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2023.06.04 08:06 Such_Reputation1307 I've been with my therapist for almost 5 years, but feel I haven't been making progress lately. I like her a lot and dread changing therapists. What should I do?

I love my therapist, she has helped me when I was suicidal and when I was really sick and almost died during the pandemic. But to be totally honest, I feel I progressed very little the past 2/3 years. Every session seems to be the same thing, I talk about my issues, that I still haven't solved after all these years, like social anxiety, weight loss, looking for a job and a relationship, and she tries to dissect my way of thinking, suggesting I have no reason to think that way, I agree with her and that's it, ad nauseam. It just feels like my therapy turned into a chore, where I just go, discuss my problems and go back to my life without any changes being made. Almost like an intellectual exercise.
In the first year we had activities that I had to do and I feel that I had more progress that way. We talk about the state of the therapy often, I always end up blaming myself because I feel like I should be doing more and being more active, like I'm not doing my part, but she reassures me that nobody is to blame. The last time we had this discussion she suggested that maybe CBT isn't for me and we should try ACT, but we're still doing the same things. The truth is I don't know how the therapy is supposed to go, if this is normal, I also don't know if by changing therapists I wouldn't just have the same problems.
As I said, I also like her a lot, and I don't how "breaking up" with her would go, I almost feel indebted to her, and ending it would feel like a betrayal. I'm not sure I'm ready.
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2023.06.04 07:41 IncomeAffectionate23 Boss took advantage

So today at work I feel my boss took advantage of me. I work at a family run mexican restaurant as a server, I'm really the only one who consistently shows up and does their job who isn't apart of the family. Theres five other serves who apart from myself that arent family. Servers A and B constantly call off, and C tries to call off but will still come in if no comes in for em but half asses everything when at work. Server D has worked at another location the GM used to manage but hasn't worked here long enough for me to tell. And E only comes in when is needed but is related to C but not to the owners. This morning was me and C, C shows up late (as usual) and only puts the chairs down in the front leaving me to prep the bar sodas tees lemons lime etc. C is scheduled to work morning and night but gets E to cover afternoon as E was covering for A (who recently quit) during break cover. The gm knowing full well that he no longer works in the afternoon but I still do let's C leave early and makes me stay. After break I learn that GMs sister (manager aswell) told D they could be first cut that evening bc she got cut but had to stay to help B yesterday during a late rush on account of D being pregnant, when I working that morning should have. Abt an hour into the shift E and GM decides its a good idea to leave and essentially take two servers away on a busy night to go to a dispensary for weed an hour away. So I am now third cut on a busy day when short staffed after working the morning. What I need advice on is should I say something to GM's parents (the owners) or just let it go as I'm actively searching for other employment.
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2023.06.04 06:58 TheBexxk Linsey Davis Smoking Hot Legs & More in a Mini on Good Morning America!

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2023.06.04 06:45 MiniMooseMan What cars are still a good purchase at high mileage? (150K-200K+)

It seems harder and harder to find an affordable vehicle for under 200K miles any more...
Every time I look up these cars I see for sale, they say "good up till 200K miles."
But EVERYTHING less than 15K is around 200K miles... I don't have much money, and really just need to be able to transport my daughter. I drive a 2005 GMC sierra, it's a little beat up but super reliable. Unfortunately it's not fit to transport a 3 year old, and I'm getting divorced and my wife is taking the jeep.
What are my best bets for something I can buy soon for maybe $5k?
Also any ideas what is realistic to sell my truck for? It's got a damaged bumper from getting rear ended so hard I hit the car ahead of me, some scratches, and the ceiling liner is coming off, but it's only got 100K miles and has been great for all 70k miles I put on it going to work.
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2023.06.04 06:21 Iconoclastic_Ibsen (F23) New to Dating and Looking for Advice

