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2023.06.09 17:51 leafgarrison Adult Swim is adding another hour of programming.

From Deadline:
Adult Swim’s one-hour expansion of its daily programming last month has gained enough traction with viewers that the Warner Bros Discovery network is adding another hour to its schedule heading into the fall.
A new block, “Checkered Past,” will debut under the Adult Swim banner — on the channel it shares with Cartoon Network — starting August 28 on Monday through Friday at 6 p.m. It will be a showcase for Cartoon Network throwback titles like Dexter’s Laboratory, The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, Courage the Cowardly Dog, and Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy, replacing a rotation of Cartoon shows like Teen Titans Go!
On Saturdays, the new 6 p.m. hour will feature reruns of current TV-PG originals like Unicorn: Warriors Eternal and My Adventures With Superman. Sundays will continue to see “Acme Night” broadcasts of family-friendly films from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. The rest of the schedule is projected to stay intact.
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2023.06.09 17:49 DogPoetry Well, would you look at that

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2023.06.09 17:47 cyberxstrm [TOMT][Sitcom] A tv sitcom early 2000s

This was a sitcom that aired on one of the basic tv networks (probably NBC or CBS, maybe Fox). I think it was about a woman running a business (maybe a restaurant, coffee shop or similar).
In the scene I remember, a character who is a black man, who I think is related to the woman running the business, loses a briefcase, and believes it was stolen by a group of kids. He goes to the corner to confront them about it.
He starts by saying "Yo homie, you know where I can score a case?" and they respond "A case of what?" Later in the conversation he says "Don't make me burst a cap off" and they say "It's bust a cap fool!"
Thanks for any help
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2023.06.09 17:45 OWMatchThreads Overwatch Contenders 2023 Spring Series: Europe: Playoffs

Overwatch Contenders 2023 Spring Series: Europe: Playoffs


Streams Reddit-stream


Time Team 1 Team 2 Match Page
16:00 Twisted Minds Ex Oblivione
17:30 AWW YEAH Triple Esports
This thread pulls match data from this liquipedia page. If the thread is out of data, you can help by updating that page. If something is wrong or missing please ping u/Watchful1 in the comments.
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2023.06.09 17:37 ghentlemanly 🎙️ Seeking a Voice Memo Partner: Let's Talk, Not Just Chit-Chat! 🎙️

🎙️ Seeking a Voice Memo Partner: Let's Talk, Not Just Chit-Chat! 🎙️
Important: Voice Memo/Note/Message and NOT voice call
I'm on the hunt for a voice memo partner, someone who understands the beauty of audio communication in this fast-paced digital world. But why settle for voice memos when there are voice chats, you might ask? Well, let me enlighten you!
Picture this: amidst the chaos of your busy life, you receive a delightful voice memo, like a personalized audio surprise, ready to be savored whenever you have a moment. No more scheduling conflicts, no awkward interruptions—just pure, unadulterated thoughts and musings exchanged through the airwaves.
About me: busy professional male, in 30s, cosmopolitan, impossible to offend, and with an insatiable appetite for varied interests. From experimenting in the kitchen to dabbling in sewing and crocheting, I'm all about hands-on creativity. Movies used to be my jam, but TV shows now rule my screen. Let's ditch the scheduling nightmare and indulge in the charm of voice memos instead. Ready to join me on this audio adventure? Let's chat, one memo at a time! 🎧✉️
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2023.06.09 17:00 Coy9ine Stephen Smith Grand Jury Calling Witnesses, Reviewing Evidence - Cold case heats up …

Stephen Smith Grand Jury Calling Witnesses, Reviewing Evidence - Cold case heats up …

Stephen Smith Grand Jury Calling Witnesses, Reviewing Evidence - Cold case heats up …

