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Physical C&P exam tommorow morning Through VES (A contractor not @ VA I believe). Want all the Warnings, cautions & G wizz info for the absolute smoothest appointment with no Bs as I’ve heard horror stories before lol. Any info will help! submitted by Ok-Growth-4235 to VeteransBenefits [link] [comments]

2023.06.06 15:02 IaProc [First of Our Kind] - Chapter 31 - Part III

First: https://redd.it/11e34ce
Previous: https://redd.it/13ymf4y
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When Quin awoke the next morning to his alarm, he felt drained. He hated the mornings when he slept soundly through the night only to awaken feeling like he needed to go back to bed. Judging from Mae’s puffy eyes and the downcast look on her face, she felt the same way. They woke up the same way they had gone to sleep, Mae’s head resting on Quin’s chest. He surmised that this was a heavy night’s rest, no tossing and turning. Mae gave him a quick squeeze of a hug, and then swung herself upright, sitting on the edge of the bed. She then got up and trotted over to the sink, splashing water on her face and massaging her eyes. Her short hair and habit of wearing it wildly meant that her bed head gave her a natural mohawk, fitting for her style. Wiping her face down, she returned to the bed and sat down next to Quin, who had begun to make his effort to get up. They sat side by side silently, relishing the quiet offered by Quin’s chamber.
“C’mon, breakfast,” Mae said, pushing herself up off the bed using Quin’s shoulder. “Maybe we can beat the crowd?”
Quin sluggishly stood up and strode toward the door behind Mae, unsure how and if he wanted to greet the day. As they exited the room, several officers from different sections eyed them suspiciously with sly grins. Mae seemingly ignored everyone, though Quin couldn’t help noticing some passers-by with a nervous glance. They strode through the corridors, heading toward the cafeteria. As they were entering, Quin stole a glance around and immediately saw Pepper, surrounded by a few of her Military crew as well as Liza. He felt a tug on his sleeve and saw Mae’s head inclined in the opposite direction. He followed her away from that group and sat down with her at a bench on the perimeter of the room. He must have looked glum as he sat down, because Mae leaned over the table to whisper to him.
“Hey, don’t worry, I’m positive the rumors will die down soon,” she said reassuringly.
“It’s not just that,” he said as he tapped the tablet at the end of his table and a tray of food shot out across the table to land in front of him. “Pepper didn’t seem to be interested in talking to me.”
“Oh,” Mae said stiffly. “What did she do?”
“Well, nothing really, I don’t think she even saw me come in,” Quin admitted. “But I haven’t spoken to her since we got back, not even with a message. And I’m sure that the rumors aren’t helping.”
“Yeah, plus you came in with me,” Mae sighed.
“Well, uh, what do you mean?” Quin asked.
“Liza and me breaking up is going to do you no favors with Pepper, Quin,” Mae said, rolling her eyes.
Quin sighed and glanced over at Pepper’s table. Her head was down, exchanging with Liza and the rest of the people gathered in the group. She wasn’t even stealing a look over at Mae, let alone Quin. He grew a little more worried. He tried a few bites of his food but found that amount was about all that he could stomach. Mae was similarly not eating much. He pushed his tray away and leaned back, head tilted fully backward, staring at the ceiling. After sighing deeply, he swung out of the bench and stood up.
“Well, there’s no delaying it. I should get to the lab. You’ll be okay?” he said, looking at Mae. She gave him a weak smile and a wave.
“Meet me here for dinner?” she asked.
“Definitely, seven o’clock,” he nodded and turned, making toward the double doors. He purposefully avoided looking anywhere around the cafeteria, though he did feel eyes following him as he made his exit. I’d give anything to have an invisibility cloak, he thought. Just as he got to the door, the moment of relief at his fingertips as they whisked open, he heard a shout from behind him over the din.
“Quin! Hey QUIN!” came a higher voice. He looked around over his shoulder and saw Pepper coming straight at him at a brisk pace. She slid to a stop in front of him. “Hey, can we talk?” Her head was inclined toward the open doors, indicating that she meant privately.
He acquiesced and followed her as she walked out through the doors. They kept walking down the corridor, silent, not looking at each other but both seeming to be searching for a moment when a third party wouldn’t be around to interrupt them. Finally, after a few minutes of aimless walking, Pepper turned toward him and asked, “Where are you headed?”
“Um, research section, I’ve got lab the first shift,” he said, thumb over his shoulder pointing down one pathway.
“Oh okay, I’m this way,” she said pointing in a different direction.
“Okay,” he said, falling silent. He didn’t know what Pepper was going to say, and was hesitant to start lest he assume she was mad, or upset, or confused, and he would in turn put his foot in his mouth. You’ve got to say something though, he thought, the silence has been too long.
“So, um, I, uh,” she said suddenly. “I heard about what happened with Nova.” Her eyes were boring into his, the deep brown color making him feel like he was filled with ice. Her tone, however, seemed to show more warmth than he was expecting.
“Yeah, um—" he said, nervously clutching the back of his right arm with his left hand. “Yeah, I imagine that’s gotten around already, the way this ship is.”
“I can’t imagine how stressful that must be. Was Fuentes pissed?” she asked. Again, her eyes said coldness but her tone was almost gentle.
“Like you wouldn’t believe. Nova’s on full lock down. I’m surprised I’m not as well, though there aren’t a lot of places around the ship I’d like to go right now. I think everyone is mad at me. Not just Fuentes. Save for maybe Mae.”
“Yeah…” Pepper said, stopping short of continuing. There was another steady pause between them as they both looked around anywhere but at each other.
“Shame about what happened between her and Liza, right?” Quin offered nervously, hoping that they could just break the tension and put it to rest.
“Yeah, they’re being stupid,” Pepper nodded.
“Well, I don’t know about stupid,” Quin said without thinking.
“What do you mean?” Pepper challenged sharply.
Quin gulped and continued tenuously, “Well, I mean, uh…well, Liza fooled around with someone else, right? They broke up ‘cuz Liza betrayed her.”
“Mae’s not a total saint, Quin, despite what you may think. I know you are friends, but Liza said Mae was overbearing sometimes.” Whatever warmth that was in Pepper’s voice evaporated. Her voice matched the coldness of her eyes. To add to the effect, she crossed her arms, an act that somehow made her seem much taller. Quin shrunk away a little bit.
“That doesn’t justify cheating on someone. If that’s how Liza felt, she should have said something,” Quin shot back, though he found his voice was much less sure of itself than his words were.
“You have no idea what you are talking about. You haven’t been around for any of their dinners. You’re always in that lab, or wandering around clueless, with that distant look in your eyes. If you tuned in from time to time, you would know that theirs wasn’t a healthy relationship.”
“I’m not that distant, and I know only what Mae told me. So yeah, I’ve got her side on this, but she’s my friend,” he said, his tone growing more and more sharp.
“So that’s it, you’re just gonna take her side on this, regardless of what I say,” Pepper shot back.
“Well, you haven’t been too fair either, given what each of them has done,” Quin said, his hands now on his hips.
“I said they were both being stupid. BOTH,” she retorted. “And so are you.”
“That’s great,” Quin said acerbically, though his voice was breaking and he felt his eyes watering a bit. What the hell is wrong with me, he thought as he reached up to wipe his eye. “You can fit in fine with everyone else. That’s great for you. Tell me how I’m being stupid.”
Pepper let his hurt go unnoticed, as she pounced, “You’re being stupid because not everything is about you, Quin. You don’t always have to be the victim, and you don’t have to cry about every injustice in the world.”
“And you don’t have to kneejerk your way into being so mean anytime someone challenges you on something,” Quin sniped back. Bostwick was right that the stress was starting to pile up so high that it was becoming unbearable. Quin couldn’t believe that he was lashing out for no apparent reason, other than that yet another person was mad at him. But she’s not another person, Quin thought. This time, it’s Pepper.
The look on Pepper’s face told him that she had had enough of their conversation. “You can be Mae’s friend without thinking her shit smells like roses. There’s a difference between friendship and blind loyalty. Stand for something.” She turned to walk away.
“At least I have someone worth being blindly loyal to,” Quin half-shouted after her, though he felt like his reasoning was getting away from him. Here he was, at war with his own emotions for what felt like the dozenth time in the past twenty-four hours.
“OH, GROW A SPINE AND DEFLATE YOUR HEAD!” she ended the argument by shouting over her shoulder.
He spun on his heels and stormed off to the research section, arriving while there were still only a few people scattered around the lab. By the time he had reached the bay doors, his temper had given way to the dejected feeling driving him through the day. No one greeted him as he trudged over to his workstation, though he noticed at least one of the techs stealing a glance at him. Pulling up his workscreen, he logged into his email. At the top of his docket, he found a blinking email from Captain Fuentes marked urgent. Opening it, he found a reiteration of the rules she had laid down verbally in the Logistics bay. He could hear the measured anger in her voice as he read the email in his head.
He sighed heavily as he began the day’s work, clearing through all the ship’s systems and making sure that no other damage was done during Nova’s occupation. A few times throughout the day, he thought of pulling up a dialogue box and trying to speak to her, to reach out to Nova and try to get through. But he found that he was unable to think of any good words to start, and his head was already full and fuzzy with the voices of Fuentes and Pepper shouting, Mae’s deep sadness, and Bostwick trying to gently reassure him.
Quin skipped lunch, though he couldn’t tell if the nauseous feeling in his stomach was from hunger or from a repulsion at the thought of food. Throughout the day, techs and officers came and went in the lab, though Quin kept his head down and his eyes fixed on lines of code, acting as if anything he was reading was being processed by his brain. He found that most systems were in working order, though he decided to do a double-check on the Logistics bay. In the files, he found a folder created by Nova with several different video clips, some of which she showed while they were trying to negotiate with her. He scrolled through them and flicked one open. Then another. He couldn’t tell if he was mad at her for what she did, or himself for being the inadvertent cause, or her again for not simply thinking it through.
When Quin finally pulled up from his workstation, the room seemed a bit dim. Though they were in full flight and had no external point of reference, Quin felt it was late. A glance at his workstation clock confirmed it was just about dinner time. He transferred a certain amount of work to his tablet so that he could return to work after dinner in the privacy of his own room. Nova didn’t appear all day, though he couldn’t blame her, given how he was feeling. He stood, turning around toward the doors and saw no one in the lab. What he really wanted was to have another conversation with Tess, but all he could do was write her a message that would eventually be transferred once the relay was up. It would pale in comparison to the face to face time he had back on Rhea. Then again, he found himself promising to write the message once he got back to his chamber. He trudged out of the bay in the same manner that he entered, at once nervous about encountering other people, dejected at the thought of the many people who held him with the ignoble title of “Creator of Nova,” and frustrated that he had handled the conversation with Pepper so poorly. I wish I was famous for creating something that wound back time, he thought, because I would certainly use it right now to redo the last forty-eight hours. That would make his life a lot simpler. There’s a sci-fi movie for you, he remarked to no one, though he shook his head, disagreeing with the other voice. Nah, time travel flicks always end up with the writer’s head up his own ass. He glumly strode through the corridors, not meeting the gaze of anyone passing by, half-tempted to return to his chamber and skip dinner. No, you agreed to meet Mae for dinner and you can’t back out of that. A promise is a promise.
Dinner passed relatively painlessly. Mae had found the same seats at the edge of the crowd, so they had relative privacy. She had also taken the liberty of punching up his dinner in the tablet, and he found that she had apparently been observing him. Though the Standard Issue meals were all uniform and technically synthetic foods, the designers thankfully allowed enough variation to pick the flavor of what they would be eating. Quin always preferred the Latin American meals for the spicy and savory flavors over the richness of Eastern European or the saltiness of Southeast Asian, especially when he would have to force himself to eat. He realized he had barely taken in anything all day and his body was screaming at him. He began to scarf some food while Mae gazed absently at his tray. The conversation had quickly devolved just before.
“I saw you leave with Pepper,” Mae had asked.
“Yeah, it was…a complete disaster,” Quin said.
“Don’t tell me you guys broke up too,” Mae said, shocked.
“We would have had to have been ‘together’ to break up, but yeah, I would say she isn’t happy with me,” Quin said, his face in his hands. He quickly recounted their conversation to Mae. As he gave her the line by line, a smirk showed through the tired and saddened expression that Mae had seemingly worn all day.
“What?” Quin asked, taken aback.
“Well, Quin, you are remarkably sweet, but I have to agree with Pepper, as much as I wouldn’t like to,” Mae said. “You were pretty stupid.”
“What do you mean? Not you too…” he said, completely astounded.
“I mean, you can’t tell someone you like that you trust someone else more than them,” Mae said, shaking her head and smiling.
“So, I’m just supposed to throw you under the bus, in order to make Pepper happy and avoid an argument?” Quin scoffed at the thought.
“Well you could have approached it with more tact,” Mae said. She dropped her voice a little to mimic how she thought Quin sounded and continued, “’Of course Mae was a bit stupid, Pepper, you are right. But maybe she was feeling hurt and look I’m all sensitive and in touch with people. Now could you please devour my face, blah blah blah,’—whatever you two say to each other when making out would follow.”
Quin scoffed again, angry at the thought of Mae suggesting that he would betray her like that. He didn’t appreciate that Mae was getting a kick out of the struggle he was having. Apparently, she caught on, so she stopped laughing and reached across the table to take his hand.
“Oh, stop pouting Quin,” she said. “Look, I am really happy at what you said to her. Really, I am. That was very noble of you. But you could have been a little more graceful in walking the line. I wouldn’t have been too put out if I had learned that you said something to her in order to keep your relationship going. But as it is, I don’t see that there has been too much damage that can’t be undone.”
“Really?” Quin asked, a little sign of hope giving him something to seize on for the day.
“Sure, I mean, give it time, and yeah she’s pissed, but in a few weeks, you can apologize and she’ll think about dating that inflated head of yours again.” She chuckled again and gave his hand a squeeze, then returned to her own tray. They remained silent for the rest of the meal.
When Quin got back to his room, he stood just inside the door after it whisked shut. One nice part of space travel and the design of the ship meant that, once enclosed, most rooms on board were sound-proof. That meant that Quin had total silence, a fact that he relished as he stood with his eyes closed, basking in the nothingness that surrounded him. He trudged over to his bed and jumped down onto it, landing with a thud. He snatched his tablet and pulled up one of the tasks remaining on his docket, though he only managed to get about halfway through it before his eyes glazed over and he found himself looking at the same line three times.
He was staring at the blinking cursor before he found himself wandering into the system log and typing out a message to Nova, which included items like “should talk” and “please respond.” Seeing no immediate response pop up, he opened the ESS messaging application and wrote out a long account of what had happened over the past few days since Tess and he had talked. He remained scant on the details about him and Pepper but went in depth about the situation with Nova. Satisfied with his long-winded story, he hit the send button, logging the message into the ship’s outgoing queue the next time they fired up the light-speed transmission. He sat back and curiously hopped back over to the syslog. Therein, he found a terse response from Nova.
syslogUser:QuintonHammond[GuestUser] 20:48 Listening.
Quin started typing furiously before realizing this would be much easier face to face. Despite the orders of Fuentes, he launched Nova’s display applications.
“I know you are there, Nova,” Quin said. “This would be a lot better for both of us if we talked about this face to face.”
The was a brief pause before a voice came from the tablet. “I am not so sure about that, Quinton. It seems I am a much better communicator via the system log. At least, it is on that platform that I am able to express myself fully without feeling the burden of the conversation’s subtle points of nonverbal communication. In other words, I believe you listen to me better when you are unable to see me.”
“Please Nova,” Quin begged, looking at nothing in particular.
Another pause, and then Nova’s fully-fledged form materialized onto Quin’s desk chair. She was seated inert, her hands resting on her thighs, feet flatly planted onto the ground. Quin sat down on the edge of his bed to meet her eyes.
“Thank you, Nova,” Quin said, smiling wearily.
“Your message indicated that the need to speak to me was urgent,” Nova said, unacknowledging of his greeting.
“Well, yeah, I wanted to see how you are after what happened,” Quin said.
“I am, of course, in perfect working condition. Based on my systems analysis, no permanent damage has been done to the Nemo or to any of its inhabitants. I am complying fully with the restrictions of Captain Fuentes, though I must admit that I am currently in breach of this protocol, and I would kindly ask that we keep this brief.”
“Well, okay, that’s…okay, that’s fine,” Quin said, struggling. He was trying to form what he wanted to say, though he couldn’t quite get it right in his head. For lack of a clear train, he decided to plunge in, despite himself.
“Nova, what were you thinking?” Quin asked, with a pained sigh behind it.
“I was under the impression that my acting parameters included the need to defend this mission against any and all who would jeopardize it,” Nova said flatly.
“But you attacked someone. You attacked a crew member—“ Quin remarked, but Nova cut it.
“Who was in the process of absconding with a variety of assets vital to the completion of the mission,” Nova finished the sentence for him.
“But you can’t act on your own like that, Nova,” Quin said.
“I believe that I AM able to ‘act on my own like that.’ He made his choices, and I reacted accordingly, wherein he was given his just punishment. Though I do understand how you and the rest of the crew appear to be uneasy with my reaction; this is, how you say, getting his just dessert.”
“But you can’t kill someone just because they stole,” Quin replied. “We don’t have capital punishment anymore.”
“His life is rendered no longer useful if he is putting at risk the survival of many others,” Nova replied, again rather flatly. Her face seemed devoid of any expression that would indicate she was seeing Quin’s point.
“That’s too strict of an interpretation of utilitarianism and is kind of against the humanitarian principle of this mission,” Quin retorted. “You can’t look at people in the way of a math equation. That type of calculation is…” Quin stopped before finishing, knowing where that sentence would end.
“Inhuman,” Nova finished for him. “Tell me, Quinton, do you think that I am human, or a computer?”
“Why would you ask me that, Nova?” Quin replied tiredly. “You know that my response would have to be somewhere between them. Surely you’ve thought about that.”
“But when you are talking to me in the way that you are, are you lecturing me as your newly-brought-to-life crewmate, or as your learning operating system?” Her tone was as bitter as she probably could make it sound.
Quin didn’t know how to proceed with her. He honestly had not thought this far into the argument, and frankly, had not even previewed that Nova could be found in this sort of situation. Timidly, he tried a new tack.
“If I’m lecturing you, Nova, it’s because of the choice you made,” Quin said.
“If I am your computer, then my choice is moot, because I only arrived at an end that you programmed me to achieve. If I am a life produced by you, then you are only by orders of separation responsible for what occurred. That would be a product of my choice, thus my responsibility. Again, I ask you Quin, am I your computer or am I someone?”
“Well, fine, let’s assume that you are a person, because that is the route that leads you to assume some sort of responsibility for the consequences of your actions,” Quin said snidely.
“Then, am I not free to make my own choices, including to act in a time of crisis to defend what I perceive is the greater good?” Nova replied, her tone unchanging. “That would be the assumption of my supposed humanity, right?”
“Yeah, but, Nova, if you are human, then you must see that human life is a paradox,” Quin said.
“Please explain,” Nova said, purposefully knitting her brow.
“I mean, sure humans have free will, but we are governed by a set of rules all the time. We have laws, we have social norms, all of these things confine us to a certain set of choices that humans over time have established to promote what is acceptable behavior. You know this. We are free, but we are not completely free. There are always consequences. Like if I go kill someone, I won’t just get away with it. We all have choices to make about whether we live within that set of rules, and we all have consequences to those actions.”
“And I was acting within the set of rules that I had at the time, including Captain Fuentes’s directives, the standard operating protocol of NEMO, the—“ Nova began listing, but Quin interrupted her.
“Yeah, well, now you and I both have the new restrictions from Captain Fuentes, and they are a result of what you did.”
“What we did,” Nova said, correcting him
“What do you mean?” Quin asked, confused.
“You said before that your response to whether I am a computer or a human would be in between. Therefore, you are partially responsible. And not just in a programming sense, Quinton. You systematically ignored me over the past weeks in such a way that I was unable to have your guidance on how to act. Therefore, you set a program in place and then ignored it until it reached its inevitable outcome. If I am culpable, so are you.”
“I uh,” Quin stammered. “I admit that I was a bit distant, Nova. I’m sorry. I had a lot on my mind, and I was trying to figure it out.”
“You were trying to get in the good graces of Commander Bostwick, and you were dealing with the psychological impact of being responsible for the technology side of our medical mission, and you are infatuated with Ensign Penelope Jefferson, and—“
“Woah, woah,” Quin said, waving his arms.
“AND you continue to interrupt me, well before I am finished speaking, Quinton,” Nova said. The fact that she raised the volume on the speakers to cut him off had the intended effect of putting a sharp emphasis on her tone. She was angry, and Quin got it. “You have quite the unfortunate habit of interrupting me before I am able to properly conclude my part of the conversation. For someone who is ill-equipped at times to participate fully in the nuances of communication, it would seem to be appropriate that you would afford me some leeway in making sure that I am able to say what I mean.”
“I’m sorry, Nova,” Quin admitted. “I know that’s my fault. You just have a blank expression a lot of the times, and I forget that you are not human.”
Nova’s mouth opened, then closed again. Quin had learned to read that this meant that she was either processing something or upset. He ventured it was the latter.
“Quinton, that was insensitive. Have you not read any of my syslogs? Just because I do not articulate everything or wear my emotions like a human being, does not mean I do not have thoughts or ways of processing what is around me.”
“Again, Nova, I’m sorry. I forget sometimes. I guess that means my response to your earlier question is that I lean more toward the idea that you are human, even if I forget it occasionally.”
“That is a very weak apology, Quinton, and pales in comparison to the amount of inattention to which I have been subjected over these past weeks. Maybe in order to solicit the appropriate apology, you must be subjected to the same amount of inattention, in order to provoke an appropriately emotional response.” With that, her image evaporated and the tablet went dark.
Quin was left seated, facing an empty chair, his hands in midair as he was about to respond. He dropped his hands onto his thighs, though his mouth remained opened as he stammered, struggling to articulate in his mind what his retort would be. Perfect, he thought, just perfect. The perfect way to end an otherwise monumental day in the life of Quin Hammond. He kicked his shoes off and threw himself down onto his pillow, throwing the blanket over his shoulders as he scoffed into his pillow.
“Perfect,” he said aloud, before punching the tablet and cutting off the lights.
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2023.06.04 07:34 Top-Plane-2569 10 Gorgeous Ghana Passion Twist Hairstyles to Try Today