I just started dating for the first time since I was a teen and I'm looking for some general advice in a few areas.
I have been on a few dates in the past year with guys and have been finding myself worried that I won't/don't know the boundaries between friend and romantic attraction. I tend to be the kind of person who is very extraverted and who is constantly inviting people who I even vaguely have a connection with to go and do things. I met up with someone recently and found myself doing the same thing (inviting him to events far into the future like snowboarding, suggesting we do many things) without being able to decipher for myself if it was because I liked him in general or because there was romantic compatability. I'm planning on going on a second date with him but I'm looking on advice on how to disentangle those feelings. Is it okay to keep going out with him because I generally like hanging out with him without knowing whether it's romantic? How much should I tell him, if I do, that I like hanging out with him but I'm still trying to determine if it's a romantic type of interest? I know I thought about our conversation from our date all throughout today, but I still feel uncertain.
I'm also nervous because while we clicked on many of the same general approaches to life and in what we were looking for in a relationship, he mentioned that physical touch and, eventually, intimacy is something that he would like from a relationship, but there wasn't a real timeline on how long into a relationship he was looking for that. Personally, I know that I want to be in a physical relationship with someone (and every time that I envision an idealized relationship, there is a vast deal of physical closeness included) but I have been uncomfortable in the past when it came to physical affection or flirtatious comments regarding intimacy. Part of this is because I've had some poor experiences (e.g., a guy I dated in hs telling everyone in our friend group that I was a poor kisser, being ghosted after telling someone that I loved them), but I generally am finding it difficult to gague how long it will take me to be comfortable with it, and what the process to even get there is. I've been honest with the current guy I went out with that physical intimacy of any sort is new to me and that I think I need to know someone for a while to be comfortable with them to be able to do anything beyond potentially holding hands (and maybe kissing, but even that is somewhat of a gray area for me). I can tell it's important to him because we discussed love languages, but I also don't know my current boundaries because I have been in so few relationships. Does any one have any advice/personal experience on navigating either the process of learning how to be comfortable with romantic physical touch, or on navigating potential expectations on his end as to what might happen as we continue to go out?
Sorry this was such a long post but there's been a lot on my mind.
TLDR questions are below: - How do you distinguish between romantic and platonic interest? - How have or do you recommend learning to be comfortable with romantic physical touch (when you want to have that sort of contact but find yourself uncomfortable at the same time)? - What advice do you have about managing guy's expectations about physical contact after dates?
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2023.06.04 05:41 Alfaromero97 My Ex broke up with me twice, i feel she truly didn't value me, i just don't understand why i keep seeing things in rose colored glasses when she manipulated me despite my confusion. i feel so vulnerable for than i have ever been in my life

