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2023.06.09 17:52 stplet New game after Elden ring

Hello, I am not a hardcore gamer as I dont have too much time to play. I am level 150 in Elden Ring and I want to go back to Bloodborne as I get bored in Elden Ring now. I did try Bloodborne few years ago but I thought it was too difficult. Now as I played ER I want to go back to BB. Should I start a new game or try from where I was ? I think I was at Father Gascoigne fight, I don't remember how far it was. And I hesitated with trying DS3, but I thinkit is maybe too close to ER and Ive heard BB is shorter. Thanks !
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2023.06.09 17:51 GrobmotorikerG Raid is too easy!

So I was in 3rd group today who was beating it. We were all on discord, but players were leaving and joining all the time.
And of course, it is difficult to figure all the mechanics out and get the basics of the fight. But we were able to beat it without weapon optimization, good gear (bane & ward) and new players coming in all the time...
I really hope they buff the fight because the mechanics and so on are fun, but with good gear and good players this will not even be a challenge.
Maybe I expected too much, but I thought we have to theory craft about weapon combos, need good players and good strategies.
Because as it is right now. After 2 weeks, this raid will feel like a m10 depth right. Is this what you expected?
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2023.06.09 17:51 ravisucksatmath On-going craze about jee/neet

So, my mother admissioned my brother (class 9) at Allen since there was 50% off as she is a government official. My brother told me about what he learned that day and most of them weren't 9th grade syllabus, he said that they're also teaching some parts of jee/neet which I found pretty useless for class 9 and I don't really think that my brother is interested in jee/neet (he never studies outside of coaching except for homework no matter if there's a exam or not). So I told my mother about that since I found that a bit weird and class 11 topics are very difficult compared to class 9. She said that she was ensuring that he doesn't end up taking humanities and become an idiot like me. Background info, both my parents are from Pcm background and were hoping that I would take medical stream since my marks were okay for getting it. They were really disappointed when I said that I wanted to pursue judiciary like my uncle and take Humanities since I need to do BA.LLB which includes Humanities topics and the stream had subjects like pol science and legal studies. Then they said that do commerce with maths like your uncle and prepare for clat on the side, which is completely useless and I suck at math. Then my mother proceeded to accuse me of being jealous of my brother since in grade 9 covid was on and I did not take any coaching, and that I was a terrible influence for my brother (which I do agree to, 85% is not a great score to look up to but she forgets to mention the situation of my health and the situation at home during the time which I could have overlooked but I am an emotional wreck). Told that jee/neet is a rat race which requires a lot of hardwork and he only had 65% in 8th and does not do good in science or maths. Think that it's a bit of a stretch teaching 9th graders about 11th grade topics but what are your opinions? P.S sorry for the little sob story of mine.
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2023.06.09 17:51 T2BMLK Mckennie in the double pivot

