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2023.06.09 17:59 lazyb88 how to solve 60?

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2023.06.09 17:56 M8NSMAN CX9 FM radio not working

I have a rental 2023 CX9 while my car is in the shop, when I go to the audio source list & select FM nothing happens, I can play Pandora & Bluetooth just fine but no local radio.
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2023.06.09 17:56 ADAMSMASH LAX and rental car shuttles

We have a 7am flight out of LAX and need to drop the rental car off between 4-5am. Does the shuttle service that goes to the rental lots run 24 hours?
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2023.06.09 17:49 Kautilyaa Driving test at Tuscola or Rantoul ?

Hi all ,
I’m fairly a new driver(some experience with rental cars ) and planning to take a driving test at Tuscola or Rantoul , wanted to check if anyone has recently taken the test in either of the two DMVs and how was it ? Thanks in advance :)
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2023.06.09 17:49 WTFnoAvailableNames Towns close to Tokyo for a short stay

Me and my wife are going to Tokyo in the end of July for 2 weeks. We have an idea that we would like to spend ~5 nights in Tokyo and then go some other place for 2-3 nights and then return to Tokyo for the rest of our stay.
I wanted to ask for recommendations about places we could go for these 2-3 nights. Here are some preferences that we would like to consider:
-location is within a few hours from tokyo, preferably by train.
-location has hotels with relatively smooth connection options (eg. Taxi, train station).
-location is in relatively close proximity to nature or countryside, eg. Hiking trails, forests, lakes, national parks etc.
-alternatively, there are car rental options close to city/town outskirts (would prefer as little city driving as possible)
-cultural and/or historical sites such as temples, ruins, castles etc.
We have looked at areas around Mt. Fuji and Mt. Takao but we aren't sure where good places to stay would be.
Any suggestions and tips would be very appreciated!
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2023.06.09 17:46 Wan_Haole_Faka Do I have unhealthy expectations relating to used car maintenance records?

Hi all,
Basically, I have about $15 K that I could spend on a used Tacoma, but I can't decide if I should do that or get a used motorcycle for 4-6K.
I have an '05 Toyota Solara in the shop now with 248,000 miles on it. I'm getting the ignition switch and power steering pump replaced and just had the front struts done.
Basically, I'm wanting to move to a new city for other job opportunities and I want something more reliable that won't cause me to miss work and that I can also use for side jobs (I work in plumbing).
My concern with spending $15K on a Tacoma is how do I know it's been well-cared for? I have all the oil change records for my car and it might last another 100K, I just don't want to risk missing work at a new job because of it.
I currently have a company van, but was given it arguably too early. When I switch companies, I likely won't have my own work van for 3-12 months or thereabouts.
I couldn't do side jobs with a motorcycle, but it would be a more economical way to have a backup for getting to work if there were a problem with my Solara.
Whatever I do, I'll be paying cash because I don't want any more hard inquiries on my credit, thus the reason for not financing a newer truck. I may need to pass a credit check for an apartment rental and have two hard inquiries fall off in December. If I got a motorcycle, I would end up buying a newer Tacoma once my Solara is beyond repair or Toyota stops making parts for it.
However, is there a way to buy used trucks/cars with a verified service record? Is that what "certified preowned" means? I've never bought a used car before, so I appreciate any and all insights.
Thank you and have a great weekend!
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2023.06.09 17:30 FireflyRave Is shipping souvenirs home a good option or should I check a larger bag?

I want to pack as small as possible for my upcoming trip. Maybe even see if I can manage with just a carryon and personal bag. But I also know I'm prone to impulse souvenir shopping. Especially if I'm thinking presents.
Do many/any shops in Iceland typically offer a shipping option for tourists? I certainly don't mind a fee. I bought as much in Ireland as I did because shops offered shipping.
Do post offices in Reykjavík tend to be well supplied with packing supplies if I wanted to ship everything home at once myself?
Or would it just be considered easiest and cheapest to check a suitcase I might only half fill otherwise? I'm also trying to consider the space for 3 people and bags in our rental car, a Suzuki Vitara .
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2023.06.09 17:20 im_h2o Moving for climbing.. sort of. Any suggestions?

