Office depot in dickson tn

Because office supplies are awesome!

2014.11.25 16:30 Gangreless Because office supplies are awesome!

Do you love office/school supplies? Could you just spend hours in Staples and Office Depot? Did you stay up all night before the first day of school organizing your school supplies over and over again? Do you love that feeling of opening a brand new pack of pens and then writing your name in every color? I could go on, but do I really need to? You know this is the place for you!

2013.07.04 23:26 Prototypexx Netroots for Redditors

RunningForOffice is an medium for reaching a local community to get involved in all levels of government elections. This subreddit is dedicated to allowing citizens easy communication between candidates.

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2023.06.09 16:08 WaldenKnight Free Two Week MS Outlook Training & Certification @ the Martha Mitchell Community Center

Free Two Week MS Outlook Training & Certification @ the Martha Mitchell Community Center
I work for the SUNY System, and I run a state sponsored ATTAIN Lab at a local community center here in Buffalo. We are located at 175 Oakmont Ave. at the Martha Mitchell Community Center. We service the Kenfield-Langfield Community, but we are open to any & all residents of New York that decide to stop by!
I am advertising a two week training course for MS Outlook that leads directly to Microsoft-issued certification. It will run from June 26th to July 7th- taking a break on the 3rd & 4th for the holiday. You must register by the 16th, and make it to all classes to get your certification. It's completely free- as is all of our services at the ATTAIN Lab.
We are a computer lab that provides internet access, printers, scanners, fax machines, Rosetta Stone and Microsoft office software to Buffalo residents free of chrage. So even if you are not interested in the two week training for MS Outlook that leads to Microsoft certification, stop on by sometime for our office resources or access to language learning programs.
If you have any questions, please reach out to me at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or check out our website at Please register for the Outlook Certification and enroll for our services at
Thank you for your time and I hope to see some of you soon!
Alexander Vignogna
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2023.06.09 16:08 Dry-Jellyfish4747 RANT. Who's got the matches?

Hi everyone, I posted here a few days ago looking to spread some good vibes and am hoping someone somewhere would be willing to send some in return.
Background: I had a sacroiliac joint fusion scheduled for today for 2 months after two years of advocating for myself as a 32-year-old female in agony. Already have had another spinal fusion in my neck.
I received a call yesterday from the surgical coordinator at my surgeons office that my insurance (Cigna) had not received PSYCHIATRIC EVAL CLEARANCE from my PCP that a psychological condition was not causing the perception of pain. My primary submitted everything but it was still "pending" as of this morning, so the surgery was cancelled as we were 15 minutes away from the hospital, which is over an hour drive for us.
Apparently Cigna is one of a handful of insurance companies that require this type of evidence for SI fusions only. I am devastated. I have a reschedule date of July 14th and am promised all will be set then. But it FUCKING SUCKS. My husband had to put in for the day off a month ago, my kids have been a wreck and now I have to postpone the inevitable and prolong their apprehension, I have been the primary caretaker for my mother who is bedridden from similarly extensive joint degeneration and recently had to admit her and discharge her within 72 hours of a nursing home comparable to hell on earth all because of this surgery. We have a new caretaker hired, had enrolled my daughter in early morning school care for the remainder of her school days. I am just so frustrated by the entire scenario.
I have anxiety managed through medication and had become an alcoholic due to the pain from this condition but am stabally managed on naltrexone (7 months sober!)
But you're right, Cigna. Perhaps the unrelenting pain I have every form of documentation for diagnostically may be wrong and it is all a fabrication due to my mental health. Fuck. Off.
Sorry everyone, but I knew I could post here because I'm sure others have had to deal with similar insurance issues, especially if they're in the US. If this isn't allowed here I apologize and feel free to remove it, I feel better getting these thoughts out. I don't know if it's because I'm a woman of childbearing age or the fact that I have documented mental disorders, but this all feels very discriminatory and quite honestly, patriarchal.
Love to all you lovely witches and wishing everyone a safe and happy pride✌️ 🌈 🏳️‍🌈 💙 🤍 💕
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2023.06.09 16:08 AutoModerator [] ✔️Brett Kitchen and Ethan Kap – P2 Virtual Selling Accelerator ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.09 16:08 Phacodonesis G14 4060 vs l5pro 4060

G14 4060 vs legion 5 pro 4060
I posted on zephyrusg14 this question. Legion pro 5 7745hx 4060 vs g14 7940hs 4060. Both AMD CPUs. Imagine same price both 500nits qhd+, 32gb ram. I'm cross shopping these two. I know they're two different sizes formats, but from a performance perspective, would i notice a difference in gaming or other tasks? I noticed in gizmosliptech g14 review the cpu was bottlenecked a decent amount, would the same be true about the 7745hx in the lenovo? If they were the same price which would you get? And would 4070 version of Lenovo be worth 200 bucks more? Also I know phoenix has way better battery than dragon, but has anyone actually done real life battery testing of the Lenovo 7745hx undervolted? I don't need tons of battery life, but more than 4 hrs with just office tasks or streaming would be good.
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2023.06.09 16:07 ncsuandrew12 The Pen Addict mentioned on Office Ladies

Not sure if this has been posted before, but I was just listening to the Office Ladies podcast by the Pam and Angela The Office actresses. In the The Cover Up episode, they're discussing a pen that was used in the episode (and apparently in various other NBC shows) (starting around the 25 minute mark) and quoted The Pen Addict's review of the pen.
I've never listened to The Pen Addict, but I thought the "six degrees" aspect connecting The Office to Grey and Myke was amusing.
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2023.06.09 16:07 milkmanbran Can someone help me verify that I am not being scammed?