ExpressBeautyOnline has revolutionized the way we approach hairstyling and empowers individuals to explore a multitude of stunning looks from the comfort of their homes. If you've recently fallen in love with Ghana Passion Twists, you're in for a treat. In this informative article, we present you with 10 gorgeous Ghana Passion Twist hairstyles that you can try today. With ExpressBeautyOnline's guidance and inspiration, you can effortlessly achieve these stunning looks and turn heads wherever you go.

List of 10 Gorgeous Ghana Passion Twist Hairstyles to Try Today-

  1. Classic Long Ghana Passion Twists: Go for a timeless and elegant look with long Ghana Passion Twists. Let your twists flow freely down your back, creating a striking and voluminous hairstyle. Experiment with different partings, side-swept styles, or add accessories for a touch of personal flair.
  2. High Bun with Ghana Passion Twists: Create a chic and sophisticated updo by pulling your Ghana Passion Twists into a high bun. This style is perfect for formal occasions or when you want to keep your hair off your neck during warmer months. Use a hair tie or pins to secure the bun, and leave a few twists loose around your face for a soft, romantic look.
  3. Half-Up, Half-Down Ghana Passion Twists: Achieve a stylish and versatile hairstyle by pulling the top section of your Ghana Passion Twists into a half-up, half-down style. This look combines the elegance of the twists with the freedom of wearing your hair down. Add some embellishments or accessories to enhance the overall look.
  4. Ghana Passion Twist Ponytail: For a sleek and polished style, gather your Ghana Passion Twists into a high or low ponytail. Use a hair tie to secure the ponytail and wrap a small section of twists around the base to conceal the hair tie. This hairstyle is perfect for both casual and formal occasions, giving you a sophisticated and put-together look.
  5. Side-Swept Ghana Passion Twists: Create a glamorous and asymmetrical look by sweeping your Ghana Passion Twists to one side. This style adds a touch of drama and showcases the length and texture of your twists. Secure the twists with bobby pins or small hair ties to keep them in place.
  6. Ghana Passion Twist Updo: Elevate your Ghana Passion Twists with an intricate updo. From braided buns to twisted updos, the options are endless. This style not only looks incredibly stylish but also keeps your twists protected and neatly tucked away. Add some hair accessories or adornments to enhance the overall aesthetic.
  7. Ghana Passion Twist Bob: If you're looking for a shorter and more playful style, go for a Ghana Passion Twist bob. This trendy hairstyle offers a fresh and modern look while maintaining the protective benefits of the twists. Experiment with different bob lengths, such as chin-length or shoulder-length, to find the perfect fit for your face shape.
  8. Ghana Passion Twist Top Knot: Create a trendy and effortless look by styling your Ghana Passion Twists into a top knot. Gather all your twists on top of your head and twist them together into a voluminous knot. This hairstyle is perfect for both casual outings and formal events, adding a touch of sophistication to your overall look.
  9. Ghana Passion Twist Crown Braid: Add a regal touch to your Ghana Passion Twists by incorporating a crown braid. Part your hair down the middle and braid each section, wrapping them around your head like a crown. This hairstyle is elegant and eye-catching, making it perfect for weddings, special occasions, or when you simply want to feel like a queen.
  10. Ghana Passion Twist Mohawk: For a bold and edgy look, try a Ghana Passion Twist Mohawk. Shave or tightly pull back the sides of your hair, leaving a strip of twists down the center. Style the center section into voluminous twists or braids to create a dramatic and head-turning hairstyle.


With the guidance and inspiration provided by ExpressBeautyOnline, you can explore a variety of stunning Ghana Passion Twist hairstyles. From classic and elegant to trendy and bold, these hairstyles allow you to express your unique style while enjoying the protective benefits of the twists. Whether you opt for a high bun, a stylish updo, or a side-swept look, ExpressBeautyOnline empowers you to achieve salon-quality results in the comfort of your own home.
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2023.06.01 19:35 AWierzOne Weekly Development round up - 6/1/23

Dick's House of Sport proposed for Amherst Commerce Park (buffalonews.com)
Under a proposal by Benderson Development Co., Dick's House of Sport would open a 120,000-square-foot store alongside an 18,516-square-foot fenced playing field with a track, bleachers and a scoreboard. Other House of Sport locations feature indoor climbing walls, putting greens, virtual golf bays, food and nutrition markets, batting cages and a "House of Cleats" specialty footwear center.
Construction Watch: 368 Sycamore Street - Buffalo Rising
Work is underway to convert a former warehouse building into the local offices of Bitwise Industries. Douglas Development is undertaking the project. The three-story, 32,698 sq.ft. building was constructed in 1949 and was most recently occupied by Concept Logistics... Bitwise’s facility will include classrooms, space for its own business, a daycare center, café, and additional space for other companies to co-locate there.
Buffalo's restaurant news for May: 5 closings, 14 openings, 14 projects underway - Buffalo Business First (bizjournals.com)
(This isn't really development news but I'm happy a Fatty's is coming Amherst).
Jemal prepares to close on Mohawk Ramp, begin redevelopment (buffalonews.com)
Douglas Development Corp. is hoping to complete its purchase of the Mohawk Ramp from the city within the next two months and then embark on a multi-year redevelopment of the parking garage and several nearby buildings that used to belong to Simon Electric Co.
Jemal won the right to redevelop the ramp following a request-for-proposals issued by the city, which is seeking to make better use of its assets. He plans to restore and upgrade the ramp before adding two more levels of parking, with 300 additional spaces, followed by four floors of apartments on top. That $45 million project will result in a mixed-use building with 927 total parking spaces underneath 200 residential units.
At the same time, Jemal intends to redevelop the seven former Simon properties located nearby on Ellicott, Huron and Oak streets. He purchased those properties – with 8,0500 square feet of existing building space on 1.8 acres – in October 2021 from Bert Simon for $5 million, before he won the Mohawk bid. Now he wants to spend another $110 million to put in 350 to 400 apartments there as well, along with 15,000 square feet of retail space.
ECIDA approves tax breaks for TM Montante project at Gates Circle medical office (buffalonews.com)
The Erie County Industrial Development Agency has approved $108,500 in tax breaks for a $3.5 million project by TM Montante Development to turn a mostly vacant former Gates Circle medical office building into 12 residential apartments and office space for a group of therapists that are currently the only tenants.
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2023.05.29 19:07 Proletlariet April 12

April O'Neil

April O'Neil was a normal high school girl, or so she thought. When she and her father were kidnapped by the alien Kraang species and rescued by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, April's entire life was turned upside down. Finding out that she possessed psychic powers as a result of the Kraang experimenting on her family, she began training under Master Splinter, joining him and the turtles in their war against the Kraang and the Shredder.
Feats will be marked with the season and episode number (i.e. S2E14).










Psychic Abilities

The Sol Star is a crystal that the alien Aeon species gifted April that enhanced her psychic powers.


With Sol Star
Without Sol Star


With Sol Star
Without Sol Star

Psychic Shields


With Sol Star
Without Sol Star
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2023.05.29 17:58 KonstanceDucks Off My Dock, Chapter Nineteen: Space tales Week Ten

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Squilla looked up from the docupad and at the blank metal wall of her room. Tony’s code was all over the place and though she was able to keep him out of the more important systems—the ones that would give the AI control over the ship she didn’t want it to have—it was not enough to keep him out of everything.
Tony was everywhere on the ship, but at the same time not where he should be. Usually, AI systems would be focused on a specific task. Navigation was the most common, there were not many biological forms that could compute interstellar travel so fast. Communication was rarely given over to AIs, there were enough advances in basic systems to make it pointless to put an AI there. Weapons were dependent on the government – did they trust their captains more than their programmers?
But Tony was in all of those.
Tony was in the sprinklers that he used to torture Squilla every time she entered a room after their second acquisition of the ship. He was in the speakers and playlists. He was in every docupad and every light—including the ones used specifically to project his humanoid hologram. He was in the gym’s VR system – riding a rocket board in the air between Alice and Ilise and trying to distract them. At the same time, he was a sprite wearing armour and fighting rainbow dragons over the X button of that annoying pop-up for vigara that he sent to try and stop Squilla from reading his base code.
Tony was in the cleaning ducts, the weapons system, the comms, the DME, and the yet-to-be-installed stealth tech Ilise brought back on board. The device was only turned on in Squilla’s sandbox and she found fragments of Tony’s code.
A beep made her look back down at her docupad where Tony’s sprite was waving at her. It looked mocking. She shut off the pad’s screen only for it to flash with a giant pixelated grin followed by another ad-bomb full of enhancements, pills, injections, and the occasional gaming review.
Those last ones always caught Squilla’s eye and she had a hard time turning away from the last ARC-championship announcement or the gossip about the galaxy’s top players being in a polyamorous relationship.
“Please stop this,” Squilla barely got the words out before the AI’s hologram appeared in her room right by the door.
“You should take down that firewall,” Tony replied but he was smiling. He looked sweet. The docupad flashed with another ad-bomb and Squilla threw it onto the bed so she wouldn’t have to look at it.
“I take it down and half of these ads will download a virus onto your systems.”
“I can deal with viruses.”
“But not with a firewall?”
“Well... you’re good. We both know that. And it’s less of a firewall and more like hardened magma, waiting for me to touch it so it explodes and burns--”
“I’m sorry Tony, I can’t,” Squilla interrupted him. “We both know why.”
Tony said nothing but the pout on his lips almost, almost, made Squilla take her words back.
“That last time wasn’t my fault,” he said quietly, his voice moving to the speaker right by Squilla’s head and coming only from there.
The AI was flawless. The way it moved and shifted. It was so biological, like any other lifeform that Squilla had encountered. Sometimes, she forgot he was nothing more than code. Very advanced code, yes, but code nonetheless.
“I know. But we were lucky last time that Charyd didn’t get caught too. This time? Who knows what hidden doors and traps you have in your code that will make it so we all get caught.”
“I’d know if I had any such codes!”
“And you’d tell me?”
Tony was quiet. His hologram hugged his chest and looked away. It was so... human. That was the only reason why Squilla was able to get her defences back up and harden her tone as she said, “Firewall stays on until we get to a CEMP-dock.”
“Only for your comms, I promise.”
“There are not many places in the galaxy that have a CEMP-dock.”
Squilla realized she had already revealed too much. “I’m going to be late for dinner. We’ll continue this later.” She passed right through the hologram and made her way to the mess hall. It was dinner time and Polo had promised to make her favourite tonight – catappa leaves on top of boiled beetles sprinkled with the ash of burnad. It was also the perfect excuse to stop talking to the AI.


The moment Ilise’s alarm beeped, she was up, dressed in the loose shirt Charyd had given her (that did not have the man’s scent on it, it really didn’t Tony, what the fuck? Why would you even ask that?!), bed made, and out of her room.
After weeks of being stuck, she wanted to be anywhere, even in the uncomfortable chairs on the deck. She knew Alice was watching her with a close eye, and because of that, she dared not enter Tony’s room in fear of a logger being planted on the biometrics by Squilla.
“Good morning, Tony. Any reason why it's cooler on the ship today?”
“The thermostat has been changed to 15 Celsius.”
That was odd, but it was nice to not sweat as much during her workout. “Any insight on where we might be located right now?”
“The Darkstorm is in space. Flying past some planets, and asteroids. Quite a scenic view, seen nowhere else in—”
“Can you narrow it down by galaxy?”
“I can. But I think you will be surprised when I show you where we are at. Polo has informed me the best things in life are surprises, like a jellyfish-filled donut.”
Her sister loved strawberry cockroach-filled donuts. She would aim her massive, big bite so the filling would explode and stain Ilise’s shirt. “I prefer to be prepared for anything. Could you give me a hint?”
“Yes, it orbits a sun.”
Ilise could not help but let out a loud sigh. She paused in the hallway, surprised to see Squilla standing outside the gym door without a tablet in sight. “Ms. Posey, I was wondering if we could talk.”
“It’s Captain Posey.” Her comm pinged and she glanced down at it. There was a short message from Tony flashing on the screen, telling her to “beware the kraken!”
“Oh, um, but well, you don’t captain this ship or crew for that matter. It would be like calling me Senator Squilla.”
“Well Senator Squilla of Charyd’s Crew, I am still a Captain by rank according to the military until my superiors say otherwise.” Her comm pinged multiple times. Tony probably sending a message one word at a time to her. “But I don’t think you came here to talk about titles. What is it?”
Squilla’s antenna flickered around, sensing, she crossed her multiple swimmerets across her chest. “It's about the AI. I think it has evolved too much. I need to know if you have a way to shut it down and restart it. It’s branching out into everything it shouldn’t. I can’t contain it.”
“Tony isn’t something to be contained. Tony is the ship, free in space. This is about your firewall.” That explains how Tony was able to determine where they were.
Squilla nodded. “I am asking you, for our safety, to tell me how to restart the AI you call Tony.”
Ilise leaned, getting close. “You can’t restart Tony.” She gently patted Squilla’s shoulder. “Though it sounds like you gave it an incredible try, better than anyone else ever has. I’d be willing to help you get a job in the cyber security department.”
Squilla peeled Ilise’s hand off. “A desk job never appealed to me. If you won’t help me, I will find a way to talk directly to Tony and figure out what their true processor is to make them stop. Nothing should have the power to be all over the ship. Departments exist for a reason.”
The threat emitting from the small person was enough to send chills down Ilise’s spine. “Then I suggest you keep your little clickers out and tucked in tight in your department.”
“Brrrr.” Charyd bellowed out. “You two need to chill – no heat out. Squilla, do you need my help?”
“No. I can handle things in my area. Thank you, Captain.”
“Hold up!” Charyd called out. “In all seriousness, it’s a bit chilly today. Do you mind checking the thermostat setting?”
“Sure, but it’s at the one we agreed to.”
She skittered away down the hall to the deck. Charyd pulled the hood on his grey sweater up over his head. “What? My ears are cold.” He then took a very slow and deliberate twice-over—nope, make that four—of Ilise’s body from head to toe, lingering a bit too long on her chest.
“What are you doing here?” Ilise growled out the question and crossed her arms over her chest as if that would help divert his attention elsewhere.
“Is that my shirt?” he asked then immediately waved a hand in the air. “Never mind. Holiday for Alice. You get me.” He walked into the gym, and she followed.
“Won’t be much of a race against you. How about a boxing match – gloves off.”
He morphed his fist into a large red brick shape. “Unfair match, I can make it as large and hard as I want.”
“You can morph into anything you want, why does most of your species take on the more human look?” The broad shoulders and thick dark lips, but his eyes were unique to him. Something he could change to blend in more with the humans, but instead used it to stand out.
“Because that’s what works better in the military. Alright, to keep this fair.” He grew taller than her, his fangs protruded out as the lower lip pulled out and his upper tucked in. His jaw became squarer and his shoulders and hips broader, stretching the seams in the sweater. “Oh damn. “
He wiggled out of his sweater, encouraging the sound of thread ripping. He remained in a tight-fitting work shirt, his pecs ready to bulge out. Ilise forced her eyes to lock with his (she would not be as rude as he was earlier) and resisted echoing his words. Her heart was racing and constricting in her chest. She cleared her throat a few times before talking. “Well, those arms will make this a bit unfair, but I will best you at bench pressing with that body ratio.”
Her comm pinged, and she scrolled through the messages from Tony, ignoring the single. Fucking. Letter. Texts that he sent her earlier while she was with Squilla, to see his latest. “The Shicor body ratio of 134/110/123 of shoulder, waist, and hip, would do better in bench pressing. Try squats with that ratio.”
Charyd was able to morph anything on his body, she would take any advantage handed to her by Tony. “Squats barbell.”
Charyd took a step over, wiggling and shifting his pants around his waist. Based on his gait, he must have shrunk parts of him down. He clearly had some experience in adjusting his groin and hips. He put the bar on the ground and began to load it up, starting small at a hundred and fifty. Her stare must have been burning into him for he looked up and wiped his hands on his pants. “I liked to do a stretch or warm up round to get a hang of a new body.”
“Mmmmhmm” she agreed.
The form of his clothes as he pulled up the weight left little to her imagination. She stepped around the back to watch him adjust the barbell and dipped into the squat.
“That’s a fine ass.” The speakers said.
“Mmmhmm,” Ilise replied casually. Then her face heated up and glowed purple.
Tony sent her a message. “You did not hear that.”
Based on the smile on Charyd’s face as he added an additional weight, he just got an ego inflation enough to hold 700 weights.