I recently landed a fully remote job and now I have the opportunity to move anywhere I want. There is not a city or state that really calls to me, I haven't had the chance to travel a ton. However, as you can guess I am an avid climber (mostly bouldering but I enjoy sport as well), and proximity to outdoor climbing will factor in to my living choice. I don't necessarily need "after work" type access to climbing, but I do want day-trip accessibility to a variety of climbing areas (up to ~2.5hr drive). Accesss to at least one great gym is also non-negotiable, but this isn't too much of a concern in most major cities at this point.
A few non-climbing things that I am looking for in a home, but are negotiable
The places I am considering now are:
Tier 1: Philadelphia, Charlotte, Knoxville
In the running: Atlanta, Nashville, Chattanooga, Lexington, Pittsburgh
Unlikely: Colorado Springs, Denver, Seattle
Does anyone have experience living in any of these cities (particularly the tier 1 options) and have good or bad opinions you can share with me (climbing related or not)? Any other cities I am missing which I should look into?
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2023.06.09 17:11 peliccancars12 Ride Hailing from Heathrow Airport TW6 to Gatwick Airport RH6

Peliccan Cars: Transforming the Journey with Ride Hailing from Heathrow Airport TW6 to Gatwick Airport
In today's world, the convenience of transportation is key to any travel plan. With the advent of modern technology, booking a ride has been made easier and more accessible than ever, especially when it comes to airport transfers. One company at the forefront of this innovation in the UK is Peliccan Cars, renowned for its seamless ride-hailing service from Heathrow Airport TW6 to Gatwick Airport.
Ride hailing is a service that enables users to book a private car via a digital platform. Peliccan Cars has been a leader in providing efficient, reliable and affordable ride-hailing services, specifically designed to address the unique requirements of airport transportation. Whether you're catching an early morning flight or arriving late at night, Peliccan Cars ensures that a high-quality vehicle and professional driver is just a few clicks away.
Booking a ride with Peliccan Cars is as simple as it gets. The company's user-friendly app or website allows customers to quickly enter their pick-up and drop-off locations, choose their preferred vehicle type, and set a desired pick-up time. Customers can also track the arrival of their ride in real-time and receive updates on their booking status. With 24/7 availability, Peliccan Cars caters to the needs of travelers round the clock, making it a go-to option for airport transfers from Heathrow Airport TW6 to Gatwick Airport.
But Peliccan Cars' service goes beyond mere convenience. The company sets itself apart with its commitment to providing a quality ride experience. Each vehicle in their diverse fleet is regularly maintained and cleaned, ensuring passengers a comfortable and safe journey. The drivers are not only skilled in navigating the roads but are also trained to deliver top-notch customer service. They are knowledgeable about the best routes between Heathrow and Gatwick, ensuring passengers reach their destination in the quickest possible time.
Furthermore, Peliccan Cars is committed to offering affordable transportation options without compromising on quality. The company’s transparent pricing policy means there are no hidden fees or surprise charges upon reaching your destination. The fare for your journey is calculated upfront and remains fixed, providing peace of mind for passengers.
Peliccan Cars also prioritizes passenger safety. Each ride is tracked via GPS, and safety protocols are strictly adhered to, ensuring every journey is secure. In addition, Peliccan Cars offers flexibility in terms of payment options, allowing customers to pay either in cash or via card at their convenience.
In summary, Peliccan Cars has truly reinvented the experience of ride-hailing with its excellent service from Heathrow Airport TW6 to Gatwick Airport. The blend of technology, convenience, and superior customer service that Peliccan Cars offers have made it a preferred choice for many travelers. So, the next time you're planning a trip between Heathrow and Gatwick, why not choose Peliccan Cars? Experience the ease of ride-hailing and enjoy a stress-free, comfortable journey with a company that places your needs first.
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2023.06.09 16:59 peliccancars12 Taxi booking from Heathrow Airport TW6 to London City Airport E16

