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2019.10.29 15:01 BlueSkies150 Golf_Logo

Are you looking to identify a golf, school or company/corporate logo, symbol, emblem, shield, insignia or crest? Ask here! If you have a golf/polo shirt or hat, but don't know the golf course, country club, team, company or school logo, this is the place to post a photo and ask!

2023.05.23 02:10 MatoboEstates Private Country Club in Matobo.

MatoboCountryClub - Private Golf , hunting and Fishing -Matobo Province.

2013.09.30 20:43 bpoe13 footgolf: The greatest sport ever invented

FootGolf is a combination of the popular sports of soccer and golf. The game is played with a regulation #5 soccer ball at a golf course facility on shortened holes with 21-inch diameter cups. The rules largely correspond to the rules of golf. FootGolf as a game is played throughout the world in many different forms, but as a sport it is regulated by the Federation for International FootGolf (FIFG).

2023.06.09 16:09 solar_idea2023 Solar High Mast System Bhubaneswar- Idea Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

Solar High Mast System Bhubaneswar- Idea Technosolutions Pvt. Ltd.

A LED High Mast Light is a raised source of High illumination lights (6~8 lights) with high intensity in the middle of major junctions (Ring roads, Outer Ring roads), turned on or lit automatically in the absence of light (at specified timings or at periodic times, every night). The function of LED High Mast Lights is to provide safety and guidance of traffic and to provide secure and comfortable surroundings for travelers. High Mast Lighting plays a vital role in reducing accidents and crimes. Road and area lighting are essential components of mast lighting. Effective lighting of outdoor spaces provides important benefits to all who are passing from that junction. High mast lighting is preferred over conventional lighting because it can achieve very large space-to-height ratios. It can illuminate large areas without the need for numerous lighting columns. Modern lamps will also have light-sensitive photocells to turn them ON at dusk and OFF at dawn or activate automatically in dark weather. Idea Technosolutions Pvt.Ltd provides high-power led street lights and led street lights are also called solar high mast systems in Bhubaneswar.
  • Ring roads, Outer Ring Roads
  • Small Junctions (Cross Roads) to reduce accidents
  • Amusement parks
  • Open Air Theatres
  • Entrance of Railway stations, Shopping malls, Auditoriums, Theatres, etc.
  • Petrol pumps
Salient features of High Mast Lights:
  • More than 50% saving in Power Costs
  • Safe as they work on low-voltage
  • Low power consumption
  • Very luminous efficient
  • Very low heat radiation-cool and safe to touch
  • No filament burnout and silent operation -Solid State Technology
  • More durable than conventional bulbs -Shock, Vibration & Impact Resistant
  • Fast response time -No flicker
  • Additional Power Saving can be achieved by dimming
  • Nonpolluting -No mercury
  • Range of Colors -Without a filter
  • Small size and less weight -Design flexibility
  • Long life -more than 60,000 Hours
  • Maintenance -free, just install and forget
A look into our AC LED High Mast Street Lighting System
Key Specification
  • Voltage: AC 90-280V,
  • Luminous Flux:100lm/w
  • LED qty: 84pcs LED
  • Lamp Material: Aluminum Casting
LED High mast lamp:
  • Arc reflector, unique candela distribution
  • Private mold
  • 100W
  • Waterproof IP65
We are offering Solar High Mast Light to our customers, to cater to the lighting needs of customers. Our experts carry out the designing procedure by the industry-laid parameters and thus, bring forth products imparted with flawless configuration. Easy to maintain and capable of delivering brighter illumination, these lights are in big demand across the country.
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2023.06.09 16:03 Thingstodo919 Things to do this weekend!




Join the Thingstodo919 email list here for a weekly events newsletter. Doing anything interesting this weekend? Let us know your plans in the comments!
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2023.06.09 15:52 Nurseresidences Daily Golf Deals 06-09-2023 (NurseResidences)

Your Friday daily deals. Give a shout in the comments (so others can upvote) if there is something you would like me to look for or sign-up to get these via email, below.
$45 $13 Dry-Fit ThreeSixtySix Golf Polos (Six Styles): Multiple different styles in S-XXXL across 30+ colors. Moisture wicking and UPF50. Use coupon code DADSDEAL at checkout. Shipping is $6.50. Limit 1x per order

$290 $210 MINT Cobra LTDx Black Driver : Available in Right and Left Handed with 4 lofts and 3 flexes to choose from. Comes with free headcover. Use coupon TRIPLE at checkout. Shipping is free
$660 $561 MINT Cobra LTDx Men's Iron Set: Available 5-PW,AW AND 4-PW in Right Handed with regular and stiff flex options . Use coupon TRIPLE at checkout. Shipping is free
$130 $86 MINT JAWS MD5 Platinum Chrome Wedges: Callaway 56¼ Wedge in Right Handed with regular and stiff shafts available. No coupon code needed. Shipping is 9.95

