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2023.06.10 00:38 jfktxkdkydk I drunk kissed my best friend

Feeling so shittyy!!! Why am i(24F) becoming like this? Why am i not able to control my actions. Whenever i get drunk i end up kissing someone. 2 years ago me and my friends were partying. Drunk me and a friend(25M) of mine felt attracted and we made out. We were about to have sex but we stopped, but after that, I started craving sex. I was not in any relationship at that time and I don't know why i wanted it more and more. Although I was in a physical relationship a few years before that happened but never wanted to have sex even after my breakup. This feeling was not leaving me even after a few months passed. After 6 to 7 months the same thing happened again with him. And yeah it didn't happen again. This time i was craving it more than last time. A few weeks later we stayed in the same house for a few days alone due to some reasons i thought that we won't feel anything like that again but it happened again he said he wanted to kiss and i wanted it too but couldn't say it and pulled me closer and kissed me. We did something more than just a kiss. Next day when we woke up he said that he made a mistake and we shouldn't do it ever again because he had a girlfriend. After that we always stayed away from each other.
All this time i always craved some love some affection someone with whome i can cry with.
Fast forwarding 5 months I used to talk to a boy in phone and texts and kind of liked him a little. I knew him for like 6 months And then we had a friends birthday party and he came. We had drinks that day and I told my best friend that i was attracted him but don't let me go to him. But i don't know why he went and told him that i was attracted to him ( i was attracted to him for the past few weeks but not enough to really kiss him or do anything with him). Later I and my girl friend went to sleep in a room she was with her boyfriend. Later that boy came to the room and laid next to me and asked me if he can kiss me I refused him 2-3 times but still he kissed me, I was so drunk that I didn't know when it happened and i got carried away by whatever it was. we did something more than just a kiss.
Next day when we woke up i didn't knew how to face him or anyone who was there that day. It felt like i made a really big mistake. But later that night we went to a movie there was a scene in which the hero says a dialogue and holds the hands of heroin in a very romantic way and he did the same thing. He said that he liked me for the past few weeks. It was something that i carved a lot i thought that it was happening and he is the one whom i can laugh and cry with. He lived in another another city and next day he had to go. After he went we talked on phone and on texts for the next 2 weeks i guess. I felt something was off about him and i was concerned about what's going to happen next. I talked to him about everything thing that was going on in my mind and he said that we should just stay as friends and i should not think about these things anymore. And i was just devastated hearing everything. Sitting there thinking about everything thing that happened that day shivering and crying and what not. I used to have anxiety attacks 3-4 years back. I started having attacks again. Didn't knew what to do.
And there one more thing that my best friend stopped talking to me after that day. I regretted everything thing alot. There was no one with me. For the next few months i tried hard to convince him but things didn't work out the way they used to. After some time things slowly started getting better.
Fast forwarding few months
Guess what i fucked things again!!!!!!! I drunk kissed my best friend. I never wanted to do this, never... All i can remember is foggy and i just can't remember who initiated it. So I just pretended that I don't remember anything. And he never mentioned it too... I was always scared that if i get close to him in that way it would ruin our friendship and everything. I never want to spoil my friendship with him, but I have a feeling that everything would change because of this kiss. what should I do about myself? What's wrong with me man!! I just fuck things up...
What should I do now?
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2023.06.10 00:37 sclark6 Two year old trouble

Hello- does anyone have advice for me? My 2 year old (27 months) cries or screams every time I talk to an adult that I don’t know. I recently joined a moms group (it’s been about 2 months). We’ve attended several events and every single time I talk to one of the other Moms he is dragging me away, crying, screaming. Whatever he can do to get me to stop talking to the other Mom. This is so tough. I desperately want to make friends with these Mom and my child is making that incredibly difficult. He is also in the phase of not sharing and everything is “mine”. So he never wants to interact with any other kids..
Help me
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2023.06.10 00:37 Banana_Ron From Pizza Hut to YouTube - Embracing Life's Adventures

