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2023.06.09 17:19 Frumple Minecart Rapid Transit [Creative] {1.19.4} {Greylist} {Freebuild}

Welcome to the Minecart Rapid Transit (MRT) Minecraft Server!
We are a tight-knit community of transit enthusiasts who love to build modern towns and cities, and the transportation networks that connect them together. On the server, you will find everything from rural towns to towering metropolises, grand train stations and expansive airports, and much more. Also on many weekends, you can find our members self-organizing and participating in special events on the server, including sports competitions and game shows.
Our Origins
The MRT was started in 2012 by our owner, Frumple, who originally intended the server to be a short-lived experiment to test his MRT Station v4.1 design, posted on his YouTube channel. The design was a fully-automated minecart station built purely using redstone and vanilla in-game mechanics within Minecraft. With the unexpected popularity of the server and the growth of our community, Frumple designed a version 5.0 of the MRT Station, which is now used to build MRT lines on our current world, known as the New World. While these stations are fully functional and you can ride them to get around, nowadays they are not traveled on very often and they are mainly used as central landmarks for members to build their towns and cities. Be sure to check out our Dynmap to see all of our cities and MRT lines.
Our Server
The MRT is a vanilla, greylisted, freebuild creative mode server.
How to Join
Once you have been accepted as a member, you can ask a staff member in-game for access to our private Discord server, and create an account on our wiki and start making edits. You can also start constructing your own buildings, found your own town or even your own company, and work to achieve higher player ranks for additional perks and privileges.
Ready to join our server? Continue on to our How to Join page.
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2023.06.09 17:18 AllRayn Tips for DAT from a DI Student-Athlete

Tips for DAT from a DI Student-Athlete
Here’s how I used DAT Bootcamp to score a 24AA on the DAT, studying during my spring semester as a Division I student-athlete:
The DAT Bootcamp lays out an 11-week day-by-day study schedule, which I used to create my own personalized study schedule. Due to some outside circumstances, I unfortunately had to study for the DAT during the spring semester and take the test in May. I set my test date before anything else in order to keep me accountable and on top of my studying. I highly recommend doing this.
My test date was exactly 20 weeks out from when I started studying over winter break. I knew I could not dedicate more than 2-3 hours a day to studying for the DAT during the school week, so I used this extended time period to stretch out Ari’s 11-week study schedule even further. I went through every day of the semester, allocating certain “Days” of Ari’s study schedule to my own schedule. For example, I allocated an entire “Day” (probably 6-8 hours) for each day I studied over winter break, spring break, and some Saturdays, and only allocated half of a “Day” for each weekday during the semester. I strategically placed my “rest” days on days where I knew I’d be traveling for games, studying for finals, or otherwise unable to do any DAT studying, and it worked out great! While I do not recommend studying during the school year if summer is an option for you, I have come to realize that this is what many people end up doing, and I think it’s very possible!
My semester ended on May 16, and I purposely scheduled my test on May 26 so I could have 10 days spent doing very dedicated studying. I used each of these days to take a full length practice test in the morning, then to review the questions I got wrong in the afternoon and to revisit science material from earlier studying (since I hadn’t seen some of this material since January). This was the time that I feel best prepared me for the actual test. The practice tests allowed me to build stamina and comfort with the format and length of the actual test, and some of the questions on my real exam were ones I recognized from the practice tests! Additionally, it was a way to build my confidence and have a good feeling of the score I could achieve when walking into the test. I can’t stress enough how useful the practice tests are.