Hello all,
I got a job offer and they emailed me a check and want me to cash it with my banks mobile app in order to buy office supplies from a certified vendor. Everything so far has seemed legit, the emails used, the HR process, except for the lack of interview (they asked me typical questions with a time limit to answer which makes sense for the role) . They asked me questions via an app called signal. If it’s a scam they put in a lot of effort to look legit (no spelling errors in their writing, everything was in perfect English and professional). I looked up the company and they are real, they have mostly 1 star reviews on indeed due to incompetent management.
I don’t want to cash the check until I have reasonable assurance this is a legit offer. I called the bank on the check, but they couldn’t verify or deny anything.
What else can I do to verify this? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide
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2023.06.09 16:07 fqeorubfqle Traveling Abroad (Travis County, TX)

I've had a trip planned to Italy/Barcelona in October for a long time now with 5 other people who have already paid for their tickets. I will likely be accepting a probation offer in Brazos county on June 22nd before immediately transferring to where I live - Travis County.
Does anyone have experience with this sort of situation?
I would ask my lawyer but he can't speak for Travis County since he's Brazos County based. And can't ask my PO officer as I haven't even accepted probation yet.
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2023.06.09 16:06 jutah76 Upgraded to MBP m2 2023 - RAM question (MBP23 vs MBP 19)'s possible?

Hi all, i just moved from a 2,3ghz i5 MBP 2019 to a M2 MBP PRO brand new. Both equipped with 16gb of ram.
I use it for office activities, especialli Google suite (chat/meet and a lot of Chrome with many different windows open).
I wish i had upgraded to 32gb of ram but i got budget constraints.
I tested the ram usage under stress condition (100 tabs open in chrome with the site it happens that the old mac seems to have a really better ram management than the new one.
The graph stay green all the time, while the new m2 go in the yellow zone.
How is it possible?
Thank you for any explanation you can share
mb pro m2 ram usage during 100 opening tabs on chrome

mb pro i5 ram usage during 100 opening tabs on chrome
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2023.06.09 16:06 IaProc [First of Our Kind] - Chapter 32 - Part I

