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2023.06.09 17:26 Cows-are-puppies The gays in Ireland fucking love a bit of crystal meth?

Hey homosexuals of Ireland, happy Friday, I hope your weekend is set to begin pleasantly. C'mere to me though, what's with all the ice and you lads?
I was chatting to a friend of mine the other week, she's what you might call a junkie, she'd call herself that so she wouldn't mind you calling her that either, I think. Anyway, she knows I'm a suggestible sort of person if you catch me on the right day, so she'll sometimes invite me to do a portion of drugs of one kind or another, as it's more fun to do drugs with someone else than alone.
So she asked if I'd like to smoke meth with her for the day. Fortunately she caught me on one of my less suggestible days and I took a rain check. But my curiosity peaked I asked if she had it on her so I could have a peek. "No I'd have to pick it up but I'll just grab it off one of the gays" she tells me. "The gays?". "Yeah they're fucking mad for the stuff.".
Now after thinking about this for a bit I figured it could well be the case, back in my youth, I'd be known to hit up a popular gay premises to score ecstacy when we couldn't get any on short notice 'cause the gays were fucking mad for the stuff, and they'd always fix you up if you asked nicely and danced for a little bit.
So then I rang my closest gay friend Big Gay John and I asked him Are you gays mad for crystal meth now? That's the word on the street like." And he let me know it's more and more common for other fellows he meets on the dating scene to ask if he wants to smoke up some shard when they meet up and that it was a big trend on Grindr for people to have "Tina" in thier profile, indicating they were interested in doing meth with other gentlemen. Crystal Meth, Christina, Tina, like so.
So, c'mere to me party gays, if you wouldn't mind, have you noticed this meth trend in your communities the last while? How common would you say it is exactly?
Thanks for your time.
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2023.06.09 17:23 my-name-is-jess My first time at the strip club (25m)

