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Official Summer/Spring Indicator

2023.04.15 05:04 Nvvxxl Official Summer/Spring Indicator

Official SummeSpring Indicator
It's not summer in Chicago until you see a Slingshot on every road
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2023.02.24 06:46 MussleGeeYem Rail/Bus Infrastructure In SE Europe?

I have laid out the cities in Europe I am thinking of visiting the next 5 years (2023-2027), and for the 2025 trip, I am planning to take a trip to the following cities in order (Please note that for many cities on this list, I have visited already, with me having visited Vienna last May and having visited Vienna along with several other cities including Zagreb, Dubrovnik, Belgrade, Athens, Sofia, Istanbul, Bucharest, and Budapest several times in my life):
From what I can see on Google Maps, Omio, and Wanderu, even though trains/buses between Vienna-Zagreb, Zagreb-Dubrovnik, Belgrade-Skopje, Ioannina-Athens, Athens-Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki-Sofia, Sofia-Plovdiv, Burgas-Bucharest, Bucharest-Cluj Napoca, Cluj Napoca-Budapest, and Budapest-Vienna are fairly reliable, routes between Dubrovnik-Podgorica, Porgorica-Sarajevo, Sarajevo-Belgrade, Skopje-Tirana, Tirana-Ioannina, Plovdiv-Istanbul, and Istanbul-Burgas have either unreliable trains/buses (pretend driving is 4 hours, bus/train could take 8-12 and sometimes 16 hours) or have nonexistent train/bus routes (e.g. Skopje-Tirana or Tirana-Ioannina), at least according to Google Maps, Omio, and Wanderu.
I am curious what I should do in these cases if train/bus service ends up being unreliable in the Balkans and the only way is either through searching local train/bus websites or even resorting to renting a car for this trip? Would it be a good option to rent a car through a rental service provider and drive through all these cities or would it just be better to have to rely on this unreliable train/bus service throughout the Balkans, unlike in Western Europe, where you could take the Eurostar from Paris to London in 2 hours? Please note that I will be 24 in 2025, and I already have a driver's licence for several years, so I will definitely get an IDP in case of hiccups.
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2023.01.01 22:01 absp2006 Issue With Bus Booking Apps 5 IV

Hey all, got the 5 IV with Android 13 up and running. Found another issue. This time, it's for apps where you purchase Bus Tickets for long journeys.
  1. Play Store
  2. Install "Wanderu"
  3. Open "Wanderu"
  4. Put tomorrow's date
  5. Put a departure location
  6. Put an arriving location
  7. Hit "search"
    • Wanderu returns no results
  8. Leave app
  9. Open browser
  10. Go to "wanderu.com"
  11. Repeat steps 4-7
  12. Many results display
I tried it again for a specific bus company's app: FlixBus. The same thing happened, BUT at step 11, the browser opened the app and the app worked fine from then on.
I've also noticed that upon going into the app info, the notifications were turned off and couldn't be turned back on. I never received anything from Android asking me about this, so I have no idea how this could've happened.
Let me know what you think about this. Will post on Sony forms later on.
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2022.07.28 03:32 chirau [REQUEST] Need $32 for an Amtrak ticket to go to a paying temp gig tomorrow

Hi, I work as a freelancer helping people with tasks from hardware to software. Unfortunately, things are really tough right now and work is hard to come by. I have been offered a gig, in Manassas VA to come setup and manage the livestream for their event tomorrow which has a good payout at the end of the day. However, I am completely broke right now. I literally have like $1.20 in my account. I need some help to buy a ticket from Baltimore Penn Station to Manassas. I will have to walk to Penn Station and then from the train station to the event. The train ticket is currently at $27, already up from $21 a few hours ago. I am putting a link at the bottom to the ticket. If anyone can assist me with $30 for the ticket, I would be forever grateful. The other $2 is for the bus fare to Penn Station, but like I said, it is only a couple of miles walk to the station so I could probably do that even though it will be super early.
I appreciate anyone taking time to read through this. Thank you. Here is a link to the ticket. LINK TO TICKET
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2021.09.10 03:30 Dwn2MarsGirl Experience with One Way Amtrak Auto shipping where you’re on the train too?

The website only seems to be giving me a two way option. Aside from that the website “Wanderu” seems to be showing one way trips but no information on the process with my car. What can I bring in the car, do I just drive it to the bus station, who do I talk to about it? It seems very confusing with no real instructions…..? Anybody have any advice or could they tell me their experience?
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2021.07.13 08:45 Multiversal_Love to / from NYC?

what are best value options to get to / from NYC?
I see Amtrak is going for as low as $53 if booking ahead ...