Stephen Smith Grand Jury Calling Witnesses, Reviewing Evidence FITSNews - Will Folks - Staff
TLDR: SLED is considering two persons of interest in connection with Smith’s death – 25-year-old Patrick Wilson and 25-year-old Shawn Connelly. “The location of Smith’s body in the middle of the road was totally inconsistent with a vehicular strike – but the massive blood loss observed on the asphalt seemed inconsistent with him being murdered at another location,” I noted in a recent report.
A statewide grand jury in Columbia, South Carolina is actively investigating the 2015 homicide of Stephen Smith, multiple sources familiar with its deliberations have confirmed to this news outlet. In fact, the grand jury is scheduled to reconvene next week to review evidence and hear testimony related to the murder of the 19-year-old from Hampton, S.C.
In other words, it’s increasingly likely arrest warrants will eventually be issued in connection with this eight-year-old cold case – which gained international attention via its purported proximity to the **‘**Murdaugh Murders’ crime and corruption saga. Interest in the Smith case escalated even further after it was prominently featured in the hit Netflix documentary, ‘Murdaugh Murders: A Southern Scandal.’
Confirmation of the grand jury’s empaneling should come as no surprise to those following the case.
Two weeks ago, Lexington, S.C. attorney Eric Bland – one of the attorneys representing Smith’s mother, Sandy Smith – said he believed a grand jury had been empaneled based on his conversations with chief Mark Keel of the S.C. State Law Enforcement Division (SLED).
“(Keel) told me subpoenas are being issued – as well as warrants – and I believe there is a grand jury empaneled,” Bland said during a May 25, 2023 panel discussion on CourtTV.
Bland was right …
According to our sources, the grand jury has been meeting for several weeks and has already heard critical evidence related to this unsolved murder – including evidence which “conclusively proves” Smith was killed at the site where his body was found.
Forensic expert Kenneth Kinsey has reportedly confirmed this assessment based on a review of the graphic crime scene photos of Smith’s murder. Kinsey was hired to review the evidence in this case as part of an independent investigation launched by Bland’s law firm.
To recap: Smith’s body was discovered by a passing motorist (a tow truck driver) at approximately 4:00 a.m. EDT on July 8, 2015 in the middle of Sandy Run Road near Crocketville, S.C. Initially deemed gunshot wound – and later a vehicular hit-and-run – the investigation was originally handled by the S.C. Highway Patrol (SCHP) “Multi-Disciplinary Accident Investigation Team” (MAIT). It wasn’t until nearly six years later that it became an active murder case handled by SLED.
SLED opened a homicide investigation into Smith’s death shortly after the savage slayings of 52-year-old Maggie Murdaugh and 22-year-old Paul Murdaugh on June 7, 2021 at Moselle – a 1,700-acre hunting property straddling the Salkehatchie River which until recently belonged to the Murdaugh family.
Disbarred attorney Alex Murdaugh – a scion of this once-dominant legal dynasty – was convicted of those killings and sentenced to life in prison in March of this year.
What was the Murdaugh family’s connection to Smith’s death? It’s not immediately clear. According to 26-year-old Buster Murdaugh – who has been accused by many on social media of being involved in the crime – there is no connection.
“These baseless rumors of my involvement with Stephen and his death are false,” Murdaugh said in a statement released back in March. “I unequivocally deny any involvement in his death.”
Others close to this story – including Sandy Smith – believe otherwise. In fact, Smith wrote a letter to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the fall of 2016 detailing the Murdaugh family’s alleged involvement.
“Stephen had on more than one occasion mentioned to friends and his twin sister that he was involved romantically with someone from a prominent family in the county who was hiding his sexuality,” Smith wrote in her letter. “He said it would shock people to know this person was gay. We suspect this could be the young man Stephen was referring to, though he never named him.”
As this news outlet reported earlier this year, SLED is considering two persons of interest in connection with Smith’s death – 25-year-old Patrick Wilson and 25-year-old Shawn Connelly, both of Brunson, S.C.
Both Wilson and Connelly lived in the area near where Stephen Smith’s body was found … and there is information obtained by SLED investigators which has reportedly drawn a sharper focus on them as potential suspects. Several of these same leads were followed by producers and investigators associated with the Netflix documentary – as well as the initial legal team retained by Sandy Smith. In November of 2021, Charleston, S.C. attorney Andy Savage – who at the time was representing Smith’s family – gave an interview to WCIV TV-4 in which he indicated the Murdaughs were “unconnected” to Smith’s murder and any speculation related to their involvement was “unfounded.”
“There are suspects we have in sight that are unconnected to Murdaugh,” Savage told reporters Anne Emerson and Drew Tripp. “The focus any in the media have on Murdaugh may be unfounded.”
Sandy Smith recoiled at that revelation – and parted ways with Savage as her attorney shortly thereafter.
As previously reported by this news outlet, on December 18, 2015 – five months after Smith’s murder – SCHP investigators received a tip from Wilson’s self-described step-father, Darrell Williams of Varnville, S.C. According to Williams, Wilson informed him that Connelly – another Hampton County teenager – was driving a vehicle which “struck and killed Stephen Smith.”
Who told him to share this information? Randy Murdaugh – Alex Murdaugh’s older brother.
According to case notes contained in the MAIT report, Williams “stated that the reason he was passing this information on was because Randy Murdaugh told him to call.”
As I have often noted, the crime scene in this case is “a study in contradictions.”
“The location of Smith’s body in the middle of the road was totally inconsistent with a vehicular strike – but the massive blood loss observed on the asphalt seemed inconsistent with him being murdered at another location,” I noted in a recent report.
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2023.06.09 16:46 AutoModerator Adrien Broner Vs Bill Hutchinson Date, Start Time & news schedule reddit

Adrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Stream

🔴 HDstreams :➡ Broner Vs Bill Hutchinson live streams reddit

🔴 HDstreams :➡ Broner Vs Bill Hutchinson live streams reddit

Adrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Streamadrien Broner Vs. Bill Hutchinson Live Stream

Adrien Broner will return to action this evening in Miami, facing Bill Hutchinson in the first fight of his deal with promoter Don King, as Broner looks to get himself back into the mix at age 33.