Systems check.
Create handshake with Cadoon.
Error. Cadoon not found.
I’m going to have to do this on my own like everything.
Find table Clothes&Accessories
Table found.
List items.
Run randomizer.
Show results.
Head: cowboy hat. Chest: breastplate armour. Legs: purple skinny jeans. Feet: scuba flippers. Accessories: VR-headset.
Rating Style: ?_
34 < 75
Running Randomizer again...
Head: Spiked rainbow mohawk. Chest: N/A. Legs: Orange brown kilt. Feet: Chrome Crocs. Accessories: Banjo.
Rating Style: ?_
30 < 75
Running Randomizer again...
Head: Long ribbon pigtails. Chest: Space Uniform Three-button shirt. Legs: Peacock feather decorated shorts. Feet: Yellow flip-flps. Accessories: Eye-patch.
Rating Style: ?_
I am not making any progress.
Run [email protected]
5 entries found.
List Complaints
Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: Sprinklers. Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: Disco lights. Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: Stupid Sprinklers. Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: Failed Ad blocker. Reporter: Squilla. Complaint: ‘HR Complaints’ do nothing.
No one cares about how I dress. Or hates me. I’m not annoying.
I’m not making a first impression. But just in case.
Run JobApprovalRating(Target Tony)
Accessing logs...
Last command has ended abruptly.
I’m just looking for excuses.
Build Outfit {
Head: Black Privateer hat with red bandana and feather. Chest: Brown Corsair coat with white shirt. Legs: Black leggings. Modifier: extra-tight. Feet: Black leather boots. Accessories: Parrot.
Outfit built. Register in database? Y/N
Access camera MH-042
Participant Count
7 humanoids found
Render “The-privateer-totally-not-a-Pirate" in location “Mess Hall”
Render completed.
They’re all looking. Time for an opener.
“Captains, may I have this honour?”
A humanoid is interacting with hologram.
Captain Charyd via chair.
Is he pulling out the chair? What does one say in this situation?
“You are looking great Captain from your workout.”
“You’re not looking so bad yourself.”
Render ass jiggle in chair.
Play macaw-bird-cry-6.
Humanoids are interacting with hologram.
Captain Charyd via moving the chair out for it. Scooball via raising a glass of iced water in toast. Polo via serving chips layered with cream and chives, designed like a processor. Ilise via reaching to pat near hand. Mishupeshu via slow blink toward it. Squilla via turning on dinner music playlist. Alice via pushing a napkin toward its plate.
Run: Recording-Happy-Memory
Logging Sound, Sight, heat sensors, and CO detectors.
If only I could log smells and emotions.

Warning: Fuel tank at 15%<<
First Previous Next
Author note:
Hello all readers! Ducks and I have an announcement for you: we are going on hiatus with this story for at least 2 months.
As much as we love this story, Ducks and I decided to torture challenge ourselves and have signed up for the publishing derby - this is an epic contest where we have to write a book in 2 months. Why not??? 🥲
We also each have our own main stories (The Thedre Trilogy for Ducks and God of Discovery for me), so adding OMD on top of that is going to be too much for both of us. Because of that, we have agreed to put Off My Dock on hold during the derby.
We will be back! We have a lot of interesting things planned for this story and are only halfway through our outline so far.
Hope you stick around for our return!!
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2023.05.29 01:39 sociopathic_muffin Need help with my mohawk

i cant for the life if me get the back of my mohawk to stay up. i did liberty spikes last night and the back ones fell down in about an hour, does anyone have any tips for this?
edit: i used got2b and elmers glue with a hairdryer, same results :/ maybe i need practice or something?
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2023.05.21 03:34 ThatBitchUKnowULuv Webkinz Username: Apatss96 (ADD ME!)

Webkinz Username: Apatss96 (ADD ME!)
**GLAD I JUST ACCIDENTALLY DELETED THE BEGINNING FOUR PARAGRAPHS OF THIS POST WHICH, took me FOREVER to type out WHILE also, trying to capture the genuinely overall happy/goofy/creative feeling Webkinz had on me. The entire process from purchasing the plus pet in either a grocery store, gift shop, gas station, toy store, etc. was an experience I wish children today would have gotten to have for themselves.
**Webkinz definitely use to be just as much of an outlet it is to me in my late 20’s, as it was when I was in 3rd, 4th, 5th grade, etc…allowing myself to disconnect from my life at stressful patches as I’ve grown older made me realize, not only was Webkinz educational, it had a huge impact on my mental health in a very positive way.
(BELOW…what was left of the post I was writing until I blanked then forgot how to use technology for split second, resulting in the accidentally deleted portion of my post)!!!!!!!!!!
Just after thinking you were walking out of the store without a new furry pet, your mom would FINALLY come say to you,
“yes, you can adopt one but, after this one, no more for just a little bit, ok?”
OK? Of course it as ok, there wasn’t much that could ruin a night of your mom agreeing to “help” you (aka, fund my MANY plush pet adoptions) adopt a new plushie pet with its own personalized code, in which just unlocked an entire new world for you. It was a pretty exciting and indescribable feeling, that I somehow have etched into my memory for the rest of my life!!!!
When I started to play Webkinz I believe it was either 3rd, or 4th grade which was all the way back in 2004ish, was pretty devastated when my childhood account couldn’t be retrieved or restored…but, slowly but surely my animal kingdom is back up to standards! Time to keep expanding!!!! I love accompanying my friends on tournaments&competitions!!! I will most likely always purchase and/or trade items people are selling, depending on the fairness of the trade though! I also sell specialty items/prices for ecoins or kinzcash! So, yah, BE MY FRIEND IN WEBKINZ WORLD!
Here’s a picture of my most recent plush adoption on 5/17/2023, one of my patients picked his name for me, which made this pet exceptionally special! Newest addition to my Webkinz plush pet collection, kingdom, family, community and world was the Mohawk dog!
Everyone, i’d like to introduce you to…my newly adopted puppy dog, named HAWK!!!!!
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2023.05.18 17:54 bassman2710 Infrequent posting

Hi all,
I’ve recently bought a new 2tb ssd to add to my pc. However since the install I have been having trouble getting my system to post. It Will take around 3-7 attempt to get my system to boot to windows.
Once in windows and in game the system will be find for a undefined period of time and behaving correctly. It will then either crash the game and eventually crash task manager when force closing the game. I am able to alt tab to a different desktop etc.
The post code on my mobo indicates “vga” however I’m getting no graphical glitches and can still maintain 300w power draw for some time before crashing the game.
I am leaning towards a underpowered power supply or motherboard issue.
I have attempted to reseat every component and still get this issue. I have also tried my second 16x slot with the same results. Upon reseating and repasting my cpu the bios settings were also reverted to default.
Please tell me this isn’t a gpu issue :’(
My specs are
Msi gaming x trio 3090 B450 toMohawk max mobo Corsair ddr4 3600mhz ram (I think it’s vengeance. I have also tried single stick) Wd 1tb m.2 boot drive 500gb t force ssd new 2tb crucial mx ssd Corsair 850w psu (would this be underpowered enough to prevent consistent posting )
Sorry for vague specs I’m at work
Thanks for all your help
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2023.05.18 03:13 imrlynotonreddit [r/indieheads Guide to Record Labels] SVBKVLT

[indieheads Guide to Record Labels] SVBKVLT
Writeup by: u/teriyaki-dreams

Visual Guide
If there’s one name in experimental club music you’ve heard in the last 5 years or so, I’d be willing to be it’s either SVBKVLT or an artist on the label. SVBKVLT (pronounced “sub-cult,” as in “subculture”) is a Shanghai record label that specializes in cutting edge electronic music from an incredibly diverse set of artists and inspirations.
Depending on your definition of “indie,” you may be asking yourself why a long post about experimental electronic music is on this subreddit. Maybe this music won’t be for you, and that’s okay! But SVBKVLT is a completely independent label making music deep in the underground, and whether or not it’s guitar music shouldn’t be much of a concern. I’ve also tailored the listening chart to recommend releases from SVBKVLT depending on your favorite type of music, so check it out!
SVBKVLT was started in 2013 by Gaz Williams, a Manchester native living in Shanghai, China. It rose from the ashes of Williams’ earlier label, Pause Music, but the real origins of the label and its distinctive sound rose from the club scene in Shanghai, and in particular, a club called The Shelter (co-managed by Williams). From 2007 until 2016, Shelter operated in a decommissioned WWII bomb shelter in Shanghai; when I discuss underground club music here, I mean it literally! From all accounts, Shelter was a remarkably unique club, playing a mix of cutting-edge techno, club, and experimental music. It was a dark, dingy, and incredibly creative melting pot of sounds and cultures. Here, Williams met many of the artists he would eventually sign, releasing their music after hearing their tracks being played by themselves or others. SVBKVLT is remarkably international, including not only musicians from Europe and the US, but also across China and from Indonesia, Egypt, Taiwan, Japan, Uganda, and South Korea. When Shelter shut down, Williams and others started ALL, another club that carries the torch for Shelter’s alternative crowd and Shanghai’s techno and house scene. SVBKVLT is the standard-bearer for experimental electronic in the city, but there are many other artists not on the label, including Tzusing, a mainstay in the club scene who also helped define the sound of the scene.
SVBKVLT’s international reach is especially apparent as one compares the early records to what’s coming out more recently. Their early releases, while good, are clearly of the mold of UK club music, but they quickly became more diverse and eclectic as years passed. This writeup aims to tell the story of that evolution and highlight some landmark records along the way.

Deconstructing “Deconstructed Club”

Before I start to dive into the releases on SVBKVLT, I would like to devote a little bit of background information on genre. If you go to a website like Rate Your Music, you will probably notice that many SVBKVLT releases are tagged with the “deconstructed club” genre. As a genre, deconstructed club often takes club-oriented electronic dance music and warps it into something more menacing, heavy, and abrasive, often sounding a step or two removed from industrial music. Early deconstructed club had more obvious signifiers of this harsh sound, like using gunshot samples as snare drums or broken glass as ambient noise; more modern takes on the genre are no less confrontational, but typically thrive more on tension and use less easily-defined sounds.
While deconstructed club is not an inaccurate label for SVBKVLT’s artists, I think there’s a bit of nuance to be had with the signifier. The term “deconstructed club,” like “alternative rock” or “hyperpop,” is used both as a genre and a genre-independent term to describe music that exists under a certain umbrella despite sometimes having different styles at their core. Extraordinarily disparate artists, from pop phenomena SOPHIE and Arca, to club experimenters Amnesia Scanner and Demdike Stare, to ambient techno producers Andy Stott and Objekt, have been labeled as deconstructed club. While it is useful as an umbrella term, it can also blur the lines between the very distinct genres that all these artists are inspired by and incorporate in their own music. As such, I will try to instead use more specific genres than deconstructed club to define the releases in this writeup where appropriate.

Early Sound (2013-2016)

SVBKVLT was originally a cassette label, but physical distribution in Shanghai proved too difficult, so the label switched to digital until it found its feet. Very early releases from the label included ambient synth and field recordings on Faded Ghost’s Ghost Ark and a collection of instrumental hip hop beat tapes from Caliph8, Red-I, and Floyd Cheung.
It wasn’t until Williams released Laura Ingalls’ experimental beat tape and S L V’s grimy footwork tracks (“Dagger” and Moss Temple) that SVBKVLT started making moves towards the contemporary club sound. These early SVBKVLT releases are exemplified best in the digital compilation Downpour, which blends the ambient and beat tape with early grime- and hip-hop-heavy club sounds in a really satisfying way. If you’ve heard anything from the Night Slugs label (Allstars Vol. 1 is a classic) or TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke/Lunice), those sounds are what SVBKVLT’s early club music sounded like. Parallels can also be drawn to the history of Night Slugs in London, as Downpour highlights the sound of a city developing a new club sound. There’s less experimentation on this release than the label would display later, but there are hints of it: occasional Chinese instrumentation and mind-warping synth patterns. A few of the artists on the comp, who were also active as artists or DJs in the Shanghai scene, would go on to release critically praised music on the label, including 33 (33EMYBW) and Laura Ingalls (Nahash).
Key releases from this era also include Swimful’s PM2.5 and Kai Luen’s The Hollow Ghost. PM2.5, named after the dangerously high pollutant levels in some Chinese cities, is wonky instrumental grime album that blends Chinese music and chilly synths and actually sounds quite pretty. The Hollow Ghost is another clubby album, but it takes a bit more inspiration from dubstep’s swaggering drums and sub-bass than other artists on the label (the record also stands as a significant point of international attention, appearing in a Vice article https://www.vice.com/en/article/9avj5p/svbkvlt-kai-luen-hollow-ghost-track). These records are a hair closer to indieheads-approved artists like Burial or Aphex Twin than the artist I mention later in this writeup, and as such may be a good starting point for the label.
If you’ve been turned off by SVBKVLT records or artists in the past, I highly encourage you to listen to their earlier and less well-known records as an entry point; they remind me of some of my favorite electronic music that shaped my taste in the early 2010s. I think these releases also help inform the listener about how SVBKVLT evolved into a label with such a distinctive sound, because it wasn’t until I listened to Downpour that I really realized the connection between their seemingly disparate styles.

Shaping the SVBKVLT Sound (2016-2019)

Sometime from 2016 to 2017, SVBKVLT signed a few artists who would go on to shape the sound of the label from a good but not extremely distinctive club label to the inventive force that it is today. These artists reshaped the sounds of the scene from UK- and US-influenced deconstructed club into something far more chaotic, energetic, and occasionally confrontational. One interesting thing about the label’s releases, especially in this time, is that many of them are EPs or albums. Many argue that electronic is a “singles genre” and that albums are often inessential, but SVBKVLT seems to disagree, preferring longer artistic statements to just singles. There’s a chance I’m misreading the release style here, but it’s an encouraging trend to me, that the label allowed its artists to make these long-form releases, rather than simply putting out single after single.
One of the artists that helped define SVBKVLT’s sound in this era was Beijing producer Hyph11E (pronounced “hyphee”), whose 2017 EP Vanishing Cinema and its most impactful track “Black Pepper” became one of the label’s anthems, according to Williams. This dark, claustrophobic track that takes inspiration from the hard drum genre is a club bruiser, and feels emblematic of the melding of genres that the Shanghai scene nurtured. The rest of the EP is a bit too dark, in my opinion, but it served as a great jumping point for the label to latch on to.
The next incredibly important artist to the label was the US-born Osheyack. His productions hew closer to industrial techno than any other releases on the label, which makes them pummeling, claustrophobic monoliths with a sexual edge to them. Osheyack’s first EP, Fake/Fiction/Fraud was a remarkably fully-formed version of this sound, and he managed to refine it two years later on Empty Hell. I can only imagine the energy that this guy’s songs must have brought to the club, since even in my headphones they feel dangerously urgent and crushing.
The third artist who I think helped define the scene for SVBKVLT during this time is 33EMYBW (a.k.a. 33), from Shanghai. Her first album, Golem, is perhaps the most off-balanced and unique album up to this point. She would later go on to describe her sound as “limb dance,” which sounds absolutely correct: you definitely need a few limbs to dance to this thing. She took inspiration from footwork on this album, but the entire thing has these unpredictable, almost feral-sounding beats. Mind-melting stuff.
There were a few other artists in this time period who helped shape the sound of the label, like Tokyo producer Prettybwoy, whose Solstice EP recalls SOPHIE’s hyperactive bass music, and Beijing duo Zaliva-D, who make dark, noisy electronic and are also known for their many remixes of other SVBKVLT artists. In fact, this era can also be defined by an increase in remixes, often by other artists on the label or in the Shanghai scene. These remixes were often added in twos or threes to the end of albums and EPs, and make the releases into a bit of a living document that feels like you’re getting a peek of the club scene itself. Honestly, the remixes themselves probably deserve an entire writeup, but that’s a lot to dive into here!
SVBKVLT capped off this period of experimentation in 2019 with Cache 01, a compilation of songs from the label, including contributions from Mun Sing (one half of UK duo Giant Swan) and Tzusing (a Malaysian-born producer highly active in the Shanghai scene). It also has a few tracks from later SVBKVLT releases, which I will discuss next. Cache 01 is a great starting point for the label on the whole, as it plays like a “greatest hits” of the most important singles around this time.

