Have any males that had HPV taken a urine test for HPV?

2023.06.08 02:40 hairregrowth16 Have any males that had HPV taken a urine test for HPV?

Recently came across this urine test for HPV for males and curious if I should take this? About 1.5 years ago was treated for HPV GW. Have no GW currently or for about the last 8 months. I live in US. Wondering what the benefits would be since I can’t take any to get rid of HPV(I got vaccine recently), just have to trust my immune system.
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2023.05.31 18:35 honeysluttt16 Drug test at ANYLABTESTNOW

do they watch you pee?
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2023.04.17 03:11 throwaway00996965 please help, Western Blot confusion

I called the University of Washington on Wednesday, and I got my test kit in the mail today. Do I need to store it in the fridge before I get my labs done? I have an OBGYN appointment Wednesday, but i’m terrified she won’t sign off on it or help. If she doesn’t, I have no idea what to do. There’s an anylabtestnow right by me, can I take it there and do everything there if my ob wont help? Will i need to find another doctor to sign off? Do I overnight Fedex ship it back to the university? I don’t have a pcp, and i’m worried about how long the test kit will stay good for. i’m young and doing this and going through all this by myself and it’s been so hard and confusing and i’m so anxious about it all and worried i’m going to mess something up. Please help:(
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2023.03.07 18:47 Ayy-Be LPT: You can find affordable healthcare without insurance

I currently work as a healthcare navigator and have been doing so for almost two years (TLDR: I assist those with private/supplement insurance to find affordable healthcare or assist with negotiating medical bills). I'm making this post to let people know what I've learned and how to save money on medical services and avoid financial burdens. (Note: I am US based and this will apply only to people in the USA...most likely. We're the only ones who would need this anyway. Ok, no ranting. Here we go.)

- Bills are negotiable.
Many medical providers are willing to be flexible with medical bills depending on your situation. Please always talk with a financial advisor in the billing department about your options. Even if you can pay a medical bill, there could always be options and flexibility to lessen the financial burden.
Sadly, there is something called balanced billing where a provider will send the full amount of the bill to the member, also known as surprise billing. Many providers and hospitals are implementing no-surprise billing policies which is a step up, but not all states have adopted these policies yet and those with and without insurance that get balanced billed are put into immediate financial stress.
One thing to note about medical bills is that they usually are sent to collections within 3 months after the due date. A final notice should be given and if you are still disputing or negotiating your medical bills, you can make minimum monthly payments to keep it in good standing until things conclude. Smaller medical bills have a lower chance of being negotiated. I would say a provider would not be willing to negotiate anything under $100.00 usually.
The most common negotiation options are:
a) Special programming (Ex. Financial assistance, qualifying program, discounts)
b) Settlement offer. A lump sum one-time payment towards the bill. (Ex. Pay 50% of the bill in one payment, and the other 50% gets written off. Factors such as income, household size, and fair-price estimate are considered for this and can help to determine the percentage.)
c) Monthly payment plan. (If your bill does or doesn't get reduced through negotiation and has a remaining amount, this option is usually still available.)
d) For those with insurance receiving an uncovered medical bill, check in with your insurance to see if they offer out-of-pocket reimbursement.
I'm sure you've heard of this before, but I would recommend requesting an itemized statement for your medical bill. It is not guaranteed, but it can lower your medical bill by requesting one. Even if it doesn't, you have a full list of your charges for that medical visit and this can be especially useful when you visit an ER or hospital. It is normal to receive multiple bills from an EHospital as they will bill you independently depending on the department.