I was a little nervous at first before going there. I was expected to arrive around 8:05. That’s 5 minutes after opening. I was scared to be alone so I went to the nearest mall’s parking lot to wait it out a bit. 8:25 came by and decided it was time to go and see some strippers. The entrance fee was 10$, but I left a 5$ tip. I’ve read that they don’t really like non-tippers so I felt obligated to before actually going in. While I was in I didn’t actually get that feeling, but the doorman wasn’t there, it was just a normal girl at a cash register. She did split my 20$ into 5$, probably expecting that we put a 5$ tip, I guess? When I actually got it, it felt weird. Like I didn’t belong. There were no dancers, only a couple dudes around the bar and a barmaid. I sat down at the bar, because that felt like the only place to be. I didn’t get noticed for maybe two or three minutes so I left to go play the money machine. I never really expected to play these types of games in my life since I’m not much of a gambler, but it felt like it was the only thing I could do to wait it out and see what’s going to happen later. I put in a 5$ bill and pressed buttons, and didn't actually understand what I was doing for a while, I was up 3$ by the time I started to understand how points worked. Anyways I played for maybe 20 to 30 minutes. During this time a barmaid came to me and asked if I wanted anything to drink. Knowing they kind of forced people into paying for drinks to stay inside I just picked a Rum & Coke. It cost around 12$ and I paid 15$ for a tiny glass, with ice. It was fine for a drink but very expensive. This would be my last drink of the night.
Anyway, while I was playing with the machine a dancer came to see how I was doing, her name was Layla, a nice blonde with big tits. At that point I had gotten my 5$ up to 28$ and back down to 23$ and some change. She asked if I wanted to cash out and go for a dance so I said yes. She showed me how to cash out as I asked her that I had no idea how this worked. The machine left me a ticket to claim my prize and Layla told me it’s normal for people to give tips when claiming the prize. Sure I just won money, whatever I guess. So I kept 20$ and tipped the change to the barmaid.
Layla then brought me to the cabin section where you have to pay 5$ to get in and then each song you pay 20$. I asked if I was allowed to touch and she said yes and told me the rules and whatever, I made sure whatever I was doing was in accordance with the rules and respectful to her. She started out in her small outfit, a white bra and panties that glowed under the blacklight, and she started dancing. I really liked caressing her body, she was very soft. I don’t actually remember much details about this dance, but I touched some fake breasts for the first time while they looked very nice, they didn’t feel as nice as some other tits I’ll be touching during this night. I got three songs with her, that was enough for her to drop her top and panties. I had a fully naked sexy stranger bouncing on my lap and feeling my very hard cock through my pants, wow.
After my dance with Layla I went back to sit down in front of the empty stage, closer to where the dancers were hanging out. I believe most of them got in while I was with Layla. After a couple minutes a new girl introduced herself, didn’t remember much, but I nicely told her off because I barely just got my lap dance and wanted to look around a bit. Not long after that Yasmine came to introduce herself. I didn’t think I was going to take her to the cabin when I initially saw her, but we talked a bit and I felt comfortable with her and she was fun to talk to so why not? I went to the ATM and got 140$ (7$ fee) and she led me to her cabin. Yasmine was an Italian & *local Canadian province* girl, very nice small and small tits but I’m getting ahead of myself. She starts dancing on me, I feel her out, caressing her body with my hands. This one was wilder than Layla, she was much more dominant. I was surprised by it, she bounced hard on my lap, my cock was rock hard and her bouncing kind of made it hurt, my dick doesn’t really bend that way. That wasn’t the nice part though, I wasn’t expecting this and kind of knew I would like something like that, but never experienced this before. She bit my ear semi-softly, licked my lip, pulled my hair and grabbed my neck. She was probably around my age but yes mommy. She also simulated going down on me by getting down on her knees in front of me, looking me in the eyes and licking her thumb she placed as if it was my penis. Also during the dance she leaned back a bit too much and she couldn’t get back up, I was holding her with a hug and though she was still in control because she was so light I didn’t even feel like she was falling. She told me to pick her up to help her and we continued the dance a bit. When I ended the dance I told her about how when I was a teenager I saw videos on Youtube about pranksters or whatever making videos asking random young men on the street if they can remove a bra with only one hand around her back without looking and was telling her that I never had difficulties with that and that the trick is to use your left hand, always. I asked if I could try on her and she said sure. I got it within 3 seconds and she said that she didn’t expect me to get it that easy. Anyway, I paid for the 4 songs (which I thought were only three, but whatever, I had a great time with her).
I went back to sit down at the same spot, pretty much the same thing some girls sat down next to me to talk and ask me for dances. I didn’t go right away. One girl named Maxime, a very beautiful girl, also Italian and Lebanese, brunette, came to talk to me, also didn’t think I would be getting lap dances from her at first, even less two of them. But she was really nice, we talked for a while and when she asked for a dance I asked her if she could do a little turn around. I wanted to see if she had a bigger ass than Layla and Yasmine, she didn’t really like me asking that. Usually it’s the annoying guys that ask this. I apologized and told her why I asked that and she was very proud to get up and lean on the main stage to show me her ass. Needless to say that I went and got some money out again. Her tits were small, but firm, probably my favorite tits to date. Her ass was perfectly sized, not too small, not too big, nice hips and nice outfit. She was wearing a black strappy bottom with a nice chain around her waist with a black strap and black top. She was so hot, I asked her if I could remove her bra when she was ready to remove it, kind of the same story as before, but more leaning on Yasmine being surprised I got it so fast. She told me to remove her bra soon after, this model of bra was slightly more difficult, it’s not the typical clip, it was a slide in elastic. It wasn’t as easy and I had to look to figure out how it worked. I helped her remove her bra. I touch her bare breast softly caressing her body. She really is cuddly and touchy, I’m really enjoying her at that point. She puts her panties to the side, showing me her pussy. She starts rubbing her bare pussy on my hard cock through my pants, oh my god she’s hot, she then licks her finger and starts rubbing her pussy in front of me, she moans a little. The dance continues and I don’t remember the details in the right order, but anyway she has a part two.
As usual now, I go back to sit down at the same spot, now the place was more crowded and the main stage was actually used for dancers. I was looking for a 4th girl to take on a dance, I wanted to see how a more curvy girl would feel. I had a couple more strippers talk to me, the barmaid asked that I should order a drink because I should have a drink at this point and somewhat tried to force me to buy a drink, but I told her I just wanted to get a last dance before going. So I felt a bit rushed to get a new girl and the girl currently on stage was a nice fat ass and curves so I looked at her when she got off stage and we went to the cabins a bit too fast. I don’t remember why but she told me she had drunk a bit. This part is going to be short. She looked hot, most strippers did anyway, I took her for 3 songs, whatever was left in my wallet. She wasn’t very touchy, she was more of a dancer, her moves were average like most strippers, she didn’t stand out much really. I didn’t remember her name either. When I got out of the dance I didn’t want to leave on a bad note, so I went looking for Yasmine. Honestly my short term memory wasn’t very good while I was there and I had a hard time remembering which girl was the one rubbing her pussy (Maxime) so it was one of these two, but I could only really remember Yasmine. While walking around I quickly remembered the face of girl #3, Maxime. I asked her for her name again and told her I wanted a dance. She knew I wanted to get a dance from another girl so she told me to go find another girl, I told her I wanted her again and we went back to the cabin after I got another 100$ out. She asked if I went with another girl between her two dances and told her that my last dance was not really nice and wanted to leave on a great note. I told her that I was missing the touchy part of the dance with the previous girl and that let her know I liked cuddles more than dances which she was all for. I told her I got 100$ for 5 songs, so she put a 15 minute timer on her phone instead of going song by song, should be more time with each other this way she told me. She asked me to remove her bra since I asked her last time. Which I gladly did, with much more ease this time might I add. This dance was the best. I caressed her, spanked her ass soft-mediumly, we got very close, I could almost kiss her (not that I was allowed to, but damn it would’ve felt so good). She lifted up my shirt, her hand caressed my chest a bit before she got down to slide her soft, but firm breast against my bare skin. She again showed me her pussy, spit on her fingers, rubbed her pussy for a while, sometimes rubbing herself on my crotch. I was so turned on by her. She moaned even more this time. We were both breathing heavily and she told me she was wet after briefly feeling her pussy. I felt so good with her and was so comfortable with her that I almost forgot I was in a strip club. When the dance ended, she pointed out my huge boner that was extremely obvious showing through my pants. I wore it proudly and flirted with her telling her it was her fault my pants had a huge bulge. I asked for a goodbye hug and I might have overdone it a little. It was a pretty sensual hug. This was how my night ended, the best lap dance ever, at least for now. I’m definitely going back to see her someday. I’m thinking of just skipping the bullshit and bringing 220$, 20$ for club entrance with tip plus cabin fee and just have a 30 minutes session with her the rest. On my way home I couldn’t stop smiling and laughing by myself for having lived such a nice experience. I was also extremely horny, horny for more women sensuality so nothing happened after that. I was so happy. I couldn’t go to sleep. I think I went to sleep around 3:30 AM because I simply was too happy to even go to sleep. This never happened to me before. I woke up at 6AM, my alarm was set for 8:20AM. Rough night of sleep. Now I’m writing this on my laptop because I want to be able to relive this experience again. It’s almost 10AM. I finished writing this just in time before my morning work meeting to start my day off. I’m going to be really sleepy today. But it was worth every penny.
I put back the same shirt as last night, I really love that shirt (Henley Shirt,, not a sponsor), it was still clean since I only put that on last night after taking a shower. It smells like Maxime’s perfume, it's a really nice fruity smell.
Also, the confidence and energy boost this experience gave me is phenomenal. I never went to the gym, I’ve been somewhat considering going for a while now to lose the couple pounds I gained in the last couple years that put me over 200. I now feel like I’m actually ready to get up and put in the effort. Haven’t done anything yet, but I would like to see myself with some visible muscles.
(names used in this story are not their real names)
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2023.06.09 17:23 Nikittymeow416 Mic Drop and Not Today are now my morning hype songs