SRIXON GOLF BALLS - BUY 2 GET 1 FREE SPECIAL OFFER: Buy any 2 boxes of Srixon golf balls and get one box FREE. No coupon code needed. Shipping on orders over 99.99 is free
15% off any Callaway or Titleist Balls at GolfBall.co: All balls are AAAA or better. Includes ProV1s and other premium balls. Use WEEKENDGOLFER at checkout. Always free shipping
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Clubs Request - Looking for a specific club, fill out a query here. Specify exactly what you want to see and get alerts in your inbox when my scraper finds a club
Thursday's deals - click here in case you missed it
Note: I may earn commissions on these deals when you make a purchase. This income helps cover the costs involved in building scraping tools / identifying these deals. This is cleared with the mods.
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2023.06.09 15:51 Matejborec This final will be the last time I will fully support Inter

Sorry, I am aware, that you don't need to listen to me rambling about my feelings. I am fine with whatever reaction, if any, this post will get. I just need to get this of my chest.
I started caring about this team as a little boy from Slovakia, in the banter era. I had a surgery which was painful and as a treat for enduring it my dad stop at small booth that we saw on the way home to buy me some football jersey. Only one that was small enough for me was Inter's Sneijder one. I liked the color combination I wore it to school, although it was the banter era and I heard some comments like “this team/ player is better”. I preferred Inter over Napoli, which is weird considering the fact that they had Hamšík who was Slovakian, which considering that we did not have a lot of successful players was important for me.
Then other fellow country-man, Škriniar came to Inter. And I went form caring about team, to being really invested in it. From having a rough idea where in the table we were to following matches. From knowing Icardi to learning more about other players.
I know others who started rooting for some foreign club for similar reason, and stayed loyal even after their player left. But I don't know if I can do the same when there is such animosity between this community and the core reason that led me here. I will probably return to pre-Škriniar relationship with this team. Probably wishing you well, but not being as much invested.
I nearly left this subreddit, because I could not handle the hate. I know this is mainly his fault, but it pains me, that this is happening. It is like witnessing a parents fighting. What kept me was one last wish I have regarding this team. Since I started watching this sport, I hoped for a Slovakian player to finally win a CL. This is the worst way this dream could come true, it would certainly be bitter-sweet, but still…
If you are still reading, thank you for caring about me. I'm guessing this rant won't be met with the warmest response, I would totally understand that, I'm feeling a little heretical as I write this. Feel free to “this isn't an airport; you don't have to announce your departure" me.
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2023.06.09 15:46 ToweringIsle27 All of the world is looking to this country, all of the country is looking to this park, and the park looks to this exact tree.

I once sat beneath it with someone, thinking about stuff.
Happy 2.9k...
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2023.06.09 15:42 Special_Water7634 Parents were very controlling/overprotected of me as a kid and messed me up as an adult

I'm still pissed at my parents for not letting me do social things/go to social events when I was a teen and in my 20's. As a teen -if was half and half sometimes mom was reasonable and let me go to one friends home-and let me spend the night but other times my other friends never allowed. Went ballistic when she saw me wearing my friends cute pants-because me and her exchange clothes. No big deal right? She punished me and forbid me to go to her party. Always, gave me the spiel that boys are perverts. I went to an 8th grade dance-kept saying watch out for boys they like to touch girls. I tried on this cute dress accused me of being a whore this was back in the 90's, nothing compared to what teens are wearing today. At 20- I wanted to go out with a guy-told me "not to doing anything dirty with him." Didn't want me to have relations with anyone. Wanted his phone number and full name. I was still living at home in my 20's and didn't move out until 29-my 20's were ALOT worse. I was alot at collections job I HATED, I was looking for another jobs in the meantime, told her I wanted to quit. But forced me to stay at least another year. This resulted in me getting fired for going off at a customer one day and I ended up hiding the truth from them. They found out after 2 months-I was punished, I was 25 years old. It wouldn't have happened if I could have quit when I wanted to. Went out with friends from work, didn't call her back or pick up the phone-she went ballistic and accused me of being a prostitute. When I told her I wanted to hang out with a guy from high school-she got all pissed and told me why, what could I possibly have in common with him. Since I moved out at 30 -I've hooked up with 15 guys, went out to bars/clubs stayed out until 3am, has no clue about it. Everytime I dress sexy or even wearing g strings it makes me feel like a whore. Even though I don't live with them anymore-she still calls to check up on me-sometimes its hard b/c I could be hanging out with someone, and if I dont pick up she might drive by my place to see if my car is parked there or even knock on my door. I want to go on a vacation but will never tell them because she will likely yell at me for taking PTO time and not having a hard work ethnic. Also, everything still people tell me I'm too quiet and don't talk alot. Gee, maybe if they let me have social skills I could have been outgoing. Now at 41, she is telling me to "find a male friend" and why haven't I found one yet. I'm like wtf? Oh now she tells me I can be around guys? If I tell her I went out with a guy she won't approve of it.
Sad, but I can't wait till they are no longer living.
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2023.06.09 15:41 yamunadensons Power Cable Joints

