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Air con issues

2023.06.09 16:42 OrsonWallis Air con issues

I test drove a second hand Ford Fiesta mk8 car in 2020 and the air con was making a funny noise. The salesman phoned me to say they re-gased the air-con so I went back and bought the car. Several months later I wasn’t sure if the air con was working and eventually tested it with a meat thermometer a couple of months ago to confirm it’s just blowing hot air.
I took it back to the garage I bought it from and they quoted me £170 to re-gas and use a UV dye to search for a leak. They then said they found the leak and it would cost over £600 to fix and that they managed to reclaim the gas before it leaked out. They wanted me to pay the £170 bill to take the car home while deciding what to do. I had to really push the garage to reduce the bill based on the premise they reclaimed the gas, they put me through to the sales manager who easily then said yes of course I shouldn’t have to pay the full amount as the gas was reclaimed. I paid £130 and got the car home.
I told them I had lost my trust in them as I had raised the air con issue before buying the car and that’s when they should have noticed the leak. They tried to say that they have paperwork their end showing they did check for leaks when they re-gased the car before I purchased it and that the leak didn’t exist then.
I then took my car to a garage I trust, assuming they could see where the leak is and then quote on fixing it. But, we couldn’t see the UV dye anywhere to show where the leak was. I phoned the untrusted garage and they specified where the leak was (different position to where they originally told me). I still can’t find the leak. My trusted garage even gave me a UV light to take home and check myself, I can’t find anything. The un-trusted garage even gave me the list of parts they said needed replacing but I can’t find where these parts are:
261 7651 - tube 5181 037 - o ring gasket 2281140 - brock 2170567 - foam pad
What are my options - I would really like to get my air-con fixed but my trusted garage isn’t really great at things like that and I don’t trust the first garage
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2023.06.09 16:25 DoABarrowRoll Defending the Draft: New York Giants Edition (2023)

Hello to you, fellow ingrates.
Year 6 of DABR Defends the New York Giants from Criticism has arrived.

Season Recap

tl;dr: The Giants had their most successful season since 2016, and arguably since winning the Super Bowl in 2012 (if the draft spot/playoff success is the measurement) and went into draft night with the latest selection they've had since 2012, the first outside the top 11 since 2016.
Giants fans didn't really expect to win that many games this year. There were still some hopefuls for Daniel Jones but most people had come to terms with new GM Joe Schoen and new HC Brian Daboll pretty much setting up to replace him, declining his 5th year option.
It was the first year of this regime, they hadn't really been able to fix up the roster fully, etc. Most Giants fans I know were expecting a 4-7 win season, not sniffing the playoff race. Ha.
It all started week 1 vs Tennessee. It was honestly a story Giants fans have gotten familiar with. Look absolutely horrible in the first half of the game, but somehow struggle back into it in the second half, only to be dramatically disappointed at the end of the game. After Daniel Jones threw a red zone interception with just under 9 minutes to go, we thought that was pretty much it.
But then with 4 minutes left, Saquon Barkley rips off a 33 yard run, Daniel Jones converts a 4th and 1, and the Giants score a TD to pull them to just a 1 point deficit. Most Giants fans are thinking "okay he's gonna kick it, play for overtime, I respect that, we didn't think it would be that close anyways."
And then we see the offense staying on the field...uh oh. The offense wasn't exactly clicking on all cylinders to that point in the game, having been shut out in the first half. If we don't get it, the game is pretty much lost. Daboll calls a shovel pass, Saquon gets it, it looks like it's completely doomed...I'm thinking "here we go again, his first game and the media is already going to be all over him for going for it"...but Saquon fights his way in! Giants take the lead for the first time in the game. We're feeling good, Daboll's huge balls in that situation giving us some confidence.
Then the Titans methodically work the ball down the field (along with a couple of assists from Austin Calitro and Darnay Holmes), setting up a 47 yard field goal for Randy Bullock to win the game.
Now, I'm thinking, "of course this is what happened, they gave us some hope, now it's going to get ripped away from us, just like always. Story of the last few years at times."
...and then Bullock missed the kick. That was the start of what turned into a magical first half of the season, the Giants getting off to a 7-2 start, all 7 wins coming by a 1 score margin (though the Bears and Texans games were a bit cleaner than the final scoreline suggests), and 5 of them really coming down to big time plays in the last 5 minutes of the game.
The Titans story, taking the lead with 3:38 left in the 4th quarter and Julian Love sacking Baker Mayfield to force 4th and 15 the next drive against Carolina, Kayvon Thibodeaux and Xavier McKinney batting down Aaron Rodgers' passes in London, Love intercepting Lamar Jackson to set up the game winning score against Baltimore, McKinney and Love stopping Christian Kirk at the 1 yard line on the last play against Jacksonville.
All of those games are games that go against us in previous years. But this year was just different. And somehow through it all, there were Saquon Barkley and Daniel Jones as well. Saquon was the focal point of the offense early in the season, Jones being efficient in a heavy, limited, play action focused passing attack.
All thoughts of the Giants earning a top pick and replacing Daniel Jones pretty much went out the window by week 4, and hope for Jones maybe finally becoming the QB he was drafted to be started to blossom in some parts of the Giants fanbase.
Things came crashing down a bit the next 4 weeks. Awful losses to Detroit, Dallas, and Philly, with a tie against Washington in there too that many Giants fans felt they deserved to win capped off a 1-4-1 stretch where the Giants simply did not look good. They looked more like what we expected the team to look like coming into the year. The playoff spot was no longer guaranteed, at 7-5-1. But a flexed SNF game against Washington would pretty much decide the season.
And the Giants took that win against Washington and ran with it. A close loss against the Vikings that was probably the best passing attack game of the season to that point, a dominating win against the hapless Colts that locked the Giants into the playoffs, and a surprisingly tight and scrappy game between the Eagles starters and the Giants backups gave Giants fans some hope headed into the playoffs. We didn't expect to win a Super Bowl, but the matchup against the Vikings seemed winnable.
And winnable it was, as in classic 2023 Giants fashion, they took a lead about halfway through the 4th quarter, and a couple of clutch plays on defense by Cordale Flott and Xavier McKinney ended the game.
Then we went to Philly and got absolutely ass blasted, ending our season.
That left the Giants with the 25th pick in the class, entering an offseason with a lot of business to take care of.

Free Agency Recap

The Giants had a lot more room to operate in free agency this year than last year, and Schoen was relatively creative in how he wanted to go about it.
The first step in that process though was figuring out the status of his pending free agents; most notably, the two who led the way on offense most of the year: Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. The Jones negotiations were tense, Jones asked for the moon and the team was not having it. Eventually (literally right before the tag deadline) they settled on a 4 yr, 160m extension with 82m fully guaranteed and a boatload of incentives that could push the value up to almost 200m. That allowed the team to tag Saquon Barkley, whose extension talks are reportedly still stalled, as Barkley declined an offer worth almost 14m during the Giants' bye week, and continues to find the Giants' offer(s) unpalatable.
Speculation is that Barkley is seeking more guaranteed money from the Giants (greater than the sum of 2 franchise tags), but Barkley's camp is not leaking much (reportedly because Saquon doesn't want them to). And according to most reporters, Saquon is too competitive to actually sit out the season, removing his last bit of leverage.
Possibly the biggest addition of the Giants' free agency period was actually a trade: The Giants traded the Chiefs' 3rd rounder (acquired for Kadarius Toney) for TE Darren Waller. This is a huge move because the Giants were dead last in explosive pass play rate by a WIDE margin. Only like 6 individual team seasons since 2010 had fewer explosive passing plays than the 2022 Giants. That's something that Schoen and Daboll immediately set out to fix, and Darren Waller is one of the best explosive pass weapons in the league, leading all TEs in explosive pass plays this season despite playing just 9 games this year. Reports out of OTAs are that the Giants are expecting Waller to basically fill a "WR1" role for them; not necessarily in alignment but being the focal point of the offense, high target share, etc.
Schoen and Daboll followed that addition up with two more explosive pass play options: retaining Darius Slayton, and adding Parris Campbell to the room. Slayton is a solid WR, he's good for 600-700 yards when he gets run. His hands are inconsistent, but he makes up for it often. Campbell finally broke out having a healthy season for the Colts this season. I think Campbell is mostly insurance for Wan'Dale Robinson, who is coming off of a torn ACL, but if healthy should get primary run in the slot.
The Giants' other two main moves came on the defensive side of the ball, adding LB Bobby Okereke to a LB room that comprised of: Jarrad Davis, Micah McFadden, and Darrian Beavers (coming off a torn ACL). Much needed improvement in that room. The Giants also added Rakeen Nunez-Roches and A'Shawn Robinson to the DL room to improve the depth there; Dexter Lawrence and Leonard Williams were playing too many snaps, and the Giants were really bad against the run last year.
In the process though, the Giants lost both of their starting centers from 2022, Nick Gates and Jon Feliciano, as well as S Julian Love, who had been a consistent staple of the defense the last few years.

Draft Needs

The Giants roster was in much better shape this year than last year, but the team still had a number of problems:
  1. CB was still a HUGE need for the Giants, and one that had not been properly addressed yet. Adoree' Jackson had another very good year in 2022, but the spot across from him had been a mishmosh of misfit toys: Fabian Moreau had a nice little run, but struggled down the stretch. Nick McCloud got a lot of run at CB2 after being claimed on waivers from the Bills. Cordale Flott had been drafted as a nickel defender but got some run there. And the slot position wasn't much better, as Darnay Holmes continued to be a liability there. This position needed reinforcements. I've been a relatively vocal minority in the Giants fandom saying this has been the BIGGEST need the team had for a couple of years now (basically aside from the one year that we had Bradberry and Jackson both on the team).
  2. Despite adding Slayton, Campbell, and Waller, WR was still something the team needed. Specifically someone who could develop into a WR1 type player. The Giants WR room is relatively deep, but just adding Campbell and Waller and running back last year's group didn't feel sufficient. The team clearly was putting an emphasis on speed, separation, and yards after the catch ability.
  3. Center was a massive need. The Giants basically didn't have a center on the roster who had played meaningful NFL snaps. Ben Bredeson could move to center if needed, but it wasn't that solid of a plan. And in what seemed like a good center class, this seemed like a good way to solve that problem.
  4. LB. The LB2 spot currently will be either Jarrad Davis, Micah McFadden (who basically lost the job last year to Jarrad Davis), or Darrian Beavers (who tore his ACL last year). I think that says it all.
  5. RB: Saquon is on the tag, so you feel okay here, but the team has been seeking a solid compliment for him for a while. They were in on a few of the RBs last year and the value never lined up, and Matt Breida and Gary Brightwell didn't really cut it last year. They don't want to run Saquon into the ground early in the year like they did last year, so having a compliment for him is big.
  6. S: Losing Julian Love is a tough one. He played a lot of snaps and wore a lot of hats for this defense last year, especially with McKinney missing time with a hand injury. The team likes Jason Pinnock, and drafted Dane Belton in the early 4th last year, but more depth and competition here would be very welcome.
So let's get into the picks:

1.24: Deonte Banks, CB, Maryland

Seems like maybe Schoen agreed with me!
It was a lot harder to try to predict what the Giants would do this year, just by virtue of having a later pick. But the general consensus among the beat seemed to be that the team wanted to get a CB or an offensive playmaker with that first pick. I was a little skeptical of CB being an option, seeing how many mocks had all 5 of the top CBs off the board, but that often left WRs available.
So right after the Jets took Will McDonald at 15, if you looked at the board, only 1 CB had been taken and no WRs had been taken. That felt pretty good for the Giants.
Then Forbes and Gonzalez come off the board, and the top 4 WRs come off the board from 20-23.
That left the Giants feeling a little antsy. They had one guy they really wanted left, and negotiated a trade up one spot with the Jaguars to secure their guy: Deonte Banks.
This pick is perfect for what the Giants want to do on defense. Wink Martindale's reaction should say it all, if you go watch the Giants' behind the scenes videos on the draft process.
Banks is a tall, long, and athletic corner, which are all important traits for Wink's press man heavy defense. He's super fluid and smooth in his hips. He tested absolutely crazy. He also plays with a swag that I think Wink and Giants fans will come to really appreciate. He plays confident, he plays fast in terms of processing, and he plays physical.
He still has some development to go, I'm not saying he's going to be a top CB in the league from day 1. He wasn't a super ball productive corner, but that's not something Wink necessarily needs. It will take some time for him to get comfortable with the complexity of route runners in the NFL. But the tools are all there, and the Giants get a perfect scheme fit.
Banks will come in and immediately be the starter at CB across from Adoree' Jackson, and the trickle down effect that will have on the Giants depth chart at CB will be tangible.