Hey Friends! :-)
I recently drove across the USA, without using paved roads
I wanted to share my journey of transformation from a former Pizza Hut employee to a YouTuber hiding Golden Bananas across the USA, and how it has changed my perspective on life.
As a teenager, I worked at Pizza Hut, but my entrepreneurial spirit eventually led me to establish a company that evolved into the renowned Being one of the pioneers of pay-per-click advertising in the early 2000s, I dabbled in various ventures until an unexpected illness kept me down for five long years. (you can see the full story here)
Finally regaining my health, I sold all my possessions and embarked on a new chapter by moving my family to Costa Rica. I just wanted to do yoga and surf, my body was healed but I needed to fix my mind and soul.
One lazy Saturday afternoon, a sudden epiphany struck me like lightning. I decided to seize every moment and pursue my bucket list dreams while capturing them on YouTube.
My aim is to inspire others to cherish their time and embrace life's adventures with a newfound zeal. I want you to do the things on your bucket list. When I was sick and thought I was dying. The one thing that ruminated in my head was "I just thought I had more time.".
My YouTube channel is a haven for adventure enthusiasts and anyone seeking inspiration. Join me as I tick off the items on my bucket list and embark on thrilling journeys across the globe. Whether it's skydiving, exploring hidden gems, or indulging in unique cultural experiences, there's something for everyone and I plan to keep it family friendly.
To become a YouTuber, I delved deep into the world of content creation. I immersed myself in Mr. Beast interviews, podcasts, and invaluable resources, realizing that "content is king." I'm willing to invest a substantial amount, up to $30,000, into creating high-quality videos without expecting immediate returns.
Gaining attention in the vast YouTube landscape can be daunting, especially when competing with talented, younger content creators who fit the conventional mold. However, I believe my authenticity and passion for adventure will shine through, captivating audiences of all ages.
ConvertKit (great system BTW) sent out an email to their subscribers which helped me achieved monetization and garnered over 8,000 subscribers with 150,000 views in less than 3-months.
I even made around $1,200 which is $1,200 more than I expected. I used AI and print on demand to create a quick t-shirt brand ( I have like 50 customers so that is super exciting to me.
My ultimate goal is to create a positive impact that reverberates through the hearts of those who watch my content. I strive to vibrate at such a high frequency that it inspires others and makes the world a better place. Every video I produce is family-friendly, and I aim to be a positive male role model, offering inspiration to those who may not have one.
I'm going to drive around the entire world. I plan to do 2 legs (or 8,000 miles) per year, and figure it will take me 3 years to complete. I am looking for a sponsor to help get me through Europe this summer, so reach out if I am a good fit.
I also was invited onto The Truck Show Podcast and got to speak with the person responsible for the Ford Raptor, being called the "Raptor". That will be published in 2-weeks, and I hope I gets me a big name sponsor like Ford or BFG.
Below is my "short" bucket list, let me know if you can help me with any advice:
  1. Jump off hot air balloon
  2. Drive across Europe
  3. Learn to Paraglide
  4. Get my helicopter license
  5. Jump out of a helicopter
  6. Rim-to-rim hike in Grand Canyon
  7. Fly to all the runways in Idaho
  8. Fly around the world
  9. Eat ALL the food in Japan
  10. Search for 1800's stolen gold
If you want to go on an adventure, I'm publishing my Golden Banana GPS locations tomorrow.
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2023.06.10 00:37 PrizeEbb4359 Reserve Underground PVP Tips

1.) When you encounter another PMC or SCAV always unload ammo from there magazines and store it in your kit if you have room. Some ammo isn’t available for purchase and goes for a killing on the flea market. (Some run 200+ roubles per round)
2.) Obtain a red rebel pickaxe and a paracord. Around the time of this post RR is going for about 2.5m - 4m roubles.If you have the roubles available I highly recommend getting one of these as it will provide for you the safest way out of reserve. A lot of people complain about cliff campers but for the past 2 months I’ve ran nothing but reserve and I’ve only encountered a total of 3 or 4. If you’re lucky enough you can find a RR on a loot run instead of paying the price but this is very time consuming. (I say this because D-2 has campers more often than Cliff Decent, although D-2 has no limitations to use so proceed for the extract with caution if you do choose to do so.)
3.) Push bunker from any way other than King (Welcome To Hell) if you’re looking for underground pvp. With that being said I highly recommend pushing down from Black or White pawn instead of King to avoid generator campers.
5.) Avoid Wreckage, Helicopter and Hermetic Bunker if you don’t want to get deleted by gluhar.
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2023.06.10 00:37 Altruistic_Anteater5 Please help me figure out this issue with my gf's son, I don't know who else to ask...please...

