Bmw x5 transmission rebuild cost

The mods continue.

2023.06.01 15:00 Vid905 The mods continue.

The mods continue.
Brian at Ergo Automotive in Concord has been modding our brand new Honda Navi bikes.
Earlier this week the intake, crank case breather and transmission breather were installed. As well as the LED turn signals, LED relay, and the 4x separate Load Resistors (to eliminate the hyper flash). He also removed the fenders and stock monster sized plate holder. He installed a simple stainless steel piano hinge for a license plate holder.
Yesterday Brian was able to fabricate a 2” to .75” reducer so the very inexpensive Amazon muffler could slip over the factory pipe.
The side panels and headlight bezel were sent out to be wrapped. We should have them back late next week.
I’ll post more updates as the mods are complete.
FYI - I’m sourcing these very inexpensive items from Amazon. For example the turn signals were under $25 for all 4 pcs and the muffler was under $40. I’ll make a separate post to share a complete list of all the items we install, and their costs.
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2023.06.01 14:44 imdonejustbrowsing hitting 600,000 miles on my Honda Civic!
2011 LX. original engine and original automatic transmission, no rebuilds. I drive this car everywhere. When people ask me what my next car will be I tell them obviously a Honda. It actually has 613,000+ on it now. These cars were built very well!
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2023.06.01 13:13 i_have_no_gutts X5 Price in Pakistan. Thats 2.99cr inr!!!

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2023.06.01 13:05 snakesnake9 Diesel or petrol?

So I've been doing a lot of diesel vs petrol engine research recently, and am still getting to conflicting results.
Taking a step back, I will need a car that will be mostly used for shorter urban journeys, but on some/most weekends may see some longer trips out of town, and likely mileage is c10,000km per annum. On Reddit people keep telling me to get a petrol instead, and a lot of websites seem to recommend getting a petrol over a diesel if I'm not doing that many miles. However when doing additional research, I'm not quite getting to the same conclusion.
Diesel issue number 1: I read that the DPFs or diesel particulate filters that are fitted on modern cars need the vehicle to run at high speeds over longer distances to regenerate, and I won't be doing too many of those.
However I read that cars do have active DPF regeneration, so the problem fixes itself I think (combined with my own occasional longer trips, probably at least once every two weeks or so)?
Therefore question number 1: taking into account cars being fitted with active DPF regeneration, and the occasional trip out of town, do I really need to be worried about a clogged up DPF?
Diesel issue number 2: One of the main arguments for diesel engines is that they're more fuel efficient. I ran some calculations based on similar horsepower petrol vs diesel engines on the same model of car and taking into account their respective fuel economy figures. I conclude that at current prices I'm expecting to save me some €300-500 or so a year in fuel costs. While every penny saved is a positive, I don't think this number in and of itself is worth to weigh on the petrol vs diesel decision on its own.
Diesel issue number 3: this is becoming the biggest one, but looking at available cars (I'm targeting a roughly 3 year old mid-size slightly premium SUV) the available choices for diesel are far better. Like there's several times more diesel options available than petrol for otherwise the same parameters.
As an example if I want a BMW X3 2020, less than 125,000 km on the clock, less than €36K and searching Germany's largest used vehicle database:
Therefore it seems like to get a petrol (which is what everyone seems to recommend) instead of an equivalent diesel, I need to pay much more and choose from a much narrower field of options....and that's on top of slightly higher fuel costs as well. Therefore I'm really struggling to justify why I should get a petrol, but can someone perhaps offer some words of wisdom?
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2023.06.01 12:37 Chibiookami Palpatine Ears

Palpatine Ears
The drop rate on Palpatine's ears is ridiculous. I've been collecting for almost 3 days.
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2023.06.01 12:18 Nicedaytrooper Oldsmobile Intrigue engine/trans mounts

I have a 2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue GLS with the 3.5 motor. it has about 150,000 miles and I have a problem where it vibrates in Drive and Reverse but not in Neutral or Park. I've determined that the engine and transmission mounts are bad and need replacing. I want to do it on my own to save costs, but I have found nothing online about how this needs to be done for this particular car. Any advice? Should I just take it to a shop and pay for parts and labor?
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2023.06.01 12:07 Autospoke321 Important Things to Know About Automatic Cars

Automatic transmission-equipped cars have become increasingly affordable, leading to a growing number of new-age drivers opting for them. With a wide range of automated manual transmission (AMT) cars available at prices below Rs. 5 Lakh, the ease of driving and hassle-free operation of automatic cars has become a major factor in people's decision to switch from manual transmission vehicles. In this article, we will explore 10 important things that every potential automatic car owner should know about AMT cars.
  1. AMTs vs. Proper Automatic Transmission: It's crucial to understand that AMTs function differently from other automatic cars. This distinction can make it feel like a downgrade for some, as the driving experience might be perceived as less smooth or sluggish. However, first-time owners of AMTs will be pleasantly surprised by the convenience these cars offer.
  2. No Clutch: Unlike manual transmission cars that require regular clutch management, AMTs eliminate the need for manual clutch operation. AMT stands for Automated Manual Transmission, and while the working principle remains the same, the car takes care of the clutch for you. Driving an AMT is even easier than riding a gear-less scooter.
  3. Easy to Buy and Maintain: AMTs are a more affordable option in the automatic car segment. They are essentially manual gearbox cars with added automatic transmission functionality. The addition of AMT technology is relatively straightforward, requiring only a few additional features, which helps keep costs low. Consequently, AMTs are more cost-effective to maintain compared to cars with manual gearboxes.
  4. Good Fuel Efficiency: AMTs offer excellent fuel efficiency compared to conventional automatic transmissions. Since AMTs retain some manual transmission characteristics, they do not significantly impact fuel efficiency and provide similar mileage as their manual counterparts.
  5. Manual Transmission Traits: While AMTs are easy to drive and offer good fuel efficiency, they may lack certain features commonly found in conventional automatic cars, such as parking mode, hill descent, and hill hold. Therefore, it's important to develop a habit of using the handbrake when driving an AMT-equipped car.
  6. Control and Gear Shifting: Most AMT cars come with a manual shifting option, allowing drivers to take control of the vehicle when needed. This manual mode for upshifting and downshifting offers flexibility that is not typically found in many conventional automatic cars.
  7. Ease of Driving in Traffic: Driving in heavy traffic can be a nightmare for many, but AMT cars in the market now come with a feature called "creep." This feature enables the car to move slowly in traffic without requiring the driver to constantly press the accelerator. With this feature, navigating through heavy traffic becomes significantly easier and more convenient.
  8. Driving Downhill: AMT cars do not provide control over the clutch, which means you don't have access to the engine braking system (EBS) found in manual cars. EBS helps control the vehicle's speed on slopes or flat surfaces by keeping the car in lower gears. While some AMTs have a manual mode, it's important to understand how your specific car behaves and adjust accordingly.
  9. Overtaking Considerations: Overtaking in AMT cars requires some planning. Even in manual mode, AMTs can be a bit sluggish compared to fully manual cars or more advanced automatic transmission vehicles. The gear shifting speed in AMTs may not match that of other vehicles, so it's important to factor this in when attempting to overtake.
As automatic cars become increasingly popular, understanding the key aspects of AMT cars is essential for potential buyers. By knowing the differences between AMTs and proper automatic transmissions, understanding the advantages and limitations, and being aware of specific features and driving techniques, drivers can make informed decisions when choosing an automatic car that best suits their needs and preferences.
Also Read: Used Car Inspection Checklist
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2023.06.01 11:48 deluxe150021 [2023 ES Review] Today I took my 2013 F Sport GS in for servicing and was given a 2023 F Sport ES300h as a courtesy car. Here are my thoughts..

