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2014.05.14 07:33 AustNerevar Minimon: Adventure of Minions, the Cyclop Monsters RPG by TFJoy

Minimon: Adventure of Minions, the Cyclop Monsters RPG mobile game by TFJoy, for Android and iOS.

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2023.06.09 16:35 Georiar Day 1 of playing Cookie Clicker

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2023.06.09 16:28 Stink_Snake And He never will because even a the greatest Dog Food Salesman can't turn around a video game pawn shop when 90% of games are sold digitally.

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2023.06.09 16:27 Wyverni Why DnD Monsters Suck and Why I love Passive Traits

One of the major issues with DnD is the monster design - it often doesn't lead to a good tactical or narrative experience and puts a heavy burden on DMs to make combat enjoyable. But I think there's an often overlooked solution: Passive Traits!
And WOTC has added some great passive traits, but sadly they are often few and far between. I'd like to explain why I love passive traits, and want to see more of them in DnD.

Design that Informs

The wolf has advantage on an attack roll against a creature if at least one of the wolf's allies is within 5 feet of the creature.
Pack tactics is a prime example, it's intuitive to understand and gives players an interesting challenge to overcome - but even better it informs the DM how to play this creature in combat.

Weaving Mechanics and Narrative

While the mimic remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from an ordinary object.
The best passives can create a narrative moments from simple mechanics. Why do people love mimics? Because it's a strong narrative moment starting of a combat with style. Not to mention, this single line has inspired DMs to design countless ways to surprise their players.

Where are all the Weaknesses?

The troll regains 10 hit points at the start of its turn. If the troll takes acid or fire damage, this trait doesn't function at the start of the troll's next turn. The troll dies only if it starts its turn with 0 hit points and doesn't regenerate.
Trolls are iconic, but so are their weaknesses! Nearly every player knows to use fire against trolls, this simple passive inspires players to come up with creative ways to stop the regeneration. It rewards players being curious and investigating, and doing something other than just attacking.

Creating our own Passive Traits

Passive Traits are fantastic because they can easily be remixed, applied to different creatures, and adapted from other turn based games. While I'd love for WOTC to make more passive traits, we can easily create our own:

Adapting Narrative Moments into Passive Traits

As mentioned above, good passive traits can create narratives in combat - so how about we reverse engineer a common narrative moment into a trait. From avenging a fallen comrade, to a bear being laser focused on a hero who just poked it.
Avenger - Whenever this creature sees one of it's kind die, it gains advantage on it’s next attack.
Blind Rage - When the bear falls under half hit points it enters a blind rage. The bear has disadvantage on all attacks directed to targets other than the enemy that caused it to drop below half hit points.
Also note how blind rage is also a weakness that can be exploited by a cunning adventurer, weaknesses make your players feel smart!

Adapting Other Game Mechanics into Passive Traits

Rock Solid - Each health point on this creature must be removed individually
This is a trait taken from Slice And Dice, and all we need to do is simply change the language a little bit and we now have our new trait:
Rock Solid- All damage rolls to hurt the Golem are reduced to 1.
But why stop here, all passive traits can be broken down into two parts:
Vitality - When the Gnoll is attacked and has full health, all damage rolls to hurt the Gnoll are reduced to 1.
Slate - Treat all dice in damage rolls to hurt the golem as if they had rolled a 1.
Hopefully I've got your mind spinning with ideas!


I like passive traits, thank you for coming to my ted talk.
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2023.06.09 16:27 DarkDonkeyKing I hate this game. (DD2)

I have tried to complete the game so many times. My goal is to do it the right way, 1 to 5. Keeping all the memories. But it is literally impossible, you lose your characters for such little things. That was okay in Darkest Dungeon 1 where you just lost a dungeon run if you’re unlucky. Here if I’m unlucky and a hero dies in chapter 4 I’ve to do all over again.
I once had a Knight survive 7 death blows. Meanwhile 3 out of my team died at the first death blow just now, 4th one resisted Once.
It’s just way too frustrating to build the team, work on quirks lose the sick trinkets over and over, to then get a 22 crit bleed and insta death on their turn.
Little rant. I know most people think “this isn’t DD1” but mistakes there were not so punishing.
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2023.06.09 16:22 albertchessaofficial The Lost Pages of Mayan Myth (God of War 6 Speculation)