My(30m) gf(52) is amazing. We've been together now almost 4 years, in that time she moved in with me but left her mother(70) and son(24) in the home my gf rented and she continued to pay 800 of the rent out of 1418, the son's phone and TV/internet/half of the electric for the home. Her mother is on a fixed income so she pays 1/4 rent and 1/2 the electric, she also pays for her own phone. The son has a gf of his own and it was decided that each would pay 150 each totaling 300 a month with intent on saving the rest to possibly get a place of thier own. The total is 1868 of which Gma pays 370, and the son and gf paying 300 that leaves 1198 that my gf pays while she has lived with me for the last almost 4 years come October. The house is a 3 bedroom so it's absolutely possible for us all to cohabitate but the son has gotten very angry and verbally abusive to his grandmother. He says she spends all her time in the living room and that forces him to stay in his room. He has already taken my gfs old room so he can sleep and game in a room separate from his gf. He has been screaming at his grandmother that she should stay in her room so he can have the living room. My gf is torn. She doesn't want to see her son homeless... I absolutely understand where she's coming from. I don't have children of my own but I get wanting to do everything to help them be happy and okay. But I on the other hand believe his attitude and verbal abuse of his grandmother who doesn't scream back (she's a soft quiet woman) is more than enough for me to not like him and want him away from his grandmother. I don't know what to do guys... I'm scared for the grandmother I'm scared my gf will just want to talk to him. she has had loads of talks with him about his behavior and how it's just not right to treat people like that and expect everything to be Givin to you. But I've sat in on one of these talks and literally watched him say he had a bad childhood so he's gonna take all he can get from his mother. Mind you she was a single parent staying with her mother working every day to make sure the house had money for cloths and food. She did her best guys... I am almost to the breaking point. I could already call the cops for elder abuse...but my gf means the world to me and I don't wanna see her world destroyed....
Tldr: gf pays most of the bills for a house she doesn't live in, that her son is taking over. Gf doesn't want to make him homeless, I think he's being a spiteful terror and he doesn't deserve to be coddled from his actions anymore.
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2023.06.10 00:36 portaodecasa Had my highest measure ever with 19/9

Hello guys,
Just came to share this scary experience I had yesterday.
Apparently I had an anxiety/panic attack, went to the hospital and measured 190/90. Immediately the doc gave me 2 Clonazepam (called Rivotril here in Brazil) pills. Got it down to 140/90 in about 40mins.
God damn that was one of the scariest experiences of my life.
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2023.06.10 00:36 the_small_lileko Transform your Boox Device into an All-in-One Japanese Study Tool

Transform your Boox Device into an All-in-One Japanese Study Tool
(This guide can be applied for any language but includes resources mostly geared towards Japanese)

## Guide Overview:
#### 1.) A fresh perspective on language study
#### 2.) Key components of input-based language acquisition
#### 3.) Turn your Boox device into a Japanese study power tool

#### Introduction:
Hello everyone,
Before we dive into the main guide, let me give you a preview of what you can expect from the content below and share how I stumbled upon this contest.
Throughout this thread, I will introduce you to a more effective approach to learning any language, delve into various methods and resources that are popular in the language learning community, and guide you on harnessing the full potential of your Boox device as a powerful Japanese language study tool. I will walk you through different programs and tools that I personally use in my studies, which heavily rely on screen usage. This is precisely why I began searching for an e-ink device with the necessary hardware and software to support my workflow. During my search, I came across the Onyx Boox Leaf 2 contest, which happened to be the exact model I planned on purchasing. I realized that discussing how I intend to utilize it in my own studies aligned perfectly with the theme. At the end of the guide we should be able to utilize our boox device in three categories.
Although it may require some time and effort, the rewards of switching from OLED displays to a crisp and clear e-ink screen will be more than worth it. In the visual below, you can get a glimpse of what might await you after completing the setup.
(Please be aware that the visual representation has been created using Photoshop and may not accurately depict the actual appearance during use.)
Now that the introduction is out of the way let us continue with the guide.


#### 1.) A fresh perspective on language study
Traditional language learning methods attempt to teach a languages by utilizing tools such as grammar drills and vocabulary lists. However, these methods are highly insufficient when it comes to truly interacting with the language. It's like trying to learn how to swim by sitting next to a pool and reading a book about swimming mechanics.
Fortunately, Stephen Krashen, the leading linguist in the field of language acquisition research, has introduced a far better approach. Contrary to traditional methods, Krashen proposes the Input hypothesis. According to this hypothesis, true language learning only occurs when the student is actually immersed in the language, rather than simply studying it. In short, it's about jumping into the pool and swimming instead of reading about it.
To gain a deeper understanding of Krashen's hypothesis, (!) I highly recommend watching the video below (!) where he dives into more detail. The information contained in the video is essential for the rest of the guide.

YOUTUBE VİDEO ON LANGUAGE ACQUISITION: Stephen Krashen on Language Acquisition
Stephen D. Krashen, an American linguist, educational researcher and a professor at the University of Southern California
#### 2.) Key components of input-based language acquisition

"We all acquire language in the same way: by understanding messages."
–Stephen Krashen
That is exactly what we are trying to do, prepare our brain to understand messages in the content we consume. In short we try to increase our comprehension of the language we want to acquire.
The elements used in this method and a short summary of them for the sake of clarity are as follows:
(This is only a brief overview, specific resources and tools will be presented in the next chapter "Turn your Boox device into a Japanese study power tool")
###### Immersion:
The act of consuming content in our target language at our level or slightly higher.
###### Grammar:
Instead of pointless grammar drills, grammar points are only skimmed trough until a vague understanding is established. Immersion will handle the rest, as it did with our native language where none of us had to sit down and do endless grammar exercises to learn how to speak it as a baby.
###### Vocabulary:
Language acquisition is not a sprint but a probably 4 year long marathon but the brain is not all that great at storying information over a long period of time. We will overcome shortcoming with various tools mentioned later in this guide.