We’ll have live updates of the show starting at 6:50 pm ET, with the fights airing on PPV (you can buy through FITE TV). We’ll have live results and commentary, and hopefully some highlights, but we’ll see how social media goes for this.

Everything will come in this stream:

When Is Broner Vs Hutchinson?
Adrien Broner is set to take on Bill Hutchinson on Friday 9th June 2023 at Casino Miami Jai Alai in Miami.

The fight is scheduled for 10 rounds in the Welterweight division, which means the weight limit will be 147 pounds (10.5 stone or 66.7 KG).

The undercard is set to feature the clash of Rigondeaux vs Clemente.

Broner Vs Hutchinson Stats
Adrien Broner steps into the ring with a record of 34 wins, 4 loses and 1 draw, 24 of those wins coming by the way of knock out.

Bill Hutchinson will make his way to the ring with a record of 20 wins, 2 loses and 4 draws, with 9 of those wins by knock out.

The stats suggest Broner has a large advantage in power over Hutchinson, boosting at 71% knock out percentage over Hutchinson's 45%.

Adrien Broner is the younger man by 1 year, at 33 years old.

Hutchinson has a height advantage of 2 inches over Broner. Despite this, he has 1-inch reach advantage.

Both Adrien Broner & Bill Hutchinson fight out of an orthodox stance.

Broner is the more experienced professional fighter, having had 13 more fights, and made his debut in 2008, 2 years and 10 months earlier than Hutchinson, whose first professional fight was in 2011. He has fought 122 more professional rounds, 247 to Hutchinson's 125.

Broner Vs Hutchinson Form
Adrien Broner has beaten 2 of his last 5 opponents.

In his last fight, he defeated Jovanie Santiago on 20th February 2021 by unanimous decision in their 12 round contest at Mohegan Sun Casino, Connecticut, United States.

Previous to that, he had been beaten by Manny Pacquiao on 19th January 2019 by unanimous decision in their WBA World Welterweight championship fight at MGM Grand, Las Vegas.

Going into that contest, he had drawn with Jessie Vargas on 21st April 2018 by majority draw at Barclays Center, New York.

Before that, he had lost to Mikey Garcia on 29th July 2017 by unanimous decision in their 12 round contest at Barclays Center, New York.

He had defeated Adrian Granados on 18th February 2017 by split decision in their 10 round contest at U.S. Bank Arena, Cincinnati.

Activity Check
Broner's last 5 fights have come over a period of 6 years, 3 months and 22 days, meaning he has been fighting on average every 1 year, 3 months and 5 days. In those fights, he fought a total of 58 rounds, meaning that they have lasted 11.6 rounds on average.

What Time Does Broner Vs Hutchinson Start?
The fighters are expected to ringwalk at around 11:00 PM EST / 8:00 PM PST at Casino Miami Jai Alai, Miami, United States, which is around 4:00 AM BST in the UK.

Who Is Showing Broner Vs Hutchinson?
The PPV US show is expected to begin at 6:50 PM EST / 3:50 PM PST. The PPV UK broadcast of the card is expected to start at 11:50 PM (BTS).

How Do You Stream Broner Vs Hutchinson?
In the US you can stream Broner vs Hutchinson via on a PPV basis. Once purchased, you can watch on your Smart TV, Phone or Desktop PC, and they have apps available on Roku, Xbox, Chromecast and Apple TV.

The whole event costs $24.99.

In the UK you can stream Broner vs Hutchinson via on a PPV basis. Once purchased, you can watch on your Smart TV, Phone or Desktop PC, and they have apps available on Roku, Xbox, Chromecast and Apple TV.

The whole event costs $24.99.

What Are The Odds On Broner Vs Hutchinson?
Adrien Broner is currently 1/25 (-2500) to win the contest outright, while you can get 8/1 (+800) on Bill Hutchinson if you fancy the massive upset.

