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2016.10.18 23:27 chounies #PhillyRoomates4lyfe

Cause we don't spend enough time on reddit.

2019.05.16 16:29 chloepinexxx A place to help anyone who has a uterus

This sub is dedicated to providing information and resources to those in need of abortion services. For direction to funds and other helpful information, please read the [wiki](https://old.reddit.com/auntienetwork/wiki/index).

2016.04.13 22:39 no_turn_unstoned WELCOME TO THE_PACK


2023.06.09 18:02 Cheap-Veterinarian33 Street Kings RP Noob Friendly City

Street Kings RP is a noob friendly RP community driven by our citizens, our active staff care about our community and want to help if you have any issues at all. We will accept only the highest quality of roleplay citizens, while still allowing you to have fun! We are always looking for new friends, streamers, and roleplayers to bring the best experience to our community as possible. Everything is player owned from stores to gas stations, mechanic shops, taxi, car dealerships and more.
Join our Discord to keep in touch and make new friends https://discord.gg/Dvd9VXNcUN
At Street Kings RP you will find:
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2023.06.09 18:01 Orphandestroyer99 The East Field Massacre part 2 (Vengeance Day)

Serious content warning: gore and lots of death. If you seriously don’t like this shit don’t read it
the cause
“Even though it was because of what they had done I don’t think anyone deserves this” - Venlil citizen
Many people remember the horrible tragedy that had occurred at the East Field Plaza. However in more recent events another horrible and awful event has taken place.
It was on the morning of June 19th when and armed human in full fire proof gear and a bullet proof helmet and vest entered the building of an exterminator guild.
[Embedded: image shows camera footage of the assailant entering the building through the front. In his hands are an assault rifle without a stock. There also appears to be mags attached to his gear all over]
It was then that the armed human started to attack. Going through the building finding and shooting the workers inside.
[Embedded: image shows a picture of an injured Sivkit with multiple bullet wounds]
He systematically went through each room searching for victims to kill.
60 people were left dead from the attack and only 13 people survived the humans rampage.
[Embedded: 10 pictures showing the only survivors of the attack]
One of the victims told us “ it was like we were in hell. A predator searching for us that wouldn’t stop until we were all dead” onlookers from outside the building could only watch in horror as the massacre unfolded.
Memory transcript subject: Greg Johnson, the armed assailant Date: [standardized human time] June 19th, 2137
It was finally time. I pulled the car near the entrance of the building and looked at it. It disgusted me. What they have done to my daughter and her friend would make anyone sick.
I got out of the car and walked into the building. There I saw a Harchen at the front desk. Before he could say a word I aimed my rifle and let the bullets fly. The damn lizard slumped to floor.
“Alright who’s next?” I went down the hallway and peaked through a door. I sprayed the bullets at the two Kolshians talking, their violet blood spraying from where they were hit.
“SHOTS FIRED!” I heard the Farsuls loud yelling and went out towards the hallway once more. Multiple people peeked their heads out to see what was going on. I mowed them down swiftly the bullets falling to the ground as the body thumped like rocks.
I went from room to room blasting whoever I saw. I opened cabinets to find people hiding to only come to and end. I was walking down one of the hallways when I heard some yelling behind me.
“Light the fucker up!” The exterminators fired their flames at me yet it did nothing thanks to my fireproof suit. Their faces when I walked out of the flames it was the most funniest thing I’ve ever seen.
I lit them up the bullets cutting through them swiftly. I then walked over and grabbed one of the small flamethrowers for later.
I went ahead through the halls cutting down everyone and everything I saw. I looked down and saw and injured Dossur trying to crawl away. I put my foot over it and with a loud wet crunch it’s pitiful life was over.
“Well now my boot is all sticky” the building was now on fire thanks to those fucking poor excuses of officers. I still had yet to find my target. I was walking through the halls the walls looking like a kids finger painting. I saw the prick in a room.
“NO STAY AWAY!” The Fissan tried to back away but I grabbed him by the throat. I looked out the window and saw the UN peace keepers had arrived. Damn they were good at their job.
I broke open a window and held the Fissan over the ledge. “This is for what you did to my daughter you son of a bitch” with the news trucks outside watching I put the barrel of the flamethrower into his mouth and pulled the trigger.
The screams of the fucking bastard made me laugh with glee. You could hear the cracking and popping of his flesh the Smokey scent of burnt meat was well in the air. I could see the UN peace keepers rushing into the building.
Then again living through this was a luxury.
It was then that the UN peace corps had arrived at the scene ready to battle the assailant.
[Embedded: UN vehicles outside th exterminator office building]
Before they could enter the now burning building they a truly horrid site as a Fissan was burned infront of their eyes.
The corps then rushed into the building. A massive shoot out then started between the assailant and the peace keepers lasting only 30 minutes before the assailant was put down.
Memory transcript subject: Jonathan, UN Peace keeper Date: [standardized human time] June 19th, 2137
We rushed into the building. The carnage inside was nothing like I’ve seen. The only thing comparable was what had happened at the plaza. We went through the halls looking for survivors yet we only found so few.
We went up the stairs where we only found more carnage. The smell was unnerving and strong. Before we could check one of the rooms a wave of rounds flew past us. I went behind some cover and saw the bastard who had caused this.
He was covered head to toe in flame proof gear. He shot his rifle towards our direction obviously wanting to fight to the last minute.
“COME AND GET ME YOU FUCKERS!” We traded shots as my team flanked him from the other side. He actually managed to injure a couple of our men.
We got so close to him that I could hear him reloading his rifle with another mag. He had ducked behind a desk and was firing blindly.
“Throwing flash!” Pierre sent a flash bang towards the prick blinding him and giving us enough time to rush him. Before we could order for him to surrender he sent a barrage of bullets.
We all mowed him down like a firing squad. He then lumped to the floor slowly. We went over and checked.
He was dead.
After gathering our things we headed outside where we saw a crowd had gathered and the EMTs were caring for the few survivors that we had found.
God this is one of the worst things I’ve ever seen.
After the situation had been brought to an end people lined the streets mourning the lost. A flower bed was left outside the building with the pictures of the people who died.
[Embedded: picture of the flowerbed with pictures of the dead]
An official statement was released by the UN this morning saying they have started and investigation to see how the assailant could of gotten the gear and weapons he had used.
Many people are calling for more restrictions on the space ports to make sure weapons like those used in the massacre could never get onto Venlil Prime again.
Governor Tarva has also made a statement sending her condolences to the families of the victims and reassuring the public that she will do whatever she can to make sure this never happens again.
Most of the public is divided on what to think of the matter with most people thinking it could have been prevented while some saying it would’ve happened regardless of what had been done.
But for now the rest is yet to be seen as the case unfolds.
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2023.06.09 17:58 The_Omniphage [QCrit] Adult Sci-Fi Action Thriller - HOUNDS OF GAIA (70k, 2nd attempt)