- Self-pay (Cash-pay) patients receive significant discounts.
Just because you have insurance does not mean you will always be covered or that you even have to present it when receiving medical services. Self-pay patients receive big discounts on certain medical services like lab testing, imaging (X-rays, MRIs, CT scans), procedures such as colonoscopies, and even primary care/hospital visits. (Please note, many insurance plans may actually cover or mostly cover these services. Please check with your insurance first to make sure that self-pay pricing is actually cheaper.)
I've seen people go to an in-network doctor for a colonoscopy but still receive a bill of $5000.00. With websites like or, self-pay patients can get a colonoscopy for between $1200.00 - $2000.00. It is important to note that these prices are INCLUSIVE, meaning all fees are included. Payment options are usually available too through monthly payment plans or CareCredit.
I've listed some examples below that I will try to update periodically if needed. Simply type in your zip code along with the procedure name or CPT Code. (A CPT Code is a 5-digit procedural code that identifies the specific procedure needed):
Imaging (X-rays, CTs, MRIs, Mammograms, Etc):
**Discounted labs: (**Will typically send you to a LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics)
Coupons for prescriptions:

As for primary care doctors, they will usually offer self-pay discounts but that can still end up being $100.00 - $200.00 for an initial visit (Traditionally, established self-pay patients pay less per visit).
Nowadays, self-pay patients have a new primary care system they can find called Direct Primary Care (DPC). DPC does not accept insurance but instead is membership based. Usually, these memberships include unlimited doctor visits, discounts on labs and prescriptions, annual physicals, therapy, and more. I personally had a DPC in the past for about $80.00/mo and I could even text them questions whenever. These providers usually offer lower pricing depending on family size and age. It is also worth noting that price transparency has been increasingly more common in recent years and many hospital/provider websites will have a price list to get a cost estimate.
These are some ways you can save money on your healthcare needs. I will continue to update this list if needed from research I find or from suggestions.

Hope this helps!
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2023.02.28 16:18 elapow96 Resources for uninsured/low cost herpsters in the US

Lemonaid - $50 for a 3 month supply of antivirals. Online assessment and quick response time.
Costplusdrugs - great for any medications if you have an existing prescription. Reduced my cost of a months supply of Valtrex by $95.
Goodrx - this is a good option if you cannot wait for the shipping time using costplusdrugs. Price can vary depending on location but it shows a one month supply for me being less than $30.
Anylabtestnow - blood test for IgG levels for HSV 1 and 2. I believe cost varies by location but for me it’s less than $70. You pay online, print out a ticket and take it to the closest lab location. They take care of the rest and send you your results within a few days.
Cerebral - I’ve been using cerebral for over a year now. They only prescribe medication for mental health issues, but I swear by it and credit the fact that I was already on antidepressants to why I didn’t take my diagnosis so hard.
Will edit to add more later!
Edit: I talked to one of my doctors today who stated that their practice received an email that CostPlugDrugs was no longer accepting scripts. I want sure if that was exclusive to their practice or if it’s a nationwide thing (I had trouble ordering one of my medications prior to this because of it being out of stock) so here is a good back up option:
Amazon Pharmacy - Low cost option for medications. Valacyclovir is about $18 while Acyclovir is around half that. You do not need to have Amazon Prime, although it makes shipping take about half as long.
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2023.02.23 02:59 ModernGhostSwmr Doctor wants to challenge my NEGATIVE celiac diagnosis

Long story short during covid times I paid for my own celiac test from anylabtestnow ,, I got the results and they were negative. Well I did some blood work recently and despite daily iron and vitamin supplements I am low in everything. He looked at my celiac blood work from 2 years ago and said he wants a new full celiac blood panel and wants a colonoscopy set for 2 weeks from now.