I was a player and coach for over 35 years (now retired) at a fairly high level. I come on here a dozen times per day, but rarely post. When I do, it is generally detailed and well thought out (in other words, very long winded). Today I want to talk about using Wes in the double pivot. I have read so much negativity about this, but I believe he has all the tools to be successful here with the right partner and system. In fact, as we see our dilemma when Adams is unavailable, we need him to do just that.
I watched at least 10 games of him at Leeds and it didn’t go well. Here is why: the double pivot needs to work together as a “rotating 6.” Too many times he and his partner (usually Roca) would attack and defend at the same time. Their cues seemed to be who had possession only. They would go forward when they had the ball and then sprint back when they inevitably lost it. It should be more of a tandem of one goes and one stays. They were each responsible for half the field with no cover for each other. Their pressing style made it even worse. Defensively, the space between them was too large.
Here is how it should work. The LCM should go when the RB goes forward. This allows the RDM to cover and give support while the LCM arrives late into the box between the CAM and the LAM. The LB stays at home and the two center backs slide for additional cover. This allows 3atb and a DCM in case of lost possession. Similarly, the RDM is keyed off the LB as everything flips.
Specifically for the USMNT it would look like this. (This all assumes Adams is not available). Weah naturally plays wider than Pulisic. Therefore, Musah should play RDM so he can drive the ball through a bigger gap while Dest can cut inside. They can take turns hitting this space to make attacks unpredictable. Combination play from them and a dynamic CAM (Reyna, Aaronson, Tillman, etc). Should eventually get the ball wide to Weah. Striker goes near post between the CBs, Pulisic draws attention far post, Reyna stays top of box in whatever space he sees, and McKennie arrives late. Still four players defending. On the other side since Pulisic likes to cut in more, the space is for Jedi to overlap. This means Wes stays behind and Musah or Dest fills the opposite channel (personally I would send Musah and have Dest stay even though he isn’t the best defender — definitely send Musah if Scally is there and have Scally slide into.
Defensively, the two Pivots should be close enough together that no attacks get between them. The central triangle should be tight enough that the middle is not an option and everything from the opponent must go wide. This makes attacks predictable, and thus easier to defend. Leeds did this poorly as too many attacks came from the center of the pitch.
We need options here and our best options are Adams, Mckennie and Musah. If all are healthy we should pick 2 based on the opponent. Nothing wrong with picking McKennie and Musah when we are expected to have more possession, but Adams is still necessary when we are defending more or protecting a lead. Acosta (if healthy) would be a decent defensive option while DLT would be another possession guy off the bench if needed (he is great at keeping the ball, but not winning the ball). Johnny is a bit of a mix and I believe Aiden Morris will take The Acosta role in a other year or two.
There are other benefits such as an easy switch from 4-2-3-1 to a 4-1-3-2 when chasing a goal but this has already been a very long post (as usual for me).
TLDR Wes has the ball winning ability, engine, soccer IQ, and passing touch to play here effectively but Leeds was not the right system. I don’t know if that was poor coaching, personnel, or a lack of understanding/motivation from Wes. To be completely honest about a player I like a lot — he could take his personal fitness a little more seriously. With the help of our top strikers (Balogun and Pepi imo) and a dynamic CAM (like Reyna) and if he gets put in the right system and with the right partner, he can help elevate this team top top 15 in the world.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 17:50 ThrowRAsmhmyhead I (20M) feel neglected by my GF (20F), what can I do to change my perception?

Sorry for any spelling or gramatical errors, english is not my first language.
My girlfriend an I have been together for about four months now and there have been a few ups and downs with a lot of tears on my part.
This mostly comes from, what I see, as a lack of effort on her part and the fact that she often stands me up (I hope this is the correct translation). For example plans for when we hang out and what we would do are only ever made by me and often canceld by her. To give more insite, I ask her if she has some free time on the weekend so that we can hang out or go to our ballroom dance practice, she agrees only to tell me a day before the weekend that she acutually already had plans with her family and didn't look it up when agreeing to hang out with me.
We also usually hang out at my place since its a bit more spacious and makes working together easier (We are both attending university with simmilar majors). This means that I do the cooking, shopping and cleaing. I dont really have a problem with doing the chores since I know she is busy and I guess I like those things.
However it really hurts me that she isn't affectionat or rarely shows it for that matter. I have addressed this muliple times, suggested diffrent approches and asked for her input or if there were any problems she wanted to address. She usually agress with me and accepts my ideas but rarely gives her own. Then her behaviour changes for a few days and then we are back to square one. I'm talking about little things like a bit of texting or that I'd be happy if she sometimes gave me a compliment.
I've also talked to her about the staning up and asked her if she could suggest a diffrent time if she cancels our plans to which she also agreed to multiple times.
This is currently really draing my mental health and my sister and a close friend of mine are both telling me that this is not good for me and that if this continous I should break up with her which I really do not want to do since she is a great and lovable person.
I'd be happy to give more information if needed, I just want some advice on how to handle this situation. What can I do in order to keep me healthy and not break up with her?
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2023.06.09 17:47 Arghblarg June 30th: The Reddit APIpocalypse -- What To Do