I’m not going back anymore even if I wanted to because I had called her yesterday and asked if the break up was really definite because I was tired of the mind games she was playing with me and I bet she didn’t notice. I felt like the false hope that she kept putting out was driving me crazy. My emotions felt so bottled in all this time not being able to express myself around her snd the painful moments she did to me. She making making it more difficult and I was trying to talk to her calmly on the phone trying to tell her how much I had deeply loved and cared for her and did so much for her. She would basically accuse me of blaming it on her even though she never took the blame for anything and never accepted the truth for what it was and not even an apology. She was so cold and still was then hung up the phone on me. She blocked me right away but before she could block me I sent her this and she read it. “ If you have tried I would have truly seen it. If you would have been there for me at my lowest and when I needed you I would have seen it. If you would have truly loved me you wouldn’t hold back your love for me saying it and in actions the many times you did. You would have not thrown me out of your house every single time I wanted to fix something with you. You would truly engaged in the things I shown you and were important to me. Lastly you would have given me the security needed. No one who cares about someone should be walking on egg shells all the time if all they wanted was love and security. I know I want farther than you and loved you deeply because I cared deeply and had always been there for you. You manipulated my heart and you tore it. You got what you wanted for now. One day you’ll realize how much I did for you and sacrificed. You hurt me, my family, and my friends and I don’t ever want to see you again in my life especially how you took advantage of me for your own gain.” I felt so bad and remorseful for sending that but I feel all the emotional damage she had caused me and continued to do was so much I felt like I was going insane. She truly played with my heart and I feel it’s her loss completely for doing that. I remember when I saw the GoId moments before in her but I feel that was covered up by her true colors :( I guess that’s why I also feel so remorseful because I’m only seeing those good moments when in reality she did more bad to me than good. I just got so frustrated with her how terrible she treated me and mostly just swept it under the carpet blindly and pretended things were still normal 😭😭 I do hope I find some one better in the future who would treat me way better than she treated me. I feel I saved my future self further pain from her I couldn’t imagine accepting being friends with her, seeing her with another guy when I had treated her so well and did everything for her. As well as living with her and marrying her if we were still in the relationship together. Days later I felt so bad sending that message, because of my heart never wanting to hurt the girl i loved so much and always caring and loving her so deeply. The insanity of my emotions couldn't handle the emotional damage she had caused me in the relationship and where i wasn't able to stand up for my self. I waited a few days later giving her some space and i also was trying to see how i could reach her because I was blocked on everything. So my brother allowed me to send this message using his phone:
I want to say I'm deeply sorry, and I feel terrible to you the person I love and called my special person for these two good years. I reacted very immaturely the other day when we talked. I think I was so emotionally clouded that I couldn't think straight. I know you probably don't want to forgive me or talk to me again. I understand that. In truth I never want to burn the bridge I had with you. Even though I know we can't be lovers anymore. You know me where sometimes I over think things and do dumb things based in my emotions, something I know I need to work on. My deepest regret though is losing you who I loved so deeply. I want to love you as a friend and person that I cherished with all those amazing memories despite our challenges that made us split. I hope when you see this message you can unblock me and text or call me back. I just would like to have our numbers open so we can check on each other from time to time. I love you and care for so deeply, appreciate you, you were my first girlfriend who supported me in tough times and were there, I know we had challenging times and I accept we have to move away from each other romantically. I just would like to stay connected with you in some way.

A few days later she responds with this :

"Im really upset with what you said to me. I understand you have big emotions, but it doesn’t mean I will let myself be talked that way. Only for you to reflect and say sorry days later (Even though i genuinely went out of my way to say sorry) it’s just not fair. I’m going to keep you blocked for awhile because that’s the only way I can keep my boundary. I don’t know what the future holds, but I wish you nothing but the best."

i'm sorry for the long passage. I am guessing in the near future she's going to try and comeback eventually? and if she doesn't I hope you can see how much I deeply loved her and fought for her to show her how much i cared for her and our relationship despite the trauma she caused on me and how one sided she made it. Maybe its the best she let me go, could have it been a favor for me?
If anyone could help me sort this out? I feel so sad especially how much I cared for her, she was my first girlfriend.
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2023.06.04 05:34 uluvmeig Help….

So my bf of a few months has been hurting me and hurting me more and more lately… He’s been ghosting me for days at a time and when he does come back he expects me to be all buddy buddy wit him. But, when we’re together like in person he loves on me and makes me think that he actually gives a fuck. But when i get home and realize i’m not gonna get a call from him that night fucks with me. Also, He had a girl bsf at first and yk he use to do shit that’s pisses me off with her like play fight in my face, hug, talk to her before talkin to me like little shii and i asked repeatedly for it to stop and when i saw it didn’t change i said cut her off and at first he didn’t but after a min i told him leave me alone or leave her alone. He chose me so we’re good now. Also, He’s very touchy with other girls and i asked that to stop but it didn’t so i kinda gave up hope on everything. Someone even texted me that he touches other people. So yk i kinda feel numb now. But he’s knows me. The real me not the mask i hide behind every day. He treats me like a side tho. Idk what to do anymore because i have niggas in my dm’s askin how my day was and askin if they can buy me food but yet i’m stuck on someone that’s treats me like i’m nothing.
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2023.06.04 03:14 SunnyduodoKel I didn't want my brother to be born.