View all Broner vs Hutchinson Odds
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2023.06.09 16:29 Playful-Mess-8680 32m [M4F] Nerdy and flirty [chats]

I've been lonely lately and missed having someone that I can game with and shoot the shit with throughout the night. I love just hanging out on discord and playing or talking about our day. Some of my all time games are stardew valley, rimworld, apex, TFT, and don't starve. Right now I'm trying out the new diablo but As long as it's multiplayer though I'm down to play anything!
Now I am also looking for a girl that doesn't mind some flirting. I figure I'd be upfront about so there aren't any confusions. I'd want us to feel comfortable roasting each other one sec and flirty the next.
A little about me. I work at a hospital so my schedule can be all over the place sometimes. In my space time I love to watch nba, play games, binge watch tv. I love listening to songs from the 90s and 2000s but l can listen to almost any genre. Oh and I love making really bad jokes or puns. Talk to me long enough and I'll make you eyeroll for sure Also age and location don't really matter to me. So if you're interested drop me a message
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2023.06.09 16:00 SomeCruzDude Weekly Free Talk Friday/Other Leagues Thread - Talk about other women's soccer leagues or...anything!

Welcome to Free Talk thread! Talk about...anything!
These threads will go up at 10am ET every Friday and be stickied throughout the week unless other posts take priority (AMAs, megathreads, announcements, etc.)
We'll list some other leagues that are in play right now (or in the near future) and the relevant communities you can check out
If you want to trade, swap, or share your NWSL trading cards, use this thread.

Other women's soccer leagues broadcast in US

Mexico - Liga MX Femenil - /LigaMX or /womenssoccer
England - FA Women's Super League, Championship, and more! - /FAWSL
  • Select matches broadcast on Paramount+ or CBS Sports in the US (some of these also on Atafootball), rest for free on the FA Player
France - Div. 1 Femenine - 1 Match a week broadcast on ESPN+ - /Ligue1
Australia - A-League Women - Matches broadcast on YouTube - /Wleague & /Aleague
Here's a list of various women's leagues from around the world you may be able to watch
Other women's sports leagues to discuss
  • /wnba - Broadcast on various channels/sites: ABC/ESPN channels, CBS Channels, and NBA TV.
  • /phf & /womenshockey (various leagues)
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2023.06.09 15:25 KyaDash Ask Here First + Listings Directory (READ ME): Troubleshooting, Price/ID/Spec Check, Help, ETC Mega Thread

Trying Something new here apologies for any confusion, but going forward, the mod team has decided to move the Listing Thread to a sub-directory within the Mega Thread. The reasoning behind this is to free up the other Sticky for other uses and giving more flexibility in reacting or hopefully making the sub more usable and useful to the member base as a whole.

CRT Listings WTB/WTS/Freebie (June 2023) Thread (Click Me)

Previous Threads Here: /crtgaming/wiki/sqt

The purpose of this thread is to attempt to cut down on the amount of clutter and troubleshooting, price check, ID check, spec(ification) check, and just general "HELP!!" style threads often seen filling the front page of the sub, and hopefully get those questions answered more quickly and efficiently by bringing them together in one place for viewing.
If your thread would consist of (list is not exhaustive, just likely examples):
  • A question you think should have an obvious/well known answer
  • A question that feels rather specific and you're worried it might get passed over entirely
  • Wiring help for your setup
  • Asking for an ID Check for a CRT TV/Monitor you've stumbled upon
  • Asking for a Price Check for a CRT you've stumbled upon
  • Asking about benefits of 1 CRT over another that you're looking into

This Thread is for you!

Some of the modteam, as well as several veteran members of the sub check in on this thread often and will attempt to got answers to questions as they come up, but it would be much appreciated if once you've posted your question here, you use the link above to the older threads to see if the question may have already been answered. Of course, it would also help greatly to check/ctrl+f the current thread first before submitting your own question too.
This specific thread is set to a Newest first suggested sort, so you shouldn't have to worry about your brand new question being buried instantly under the previous week/month/etc's worth of questions. There is no consistent schedule these threads will be remade on, so please don't be afraid to post a question just because it was pinned a month or more ago.
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2023.06.09 15:23 novacharger64 [22M/EST] Just looking for some new friends! :)

My name is Lee, and I’m a Korean-American studying Political Science and Public Policy! After undergrad, I plan to go to law school, but I’m considering taking a gap year before then.
Thankfully, my schedule is a lot more relaxed this semester, so I have a lot more free time for gaming and whatnot! I play games on my Switch and my recently built PC. On Switch, I play games like Smash Ultimate, Mario Party, Mario Kart, Pokémon, ACNH, etc. I’m also a relatively new PC gamer, and I’m open to getting more games! Needless to say, I’m down for discord calls where we play games, watch movies, and/or chill!
Some of my hobbies include:
If we have anything in common, feel free to reach out! (:
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2023.06.09 15:06 cyberobi Nofap Mindset Reframe to Get You to 100 days+