Now obviously they're some of BTS most popular songs so that's not surprising that I'm boasting about how fired up I get from listening to them
I'm going to be frank though...
I have been learning not to take shit from the mean people of that world. I actually posted not today in another subreddit I frequent and posted a link to the YouTube video.
Told them ARMY would come after them if they said anything mean about BTS in comments. Needless to say... Nothing mean was said LMAO
My favorite line from mic drop is prolly jhopes opening line. I too come from a shitty background so it hits extra hard for me xD I am not dining on expensive steak now tho
And Suga's line " sorry mom your son's doing too well" 😂😂😂😂 I can't even imagine how proud she is. His is my fav rap in this song methinks
I know this has probably been said a million times about this song but my God.... Good way to start the day to harden your resolve
Any other diss tracks I need to check out? I'm not ARMY but I love and respect the boys. They've done soooooo much for Kpop. And probably the reason I even found it in the first place.
Alright I'm done
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2023.06.09 17:18 Electronic_Plan5891 Would I be the asshole if I messaged the boy I used to live to apologize?

I’m a twenty one year old female and a few years back when I was eighteen I was completely in love with my friends brother. Like truly, madly deeply in love with him. The call your friend at two am gushing about how you and him had just hung out, how his touch was electrifying and the addition to that feeling.
My friend was supportive, he was twenty at the time and found it cute. Often teasing me and giving me unbiased advice.
For the longest time I thought the he felt the same. He could come through the drive thru at work, I knew his order and would always be at window to tease him with a drink in hand. All my coworkers knew, equally as teasing. It was embarrassing in the best way possible. I never thought a guy like him could ever think about me the same way, nobody had ever looked at me like that. I was alway the less attractive one, the second choice but for once I thought maybe I really could be someone’s first choice.
At the time I was unmedicated, I was aware of the severe depression I had but was too afraid to actually take the step to have a doctor vocalize it. When I got at text from him it was like the static in my brain cleared ever so slightly. My drug was the messages we sent, snapchats of mundane things or early morning bed head picks. I checked my phone religiously and pretend to send the wrong snap just to a response.
A few months of this makeshift honeymoon phase and things seemed to shift so sudden and felt much more one sided. Eventually he told me he didn’t want to be more than a friend and that leading me on is not his intention. Our interactions only seemed to deepen. Cuddled up on park benches and using data to watch Netflix in a park. Dancing in a tunnel while it rained. I would have gone all the way if he asked me.
He got a girlfriend and everything snapped. I didn’t know for months, pinning and practically begging for and ounce of acknowledgment. Unable to go cold turkey with little to no warning. When I did find out it was an accident. He was dating a coworker, one I had giddily gushed to about my feelings. I tried my best to give them space but that’s when things started to spiral in my mind. Those three am calls were filled with crying pathetically to you best friend.
Months of sending a random text every couple of weeks. Maybe you could still be friends because even if I can’t have you seeing you happy is enough. His responses never really came. The friendship with his brother falls out, as does the one with the best friend. There’s a rumour that his girlfriend is pregnant and I try to pretend I’m over him.
I see him randomly at work we talk a bit, catch up. It’s nice to see him. She wasn’t pregnant and they broke up. We chat a few days later.
Almost a two years have passed since that first flicker of feelings. We don’t talk at all and I’m moving in with my life from some intense events. Moved on from relationships I never got to mourn. I’m medicated, doing better.
One night I’m home alone and something inside me breaks. I haven’t been so secluded from people. I could always open a room and someone would respond. I was completely alone in the house for the first time in a year. I delete everyone off my social media, block and profiles I was holding onto with the last shred of my life. It wasn’t just him. It was everything from the last two years.
I’m twenty one now and have pretty much moved on. Occasionally I’ll wonder if he hears a song or a certain colour he thinks of me. Sometimes I wounded if I was the problem, had I scared him worse than he had done. Was I biased to my own delusion?
I wonder if it would be worth it to unblock him and apologize. If I really was the monster then doesn’t he deserve an apology, at the same time I worry it might open a can of worms we both would have rather kept sealed.
Honest responses only please, there is no need to sugar coat anything.
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2023.06.09 17:16 halfeatenpeaches Troubles with reconnecting with my nieces after my addiction.