To give a context, I (16F) lived with my mother most of my childhood, I can say that from that time until now she has always been my biggest "emotional pillar" and this has directly affected me throughout my life until now .
My mother had me when she was 21, my father at that time was quite aggressive and abusive, he was always drunk and very inconsequential, she separated from him when I was four and thanks to that I only have a bad memory of him, after that we moved in alone in another city and she became the owner of a small accessories store, it only lasted a year and I can easily say that it was the happiest year of my childhood, since shortly after I turned five she started to bond with another man who is my current stepfather. At first I liked him a lot, then I met his daughter who was the same age as me and we were always playing, but only once in many months since the daughter lived with her mother, it was fun until my stepfather came to live with us and from then on my life became a real hell, he was very abusive and several times he beat my mother in front of me, and he always found a way to blame my mother or me for him to stress like that, my mother never broke up, they screamed, she was beaten, I cried... as incredible as it seems he never raised his hand to me, nowadays I see the reason, he abused my mother without fear since she had no family support, however I have my father's family, he couldn't keep it hidden if I was the one who got hurt.
Many may ask "where was your father's family at this time?" They didn't know, and honestly, I don't even know if it would help if they knew since they only looked for it a few times, once when I was a child I tried to send my grandfather a video of my stepfather attacking my mother, my stepfather noticed and broke my tablet from that time in two, it was complicated mainly due to the dependence that my mother had on me, whenever I talked about thinking about moving, she started to beg and cry for me to stay.
When I turned 9 my mother became pregnant with my stepfather, I was very happy as a child, nine months passed and she died in childbirth, I suffered a lot and I put it in my head that I should stop wanting a brother, after all even being born would only be to suffer.
At the age of 13 I went to live at my father's house, which is not a very good environment but it is certainly less suffocating than living with my mother, I could explain why but it would only make this text even longer so let's focus on the that I want to discuss.
Last year my mother got pregnant again, and gave birth to my brother Vinicius, unlike the last pregnancy I didn't celebrate it once, I was too scared to create affection while I was in the womb and be born dead again, he almost died at birth but he didn't that was the case, but now, despite loving my brother, I can't feel happy with his birth, all I feel is a weight and a guilt that I'm going to have to get him out of there as soon as I get older, but no I can take him away from my mother, and I can't take my mother away from my stepfather, one thing leads to another and the more I think about it but I see how hard it's going to be to deal with, I just look at him and feel guilt, weight, love , pity and unhappiness, I wish I was more content with his existence.
(Sorry if it's confusing, I had to use the translator to produce this text)
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2023.06.04 03:08 zendali78 45 [M4R] #Ohio - artist/teacher/geek looking for connection, open to more

I'm a 45 year old bi artist and teacher… ideally looking for something w long term potential. I'm a reading teacher, urban surrealist painter and a geek: love art, books, music, movies/pop culture (Star Wars, Marvel, Disney, Dune). Most of my art deals with graffiti and ancient artifacts/ mythology. I love learning new things. More into cuddles and movies at home, bonfires and music… or fun dates (going to parks, festivals, museums… going on road trips to explore new places) vs a loud bar or party. I'm not a sportsball person at all
I am hoping for an in-person/ IRL relationship at some point, so being within some hours of central Ohio helps a lot. However, connection and spark are more important than geography, if you're willing to work together on logistics. That being said, I have *no interest * in an online-only situation. I want to spend time together, go on dates, hold hands in the park, cuddle and watch movies, etc. I love deep conversations (sapiosexual for sure) and enjoy sending text (and/or) voice messages on/off through the day.
There are photos of me in my profile because physical attraction matters. I’d like to see one of you sooner than later.
Communication, consistency and mental health awareness are musts.
Tell me a little about yourself when you send a chat please. Not gonna ask you to say “purple” so I know you actually read the profile or anything 😉
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2023.06.04 02:09 9Gmagoo 27 [M4F] California/Anywhere - Are you a plant aficionado? Let's talk about our plants. And then, who know?