Even though it likely won’t release until 2027 at the earliest, I wanted to indulge my imagination and share a concept for the next installment in the God of War series.
I was inspired by the incredible world-building in the previous game and the creative marketing campaigns (The Lost Pages of Norse Myth), which I believe is still unmatched in all of gaming (in terms of a marketing lead up to a release).
First, the aforementioned companion/prelude podcast, hosted by Jason Weiser once again:
Podcast Titles:
  1. "Echoes of the Jaguar: Unveiling the Mayan Mythos"
  2. "From Tamoanchan to Xibalba: Navigating the Underworld"
  3. "Blood of the Sun: The Rise of the Mayan Pantheon"
  4. "The Sacred Ceiba: Guardians of the Mayan World"
  5. "The Prophecy Unveiled: Kratos and Atreus in the Land of Itzamna"
And here’s a story overview:
Kratos and Atreus stumble upon a hidden gateway, leading them into the realm of Mayan myth. Intrigued by the rich tapestry of Mayan mythology, our heroes embark on an epic quest to restore balance to the fractured Mayan realms.
Their path is guided by an ancient prophecy, foretelling their arrival and the critical role they must play in averting an impending catastrophe (as foretold by the Mayan Calendar).
Along the way, they encounter powerful deities, mythical creatures, and navigate the treacherous landscapes inspired by Mayan folklore.
As they delve deeper into this immersive world, Kratos and Atreus must grapple with the moral complexities of Mayan cosmology, forging alliances with enigmatic beings while battling formidable adversaries.
Themes of interconnectedness, life and death, and the preservation of cosmic balance become the foundation of their odyssey.
Here’s some more details:
  1. "Echoes of the Jaguar: Unveiling the Mayan Mythos"
This episode explores the rich tapestry of Mayan mythology, delving into the deities, heroes, and cosmology that Kratos and Atreus will encounter in their journey.
  1. "From Tamoanchan to Xibalba: Navigating the Underworld"
This episode unravels the mysteries of the Mayan underworld, Xibalba, and discusses the challenges and trials that await Kratos and Atreus as they traverse this perilous realm.
  1. "Blood of the Sun: The Rise of the Mayan Pantheon"
This episode explores the hierarchy of the Mayan gods, their origin stories, and their role in the Mayan cosmology. It sheds light on the power struggles and conflicts that our heroes must navigate.
  1. "The Sacred Ceiba: Guardians of the Mayan World"
This episode focuses on the significance of the Ceiba tree in Mayan mythology and its connection to the realms and the divine. It unveils the secrets and wisdom held by the guardians of these sacred trees.
  1. "The Prophecy Unveiled: Kratos and Atreus in the Land of Itzamna"
This final episode reveals an ancient prophecy foretelling the arrival of Kratos and Atreus in the Mayan world. It explores their purpose and destiny, and the challenges they will face to fulfill their roles.
I personally believe there is a strong setting to be found in Mayan myth, one largely unexplored in AAA major video game media.
Kratos and Atreus confronting the moral complexities of Mayan cosmology, navigating treacherous landscapes, and overcoming personal challenges as they strive to protect both the mortal and divine realms from an impending catastrophe — it would be amazing
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2023.06.09 16:20 Brentonam001 Finishing Words Of Radiance