2.57: John Michael Schmitz, OC, Minnesota

As this pick was coming up, Schoen and Daboll were discussing who to pick, and basically said "okay we're either going with Schmitz or (we'll get to that later ;) )".
Then the Bears traded up to the pick before the Giants pick. And Joe Schoen said "oh fuck." Daboll tried to calm him down and said "well I guess we're getting ."
Then the Bears took Tyrique Stevenson (good pick!), leaving the Giants the choice between the two players. And the Giants went with Schmitz.
Full disclosure: I was not a huge JMS fan in the draft process. I thought he was super solid all around, but he wasn't really impressive to me, there weren't a lot of overwhelmingly positive reps or traits in my eyes. I thought he was maybe a little heavy footed, especially in pass pro, and his testing kind of backed that up, and I didn't really see full unlocked power either.
I was probably a bit harsh on him in terms of the grade though. Like I said, he's a super solid player. There's relatively little to really complain about. He's smart, he's experienced, and he made few mental mistakes. His snaps were consistent. He is pretty strong though not crazy so. His anchor is really good, and he plays nasty and competitive, which is something the Giants are definitely looking for. It helps he had a really good Senior Bowl week too.
Was Schmitz my favorite center in this class? No. But he was for many people, and for some good reasons. Schmitz will come in and immediately start at center for the Giants, bringing the dead snap with him. If he can be the 3rd best player on this unit (behind Andrew Thomas and hopefully Evan Neal taking a step forward this year and being healthy), it'll be an immensely calming and steadying presence that should raise the OL play of the whole unit.

3.73: Jalin Hyatt, WR, Tennessee

So you may be wondering: Who was Player X?
Well immediately after drafting Schmitz, Schoen looked around the room and pretty much said "what if we can still get ?" He decided that the price he was willing to pay was the Giants 4th round pick. And he and everybody else in the room started calling.
That included Brian Daboll, who leaned over and said "hey should I text [Rams HC Sean] McVay?" Schoen said "yeah sure go for it." And Daboll officially negotiated the Giants trading up from 89 to 73 to select Player X: Tennessee WR Jalin Hyatt
Hyatt is a really fun player to watch. The speed blows you away on tape. It's the kind of speed that even if you're not throwing it to him all the time, defenses have to take note when he comes on the field and play him differently. He's not necessarily slippery or elusive after the catch but (and I'm scared to frame it this way but I'm doing it anyway) the speed and acceleration gives him credibility there, the way that Odell was such a YAC threat on slants just getting to full speed and outrunning everyone.
He's a little high cut I think, and that leads to a little bit of trouble with crisper routes. He wasn't asked to run a very complex route tree at Tennessee, though I do think he has the skills to improve in that sense. The biggest concern for me is just how quickly we can get him up to speed beating press and playing through physicality. When he has room to work, he can beat CBs in a few ways, but NFL DBs will knock even very good WRs off their routes at times. And that follows through to contested catches.
The Giants' WR room is so crowded it's hard for me to say exactly what Hyatt's role will be starting out. The Giants started last year trying to use different WRs in different ways on a game to game basis. Then the wheels fell off obviously, with Shep, Wan'Dale, and Toney being hurt and Golladay stinking and all that. So I wonder if we see a return to that.
Hyatt can be a threat in a lot of ways, end arounds, screens, etc in addition to the obvious "go long" situations. Just how many reps he can carve out will be fun to track in training camp.
So the Giants come out of the first 3 rounds with 3 players who were commonly mocked to them at 25. Pretty good business! But let's get into day 3:

5.172: Eric Gray, RB, Oklahoma

The Giants traded away their 4th round pick to get Hyatt so they went 99 picks without making a selection.
Like I said earlier, the team has been looking for a compliment to Saquon Barkley for a long time, and they find it here with Eric Gray.
Schoen said he sees Eric Gray as a 3 down back. And you can definitely see why. He caught 88 passes over the last 3 years at Oklahoma and only dropped 2. He's also strong and physical, willing to pass protect. That physicality carries over into his running style, he runs hard and is willing to run through guys. He's bursty in short areas and has pretty solid vision in my opinion.
He's a compact guy, just 5'9 207. He's not super slippery or elusive, and he's not really a home run hitter. But in terms of finding a backup RB on day 3 to feed some of those tough yardage carries to and keep Saquon fresh, you could do worse than Eric Gray for sure.
The Giants ran a fair bit of "Pony" type formations in 2022, using 2 or even 3 RBs at times. The competition between Gray and Matt Breida for the true RB2 spot will be fun to see. Breida brings a little more explosiveness to the table, but Gray will certainly give him a run for his money. And depending on what happens with Saquon Barkley's contract situation, we may see even more of Gray down the line.

6.209: Tre Hawkins, CB, Old Dominion

When asked about what is different this year from last year, what improvements or what has gotten easier now that he's been in the chair for a full year, Joe Schoen talked a lot about really getting a good handle on what his coaches look for in players. And he singled out Wink in that respect because him and Daboll have worked together so much.
The Giants selection of Tre Hawkins really highlights that. Like with Deonte Banks, Hawkins brings a ton of physical traits. He tested through the roof. He has the length that the Giants look for. He's also super physical in both phases, run and pass, which Wink loves. ODU let him just play press man, so he's comfortable doing that.
He's a little slim still, so his frame needs some reworking, but that's common with CBs and especially ones from outside the P5 schools. He also has a lot of technique and FBIQ stuff to clean up. His footwork is messy, he's not always patient enough with his punch. His ball skills still leave something to be desired. He's still learning to read routes and manage space both in man and zone.
I figure Hawkins will come in and be a depth player and core STer for the Giants. If his play strength holds up against NFL scrutiny, he can definitely be a day 1 punt gunner. Wink has started calling Jerome Henderson the best DB coach in the league, so it'll be fun to see what Henderson can do with a ball of clay like Hawkins. Even if he ends up just being a STer and CB5 type guy, that's still a pretty good pick in the 6th round like this.
Also, sorry Patriots writer :)

7.243: Jordon Riley, DL, Oregon

Beating a dead horse at this point, but this is another pick Schoen highlighted as an example of his understanding of what Wink is looking for.
Obviously Riley is a flawed prospect, it's the 7th round. He was a 6th year senior who spent time at 4 different schools, starting at UNC, then going to JUCO for a year, then Nebraska for 2 years where he barely played, and finishing his college career at Oregon. PFF lists him as having just 534 career snaps in college despite the 5 years he spent at the P5 level. He wasn't very productive, partly because he barely played and partly because he's just not very good. He's not a good athlete.
What Riley does have, though, is size, strength, and knockback power. And that's what Wink is looking for in a depth NT. He eats blocks, stuffs up lanes, and just is hard to move.
Schoen put it this way:
"It’s hard to find these guys. When you get into the seventh round, you are looking for guys that maybe it will be hard to get at different areas. And another guy we spent time with, big run stopper in there, 6-foot-5, 330.
You walk out to practice, and there’s this 6-5, 330-pound guy, who piques your interest right there. Again, some of these guys in different schemes may not have the production, the tackles, the sacks. But for what Wink looks for in terms of size, length, knock-back — he possesses those traits.”

7.254: Gervarrius Owens, DB, Houston

Last pick in the draft and the Giants go back to the DB room. They took two CBs already, but some depth/developmental guys at safety would help. Enter: Gervarrius Owens.
Owens is a former CB turned S from Houston. The CB in him flashes to me on tape, I thought his ball skills as a safety were good. He's athletic enough to play pretty much any safety spot, including that single high spot that teams find difficult to fill. He's super physical and willing to play downhill and tackle. He's super experienced, he was a team captain and 4 year starter for Houston.
He makes a lot of mistakes, however. The angles he takes to the ball in both phases are super inconsistent. He missed a ton of tackles in college, so that technique needs to be worked on. The ball skills turned into PBUs rather than INTs; Wink won't mind that but some of them were like "he really should have just caught that."
Owens is another guy like Hawkins who looks primed to earn his roster spot on special teams and provide solid depth for the team's DB room. Wink likes to play 3+ safety sets, especially when he feels like he has a good group there. And the Giants' S room right now is basically Xavier McKinney and a bunch of question marks, so it's entirely feasible that Owens can come in and beat Dane Belton, Jason Pinnock, and Bobby McCain to earn playing time early on.


The Giants UDFA class included a few notable names. 5 total players who got 100k+ in guarantees:
  1. Bryce Ford-Wheaton, WR, WVU: The Giants gave Bryce Ford-Wheaton a LOT of guaranteed money for a UDFA: 236k, which is the full season PS salary plus 20k. BFW was one of "my guys" this year I was hoping for the Giants to get. He's got the size and athleticism to be really good, but he's a little one note right now. In a crowded WR room, I kind of doubt he'll make the roster without some injuries (or Wan'Dale/Shep being on PUP) but like other late rounders/UDFAs, if he can find some value on special teams, he's a fun upside swing.
  2. Dyontae Johnson, LB, Toledo: Another guy who got a lot of guaranteed money. The Giants needed some reinforcements at LB and clearly didn't find them in the draft. Super productive in college, very instinctive player, but I'm not sure if he can run with the league. He'll compete with the Giants mishmosh of LBs to play on special teams.
  3. Ryan Jones, TE/FB, East Carolina: The Giants have been searching for a kind of H-Back type for a while now. Last year they brought in Jeremiah Hall from Oklahoma, that didn't stick. Andre Miller, who was a WR at Maine, seemed like he was getting run at that spot in camp last year, but a broken arm ended his season. Chris Myarick ended up taking some of those reps. Ryan Jones kind of fits that mold as well.
  4. Habakkuk Baldonado, EDGE, Pittsburgh: The Giants' pass rusher depth is...not great. Behind Kayvon Thibodeaux and Azeez Ojulari, it's Jihad Ward, Oshane Ximines, and Tomon Fox. And Ojulari missed a lot of time last year. Baldonado could potentially come in and earn a spot over Ximines/Fox. He's got good play strength and power and fits what the Giants would need as more of an edge setter and run defender to give Thibodeaux/Ojulari a rest rep before letting them loose to rush the passer.
  5. Gemon Green, CB, Michigan: Another tough and physical corner. I don't think there's really a spot for him on this roster with the additions of Banks and Hawkins, and I think he's not quite the athlete the Giants look for at CB, but as a last resort/STer he can potentially get somewhere.