Hi there. Do you like plants? I do. Let's discuss.
I'm 27 and from Southern California. I absolutely love vegetable gardening. I just planted this year's garden last weekend! I'll be honest, I suck at gardening. But, I enjoy it and that's all that matters, right?
I also recently got into barbecuing (moving on from basic cooking). Got any cooking or baking tips to share?
I really enjoy playing playing simulations, survival games, city/base builders, etc. My top games at the moment are Factorio, Project Zomboid, 7 Days, Phasmophobia, and eagerly awaiting Cities Skylines 2.
I'm not looking for anything specific. I want to see where things go and just enjoy the rude. Maybe it'll be a platonic friendship about plants, maybe it'll be something more romantic, maybe it'll be something a little fun if you know what i mean. Whatever happens, let's enjoy the ride together.
You: Between the ages of 21 and 32, dark and/or dirty sense of humor, preferably single.
Looking forward to hearing from you 😁
p.s.: I'm down with voice calls eventually
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2023.06.04 01:49 Chimkinpoop4tehsoul Massage gel warmers

Okay Friends. I am looking for a good heater for my gel. I primarily use gel and I don't like oils or lotions much. But I'm curious if others have any suggestions for good quality, professional, temp control/well moderated temp, heaters for my bottle. I usually only have one bottle filled at a time. I used to put it in a holster but I've started keeping it near me instead. My hands are ALWAYS very cold until i start the treatment so I was hoping that purchasing something like this would help make it less shocking. Any and all suggestions are welcome, and thank you in advance!
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2023.06.04 01:13 Nightmarex069 Opinion on my setup for a once a year airline travel,and a once in a while state travel

Due to my job,my travel time is limited to I only get to travel once a year. On occasion me and my gf head out around the state for some road-trip travel. To take advantage of free night awards and try to lessen the cost of travel, what do you think of this as a permanent set up(unless there’s major devaluation).Currently live in an American, southwest and united hub but may move in the future where there’s a Delta hub.
Sapphire preferred: mostly for hyatt point transfers and united of southwest (have)
Freedom flex: points accumulation (have)
Ink unlimited : catch all (have)
Ink cash: points accumulation (have)
World of hyatt: free night awards (will apply in August)
IHG premier business: free night award(will apply in January,interested in their continental,six senses and hotel indigo chains)
Venture X : primarily want it for the airport lounge access, most likely use the $300 credit towards car rentals.
Note: I know the Hilton aspire is a good card but atleast for me I cant see cost in the annual fee and as far as Marriot. Their annual point certificates,as far as I have done fake reservations, allow for bottom tier hotels, most of the good ones still need a top up.
Thanks for any info
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2023.06.04 01:12 ChicoTallahassee I (27m) am wondering what's next?

I dropped out of high school. Failed 5 relationships. Failed 5 business ideas. Live in my parents basement, 20 miles away from the closest town. Started a 8 am to 4 pm job as a maintenance man in a hotel/entertainment park 3 months ago.
My goal is to be financial independent, be loved, be famous and be free. Or at least I want to achieve some of those points.
What do I do next in life?
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2023.06.04 01:09 Accomplished-Sell610 I don’t know if this is the right subreddit but I just really need to vent (sorry for punctuation in post)

This past year and a half has been torture. I lost my grandma March 9th of last year and my mom on May 26 of 2016. Between those two deaths, I lost a friend as well. She lost her life due to gun violence. I don’t even know where I’m going with this as I’m crying while typing this post. Shit has been rough, man. Between the ending of last year and today, I’ve had over three psych ward stays. I’m currently out of work because the mental anguish that I get from stepping foot into that place makes me even more suicidal. I’ve been struggling to make ends meet with me being the only one left in the house that I once shared with my mom and grandma. I literally have to choose between food and medication and just pray that family will help with bills but they are getting tired of me. I literally only have $20 that has to somehow cover everything. I feel alone, like I have no one. I can’t sleep and all of the people who I called my friends don’t even reach out anymore. I can’t talk to my family because they don’t understand me and I feel like I’m talking to a brick wall. I’ve never felt loved or wanted by them or anyone else for that matter. I often have dreams of my mom and my grandma both still being alive and I’ll wake up going to look for me only to get hit with the realization that they aren’t here anymore. I feel like I’m drowning and no one sees me or even cares that I’m suffering. I’m sorry for such a long post. Thank you for reading this if somebody feels the need or has the time to.
I forgot to mention my fur baby, Indica Rain or Indy for short. I got him as a kitten back in October and he’s somewhat been a support system. I remember holding him and crying one night when I was thinking about ending it all. Just repeating telling him that I was sorry for leaving but I had to because in that moment I couldn’t bare it anymore. I feel horrible because I can’t provide for him like I used to and I know that makes me a shitty cat mom and human being. I know that he shouldn’t have to suffer because of me. Thankfully he still has food left but I don’t know how to support him after everything is gone.
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2023.06.04 00:48 AYum20Higg 21/M UK, looking for a LT [Friendship]