Hey all,
Thanks for helping me out with my first attempt. As you can see, a lot has changed about this 2nd one, including the name of the book itself and almost the entirety of the query letter. I took the feedback to heart and I hope this one hits the mark a bit better by providing more of a character angle and focus.
Dear [READER],
Foxhound never cared much about the gaps in her memory. Sure, it bothered her—not knowing who she was or where she came from. But being a Contractor, a kind of spacefaring mercenary, helped keep her mind off things. Rather than dwelling, she’d rocket around the farthest reaches of the solar system, earning a steady paycheck hunting down ne’er-do-wells and enjoying a semblance of freedom most folks in the outer colonies couldn’t dream of. So when she receives an urgent request from a humanist cult aboard a city-sized starship claiming to have a brutal, bone marrow-eating serial killer in custody, she accepts the gig. She figures the contract to transfer the prisoner back to Earth is just another well-paying job that’ll keep her mind off things.
Upon discovering that the suspect in custody is an orphan girl—one that could pass for the merc’s much younger doppelgänger—she decides it’s time to get some answers. But before she can piece together who the girl is, how their lives intertwine, and who orchestrated their implausible rendezvous, a group of violent prisoners aboard Foxhound’s starship breaks free. As the once-peaceful cultists take up arms in response, Foxhound teams up with her mechanized AI assistant and two of the cult’s wayward members to stop the barbaric escapees, elude the grasp of the cult’s enigmatic, radicalized leader, and protect and extract the mysterious, potentially dangerous girl.
HOUNDS OF GAIA (70,000 words) is a sci-fi action-thriller with horror elements set thousands of years into humanity’s lonely future. The book will appeal to lovers of sci-fi in the tradition of S.A. Barnes (Dead Silence), Edward Ashton (Mickey7), and James S.A. Corey (Leviathan Falls).
Location: Unknown
Observe. Examine. Analyze. Extrapolate.
React. Retreat.
Dodge. Guard. Protect.
Advance. Attack. Annihilate.
Slash. Maim. Rip. Crack. Devour.
Satisfy. Nourish. Sustain.
Evacuate. Escape.

“Where the hell is everybody?” Corporal Vasquez, a senior officer of Deadwood Mining Corporation Security, said out loud to no one in particular.
In his four years working for DMC-Sec’s boots-on-the-ground District Management Team, he had never seen a security substation so empty. Even for Deadwood—one of the smallest backwater mining asteroids, floating around the Kuiper Belt so far beyond the reach of the sun’s rays—it seemed unusual, concerning even. There wasn’t even an officer stationed at the reception desk.
“How should I know?” replied his captive, a gaunt, worse-for-wear man known around the station only as “Fink.”
“Wasn’t talking to you.” Vasquez shoved Fink, sending the bald, slender man shoulder-first into one of the security substation walls.
“Hey, watch it, man,” the prisoner whined, righting himself. He shook his wrists, jingling the cumbersome cuffs that kept his arms secured behind his back. “Kind of at a disadvantage here.”
In the short time they had been together, Vasquez had already begun to understand why some of his fellow officers chose to use violence as a means of keeping the rabble around the station in check. It wasn’t his style. In fact, it was a point of pride to Vasquez that he never bent the rules when it came to enforcing what limited laws there were on Deadwood, but Fink had pushed him to his limits through sheer annoyance and indignation.
Vasquez had picked up Fink while undercover on a human trafficking sting. The skeletal man hadn’t been the target, and the corporal had blown his cover by bringing him in, but Vasquez simply couldn’t ignore the flagrance with which Fink had approached him. Worse, Fink was offering up children for sale. The conversation between them had lasted mere minutes before Fink was in cuffs and Vasquez was marching him back to the security substation for processing.
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2023.06.09 17:49 Peezyyyy_ I was kinda right about the shop

For those who remember i made a post about me not wanting or caring to introduce myself to the shop owner and saying they shop is wormy/filled with shop rockets and asking for shirts and what not. I’m at a job down the street cuz my foreman is out on my job. So me and another apprentice are helping out. They got one jw on site and 4 1st years working alone and 1 cw. Granted me and the other 1st year got a couple years non union. Also the jw talks to me and recommends i buy unibits and lasers for the task im doing. (Not on our tool list).
Is it just me or is the shop kinda wormy?
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2023.06.09 17:42 LostTechnician2764 Animal Rescuers of Reddit, how do you manage stress, emotions, and find balance in your personal lives?

Dear animal rescuers of Reddit,
I live in a country where there aren't any official animal shelters or a proper system to place stray pups or dogs for adoption. Although we do have a few animal welfare organizations, they are either too busy or not very helpful. As a regular person, I often find myself taking care of stray pups in my area. Currently, I have five stray pups that I'm trying to find good families for, but the animal welfare organizations haven't been of much assistance. Fortunately, with the help of a few generous individuals, I was able to get the pups vaccinated and neutered. However, I'm constantly worried about their safety, especially since some of my neighbors don't like strays.
My main dilemma is that I want to adopt one or two of the pups myself, but I can't do that while the others continue to suffer on the streets. Moreover, these pups have formed a close-knit group, and it seems wrong to separate them. I've tried posting about them everywhere I can think of, but I'm not having much luck finding them loving homes.
So, here are my questions:
  1. Should I adopt a pup from this group, considering they all live in the same area anyway?
  2. What self-care practices or activities do you find helpful in managing stress and preventing burnout?
  3. Do you have a support system or community that provides emotional support? How do they contribute to your well-being?
  4. Balancing work and personal life can be tough. How do you establish boundaries and maintain a healthy work-life balance?
  5. Are there any specific strategies or techniques you use to process and release your emotions after particularly challenging rescue situations?
I appreciate any advice or suggestions you can provide.
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2023.06.09 17:41 Narrow-Average-400 When to he worry about high diastolic BP

I am a 26F, a little overweight (BMI 30), but I’ve always had healthy BP until recently. I’ve taken my blood pressure a few times this week (I hadn’t been monitoring consistently until this week, but it was normal when I went to the doctor in February) and I’ve had normal systolic BP (below 120) but diastolic BP is consistently in the mid to high 90s. Most recent bloodwork (February) was all normal except slightly elevated TSH, but we’ve since increased my Synthroid. I’ve also lost about 10 lbs since February. Is this something I should be concerned about or should I continue monitoring and wait and see? I’m having a hard time getting a doctors appointment because of a recent change in insurance but could probably go to urgent care or something if I needed to. I don’t have any symptoms besides the high BP. I don’t drink or smoke.
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2023.06.09 17:37 holyspirit1313 Guided Prayer to St Expedite for Urgent Needs (Posting Because a Blessing Occurred!)