This is concluding thoughts for both WoR and WoK so its going to be a long one.
That is so true, but when something gets popular, how does one balance expectations?
There she is. Jasnah is alive.
Initially I thought that Wit was in Warbreaker as the god kings wit. Then i couldnt find him. Then I thought i must just misremembering Way Of Kings with Warbreaker. Now I’ve found Ch 32, I get why.
10 comes up a lot. Pg 475 (Part II) “10 kingdoms, 10 orders, ten people” and i thought Mistborn had 10 powers as well. And isnt there planned to be 10 books? Is that 5 split into 2, or 10 split into 2?
Rereading the prologues and interludes, I still dont understand a word. I’ve completely forgotten them but catching up before Edgedancer
“The ten of them had decided upon it before the battle.” Kalak: “You’re broken too” Syl referred to the Stormfather as broken as well. Hmm Yeah Ten Hearlds. Opening of WoK. One missing. Forgot this entirely.
Moments that stuck out to me (Both Way Of Kings And Words Of Radiance) Kaladin changing tactics only to get everyone killed. When he finally miraculously saves everyone. The way the storm hanging was described. Just epic how he survived it. Hard to pull off wirhout just feeling convinient. I’m probably just listing the the ends of each Act, but I notice that although theres a lot of good character interactions in between, Brando Sando’s biggest strength is his anticipation. His books can be as long as they are because he spends a lot of time baiting, teasing, developing, and ENSURING that the payoffs really really payoff. So when those moments hit, I’ve spent chapters upon chapters that I’ll forget individually looking forward to them and then getting this memorable merge of “oh finally” and “OH thats what he meant!” Surprising yet inevitable, but memorable for how much my brain has built it up in my head and then been thrown off so positively that I really have to pay attention
Shallan honestly didnt grab me at first. Her arc was still fine, but I think her main conflict being ‘eventually steal a thing’ made it a slow burn and although they made it clear she was doing it because her family was poor, I don’t remember any chapters delving into just how bad it was. (Though apparently a lot of them blatantly did.) Book 2 was when they suddenly started revealing in droves a) how abusive it was, b) how Shallan finally resolved it, and c) that her father never actually did the initial thing he was accused of and so she blames herself for that abuse. As interesting as that was to unfold over time, for me that created a distance where until then I didnt fully invest in why she was doing it; she was trying to do something slightly dodgy for a slightly difficult externally Third Party sitauation and once she was out of the passive shadow (she was active in interacting with Jasnah, but being almost poisoned and having to steal the fabrial felt externally forced upon her) in book 2, it was like the story really started going “oh theres more to it, heres what shes Actually wrestling with” as well as “here’s what Shallan can be when she lets loose.” In a way, book 2 implies Veil is the real Shallan and I like the conflict between Shallan and Veil much more than I liked Shallan on the surface. Its not bad, more like, good to great. And yeah she was good when she was dealing with Jasnah, but she was great once she was more directly interacting with the main plot around her.
The moment where Sadeas betrays everyone, and Dalinar charges in or goes back or something that made Kaladin go “oh. I think he’s one of the good ones... alright, time to save a lighteyes I guess.” And Dalinar pays that back by rescuong everyone from Sadeas.
Its possibly also just that I didnt know what was going on and Way Of Kings hits you with a lot where as Words Of Radiance can hit the ground running with people I’m already familiar with, which is telling when I skim over Way Of Kings and cant remember a whole bunch of smaller details, or entire character chunks like the opening prologue, but its also probably that it was info overloard book 1 and book 2 i started taking notes. Either way, Words Of Radiance is my favourite by far, with Way Of Kings being just as good just more setup and confusion whereas by Words Of Radiance I was able to trust the stuff I liked in Way Of Kings to advance what I liked and update me on things I’d forgotten. (I.e. I’d forgotten that Sadeas Shardblade was the one Dalinar gave him, but the book recalls freeing the slaves and Adolin telling Dalinar to give the blade back and I went “oh yeah” so Way Of Kings I get a some great moments of surprise, but in Words Of Radiance, I get surprise development on those surprises, familiarity as I already know what theyre referring to, and I get to relive the initial book all at once, theres just more triple whammy in a sequel that is just as good. In a way I’m worried I’ve got a 1-2 punch where the third will be disappointing just because of the weird threequelitis problem. 1 is good, 2 is great, 3 is unreasonable expectations that can't be met (which the book ends in warning me against, ironically).
Over time they’ll naturally blend together and I’ll forget which was which, but some arcs:
Kaladin: Book 1, he thinks he is purposeless, but accepts that he has the power to save people and even some lighteyes are worth saving. Book 2, he thinks becoming a radiant is repulsive but eventually accepts that protecting everyone, even the people he hates, is the right thing to do and only becoming a radiant can achieve that. (Weirdly I cant see where Kaladins arc goes next, I assume something to do with someone dying and the radient powers not being enough, or Moash coming back and making things difficult, but Kalladin seems to have accepted his core potential and overcome his core wound so ... I dunno, unless Tien comes back to life or something I dunno what his next stage is.)