Power Cable Joints
Yamuna Densons is the most trusted power cable joints manufacturer & power cable jointing kits supplier from India that offers a wide variety of power cable jointing kits, and power cable joints in India and worldwide since 1973. Enquire now. For more details, visit: https://www.yamunadensons.com/heat-shrink-cable-joints.php

Power Cable Joints
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2023.06.09 15:41 AJhlciho Best friend (29 F) disclosed abuse from a family member to me (29F) and not sure how to proceed with her family

Trigger warning: CSA
One of my best friends from college disclosed to me while we were still in college that she was molested by a “close family member” when she was a child. She didn’t tell me who it was; I only asked once and she said she wasn’t comfortable telling that, so I never pushed about it after that. I just supported her the best ways I knew how, cried with her after her therapy sessions and did my best to take her mind off it when she was tired of processing it.
That was a decade ago, and now we both have young children and are still good friends. She had moved across the country right after college, but recently her parents and brothehis family moved to my city (her brother got a new job, her parents moved with them because they’re retired and take care of her brothers kids). Well she was tired of raising kids without a support system so she and her husband moved to my city too, which I was super excited about!
It’s been awesome having my best friend close by again. She’s a SAHM, i freelance WFH part time so we have a lot of freedom to do things together. She relies on her family heavily for support with her kids, and they are all very close so often when I come over her brothers kids and sometimes her brotheparents are at her house or she’s at theirs and asks me to meet there.
Up to this point I’ve never really thought about her college confession. She said once that she hated when people (our other roommate) brought it up without her initiating the conversation, basically making her relive the trauma without her consent, so I never mentioned it outside of when she wanted to talk. But the other day I brought my kids over to her house and her parents were there. My 18 month old had just fallen asleep, but my 3 year old desperately wanted to play at the park that’s a 5 minute walk down the street. Her mom said she could keep an eye on the 18 month old while we took the older kids (my friends baby was napping too) and she would just call us when the babies woke up. It was like I heard a record screech in my head as soon as she said that and my memory of my friend’s CSA instantly replayed in my mind. So I looked at my friend to see what her reaction was and she said that sounded good and started to get the older kids shoes on. I said I thought we should wait until they woke up and then all go together. My friend and her mom both said it was no big deal and it would be easier to only take the big kids anyways.
I was torn, because on the one hand I trust my best friend to not put my kid in an unsafe situation and also her own kid was in the same situation, but on the other hand I’m never going to take any kind of risk or chance on that front. I was saved from making an awkward stand against my friend and her mom by my toddler waking up and coming to the playground with us anyways.
I didn’t bring it up to my friend in the moment because our kids were with us the rest of the afternoon, and I haven’t seen her since then. She never even confirmed that “family member” meant someone in her immediate family, and I also wonder if she would be as close to her family now if that were the case because they all spend so much time together. For all I know it could have been an uncle or grandparent or someone like that who she never sees now.
Would I be out of line to insist she tell me who assaulted her as a kid? Idk how I would feel about the entire relationship if it turns out it was someone in her immediate family who we see all the time. I’m just not sure that it’s my business at all especially because I’m not going to leave my kids alone with them regardless. I don’t want it to seem like I’d be “discriminating” against her or shaming her for disclosing her abuse to me so long ago, because I know that was a big barrier to her telling anyone before she told me (the idea that people would see her differently or think she was “tainted” in some way).
It’s just a super delicate situation and I’m not sure if there’s a way to protect my kids (which I’m going to do no matter what) while also being sensitive to my best friend of over a decade who has suffered a lot
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2023.06.09 15:38 MarioDiBian Why are there so many Russians in Argentina?