Final Takeaways

I did this last year because it was Schoen's first year here, but I like the idea of doing it every year. What can we learn from the way Schoen drafted this year that we can file away and learn for the future? What can mockers learn from this to inform them of who makes sense for the Giants.
And it's pretty similar to last year:
  1. Athleticism. Once again, pretty much every player the Giants drafted, and the UDFAs generally, were excellent athletes who tested well. The main exceptions being JMS (who was still a solid athlete) and Jordon Riley this year; where the exception last year basically was just DJ Davidson. This team has faith in its coaching staff and wants to give them players they can work with.
  2. Scheme/Roster Fits. I talked about it a lot with the defensive picks, but every single one is a "Wink Martindale" guy. What does Wink want for his system? This can be a little dangerous considering Wink was in the running for a HC gig last year, and another strong year might finally get him the HC job he has been looking for. If he leaves and the scheme changes, these players need to be able to match the new scheme too. But it's clear that the FO values the input of the coaching staff and there's really clear communication there. This also applies to the offensive side of the ball, where it's super clear that the team wanted more speed on offense, which pointed to Hyatt a little bit.
  3. Youth. This one is a little less applicable this year as they did draft a few older players, like JMS and Riley, even Eric Gray who turns 24 in November or Tre Hawkins who turns 23 over the summer. But Banks just turned 22, Jalin Hyatt will turn 22 in late September. It feels like maybe they felt more attached to the age stuff when they thought this was a full on rebuild, but now that they're hoping to be a playoff team again, they need some more instant contributors.
  4. Aggressiveness/willingness to trade. This is a newer one, as last year the Giants only traded back. But this year the Giants traded up twice, giving up 3 day 3 picks in the process. Schoen is not afraid to make trades in either direction. Up to secure guys he really wants (Banks/Hyatt), or down if there's nothing there. Schoen talked about having trades lined up in both directions with the first round pick, he had a trade down ready if there was no one he wanted left.
The Giants went into the 2022 draft clearly rebuilding, 5 picks in the top 81 and making 11 selections. This year, the team came into the draft with 10 picks and came out with just 7. Clearly the team thinks the depth is improving and wants to focus on building the championship contender they are looking to be.
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2023.06.09 16:14 LordBeneter1018 Negative FNAF theory opinions I'd like to share ngl:

  1. RealNightmares: Illusion discs slapped onto endoskeletons or actual existing robots, I don't really get the appeal of RealNightmares other than the fact that it's just adding another point that William Afton is biggest piece of shit in FNAF ever (as if the child murders and offscreen child abuse weren't enough for some people) and the theory making the whole theme of FNAF 4 being about someone's bad dreams making it pointless.
  2. Nightmare (and Shadow Freddy to an extent) being William Afton's evil: Literal or figurative evil (the former I'm more confused on, like how?), all the on-screen things he did without theory and book reliance I remember this guy doing are of the following: Chilling as an easter egg (FNAF 2), lead 4 robots to the safe room and created a domino effect on Springtrap's creation (FNAF 3), harassing a child or a teen in his dreams (FNAF 4), and fucking aiding whoever TOYSNHK is in William Afton torture (UCN). That's it. Also, why a bear? "Mr. Billy's Wickedness Come To Life." At least transform into Shadow Bonnie ffs.
  3. WilliamStuffed: This theory and PuppetStuffed make their respective characters look like fucking idiots, I kinda get the latter, since Charlie the Puppet is an angry ghost kid making dumb kid decisions and probably thinking this would be a good idea at the time, but William, you can be a wanted criminal if you shove corpses of supposed missing people into active for-kids'-entertainment robots in an active restaurant and you are highly reliant on the police being incompetent nincompoops and/or your fellow business partner(s) being (a) corporate sellout(s) (he was even lucky to get both). And even the whole "mmm yes, time to test out possession thing" WillStuffed believers use at times is rather weird, can't he just, shove the corpses into his own self-made robots (Since in SL, he's also a robotics nerd) or at least in decommissioned ones?
  4. StitchlineGames: Personally, I'll never vibe with this one, and FrightlineGames (essentially stories that aren't part of the Stitchwraith epilogues are canon to the games). Mainly due to the "ok agony demons exist and at one point William became a trash monster to die in the hands of the puppet." Also some extra weird oddities if the whole novels and its sequel series Tales of the PizzaPlex (like body snatching Freddy dolls, an acid trip in the form of a ballpit, assimilation-ing fish with Bonnie heads, Springtrap mpreg, etc. And those are just from Fazbear Frights)
  5. MikeBot and Gregbot: Was a former believer of MikeBot but now I kinda find both it and Gregbot iffy as hell to say the least. Fucking Charliebot legitimizing the existence of robots passing off as "totally humans trust me" not just, humanoid/human-like/human looking but not 100% human robots. Even before Charliebot I was a bit sus on my MikeBot beliefs.
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2023.06.09 16:12 rollersky Why left-wingers should be in favour of Freedom of speech

