together from time to time and relieve some stress. Just some friendly, safe fun. I’m 5’11 170, white, professional, attractive, would prefer somewhat similar people. Not able to host usually. Lmk if anyone is interested
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2023.06.09 17:15 pookypocky One new-ish brake caliper completely rusty, and making noise - any thoughts on why, and what I should do?

2015 Mazda CX-5 GT
In November we got our car inspected and it needed front brakes.
In late February, the brake pedal started feeling spongy, we took it back in, it needed back brakes and a master cylinder. The point of mentioning all of this is that our entire braking system is relatively new.
In late March we started noticing a sound at certain times, kind of a groaning sound. I took it into the shop and they couldn't reproduce it but checked around and said look, everything's tight, your car's safe, just drive it and if it gets worse and more predictable we can figure it out.
It took me a while to figure out when it happens and where it was coming from, but it's basically, after the car's been sitting for a bit, if you back up and then start driving forward and press the brakes lightly, it makes this groaning sound. Imagine pulling out of a tight parallel parking spot, you're going to back up, then pull forward slowly -- that's when it happens. After driving even a little it doesn't happen anymore until the next time it's parked.
We also figured out the sound was coming from the back, and when I went to look I noticed the right rear brake caliper was completely rusty. None of the others are. Could this be the source of the sound? If so, what's happening? Any idea why one new caliper would just rust up like that, when the other three are totally fine?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.09 17:15 DragJonFruit 24M Looking to talk

Hi there! Its been a busy month and im just looking for some friends to chill with :)
Things about me:
My name is Jonathan
I work at Hobby Lobby I am 5’11
I love to be sarcastic and funny
I live in Texas
I have 3 dogs
I love to game and play stardew zelda, mario, halo, and a lot of other games. I am a gamer after all. If anyone wants to game! Let me know!
I love to go walking, going exploring in the woods and in general and i love nature in general.
I love to sing on my free time.
I draw and read young adult fantasy such as ACOTAR and the mortal instruments
I like Lorde, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Daft Punk, Green Day, Linkin Park.
I enjoy synthwave, rock, edm, etc
Just some things about me :)
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2023.06.09 17:15 autotldr The United Nations World Food Program said Friday that it is temporarily suspending food aid to Ethiopia because its supplies are being diverted, an announcement that came a day after the United States Agency for International Development said it was doing the same

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 62%. (I'm a bot)
The United Nations World Food Program said Friday that it is temporarily suspending food aid to Ethiopia because its supplies are being diverted, an announcement that came a day after the United States Agency for International Development said it was doing the same.
Some 20 million Ethiopians rely on food aid because of drought and conflict, out of the country's population of roughly 120 million.
Much of the aid comes from USAID and the World Food Program.
USAID, WFP and the Ethiopian government have not said who is responsible for the food diversion, which the US has described as "Widespread and coordinated."
The nationwide food aid suspensions follow USAID and WFP saying last month they had suspended food deliveries to Ethiopia's northern Tigray region while they investigated reports of food aid theft there.
That suspension by the World Food Program and allegations of aid diversion in Tigray were first reported by the AP. Some 5.4 million of the region's 6 million people rely on humanitarian help.
Summary Source FAQ Feedback Top keywords: Food#1 aid#2 Ethiopia#3 Program#4 WFP#5
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