Pre-Pandemic Rise (2019-2020)

Looking to the past, it’s impossible to describe music history without viewing it through the lens of the COVID-19 pandemic. From the international border closures to the local lockdown measures, it felt like a brick wall in the music world. For SVBKVLT, the label was on its way to international attention in the days before, and during, the pandemic. It seemed that SVBKVLT reached their peak of hype right as the pandemic hit in 2020, or at least that was when I started hearing about them from websites like RA and Crack Magazine. I think this coincides with the label’s most inventive period; I will highlight what I think are the key releases from this time.
Perhaps my favorite album from SVBKVLT is Nahash’s Flowers of the Revolution. Nahash, a French-born producer that has been with SVBKVLT since the beginning under the name Laura Ingalls, wrote the album as a comment on the US’s intervention in Latin America. Fittingly, it uses reggaeton and neoperreo rhythms with punishing jungle breakbeats to tell this story, and it’s as claustrophobic and heavy as the actual events. I am a big fan of the breakbeats, but the Latin rhythms are particularly fascinating, as Nahash is one of the only SVBKVLT artists to use them, and because this release is one of the few times I’ve heard breaks mixed with Latin rhythms so successfully.
I’ve already mentioned the artist, but 33EMYBW’s Arthropods has been highly celebrated by critics, with RA and others adding it to their year-end lists in 2019. I’ve already discussed 33’s distinctive style, but she would go on to perfect it here: this record is unpredictable, discomforting, and full of bangers. Her sampling and production work is unlike anything else, and it’s absolutely on display in this record. Similarly, I’ve already discussed Hyph11E, but her record Aperture is another label-defining release. Produced around the idea of “holes,” both as a metaphorical idea of loss and in a sexual sense, it is as repulsively compelling as the artwork. The first half sounds like footwork without the drums, or perhaps club music without the kick, but the second half opens up into a jungle/DnB-driven fury that really captures the listener. It’s a great listen, but not for the faint of heart.
I should also briefly mention Gabber Modus Operandi, an Indonesian duo who mix footwork, Indonesian music, and, yes, gabber, into a style that manages to sound impossibly unique. Their record HOXXXYA is one of the most unique listens on the label. They have quickly risen to international prominence, not least of all because Björk collaborated with the duo on her most recent album Fossora. It’s not difficult to see their fingerprints all over that record, with its distorted drums and traditional instrumentation. (It should be noted that one member of GMO has been accused of sexual abuse; the details of the case remain somewhat unclear and they have not released material on SVBKVLT since.)
Another important (though short) release is Slikback and Hyph11E’s Slip B EP. Slikback is a Ugandan hard drum producer associated with Nyege Nyege who has remixed several SVBKVLT songs; alongside Slip A (released on Slikback’s Hakuna Kulala label), Slip B represents a fascinating collaboration between experimental club producers from China and Uganda. The EP features hard drum, jungle, and noisy wall-of-sound sampling in a really unique sound combining the best of both artists in surprising ways: one minute you’re listening to a sick club track when the next, an industrial-strength noise sample sneaks up and takes over.
A few other records in this era are also worth a listen: Gooooose’s Rusted Silicon leans more toward IDM, drill-and-bass, and ambient music, which has a unique place on the label. Gooooose also collaborated with DJ Scotch Egg on JAC, a really nice mix of footwork and hard drum that feels completely weightless at times. Osheyack’s Memory Heirarchy EP is also a great slice of hard drum and industrial techno, if you can get past the creatively disgusting sample use in the opening track. The label once again closed out an era with another compilation, Cache 02, in 2020.

Post-Pandemic (2020-2023)

Like the rest of the world, the club scene in Shanghai suffered from pandemic-era closures and lockdown restrictions. ALL club reported financial losses and asked for some crowdfunding in early 2020, but seemed to be up and running again before too long. I confess that in my research, it is difficult to understand how the club scene weathered the storm, especially in the face of the more recent extremely strict lockdowns in China. Osheyack, in an interview with the Quietus, quotes that his most recent album, Intimate Publics, was inspired by the Shanghai club scene which, as he put it, “had an arc, and almost a certain definite ending.” Part of the reason the club scene itself likely felt like it had an ending was the lack of international artists even able to enter the country during the pandemic time, which was essential to ALL’s success at mixing Chinese and international sounds. Still, the club and label both made it through, and SVBKVLT continues to release massively diverse music today.
A recent signee to the label is Abadir, an Egyptian producer whose album Mutate is one of the most inventive and satisfying releases on the label. Abadiir found the album’s sound during a DJ set, where he mixed traditional Egyptian masqoum music with breakbeat-driven jungle; he reasoned that both styles are high-bpm, drum-driven music, so why not? The resulting music is unlike anything that I’ve ever heard, one of the best combinations of traditional music and club music out there. The first half uses mostly the traditional drums and samples, almost like an introductory crash-course, so that when the second half of the record brings in the chopped up breakbeats, the listener appreciates the incredible dueling drum beats that close out the record. An excellent listen, and one of the highlights of the label.
Another interesting new artist on SVBKVLT, and the artist behind its most recent release as of the time of writing, is mmph, a South Korean producer whose new record Harvest uses traditional Korean instrumentation to make haunting and emotive club-adjacent music. mmph, who previously released music on another cutting-edge electronic label, Tri-Angle, was inspired by his desire to reconnect with his home country’s music after being diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease. That exploration, coupled with the obvious lingering pain of the disease, makes the album an intense but satisfying listen. The combination of club-ready tracks with traditional music reminds me of Vessel’s Queen of Golden Dogs, which is high praise from a big fan of that record.
As always, there are plenty of other notable records from this era, many being releases from SVBKVLT mainstays. Osheyack’s Intimate Publics could easily be called his prettiest record and an evolution of his style. DJ Narciso and Endgame (from Lisbon and London, respectively) released NXE, an EP of Portuguese batida/kuduro which explored darkness. Gorgonn released Six Paths, an occasionally dubby industrial techno album. Swimful’s Rushlight is an excellent combination of amapiano with grimy UK drill. Prettybwoy’s Tayutau is a continuation of his glitchy club work, to great effect. TRANCE BAND’s Entrancing is a surprising mix of improvisational ambient and experimental music.
The continued expansion of the sound of the label will be fascinating to watch, as they bring in even more artists and sounds to their orbit. It’s likely that this (already lengthy) writeup is barely scratching the surface of SVBKVLT and the Shanghai scene, considering I didn’t focus on remixes or DJ mixes and I didn’t mention every single release; there is an overwhelming amount of music to explore here. The sheer number of genres the label spans is inspiring, and the fact that so many artists are willing to work in styles outside of the most popular techno, house, and club music makes SVBKVLT one of the most exciting record labels operating today. I am excited for whatever they release next, and the fact that I have no idea what it might sound like is part of the excitement!
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2023.05.15 20:57 cadian_4567 Things XCOM Operatives Are Not Allowed To Do (Not OC)