Guided Prayer to St Expedite for Urgent Needs (Posting Because a Blessing Occurred!)
My sisters and brothers, I am sharing with you a very special prayer to my heart that I discovered four years ago. Ever since, I have created a short guided prayer video to this prayer so that all may know this powerful intercessor, St Expedite. He is the saint of urgent needs, procrastination, and I can say without a doubt he has helped me in times of great emergencies!
I recently completed this prayer as a 9 day novena and would like share with you a blessing and testimony. At the time for two weeks, I have had seen no progress in a particular situation financially that left me in great distress. I could not find the means to care for my family in light of a medical emergency. Despite the struggles during this novena, I kept praying even when I felt like my faith was wavering. On the 9th day all of a sudden things changed drastically, and in turn not only did the medical emergency subside but the financial situation recovered! Praise God!
This is my thanks to God and to St Expedite for his miraculous and speedy intercession. Please share this prayer video if it resonates with you. God bless!
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2023.06.09 17:36 2FatC TGIF Tour of Headlines

The oil market is buzzing about the surprise cut by the KSA, who effectively said, "Take that!" to those commodity traders short on oil due to global macro economic slowing. Meh.
OPEC members cheat. Certain members can't produce up to their quota level. Certain members can't afford to dial production back. The Saudi's continue to enjoy being the swing producer in their cartel with the means to add or subtract barrels almost like operating a light switch. But. This isn't positive news for the start of summer driving season.
Let's look at other headlines. From Morning Brew, tension between bosses and workers about WFH. Excerpt:
Plus, there’s a whole lot of drama at the insurer Farmers Group, the WSJ reported. Last year, its CEO told employees that WFH was permanent. But a new guy, Raul Vargas, took over the position and last month said actually, nevermind. Vargas told staff that in order to foster “collaboration, creativity, and innovation” workers needed to be back in the office at least three days a week.
Employees Revolted
Farmers Group staff raged on internal communication sites, saying they’d made huge lifestyle changes}}&mid={{md5(profile.email)}}&mblid=32ee8aea3dfe) (like moving to new cities and ditching their cars) thinking they would get to work from their living rooms forever. Some threatened to quit and others suggested unionizing.
Return-to-office mandates have not gone over well at other companies, either. Last week, crowds of corporate Amazon workers walked out}}&mid={{md5(profile.email)}}&mblid=346b6303ed01) of the Seattle headquarters to protest a number of grievances they had with the company, including its demand for in-person work three days a week. Amazon’s response? Thanks for the feedback, see you in the office <3.
And good news for Tesla:
Tesla’s charging network adds another big name. GM CEO Mary Barra said that her company’s electric vehicles will be able to plug into}}&mid={{md5(profile.email)}}&mblid=5688739dd5d1) Tesla’s lightning-fast Supercharger network starting next year. Plus, beginning in 2025, all of GM’s freshly made EVs will come with Tesla’s charging hardware. GM’s announcement follows a similar move Ford made last month, and the deal among the three largest US-based automakers essentially guarantees that Tesla’s chargers will be the industry norm moving forward.
Possible Bad News for Alcohol Sin Stocks? This stat:
Stat: Whether they’re opting for shroom chocolates or just being hangover-conscious, Gen Z is buying noticeably less alcohol}}&mid={{md5(profile.email)}}&mblid=8681e1518818) at concerts, Billboard reported. One club owner in Tucson, AZ, told the outlet that at every event aimed at Gen Z, alcohol sales fell by as much as 25% compared to concerts for older folks. While that may be a hopeful sign for society, it’s a sobering development for smaller venues that need to make up lost revenue.
I like sin stocks. And the last time I bought alcohol at an event, it was hella expensive, but I wouldn't rush to sell any sin stocks on this tidbit. If I owned a real estate stock, I might consider other ways people are consuming entertainment and look for larger data sets. Would AI and VR be disruptive here?
From Yahoo's Morning Brief:
What We're Watching:
Goodbye, Bear Market: With the bear market finally behind, investors are continuing to ask the questions the Brief has been raising this week — will we see the strength in tech continue to the rest of the market?
What We're Reading:
And excerpts from an Open Letter to Ryan Cohen (link below):
...But you are failing GameStop.
And perhaps your biggest failure is the lack of communication to the average investor community.
A series of 8-minute-long earnings calls the past two years led by Furlong, with no Q&A? Are you kidding?
Not a single investor-focused event detailing your grand plan?
I get being cryptic for competitive reasons, but you are a public company executive. Investors deserve to know about the vision for a company controlled by you personally and your handpicked board.
The average investor has placed a ton of faith in you, Ryan. They have spent hours upon hours reviewing GameStop's financials, supporting you on social media, and the comment sections on Yahoo Finance, among other places.
It's time you show them the respect they deserve. The Ryan Cohen we talked with at Yahoo Finance in 2019 seemed to be someone that would at least entertain the thought of caring about the average guy.
Be that Ryan Cohen again. Investors deserve it… and have earned it by supporting you blindly for two plus years.
Note: A spokesperson for Ryan Cohen didn't return Yahoo Finance's request to make Ryan Cohen available for an interview for this piece.
Ouch. Brian didn't pull his punches and he's absolutely right about the earnings calls. Eight minutes? That's ridiculous. There's no trust on Wall Street. Analysts have bosses and bosses hate surprises because investors hate (mostly) surprises.
And over at $EXPI, the stock gapped up. The squeeze continues to play out...
Have a great day and a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by.

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2023.06.09 17:32 MishyJ- LGBTQ+ Friendly General Practitioners

Hey, all. I'm currently in the market for finding a primary care provider and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for LGBTQ+ friendly doctors in the area? I'm a young (20s) AFAB person with no immediate health concerns, so it's not urgent at all, but I need to find someone to schedule a regular check-up with. Just want to say thank you in advance for any help y'all can provide c:
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2023.06.09 17:00 yeahthatmomGVL Felon owner of Select in Greer causing more problems for downtown 🙄

Can the feds just take care of him and seize that building to repay the money he stole - so we can get him off of Trade Street ?!? Lord.
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2023.06.09 16:52 PaleImportance2351 female 24 diagnosed with frozen shoulder

i was just diagnosed with frozen shoulder yesterday after waking up one morning and with arm pain. it was mild at first but still very noticeable & on memorial day at dinner the pain intensified and has gotten worse ever since. i went to see a chiropractor first to see if an adjustment might help but it hasn’t and the adjustments hurt extremely bad. i went to an orthopedic urgent care yesterday and they gave me a cortisone shot in my shoulder and recommended physical therapy for 6 weeks. from what i know frozen shoulder typically affects people 50+ or people that don’t move their shoulders around as much, neither of which apply to me at all. im a server that works doubles 4 days out of the week & i workout 4-5x a week before work. so im not sure how my shoulder became frozen at all but it’s a major inconvenience and i can no longer work or do basic day to day activities. putting on a bra is impossible (unless it’s a sports bra which i hate bc they’re unflattering), putting my hair in a ponytail, driving, and even sleeping is difficult. when i look up recovery time for frozen shoulder it’s typically 1.5-3 years. this is extremely discouraging and depressing that I’m dealing with this at such a young age. can anyone offer any type of advice that helped them get back to normal quickly (1-2 months)?
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2023.06.09 16:46 SchlesingerMindy323 [HIRING] 25 Jobs in AL Hiring Now!