[2023 ES Review] Today I took my 2013 F Sport GS in for servicing and was given a 2023 F Sport ES300h as a courtesy car. Here are my thoughts..
I was lucky enough to be given a brand new Jan 2023 ES300h F Sport today as a loaner whilst my 2013 F Sport GS (non hybrid) is in for annual servicing. This is the latest model with the new touch screen and I thought it may be helpful to offer a comparison for any MK4 GS owners thinking of upgrading.
  1. Build Quality. The first thing I noticed was that this car, despite being built in Belgium and not Japan like my GS (See sticker plate picture), does feel like a proper Lexus. Bank vault feeling upon closing the door with the quality of thunk you'd expect. Highly insulated. Very nice quality damping on all compartment doors and switch gear. Superb attention to detail like the LC door handles, brushed aluminium backing to the door and dash controls etc. No interior rattles whatsoever but then again neither does my GS despite closing in on 80k miles.
  2. Drive Train. The next thing I noticed was the surprising coarseness of the 4 cylinder engine when running compared to my non hybrid GS. There is noticeable noise and vibration even when warmed up that almost made me wonder if there was an issue with the car. However seeing as this barely has 3k miles on it and drives like a dream I suspect not. What is more likely is that I've been spoiled by the Petrol V6 in my GS which is absolutely silent on tickover and barely audible below 2k rpm. Of course the engine is not running the majority of the time with this hybrid ES but I think anyone coming from a 6 or 8 cylinder engine is going to be surprised at how unrefined the 4 pot is when running. On the move the drive is seamless and extremely easy going like all Lexus products. The adaptive Cruise and lane keep assist worked flawlessly on my return motorway journey and really did give the feeling of the car almost driving itself. The system seems to be extremely well sorted now and superior in operation to my MK4 GS.
  3. Ride quality. This car is an F Sport the same as my GS. However. The ride, whilst very good for a "sporty" model on low profile tyres, cannot hold a candle to my F Sport GS on stock rims. Maybe it's the adaptive dampers, but the ride on my GS has always been one of my favourite things about the car. It has a magic carpet float that I've only otherwise experienced in air suspension equipped vehicles. Bumps in the road are so well damped that they rarely bother you. This ES absolutely does not do as good a job at smoothing out the road. Bumps are felt more. And whilst the ride isn't anything like as bad as an M Sport BMW. It definitely feels closer to something German than Japanese. Firm but compliant.
  4. Refinement. I would say it's neck and neck for road noise and overall NVH whilst on the move between this and my GS. At speeds above 30mph the refinement is on a par. At low speeds this ES does seem quieter when running on the hybrid battery due to the total absence of engine noise. With the engine running. It's worse than my GS.
  5. Interior Tech. This is where my GS really begins to show it's age. The digital F Sport gauges and large, crisp touch screen feel very up to date. The touch screen is responsive and unfussy in its layout. Everything is located where it should be and the the new infotainment is simply a joy to use especially as someone coming from the Mouse/Touchpad. Interestingly I actually felt like the reverse camera in this ES is worse than the one in my GS. The field of view is identical and whilst the resolution is mildly increased, the refresh rate is actually halved from my GS. To me a reverse camera should be running at 50-60hz to give you the best response time for judging distance. The camera in this appears only marginally clearer yet running at half this refresh rate. This ES only comes with the stock Stereo whereas my GS is blessed with the Mark Levinson upgrade. Nevertheless the stock Stereo performs ok provided you crank the Treble and Bass to get rid of some of the boxyness. It will never sound as good as the ML audio in my GS so not a fair comparison.
  6. Practicality. I am genuinely shocked how much more interior space this car has over my GS despite being a touch smaller in dimensions. The MK4 GS I have always found to be bizarrely cramped in the rear although the boot is thankfully enormous. With this ES the boot appears a very similar size but the rear seat area has significantly more room in every dimension. An adult cannot sit behind me with my driving position in the GS. In this ES I almost feel like I'm in a limo by comparison. The doors have a nice high shoulder line which gives you the cocooned feeling yet somehow the cabin feels less cramped in every regard. Both cars have a through loading hatch. A clear winner for the ES here.
So in summary, this is a LOVELY car. One that anybody should be proud to have on their driveway. However in order to upgrade I would need to spend £20k on top of the price of my current GS. And given how surprisingly well it holds up to this brand new ES in several key areas I'm not sure I'll be making the upgrade anytime soon. Of course I know fuel costs won't even be in the same league though. Any MK4 GS owners who have made the upgrade care to chime in?
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2023.06.01 11:43 JugglinChefJeff frame damage, how bad is it?

