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Confidence: The Key to Success

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2023.06.09 16:40 code_hunter_cc Ufw firewall blocks kubernetes (with calico)

I'm trying to install a kubernetes cluster on my server (Debian 10). On my server I used ufw as firewall.Before creating the cluster I allowed these ports on ufw:
179/tcp, 4789/udp, 5473/tcp, 443 /tcp, 6443/tcp, 2379/tcp, 4149/tcp, 10250/tcp, 10255/tcp, 10256/tcp, 9099/tcp, 6443/tcp
As calico doc suggests ( and this git repo on kubernetes security too (
But when I want to create the cluster, the calico/node pod can't start because Felix is not live (I allowed 9099/tcp on ufw):
Liveness probe failed: calico/node is not ready: Felix is not live: Get http://localhost:9099/liveness: dial tcp [::1]:9099: connect: connection refused
If I disable ufw, the cluster is created and there is no error.
So I would like to know how I should configure ufw in order for kubernetes to work.If anyone could help me, it would be very great, thanks !
Edit: My ufw status
To Action From6443/tcp ALLOW Anywhere9099 ALLOW Anywhere179/tcp ALLOW Anywhere4789/udp ALLOW Anywhere5473/tcp ALLOW Anywhere2379/tcp ALLOW Anywhere8181 ALLOW Anywhere8080 ALLOW Anywhere###### (v6) LIMIT Anywhere (v6) # allow ssh connections inPostfix (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)KUBE (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)6443 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)6783/udp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)6784/udp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)6783/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)443/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)80/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)4149/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)10250/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)10255/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)10256/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)9099/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)6443/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)9099 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)179/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)4789/udp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)5473/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)2379/tcp (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)8181 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)8080 (v6) ALLOW Anywhere (v6)53 ALLOW OUT Anywhere # allow DNS calls out123 ALLOW OUT Anywhere # allow NTP out80/tcp ALLOW OUT Anywhere # allow HTTP traffic out443/tcp ALLOW OUT Anywhere # allow HTTPS traffic out21/tcp ALLOW OUT Anywhere # allow FTP traffic out43/tcp ALLOW OUT Anywhere # allow whoisSMTPTLS ALLOW OUT Anywhere # open TLS port 465 for use with SMPT to send e-mails10.32.0.0/12 ALLOW OUT Anywhere on weave53 (v6) ALLOW OUT Anywhere (v6) # allow DNS calls out123 (v6) ALLOW OUT Anywhere (v6) # allow NTP out80/tcp (v6) ALLOW OUT Anywhere (v6) # allow HTTP traffic out443/tcp (v6) ALLOW OUT Anywhere (v6) # allow HTTPS traffic out21/tcp (v6) ALLOW OUT Anywhere (v6) # allow FTP traffic out43/tcp (v6) ALLOW OUT Anywhere (v6) # allow whoisSMTPTLS (v6) ALLOW OUT Anywhere (v6) # open TLS port 465 for use with SMPT to send e-mails Sorry my ufw rules are a bit messy, I tried too many things to get kubernetes working.
Answer link :
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2023.06.09 16:40 nativeplantquestions Is there also a Ritalin shortage?

I can’t find any dose of concerta near me (eastern USA). Dunno how any of y’all are finding it. Anyways, is there also a Ritalin shortage? I take that as a booster and may just have to switch to that altogether. Or alternatives to concerta that are easily available?
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2023.06.09 16:39 ElPonGrande Assault Mechs - How Do You Set Them Up?

I'm playing BTA 3062.
I was wondering how other players set up their assault mechs (and which ones you're using).
In vanilla, setting up an assault mech was a pretty simple thing: lots of big guns / missiles and thick armour. With BTA 3062, though, it opens up even assault mechs to some serious customisation that means even the big boys can do things they wouldn't normally be expected to do...
For example, I like Gargoyles and Executioners. Whilst they don't have the raw firepower of most assault mechs, they are (for their size) extremely mobile. My Gargoyle is getting 7 evasion pips at a sprint, and with its MASC and the right pilot, it can actually serve as a striker / backstabber if it's well piloted and the terrain isn't overly confined. It keeps up with most mediums and even some of the slower light mechs out there.
Whilst it's an assault mech and it'll never be as tricky and evasive as a light or fast medium, it compensates more than adequately with much thicker armour so it can shrug off the hits it inevitably does take as a large target. With firepower that absolutely eclipses any medium or light and I'll accept that it's not dishing damage like other assault mechs do: it does more than enough to one shot even a heavy or assault mech with a backstab (which is how I use it), and it's 'respectable' for front on fighting (though it can't go nose to nose in a slug fest with a King Crab and similar, obviously). It also has enough tonnage left for a B-Pod and AMS to deal with pesky BA and reduce attrition from big missile attacks.
Now... I know this isn't how you're supposed to use assault mechs, but it works for me and my play style 🤷‍♂️
Anyone else using assault mechs for roles they wouldn't normally fill (even if it's just because you can haha)?
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2023.06.09 16:39 Sneakayboi Advice on lifting the floor on an old barn