I have a lot of symptoms of celiac but the blood test I received is negative so I'm not sure why he's so adamant.
My main question is if the blood panel I got considered the full celiac blood panel?
I posted the photo below.
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2022.11.30 01:57 rockarolla6 Passed w/quick fix 6.3

I (F) just passed a urinalysis at anylabtestnow using quick fix 6.3. I was stressing over this because I had seen that quick fix 6.3 had been popping up as synthetic at different labs. I also had purchased test clear but due to circumstances I was unable to use it (didn’t prepare, my fault) so I microwaved my quick fix I had on stand by for about 10 seconds and stuffed it under my boob under two sports bras and a loose fitting long sleeve shirt. I did not use the heating pack once. I had to go to temp agency first (about 30 mins) and finish processing (paperwork about 20 mins) before they sent me to test. Took me about 10 mins from the agency and waited another 10 mins to take my test. They called me back and handed me a cup and sent me to complete my test. I was alone and just shook my sample really quick before filling. The fill line was really low I can’t tell you the actual amount I used but I know I had more than enough to fill to the line and pour the rest in the toilet. I even peed a little drop on the rim (idk i guess from over reading on the sub Reddit recommended that lol) but anyway 5 hours later I got my onboarding email and schedule and passed! Just wanted to post this because I was paranoid all last night reading threads. Going to hang onto my test clear for permanent position. Hope this helps someone!
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2022.11.29 23:17 jksquestion Update: Persistent symptoms after HSV2 Exposure - 12 weeks igg result

Hi all, posting this update for anyone who might be in the same situation as me and is trying to figure things out.
Short background: 24M, had sex with HSV2+ F about 14 weeks ago using condoms and she is on antivirals. Developed symptoms (tingling, itching, rash, initially a fever) a few days later, but not textbook blisters or sores.
I just got my 12 weeks igg test result back from Quest and I’m NEGATIVE for both HSV1 and 2. Normally dudes in my situation would jump for joy but I have had itching, tingling and irritation most days since my symptoms showed up and three rounds of anti-fungal treatment have failed. At this point I’m very confused and I feel like taking the Blot at 16+ weeks is my last option to really rule out HSV. I did take a full STI panel at 4 weeks with my last igg test which also came back all negative. I would take swab tests but doctors have told me what bumps have shown up are not “swabbable”. Some of you reading may not believe I caught it but I never had any of these symptoms before my exposure and now they won’t go away.
If anyone here from New England has experience taking the Blot with Terri Warren please DM me since every single AnyLabTestNow is over 7+ hours away from me and I’m not driving that far just for that.
I get that GHSV is common and I’ll still be me if I test positive, and I’m thankful for some of you kind and wonderful souls that I’ve spoken with here in this sub, but I’m so frustrated of having these symptoms day after day with no treatments that work and taking tests that can’t for certain tell me what my status is. Hopefully I will get answers soon.
If any of you have further questions about my experience feel free to ask.
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2022.11.26 01:02 HotSauceDisaster Confirmed HSV-2 False Positive with false positive supplemental, thank you Western Blot

Initial Test

Started seeing a new girl, and she wanted to get STD tests before we got intimate. I took a full panel test from because I didn't know any better and had never had any symptoms of anything. uses LabCorp for their testing, so the results you get are subject to the issues that LabCorp’s HSV IgG tests are known to have.

Initial Results

My test came back with the following results:
Supplemental: POSITIVE
I was pretty confused at the results since I had never had any symptoms before. At the time, I didn't know that the IgG score of 1.18 was very likely a false positive.
Luckily, the girl I was seeing didn't care about the HSV-2 after reading enough about it. With that said, we stopped seeing each other pretty early on, but I didn't let the thoughts of having HSV-2 stop me. Yeah, it sucked thinking that I had it, but after awhile I just started owning it after reading about HSV-positive people having great sex lives on this subreddit. For about six months I lived as if I'd had it, even telling a few girls I had it before having sex (which had not been a problem). I even told a few of my friends about it who were pretty surprised about how common genital herpes is.