My wife and i bought a 2000 chevy astro conversion van in 2021, we thought we got a sick deal paying 4k for this van, it only had 100k miles on it, drove well, and was perfectly sized for our plan for it. we gutted it, insulated it, added shelves and i even built a custom roof rack for it (it has a fiberglass high top).
little did we know, the engine blew up after having it for roughly 1 month. we had prepared for this, we knew buying a cheaper van that the chances of us replacing the engine were pretty high, so we had no problem doing this. had a new Jasper engine put in.
then the transmission was acting funny, we spent about a year bringing it to mechanics and trying to diagnose the problem, no one was really interested in helping us so we decided to just have a new Jasper transmission put in and also had the power steering gear box replaced (power steering fluids have been leaking for a while, replacing the lines didn't help).
now when we bought the van, we bought it from a friendly guy in NYC (we later learned to never buy a car from NYC because almost every mechanic laughs at us when we tell them where we bought it), he said it was his dads, used to transport kids to and from school and short trips to the beach over the past 20 years. he said it was never in an accident.
when we were having the transmission put in, the mechanic asked my wife if it had ever been in an accident, we said no and he was surprised because he said he saw parts of the frame that had been repaired.
now, my wife is pissed, she wants to sell the van, i love the damn thing, especially since i've put so much time into converting it into something we could take big trips on.
What could be done about the frame damage? what can it cause? from what our mechanic has said, it doesn't seem that bad, but it worries the heck out of my wife. there is a shop near us that says they can do "near total collision repairs, back to better than new condition!" would it be worth it? whats the average cost of something like that?
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2023.06.01 11:23 WaveOfWire One Hell Of A Vacation - Chapter 87