My fiance and I are in the process of purchasing an old farmhouse built-in the 1800s. The property will need a lot of work and one of the first projects I'd like to tackle is replacing a rotting sill beam at the back corner of the barn. The barn dimensions are approximately 23x30 and only a ~10 ft section of the sill needs replacement.
I would appreciate some advice on what jacks to use as well as lift points. On the interior of the barn there are relatively new floor joists and the sill on either side of the rotted one are in pretty good shape. So I was thinking of using bottle jacks and lifting partially from the floor joists on the inside and sill adjacent to the rotted portion lifting slowly. Anybody have any advice on how to attack the project?
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2023.06.09 16:39 ErLouwerYT How is CrossCode still not getting the recognition it deserves?

just finished the game and have to agree with possibly every other person who played it; this game is a masterpiece and it an enigma how it still doesnt get recognised, even after 5 years. The story is amazing, the combat probably the best i have ever seen and the pixel art looks gorgeous. The game is around 50 hours long including free DLC, for 20 dollars! (Not even counting in the replay value with new game+)
How does a hidden game like this, universally adored by its players, not get the recognition it definitelly deserves? The situation reminds me of Okamis first release and other games that, despite being amazing and obtaining flawless critical acclaim, dont get recognised at all. (In Okamis case, the HD remake did get recognised and sold over 2m. Compare that to its orignal release with 200k copies sold). But well, okami got lucky. Unfortunatelly there still are many hidden gems, including crosscode, which dont get the recognition they deserve.
Rant over lol
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2023.06.09 16:39 InterestingPie5887 Minoxidil water retention, minox, puffy face, bloat.

Hello to You all having the same problem like me - so an awful water retention in facial region with every use of minoxidil.
Firstly no, you are not insane - it really happens. It is though truly a small minority of people who will ever experience that problem. I have seen that it is probably about 4-5% of all minoxidil users in total, probably even less… and those are generally people that for some reason also tend to be otherwise hyper-responders to minoxidil - and get awful ton of new hairs looking better than getting hair transplant. Of course there are hyper-responders to minoxidil who will not get any side effects from it - especially not that awful looking moon face. Those are the most lucky ones of all.
So first short story - I have been using minoxidil for about 5 years now - in many different forms. Firstly with pg, then not alcohol based minoxidil topical solution.. and even though it helped my hair loss a ton… it made me look chubby as fuck always just after about 4-5 days of using it. No matter how much did I use, no matter if it was one time a day or one time every three days. I have highly visible six-pack, I am athletic, my bmi is closer to underweight than anything else, I am 28 years old, I have always had highly visible cheekbones and jawline… never had double chin - the farthest from that as you can be. I hop on minoxidil topical or minoxidil oral and my face features … are gone - like I have got 35 kg more than I have in real life - but just on the face, even when I take it orally as a pill. Whenever I cease to use minoxidil - those effects are gone almost as immediately as they appeared. Two weeks I am back to my normal face - the weight does not change at all. I come back to popping minox pill or using topical solution - 4-5 days - hello back face of someone weighting 35 kg more… The extent to which it is visible and noticeable for everybody else - is just comical! And no I don’t have allergic reaction of some kind, I have currently been using minox for years without any other side effect.
I have this water retention with even as low dosages as 0.25mg pills, 1/4 of one small dosage for hair. Using diuretics in insane amounts - natural or those only with receipt from doctor - gives literally nothing even when I am dehydrated otherwise - it does not change my puffy face on minox. Cutting on sodium, eating the highest amounts of potassium and magnesium gives literally nothing. It is super weird shit.
And yet I found something super weird to counter this effect of minox - maybe it will help someone else.
Or maybe someone will find out what is in Modafinil that works like that and helps with this minox water retention or whatever it is.
I have No idea why or how… but after using a ton of different drugs, drug classes, diuretics… and after year of experiments … there is one drug that seems to make 80% of minoxidil water retention go away. Just like that.
Modafinil - especially Armodafinil - Waklert. It works for about 14 hours - and if taken daily then no puffy face at all. No idea why… most people seem to report more problems with water retention and skin due to it causing histamine secretion… and yet for me it just works to make water retention minimal. Maybe also generally it is known for getting you dehydrated … but that is not that - it has to do something to histamine levels. There was also some comments of people on Modafinil forums that it causes them also to have more visible jawline, cut and more visible bone features of the face.
Weird? Yes. Definitely. I hope someone will be maybe helped through this info and maybe someone will discover what in Modafinil causes that effect of countering water retention on minoxidil. Hopefully we will be able to find it out and isolate it and it will finally resolve our problem with minoxidil.
Also it for some reason causes me to lose max 5 hair a day in the shower instead of 30. Just adding Armodafinil does that. No idea why - as in most people it purportedly increases hair loss/shedding.
Also it for some reason causes me to lose max 5 hair a day in the shower instead of 30. Just adding Armodafinil does that. No idea why - as in most people it purportedly increases hair loss/shedding.
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2023.06.09 16:38 HalfwayClam46 buy spice online