So I was really close with my nieces. They always called me the fun one from my sisters. I took pride in that. I used to send them money for every birthday, Christmas and Easter. I used to take a Greyhound to travel to their dance recitals, they lived five hours away. I love my girls.
When I got a bit older, I became an addict and alcoholic. It ruined me. It changed who I am. I used to be loud, outgoing, and with things to say. It made become quiet, reserved, and shy. I hated myself.
I stopped talking to my brother and his daughters. Never talked to them in the span of my addiction. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. Because I grew up with an aunt (mom’s sister) who was an heroin addict. She did her drugs in front of me and witnessing needles in arms was traumatizing for me. I was only eleven. I hated my aunt. I didn’t bother to go to her funeral when she died. Something I regret now.
I thought my nieces would think the same of me, they would hate me for becoming a drug addict and alcoholic. I always thought they wouldn’t bother to come to my funeral if I were to die. Last time I saw them was 2018.
Five years later, I’m clean and sober since 2020. I’m still quiet and keep to myself. My sister died a month ago and I seen my nieces at the funeral. I tried saying hi to them but they didn’t bother to talk to me. I felt crushed. Every time I tried to talk to them, they wouldn’t. I wish they knew the reason why I stopped talking to them, I didn’t want them to see me at my lowest and yet they still hate me.
How do I reconnect with them? Do I tell them about what I witnessed with my aunt? Why I stopped talking to them in 2018?
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2023.06.09 17:15 my_throwaway_of_doom what in the world is even happening to me?

Truly, I feel like I'm going mad somehow.
Growing up I never even thought of my gender: I felt it was a given, something I could never change about myself. I've had fantasies about crossdressing, makeup, and was generally jealous of women's bodies since my early teens...but they were just that: fantasies, that I'd indulge every so often. I kept that part of myself contained to my browsing history and mind mostly, and I didn't want people to know I had them because I feared I'd be judged or something.
I was jealous of women's bodies though, and I did remember being really upset about the fact I'd never get to have a body like that on occasion as a teen, but I could hardly tell you where those thoughts even came from or if they were triggered or not. Thoughts about crossdressing and/or stealing clothes from my sistemom, when they did come up, were typically disregarded with a mental "haha no, I'm not doing that, it's wrong" and I'd go about my day. In any case, my mental health was shit and I had other things to worry about.
So up until fairly recently I just assumed this was all some kind of fetish or something.
But in the last few months things have started to really ramp up and I don't know why. I moved out for college last year and started experimenting with feminine presentation in my own private space and it kinda feels like my mind has gone berserk.
Those passing, easily-dismissed thoughts about being a girl started becoming daily, and now hourly things. I'm having a hard time focusing as a result. I feel jealous of girls a lot more. Sometimes I'll see girls on campus and feel a deep tug in my chest and an urge to look away it gets so bad. I've started to feel very anxious about my body and facial hair and I've grown to hate it to the point of regularly shaving it whereas I previously had no issue with body hair. I get really sad about not being a girl sometimes and I don't know why. My chest looks wrong, my body feels misshapen somehow. I can't stop thinking about being a girl and dating as one and having a sundress and I even cried about it once or twice.
I mentioned some of this to a close friend of mine when it started ramping up a bit and she asked me if I thought I might be trans and it was never something I had even considered. I always thought of myself as a a man up until then (figured I'd know if I was trans), even though I definitely wasn't the most masculine out there (I mostly stick to myself). Thinking about my gender explicitly like that has no only made things worse in some regards and I don't know what to do I'm just scared.
I've thought about it and the idea of being a girl and being called she/her seems really nice and brings up a warm feeling in me but like I'm also fine being a guy socially and I don't know if I'm ready or willing for people to treat me differently. I feel if gender roles weren't a thing and I could just *poof* myself into being a woman but every other single interaction I had was the same I'd take the deal, but that's not the world we live in and most of my friends are guys. Sometimes I get really anxious just thinking about it and I just want to go back to living as a "normal guy" but eventually the longing just comes back.
I don't know what's happening to me. These thoughts are messing with my head. I feel anxious and depressed all the time now and it's ruining my life and I kinda want these thoughts to go away.
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2023.06.09 17:15 Cardigan_B [Advice] Can a parent sign a lease for an apartment I live-in?