Shallan: Book 1, Shallan accepts... see I forget, I was a bit confused by it, she ended up in 2D world and it was very abstract and I didnt entirely understand it. I feel like I was just overwhelmed and it wasn't the books fault, I didnt know what to look for and I accidentally skim when I get close to the end. Book 2, she believes she is still the weak girl who lived in an abusive home, but starts to accept what she has done to escape it and what she is capable of when changing her image of herself (though she is yet to fully accept that image or integrate it so I figure thats where its going, she needs to either become Veil entirely, realize she was Veil all along, or realize Veil is a double edged sword and integrate the good while shedding the bad.)
Adolin ... He’s an interesting one. I really really REALLY thought Sadeas would be a big part of book 3, given its named after his blade, but Adolin very abruptly saw book 2's pages running out and put an end to it. So ... I mean, I figure this is exactly what Sando said in his lecture “In RomComs, They’re going to get together, you KNOW they’re going to get together, but they’re going in the wrong direction and oops the other person they’re with has now done something that makes it harder to root for.”
I’m massively paraphrasing but I watched it earlier today and he described the rom com thing verbatim how I see Shallan/Adolin and Kaladin playing out, where Shallan and Adolin work well enough but everything I know about Adolin and everything Sando’s telling us increasingly blatantly about how Kaladin and Shallan see each other, that at some point “Adolin = good enough” is going to break and “person I didnt consider before” is the inevitable direction secretly promised underneath. Adolin hated Sadeas to begin with, so the tradjectory of Dalinar saying he cant convince Adolin he needs to trust Sadeas, Sadeas betraying Dalinar and confirming Adolins worst impulses, Adolin being a womanizer but trying to reign it in for Shallan though Adolin himself insisting "it never lasts", its all there as little red flags and killing Sadeas (although justified in terms of character plot, I don’t blame him one bit, someone had to do it) is the final camel straw. SO illegal and unjustifiable that Adolin knew he had to hide it. So dark that he’ll likely start derailing and pushing Shallan away as a result. Works, meet spanner.
But interestingly it wont necessarily be the thing that breaks them, Secrecy shouldnt necessarily bother Shallan, she functions on lies. And the murder itself; Shallan killed both her parents, and Tyn, she’s actually the most likely to understand his situation. But the deception it will require, the damage it might do to Adolin internally in pulling that off, getting away with it or potentially being caught, and the complications when Kaladin finds out who did it, its more of a question of what will it take for Adolin to confess or go blaze of glory to never get caught, under what state and circumstance, and will Kaladin be towards Adolin how he was towards Moash when the king was threatened?
Theres a lot of factors to keep it unpredictable but Kaladin in Book 1 would have leapt to help Adolin kill Sadeas or Amaram, but how he defended the king, against his own friend, on pure 'golden rule morality' might indicate a refusal to let Adolin do anything of the sort – which will then drive a wedge between both of them and Shallan. Would Adolin try to kill Kaladin if he found out? Would Shallan side with Kaladin if Kaladin had to take Adolin down? What would Dalinar do? Adolins one rash choice is entirely in line with everything I assumed would go wrong with him, but the TIMING of it and the sudden impulse has really, I think, fundamentally sabotaged him in the process. It'll be a really hard thing to come back from.
Comparing him to Moash of all people, Moash at least had it planned out, honestly discussed it with Kaladin before hand, and even seemed regretful when he punched Kaladin “too hard.” Yeah it was out of revenge and he was ultimately willing to kill and betray Kaladin with his own blade – so in a way, Moash was as bad as Amaram, but Adolin was so mad at Sadeas betraying Dalinar, so mad at Sadeas for outsmarting him then dodging their duel, that he had no plan, no discussion, no consideration, just killed him in cold blood and instantly hid the evidence. Like I get Adolin wanting Sadeas dead, but he couldn’t even own it. He’s Moash without the regret (at least within that moment) and it was AFTER it was clear Kaladin was fundamentally against taking life of any kind, not before when Moash still thought it was 50/50.
Its not to say Adolin is corrupt as a person, but that in that moment he showed less restraint, more brutality, and more cowardice than Amaram, Sadeas or Moash, and that decision may begin a spiral that makes him Kaladins... no EVERYONE'S no.1 target, and arc wise to me it seems a narratively natural way to start distancing him from Shallan and Kaladin in a way that pushes them together.
Now, they narratively dont HAVE to get together although I personally feel the story started pushing that pretty blatantly while always having an air of denial about it down to Shall saying “Adolin didnt HAVE to be brilliant...or whatever Kaladin was. So there.” Like shes trying to prove something to us and defend a position Sando knew we would take, ironically protesting in a very wink wink nudge nudge way. But for me the question isnt “Will Shallan and Kaladin get together?” so much as IF thats the plan, then will they survive the journey and how will they develop from triangle to couple? Adolin killing Sadeas really seems to trigger exactly that journey, but for me its now a big question of What Becomes Of Adolin when its all said and done?