Hi all,
As you may know I created this sub mostly on a whim.
I did it late at night, after perhaps one more beer than was prudent :), when it was pointed out to me, by another MapleApe on one of the other big GME subs, (I forget who, I would give credit if I could!) that there wasn't a subreddit dedicated to Canadians interested in the GME saga.
Information that was required to navigate the broker and Direct Registration landscape, which was unique to us, was scattered here and there but took a lot of digging, or, to find in the torrent of discussions, information, mis-information, and memes.
I have been on vacation these past few weeks, checking in occasionally via my mobile phone mostly via the excellent baconreader app. News of the impending cash-grab by the reddit owners, which will basically make 3rd-party app API access completely unaffordable for those developers, has shaken the entire reddit community. It's a fact that reddit, the site, is privately-owned, and ultimately a closed platform. They have the power, and it would seem, the willingness to impose these untenable restrictions and we can do very little (probably nothing) to stop it.
In the past few days, I've thought about putting up a poll to see if members here want me to take the sub private this Monday, June 12th, in solidarity with other subs on reddit. Honestly though, I don't see it doing much to influence anyone, as we're a tiny, tiny sub compared to some of the others, and our actions here probably aren't even seen by those who make the decisions -- nor, I suspect, would they care.
Beyond that, I can only encourage all of you to:
As reddit progresses along its insane path to monetize at all costs, I anticipate there will be a mass exodus to one or more other platforms. It may be useful to keep this sub around for the time being, but there may also come a point where it's just not that useful any more. If the traffic to this sub drops significantly, and there is a consensus as to where else the DD and News are moving to, I will add links to those platforms in the pinned Lounge posting.
I have seen suggestions for various twitter-like services, but the ones I've looked at so far are (to me) unfortunately already saturated with posts that leave a bad taste in my mouth (I won't get into politics here). I think we need to find a platform that allows silo'd topic areas like the subreddits here, so that those who wish to engage on a particular topic can do so without being constantly forced to deal with the barrage of other social-media noise that twitter-like services present. The Gangnam youtube video comments section isn't going to cut it, either :)
In any event, it's been fun, I hope for you all as well. I'm not closing the sub or anything, I just felt the need to post before Monday about this so we all can prepare for what might come. I will still visit and mod the sub as appropriate, but perhaps less often, from my desktop if (when) the mobile apps die.
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2023.06.09 17:46 Ok-Chip7660 Am I attracting my thoughts or my phone it’s reading my mind? Haha serious question . Let me Explain ⬇️

Well , I know the ads, AI and algorithms are getting better every day , and that’s a fact but recently I find my IG ads very specific on what I think (again something I thing , not something I talk , hear or speak about , just completely random products) and this is real I’ve made the experiment many times now I urge you try this :think of some specific product , something random you never will think to buy and I can guarantee you it will pop an add after 5-10 mins on your instagram stories .
I know i may sound like a conspiracy guy (I’m not trust me haha) but this is real.
I read you .
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2023.06.09 17:43 AutoModerator The System by Todd (Complete Edition)

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I have The System By Todd.
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The System by Todd covers everything you need to know to play the game. This program is applicable for beginners, as well as intermediate students.
In The System by Todd you will learn how to OPEN (Open, Premise, Establish, Narrative) as well as much more on how to lead proper interaction with girls, and how to close them (infields included)!
Todd Valentine's The System is one of the best and most effective courses ever created on dating, and one of the best choices you will make if you have decided to improve your game.
To get The System By Todd contact me on:
Reddit Direct Message to u/RequestCourseAccess
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Email: silverlakestore/@/yandex.com (remove the brackets)
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2023.06.09 17:43 NoseEnvironmental950 Problem with libido

Hi I am on invega and olanzapine, 100 mg invega evry month and 10 mg olanzapine evry day.
I have a huge problem with my libido. Have been on invega for 3 years now I can say that it has become just a little better. I am in a relationship and the sexual dysfunction messes with my self-esteem. Should I quit invega. My doctor and my whole family are against it because I was violent in my psychosis. What I am hoping for is that it will get better with time. I am male 33 years old.
Please help 😞
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2023.06.09 17:43 NegativeGrape8233 Walmart Delivery Tipping

Hey, all!
So I just ordered walmart delivery and I'm all stressed that I'm not tipping enough. I don't do it often, and I usually don't get anything too heavy. This time, I ordered like 45 items but some are heavy and I'm on the second floor. I have thirteen 2L, meat, then some normal things. I'm 5 minutes from the store and I usually don't wait long there when I do my own pick up order. It's scheduled to deliver at 2pm and it's a week day. Is $10 too little of a tip? If so, what would you recommend?
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2023.06.09 17:42 LostTechnician2764 Animal Rescuers of Reddit, how do you manage stress, emotions, and find balance in your personal lives?