First Prev Next Royal Road Patreon
u/KieveKRS and u/coldfireknight providing the Trash certification of quality! Everyone thank CFK for their contribution!
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Are you sure about this?” Comms called through the short-wave, Willin’s headset crackling only slightly louder than the pouring rain. It was distorted and covered the timbre of his voice, but it worked.
He checked the batteries on his guns, both pistol and rifle topped off. The pistol was secured into the holster on his hip, the rifle slung across his chest over the heat-plate designed to dissipate any plasma that might hit it. His armour wouldn’t do the best against kinetic armaments—it was never designed to go against a railgun—but military personnel were rarely given those anyway. Too inefficient.
“As sure as I can be,” he replied, checking his harness. Two spare batteries, four ration packs, water, the transmitter that fed into his headset, some assorted tools for unlikely scenarios, and a knife tucked into his boot. The footwear was typically used for traversing hostile environments or boarding operations—the material thick and cumbersome—but it worked just fine for him. He had gotten used to wearing it.
He opted not to bother with the helmet. It would limit his senses in a place like this, the EW field making even the most basic function disorienting. Tech adjusted the physical scope on her rifle, though her favourite weapons were the two Compact Anti-personnel and Rapid Discharge systems she had attached to her hips—the CARDs being designed to switch between rapid-shot clusters to suppress a wide area, and a single-fire mode better suited to more precise requirements. The larger weapon was mostly for show—there was hardly a reason to carry an Anti-Material Rifle to begin with—but it didn’t hurt to counter possible armour.
The purple-furred female’s true weaponry rested both on and under her armour, her augments and the equipment linked to them making her a mobile Electronic Warfare platform. Though much of her abilities would be limited in scope here, she was still more than capable of supporting him. He would be relying on her to dissuade any action against them, as well as using her modifications to keep them in the loop.
She looked like an oddly-coloured female, but she was closer to a walking EMP and scanner rolled into one.
“Short-wave is stable, if a bit distorted,” Willin continued, flicking some of the water off his fur. “Tech will try to keep the signal clean, but no promises. Comms, Nav, you two are keeping the craft warm and ready.”
“Understood, Leader,” Nav replied, their androgynous voice warbling slightly. “Estimated time-frame?”
“Long enough for you two to figure out the ration-packets.”
Comms laughed over the headset. “Nav would rather lick the floors.”
“Just don’t get too distracted with each other while we’re gone,” Willin teased through his smirk, Tech rolling her eyes at him.
“The same could be said for you, Leader. Don’t get too caught up making ‘friends’ with the locals.”
“Or Tech,” Nav added dryly. Their tone hovering between annoyance at the jibes regarding Comms and Nav’s occasional fling, and amusement at the suggestion Tech was interested in pursuits of the flesh with the crew at all. She might be, but she had a habit of dropping the thermostat of whichever room belonged to whoever made the comment, so it was safer to just assume she was off-limits.
“Cold room,” Tech responded casually as she adjusted her audio interface, Nav sighing loud enough for it to be picked up. Comms laughed in a way that suggested he was thankful for Tech’s assistance in ensuring Nav would be seeking a warm bed for the moon. Willin shook his head, hoping that they didn’t need to extract in any particular hurry.
It was easier to get in the air when your two remaining crew weren’t otherwise occupied.
“Batteries green. Supplies green. Short-wave sufficient,” he reported, receiving confirmations from Tech. “Operation is to establish communication with local Grand Hunter and receive compliance, information on other packs, and facilitate reintroduction to structure.”
“Alternative is to report pack as non-compliant and pursue other Grand Hunters,” Tech added, repeating what they went over earlier. “My augments are heavily limited, but we should be able to deal with it.”
“Are you sure that you two can manage hostilities?” Comms asked, his voice faltering slightly. Though they had been assigned to the scout craft at random, they had grown rather close as a unit over their time. If it wasn’t for the professional obligations prohibiting it, they might have all decided to move into a den together—they were that intimately familiar with each other. As it was, they would likely be reassigned to serve elsewhere after their current mission was complete.
Such was the life of those like them.
“Tech has more equipment under her fur than our ship has installed—weakened or not,” Willin assured the male. He shot a pointed look at the female. “She’s also under direct order to return in the event things become too dangerous. Alone, if required.”
Tech scowled, but nodded anyway. Comms grunted their understanding. “Leader?”
A moment of pause. “Nothing. Come back, okay?”
“Will do my best, Comms. Nav, keep an eye on him.”
“It will be done, Leader. Stay safe.”
He placed a paw to his headset, hovering over the button to cut the transmission. “You too.”
“Ready to go?” Tech asked, slinging her AMR over her back and re-securing her CARDs. Willin double checked his auxiliary equipment, hoping that he didn’t need to use any of it. Nodding, he gestured for her to follow, the two leaving behind the craft to slip into the woods.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Something up?” he asked, raising a brow at Tech. The female was fidgety, restless and scanning their surroundings more than required. She might have heard something, but the thunderous hiss of rain drowned out most everything—it was part of the reason they waited for it.
She wore a reluctant expression, her eyes flickering to the silver and gold trees for a moment. “Prox’ is going wild.”
“Proximity sensor effected?” he queried, feeling the weight of his weapons tug on his body. Tech nodded.
“It’s weak. I think the ‘spike is messing with it—along with everything else—but it’s reporting…a lot.”
She shook her head, a paw twitching over a CARD. “Not until we go past them.”
He joined her in looking around, shaking off water uselessly. “Wildlife?”
“This stealthy?”
Willin shrugged. “The message mentioned that it was different.”
“Details would have been nice,” she grumbled in return, waving her paw to get him moving again, though she kept one on her weapon.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
“Visual,” he reported, lowering the rifle from his shoulder. “Anything?”
Tech shook her head, still on a swivel. “Prox’ is still lit up, but at this point it might be less distracting to shut it off.”
“Keep it. Rather have it telling us things are around all the time than miss something big because we got annoyed.”
She sighed, tapping her audio interface twice to change the song she had playing. “What do you see?”
“Low fences, but dense buildings. Lots of traffic despite the weather. Looks like they’re used to it. Think they know we’re here?”
“Doubt it. Gear?”
He shouldered his weapon to look through the scope. “No guns, but lots of melee. Armour seems to be a mix of leather and metal. Can’t say what kind.”
Tech pulled her AMR to look, Willin shifting to keeping lookout. “No guns…” She shot him a look. “I’m not sure if that’s reassuring, or worrying.”
He shrugged. “The less I need to get shot at with, the better.”
“The goal is to not give them reason to.”
“Well, I can’t be perfect all the time.”
Tech laughed, the banter easing her nerves. “You’d have to start, Leader.”
With a roll of his eyes, he patted her shoulder with the back of his paw. “Let’s get moving. Diplomacy doesn’t do itself.”
The purple-furred female sighed, likely biting back another quip as she nodded.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
It went better than expected. So far, anyway.
They had approached the settlement proper, received what could be described as a ‘lukewarm’ welcome, then were told to follow several Lilhuns donning black leather and far too many daggers. Their escorts kept a close eye on the guns that they brought, but no one had made any comments about them yet. It was encouraging, but also worrying.
“Still nothing?” he muttered, quiet enough to not be heard by the others, but loud enough for Tech. She seemed hesitant, glancing over to one of the taller structures as they passed through, but gave a subtle shrug.
“Static is messing with my augments,” she grumbled. “Could be none, could be a few snipers. I can’t tell.”
He exhaled heavily. It was a bit of a blessing that her modifications were working at all, but it was easy enough to see that she felt bare without all the little tweaks she had gotten used to.
Willin never actually got the chance to learn all the tricks she was capable of—it was against policy to ask and she never saw fit to talk about it—but of the ones he did know; her proximity sensor, jammer, and ship integration were her favourites.
It was hard to board her ship if she knew where you were, locked up your gun, then spaced the room you were in, all without closing her game. He was pretty sure she was disappointed that she had only gotten to do that once.
“New ones, the Grand Hunter will see you soon,” an escort informed them as they drew near the Atmospheric Entry Craft that acted as a den for the one they were here to meet. They didn’t know the name yet, nor were they given the chance to do more than say why they were there. He had gotten as far as saying he was from the United Military before the people welcoming them scurried off to get someone else.
He busied himself by inspecting the buildings leading up to the AEC, some being a respectable three floors. Newer constructions seemed to differ in method, the beams a charred ashen colour rather than the same odd silver wood. Why they had elected to burn the materials, he didn’t know, but it seemed to be what they decided to do.
A surprising amount of the population carried a curved stick over their shoulder, the ends tied together by a string. Some attached lengths of a similar material to their leathers, one end made with a small loop as it dangled. The catch they carried to what looked to be a hunter’s lodge suggested it was used during their hunting, but he couldn’t fathom how.
Dragging his attention from the crowd, he eyed the large shuttle.
The massive main doors looked to have been damaged, though a structure had been attached since, leaving the stuck-open entrance to seem less like the result of a hard landing. The gentle hum of the internal power generation was absent, the required energy for what was still working being drawn from large solar panels that had been installed into skylights in the ceiling. The cloud-laden weather dimmed the light that illuminated the inside, but it was serviceable enough. Whatever power was produced, it was being funnelled somewhere that wasn’t servicing the majority of the craft.
Wide halls were populated by Lilhuns and spotted with doorways, the majority propped open since they were programmed to shut in the event of a power outage, lest explosive decompression eject whomever was occupying the room—along with anyone nearby in the hallway, should they be so unlucky.
It was customized, that much was obvious. Several rooms that would have been sparsely populated with anything other than beds were instead modified into training rooms and gyms. Densely packed barracks contrasted against large storage areas filled with various goods, pelts and metal weapons lining various shelves. Newer accommodations had been installed for more of those curved staffs, smaller pointed sticks stacked in piles nearby.
They progressed deeper and deeper into the confines of the shuttle, the common sight of the local pack trickling away, none seeming to have business this far in. Gruffer and more observant Lilhuns became the only people they saw while the hallways narrowed into tighter quarters, what might have fit cargo vehicles now only allowing a few shoulder widths, doorways becoming less common. The wary eyes and darkened clothing paired with the occasional dyed fur of those they passed—black seeming to be the dominant colour.
