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2023.06.09 16:22 dsriker TIL bide can hit ghost

Im on the platinum leg of my HC Genlocke and I run into a trainer who has a kriketot. Cookie my swablu hits it with peck gets a high roll drops it to half it bides I peck again and it lives on a sliver of HP I switch to Gravy the duskskull to take the bide and it dies. Al these years I never knew bide could hit ghost. So long Gravy you will be missed.
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2023.06.09 16:12 rollersky Why left-wingers should be in favour of Freedom of speech

An actor everybody is pretty much somewhat familiar with, Rowan Atkinson that plays Mr Bean recently made an about 10 minute press release speech and statement. It was directly concerning the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom to merely express themselves, to perform the very human act of communicating and sharing.
The fact that the U.K is unfortunately by law a tyrannical state that dishes out criminal punishment to anyone who says anything anyone finds offensive, no literally they actually have laws that get you arrested for posting normal song lyrics and other mundane normal usage posts. It's from a recent yet slightly older law from 25 years ago, and it enables anyone to be charged with hate speech for saying or since the advent of social media posting anything anyone ever finds offensive.
I wish it were otherwise but unfortunately these authoritarian tyrannical laws are also present... in Australia and you have probably forgotten but they were on full display in Australia in 2019... when the Pharmaceutical companies became the wealthiest and most profitable companies on Earth... the same companies that sponsor Political Parties,... and Television advertisements,... Social Media companies (like the one your on now) and literally run the tests and produce all medical scientific papers (studies, theories, hospitals, physicians on payroll, fund entire hospitals and livelihoods... etc. etc.) The best example I can remember of the absolute tyranny Australia was under is a case whereby a pregnant women in Victoria was arrested for writing on a Facebook post that she was against lockdowns and supported the protests against them... the Police came and arrested her... for 'Hate Speech'... it luckily enough got picked up media companies (TV stories and articles). Luckily. So the police, after dragging this pregnant woman kicking and screaming out of her apartment (not exactly literally) let her go without charge. She was lucky. Very very lucky. And there is no way she should have had to have been 'lucky' for merely making a post on Facebook.
America simply does not have this problem as written into the very constitution as the 1st Amendment to their constitution by the founding fathers in all of their wisdom, intelligence, good faith and if your religious like they where, filled with divine enlightenment wrote it such that the Government in America has no ability to write any law to restrict people's rights to express themselves (Freedom of Speech), restrict the press (because back then they lacked smart phones, social media and all modern technology, which should be obvious but perhaps it is not and is difficult for people today to even begin to imagine life back then despite it being very loosely similar to today's world) and finallu restrict people's religious freedoms (written in reverse order to this because they were all wise God loving, humble, noble and brave men.
America's 1st Amendment is the only Freedom of Speech law written into its very constitution in the entire world, it is the reason that America is referred to as 'Land of the Free' and the second part of that phrase, 'Home of the Brave.'. As for protests, peaceful assembly had always been constitutionally protected, not violent assembly so riots and revolution is still very much illegal and is met with lethal counter force every time. [As a side note, if peaceful assembly fails to prevent America becoming a Tryrannical State, then the 2nd Amendment is the fail-safe. As the wisdom of the founding fathers literally argued and intendeded]
Australia does not have that phrase and frankly I feel that every Australian that knows that, feels a deep unspoken, subconscious shame over that fact and far more importantly that all Australians simply do not have the constitutional right to even speak their minds freely, as every human being alive desires.
As Rowan Atkinson stated 'Hate Speech' is not real. It is a term used to silence, censor and remove power from whomever those in power disagree and dislike or are offended by. There are seemingly endless examples from history of the evil deeds of enactment of those disliked by existing powers for example, Galileo (ostracised and persecuted by the church and all religious folk for merely stating he believed that the sun was the center of the Galaxy and not the Earth), Nikola Tesla (defamed by the work of Tomas Edison and countless people trying to claim his inventions as their own by way of patent theft and lies for the purpose of advertising like don't by an American organisation NPR over the discovery of radio), (Jesus Christ himself by his crucifixion by my Ancestors, the Romans) and as the last example, the NAZI's by locking up any intellectuals that disagreed or dared critisize any of their doctrine and propoganda, their torture of anyone condemned for death by way of countless sadistic and grotesque torture methods, and some though quite few, for scientific discovery purposes, their burning of the books followed in time by bodies, and lastly their brutal slaughter of the Jews, no evidence of wrongs but only stirring words and speeches from their beloved demagogue, Adolf Hitler and gigantic amounts of absolute propoganda distributed to the masses, orchestrated by NAZI Propoganda Chief Joseph Goebbels and his team. (Which every highschool student should have, though potentially didn't, have already learned from Highschool History class, at least in every Public School, Private Schools may be permitted a different curriculum.) Offensive caused by speech has only 1 solution. More Free speech, Rowan Atkinson a famous actor that has probably more wealth than this entire subreddit conveyed this message, and it would seem as an absolute truth as far as I can tell.
I have written this in hopes of sparking and pasing wisdom and knowledge into whoever needs to have read this. And hopefully you will pass this type of message on yourself from now on. Australia needs the Right of Freedom of Speech written into its very constitution. As demonstrated during COVID19 it needed it years ago but now even more than ever.
And to those that would say it will do nothing but allow mass disinformation, manipulation and mislead people, I would say this, history has proven you absolutely dead wrong on that statement and sentiment, the only solution to offense from speech is more Free Speech and if you silence, censor or try more modern trends of the same kind known as deplatforming or cancelling, then all you do, all you achieve, everything you are trying to stop will only be made stronger, more resilient and more popular then ever before. As examples, take Jesus Christ, he has the Roman equivalent of being hung drawn and quartered, he was crucified, publicly executed like a lamb to the slaughter to send a message of absolute obedience being required to the rest of the herd. Yet because of that Christianity exploded and has been far more viral than COVID19 or any viral video has ever been to date. And for modern times look at Tucker Carlson, deplatformed by pressure from Pharmaceutical companies, lawsuits from shitty voting machine companies and pathologically idealogically fanatic ex employees in lawsuits. Tucker Carlsons show on Fox was the most popular show on Fox News and it drew in about 2 million people every night to watch it... after he was fired... is now getting 35+ million on the regular after he started up on Twitter. I do so imagine that actuall that will be an understatement in the coming future as currently he's on his 2nd episode ever. The 'Streisand Effect' in full unbridled, unstoppable force.