An actor everybody is pretty much somewhat familiar with, Rowan Atkinson that plays Mr Bean recently made an about 10 minute press release speech and statement. It was directly concerning the freedom of the people of the United Kingdom to merely express themselves, to perform the very human act of communicating and sharing.
The fact that the U.K is unfortunately by law a tyrannical state that dishes out criminal punishment to anyone who says anything anyone finds offensive, no literally they actually have laws that get you arrested for posting normal song lyrics and other mundane normal usage posts. It's from a recent yet slightly older law from 25 years ago, and it enables anyone to be charged with hate speech for saying or since the advent of social media posting anything anyone ever finds offensive.
I wish it were otherwise but unfortunately these authoritarian tyrannical laws are also present... in Australia and you have probably forgotten but they were on full display in Australia in 2019... when the Pharmaceutical companies became the wealthiest and most profitable companies on Earth... the same companies that sponsor Political Parties,... and Television advertisements,... Social Media companies (like the one your on now) and literally run the tests and produce all medical scientific papers (studies, theories, hospitals, physicians on payroll, fund entire hospitals and livelihoods... etc. etc.) The best example I can remember of the absolute tyranny Australia was under is a case whereby a pregnant women in Victoria was arrested for writing on a Facebook post that she was against lockdowns and supported the protests against them... the Police came and arrested her... for 'Hate Speech'... it luckily enough got picked up media companies (TV stories and articles). Luckily. So the police, after dragging this pregnant woman kicking and screaming out of her apartment (not exactly literally) let her go without charge. She was lucky. Very very lucky. And there is no way she should have had to have been 'lucky' for merely making a post on Facebook.
America simply does not have this problem as written into the very constitution as the 1st Amendment to their constitution by the founding fathers in all of their wisdom, intelligence, good faith and if your religious like they where, filled with divine enlightenment wrote it such that the Government in America has no ability to write any law to restrict people's rights to express themselves (Freedom of Speech), restrict the press (because back then they lacked smart phones, social media and all modern technology, which should be obvious but perhaps it is not and is difficult for people today to even begin to imagine life back then despite it being very loosely similar to today's world) and finallu restrict people's religious freedoms (written in reverse order to this because they were all wise God loving, humble, noble and brave men.
America's 1st Amendment is the only Freedom of Speech law written into its very constitution in the entire world, it is the reason that America is referred to as 'Land of the Free' and the second part of that phrase, 'Home of the Brave.'. As for protests, peaceful assembly had always been constitutionally protected, not violent assembly so riots and revolution is still very much illegal and is met with lethal counter force every time. [As a side note, if peaceful assembly fails to prevent America becoming a Tryrannical State, then the 2nd Amendment is the fail-safe. As the wisdom of the founding fathers literally argued and intendeded]
Australia does not have that phrase and frankly I feel that every Australian that knows that, feels a deep unspoken, subconscious shame over that fact and far more importantly that all Australians simply do not have the constitutional right to even speak their minds freely, as every human being alive desires.
As Rowan Atkinson stated 'Hate Speech' is not real. It is a term used to silence, censor and remove power from whomever those in power disagree and dislike or are offended by. There are seemingly endless examples from history of the evil deeds of enactment of those disliked by existing powers for example, Galileo (ostracised and persecuted by the church and all religious folk for merely stating he believed that the sun was the center of the Galaxy and not the Earth), Nikola Tesla (defamed by the work of Tomas Edison and countless people trying to claim his inventions as their own by way of patent theft and lies for the purpose of advertising like don't by an American organisation NPR over the discovery of radio), (Jesus Christ himself by his crucifixion by my Ancestors, the Romans) and as the last example, the NAZI's by locking up any intellectuals that disagreed or dared critisize any of their doctrine and propoganda, their torture of anyone condemned for death by way of countless sadistic and grotesque torture methods, and some though quite few, for scientific discovery purposes, their burning of the books followed in time by bodies, and lastly their brutal slaughter of the Jews, no evidence of wrongs but only stirring words and speeches from their beloved demagogue, Adolf Hitler and gigantic amounts of absolute propoganda distributed to the masses, orchestrated by NAZI Propoganda Chief Joseph Goebbels and his team. (Which every highschool student should have, though potentially didn't, have already learned from Highschool History class, at least in every Public School, Private Schools may be permitted a different curriculum.) Offensive caused by speech has only 1 solution. More Free speech, Rowan Atkinson a famous actor that has probably more wealth than this entire subreddit conveyed this message, and it would seem as an absolute truth as far as I can tell.
I have written this in hopes of sparking and pasing wisdom and knowledge into whoever needs to have read this. And hopefully you will pass this type of message on yourself from now on. Australia needs the Right of Freedom of Speech written into its very constitution. As demonstrated during COVID19 it needed it years ago but now even more than ever.
And to those that would say it will do nothing but allow mass disinformation, manipulation and mislead people, I would say this, history has proven you absolutely dead wrong on that statement and sentiment, the only solution to offense from speech is more Free Speech and if you silence, censor or try more modern trends of the same kind known as deplatforming or cancelling, then all you do, all you achieve, everything you are trying to stop will only be made stronger, more resilient and more popular then ever before. As examples, take Jesus Christ, he has the Roman equivalent of being hung drawn and quartered, he was crucified, publicly executed like a lamb to the slaughter to send a message of absolute obedience being required to the rest of the herd. Yet because of that Christianity exploded and has been far more viral than COVID19 or any viral video has ever been to date. And for modern times look at Tucker Carlson, deplatformed by pressure from Pharmaceutical companies, lawsuits from shitty voting machine companies and pathologically idealogically fanatic ex employees in lawsuits. Tucker Carlsons show on Fox was the most popular show on Fox News and it drew in about 2 million people every night to watch it... after he was fired... is now getting 35+ million on the regular after he started up on Twitter. I do so imagine that actuall that will be an understatement in the coming future as currently he's on his 2nd episode ever. The 'Streisand Effect' in full unbridled, unstoppable force.
Every Australian deserves the right to express themselves freely, meaning free of all Government persecution and all possible Government and legal persecution. This is and has always been a left wing idea, as the rule of Tyrants; Dictators, kings Pharaohs, Caesar's, Shoguns, Kahns, Lords, Nobles Knights and Emperors have always, always been majority perpetuated by people with conservative temperaments, whereas free thinkers, creative and imaginative people are the minority of people perpetuating the rule of Tyrants.
We here in Australia critisize China for authoritarianism and tyranny when there is weakness in our own ranks. 'Those in glass houses should not throw stones' - some famous person', 'never lay cannonfire on your enemy with a glass cannon' -me. Western countries, especially our home Australians true colours, true laws and beliefs of of people were broadcaster for the world to see during covid. And they paint a very dark authoritarian picture of our nation to the world, something China is more than smart enough to take advantage of... and much to our chagrin they are and have been since Covid ended for us. Chinese propoganda, their Television Channels, all Chinese State OWNED... all of them constantly bring up how Australia, England and America all were even worse if not just as bad as China was during Covid19, and as the best and most convincing propoganda always is... its harrowingly mostly true. (Only, partly mostly thankfully) but domestic Chinese TV isn't the most important propoganda outlet taking the easy win by using our sins in their propoganda... no, that would be the Confucius Institute in Australian Universities. China's unelected ruling communist party (communist in name only these days, just a full bull authoritarian tyranny is their ideology nowadays) main propoganda outlet in Australia is a Chinese University group called the Confucius Institute (I could be wrong about the name and I've spent too long writing this to be bothered to look it up). They target young, impressionable Chinese men and women when they are studying abroad in Australia's universities, our most popular young adult Chinese attraction, I dare say, maybe even 'Global young adult Asian attraction' as I once met a man from Tibet who said exactly that in a course I had to take for my construction job (white card). The Confucius Institute goal is promote CCP propoganda via demonising the way Australia and all Western countries are so that as few young people ever believe in the ideals of Democracy and want to return to China, such that the CCP can perpetuate its tyrannical rule over China forever. Idealogically brainwash 'loose ends' - Mafia Terminology if you understand. They thanks to what happened to Australia under the Lib/Nats Coalition 2019 to late 2022 they distribute and spread half truths about Australia and countless other lies about every part and aspect of life in Australia as well as pay members of their organisation to organise pro China protests, (sign holders and chanters) in Australian Universities, footage of this circulated sparsely in Australian media and articles during 2014-2018 roughly though probably a bit before too. They actively seek out and target specifically ethnically Chinese and often try to emotionally blackmail them, incite fear into them, speak exclusively their propoganda to then and rarely but almost certainly literally blackmail them using the threat of violence, torture and death of their families back in China. Naturally there's no direct evidence of that claim except for Chinese Father and Husband in England that was blackmailed (husband of high ranking shipping Port official wife) they abducted his wife and child and forced the wife read a script to the husband over the phone (utilised emotional and physical blackmail and just directly veiled and unveiled threats, I recommend you look up interviews from the husband) and if you look up the articles of the Confucius Institute from IDK 2011-2018 and have the ability to interpret from what the articles found you can tell the Confucius Institute, only has 1 purpose, to try and perpetuate the CCP's rule of China and stop and protest against their rule, specifically stopping Tiananmen Square type protests from ever happening again. The Tianamen Square Massacre was a global well known proverbial black eye to China that severely hampered every nation's diplomatic relations with China for close to half a century, and the CCP didn't like that as even Tyrants love swimming in money, also the CCP loves stealing technology through trade espionage, China's MAG Lev trains and their entire car industry is built off stolen technology from Western companies dumb enough to deal with companies owned by the CCP. Naturally the Chinese who have been or are being 'convinced' by the Confucius Institute are always the biggest promoters of Anti Freedom ideas, especially the death of Freedom of Speech via hate speech crime laws such as: incitement of violence laws (Victoria mainly), offensive Tweets, Facebook Posts, Instagram Posts,,, Goddamn Reddit posts all hopefully being made illegal and the Liberals God awful rich persons almost exclusive digital world referee, The new E-Safety Commisioner. And like all the God awful Tyrant Commissioner's from TV shows and books if the E-Safety commisoner ever... EVER gets in the hands of the Liberals again it will be used against the normal people of Australia to beat the collective will of normal free thinking Australian's to the ground if not to death. Only complete dumbass Liberal Supporters usually dumb beer drinking sky news watchers (usually fossils) and Young Adult Chinese University Students support ANY of the laws and speech referees I just mentioned.
Again please war h the video I linked at the tiop and if the Politcal State of the U.K interests you for whatever reason then I recommend: Count Dankular (his second channel) the first person in Scottish History tried and found guilty of 'Hate Speech'... from a freakin comedy video. Where he's mocking the very thing they charged him for supporting [funny pug salute video as a direct hint]), Jonathan Pie (excellent wit, fantastic satirist and insult wordsmith wizard, also very yelly, I like him) and lastly Jordan Shanks himself, the namesake of this subreddit, FriendlyJordies. Whenever he actually gets round to covering the U.K his analysis is excellent.
Also a guy from YouTube channel Sargon of Akkad though... fair warning, his videos are really boring but he is quite very articulate.
All Australians deserve the Right of Freedom of Speech. And unfortunately, on Reddit in particular I see far too many Tyrannical Speech Law sympathisers which I personally find truly disgusting and as much as I hate the authoritarian ideas you spout, I will defend your right to say and spread them. If your a real FriendlyJordies fan or agree with his ideas and rhetoric than I already know you support all Australians Right of 'Free Speech'.
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2023.06.09 15:54 ContextSlow2820 Dealer level diagnostic software.

This is my first GM car.
I have only owned Toyotas, Mazda and Nissan.
What's the techstream equivalent to GM?
Techstream is available on 3 day subscription to anyone for a low fee. Does GM offer something like this?
Techstream is also just "available" on the internet. What's the software called?
Ford/ Mazda-Ford collab cars have great 3rd party dev support. FORscan. Does GM have such software too? If not what's the best generic windows software. Or Android. Or iOS/MacOS. What's the best auto parts OBDII tool (2-way) that will give me every feature for the most affordable price?
I'm asking here because my car is a 2023 and also an EUV. Info may have changed...
PS: where do I get GM official service manual for the EUV?
Thank you
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2023.06.09 15:35 Princysinghrathore Why are Lexus cars acclaimed in oman?

When it comes to luxury cars, Lexus is always one of the top brands that come to mind. And for good reason – Lexus cars are known for being stylish, comfortable, and reliable. If you’re looking for a car that will make you feel like a king or queen while you ride in style, then a Lexus is definitely the way to go. Here in Oman, we have no shortage of admirers of these illustrious automobiles. Well, there are many reasons why Lexus oman is praised all over -

Why is lexus oman acclaimed in Oman?

There are many reasons why Lexus Oman is so acclaimed. First and foremost, Lexus provides high-quality vehicles that drivers can rely on.
In addition, Lexus cars also have excellent customer service, which makes the experience of owning a Lexus even better. The company's commitment to providing a luxurious driving experience is evident in every aspect of its cars, from their design to their performance.
Lexus also has a strong reputation for safety, which is another important factor that drivers consider when choosing a vehicle. The company's cars are equipped with the latest safety features and have a proven track record of protecting drivers and passengers alike.
The company's staff is friendly and helpful, and they're always happy to answer any questions you may have. They also offer a wide range of services, so you can be sure to find everything you need under one roof. Whether you're looking for a new car or just need your old one serviced, Lexus Oman is the place to go.

The Automobile sector in oman

The Sultanate of Oman is a sovereign Arab state located in the southeastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula. It has a strategic location at the mouth of the Persian Gulf and has long been an important center of trade and commerce. In recent years, Oman's economy has diversified and grown rapidly, due in part to government initiatives to encourage investment and development.
The automotive sector is one of the most important industries in Oman, accounting for a significant portion of the country's GDP. In recent years, the sector has seen considerable growth, due in part to government policies that have made it easier for local and foreign companies to invest in Oman's automotive industry.
There are now several major manufacturers operating in Oman, including Ford, GM, Toyota, Nissan, Kia , and Hyundai. The automotive sector is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, as Oman's economy continues to diversify and expand.

Saud Bahwan, the authorized dealer of lexus cars

Yes, Saud Bahwan is the authorized dealer of Lexus cars in Oman. If you're looking for a luxurious and high-quality car, then Lexus is the perfect brand for you. At Saud Bahwan, we offer a wide range of Lexus cars that are sure to meet your needs and budget. Visit our showroom today and take your pick from our latest selection of Lexus cars!
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2023.06.09 15:20 Pahsaek Ford 9N starter trouble

I have a 1939 Ford 9N that I haven't been able to get to turn over. A bulb is showing that a charge is making it to the starter, and I tried bipassing all the electrical, connecting the starter terminal directly to the 6V battery, and it still won't turn over. Replaced the starter with a new replacement part, and still nothing, even with the battery connected directly to the terminal. Solenoid is also showing a charge when the ignition is on. Any ideas on what the problem could be?
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2023.06.09 15:13 FragBro THIS is the remake I wanted...