Western Blot

I started reading up on HSV-2 more on this subreddit, and I finally came across several posts about false positives in the low IgG >1.1 to <3.5 range. I looked back at my results and saw the score of 1.18, realizing this is possibly a false positive. I read lots of posts about the Western Blot test offered at the University of Washington and how Terri Warren at the Westover Heights clinic offered a service to get the test to you.
You can schedule an appointment with Terri on the Westover Heights Clinic website here:
The Western Blot is much more thorough in finding the correct antibodies associated with HSV-1 and HSV-2 infections compared to the standard IgG test. Anecdotally, and there are no studies to support this, it is hypothesized that those who have antibodies in their blood that are similar in weight to the HSV-1 and HSV-2 antibodies can throw off the IgG test. This is just conjecture, but it could be that other herpes-related antibodies such as the antibodies for cytomegalovirus, chickenpox, Epstein-Barr, human herpesvirus 6, and human herpesvirus 7 could be of similar weight. We also don't know what the weight of COVID antibodies are either, so that could possibly be a factor too. Who knows 🤷‍♂️
I'll admit, I was somewhat skeptical that it could be a false positive given my positive supplemental test, although there were a few people on this subreddit who had experienced a positive supplemental with a negative Western Blot. Terri Warren discussed with me how the supplemental apparently is actually pretty good, but it has a glaring issue (but I forgot what it was).

Getting the Kit and Shipping the Serum

I scheduled a meeting with Terri (who is an absolute sweetheart), and she gave me the instructions for ordering the kit and also took my payment for the kit. Using the number in Terri’s instructions, I called the University of Washington virology lab to have the kit sent to my house. When my kit arrived about five days later, I put the included cold pack in the freezer, bought and printed a shipping label, and then went to an AnyLabTestNow to get my blood drawn and converted to serum, and then I packaged the serum with the cold pack with the shipping label and dropped it off at a FedEx location.


About two weeks later, I received an email with the following results:
HSV1 WB Result: Negative
HSV2 WB Result: Negative
The Western Blot confirmed that the initial / LabCorp test and the supplemental were both false positives.

Conclusion and Thoughts about HSV

Don’t get an IgG test done, because there is a high likelihood of it being a false positive. Also, unless you feel like you are having painful enough symptoms that you need a prescription, don’t get an STD test that includes a herpes check.
After having gone through this, my thoughts about herpes simplex have drastically changed. I don't believe it should be considered an STD, and I believe it should be treated pretty much as a personal health issue.
There appears to be much more of a stigma in the US about it compared to other places, so I wish that can be alleviated for the people who are HSV+. I totally support those of you who have it, I don't understand why it has to be such a big deal in the US and other English-speaking countries. The thoughts around sex in many other places not in the US seem to be “you’re having sex, you should accept the risks for doing so”. Or, it’s just that people don’t think of it as such a taboo with it being something that just causes cold sores on the genitals. That’s how I look at it.
You have my sympathy and support. Let me know if any of you need support through the process of getting a Western Blot or if you need support with "owning" your herpes if you're HSV+ as I can offer lots of help in that regard with my experience of believing I had it.
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2022.11.20 07:51 GiganticShoeBalloons Where to get tested for HPV?

I read this post from a few months ago ( and it has a lot of good information, but unfortunately Planned Parenthood doesn't test cis-gendered men for HPV. They will only do a pap smear test. I still think Planned Parenthood is awesome and will donate money to them, but in the meantime I still have to find a way to get tested.
I contacted every organization listed on Most of the contact emails listed just bounced back to me. Only one responded, and they don't do HPV testing.
There are a few commercial labs in town that offer HPV testing, such as, but I'm worried that they'll sell my information to marketing agencies or to my insurance provider. Does anyone have experience with them, or similar businesses? I'm hoping to find one that will be okay with me using a fake name and address, won't ask for ID, and will take cash.
If any of you have been down this particular road, I'd love to hear what you found. Thanks in advance.
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2022.11.01 20:09 pinkyporkchops Very general lab/diagnosis question