“In here,” an escort grunted, jabbing their jaw towards an isolated door. A paw was held out as they tried to step forward. “Weapons.”
Tech’s paw twitched towards one of her CARDs, the act of Willin relinquishing his pistol and rifle stopping her from snapping it into rapid-fire and burning the air with plasma. She glared at him for a few seconds before doing the same, the escort smirking.
“You will have them returned. The Grand Hunter is not so desolate as to pilfer the possessions of those who come merely to speak.”
He wasn’t worried about it. The guns were coded to them and Tech could fry them if it came down to it. Well, he wasn’t sure if she could do it with the warp-spike messing with things, but the lock should be enough. The knife in his boot went unnoticed, so it wasn’t like he was completely unarmed anyway.
Tech followed suit, subtly glaring at him the whole time. He shrugged, there wasn’t much they could do about it. They were the ones seeking an audience with the most influential person here.
Satisfied, the escort pulled the door open, the quiet whirring of the unpowered servos accenting the air. They revealed a larger office adorned with little but the most base necessity, a wood and steel desk covered in papers, a chair seeming to be the only extravagant item within—though it was purely for the ergonomics, rather than any aesthetic reason—and the male sat upon it was leafing through a collection of documents while twirling an orange needle-like object in his paw.
The distinct lack of any guards to protect the Grand Hunter was surprising, but that took a back seat to the owner of the room.
Dark grey fur, a clouded eye that retained its sharpness, scars peeking beyond the confines of his leather clothing—the thick hides sporting metal scales sewn onto them. An ear flicked in their direction, the membrane cut at several points. He placed down his papers, leaning forward in his chair as he clasped his paws on the desk, a friendly smile donned that failed to convey anything but malice.
“Greetings, new ones,” the male offered in a cheery tone, the low rumble and gravelled texture of his voice carrying both humour and curiosity. He focused on Tech for a moment, his eyes narrowing over the affable expression before he regarded both of them equally. He gestured to the seating opposite of his desk some small distance away. Close enough to meet, yet far enough that it was made abundantly clear who was in charge.
Willin bowed his head politely, walking the distance and sitting where he was provided. Tech followed suit after a brief hesitation, her unfocused eyes snapping to him with frustration. His raised brow was met with a longer blink—her augments were reporting something that made no sense again.
“Now then,” the dark grey-furred male said, moving some of the documents on his desk to a stack. “What might bring you to me?”
“Forgive me, Grand Hunter…” Willin opened, prodding for a name.
The male simply maintained his attentive posture instead of providing. Willin adjusted his sleeve and decided it was more important to continue than dig for information that he could get by asking anyone who lived in the settlement.
“As for why we’re here; we represent the United Military, responding to a distress call. We have forwarded the request and were tasked with ascertaining the state of affairs before the fleets arrive to assist.”
The Grand Hunter nodded. “Yes, that much I could have surmised from your clothing alone.”
Tech raised a brow as the dark green-furred soldier forced a smile. “Of course. More specifically, we would like to speak with you about what you know of the others of your station, as well as discuss the reintegration of your pack.”
The smile of the grey-furred male widened. “You wish to make a deal?”
Tech’s gaze flickered to several points in the room, her brow furrowing as she jettisoned a huff in frustration. Willin took a moment to consider his plan of action, nodding when he didn’t see the harm.
“I believe we can come to an arrangement. Within reason, of course.”
The Grand Hunter chuckled as the needle he was playing with disappeared at a flick of his wrist. “Of course, of course. Deal, agreements, arrangements, contracts.” The emphasis on the final item tickled something in the back of Willin’s mind. “Itemize it. What do you seek of me? It is rather disorganized to ask without quantifying, no? So…messy.”
“We want information on the other packs. Who leads them, number of members, where their settlements are,” Tech stated tersely, ignoring the disapproving glance Willin gave. “We also need to work on integrating those packs back into the UM—preferably with yourself setting precedent.”
The male’s face grew thoughtful. “As well as forgiveness, though that will cost quite the amount.”
Willin frowned. “Forgiveness? For not knowing your name?”
The Grand Hunter returned a blank stare, a dangerous grin spreading slowly. “Tell me, new ones, do you know of Avalon?”
Tech’s face hardened, her answer slow and cautious. “We do, though only through description.”
The male’s voice fell low. Quiet, yet powerful. His elbows on the table suddenly felt like a far greater threat than any armament. “Do you know the debt your superiors have incurred?”
“I don’t believe we have even had the chance to introduce ourselves,” Willin interjected, noticing Tech’s discomfort, her eyes darting around the room nervously.
“You need not,” the Grand Hunter remarked smugly. “You are forbidden from giving your names, no? Locked behind titles of station, merged and scattered at the whims of your masters. Soldiers who do not exist, yet sit within my office.”
Tech pawed for a CARD, forgetting that she had been disarmed at the door. Willin felt the weight of his knife pull on his boot. The male chuckled as he leaned back in his chair.
“But, given that you did not flee, I will give the benefit of the doubt regarding the debt. Though, it will make offering you more than your lives difficult.”
“What debt?” Willin pressed, receiving a flippant wave of the male’s paw.
“It matters not. I have more pressing matters than hearing why I should join the ranks of that which I supersede.”
“Matters such as?”
The Grand Hunter raised a brow. “You are being given the opportunity to leave whole, new one. I advise you to accept.”
Willin shook his head, ignoring Tech’s pointed look. “We need information. From the message we received, not everyone is as well off as you, and we intend to amend that. What can we trade for it?”
The male clasped his paws over his stomach, passively humouring them. “What do you offer? You may seek the details of the others, but I am not inclined to merely supply it.”
“Supplies, priority cooperation when the UM arrives.”
A chortle sounded out. “We are self sufficient. Such matters little.”
“Is there anything you would want?”
The Grand Hunter smirked, placing a paw on the table as the other produced another needle—this one a more yellow hue, the specifics of its shape blurring as it spun between his claws. “Your superiors asked me a favour. Data. How far could they push the Lilhun body before ligaments broke, the mind following shortly after? How twisted can we shape the psyche of kits?”
The temperature of the room seemed to chill, a twitch of the male’s lips pulling his muzzle into a slight snarl.
“They sought my kit to participate, after a time. Unfortunately, her will aligned—despite my reservations. In return, she would be wiped from the records. Ephemeral, never having existed to begin with. Never suffering the whims of those who became drunk on sending my Blades to their end, never finding their other.” The gravel to his voice turned to broken glass. “Yet your betters violated the agreement. Broke the contract. They pulled her into your service, hid the fact from me, and had the gall to fabricate a story to coincide. Were it not for a particular series of favours I was owed, I would have been still planet-side in our system instead of here.”
The dark grey-furred male smirked, his demeanour relaxing. “It seems she has found what she sought. Without need for my meddling, at that. A shame, really. I had several competent males selected—those who could wield what she had become. Those who might give her what her blood-mother failed to gain.” He paused for a moment, a fraction of longing piercing through the scarred exterior. “Regardless, all I would have wanted has been gained. She is content, and I am crafting that which shall accept her when she is ready. Your military will only muddy that which I have achieved, were they to dig their claws into my work.”
“Their actions are separate from ours,” Willin countered, thankful that the impending conflict had seemingly resolved itself.
“Grand Hunter,” Tech addressed the male, an eye flicking to the ceiling for a fraction. “We were able to see that there are a fair number of settlements, but we need the information to do our job.”
“And your task would interfere with my own,” the grey-furred male reiterated, a polite—if bored—expression returned.
“What if we could ensure that it didn’t?”
The disinterest in the male’s eyes slipped into curiosity. “You seek to trade sovereignty for information? You hold such power?”
“We do,” Willin confirmed, surprised that Tech would offer. “Though you would be disregarding the support of the United Military, we could arrange an agreement of territory on this planet. It’s not as if we could populate the entirety of it within several of our lifetimes anyway.”
The Grand Hunter stared, each moment more uncomfortable than the last. Eventually, he smirked. “Information and the disregarding of the sins your betters inflicted upon me, for sovereignty…and a singular favour.”
“Indeed,” he replied confidently, reaching into his desk to produce writing implements and paper. “You see, my kit has pledged herself to someone of curiosity. I thought him worthless. Weak. Yet he has performed a duty befitting her Sheath, and I suppose I should reward it.”
Scribbling ceased, impeccable penmanship crafting a contract that was slid forward on the tabletop. He continued after gesturing for Willin to approach.
“Seek him last, give him what information you have gathered, then heed his request,” the male said through his smirk. “I do so look forward to seeing what becomes of it.”
The dark green-furred male perused the document, stipulations and all finely articulated, as if the Grand Hunter lived and breathed transaction. A few points needed to be addressed, mostly possible abuse cases within the fine print, but it was surprisingly fair. There was some worry about the otherwise excessive cost of breaking the contract, but Willin figured that it would be reasonable enough considering the circumstances.
Signing, he gestured Tech to do the same as a witness, the two of them representing the UM for all intents and purposes. It was hardly the first time they had made agreements like this, though trading such a large area on a planet they held no prior influence on was a first.
The Grand Hunter confirmed the terms and conditions with them one last time, smiling when they both nodded.
“Good! Now, for what you seek.” The male rummaged through a few drawers, producing a series of papers that were lined over the desk towards them. “The non-aggression treaty, as well as what my Blades have observed from their scouting.”
Willin read over each, the documents sorted by Grand Hunter, then by who they had under them. His brow raised at a few reports, but questions could wait. The male seemed happy to let them read, so he wanted to take advantage of it. Tech scanned over everything when Willin was done, her augments allowing her to commit the information to a digital memory for future reference back on the ship.
“There are quite a few names marked with this,” Tech noted aloud, pointing to a symbol next to several of the Grand Hunters and their extended packs. The grey-furred male nodded.
“Those have been eliminated or subsumed.”
Willin frowned, parsing the documents again. Mi’low, Toril, and a few others were designated as such. Looking through, only about four seemed to be free of the distinction. He looked questioningly to the male, a grin returned with a separate stack of paper, titled with a single name.