Effortless Taxi Booking from Heathrow Airport TW6 to London City Airport with Peliccan Cars
In an increasingly connected world, efficient and convenient transport has become a vital aspect of both personal and business travel. This is particularly true when it comes to airport transfers. As such, the demand for a reliable and hassle-free taxi service has grown tremendously. Rising to meet this demand is Peliccan Cars, a premier transportation service provider, renowned for its easy and efficient taxi booking from Heathrow Airport TW6 to London City Airport.
Peliccan Cars have carved a niche in the transport sector by prioritising the needs of their customers above everything else. They provide a wide range of taxi services, making travel a breeze, whether it's a quick transfer between airports or a leisurely drive to a business meeting or hotel. Available 24/7, Peliccan Cars are always ready to cater to your travel needs, no matter the time or day.
Booking a taxi with Peliccan Cars is as easy as it gets. Their user-friendly online booking system simplifies the process to a few clicks. Input your pickup location, destination, date and time, and voila, your taxi booking from Heathrow Airport TW6 to London City Airport is done. You also have the option to choose your preferred vehicle from their diverse fleet, ranging from standard sedans to luxury cars, depending on your needs and preferences.
But Peliccan Cars offer more than just ease of booking. The company takes pride in their punctuality and professionalism, ensuring a pleasant and efficient journey for their clients. Their drivers are highly trained, experienced, and well-versed in the local routes, ensuring you reach your destination promptly and safely. Additionally, Peliccan Cars’ transparent pricing policy means there are no hidden charges – what you see at the booking stage is what you pay.
With the increasing need for reliability, Peliccan Cars has set a high standard for its service. Each car in their fleet is meticulously cleaned and maintained, ensuring the highest levels of hygiene and comfort for every passenger. They also prioritise safety, and all drivers undergo rigorous checks and training, so you can relax, knowing you're in safe and capable hands.
As a company that values customer satisfaction above all, Peliccan Cars is not just providing a transportation service; they're delivering an experience. From the moment you book your taxi to the moment you step out at your destination, every aspect of your journey is tailored to ensure convenience, comfort, and satisfaction.
Whether you're a business traveller rushing to catch a flight, a family heading out for a vacation, or an individual seeking a stress-free commute, Peliccan Cars has got you covered. Their efficient taxi booking from Heathrow Airport TW6 to London City Airport is a testament to their commitment to making travel hassle-free, affordable, and enjoyable.
In essence, Peliccan Cars is not just a transportation provider but a partner committed to making your journey seamless and satisfying. So, next time you need a ride, trust Peliccan Cars – a name synonymous with reliability, professionalism, and customer satisfaction.
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2023.06.09 16:55 MaintenanceSad2785 Car rental, Uber or DD

For those who have experience in Napa Valley, I am spending 4 days and debating on all 3 options. I am staying about 15 mins outside of Napa (Hilton discount) so I plan to rent a car. But for the many vineyards and activities, I’m not sure which option to pick. I’ve seen some say Uber works, some rented a car, and some did the DD. Would love to know y’all thoughts. 🙏🏽
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2023.06.09 16:38 Pets_cute_puppies I'm afraid to visit my sister because of her husband.