Hey guys! I know this is a very simple question- I tried to scroll and see if it was already posted but I figured y’all know your stuff and might be able to easily help me- I don’t think I’ve ever been technically diagnosed with hypothyroidism but my numbers have been low in the past and I took synthroid for a long time and that was the best I’d felt. Unfortunately my doctor-who was AWESOME- killed himself in his clinic and I haven’t found anyone else who thought it was an issue I needed to address. I was thinking about running to AnyLabTestNow or some place like that for some blood work. The full panel is a little pricey. So I just wondered what tests would be necessary or helpful for someone kinda on the cusp of low levels. Any recommendations or insights greatly appreciated. TLDR- slightly low functioning thyroid- should I spring for the full panel or just the more basic ones?
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2022.09.30 04:03 formyquestionsonlyy test type

does anyone know what type of blood test anylabtestnow uses?
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2022.08.09 23:49 RemarkableBig6 Another IgG confirmation test says negative should I still do western

Hi all. So I had an IgG test show me a positive with a level of 2.25 for HSV1 (HSV2 was negative) this was handled via labcorp. I decided to do another test at AnyLabTestNow as a follow up and everything came back negative. Before this I had a meeting set up with Terri Warren to get a western next week and have had the kit shipped. Do yall think paying the money for the western is worth it even though the second test came back negative for both? Thanks!
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2022.07.31 19:22 Commandmanda Urgent Care Report: 7/30/2022