The notation was rather dense, though not in information that Willin was expecting. Instead of settlements or High and Low Hunters, it was laden with mentions of those belonging to the previously marked Grand Hunters. His eyes widened as he connected the dots.
“Hasen is trying to be a Master Hunter.”
“Correct,” the male confirmed cheerily. “He is integrating other packs into his command and eliminating those who refuse. It has become quite an issue as of late.”
Though Grand Hunters could be assigned the moniker by owning territory and a willing pack—assuming they have the force required to defend it—a Master Hunter must own magnitudes more. It was typically achieved by integrating Grand Hunter packs and their subservients through mutual benefit, but taking it by force was a lesser used method.
Given that he had already either taken or purged several, it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to assume he would press it to include here.
Willin heard Tech curse under her breath, their promise of sovereignty obligating them to interfere. To allow a member of the military—stranded or not—free action against the grey-furred male’s territory would be the same as endorsing it, now that they were aware. It would be hostility by the UM in all but name, and the consequences that had seemed somewhat extreme before now hung over their heads like an executioner’s axe.
A dark, deep chuckle broke the two of them out of thought. “Contracts, new ones,” the Grand Hunter started, a cold Void pooling in his eyes, “are not to be thought trivial. Do not break them.”
“It was a trap,” Tech snarled, jabbing a claw at the report in her paw. “You set us up.”
“Did I?” the male asked innocently. “You offered self-governance, non-interference, and non-aggression.”
“You withheld information!”
The Grand Hunter smiled, a shiver sent down Willin’s spine. “You agreed without doing proper research.”
Willin held a paw out to stop Tech from storming the male. “The contract is signed, Tech.”
“It’s invalid!” she snarled at him, receiving a cold look in return.
“Do you want to be the one to tell command that we allowed damn near genocide of a crew we were here to assist, just because we were too stubborn to adhere to an agreement?” he countered calmly. “This ‘Hasen’ is wiping almost a year's worth of survival, botanical, and every other specialized knowledge gained, just because he wants to control a section of a planet. This doesn’t change anything, it just means we know what we’re going into.”
“I like him,” the Grand Hunter opined with a grin. “He sees the value that my proposition offers.”
“What’s stopping us from just tearing up the contract right now and leaving you to your fate?” Tech barked.
“Your companions in your craft—quite the ship, might I add—would be a notable starting point.”
The two of them paused, eyes widened. The dark grey-furred male laughed again.
“Your proximity sensor has been reporting since you landed, no?” he asked, pointing to the equipment on Tech’s harness. “It must have been rather vexing, yes? Is it the warp-spike? Is it some army of the unknown? The uncertainty of never confirming what it tells you. The whispers of doubt that follow.”
“I’m surprised you recognized what it was,” Willin replied with a level tone. He didn’t like where this was going. The male offered a smile.
“Wildlife here is especially elusive. Skittish. Ceasing all motion while predators are near and silencing themselves.” Tech and Willin exchanged a glance as the male waved a paw dismissively. “It makes for rather intensive training for my Blades. To hunt without disturbing them. My kit was a natural in such regard, but others have slowly approached such a threshold.”
He folded his paws on the desk. “Your ship is currently being observed by them now, weaponry trained on the defences you thought so adequate. Surely you noticed the lack of guns, yes?”
“The distress message mentioned the lack of them was due to how urgent evacuation was,” Willin added cautiously.
“Yes, quite. I made sure to lock the armouries after taking enough to establish my power,” the male confirmed with a half-shrug. “Among those were rifles not dissimilar to the rifle that the purple one there brought with her.” He leaned back in his chair. “Sufficient to pierce the hull and whoever occupies the space behind it, no?”
Tech’s eyes unfocused, snapping to Willin with a fear behind them. The Grand Hunter spun his quill, unconcerned by the events.
“Your short-wave has been temporarily disabled. You can not warn them.”
“Threatening us to compliance?” Willin asked without emotion to his tone. He needed to keep things from escalating.
“Ensuring you understand the consequences of your actions,” the male replied plainly. “When one barters with Avalon, know that breaching such is grounds for death. Of you, and whoever I need to send with you.”
“They didn’t sign this,” Tech argued, kept in line by Willin’s demeanour.
“But you did,” the Grand Hunter returned coldly. “Honour your signature, or regret such in the Void.”
Tech took an enraged step forward, stopped when her throat pressed against a dagger that was slipped in from behind. Willin felt the pressure of a knife to his own.
“Patience, new ones.”
“You took advantage of the interference to sneak assassins into the room?” Willin noted.
“No, my Blades were always here,” the male refuted lazily, nodding at Tech. “She noticed, but was unable to trust what her equipment told her.” He chortled for a moment. “Quite the annoyance, proximity sensors. I feel rather blessed to have the warp-spike rendering them little more than meaningless noise.”
“So this is it? You kill us now, our friends when they refuse to cooperate, then steal what we brought?”
The pressure on his neck faded with a wave of the male’s paw, the assassins being nowhere to be seen.
“Of course not!” the Grand Hunter exclaimed, his voice returning to its affable cadence. “You now know how futile it is to go against me. Fear not, I see no merit in hindering you. As long as you honour your portion of the contract, I will honour mine. It is a certainty that Avalon was founded on.”
Tech rubbed her neck, glancing questioningly at Willin. He gave the male a wary glance, but closed his eyes to concede. They were just going to get everyone killed if they tried to back out of something they had already agreed to.
“Then we have come to an understanding,” the dark grey-furred male announced happily. “As a show of faith, do you have any questions where I might provide clarity?”
The two soldiers glanced at each other, Tech begrudgingly giving Willin the floor. He gestured to the smallest stack of papers. “Who is this? There’s next to nothing about him. Are you withholding information against your contract?”
The Grand Hunter smirked. “That, new ones, is all I could gather from my Blades.”
“You have Lilhuns disappearing in the room a moment after holding a knife to our throats, and they couldn’t scout a settlement?”
“Isn’t it interesting?”
“Enthralling,” Tech commented dryly. The male tapped a claw against his head.
“Think, new ones. What might render my Blades little more than a mild inconvenience?”
Willin’s eyes narrowed. “Other Blades? Better Blades?”
The dark grey-furred male held an expectant smile. “None have been seen, save for my kit.”
“Your kit’s mate is the Grand Hunter? I don’t see one Blade deterring this many,” he admitted, flicking through the pages. Overt, covert, and disguised. None got very far.
“Thus why I believe the male is owed a favour,” the Grand Hunter explained. “I gave them four Blades as a gift. They have become more.” A predatory look of elation cracked through the veneer. “There exists no better Sheath than a Blademaster. Let alone one who surpasses my methods. If she is to succeed me, I would rather no other to accompany her.”
“Says here that he’s an alien,” Willin noted aloud, trying not to voice his surprise. “I’m skeptical.”
“Oh, please do be. It will make hearing about what he asks of you that much more amusing.”
“Any ideas what he might look for from us?” Tech spat, still irritated.
“Oh, I might have an idea,” the male answered cryptically, sliding a small tablet of silver wood across the desk. Willin picked it up to inspect it, two foreign scripts scratched into the surface. With a questioning glance, the Grand Hunter nodded, Willin stashing the tablet into a pouch. “He seeks that which others might not, for reasons as foreign as he himself is. I have little doubt that something related to that trinket will be his wish.”
“Then why visit him last?” the purple-furred female pressed.
“Because it will influence his decision.”
“Which is enough reason for us,” Willin declared with a warning scowl at Tech. She held his gaze before looking away in annoyance.
“Then our meeting is finished,” the male announced, gesturing to the door. It opened, the whirring of servos giving way to the distant ambient chatter of the hallway. Two of the black leather-clad escorts entered the room and awaited them.
“Is there anything we should know that may have not made it to the report about him?” Willin asked before leaving, turning naught but an ear for the response.
The Grand Hunter hummed for a moment. “Do mind your manners surrounding his kit,” he offered. “Or do not, it matters little to me if you survive past honouring the agreement.”
Tech stopped at the doorway, glaring at the male as Willin exited. “We never did get your name.”
His brows raised in interest. “You saw my signature.”
“I would rather hear it from you,” she insisted coolly.
A toothy smile spread over the male’s muzzle. “Grand Hunter Trill; Blademaster of Avalon, Sire of Phantom, and—if I remember correctly—the Weighted Scale, Aspect of Balance.”
“’May he who barter with the Void fear its ire,’” she recited, conviction in her words.
“’Yet he who uphold bathes in its blessing,’ yes,” Grand Hunter Trill replied with a knowing look. “Consider it, new one. To be crushed under the obligations you fail to upkeep, or revel in that which you covet. Do be warned; though I let you and your party leave—” his eye gained a sharp edge. “You are never beyond my influence.”
“May the sun treat you well, Grand Hunter,” she replied tersely, spinning on her pad to leave. Willin glanced back as he waited for her to pass him, seeing nothing but the door closing behind her.
Their weapons were returned, each in the same state as they were confiscated, save for a familiar knife. He scowled as he shifted his footing to reveal that the comforting weight had been removed from his boot. He begrudgingly accepted the blade, tucking it back into the sheath as the Lilhun smirked at him, his mirth at the dark green-furred male’s displeasure evident.
They were escorted out of the shuttle, a pause afforded long enough for Willin to flick up his hood before they continued to the outermost edge of the settlement. As soon as they were outside of the fence, their escorts turned and quickly faded into the buildings.
A crackle came over the headset.
“Leader! Tech! We thought something may have happened,” Comms shouted into the earpiece, genuine worry coating his words.
“Were you unsuccessful?” Nav added, the sound of a small distance between speaker and microphone suggesting they were sharing.
Willin adjusted the strap of his rifle and started walking, Tech following after a lingering glance at the settlement. “We got what we came for, but it might have cost us.”
“It was simply a meeting, no?” Comms asked to clarify.
“If you can call being strung along by an Aspect ‘simple,’ then yes,” Tech growled.
“Balance,” Willin provided through a sigh. “Weighted Scale.”
“Receive your heart’s desire at a heavy sacrifice,” Nav commented after a moment, likely referencing something. “What did you give them?”
“Sovereignty and a favour to be paid out to another Grand Hunter.”
“That does not seem too unreasonable,” Comms voiced curiously.
“We’ll talk about it when we get back. I have a feeling that the hole was dug too deep to see the bottom quite yet.”
“There’s a battle brewing,” Tech notified the crew, adjusting her audio interface. For once, it was completely silent. “We got dragged into it.”
The short-wave fell silent.
“What do we do?” Comms questioned quietly, the crackle of the distortion pitching his voice slightly.
Willin snorted, exhaling slowly.
“We made a deal with Avalon, Comms. We honour the contract.”
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2023.06.01 10:30 perceptualmotion roofers did such a poor job i dont want them back in for repairs