Dear animal rescuers of Reddit,
I live in a country where there aren't any official animal shelters or a proper system to place stray pups or dogs for adoption. Although we do have a few animal welfare organizations, they are either too busy or not very helpful. As a regular person, I often find myself taking care of stray pups in my area. Currently, I have five stray pups that I'm trying to find good families for, but the animal welfare organizations haven't been of much assistance. Fortunately, with the help of a few generous individuals, I was able to get the pups vaccinated and neutered. However, I'm constantly worried about their safety, especially since some of my neighbors don't like strays.
My main dilemma is that I want to adopt one or two of the pups myself, but I can't do that while the others continue to suffer on the streets. Moreover, these pups have formed a close-knit group, and it seems wrong to separate them. I've tried posting about them everywhere I can think of, but I'm not having much luck finding them loving homes.
So, here are my questions:
  1. Should I adopt a pup from this group, considering they all live in the same area anyway?
  2. What self-care practices or activities do you find helpful in managing stress and preventing burnout?
  3. Do you have a support system or community that provides emotional support? How do they contribute to your well-being?
  4. Balancing work and personal life can be tough. How do you establish boundaries and maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  5. Are there any specific strategies or techniques you use to process and release your emotions after particularly challenging rescue situations?
I appreciate any advice or suggestions you can provide.
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2023.06.09 17:41 randomrantsha Squeaky stairs have a unstraight screw in the floor

My English isn't good so I'll try to explain to the best of my abilities. I apologise if anything is unclear. I know barely anything about woodwork, mechanic stuff etc. I really need to learn though!
We have these stairs that are screwed into the floor (they're the type which you can only use one foot to step on them. So, like you have to go left right left right otherwise your legs would be crossed) with a screw key.
Recently the stairs became very wiggly and squeaky, and I realized that one of the screws in the floor is literally sideways (like / <= that). The hole (there's two small ones, the other screw is fine and in its place) in the ground (wooden tiles and under is brick and cement, I'm pretty sure.) doesn't align with the hole from the stairs, it's not centered. The stairs also are capable of moving back and forth, I tried that to align the hole properly so that the screw wouldn't be sideways though it is very difficult to keep them from moving back though.
The screw is lubed up (or however you call it, I apologise I don't know) but this is like, over a decade old lube and there's no actual thing inside of the hole in the ground, so that the screw could stay in place. It's literally just a hole and I'm guessing it got worn down over the years.
So, what would be the best way to fix this? I can't move the stairs entirely (this would mean that I'd have to unscrew them from the 2nd floor too, I am not strong enough to hold them haha). Would it be best to put one of those plastic-like things that holds a screw in place instead of the screw being just in the hole? Or some sort of glue?
I really hope I am being clear with what I'm talking about, I am very sorry if it isn't.
I also can't really find anything online about this specific thing that I'm asking. Any help is very, very appreciated.
Thank you for your time.
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2023.06.09 17:39 Happy-Power-1689 Why is Pop Smoke mostly considered only as drill rapper?

Im not saying that he isnt drill rapper okay i love his hard drill bangers like dior ptsd invicible etc... But last time i seen a reaction to demeanor and they said that this isnt pop smoke and not a pop smoke vibe
And i was like wtf..
Why some people considering him only as drill rapper even if pop smoke is a good singer too? I totaly love his rnb side
(What you know bout love, backseat, imperfections, like me, demeanor)
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2023.06.09 17:39 rben80 To stop at two kids, or to have a third?