Hi guys. I’m Argentinian of partial Russian descent (from my great-grandparents), and I noticed a recent but huge influx of Russians here in Buenos Aires.
Like, my new neighbor is Russian, a lot of friends have now Russian neighbors, you can overhear Russian on the street, parks, cafés. Most of them are young couples with kids.
There are even ads in Russian in some places now, especially real estate agents.
This is attracting local media’s attention and coverage, explaining the reasons behind Russians leaving the country, but why do you guys specifically choose Argentina and not other countries?
We seem to be getting the highest influx by far.
I’d appreciate your input as Russians. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 15:36 OPCaptain11 R8 for wildlife

Hello everybody !
First of all, i want to get an EOS R8, mainly for wildlife, landscape and portrait photography; occasionally for events such as parties, clubbing and so on. Here in my country, in Europe, i have a deal on a R8 with RF 50mm f/1.8 STM, for around 1800 EUR ( ~1930 USD ).
Now here's the question: What super telephoto lens should i buy ? I don't have a HUGE budget so everything more than ~2000 USD/EUR is out of my budget. That means, RF 100-500 L version is out of my budget, every fast prime is out of my budget too....
So, adapting an EF lens to RF is the way, i guess ? Now... which one ?
I saw the EF Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 DG HSM OS Contemporary, but i saw that there's a problem with the autofocus pulsing in the new cameras like R6 Mkii and R8...
Many thanks in advance !

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2023.06.09 15:34 charlielvda22 Got my name and country embroided on my golf bag! Looks awesome!

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2023.06.09 15:32 r33d4 2023 fiat 500x with 1.4 multiair 140 DCT6 instead of 1.3 FIREFLY 150 ... any thoughts

SOME CONTEXT: I am thinking about getting the new fiat 500x and i know that in Europe and US the fist gen (2016) had the 1.4 multiair in its engine choices, however, when the second generation came (with the slightly redesigned rear lights) it only had the 1.3 firefly 150 in my country (and in the african market in general) the fiat 500x is only available in ONE ENGINE CHOICE which is the 1.4 multiair 140 with a 6 speed DCT in two trim levels : an entry level one called CULT and a slightly upgraded one called CLUB, my question is, how's the reliability, driving experience of the 1.4 multiair 140 with the 6 speed DCT for those who had it with the 2016 model ?
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2023.06.09 15:32 CelticBlue22 T100-S/T200 combo set

T100-S/T200 combo set
Love these clubs but have to let go due to injury which leaves me golf-less for this season and next.
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2023.06.09 15:32 SpiritualNietzsche Chennai Chess Club invites you to a free session of Park Chess with us!

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2023.06.09 15:31 SpiritualNietzsche Chennai Chess Club invites you to a free session of Park Chess with us!

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2023.06.09 15:28 TheTalkedSpy "Dating" by Jeffrey W. Hamilton