The links below are helpful resources to establish a deeper understanding of the methods used:
- Refold Roadmap - A very detailed a guide on how to approach studying for any language:
- TheMoeWay - A guide for Japanese:

#### 3.) Turn your Boox device into a Japanese study power tool
Now that we have established a basic understanding of our method let us continue with specific resources and tools we need to study Japanese on our Boox device
We need to set up three systems,
System 1.) Vocabulary (digital flashcard system)
System 2.) Grammar (grammar guides trusted by the language learning community)
System 3.) Immersion (set up a digital pop up dictionary to read Japanese content )
All of the systems and programs shown below I already use on my Android phone and PC.
But thanks to the Leaf 2 not being an e-ink reader but an android 11 e-ink tablet, all of the necessary programs and applications are supported and can be used on the device. Necessary details for the set up for each system will be included in the rest of the guide.
##### System 1.) Vocabulary:
There are two problems we face in traditional vocabulary study that we can easily be solved with an application widely used in the language learning community called;

(! NOTE: This guide also includes the set up for the Migaku browser extension which we are going to utilize later on but for now it is okey to just set up anki !)

What is Anki:
Anki is a digital flashcard system that can be used like traditional vocab cards where the target word is on the front side and the translation with the example sentence + audio is on the backside, as shown below.
This digital system helps us address two main issues associated with traditional vocabulary lists:
Issue 1:
On average, beginners need to learn the first 3000 most common words in a language to comprehend local newspapers. However, there is no efficient way to track and review the words we have learned, those we are likely to forget, and the ones already forgotten.
Solution 1:
In the visual below, we can observe a memory retention graph that depicts the percentage of information remembered after each passing day before undergoing review.
If our vocabulary is not revisited periodically, as can be seen in the graph, it is destined to be forgotten. However, Anki, being a digital system, effectively tracks all of our vocabulary. It stores information about the cards we struggle to remember and those we effortlessly recall. Moreover, it alerts us to the cards we are about to forget just before we forget them. Anki proves to be a superior system compared to traditional cards.
Issue 2.)
Secondly, the relevance of the words in language learning books' word lists is not based on the frequency of the most common words in the language. Instead, these lists typically align with the topic to be covered in the next chapter. This lack of connection to the language's most frequently used words makes it an inefficient use of our time and motivation.
Solution 2.)
Thanks to the popularity of the Japanese language there are many pre-made anki decks that are specifically designed to contain the most common words in the Japanese language.
Some honorable mentions are the decks bellow:
Core 2.3k Deck (free of charge) - High Quality Cards for the Most Common ~1,970 Words from Visual Novels, Light Novels, Newspapers, Magazines, Blogs, Internet Forums and more
(I personally use this one)
(Get the deck here:
Refold JP1K (20 US Dollars) - Japanese Vocabulary Deck containing the most frequently used 1000 words
(Get the deck here:

##### System 2.) Grammar:
There two popular Japanese grammar resources that are highly praised:
###### 1.Cure Dolly

Cure Dolly's YouTube playlist is highly acclaimed in the Japanese learning community for its logical and effective approach to teaching the language. Learners of Japanese find that things start to "click" when using Cure Dolly's materials.
For our use we will be using the Cure Dolly Textbook that has been created by the fans of the channel, it contains all the lessons in text format and is my preferred of studying her lessons:
Cure Dolly Textbook - All lessons as text.(

###### 2.) Tae Kim
Tae Kim's grammar guide has been a trusted and recommended free resource for Japanese language learners for a considerable time. It is widely regarded as an effective guide for understanding grammar.
Tae Kim Webside: (
###### 3.) A Dictionary Of Japanese Grammar Series
Very popular resource in the Japanese-Study community
##### System 3.) Immersion:
Immersion is the key to acquiring a new language. By immersing in native content, you expose yourself to different words, phrases and grammar structures in various situations until you develop an intuitive understanding of their nuances.
The amount of time you spend immersing yourself is the most important factor in determining how quickly you can learn your target language. Grammar and vocabulary study are merely supportive tools for immersion; only the time you spend immersing yourself will enable you to acquire the language. It's crucial to immerse yourself on a daily basis or at least very frequently, unlike traditional methods where you attend a class twice a week, which is utterly insufficient.
Now that we understand the importance of immersing in native content we have to clear up a few more questions:
a.) What to immerse in
b.) How to get the most out of our immersion