(actually going to Jordanville, NY I guess Uber to there $40, any other taxi for cash in case my moms UbeLyft app fails?)

then there is greyhound bus


hmm any other options?

thank you ...
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2020.02.18 20:26 Lilyo Live in or near a March 3rd Super Tuesday state? Only two weeks left to go canvass there!

Super Tuesday is gonna come at us FAST and we need to go all out in these states. If you live in or near one of those states make sure to head out to do some canvassing over these next two weeks. These are all extremely important states to win!
check the map for canvass events
check carpools
check bus tickets
check free lodging
join the slack channel
Alabama, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Virginia are all the states voting on March 3rd
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2020.02.11 14:32 SachinKody How to Develop Bus Ticket Booking Mobile App like Wanderu?

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2019.10.19 17:37 AtomikRadio [Question] "Fuzzy" travel planning - mode and dates. Are there search engines that will let you search multiple modes of travel and be flexible with dates?

I'm in the US South, with a friend in the north-east who I hope to visit semi-regularly. We have relatively flexible schedules, but low budget. I'm down for plane, train, car, etc.
In the past I've used WanderU but apparently since Amtrak doesn't serve my friend's exact town it won't show me *any* options for travel, but surely there are small connector trains or bus lines or something that get close. But since I don't know what towns might be cheapest/best nearby, it's tough for me to find good options. Add to that that I am willing to change my travel dates by weeks in a given direction.
I checked the FAQ but sincerely didn't see anything; if I missed something please feel free to say "check the FAQ again" and I'll look more closely!
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2019.06.16 17:22 t_11 Did anyone know about OurBus

So apparently there's a new bus company that leaves from Worcester pragmatically for any other destination? Has anyone tried it?
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2018.10.09 23:43 cuongv Going home for the weekend

freshman trying figure out how to get home to SYR. i was checking out wanderu for bus tickets and the most common bus stop was the downtown terminal. is that the best stop to go to, what is my best bet getting there? my guess is going to south and then taking an uber?
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2018.09.06 05:27 nnyarl WANTED: Ride to San Antonio airport Monday morning

So I’ve looked at mega bus and wanderu but none of the routes work with my flight time. Need to be at the San Antonio airport by 11:15am, 11:45 the latest. Is anyone heading that way? Please comment or DM
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2018.08.23 21:01 Pazzini10 [Hiring] Senior SEO Manager - Wanderu - an Online Travel Company (In house or remote)

Wanderu is an exciting Boston-based startup dedicated to improving inter-city bus and train travel. Be a part of an exciting, fast-paced startup environment and make a difference in the world! We are look for a passionate self-starter search expert interested in being a part of an exciting, fast growing startup in the travel industry.
At Wanderu, organic search is one of the most important elements of our business today, representing a major share of our existing traffic – and representing one of the biggest opportunities ahead. We invest heavily in a large scale, multi-national, data and technology driven approach to SEO and marketing in general supported by proprietary tech-stacks for content marketing, data warehousing and data analysis.
You will be tasked with creating and executing an SEO strategy that covers 2 continents, 24+ countries and millions of high volume keywords and growing at an ever faster rate. Some of the key areas of focus for this role will include: increasing current position and ranking of new pages through white-hat SEO tactics, content marketing, and extensive link building. The ideal candidate will have experience with SEO for high-volume e-commerce products and strong passion for staying up to date with SEO/Google/web trends and will be responsible for making sure that Wanderu is well ahead of the travel SEO curve.

What we’re looking for:

What you’ll be doing:

What you’ve got:

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2018.08.07 01:30 party_mood Getting from Miami to Gainesville?

What would you recommend for getting from Miami to Gainesville?
My plan is to arrive Sunday (08/12) to Miami (from Europe) and then get to Gainesville on Friday (08/17).
I checked Skyscanner and it seems like a direct flight (1h 14 m) is $200.
Then I checked Wanderu and Busbud for buses and it seems like the best option is a RedCoach Business bus (6h 45 m) for $89. I'm inclined to take this option.
Has anyone used that Wanderu site and tried a RedCoach Business bus before? Is it doable?
Any other websites or ways I could get there? Seems like there's no direct train and I'm not aware of car pooling solutions between cities.
Thank you for all the suggestions, appreciate it! This is the summary of what I've found, maybe it'll be useful for someone else:
GMG Transport - direct, good price (55 $) and also fast (6 hours), seems like people had good experiences with this
Greyhound - good price (cheapest 51 $), but requires a transfer and takes 9 hours and 20 minutes or fastest 8 hours (for 64 $)
Megabus - does not have this route
Flight - direct, fastest (1h 14 m) for 200 $, gets more expensive if you need to check in more than 1 luggage
Amtrak - good price (69 $), but requires a transfer to a bus (in Lakeland), total time 8 hours and 30 minutes
Facebook group UF Ride Board! - need admin approval and that takes time to get
RedCoach - decent price (89 $), direct (6 h 45 min), comfort looks good on their website. I ended up going with this option, because the arrival time in Gainesville was the best for my situation. Moreover, I found a 20 $ discount code by googling 'redcoach code' and clicking the first result, which was super unexpected (it worked), haha. Another nice thing is that it seems that I can check in 2 pieces of luggage of max 50 pounds each + hand luggage.
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2017.08.04 05:17 tgjer How the hell do I get to Rehoboth beach, or Ocean City MD, or anywhere near there by bus/train/public transit of any kind on Sunday, and back to the city Thursday?