WARNING: If you apply this you may have unlimited energy, quit your sh**** job and pursue a life of entrepreneurship, friends and family members may not recognize you because of your glow and physical transformation, and have a life of freedom and purpose.
You’ve been warned. Read on to find out.
I have been obsessed with understanding how our minds work, why is it we do things we know are bad for us and why don’t we do things we know are good for us.
I’ve recently read a book “The Easy Way To Control Alcohol” whos author has helped millions of people quit alcohol and smoking cigarettes and a lot of what was taught can be applied to nofap. Keep reading to learn how you can apply this starting now.Let’s start with how we may have been going about this the wrong way. After many slipbacks, my longest streak now being at 135 days and counting, this simple technique has helped me get there.
Since then I have transformed into someone and done things I’ve never thought I could accomplish. A few being, started doing brazilian jiu jitsu, got a $20,000 raise at work bc of taking more risks and stepping up. Going from 25% body fat to 15% and looking like a whole new person. Taught myself computer programming, reading a book a week, and started a dropshipping business as a side business. None of this would be possible as the old me who fapped 2-3x a day and told myself everytime this is it, I am done!
The technique and simple mindset reframe: Instead of focusing on nofap and the negatives that watching p*** and fapping cause to you, you need to reframe this to the massive benefits that semen retention give you!If all you think about all day is I am doing nofap I will not watch p*** you are relying solely on willpower and one bad trigger away from a relapse. Now take this reproach, instead of focusing on nofap, switch to “I am retaining my semen, every second I retain it I am getting more stronger and powerful and becoming the ultimate version of myself.”
If you play video games, you character will most of the time have a health bar and a special powers bar. Visualize it like this, every second you retain, you get stronger and your super power bar is charging and refilling. You can feel the energy and super powers coursing through you and you are becoming the ultimate version of yourself to conquer the world and walk your journey and conquest.Switch from focusing on the negatives of what happens when you fap and watch p*** to the BENEFITS YOU GAIN from retaining your semen.It makes it so much easier, again, to go throughout the day with this reframe thinking “I’m getting stronger and more powerful every second I retain.” vs Today I will not watch p*** and fap.
With this is mind, think about this, if I told you to close your eyes and don’t think of an elephant, what’s going to happen? You are going to think of an elephant. This is why the whole approach of “I’m not going to fap, I’m not going to fap, I’m not going to fap, I’m not going to watch p***” may not have worked for you.
Switch those thoughts to “I am retaining and getting stronger”. Visualize yourself mentally as your favorite video game character getting stronger and stronger to god mode!
HOW TO HANDLE URGES: Here’s a little trick that works for me. Think about your favorite battle scene you have seen in a movie, tv show or video game. (Lord of the rings, John Wick, The Matrix is for me, any awesome battle scene, etc.) When the hero of that movie/tv/video game was fighting in a battle, and he was completely overrun and it seemed he was going to be defeated. But then BAM! He went into god-mode found the strength and energy and completely destroyed the enemy.I like to think of that scene in the Matrix when neo is in the courtyard and all the bad guys are coming after him and he is just destroying them. Then they all jump on top of him and it seems he’s defeated. But atlast he blasts off into the sky and defeats them.
Or when I used to play assassins creed and I would just destroy a group of bad guys. Whatever scene gets you fired up, use this, visualize your bad thoughts and urges, they aren’t you they are trying to capture and take over your mind. But you are godmode you destroy them every time they try. THEY DO NOT STAND A CHANCE!
Think of your urges like this. They are the enemy and demons in your mind and you are the super hero, you unleash god-mode and you completely fuck them up slaying the enemy, completely destroying them. They keep coming at you but you default them in the most bad ass way you can visualize. And everytime you do this you get stronger and stronger, bc you are retaining and getting your super power bar up!
Your mind is the fortified castle, your urges and the puny enemy, who wants to so desperately take over it, but you are strong and powerful and you demolish them! The enemy (urges) are running to your kingdom. But you stay calm and strong at the front lines, sword in hand with your army behind you bc you know they don’t stand a chance. And as they approach you slay them down and completely fuck shit up!James Clear in Atomic Habits says this – “You don't need to quit smoking, you just need to return to being a non–smoker. You don't need to transform into a healthy person, you just need to return to being healthy.”To apply this to our situations: “You don’t need to quit p*** and masturbation, you just need to return to being a person who doesn’t do thatEasiest way is to change your identity. Nah, I just don’t do that, that was the old me.
Myself, I always need to understand the “why” to really buy into something so I recommend instead of reading, learning and watching videos about nofap, read about benefits of semen retention. It will open up a whole new mindset for you!Remember, the reframe, it is not today I not watch p*** I will not fap. It is, every second I retain I am becoming more powerful, unleashing god-mode to conquer my life and put destiny into my old hands. The old weak you has died off, you are now the hero of your life’s story. And for urges, visualize your favorite super hero, or bad ass character you love, slaying and demolishing your urges, making them beg to stop! And each time you do this you are becoming stronger and stronger and the ultimate version of yourself.
Outwitting the devil - Napoleon Hill
Atomic Habits - James Clear
Semen Retention Miracle
Go down the rabbit hole on semen retention and it’s benefits for confidence, muscle building, attracting partners into your life, it will be the best thing you ever decided to do
BONUS: to make this even easier I recommend getting web filter on your devices. I use DNSFilter, I created a gmail account with an email and pw I cannot remember, and used that to create the account for the web filter as well.I then schedule an email to be sent to my personal email every month or so with the login details incase I need to get in there for whatever reason. These extra barriers make it easier for you. Just like if you want to lose weight, don’t have junk food in the house. If you want to quit watching that crap, don’t be allowed to.Also, put your cellphone in black and white mode. It will make it less addicting!
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2023.06.09 15:00 AstrosBot Game Thread: Astros (36-27) @ Guardians (29-33) - Jun 9, 2023 6:10 PM