Especially if Adolin kept losing to Sadeas then to Szeth and then he watches two radiants go on without him together, he’s really at risk of being left behind and I dont know where he would draw the line Because Of His Choice To Kill Sadeas if he gets desperate enough to prevent that or catch up. Oh hell, even RENARIN is a radiant now, the weakest link, who sat doing nothing during their duel, now has more honour and power than him. Like Adolin is in the WORST narrative place anyone could be, I feel so bad for him. In DBZ terms, he’s kind of Yamcha. Loses the girl, once was a strong fighter but now gets constantly owned. Renarin is I guess Krillin in that sense (odd theres literally already a Tien in the story) but when you’re giving more power and screen time and skill to Krillin over Yamcha... yeesh.
Dalinar is an interesting one. All signs pointed to the king dying; Moash was going to assassinate him, Kaladin was officially out of options for the first time ever, everyone else was gone, and that comment from Sando about a war hero having to be king made me think Dalinar was garunteed kinglyhood just to end up going “oh no wait, im just a soldier, i dont know how to king” in the next book (maybe I misremember the context and he was referencing Game Of Thrones or something) so the king surviving, Sadeas NOT surviving, and Dalinar going “hey god, so... all the main characters got to be radiant. Even Renarin for storms sakes. I’m the leader here, I think I deserve to be one!” “Okay! But im not really god so good luck with that!" was not at all the ending I was expecting. Pretty much all the Kaladin / Moash / Shallan / Adolin feels right on course character wise, but the implications are very hard towards Has To Get Darker Before It Gets Lighter and Adolins one decision is like a house of cards for the rest of them. That blatant flip where they all actually won and then Sadeas just abruptly doesnt get to make any sort of comeback completely threw me. If not for how Oh God Adolin No! It felt, techincally everyone succeeded and nothing went wrong in that final battle. It was a complete victory if not for the slippery slope feeling about it. I was not at all predicting a complete victory, I figured the god would continue to be a threat and Sadeas would come back in a big way to sabotage them and the king would be the cost expense of surviving the rest of it. Like it would be bitter sweet if anything. And its far better for it; this way its like “theyre all radiants now... but at what cost?” For Adolin, he’s left out and now in hiding. For Dalinar, I figure him not being allowed a blade and the god not being a useful god thing is gonna... even the start of Way Of Kings mentions how its strange the parshendi are all acting the way they do. We dont fully understand the real threat, Dalinar still doesnt understand the vision and so I feel like the next dread is ... what did he really sign up to? Whats the cost of having such a storm deity who “wont come when callled” as a spren, especially when Dalinar humiliated Amaram, but he didnt suffer much consequence, and now Dalinar wont be able to defend himself.
Amaram ... dunno what he’s up to, but he was keen to find Urithiru and Dalinar stopped him so ... all I know is where I thought Sadeas was a key threat, I now think Amaram is.
Elhokar... He went from Kaladin wanting him dead to Kaladin defending him in front of Moash. While Drunk. Its weird cause I know they're fictional but also narratively... Elhokar better clean up his act and start being a good king or I may start feeling like Moash was in the right and Moash/Kaladin broke up for nothing. I know morally its more that Moash purely wanted revenge and Kaladin is saving life for life’s sake, so they're fundamentally at conflict no matter what Elhokar is doing, but if Elhokar turns around and imprisons kaladin again or starts being petty and making things difficult, it’ll be hard to respect him as a character: it'll rob his apology, his self-aware weakness, of any sincerity and render him useless and annoying, and useless annoying characters who actively ignore their own useless and annoying traits often create unfun contrived conflict “oh no, Elhokar was an idiot again, whatever shall we do?” "How about not write him that way". So yeah I hope something is paid off with Elhokar at least wanting to TRY being a more useful king.
Lopen developing radiant powers. Looking forward to that.
Rock, just keep being you buddy.
It's another example of how with Way Of Kings I was still taking everything in, so I didnt really keep track of the bridge crew beyond Moash cause I knew the name. But with Words Of Radiance, I was more familiar and so learned who the bridgecrew were a bit more this time around.
Rlain knows far more than he’s letting on. He knew what the song meant, he knows about the rhythms, he noticed a difference in whatshername. I feel like the Parshendi was being foreshadowed as completely innocent and something is controlling them and Rlain has gone from “i wont betray my people” to “well theyre already doomed then, please stop them even if it means murdering them” but really needs to share what he knows so that the Radiants dont just wipe them out assuming they’re all evil – which seems to be what Shallan currently thinks they should do.
God I cant stop thinking about Adolin stabbing Sadeas in the eye, that has really stuck with me. What a horrible thing that I was rooting for plot wise but horrified by as if it actually happened and I wish I hadnt seen it. The way Sanderson described it put a vivid image in my mind and I can't unsee that.
Can't wait to get to Oathbringer, but I'm on to Arcanum, slipped on reading (helps my sleep routine but sleep routine is also priority if i dont get time) and so I think the plan is to read but take a break posting in case theres not much to say, read up to the mistborn section, read Era 2 between arcanum, finish arcanum, and then read Oathbringer.
Also, how did Sanderson go from whatever he was on before, to 50% finished with stormlight 5. I need to write more. And what happened to his hair.
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2023.06.09 16:09 Zet5D Dota 2 update autowatcher, statistics and automatically creates hero grids meta