Chapter 32
As Mae had previewed, the weeks that passed since the incident in the Logistics Bay were fraught with speculation and feeding the rumor mill. Quin felt he couldn’t walk ten paces on Nemo before meeting some askance gaze of a crewmember or hearing the murmurings of a conversation that abruptly stopped when he would round a corner. Mae was right though that, after a while, the incident became old news and the ruckus died down a bit. Certainly, there was always an inappropriate joke to be had during dinner or dark looks from certain members of the crew, but as the time passed, people turned once again to daily happenings onboard, when the next stopover would take place, and the perennial favorite: who happened to be sleeping with whom.
This last item tended to occupy people to no end, and Quin felt a bit unfortunate that this news also pertained him. Mae and Liza’s breakup and the apparent spat that he and Pepper had ran through the corridors just as fast as the news about Nova. Quin was honestly unsure which conversation he dreaded being brought up more. It seemed that individuals he had never or barely even met knew more about his world than he himself was aware. It was during one of these conversations with two people from the Engineering section that Quin accidently lost it and stormed off, an act he regretted immediately for furthering the gossip chain.
“So is it true that you had to hold Mae back so she wouldn’t punch Liza?” the guy had asked.
”What? NO. What the hell?” Quin responded, flabbergasted.
“Well, I heard from someone in the officer’s corridor that there was yelling and someone got hit. Do you know who got punched?” The other person was practically on their toes with anticipation.
“NO ONE GOT PUNCHED!” Quin shouted, ready to leave the conversation as soon as possible.
“Jeez, why are you yelling?” as the first person, blind to Quin’s growing frustration.
“Don’t you know, Liza’s friend broke up with him the next day because of the fight?” The second person remarked to the first, now completely cutting Quin out of the conversation.
“WE WEREN’T EVEN DATING! WHAT THE HELL?!” Quin screamed, turned on his heels and stormed off to nowhere in particular.
Thankfully, this was probably the worst interaction he had had as a result of those unfortunate few days, aside from the actual conversations themselves that he experienced with Pepper and Nova themselves. He would have appreciated any interaction with either of them at all, if he was honest. The silent treatment from the both of them was practically unbearable. Mae’s words of encouragement, “Time, give it time,” only helped so much when he would pass by Pepper in the corridors or when he had to work directly with Nova during his long shifts in the lab. Nova had limited their conversations to something like a comment box, dropping in parcels of a conversation to the syslog, to be taken up at her leisure and delivered at inconvenient times in the middle of the night. But at the very least, Nova was responding, albeit specifically for work and solely related to their responsibilities together. Pepper, on the other hand, was completely mute. Painfully so, Quin noted as she passed by him going into the cafeteria and didn’t even afford him a glance.
The level of complete non-interaction with Pepper and the invasion into his life by everyone else was beginning to wear on him, and he felt more cut off from the rest of the crew than ever before. He had stopped visiting Bostwick’s chamber for fear of the look of pity that the Commander often wore when passing by him. At least Mae had somewhat of a ‘tough love’ approach to cheering him up. Bostwick’s uncompromising warmth and sympathetic looks made Quin feel guilty rather than comforted, and shameful rather than encouraged. In fact, in the two and a half weeks that passed since Nemo had left the Rhea stopover and Quin passed the night under the watch of the Commander, Quin had only exchanged glances with Bostwick.
Then there was the insomnia. At first, Quin felt nothing but lethargy as he felt the different components of his life crumble around him. The inability to communicate with Tess, the intolerable pity of Mae and Bostwick, the unbearable silence from Pepper and Nova, the frustration expressed by the command staff, and the whispers and side-eyes from the rest of the crew all contributed to the complete physical and mental shutdown he experienced after leaving Rhea. He would steal away to his chamber during break periods to nap, and he would skip meals in order to stay in his room, profiting from the odd bits of food Mae snuck out of the cafeteria. However, after several days of feeling an inability to motivate himself to be out of bed, he started to find that he would lie awake, staring at the ceiling, or glancing at the clock and fretting that it was already 4:00 in the morning.
It was on one of these early mornings that Quin saw the numbers 3:22 at the top of his tablet, and he felt as if it would be impossible for him to find any sleep that night. He had laid down in bed at 22:05 with every intention of forcing a good night’s sleep, but with five hours passing by and no respite coming, he sat up on the edge of his bed and rubbed his eyes a bit. He figured that the coffee station in the kitchen would probably have some hot water with which to make tea, and that could possibly help him. He threw his jumpsuit and boots on and strolled out of the room.
The ship was deserted and peaceful, the type of quiet that Quin relished. It was almost trance-inducing, the soft hum of the ship that Quin felt coming through the very walls themselves. He felt the sound reverberate through him and it was soothing. He set off toward the kitchen. The sleet grey walls of Nemo’s interior usually made for a serious backdrop, but at this hour, it had the effect of dimming the corridors and adding to the sleepy atmosphere of the ship. He stuffed his hands deep in his pockets and followed the sleek lines of the hallways with his eyes as he passed. He came upon the cafeteria doors and walked by them to skirt the main room. He was heading for the back area, the sparkling room with gleaming metal and white tile and a peaceful getaway. Upon swiping his arm against the pad, though, he found that the space was already occupied. A voice greeted him before he had an opportunity to look up.
“Hey Quin, can’t sleep? Is it another bad dream?” Bostwick was sitting on a stool with a steaming cup of coffee in his hand and his illuminated tablet resting on one of the food prep work tables. The man had a weary look around his eyes but Quin could still discern the warmth that emanated from the wrinkles near his temples and the large smile he wore. Quin froze, unsure whether to step into the room and submit himself to another round of pity or try to find some excuse for leaving and head back to his room. In his uncertainty, he ended up standing in the doorway, causing the automatic doors to try to swish shut but freezing and retracting, over and over again.
“Well? Are you just going to stand there, mouth agape, or are you going to come get something to drink like you had planned?” Bostwick said with an eyebrow raised, his mouth now reflecting a knowing smirk. Slowly, Quin trudged into the room, his hands clenched in his pockets as he tried to suppress the nerves that were boiling in his stomach. He gingerly walked over to the coffee station and put a tea bag in a cup and pressed the release valve to allow boiling water to fall over it. Then he set the cup down to steep. He kept his eyes fixed on the surface of the brewing tea, though he felt the hair on the nape of his neck stand as he guarded himself for Bostwick’s eventual conversation starter. But after a minute, it didn’t come. Quin stood there watching the deep brown tea diffuse throughout the water but did not hear a word come from Bostwick. Hesitantly, Quin looked around and saw Bostwick tapping on his tablet, seemingly composing a message.