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2023.06.09 16:38 crappy_gilmore Watch Tesla's New Live Video For "Miles Away" From New Album

Watch Tesla's New Live Video For
TESLA is a notorious band for one thing; being a high-energy, 100% live, kick-ass rock and roll band in concert! FULL THROTTLE LIVE captures this essence from a stop at the Sturgis Bike Rally in the year 2022 at the infamous saloon that hosts many motorcycle rock and roll parties, and this inspired the band to put on even more of a heavy show. Independently recorded, mixed, and produced by bassist Brian Wheat and guitarist Frank Hannon, this new live album truly captures TESLA in pure honest form and even dives deeper into their roots by recording a live version of the 1974 Aerosmith classic “SOS Too Bad” as a bonus track. The heavier song choices range from “Miles Away!” to more recent hard releases like “Time to Rock!” and “Cold Blue Steel”. But don’t worry there are old TESLA classics captured too like “Changes” and “Lazy Days, Crazy Nights” all recorded as TESLA is best..100% FULL THROTTLE LIVE!“MILES AWAY” is the lead-off single release from TESLA’s new live album FULL THROTTLE LIVE! The guys chose to put this song out first because it represents TESLA and the new live album’s harder heavier sound. “MILES AWAY” is a fan favorite in concert with its heavy 6/8 rolling groove and blistering guitar solo. This is also an ironic song choice because the song lyrics are written about being a “rock star” on the road away from reality and missing home. Check out TESLA’s new live album FULL THROTTLE LIVE! You won’t be let down and MILES AWAY will take you there.
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2023.06.09 16:38 AutoModerator John Anthony Lifestyle - Platinum Dating (Program)

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2023.06.09 16:37 Igloo-Pincher Do you find it sort of staggering knowing how advanced technology has gotten that there are still huge corporations with such shitty websites and it is still unnecessarily difficult to share media across different platforms and file types?

I went to copy and paste a picture from Google into Facebook messenger and it pasted the hyperlink, I was like wtf. Is there a reason for this? It seems like searching for and sharing media from Google images has actually gotten worse.
The worst however is how many practically unusable websites there are. I am in constant awe of how poorly designed so many web pages are, especially these major corporations who have limitless money and resources. It is so easy to create a user friendly experience, yet the interface is almost always so cluttered and difficult to navigate you end up closing it and calling customer service.
Which leads me to my next gripe - why is it so difficult to find customer service numbers and then once you do to get a live voice now??
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2023.06.09 16:37 bexkex1 Missing brands in Olive young

Hello! I'm in seoul right now and stocking up on skincare products. But there are some brands I can't find in Olive young. I've searched multiple stores, big and small.
Dr. Ceuracle - is one of the brands I can't find at Olive young, which is weird since it's a Korean brand?
Other brands I can't find are: *Mizon *Skin 1004 *Some by mi
Are these all skincare I need to order online instead? :(
Grateful for all the help I can get, thank you!
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2023.06.09 16:37 inadaquet Some questions!