Tw: domestic violence, child harm
He's become the most vile person. He tried so hard to isolate her from me. I wouldn't let him. He even assaulted me 20 years ago, but I still stayed close to her. They've been together since high school, so over 25 years.
She was so close. She left him for a little while but went back. Then covid happened and his dad closed his business and sold it. It was going to be passed on to him but he couldn't keep his hand out of the cash register. She worked in health care but burned out after the first year of covid. He also wasn't getting their kids to school to the point that child services was involved, so she couldn't work any more.
She was only back for a few months and she had enough video evidence of his physical and mental abuse that he was charged with several crimes including assault and stalking. She got a restraining order against him and he was out of the house.
That lasted a year, then, because nobody was paying the mortgage, she let him come back. He promised to take care of everything. He sold the house and now they live in a rental with their daughters.
Child services is still involved. Currently, neither of them work. She does all the chores, child care, everything. They're living on the money from the sale of the house. He lies in bed all day drinking and getting high, then gets up and starts fights with her. He's never sober. The last time he went to detox, he got the child services worker to pick him up 2 days early and she brought him to my sister's house. WTF! How is that part of her job? Just another person in his fog.
He thinks if they split up he's getting full custody. He's so delusional. It's a small town and he'll call himself the mayor because everybody loves him so much. If he only knew how many people laugh at him behind his back. But a lot of people are taken in by his whole show. It's unfortunate. He's dropped the mask to pick up alcohol and it's a dangerous combination.
He's been to rehab once and detox at least 5 times this year. He had a seizure last time and that child services lady thought it was a good idea to bring him home early? I really want to report her, and I probably will. Or my therapist will because when I talk about my sister she always tells me she has to report some of the things I tell her. Which is fine.
He still stalks her. If she goes to a friend's house he screams at her for not coming straight home. He's driving around a small town, drunk, looking for her car if she's gone more than a half hour. This happened last week so it's not getting any better.
She's in so much danger right now and she has no clue. He's ready to break and I don't want to lose my sister. She says she isn't worried because he's too weak from all the hard core drinking to really hurt her. Plus all the drugs he's getting from doctors to help him stop drinking. He's primed for a break from reality and doing some serious harm to her.
I only see my sister when we're not at her house. Last weekend we went out for lunch to celebrate my new promotion and things are so bad for her right now. She refuses to go to a lawyer, her oldest daughter will never forgive her. She could easily call his probation officer and ask for the restraining order back. I can't help her. I want to but it's not my life to control.
She wants me to visit her this weekend and bring my dogs. I miss hanging out with her but I know there's going to be an ugly confrontation if I go. There always is. And she gets the worst of it. So do I go? I'm not the type to sit back and take abuse from anyone. And at this point I think that there's nothing I can do for her. I just want her to be safe but I don't think that's ever going to happen. He'll kill her and the kids and then himself before he lets her go. Or I can go and just ignore him. It's really hard for me though.
My niece, she's 7, tells me things that hurt my heart. I've promised her I won't tell her mom, and I keep these promises. I do talk to the child services lady, and my sister has given me permission. I'm trying to be a safe person for her. She hates him and wishes he would go away. I don't blame her. I saw a couple of the videos my sister used to prosecute him and seeing my niece like that? My sister should be in a city 1000 miles away by now. I wish I could help her.
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2023.06.09 16:31 EntertainerFlat3894 A WONDERFUL Interaction with Maaco Auto Body, Austin Texas

A WONDERFUL Interaction with Maaco Auto Body, Austin Texas

So...I had an INTERESTING conversation with a Maaco Representative yesterday.

I called them after getting a bumper-to-bumper inspection done by a local (reputable, ASE Certified) shop, who found damage done by the Maaco shop while doing a previous repair.

Keep in mind the Maaco shop is nearly 75miles away, a 150 mile ROUND TRIP. This will play later in the story.

When I explained to him the situation, and asked him what to do about it, and that the damage was fairly minor and on an easy-to-replace part, his response was "Well, drive it into town, so we can INSPECT the damage, and we'll confirm it and order the part. Then drive it BACK into town AGAIN so we can replace the part."

Keep in mind that this is for a relatively inexpensive and easily replaced part. Cost of the part? $159-188, and that's BRAND NEW. I could probably get it cheaper if I shopped around. To replace it? I could do it in my driveway in 10 minutes, or take it to a local body-shop and have THEM do it for $50.