I am a recent college graduate planning to move in with my partner. I am currently in the process of building my resume before applying to law school while my partner is completing a graduate architecture program. At present, my work involves two part-time positions: one as a paid legal assistant and another at a non-profit legal organization that aligns directly with my future career plans. However, despite these engagements, neither my partner nor I earn enough income to afford an apartment.
During college, my mom was paying my rent at my current residence. I was included in the lease as a resident/occupant, but I did not personally pay any rent. My mother acted as the guarantor, effectively footing the bill in its entirety.
My parents anticipate that I will continue to gain work experience, through internships or similar opportunities, throughout the summer and expect me to secure a full-time job by November. I think this is more than reasonable and have no issues with this arrangement. At that point, my partner and I should be able to take on the responsibility of paying the rent ourselves.
My current lease ends July 31st. All the necessary documents from my mother are ready for the apartment applications.
What remains unclear to me is what additional documents my partner and I need to provide for the lease application, beyond our IDs and prior rental history if my mother is the one paying. I’m not sure if this makes her the guarantor or if she is leasing the apartment and we are subletters? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 17:12 Secret_Practical I'd like to have a girlfriend but I'm also anxious about being in a relationship

I'm 16 btw. So, I found out a girl likes me and would like to hang out with me someday, we don't really talk to each other but we were childhood friends and our moms are friends. A lot of problems with my SA come from being babied when I was younger. My parents would always do everything for me and so I barely have any experience in life. For example, I'm scared she'd wanna go out to eat or something and I wouldn't know what or how to order. I'm a really picky eater. I'm also scared of that phase at the beginning cuz I am always really nervous and don't know what to say to people when I first meet them, I have to know them for a few weeks to get comfortable. I'm also scared of potentially having to hang out with her friends? Idk I don't really want that, if it was just me and her I'd feel more comfortable, especially considering most of her friends are girls, from what my mom told me. I'm also kinda bad at speaking, maybe it's cuz I spent so much time on the internet reading and listening to english speakers so now I kinda suck at talking in my native language. I'm not illiterate or anything but I sometimes make grammatical errors. So yeah, I feel like staying inside so much and not really having many experiences in life have severely handicapped me. I'd really like having a girlfriend cuz I think it would really make me feel better about myself and make me less stressed out in certain situations, and I'm not saying I'd only use her as a tool or anything, I'd like to make her feel good and genuinely love her and hang out with her, but I'm scared of doing all these activities and going out of my comfort zone. I don't think i'm ready for a gf but I'm scared I won't have another chance like this and don't wanna waste it. What do ya'll think?
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2023.06.09 17:09 sexxxy_yams_776 Help with a song ID

I really could use a hand in identifying a song from a TV Sign Off compilation. I've asked in other spots before, with no luck. It sounds like something off Bruton, but I could very possibly be wrong. It was used by WYES, the PBS affiliate in New Orleans. I have the song already cue'd up, but it begins at 14:30. I've been listening to all library music I can get my hands on, but to no avail. I'm guessing its Late 70's/Early 80's. If it helps, the same song was sampled in a hip-hop song, Amiri's "Like They Use Ta!'. This TV sign off compilation does have a few other library music songs. Any help would be appreciated! Video Here
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2023.06.09 17:07 Dont_Blinkk Microdosing reports: 9th cycle - Never felt better

Microdosing substance: 1P-LSD
Protocol: Fadiman, 1 day on 2 days off
Active administration: 3 weeks
Period of break after administration: 1 week
Other substances i take:
I don't drink alchol and i don't smoke weed.
Currently on therapy: psychoanalitic psychotherapy.
Microdosing complete time since the beginning of the first cycle: 67 weeks, or 469 days.

Please note that i'm writing this report a couple of weeks later from the actual end of the cycle, so this might not be 100% accurate.

I never felt better

Well, honestly, summer + therapy + microdosing + my practice of sexual transmutation is just making me glow...
This has been so far one of the best summers of my life.
I found i'm again able to bind DEEPLY with people around me, i feel the NEED to hug a friend, the need to say i love you. I don't feel forced to stay or to behave in a particular way in social interactions, everything just works smoothly and automatically, as it should be... The last time i felt something similar to this it was in my early teen years when i went to summer camps, but now it's even better!
I was the anxious guy who would always live in his head, not saying anything and having the fear of being judged, not feeling attached to people, especially new ones. I had troubles concentrating, keeping focus and before i started this road i was depressed, anxious and suicidal daily, i smoked a lot of weed and did occasional use of benzos.
Now I can dance, i can flirt, i can play my guitar in front of 30 people, i can laugh, i can hug, i can make jokes.
I can accept negative emotions, i can accept rejection, embarrassment and i'm always optimist and able to start searching for new better experiences, whenever one goes bad.
I don't feel the need to drink nor to smoke, i just love the way i am right now without feeling the need of other substances.
I started to believe in myself again, at the end we are all weird beings trying to impress others, build, create, and i'm not shy anymore on showing MY TYPE OF CREATIVITY. Now i can study again, i can practice my instrument and feel a connection with it, i can read and be focused on things, i can put my own interests in front of the ones of others when it comes to my life decisions. I'm not afraid to speak my mind and to impose myself whenever it is needed.
I love to talk about my passions, i feel a real connection with them, a strong emotional, almost physical connection. People look interested when i talk about stuff i like feeling that kind of energy. At the same time i see every interaction with others a huge occasion to grow, to change, to build toghether and to go even further.
Trust me when i say i couldn't ever be here if it wasn't for microdosing. It took some time, but now i can firmly affirm it changed my life.
The sinergy it has with other activities that make you feel just good as Yoga, sexual transmutation, meditation and social interactions is incredible.