I have attached a screenshot of my progression of these practice tests, especially for comparison to my actual scores. My actual Bio and PAT scores were way higher than I had scored in any practice tests, and I don’t think this was just a strike of luck. I found that these sections, especially Bio, were easier on the real exam than the practice questions and tests. I definitely recommend still spending a significant amount of time studying both of these sections– Bio was the subject I spent the most time studying by far– but don’t get too bogged down on the details. DAT Bootcamp’s Biology videos go into great depth of the subjects, and to me it felt a little overwhelming. I didn’t spend too much time memorizing the small details, but I definitely engaged with each of the videos and reread my notes to retain as much of the information as possible.
BIO (19 practice average, 25 actual)- Much easier on the real exam. Still go through all of the Bio videos on Bootcamp at least once. Don’t get too bogged down on the details.
GC (22 practice average, 22 actual)- Very similar to DAT Bootcamp practice tests. Focus more on concepts than longer math-heavy questions.
OC (20 practice average, 22 actual)- Also very similar to Bootcamp practice tests. Again focus on bigger trends but also be familiar with specific reagents and what they do.
PAT (20 practice average, 23 actual)- Easier on the real exam, but still do plenty of practice. I struggled a lot with having enough time to answer all the questions on the Bootcamp exams, but found that it was much more manageable on the actual exam.
RC (24 practice average, 26 actual)- Very similar to the Bootcamp practice exams. I felt that I struggled on the QBanks and figuring out which method I wanted to use. I found that the Vanilla method worked best for me (quickly read through the entire passage in about 6-7 minutes, then use the remaining 12-13 minutes answering questions and going back through the passage to find answers).
QR (22 practice average, 24 actual)- Slightly easier than the Bootcamp exams, but still pretty similar. Definitely get familiar with the types of questions that are asked and review any concepts you are less familiar with. This was the section I spent the least time studying for, but it probably depends on the person.
If I could have done anything differently, I might have taken a full length test earlier on in my studying to identify the areas where I needed the most improvement; however, I also think this could have been a confidence killer if it went poorly. If you know yourself you can probably decide whether this would be a good idea.
I took the day before the exam completely off to give my mind a rest. I highly recommend this. Don’t review, don’t do practice, don’t even think about the material. Go for a run, hang out with family or friends, prepare your snack for the break, lay out a comfy outfit, maybe go over the rules and guidelines for the exam and testing center, make sure you have your 2 forms of ID, and then get to sleep early! Sleep is the most important factor in doing well on ANY test! Attack the test with confidence and crush it!
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2023.06.09 17:15 Z0mbies8mywife My near perfect Twisting Blades Gloves

My near perfect Twisting Blades Gloves
What do you guys think? I'm pretty happy with them! Pay attention to those rares!!
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2023.06.09 17:15 MudGroundbreaking $MO Awaiting Short Signal based off 55 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.09 17:15 MudGroundbreaking $SO Awaiting Short Signal based off 44 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.09 17:14 MudGroundbreaking $UBER Awaiting Short Signal based off 57 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.09 17:14 MudGroundbreaking $PGR Awaiting Short Signal based off 41 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.09 17:13 Enconhun Worst patch in the history of the game?

The disconnect thingy nonstop flashing.
The 2v2 issues. Okay, stuff happens, we'll wait it out until they fix it.
Oh look, they fixed it 12 hours ago, let's try it again.
Matches like this or this ensue. I repeat, this was 12 hours after they fixed it. We actually played against Champ 2's while being Dia 2.
Okay, whatever. Let's just give up on ranked now, let's play a tournament. Here is how it went down:
When did the game become this shit?
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2023.06.09 17:13 FalseConsideration59 Good for you Michonne

Good for you Michonne
Michonne got on her live and asked for her money back. Kate immediately blocked her after saying she wouldn’t.
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2023.06.09 17:11 ZestycloseVehicle979 Batch du 25 avril, review sur ma page du lot précédent. 27,9%de thc au lieu de 24% mais toujours aussi savoureux. Dans les onces hybrides, il est top 3 selon mes goûts.

Batch du 25 avril, review sur ma page du lot précédent. 27,9%de thc au lieu de 24% mais toujours aussi savoureux. Dans les onces hybrides, il est top 3 selon mes goûts. submitted by ZestycloseVehicle979 to sqdc [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 17:10 Mundane-Ask7445 Top 10 Anime of the Week #10 - Spring 2023 (Anime Corner)

Top 10 Anime of the Week #10 - Spring 2023 (Anime Corner) submitted by Mundane-Ask7445 to u/Mundane-Ask7445 [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 17:09 odonn0097 Most interesting and fun dynasty football league you've ever seen needs replacement owners! Six individual 12-team divisions to make a massive 72 team league!