Hello everyone!
🌐 Useful Telegram bot to monitor Dota 2 updates, statistics and meta: Immortal_Dozor_Bot
🔥 The bot monitors and notifies you of any updates related to Dota 2 (Official blogs from Valve, patches, tracking SteamDB, GitHub client updates, game coordinator status, assets on Dota 2 store)
📊 Through the bot, you can monitor useful statistics: status of the game coordinator, online in Dota 2, queue in Europe, total number of Dota 2 matches, The International prize pool, time in Seattle, assets in the Dota 2 store
💎 View the actual daily and weekly meta for each rank, the bot collects information and automatically creates hero grids!
🌍 The bot has a set of useful links and a MMR rank table
🛠 I will be glad if you suggest a new useful functionality that should be added to this bot
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2023.06.09 16:09 stanzlavos GPU and Monitor upgrade!

Hi All
My current setup:
Usage : Gaming + Work + Editing photos (Lightroom/Photoshop. Gaming is "seasonal" - spending more time on the console these days but desktop gaming days will definitely come!
I had upgraded the Mobo/Proc/RAM (over a year ago) and kept the GPU. I am planning on upgrading the monitor and GPU and I had a query:
Have been using my 1080 for 7 years now. This purchase would most likely last for a similar timeframe - so thinking of going big - a 4090 maybe. For the monitor, I am thinking of getting a 34" 3440x1440 (like the Acer Predator X34GS) or a 32" 4K (like the Gigabyte M32U).
Now, as I understand, at 1440p, the 5950x might end up being a bottleneck, preventing the 4090 from being fully utilized ? Assuming that I'll use this config for another 4-5 years, would it be safe to assume that future games would end up being more demanding and hence more GPU bound ? If yes, would it be OK if I pair the 5950x/4090 with a 3440x1440 monitor (I have the urge to get a 21:9 UW over the 16:9 4K :) ) ? Does this somehow "future proof" high FPS gaming for me ? :)
Or should I get the UHD monitor ? I think it would be possible to run it in "21:9 mode" (with black bars above/below) if needed ?
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2023.06.09 16:08 URIUSX Looking for feedback on my pc build. (In process)