hellooo everyone. i know boring intro and title but that’s just mee :). i honestly don’t expect this to work but who knows.
anywaysss. i’m looking for a consistent conversation daily to end of a pretty good week personally!!
I get bored out of my mind easily. especially at work. But i’m ready to meet people. hopefully you?.
i hope so at least.
like the title says i’m looking for a long term connection where it’s a daily basis thing. i’m in the uk so be wary of time zones and that. but i’m sure anywhere we can make it work, i’m currently in a pretty good mood. i get like that very rarely. i guess. right now it’s not so bad. i’m not confident at all really. I love to ask questions so if you do wanna dm be wary i may ask loads. I can at first be very shy and awkward so forgive me.
I guess my biggest perk is i’m ‘nice’ or ‘ kind’?? i do work but i always respond asap.!!.
a bit about me, i’m into music, sports, gaming, parody dark humour music, the usual i guess, really quite and an introvert. I have brown haiblue eyes, pale skin, i’m absolutely open to selfie swapping!
would be awesome to play maybe switch or playstation or switch together! but not a must of course. i’m also willing to listen to any of your hobbies too! i’m quite stubborn so i probably wouldn’t look to pick them up however i have before! and i’m willing too, if not i would be willing to listen and let you vent/gush about them!
I feel like i’m a good listener, and can deal with issues or commotion fairly easily than a few people, i feel any issues can be worked on and worked out.
anyway i hope you have a good day. morning. evening or night. dm or not :). please only respond if you’re up for daily convos, and if you’re serious! :)
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2023.06.03 23:59 Lipbalmbabe Today me (26F) and my co-worker (31M) broke up