Source: Growing Up in the Lord: A Study for Teenage Boys (Ch. 7, 1994)
If you haven’t done so already, you will soon decide to take a girl out on a date. Dating a girl is a good time to enjoy the companionship of someone else. Women have a different perspective on life.
When you take different girls out on a date, you have a chance to see who is available. You also have a chance to firm up in your own mind what you will be looking for in a wife. Most boys go through a phase where they cannot stand any girl, except mothers who are tolerated within limits. When these boys reach adolescence, they quickly realize that girls can be interesting.
Taking a girl out on a date gives you a chance to practice getting along with women. Girls do not enjoy being treated the same way you treat other boys. The time you spend dating gives you a chance to learn how to act around a girl.
You need to be choosy about whom you will be going out with. Some girls will understand that, because you are a Christian, there are certain things that you will not do. Many girls will enjoy the fact that they don’t have to be constantly on their guard while they are with you. However, there are girls who will use every opportunity they can find to try to get you to do things that are sinful. It is a challenge for them to see how far they can get you to go. For your own soul’s sake, you are better off not dating such a girl. David warns us, in Psalms 1:1, not to associate with sinners. By continually exposing yourself to sin, you are tempted to commit a sin. That is why Paul said evil companions will corrupt your good morals (I Corinthians 15:33).
Group dates are a good way to start out dating when you are young. If you pick your companions wisely, there will be fewer temptations in your way. A group gives you a chance to get acquainted with several people at once. You can also observe how the other guys treat their dates. Perhaps your first date won’t be so awkward when it is shared with others. Some good outings with a group may be to go bowling, play a few rounds of putt-putt golf, go canoeing, have a picnic and play softball or volleyball, or gather a group of young people together after church to eat ice cream.
Before you head out, spend some time thinking about what you will talk about during your date. In our society, boys tend to think and talk in terms of actions. Girls tend to think and talk about feelings. For example, if a boy and a girl were talking about an Olympic event, the boy would be interested in the score and the types of moves the athlete made. The girl would be interested in how the athlete was handling the stress and the athlete’s reaction to the scoring. Neither viewpoint is good or bad. They are just different. It is those differences that make conversation on your first date so difficult. Spend some time thinking about what you would like to know about this girl you are dating.
One day, all too soon, you will begin dating to find someone suitable to be your lifetime companion. If you want a companion, you must learn to be companionable. Talk about your interests and find out about hers. Do you enjoy similar things? If the two of you don’t have anything to talk about, what would marriage to such a person be like?
Make plans for the evening in advance and let your parents know where you expect to be. I know that many of you would rather keep your plans between you and your girlfriend, but you never know when an emergency may come up. Telling your parents also gives you a chance to see if your plans are respectable and appropriate. If you are too embarrassed to tell your folks, then perhaps you are planning something that a Christian ought not to do. Continue to carefully examine your motives.
Once you are out on your date, avoid changing your plans at the last minute. Don’t let your emotions lead you to making a little detour to a quiet place where you can be alone with your girlfriend. It is a great temptation to go too far when there is no one around to see what you are doing. Don’t go parking in the dark. Even if the first few times you don’t do anything shameful, it is continually tempting to go a little farther and to get a little closer. If you want time to talk, find a well-lighted place with other people around. It will encourage you to act respectfully. Finally, don’t spend time at your house or hers when no one else is around. Many boys and girls find their own home comfortable and safe, so they relax their guard and do things they would not do in public. Most teenage pregnancies come about because a boy and a girl had sex at home. Somehow, people convince themselves there is no harm done if no one will see them. Don’t let Satan fool you!
In a few years, one person that you have dated will stand out among the others. You will find yourself going out with her more often than anyone else. You may even decide to stop dating anyone else. Dating only one person is called “going steady.” Going steady with a girl for a while is a logical step before asking her the big question. It gives you a little more time to finally decide if this is really the person you want to spend the rest of your life with. Just don’t rush into it too soon. You can’t make a good decision if you only dated one person your whole life. There are plenty of years ahead of you, so don’t limit yourself to one person too soon.
You know you are ready to go steady with a girl when you have dated other girls but you prefer this person’s company over everyone else. When you want to spend more time with this person and dating someone else will interfere with your time, then perhaps it is time to go steady.
However, if you feel pressure to date one person exclusively because everyone else is doing it, then you should reconsider. Some boys rush into going steady because they fear there won’t be anyone else. This is another poor reason to go steady with a girl. There are hundreds of girls in the world with whom you could happily live. Don’t get the idea that there is just one right person for you. Take your time. Marriage is a lifetime commitment, so don’t rush the preliminary stages. Another bad reason for going steady is to hold on to a “good catch.” Some people pride themselves on having the prettiest or smartest girl in school as their exclusive girlfriend. Remember our discussion about the pride of life. Date a girl because you like her and not because you like the admiration of the other boys.
As you get comfortable with that special girl, keep in mind that there is a real temptation to take liberties with her that you would not take with other girls. Now is not the time to break God’s law because you allow your emotions get the better of you. Far too many teenagers allow their emotions to flare and find themselves tempted to have sex during their date.
A common excuse given for having sex on a date is that you need to find out before hand if you are compatible or not. You could have sex with any girl. How familiar you are with having sex has nothing to do with compatibility. You should not be looking for a bed partner while you are dating. You should be looking for someone to share the rest of your life with. Once you and your girlfriend are married, you will have plenty of opportunity to learn how to have sex. There is no benefit gained by breaking God’s law and having sex before you are married.
What is Love?
I’ve often told you in this book that various feelings and reactions are not love. Having an erection doesn’t mean you are in love. Wanting to have sex with someone doesn’t mean you are in love. The actual act of sex is not love, although it is called “making love” in today’s slang. To understand what love really is, we need to turn over to I Corinthians 13:1-7.
Though I speak with the tongues of men and of angels, but have not love, I have become as sounding brass or a clanging cymbal. And though I have the gift of prophesy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge, and though I have all faith, so that I could remove mountains, but have not love, I am nothing. And though I bestow all my goods to feed the poor, and though I give my body to be burned, but have not love, it profits me nothing. Love suffers long and is kind; love does not envy; love does not parade itself, is not puffed up; does not behave rudely, does not seek its own, is not provoked, thinks no evil; does not rejoice in iniquity, but rejoices in the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. I Corinthians 13:1-7
Paul is explaining what true love between Christians is like. The description also beautifully describes what the love between a husband and wife should be like.
When you love someone, you are willing to put up with their faults. You understand that people make mistakes and that changes take time, if they come at all. Even when she says something mean to you, you will only return kindness back. Love involves trusting the other person with all your heart. You don’t envy her when she gets a big promotion at work or is honored for the things she has done in the community. Instead, you rejoice with her. A loving husband doesn’t boast about how good he is and ignores his wife’s accomplishments. What you do is much less important to you than what she does. If you truly love someone, you won’t say things that will hurt her feelings. She is much more important to you than your own concerns. As a result, you will keep a tight reign on your anger and not lash out when things don’t go your way.
Loving couples don’t accuse each other of wickedness. Too many marriages are broken because the husband saw a man leave the house or found some note and immediately leaped to the conclusion that his wife is having an affair. However, sometimes it is obvious that sin is taking place. When this happens, a loving husband will stand firm with the Lord. He will do everything possible to bring his wife back to the way of righteousness.
Being in love means you are optimistic. You are always hoping that things will get better. That hope helps you to get over the many rough times that you and your wife will face together.
Most of all, love doesn’t fail. Planning to marry someone for a time to see if it will work out means you are not in love. You don’t fall in and out of true love. Love holds on through good times and through bad times.