Hey everyone. I'm one of the owners in the dynastyfootballleague and I'm looking for replacement owners for 2023. We will be headed into year 12! We have paid out about $30,000 over the life of our league. Below you will find a link to our MFL page and Rules/Bylaws.
Our lineup this upcoming season will consist of:
QB, 2RB, 2WR, TE, 3 Offensive FLEX, K, 2DL, 2LB, 2DB, 3 Defensive FLEX. This is a very deep league with lots of ways to build a winning roster! Rules discussions happen annually with input for new owners.
This is an extremely unique and fun league to be apart of. Our 72 teams are divided up by 6 different divisions. We do not allow cross division trading and drafts are exclusive to each division. Our Championship bracket consists of 4 teams from each division to make 24 total. We also have a separate 6 team divisional bracket that pays 50 dollars to 6 different champions and includes naming rights for your division for the year.
Speaking of prizes, the winner of our league gets a top prize of $1,000 and an awesome owl trophy! The top 8 teams will get paid from our championship bracket. On top of the championship/divisional brackets we have a NFL year long pick em, a survivor league, a second chance/losers bracket prize, a season long high score prize, and you also get paid 30 bucks for each week you have the top score.
Our league dues are $50. As you can see the upside is huge, and the opportunities to make money and win are numerous. We have a great group of active owners who love to chat and trade. We utilize Discord to have a league-wide chat along with division specific chats.
In our league we have new owners join through a dispersal draft. We start with a lottery to order new owners, then you will have the opportunity to join a division and draft from the pool of available players. All players and picks owned by owners that left will be included in the dispersal. Any team listed as Open on the home page will be part of the dispersal draft. The asset list linked above shows you which players and picks will be available in the dispersal drafts for each division.
We will ask that new owners pay for this year and next year to ensure you are serious about participating. Most owners pay a year in advance anyways because our rules require it in order to trade future picks. While we don't know how many open spots we'll have yet if you express interest now you'll certainly get a spot.
If you are interested or you have any questions that you'd like answered before joining feel free to reach out to me via DM or just replying in this thread.
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2023.06.09 17:09 MudGroundbreaking $CB Awaiting Buy Signal based off 46 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.09 17:07 cookieguggleman UGH Airbnb gave 10% weekly discount AFTER I removed it

I'm so annoyed! A guest reached out for a bigger discount than our 10% on a week stay. I said sure, then adjusted the rate on the calendar, removed the 10% weekly discount for those dates, then told him to redo his booking request with the new rate. So he did. And Airbnb platform gave him the 10% discount ON TOP of that even though it was removed. I called support and they just said "Oh so sorry, that sounds upsetting. Nothing to do now." This is our most profitable time. And now this guest is getting a 25% discount
Anyone have this happen?
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2023.06.09 17:06 Maverick_1926 How to check MMR in this game?

I've started playing 5 days ago and i reached irridescent 1 super easy on survivor. But checking the sub everyone is saying that in high MMR lobbies blight and nurse are dominant. I don't encounter many of them usually so i was wondering despite reaching the top rank maybe i'm not in the top MMR category yet. Is there anyway to know how high you are in the ranked ladder?
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2023.06.09 17:05 seochatter How to Check Keyword Rankings