Certainly! Here's a continuation of the generated "screenplay," staying more true to the events that unfold in the beginning of the first disc of FF7 while blending in Seinfeld humor:
Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer traverse the dilapidated streets of the Sector 7 Slums in Midgar. They witness the harsh living conditions and the oppressive presence of the Shinra Electric Power Company.
JERRY (looking around) So, this is the glamorous underbelly of Midgar. You know, I always thought New York was tough, but this takes it to a whole new level.
GEORGE (SEPHIROTH) (nervously) Jerry, I can't handle this! I'm a neurotic, not a hero! What if I trip and stab myself with this sword?
ELAINE (TIFA) (trying to calm George) George, you're just overthinking it. Remember, you were always great at overthinking things.
KRAMER (BARRET) (excitedly) Hey, guys! Look at these materia orbs I found! They're like cosmic power-ups. I bet they'd sell like hotcakes in the real world!
JERRY (dryly) Oh, great, more mysterious glowing orbs. Just what I need in my life.
The group reaches the secret hideout of AVALANCHE, an eco-terrorist group fighting against Shinra's exploitation of the planet's resources.
BIGGS, WEDGE, and JESSIE, members of AVALANCHE, stare in disbelief at the sitcom personalities standing before them.
BIGGS (perplexed) Wait, you're telling me you guys are supposed to be the legendary SOLDIER members?
GEORGE (SEPHIROTH) (defensive) Hey, don't judge us by our appearances! We may not look the part, but we're here to save the planet... or something like that.
JERRY (sarcastically) Yeah, and we'll bring peace to the world with a really funny stand-up routine.
ELAINE (TIFA) (trying to keep everyone focused) Look, can we just focus on the mission? We need to take down the Mako Reactor and send a message to Shinra.
Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer, equipped with disguises, infiltrate the Mako Reactor.
JERRY (whispering) Okay, people, we need to stick together and not draw any attention. Remember, stealth is our middle name... or at least it should be.
They navigate the reactor, avoiding security patrols while exchanging witty banter.
KRAMER (BARRET) (whispering excitedly) Hey, Jerry! What if we replace all the Mako with coffee? Think of the potential!
JERRY (rolling his eyes) Oh, sure, Kramer, let's caffeinate the planet. That's a brilliant plan.
The group reaches the control room, ready to sabotage the Mako Reactor. Jerry spots a massive red button.
JERRY (excitedly) Look! They left us a big, shiny button! You know what they say, guys: "If there's a big button, you've got to press it!"
ELAINE (TIFA) (alarmed) Jerry, no! We can't just randomly press buttons!
But it's too late. Jerry slams his hand on the button, triggering a loud alarm throughout the reactor.
JERRY (defensively) Oops. My bad.
Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer flee the reactor, chased by Shinra guards. They engage in comically clumsy combat, mixing slapstick humor with moments of surprising heroism.
As they escape the reactor explosion, the group witnesses the devastation caused by their actions. They see the looming plate above, supported by Shinra, threatening to crush the slums beneath it.
JERRY (guiltily) Well, that escalated quickly. We just wanted to make a statement, not demolish the whole neighborhood!
GEORGE (SEPHIROTH) (disheartened) It's always my luck, Jerry. I try to save the world, and I end up destroying it instead.
ELAINE (TIFA) (optimistic) Come on, guys, let's not lose hope. We'll figure this out. We'll find a way to make things right.
The group, determined and slightly overwhelmed, stands united, ready to face the consequences of their impulsive actions.
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2023.06.09 15:08 ironboy32 Bike and gear to use for touring(First timer)

I live in singapore, so I won't really be doing this much, which is why I picked this bike. Its within my price range and seems good enough to do the work, but I'm getting a second opinion here before I blow 300 bucks on it.
The plan is to start in mid-late april from Warsaw, go through berlin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and end in either Spain or Portugal, whichever way I can get a plane back to Singapore the easiest. With that in mind, and knowing that I'm mostly going to be sticking to the roads, would that bike be sufficient? I'm looking to either stealth camp or sleep in campsites for the most part.

Regarding gear, I'll be getting the decathlon water filter, and bike racks, panniers and the like off Shoppee or Lazada. It's still in the planning stages so any recommendations would be useful. I'm not planning to do this often(too expensive, I've been saving part time earnings for like 3 years to do this) so if you guys could keep it fairly cheap it'd be appreciated. Also how would I transport a bike to Europe? Thank god I started planning a year early, doing this in 3 months or less would be a nightmare
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2023.06.09 15:08 TheEpicMedic Day 4: Does thou have any Crossplay, sire?

Day 4: Does thou have any Crossplay, sire?
Today, I took it easy, and since its friday, and I want my contracts done. I still want more people to play with, but as it stands, I'd rather just get my ingots and be done with it for now. Sadly, despite the lackluster population, I still enjoy the game when I'm not being overwhelmed with either new players, or empty lobbies. Its got some issues, yeah, but Darktide is still one of the better games in the genre.

Zalm, Preacher

Journal Entry 4. Today, I hath rested and recovered from the day prior's tribulations. And thus did I find myself in somewhat better humours, so I set out into completing the rest of Melk's contracts for me. I decided it would be an easier day, so I took only three missions, slowly progressing in challenge, according to the reports. It was a simple affair, for the most part, as I took my time in the missions, and ensured their full completion.
My first mission was fill with seditionists, fully capable of finding themselves at ease, until I brought down my wrath upon them. Even the rejects had trouble keeping up with me at times, my fervor in full swing, and the heretics all be cowering as they were slaughtered beneath my steel. Alas, as enjoyable as it was to destroy such wretches, no one joined me on my missions, aside from the faceless rejects.
My second mission was an uprising in the hab blocks, yet again, and I was sent to both quell and discover this new, foul disease thats being spread. It was mostly empty, save the occasional horde of the walkers, and my team was equally empty, save the cannon fodder. I have grown weary of them always stepping between me and mine targets, and have begun to set aside my gun in favor of my sword during my missions, so as not to waste ammo into their... magnetic bodies.
Finally, my last mission was a bit more harrowing, as the malice in the air was almost palpable. It did not take long for my squad to be filled out, yet I still felt near alone. All three were clearly recruits, as none of them seemed to know where they even were. They never heeded my calls for them to acquire ammo, despite their incessant desire to cry for more. They placed medipaks near medicae stations, despite my protestations. And many times, they charged off alone, as if they were an Astartes, and many times being pinned by some abomination. At least the missions was successful.

Quitus, THE Psyker

Today was a letdown. I could not possibly convince Sefoni to teach me how to shield myself from physical contact. She said my skills were more than enough to deal with the plebs I contend with on a normal basis. I fear she thinks I mean during missions. Obviously, I dont think I explained it well enough. Perhaps later I shall enlighten her to my plight. I truly wish for no one to touch me. Eh, I have lived with it for now, I can wait a while longer.
Anyway, my missions were boring. As usual. I was alone with blanks for 2 of them, and but one missions I managed to surround myself with ogryn. Somehow. The slabs, I will admit though, were surprisingly effective meat shields. I was able to torch many heretics while they put themselves between them an me. I rather enjoy having so much more body mass to absorb so many more bullets and las shots. I should consider hiring a person body guard. That might be a good way to keep others from touching me.


Today was average. I found a decent number of people, a total of 6 across 6 missions, but...3 of them were sub 15. The three ogryns were clearly a crew, as they worked well together, and they did great to protect me, but its rare to see max level players at all anymore, so finding a crew of them was almost unheard of. I appreciate you, slab. You do the Emperors holy work.
But I still need crossplay, as I did 6 missions and only had people show up in 2 of them. 4 whole missions with nothing but bots is not fun.
most people I've seen on in a bit, and there are a total of 2 people, out of 8, that are max.
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2023.06.09 15:03 GreatYarn Hyrule on the eve of the Akkalan War, 310 A.C

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2023.06.09 14:49 StealthGhost_ The real best part of having no kids is you can drive a ford mustang and hear parents call you “stuck in a phase” as they stroll by in their minivan.

“Yea that fun on lasts sometime, what are you going to do when you’re older. I bought a sporty suv to be a cool dad waaaaaa” 🤓🤓👶👶
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2023.06.09 14:43 nukenberry Echoes of Eleven: The Curse Unveiled

Echoes of Eleven: The Curse Unveiled
In the quiet town of Ravenbrook, nestled amidst mist-shrouded forests, a group of eleven individuals unknowingly embarked on a terrifying journey that would forever change their lives. Each member had received an enigmatic invitation, beckoning them to the foreboding mansion on Elm Street. Little did they know that this gathering would be the catalyst for their descent into darkness.
As the clock struck midnight, the eleven strangers cautiously stepped through the mansion's creaking doors. The air grew thick with anticipation as they entered the dimly lit dining hall. A long table, adorned with an intricately carved centerpiece, awaited their arrival. Nervous glances were exchanged, and the group found solace in their shared apprehension.
Conversation flowed, and laughter echoed through the grand hall, temporarily dispelling their unease. But then, as if guided by an unseen force, the room grew colder, and an ominous hush fell upon the unsuspecting guests. The flickering candle flames dimmed, casting elongated shadows across their faces. An unseen presence seemed to permeate the air, its weight palpable.
Suddenly, the room plunged into darkness. Panic enveloped the group as they groped their way through the black void. In the midst of their confusion, a sinister voice emerged from the shadows, chilling their very souls. "Eleven shall be your curse," it whispered, its words carrying a malevolence that left them trembling.
The lights flickered back to life, revealing the trembling figures of the eleven. Fear gripped their hearts as they realized that one among them was a murderer, concealed in their midst. Suspicion hung heavily in the air, fracturing their once-solid bonds. Friendships became mired in doubt, trust turned to paranoia, and an insidious game of survival began.
Each passing day brought a new revelation, a chilling hint that perpetuated the curse of eleven. A cryptic note found beneath a pillow, a blood-stained knife discreetly tucked away, or a chilling message scrawled on the walls in the dead of night. It seemed as though the very walls of the mansion whispered secrets that only the murderer and the curse comprehended.
As the group sought to unmask the killer, alliances formed and shattered, the web of suspicion tightening around them all. The number eleven became a haunting presence, appearing in the most unexpected places. Clocks struck eleven, shadows seemed to lengthen at that hour, and patterns of eleven materialized in the architecture, fueling their growing terror.
Days turned into nights, and nights blurred into a maddening cycle of paranoia. The once-vibrant group of eleven became a fractured assembly of fear-stricken souls, teetering on the precipice of madness. In the final, climactic confrontation, the true face of evil was revealed, its sinister motives laid bare for all to see.
But the curse did not end there. Its grip lingered, forever etched into the memories of the survivors. Though they managed to escape the clutches of the mansion, the horror of their ordeal remained deeply ingrained. The tale of the eleven and their nightmarish encounter spread like wildfire, captivating the world with its bone-chilling details.
"Echoes of Eleven: The Curse Unveiled" became a literary sensation, its pages immortalizing the group's descent into darkness. Their story left an indelible mark on the annals of horror, a chilling reminder that the number eleven holds secrets far more sinister than anyone could fathom. And even now, in the quiet moments of solitude, whispers of that cursed number continue to haunt those who dare to listen, forever echoing through the ages.
Part 2: The Unforgiving Shadows
Years had passed since the harrowing events at the mansion on Elm Street, yet the chilling echoes of the curse refused to fade away. The survivors of that night had moved on with their lives, seeking solace in the hope that the darkness they had endured was forever behind them. Little did they know that fate had different plans, ready to pull them back into the sinister clutches of the number eleven.
One by one, the eleven individuals found themselves inexplicably drawn back to Ravenbrook. Their seemingly unrelated paths converged once more, as if guided by an invisible hand. An old book, its pages worn and weathered, arrived at their doorsteps, urging them to return to the site of their shared nightmare. Reluctant but unable to resist the call, they found themselves standing once again before the mansion's foreboding façade.
This time, the mansion bore a more desolate and eerie atmosphere. Its grandeur had faded, replaced by an unsettling aura of abandonment. As the group stepped inside, they were greeted by the suffocating silence of a place that had witnessed the darkest of secrets. Memories resurfaced, and their hearts pounded with a mix of trepidation and a lingering curiosity to uncover the truth that lay dormant within those haunted walls.
As they delved deeper into the mansion's hidden chambers, they discovered cryptic symbols etched into the decaying wallpaper, reminiscent of the number eleven. The once-familiar rooms now seemed transformed, warped by an otherworldly force. The presence that had plagued them before had returned, its malevolence growing stronger, driving them closer to the brink of their sanity.
Whispers, barely audible, wound their way through the corridors, carried on a phantom breeze. The survivors felt the weight of the curse once again, its tendrils wrapping around their souls. A sense of foreboding hung heavily in the air, as if time itself had been suspended, waiting for the inevitable confrontation.
Each member of the group unraveled fragments of their own forgotten past, revealing a connection that spanned far beyond their shared encounter in the mansion. A dark secret emerged, entwining their lives with the number eleven, forging a bond that surpassed comprehension. They were not just victims but instruments of a greater design, bound to confront the ancient entity that wielded the curse.
As they reached the heart of the mansion, a room hidden from prying eyes, they discovered a shrine of obsidian and candlelight. Within its center stood a grotesque idol, a representation of the malevolent force that had plagued their lives. Trembling, they realized that only by facing the darkness head-on could they hope to sever the chains of the curse forever.
With resolve hardening in their hearts, they joined forces, united against the malefic presence that sought to consume them. Each member harnessed their unique strengths, their shared history giving them an inexplicable power to fight back. The confrontation was fierce, an intense battle between light and shadow, as they struggled to break the cycle of eleven that had haunted their lives.
In a final, desperate surge of courage, the survivors shattered the cursed idol, its fragments showering the room like shards of vindication. The mansion trembled, as if relieved to be liberated from the curse that had held it captive for so long. The weight that had burdened their souls began to lift, and an eerie calm settled over Ravenbrook.
As the survivors emerged from the mansion's haunted embrace, they knew that their ordeal had reached its conclusion. The curse had been vanquished, and their names would forever be etched in the annals of darkness.
As the survivors stood outside the mansion, their bodies trembling with exhaustion and relief, a sudden realization struck them. The number eleven had not been the curse itself; it had been the harbinger of an even greater malevolence lurking in the shadows.
In a shocking act that defied all expectations, one of the survivors, their eyes gleaming with a twisted joy, turned on their companions. Betrayal hung in the air like a noose, as the newfound traitor reveled in the chaos they had sown. With a malevolent smile, they revealed themselves to be the puppet master, orchestrating the events all along.
It was a game to them, a sadistic manipulation of lives and fears. The curse of eleven had been a mere illusion, a smokescreen to distract from the true depths of their evil. The survivors, once bound by their shared torment, were now caught in a web of betrayal spun by their very own comrade.
As screams of shock and horror filled the night, the traitor disappeared into the darkness, leaving their former companions to grapple with the cruel twist of fate. The group of survivors, broken and battered, now faced not only the torment of the curse but also the realization that evil could manifest in the most unexpected of places.
The shocking act left an indelible mark on the town of Ravenbrook, perpetuating the legend of the cursed eleven. The survivors became cautionary tales, their names whispered with a mix of fear and fascination. The story that had once promised fame and terror had twisted into a nightmarish tragedy, forever haunting the minds of those who dared to delve into its depths.
And so, the legacy of Echoes of Eleven remained, a testament to the fragility of trust and the depths of human darkness. The tale, no longer a simple horror story, became a chilling reminder that evil can lurk within even the closest of circles, ready to strike with a shocking act that would forever stain the pages of history.
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2023.06.09 14:36 GoogleUltronUser [Original Xbox][Early 2000s] Game taking place in a sewer with monsters