Every Australian deserves the right to express themselves freely, meaning free of all Government persecution and all possible Government and legal persecution. This is and has always been a left wing idea, as the rule of Tyrants; Dictators, kings Pharaohs, Caesar's, Shoguns, Kahns, Lords, Nobles Knights and Emperors have always, always been majority perpetuated by people with conservative temperaments, whereas free thinkers, creative and imaginative people are the minority of people perpetuating the rule of Tyrants.
We here in Australia critisize China for authoritarianism and tyranny when there is weakness in our own ranks. 'Those in glass houses should not throw stones' - some famous person', 'never lay cannonfire on your enemy with a glass cannon' -me. Western countries, especially our home Australians true colours, true laws and beliefs of of people were broadcaster for the world to see during covid. And they paint a very dark authoritarian picture of our nation to the world, something China is more than smart enough to take advantage of... and much to our chagrin they are and have been since Covid ended for us. Chinese propoganda, their Television Channels, all Chinese State OWNED... all of them constantly bring up how Australia, England and America all were even worse if not just as bad as China was during Covid19, and as the best and most convincing propoganda always is... its harrowingly mostly true. (Only, partly mostly thankfully) but domestic Chinese TV isn't the most important propoganda outlet taking the easy win by using our sins in their propoganda... no, that would be the Confucius Institute in Australian Universities. China's unelected ruling communist party (communist in name only these days, just a full bull authoritarian tyranny is their ideology nowadays) main propoganda outlet in Australia is a Chinese University group called the Confucius Institute (I could be wrong about the name and I've spent too long writing this to be bothered to look it up). They target young, impressionable Chinese men and women when they are studying abroad in Australia's universities, our most popular young adult Chinese attraction, I dare say, maybe even 'Global young adult Asian attraction' as I once met a man from Tibet who said exactly that in a course I had to take for my construction job (white card). The Confucius Institute goal is promote CCP propoganda via demonising the way Australia and all Western countries are so that as few young people ever believe in the ideals of Democracy and want to return to China, such that the CCP can perpetuate its tyrannical rule over China forever. Idealogically brainwash 'loose ends' - Mafia Terminology if you understand. They thanks to what happened to Australia under the Lib/Nats Coalition 2019 to late 2022 they distribute and spread half truths about Australia and countless other lies about every part and aspect of life in Australia as well as pay members of their organisation to organise pro China protests, (sign holders and chanters) in Australian Universities, footage of this circulated sparsely in Australian media and articles during 2014-2018 roughly though probably a bit before too. They actively seek out and target specifically ethnically Chinese and often try to emotionally blackmail them, incite fear into them, speak exclusively their propoganda to then and rarely but almost certainly literally blackmail them using the threat of violence, torture and death of their families back in China. Naturally there's no direct evidence of that claim except for Chinese Father and Husband in England that was blackmailed (husband of high ranking shipping Port official wife) they abducted his wife and child and forced the wife read a script to the husband over the phone (utilised emotional and physical blackmail and just directly veiled and unveiled threats, I recommend you look up interviews from the husband) and if you look up the articles of the Confucius Institute from IDK 2011-2018 and have the ability to interpret from what the articles found you can tell the Confucius Institute, only has 1 purpose, to try and perpetuate the CCP's rule of China and stop and protest against their rule, specifically stopping Tiananmen Square type protests from ever happening again. The Tianamen Square Massacre was a global well known proverbial black eye to China that severely hampered every nation's diplomatic relations with China for close to half a century, and the CCP didn't like that as even Tyrants love swimming in money, also the CCP loves stealing technology through trade espionage, China's MAG Lev trains and their entire car industry is built off stolen technology from Western companies dumb enough to deal with companies owned by the CCP. Naturally the Chinese who have been or are being 'convinced' by the Confucius Institute are always the biggest promoters of Anti Freedom ideas, especially the death of Freedom of Speech via hate speech crime laws such as: incitement of violence laws (Victoria mainly), offensive Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts,,, Goddamn Reddit posts all hopefully being made illegal and the Liberals God awful rich persons almost exclusive digital world referee, The new E-Safety Commisioner. And like all the God awful Tyrant Commissioner's from TV shows and books if the E-Safety commisoner ever... EVER gets in the hands of the Liberals again it will be used against the normal people of Australia to beat the collective will of normal free thinking Australian's to the ground if not to death. Only complete dumbass Liberal Supporters usually dumb beer drinking sky news watchers (usually fossils) and Young Adult Chinese University Students support ANY of the laws and speech referees I just mentioned.
Again please war h the video I linked at the tiop and if the Politcal State of the U.K interests you for whatever reason then I recommend: Count Dankular (his second channel) the first person in Scottish History tried and found guilty of 'Hate Speech'... from a freakin comedy video. Where he's mocking the very thing they charged him for supporting [funny pug salute video as a direct hint]), Jonathan Pie (excellent wit, fantastic satirist and insult wordsmith wizard, also very yelly, I like him) and lastly Jordan Shanks himself, the namesake of this subreddit, FriendlyJordies. Whenever he actually gets round to covering the U.K his analysis is excellent.
Also a guy from YouTube channel Sargon of Akkad though... fair warning, his videos are really boring but he is quite very articulate.
All Australians deserve the Right of Freedom of Speech. And unfortunately, on Reddit in particular I see far too many Tyrannical Speech Law sympathisers which I personally find truly disgusting and as much as I hate the authoritarian ideas you spout, I will defend your right to say and spread them. If your a real FriendlyJordies fan or agree with his ideas and rhetoric than I already know you support all Australians Right of 'Free Speech'.
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2023.06.09 16:11 tobi_fan13 Iron Father Feirros 10th Ed Datasheet