If you want to know how well your website ranks for certain keywords in Google, you have three options.
You can either do it manually by typing the keywords into Google and checking where your website appears in the results, use a paid keyword rank tracker tool, or use Google’s own service called Google Search Console.
This post will explain how each method works for checking keyword rankings.
Note: There’s also a dedicated guide on this topic over at the SEO Chatter blog here: How to Check Keyword Rankings, but this post includes the most important highlights to help you quickly understand the processes available to check keyword rankings for your website.
Doing It Manually
This is the simplest way to check your rankings. You just need to type the keywords into Google and scroll through the results until you find your website listed. However, this is also the most time-consuming method and it may not be very accurate. For example, you may see different results depending on your location, device, or personalization settings. Also, you won’t get any data on how your rankings change over time or what other features are shown for your keywords.
Using a Paid Keyword Rank Tracker
This is a tool that automatically monitors your website’s rankings for specific keywords on search engines. It can save you a lot of time and give you more information and insights.
Some of the best keyword rank tracker tools you can try are SE Ranking, SERPWatcher by Mangools, and Semrush Position Tracking tool.
Here are some benefits of using keyword rank tracker to check your keyword rankings:
Using Google Search Console
This is a free service offered by Google that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your website’s presence in Google Search results. It also provides you with tools and reports that help you measure your website’s traffic and performance with specific keywords.
Here’s how you can check your keyword rankings in Google Search Console:
  1. Connect your site to Google Search Console
  2. Go to Performance > Search Results
  3. Look through the top queries list for your website
  4. Click on a query to find out where your website ranks on Google for that query
  5. To find all the keywords a specific web page ranks for, click on the Pages tab.
  6. Click on a URL.
  7. Click back over to the Queries tab to filter keywords for that URL.
Go Deeper In the SEO Chatter Mentorship
Would you like to get some personalized help on implementing the strategies we've discussed here for your own website? The SEO Chatter Mentorship program could be right for you.
Inside you'll get:
Get the full details here: SEO Chatter Mentorship
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2023.06.09 17:04 MudGroundbreaking $MMC Awaiting Buy Signal based off 20 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.09 17:04 MudGroundbreaking $ADP Awaiting Short Signal based off 20 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

$ADP Awaiting Short Signal based off 20 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at submitted by MudGroundbreaking to StockTradingIdeas [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 17:04 MudGroundbreaking $C Awaiting Short Signal based off 29 signals on the 15-min chart. Free trial at

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2023.06.09 17:04 MrArmageddonTTV I Made The Forbidden Behemoth Build More Broken (+video inside)

Hello Guardians,
First, I want to talk about a very new and unique interaction that makes Behemoths almost unkillable when played properly.
Now I previously did a post about the niche 3-Stack Behemoth strategy, which I called the “Forbidden Build” (HERE).
But in short, three Guardians run Behemoth, wear Hoarfrost-Z and continually create and break stasis crystals, thereby constantly farming overshields, all the while while advancing towards and then securing the zone.
But with Season of the Deep, Bungie introduced a very special weapon - the exotic Strand trace rifle from the new dungeon, The Navigator.
The Navigator’s exotic perk is that firing this weapon at an ally grants Woven Mail to both the user and the target - while also refunding bullets to the mag.
And that’s when I asked myself: Is it possible for me to be more of a piece of shit than last season?
See, I discovered that Woven Mail actually STACKS with all of the Behemoth damage reduction buffs in PVP.
Check out the video here:
Of course, as usual, I'll summarize everything below if you prefer to read.

Damage Reduction

That’s right… Behemoth now has THREE separate ways to reduce damage or grant damage resist, and they all stack.
  1. Whisper of Chains, which grants a 15% global damage resist when near a stasis crystal
  2. The Rime Overshield, which grants +100 HP when you have max overshield; and now
  3. Woven Mail which gives you 25% damage resist to body shots.
Stack these three forms of damage resist, and all of a sudden, you can literally eat a Jotunn shot to the face and shrug it off.
NB: Your Rime Overshield does not take less body damage with Woven Mail BUT Woven Mail + Whisper of Chains DR do stack once you're on normal shields/HP! You can see the first part of the video for demonstrations.

Behemoth Buffs

Now I get it, you might be thinking… OK, you basically added Woven Mail to your last Behemoth Build. That’s clever, but is that it?
Nope. Not even close.
Behemoth was buffed across the board with Season of the Deep, and it seems like people still haven’t realised yet. So let’s talk buffs.
  1. The Shiver Strike melee was buffed and now goes faster and travels further. This is noticeable in regular play, but it gets crazy when you pop super. The Behemoth shiver strike melee whilst in super is absurd - we’re talking Beyond Light stasis levels of movement and speed. Check it out for yourself.
  2. The Howl of the Storm melee is now easier to use and freezes in a wider cone, making it a reliable and absolutely nasty shutdown ability much like it was prior to the nerfs.
And lastly, Trials is no longer vanilla elimination, it’s Zone Control. In other words, not only was Behemoth directly buffed, it was also indirectly buffed because the main game mode of endgame PvP is quite literally tailor made for the Behemoth kit.