I'm looking for input from people with three kids (or those who have two and decided to stop there!). My wife and I had our second a little while ago, and we are both on the fence if we want a third, or if we are content with two. I have always wanted 3 kids - all of the good male role models in my life were awesome family men with 3-4 kids and that's always what I envisioned myself doing. I love the idea of three kids in 10-15 years time.
I know we have time to decide, but in the three months since our little girl was born, I've thought about it every day, and I'm just looking for some comments from people who have been there! I was very eager to have our first, and very eager to have our second. I'm not as eager about a third and am legitimately 50/50 on it at this point. My wife feels the same.
For some context on our lives and lifestyle, we are both 32, own a house, and both have good career trajectories. I don't foresee money being a deciding factor in this decision. Our son is almost 3 and our daughter is 3 months. For me, it comes down to the kind of lifestyle I want to live with my family. I have always been a very active person in the sense that I do a lot of stuff (camping, hiking, biking fishing, hunting, beer league sports, travelling, etc.). I can't sit still, and can't 'hang around' for very long. The hardest part of parenting for me so far has been the personal sacrifices. I absolutely love everything about being a present and engaged Dad, but I REALLY struggle with getting out significantly less than I used to. It was starting to get a little more doable to get back to doing more as our oldest hit about two years old. It was easier to bring him along more, and easier for family to look after him. With the second being born, it makes getting out almost impossible at this stage.
I don't doubt that as they both grow, it will be easier to include both of them in our active lifestyle. But there are two things that are causing doubt with the thought of having a third. First, the thought of hitting that 'reset' button again is daunting to me. Second, I worry that including three kids in an active lifestyle as they grow will be significantly more difficult than including two (ex. vehicle space, hotels, airports, gear, camping space, etc.) I worry that we'll end up doing less than if we have two kids.
TLDR: Currently have two young kids, and am looking for input on how much more difficult an active lifestyle is with three kids rather than two.
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2023.06.09 17:37 Seahorse_12 I (M30) took part in a paid study at my local university that studied the affects of diets on abdominal weight gain. I’ve put on over 115 pounds in 1.5 years. I’m seeing my parents(M67, F61) & siblings for the 1st time this weekend and they have no idea I look like this now. How to handle the shock?

HERE are some pictures and videos taken by me or others over the course of the last year and a half. THIS is me this week at my current size (273 pounds) ahead of seeing my family this weekend.
My local university was conducting a medical study on the affects of different diets on weight gain. I signed up and was chosen and the potential money to be made was very appealing. The first two months of the study involved simply eating at a calorie surplus on a premade diet to see how it affected my body’s weight gain. After taking measurements after these initial two months, if my body’s measurements represented any kind of high percentile outlier, I would be selected to potentially continue for the entire 1.5 year study focused on a particular area of the body. Of all of the participants, my abdominal girth was at the highest percentile ratio of girth compared to weight/height, so they selected me to participate focusing on abdominal weight gain and to see how severe it could be.
They paid me about $3,000 a month and had all of my food paid for as I followed a specific premade diet plan that changed every 2 or 3 months to study the affects these specific diets had. Some were dairy heavy, carb heavy, specific types of meats only, mixing in alcohol consumption, specific supplements, etc. I’m incredibly busy in my life with work right now and having a free premade meal plan plus so much extra cash was too good to pass up. So I decided to continue for the entire 1.5 year study.
Fast forward to now, having finished the entire trial, I am starting to have some serious regrets. I’ve put on nearly 115 pounds since last January and I never expected the results to have me looking like this. Honestly, I think even the researchers themselves were really shocked by my result. My ratio of abdominal girth to height/weight is at the highest percentile of the study, their entire student body, and anyone who has participated in the study before. I gained most all of the weight in my torso, which they are severely attributing to genetics and simply the effectiveness of the tailored diets they had me following.
I obviously look ridiculous now. I haven’t even been able to keep up with buying a new professional wardrobe for work (as you can tell my the pictures and videos linked). I was gaining an average of 7 pounds a month, some months being just 3 pounds and some being an entire 15 pounds in a month. So many things are difficult… I break a sweat going up one flight of stairs, I can hardly put my shoes or socks on, fitting into restaurant booths is nearly impossible, getting in and out of my car or off the couch takes preparation. People stare at me in stores or on the street. I had a homeless guy ask me “Jesus Christ, what the fuck? Are you pregnant, dude?” once. My coworkers are polite but make comments here and there.
I haven’t seen my family since early in the study when the weight gain wasn’t very noticeable. I’m seeing them in this weekend for a reunion, and I cannot even imagine what they are going to say. I didn’t tell them I took part in this because I knew they wouldn’t approve, but now I wish I had because how am I going to prepare them or explain to them why I look like this now and how it happened so fast. They are all very fit and stay in good shape and even my siblings partners are all in good shape. I was always slim before this and they make comments if I ever even fluctuated a little bit in weight before. I’m worried to fit on the plane on the way there and having to travel. I’m so nervous to see them. And honestly would like any genuine opinions of whether or not I’m blowing this out of proportion or if they are genuinely going to be shocked. Maybe I can hide it better if I find the right clothing. What do you recommend I do? Tell them ahead of time? Be honest with how it happened? Just pretend everything is ok? Will they bring it up? Can I hide it somehow?
This is me going into work today, leaving midday to fly home. I probably will have to wear this or something similar. This is one of the biggest shirts I have, and it didn’t fit too poorly just a couple months ago. I did find a couple shirts that fit decently but I will be there for awhile and will have to opt to some of these. I feel ridiculous. Be honest - is this really as awful looking as I think it is? Like, if you were my brother or sister, what would you say?
TLDR: I’ve gained a ton of weight doing a medical study at a local university and my family has no idea I’ve participated nor that I look like this now. I’m seeing them this weekend and also going to a family reunion. How do you recommend I can best handle with the shock of looking like I do now? Should I tell them ahead of time and be honest, even if I think they will judge me for having taken part?
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2023.06.09 17:36 2FatC TGIF Tour of Headlines