I don't know the purpose of this post. Perhaps to vent? Get my feelings out? Reassurance? Or maybe just some strong words to push me through.
Basically, for the past 6/7 months I developed a great friendship with one of my co-workers. We don't work in the same departments and he works full time in the office while I WFH full time, The friendship consisted of the occasional chat through social media, having a laugh on works nights out and sometimes the sharing of a funny meme - nothing untoward.
Then earlier this year (5 months ago), my relationship with my ex broke down and shortly after (unrelated - or so I thought) so did his. From then on, communication between us increased as we both started to bond over our recent breakups and tried to find positives in day to day life. This turned into regular phone calls, facetimes, constant texting and even nights out together (not work related). Eventually it turned into night time drives, and then evenings in front of the TV, At this point - nothing romantic between us happened. Then, on a night out he confessed to having feelings for me for some time and that was partly why he split up with his ex. This took me very much by surprise. Anyways, after that we began hanging out even more - and I started to develop feelings. This was around 3 months ago.
It became very passionate between us very quick and on a few occasions I asked if it was just a "lust" thing and nothing more - I was told it was not lust. We actually got on really well and had lots of similar interest and life views, always laughing about something or constantly updating one another about something that just happened in our day, However, given both our fairly recent breakups we agreed to keep things platonic and make sure nothing serious happened, because neither of us wanted that just yet. He also had a habit of suddenly ghosting me for a few days because as he put it "he kept overthinking things".
Maybe a month ago, I found out he was on a dating app and I got jealous - a feeling I really don't like. And given the great relationship that was developing between us I hated the fact he was perhaps looking elsewhere and so I voiced this to him and communicated that I felt things were going well between us and I wanted to slowly pursue what was happening. He agreed, and the dating apps stopped. A few weeks after this, and having known each other for some time and getting along great - he asked me to be his girlfriend and we agreed for now to keep it between us in the office, so as to remain professional, but out with it was fine. We booked lots of gigs together, our friends and family were aware and I was genuinely really happy that we could slot into each others lives.
This was a week and a half ago, during which time something happened which made me quite uncomfortable. He was round one evening and said he had something he wanted to tell me, which was that his neighbour (F) had asked for his number. What struck me was the way he said it to me, like almost half smirking. I asked if he gave it to her and he replied "yes" but in a very like "I shouldn't have but I did" way - hard to describe. I asked him why, and he said it was peace of mind, which I totally get but I also told him I didn't feel comfortable with that because they lived next to each other for years and she didn't ask for his number when he was with his ex - only now she knew they weren't together. He then tried to reassure me, telling me he had text her that night to say he was staying at my house and she could use his parking space- I challenged this, and when he tried to prove it he realised he hadn't in fact said that to her at all. HMMMM
Anyways, communication patterns rapidly changed a couple of days after this. He started to take hours to reply and when he did - it was clear he wasn't interested in talking because it was either one word answers or just no answer full stop (despite him coming on and offline ALOT). I also picked up that conversations were very much about him and how he was and about his day - he never asked me anything about mine or how I was. This upset me because just this week we had the most incredible date, and now this? This began to bother me so I phoned him 3 days ago and brought it up and asked if we were OK. He reassured me that we were fine and that he was just very busy and that a big project would be coming in which meant possibly for the next 3 weeks he would be even more busy... too busy to even talk to me?
Fast forward 2 days later - today, and it was 24 hours since I last text him and no response. I was angry because I had told him the lack of communication was frustrating me and that I was worried about us. I was meant to see him last night and he said he would let me know, I never heard from him. So I decided to text him this morning about perhaps seeing each other tonight, but I had a gut feeling he wouldn't be available. Sure enough, a few hours later he responded to say he had something on tonight that he had forgotten about. No offers of another time to see me, just "Sorry!" and I just knew instantly he wasn't interested anymore. So I text him pretty much offering him an out of the relationship because I wasn't accepting nothing from him anymore. I would accept tired, I would accept busy - but I wouldn't accept nothing or inconsistencies. He phoned me shortly afterwards to briefly say that he had checked out, his head wasn't in it and that he could no longer commit to me. I told him I didn't understand, had his feelings just gone away? Was he lying to me on Wednesday when he said we were fine? To which I was told he didn't have the time to get into it. WOW. So I told him to enjoy his day and hung up.
That was this morning and I have heard nothing since. No text to say sorry or to check if I am ok.
I am confused, angry, doubting everything, hurt and have so many questions. I really opened myself up to him and told him fears, dreams and other things I had only ever kept to myself. He knew, given past relationships, I was always scared of being unwanted (I have been cheated on previously) and swore he would never do anything to make me feel that way... but now he has.
So here I am, sat alone on a Saturday night with hurt and confused feelings and a bottle of wine.. I feel a sense of calm, if you can call it that, because the feelings of confusion I have felt all week about what he was doing, why wasn't he talking to me etc. have gone, but now I am filled with anger as to WTAF?!
**TL;DR;** : My co-worker broke up with me today
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2023.06.03 23:46 sparkpaw Can I save the tannin water from boiled mopani wood

I’ve seen this asked on here a few years ago but without any solid answers… I can use the water with tannins for my betta and tetra tanks that I boiled the wood in for their tanks - but can I save it in a jug or something, and if so, for how long/has anyone done it with good or bad results?
Appreciate the responses in advance! I’m probably going to use a good portion of it to jump start my new tank set up (which will be cycling and only have plants for the next month).
Also, I live in an area with VERY hard water, which is why I kind of want to save the boiled water if I can.
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2023.06.03 23:16 Akashhi7 Flaked on second date, but first date went perfect

Hey guys just need some advice about what do you think about the situation, would appreciate it!
So I met this girl last week the date went very great she was all over me, we literally kissed mid date and later made out in car then i dropped her.
Had great texting later, but then from Monday she started replying to texts just at night (while before first date she'd send memes in morning and chat throughout the day)
So I also started replying by taking my time.
Planned second date and then she flaked same day we were meeting saying sorry she promised her friend to meet for her birthday and sending a pic of wraping a gift for her.
I told her to let me know what other day works and she said sure ( which I have had bad experience with cos Sure has lead to never in past)
It seems like something changed from Monday idk I might be overthinking lol.
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2023.06.03 22:26 anonymous082820 Headache on top of head?