Quin shuffled his feet a bit before clearing his throat lightly. Without even looking up, Bostwick said, “I’m able to read signs, Quin. If you don’t want to talk to me, I’m more than happy to oblige your intention to be left alone.”
Quin’s eyes shot up to look at Bostwick, who kept on typing as if he hadn’t spoken. Quin was left a bit taken aback. Oh hell, he thought, is it that obvious or can he read my mind? He shuffled again and then picked up his tea cup. Quick, say something, you idiot, his mind was screaming at him as he struggled to put together his words.
“Look, uh, Commander, I—“ Quin started, but was immediately cut off.
“Louis, but please continue,” Bostwick said, looking up at him and smiling.
Whatever momentum Quin had built up in trying to speak, he lost it with Bostwick’s interruption. He started to second-guess even his need to speak if Bostwick was going to be able to anticipate the conversation. His mentor apparently picked up on his nervousness, because he relieved Quin’s tension by taking up what was going through Quin’s head.
“Quin, listen, I understand that you feel like you want to be left alone,” Bostwick said, his tone soft and unassailing. “And I’m sensing that you feel a bit embarrassed about being vulnerable in front of me. That’s a totally normal human feeling. I hope you aren’t feeling, though, that I overstepped any boundaries by not waking you up immediately when you fell asleep in my room?”
“No, uh, Louis, it’s not that,” Quin said abashedly.
“Good, I’m glad. So if you are feeling ashamed about the way I show that I care about you, please just tell me, and we can talk about how I can change that.”
Again, Quin was at a loss for words. It’s not that I don’t want him to care about me, he thought, it’s that I want him to be mad. Why wasn’t he angry at all? That I could deal with. But he’s so kind that I feel like I want to scream. Quin lifted his eyes and finally met Bostwick’s own piercing gaze. Bostwick seemed to interpret the silence and took up the conversation again.
“Unless…perhaps you are feeling ashamed about your own reaction?” Bostwick posited. “Quin, it’s almost the twenty-third century, well actually, for everyone not aboard this ship, it already is. We are long past the cultural stereotype of men not being able to cry. I’d say that your expression of deep emotion is quite masculine, and I for one would—“
Quin interrupted him, “No, Louis, it’s not that either.”
Bostwick fell silent for a moment, then continued gently, “Okay, again, if you wouldn’t like to discuss it right now, you can simply have your tea and we can sip our respective beverages in silence. Though I will note that a 3am excursion raises all sorts of eyebrows that a lesser XO would rush to conclusions. Thankfully for you, I’m not a lesser XO.” He ended with a smirk, returning to his tablet with a very self-satisfied look on his face.
Quin let the silence fill the room again as he turned his cup in his hands, the warmth slowly radiating through his cold fingertips and seemingly giving him a bit of courage. After a moment, he slowly walked over to the work table and set his cup down. Again, without looking up, Bostwick pulled a stool out from underneath the table and pushed it toward Quin. Quin couldn’t help but smile a bit at Bostwick’s level of tact in assuming. He took the proffered stool and plopped himself down, elbows on the work table and eyes fixed on the tea cup. Hesitantly, he glanced at Bostwick, who was humming a tune and slowly shaking his head back and forth in rhythm as he completed his message and hit the send button.
Quin cleared his throat and made his attempt, “Commander, uh sorry, Louis, it’s not that I don’t appreciate everything. I really do. I just…I was just wishing you would be less…I don’t know…understanding? A little more mad?”
“I have no intention of being mad at you Quin. That would be counterproductive and a waste of energy. Wouldn’t you say?”
“Well, I um, what do you mean?” Quin shook his head as his eyes fell.
“I’d imagine that your self-imposed reclusion and the restrictions imposed by Captain Fuentes would be a sufficient punishment, and you are probably looking for a friendly face, especially after things with Ensign Jefferson, erm, Pepper, have recently soured. That would leave you with Mae to seek some company and I daresay that Lieutenant Rohlwing has her own mission responsibilities and personal tumult to deal with, no?”
Quin was staring with his mouth open at Bostwick, who yet again was wearing a rather pleased smirk on his face. How in the hell did he know all of that? Quin thought, unable to keep an astounded look off his face.
Bostwick chuckled, then seemingly replied to Quin’s thought, “You people think the command staff are a bunch of old farts out of touch with the inner workings of the social network among you youths, but I too hear things. I have my spies on board.”
Quin laughed, causing Bostwick to perk up a bit, “Oh alright,” he rejoiced, arms up in the air. “Ten points to Bostwick for making the moody one laugh.”
Quin laughed more heartily and took a sip of his tea. When he looked back up he saw Bostwick was staring at him with an encouraging look on his face, as if to say May I keep asking questions? Quin sipped his tea again and nodded softly, almost to himself as he continued to chuckle.
“So, I take it you and Ms. Jefferson have not spoken much since we set off from Rhea?” Bostwick asked, eyebrow raised.
“No, that would require her wanting to speak to me,” Quin said dryly.
“How do you know she doesn’t want to speak to you?” Bostwick asked.
“Well, she seems to avoid or ignore me, so I’m trying to take the hint,” Quin said, trying to be nonchalant in his tone.
“Do you still like her?” Bostwick continued.
“Yeah, a lot. I thought we were doing well, really well on Rhea, but I said some stupid things in defending Mae to her, and I know I need to apologize, but she basically called me a coward, she said I needed to ‘grow a spine.’” Quin quickly gave Bostwick the back and forth of what constituted Pepper and his last conversation.
“I don’t think you are a coward. You do have a tendency to take your relationships with everyone very seriously, which is for the most part endearing, but I can see how she would find that stubbornness a bit frustrating when she is trying to argue with it.”
“So now you are on her side?” Quin said sharply.
“I wouldn’t dare try to take her side, but you don’t need to bite my head off for trying to give you some advice. I can see it’s not welcome though,” Bostwick said flatly, falling silent.
“No…wait, I’m sorry,” Quin said, changing his tone immediately. “Please, Louis, help me. What should I do?”
“An honest apology to start, you would be surprised how far being honest and sincere gets you. People seem to forget that. Then I would try to start seeing Ms. Jefferson outside of your interactions with Mae and Liza. Give yourselves something to talk about other than your common friends. That way you don’t revert into difficult territory immediately.”
“Like what?” Quin asked. “Watch a movie with her or something?”
“That being your strong, go-to approach, sure you could start there,” Bostwick said. “As an extra hint, I hear that the kitchen has some late-night snacks stashed away back here, and if you know someone, you can get good movie food. You could even, you know, call it a date or something. Don’t be afraid to ask her to do something at the next stopover too. Again, call it a date. If she sees you taking her seriously like you do everything else, she’ll probably appreciate you being intentional about it. That’s my guess. Anyway, Cronus is supposed to be a little bit more of an open schedule, so you can be more creative.”
Bostwick was making all sorts of sense. His was the type of advice that Quin had been looking for all along. Quin found himself shaking his head, as he processed everything. Bostwick seemed to misinterpret it.
“What? You’re thinking a different approach?” he said, a bit surprised.
“NO! No, sorry, it’s just…I’ve been such an idiot. That’s really good advice, I’ve just been stupid not talking to you. I don’t know why,” Quin finished, again shaking his head.