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2023.06.09 15:36 waveseeker0 Thoughts?

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2023.06.09 15:36 ltbr55 Ultimate Song Ranking Round 26 Results: Death Magnetic is now completely eliminated, Only 1 Song Post Black Album Makes the Top 20. Round 27 Voting Open (Songs #19-17). Vote for your WORST/LEAST Favorite Metallica Songs to be eliminated

Round 27 Voting Link:
Email Sign In now required due to Ballot Stuffers. I am not collecting your email address, just your vote.
Round 26 Results
(20.) Wherever I May Roam (21.) All Nightmare Long (22.) The Day That Never Comes
Previous Rounds Results
(23.) The Call of Ktulu (24.) Seek and Destroy (25.) Frayed Ends of Sanity (26.) Leper Messiah (27.) Fight Fire with Fire (28.) King Nothing (29.) The Shortest Straw (30.) Until It Sleeps (31.) Fuel (32.) Moth Into Flame (33.) Bleeding Me (34.) Nothing Else Matters (35.) Enter Sandman (36.) The Outlaw Torn (37.) Whiplash (38.) Inamorata (39.) Eye of the Beholder (40.) No Leaf Clover (41.) To Live is to Die (42.) The God That Failed (43.) That Was Just Your Life (44.) 72 Seasons (45.) Halo On Fire (46.) Room of Mirrors (47.) The Thing That Should Not Be (48.) My Friend of Misery (49.) Trapped Under Ice (50.) Atlas, Rise! (51.) Hit the Lights (52.) Hardwired (53.) Shadows Follow (54.) The Memory Remains (55.) Unforgiven III (56.) Lux Aeterna (57.) Holier Than Thou (58.) Too Far Gone? (59.) Unforgiven II (60.) Judas Kiss (61.) Motorbreath (62.) No Remorse (63.) Chasing Light (64.) Dream No More (65.) Through The Never (66.) You Must Burn! (67.) Screaming Suicide (68.) The End of the Line (69.) Suicide and Redemption (70.) Phantom Lord (71.) My Apocalypse (72.) St. Anger (73.) Fixxxer (74.) Now That We’re Dead (75.) Frantic (76.) The Unnamed Feeling (77.) Of Wolf and Man (78.) Sleepwalk My Life Away (79.) Crown of Barbed Wire (80.) The Struggle Within (81.) Hero of the Day (82.) Broken, Beat and Scarred (83.) Cyanide (84.) Metal Militia (85.) If Darkness Had a Son (86.) Escape (87.) Aint My Bitch (88.) Lords of Summer (89.) I Disappear (90.) Rebel of Babylon (91.) Devil’s Dance (92.) Confusion (93.) Hate Train (94.) Here Comes Revenge (95.) Mama Said (96.) To Hell and Back (97.) Wasting My Hate (98.) Just a Bullet Away (99.) - Human (100.) Thorn Within (101.) Don’t Tread on Me (102.) Jump in the Fire (103.) Prince Charming (104.) Sweet Amber (105.) Carpe Diem Baby (106.) The House Jack Built (107.) 2x4 (108.) Better Than You (109.) ManUNkind (110.) Low Man's Lyric (111.) Where the Wild Things Are (112.) Some Kind of Monster (113.) Am I Savage? (114.) Murder One (115.) Bad Seed (116.) Cure (117.) Attitude (118.) Ronnie (119.) All Within My Hands (120.) Dirty Window (121.) My World (122.) Slither (123.) Shoot Me Again (124.) Poor Twisted Me (125.) Invisible Kid (126.) Purify
Vote for the next 3 songs to be eliminated in the link above. I flipped the order presentation since I felt it looked a little better.
We will pause the poll during the Metallica protest on Jun 12th and 13th and keep the poll going as normal once the sub reopens. For those of you that are protesting for longer, I commend you, and I apologize that you can’t participate in the last few rounds unless you want to DM me your email address and I will email the poll to you. To have this wrapped up by the 12th, I would have had to rush the final few rounds, and that would very much ruin the flow of the final rounds as they should be some of the most entertaining. I will be protesting reddit completely those 2 days, and hope some changes come!
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2023.06.09 15:15 chunkiebunk It’s nice to meet new people

For context, introvert talaga ako. WFH na rin mula 2020. Wala akong kasamang katrabaho, lagi lang ako sa bahay.
Yung mga HS and college barkada naman halos 2-3x a year lang din magkita kita haha. Yung BF ko medyo north and south kami at di practical na magkitang madalas. 2-3x a month kami nagkikita. Bukod don, lumalabas lang ako para maggrocery at magsimba (tapos uwi rin agad) 😅
Halos wala akong social life.
This year nagdecide ako to try something new. I enrolled myself in a gym. Ako lang mag-isa (sino pa ba isasama ko lol). May mga barkada don, medyo shy pa ako makihalubilo. But it’s nice to meet (or see 😂) new people. Hindi puro computer ang kaharap ko.
Kahit introvert ako nakakasawa rin na lagi lang akong nasa bahay at walang social life. However, di ako pala-initiate ng conversation kaya idk if may magiging new friends ako don. Especially because I want to train for the Spartan race pag feeling ko ay kaya ko na. Parang hirap naman magsolo kung ganun!
Medyo nangangapa pa rin ako sa coach don kasi hindi ko alam kung masungit ba sya or di ko lang alam ang kalakaran sa gym (Pound for Pound). Hahaa! Anyway, yun lang.
This decision is a nice break from a routine na tamad na tamad na ako.
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2023.06.09 15:09 Veldrian-Reven Hahahahahahaha! Lol, lmao. I don't need to explain anything, y'all understand.

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2023.06.09 14:32 DitmasJr Feeling numb...

Last night I made an Italian feast for dinner. My famous 6 hour Sunday sauce/gravy. He ate lunch later in the day so, I didn't have to eat with him. So, I didn't have to try & ignore the disgusting habits. That being said, it is becoming commonplace for me to be in another part of the house behind a closed door to just TRY & be tolerant. But, it isn't easy by ANY stretch of the imagination. The stories we've hear a thousand times are coming more frequent & telling him, he has told us these already is a non-starter. His ability for common sense is waning. The other day, he had to rush, (if you can call it rushing) into his little half bathroom in, his room. He didn't make it. He soiled himself & promptly came out, bare assed with his room door WIDE open. He has been exhibiting some strange behavior. He will be watching his TV and, just randomly comes out into the hall and stare into the living room. No reason for it. No agenda. Just stares. We ask him if, he's alright. He gets annoyed, says yes and goes back to his chair. I can't shake the annoyed feeling I get in his presence anymore. The other day, we took him for new sneakers and, went into a market to P/U some cold cuts for lunch. He will sit in the car but, that is becoming dangerous now as well. This is the south & the temps are starting to shoot upward. So, not good for him to be in a hot car all by himself. Hi ability to watch a commercial, ANY commercial without bitching about it is non existent. My fear is that, his mind & ability for common sense is fading. Yesterday, he was in good spirits and, my wife showed him pics on FB of his eldest son's "celebration of life". He said, he liked it but, I think it sent him into a tailspin. Most days, I feel bad for him but, lately I mostly feel NUMB. I want to go places, see things, do things, we've never experienced before. But, we're stuck here. Going thru the motions. Taking care of Dad. And, it isn't his fault. He didn't ask to be dependent on others. He just got old. I want to live a long time but, I don't want this to happen to me. This is a conundrum I do not want or, desire. This is why I feel numb. In any event, thanks for reading my rant. Peace, love & Happiness to all. Ditmas out.
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2023.06.09 14:27 hoosyourdaddyo You did it!!!! Congratulations!!!