Hi all, hope the day is find you well! I just had a couple questions about moving too/living in the St Johns area and was hoping I could find some answers!
There are 4 of us moving from Ontario at the beginning of September, we have begun the process for looking for rentals but have heard there may be a lot of scammers at the moment, and many places are hard to come by in general, are there any places or sites you would suggest that have a good reputation? Anything you would stray away from in specific?
My Fiance and I will be down for a week in July to look at some properties if we get the chance, and visit some family up in Bonavista.
Are there any cheaper recreational sports leagues youd suggest for baseball? (Mostly just looking for a beer league to meet new friends)
And finally, what gun clubs would you recommend we check out when we get there? I know there are a few in the area, does anyone have any preferences?
Thank you all for your time!
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2023.06.09 16:37 stonebolt I'm a lesbian with what I call "erotic empathy" for straight women. Does anyone else feel this way?

Does anyone else not feel attracted to men in real life but get erotic empathy for women who are??
Like... you see women expressing attraction to men in tv shows, music videos, movies, or tiktoks or something? Like it's a kissing scene? And you think "wow that looks hot!"
But you don't actually think the guy looks good out of context?
Or is that just me?
You know how there are straight women who think lesbian porn is hot? I feel like I'm the opposite.
Example: last night I was sick and watching Mean Girls on Netflix and thought it was hot when Regina George was making out with a guy on her bed.
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What a load of BS.
There’s a better way, and that better way is the Natural Approach System.
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2023.06.09 16:36 OldLebaneseNerd the main cord in the PSVR 2 unit is bothering me.

First of all, no, it is not the fact that there is a cord, but something about the cord is driving me nuts.
When i got the headset, it was of course tidy and packed in a circle, and had a tie on it, removed the tie, unrolled the cord but then noticed it doesn't go straight and would coil around it self in many areas, tried to straighten it out by hand and i swear i could hear cracking from it.
in one week, if u look at it, it looks wrinkled , not a smooth straight line, like if it was used for years and was heavily used.
dunno if it is just my headset, maybe i used it wrong, or is it maybe for us all, but man oh man, it bothers me deeply, it makes loops like every 50 to 70 cm and just doesn't look or feel like a premium wire, heck, i used the psvr1 since 2016 and the cord was and still is superb and yet, 1 week of usage on psvr2 and i wonder when it will strart wearing out.
the headset is fine of course, i know i am overthinking it, but man, each day i notice how much sony skimped on this headset and sold it to us for $600.
one day, i am sure one of us gonna break it as he tries to put it on his head, already seeing horror stories about the lenses.
i had to work overtime for 6 months, denied myself treats and clothing just to buy it, and guess what ? it has no warranty here , can't find any accessories for it , and if it breaks or is deffective, it won't matter.
i know many would say it is just money, but for us in less developed countries, it is insane expensive , and when u buy something for this much, u expect at least premium quality, so far, i seen nothing premium about it.
Not to mention, i felt cheated from all the bogus reviews online that hyped it to have lenses that would blow u away, while in reality, it is the same as the psvr1 but with a better resolution and no pixels.
anw, anyone else hates the quality of the cord ? or is it just my unit ?
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If you answered Yes to any of these questions, then I can tell you this: I’ve been there. My name is John Mulvihill. And I’m here to help you handle your dating life ONCE AND FOR ALL. Since 2011, I made it my mission get good at. no.. Be the BEST at this. My dream was to hit the 100 lays. I thought it was impossible. Fast forward to 2017, I am at 722 lays as I am writing this. Obssessed? Maybe. Do you have to take it that far? Up to you. Point is, I know my shit when it comes to getting laid. And trust me, I’m very far from being a natural. And no this is not one of those sleazy marketing tactics to make you relate. I was actually very nerdy. Virgin until college. However I do believe that my very high IQ and over-analytical mind is what helped me figure out a lot of what I am about to teach you. Back in 2012 I got to coach bootcamp along with the “top” instructors from an infamous company you might know about (starts with R and ends with D.). Here is what I discovered
– Some of the instructors are actually knowledgable but fail to apply that knowledge. – Some of them have an incomplete or non-optimized strategy. – And some of them flat out LIE about their results.
These instructors were promising results they couldn’t get themselves! As you can guess the student would NEVER progress or at least veryyy sloooooowly. Actually most of those students would average 5 to 10 lifetime lays although they have been studying that shit for years. How convenient is that for those instructors to keep selling you their new magic pill product every month huh? If you relate to what I am saying. I want to help you break that cycle. See, my goal is not to make of you a repeat customer. This is not my full time job. My goal is to make of you a legit PIMP and make this community great again. I spent years picking the brains of all the top guys I personally know who literally PULL EVERY NIGHT. Most of them prefer to remain anonymous and are not interested in teaching their secrets. With my critical and analytical mind, I kept optimizing what works and ditching what doesn’t. That left me with.
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2023.06.09 16:35 Responsible_Fox_5612 [ToTK] The sad, yet inspiring Story of Aster from Hateno Village.