There was something different going on this Saturday. Nearly all our patients were more cooperative, patient, and even a little scared. The morning was bustling with new people we have never seen, all clamoring for COVID tests. Sometimes it's hard to believe that there are still people in our community that we haven't seen, but the reason is that people are travelling further to get testing. Since we are the only Urgent Care that does immediate testing for miles, we now get patients from far and wide.
The first distinct group had tested positive at home and needed professional verification for work. These patients popped in and out, as most of them had fairly simple symptoms: runny noses, ear and throat pain.
Our next group were patients convinced that they had strep throat, but left quietly with positive results. Many seemed stunned at their findings. Their tests at home has been negative. We really don't know why their home tests weren't up to the task - bad samples, faulty tests, possibly inaccurate processing? It's impossible to say.
The third group were seniors and asthmatics. Some were coughing so hard that they could not speak, other spoke so softly that they were hard to hear, even in person. Several were immediately discharged and transferred to the hospital. Some came in hoping for Paxlovid, and some had no idea what was going on, "He has COPD, and he just started coughing like this!" A few left without picking up their cough medicines, signalling their disgust that they hadn't gotten antibiotics or stronger medicines. (We will keep their scripts for up to a week in case they change their minds, and always call them to ask if they really meant to leave them.) Notably: our providers were two that do not ordinarily approve Paxlovid. They can, but they won't. (Read below for more info on how to get Paxlovid.)
A few patients complained again about our credit card filing process, but something nice happened: after struggling to get them to adhere to our rules and being seen, they had nothing but good things to say about our service. Three seniors chirped their approval upon leaving, saying that they would use us anytime they had a problem seeing their own doctor. We were "fantastic", "fast", and "really nice". That's good. I love hearing, "I've never had better service anywhere." Suddenly, there were good feels all around.
Another good thing happening: nobody complained about having to wear a mask. Just one gentleman hemmed and hawed when asked, but complied and sat silently after getting it on. The change in attitude was startling. A few patients refused to enter without being met at the door with a mask, fearful of catching COVID by simply walking in to collect a mask at the front desk. Talk about a turnaround! Honestly, I should not be surprised. This happens during every spike. First there is apathy, next - surprise and disbelief, finally settling into an understanding and fear that convinces the crowd to do what's right. The sad thing is that it always comes way too late to have any effect.
I'd like to point out a problem with phones and masks. Many phones use a facial recognition key to unlock them. This is a problem when you're indoors. You do not want to keep pulling down your mask in public. Put your phone away! I can't tell you how many patients pull their masks down, and forget to put them back on! I spoke to a nurse recently who commented: "Yeah, it's a big problem in the hospitals. I see nurses doing it all the time at work - some of their pads require it. So their masks are on and off all day, even around patients." I'm startled by this. Technology is literally killing us.
Another concerning pattern is emerging: We are seeing a lot more UTIs and possibly very serious kidney infections. More and more teens and middle-aged patients were seen yesterday with horrific bladder and kidney pain. One patient was sent to the hospital because of it. The problem: people are trying to treat at home for too long. Women know that we can sometimes fend off and infection by simply drinking cranberry juice or taking an over-the counter product like Azo. These treatments should work within 24 hours. If you don't achieve relief, you probably need to see a doctor. Don't keep fishing around for other at-home remedies, or you could end up in the hospital (and in considerable pain, too).
I received a couple of very flattering comments about my speaking voice lately. It always enjoyable to get more than the usual, "I thought you were a recording!" Yeah, that gets old when the patient fails to speak when asked a question. Apparently they expect me to ask them to "press #1". I try to laugh, and get on with checking the patient in most of the time. This week, I was compared with the voices of Geena Davis, and a new one: Wendie Malick! I took the time to pull some YouTube vids of both, and sure enough - I have the same voice, timbre, and accent as the both of them. I'm truly contented with this, as both hail from NY, are very tall pretty ladies, and both have had fabulous careers. I've thought about doing voiceovers for a living - but getting a good studio up and running, buying equipment (expensive), and learning new software is quite a challenge. I think I will turn to this when I'm retired. It can be lucrative, but doing it now would be a significant challenge. I'll just continue to be "the Siri" of the Urgent Care. :) It's still fun when patients cry out, "Oh! I recognize your voice! You spoke to me earlier!" It was yet another good vibe that set the tone for this Saturday.
I will repeat some Paxlovid (COVID antiviral) info for all of you, since I had so many questions about it:
Paxlovid is a cocktail of antival pills. Some people asked where they can get "the anti-COVID shot treatment". This was true last year, with the monoclonal antibodies. Those treatments have been discontinued except in some hospitals.
Paxlovid prescriptions can be written and dispensed by any professional pharmacist who is State Licensed. They will ask you for recent medical records, such as blood test records that are 12 months or less old. This is to make sure that your kidney and renal functions are able to withstand the significant pressure Paxlovid can put on them.
Here are the rules, in very easy to understand terms:
Check it out. The more you know, the more prepared you can be for the eventuality that you might need Paxlovid. My nurse commented quietly: "Anyone 30 or older should have a blood draw once a year and see their doctor at least once a year to get it done! I can't understand how people can go 6 years without seeing their doctor!" ... Well I know how that happens, and I'm sure you do, too. People not working in the medical field simply have no idea that their bodies need constant care and upkeep. Many of us know, but can't afford insurance, which keeps us far from doctors until there is a real problem. I hope this serves as a gentle wakeup call. There are alternatives, though - there are low-cost labs that will let you take any test you like without a doctor's order, at affordable prices. Here is one example:
Labs like these are dotted all over Florida. Just Google "lab test without doctor's order".
I hope this info helps everyone understand Paxlovid, who needs it, and how to get it.
Pasco Stats:
In clinic: We are seeing elevated levels of patients even on weekends- 85 average weekdays and 65 average on weekends.
Residents: We went from 303 cases per 100,000 to 357 per 100,000 this week, still rising.
Average weekly hospitalizations rose to 40 per week from 27.5.
ICU beds are up to 8% COVID usage.
Some good news: Broward and Orange Counties have seen a reduction of COVID in their wastewater. Miami failed to report, and so did Palm Springs, however, Miami's overall numbers seem to be going down slowly and Palm Springs seems to have plateaued. These counties are bell-weather areas that usually get COVID first, and are the first to signal a break in the pattern.
Please continue to wear your good masks and beware of public indoor spaces. Limit your time when shopping, and be careful when visiting neighbors and relatives. One more time: Always wear your good masks.
Be Safe Out There!
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2022.07.16 04:22 Suspicious_Time3809 Get the Western Blot (if you are able)!