Company Name Title City
Vital Smiles General Dentist for Children Bessemer
Lee Company Plumbing Sales Consultant Bryant
UniFirst Route Service Supervisor- UniFirst Decatur
Vital Smiles General Dentist for Children Fultondale
FRESENIUS LPN (will train) Madison
NaphCare LPN Montgomery
Harmon Scrap Metal LLC Heavy Equipment Operator Athens
Harmon Scrap Metal LLC Roller Operator Athens
US Navy Electronics Engineer Birmingham
US Navy Bomb Technicial (EOD) Birmingham
US Navy Cryptologic Technician Birmingham
Lakeview Estates Resident Care Associate Birmingham
Southern Health Partners Lpn Weekend Nurse Days Columbiana
Excel Interior Door, L.L.C. Production Operator Decatur
Harmon Scrap Metal LLC Heavy Equipment Operator Decatur
Excel Interior Door, L.L.C. Production Operator Hartselle
Excel Interior Door, L.L.C. Ethanol Operator Hartselle
Excel Interior Door, L.L.C. General Machine Operator Hartselle
Guitar Center Guitar Center- Repair Tech- Urgent Hiring Huntsville
Southern Health Partners Rn Registered Nurse Days Huntsville
Guitar Center Guitar Center- Retail Shop Luthier Huntsville
Freeman Webb Company Leasing and Marketing Manager Madison
Guitar Center Luthier Montgomery
Guitar Center Musical Instrument Tuner and Repairer Montgomery
BayMark Health Services Nurse Practitioner (NP) Oxford
Hey guys, here are some recent job openings in al. Feel free to comment here or send me a private message if you have any questions, I'm at the community's disposal! If you encounter any problems with any of these job openings please let me know that I will modify the table accordingly. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 16:45 Raokairo Is every single doctors office backed up beyond their ability to help?

I have a huge problem. I’m in a great amount of pain in my shoulder. I woke up and this intense searing pain just pulsed through it. It’s deep, like a rotator cuff issue I think. It’s not an emergency by any means and I don’t want to burden potential patients with something that isn’t life or death, but I’m in so much pain I can’t concentrate.
I used to use St Luke’s of Blue Valley but they never answer my calls, treat me like a fucking wallet and literally never get back to me even on their stupid app. And now apparently they’ve moved and I never knew that. I’m sick of St Luke’s health system in general. It’s complete garbage that people who need to see a doctor have to wait months to see the doctor they’ve already established a relationship with. What is that?
I called HCA Belton to try to establish with a new doctor, but they’re months out for new patients. Once you get in apparently you can get same day appointments easily but that’s just what the receptionist said. It’s still over a week for me to see a fucking NP.
I don’t know what to do at this point. Urgent care facilities don’t have any resources that don’t send you fifty different places for labs, and the hospitals direct you to small practices that can’t handle the amount of people thrown at them. What do I do? I literally cannot understand what I’m supposed to do in a healthcare system that doesn’t care about my pain.
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2023.06.09 16:35 Responsible_Fox_5612 [ToTK] The sad, yet inspiring Story of Aster from Hateno Village.

So I was going around Hateno Village giving mushrooms to a bunch of people. I was a little bit lost, so I started going around, entering every house and talking to everyone. One night I discovered a colorful house on the outskirts of the village, populated by just a little girl, Aster, who was sleeping. I got a little bit sad, cause it was fairly cute, she was sleeping, dreaming of froggies, but she was all alone. On the next day I decided to go around town again and spotted the girl leaving school on her way for some snacks.
She was basically going to her father Medda, a farmer taking care of a tomato farm behind the main street. I was glad, she wasn't alone, cause I feared the worst, but decided for some reason to follow her through her day.
After some time she left her father and went for her house....

... or at least that's what I and SHE thought. She went to the house in front of the tomato farm and talked how this was her former house and she gets confused and goes back there by default. It seems she doesn't live there anymore for some reason. After that she went back to her real home to play with some frogs.

After talking to her during her frog "hunt", she says, she learnt hunting frogs from Zelda. She along the other children of the village misses Zelda a lot and seems to have formed a bond with her. Now that got me thinking again about the mother of the poor girl. It does seems like Zelda plays a mother role in her life (I am not implying Zelda is her mother) and she has developed this connection. I went digging into the wiki and it seemed as in BoTW, while sleeping, Aster will talk about her mother. In this game however...
... she talks about froggies in her sleep. It feels like her mother figure was found in Zelda. After some time outside in the evening, she goes inside and falls asleep. After a few more hours, her father arrives tired and just stands there watching her, while she is asleep. This was definitely sad to see, as when you ask him, he says this is the only time he can spend with her daughter. Medda doesn't seem to talk about his wife and as she has been missing for both games now, I would assume the worst happened... :(

The drawings of her father and her near her bed, don't make it easier. I would guess, something bad happened to her mother and the two are now living alone, getting help from maybe Zelda and the other townfolk.

However ending it on a hopeful note, the girl wakes up early and sprints to school screaming "Gotta get there first!". She overtakes the old folk, including her father and indeed arrives at school earlier then all the other kids. :)
I can't believe I actually got emotional, about a random NPC in a random village, that has 0 IMPACT on the game whatsoever (or at least for now). It felt so lifelike and sad for some reason, yet her inspiring sprint to school and her determination seem to give me a lot of hope for some reason. I don't know what happens with the school quest for now, so I couldn't say, if there is more concerning her mother or no. Now I do have a small theory, about the other house neighbouring theirs, which seems to be abanndoned. Could it be, that the owner of the house was Zelda herself?
Thanks for reading!
TLDR; a random small girl in Hateno village has more character, then some major protagonists from AAA games.
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2023.06.09 16:29 dgtexan14 Healthcare in America I hate it!!!

