Russia Declares Bad Photoshop War on Us

By: John McNamee
I'm not sure I want her being Part of Our World.

I see in your future... loneliness...

This is my new stereotype about Russians.

All driver's licenses in Russia look like this.

If only we had some clue what he was on when he made this.

My goal in life is to find a girlfriend for this guy.

Life goal complete.

Note to self: never go into woods.

I don't read Russian, but I assume this says "Haill Party King."

I'm gonna go to my barber, and ask for the "White House Yard."

I can see why she couldn't choose between these masterpieces.

O his world, this looks cool.

The black and white makes it classy.

Watch out Roman Empire.

This is the most extended awkward family photo I've ever seen