“Because you are young, and you guys don’t like getting romantic advice from someone your parents’ age,” Bostwick said, smiling.
“You aren’t that old,” Quin said, “I know we joke about it, but you can’t be more than…”
Bostwick laughed. “Be careful how you finish that sentence, Mr. Hammond.”
“Well, anyway, you aren’t that old. You just…I don’t know, you have this way about you, it made me want to avoid you. I felt ashamed that you were being all sympathetic, and it made me blind to the fact that I really needed to talk to you. What I mean is, you are a good listener, and I forgot that when I was unable to think straight. I felt all of these things happening around me, and you were there when that stuff happened with Nova. I know you were just trying to be nice. I’m sorry I was such an ass.”
“Well, if you were looking for honest and sincere apologies, Quin, you just found yourself one,” Bostwick said, putting his hand on Quin’s shoulder. “Change it up a little to be specific for her, and I’m sure you will have a good result. Don’t forgot to take care of yourself when you are trying to fix everything else, you know? It’s not possible to be perfect, so don’t make yourself sick in trying to be.”
“Yeah, right,” Quin said softly. “I wish I could fix everything, just like that.” He snapped his fingers.
“That would be nice, but unfortunately, we aren’t computers, and life isn’t all math problems. Sometimes life just needs time and a bit of decent humanity.” The two of them were silent for a little while as Quin stewed in his thoughts. Despite the hour, he was wide awake and appreciative of his little night excursion. After the pause had continued much longer than Quin expected, he looked up and saw Bostwick studying him. The man opened his mouth and then hesitated, before beginning tenderly, “Speaking of, how are things going with Nova?”
Quin sighed a bit, collecting his thoughts. Then he decided it was for the best and recounted to Bostwick the last conversation that Nova and he had face to face. The two of them had really not spoken since that evening some weeks ago. As Quin was narrating the story to Bostwick, the Commander was slightly chuckling and shaking his head. Astounded, Quin finished his story and confronted Bostwick.
“What’s so funny?” he demanded. “You’ve been laughing the entire time.”
“She’s quite brilliant, you know,” Bostwick said, scratching his forehead, eyes wide. “She presents these neat little ethical quandaries as if they were nothing and yet, scientists and philosophers have been asking the same types of questions about artificial intelligence for maybe two hundred years. It’s only now that we have got a being that is the walking and talking example of that.”
“Yeah, well, she’s another one that’s not talking to me,” Quin said.
“Well, Quin, I’m afraid I must give you the same advice. You should apologize. In her view, and I think objectively, you were somewhat of, if I may borrow your words, ‘an ass.’”
“This time I think you are definitely taking her side,” Quin said, sourly.
“Indeed. You created her. She takes her direction from you. You are kind of like her father, her brother, her friend, and her crewmate all rolled into one. The obligations of any one of those roles would be enough to say you needed to be there for her, and unfortunately you found yourself too busy being in your own head. Perhaps this is the root of your problem with both Ms. Jefferson and Nova. You are so busy letting everything weigh on you, being worried all the time, that you are unable to focus externally and be present for other people.” Quin’s eyes were downcast, his shoulders slumped. Well, if this is his form of a closing pick-me-up, I don’t think it’s working, Quin thought, sighing deeply.
“Fortunately,” Bostwick continued suddenly, “I think the solution is relatively simple and similar. You need to apologize to Nova, sincerely this time, and you need to spend some time with her, outside of work, so that you can normalize being around her. If your point was that you sometimes forget that she is only part human, then you need to do more human things with her in order to sensitize yourself to how she acts. She shouldn’t have to change for you, it should be the other way around. She can’t just be a mantelpiece in your career, Quin. She thinks.”
Quin sighed aloud, saying, “Yet again, another piece of sound advice from the ever-so-sage Commander Bostwick. And yet again, the solution is that I was wrong.”
Bostwick laughed. “Well, welcome to being an adult, my friend. Everything is complicated and you are usually wrong.” He patted Quin on the back. “Sarcasm aside, it’s okay to be wrong, just own up to it.”
Quin nodded slightly, acknowledging Bostwick’s counsel. The room was silent for a bit longer. The Commander downed his cup of coffee and looked into it, as if inspecting the bottom.
“You know what,” he said, looking up. “I think I’m going to have some tea too, but I’ve been keen to try some of the apple honey they brought me, you want some?” Quin nodded slowly, lost in his thought. Honey, he said to himself, honey, something about…honey.
“Can you believe they make all of this on Rhea?” Bostwick said over his shoulder. “I honestly can’t understand how their entire ecosystem, let alone their economy, operates off apples. It’s nuts.” Bostwick chuckled to himself. “Sorry for the pun.” Apples and honey, Quin’s brain was churning, but at this hour it was too fuzzy. …and honey.
He set two new cups down in front of them, still steaming and with the tea infusers bobbing around on the surface. He pulled a jar down from one of the kitchen cabinets and ladled a small bit of honey into each cup. After stirring a bit, Bostwick took a sip and smacked his lips, grinning satisfactorily at Quin.
“Oh my, that’s so good,” Bostwick said, relishing the taste as he took another draw. “You should drink it while it’s hot.”
Quin brought the cup to his lips mechanically, though he could have sworn that he was missing something. He felt himself distracted by Louis enjoying his cup of tea, the early hour, and the lack of a good night’s sleep for several days. I could have sworn that I just remembered something, he thought, growing frustrated at the lack of ability of his brain to recall what it was that was escaping him. Resigning himself, he took a long swig, his eyes closing automatically when the taste of the sweet and sour apple-tinged honey hit his lips. Instantly, he was transported back onto Rhea, where he savored several fleeting moments of being away and being happy. Unfortunately, his happiness was suddenly ripped away from the call from Nemo. What I wouldn’t give to be back there to have some more time with Pepper and Mae, he thought while recollecting the honey tasting in the orchard. He remembered the smile on Pepper’s face, how infectious it was, and Mae’s giggling at him.
“Hmm,” Bostwick said into the silence, “it’s just about time that the command deck wakes up. Some of the buzzing should start soon.”
“Buzzing?” Quin asked distantly, almost half-consciously.
“Sorry, yeah, buzzing. Message traffic. Unfortunately, a lot of the lingo revolves around bees.”
“Bees?” Quin asked, his brain slowly coming to.
“Yeah, bees,” Bostwick said, studying Quin curiously. “You know, Captain Fuentes being the Queen, the Deck being the hive, that sort of thing.”
“Bees!” Quin exclaimed.
“What?” Bostwick demanded, flabbergasted.
“Louis! BEES!” Quin shouted, shooting off his stool and slamming his cup down.
“Quin, I don’t-“ Bostwick began, but Quin wasn’t listening. The young man half-sprinted out of the room.
“BEES!” Quin shouted again, his face mixed with a smile and intense concentration.
“Okay, Mr. Cage,” Bostwick said, chuckling and shaking his head, his eyes and mouth reflecting a knowing smile as he watched Quin run out of the room.
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2023.06.09 16:05 Maximum_Ad_155 how tf did import customs hold for inspection bro, i can't be the first package to get seized by the chiniese gov ;(