So I was going around Hateno Village giving mushrooms to a bunch of people. I was a little bit lost, so I started going around, entering every house and talking to everyone. One night I discovered a colorful house on the outskirts of the village, populated by just a little girl, Aster, who was sleeping. I got a little bit sad, cause it was fairly cute, she was sleeping, dreaming of froggies, but she was all alone. On the next day I decided to go around town again and spotted the girl leaving school on her way for some snacks.
She was basically going to her father Medda, a farmer taking care of a tomato farm behind the main street. I was glad, she wasn't alone, cause I feared the worst, but decided for some reason to follow her through her day.
After some time she left her father and went for her house....
... or at least that's what I and SHE thought. She went to the house in front of the tomato farm and talked how this was her former house and she gets confused and goes back there by default. It seems she doesn't live there anymore for some reason. After that she went back to her real home to play with some frogs.
After talking to her during her frog "hunt", she says, she learnt hunting frogs from Zelda. She along the other children of the village misses Zelda a lot and seems to have formed a bond with her. Now that got me thinking again about the mother of the poor girl. It does seems like Zelda plays a mother role in her life (I am not implying Zelda is her mother) and she has developed this connection. I went digging into the wiki and it seemed as in BoTW, while sleeping, Aster will talk about her mother. In this game however...
... she talks about froggies in her sleep. It feels like her mother figure was found in Zelda. After some time outside in the evening, she goes inside and falls asleep. After a few more hours, her father arrives tired and just stands there watching her, while she is asleep. This was definitely sad to see, as when you ask him, he says this is the only time he can spend with her daughter. Medda doesn't seem to talk about his wife and as she has been missing for both games now, I would assume the worst happened... :(
The drawings of her father and her near her bed, don't make it easier. I would guess, something bad happened to her mother and the two are now living alone, getting help from maybe Zelda and the other townfolk.
However ending it on a hopeful note, the girl wakes up early and sprints to school screaming "Gotta get there first!". She overtakes the old folk, including her father and indeed arrives at school earlier then all the other kids. :)
I can't believe I actually got emotional, about a random NPC in a random village, that has 0 IMPACT on the game whatsoever (or at least for now). It felt so lifelike and sad for some reason, yet her inspiring sprint to school and her determination seem to give me a lot of hope for some reason. I don't know what happens with the school quest for now, so I couldn't say, if there is more concerning her mother or no. Now I do have a small theory, about the other house neighbouring theirs, which seems to be abanndoned. Could it be, that the owner of the house was Zelda herself?
Thanks for reading!
TLDR; a random small girl in Hateno village has more character, then some major protagonists from AAA games.
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2023.06.09 16:35 Kolton_russo How many endings are there for the main story/Ciri

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2023.06.09 16:34 TheSmogmonsterZX Galactic Social Dynamic: Memoirs (GSD #100)