The Difference Between Love and Infatuation

Many people confuse being infatuated with someone for being in love with someone. Each of us has a mental picture of the ideal companion. That mental picture is usually based on various physical attributes. She should be so tall, with a pretty nose, brown eyes, etc. Occasionally you meet someone who closely matches your mental ideal. You get excited and believe you have fallen in love at first sight.
This is not really love, but infatuation. You can tell the difference, because infatuation dies over time. I guarantee that while you are moonstruck with a girl you won’t believe that it will ever end, but it usually does. As you get to know the girl and find out about her likes and dislikes, you realize that she is not as perfect as you imagined her to be. The word “imagined” is the key word. You have no idea what a person is like when you first meet them. Getting to know a person takes time.
Over time an infatuation will either die off or be replaced by true love. When you are truly in love, you will be aware of a person’s flaws, but you have made a rational decision that you can live with them. A person who is infatuated with someone will either be totally unaware of the flaws in that person, pretend that those flaws are not there, pretend that those flaws don’t matter, or believe that they can change that person over time. The last attitude can be disastrous for a relationship. People do change at times, but it is not very often and it is rarely because someone caused them to change. People change themselves because they want to make the change. When you choose a woman to be your wife, you should look at who she is and not who you think you can make her into. If you do not like who she is today, you are taking a big risk thinking she will be different tomorrow. In other words, if she doesn’t change before marriage, then she certainly won’t change after marriage.
Talk freely with your intended companion. Some men are afraid to tell their girlfriend everything they are thinking for fear of driving them away. If your true thoughts would drive your girlfriend away, then the two of you were probably not cut out for each other. Both of you would be better off looking for someone else. Nothing could be worst than to find out you have made a lifetime commitment to someone who can’t stand you.
In summary, true love is based on reality. Infatuation is based on fantasy. Before committing yourself to someone, make sure you both have a firm grip on reality.

A Small Exercise

Take a sheet of paper and write down the things that you hope to find in the woman you will one day marry. Is it important that she be good looking? Does it matter to you if she is taller than you? Do you hope she is a good cook? Should she like children? How many children do you hope to raise? Give it serious consideration and don’t base your answers on someone you are dating at the moment. It would be better to work on this when there is no one in particular competing for your heart. Talk to your dad or an elder or the preacher about it, but make sure that it is your list showing what is important to you.
Try ranking your points. What is the most important? Which things would be nice, but really don’t matter that much?
It may seem a little early to start thinking about whom you plan to marry. After all, marriage is still several years off. However, if you know what you are looking for, then when you finally meet the girl of your dreams, you can be confident that you are making a sound decision that you will never regret.
Have a rough list done before you start chapter 8. Through the years, continue to revise your list. The things that are important to you at 13 may seem childish at 18, so continue to think about these things.
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2023.06.09 15:27 tshirtguy2000 Which nasty character do you think got their comeuppance after the finale?

Lee Garner Jr. caught in a country club's bathroom red handed and was fired from American Tobacco in the 70s.
Harry Crane was sued by multiple women Cosby style in the 2000s.
A vindictive husband attacked Ferg Donelly at a company party in the mid 70s.
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2023.06.09 15:23 Dimmest-Bulb Why buy gens/reps?

Post originally from user JTT on RWI. Very good summary on why users why many of us choose to buy Gens or Reps (quite often discussed here):

"What reps do not offer:

  1. High end, high complication watches / independents: You can't yet get (unless there is a whole segment I don't know about) high end complications and independents. If you want a Moser Perpetual Calendar, a Lange Triple split or Zeitwerk, FPJ resonance, a PP double split or minute repeater, MB&F double chrono or Perpetual Evo, Rollie Annual calendar... you just aren't getting them in the rep world. This is not something many are concerned about admittedly, but it is still a gap which won't be closed.
  2. Sufficient Design variety: There isn't the range available to a purchaser in the rep world across price points. From low to medium to high end, mens, women's and children's watches. In the gen world there is just far more variety which fits all tastes, size and price-points. This is not the case in the rep world - majority (not all, of course) is Rolex, PP, AP. Which is fine, that satisfies most tastes I think but maybe not for a collector over the long term.
  3. Material variety: Money no object you could wear a carbon-fibre 70g Hublot on the wrist one day (please don't - save yourself), followed by a platinum Daytona or white gold FPJ the next. You could wander around London, or NYC and Singapore on a weekend and have solid gold, silver, titanium, carbon, tantalum etc. on the wrist to enjoy. At high and low budgets you can have an enviable range of materials on your wrist.
  4. Quality: Ish - if it is a mass produced Rolex etc. frankly a good stainless steel copy of a 116500, 124060, 126610LN etc. will get you 85-90% of the gen quality but that is for a few models and even with those there is always that 10-15% which is off - that extra accuracy, the likely longevity, that extra polish with finishing. That being said frankly AP and PP have been sitting on their hands with their entry-level models and the movements have not evolved for years, and years, and years. Go into an AP boutique and try on a 39 and change the date, ask about WR and note the power reserve and be very very confused.
That PP introduced the 6700G range as the 'modern' base Calatrava with an upgraded movement but it still has only 35-45 hours power reserve is comical when compared to the H.Moser & Cie base 3-hander movement or any Tudor BB ( I know its dress not sports, but its still 3-hander / 3 hander with date comp).
  1. Niche, watches with history: Want a watch that has a story, that was on the wrist of a soldier, sailer or candlestick maker for thirty years. Want a watch only issued to military unit because it was your family unit, a dive school that your aunt and uncle attended, a graduating class of jet pilots that your best mate graduated from who since bought it, a certain employer. Nope. Not only do those not see the light of day for the most part - there isn't the financial incentive to reproduce.
  2. Asset / Investment: There is more potential of upside if you buy right with gens but reps are as liquid when compared to a varied gen collection, just the values more likely lower. The most liquid gens will take approx 5 days from the point you would like to sell to having £ in the bank if you use a scale watch dealer (exceptions apply). Factor in insurance, servicing, buying the models you thought you wanted but don't, locking up cash and it's a more interesting story as a scale watch collector when you work across brands. Parking cash in a small physical asset that isn't going to materially depreciate is also valuable to some which is an often overlooked benefit too.

What reps do offer:

  1. Accessibility (£ $): No two ways about it, medium-end watches are generally speaking overpriced, high-end almost always are, ultra-high end are crippling. A lot of the 'goal/grail/hype/cool' watches are far out of the range of most financially. Make no bones about it, in this authors opinion people should get a replica rather than put themselves in a precarious financial position and load themselves up with debt or financing. An 18 year old who buys a replica today, could buy a PP grand complication in 15 years having got that first foothold on this forum - buying when they can afford but enjoying the hobby for years before.
Look at JLC and the comical increase in pricing multiple times in the past 18 months, Lange and the 20-30% increase across the board the other month, Tudor (an accessible brand) and the 10% + increases staring to compound and raise eyebrows. Not great.
2. Accessibility (access): Can't get the damn things when you want, usually. Self explanatory - people know the Rolex challenges. Which to be honest, like others have mentioned vary across regions and stores and it's almost (is) unfair how easy these actually are for people connected properly who aren't always genuine collectors. For PP, Lange you will have to snake your purchases through the collection categories rather than go for what you want when you want if you want several (even if you are a noted collector). For MB&F, FPJ - better make your way into the F&F to get what you want, the lists go on. Even when you drop to the more accessible but hype like some from Baltic, Studio UnderDog, Christopher Ward, Tissot you can wait months. I've personally waited longer for some entry-level hype watches than 'in-demand' professionals / sports.
  1. Try before you buy: Not too much more to say - try before you buy and I do this a lot. Not sure if you want a Submariner or Submariner Date then try them both delivered to your house in days. Don't like, sell them. Yes you can go into stores but that doesn't always work well for everyone - i) stores don't always have stock and when they do you won't spent much time with these watches ii) many are intimidated in these high end watch stores and are treated badly - 'don't have an appointment, bugger off please', iii) plenty of people aren't located close to watch stores. People getting pied off in stores is something I see so often and I don't like it, everyone has to start somewhere and not all people are as comfortable, have large spends and know the people who work in stores. Go to watch clubs you say... well some of these and the people in them - that's a whole different post.
  2. Insurance, Servicing, Ancillary costs: These go up or down with scale but it is not nothing. Insurance can be low - often sitting at c.1% of watch value for something like a Sub is good, but this adds up. Independent servicing (not all - some are VERY good in this regard) or complication servicing takes time, £/$ and pain sometimes. Paying for safe deposit boxes, serviced or monitored alarms costs £ too.
Pay to play: Even top tier collectors for the v. high end brands will be required to buy watches you don't really want on the journey - or watches you want but too frequently (ironically). It's the price of entry and doesn't matter who you are. Can you get rid yes, but for the v.high end it's a small world and whilst you might get a shot across the bow on the first one you dump v.v. quickly as everyone knows it was a. stepping stone, twice and they will sink your battleship.
  1. Loss: Lose a replica. Ok, don't care .. what's for dinner. Lose a gen, oh this is going to be fun - police, insurance, watch shops and registers etc.
6. Security: If we are talking well-known watches like sports PP, sports Rolex etc. then one has less concern in many locations and times with a replica. Obviously you don't want to flash either around in certain locations or at certain times but this is somewhat self explanatory. Also with reps you don't need to make sure you strictly adhering to insurance conditions / expectations ('oh did I put it in the safe' etc.). Side point, with reps your most frequent trip isn't to the bank and WAITING FOREVER every time for the box opening procedures."
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2023.06.09 15:18 ToughAuthority1 If I had to pick either extreme, I would rather have society go back to the olden days if it makes kids behave.