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2023.06.09 16:04 AutoModerator [] ✔️Cody Bramlett – Supplement Millionaire Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download

[] ✔️Cody Bramlett – Supplement Millionaire Blueprint ✔️ Full Course Download
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Supplement Millionaire Blueprint – This is the ONLY Coaching Group that gives you direct front of the line access to my incredible money making network powering your every move, and ensuring your success… So that you can build a multi-million dollar supplement business online, faster than you ever thought possible. And unlike other guru’s, I actively use every step of this blueprint in all my current supplement businesses, and the new ones I’m launching… Which means you’ll always have the most tested and up to date blueprint to copy and paste and build your own multi million dollar behemoth. The Supplement Millionaire Mastermind Is Designed To Take You Straight To The Money As Fast As Possible Here’s how it works… Every single week we’ll all jump on a 90 minute call where we will deep dive into various topics that will help scale, build, and optimize your business so it makes millions and runs without you. (Don’t worry if you can’t make it, each event is recorded, transcribed, and uploaded to the members area) After each event you’ll have an opportunity to network with potential affiliates to promote your offer to thousands of buyers (including me and my 250,000 hungry buyers). There will also be mini breakout rooms with experts in email marketing, optimization, copy writing, supplement manufacturing, accounting, operations… And YOU get to pick their brain and ask them for direct feedback on growing your business, no matter if you’re just starting out, or are trying to go from 7 to 8 figures. Plus every month you’ll also get direct access to me and my lead 8-figure copywriter during “office hours” Where we will answer any specific questions you might have in your business, help maximize conversions, and press fast forward on your success
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2023.06.09 16:03 supb1tches Hey guys, I'm seeing some confusion in this sub over whether or not heather was being chased by police in that infamous live. She was, after she refused to pull over and be cited for using her phone while driving. This is how she got her "eluding" charge and a warrant out for her arrest.