Bear in mind that english isn't my first language.
The kid of my guardian after kindergarten had this game that i remember playing but honestly felt like a fever dream.
(This part is probably irrelevant so feel free to skip to the next paragraph)I don't know if it was a demo disc because you started off as a military plane in a canyon and had a few objectives. As soon as you landed in this hangar, the game would switch to the one I'm looking for.
I don't really remember the narrative or the objectives but you were in a sewer (or something that looked like it) and your character wasn't human. He looked like nightmarish version of Sackboy in little big planet and the whole atmosphere of the game was really dark. I only vaguely remember 2 types of enemies: one was a flying (I think it was a bat or something close) and the second one was either made of chocolate or mud(or poo since we're in a sewer)
That's pretty much all I can remember. Let me know if my mind made it all up. Thanks y'all.
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2023.06.09 14:32 nukenberry The Vanishing Lake

The Vanishing Lake: Part 1
Deep in the heart of the forbidding forest, where shadows dance and whispers coil through the trees, there lies a place of unspeakable horror—the Vanishing Lake. It is a cursed realm that devours the souls of the unsuspecting, leaving behind only despair and unanswered questions.
On a moonless night, when the air was thick with a sense of impending doom, two young girls, Emma and Olivia, dared to defy the warnings that echoed through the town. The allure of the macabre beckoned them, luring them into the depths of the forest like moths to a flame.
Armed with flashlights and trembling with both excitement and trepidation, they ventured through the gnarled trees, their senses assaulted by the suffocating silence. The forest seemed to breathe, its darkened heart pulsating with an ancient, malevolent energy.
As they approached the Vanishing Lake, a misty veil descended, shrouding their surroundings in an ethereal haze. The girls exchanged nervous glances, but their morbid curiosity propelled them forward. They could feel the unseen eyes of the forest upon them, cold and unrelenting.
The lake's inky waters lay before them, devoid of life and light. A bone-chilling wind whispered secrets of forgotten tragedies, urging them to turn back. But their youthful bravado consumed their reason, and they stepped closer to the water's edge, their hearts pounding in their chests.
Suddenly, a mournful melody filled the air, its haunting notes reverberating through their very souls. It was a tune from an age long forgotten, a dirge that echoed the sorrow of the lost. The sound burrowed deep within their minds, unraveling their sanity thread by thread.
Unable to resist the siren call, Emma and Olivia stumbled into a dilapidated rowboat that lay abandoned nearby. As they pushed away from the shore, the water beneath them seemed to pulse with a sinister life, its dark depths teeming with unseen horrors.
The boat drifted aimlessly, carried by an unseen force toward the heart of the lake. The mist thickened, swallowing their feeble cries for help. Their flashlights flickered, casting eerie shadows that danced along the water's surface like specters of the damned.
As the moon momentarily emerged from the clouds, its pale light illuminated the horrifying truth—the lake was not empty. It writhed with grotesque tendrils, lashing out from below, hungry for flesh and soul. Panic seized Emma and Olivia, their minds teetering on the precipice of sheer terror.
In one horrifying instant, the boat lurched violently, sending the girls sprawling into the water. They thrashed against the icy grip, their pleas for mercy drowned out by the cacophony of tortured souls. Desperation consumed them as they were dragged under, their bodies entangled in the slimy tendrils that coiled around them like serpents.
Their final moments were a symphony of agony and despair, lost in the depths of the Vanishing Lake—a place where screams go unheard, and souls are condemned to an eternity of suffering.
The town of Ravenwood mourned the loss of Emma and Olivia, forever haunted by the horrifying fate that awaited those who dared to challenge the darkness. The legend of the Vanishing Lake grew, its malevolence spreading like a festering wound, forever etching itself into the minds of those who dared to remember.
Beware, dear reader, for the Vanishing Lake beckons from the shadows, hungry for new victims. And once it claims your soul, you too will become a part of the haunting chorus, forever trapped in its watery abyss.
The Cursed Echoes: Part 2
Deep within the forsaken woods surrounding the Vanishing Lake, an unholy presence stirred, fueled by the blood-soaked memories of its victims. It craved vengeance, yearning to ensnare those who dared to challenge its dominion. Unbeknownst to the world, Lily's triumph had awakened an ancient evil, hungry for new souls to claim.
Years after Lily's encounter, a young couple, Alex and Megan, arrived in Ravenwood, seeking solace in the tranquility of the town. Unaware of the Vanishing Lake's sinister reputation, they ventured into the heart of the cursed forest, drawn by an unexplainable force.
As they delved deeper, the air grew thick with an oppressive darkness. Whispering shadows danced along the path, taunting their every step. Megan clutched Alex's arm, her heart pounding with a nameless dread. But they pressed on, their curiosity entwined with a morbid fascination.
As they reached the lake's edge, the murky water reflected a moonless sky, devoid of any semblance of life. An eerie hush enveloped them, broken only by a haunting melody that reverberated through the stillness. It clawed at their sanity, casting a spell of unyielding terror.
Ignoring the warnings etched into the depths of their souls, Alex and Megan boarded the rowboat, their hands trembling. The vessel rocked with an unnatural rhythm, as if alive with the ancient curse that plagued the lake. With each stroke of the oars, the water beneath them roiled, dark shapes writhing just beneath the surface.
The haunting melody intensified, its symphony of malevolence driving Alex and Megan to the brink of madness. Whispers slithered through the air, malicious and seductive, promising untold horrors if they dared to turn back. Fear gnawed at their resolve, but it was too late to escape the clutches of the Vanishing Lake.
As the boat drifted farther from shore, time lost all meaning. The moon's light waned, leaving them in a desolate realm of perpetual twilight. The once-familiar forest faded into a maddening labyrinth of distorted trees and twisted shadows. Panic gripped their souls, a realization that they had become trapped within the lake's insidious grasp.
Their screams pierced the suffocating silence as the water churned beneath them. Skeletal hands, their flesh decayed and slimy, emerged from the depths, reaching for their vulnerable bodies. The once-harmonious melody transformed into a cacophony of agonized shrieks, an orchestra of tormented souls crying out for release.
In a desperate attempt to escape, Alex and Megan lunged overboard, their bodies plunging into the icy grip of the lake. The water swallowed them whole, dragging them into a vortex of darkness. Their screams dissipated into nothingness, swallowed by the cursed echoes of the Vanishing Lake.
Days turned into weeks, and the couple was declared missing, their fate forever entwined with the unholy waters. Their families mourned, haunted by the harrowing tales of their loved ones' demise. The town of Ravenwood sank deeper into despair, knowing that the curse of the Vanishing Lake could claim anyone who dared to disturb its slumber.
The cursed echoes continue to reverberate through the generations, a chilling reminder that some nightmares are more than mere legends. To this day, those who stumble upon the Vanishing Lake risk becoming lost within its eternal darkness, their souls eternally tormented by the malevolent spirits that dwell within its depths.
So, heed this warning, dear reader, and never underestimate the power of the unseen. For the Vanishing
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2023.06.09 14:00 dreftzg [Daily News] Big Seiko Day: A New 1968 Seiko 5 Inspired LE And Three Funky SKX Sports Watches, Ulysse Nardin’s Two New Divers In Azure And Vero Offers Their Entry For The Great Summer Watch

It's Friday and. Seiko is celebrating the 55th anniversary of the original Seiko 5.