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2023.06.09 13:49 Stress-na-undergrad Budgeting

First time ko magwork and yung salary ko is pretty decent naman compared to the my other batchmates. It’s just really stressful na idk how will I budget my salary. Di pa pumapasok yung salary ko parang nauubos na kagad siya kakacompute ko ng kailangan bayaran. The only bill I have to pay sa bahay is the internet and since training pa sa office madalas kami magRTO, ang laki ng expenses. IDK how will I budget and medyo nakakaburnout na wala pa yung sahod naiistress na ko kagad kakabudget. I changed na din may spending habits from someone who always buy sa online shops ngayon pagiisipan ko muna talaga and most of the time I will just satisfy the urge to add to cart and di ko na ichecheck-out. I also stopped myself on getting my monthly kaartehan such as eyelash extensions and nails. I just realized that andami ko nang cinut-off sa gastos ko but still parang kailangan ko pa din ibudget ng matindi yung salary ko para lang makaabot nanaman sa next cut-off. Idk pano ako makakaipon
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2023.06.09 12:50 Shadowplaysgames Bro was one another video💀💀💀

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2023.06.09 12:49 Arracor Let's Talk Leviathan Conversions: How Can We Dodge Redundancy..?

Soooooo, Leviathan. Big great heap of a discount box, hmm? Let's say you get one, build everything as intended.... and then get another one. Not to sell, not to parcel out; all for you you greedy little goblin...
Now, what can we convert the models into to avoid redundancy with units/models that we don't want copies of?
Let's look at Tyranids first. We have:
-Winged Prime
-Termagants (and Rippers)
I daresay the Termagants, Neurogaunts, Barbgaunts, and Leapers are fine as-is; 2 units of a basic troop Battleline unit is good, the Rippers are finally playable at 4, and the rest are only half-sized units. (Feel free to discuss ideas for these in the comments, I personally don't consider them a priority but say, a THIRD Leviathan box might want to branch out a bit more...)
So what to do with the rest? Psychophage is probably fine as far as redundancy, but it seems less popular overall as-is and I can imagine some people might even want to convert their first copy of it.... I'm not quite sure here. Is it big enough to become say, a converted Tervigon? Maybe the upper half of a Trygon/Mawloc in need of a serpentine tail?
Screamer-Killer seems easy enough; if you don't want two of these lads, turn one into a Carnifex/Tyrannofex/Tyrant/Harpy/etc. What would it be best suited for, though? No clue. I can definitely see some third-party or bitz-boxed wings getting slapped on to make a Flyrant, probably screw with the head/face enough to make it not recognizable as its original role.
Winged Prime...... I mean, some kind of Warrior, easily enough. Except, what good is a single Warrior? Regular Primes aren't HQs anymore (at least until the Codex drop, possibly?) and this is too small to become a bigbug of some kind. Maybe some sort of heavily modded Broodlord..? I dunno what Nids have with wings that are of comparable size. This one might be destined to become base decoration....
Now, the Neurotyrant. You could probably make a -thrope of some kind out of it, but I'm again not sure those are worthwhile as a solo model? Neurothropes are just unit leaders currently. Any ideas, 'Nid experts?
Probably an easier time of it here, but let's now turn our attention to the Space Marines:
-Terminator Captain
-Terminator Librarian
-Gravis Apothecary
-Phobos Lieutenant
-Ballistus Dreadnought
-Infernus Squad
Infernus and Sternguard..... I mean, they're Primarisscaled infantry. They can be anything, especially with a generous bitz box. Open and shut case there. I'm betting Sternguard can also squad up to 10, so you might only need to be worried about the Infernus and, I mean, slap on some Intercessor weapons or w/e and those are good to go.
Terminators are easy too, you just.... have more Terminators. Two units of 5, one unit of 10, maybe turn them into Assault Terminators assuming that's been confirmed to still be a thing?
Captain and Librarian can be turned into whatever other Terminator characters are available. I'll gently assume a Chaplain at least is an option. Even if no other HQs are graced with that good ol' Tac-Dread armor, you might at least be able to make one an Ancient? Or.... can Inquisitors have Terminator armor? Worst case, turn it into a trophy kill or objective marker. Or a swap-in for a weapon option for one of the squads.
Apothecary Biologis can, I'm sure, be turned into any other Gravis character easily enough. They just released that Gravis Captain, so we know that at least must be an option. Maybe some of the Apothecary bits can be used to kitbash another Power-Armored guy into a regular Apothecary, while we're at it?
Phobos Lieutenant becomes literally any Phobos character. Or if you're not a huge stickler, any regular character. Phobos armor is barely that much lighter and it's not too hard to bulk up the profile. Man, converting Marines is easy by comparison....
Ballistus Dread? More like Brutalis Dread am I right lads..? Or a regular Redemptor. It's just an arm swap, ultimately.
Any othediffering ideas? This is an opinion post but I want it to also be a resource post, maybe a well of inspiration for anyone who ends up with a model redundancy in the Leviathan box. Like anyone doing Black Templars with that pesky brain-boy.
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2023.06.09 12:45 hnqn1611 20 Shocking Facts About Food and Beverages