Hey guys, I'm seeing some confusion in this sub over whether or not heather was being chased by police in that infamous live. She was, after she refused to pull over and be cited for using her phone while driving. This is how she got her submitted by supb1tches to PeopleBeTrippin [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:02 I_Stan_Kyrgyzstan Is it ok to just wear whatever as long as it's comfortable or is there a certain kind of unspoken dress code in gyms?

I don't really have any specialised tops for the gym so I just wear whatever I happen to be wearing that day. Usually it's my work uniform, which seems to be fine, but today I'm wearing what's essentially a smart shirt like in the office. I've been getting a few judgemental stares but I'm still wearing shorts and it's leg day. Does it really matter what I'm wearing or can I just do whatever? Or maybe I'm misreading stares and my form sucks, but my question still stands lol
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2023.06.09 16:02 74762 Multi-Headed Ductless VS Central Ducted System?

Happy Friday, All!
I need advice from the folks that live and breathe this trade.
In general, does a multi-head ductless system make more or less sense than a new central system reusing the existing ducts?
Details: 1800 sqft home, three bedrooms (one is my office). The house is ideally 75 degrees and has 50% humidity year-round. We currently obtain this through the furnace and window shakers (AC units).
My office runs hot from the monitors, equipment, lights fixtures, the dog, and me. The window faces West, so it gets afternoon sun as well. For this reason, I THINK I need a dedicated cooling system here.
The bedroom is 65 degrees at night (window shaker), but the same as the rest of the house (75) during the rest of the day.
I have had two salesmen out so far. I explained to both the situation that I want the house 75, and the ability to cool the office and bedroom separately when needed.
One said a (5) headed ductless system is the way to go. One said to put in the central system and add a mini-split ductless to go with it. If
If I have to install a two-headed system for those two rooms does it make more sense to install the 5 headed system to condition the whole house, or is a central system with supplemental cooling a better design? All in all, they will cost nearly the same to install.
I'm more concerned with comfort than the electric bill.
My gut tells me air circulation (stagnation) might be an issue with the multi-headed system by itself.
TLDR; In your home, would you install a central system with additional cooling where needed or a whole house central system? And why?
Any (related) advice is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.09 16:02 Q-BASE-Noob NYPD DETECTIVE arrested for taking bribes from robbery crew targeting Asian-American buisiness owners, Saul Arismendy De La Cruz AKA Venom - SOURCE:

NYPD DETECTIVE arrested for taking bribes from robbery crew targeting Asian-American buisiness owners, Saul Arismendy De La Cruz AKA Venom - SOURCE: submitted by Q-BASE-Noob to 1312Freedom2post [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:00 Ecstatic_Set_2931 [70112-LA, US][WTT/WTS] Trade/sell list: Prices reduced: Biblios, star wars imperial assault, mansions of madness 1st edition small boxes set, castles of burgundy, castles of mad king ludwig, 7 wonders 1st edition, terra mystica, nemesis space cats W:List at bottom of post, $

Looking to sell or trade some games trade and sell list below, wants are at the very bottom. Can ship at buyers expense. Feel my prices are off let me know and we can try to work something out. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Tradelist/sell list:
Can look through trades list and my game collection to find trades or buys if not listed below, can use with link below:
Castles of mad king ludwig w/ secrets expansion-base played once, secrets is unpunched but the contents are in the main game box - 50
-Clue office (NIS) - 20
-Terra mystica (open never played) - 45
-Nemesis space cats expansion (NIS) -20
-Star wars imperial assault (NIS) - 70
-Biblios (played once) - 60
-Castles of burgundy (open box, never played) - 20
-7 wonders 1st edition w/ leaders and cities expansions (played once) - 55
-Mansions of Madness 1st edition sealed boxes
The Laboratory - 55
The Yellow Sign - 55
House of Fears - 50
‘Til Death Do Us Part - 20
The Silver Tablet - 30
Season of the Witch - 25
all of them - 200
Want in trade:
Too many bones base game
7 wonders 2nd edition base game
moonrakers base or titan box
arcadia quest base
gloomhaven solo scenarios and forgotten circles
spirit island feather and flame
cthulu death may die
Any of the scythe expansions
Anachrony exosuits expansion
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2023.06.09 15:59 littleteaforme 3 kilos of cocaine mailed to ‘large-scale’ Massachusetts drug enterprise, police say

Evans Klimavich, part-owner of Kali Cannabis, was charged with cocaine trafficking, marijuana trafficking, possession of a Class C substance to distribute and possession of a Class B substance, according to Scott Croteau, deputy communications director for the Office of Worcester County District Attorney Joseph D. Early Jr.
The State Police reported that a “search of Klimavich’s Worcester residence yielded another kilogram of suspected cocaine, approximately 50 pounds of marijuana, hundreds of vape cartridges, a quantity of psilocybin mushrooms and approximately $52,000 in U.S. currency.
Suzanne Melanson, Klimavich’s business partner and co-owner of Kali Cannabis, could not be reached for comment as to whether this development would impact the business’s scheduled July grand opening.
At this time, Kali Cannabis has a provisional license from the Cannabis Control Commission, which is a step required by the commission in the process of obtaining a final license, according to CCC Press Secretary Tim Caputo.
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2023.06.09 15:59 BSERecruitment 445M+ GP All-Heroic EU Guild with US friendly times - Looking for a new Member - RotE TB - 33 ⭐️, 24 Reva shards and climbing.Krayt running constantly at 102m - Great Leadership, Active & Social Members - See Comments for More Information

Blue Squadron Eternal
445M+ GP
49/50 members
UK / EU Guild Reset (US Friendly)
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2023.06.09 15:59 PlasticSecret9797 7% Kredit sondertilgen oder Notgroschen aufbauen?