I am 96% sure i have gonorrhea. I just want to get tested and have the shot today and it is impossible to do so in CT. There is gay clinic that offers free stds but my luck they don’t open Fridays. I was able to make an apt until Monday. I don’t have insurance and everyone quotes me $300 plus additional fees may apply. I fucking hate this. I have to suffer for 2 days for no logical reasoning. I’m here needed urgent care and they transfer me to their billing departments like if i’m buying a car negotiating for a price for help. Unbelievable. Fuck US healthcare.
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2023.06.09 16:16 Flamingpotato100 What can we as normal people do to solve these absurd rents?

What can we as normal people do to solve these absurd rents?
From the perspective of a Floridian.
Housing in Florida in general is expensive but specifically south Florida has gotten out of control. It’s starting to get to California level of overpriced and greedy.
Ok I get it there’s a ton of people moving here and the state is growing which is generally a good thing. But if the lowest option for rent gets too much above the median income it will drive many people away from here. Nobody will be able to afford to be a service worker unless they live with their parents or jam packed into a bedroom with a bunch of other people.
We can fight politically. Would rent control be a decent option? I know here it’s been very controversial due to the landlord lobby. Increase wages? Organize a rent protest? Make it a big big issue come election time.
One of the biggest barriers to move in is the absurd up front costs now they require THREE months of rent upfront. It wasn’t like that before and it’s not like that anywhere else. Who has 10k to move in to an entry level rental? You’d have to save for a long time assuming you come out positive in cash at the end of each month making the median wage.
I saw a post on Miami where they talked about the fact that living here feels like you’re being mocked all the time for being poor. It’s all me me me. How can I show that I make money and all peasants below me could never. Wish there was more of a sense of community where people are down to meet, network, socialize, etc. But everyone just cares about posting their $50 brunch on Instagram to flex on the brokies.
How are abuelas and abuelos supposed to live here. People without the ability to move up in their careers. Soon a significant portion of those people are gonna have to go on section 8 to afford to stay here. And that’s taxpayer money going towards an issue caused by greed. I love this state I’ve been here my whole life and want to stay here but the future looks grim. We’re going to turn into California where people are renting RV’s parked on the street for $2000 a month unless we take action and demand a solution to this housing crisis.
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2023.06.09 16:09 Past_Ad_3187 Me (F25) and my boyfriend (M27) are in a disagreement on who’s in the wrong

English is not my first language, so please excuse any mistakes. My boyfriend and I have been together for 2.5 years and have been living together for the last year. A few weeks ago, I bought tickets for a concert that my BF wanted to go to. Yesterday, we went and it was great. The only problem was that we were a bit hungry from the beginning of the concert and there wasn't anything to eat. So we said we would go eat elsewhere after the concert ended. After the concert, we headed to a bar near our house that serves nice food. I wasn't that hungry because I was drinking (he was driving), but I had a nice time and didn’t want the night to end, it had been a while since we went on a proper date because we are both students. When we got there, there was a waiting list. My BF didn't want to wait because at this point he was starving, so we headed across the street to another place. They were closing, so my BF headed to Domino's. I told him I didn't want pizza, but he could go ahead and order, and I would just grab something when we got home. He offered to get something else for me that's not pizza, but I didn't want anything. It's worth adding that I was interested in getting something from those previous places because I like the food there. We eat pizza at least once a week because my BF loves pizza, but yesterday I wasn't hungry and just not in the mood for anything from there. When it was our turn to order, my BF ordered a large pizza and a meat sandwich (he is vegetarian, so it was obviously for me). I told him I didn't want anything and I wasn't going to eat it, but he didn't care. So I approached the lady who took his order and told her to cancel it. He told her to keep it, and we went on for an awkward minute. I took a chance and paid for the pizza just to make it over, only for him to place another order for a meat sandwich. I was so frustrated and furious because he was so stubborn and wouldn't listen to me, so I got out and started crying. When he came, he didn't understand why I was like this. I told him to stop thinking that he knows what's good for me better than I know. He said I was making a scene in front of people, that it was childish, and a new side of me that he hadn't seen. I didn't back down, and he said that I was walking on thin ice so I told him to break up with me…It wasn't pretty. We got the pizza and headed home. On the way home, I saw the events without a fight in my eyes, so I calmed down and was ready to talk about it. I don't remember what we talked/fought about when we got home, but it ended with him coming to hug me while I was crying. Today, I had to get up early to visit my parents (it was a planned visit), and we talked on the phone to clear the air. My BF thinks he did nothing wrong. He said that I overreacted and he wanted to do a nice thing for me. He didn't want me to have nothing to eat while we sat together and he ate. He also said that 80% of the time when I say I don't want to eat, I end up having a slice. I told him that it's true, but this was obviously not the same case because I was so clear that I didn't want it, and he could tell that. This is not the first time he has done something like this (I'm not going to get into the previous time, but it has to do with him meddling in my school work. He knows it was wrong on his part, and he took responsibility for it). I told him he was being controlling and toxic. He said that I'm influenced by my parents' relationship and that he is not like this. All he wanted was to give me something to eat, and sometimes in a relationship, people make decisions on their own, and he believed my reaction was way out of proportion. I agreed that it wasn't a big deal on its own, but it built up with all the other things. I wanted to know why he insisted on ordering that sandwich when he had a chance to drop it. I said it looked like he wanted to show me who is the boss, and after I pushed him for an answer, he said that he didn't want to give in in front of people and that it wasn't my place to meddle with his order in the first place because he was the one having the conversation and he was planning on buying it, so I have no say in it. We got to the part where each thinks he is right. He kept telling me to tell the story to an outsider so I can get some perspective. So, what do you think? Who is in the wrong here?
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2023.06.09 16:09 burnside38 TIFU by donating $15,041 to a poor community in Bangladesh instead of the $150 donation I intended + UPDATE