Guardians (29-33) Astros (36-27)
First Pitch: 6:10 PM at Progressive Field
Team Starter TV Radio
Astros Cristian Javier (7-1, 2.84 ERA) ATTH KBME, TUDN/KLAT (ES)
Guardians Logan Allen (3-2, 2.76 ERA) BSGL WMMS, (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Reddit Stream Discord
Gameday Game Graph Live Comments /baseball Discord

Line Score - Scheduled

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
HOU 0 0 0 -
CLE 0 0 0 -

Box Score

Posted at 8:00 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2023.06.09 15:00 AthleticsBot Game Chat: Athletics @ Brewers - 05:10 PM PDT

Athletics @ Brewers - Fri, Jun 09

Game Status: Scheduled - First Pitch is scheduled for 05:10 PM PDT

Links & Info

ALW Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Texas Rangers 40 21 - (-) - - (-)
2 Houston Astros 36 27 5.0 (96) 3 - (-)
3 Los Angeles Angels 34 30 7.5 (93) 5 2.5 (97)
4 Seattle Mariners 30 31 10.0 (92) 7 5.0 (96)
5 Oakland Athletics 14 50 27.5 (73) 12 22.5 (77)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Athletics Luis Medina (0-5, 8.19 ERA, 29.2 IP) No report posted.
Brewers Adrian Houser (2-1, 3.45 ERA, 31.1 IP) No report posted.

Division Scoreboard

TEX @ TB 03:40 PM PDT
HOU @ CLE 04:10 PM PDT
SEA @ LAA 06:38 PM PDT
Posted: 06/09/2023 06:00:01 AM PDT
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2023.06.09 14:58 Creepy-Lynx7455 WON - AEW House shows ending?

'AEW ran what may be its last house shows for a long time over the weekend. With them adding Collision, I don’t see house shows likely and there aren’t any more left on the schedule. Plus, as the word gets out that the top stars aren’t on these shows, unlike WWE which features top stars on its house shows, it would get harder to draw. The 6/2 show which went against Smackdown and Rampage on TV, in Tupelo, MS, drew just 1,576. The 6/3 show in Huntsville, AL, drew 2,237.'
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2023.06.09 14:32 NightfallenEcho Putting myself out there but also feedback welcome.

Hi, I'd like to get myself out there a bit as I've recently started and still somewhat new. I've been regularly streaming the past month, I have a schedule in place, please check me out here and leave a follow if your into it. anyone kind enough to give me a visit feel free to also give me some feedback on this post. ( can't put multiple tags sadly) I guess, there is also some recent vods to look at to, to get and idea, if you can't catch me live.
I've gradually been adding more and more things to the stream, and have been putting in some effort in panels and such. i seem to get a few viewers pop in, but not many have actually reached out to interact in chat. i am fine with lurkers, but i am curious to know on any advice to help with that. Thank you to anyone who takes their time to read this, and even look.
( i apologize also if this was better tagged as Help, but Self Promo was involved so seems more right)

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2023.06.09 14:31 fixkrtechnologies Common Smart TV Problems and How to Fix Them Quickly: LED TV Repair & Services in Delhi