Sorry for the long post.
We have an issue with our roof that we have recently had refurbished by a roofer, full refurbishment with new tiles, felts, insulation, and repair of all the rafters over the whole roof. Immediately after completion and signoff from our Architect I felt like they had done poor job. Peeking into the crawl space I could see that there were cut-offs of timber and insulation left just lying around on the ceiling. I took down a small patch of the ceiling as a peek hole so I could visually inspect and I could immediately see that the insulation was patchy and in spots I could see the glass-fibre from the gulley through the insulation which inevitably, when there is 2 degree water in the gulley and 20 degree air in the house and no insulation between, will lead to condensation.
We are doing a large renovation on the property and in the process of that the ceiling had to come down and it immediately has become clear that they did a terrible job. Our new builders (for the larger scope of the renovation) have said it looks really poor with the new rafters bearing on the old rafters (some of which are in a poor state) rather than the brick walls, our structural engineer has said it's structurally unsound and needs repairs to the structure to remedy this. In less than a year since completion, it has already sprung 3 leaks. In addition the insulation has been fitted incorrectly with gaps between the insulation and the rafters of about 10 cm in many places, and there are drainage issues.
As they did such a terrible job we are not really keen on having them back in to repair but rather want to clean slate and just start from scratch and rebuild the whole roof (which was what we had bought originally but as a layman reading a quote is difficult). Our concern is that if we let them come back in they'll just patch up the obvious issues and the remaining issues that we cannot see will manifest in the next 10 years and we'll need to redo it anyway. We feel like we're peeling a rotten onion where every layer we peel back, we discover multiple new issues that will cause problems down the road. I understand the normal procedure is to let them repair so we are wondering what our options are in terms of recouping some of the cost that we have sunk into this. We understand small claims is the route but don't know if we have any leg to stand on in terms of really not wanting the original roofers back in. We've tried to reach out to some legal professionals but so far cannot find anyone that will entertain a conversation around such a small amount.
Appreciate any advice.
EDIT: Sorry, this is in England!
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2023.06.01 10:06 Aditbajaj Mercedes a200, audi a4, 220i m sport pro???