When I expressed my dissatisfaction with this obviously very customer un-friendly solution, his response both floored me, and made me angry enough that I WANTED tomake that 150 mile round trip, if only to [email protected] that Rep in the throat.

His exact words were "Well, your choices of body shops were your own".

Which...living so far from a large city...wasn't exactly true. I called at least 20 body shops locally, but found no shops that were both available, and willing to work with my insurance provider...apparently Geico has a bad rep. THEN I tried several places a little further away (a mid-sized community closer to me. Willing to take Geico, but their wait was outrageous, somewhere on the order of 90 days, which my rental car would not last for).

So...I went to someone that I HAD worked with favorably in Austin in the past a few years ago, Maaco.

Needless to say...it seems that those days are over.

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2023.06.09 16:31 Camerthom96 Airport Parking Security

Hi there!
I am flying from Munich airport on Saturday and returning Monday night. I will have to drive in my van. There is a possibility I will have to have some expensive sports equipment attached to the top of my roof, and as it is a tall vehicle I will have to park in p41 or 50.
I do have an option to not have the sports equipment but it is quite difficult. My question is, how safe are those Munich car parks, would my equipment likely be stolen?
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2023.06.09 16:22 Bitacars #Self drive car in Lucknow#car rent in Lucknow# car on rent in Lucknow# rental service in Lucknow#

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2023.06.09 16:19 Distinct-Fox1212 Finding Roommates

Hi! Anyone have any good spots to find a roommate? I have a 3B/2BR in San Tan Valley! Or know someone who’s looking for a roommate? (I’m 28, F, and work in EMS) Or interested in renting together? I’ve tried roomies and roomster and stuff with no such luck. I can’t seem to find any Facebook specific groups for this for just the east valley/Gilbert area. Thank you!
Ps if interested I’m going to shamelessly plug myself here: Trying to get ahead of the game I suppose! 28 year old female. I work in healthcare. Currently renting a 3B/2BR home in San Tan Valley. 2 car garage, fenced in backyard with patio. Lease ends in October. Rent will be roughly $1,400 plus whatever split utilities.
However, totally open to finding someone to room with elsewhere! Particularly in the San Tan/Queen Creek/Gilbert area!
I’m gone a lot as I work 24 hour shifts and I’m also in school. What better roommate than one you barely see, right? Lol. I’m very quiet, neat and easy going. I have two years of rental history in the same home. I don’t smoke and I very seldom drink.
I’m LGBTQ+ friendly. In my free time, I like to read, collect records and kayak. I’m pretty nerdy. I love Harry Potter, Star Wars and the occasional videogame. I’m trying to get better about going to the gym. I’d like to find someone who’s low key and just a decent person honestly. I’d love to find someone who’s a friend, too.
I do have a dog, he won’t be there all the time. I’ll typically have him on my “weekends”. He’s the sweetest boy. A 2 year old shepherd mix. He does well with all dogs but particularly loves bigger dogs. He is kennel trained as well.
Let me know!:)
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2023.06.09 16:17 ThePolemicist No Ground Transportation Option from MCO?

Hi all! I have an airport transportation question.
First, a rant:
I was aware that WDW was no longer offering Disney's Magical Express. It disappointed me when that change was made because I think people spend so much money to go to Disney World, they often don't leave the WDW bubble, and they spend all of their money for a week at WDW. It seems like it should be a small thing for Disney to offer free transportation from the airport, like so many hotels do! But I digress.
Now the problem/question:
I thought it was still an option to add on Mears to the reservation and just pay for it. However, when I went to book, the only ground transportation offered through the Disney website was a rental car! What?! So now they don't even offer you to book the paid shuttle through them? It's very frustrating.
I went to the Mears website, and they have a sale going on right now to book $15 per person each way. I think that's a great deal if you're a family of 1-3, but we're a family of 4. Surely paying $60 each way to and from the airport is too much! What do families do? Book a taxi in advance? Hope Ubers are available when you land? How much have Ubers and taxis cost you? Thanks for the help!
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2023.06.09 16:17 Lauchboot Welche Plug-Ins nutzt ihr?