Smart TVs have become an integral part of our entertainment experience, but they can occasionally encounter issues that disrupt our viewing pleasure. If you’re facing common problems with your smart TV, worry not! In this blog post, we will discuss the most common issues and provide troubleshooting steps to help you fix them quickly. Whether it’s a connectivity problem, audio or video issues, or software glitches, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn how to resolve these problems and get back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies.
Common Smart TV Problems and Troubleshooting Steps:
Connectivity Issues :-
Problem: Weak or unstable Wi-Fi connection.
Troubleshooting Steps:-
a. Ensure that your smart TV is within range of the Wi-Fi router.
b. Restart both your TV and Wi-Fi router.
c. Update your TV’s firmware to the latest version.
d. Check for any interference from other devices and move them away from the TV.
e. If the issue persists, consider using a wired Ethernet connection or a Wi-Fi range extender.
Audio Problems :-
Problem: No sound or distorted audio.
Troubleshooting Steps:-
a. Verify that the volume is not muted or set to a very low level.
b. Check the audio settings on your TV and ensure the correct audio output is selected.
c. Test the audio by connecting external speakers or headphones to determine if the issue lies with the TV or the audio source.
d. Update the TV’s firmware and audio drivers, if applicable.
e. If none of the above steps work, consult professional LED TV Repair & Services in Delhi to diagnose and fix the audio problem.
Video Issues :-
Problem: No picture, distorted image, or poor video quality.
Troubleshooting Steps:-
a. Confirm that all cables are securely connected, including HDMI or AV cables.
b. Adjust the video settings on your TV to optimize picture quality.
c. Check for any software updates for your TV and install them.
d. Test the video source (e.g., cable box, streaming device) on another TV or device to rule out issues with the source itself.
e. If the problem persists, reach out to professional LED TV Repair & Services in Delhi for further diagnosis and resolution.
Smart TV App Problems :-
Problem: Apps not working, freezing, or crashing.
Troubleshooting Steps:
a. Restart your smart TV and try relaunching the problematic app.
b. Ensure that your TV’s software is up to date.
c. Clear the cache and data of the problematic app or uninstall and reinstall it.
d. Check for available app updates and install them.
e. If the issue persists, contact the app developer for assistance or consult professional LED TV Repair & Services in Delhi.
Conclusion :-
Encountering problems with your smart TV can be frustrating, but with the right troubleshooting steps, many issues can be resolved quickly. In this blog post, we discussed common problems such as connectivity issues, audio problems, video issues, and smart TV app problems, along with detailed troubleshooting steps. However, for complex issues or if you’re unsure about performing repairs yourself, it’s always advisable to seek professional LED TV Repair & Services in Delhi for expert assistance.
CTA: Experience hassle-free TV viewing again! Contact our trusted LED TV Repair & Services in Delhi at +91–800399999 for fast and reliable repairs. Our skilled technicians will diagnose and fix your smart TV issues, ensuring optimal performance and uninterrupted entertainment. Don’t let TV problems hold you back — schedule a repair with us today and get back to enjoying your favorite shows and movies.
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2023.06.09 14:18 AutoModerator Watch 'Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets' (2023) Live Streaming on >@Reddit

The Denver Nuggets took complete control in Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, thanks to the 25+ point performances from Nikola Jokic and Jamal Murray. From the opening seconds of the game, Denver came out on fire and at one point held a 24-point lead over the Heat. Despite receiving over a week of rest from the Western Conference finals, Denver didn't look the least bit rusty Thursday night.
NBA Finals🔴➡Heat vs Nuggets Live Stream
NBA Finals🔴➡Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets Live Stream
NBA Finals: Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets Game 2 Free live [email protected]. Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets live stream, TV channel, how to watch NBA Finals Game 2 online, series schedule, tip times, odds. How to Watch the Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets: Streaming & TV Channel Info for NBA Finals Game 2. Miami Heat vs Denver Nuggets live streaming. Watch Denver vs Heat Online Free Live Streaming!!!.
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2023.06.09 14:02 EurekaStockade 81---- I predicted Globalists would stage 8 June events

81---- I predicted Globalists would stage 8 June events
For months I have been predicting Globalists would stage some signalling event on 8 June
For this reason--
8 June= 6660 days after China passed its Taiwan Anti-Secession law on 14 mar 2005
exactly 66 Weeks after Putin seized the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant on 3 Mar 2022

I have also posted that both Trump & Macron will be used as signalling stooges
Right on schedule--both Trump & Macron make world headlines on 8 June
Trump facing Federal Charges
Children Stabbing Attack in France


14 June= 6666 days after China passed its Taiwan Anti-Secession law
Trump's birthday

8 June= 8/6
86 is a Masonic code
Masonic symbols

8 June= Day 136 of the Lunar Year
137= 33rd prime number
10 March-- news story about a 155mm long crack discovered in one of France's nuclear reactor's
9 months 11 days before Macron's 46th birthday
Same day--- Silicon Valley Bank stocks plunged 66.6%


The Child Attacker was supposedly Syrian
So keep an eye on Assad

22 June=22/6
Day 2230 of Macron's Presidency
9 months 11 days after Assad's birthday on Sep 11= 9/11
3220 days Turkish Leader Erdogan has been in office
322 weeks 22 days after Operation Euphrates Shield ended