I am NOT OP. Original post by u/lazybear90 in tifu
Hi all. This is my first time posting here, please let me know if I made any mistakes.
Trigger warnings: none I think
Mood spoiler: overwhelmingly wholesome
Original post: May 26, 2023
This happened in February of last year, but my friends have been telling me I need to post this story online … so here goes nothing:
My wife and I (both 31 years old, at the time) moved into a new three-unit apartment building in San Francisco. One of our neighbors is a 70-something year old retired veteran, we’ll call him Joe. For context, Joe is a white American guy and he’s also a devout Hindu priest. One day I run into Joe in my hallway, and he tells me about this charity he manages for a community in Bangladesh. I wanted to support my neighbor and the charity, so I ask Joe to send me the GoFundMe link.
The next day at work, I go on the GoFundMe page and donate $150. Or so I thought. Moments later, I get a text on my phone warning me of an unusually large transaction on my credit card. I’m confused and swipe to open the text message. It says I have made a payment of $15,041 to GoFundMe. Immediately I’m sweating. How could I have donated FIFTEEN THOUSAND DOLLARS? I spend the next 10-15 minutes retracing my steps, and finally I realize my credit card starts with the numbers 4 and 1. It seems I had accidentally started typing my credit card information while my cursor was still in the donation box, and just like that 150 became 15041. Yikes.
I call GoFundMe’s support line in a panic, and when I finally connect with a human I explain what happened. “No need to worry”, he tells me, they will initiate a refund of the transaction which should process in 3-7 business days. That’s a huge relief. But then I ask the agent if the charity will be able to see the donation on the GoFundMe page until it is refunded. “What do you mean?” the agent asks me. “What do YOU mean what do I mean?” was my response. “Will they be able to see the $15,041 donation?!” Unfortunately, yes, the agent tells me. They will be able to see it until the refund process is complete. I tell him that’s a big problem, as the entire GoFundMe had hardly raised that much at that point. Surely they will notice their fundraiser doubling overnight?
My plan was to knock on Joe’s door the following morning to give him the full story, so that he could pass it along to his contacts in Bangladesh. But when I woke up the next morning, I looked at my phone and saw I had 40+ notifications on Facebook. Someone had sent me a friend request, had liked many of my old posts, and had sent me many messages. Immediately I was concerned when I saw that the individual messaging me had a Hindu name, but I never could have imagined what I saw when I opened his first message…
The man had sent me a video of himself from Bangladesh, surrounded by dozens of impoverished and hungry people holding bags of food, thanking me BY NAME (Michael) for my generous donation. A big round of applause for Michael. At this point, I’ve leapt out of my bed and I’m pacing. Part of me wants to scream, part of me wants to crack up laughing. I start swiping through the man’s messages, and it is picture after picture after picture of poor Bangladeshis thanking me for my kind donation. Literally hundreds of photos of frail, elderly, disabled, and malnourished individuals holding signs with my name. Thank you, Michael. Thank you, Michael. I've uploaded a portion of the video, and a few photos, for you guys to see here: https://imgur.com/gallery/tROXniV
Editor's note: Photo descriptions
1: a screenshot of the GoFundMe page with Michael's $15,041 donation made and highligted.
2: a video of people holding food bags, and a man in the middle saying thank you to Michael.
3: two men with their food bags, with a sign that says "Thank you dear Michael for your kind help".
4: eight people with their food bags and a sign that says "Thanks dear Michael for your kind".
5: a lot of people gatherered, holding their hands in the air with their food bags at their feet.
6 through 11 contain different people with their food bags and one of the previous signs.
12: several people gathered for a selfie taken by the man from the video who thanks Michael.
13: same picture as 5.
14 and 15: more people with their food bags and the same signs.
Needless to say, I couldn’t live with myself just donating $150 after seeing how the community responded to the $15,041. I decided the least I could do was to add a zero, and so I donated $1,500 once the original donation was refunded. The charity’s host was incredibly gracious and understanding, and he explained to me that $1,500 goes very far in Bangladesh for urgent food relief. Here is the charity’s new GoFundMe link if you want to check it out: https://www.gofundme.com/f/urgent-food-relief-assistance-in-bangladesh
Ultimately I think the whole experience was a win-win. I helped a great cause, and I got a funny story out of it.
TL;DR: Some impoverished folks in Bangladesh thought I had sent them $15,041 but it was an accident and I had to request a refund for most of it.
EDIT: Many are asking why there is no $1,500 donation listed in the fund’s donation history. I donated to an old campaign link for the same charity. It is readily findable online, if you feel compelled to search for it.
Update post: June 2nd, 2023 (one week later)
PHOTO Updates: https://imgur.com/a/8Rv1LoZ (I assume the first of many photos to come in the following months)
Editor's note: Photo descriptions
1: Several Bangladeshi children holding plates waiting to get food, some are holding signs that say "Thanks Reddit". Caption: Thank you Reddit! These are just the first few photos I've received from the team leader, I'm sure there's so much more to come.
2: Similar to 1.
3: Similar, but with a sign that says "All this thanks to Reddit".
4: Similar to 3.
5: Women holding a sing that says "All this thanks to Reddit" with bags filled with fruit at their feet.
6: Same as 2.
7: A screenshot of the GoFundMe showing the number of donations prior to the Reddit post (26). Caption: Donations prior to my Reddit post ($12,500 or so, at that time)
8: A screenshot of the GoFundMe after the post. $63,301 were raised by 2.1K donations!
Caption: Donations as of this posting.
9: It's a conversation between Michael and the Team Leader (TL for short) in Bangladesh (named Shohag Chandra Das). The conversation is as follows:
Michael: I posted the story of my accidental donation on Reddit, when I donated 15,041 when I meant to donate $150.
TL: If I would know by your kindness what is the full form of Reddit.
Michael: People thought it was so funny and it went viral. Reddit is a community social media website. The story got 30,000 views, and the GoFundMe link was shared with everyone.
TL: Yes we 17 team members of Bangladesh realief Are now can hope to see a new future streagth We were hoping our program will be closed due to fund lacking
Caption: Messages from the local team leader in Bangladesh.
10th photo to 13th photo: More screenshots. I'll transcribe them here:
TL: Four emojis with a sad face and a tear. I have no words to praise you that what results your little gesture has brought for millions of needy boldest people in Bangladesh. AND DEAR SIR MILLIONS OF THANKS FOR YOUR KIND EFFORTS BY SHARING THiS FOOD DISTRIBUTION POST IN rebbit.com ,,its a strenghts for thousands of needy people and hungry children even we are seeking permanent sponsor to bear the cost of 20 accurate orphanage children for their rejoining into the school because they have lost their father now they are unable to manage the cost of educationg fooding ect ,,but no one was agreeing for this educational projects. Rebbit.com
TL: millions of thanks for your kindness dear sir i saw you have done it Michael sends a link to Reddit.com.
TL: Then this results has come. And million of thanks to you dear sir, to message me after looking this greatest news.
Then TL proceeds to send Michael lots of other photos of Bangladeshi people containing them eating, them holding their food bags and selfies.
TL: 17 total team members working in 4 districts under BR. But I have sent some pictures we are working in Bogura Office. But in 4 districts 17 young boys and girls doing part time jobs in our institute. Dear Sir. I am informing you because our institute getting a strong shape world wide.
14: A screenshot of the original GoFundMe page showing the $1,500 donation Michael ended up doing. With this text "My original $1,500 in donations on the old campaign page, since a lot of people were looking for this".
Caption: Some people were looking in the donation history on the campaign's new link to verify I actually made the $1,500 donation I claimed to have made in my story. The $1,500 donation (pictured) was made via the OLD campaign link
Last week, I posted one of my life's most embarrassing stories on TIFU, about the typo that caused me to donate $15,041 to a Bangladesh charity instead of the $150 donation I intended. At the time of my Reddit post, the charity’s latest campaign had approximately $12,500 from 26 total donations. My neighbor, the organizer of the charity, had told me the charity was running on fumes and looking to cancel some of its programs.
Of course I had hoped some Redditors might read my story and decide to help the charity, but I NEVER could have expected the overwhelming reaction nor the incredible generosity of the Reddit community. “Watch this post blow up, and a shit ton of Redditors donate” was one of the first comments the post received on Reddit. And that is exactly what happened. Over Memorial Day Weekend, the charity raised over $55,000 from over 2,100 new donations.
On Saturday, I had to explain Reddit to my 77-year-old neighbor and to the charity’s team leader in Bangladesh (he called it Rebbit, as you can see in my pics). They were absolutely blown away by the reaction – truly they view it as a miracle. I received the following message from my neighbor: “Without a doubt, this is the biggest wave of support to arrive since we started! Doors that were closed can now be opened. Plans that were parked can now be put in motion. There is much we can now accomplish. All due to your idea to post (in a funny way) on what happened a while ago. Abundant resources require an equal level of responsibility. No less. I am committed to see that these funds are applied carefully and continue to make a difference to those who need it most.”
Sometimes things just seem to work out for a reason. One Reddit donor commented, “Michael may have screwed up his donation, but hopefully his TIFU on Reddit has fixed that somewhat.” Thanks to Reddit, the Bangladesh community will receive roughly 4x the amount of the original donation I had refunded.
TL;DR: My embarrassing story of an accidental $15,041 donation (and refund of $13,541) goes viral on Reddit, Redditors raise over $55,000 for needy in Bangladesh!
EDIT: Holy cow someone just donated $5,000! Thank you, Anonymous!! Hopefully you didn’t mean to donate $500… it could happen to anyone. Charity link in comments and original post, if anyone else is interested!