Hi everyone -
This is for anyone with no symptoms who may have received a positive result recently. I saw others share their stories - the least I can do is share mine. I had protected intercourse back in October of 2021. As I began a new relationship, I was asked to get tested (after we already had unprotected sex in April) - I haven’t had many partners and used protection all the time so I had the utmost confidence that everything was fine. The first test I got (Quest) was a low positive (1.3) for HSV2. Naturally, I was confused about the “who” and the “why”. My partner at the time was very upset with me, as well and stated that I was no longer trustworthy - but that’s another story. So I went to get a different opinion - and the results were (via LabCorp) 2.7 for HSV1 and 3.2 HSV2. My doctor put in a prescription for antivirals and sent me on my way. I was distraught, upset, and mostly, just mad at myself for a couple months - I was more worried about my partner at the time, than myself. I had planned on getting the Western Blot for a while and spoke with Terri Warren beforehand on her website. I highly advise calling the Univ of Washington beforehand because it makes everything else go smoother. Also, I’d recommend getting the FEDEX shipping label as a two day delivery (if you get your blood drawn on Monday or Tuesday). Mrs. Terri will supply you with everything you need and a whole list of instructions - she makes it so much easier. I was sent to anylabtestnow and they (seem) to already know what the Blot is so they get it done fairly quickly. I believe most of the anylabtestnow’s ship the blood off for you, as well.
Got my results back a few days ago and I was negative for both HSV1 & HSV2, per the Western Blot. Took about a week or so for me.
Thank you to everyone in this subreddit for all of the information! regardless of your status - don’t forget how great you are as people, fuck society, fuck a potential partner that makes you feel bad.. you guys are the greatest!
i’ll be on the reddit and doing my part to stop the bullshit stigma. if anyone needs to talk/has any questions, i’m here!
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2022.06.25 10:37 queerio92 How do you find blood draw locations for the Western Blot? There’s no AnyLabTestNow in my area.

I’ve tried googling this but it seems impossible to find.
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2022.05.11 00:44 LongEmployment1644 92 Days Clean THC

I have to schedule a employment drug test and feel fairly confident doing so now. I’m 5’ 9”, 27, male and used to smoke concentrates about an eighth a week. I started passing at home tests around day 60 and on day 84 I got a quantitative analysis done at AnyLabTestNow for 50 bucks. I just got the test back today and it says positive for THC, but detected at 5 (which I believe is ng/ml). The employment test I have to take is 50/15 ng/ml so I should be safe right? Wanted to ask here for if there’s anything I’m missing. Would post a pic of the results but it says I can’t add pics to this post.
More info on lab test: Tested at an ALERE Lab and they measured creatine at 57.2 and PH 6.6. Took the test after drinking 2 cups of water at about 10AM.
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2022.05.01 06:28 DonkeySiege Anylabtestnow 5 panel urine mg cut off?

Have a employment drug screening next week I think I’m screwed on, I know Labcorp urine tests are 50mg anyone have experience with this company’s testing?
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2022.03.30 02:25 Mbmbmbmbmb5 Chlamydia help

So my boyfriend was diagnosed With chlamydia today who we think came from a past partner of his. We have been dating for a year, and both experienced no symptoms until his lymph nodes started swelling. I of course am going to assume i as well have chlamydia and I went to get tested. I went to my local AnyLabTestNow and did what I needed. My question is do they write prescriptions, and if not what do I do from there? I’m trying to leave my parents insurance out of it as they are very judgmental about these things. Also, if I end up having to pay for the treatment out of pocket, does anyone have an idea what cost is like without insurance?
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2022.03.23 23:41 crycepaul Has anyone heard of or worked with Innovative Bioanalysis? I received this email and wanted some insight from our Long Covid Community.