My sister and her fiance live in Virginia, and next week is their first week long vacation in years. They are getting married in October, I'm the best man, I haven't seen them in ages, and they have rented a house on Fenwick Island from Sunday to Thursday next week and invited family to join.
I need to be there. Theoretically have a license but I have not driven in years and am very hesitant to rent a car for this. I need to figure out a way to get there via public transit.
If I can get within an hour's drive of Fenwick Island, my sister can pick me up. I know there's BestBus which can get me to nearby Rehoboth beach Sunday morning at 11:30 AM, which kind of sucks because my sister won't be there until 8 PM or later, but if I can't find a better bus WTF I'll find a library or something and wait.
But getting home is a bigger problem. Is there any possible way to get from Rehoboth beach (or Ocean City MD or any other nearby area) back to NYC on a Thursday night, via public transit?
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2017.07.19 22:25 visionque Getting there!

How to locate the cheapest air tickets.
Skyscanner.com is the place to start. Often mid-week is cheaper than week ends. Book 6 – 8 weeks in advance. So be date flexible if you can. If you are destination flexible, take a look at kiwi.com. Look up travel hacking.
Bus lines.
On the coasts look at Chinatown-bus.org and Megabus.com. Look at Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for cheapest rates at least 2 – 4 weeks out. For the heartland, wanderu.com sells greyhound tickets.
Private vehicles: Craigslist.org rideshare, carpoolworld.com, Shareyourride.net, hitchwiki.org, bike touring, motorcycle touring, walking.
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2017.04.27 02:07 Blackjack115 Wanderu, the U.S.-based low-fare bus/train ticket booking website, launches in Europe

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2017.02.18 03:50 CatchaRideBus [Advice] Can I really rely on people I find on Fiverr for SEO?

I'm launching a new bus service between NYC (Brooklyn & The Bronx) and Boston and I'm working on our marketing strategy. Obviously, SEO is huge and I need someone who can take the reigns with that. Can I really rely on the people I find on Fiverr to get us listed on the first page of a google search when we're up against the big name companies like Megabus, Go Buses, Greyhound and the ticket search engines like Wanderu & Busbud?
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2017.01.25 22:40 I_thght_he_was_wth_u Wanderu Now Finds Cheap Bus or Train Tickets In Europe

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2016.04.13 00:43 WoeKC Frustrated with flight prices? This website might be helpful.

I've mentioned this in a comment before, but I found this really helpful website that finds cheap bus/train routes between thousands of cities (even tiny little towns like mine!). I'm not sure if it works for places outside of the U.S., but it seems like a priceline/travelocity/kayak but for ground transit. I found really cheap bus/train combinations between me and my SO, and might be using this site to arrange travel for future visits.
Obviously, if your SO lives across the ocean, it might not be the most helpful site in the world. But for a domestic LDR, this can be a great resource.
Hope it helps!
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2015.11.17 05:56 ShitSeattleSays What is the best public transportation option to Vancouver, BC? : /u/eightdoobies2theface

I've never been up to Vancouver, BC and am looking to head up soon. I don't have a car, so I'm curious what your favorite mode of public transportation is? Main factors for me are cost and how long it will take.
I found bus tickets on wanderu.com but they seem incredibly inexpensive and the site makes me wonder if it is legit.
Thank you.
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2014.11.05 23:24 Pazzini10 Just closed Series A! Happy to answer any questions on how we got here.

I'm one of the founders of Wanderu.com the leading travel search engine for ground travel with partnerships with all of the largest providers including Greyhound, Megabus, etc. We've grown a ton since launching last year and just closed our Series A to take it to the next level.
Would love to any questions on how we started, struggled, hustled, scaled, recruited, learned from our users, grew and raised funding.
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