What's new

A Huge Seiko Day: Here’s A New 1968 Seiko 5 Inspired Limited Edition And Three Funky SKX Sports Style Watches
Seiko is celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Seiko 5 Sports watch. It’s a legendary affordable and robust watch, the start of many collections and an instant trigger for memories of childhood. To celebrate the anniversary, Seiko is looking back into its childhood, back to the original Seiko 5 Sports, and uses the five key characteristic of the collection - an automatic movement; a day-date display in a single aperture at 3 o’clock; water-resistance; a recessed crown at 4 o’clock; and a robust steel case and bracelet or strap - to reissue this versatile timepiece.
The limited-edition watch Seiko is launching now is pretty much the exact same watch. A 39.5mm brushed tonneau-shaped steel case, 12.5mm thick, signature half-moon scalloped areas at noon and 6 o’clock and a crown tucked into the case. The respect of the original dial is carried over to the dial as well. The black dial has a silver peripheral track and the same applied bar indices treated with Lumibrite, just like the hands. Almost identical to the 1968 model, the original Seiko 5 logo is transferred in silver at noon, the day and date window uses a very similar frame to the original, the baton-style hour and minute hands are treated with Lumibrite and the lollipop central seconds hand is red.
Inside the watch is Seiko’s automatic 4R36 calibre, an in-house movement that has long proved its reliability and sturdiness and has a 41 hour power reserve. The Seiko 5 Sports 55th Anniversary Limited Edition SRPK17 is numbered on the caseback out of 15,555 that will be produced and will be available in July 2023 at Seiko Boutiques and select partners worldwide. It’s priced at EUR 410.
But there are more tributes to be seen today. The ‘68 Seiko 5 Sports inspired a number of models over the years, but perhaps the most iconic line was the SKX, Seiko’s line-up of affordable bulletproof dive watches that now appear in the brand’s newly restructured collection in the SKX Sports Style segment. Although the three models pick up on the vibrant colour schemes of 1969 Seiko 5 Sports models, they are housed in the legendary SKX case with crown and guards at 4 o’clock and the unidirectional rotating bezel. The 100m water-resistant case measures 42.5mm, has a thickness of 13.4mm, features a see-through caseback to view Seiko’s automatic 4R36 calibre and is fitted with a three-link stainless steel bracelet.
Apart from the obvious colour variations on the dial, all three models have different bezels and flanges. The SRPK09 has a silver dial combined with a black and silver unidirectional rotating bezel the SRPK13 has a black dial and bezel with red and silver markings and a sloping flange in blue and green, while the loudest model is the orange SRPK11 with its black bezel, two-tone orange and black flange and a thick black band traversing the dial from 3 to 9 o’clock.
The three new and colourful references are not limited in production and will be available at Seiko Boutiques and retail partners worldwide in September 2023. The retail price is EUR 350.
Ulysse Nardin Celebrates World Ocean Day With Two New Divers - Net Azure And Diver X Skeleton Azure
June 8th is World Ocean Day and to mark this occasion, Ulysse Nardin is introducing a new azure colorway to the Diver Net and Diver X Skeleton models. UN has for years maintained a very strong stance towards preserving the environment with the use of recycled and upcycled materials, and these two timepieces follow this concept in a non-limited addition to the brand’s catalog.
The Diver Net Azure is a 44mm wide and 14.81mm thick watch that’s made of 95% recycled stainless steel. The side case and case back ring are made of 60% Nylo and 40% Carbonium, just like the bezel. Since it’s a diver, the 300 meter water resistance is expected. The watch has a domed sapphire crystal and underneath it a black sand-blasted dial. On the dial is a huge Azure X that frames the power reserve at 12 and running seconds at 6. Inside the watch is the UN-118 Manufacture caliber, an automatic with 50 jewels, a Silicon balance spring, and a DiamonSil escapement wheel and anchor.
Then there’s the Diver X Skeleton Azure. Just as big, but chunkier at 15.7mm, the watch has a DLC coated titanium case and an x-shaped skeleton dial with polished and satin finishes. At 12 o’clock you can see the Carbonium barrel cover of the UN-372 Manufacture caliber and an oversized silicon balance wheel is situated at 6. Both watches come with azure-blue rubber straps.
The Diver Net Azure will retail at €12,700, and the Diver X Skeleton Azure for €26,800.
Indian Microbrand Bangalore Watch Company Releases Apogee Manzinus & Earthshine To Celebrate India’s Unmanned Moon Missions
Bangalore Watch Company has carved out a very interesting niche. The Bangalore-based indie brand is focusing on celebrating notable achievements from India. Recent examples include the MACH 1 which focused on the Indian Air Force MiG 21 and Cover Drive which highlighted India’s most popular sport, Cricket. Now, they are focusing on space with the Apogee collection that celebrates India’s space program and the focus is on two unmanned moon missions – Chandrayaan-1 and Chandrayaan-2.
The original Apogee watches launched in 2019 with titanium cases, but the new Manzinus and Earthshine models use stainless steel with a ceramic outer layer of Cerakote. Both cases are 40mm in diameter and 12mm thick, with the main difference between the two being color - Manzinus is white and Earthshine is grey. There are two knurled crowns at 2 and 4 o’clock – the former screws down and rotates an internal bezel, while the latter (push/pull) adjusts the time and date.
The two watches also have dials that differ in color - brown on Earthsine and black on Manzinus. While Earthshine is very true to the original Apogee watch, with a round date window at 6 o’clock, Manzinus has a 9mm disc in lieu of the date of the Muonionalusta meteorite. Inside the watch is a standard grade Sellita SW200-1 automatic. Both versions of the watch come with color matching leather straps.
The Earthshine retails for USD 1,100, while the Manzinus is USD 1,470. Not cheap for a microbrand you might not have heard of before, but also consider that you get a Cerasteel case and interesting design.
American Indie Brand Vero Teams Up With Worn & Wound To Offer Up Their Entry For A Great Summer Watch
ADPT, a subsidiary of Worn&Wound that makes straps, watches and accessories, is known for making colorful and playful all-purpose watches. Vero, a US-based microbrand, is known for making rugged tool watches. Mash them together and you get the crazy Vero Workhorse Chronograph - huge, bold and ready for the summer. This will be a polarizing watch, for sure.
The steel case measures 44.5mm wide and 13.5mm thick, but this size is only appropriate for a watch so boldly colored. It gets a bright aqua blue Cerakote treatment finished with flecks of white and bright yellow bezel guards that the brand calls bullhorns. The same blue can be found on the dial and the running-seconds sub-register at 9 o’clock, while the hour and minute hands are painted in brighter blue to contrast with and match the dial. Lastly, the internal rotating bezel shows an alternation of red and blue accents, and the seconds hand as well as the bumpers holding the Cerakoted shroud in place are painted in bright yellow
The standard controls are on the left case side while the crown at two o'clock rotates the internal timing bezel. Inside is the Miyota 62S1 quartz chronograph movement, which offers 1/4 second resolution and a 60-minute maximum measure for the chronograph. This is is basically a chronograph diver, something also possible thanks to the 120m depth rating. To complete the package, the crystal is sapphire, and the Workhorse comes on a white nylon strap with a Velcro closure.
The Vero x ADPT Workhorse is limited to just 100 units and at the time of writing there are still pieces available on the Worn&Wound store and you can get one if you like it for $499.
Rudis Sylva Radically Simplifies The Harmonious Oscillator With The RS 23, It’s Still Very, Very Expensive
A small independent watchmaker located in the Swiss village of Les Bois, Rudis Sylva recently unveiled its latest creation. What sets Rudis Sylva apart is its Harmonious Oscillator. The brand now introduces the RS23, featuring a simpler version of this unique oscillator, now without a rotating carriage. This simplification also brings down the price significantly. But it’s still an outrageously priced watch.
Truly unique in its kind, the Rudis Sylva Harmonious Oscillator comprises of two balance wheels. As a rule, watchmakers avoid any potential stress on a balance wheel for it to breathe freely. In this case, the two balances are toothed and thus mechanically interlinked. The first balance is driven by the escapement, and in turn, it drives the second balance, rotating it in the opposite direction, but with the same amplitude while each hairspring breathes in an opposite way. The underlying idea is that these constantly opposed balances ensure immediate mutual correction of the potential negative effects of gravity.
Unlike previous versions of the Rudis Sylva Harmonious Oscillator, the regulator is not placed in a rotating carriage. This has allowed building the movement architecture in a symmetrical way with twin barrels creating a counterpoint to the balance wheels. And instead of an off-centred hour and minute display, we have a central indication of the hours, minutes and seconds. A stop-second mechanism allows for precise settings. It beats at a frequency of 3Hz and it boasts a 70h power reserve.
The beauty of a movement is housed in a 44mm titanium or pink gold case that has no bezel and a domed sapphire crystal to show of the movement as much as possible. The watch comes on an alligator strap with a pin buckle.
The Rudis Sylva Harmonious Oscillator RS 23 is released in two limited editions of 8 pieces in titanium and 8 pieces in pink gold. The price is set at CHF 80,000 in titanium and CHF 90,000 in 18k pink gold. A crazy price, yes, but consider the fact that the more complicated Harmonious Oscillator RS16 is priced at CHF 250,000.
Record Breaking Omega Turns Out To Be Frankenwatch Planted By Former Head of Omega Museum In Shocking Insider Scam
For a couple of days now the internet has been talking about an explosive report from the Neue Zürcher Zeitung which claims that the tropical Omega Speedmaster CK2915 that fetched 3.3 million US dollars at auction, obliterating records for the most expensive Omega ever sold, is, in fact a Frankenwatch. A watch put together out of mostly original parts to create the perfect CK2915 so that it would fetch the highest price.
However, those who follow the brilliant Joze Pereztroika over at Perezcope, have already known there is something seriously wrong with this watch since April. Now that the scheme to sell a fake watch has unraveled, the truth of what happened, or at least what we know so far, is so deeply shocking that it will likely bring huge changes to not only how watches are auctioned and authenticated, but also to manufacturer’s museums and their hunt for important vintage watches.
According to an Omega statement, “as it stands at present, there are three former employees (among them the former Head of OMEGA Museum and Brand Heritage), who have admitted to the run of events when confronted during an OMEGA internal investigation, which is active and ongoing”. Let that sink in. Three Omega insiders conspired to create a watch that the head of Omega Museum would end up bidding on at the record price.
Fratello writes that “although the three former Omega employees were not the sellers of the watch, they did play a role in modifying the Speedmaster to become a “perfect” reference CK2915. The Speedmaster CK2915 was assembled from various partially authentic parts. The three former Omega employees participated in this process, intending to create the most exciting CK2915, a watch that the Omega Museum would definitely need.”
This is an absolutely bonkers story. Please head on over to the Fratello article to learn more about it and how it will affect not just the prices of Speedmasters, but also the entire industry. And definitely head on over to the Perezcop to read how the fake Omega can be identified.