Galactic Social Dynamic: Memoirs (GSD #100)
After Emma's wedding and a few outliers of insanity there would be little that would shake the galaxy to its core for nearly a decade.
News reports would stream in about the war. The Alliance was winning, but all too easily. Alliance and the individual homeworld militaries were all convinced that the Scareek were laying a trap.
They were right, but it wouldn't show itself for some time and the loss of life would be catastrophic. The blow to humanity would drive them to a fevered madness. We would all get to see the beast that lurked under the skin. It was the same beast that lurks under all our skins, the one that prevents the Symphony from being heard.
But that is for another volume of tales and memories. These memoirs were made by gathering the bits and pieces of many points of view, as well as putting in my own. I'm not certain half will be allowed to be published, but these events occurred as did so many more. These were just the brightest times, before the Scareek showed their mettle and matched human ferocity. Before they took from every life in the galaxy. Before the Alliance stood up and drove them back to primordial waters where they now live, simple non-sapient lives.
They were the times that defined my life and though I am glad we mostly know peace, I fear what still waits out in the depths of space. The galaxy and hyperspace are still not completely explored and we have made a lot of noise.
Shoal looked at the last line. He shook his head, he was getting dramatic in his old age. He hopped off his writing stool and walked to his window. Cith lay before him, he was now the oldest leader of Ancin at almost four hundred years old, not that that meant anything, clans were now just families in all regards, just more formal than normal. He watched the children of his siblings as they watched their grandchildren.
He stretched and wandered back to his table and folded up the manuscript. So many pages, all written by hand. They had to be anything less would be an insult to the lives of his friends, to the lives of those the Scareek had taken and to his own innocence.
He laughed, he couldn't believe he thought he was worldly at a mere Seventy-five! How utterly foolish. Another laugh took him though as he saw the picture frame that Emma had given him the day after her wedding. The young woman Anna was in it with her father, he was certain their chapters would get eaten up by Alliance Intelligence or the publisher would think he was insane and refuse to print them. Either way he knew their existence was now penned down somewhere.
He then took the manuscript down several floors and to a large room that was ostensibly a large fabrication printer and scanner. Three hundred years on and no one had found better tech, they just made it work better and cheaper. He smirked and shook his head.
"Hello Dasha!" The happy voice of Driffi shouted as she picked up her father's cousin.
Shoal stared at the woman. Somehow losing nearly half the clan never destroyed her positive attitude. He loved that about her, but it was also an obstacle at the moment.
"Driffi, I need to send scans of this manuscript to some friends." Shoal sighed.
"Mr. Van and Hadley?" Driffi asked as she sat her clan leader down and immediately got to work setting up the central scanning pad.
"Add Rex and Ezekiel Dirge to that list." Shoal advised.
Driffi nodded. "I wonder if Mr. Dirge will join us for Cith-has this year."
"Unlikely, he can't stomach Civeet cuisine." Shoal laughed as he put the book on the scanner pad.
"Wow that's dense Dasha, you know we have an older model, could take a day to scan and send." Driffi sniffed the air.
Shoal nodded, then remembered something. "Oh! Send it to the Captain as well. It will want to read it all."
"Of course Dasha." Driffi smiled.
Shoal nodded and smiled, "I'm off to the garden."
"Give my love to my parents!" Driffi called out.
Shoal nodded and soon found himself in the clan garden, surrounded by statues of his ancestors, siblings and even his parents. He filled small dishes with water and left them at the bases of their statues.
He stayed for hours, meditating and focusing on the universe. The stars and their wondrous symphony were out of his reach, he had accepted that, but he could always try to recall that wondrous symphony.
He slowly became acutely aware of another presence. It was quiet and respectful, so he didn't respond until they made it clear they were here for a reason. An artificial clearing of the throat told him it was his old Captain.
"Hello, sir." Shoal smiled.
The Captain did not speak, but walked over to a statue of a non-civeet, the first one ever made in generations. Sekaz had made it in honor of the individual.
"They never have eyes." The Captain voiced his usual complaint. "Humans should always have their eyes depicted."
"I think Emma would be fine with it." Shoal said, not getting up from his sitting position.
"I was in the system. The Network got the manuscript first. We approve." The Captain said. "How will you continue?"
"I was hoping you would." Shoal grinned. "After all, you couldn't stay away from your precious Galactic Social Dynamic and you have the best understanding of what occurred during the retaliation." Shoal explained.
The Captain paused and looked at the kesta honoring Emma Brunte. The Captain nodded, she truly would have been happy to know she was remembered in a friend's family.
"For the truth of the matter?" The Captain asked, probing the civeets motives.
"To remember the fallen and live on for the living." Shoal smiled.
"The children out there are calling you 'Shifu'." The Captain said with a slightly robotic chuckle. "Why did you let them see such an ancient movie?"
Shoal snapped out of his meditation. "Because it is awesome!" He jumped to his feet.
The Captain's slightly robotic laugh echoed. "I will do this, old friend. We will till the Galaxy of all those that sacrificed and what was truly lost."
Shoal smiled. "Thank you. Did, uh, did we ever find out where Hadley went during their lost years?"
The Captain shook its head. "We all have our suspicions, but they remain unwilling or unable to speak of it."
Shoal nodded. Hadley had vanished at some point during the Scareek retaliation. It was devastating to Emma and their friends and then one day they were back and working as hard as ever, though their closest friend swore the Intelligence had become more paranoid.
"Eventually the truth comes into the open." Shoal nodded.
The Captain extended its hand and Shoal shook it. The two old friends took a few more minutes to honor the ancestors and allies of Clan Ancin.
////End Galactic Social Dynamic Volume 1////
Previous GSD!
Previous Zoo-nanigans
Volume 2 Awaits!
Zoo-nanigans will continue!
So a little over half way with the story I had the realization of how disorganized I was in writing it. All because I didn't expect it to take off and never made a physical outline. So I asked, why would this be like that in the world it takes place in.
Answer the memoirs of everyone's favorite civeet, mixed with other accounts he had gathered.
And volume 2 will mostly come from The Captain's point of view. Exploring the changes in its network and itself as an individual as well as its continuing awe and love of humanity.
So Volume 1 of Galactic Social Dynamic comes to a close, mostly. We still have some Zoo-nanigans to get through.
Peace and Love folks! I got a DND game to set up for!
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2023.06.09 16:33 Deriviera 3070 vs used 3090 vs arc 770