a.) What to immerse in:
What to read as a beginner:
It is possible to dive right into native content but that is quite challenging and intimidating for beginners. However, there are helpful resources available such as graded readers, which facilitate the initial entry into the language. Graded readers are designed with different levels, each level carefully curated to include a specific quantity of the most commonly used words in the language. This approach not only simplifies the learning process but also provides a more accessible and engaging way to progress in your language acquisition journey.
An excellent example is the graded readers series by Olly Richards, which takes a different approach to language learning. Instead of relying on monotonous drills and exercises, the series utilizes captivating stories to engage and captivate the reader, making the language learning experience more enjoyable and compelling.
Story Learning (Olly Richard) - Learning languages through stories

Short Stories in Japanese by Olly Richards - Read for pleasure at your level, expand your vocabulary and learn Japanese the fun way with stories.(

Another great resource are Tadoku graded readers, which are the ones I use and are by far my favorite.
Each level of the series consists of approximately 15 captivating stories, spanning over a diverse range of genres such as fairy tales, folklore, and intriguing Japanese horror stories.
They also have samples and free graded readers you can check out.
TADOKU READERS - Japanese graded readers for beginners to higher levels.
1.) Learn Japanese Reddit Post - A huge collection of free to use Japanese graded readers separated by level.
2.) Penguin Readers Short Stories in Japanese - Stories with parallel English and Japanese texts.
3.) Japanese Stories for Language Learners - Bilingual Stories in Japanese and English.

What to read as an intermediate:
As an intermediate language learner, you have the opportunity to explore actual native content that is not specifically tailored for Japanese students. It is ideal to choose content that aligns with your personal interests, as this enhances engagement. However, there is another valuable tool we can utilize to help us select books that match our skill level.
Migaku is a website that offers a range of tools and resources for language learners. In particular, the Migaku Reader's stats function is useful for book selection. This function analyzes the words in a book, along with the words you have already learned in Anki, and provides a comprehension percentage estimate for your reading experience.

Migaku Reader User Interface

Readability statistics for the book selected in the previous image
By leveraging these tools and resources, you can effectively find books that suit your skill level and maximize your reading comprehension.
The Migaku tools are going to be one of our main resources during our studies and will be mentioned several times during this guide. - Migaku offers a diverse toolset for language learners, enabling progress from beginner to near-native proficiency. Enjoy favorite content on Netflix, YouTube, Kindle, books, comics, videos, and websites.
(! NOTE: Migaku is going to have a rebrand in the next 1 or 2 months, it will have a completely new brand image and a much user friendly interface !)
Now that we understand the importance of immersing in native content we have to clear up a few more questions:
a. What to immerse in)
b. How to get the most out of our immersion)
b.) How to get the most out of our immersion
During language immersion, it is common to come across unfamiliar words that we feel the need to look up. However, it is essential for us to make a note of these unknown words as we encounter them. This is where the Migaku browser extension proves invaluable. By providing a pop-up dictionary, the extension seamlessly displays translations of the encountered words.
Moreover, it enables us to upload the unknown word along with the sentence it was used in and its translation. This uploaded data can then be used to create personalized flashcards for later study, ensuring comprehensive language learning.
This process, often referred to as sentence mining, involves creating our own deck of flashcards. By incorporating these new words into personalized flashcards, we actively reinforce their meanings and usage, resulting in improved vocabulary retention and overall language proficiency.

Another great tool is Mokuro, a OCR system that turns the text on manga pages into selectable text so we can use the pop up dictionary on these pages. It is not a plug in play system though, it takes some tinkering to set up so i would not advice it for non-technical people.
The Boox Leaf 2, when properly set up with the tools mentioned in the guide, becomes a powerful language learning tool that:
  • Tracks and develops vocabulary
  • Simplifies learning and looking up grammar points
  • Enables prolonged screen immersion without eye strain.
I hope this guide was of some use for you guys, have a nice day.
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2023.06.10 00:36 Comfortable-Fee-4585 The horrors of freedom’s edge prison