20 Shocking Facts About Food and Beverages
20 Shocking Facts About Food and Beverages
You Didn’t Know Food and water are essential for our survival. But the food industry has been tampering with the stuff we consume in order to make it look more appealing, taste better, and last longer. In this video, we reveal the shocking facts about food and beverages you probably consume every day. All foods and drinks mentioned here are considered safe to consume, however these facts may lead you to reconsider before you actually consume them…
Number 1 – Burgers The average hamburger contains meat from nearly 100 cattle. Imagine that… pieces from 100 cows just to make a burger. But wait…It gets better! Mass production cows are often raised knee-deep in their own poop. They're butchered so fast, that there often isn't enough time to clean them. The end result? Cow pie in your cheeseburger. Yum!
Number 2 - Processed Cheese Nothing makes a burger better than a thick slice of cheddar cheese. Right? The problem is that processed cheese isn’t cheddar. Heck, half the time it’s barely even cheese! Research has revealed that around half the contents of most processed cheese are chemicals, additives and fat – leaving a final slice with an alter ego - and less than 50% of what it claims to be!
Number 3 - Candy Mmmmm…. yum, yum. Who doesn’t like candy? M&Ms and Jellybeans are tasty treats, but I bet you didn’t know that their shiny coating is made from bug feces? Did You?! Shellac, also known as confectioner’s glaze, is made from a resin excreted by the female lac beetle. The resin is first processed into flakes, then it’s made into a liquid shellac, and then sprayed on food products. – Oh... and this stuff is also used to make lacquer for hardwood floors and furniture…
Number 4 - Packaged Food Ah yes… packaged foods. What a blessing. Especially if you’re like me, and hate cooking! Yeah, yeah I know they’re full of preservatives and a bunch of other crap. But if everyone’s eating it, then it can’t be THAT bad… or can it? The FDA actually says it is okay for things like maggots, rodent hairs, fruit flies and parasites to be in our food. But don't worry - they regulate the amount. The guidelines outline how much microbiological or extraneous matter can be present before it is considered a food safety issue. How appetizing…
Number 5 - Fruit Flavored Snacks You may never have guessed, but your favorite fruit flavored snacks are made with carnauba wax, the same ingredient that’s found in car polish! The wax is made from the leaves of carnauba palm trees, and it’s actually used to add that attractive sheen to many things you put in your mouth, such as candy, chewing gum, gravy and sauces. Carnauba wax is also used in shoe polish, dental floss, surf boards and floors… Gummy bears, anyone?
Number 6 - Bread Many commercial breads are made with L-Cysteine to soften the dough and prolong its shelf life. But, did you know that L-Cysteine is made from human hair and duck feathers?! Most of the hair is obtained from barber shops and salons. And when human hair is not available or is too expensive, people use duck feathers, chicken feathers, and even cow horns to extract the softening agent. So, yeah… your bread is kind of gross.
Number 7 - Salmon You might have heard the buzz about wild-caught vs farm-raised salmon. But, as it turns out, that’s’ not the only concern about this particular fish! It’s crazy how mislabeled salmon is! In Europe about 30 % and in the US about 40 %. This means, that you’re eating similar, cheaper fish that’s just colored pink - to make it “look like” salmon. Hmmm… That’s seriously FUCKED UP.
Number 8 – Gelatin You probably enjoy treats like Jelly-O, marshmallows and frozen cakes… Right? Well, they’re all made with gelatin. Great. But, did you known that gelatin is made from collagen extracted from the skin, bones, and connective tissues of animals such as cows, pigs, horses, chickens and fish? Eek…
Number 9 - Vanilla Flavoring Many delicious sweets and baked goods use Castoreum as vanilla flavoring. And in case you didn’t know… Castoreum is created from the secretions of the anal glands of beavers. Yep, you heard that right. What’s even more shocking is that in some cases, manufacturers don’t even have to list castoreum on the ingredients list, and may instead just refer to it as “natural flavoring.” Enjoy! Number 10 - Decaf Coffee Or is it…? Most decaffeinated coffee is not completely caffeine free, as it contains small amounts of caffeine. For example, a decaf latte can have as much caffeine as one can of coke.
Number 11 – Honey Honey is made from nectar and bee vomit. Nectar is extracted from flowers by bees and stored in their stomach. The stored nectar mixes with enzymes and its chemical composition and PH are transformed. When the bees return to the hive, they pass the collected nectar by regurgitating the liquid. Then, the process of evaporation removes the water and transforms it into honey. Another interesting fact about honey is that it never goes bad – apparently it can last 3000 years!
Number 12 – Fountain Drinks Ever notice how you still feel thirsty after guzzling down a jumbo-sized fizzy drink from fast food restaurants? Well, there’s a reason for that. To give these beverages their sweet taste, many fast food chains load their fizzy drinks with high fructose corn syrup – a highly processed substance used as a sugar substitute that allows that sweet flavor to dance on your tongue, while tearing away at the enamel on your teeth, stretching out your stomach lining, and attacking your vital organs. Sweet…
Number 13 – Fast Food Nuggets Golden, crispy chicken nuggets are a favorite treat for many. However, the way that they’re produced is rather shocking. Studies have shown that junk nuggets contain barely any chicken at all. Instead they’re mainly comprised of fats, bone, nerve and tissue.
Number 14 - Raw Meat When you buy meat from the supermarket, you’re under the impression that you can tell how fresh the meat is by its color. But the unfortunate reality is, that it’s actually sprayed with carbon monoxide in order to make it “look fresh” and retain its color. Good thing I don’t eat meat!
Number 15 - Hot Dogs Hot dogs may be one of the most popular street foods, but they’re not much more than a disgusting mix of discarded meat parts, fats and starch. They also mix it with something called cereal filler, which is a mix of bread crumbs and flour. It sounds pretty awful right? But that’s not all. Once they have a mix made, they add toxic dyes and artificial flavors as well… Bon Appétit.
Number 16 - Orange Juice Oh the good old O-Jay… It’s supposed to be “nothing but freshly squeezed oranges.” Right? That’s what they want you to believe! But the reality is, that they’re far from being freshly squeezed. In fact, orange juice is stored in a tank for about a year or so. The process of making juice starts off by extracting oxygen out of it so it can be stored accordingly. And because of this process, it loses its original flavor, and then artificial flavor is added. How refreshing!
Number 17 - Packaged Salad Are you one of those people who keeps buying packaged salads for lunch? Well, you may not be making the healthiest choice, because packaged salads are sprayed with a chemical called propylene glycol, that’s also found in anti-freeze! This chemical is responsible for keeping your lettuce crispy and your veggies full of color…but, still…
Number 18 - Bottled Water You may think that bottled water is pure and good for your health, as opposed to tap water with all its impurities. Have you have wondered if that’s really true? About 40 % of bottled water is actually regular tap water – and what’s even more surprising is that a lot of it doesn’t even get treated. It’s just straight out of the tap.
Number 19 - Red Food Coloring I’m pretty sure that the main ingredient in this common food dye might seriously "bug" you… If you enjoy eating strawberry-flavored yogurt or sipping on cranberry juice, you may be consuming bugs! But don’t worry. These insects don’t contaminate your food by accident! The red food coloring Carmine - extracted from a type of insect known as the cochineal - is deliberately added by food manufacturers.
Number 20 - Peanuts There’s nothing “wrong” with peanuts. Well, besides the toxic mold issue…. But, you may be a little shocked to find out that peanuts are an ingredient in dynamite. Peanuts contain an oil that is used in the process of making glycerol. Glycerol is one of the main ingredient in nitroglycerin, and nitroglycerin is the main part of dynamite. Who knew?! What do you find the most shocking about the foods and beverages you consume every day? Have you ever completely stopped eating a certain food? Or stopped drinking a beverage just because you found out something unsettling about it!? We wanna know! Share your thoughts and comments below!
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2023.06.09 12:37 Low-Conflict-9869 Not the best place to run a half-page ad for your business...

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2023.06.09 11:48 AndreySMironov [TOMT][MUSICVIDEO][2000s] A lady running away from a town to get a train