Hello Friends, I’m putting together a PC build, I ask for recommendations on possible improvements or changes that could be made since I want a PC that is as quiet as possible and I am not a big fan of rbg lights. I would like to spend no more than $2000 in total with what I am missing
This are the components i have chosen:
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2023.06.09 16:06 Moodycactus New to this space! Help a gay & send me your top M/M reccs!!

Recently discovered Choice of Games and read through a few good ones from Hosted Games. To me, a lot of them seem like how in games/visual novels, potential love interests' sexuality is based on what gendesexuality the player chooses for their MC. However, one of my favorite tropes to read is about straight guy questioning his sexuality type thing. Is there any Choice of Games that has something like that?
Also, if you could recc me some of your favorite m/m featured sci fi, fantasy, basically any genre thats not horror or lovecraftian. Not picky, I just want good writing. And if they're erotic even better. XD Some reviews on steam said the Fallen Hero & Zombie Exodus series were steamy. I read both and while they were well written, I thought both were barely steamy enough. Haha!
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2023.06.09 16:01 Zet5D Dota 2 update autowatcher, statistics and automatically creates hero grids meta

Hello everyone!
🌐 Useful Telegram bot to monitor Dota 2 updates, statistics and meta: Immortal_Dozor_Bot
🔥 The bot monitors and notifies you of any updates related to Dota 2 (Official blogs from Valve, patches, tracking SteamDB, GitHub client updates, game coordinator status, assets on Dota 2 store)
📊 Through the bot, you can monitor useful statistics: status of the game coordinator, online in Dota 2, queue in Europe, total number of Dota 2 matches, The International prize pool, time in Seattle, assets in the Dota 2 store
💎 View the actual daily and weekly meta for each rank, the bot collects information and automatically creates hero grids!
🌍 The bot has a set of useful links and a MMR rank table
🛠 I will be glad if you suggest a new useful functionality that should be added to this bot
submitted by Zet5D to DotA2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:00 Warm_Sample_7609 any thoughts ?

hello, i'm a french guy, i create games on rpg maker since 2016 and this is my first real project for a birthday gift, so the game is not really serious but i'm trying to make good visuals so there is some maps i created for the game, any thoughts ?

the first map is a little village where the game start after the heroes escaped a big city
the second image is a forest with some monsters and recoltables
the last image is a beach where the heroes will recolt informations on where is a crystal that they need to destroy a robot (i repeat the game is a joke d'ont make fun of the scenario pls LMAO)
constructive criticism is welcome :)
and sorry for the bad english i'm trying not to use google traduction
submitted by Warm_Sample_7609 to RPGMakerMV [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:59 proxima_centauri05 [Recruiting] Robbery stars #GY0RPRUP TH 12 and + Clan level 15 War/War farm Alliance with Kingdoms of Enlightenment

We are looking to restore a dead clan. We have around 10 really active players, very friendly. Need more players who are TH12 and + (Non rushed descent base and heroes). Having discord is not mandatory, as long you're active in game it's fine.
Here's our clan link
Clan tag
Feel free to visit anytime. Let us know you're from reddit. Cheers!
submitted by proxima_centauri05 to ClashOfClansRecruit [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:59 dreamonto Parrying red attacks can be compared to a system that did it right - Sekiro's Mikiri Counter

If parrying is meant to be a core mechanic (and your main defence against red attacks), then it needs to have a more lenient window of activation.
Sekiros Mikiri counter has a big window where you can activate it to counter an enemy thrust attack. Mikiri Counter is your only effective way to face thrusts, other than just completely running away or jumping away. You can pick it up without much practise because the enemy thrust attacks are slow enough to fall within the average persons reaction time, but you still need to pay attention, so you can start to rely on Mikiri countering early.
The difficulty of using the Mikiri Counter isn't based on hitting it frame perfect, so the player can afford to start practising with it. Once the player is comfortable with the generous activation window of the Mikiri Counter, then the devs start ramping up the difficulty late-game by making thrust attacks happen faster, making them more deadly or putting them within attack combos.
Parrying in Lies Of P looks to be about 3-6 frames (less than half a second) where you can actually pull it off. Thats outside of a normal persons reaction time. Its terrible to rely on unless you put hours into perfecting it, which your player is never going to do since they'll never risk using it in the first place. Red attacks stun you, knock you back and do a huge chunk of damage right from the get go. Its always safer to just run away and not risk the tiny activation window of a parry.
So my suggestion is: Increase the parrying window activation, but increase the speed of red unblockable attacks. You're then rewarding the play for paying attention and recognising attack patterns, rather than perfect reaction timing.
submitted by dreamonto to LiesOfP [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:57 smellslux Bluffing is the fastest way to lose money?