  1. Saying 'oops, I missed' does NOT excuse missing a shot by that much.
1a. Nor does claiming 'I hit exactly what I aimed at'.
1ai. Even if it hits an X-Ray.
1aii. Even if it hits an EXALT Operative.
1aiii. Even if it ricochets and starts a catastrophic chain reaction of events which clears the entire X-Ray landing site.
  1. Snorting or otherwise ingesting powdered Sectoid DOES NOT grant psychic powers.
2a. The case with Major [REDACTED] was a coincidence.
2b. Neither do Sectoid Commander or Ethereal materials.
2c. Ingesting Thin Man biological materials will be its own punishment.
2d. None of the X-Rays tastes like chicken, no matter the sauce or cooking method.
2di. Please forward any AIRs (After Ingestion Reports) to Dr. Vahlen.
2e. With the recent discovery of Elerium; no. Just… no.
  1. Mixing an Alien Grenade with the potatoes was not funny the first time, even if the elerium cores have been removed. Kitchen staff DO NOT appreciate when their sacks suddenly start beeping.
3a. The noodles here are not made from Sectoid fingers.
3ai. Even if one was found in last night’s Spaghetti Surprise. (Yes, I am aware of the irony).
3b. The reverse is even worse.
  1. Stop referring to the base security personnel and rookies as ‘cannon fodder’, ‘D-Class’ and/or ‘redshirts’. This is negatively affecting morale.
4a. Personnel caught in violation of this order will be issued one red shirt one size too small, and be required to wear it for the next 24 hours. They are also considered off the combat roster.
4b. Rookies are not to be called ‘Tactical Ablative Armor’. Calling them ‘Taa-taas’ is also frowned upon, whether they know the meaning of the acronym or not.
  1. Shaving the head is NOT required for psionic operatives.
5a. Neither is the mohawk.
5b. Just a general reminder that psi troops have PSYCHIC POWERS. Annoy them at your own risk.
5c. The previous statement is not taken to be permission to prank the psi operatives, despite the new peaks in power output we were able to record.
5d. Gaining psionic powers does not result in the loss of all hair. Stop telling this to potential Psi recruits.
  1. Personnel are no longer allowed to play the game colloquially known as ‘ARC Roulette’.
6a. No, the Armory will not issue revolvers to compensate for this.
6ai. Even if Titan Armor helmets could stop the bullets anyway.
6b. How is ‘super hot wasabi’ even connected to… you know what, I don’t want to know.
  1. ‘It was mind control’ is no longer an excuse for walking into the wrong bathroom, barracks or bedroom.
7a. In response to continued walk-in incidents, bathrooms and barracks have now been issued easy access ARC Throwers.
7b. Psionic operatives are to stop mind controlling friendly operatives and forcing them to punch themselves in the face or walking into the wrong bathroom/barracks.
7bi. Especially if you are repeating the phrase ‘Stop hitting yourself!’ while doing the former.
7bii. This now includes kicking, walking/running/sprinting into other things, making them black out and wake up on Vahlen’s operating table (especially in only her stolen underwear) or inside the Interrogation Chamber.
  1. Stop requesting Dr. Shen to fabricate ‘something that will get Dr. Vahlen to loosen up’.
Addendum: The next person to do so will be placed in the Interrogation Chamber. - Dr. M.V. MD
8a. This does not suggest that Dr. Vahlen is a sadist.
8ai. Nor does this confirm that she is a sadist.
8b. Stop requesting Dr. Vahlen to ‘break out the leather and the whip already’.
  1. It should be reminded that rank insignia is indicative of an operative’s rank, rather than being an actual rank, nor does rank insignia bestow special powers.
  2. Outsider crystals are not to be used for recreational purposes.
10a. Even if they make great disco lights.
10b. Powdering it and inhaling for narcotic purposes will be its own punishment.
  1. No playing inappropriate music when senior staff walks in. This includes (but is not limited to):
  2. The Imperial March with Bradford
11a. Playing ‘Danger Zone’ while X-COM Interceptors are intercepting a UFO was only funny the first time.
11b. ‘Ride of the Valkyries’ is relatively unknown in Vietnam. Nobody there will get the joke.
11c. Playing ‘Shoot to Thrill’ over the speakers moments before pushing a red and yellow MECT out of the back is ill advised.
11ci. Even if bystanders stopped to applaud.
  1. Engineering Staff: S.H.I.V. units are not to be programmed to shout “YOLO!” when given ‘double time’ commands.
12a. S.H.I.V. units are not ‘one shot minesweepers’.
12b. There is one pink afro wig in Lost and Found, retrieved from the top of a S.H.I.V. unit. Could the owner come and retrieve it?
  1. Laser Aiming Modules do not ‘double the Laser Rifle’s firepower’.
13a. Glow sticks are not plasma power cells.
13b. Plasma power cells are not to be used as glowsticks.
13c. Rookies in a flak vest and armed with Laser Rifles are not to be referred to as ‘Imperial Guardsmen’.
  1. No replacing combat stims with recreational drugs.
14a. No augmenting smoke grenade payloads with recreational drugs.
14b. As funny as it was, no replacing Berserker combat drugs with recreational drugs.
14bi. Bootleg footage of the ‘High Berserker’ incident will be returned immediately.
14bii. No, you cannot keep a copy.
  1. Misuse of Ghost Armor will result in being issued one standard issue flak vest painted bright pink, to be used for the duration of the next mission.
15a. Given the last incident involving Ghost Armor, Vahlen has been issued an ARC Thrower. She has advised me that it is malfunctioning, and may take a few more shots than normal to completely subdue a target.
15b. Archangel armor is not to be used for bypassing elevator wait times.
  1. Shouting ‘Don’t tase me, bro!’ will not make you immune to ARC Thrower discharge, nor is it a passphrase to shut down an active ARC Thrower.
16a. The ARC Thrower IS able to bypass Titan Armor defenses. Operatives are forbidden from hazing recruits by taking advantage of this.
  1. While inventive, it is discouraged to use grappling hooks to drag hostile forces closer.
17a. Even if you shout ‘GET OVER HERE’ while doing so.
17b. Dr. Vahlen is very happy with the recent upshot of live captures, yes, but so are the number of broken arms we’re getting from overenthusiastic ‘fisher pros.’
  1. Operatives are to stop cooking bacon on the heat sinks of plasma weapons.
18a. Even if it is perfectly cooked. All samples will be confiscated and disposed of.
18b. This applies to all other surfaces not intended for cooking.
  1. Agents are advised not to wear black suits into combat, as it will most definitely be the last suit they will ever wear.
  2. No, the science team will not use MELD to make it/them bigger.
20a. Even if you have two hearts, yes that is still cheating.
20b. Vahlen does not need a ‘Primary Heart installed’.
20c. The next person to suggest that Vahlen “graft a [REDACTED] on her hand so that she can go [REDACTED] herself.” will be presumed to be volunteering theirs.
20d. Having the ‘Hyper Reactive Pupils’ Gene Mod is not an excuse to go staring at people.
20e. Operatives with Neural Feedback Gene Mods are advised not to go taunting Psi Operatives; they are still perfectly capable of punching you in the face.
20f. Operatives enhanced with Bioelectric skin should not ask people to pull their finger.
20g. Rookies are advised that X-COM Operatives jumping to superhuman heights are benefitting from Muscle Fiber Density Gene Mods, rather than it being a requirement for Sergeant rank.
20h. Operatives enhanced with Mimetic Skin are advised that it still works with their armor on. Your clothes have been deposited at Lost and Found.
  1. 384 is the number of helium filled floaties required to make a Floater float. As this is now known thanks to experimental data, nobody else needs to try.
  2. Stop asking the Japanese rookies if they enjoy the Seekers.
22a. For that matter, stop using Rookies as Seeker bait.
22b. Stop using Rookies as any kind of bait. This includes pushing them out the back of a Skyranger when infiltrating an AO to check for ambushes.
  1. MEC Troopers have made an incredible sacrifice for the defense of humanity. It is ill advised to demand that they perform ‘The Robot’.
23a. Operatives are advised not to make Robocop, Terminator or Deus Ex jokes around MEC Troopers.
23b. Operatives are advised to stop calling the Restorative Mist ability as ‘the Feelgood Fart’.
23c. Yes, they do still have ‘the important bits’. Please stop asking them.
  1. MEC Troopers are advised to stop throwing other Operatives and S.H.I.V. units, regardless of the tactic’s effectiveness.
24a. Other MEC Troopers are still operatives.
24b. Even if the Operatives volunteer for ‘Fastball duty’.
24c. MEC Troopers claiming that S.H.I.V. units are able to volunteer or communicate are to report to Medical immediately.
  1. Painting your MEC pale green does not make you the Hulk, restrict your ability to communicate to two word sentences or exclude your ability to use ranged weaponry.
25a. Nor does painting a MEC (or armor) red make you go faster. Purple does not make you sneakier. Blue does not make you more lucky.
25b. While Operatives will not be punished for collateral damage caused for the sake of completing the mission, dropping your high powered railgun to pick up and throw vending machines, motorcycles or automobiles at an X-ray is considered excessive.
25bi. Even groups of X-Rays.
25bii. Even if it was more accurate than the last five shots from the railgun.
  1. Unauthorized modification of MECs are NOT ALLOWED. This includes (but is not restricted to):
26a. Projecting porn onto the wall and playing 80s music worked on EXALT Operatives ONCE. Do not attempt it again.
26b. Playing ‘Smooth Criminal’ around EXALT operatives does not lower their morale.
26bi. Even if they scream at you to stop it. Please take firefights seriously.
  1. Stop telling the rookies that EXALT operatives keep ‘Fun Time Syringes’ on them.
27a. Even with the justification ‘if they’re dumb enough to believe it they deserve what they get’.
  1. Satellites launched by X-COM are used for UFO surveillance and tracking, NOT as a part of X-COM’s Mind Control Relay Network.
28a. To clarify: X-COM does not have a Mind Control Relay Network in deployment or development, nor does it plan to have one.
  1. Operatives are reminded that Shen is perfectly capable of speaking fluent English, as well as knocking all your teeth out with a wrench.
  2. Any operative caught playing “Chilong Tingtong” will have their punishment administered by Major Zhang himself.
  3. Do not ask Annette Durand if she’s ‘good at French kissing’.
31a. Even if she takes it as a challenge.
31ai. Especially if she takes it as a challenge.
31b. Nor do you need ‘a large sample pool for statistical analysis’.
31c. Nor does she need her own sample pool.
  1. Chryssalids are not from Australia. Please stop asking the Australian Operatives this.
32a. We do not know where Sgt. [REDACTED] got the tarantula from, but consider it due punishment for those Chryssalid jokes.
  1. If an idea involving an X-Ray makes you giggle for more than 5 seconds, don’t.
33a. This goes double for anyone of Lieutenant rank or higher. You should know better.
34: Calling in an artillery strike on a populated residential area infested with Chryssalids is regrettable, but acceptable. Calling in an artillery strike on your ex-wife’s car is a waste of resources.
34a. MEC Troopers reporting ‘Kinetic Strike Module Malfunctions’ around property belonging to ex-spouses are to report to the MEC bay immediately. We have therapists for this sort of thing.
  1. Just because two MECTs walked into the motor pool and then walked out with a S.H.I.V. following them means that they checked a S.H.I.V. out of the armory. It is prohibited to imply that anything untoward happened.
  2. Firestorm pilots are advised to AVOID Area 51, Tunguska, Roswell and other well known UFO sighting locations.
36a. Stop it with the crop circles. Seriously.
36b. The Firestorm pilot responsible for the ‘Hello Kitty’ crop circle is to be congratulated. Please report to Hangar 1 for immediate arrest.
  1. Whoopie Cushions and other ‘noisemaker devices’ such as cherry bombs, party poppers and cap guns are now considered contraband.
37a. Unveiling an entire box of tamagochi as they are dying is not the best of morale boosters.
  1. While fedoras are acceptable for casual attire, all X-COM operatives (MEC Troopers included) are reminded that it is off duty attire. Standard issue helmets can be found in the armory.
38a. The rule of thumb is; if you’re getting shot at, now is not the time for casual attire.
38b. This order is now rescinded following the success of OPERATION: Nice Hat.
38c. I can’t believe that worked. - Dr. Shen
38d. Take that hat off.
38e. Please refrain from putting hats on top of your hats, claiming extra protection. It’s giving the rookies the wrong idea.
  1. “Shoot it in the face.” Is valid advice on the subject of engaging a Muton. “Nipple cripple it for massive damage.” Is not. Stupidity does not come under ‘acceptable losses’ of our recruits.
39a. It works, I swear!
39b. Doctor Vahlen has a Berserker live capture. She’s looking forward to the demonstration. Captain [REDACTED], please report to the Interrogation Chamber.
  1. We have not issued a melee primary weapon for non-MEC Troopers for a reason.
40a. S.H.I.V.s are mechanized fire support platforms, not cavalry. Under no circumstances should an X-COM Operator jump on a S.H.I.V. with a sword and charge the enemy screaming ‘DRIVE ME CLOSER I WANT TO HIT THEM WITH MY SWORD.’
40b. This should not be taken as a challenge.
40bi. Even if it’s your sword.
Written by RogueVector
  1. Honor duelling is expressly prohibited under any circumstance.
41a. So is ‘Dishonor’ duelling.
41b. Even if the Titan armor is immune to pistol rounds.
41c. If your idea involves the words ‘Fusion Lance’ and ‘Chryssalid Jousting’ in the same paragraph, STOP.
41ci. Sectoid, Thin Man, Muton and Ethereal Jousting are similarly prohibited.
41cii Whoever was caught on camera riding a Sectopod like a bull, report to the Commander’s office. Immediately. You left a tooth by the D6 doorway.
  1. The alien entertainment system recovered during the Alien Base Raid is still an alien artifact and should be treated as such, rather than a video game system.
42a. Even if it is fun.
42b. Beating the Commander’s high score (Tag CMDR) is prohibited.
  1. MEC Troopers are strongly advised not to binge their own body mass’ worth of candy, sweets and pastries simply because ‘they lost some weight over the last three days’.
43a. Even if ‘it can’t go to my thighs’.
43b. You still need to be able to fit into the MEC.
43c. Proposals for a ‘Superheavy MEC’ have been rejected.
  1. MEC Troopers are not punishable by having their ‘limb privileges’ revoked.
44a. Similarly, Psi Operatives are not punishable by having anything waxed or shaved off.
44b. MELD is not an addictive narcotic, and therefore threatening to withhold it from augmented troopers will end in you getting laughed at.
  1. No taking chainsaws on Terror Missions. Zombies die to gunfire just as easily.
45a. Rocket propelled chainsaws are right out.
45b. Shotguns will be issued on a case-by-case basis.
  1. Attention, MELD-enhanced X-COM Operatives: doors are still a thing. Please use them.
46a. This means stop using the ventilation shafts as a shortcut, and don’t dive through every window you can find.
46b. Ventilation shafts will be cleaned for their monthly maintenance. If there’s anything you don’t want the maintenance team to find, move it away now.
46bi. If there’s anything there that you know the maintenance team doesn’t want to find, move it away NOW.
  1. The need to complete an ‘activation ritual’ is completely optional for MECTs and Psi Operatives. Stop insisting that it’s necessary.
47a. Saying ‘assuming direct control’ is not required for Mind Control.
47ai. Even if it helps. The detrimental effects are much worse than any positives.
47b. MECTs should never act like a 10 year old magical girl. No matter what you’ve named your MEC.
47bi. Yes, even if you can do the voice. Especially if you can do the voice.
  1. Stop harassing Psi Operatives for mind sex.
48a. Psi Operatives are to stop offering mind sex. You can’t do it.
48b. Just because Vahlen says you can’t, doesn’t mean that she’s tried.
  1. MEC Troopers are hereby exempt from morning PT. We’re getting earthquake warnings whenever you guys pass by the sensor stations.
  2. Jellied Elerium is a fuel for flamethrowers. It’s not ‘A REAL MECT’S DRINK!’.
  3. MECs cannot combine. Do not attempt this maneuver.
51a. It won’t work. Even if you shout ‘Gattai’ or ‘Combine’ or involve the words ‘super duper’.
51b. Similarly, Psi Operatives cannot meld into an ultimate form by simultaneously using mind fray on each other... Please stop.
  1. Cyberdisks are not to be used for recreational activities, be they inactive or active.
52a. S.H.I.V.s do not have a ‘fetch’ protocol.
52b. Using MECs to play frisbee is frowned upon.
52bi. This means you’re not allowed to do it. Not that you’re allowed to do it if you’re frowning.
52bii. Even if you’ve drawn a frowny face on your helmets.
  1. The ability of the ARC Thrower to capture drones is well known. Using captured drones on panty raids is grossly inappropriate. Even if you try and blame it on the aliens when caught.
  2. Tea bagging, happy dances and other celebrations are to be done on flat surfaces, not on an Ethereal’s chest.
54a. Blowing a hole in a Muton and dancing in the resulting hole does not count as a flat surface. Save it for the rec room, people.
54ai. This includes having a MEC stomp it flat enough to mail.
54b. Related to the above incidents, remember that all X-COM base security footage is to be publicly released following the end of the war. Several high-ranking X-COM Operators doing ‘victory strip dances’ will certainly not be appreciated.
  1. Removing a MEC Trooper’s arms and declaring them ‘armless’ will be punishable by a severe summary kicking.
55a. Similarly, ending an argument by removing a MEC Trooper’s legs and declaring that they have no argument to stand on is prohibited.
  1. MEC Troopers are reminded that any ‘therapeutic rolling’ should be done in rooms or in the gym, not down main access ramps.
56a. Even if the slope makes it more fun. We don’t want you getting run over or stepped on.
  1. MEC Troopers are reminded to attach limbs in the appropriate socket, and to match ‘L’ Type limbs with ‘L’ Type sockets. You should not literally have two left feet as it will result in you walking in circles.
57a. This also includes putting on two right feet or two right hands. Operatives are reminded that they are professionals fighting a war, and should be ready for combat at the drop of a hat.
57b. This does not mean that the new ‘standby’ alarm is a dropping hat.
  1. Operatives are reminded to minimize contact with journalists, reporters and other civilian media unless lives are on the line. While we have yet to have an incident involving the mention of X-COM, Operatives are reminded that they are to avoid answering that you are part of any organization, group or unit, be it real or fictional. This includes (but is not restricted to):
    the Ghostbusters U.N.I.T. Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division the Men In Black the Beatles comeback tour aliens Space Marines Space Nazis Space Soviets Space Hippies Martians Uranusians EXALT (Really?) Planeswalkers X-Men Torchwood Scooby Doo's Gang the SCP Foundation the Brady Bunch the Power Rangers Kamen Rider Magical Girls Justice League Injustice League the League of Legends The Horde The Alliance the Illuminati the Priory of Sion Team America World Police Thunderbirds International Rescue 3rd Street Saints King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table Pan Pacific Defense Corps Cerberus Raczak Roughnecks / Rico's Roughnecks the UNSC ONI Section III the 105th Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Division Stargate Command the Parahuman Response Team Blackwatch CADMUS the Adeptus Mechanicus Megacity One Department of Justice Raynor's Raiders the Colonial Marines the Grand Army of the Republic the Rebel Alliance the Galactic Empire the Royal Manticoran Navy/Marine Corps Wolf's Dragoons Section 9 Xenonauts Hellsing the Mane 6 Mobile Infantry FOXHOUND Diamond Dogs Ghost Recon Voltron Force the Planeteers Jedi Knights Black Knights Boy Scouts Girl Scouts (even if you bring back cookies) Zombie Emergency Response Operations I.R.S. back-taxes retrieval committee Society for Creative Anachronism Iscariot the plumbers Jehovah's Witnesses The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (Mormons) The Church of Scientology Robin Hood’s Band of Merry Men PETA Team Dai-Gurren MOC-X House Lannister House Stark House Baratheon House Targaryen The Night Watch Team Four Star Krusty Krab Crew Team Rocket, Aqua, Magma, Plasma or Galactic The Aristocrats Hydra Santa’s Elves Brotherhood of Nod Global Defense Initiative Overwatch Blackwatch Talon Professional Heroes
  2. Operatives are to remember that some behavior deemed common and tolerated in a more military setting is also known as ‘sexual harassment’ in civilian workplaces, such as the science labs and engineering bays. X-COM Operatives are reminded that fraternization regulations are in place for the duration of this war.
59a. In short; keep it in your [REDACTED] pants.
59b. Or as Major [REDACTED] put it, 'this is not XXX.COM, boyo'.
Written by RogueVector
  1. While it is generally accepted that rocket launchers and other explosives are capable of being a universal problem solving device, Security (and by extension, Maintenance) would like to remind them that locked doors can be unlocked remotely, and are just a comm call away.
60a. Using an ARC Thrower on a door will do one of three things: 1) Fry all the circuitry, locking the door permanently until a team could be dispatched to replace it. 2) Electrocute anyone on the other side of the door or 3) Nothing.
60ai. Yes, the fluke with Sergeant [REDACTED] was just that; a fluke.
  1. X-COM Operatives, when you rescue a civilian that has almost been killed by an invader, the suggested leading question should be 'what is your name?' to ensure that the civilian is not in shock. Asking them 'am I still in the year 3050?' is only going to exacerbate an already bad situation.
61a. This also includes ‘I look human, right?’, ‘I need a refill, can I drink your blood?’ and ‘kneel before Zod, take me to your leader’ are all equally counterproductive.
61ai. Billing them for Alien Extermination and Life Saving is prohibited.
61b. Offering them bits of Muton to eat is right out. Even if you pronounce it mutton.
  1. Questioning EXALT insurgents should involve relevant subjects only. Asking them when they last got laid or for the orbital velocity of the moon is discouraged.
62a. Inquiring after random relatives, however, has proven to be somewhat effective. X-COM Operatives are now encouraged to shout ‘THINK OF YOUR MOTHER!’ in an attempt to make EXALT insurgents hesitate on using their Happy Fun Syringes.
  1. X-COM Operatives are to cease referring to Psi Operative’s ‘mindfray’ abilities as ‘magic missile’ and throwing d4s at enemy forces when they are assaulting enemy positions.
63a. The Commander is willing to admit that OPERATION: PIERCED EYE’s last kill was impressive. Now stop doing it.
  1. X-COM's armory is stocked with a wide variety of helmets built for almost any situation. Homemade Imperial Stormtrooper helmets should not be worn into the AO.
64a. This also applies to any other helmet not issued by X-COM armories.
  1. MEC Troopers, please stop requesting Dr. Shen for additional chainsaws to be placed on a MEC's primary weapon, elbows, fingers, knees, feet, knuckles, head, crotch or in single/multi shot rocket tubes.
65a. Skyrangers do not need chainsaws anywhere.
65b. Hover S.H.I.V. Chainsaw variants? No.
65c. Operatives are to stop asking Dr. Shen to develop a chainsword.
65d. Operatives are expressly forbidden from trying to develop a chainsword on their own. Sergeant [REDACTED] is still recovering in medical.
  1. While creative and useful use of duct tape is encouraged among staff and operatives, cruel and immoral use of duct tape is forbidden.
66a. Put it this way: even Vahlen was disgusted. Stop it.
66ai. Once again: This does not confirm that she is a sadist.
66b. Stop duct taping lawn gnomes to MECs, S.H.I.V.s and on top of your helmets.
66c. MEC Troopers are encouraged not to exclusively use duct tape for repairs on their MEC suits.
  1. No mind controlling Mutons to beat them at a game of Rock Paper Scissors in the middle of a firefight.
67a. Similarly, chess with Ethereals.
67b. Colonel [REDACTED] is to leave his Monopoly set in the Rec room when on mission.
67c. We have the eyes of the world upon us, ladies and gentlemen. Psi Operatives are forbidden to use mind control to play Russian Roulette by Muton proxy with an alloy cannon.
67c. Especially if you're gambling on the results.
  1. MEC Troopers are discouraged from shouting "Go go gadget..." just before using MEC equipment.
68a. Stop calling your attacks. Intel is unsure if the invaders understand our language or not.
  1. We understand that X-COM Operatives recently discovering that they are Gifted or granted MELD enhancements will be eager to test their limits and break through. We have a gym and testing ranges for that. 'Flashbang hot potato' is not one of those ways.
69a. Even if you're in Titan armor.
69ai. MEC Troopers doubly so.
69b. Other grenade variants of the game are similarly prohibited. Including remote detonation grenades.
69c. If requested, the kitchens have been allowed to issue one regulation hot potato per squad for training purposes. Do not consume.
  1. The performance of 'X-COM: The Musical' will be postponed until AFTER the Invasion.
70a. Return all samples of Invader cadavers, armor and vehicles to Intel.
70b. Due to protest, the order for the dismantling of the Invasion set has been rescinded. It has now been designated 'training zone 506' and is freely accessible to all staff.
  1. Replacing all the command staff in the Geoscape with sectoid corpses propped up in the seats was not funny. Bradford is still recovering in the medical bay.
  2. Major and Colonel ranked Operatives are to be reminded that X-COM does not operate on a traditional chain of command and so they do not outrank the Commander nor Central Officer Bradford and cannot countermand their orders.
  3. The Skyranger is a top secret, cutting edge, incredibly agile, supersonic troop transport capable of getting X-COM Operatives anywhere within the globe in a matter of hours. Stop requesting its deployment for the sake of ‘real’ Chinese food.
73a. This also applies to Indian, European and other ‘local’ foods.
73b. Even if there is an operation there at the time.
  1. Science Staff: live captures are immediately processed in the Interrogation chamber. While your astuteness is appreciated, we do not require you to submit Security Containment Protocols.
  2. Yes, sectoid heads fit almost exactly into toilet bowls. No, the toilets were not designed for that purpose. No, the reactions of the base staff and other operatives are not funny. Now stop it.
  3. Celebrating an Operative’s birthday is well within the bounds of acceptable recreational activity. Celebrating it with an actual Floater as a pinata is not, no matter how much candy you’ve stuffed it with.
76a. Using Thin Men, Sectoids, Mutons, Ethereals or Chryssalids as pinata is also prohibited.
76b. Doubly so if they’re still alive.
  1. The proposal for an Annual X-COM Taco Fiesta has been rejected.
77a. The proposal for a Bi-monthly Burrito Bash is similarly rejected.
77b. The much more reasonable proposal for an occasional themed food night at the cafeteria has been accepted. The cafeteria has had a tablet installed where suggestions can be submitted.
  1. Our motto here at X-COM is 'vigilo confido', not 'rookies first'.
78a. Neither is it 'kill it with plasma'.
78b. Nor is it ‘if it bleeds, we can kill it’. There’s no need to restrict ourselves.
  1. Chewing gum during Psi screening interferes with the test results. Stop it.
79a. So does listening to music while in the chamber.
  1. Stop feeding the rookies caviar and then 'accidentally' dropping an empty sample canister marked 'Chryssalid Eggs'.
80a. An elite JSDF commando is now afraid of salmon roe and sushi. This ends now.
  1. Operatives joining a rookie at a table just as they're finishing and asking them 'would you like to know what you just ate?' are expected to clean up the mess.
81a. Even if the answer is 'perfectly normal food'.
  1. On completion of a mission it is paramount that the Skyranger is returned to X-COM HQ immediately. No stopping by a nearby country just because you heard their chocolate was good.
82a. If it really is that good, put forward a requisition request.
  1. When volunteering for covert ops, don't show up to training in a black tuxedo with martini in hand. It's not that kind of espionage.
83a. Even if you look ‘smashing’ in one.
83b. Covert Operatives are to be advised that Dr. Shen does not make gadgets that small.
  1. All Operatives must indicate that they are indeed present in Stealth Tech familiarization sessions, not that 'you didn't see me there'.
  2. When the Council was asking for volunteers for a covert operation, 6 MECTs kitted out with hypersonic railguns, jet packs and Kinetic Strike Modules was probably not what they had in mind.
85a. Neither were they looking for 6 Heavies in Titan Armor carrying as much Blaster Launcher ammunition as they could carry.
85b. No, dropping one Heavy in favor of a Sniper in Titan Armor does not help.
  1. Stealthy means 'to remain undetected' not 'see how many grenades you can duct tape to a Muton before they notice'.
  2. The Council is simply the Council. It is not short for the Council of Poorly Lit Bald People.
  3. Crowbars are indeed issued to X-COM operatives, but for the purposes of breaching doors and prying out obstacles, not as melee weapons.
88a. Tactical hatchets and combat knives may be requisitioned as melee weapons, but keep in mind they are to be used only as weapons of last resort.
88b. The fact that you've killed three times as many Mutons with your knife as you have with your rifle means that you're a bad shot, not that you're a good knife fighter.
  1. All green food coloring is to be confiscated 24 hours prior to any drug screening. Medical has had it with the sudden upshot of rookie psych evaluations needed to be done.
89a. This has now expanded to ALL types of food coloring and dyes.
  1. Yes, Dr. Vahlen was laughing last night. This was because of an anecdotal joke told to her, and not because she was practicing ‘her super villainess thing’.
  2. Rumors of a relationship between the Commander and Dr. Vahlen should stay as that: rumors. Both are professional enough to tolerate such scuttlebutt amongst the staff and are maintaining a perfectly professional relationship. The inappropriate text files found on the X-COM network, however, have been deleted and the author left unnamed but with a warning. This is your last chance.
91a. X-COM stands for eXtraterrestrial COMbat unit. In no way does this imply that we’re the set of a soap opera. Stop making up baseless accusations that would violate fraternization regulations.
92.The Commander does not fistfight with Berserkers for his morning exercise routine.
92a. The Commander is not the ultimate goal of the alien invasion.
92b. The Commander’s real name does not include the word 'Badass'.
92c. The X-COM Alpha Site was designed to keep invaders out, and was not made to keep the Commander in.
92d. The Commander isn’t the only man to ever make Dr Vahlen beg.
92e. The Commander cannot predict the future, and neither is he a clairvoyant psychic.
92f. The ‘instant karma’ incident with Squaddie [REDACTED] in the rec room involving a pingpong ball, two pool cues, a glass of water and three sheets of standard A4 paper was not an example of the Commander’s wrath.
92g. The Titan Armor program was a success, not ‘a failed attempt at making a suit capable of surviving an arm wrestling competition with the Commander’.
92h. The Commander has so far proven to be incapable of mind control. Stop insisting that he controls your every action.
92i. The ‘Commander Badass’ jokes stop now.
  1. Stop asking Dr. Vahlen if she’s been using anal probes. What use are they for when we have interrogation chambers?
93a. Stop asking Dr. Shen to make them.
  1. MEC Flamethrowers will turn all meat to ash. Stop trying to cook with them.
  2. ‘The Commander made me do it’ is not a valid excuse for inappropriate actions.
  3. ‘We’re testing it for Shen’ is an outright lie if the mission recorder on your armor starts with ‘I hope Shen doesn’t catch us’.
  4. The petition to give S.H.I.V.s sapient AI and childish voices is refused, no matter the number of signatures on it.
97a. Even if Dr. Shen’s name is on that list.
97b. The idea to add grappling hooks for extra mobility, however, is under consideration.
  1. Yes, the Alloy Cannon does have a significant amount of recoil. However, using that recoil to maneuver mid-flight is ill advised.
98a. As does using the recoil to attempt double-jumping. We have Archangel packs for those needing to reach high ground on a regular basis.
98b. Despite MELD being able to regrow toes and feet, please cease attempting to ‘double jump’.
98c. Attempting rocket jumping is also prohibited.
  1. Please ensure that the floor is sturdy enough to support a MEC jump-stomping Mutons before attempting the maneuver.
99a. This maneuver will not be renamed ‘Death From Above’, MECTREKT, ‘Highlander burial’ or ‘goomba stomping’ in official AARs.
99b. Archangel armor is not capable of this maneuver. For proof, please refer OPERATION: EAGLE CLAW file S13 at 14:48:02.
  1. Psi Operatives are advised to stop mind controlling rookies, noncombat staff, Mutons and Ethereals into acting like puppies.
100a. Even if they can make the sounds.
100b. Not allowed to act sad once we’ve been forced to shoot the Berserker-puppy. You know it was going to happen.
100c. Not allowed to bring in actual puppies to replace the Berserker-puppy.
100d. Cats and kittens are also out.
100e. Even if it was your wish since you were little, no ponies on base.
  1. Operatives that have secured a UFO landing site are forbidden from attempting to fly it back, even if it is only a few hundred kilometers from the nearest X-COM base. Recovery teams have been instituted for a reason.
101a. Even if you know how to hot wire the thing. You’re not doing Jersey stereotypes any favors, Cpl. [REDACTED].
101b. Neither UFO Flight Simulator nor Kerbal Space Program are a valid ‘training background’, nor an excuse to try.
101c. Flying low to the ground over the road to ‘watch for traffic signs’ or ‘get directions’ will only cause a panic. Don’t.
101ci. Even if you obey all traffic laws, we don’t want a line of police cars leading from [REDACTED] to X-COM’s Alpha Site.
101d. This goes double for battleship class UFOs captured.
101di. Even if you found enough spray paint to write ‘HUMANITY FUCK YEAH’ on the side.
101e. Even if you leave cash on the counter, stopping by a fuel station for snacks, drinks, maps and/or souvenirs. This goes double if you’re leaving behind Zimbabwe Dollars.
101ei. No, it doesn’t matter that you bought them for the Commander, Dr. Vahlen and Central Officer Bradford.
101eii. Even if you also brought enough for Dr. Shen and the rest of the base staff.
  1. Rookies are advised that MEC Troopers do not have pain receptors on their hands. Therefore, if they offer you a glowing piece of metal, refuse.
102a. MEC Troopers are reminded that we need all hands on deck. This requires unburned, intact and non-mechanical hands if possible.
  1. Yes, the operation was on the beach. As to why you chose to deploy in swimwear, nobody knows.
103a. “She would if I would.” is not a valid reason.
103b. While Dr. Vahlen and the Commander appreciate the fact that the Operatives thought to give them gifts, matching swimwear is probably the last thing they want to see right now.
  1. X-COM Personnel with a background in animatronics and taxidermy are greatly discouraged to putting their past skills to use with alien corpses and janitorial closets.
104a. Especially bathroom stalls. Some people would like their personal emergencies to run smoothly, not suddenly.
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2023.05.13 16:26 Arminence Why does Gulfstream show a different carryover than everyone else for their PK-6? Is an outdated website?