Dear experts! For several years I am struggling to remember a music video title. Please help me to identify it. I will provide a detailed description, everything I can remember. This music video is from 00s. I saw it on a local MTV network several times, but miss to remember its title. I definitely remember that the music video "Junkie XL, Elvis Presley" - "A Little Less Conversation (Official JXL Remix)" was broadcasted at the same period of time. First, let me describe a music. I don't shure about the genre (not an expert), but it remembers to me as jazzy latina/mexican. The tempo is quite fast, maybe like 130 bpm, seems like in major scale. As well as I can remember, it was a boys band playing guitars, trumpets and drums, I may miss some instruments. I don't sure about the voices, but it seems like it was a man's voice, solo. Let me now describe a video sequence as a key factor for identifying this music video because of its uniqness. Again, as well as I can remember, the main line of the story is about a girl, young lady, running away (from her own wedding?) from a small (Mexican or Italian?) town through the fields towards the train. The movie clip starts from a several scenes where a young lady runs through the (Mexican or Italian?) town. She wears a white dress and has (long?) black hair. It is a bright day of summer, the weather is hot and dry, it is sunny and sky is clear. It seems to me that there was a local (Italian? Mexican?) church or a big white cross. While the lady is running away, no one pursuits her, the main musical theme is progressing. From time to time camera shows a railway path with a small train passing by. The train consists of two or three flat cars with a loco. The main feature of this music video is an open flat car with a boys band on it, playing music with their instruments while the train moves. From time to time the perspective changes from a running girl to musicians. Finally, young lady runs out from the town and walks through a (yellow? sunflower?) field, dancing. She passes through this field to the railway path where the train stops slowly and girl gets on the flat car and continue to dance. She have manage to run away (from her own wedding?) and she is happy now. As well as I can remember, all the musician wears the same suits like a jazz band. The lyrics is the worst part: I do NOT remember anything at all, no hook words or essense what this song is about. No names or concepts... maybe this song is about love and freedom? I have provided as many details as I can remember. I indeed saw this music video for several times. Please help me to identify it. Thank you!
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2023.06.09 11:39 organic_gyaan What is cold pressed oil and why is it considered good?

Due to their high nutritive content and health advantages, cold- pressed oil have seen a rise in fashio nability in recent times. Cold pressing stands out among the multitudinous styles of oil painting birth as one that preserves the natural virtuousness of canvases without the use of heat or chemicals. We'll go into the subject of cold- pressed oil in this blog composition, learning what they are, why they're said to be healthy, and probing numerous kinds of woody cold- pressed oil .
Understanding Cold- Pressed oil
Cold- pressed oil are uprooted from seeds, nuts, or fruits by crushing them without the operation of heat or chemicals. The process involves using a rustic or gravestone press to prize oil painting, thereby maintaining the essential nutrients and natural flavors. This gentle birth system ensures that the oil painting retains its natural color, taste, aroma, and nutritive parcels.
Why Cold- Pressed oil Are Considered Good
Retention of Nutritional Value
Unlike refined oil , which suffer expansive processing and refining, cold- pressed oil retain their nutritive value. They contain essential adipose acids, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, all of which contribute to their health- promoting parcels.
Rich in Antioxidants
Cold- pressed oil are known to be rich in antioxidants, similar as vitamin E and phenolic composites. These antioxidants help neutralize dangerous free revolutionaries in the body, reducing oxidative stress and promoting overall well- being.
salutary Adipose Acid Profile
Cold- pressed oil contain a favorable balance of essential adipose acids, similar as omega- 3 and omega- 6 adipose acids. These adipose acids are pivotal for maintaining a healthy heart, supporting brain function, and promoting a robust vulnerable system.
Retains Natural Flavor and Aroma
The gentle birth process of cold pressing ensures that the oil retain their natural flavors and aromas, enhancing the culinary experience. These oil add depth and complexity to colorful dishes, making them a favored choice for cookers and food suckers.
Different Types of Wooden Cold- Pressed oil
Wooden Cold- Pressed Coconut Oil
uprooted from the white meat of mature coconuts, rustic cold- pressed coconut oil painting is known for its affable aroma and taste. It's rich in medium- chain triglycerides( MCTs), which are fluently digested and give quick energy. This oil painting is protean and generally used in cuisine, baking, skincare, and hair care routines.
Wooden Cold- Pressed Sesame Oil
Sesame oil painting uprooted through the rustic cold wave- press system offers a distinct nutty flavor and is largely valued in Asian cookeries. It's a good source of vitamin E, calcium, and iron. Sesame oil painting is frequently used for stir- frying, dressings, gravies, and indeed as a massage oil painting due to its salutary parcels.
Wooden Cold- Pressed Walnut Oil
Walnut oil painting attained through rustic cold wave pressing has a rich, nutty taste and a deep amber color. It's high in omega- 3 adipose acids, antioxidants, and phytosterols, making it salutary for heart health and reducing inflammation. Walnut oil painting is generally used in salads, dips, and goodies.
Wooden Cold- Pressed Almond Oil
uprooted from almonds, rustic cold- pressed almond oil painting has a delicate, slightly sweet flavor. It's an excellent source of vitamin E, monounsaturated fats, and antioxidants. Almond oil painting is popularly used in baking, dressings, and skincare products for its nutritional parcels.
Cold- pressed oil have come extremely popular as a result of
to their health advantages, natural flavours, and nutritive worth. These canvases are kept in tactfulness by the gentle rustic cold- press birth process, making them a popular option for culinary and heartiness uses. Different kinds of cold- pressed woody canvases , like coconut, sesame, walnut, and almond oil painting, can bring flavour and health to your diet and life.
we hope that you have obtained answers to your queries about what cold-pressed oil is and why it is considered beneficial. We encourage you to visit your nearest store and acquire cold-pressed oil or other related products to experience the advantages of cold-pressed oil firsthand.
Visit to know more:
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2023.06.09 11:24 whisperinghomes A Short Guide to Buying Crockery