Build Overview

With the build that I’m about to show you, you’ll get:
- Three separate forms of damage resist
- Near infinite ability uptime
- Supersonic movement tools;
All of which, played in the Dominion game mode, where those tools have the most impact.
So let’s get to the build.
First things first, this is a TEAM BUILD - in other words, you NEED a 3-stack of Behemoths - so be sure to send this video to convince your friends to stack up together.
Also, what’s devious about this build is that it’s VERY accessible. You do not need to be an insanely cracked PvP player to make this work. You know that saying that: “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.”
This Behemoth team build is the great equaliser, and when used properly, is so utterly broken and stifling that you will beat teams that you have no right beating.

Aspects and Fragments

So for the Triple Behemoth build, you need at least two other teammates running Behemoth and ALL of YOU need to equip:
- Tectonic Harvest; and
- Howl of the Storm
In terms of fragments, you will want to equip:
- Whisper of Conduction, which means that nearby stasis shards track to your position. This way you don’t have to actually go and pick up your stasis shards, they’ll just float over to you and get absorbed. It also gives you a pretty nice stat boost of +10 to intellect and +10 to resilience. What a bargain.
- Whisper of Chains, which means that you will have damage resist when you are near frozen targets or a friendly Stasis crystal. It also grants you a very nice +10 to recovery.
- Whisper of Shards, which means that shattering a stasis crystal will grant improved grenade ability regeneration. Shattering more crystals will ended this effect. This fragment also grants you +10 resilience, yet another fantastic stat boost.
- Whisper of Rime, which means that collecting a stasis shard will give you a small amount of overshield which lasts 10 seconds. Collecting more shards adds to the overshield and extends the duration.
In terms of abilities, you will want to equip:
- Glacier Grenade
- Shiver Strike; and
- Rally Barricade.

Exotic Armor

As for exotic armour, for this specific build, you will need to use Hoarfrost Z, which you can get from farming Lost Sectors. Hoarfrost turns your regular barricade into a giant wall of stasis crystals. Remember to use the rally barricade for a lower cool-down, as there’s no difference in the size of the wall when using rally barricade with the Hoarfrost chest piece. So it’s the same wall but with a lower cooldown than using towering barricade.
Alright, so remember how Tectonic Harvest means you create stasis shards when you break crystals? And stasis shards give you free over shield because of Whisper of Rime? And breaking those crystals gives you faster ability regen for more crystals cos of Whisper of Shards? Which in turn leads to more shards, and even more over shield?
See, three Behemoths together can literally produce an infinite amount of crystals by using their grenades, their howl of the storm melees and even their class ability when you use the Hoarfrost Z chest piece.
And infinite crystals means… you got it! INFINITE OVERSHIELDS.
But wait there’s more… Those overshields also stack with the 15% damage resist you get when standing nearby any friendly crystals. AND with the new Navigator Exotic Trace rifle you can also stack a layer of Woven Mail on top of all that.

How To Play The Build

So this is how you play the build. You figure out where the zone is, and you basically build a gigantic fortnight palace of stasis crystals nearby and slowly creep closer and closer to the zone by expanding your sphere of stasis crystals. You literally want to be making and breaking crystals constantly, generating over shield and dominating the area that will eventually become the capture zone.
See here’s what’s brutal about this build and play style. It forces your opponents to engage while you are in your strongest position and they are in their weakest.
Your opponents are forced to push or the game goes to time and you capture the zone. But if they push, they’re pushing into 3 behemoths with over shields, damage resist, and cover in the form of exploding stasis crystals.
Now when your opponents are about to engage, which usually happens when the zone becomes active for capture, get your teammate to give you all Woven Mail immediately before the fight starts which gives you:
Congratulations, you are literally unable to be 1-shot by virtually any single shotgun, fusion rifle or grenade launcher.