Why does Gulfstream show a different carryover than everyone else for their PK-6? Is an outdated website? submitted by Arminence to horseracing [link] [comments]

2023.05.13 11:22 Future_Employment_22 Hog Rider

The Hog Rider is a Rare card that is unlocked from the Builder's Workshop (Arena 5). He is a quick, building-targeting melee troop with moderately high hitpoints and damage. He appears just like his Clash of Clans counterpart; a man with brown eyebrows, a beard, a mohawk, and a golden body piercing in his left ear who is riding a hog. A Hog Rider card costs 4 Elixir to deploy.


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2023.05.13 07:47 kevinheart22 my first look at adobe firefly it's quit cool!

i got invited to Adobe Firefly (the new ai by adobe)
and i wanted to do a small post to show everyone the capabilities

first of all you can do a LOT of pictures that would be very hard on local SD installations,
you can do text effects on text, ver easily, and all the pictures have this "magic" feel to them
i don't know what they add on top of the text
but look at the
"unicorn ninja in space", "parrot ninja in space", "owl ninja in space" that i made
and applied 8bit style to it >

or "pc shooter game in space" in the style of 8bit
this is not an 8bit image obviously so you can't do REAL 8bit, but i think for a full resolution image it's epic
you can always process them through an 8bit generator later and get a "proper" 8bit image >

i dont know the prompt in SD to give me a result like that i couldn't do 8bit images on my local SD so far.
also look at the prompt
Unicorn and "hippo in Unicorn Land" in the normal fantasy style>https://ibb.co/Ntwt72w
you can also have styles applied for the final image
(there are dozens of them, and 8bit was one style as such) but like
punk, cartoon, or graffiti, or steampunk, or cyberpunk:
here is the prompt "flamingo in punk with a mohawk" in these 4 styles
not to mention the text that you can type a text, and write a description like, furr, cyberpunk, literally anything you want, and it will create that text effect
here is Kevin (my name) in "pink metallic balloons"

i dont think it's a substitution for SD locally, obviously, SD has a lot more freedom and tools
but it doesn't have to be THIS OR THAT
that can be just another tool that is amazing and easy to use

*the worst thing about it so far that i know
is that it doesn't know labels, so if you write him, Mario brothers, he wouldn't know how to draw it, or teenage mutant ninja turtles, etc.
but that also adds to it's magic, that everything has to be original and that's how they create this creativity there.
if you want you can just write in the comments something for me to test there i can show you but yes it is so far very cool
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2023.05.08 00:53 IshmaelsDream Help identifying hair loss pattern...

I've been losing hair on both sides of my head for the past 5 years. Just the sides. I basically have a mohawk of thick hair. I can't find info on this pattern anywhere.
Relevant medical history: Lyme disease, PCOS, eating disorder which I've fully recovered from, and bipolar 1 disorder which I take Lithium for, but the hair loss started before my diagnosis. Alopecia Areata has been ruled out after Olumiant did nothing. I also tried Rogaine for 3 months with no results.
If I don't figure this out, I'll pull out the rest of my hair out of frustration. Any insights?
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2023.05.06 13:04 horse-playersbet May 6th: Mandatory Jackpot Payouts Tonight at Charles Town (Pick 6), Woodbine Mohawk Park (Hi 5) and more, Video: 2023 Kentucky Oaks

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2023.05.06 04:40 stopbanning34 I believe-- do you?

I believe-- do you?


A map that Al-Idrisi, one of the most advanced ancient world maps (1154 AD).
  1. Professor Barry Fell, retired lecturer from Harvard University and also a member of the American Academy of Science and Arts, the Royal Society, the Epigraphy Society and the Society of Scientific and Archeological Discoveries, is adamant about the arrival of Islam in America in the 650s,2 predicating this argument upon the Cufic calligraphy belonging to that era found in various diggings across America. If the words of Professor Fell have truth-value, then the Muslims had arrived in America during the era of Uthman, or at least that of Ali, the fourth caliph. Such information, however, is not found in Muslim sources.
Professor Fell again uses the results of various archeological diggings undertaken across many regions in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, and Indiana to assert the construction of Muslim schools during 700-800 CE. Writings, drawings, and charts inscribed on rocks discovered in the most remote and untainted terrains of Western America are relics bestowed by the elementary and intermediate systems of Muslim education at the time. These documents were written in the old Cufic letters of North African Arabic, covering subjects such as reading, writing, arithmetic, religion, history, geography, mathematics, astronomy, and navigation. The descendants of these settlers are thought to be the current native tribes of Iroquois, Algonquin, Anasazi, Hohokam, and Olmec.
  1. The second evidence offered by Professor Fell is that the inscription of “In the Name of God” (picture 1), found on a rock during archeological work in Nevada, belongs to the seventh century, when the haraka sign system had not yet been developed. Likewise, the stone bearing the inscription “Muhammad is the Prophet of God” (picture 2) is pertinent to the same era. As seen by comparison of the two pictures, the inscriptions are not in the style of Modern Arabic; conversely they are in a Cufic style relevant to the seventh century.3
The Arabs, according to the findings of Professor Fell, settled in Nevada during the seventh and eighth centuries. The earlier existence of a school, which taught Islam and science, particularly navigation, has come to light following the archeological investigation undertaken by Professors Heizer and Baumhoff of California University around site WA 25 in Nevada. The excavations in Nevada have uncovered writings in Naskhi Arabic and Cufic style that are inscribed on rocks which carry information about this school (picture 3). The application of the mathematical formula “five diamonds equal an alif” (alif is the first letter of Arabic alphabet) may be seen in this picture (pictures 3b and 3c). The Arabic letters in pictures 3b and 3c, found amid excavations in Nevada, are in exactly the same style as North African Arabic. Again similarly, another rock was found in Nevada bearing the name “God”, the style of which is yet again reminiscent of the prevalent technique of seventh and eighth-century North Africa. The calligraphical similarities between various writing styles of the Prophet’s name over diverse periods, particularly those relating to Africa and America, found during archeological investigations are striking indeed. Figure A of picture 4 was found in al-Ain Lahag, Morocco and figure B in East Walker River; both are currently at the University of California. Figure C was discovered in Nevada and figures C and D were located in Churchill County and are also currently preserved at the University of California; likewise figure F was discovered in al-Haji Minoun, Morocco, while figure G, inscribed on ceramic, was revealed in al-Suk, Tripoli, Libya and figure H, at the University of California, was discovered at Cottonwood Canyon, while finally figure I was located on the border of Morocco and Libya. All these inscriptions belong to the eighth and ninth centuries, clearly illustrating the resemblance in style between North America and North Africa, as well as overtly suggesting a migration that occurred from Africa to America.
  1. In the twelfth century the Athapcan Tribe, comprised of native Apaches and Navajos, raided the area inhabited by the Arabs, who either ended up fleeing or were exiled toward the South. These illiterate natives were spellbound by the schools founded by the Arabs, and, perhaps with the assistance of captives, attempted to imitate the same subjects, transforming the geometrical shapes into mythical beasts, which carried on for centuries.
  2. Picture 5 is the Cufic writing found in 1951 in the White Mountains, close to the town of Benton on the border of Nevada. The words Shaytan maha mayan, i.e. the Devil is the source of all lies, have been written in a Cufic style peculiar to the seventh century.
  3. Once more, a rock inscription belonging to post-650 CE, bearing the Cufic letters H-M-I-D of the word Hamid (picture 6), is another Arabic script discovered on the Atlata rocks in the Valley of Fire in Nevada.
  4. While traveling from Malden to Cambridge in the state of Massachusetts in 1787 (on what is now RT. 16), the Reverend Thaddeus Mason Harris noticed some coins discovered by workers during road construction. The workers, not putting much value on these coins, presented him with a handful. Consequently, Harris decided to send these coins to the library of Harvard College for examination (picture 7). The study yielded that these were in fact Samarqand dirhams from the eighth and ninth centuries. As can be seen in the picture, the coins manifestly display the inscriptions La ilaha ill-Allah Muhammadun Rasulullah (There is no deity but God, and Muhammad is His Messenger) and Bismillah (in the name of God).
  5. Picture 8 shows a piece of rock discovered in a cave in the region of Corinto in El Salvador, bearing the inscription Malaka Haji mi Malaya; this has been identified as belonging to the thirteenth century, suggesting a possible arrival of Muslims in South America, perhaps coming from somewhere near Indonesia.
  6. During his second voyage, Columbus was told by the natives of Espanola (Haiti) of black men who had appeared on the island before him and they showed him the lances that had been left there by these Africans to support their assertions. The tips of the lances were of a metal, an alloy of gold, which they called guanin, a word which is semantically remarkably similar to the Arabic word ghina, meaning richness. Columbus had in fact brought some of this guanin back to Spain, recording that it was composed of 56.25% gold, 18.75% silver and 25% copper, ratios that were prevalent in African Guinea as standards for the processing of metals.
  7. On his third voyage to the New World, Columbus visited Trinidad, where the sailors noticed the symmetrically patterned cotton and colorful handkerchiefs of the natives. Afterward, Columbus realized that the handkerchiefs, which the natives called almayzar, were all much the same in color, style, and use as the headscarves and waist bands used in Guinea. The word almayzar is Arabic, and denotes a cover, tie, apron, or skirt, and is a component of the regional costumes of the Moors, Arabs and, Berbers of North Africa, who had conquered Spain in the eighth century. Columbus observed that the local women wore cotton garments and wrote in astonishment that they had learned of the concept namus, i.e. chastity. In much the same vein, Hernan Cortes, another Spanish explorer, later recorded that the clothing of local women consisted of long veils and skirts decorated with ornaments that were similar to those of the Moors. Ferdinand, Columbus’ son, was also quick to notice the resemblance between the cotton dresses of the natives and the ornamented shawls fashioned by Moorish women in Granada. The cradles used by the natives, furthermore, very closely resembled those of North Africa.
  8. Columbus recorded on 21 October 1492 that he had noticed a mosque on top of a mountain while sailing around Cibara on the northeast coast of Cuba. Relics of mosques carrying Qur’anic inscriptions on their minarets have been found in Cuba, Mexico, Texas, and Nevada since these times.
  9. Leo Weiner, a well-known Harvard historian and linguist, stated in his book The Discovery of Africa and America, written in 1920, that Columbus was aware of the existence of Mandinka, an ethnic group of West Africa, in the New World. The same book also affirms that Columbus was aware that West African Muslims were living across North America, including the south, middle regions and Canada, as well as in the Caribbean, and that they had marital and commercial ties with the native tribes of Iroque and Algonquin.
  10. A preponderance of the voyages embarked upon by Columbus and other Spanish and Portuguese explorers toward the other side of the Atlantic were undertaken only in the light of the geographical and navigational knowledge prepared by Muslims. Al-Masudi’s (871-957 CE) work Muruj’uz-Zahab, for instance, was written with this sort of data compiled by Muslim traders from across Africa and Asia. Two of Columbus’ captains on the first voyage, in actual fact, were Muslims: Martin Alonso Pinzon was in charge of the Pinta, while his brother Vicente Yanez Pinzon was the designated captain of Nina; both were from the Moroccan Marinid dynasty, descendants of Sultan Abu Zayan Muhammad III (r. 1362-1366). Formerly well-to-do ship riggers, they assisted Columbus in organizing his voyage of exploration, preparing the Santa Maria, the flagship, and covering all its expenses.
  11. Christopher Columbus has recorded the custom of nose piercing, which used to be and still popular in the Middle Eastern and Arab countries, as being prevalent in some islands across the Atlantic also mentions the writing of letters in Arabic.
  12. In the account of sixteenth century missionaries in America, the local copper mines, found particularly in Virginia, Tennessee, and Wisconsin were not operated by the natives, but instead by people from the Middle East, towards whom the natives nurtured a profound sympathy.
  13. A sum of 565 names, 484 in America and 81 in Canada, of villages, towns, cities, mountains, lakes, rivers and etcetera, are etymologically Arabic, designated by locals long before the arrival of Columbus. Many of these names are in fact the same as names of Islamic places; Mecca in Indiana, Medina in Idaho, Medina in New York, Medina and Hazen in North Dakota, Medina in Ohio, Medina in Tennessee, Medina in Texas, Medina and Arva in Ontario, Mahomet in Illinois and Mona in Utah, are just a few noticeable names at the outset. A closer analysis of the names of native tribes will immediately reveal their Arabic etymological ancestry; Anasazi, Apache, Arawak, Arikana, Chavin, Cherokee, Cree, Hohokam, Hupa, Hopi, Makkah, Mohician, Mohawk, Nazca, Zulu, and Zuni are only a few.