A Short Guide to Buying Crockery
When it comes to setting the right mood for dining, tableware and glassware play a significant role. Whether it's a casual lunch, a delightful breakfast, or a cherished tea time, having the right kitchen crockery sets can elevate your dining experience. Here are some stylish and functional options to consider:
Kitchen crockery sets come in a wide range of colors, from vibrant hues to understated whites. You can choose from various patterns such as florals, stripes, and polka dots, based on your preferences. The crockery is available in different materials, including:
  1. Porcelain: Ideal for formal settings, porcelain crockery is durable and non-porous. It has a delicate, glass-like appearance and is available in a variety of colors. Porcelain can be safely cleaned in a dishwasher and is microwave and oven-friendly, but be cautious with metallic accents that might not be microwave-safe.
  2. Bone China: Translucent and milky white, bone china crockery is lightweight and elegant. Although it requires careful handling, it is durable and chip-resistant. Bone china is microwave-friendly, dishwasher-safe, and suitable for oven use, making it a popular choice for formal occasions.
  3. Stoneware: Perfect for casual settings, stoneware crockery is sturdy and non-porous. Glazed stoneware sets with finishes like shiny, matte, or satin offer a smooth look and are easy to maintain. They are resistant to chipping and can be used in the microwave, freezer, and oven. Avoid subjecting stoneware to sudden temperature changes.
  4. Earthenware: With a rustic appeal, earthenware crockery suits simple settings. While it is fragile to handle, it has a sturdy build. It is porous and often glazed, but it cannot withstand high-temperature changes, so it is not oven or microwave-safe. Earthenware is well-suited for farmhouse-style homes.
  5. Ceramic Crockery: Ceramic crockery is biodegradable, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. It is both versatile and brittle, making it suitable for cooking dry and wet items, baking, and roasting. Ceramic crockery is easy to clean, non-stick, and prevents food from burning. It is a healthy, safe, and non-toxic option.
  6. Glass Crockery: Delicate and breakable, glass crockery comes in various colors and can be transparent. Due to its fragility, careful handling is required to avoid breakage.
  7. Metal Crockery: Steel or metal dinnerware is durable and break-resistant, making it an excellent choice for families with children. It is suitable for both formal and casual occasions. Metal crockery can be directly heated on a gas flame and is easy to clean.
  8. Melamine: Made from durable plastic resin, melamine crockery is non-breakable and easy to handle. It is a popular choice for households with children. Melamine crockery is dishwasher-safe but should not be used in microwaves or ovens. It is an affordable option for the middle class.
In terms of crockery set pieces, Indian thali lunch sets typically include a plate, a glass, a spoon, and three bowls. Tea sets usually consist of a teapot, sugar pot, milk pot, cups, saucers, and spoons. Western crockery sets vary for starters, main courses, and desserts, featuring soup bowls, different-sized plates, bowls for cereals or desserts, and hot chocolate mugs.
Consider including additional serving pieces such as casserole dishes, platters, trays, gravy boats, ladles, tureens, and salt and pepper shakers. Chinese crockery, including forks or chop.
If you're looking for the perfect place to find kitchen crockery sets that combine style and quality, Whispering Homes is your ultimate destination. With an extensive range of options, you'll discover the ideal pieces to elevate your dining experience. Here's why Whispering Homes is the best choice for your kitchen crockery needs:
  1. Wide Selection: Whispering Homes offers a diverse selection of kitchen crockery sets in various designs, colors, and materials. Whether you prefer vibrant patterns or understated elegance, you'll find the perfect crockery to suit your taste and kitchen decor.
  2. Quality and Durability: At Whispering Homes, quality is a top priority. All their crockery sets are crafted with meticulous attention to detail and made from high-quality materials. You can trust that your chosen kitchen crockery will be durable, ensuring long-lasting use and enjoyment.
  3. Style and Elegance: With Whispering Homes, you can dine in style. Their crockery sets are designed to add a touch of elegance to your dining table, whether it's for casual family meals or special occasions. Choose from a range of stylish patterns, colors, and finishes to create a sophisticated atmosphere in your kitchen.
  4. Functionality: Along with their aesthetic appeal, Whispering Homes' kitchen crockery sets are designed with functionality in mind. From microwave and dishwasher safety to heat resistance and ease of maintenance, their crockery sets are crafted to meet your practical needs while maintaining their beauty.
Experience the Perfect Kitchen Crockery at Whispering Homes
When it comes to finding the best destination for kitchen crockery, Whispering Homes stands out with its wide selection, quality craftsmanship, stylish designs, functionality, exceptional service, competitive pricing, and convenient shopping experience. Visit Whispering Homes today and discover the perfect crockery sets to transform your dining table into a place of elegance and delight.
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2023.06.09 10:23 Onli-Wan-Kenoli Bladeguard veterans and Gravis Captain, ready for the watch.

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2023.06.09 10:00 ingrelandnutrition What is Xanthan Gum Powder?

Xanthan gum powder is a common ingredient used in cooking and baking as a thickening and stabilizing agent. It is a polysaccharide, which means it is a complex carbohydrate made up of sugar molecules. Xanthan gum is produced through the fermentation of sugar by a specific strain of bacteria called Xanthomonas campestris.
Here are a few key characteristics and uses of xanthan gum powder:
  1. Thickening: Xanthan gum has the ability to increase the viscosity of liquids, creating a thicker and more gel-like consistency. It is commonly used in sauces, dressings, and gravies to improve texture and prevent separation.
  2. Stabilizing: Xanthan gum helps to stabilize emulsions, preventing ingredients from separating and providing a consistent texture. It can be used in products like salad dressings, ice creams, and beverages.
  3. Gluten Replacement: Xanthan gum is often used in gluten-free baking as a substitute for the binding and elasticity properties of gluten. It helps improve the texture and structure of gluten-free bread, cakes, and cookies.
  4. Baking Aid: Xanthan gum can enhance the rise and texture of baked goods by trapping air bubbles. It helps improve the crumb structure and moisture retention in gluten-free baked goods.
  5. Low Calorie and Carbohydrate Content: Xanthan gum is low in calories and carbohydrates, making it suitable for use in various diets, including low-carb and ketogenic diets.
When using xanthan gum, it's important to note that a small amount goes a long way. It is highly effective even in small concentrations, so it's typically used in small quantities in recipes. Too much xanthan gum can result in a gummy or slimy texture, so it's best to follow the recommended measurements in recipes.
Overall, xanthan gum is a versatile ingredient that can improve the texture and quality of a wide range of foods and is particularly useful in gluten-free and low-carb cooking and baking.
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2023.06.09 09:22 Pretty-Ad9439 what was your fist call experience?

simula ng nesting namin kanina for a tech lob and i did pretty bad compared to my wavemates. yung mga kasama kong walang experience ay they were doing better than me. grabe, parang nawala lahat ng napagaralan ko all throughout the training period. feel ko, sobrang dissapointed saakin yung SMEs and trainer ko 😭😭 i was about to cry dahil sobrang kabado ako and nahihirapan ako magnavigate ng tools 😭 but thankfully, nairaos ko naman. nagooverthink nga lang baka may violations ako nagawa 😣
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2023.06.09 08:52 EntertainmentOne242 Red flags in the company, I was recently hired

So ayon kakasimula ko lang dba tapos andami ng cons
  1. Una anlayo pero dahil hybrid 3 days onsite at 2 days wfh pinatos ko
  2. Walang hazard pay sa commute
  3. Walang permanent station sa office kahit saan na lang pumwesto, dko rin inexpect pero ayun na nga grabe
  4. 1st week of training ko kahit dko pa alam gaano andami na pinapagawa saakin tapos dko pa alam, di man lang ipatapos muna yung training.
  5. Binubully bully ako ng banters ng officemates ko, nasasbayan ko pero nakakasuka mukha nila tsaka di ako fit.
any ideas? gusto ko na magresign agad kahit 1stweek pa lang.
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2023.06.09 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - June 9th