This is the entire email below:
“To: The Long Hauler Community
Our Team at Innovative Bioanalysis lab is prepared and honored to work with you and your Primary Care Physician as you move forward with developing a pathway for relief from your struggle with Long Hauler symptoms.
We have worked closely with IncellDx to bring the Cytokine14 testing panel and the Neutralizing Antibody test to you and to the medical community.
Once you respond to this EBLAST we will send you a requisition which you must complete and return to start the testing process. With a completed requisition, you will receive an email from the Billing Department with a link to the CC invoice which you can pay directly online and receive a receipt.
Your results will be emailed to you via an encrypted email. If you want results to go to your PCP please provide their FAX number on your requisition.
Please email to: [email protected] to get started.
Once your requisition and CC are processed a kit will be shipped directly to you. You can then work with your PCP, or we can help you find a mobile phlebotomy service in your area.
We are looking forward to working with you and are excited to be a part of your recovery journey!
Sam Kabbani, CEO Innovative Bioanalysis lab 3188 D-Airway Avenue Costa Mesa, CA 92626 [email protected] 1-949-922-3455”
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2022.01.15 00:44 throwaway2021n Struggling

Hey all, I’ve posted previously (multiple times). I thought maybe my WB results would give me some relief but they haven’t. I was allowed by Terri Warren to test earlier at the 6 week mark but now I’m struggling to believe the results.
I’ve had HSV1 since childhood and usually only get a cold sore 1x a year. I had protected penetrative sex and unprotected oral sex with a new partner three times (November 11, 12, and 15th). My partner claims he does not have herpes and that he’s had a very limited sexual history. I’m unable to get clarity from him about his actual STD status.
I didn’t think I was experiencing any symptoms prior to my second “positive” result but my body has since gone haywire and I’ve gone a bit crazy (and way overboard with testing). I’ve been experiencing stomach upset which in turn may be cause the issues I am having with sensitivity when wiping after bowel movements. I have a slight burning sensation AFTER urination, not during. This has occurred for 3 weeks now. It usually goes away an hour after urinating. My vagina is sometimes irritated while wiping. I’ve had leg pain/side pain and a few nights felt a few sharp pains in my genital region. I do not believe I’ve had any sores or ulcers. I’ve been physically examined by two different doctors and they have not seen any evidence of a herpes infection at the time of examination, but one did note that my vulva looked slightly irritated. I’ve tested negative for BV, YI, and trich (as well as all other STDs, besides HSV1 & the two “positives” for HSV2 below).
11/26 – positive then neg 1.13 (LabCorp)
12/14 – positive 1.28 (LabCorp)
12/18 – negative <.2 (Sonora Quest)
12/20 – equivocal 1.07 (Anylabtestnow via Quest Labs)
12/22 – equivocal 1.01 (Bioreference)
12/27 – negative – Western Blot via UofW
01/12 – negative – .<2 (Sonora Quest)
I know the only thing to do is to wait out the next three weeks until I hit 12 weeks, but it’s a struggle. Anxiety is a huge issue for me and I’m having a difficult time moving on since there are these odd things occurring with my body and because I could be testing too early.
I know there isn’t much anyone can offer me right now, just looking to vent.
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2021.12.12 21:06 Head_Ad What's the easiest/cheapest route to getting "tested" (regarding hypothyroidism, b12, etc)

I purchased a bloodtest from a lab last year, and the results didn't reveal anything substantial. I at least learned that I didn't have anemia/testosterone issues. This test cost over $200 (from anylabtest now), and I'm not sure it was comprehensive enough to write off any potential physiological issues.
Should I just go to a doctor? I understand it may be easier, and I wouldn't have to interpret results myself, but it's easier to just go to these labs, lol. I've noticed since my early teens (29 now) that I'm constantly low energy/lethargic, so I was hoping to find some ideas. My therapist assumes all of my issues are congruent, even regarding low energy, but I want to attack this from every angle.
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