Editor's note: If this gets posted I will be really happy that my first BORU post was this level of wholesome.
Reminder - I am not the original poster.
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2023.06.09 16:07 sassy_mannequin What's causing my sore throat?

36 female, non-smoker, 5'8" 200lbs TL;DR: Diagnosed bacterial bronchitis on May 23 (cold-like symptoms started on May 16), finished prescribed doxycycline and 5-day prednisone. Sore throat came back on June 5/6, worsened on June 7 – has not improved but also hasn't gotten worse. ––– I went to urgent care back on May 23 after having cold symptoms that settled into my chest and worsened after day 5/6. They gave me a 5-day run of steroids, an antibiotic, and a couple of cough medicines for bacterial bronchitis.
I finished my antibiotics mid-week last week and was greatly improved. I expected to have a slight cough for a few weeks but even that has improved quite a bit in the last week and a half. One nagging symptom I've had since the beginning was a sore spot in my throat in a specific spot and only on one side. It felt like it was a little past my left tonsil but beyond the typical area where your nose drains. It did improve but sort of came back earlier this week and still persists. That sore throat spot spread down a bit overnight Tuesday into Wednesday and now my throat feels sore and raw at about voicebox level. My voice is not hoarse anymore – maybe just a little at night and early morning. I'm going into day 3 with that with no other symptoms.
Will this resolve on its own? I only ask because my bronchitis was bacterial and I worry the antibiotics didn't fully knock it down. I have no other symptoms other than the residual minor coughing and some sinus drainage (my throat does not hurt in the typical post-nasal drip area but can it still be the cause?) Is it just irritated from throat clearing? That seems unlikely as my throat-clearing hasn't been anything egregious to warrant such a raw feeling. Ibuprofen helps the pain but not entirely.
My only other thought is air quality. I'm in the Midwest US and while it hasn't been as bad as the NE, our air quality has been poor these last few days and I wonder if still having a slight nagging cough and recovering from bronchitis has put me in a more sensitive group.
I'm basically just trying to decide if a trip to urgent care is warranted or if it'll resolve over the weekend. I get married on Tuesday and want to figure this out before then!
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2023.06.09 16:06 ImaFireSquid Some remaining plot threads after world tour ends

The protagonist defeats him and then calmly lets him wake up and go about his evil plan as normal. What the actual heck? He committed a legit murder and John Streetfighter is just gonna let him get up and continue his life as if nothing happened? In the last game, Ryu straight up evaporated M Bison, and our protagonist can't perform a coup de grace on the murderer they just killed?
Anyways, nobody has permanently dealt with JP, there's just a very powerful idiot running around that gives him a migraine when he realizes that he's now going to get brain damage when he decides to do something nasty.
Asterisk is a big question mark. Some things about him/her:
They want to know about the whereabouts of Ryu, Ken, and E Honda. This means that they are not a part of any military group since Interpol and the US military already have that intel, and JP doesn't remotely care about E Honda. This also means that they aren't Manon, or anyone in Metro City, since Manon helped E Honda find his location and it's a very public location in Metro City. Only Ken and Ryu are obscured.
I think it's one of the upcoming DLC characters (but not Akuma)
Rashiid- definitely the most tech saavy of the currently known cast, but it's unclear why he cares where people are. His revenge on Shadaloo is well since done. Could definitely track Bosch though.
Ed- Could be looking for members for Neo Shadaloo, to help dolls get normal lives, but I think it's weird that he didn't search for Cammy to help with this. Unclear how he'd be good at tech though, considering he spent his childhood in a cave with a boxer.
AKI- the big question mark since she's a totally unknown character.
Akuma- least likely. Too old and traditional to be able to track someone like Bosh.
Li Fen
Li Fen has more cards on the table than just the protagonist. She's also been sharing information with Kimberly to help take down JP. It's sort of unclear what her stake is in this particular game besides "JP is a bad guy", and learning more about her would be kind of fun. She's also depicted as unexpectedly powerful this game. She spends most of her time on her computer, then when it comes down to it, she takes down half of Mad Gear offscreen. She's as strong as Bosch is post psycho power with no buffs, and I do not understand this whole thing. Without being protagonist, she has total protagonist power.
Thunderfoot Village
At the end of Dhalsim's story, he says he sensed the... whatever that evil Ryu side thing is called, but then it turned out that Lily was clean. Who is rocking a superpowered evil side in that tiny Mexican tribe? There are only two characters with unique faces in the area so far, so I have to assume it's someone hiding nearby- is that Akuma just chilling in the bushes of tribal Mexico waiting for his chance to strike? How the heck did he get on a plane from Japan to Mexico? Isn't he like an international felon?
We were deprived a Pokemon esque story tournament where your OC gets to challenge the entire Street Fighter cast to reach the championship and I am deeply upset that we get one fight per tournament with anyone who matters at all to any story, one of those two has a face made in the character maker... give me a real tournament. I'm just tilted that our protagonist is the canonical winner of the SF6 tournament by default.
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2023.06.09 15:41 AJhlciho Best friend (29 F) disclosed abuse from a family member to me (29F) and not sure how to proceed with her family