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2023.06.09 15:18 SpiritualNietzsche Chennai Chess Club invites you to a free session of Park chess with us!

Chennai Chess Club invites you to a free session of Park chess with us!
Do you want to play chess in a park with us? Come join us at Anna nagar tower park next saturday and show us what you got! This event is open to players of all skill levels. So dont feel shy if you are a beginner. This is a free event so you don't have to register :)
Note: We have a limited supply of boards so please bring your boards if you can.
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2023.06.09 15:17 MoonReverse I (24m) just got broken up by (20f) after 4th times. Where do I go now?

Hello everyone,
As the title says, I’m 24M (filipino) dating 20F (Latina)we were going strong from October to January when we took a vacation for new years in Denver. There she wanted a break from me on the last day of the vacation and we had arguments but fixed it. March comes by same arguments, she wanted to take a break from me and we broken up over me smoking cigars w the golf guys. She thought it was weed and I promised her I won’t smoke pot. But she thought it was pot so that was the first break up.
2nd break up after 2 weeks getting back together, was over me telling her roommate that we were back together bc she didn’t want people to know. 3rd break up is now, I had a hunch that she been distant and I checked on her iPad and she had a text from her best friend that she should just kick me off the curb, and she replies with, I want to but I don’t have a place to park my car. She had two car and she has the other one parked in my garage.
I contacted her mom how to go about this text I found that I feel being used and she’s only in the relationship bc she’s using my garage. Her mom tells her that I reached out to her and next thing you know she’s mad at me bc why would I say I feel used by her to her mom rather than telling her. But prior to that I told her same day today I’d like to clear things up but her mom mentioned it to her too quick.
She has blocked me on everything and stopped her location share. Looking back now each time we broke up the easier it gets because I started seeing her flaws and how she handles our arguments because it seems like every time we argue she tends to stop contacting me and ignore me.
Part of me is expecting that she’ll come back again because it’s always been like that how she handles an argument or situation like this. But I feel like she’s very immature to not be able to handle situation like this.
I honestly don’t know why I’m here but the thoughts of she’s not coming back haunts me, it’s both our first relationship and I thought we were serious how we were planning things out.
What do I do if she comes back?
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2023.06.09 15:16 oknature2 How to navigate having feelings for a teen?

Need some advice. I am a 27F and currently on vacation in Hawaii for 4 weeks. I met a guy who I clicked with right away. He came to Hawaii to celebrate his 17th birthday and here for 3 weeks. We are both from the same country also which is pretty cool
I'm here with my grandma and he's there with his older cousin. I bumped to him at the beach last week. We are both into surfing and went together few times. We just clicked and it just feel comfortable talking to him. He's like one of those ppl that actually make you feel good about yourself when you are around them. Very rare to find. Most ppl are pleasant but don't have that effect
Yesterday I bumped into him in a beach alone and ended up talking for about 6 hours about the shows breaking bad & trailer park boys and made these really neat sand castles and sand snow men. I don't know what it is about him but everything he does is so.. so alluring. Little stuff like just brushing his hands on his hair, his dimples, the darn lip bites. Around 11pm we finally decided to go to our hotels to sleep. He decided to kiss me all of a sudden and we made out for several minutes (with serious neck kisses) and there was some light groping and we almost had oral sex until I ended it. I just simply said we haven't done anything to be ashamed of but we shouldn't go further than this. He was super respectful and apologized and we went our separate ways.
I spent the whole day with him today but he hasn't tried anything with me. I know this wouldn't be a long term thing but even short term fling is nice to think about. It just feels people are ok with such relationshp if both parties are 18 and over. But 17 is literally one year younger than 18. and it's above the age of consent in the US which is 16. How morally wrong is it really tbh? I would really appreciate respectful answers.
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