The oil market is buzzing about the surprise cut by the KSA, who effectively said, "Take that!" to those commodity traders short on oil due to global macro economic slowing. Meh.
OPEC members cheat. Certain members can't produce up to their quota level. Certain members can't afford to dial production back. The Saudi's continue to enjoy being the swing producer in their cartel with the means to add or subtract barrels almost like operating a light switch. But. This isn't positive news for the start of summer driving season.
Let's look at other headlines. From Morning Brew, tension between bosses and workers about WFH. Excerpt:
Plus, there’s a whole lot of drama at the insurer Farmers Group, the WSJ reported. Last year, its CEO told employees that WFH was permanent. But a new guy, Raul Vargas, took over the position and last month said actually, nevermind. Vargas told staff that in order to foster “collaboration, creativity, and innovation” workers needed to be back in the office at least three days a week.
Employees Revolted
Farmers Group staff raged on internal communication sites, saying they’d made huge lifestyle changes}}&mid={{md5(profile.email)}}&mblid=32ee8aea3dfe) (like moving to new cities and ditching their cars) thinking they would get to work from their living rooms forever. Some threatened to quit and others suggested unionizing.
Return-to-office mandates have not gone over well at other companies, either. Last week, crowds of corporate Amazon workers walked out}}&mid={{md5(profile.email)}}&mblid=346b6303ed01) of the Seattle headquarters to protest a number of grievances they had with the company, including its demand for in-person work three days a week. Amazon’s response? Thanks for the feedback, see you in the office <3.
And good news for Tesla:
Tesla’s charging network adds another big name. GM CEO Mary Barra said that her company’s electric vehicles will be able to plug into}}&mid={{md5(profile.email)}}&mblid=5688739dd5d1) Tesla’s lightning-fast Supercharger network starting next year. Plus, beginning in 2025, all of GM’s freshly made EVs will come with Tesla’s charging hardware. GM’s announcement follows a similar move Ford made last month, and the deal among the three largest US-based automakers essentially guarantees that Tesla’s chargers will be the industry norm moving forward.
Possible Bad News for Alcohol Sin Stocks? This stat:
Stat: Whether they’re opting for shroom chocolates or just being hangover-conscious, Gen Z is buying noticeably less alcohol}}&mid={{md5(profile.email)}}&mblid=8681e1518818) at concerts, Billboard reported. One club owner in Tucson, AZ, told the outlet that at every event aimed at Gen Z, alcohol sales fell by as much as 25% compared to concerts for older folks. While that may be a hopeful sign for society, it’s a sobering development for smaller venues that need to make up lost revenue.
I like sin stocks. And the last time I bought alcohol at an event, it was hella expensive, but I wouldn't rush to sell any sin stocks on this tidbit. If I owned a real estate stock, I might consider other ways people are consuming entertainment and look for larger data sets. Would AI and VR be disruptive here?
From Yahoo's Morning Brief:
What We're Watching:
Goodbye, Bear Market: With the bear market finally behind, investors are continuing to ask the questions the Brief has been raising this week — will we see the strength in tech continue to the rest of the market?
What We're Reading:
And excerpts from an Open Letter to Ryan Cohen (link below):
...But you are failing GameStop.
And perhaps your biggest failure is the lack of communication to the average investor community.
A series of 8-minute-long earnings calls the past two years led by Furlong, with no Q&A? Are you kidding?
Not a single investor-focused event detailing your grand plan?
I get being cryptic for competitive reasons, but you are a public company executive. Investors deserve to know about the vision for a company controlled by you personally and your handpicked board.
The average investor has placed a ton of faith in you, Ryan. They have spent hours upon hours reviewing GameStop's financials, supporting you on social media, and the comment sections on Yahoo Finance, among other places.
It's time you show them the respect they deserve. The Ryan Cohen we talked with at Yahoo Finance in 2019 seemed to be someone that would at least entertain the thought of caring about the average guy.
Be that Ryan Cohen again. Investors deserve it… and have earned it by supporting you blindly for two plus years.
Note: A spokesperson for Ryan Cohen didn't return Yahoo Finance's request to make Ryan Cohen available for an interview for this piece.
Ouch. Brian didn't pull his punches and he's absolutely right about the earnings calls. Eight minutes? That's ridiculous. There's no trust on Wall Street. Analysts have bosses and bosses hate surprises because investors hate (mostly) surprises.
And over at $EXPI, the stock gapped up. The squeeze continues to play out...
Have a great day and a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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2023.06.09 17:36 notjordansime r/ChaoticNeutral might be shutting down