Hey. I'm a user of old RTX 3070 card and my problem is amount of video memory for blender renders. I'm ok with performance, but 8 gb is not enough for me.
After looking for the options I came to conclusion - 4080 is too expensive with 16 gigs.
Used 3090 I can find on local second market for 800 eurs. 24 gigs sounds awesome but I extremely afraid of buying used cards.
And then I noticed that arc 770 has version with 16 gigs just for 400 EUR NEW in local shops.
Problem with ARC is Intel updates drivers a lot and the answers all around the internet about ARC stuff are very controversial: some people saying drivers are fine and good to go, others have issues.
Aside of blender I play VR over Virtual Desktop and Pico 4 through wifi connection so it adds even more doubts on the matter. But there are many people who is saying that ARC is working fine with VR now.
What is the state of A770 drivers at the moment? How much Intel improved it? Will I just get 3070 with more memory by buying A770 in blender and games?
And how risky is to buy 3090 that has no warranty if arc is not an option? Are my worries unreasonable?
Other specs if it's important:
11700k, 32gb DDR4, 2k 144hz display.
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2023.06.09 16:33 Expensive_Winner2942 Can I rant here? I can't get over anything

My coworkers are tightly knit
I'm a temp worker
It's my second and last day here
I hate!! Coworkers who talk shit about you then try to talk to you later
Working at different places, this happens all of the time!
I hate that people treat me like im "slow"
I'm 22 and they literally baby me. Reminding me how to walk home from work and to pay attention to the road.
I do have a baby voice from childhood trauma ofc and I totally understand that that might trigger a parent at work to try and parent me
It's very annoying. Making this post is what reminded me to set boundaries at work and remind these ppl that I can handle myself
Yesterday, at my current temp job, I arrived in everything except for my uniform shirt. I kept it in my bag because it's very hot and I walk. The shirt is a black, long sleeved, dress shirt.
The hotel is prestigious but I arrived very early before we even opened. The woman who escorted me on my first day took me directly to the bosses who ofc said something about my top(I asked her where I could put my bag, planning to change into my shirt after).
She gave me a tour of the place in my tank top, taking my thru the kitchen (I wasn't working there, mind u, and I got stares ofc)
I did tell her that I wasn't clocking in for about 30 minutes. After she takes me to put my bag down, my other coworker who was there, not knowing I wasn't clocked in (and I didn't know what she was showing me or that it would take more than a few minutes) begins training me and giving me another tour of our floor
I asked to be paid for that when I realized I only had a few minutes left to sit down. Everyone else who was clocked in was sitting so I took the opportunity
My supervisor raised his voice in front of my coworkers and customers telling me he'd be paying me for when I was supposed to come in. When my trainer confirmed that she was training me before my punch in time (she's his friend and was shocked that he told me that)
He said he'd talk to his higher up. When his higher up came, I tried to follow but he power walked, leading his higher up away with his hand on his arm.
After a while of hosting, I realized a lot of the guests preferred to pass the menus around the table from the left.
At the end of the night, the last table I sat, the elders werent expecting me to pass the menus but the young people were.
My supervisor (whod been following me and watching me all night) threw his teeth, raises his voice, and tells me to walk around the table and hand the menu to each person.
In a way that i believe he was trying to intimidate me
He then sent me home 2 hrs early, keeping me in the dark about the fact that no one else was going home, and I wasn't paid for the time I came in early
I'm just incredibly pissed that I had this experience
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