Trigger warning: CSA
One of my best friends from college disclosed to me while we were still in college that she was molested by a “close family member” when she was a child. She didn’t tell me who it was; I only asked once and she said she wasn’t comfortable telling that, so I never pushed about it after that. I just supported her the best ways I knew how, cried with her after her therapy sessions and did my best to take her mind off it when she was tired of processing it.
That was a decade ago, and now we both have young children and are still good friends. She had moved across the country right after college, but recently her parents and brothehis family moved to my city (her brother got a new job, her parents moved with them because they’re retired and take care of her brothers kids). Well she was tired of raising kids without a support system so she and her husband moved to my city too, which I was super excited about!
It’s been awesome having my best friend close by again. She’s a SAHM, i freelance WFH part time so we have a lot of freedom to do things together. She relies on her family heavily for support with her kids, and they are all very close so often when I come over her brothers kids and sometimes her brotheparents are at her house or she’s at theirs and asks me to meet there.
Up to this point I’ve never really thought about her college confession. She said once that she hated when people (our other roommate) brought it up without her initiating the conversation, basically making her relive the trauma without her consent, so I never mentioned it outside of when she wanted to talk. But the other day I brought my kids over to her house and her parents were there. My 18 month old had just fallen asleep, but my 3 year old desperately wanted to play at the park that’s a 5 minute walk down the street. Her mom said she could keep an eye on the 18 month old while we took the older kids (my friends baby was napping too) and she would just call us when the babies woke up. It was like I heard a record screech in my head as soon as she said that and my memory of my friend’s CSA instantly replayed in my mind. So I looked at my friend to see what her reaction was and she said that sounded good and started to get the older kids shoes on. I said I thought we should wait until they woke up and then all go together. My friend and her mom both said it was no big deal and it would be easier to only take the big kids anyways.
I was torn, because on the one hand I trust my best friend to not put my kid in an unsafe situation and also her own kid was in the same situation, but on the other hand I’m never going to take any kind of risk or chance on that front. I was saved from making an awkward stand against my friend and her mom by my toddler waking up and coming to the playground with us anyways.
I didn’t bring it up to my friend in the moment because our kids were with us the rest of the afternoon, and I haven’t seen her since then. She never even confirmed that “family member” meant someone in her immediate family, and I also wonder if she would be as close to her family now if that were the case because they all spend so much time together. For all I know it could have been an uncle or grandparent or someone like that who she never sees now.
Would I be out of line to insist she tell me who assaulted her as a kid? Idk how I would feel about the entire relationship if it turns out it was someone in her immediate family who we see all the time. I’m just not sure that it’s my business at all especially because I’m not going to leave my kids alone with them regardless. I don’t want it to seem like I’d be “discriminating” against her or shaming her for disclosing her abuse to me so long ago, because I know that was a big barrier to her telling anyone before she told me (the idea that people would see her differently or think she was “tainted” in some way).
It’s just a super delicate situation and I’m not sure if there’s a way to protect my kids (which I’m going to do no matter what) while also being sensitive to my best friend of over a decade who has suffered a lot
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2023.06.09 15:28 Deep-Computer4494 1st Mediation results and I feel horrible is this normal

First, here is a short background on my situation. Married for a bit over 9 years. Two young kids (under 10 and the other is under 5). STBXW has spent years criticizing me (to the point her own mother said something private to my mom), cursing at me in front of the kids, she curses at the kids, dysregulated, quick to anger and scream. I've been chased into the street yelled at. She is very fragile and broken probably due to her upbringing. Even the simpliest question such as "is this clean or dirty" would result in her saying "It's clean you think I'm a slob and messy...." and start going off on me yelling at me. I would just just down and freeze and not respond. I dealt with that in therapy. Several months ago my last living parent (mom) passed away. A week later she told me how I'm verbally/emotionally abusive and she told me she is divorcing me.

I just want to be done with her. Going into mediation I was very fair, and reasonable, and wanted to work in good faith. As long as her demands were the same we could have been done in 30 minutes. She did tell me she wanted to be amicable. As stupid as she was she previously told my Sister that she was worried I would want 100% custody of the kids. This was never my position. I always wanted 50/50 for everything, including the kids.
Several days earlier I saw her mediation statement. This was the first time I learned her position. I know she wanted to buy me out of the house. That's fine I dont care it's a stupid move for her financially but not my problem. I just want my money. I dont care if the house is put up for sale publicly, or she pays me for it. Just give me my money. Her buying me out saves dealing with a realtor and comission and the need to fix up the house a bit for sale.
When we started the mediation right off the bat the mediator said it was a problem because her statement was missing info and vague in spots.
We pretty much plowed through things...she wants to buy me out of the house and have her mom co-sign....fine just give me my money (it's too much house for her, she doesn't earn a lot of money, and once the alimony stops she is screwed but that is her issue). She also hates her mom so thats amusing.
Everything else went well....except for the custody.
I wanted 50/50 even with her cursing at the kids, and dysregulation, that was what I felt is fair and best for the kids. She wanted me to have them one night a week (when she works late) and every OTHER weekend. ABSOLUTELY NON NEGIOTIABLE FOR ME. I explained my ENTIRE family is my sister, and my kids. I would spend every last dollar from my moms estate to fight this. It would cost $20-30k for an evaluator we were told and take months and I'd argue I want 100% custody because she is unfit.
Alimony...settling out of court typically you do half the length of the marriage. her wish was the maximum amount, which I might as well go to court at that point. I came in JUST under half which is reasonable. I settled on half which is only 6 months longer than my wish list and only $166 more a month. DONE
Long story short, she came back with 50/50 child custody. She was Probably was told what would happen if she stayed with her wish. DONE.

Yet last night I did not sleep at all. I just want to cry. I feel like I came out the loser. Probably because of the house. I feel like she "won' it even though I'm being bought out and get cash and it will literally make her house rich and cash poor. Its a bad move for her. But yet I feel like I sold my pre-marital house, bought this one with her, now I'm losing it (I just get cash). I'll have to look for a new house in this bad market, she does not. I also know the kids will remain in the school district at least which has free pre-k so I won't have to pay for daycare.
And the alimony makes me feel like a loser, but I know it's the law I have no choice.
Lastly I feel like I heard her and her mom on the phone and her mom just wanted to know if she got the house and they maybe feel like they won. It's upsetting.
And with the child custody fight at first, she accused me of not being a good parent and I feel like a bad guy and creep and I had to fight for it.
I didn't have much to eat last night. I didn't really sleep last night. I was emailing my lawyer and financial planner late into the night with questions. I just want to cry today.
Is this normal? Anyone else feel like this?
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