Hallo zusammen
ich verdiene aktuell 3.200€ netto und bin aufgrund von unerwarteten Ereignissen wieder bei 0 (sowohl Notgroschen als auch Depot). Zudem musste ich einen Kredit aufnehmen in Höhe von 20.000€ zu einem Zinssatz von 7%. Die monatliche Rate beträgt ca 300€. Ich habe jederzeit ein Sondertilgungsrecht und könnte im Prinzip jeden Monat 500-800€ sondertilgen.
Die Frage ist jetzt: soll ich jetzt erstmal einen Notgroschen aufbauen und dann mit dem sondertilgen beginnen? Soll ich parallel sondertilgen und Notgroschen aufbauen?
An das investieren denk ich aktuell gar nicht. Das würde ich frühestens wenn der Notgroschen wieder voll ist..
Was meint ihr?
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2023.06.09 15:58 sluggish2successful Beginner Commuter Wondering Whether to Get New Bike or Refurbish Old One

Hi all,
I'm currently riding a Specialized Hardrock Sport which I bought secondhand. Mine has disk brakes on both tires, though. (The bike shop I bought it from specializes in refurbishing/upgrading used bikes.) It was a good deal at $400 and I've enjoyed this bike.
I got a new job a few months ago, and I've been bike commuting 3-5 days/wk to my office. It is a 5 mile commute in the greater Boston area that takes me 30-40 minutes each way to complete depending on the wind and how energized I am that day. It is pretty hilly and goes through an industrial area with a lot of 18 wheelers and accompanying detritus in the bike lane. Accordingly, I got a flat this week that I didn't notice until the next day when I wanted to go to work. I regularly have to pick metal flakes out of the tires, etc.
My price range is anything under about $1000 or so. Used is fine, but I don't really know what to look for in a used bike. I'm 5'8", 180lbs, not very fit (as you can tell from how long it takes me to go 5 miles lol).
So I'm a little torn now. Should I get new/beefy tires for this old bike that is probably 10+ years old, or should I just buy a new one that's better suited to bike commuting? If you think I should go for a new one, what is a good fit for me? I'm concerned about getting a road bike given how much detritus, gravel, and hills I have to deal with daily.
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2023.06.09 15:58 ObjectiveAd571 Update on the Stephen Smith Grand Jury

Update on the Stephen Smith Grand Jury submitted by ObjectiveAd571 to LunaSnark [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 15:58 IOTSONLINE POLY Gangdong Campus

We have been awarded a Best Brand award from Korea Times as the top school in Junior Education for the past eight years. POLY students have won numerous awards in national English aptitude tests, and every student must pass a strict entrance test before being allowed to join our academy. This is a terrific program to work in and we are offering excellent compensation packages!!
Job Overview: • Monthly Salary: 2.6 million KRW – 3.2 million KRW (depending on work experience) • Office Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 9:00am- 6:00pm / Tuesday, Thursday: 9:00am-6:45pm • Level: Kindergarten - Elementary • Number of Positions: 1 Position • Contract Duration: Full-Time for one year Benefits and Compensation Package: • One-way airfare provided if the applicant is flying from abroad. • Free Single Furnished Housing or housing allowance provided. • Pension bonus. • Paid vacation plus National Holidays. • Fixed, scheduled teaching blocks. • Severance Bonus: Upon completion of 12-month contract. • Medical Coverage Provided. • No internet/telephone lessons. • No split shifts.
Qualifications: Be a native English speaker and a teacher Hold a minimum bachelor’s degree from an accredited university from English speaking countries Have a clean criminal record from your country Enthusiasm for teaching with an outgoing personality Willingness to cooperate and be a part of a growing team The ideal applicant: The ideal applicant holds a degree in Education, English, Communications, or Linguistics. It is best if he/she has some teaching experience, or at least experience working with young children. He/she is a blend of 3 main ingredients: love, discipline, and intelligence. Korean children are a bit more fragile han their Western cousins, and a little love goes a long way. We used to describe this quality as gentleness, but found that teachers can appear gentle without giving themselves to students, so we emphasize that the teachers must really care for the students. Discipline is required not only to keep up our tight schedule, but also to keep your students disciplined (while still remaining gentle!). There are so many reasons why intelligence is required, but we hope most are obvious. He/she knows that this is a job and not a vacation, despite being far from home. Many people make EFL a career, and we expect such dedication. Above all else, he/she must love being around children because that is what it’s all about. Additional required qualities are self-motivation, inquisitiveness, punctuality, a desire for learning, and professionalism. If you are interested in applying for one of these positions, please submit your resume and recent photo to:
[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or call us at 02-6285-2909.
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