I am the moderator of this subreddit. You might not know that because I do a pretty lousy job of it. I'm using this whole API situation as an excuse to jump ship. I believe in the 'open' nature of reddit. I love the idea of community-made tools and bots being able freely interact with the API. It's part of what makes this site unique. I understand that they have to recoup their costs, but the price they're asking is frankly absurd.
Reddit is trying to make their relatively open platform a walled garden. They're not outright denying access, but charging such a high amount effectively does the same thing. More important subreddits are temporarily going private as a protest. Since this subreddit isn't all that important, I'm considering closing it off for good. Might even leave it up to a coin toss.
What're your thoughts?
What're your feelings?
Talk to me (like lovers do)
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2023.06.09 17:36 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️ John Anthony – Occam’s Razor – Ultimate Seduction (Platinum) ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 17:35 kimmyjmac Looking for help in requesting records/documentation.

My son passed away on 12/5/22. I'm reaching out for help in determining which records/documents I can request through FOIA that may shed some light on what happened to him during his time on the ship. He was ok with being a nuke up until he hit fleet. His command was not the greatest. NCIS will hopefully release his suicide investigative report by the end of this month. Are there any documents/records I can request that would give our family some insight about his experience? Any help or suggestions is appreciated!
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2023.06.09 17:34 Prestigious-Bus-8881 Adding Someone to Roomette

Hello. Does anyone have experience adding someone to a roomette and how much it should cost? I'll be on the empire builder from Portland to Chicago this summer and have a roomette reserved. My friend is interested in joining me for the whole trip. I just called amtrak and they said he would need to buy a ticket/make a reservation and then we could call and get him added to the roomette. However, they said they could not see how much additional that would cost until he made the actual reservation. The agent mentioned it might be close to what I paid. I used points but the original cost was around 1000. When I do a quick search for roomette 1 person vs 2 person the price doesn't double it just goes up by a two hundred so I am hopping what she said isn't correct.
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2023.06.09 17:33 gainrigi A girl who i met and talked for about 3 months ghosted me after the 4th meet