Day 1, May 1: The first signs were subtle. Greenery in the atrium began to grow more rapidly, wild and unchecked, turning the once serene waterfall into a churning monstrosity.
Day 2, May 2: The transition seemed to seep into our cells. The temperature dropped, our plush beds hardened, the cozy rooms turned bone-chillingly cold.
Day 3, May 3: Widescreen TVs, once our windows to the outside world, started flickering, and then showed nothing but a harsh, static-filled screen.
Day 4, May 4: The meals began to change. Delicious flavors turned bitter, with an unexplainable metallic aftertaste.
Day 5, May 5: Our private studies, once full of sunlight, were left in shadow. The artificial lights flickered, then died out, replaced by an eerie half-light that didn't seem to come from anywhere.
Day 6, May 6: The shadows in our cells grew longer, deeper. They seemed to writhe and shift when we weren’t looking directly at them.
Day 7, May 7: The sound of water from the waterfall transformed into a low, threatening roar, constant and unsettling.
Day 8, May 8: The five-star dining facility, once filled with the clinking of fine cutlery, fell into a stifling silence. Every meal was an exercise in fear.
Day 9, May 9: A new routine began. We woke up to our beds feeling like stone, our meals turning our stomachs, our minds filled with an increasing sense of dread.
Day 10, May 10: The courtyard changed. The once lush lawn was now filled with brambles and thorns, the open skies above constantly overcast.
Day 11, May 11: The gym facilities started deteriorating. Equipment rusted overnight, the mirrors showed twisted reflections, like funhouse distortions.
Day 12, May 12: The library, once a haven of knowledge, turned into an impossible labyrinth of dusty shelves and scrambled books.
Day 13, May 13: The films in our private theater began playing backwards, characters we loved contorted into horrifying shapes on the screen.
Day 14, May 14: Screams echoed through the hallways at night. No one knew where they came from. No one wanted to find out.
Day 15, May 15: The hallways became a confusing maze, paths changing when you looked away, guiding us deeper into the prison.
Day 16, May 16: Every corner seemed to hold a new horror, unseen entities watching from the shadows, footprints appearing on the once pristine floors.
Day 17, May 17: Food became scarce. What was served had a rotting smell, the taste unbearable. Hunger gnawed at us.
Day 18, May 18: The nights seemed longer, the darkness almost sentient. Whispers filled the air, unintelligible but clearly full of malice.
Day 19, May 19: The courtyard, once a place of peace, filled with a chilling mist. The ground hardened, plants withered.
Day 20, May 20: We lost all sense of time. Day and night melded together. Lights didn’t work anymore, and darkness loomed everywhere.
Day 21, May 21: No one dared to venture into the library. The whispers of the books turned into screams, their words a garbled mess of horror.
Day 22, May 22: The water from the waterfall turned black, the atrium transformed into a jungle of overgrowth, hiding untold horrors.
Day 23, May 23: The theater was abandoned. The distorted, terrifying projections continued to play, flickering shadows of horror on the cracked screen.
Day 24, May 24: Screams became our lullabies. We slept fitfully, haunted by nightmares that didn’t end when we woke up.
Day 25, May 25: Our cells felt smaller, the walls closing in. The air was heavy, making it difficult to breathe.
Day 26, May 26: The dining hall served nothing but unidentifiable mush. Starvation felt like a kinder option.
Day 27, May 27: The once bustling prison was filled with silence. Each of us trapped in our own personal nightmare.
Day 28, May 28: The labyrinthine corridors turned into a spiral, each path leading us deeper into the heart of the prison.
Day 29, May 29: The darkness was oppressive, choking. The whispers grew louder, the unseen presences more ominous.
Day 30, May 30: We were trapped, forgotten, in a place that shouldn't exist. The luxury of Freedom's Edge was a distant memory, replaced by the reality of its horror.
Day 31, May 31: And then, as if a cruel joke, everything returned to normal, like the nightmare never happened. But we remembered. We couldn't forget.
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2023.06.10 00:36 smartybrome Update Free Courses for Saturday, June 10, 2023

Courses for 10 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.

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2023.06.10 00:36 smartybrome Update Free Courses for Saturday, June 10, 2023

Courses for 10 June 2023

Note : Coupons might expire anytime, so enroll as soon as possible to get the courses for FREE.
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2023.06.10 00:36 DraconianRow Deathrow looking for chill members. Now on Xbox one, PS4 and PC

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2023.06.10 00:36 Constant-Entry3721 Hello hello

New fan here. Someone tell me the basics. MLS looks a lot different than the other leagues. Only 15 teams?🫣How does it work? Like in T5 leagues, top 4 teams qualify for cl, then Europa and so on. Do teams only fight for the #1 in the league here or are there other trophies too? Is there a division 2 to which teams get relegated to?😵‍💫 Also, Who is our rival? And who are the 3 best players in our team rn (excluding Messi)?💅
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2023.06.10 00:35 LeenElizabeth628 my husband thinks I'm I?