Now, in terms of weapons, the most important thing is that ONE member of your fireteam runs The Navigator trace rifle. The Navigator doesn’t really need be used in combat but rather as a way to self-buff your team before engagements.
And the nice thing about using this build is that you KNOW when the engagements are going to happen. They’re going to happen when the zone becomes active for capture, whether that’s Trials or Survival.
Other than the Navigator, I recommend that everyone else uses Cerberus paired with either a Grenade Launcher or a Fusion Rifle.
Now you might be thinking, that’s a weird combo, why those specific weapons? Well, Cerberus 1 lets you break crystals faster than any other weapon in the game and building then breaking crystals is quite literally the centerpiece of this build.
Grenade launchers are used because apart from doing huge chunk damage to the opponent, if the grenade launcher detonates next to a stasis crystal near your opponent, the stasis detonation plus the grenade launcher can basically 1-shot them. If you don’t like grenade launchers, you can also use fusions to very good effect.
And Fusion rifles are excellent to use because you can literally just trade fusion shot for fusion shot with an opponent and you’ll win 100% of the time. If they shoot you with a fusion, you survive because of your damage resist, but if you shoot them back, they die. It’s like those old movies where two people duel with pistols - except in our case, we’re wearing a bullet proof vest.
OK guys, there's more detail/demos in the video, but I think that pretty much covers everything!
Have a good one, and I'll see you all in the Crucible,
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2023.06.09 17:02 KangarooSeveral9860 Podcast episode- Ranking Bruce Springsteen first 7 albums

Hi everyone, me and my buddies decided to rank the first 7 albums of the boss on our podcast and we would love your thoughts. Also would like to know which album you would recommend to listen to next ?
One more thing- E Street Shuffle is one of the most underrated albums and New York City Serenade is a top 5 Bruce song. Thanks!!
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2023.06.09 17:01 Formerly_Blue Top 15 Spells in ARCANUM, and Episode 3 of "Ranking EVERY Skyrim Quest Mod" out now!

Hi folks, Formerly Blue back again. This week, we released two new videos -- a Top 15 list for the spells added by {{Arcanum - A new Age of Magic}}, and a review of a quest mod that you've likely never heard of: {{Strange Friendship I - Hagravens}}!

Arcanum Top 15:
Strange Friendship Hagravens Review:

For my Arcanum Top 15 list, I've ranked the spells based on how well they're designed, how fun they are to use, and whether they contribute to new combat styles that you don't see explored much in the base game or other mods. I think that's a much more interesting discussion to have than to just talk about these spells' sheer power!
Thanks to your support, we've grown the channel to over 500 subscribers in only a couple weeks! Please, keep the support coming to help promote more quality Skyrim modding content on YouTube!
My Arcanum Top 15 is here in spoiler tags for those who'd rather read than watch the video (but who likes reading?):
  • 15. >! Psalms of Retribution !<
  • 14. >! Thought Reflection !<
  • 13. >! Boiling Earth !<
  • 12. >! Relentless Precision !<
  • 11. >! Consecrated Blade !<
  • 10. >! Trance of the Dovahzofaas !<
  • 9. >! Soul of Winter !<
  • 8. >! Atronach Binding !<
  • 7. >! Conjure Howlpack Alpha !<
  • 6. >! Mystic Marksmanship !<
  • 5. >! Bound Dagon's Crescent !<
  • 4. >! Blazing Soul !<
  • 3. >! Tendrils of Agony !<
  • 2. >! Ritualist's Circle !<
  • 1. >! Spellshot Repeater !<

And my overall thoughts on Strange Friendship - Hagravens:
This mod is a mess. The premise is that you get to apprentice with a Hagraven, which is a great idea, but I got to do almost none of this when playing the mod. Instead, I got assigned a poorly-programmed fetch quest and then encountered a bizarre twist that was so unexpected that I had to check my quest journal to make sure I understood what was going on, and what I was supposed to do. This is probably an F-tier mod for me. There's basically no reason to play it, unless for some reason you're just obsessed with Hagravens and want every mod that adds a Hagraven in your mod list.
I discuss the specifics of this more in the video; happy to discuss in the comments section.
I won't be posting on the sub every time I release a mod review, so please consider subscribing on YouTube (it's free) if you want to keep up with the full series. Let's push for that 1000 subscriber mark!
Until next time!
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