I’m a 5/10 Live player & would call myself Tight-Aggressive. I’m not a big fan of bluffing but have bluffed here and there with blockers or C-bet in position but would say like at 5% frequency, but most of these pots were small, never were more than 50 BB pots.
Scenario 1: I’ve been wanting to bluff for a long time. Game I played last Saturday was a 5/10 game with a lot of regulars & pretty much know all of them, most are NITs. Opponent in my hand was known to make huge lay downs. So he would fold AA to a check raise on wet boards, would fold straights on river when a back door flush hits Murli-way etc. players love to bluff him.
Starting stack : 7500$ . I had AKdd , I open UTG to 30, opponent 3-bets on Button to 75, I 4-bet to 225 & he calls. Flop A106 , I c-bet 150 & he calls 150. Turn 6, I bet 350, he calls 350. River 9, dint change a lot, I bet 400 for thin value & he raised me to 1000. If he raises on the river he pretty much has effective nuts, not nuts but atleast 3rd nuts or a better hand than mine. I knew he dint have AA as I block them , wasn’t calling 66 pre-flop to a 4-bet as I opened UTG. I felt he had 1010 & thought if I jam here he should fold 1010 or AK if he had in case for a 3X pot jam on river. With 6500 behind , I took few seconds & said “I’m all in!” Representing AA. I was saying I have the 2nd nuts AA full of 66s. He tanked for 2 minutes & said, u really have AA huh 🤔! It is what it is & ended up calling his whole stack which is 3000 behind with 1000 already in. I said “You have it “ & he showed pocket 1010s & won the pot with 1010s full of 66.
Scenario 2: I had AdQs on Jd10d7c3s8d run out. I had perfect blockers for nut flush & nut straight. It went XBet to me on river & I raised 2X pot on river & guy made a crying call with Q9o, he had nut straight.
After these 2 bluffs I said I’m not touching my money 😂
submitted by smellslux to poker [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:56 lilbagge Join our discord server for free NBA, Soccer, Tennis, Dart and Esport bets!

Join here: We've got 3 freebets for GAME 4 in the finals!

June stats:
Monthly hitrate: 66%
Total months "Return of Investment" 32.6% ROI
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2023.06.09 15:53 mmj0299 Last game before bed vibes (66:39 long game)

submitted by mmj0299 to DotA2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:52 lilbagge Join our discord server for free NBA, Soccer, Tennis, Dart and Esport bets!

Join here: We've got 3 freebets for GAME 4!

June stats:
Monthly hitrate: 66%
Total months "Return of Investment" 32.6% ROI
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2023.06.09 15:51 That_Ty_Guy_ Why you should join the Rumble Heroes discord

Why you should join the Rumble Heroes discord
So you're not a part of the Rumble Heroes discord server yet? Yikes
Here are a few reasons you should join the discord server:
1 - Receive live help on team building
2 - Gloat about your amazing pub pulls
3 - Take part in the great pig slaughtering race, where we see how fast you can clear stage 5 of the golden pig. Current record is 9 seconds!
4 - See some truly amazing feats from some truly amazing players. Such as:
Someone almost capping the progress on the tower of trial towers:
Someone going through great lengths to optimize gameplay
At 1,960 members. The Rumble Heores discord is the best place to go to have live meaningful discussion with some of the best players this game has.
See you there! :)
submitted by That_Ty_Guy_ to RumbleHeroes [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:47 rtanada A not-so-bad early game being dragged on into 20 minutes of relative stagnancy, ending up in the enemy team in a very comfortable spot to own our asses.

I hope I described this game (, me being Rubick) quite well. I decided to do some support as a change since I recognized I've fared better in the position as of recent, compare to core roles in general.
But even then, this role, especially pos 4 as I ended up as, seems to carry the burden of leading the charge for the team, and I am perhaps not the best tool for this job; the job commonly associated to pro team captains and IGLs everywhere.
Maybe the call could go went and cost the whole team? Maybe I would choose the wrong objectives for the team?
I thought if everyone had been more aggressive, it would have gone the other way. But then, what else I could have done?
If I could say, though, maybe it could just be the glory of me ramming Turbo with this beast of a hero going over my head, not knowing that the practicality will be pretty much diminished in "real" games, especially ranked CrusadeGuardian.
submitted by rtanada to learndota2 [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:47 SourAppIe For Sale/Trade: Hero Siege & Don't Starve Together

For Sale/Trade: Hero Siege & Don't Starve Together
Dont Starve Together is tradeable on steam Hero Siege is only giftable. Selling/trading para magkaron ng steam wallet at makabili ng game for me and my gf
Here is my steam tradelink
submitted by SourAppIe to phclassifieds [link] [comments]