A little change

I introduced a little change in my schedule, i used to take 2 break weeks between 3-4 weeks of active administration. Usually, i start to feel a little worse in the second week of pause, i just thougth i'd try to ditch it off and keep the pause to one week.
So now i'm doing 3 weeks on, 1 week off, let's see how this goes.
So far i'm at the start of the folllowing cycle and it doesn't really show sympthoms of tolerance buildup for now.
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2023.06.09 17:07 Hapybabs 18 F USA[Relationship]

Hi. I'm grace 18 F and I'm hoping to find something new against this dull lull of life. I'm looking to be in a long term relationship and I expect it to be an LDR one in the meantime
A bit about me: - I am in love with music and sing almost all the time, sometimes I sing a few lullabies and old classical love songs. - I am an extrovert I could talk for hrs but I try not to - I love all things creative, music, poetry, art, and dance. I appreciate art works a lot. - I write poems or whatever comes to mind based on how I feel. I love to express myself. - I am compassionate, willing to listen to anything you feel like talking about. I love deep conversations or reminising on childhood stories. - I enjoy reading any type of fiction books - I also like working out just for fun and it makes me feel good - Unfortunately, I'm not a gamer and neither do I watch anime or football (didnt have the time) - physical traits: 5’2, African American, not very fit but not obese midsized ya that’s it
What I am looking for: - Anyone from anywhere, preferrably 18-23 years old straight FIT WHITE male from the USA - Someone kind, compassionate, open, honest, patient, willing to talk and keep the conversation going - Is conscious about mental illnesses and advocates for mental health care - Wouldnt mind having voice calls - Loves cats (just because) - Maybe could sing too? - cute - Doesnt mind the long distance, isn't really expecting sex and is willing to put as much effort as I'm willing to.
Thanks for reading.
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2023.06.09 17:06 DiltsyDoodle House Music Crossfade Playlist

For any of you who are fans of funky house music, this is the playlist for you!
For shits an’ gigs, add a 12 second crossfade into your Spotify settings before listening. That way the songs will blend into each other allowing you to remove any of those awkward short breaks where everyone just looks at each other for a few seconds on the dance floor.
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2023.06.09 17:06 Final_Habit5499 Just curious, who are your favorite characters or who is a character you relate to?

Personally, ever since my mom got me hooked into this game (it came out when she was a kid and she would play it), she always said that I'm kinda like Terra personality-wise. I didn't mind that, since I love Terra quite a lot. I love pretty much all the characters, but my personal favorites have to be Celes, Terra, Setzer (his theme song is awesome), and the twins, Edgar and Sabin.
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2023.06.09 16:57 Background_Ad2778 Why use the actresses real name when her characters name is MARIA (a form of MARY)? Why not make the Meme about MOTHER SUPERIOR, from the movie, which would reference a much better Beatles song? Is OPs mom stupid or something?

Why use the actresses real name when her characters name is MARIA (a form of MARY)? Why not make the Meme about MOTHER SUPERIOR, from the movie, which would reference a much better Beatles song? Is OPs mom stupid or something? submitted by Background_Ad2778 to beatlescirclejerk [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 16:56 HonestAnimeReviews My Thoughts on Revue Starlight

Revue Starlight is a dazzling anime that took me on an extraordinary journey filled with passion, dreams, and the true power of friendship. This unique and visually stunning series flawlessly combines elements of musical theater, magical realism, and coming-of-age storytelling to create an unforgettable experience that will leave you captivated from beginning to end.
From the very first episode, Revue Starlight establishes itself as something truly special. Set in a prestigious all-girls academy, the story follows Karen Aijou, a determined and aspiring actress who dreams of standing in the spotlight. When she receives an invitation to audition for the "Revue Starlight," a mysterious and enchanting theatrical production, her life takes an exhilarating turn.
The brilliance of Revue Starlight lies in its compelling narrative and character development. The series masterfully weaves together themes of friendship, ambition, self-discovery, and the sacrifices one must make to chase their dreams. Each character possesses their own unique aspirations, fears, and struggles, and as their stories intertwine, we witness a beautiful tapestry of growth and personal transformation.
The cast of characters in Revue Starlight is truly remarkable. Karen Aijou serves as a relatable and determined protagonist, always striving to improve her skills and make her mark on the stage. The diverse group of girls, each with their distinct personalities and talents, brings a richness to the story. From the enigmatic and talented Hikari Kagura to the kind-hearted and supportive Junna Hoshimi, every character has their moment to shine, adding depth and complexity to the overall narrative.
One of the most visually stunning aspects of Revue Starlight is its breathtaking animation. The vibrant and dynamic choreography during the revue performances is a feast for the eyes, blending seamlessly with the fantastical elements of the story. The combination of 2D animation and CG effects creates a visually immersive experience, elevating the already impressive musical numbers and dance sequences.
The music in Revue Starlight is an absolute standout. The series is filled with unforgettable songs that not only enhance the emotional impact of the scenes but also serve as powerful storytelling devices. From catchy and energetic musical numbers to heartfelt and introspective ballads, the soundtrack perfectly captures the essence of the characters' journeys and aspirations.
Beyond its technical brilliance, Revue Starlight's greatest strength lies in its ability to touch the audience's heart. It explores deep and relatable themes of friendship, competition, and the struggles of finding one's identity and purpose. The anime encourages viewers to embrace their passions, chase their dreams, and value the connections they forge along the way. It serves as a powerful reminder that the pursuit of success is not a solitary endeavor but a collective journey that is enriched by the support and love of those around us.
In conclusion, Revue Starlight is a mesmerizing anime that shines brightly in the realm of musical theater and storytelling. With its captivating narrative, rich character development, stunning animation, and remarkable music, it offers a truly enchanting experience. Whether you're a fan of theater, music, or simply looking for a unique and heartfelt story, Revue Starlight is an absolute must-watch. Prepare to be enthralled by its magical world and let it inspire you to follow your dreams and create your own shining revue.