So, let me start off this by saying IM NOT ASKING FOR ANY FINANCIAL HELP. last time I posted something like this, that was people's main concern and the hate I received was unreal. I just want some insight bc I think I'm doing the right thing.
I have 4 kids. I have a full time job and often work 50-60 hrs a week. Don't make amazing money but I make enough to pay bills and get the necessities and usually have a little extra. Husband isn't currently working, we are separating for many reasons but for now we are cohabitating for the sake of my kids. Recently, I had some things come up that have stripped my accounts. I literally have less than a dollar in my account. So, bc I can't really afford to feed my kids, I have arranged for them to go other places. Either friends or family...just for a little less than a week, until I get paid and can get groceries. He thinks I am wrong for sending them away and if anything I should have asked for financial help and taken care of my own kids. I refuse to ask for money. I explained my situation to the ones who are watching my kids, and we have arrangements made that I will pay them, no big deal. I don't get what the problem is. If I don't have food to eat fine, no big deal. I will live. As long as my kids have full bellies and are happy, I'm ok....and that's what's happening. The younger 2 have no idea what's going on they are just having summer fun at their cousin's house and my older two know, but can't help too much so they understand and are staying with close friends. To me, this was the easiest, safest, and most mentally healthy thing for my kids. Am I wrong?
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2023.06.10 00:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Incubator (latest edition)

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2023.06.10 00:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (latest edition)

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I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
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2023.06.10 00:35 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (Last Edition)

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I have Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course is one of the best products on how to start a marketing agency.
Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator includes over 50 hours of step-by-step training covering EVERY aspect of building an agency from scratch. This is almost a plug & play system with enough success stories to back it up! Signing clients, running Facebook ads, building out your team, on-boarding clients, invoicing, sales... this course has everything covered for you.
The topics inside Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator course include:
  1. Agency Navigator course Core Curriculum
  2. Custom E-Learning Platform For Agency Owners
  3. Financial Planner, Revenue Calculator, Outreach Tracker & More Tools
  4. Websites Templates, Funnels, Ads & More
  5. Template Contracts, Sales Scripts, Agreements & More
The lessons in Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator will teach you how to:
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2023.06.10 00:34 Autographfanatic 2023 Topps silver pack gold Roberto Clemente 22/50 (one off!) First sale was 105. Will take $90 delivered or trade for 1 or 2 really good Lindor cards (has to be in Mets uniform.)

2023 Topps silver pack gold Roberto Clemente 22/50 (one off!) First sale was 105. Will take $90 delivered or trade for 1 or 2 really good Lindor cards (has to be in Mets uniform.) submitted by Autographfanatic to baseballcards [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 00:34 Fearless-Present3411 Work crushes

I (19f) have worked at a local pub for 2 years now and have come back for summer after uni. Last summer a guy one year older than me would flirt with me all shifts and I started to message him but he rejected me. This summer there has been a 17 yo working there who I had no interest in. However, he started flirting with me and his dad came in for dinner and told me that his son liked me and wanted something with me. I started to develop a crush on him abs stupidly went for it (yes I know the two year age gap was inappropriate but I had a crush and couldn’t help myself). Anyway, he rejected me and he is very shy so the situation had made him uncomfortable. Now him and the other guy I used to work with both take the piss out of me saying I groom young children and get obsessed with men and that’s the reputation I now have at my work.
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2023.06.10 00:34 ArSnLvibes New carry

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2023.06.10 00:34 Zoombaroomba101 Which of these two AE offers would you accept?

Want to prefix this post by saying I’m currently unemployed. Was part of a mass layoff recently which affected 33% of the company (startup). So while neither of these offers are my dream job, I also need a job lol.
Also, my background is in Fintech, mostly MM full cycle sales.
Job 1: small, private FinTech company in biz for 20 years (doing basically same thing I was doing - just different product) - Base $125k - Commission: 20% net revenue, re-occurring - Healthcare for family: $520/paycheck - 401k match: 4% - would be one of 2 AEs at the entire company. My job would be to drive revenue in new verticals (verticals I was targeting at my recent company) to note, I don’t have a non-complete at my old company - Their start date: asap
To note: - super old school company/handbook. Team is much older than I am. - CEO is wanting to retire and sell the company in 5-6 years. Said he would dump a ton of money into it over the next two years to grow it for a buyer. Said I could have whatever sales tools I need. - Monday exec meetings with the team otherwise it’s very hands off, I build my book of business - only 10 days PTO…pretty bad. But the other AE said he doesn’t log all his vacation and it’s easy to get around that, idk. - I’m worried that I’m going to be selling in a new vertical with no past proven company success with not a ton of help - sales cycle is between 2-4 months currently
Job 2: Series A startup in the CPG SaaS space - $100k base, $100k variable - $200/mo in Internet/phone - Healthcare for family: $324.80/per paycheck - 401k match: 3% - Sales team of 5 AEs - Start Date: mid July
To note: - high turnover in the last year. I reached out to all the AEs that were laid off/fired/quit and none of them (3 who responded) had good things to say - common feedback was that it’s a high stress environment, product is good but its 3-5 years away from being profitable, complex product to sell - I do know the Sales Director and really like him, worked with him at a past company when he was a manager - it’s a 6 month ramp but they payout the commission on a tiered structure - everyone I talked to during the interview process was young and seemed really cool
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2023.06.10 00:34 ClearHeadX Path forward for a self-taught web dev