Hello everyone. Anyone had a headache on top of their head, I would say the front half of the top? I've had a constant headache for 3 weeks, 3 ER trips, hydromorphone, Morphine, maxaran and Dexamethasone. Would go away very temporarily and just keeps coming back. No triptans or tylenol are helping (can't take anti-inflammatorys because of blood thinners). I'm going to get another massage next week but I am running out of options. Can't see neuro until October but I cannot live like this I have no life at all. My oral surgeon can do botox but only on the temporalis muscle on the side of my head and honestly i might try it because im desperate. I also take magnesium but don't notice much of a difference. I am starting an antidepressant next week but not sure if that will do much to the headache that is already here or if it will just prevent more if it works. Thanks for any and all advice. Edited to add I have had some pain at the top of my neck at the base of my skull. I'm not good either chiropractors but thinking of trying low level laser therapy and massage but massage so far hasn't done anything..
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2023.06.03 22:15 NormallyNamedJoey Idk what to title this

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2023.06.03 21:53 Muted_Elevator365 I have a hard time sharing to my parents and I hate it.

Here i am 23y.o grown ass man sobbing at home and writing a reddit post because im not comfortable sharing this with my friends and would rather get an advice from strangers.
I just had a talk today with my parents over the phone about me not being prepared enough to pass my exams and graduate this year. My father started explaining to me why I need my bachelors degree and how it opens doors for my future etc. Im completely aware of that and I know that its all my fault for not taking education seriously enough, so I just sat and listened without talking much, at this point he started telling me how I never talk to them and never share my feelings to them(I rarely do to anyone). At this point I started to sob but tried to hide it until we hang up. And that really made me think - is me being introverted/closed off towards my parents my fault?
I have a brother who is 5 years younger than me. As we grew up, me as the older child would always take the blame for everything. My father used to slap us from time to time which i guess is normal, but today I realised he never talked to me. I get a bad evaluation at school - slap, I do something that makes my little brother cry - slap. At some point I was afraid to share my school evaluations and even started lying because I thought I’d get beaten up. He also used to shame me in front of our family friends about the stupid “kids” stuff that I did which also made me feel uncomfortable. All that changed when I started high school(around me being 15y.o), his behavior drastically changed and I felt for the first time that he actually loved me (he had some ragings from time to time but he came to me after a couple of hours, apologized and talked to me). They literally never had a serious talk with me about life (emotions, what I want to do when i grow up, even girls) and basically everything that a parent needs to explain/talk to their children. And today when he told me how i never share my feelings to them and never talk to them I instantly srarted to cry and it really bugged me, made me think if it’s my fault.
In the end I just want to say that I love my parents and my brother and I’m 100% sure that they love me as well and wish me the best. But why am I too afraid to share my feelings and emotions to them? I really want to get it all off my chest tell them that i think they made me like this and me being introverted is not my fault entirely but i just cant.
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2023.06.03 21:51 Azuriq Naruto/One Piece - Baterilla by Tengoku no Kotei
If you sometimes wonder what the world of One Piece would be like without Portgas D. Rouge having to die, then I invite you to give it a chance.
Please do this with an open heart.
I really always strive to do my best and in this story I wasn't different, just better.
The story presents a Rouge full of colors and indomitable will, as well as an experienced Naruto and other deep questions that require, above all, a complete immersion in each word and phrase built to weave the best of both worlds.
Don't forget that power and influence factors are an indispensable resource on the four seas for someone who has gone through the war that shook even the confines of the elemental nations. Lovingly remember this until the end which will take some time.
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