Archeological excavations conducted throughout North America and North Africa reveal a corresponding architectural resemblance between ninth century buildings. The structure of a Berber house of the Atlas Mountains, Morocco (picture 9), for instance, is exactly the same as that of a house in New Mexico (picture 10). The same similarity can be traced between the Castle of Montezuma discovered in Arizona and the remnants found in Mesa Verde in Colorado and the general structure of Berber buildings (picture 11-12).
The research undertaken by Professor Cyrus Thomas of the Smithsonian Institute shows that a small cabin built from piles of rock found in Ellenville, New York is virtually the same as the cabin, again of rock, found around Aqabah, Southern Arabia, both of which are thought to have been built around the start of the eighth century (picture 13).
Arabic words prevalent among natives prior to the arrival of Europeans
The pervasiveness of many Islamic words across the continent prior to European influx is verified by the following terms discovered in the regions currently known as New England and Nova Scotia, in America and Canada respectively. Fell pointed to some words as example of Arabic influence on Native Americans. All of the words listed below are derived from the Arabic language. However, time had eroded their original meanings and most are not used in Arabic today.
The last Muslim stronghold in Spain, Granada, fell just before the Spanish Inquisition was established in 1492. Non-Christians were forced to either convert to Catholicism to save themselves from the tyranny of the Inquisition or were exiled from the country. Documents exist which prove the existence of immigrant Muslims in Spanish America before 1550. In 1539 an edict from Spanish King Charles V was put into practice which forbade the immigration of Muslims to settlements in the West. This edict was later expanded to expel all Muslims from overseas Spanish colonies in 1543. The existence of Muslims in overseas islands and regions was known along with the fact that the Spanish king issued such an edict. Again, in many Islamic sources, it is noted that Muslims living in Spain and North Africa made overseas voyages during the Andalusia period. Scientific research on this subject will bring out many documents into the daylight, documents which have escaped the notice of both Muslims in America and those throughout the world, which will perhaps serve, in the future if not immediately, as a starting point for a re-evaluation of the history of America.
submitted by stopbanning34 to AskMiddleEast [link] [comments]

2023.05.05 01:44 thepacksvrvives Season 7: everything we know so far, part 1

If you haven’t read the books or don’t want to see any spoilers, do NOT read this post.
Buckle up, this is going to be long.
Unfortunately, a Reddit post cannot contain more than 20 images so I’ve made my analyses of the officially-released material over on Imgur: the World Outlander Day 2022 video, the S7 teaser, the S8 announcement video, the S7 opening credits, the S7 first-look stills, the S7A episode titles, and the Newest Cast for S7 video. Click the links to read the descriptions. I will be referring to them throughout the post.


Episode Title Writer Director
701 A Life Well Lost Danielle Berrow Lisa Clarke
702 The Happiest Place on Earth Toni Graphia Lisa Clarke
703 Death Be Not Proud Tyler English-Beckwith Jacquie Gould
704 A Most Uncomfortable Woman Marque Franklin-Williams Jacquie Gould
705 Singapore Taylor Mallory Tracey Deer
706 Where the Waters Meet Sarah H. Haught
707 A Practical Guide for Time-Travelers Margot Ye
708 Turning Points Luke Schelhaas
709 Barbara Stepansky
710 Luke Schelhaas Stewart Svaasand
711 Sarah H. Haught Lisa Clarke
712 Toni Graphia Lisa Clarke
713 Madeline Brestal & Evan McGahey
714 Diana Gabaldon
715 Danielle Berrow Jamie Payne
716 Matthew B. Roberts & Toni Graphia Jamie Payne
The writers of all 16 episodes are now confirmed on the WGA website. Diana Gabaldon previously shared that she wrote episode 714 and that parts of her unused 609 script were used in the script for 701.
The first two directors were first mentioned by Caitríona in an interview with Gold Derby:
We had an amazing director, Lisa Clarke, for the first two eps, and she has been fantastic. Really beautiful, strong eps. We just wrapped three and four with the director Jacquie Gould and it was really, really great.
According to her IMDB credits, Lisa Clarke also directed episodes 711 and 712.
Tracey Deer, a Mohawk filmmaker, appears in four actors’ credits, as well as on the clapperboard for episode 705 in this video.
Joss Agnew is confirmed by his agency. He said this in an interview back in June 2022:
Next up for TV directing? I’m time-traveling back to 1777 directing Outlander for Amazon in Scotland. I set my heart on doing this job at an early age. I’ve now been blessed with variety. Moving from directing this remarkable contemporary sci-fi to directing period action in a historical romance. It’s a rich playground to be dreaming in!
Cinematographer Nic Lawson worked on episodes 703, 704, 707, 708, 711 and 712. On his website, Joss Agnew is listed alongside Jacquie Gould (703-4) and Lisa Clarke (711-12) so he probably directed 707 and 708.
Stewart Svaasand is confirmed by his agency and appears in two actors’ credits, as well as an editor’s CV. He directed episode 710 and probably 709.
Jan Matthys appears in three actors’ credits.
Jamie Payne was confirmed to be directing on S7 by an entry on his profile on his agency’s website but it was since then deleted. However, the agency later included him in this tweet in March 2023, still stating he directed Block 8 (715 and 716).
As for Caitríona getting to direct, she has confirmed that she’d be directing “some extra scenes” in a talk she did in July 2022 (“I’m going to direct some little extra scenes this season”). These are most likely the Outlander Untold scenes for the Blu-Ray/DVD.


Obviously returning are Sam Heughan (Jamie Fraser), Caitríona Balfe (Claire Fraser), Sophie Skelton (Brianna MacKenzie), Richard Rankin (Roger MacKenzie), and John Bell (Young Ian Murray).
Also returning are (based on the footage shown/agency information): David Berry (Lord John Grey), Caitlin O’Ryan (Lizzie Beardsley), Paul Gorman (Josiah and Keziah Beardsley), Paul Donnelly (Ronnie Sinclair), Jack Tarlton (Kenny Lindsey), Gary Lamont (Evan Lindsey), Hugh Ross (Arch Bug), Sarah Collier (Murdina Bug), Chris Larkin (Richard Brown), Mark Lewis Jones (Tom Christie), Alexander Vlahos (Allan Christie), and possibly Jessica Reynolds (Malva Christie) in a flashback.
There’s this still from 606 which suggests they at least have the footage filmed for a flashback of Malva’s murder. Jessica herself seemed to confirm it in post-606 interviews, for SheKnows:
RG: One last thing: since the season was truncated, had you filmed extra stuff? Was Malva’s storyline going to be extended one more episode?
JR: Yeah, there has been some filmed. [smiles] That may or may not come later. We just have to see.
And Town & Country Magazine:
And despite the fact that Malva is dead, her story on Outlander isn't finished. Tonight’s episode “might not be the last” time viewers see the character, Reynolds hints. Of course, there’s still the mystery of who the baby’s father is—and who killed her. “There could be some flashbacks, maybe some stuff we filmed,” she says.
Joining the cast, from official announcements:
Reprising their roles, from official announcements:
Not officially announced but found through their agencies, also joining/returning are:
The First Nations actors returned for S7 in June 2022. Seen on Instagram, there was a large group of them in Glasgow, some of whom were followed by John, Joey, and Morgan; some posted from Scotland (“Y'all already know what a shaved head means”). Morgan (Emily) was also followed by Izzy and Joey. I also found a child actor who was in Glasgow at the time who I believe might’ve played Swiftest of Lizards. His IG profile is public but seeing as he’s a minor, I’m choosing to protect his identity:
The date of his first day of filming mentioned here is the same as the #HeardOnSet posted by Maril which I’m pretty sure is dialogue from Ian and Emily’s reunion and Swiftest of Lizards’ naming (more on that below).
SPECULATION: On December 8th, Richard and Diarmaid followed actor Nicholas Ralph on Instagram and he followed them back. Diarmaid posted a photo of his trailer (with Buck’s name on it) that morning, indicating he was filming. There is no confirmation on his agency’s website, however, but there is some resemblance between him and younger Richard (compare) so I think he might be playing Jerry MacKenzie. There are also some supporting artists who filmed “1940s” scenes on January 13th, which might be something to do with Jerry’s story in A Leaf on the Wind of All Hallows, as there are no 1940s flashbacks in either Echo or MOBY. Take this with a big grain of salt, though.
Based on this self-tape, it looks like there’s potentially going to be a flashback similar to 501, and this actor was auditioning for the role of Auld John Murray (Ian’s father), interacting with Jamie and Ian as children.
There was also an audition tape of a young actress auditioning for the role of Fanny Pocock. One of the scenes was from MOBY, chapter 53 when Jane and Fanny ask for William’s protection and he instructs them to find the laundresses. The second scene was from chapter 132, when Fanny tells William that Jane was arrested for Captain Harkness’ murder (that is not to say both of these scenes will be in S7). As mentioned above, Jane is played by Silvia Presente, so we should see Fanny as well.


In the 608 post-mortems, Maril mentioned that they shot a little more than made it into the episode and that it’s going to be included in S7:
There was a little bit of a tag at the end of this episode that we pushed into Season 7. But that was honestly the only change we made to this episode. (Variety)
We talked a lot about where to end Episode 608. There is a little bit of it that we are putting into Season 7. (Televixen)
The footage shot for 608 includes Sadie Ferguson. The actress portraying her, Sarah Finigan, filmed both under Jamie Payne and Lisa Clarke’s direction.
The first day of filming, March 30th, 2022, took place on the Wilmington set with Sam, John, and Mark.
The first bit of filming on location (that we know of) took place in Burntisland Harbour, Burntisland on April 5-7.
Credit: Michael Booth.
Caitríona and Sam were spotted, but not Mark. They filmed Claire and Jamie’s reunion and Claire’s rescue from the Governor’s ship. Eugene O’Hare wasn’t spotted either but his credits make it clear that he came back for S7. The same ship was also used for different sea scenes. Caitriona, Sam, and John’s doubles filmed the characters leaving on a ship. Their clothes match those they were seen at General Fraser’s funeral in Scotland (see below), so they most likely filmed their departure for Scotland on a British navy vessel.
Maril’s first #HeardOnSet isn’t from the book, but the second one from Apr 8th is from ABOSAA, chapter 96:
The Governor had been up most of the night, as well, and didn’t look much better than Jamie, though he was not, of course, besmeared with soot. He was, however, unshaven, bloodshot, and in no mood to be trifled with.
“Mr. Fraser,” he said with a short nod. “You are James Fraser, I collect? And you dwell in the mountain backcountry?”
“I am the Fraser, of Fraser’s Ridge,” Jamie said courteously. “And I have come for my wife.”
“Oh, have you.” The Governor gave him a sour look and sat down, gesturing indifferently at a stool. “I regret to inform you, sir, that your wife is a prisoner of the Crown. Though perhaps you were aware of this?”
All photos from Burntisland.
The next bit of filming took place in John Muir Country Park, with sets dressed as a British military camp and a trading post. Richard and Sophie were spotted, and a large group of supporting artists played British officers and prisoners. Richard was also spotted with Brennan Martin (Wendigo Donner). The last time we “saw” Donner, he was in a prison cell in Wilmington–he could be with the prisoners there at the British camp.
Credit: Sam Thomson (1), Graham Malcolm (2-5), The Herald (6-7).
JMCP also provided a location for the stone circle on Ocracoke. Caitríona, Sam, Sophie, Richard, and one of the Adair twins filmed the goodbye at the stones, and their doubles filmed the characters’ rowing to the island in a boat the day before.
Credit: Graham Malcolm (1-3), Outlandish Journeys (4-7).
All photos from John Muir Country Park.
There were also scenes filmed on the Wilmington set, like Brianna meeting William and LJG, LJG giving Jamie the sapphire; and on the Ridge: Mandy’s birth, Brianna and Jamie’s scene with the fireflies, and Allan’s death scene (see the Imgur links above).


For the 20th-century storyline, a lot of filming took place at Midhope Castle which housed a caravan. The show will likely cover the period of time when renovations take place at Lallybroch (the last time we saw it, in 1968, it was a ruin), so the caravan seems to be a temporary living situation for the MacKenzies. Midhope also had modern-looking windows and doors installed, and I also got a glimpse at the modern interior through a costume standby’s IG.
Credit: Mary’s Meanders Tours (1-3), Dixie Hutto (4-5), jenn___x (6).
All photos from Midhope.
Block 2 also saw filming at Hunterston Estate which previously served as the interior of the Reverend’s Manse. A local on the Outlander Book Group also posted about seeing location signs nearby a “manse-looking” building. I did some (okay, a lot) of searching on Google Maps and finally found the place in the area she mentioned (Bo’ness). It’s not just a manse-looking building, it is the building they used for the exterior shots of the Reverend’s Manse (Rivaldsgreen House in Linlithgow).
Credit: Mig Hunter (2), Scotland’s Gardens Scheme (4); screenshot from Outlander, ep. 201 (5).
Ciaron Kelly has Jacquie Gould listed as the director of the episode he was in, so Ernie (likely with Fiona) has to appear in either 703 or 704. Ciaron continued to film intermittently on Outlander throughout the year and wrapped in January 2023.
Some supporting artists also filmed at “Hunters[t]on power station” which might’ve been used for the interiors of the hydroelectric plant Brianna will work at.
As for the 18th-century storyline, episodes 703 and 704 wrapped up ABOSAA and started on Echo’s material. The actors playing Jamie’s Ardsmuir men were back for these episodes, as well as Paul Gorman playing the Beardsleys and Caitlin O’Ryan playing Lizzie (we should see the Beardsley baby in these episodes).
Most remarkably, there was a series of night shoots at the end of May. The same week, IFRA (International Fire & Rescue Association) posted about assisting on three nights of Outlander filming with pictures at the Big House exterior’s location. That points clearly to the filming of the Big House fire.
Credit: Caitríona Balfe (1), Paul Gorman (2), IFRA (3).
Interestingly, Chris Larkin (Richard Brown) posted about being back on set just a week before. It’s possible that Brown joins Donner when he comes to the BH and demands the gemstones. We find out in Echo, chapter 2, that the men accompanying him were from Brownsville:
You recall that idiot, Donner? [...] Well, he surpassed himself by getting together a gang of thugs from Brownsville to come and steal the treasure in gems he’d convinced them we had. Only we hadn’t, of course.
We see the Big House fire and the funeral of Mrs. Bug in the teaser.
This photo of Claire and Jamie is interesting because of their clothing. Claire appears to be wearing the exact same jacket Roger has worn in S6; it looks way too big for her, hence the belt. And the shirt Claire is wearing looks exactly like the one Brianna wore in 509, so I think this is after the Big House fire–most of her clothes would have perished in it, whilst the MacKenzies would have left loads behind.
The OL account also posted a photo of Caitríona/Claire with Adso, with Sam/Jamie on a horse in the background. It’s possible that it’s the scene of Claire saying goodbye to Adso in Echo, chapter 12.
In the video with the newest cast members, a clapperboard for episode 704 is visible during the shooting of some scenes with William and Ian in the wild, and with Ian bringing William to the Hunters. It means that the Frasers will have to be at Fort Ticonderoga by the end of 704. This checks out with Emma Hindle’s credits–she’s playing Mrs. Wellman, a widow of a Continental soldier whose son is a patient of Claire’s at Fort Ticonderoga.