Hope this helps any planning to watch this great show!
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2023.06.09 16:55 Icy_Lingonberry_3710 Bully Maguire

Bully Maguire
This song came on at work, and it sounds a little like the song that Tobey dances to.
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2023.06.09 16:53 greenshirt_newjeans 22 [M4F] who's up for a call?

hiii who's g to call i'm in the mood to get to know someone, you maybe wanna rant about something, tell me about your day, tell me about your fav songs/series, your dreams, anything!! as someone who doesn't have much constants, i realized it can be comforting to talk to someone without the heavy judgements hehe this can be a one time thing lang or we can become constants too if we vibe!! :>
about me: graduating student, likes watching kdrama, music taste is kpop/opm/pop, likes coffee, hobbies include running/dancing, kanal humor slight HWHAHAH 😭, i like both having light-hearted and meaningful conversations
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2023.06.09 16:51 dr-aculaa 29[F4R] texas/online - cowgirls don't cry

I felt my phone vibrate underneathe my head this morning; pulling me from the murky depths of a benadryl induced sleep. I fell asleep scrolling through the internet again. I wake up to no good morning texts, no song recommendations, just the weather app telling me I'm going to roast alive again out here in the middle of nowhere. I decided to send this signal out before dragging myself to the shower.
I guess that's what happens when you yank free from the ties that bind your life together. I spend my evenings alone now, watching small town traffic, nursing whatever cold beverage I alternate between pressing to my forehead and taking sips. I feed the cats that live underneathe the porch, and I turn my phone over when I see that it's my mom calling again. I look out over the overgrown backyard and watch the sun go down in a town where no one knows who I am. My place isn't that nice, but the roof is solid when the rains and winds come, and there's a bed, a small TV, and a honeysuckle bush that grows right next to the bedroom window, and that's enough to satisfy.
I suppose my needs and wants are simple. I like that my truck starts everytime I turn the key. I like that there's no traffic when I want to empty out my heart on long drives, music turned to MAX. I like that I dont have much in the way of belongings, just some records, books, some sweatshirts I stole from my dad and a pair of gold hoops gifted by my mom. Despite all this, waking up alone, itd be nice to have the interest of another person, someone to shout wild with in the fields I find to sleep in when I can't shake my restless and rowdy nature, someone to place their hand on the small of my back as they guide me to their favorite booth at the local diner, someone who sees how rich the world is because of the wildflowers that grow on the side of the highway, and that sometimes your favorite song plays on the radio at the right moment on the right day.
This is a lot of rambling to say hey, send me a message if this sounds like something you're into.
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2023.06.09 16:51 _humanERROR_ Venting: I wouldn't be poor if my entire family weren't so closed-minded and hard-headed.

This is mostly a vent. Supportive comments needed, advice is appreciated.

These days I'm so dismayed at my situation and find myself wondering 'What the fuck happened?'
I came from a well-off middle class family. I'm now 22 and struggling with housing and work. I had to start living on my own a couple of months ago and now have no choice but to move somewhere else or flatshare in order to survive, and even that is proving difficult. I have good qualifications but can never keep a job for more than a few months because I'm on the Autism Spectrum. I'm having top surgery in a few weeks (I'm trans), and while I have friends to help me recover I have no family to keep a closer watch on me.
Future is looking a bit bleak.
So how the fuck did I end up here and where did things go so wrong....? That's what I find myself asking.
My mom was always an abusive narcissist and never wanted me in the first place. That's where it all started. Dad and rest of family were passive enablers, plus my autistic traits.......All that did not mix well, for me or my brother. Childhood wasn't very good. From 12/13 I developed clinical (and I mean Clinical with a capital C) depression/anxiety and also gender dysphoria, and as I mentioned I'm on the spectrum as well. I did great in school but in literally everything else I was abysmal and thought constantly about suicide etc. Despite attempts to get help and teachers urging my parents to get me help they ignored all of it completely. At 14 my brother began retaliating violently against my mother's abuse, and over the next few years gave my parents Hell by assaulting them and causing thousands in property damage.
I kept my trans feelings at bay until I got my degree, after which I started dressing and acting like my true self. That was the straw that broke the camel's back. After months of further abuse by my mother, my grandmother let me stay with her. But eventually even my grandmother's actions took a toll on my mental health and I had to live on my own. Then recently I had to block contact with most of my family because of their anger and intolerance over my upcoming surgery.
I'm in contact with social workers to try and get some government help. I constantly feel like I'm an imposter or lazy, that I don't deserve any government help or resources at all. Technically I haven't consumed any government resources yet, it's just that my case has been followed for a long time now.
I feel so bad that I will likely have to make use of government services in my life due to my situation. And seeing other families stick up for each other and help each other when in need makes me feel bitter and upset.
I don't want to get to a point where I would need government housing, but my entire family literally won't accept me living with them. One of my grandmother's has a sizeable house, but is so disgusted by my transness that she can't even look at me and constantly insults me. My other grandmother has a large house but constantly cries and argues over my transness. My aunts and uncles value their private space too much to take me in. I can't go back to my parents because my mother is abusive, does shit like throw away my clothes and stuff and my dad won't stop her.
I grew up in financial security, in a well-off middle class family. I had a computer at 6 years old, we had 3 TVs and my dad tried to put an AC in practically every room in the house, my dad would spend 400$ on just a casual food trip and 'treat' us at restaurants. As kids my grandparents would take us lots of places and treat us, and we'd all go on holiday every 2 years. And all of that never made me happy, and I'd have happily traded all of those material items for a loving family. Scratch that: even just one person who would have acted like a proper parent to me.
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2023.06.09 16:51 THE_Mr_Kowalski Take a good look, Porch garners over 800 votes to win P! Q is an automatic berth for Quick Escape, so we'll move right along to R.