Hey there! I've been focused on learning web development for the past 6 months, around 8 hours everyday. I had free time because I took a break from my engineering degree, so I was able to really focus on webdev. I started programming when I was 15 so I have decent experience. I also go to a top five CS school in the US and took 3 difficult CS classes, which taught me a lot about programming in general. I know 4 languages relatively well (C++, Python, Java, JS). The reason why I'm posting this is because I need career advice. I'm not going to go back to school for at least another 6 months (for personal reasons) and want to get a job in the meantime to get experience / make some money.
I got into full-stack development through the Odin Project, which took me about 2.5 months to finish. I know that I'm only in the beginning of my learning journey, but I would say that I've solidified my fundamentals. I use ReactJS for my front-end and NodeJS for my back-end. I've pretty much mastered vanilla CSS at this point because I didn't want to use any frameworks like Bootstrap / Tailwind in the beginning. So far, I've made an Instagram clone, Facebook clone, and a personal website with a blog & portfolio with React and Node. I've made other websites as well, but these are the ones that took me the longest. I also learned about deploying my websites on AWS, Google Cloud, Github-pages & using SQL and NoSQL databases.
I don't know if this is enough to get me a real job. I wanted to do some freelance work but from what I've read on this subreddit, it's not a good idea to do freelance before having any real-life experience with better developers / mentors. I want to move forward in my webdev journey and gain experience, so I would love to get a job, but I don't have a LinkedIn or even a good resume yet. I don't know if empoyers will judge me because of my age (20) and lack of experience. I know that it's very difficult to get your first job, especially right now.
What do you guys recommend I do? Get into freelance or start looking for jobs? Do you have any advice for a young guy trying to get into this field?
Thank you!
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2023.06.10 00:34 subredditsummarybot Your weekly /r/PsychedelicRock roundup for the week of June 02 - June 08

Friday, June 02 - Thursday, June 08

Top Media

score comments title & link mirrors
111 13 comments Saw 70s Zamrock band WITCH last night. Blew the roof the place, can’t recommend their new album enough too!
64 13 comments Psych Jazz - Surprise Chef was melting the crowds mind last night
60 11 comments Just dropped a single called White. If you dig it you can stream it on all platforms (Ndeh Ntumazah) and follow me on IG for more
22 8 comments Buddy Miles “was force of nature as a drummer, vocalist, and bandleader”and his “Expressway To Your Skull” LP is “a super tripped-out blend of rock, funk, and soul”, “so right, tight, and outta sight”, “acid-fuzz guitar collides with zig-zagging funk horns, and shrieking keyboards”.
13 4 comments Hey friends, made this mix of my favorite classic and modern Brazilian Psych, Tropicália, and Samba Rock. Thought some of you would like it. Cheers
6 1 comments John Lennon once quiped that “‘French rock is like English wine’. Well he was wrong”! Here is a wild garage/freakbeat concoction, a “dazzling rave up for the ages. Feedback? Oui. Toggling between pick-ups? Oui. Interstellar vibrations? . . . Oui. Oui.”
5 0 comments Psychedelics may increase entropy in the brain’s vision centre

Top Remaining Posts

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89 43 comments My topster for my top 100 albums. Color coded so it's not in order.
48 3 comments Grateful Dead
36 74 comments Does anyone have some good Indian sounding songs/albums? Or songs/albums with a lot of sitar?
24 94 comments Feeling burnt out, need new refs
23 13 comments I can’t believe I have been missing out on Gram Parsons and the Flying Burrito Bros all of this time.
16 85 comments What bands would you recommend worth exploring that are psychedelic the same way as Pink Floyd were?
14 3 comments H this is one of my Grateful Dead ‘ artwork designs I drew/coloured a few years back and had printed onto a T-shirt :) x

Top 5 Most Commented

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0 13 comments Transgender psychedelic rock
2 5 comments Skyjelly - Spirit Guide EP
5 4 comments WITCH - Zango (Yes the 70's Zamrock)(2023)
3 3 comments Parallel Place - Waiting For Your Call [Sp] [BC] [Dzr]
3 3 comments JANE´S ADDICTION - Ritual de lo Habitual - Album (1990)
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