On hand - a selection of reviews

A review of the Longitude from the Belgian brand Gavox
Hands-On with the new Nezumi Aviera - a GMT that turns up the tool volume
Monochrome gets their hands on the BOLDR Pokemon collection sold only in Singapore, Thailand or Hong Kong

Watch Worthy - A look at an offbeat, less known watch you might actually like

The Cincinnati Concourse continues the brand’s commitment to local history
The Cincinnati Watch Co. Concourse is perhaps the most faithful recreation of a clock in a wristwatch (an admittedly niche market). The 38mm stainless steel case is likely to be divisive: blocky without mitigation, it is the result of taking the concourse clock and getting as close to it as possible. The clock featured a cushion bezel with a bowed square around it. This was translated to the wrist perfectly, with alternating brushed and polished surfaces distinguishing the different facets of the design.
People loved the Seiko Alpinist giveaway! That's why I'm doing a new one. This time, we're giving away four Hamilton Khaki Field Automatics in a color of your choice. Head on over to the newsletter if you would like to enter.
If you would like to receive some additional watch-adjacent content, as well as this news overview, every morning Monday-Friday in the form of a newsletter feel free to subscribe. However, there is absolutely no need for you to subscribe, as all the news from the newsletter is posted here. It is only if you want to receive a couple of daily links that are not strictly watch-related and want to get this news overview in your inbox.
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2023.06.09 13:55 WrongKielbasa Unsolicited ebike advice

I showed my landlord my ebike and he fell in love. I wrote him an email, which is essentially the post below, hoping to get him up to speed qucikly. Thought maybe my advice would help someone else:

My Ebike

In essence, it's like a modern reinterpretation of a classic 1990s mountain bike with a more rider-friendly geometry. You can take it on some single-track bike trails, but don't expect it to hold up when things get super bumpy. It's not built for that downhill rush.
1000’s of options to choose from. You could go for an inexpensive front-wheel conversion, just switch out the front tire, or you could opt for a rear-wheel conversion. Then there's what you've already tried: a mid-drive. Each comes with its own pros and cons, but mid-drive is your best bet. It harnesses the bike's front chain ring, turning your 2x10 mountain bike into a 1x10.
There are loads of impressive ready-made ebikes. For around $2000, you can get your hands on a slick, well-integrated solution that can hit speeds between 20-28mph and may include a throttle. However, it might only have a 500w limit and if the manufacturer stops producing parts, well, you're in a bit of a pickle.
Making your own ebike is similar to the old school hotrod culture. You grab a powerful motor, fit it into a suitable body, and watch it zip faster than it was ever meant to. I've invested a lot of time fine-tuning my bike to suit my preferences. Though I sometimes wish I'd started with a more aggressive mountain bike rather than trying to upgrade to that standard.
My bike's journey to what it is now cost around $1200 for the bike, plus $800 for the motor and battery, and an additional $300 for labor. I'm pretty certain you could do this yourself, and of course, I'll lend you my special torque tools whenever you need. There's a huge online community backing this hobby.
You could get the guy to build you one too. Mailing bike costs like $50 (take it apart) each way. But I’d be shocked if Colorado didn’t have someone who could build one too. I’m not super handy and I was able to figure it out.
Nearly any bike can be converted. For instance, fat tire bikes can handle sand, mud, and snow! They're a bit heavy and need extra power, but they're great for off-roading. Or you could get an old 1970s road bike and push it to 50mph, hypothetically speaking. If you're in the market for a bike right now, I'd recommend a 5-10-year-old hardtail mountain bike that could cost you around $500. Look for disc brakes, a decent gear set, and ideally about 100mm or more of suspension. Also, ensure the bottom bracket (the part where the crank is) fits the motor. Most bikes should be okay, but I'd steer clear of 40-year-old Italian models.
If budget isn't a constraint, a full suspension bike could be the way to go. The crucial factor is the amount of space within the frame – you don't want the frame to crush the battery. Earlier 2000s full suspension bikes, with their expansive triangular frames and smaller travel, are a good choice.
Keep in mind that the 90lbs of torque from the motor can strain your bike pretty quickly. It's wise to start with quality parts, ensure easy part availability, and aim for a relatively new model for smoother rides. I would advise against low-end models from Mongoose, Schwinn, or Walmart as the motor can quickly wear out cheap components, and finding suitable replacement parts for these frames might prove tricky.
Now, think about your ride:
That said, building your own ebike results in a more powerful, tailored product. I couldn't be happier with my build, and I wouldn't have it any other way. It's all about making those tiny adjustments to perfect it. If you're into that, here's what I recommend: get the Bafang BBS02 like mine or perhaps the slightly more robust BBHD. It's roughly 30% more powerful and 50% pricier, but you'll need a more substantial battery to keep up. Be aware, the powerful version is slightly bigger, heavier, and could have fitment issues on certain bikes. There are other motors available, but in terms of value, Bafang takes the cake.
Investing in a good battery is crucial. A quality battery avoids voltage sag, ensuring steady power draw – mine is slightly undersized, and under heavy loads, the battery dips 10-20% then rebounds. This isn't ideal. I cannot overstate the joy of a suspension seat post. It's no full suspension substitute, but it negates about 80% of bumps.
If I had to pick a car that's similar to this ebike, I'd say it's maybe a Porsche Cayenne non-turbo. The bike started as maybe a Subaru Forester, but by changing out the fork, swapping for the suspension seat post, tubeless tires, and the Bafang USB cable tune, the whole ride greatly improved and felt much more refined. It's fairly quick and can hold a decent amount of accessories since it's more of a commuter touring bike with slightly more aggressive tires now. It's also mediocre off road, and being a Trek, it doesn't completely suck as a bike to start off with.

Would I choose the same bike if I did it all over again?
I keep asking myself that all the time. On one hand my bike is perfect for where I ride (gravel roads or state parks) while on the other I'd always want to ride a little more aggressive trails, but I know I shouldn't. I suppose I'd prefer a proper mountain bike with over 100mm of travel with bigger beefier tires - but again where would I really use this. My bike is objectively perfect for my needs. On some occasions I've noticed my shock bottoms out.... but that's because I was going too fast anyway and needed to slow down anyway. I'm fully aware that I don't need to go any faster or on any rougher terrain.

I've rambled on long enough. There are so many exciting options out there. The lowest you might find pre built is around $1000, but for a faster more fun model, you'd be looking in the $2000-$3000 range I'd guess. $4000+ is where you start being able to climb mountains and 6000+ is where you can basically jump off cliffs and the bike won't disintegrate from under you lol.
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2023.06.09 13:14 coffeeandamuffin DMC5 is the ONLY game that cured my depression and instilled paranoia about dying before a release date, for anything.

DMC5 is the ONLY game that cured my depression and instilled paranoia about dying before a release date, for anything.
It's finally my day off and have no other canvas to spill my musings on, so for those of you who have played through any of these games more times than you can count (starting from at least DMC4), feel welcome to read on and reminisce or share your own story / journey / introduction to this series.
2002: A magazine I purchased came with a PS2 demo disc, featuring a trailer of the first game. Now, titles like MSG2, FFX, GTA3 (and whatever else was popular at the time) were already captivating in their own right, especially for a kid who upgraded from a "blocky" PS1 graphics to the jaw-dropping sleek and smooth graphical wizardry of the PS2.
It was this demo disc which contained a trailer for a game which had a weird, yet intriguing title. Let me tell you, the moment Dante launched a fiend with his sword and kept it nailed in mid air with bullets was a brief red-pilled, jaw dropping moment where everything else I have ever played to date seemed vanilla as fuck in comparison and would end up rewatching it countless times as well as showing it off occasionally to friends.
Problem is, I was also living in a bit of a jesus-freak household and therefore buying / renting the game was an impossibility especially one with the word Devil in the title, so I was stuck with this demo disc and sort of forgot about it over time and moved onto other games.
2006-7: The first time I bought a console (X360) with my very first paycheck as a gift to my brother and of all the games he decides to purchase day one, is DMC4 - ironic as he's still a sucker for western AAA titles and sees nothing special about DMC5 (he finds it too "arcadey").
Let's just say that the Xbox I gifted him was no longer his, as I would continuously pull it out of his room and into mine to feed my insufferable desire to play the crap out of this very addictive and cathartic game. I was instantly obsessed and happy that I finally had a DMC game.
One day, his friends (who I barely interacted with) are over and decide to watch whatever it is I'm playing. Friend #1 (familiar with DMC3) wouldn't stop raving about Vergil and friend #2 becomes fixated for a while, muttering something to the effect of 'I dont know whats going on here but this looks amazing' as I'm dishing out combos, with the incentivized pressure to hit that SSS as they stare.
They eventually become closer friends (thanks Itsuno), the DMC cast kind of became the imaginary friends of our autistic circle and this period of life is marked as a golden, blissful wistful part of the nostalgic depths of my soul.
2010: 'That' trailer drops and my gut sinks. This is it, no more sequel. It's beyond dead. Other priorities have taken over my friends lives, life has changed them and nothing's the same anymore, so no one to vent with. Screw this period.
2013: The demo for DmC has just become available. I download it hesitantly but try my very best to keep an open mind. Trying to finish it felt like a slog and the nauseatingly uncanny movements (in comparison to the sharp, snappy, responsive mechanics I was used to) just didn't feel right, and the award-winning shakespearean dialogue exchanged in that boss fight as well as the general tone of the game was about as cool as 2 rats fucking in a sock in the corner of a sauna. Once it was over, I felt like a cheap whore and uninstalling it immediately didn't help wash the stain for a while. Great level design though now that I look back at it. *Fires up DMC4 bloody palace again*
2017: The DMC5 leak on ResetEra just happens to drop only days after buying a PS4 to play through the series for old times sake. My imagination runs wild for months and so does my motivation to stay alive.
2018: 10 years have passed yet it has felt like a lifetime. The first trailer drops online and it's real. I see short, white hair and for a few moments start to feel betrayal and dread. Then Nero pulls out that iconic sword, revs it and at that moment, every single feeling of wonder and excitement I've ever experienced for anything as a child, becomes condensed into a single point and explodes with childish joy. This sub was at around 8000 members more or less and was the most active I've ever seen it, never would've imagined it being 159k.
I immediately contact my old friends (who I haven't talked to since 08) asking if they've seen the trailer. Then more trailers drop and I finally understood what it felt like to be a kid all over again, as if coming full circle to the moment I first saw the DMC1 trailer on the demo disc - but amplified to the power of 9001. My depression is cured, wage slavery is now tolerable for another year and for the first time ever, I begin to feel intense pity for those who will never understand how it feels to be this excited about anything.
2019: The final trailer drops, Vergil appears at the end and my insomnia has gone into overdrive. The game is a week away and I have to make sure no final destination shit gets in between me and that disc, for I wont die happy unless I see how this story plays out. This was my first day 1 purchase of any game and upon arriving at a nearly empty store, it were as if the chariots of weebness descended from Capcom's top floor and cleared the path with an ethereal spotlight for this weird, eccentric manchild to be first in line for this blue balled masterpiece.
One of the things I wanted to see most (and fantasized about for years) was Nero interacting with his father, and (as a hardcore fan evidently) delivered with one of the most powerfully emotional scenes I've ever seen in a video game, one that I wish I could relive over and over for the first time.
And so upon completion, time was no longer at a standstill and was returned to my adult, tax-paying form as the credits rolled, well, a very lucky one that lived to see the end of a story I was convinced I'd never get to see more of in this lifetime. Getting the breaker gloves at the end of game reminded me of this scene from Dexter's Lab, as if we weren't spoiled with enough replayability value.
Sadly, I have never heard back from one of my friends and the other already has children with no inclination for video games. *We shall never surrender ballad plays softly over as I reminisce the days*.
So, if I am ever administered to a nursing home (or mental hospital if you will), I hope they'll have a playstation, a copy of this game, and one of you fanboys with me to pester.
Thanks for coming to my therapy session.

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