Take a good look, Porch garners over 800 votes to win P! Q is an automatic berth for Quick Escape, so we'll move right along to R.
I'd still love to hear people's thoughts on Quick Escape! I think it's a total banger, sounds great live.
Other P results: 2. Present Tense (over 700 votes) 3. Parting Ways 4. Pendulum 5. Push Me, Pull Me
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2023.06.09 16:46 Ghostepeppermint Today I probably ruined my life.

I'm 24M who grew up in a fairly wealthy family for my country's economy, i have to admit i'm very immature, do to many things being solved for me, which im not proud to say.
I was holding a job that i didn't really like, the work enviroment at first was great but it slowly worsen, if you're curious to know i'll explain. I volunteered my house for a party and some of the attendees trash my house, i was suposed to cook some meat bbq style which is tradionally done on social gatherings in my home country.
However i was doing everything by myself, the rain came pooring down on me like the november rain music video and everything was ruined, i did my best and cooked the meat half drunk on a stove top and oven wich didn't turn out great.
Next day work's group chat everyone was upset at me because i didn't cook the meat on time. I asked for help multiple times ans nobody helped, i got insulted on a personal and profesional level.
I didn't think much of it until monday came and everyone was distant to me. I felt really isolated and uncomfortable and i decided to quit yesterday. The eviroment was getting to hard for me to handle, and i only took the job to save some money to move away to a new country in the first place.
I was suposed to be leaving in july 6, so it was basically just a couple of weeks. However i decided i needed a break from my coworkers and work.
To clarify i still live with my parents, wich to some of you in america might look really bad bud trust me, here down in south america is nothing but common, i was saving to move away like i said.
I woke up today and my parents where yelling at me very nasty things kinda reminded me of that twisted sister video where the father yells at his son. But it was not normal yelling, they were calling me very abusive names, and basically treating me like garbage, the nail on the coffin was when they called me a disgrace and a mistake. That how can i at my age not graduated from college already and achieve everything on life.
This really hurted me because i have very strong complexes do to me being adopted. They kept on telling me how much of a disgrace and shame i'm to family and how i make them look bad as parents. This is not the first time they've done this. They always use verh hurtful words or physical violence to prove a point. I know this might sound weird to you up north but it's very common and normal to beat up your kids in third world countries.
I grew up suffering from bullying, and being told by many teacher's im a failure and i'm going to hell, for my music, my haircut and my personality. I'd like to clarify im not a college dropout, i stop studying law school to pursuit and culinary carreer my parents where very supporting i really appreciated that however, they always make horrible comments about me not being a doctor like them or my other family members.
After 2 hours of being yelled at, my mom threatened to throw my drums away and kick me out of the house and stop supporting me in me moving away. And yes, im not ashamed of telling you all that my parents where supporting me on moving out of the country, it's never easy. Anyways they said they will no longer help me do to me being a quitter and a loser and disgrace and all of that.
So i just walk out of the house, with some of my stuff. I told them i will no longer need their money or help, that im not moving away and that i'll pick up my stuff next week.
I have no where to go, im literally wearing basically my pjs on a wendy's as i'm typing this. I know i sound very inmature but dealing with bullys and abusers all my life has taken a toll on me.
This is also a very tough decision for me do to having a long distance relationship of three years with a wonderful woman i met online. And we've been visiting each other for the past three years. I was very happy to finally close the distance, however that wont be posible for at least a couple of years from now, do to the recent events on my life.
I feel lost and i feel like i have nowhere to go.
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2023.06.09 16:43 Elijah9677 [Friendship] 20, sooo bored now I'm back from Uni

Hiii! Want to send songs to each other and fuck around all day? If so then hit me up. There's not really anyone my age in the village I live in so I'd like to make some online friends. It's weird going from socializing loads every day at uni to hardly speaking to anyone my own age irl. Ideally be from the UK like me and of a similar age ( 18 - 25) but still give it a go if you're not. Maybe send a picture of yourself as well and I'll send one back. I'll prob have pretty fast replies atm. Speak to u soon!
Elijah x
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