29 July= 155 Days left in the year

7 Sep= 115 Days left in the Year

also keep an eye on---
8 June= 8/6
8 weeks 6 days later--
9 August
144 days left in the year
11 years 119 days Kim Jong Un has been in office
9 months 11 days after the South Korean Halloween Seoul Crush last year
119 days after the Korean Missile Alert in Japan on 13 April
11999 days after German Reunification on 3 Oct 1990

9 August
33 week 3 days after Yoon's birthday
456 days South Korean Leader Yoon has been in office
456 is a Spook number

Squid Game is a South Korean Tv Show which signalled the number 456
Squid Game aired exactly 456 days before Yoon's birthday
33 weeks before Yoon was elected 13th South Korean President

15 July= 666 days after Squid Game aired 17 Sep 2021
188 days after Kim Jong Un's birthday

9 August is also a major candidate for a Cyber Pandemic event
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2023.06.09 14:01 Ok_Nectarine2106 Am I being a jerk or is this part of the whole "learn to take care of yourself" thing?

So I've been off work for the past two weeks. For the first week I was anxious, and wanted to stay busy all day every day. I got caught up on a few of my things, and helped some people out with a bunch of their things as well. Just going 100% all day every day.
Well, I ran out of steam and now that my last weekend before the new job starts up, I want to spend some time on me. I just wanna be lazy. Eat lazy food, play lazy games, watch lazy TV, etc. But those people I helped with some errands haven't seem to gotten the memo. They still want to run run run and even more so now that they think my schedule is wide open. Which it is I guess.. but I just want some time to myself.
Ive done well not drinking, in fact I really think I've put it behind me at this point. I've been relaxed, stressed, and the whole range of emotions in between and managed to either not want to drink at all, or tel myself it's not worth it. And that's the first thing they bring up too, "don't you want to stay busy and keep your mind occupied??" I mean.. not really. I think I'm good with a little peace and quite.
It's to the point that I'm being asked to take a cat to a vet. That's after I follow them to the mechanic so they can get their car looked at (and take a wild guess who's taking them to pick their car up?). It's starting to seem like my few days where I was super motivated to help out has turned into people thinking that's all I do all day. Yesterday it was carrying rugs inside, cleaning them, moving all the furniture and putting the rugs down, moving all the furniture back, and so on. The day before is was weeding out a garden and tilling the dirt up.
Part of me feels like I'm being selfish with my time, but I have a few more days to really enjoy this whole being unemployed thing until I'm back at it. And I feel bad for the cats but I really don't think they're that sick. One had blood on her nose for a day and someone decided to google what that could be, BAM she has cancer now. You know, the thing everything is if you Google it. The cat was up and moving around last night just fine, I don't think it's that big of a deal. She probably just hit her head on something, or had a cold I don't know.
I also find it annoying that me quitting drinking is starting to come up as a reason to fill my schedule. Like first off that's between me and.. well me really. If I need to fill up time I can damn well do it myself. Plenty to do around here. And I know people are trying to help but that's just it, that kinda help puts me in a position where I cant tell if you're genuinely being nice or taking advantage of the situation. It just doesn't seem right, I don't know. What do you guys think?
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2023.06.09 14:00 RaysBot Game Chat: 6/9 Rangers (40-21) @ Rays (46-19) 6:40 PM

Rangers (40-21) @ Rays (46-19)

First Pitch: 6:40 PM at Tropicana Field
Team Starter TV Radio
Rangers Andrew Heaney (4-3, 4.03 ERA) BSSW 105.3, KFLC (ES)
Rays Tyler Glasnow (0-0, 3.72 ERA) BSSUN WDAE, WQBN (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Baseball Savant Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Libera: ##baseball

Line Score - Scheduled

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E LOB
TEX 0 0 0 -
TB 0 0 0 -

Box Score

Posted at 8:00 AM. Updates start at game time.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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2023.06.09 14:00 Blooper_Bot Tailgate Party - Friday, June 09

Nationals @ Braves - 07:20 PM EDT

Game Status: Scheduled

Links & Info

Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Nationals Josiah Gray (4-5, 3.09 ERA, 67.0 IP) No report posted.
Braves AJ Smith-Shawver (0-0, 0.00 ERA, 2.1 IP) No report posted.
NLE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Atlanta Braves 38 24 - (-) - - (-)
2 Miami Marlins 35 28 3.5 (97) 2 +2.0 (-)
3 Philadelphia Phillies 30 32 8.0 (93) 5 2.5 (99)
4 New York Mets 30 33 8.5 (92) 6 3.0 (98)
5 Washington Nationals 25 36 12.5 (89) 11 7.0 (95)

Division Scoreboard

NYM @ PIT 07:05 PM EDT
LAD @ PHI 07:05 PM EDT
MIA @ CWS 08:10 PM EDT
Posted: 06/09/2023 08:00:01 AM EDT, Update Interval: 5 Minutes
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