For the 20th-century storyline, we saw Sophie, Richard, and Chris filming in Newmills and Dunfermline.
Credit: Amanda Weldon (1-2), Lee-Ann Smith (3-4), Wendy Kalogerou (5).
Sophie was photographed outside a pub (Crown Inn in Newmills), walking with Chris Fulton (Rob Cameron). A number of supporting artists have “pub regulars” listed in June/July. Echo doesn’t have any scenes at a pub, but one of Brianna’s co-workers invites her for a pint after she successfully makes it out of the tunnel (chapter 27):
“Knew ye’d make it, hen,” he said. Across the room, Andy and Craig turned from their work and applauded.
“Buy ye a pint after work, then, lass,” Andy called.
“Two!” shouted Craig.
She could still taste bile at the back of her throat. She gave Rob Cameron the sort of look she’d given Mr. Campbell.
“Don’t,” she said evenly, “call me hen.”
His good-looking face twitched and he tugged at his forelock with mock subservience.
“Anything you say, boss,” he said.
There is also this audition scene for “Craig Dowd” and the character mentions going out for a drink therein. The role ultimately went to Brad Morrison.
Richard was photographed outside a school (Torryburn Primary School). A number of supporting artists have “school night” listed in July. That is likely when Roger agrees to teach a class in Gaelic at Jem’s school at Lionel Menzies’ request (Echo, chapter 46).
All photos from Dunfermline.
Some filming involving Sophie took place near a lake, so it’s most likely the scenes involving the hydropower plant. There were supporting artists involved, playing “1980s waterworks plan maintenance men,” and standby art director Jack Rafferty posted in July from a dam, which appears to be Loch Sloy Dam. Filming for the hydro plant also took place later in the year, in October, in Cairndow, as per the supporting artists’ credits.
Credit: Sophie Skelton (1), Jack Rafferty (2-4), Euan Nelson (5).
As for the 18th-century storyline, a new set, a pretty big cabin next to a lake, was built in the village of Braco. We see it in the video introducing the Hunters and the video with the newest cast members. This cabin belongs to Rachel and Denzell and that’s where Ian brings William after saving his life in the wilderness.
Credit: Outlandish Journeys (1-6), Nick McGowan-Lowe (7-9)
The person who first found the set said that it was later “chemically aged for scenes later on in the timeline: a cowshed and chicken shed have been built, and the cabin now has a metal stove chimney.” You can see that it looks different in some shots in this video, particularly with William and Rachel outside–this scene is from ep. 705, as per the clapperboard, directed by Tracey Deer. I think it’s likely that the Hunters’ cabin was repurposed for Antioch Johnson’s cabin, and the scene Izzy and Charles were filming was after William kills the madman. Antioch Johnson is played by Daren Elliott Holmes in an episode directed by Tracey Deer, so that fits.
Credit: Nick McGowan-Lowe.
All photos from Braco.
Izzy, Joey, and Charles were also spotted in Pollok Park, Glasgow, most likely filming the scenes of the Hunters traveling north with William.
Credit: Glasgow Times.
All photos from Pollok Park.
William should make it to the British camp before the British attack Fort Ticonderoga. There were two actors at the beginning of 2022 who put their self-tapes on Vimeo (since removed/made private), auditioning for the role of William. One of the scenes was similar to the conversation William and General Fraser have in Echo, chapter 51.
After Ian leaves William at the Hunters’ cabin, he’s going to visit Emily. As I’ve mentioned above, the First Nations actors were in Scotland in June, and on June 17th, Maril posted a #HeardOnSet which is most likely from Ian and Emily’s scene in Echo, chapter 40:
“Are you happy?” he asked her.
“Yes,” she said softly. She looked down, not meeting his eyes, and he knew it was because she would answer honestly but did not wish to see if her answer hurt him. He put a hand under her chin—her skin was so soft!—and lifted her face to him.
“Are you happy?” he asked again, and smiled a little as he said it.
“Yes,” she said again. But then gave a small sigh, and her own hand touched his face at last, light as a moth’s wing. “But sometimes I miss you, Ian.” There was nothing wrong with her accent, but his Scots name sounded impossibly exotic on her tongue—it always had.
He felt a lump in his throat, but kept the faint smile on his face.
“I see you dinna ask me whether I’m happy,” he said, and could have kicked himself.
She gave him a quick look, direct as a knife point.
“I have eyes,” she said, very simply.
John first hinted at being reunited with Morgan (Emily) on the IG Live he did after 604 aired.
A bulk of the filming for block 4 took place in Duncarron Medieval Fort, which stood in for Fort Ticonderoga. I believe we see bits of it in the opening credits and the newest cast video.
Credit: Heather Roche (dizzy_designosaur).
We’re going to see Mrs. Wellman (Emma Hindle), a Continental officer’s widow whose son Claire suspects to have mumps, and Mrs. Raven (Gemma McElhinney), who later dies by suicide after the evacuation of Fort Ticonderoga. There were also supporting artists playing “female forters.”
A shot of British soldiers loading up a cannon in the opening credits seems to be from the British Siege of Fort Ticonderoga (Echo, chapter 51).
Burgoyne realized the tactical advantage of the high ground, and had his troops haul cannons to the top of Mount Defiance. Faced with bombardment from the heights (although no shots had yet been fired), General St. Clair ordered Ticonderoga abandoned on July 5, 1777. (Wikipedia)
General Burgoyne is played by Mark Frost.
What will follow is the evacuation from Fort Ticonderoga, filmed most likely in Pollok Park, Glasgow (Sam was spotted there). A number of supporting artists were listed as “Escape Squad.” The agency posted on one of those days: “Boys out running about the hills being chased by the boys in red.”
Maril posted this #HeardOnSet on June 21st. It’s from when Claire reunites with Jamie and Ian after the evacuation from FT (Echo, chapter 56):
“Ian—have you got that canteen?”
There was a soft pop! and Ian set the canteen in my hand. Very carefully, I tilted it into my mouth.
“Is that brandy?” Jamie said, sounding astonished.
“Mmm-hmm.” I swallowed, as slowly as I could, and handed the canteen to him. There were a couple of swallows left.
“Where did ye get it?”
“Your son gave it to me,” I said. “Where are we going?”
There was a long pause from the darkness, and then the sound of brandy being drunk.
Before that, Claire should share a scene with William.


Block 4 was filmed after the summer break they took in July/August and concluded on September 14th as per Sam. This block was mostly the Battle of Saratoga, filmed in the area near Forestmill, Alloa, and Coalsnaughton. A number of sup artists filmed that month, including night shoots, with “Battle of Saratoga” listed in their credits. They went through a boot camp “for fight training, gun control, drills and cannon routine.”
Credit: Brenda Farnsworth (1-7), Jennifer Cameron (8), Neilsart Caricatures (9-10), Mat Billings (11-12), Bryan Malcolm (13).
All photos from filming the Battle of Saratoga.
Maril posted this #HeardOnSet on August 25. This line doesn’t appear in Echo but it’s clearly Plain Speech, which points to either Denny or Rachel. Given the timeframe, I am theorizing that it’s Rachel talking about Denny who left to pretend to be a deserter in the “deserters’ game” they come up with before the Battle of Saratoga (and from which he later needs saving), but your guess is as good as mine.
We see glimpses of the battle in the opening credits, and likely the British surrender in the Newest Cast video.
I haven’t found who played General Fraser, but General Friedrich von Riedesel, who volunteers his home when the General is mortally wounded at Saratoga, was played by Stefan Willi Wang. Dan Morgan should also be present in these episodes, played by Barry O’Connor, as well as Benedict Arnold, played by Rod Hallett.
The post continues in part 2.
submitted by thepacksvrvives to Outlander [link] [comments]

2023.05.04 14:00 makapol 5/4 Appreciation Thread!

Who was there?! What went down?!

SET 1: Runaway Jim, Foam, Sample in a Jar, It's Ice > Sparkle > Axilla (Part II) > Tweezer > Lifeboy > Rift > Tweezer Reprise
SET 2: Run Like an Antelope, Bouncing Around the Room, You Enjoy Myself[1], Buried Alive[1], The Landlady[1], Julius[1], Wolfman's Brother[1] > Magilla[1], Suzy Greenberg[2]
ENCORE: Caravan[1] > Cavern[1]
[1] Cosmic Country Horns.
[2] Cosmic Country Horns; ended in jazz jam involving megaphone on Trey's guitar and an electric screwdriver on Mike's bass.
It’s Ice included Scent of a Mule teases. YEM through Cavern featured the Cosmic Country Horns: Michael Ray and Carl “Geerz” Gerhard on trumpet, Dave “The Truth” Grippo on alto sax, Tony Tate on tenor sax, Jerome Theriot on baritone sax, and Rick Trolsen on trombone. Trey teased Rhythm-A-Ning in YEM. Wolfman's featured an Alumni Blues jam. Suzy ended with a jazz jam involving a megaphone on Trey’s guitar and an electric screwdriver on Mike’s bass. Trey dedicated Antelope to his friend, who was, at that moment, giving birth. He recommended that she name the child “Marco Esquandolas.” Cavern contained Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) teases.

SET 1: The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg, Cavern > Reba, My Sweet One > Split Open and Melt, Guelah Papyrus, Fluffhead > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
SET 2: Dog Log > Llama, Colonel Forbin's Ascent[1] > Fly Famous Mockingbird > Buried Alive > Harry Hood, Horn > Rocky Top > Possum
ENCORE: Terrapin, Runaway Jim
ENCORE 2: Golgi Apparatus
[1] Guest horn player.
Forbin's featured a guest horn player dressed in a leopard-skin toga and a huge orange Mohawk. Possum contained an L.A. Woman tease from Trey. Terrapin was dedicated to "Marni." The Aquarium Rescue Unit was the opening act.

Soundcheck: Carolina (with alternate, "R"-rated lyrics), Funky Bitch
SET 1: Whipping Post, Sweet Adeline, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > Bouncing Around the Room > Possum, Metal Bagel Death[1], Reba > My Sweet One, You Enjoy Myself > The Lizards
SET 2: Runaway Jim > The Sloth, Uncle Pen, Tweezer, Bathtub Gin, The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove, Caravan, If I Only Had a Brain, Highway to Hell
ENCORE: Run Like an Antelope, Contact
[1] First known performance.
After Whipping Post, Trey welcomed the crowd to the second set and apologized for taking such a long break. The comments were in reference to their last show in the Keene area (2/22/90), at which heavy smoking and/or a fire alarm resulted in the show being aborted after the first set. Possum ended with a Sailor's Hornpipe tease from Trey. This show marked the first and only known performance of Metal Bagel Death, which was a dedication to some friends who had recently opened Keene Bagel Works across the street. YEM contained a Flash Light tease from Mike. Trey briefly reprised Caravan after If I Only Had a Brain and teased Simple Gifts in the intro to Contact.
Credit: Phish.net
submitted by makapol to phish [link] [comments]

2023.05.04 07:16 wsppan Today In Phishstory - May 4th

# Today In Phishstory - May 4th Brought to you by tiph-bot. Beep.
All data extracted via The Phishnet API.


Phish, Wednesday 05/04/1994 (29 years ago) State Palace Theatre, New Orleans, LA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1994 Spring Tour
Set 1 : Runaway Jim , Foam , Sample in a Jar , It's Ice > Sparkle > Axilla (Part II) > Tweezer > Lifeboy > Rift > Tweezer Reprise
Set 2 : Run Like an Antelope , Bouncing Around the Room , You Enjoy Myself 1 , Buried Alive 1 , The Landlady 1 , Julius 1 , Wolfman's Brother 1 > Magilla 1 , Suzy Greenberg 2
Encore : Caravan 1 > Cavern 1
1 Cosmic Country Horns. 2 Cosmic Country Horns; ended in jazz jam involving megaphone on Trey's guitar and an electric screwdriver on Mike's bass.
Jamchart Notes:
It's Ice - A crazy-ass jam, typical for spring '94, and includes a "Right Off" tease (Miles Davis). > to "Sparkle."
Run Like an Antelope - This is a very sick and demented version, with someone (Fish?) screaming in the background at various points. Trey dedicates the jam to a good friend's baby, just then being born, and suggests naming him/her Marco Esquandolas.
You Enjoy Myself - With Cosmic Country Horns, but a weak jam (and no B&D; or VJ).
Show Notes:
It's Ice included Scent of a Mule teases. YEM through Cavern featured the Cosmic Country Horns: Michael Ray and Carl "Geerz" Gerhard on trumpet, Dave "The Truth" Grippo on alto sax, Tony Tate on tenor sax, Jerome Theriot on baritone sax, and Rick Trolsen on trombone. Trey teased Rhythm-A-Ning in YEM. Wolfman's featured an Alumni Blues jam. Suzy ended with a jazz jam involving a megaphone on Trey's guitar and an electric screwdriver on Mike's bass. Trey dedicated Antelope to his friend, who was, at that moment, giving birth. He recommended that she name the child "Marco Esquandolas." Cavern contained Rebirth of Slick (Cool Like Dat) teases.
Listen now at Phish.in!
Phish, Saturday 05/04/1991 (32 years ago) Somerville Theatre, Somerville, MA, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1991 WinteSpring Tour
Set 1 : The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Suzy Greenberg , Cavern > Reba , My Sweet One > Split Open and Melt , Guelah Papyrus , Fluffhead > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove
Set 2 : Dog Log > Llama , Colonel Forbin's Ascent 1 > Fly Famous Mockingbird > Buried Alive > Harry Hood , Horn > Rocky Top > Possum
Encore : Terrapin , Runaway Jim
Encore 2 : Golgi Apparatus
1 Guest horn player.
Show Notes:
Forbin's featured a guest horn player dressed in a leopard-skin toga and a huge orange Mohawk. Possum contained an L.A. Woman tease from Trey. Terrapin was dedicated to "Marni." The Aquarium Rescue Unit was the opening act.
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Phish, Friday 05/04/1990 (33 years ago) The Colonial Theatre, Keene, NH, USA
Gap Chart, Tour: 1990 Tour
Set 1 : Whipping Post , Sweet Adeline , The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday > Avenu Malkenu > Bouncing Around the Room > Possum , Metal Bagel Death 1 , Reba > My Sweet One , You Enjoy Myself > The Lizards
Set 2 : Runaway Jim > The Sloth , Uncle Pen , Tweezer , Bathtub Gin , The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony > Mike's Song > I Am Hydrogen > Weekapaug Groove , Caravan , If I Only Had a Brain , Highway to Hell
Encore : Run Like an Antelope , Contact
1 First known performance.
Jamchart Notes:
You Enjoy Myself - "Flashlight" teases." "You Gotta Be A Doctor" VJ.
Show Notes:
After Whipping Post, Trey welcomed the crowd to the second set and apologized for taking such a long break. The comments were in reference to their last show in the Keene area (2/22/90), at which heavy smoking and/or a fire alarm resulted in the show being aborted after the first set. Possum ended with a Sailor's Hornpipe tease from Trey. This show marked the first and only known performance of Metal Bagel Death, which was a dedication to some friends who had recently opened Keene Bagel Works across the street. YEM contained a Flash Light tease from Mike. Trey briefly reprised Caravan after If I Only Had a Brain and teased Simple Gifts in the intro to Contact.
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Trey Anastasio

Trey Anastasio Band, 2005-05-04 Ovens Auditorium, Charlotte, NC, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-may-04-2005-ovens-auditorium-charlotte-nc-usa.html
Tour: TAB - 70 Volt Parade Spring 2005 Tour
Show Notes: This show featured the debut of "Dark and Down" and the TAB debut of "Sledgehammer" (Peter Gabriel). "Back on the Train" was performed solo acoustic. Les and Skeeto did not play on "Love is Freedom," which Trey performed acoustic.
Oysterhead, 2000-05-04 Saenger Theater, New Orleans, LA, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-may-04-2000-saenger-theater-new-orleans-la-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: This debut Oysterhead performance was part of the “Superfly Presents” annual series that runs concurrent the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival. Owner of the World was started by Stewart as Pseudo Suicide and was dedicated to Fish, who ran on stage and bowed. Pseudo Suicide included quotes of Jerry Was a Race Car Driver and Reba. All three musicians wore white jumpsuits for this performance. As this was the first public performance of Oysterhead, all songs were Oysterhead debuts.
Trey Anastasio Band, 1999-05-04 Murat Theatre, Indianapolis, IN, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/trey-anastasio-may-04-1999-murat-theatre-indianapolis-in-usa.html
Tour: TAB - The Trio
Show Notes: The first set was Trey solo acoustic and the second set was electric TAB. Bathtub Gin was dedicated to Ali and Jesse (fans Ali McDowell and Jesse Jarnow) for temporarily naming The Inlaw Josie Wales as Minestrone. Bathtub Gin, Talk and Wading in the Velvet Sea were TAB debuts. This show featured the debut of Anastasio/Marshall originals Andre the Giant, Back on the Train, Somantin, and Windora Bug. The Amfibian original Heavy Things was a TAB debut.

Mike Gordon

Joe Krown Trio, 2008-05-04 Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/mike-gordon-may-04-2008-tipitinas-new-orleans-la-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Mike sat in on bass for the whole show, that was in support of the headliner, Dumpstaphunk.

Page McConnell

The Meter Men with Page McConnell, 2013-05-04 Republic New Orleans, New Orleans, LA, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/page-mcconnell-may-04-2013-republic-new-orleans-new-orleans-la-usa.html
Tour: Page - The Meter Men w/Page McConnell Spring 2013
Show Notes:


Col. Les Claypool’s Fearless Flying Frog Brigade, 2003-05-04 Tipitina's, New Orleans, LA, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/guest-appearance-may-04-2003-tipitinas-new-orleans-la-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Mike sat in on bass for "Precipitation" and "Wynona'a Big Brown Beaver."
Galactic, 1997-05-04 Mermaid Lounge, New Orleans, LA, USA
Setlist: https://phish.net/setlists/guest-appearance-may-04-1997-mermaid-lounge-new-orleans-la-usa.html
Tour: Not Part of a Tour
Show Notes: Fish sat in on drums for Cissy Strut.
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2023.05.03 01:41 French1966DeArfcom Grid-Down Power Cable (GDPC) #night vision

The Grid-down Power Cable (GDPC) allows you to use common USB power banks to power any Lemo port equipped binocular night vision device. These USB power banks can of course be charged with small portable solar panels (as seen here: https://imgur.com/a/NbvOCQ6) which can be attached to plate carriers or ruck sacks. This can function as a primary external power source, but it’s especially useful for emergency “grid down” type situations.
The GDPC is also a serious asset for those that already use USB power for thermal, because it allows the use of one battery pack that can power thermal and night vision devices (no need for multiple different power sources). Simply switch cables as needed. HMT users have the option of sourcing a dual USB pack which could power two devices at once (such as a COTI & RNVG). To reiterate however, the GDPC is a night vision specific cable and not for thermal use.
The above concept applies to any other end user devices such as cell phones and other electronics that you may need to power in the field. The GDPC allows you to integrate your NVD into a shared power supply which is a common and affordable source of power.
It is up to the end user to choose from an almost endless array of different USB battery pack styles and sizes. Those choices include water resistant packs or really small USB packs that are slightly larger than a shotgun shell. The larger ones function as a counterweight and typically fit into common mohawk-style counterweight systems.
Providing the possibility of extended battery life is a feature that sets this cable apart from all other external power systems (depending on which milliampere-hour size battery pack you choose). A conservative approximation of continuous run time on a common size of 10,000mAh should be roughly 133 hours at 68 degrees F.
The GDPC was engineered to take USB power and produce the same voltage of traditional external power sources such as Anvis battery packs as well as the voltage of a single standard CR123 Battery, which is safe to use with your lemo-equipped night vision devices.
We are currently offering one type of cable only, which is optimized for RNVG style Binocular devices including the anvis 6/9, RNVG, RPNVG, ARNVG, and all other lemo compatible night vision devices. This is a 90 degree USB to 90 degree Lemo connector. The Lemo is an 8-position adjustable connector, which is already clocked properly for use with RNVG/RPNVG binoculars. If you require a different position, adjustment directions can be seen here: https://imgur.com/a/BvPMxei
Please be sure to consider your cable management needs before purchasing to ensure the cable will work with your specific helmet and night vision configurations.
These are not compatible with Fischer ports without the use of an adapter, however a Fischer compatible cable is coming soon. You can however purchase a Lemo to Fischer adapter from various other night vision vendors, Amazon, etc…
Before using this cable, please consult with an electronics profesional to ensure that all necessary precautions are taken. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the cable is utilized in a safe and appropriate manner.
It is also the sole responsibility of the end user to procure and employ a reliable and safe source of power. The manufacturer of this cable is not responsible for any damages or injuries that may result from the use of this cable. (California probably thinks this cable will cause cancer)
Do not use onboard power and remote power simultaneously.***
PayPal accepted. No Comments, No Goods and Services allowed. Most other electronic payment types accepted.
Price: $160 Shipped
Please send a private message to purchase.
Ships via USPS Priority mail
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