Welche Plug-Ins nutzt ihr?
Ich hole ChatGPT mit Wolfram in die Jetztzeit. Während das Modell nur mit Daten bis Ende 2021 trainiert worden ist, kann Wolfram mit aktuellen Informationen zu Aktienkursen oder anderen Echtzeitdaten punkten. Dadurch wird ChatGPT intelligenter und kennt dann auch amtierende Politiker und Eishockey-Weltmeister. Stephen Wolfram zufolge entstehen durch die Kombination der Suchmaschine mit ChatGPT „Superkräfte“ 💪

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2023.06.09 16:06 lizzleinA2 Big Mindset Shift / Plus Size Race Car Driver!

So I just wanted to share a minor win that I had last night that is so small but absolutely profound to me.
Me (5'11" size 20), my partner, and a few friends will be driving in a 24 Hours of Lemons race (wheel to wheel road course racing in $500 POS cars) this summer, and it's been super fun to prep our car, plan out our weekend strategy, shop for racing gear, etc. I grew up around Indy cars, and have always wanted to race, but my height ruled that out as a possibility very early on, and cost made it seem totally out of reach as an adult (I'll be 40 in August) until we found the Lemons series. Needless to say, I'm ridiculously excited.
Despite my excitement, prepping for the race has brought on a lot of unexpected anxieties about my size. I've been tackling them one at a time: racing seats are designed to be snug, will I fit? YES. Will the harness that fits my average sized partner and teammates fit? YES. Last night we received our fire resistant racing suits (coveralls with a front zip, think the suits trash collectors and janitors used to wear) and we realized we were missing some gear, so it was decided while we were all together working on the car, we'd try on what we DID have to make sure everything fit and we could exchange what didn't. I've been hesitant to do this kind of stuff in front of friends, because not fitting into a thing that should fit and having other people see me struggle with a zipper or buttons or whatever has been horrendously embarrassing to me in the past. My suit was an XXL (default sizing is for men, because they're the majority of the people wearing them), and while I was able to get it on and up over my shoulders, I realized pretty quickly that there was no way it was going to zip over my lower stomach where I carry most of my weight, and that even if I could, that would make the crotch so tight I likely wouldn't have been able to sit in the racing seat long enough to drive my shift (if at all). While the four of us were all trying them on, I was aware that everyone else's suits zipped up just fine, and they noticed me struggling to gather the front of the suit to try to zip it. Once I realized it wasn't happening, I just took it off and told the teammate that had arranged our gear rental I needed a bigger suit, and we all just carried on.
Just a few weeks ago, this would have been potentially devastating (I avoided fit-testing the seat u til it was just my partner and I, in case I could fit, or got stuck getting out), but it was very matter of fact: my body is the size that my body is. These suits are not designed with bodies like mine--or even bodies with curves in general--in mind. The suit that had failed me wasn't the largest size available by quite a ways. Other suits are available.
It was very much not a big deal to me, and it wasn't a big deal to anyone else and it was just... a lightbulb moment? Like how much time have I wasted being upset about a thing that wasn't designed with my body in mind not fitting my body?! It's 12+ hours later, and it's still kind of blowing my mind that this sudden "idk, it doesn't fit, can you get me a bigger one? 🤷‍♀️" moment was such a non-event.
Just sharing to say: take your fat body and do the thing. Get out of your own way and allow yourself to have fun experiences if the resources are available!
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2023.06.09 16:02 ben_twiener Itinerary check! Any recommendations or bad ideas in my plan?