Hello, first of all im new to this sub because i have been experiencing some issues whilst getting to know a girl and being not so expert in the field of dating or meeting women im fencing with a lot of thoughts and confusion towards this particular situation. I will try to put everything on context in order for you to understand as much as possible and to get some advice for a better turn around :).
So here it goes, in March i met a girl who was visiting my city becuase she has family there. She is my neighbour´s niece so she asked me if i could get her out to meet bars and so something else because felt a little bored (shes my same age 26). I took her out on a Tuesday and we repeated on thursday and friday. That friday was great, we talked all day and went for dinner and the kissed a bit. She told me that she expected more rapid response from me but oh what the hell. The next day i reached out texting her and she was cold, i didnt understand why tho. I reached again on monday because she was leaving on tuesday and i wanted to ask her what was wrong. Long story short she claimed that it was just a kiss and she was on vacation no more than that blabla. I asked if we could stay connected at least and she happily agreed. A couple of days later she dm me on instagram with some cat reels and we started talking, days passed by and we continue talking even more, we asked questions about us, things we liked or not, plans we will do in the future such as going art shows, food, coffees, etc. For 2 months we talked till no end and everything was great because i was going to move to the city where she lives (not because of her but my studies and work). I told her that i was moving and she didnt show a GREAT emotion towards that at the moment, but continued planning things for the future.
As in May i arrived to the city and of course we continued texting. One day i came across a coffe shop she told me and i said to her hey, i just happen to came across the place you told me about, want to come one day? She answered that weekend could not make it but next one surely yes. I was like ok no problem and continued talking as usual. That weekend came down and i invited her for saturday, she told me already had plans but if i wanted to move it to sunday and i agreed, after that we talked a lot that same day, i saw her texting me like she was very and eager to meet. That sunday came and hours before i texted her to meet at certain time because i finished a footbal match sooner than expected. An hour or so later she replied to me saying she had a headache and would text me a little later when she felt better. (i already began to think that she would possibly say no, and she did). She texted me the classic “oh you are going to hate me but” message and i said ok no problem, get well soon and we shall meet the next time. Days passed and i didnt talk to her again, she responded to my ig messages i left her on sunday (yes we talked mainly on IG but always talk about the date on WPP, crazy i know) She told me sorry for the delay and if i was ok, i replied her that i was fine in a cold (but not in the jerk way). We soon started to talk as before again and i propose on a wednesday a date again to what she agreed on a beer on saturdays night. When the day came up she told me that she could not make it for the night but instead offered me going to a 6pm coffe. I agreed but well, i must say i saw her with low to non effort for the date whatsoever, as it was like an obligation she had. I mean it was the first time we saw each other after 3 months and she was acting like whatever. The meeting lasted just 1:30 hs because she was in a hurry and tho i felt happy in that moment, i started to realize she didnt see it that way, she was weird, a little distant and not so eager after not seeing each other for almost 3 months. I took her near her house, it seems that she didnt want to let me know where she lives and told her that we eventually would talk during the week to that she said yes indeed. I did text her on tuesday about a food place she recommended me and i noticed some cold messages from her again, she took hours and hours to respond and made me feel like what happened? At this point i was already aware that something was happening. So enough of texting i offered a meeting again on saturday after a couple of messages and she said she had plans with friend for a birthday (back in the coffee shop she told me that she was already planning it but i forgot) However in any moment she counteroffered me so at that point i was ready to move on and stop trying. I replied the next morning saying that it was ok, no problem and at least we could fix another time. She never replied to this last message which happened a week ago. She still has me in Wpp contacts, she follows me on IG too but doesnt see my stories so she knows maybe i could reach her anytime.
I went for friends and family for advice and help, everyone told me that for them she seemed interested at the beggining but if she didnt make the effort of at least setting up another day for a meeting then she was not that into me. Im very sad at the moment trying to understand what could have happened, and the fact that she isnt capable of text me after knowing me for more than 3 months its driving me crazy!, its not like im a tinder match that she never got to met. I have been single for a long time, i love spending time for and to myself. Im a nice guy with job, hobbies and friends so its not like im trying to find a hole in my heart just because im bored, when i see someone worth i go for it. This might not be the right girl for me tho after all.
I ask here for any advice, help and whatever helps me cross this emotions of dissapointment because some days i ask myself if i should text her explaining myself what i feel (i already know what she doesnt want with me but i would like to stay in contact tho because we shared a lot of interests and was funny to be with her) but at the same time i know that i did nothing wrong. However i sadly have the hope that she will text me anytime and that feeling is the most difficult one for me to erase.
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2023.06.09 17:31 AdditionalAardvark21 Rate my offer / Rate my salary 2 in 1

Hi guys,
I recently received a job offer and I would like to get some feedback on whether the offer is reasonable and competitive with the market and also how it compares to my current situation. Here are the details:

Offer details



This is my current situation:


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