# Today In Phishstory - June 9th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Tuesday 06/09/2009 (14 years ago) Asheville Civic Center, Asheville, NC, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 2009 Early Summer Tour
Set 1 : Kill Devil Falls , The Moma Dance , Sample in a Jar , Stash , Dog Faced Boy , Gumbo , Tube , Lengthwise , Divided Sky , When the Cactus is in Bloom 1 , Bold As Love
Set 2 : Backwards Down the Number Line > Ghost > Fast Enough for You , Halley's Comet > Maze , Alaska 1 , Theme From the Bottom , Golgi Apparatus , Possum
Encore : Loving Cup
1 Phish debut.
Jamchart Notes:
Backwards Down the Number Line - "Type I" version with great strumming by Trey and a short outro jam that > to "Ghost."
Show Notes:
This show featured the Phish debuts of When the Cactus is in Bloom and Alaska. Before Dog Faced Boy, Trey explained that while living with Fish, he wrote Dog Faced Boy, Tube and Gumbo based on entries in one of Fish's journals. During Dog Faced Boy, Fish left his drum kit and lay down in front of the stage because he didn't need to sing the song. Lengthwise (performed a cappella ) was played for the first time since July 28, 1998 (233 shows). Bold as Love was played for the first time since October 6, 2000 (74 shows).
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 06/09/2000 (23 years ago) On Air East, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, , Japan
Gap Chart, Tour: 2000 Summer Japan Tour
Set 1 : Axilla > Taste , Billy Breathes , Poor Heart > Golgi Apparatus > Funky Bitch , The Moma Dance > First Tube > Chalk Dust Torture
Set 2 : Tweezer , Bouncing Around the Room 1 , The Mango Song , The Squirming Coil > Gotta Jibboo > Meatstick 2 > Tweezer Reprise
Encore : You Enjoy Myself
1 Brief outro solo from Trey, which replaced the usual closing guitar lick. 2 First Meatstick to feature Japanese lyrics.
Jamchart Notes:
Funky Bitch - Atypically improvisational must-hear monster.
Chalk Dust Torture - Winning fans in Japan. This huge first-set-closing version raises hell and ends, but then there's a second ending that concludes cacophonously.
Tweezer - Atypically slow but monstrously improvisational version that has several peaks and valleys before speeding-up and concluding in a melodic, triumphant, must-fucking-hear manner.
The Mango Song - Ending jam segment stretches the limits of the basic jam with some nice rhythmic variation, but still stays "in bounds."
You Enjoy Myself - Deeeep, funky jam/groove, and the return of the B&D; segment!
Show Notes:
The Moma Dance included Funky Bitch teases and Tweezer included Funk #49 teases. This was the first ever Meatstick to feature Japanese lyrics and Trey flubbed the words while attempting to sing them. Bouncing included a brief outro solo from Trey, which replaced the usual closing guitar lick. This show was re- broadcast on Japanese television.
Listen now at!
Phish, Friday 06/09/1995 (28 years ago) Red Rocks Amphitheatre, Morrison, CO, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1995 Summer Tour
Set 1 : My Friend, My Friend , Divided Sky , Strange Design > The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > AC/DC Bag > Theme From the Bottom , Taste , Sparkle > Run Like an Antelope
Set 2 : Split Open and Melt , The Wedge , Scent of a Mule , Cavern > David Bowie , Acoustic Army , Sweet Adeline , Slave to the Traffic Light
Encore : The Squirming Coil
Jamchart Notes:
Run Like an Antelope - Unusual jam. Sort of off-key. Sort of evil. Dissonant and anti-melodic. No real peak; it just fades into "Rocco."
Split Open and Melt - Improvisational playing in several sections tests the rhythmic and melodic standards for "SOAM" in this solid version.
Show Notes:
Part of the soundcheck's jam consisted of 25 or 6 to 4.
Listen now at!
Phish, Thursday 06/09/1994 (29 years ago) Triad Amphitheater, Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1994 Summer Tour
Set 1 : Llama , Guelah Papyrus , Rift , Down with Disease > It's Ice > If I Could > Maze , Fee 1 , Suzy Greenberg
Set 2 : Split Open and Melt , Glide > Julius , Halley's Comet -> Scent of a Mule , Ginseng Sullivan 2 , Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Golgi Apparatus
Encore : Highway to Hell
1 Trey sang verses through megaphone. 2 Acoustic and without microphones. Fish on Madonna washboard.
Jamchart Notes:
It's Ice - Good rocking jam with excellent Fish and solid Trey (of course Page is great).
Mike's Song - The 1st jam is rocking and ass kicking, with a clever little "Tweeprise"-like walk up. The 2nd jam is basically a non-vocal version of something very "Simple"-like. Just listen and you'll hear it. The return to "Mike's" has more crazed '94 scream-infused power action.
Show Notes:
Trey sang the verses of Fee through a megaphone. Ginseng Sullivan was performed acoustic without microphones and featured Fish on Madonna washboard.
Listen now at!
Phish, Saturday 06/09/1990 (33 years ago) The Wetlands Preserve, New York, NY, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1990 Tour
Set 1 : Possum , Lawn Boy > Reba , Dinner and a Movie > Bouncing Around the Room > Tweezer , Uncle Pen > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Set 2 : Whole Lotta Love Jam > Harry Hood , The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > La Grange , Fee -> Foam , The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg > Run Like an Antelope , Hold Your Head Up > Terrapin > Hold Your Head Up , Harpua , Good Times Bad Times
Encore : Take the 'A' Train > Contact
Jamchart Notes:
Foam - -> in from "Fee." Groovy and excellent Page section with solid backing from Mike and Fish. It's all good from there.
Run Like an Antelope - Good exploratory version that gets nicely beyond the standard. Great tension, dissonance and experimental jamming.
Show Notes:
Harpua included Funkytown teases and 'A' Train contained a Dixie tease from Trey. The band launched into the second set-opening Whole Lotta Love Jam as the DJ had been spinning the original Zeppelin version. The opening act was The Aquarium Rescue Unit.
Listen now at!

Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio Trio, 2023-06-09 Mission Ballroom, Denver, CO, USA
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes:
Trey Anastasio Band, 2006-06-09 Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre - Charlotte, Charlotte, NC, USA
Tour: TAB - Early Summer 2006 Tour
Show Notes: This single set performance was as the opening act for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers. This setlist is unconfirmed as recordings of the performance do not circulate.
Trey Anastasio Band, 2002-06-09 Tower City Amphitheatre, Cleveland, OH, USA
Tour: TAB - The Dectet Summer 2002 Tour
Show Notes: The rendition of "Plasma" from this gig appears on Trey's live CD of the same name. Trey performed "Ray Dawn Balloon" acoustic.

Mike Gordon

Mike Gordon, 2015-06-09 The Pageant, St. Louis, MO, USA
Tour: Mike Gordon - Summer 2015 Tour
Show Notes:

John Fishman

Jazz Mandolin Project, 2004-06-09 32 Bleu, Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Tour: Fish - Jazz Mandolin Project Summer 2004 Tour
Show Notes:

Page McConnell

Page McConnell, 2007-06-09 Bogart's, Cincinnati, OH, USA
Tour: Page McConnell Spring & Summer 2007 Tour
Show Notes: This setlist is unconfirmed as recordings of the show do not circulate.
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