We’re a 26 yr old couple who likes to be active and doesn’t do much partying or drinking. Trying to plan our first major trip for later this month! This is a loose plan although I did verify availability for everything. I’d appreciate any advice or recommendations!
21st- arrive 5pm - [ ] Pick up rental car - [ ] Check in Airbnb - [ ] Nice dinner in San Juan
22nd- - [ ] Sleep in - [ ] parasailing at noon in San Juan - [ ] Walk around San juan/go to castles - [ ] salsa class
23rd- - [ ] Wake up early - [ ] El yunque tour (something easy) - [ ] Drive to Fajardo - [ ] Ferry to vieques - [ ] Check in to Airbnb - [ ] Bio bay kayak tour - [ ] Spend the night in vieques
24th- - [ ] drive to airport and Flight to culebra @ 9am - [ ] Flamenco Beach - [ ] snorkeling - [ ] Ferry to Fajardo - [ ] Drive back for chill night in San Juan
25th- - [ ] Orocovis for zip lining - [ ] PR’s biggest mall for souvenir’s and shopping - [ ] Go to bed early
26th- flight at 5:45am 😵‍💫
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2023.06.09 15:58 peliccancars12 Airport Ride from Southend Airport SS2 to Harwich International Port C012

Traveling, while exciting, can sometimes be fraught with logistical challenges, particularly when transitioning between different modes of transport. Peliccan Cars understands this challenge and strives to offer you a smooth, reliable, and comfortable airport ride from Southend Airport (SS2) to Harwich International Port (CO12).

Reliable and Punctual Rides

At Peliccan Cars, we prioritize your time. Our drivers are trained to be punctual and reliable, ensuring you never miss a scheduled departure. We monitor flight arrivals and traffic conditions to optimize our pick-up and drop-off timings, ensuring a hassle-free ride to Harwich International Port.

Comfortable Travel Experience

Travel in comfort with Peliccan Cars. Our fleet comprises modern and well-maintained vehicles, providing ample space for you and your luggage. We pay attention to every detail, from cleanliness to temperature control, ensuring your journey from Southend Airport to Harwich International Port is as comfortable as possible.

Effortless Booking Process

Our online booking system is simple, efficient, and user-friendly. With a few clicks, you can book your airport ride from Southend Airport to Harwich International Port. Whether you're planning in advance or need a last-minute ride, we have you covered.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

At Peliccan Cars, we believe in transparency. The price you see during the booking process is the price you pay. We offer competitive pricing with no hidden charges or unexpected costs. Ouraffordable and transparent pricing system ensures a pleasant experience, free of any financial surprises.

24/7 Customer Support

We value our customers and are committed to providing excellent service. Our customer support team is available 24/7, ready to assist with any queries, booking changes, or travel advice. With Peliccan Cars, you're never alone on your journey.

Eco-Friendly Travel

As part of our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint, Peliccan Cars is proud to offer eco-friendly travel options. Our growing fleet of hybrid and electric vehicles ensures your ride from Southend Airport to Harwich International Port leaves a minimal environmental impact.
Trust Peliccan Cars for your airport ride from Southend Airport to Harwich International Port. Our commitment to punctuality, comfort, affordability, and environmental sustainability ensures a seamless and enjoyable travel experience. Whether you're off on a holiday or a business trip, start your journey on a positive note with Peliccan Cars, where exceptional service is a standard.
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2023.06.09 15:54 AppleCorrie Rental car or shuttle busses for Banff visit?

I will be visiting Banff for several days near the end of July 2023, and staying at a hotel within walking distance of Banff’s centre.
I will need to get to and from the Calgary airport, and of course I intend to check out as many of the scenic trails in the area as a I can during my stay.
Are the local shuttle busses reliable and frequent enough to comfortably get around Banff (and to surrounding trails) during my stay? On the other hand, would parking be a difficulty at local attractions if I decide to go the car rental route?
I’m trying to decide if the extra 400-500cad for a car rental will be worth it for any extra peace of mind.
Thanks :)
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