Hi, planning on buying my first luxury car, Options are- A200 2023- very pretty, launched this month and feature rich but the engine with 163 hp makes me think I won't really be able to push it A4- depreciates alot but engine is better 220i m sport pro 2023- only issue is the model getting outdated or updated due to its old touch interface from 2021 bmw models All these cars cost around 63k usd with taxes here :/ Have the option of a c class'22, 1500kms driven but is it really worth the jump over the a class? (Would have to extend upto 70k for the c class, which is quite overbudget ngl)
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2023.06.01 07:33 Mr_DR_1 Trade in a beater for $10k or hand it off to younger brother?

Should I trade in my beat up car for $10k or just give it to my younger brother?
2017 Toyota Corolla LE 135k miles.
Front gasket oil leak, tires are nearly bald, brake pads haven't been replaced, car makes a sound when braking and doesn't always stop, transmission fluid has never been replaced, and I've driven it like a mad man.
Obviously in great condition it would be a hand it off type of situation but with the used car market being trash and a new Corolla costing way more than my 2017 I got for $16.5k brand new.... I'm not sure what to do.
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2023.06.01 07:19 WhatWhyEnumerator Is it possible to come back from cheating?

Long story short I sent a picture of my dick to someone I knew years ago earlier this month. My girlfriend found it. She wasn’t snooping through my phone looking for anything. But needless to say she is hurt and we have broken up. Is there anyway to win her back? I know it is completely my fault and she has asked me for space.
I sent her this message the other night. And have not heard anything from her. I understand that some might say it’s time to move on. But I cannot. I feel awful and ashamed for what I’ve done. I’ve never ever cheated on anyone before. Ever since I started TRT I have been extremely sexual and feel almost addicted to sex and I was weak one day and sent that picture. I guess how long should I give her before reaching out again? Should I reach out? Is it possible to heal and find love together again? Anyone have experience with trying again after infidelity?
I hope you had a good fun weekend at the wedding. I know you don’t want to hear from me. But I have been doing a lot of thinking and self reflection. I have made mistakes in our relationship. But It wasn’t always like this in the beginning. It has been a struggle due to my shortcomings and actions. I will rebuild the trust between us if you’ll have it. I will put in the effort and time required. I know it doesn’t seem possible. But I did it before with you. When we first started. I showed you effort and commitment and trustworthiness. I can do it again and keep doing it everyday. Falling in love isn’t a once and done. It’s something that’s chosen everyday. I got lazy and complacent and neglected us. Actions speak louder than words. And I am taking action. I’ve come up with an idea that I’m willing and capable of sticking to for us. I want you Parker and I’m willing to go down fighting tooth and nail for you. You are loved but you were not cherished. I failed and I won’t fail again. For rebuilding trust I will share proactively and transparently what is going on in my life and be consistent everyday with it. I will be reliable and stick to what I say I will do. I have started counseling to tease out why the cheating happened and improving my communication skills. I am dedicated to you. To us. To being the person you deserve to be with that supports and builds you. I am learning from my mistakes. You said that it didn’t seem healthy to continue with this weight over my head off having to prove myself. But we all do in every relationship. There is an aspect of trust that waxes and wanes. I will be a better person in every aspect. Not just with you but with strangers around me and on the internet. I have been working on redefining my values and priorities as it’s not something I’ve looked at in a while and I will change them to for an outline of who I want to be. We can be healthy. Because we have been before. I convinced you to date me once. To give me a chance. I don’t deserve it. But I ask that you give me once more. I will be completely transparent to you. About what happens at work. At the gym. With my family. With friends. With people I meet and speak to. About my sessions with my therapist and what we talk about. I will prove my trustworthiness to you. That means no white lies or half truths or omitting things even jokingly. I will always remember this. I will always try to live it down regardless. I will show you that I do want you. I want us. You mentioned that you didn’t want someone who just wanted to be with you because it was convenient. This is not convenient. It would be easier to just wash my hands call it a loss and move on without making any changes. This is a commitment to you. Proof to you that I am serious and that my feelings for you are real. This is no half measure. And you might have some anxiety, moments of doubt, and insecurity. We will address each of them as they come. And if it seems like it’s too hard to bring up the conversation in person whether there isn’t time or fear on confrontation. Then we will share a journal together where we can share our feelings safely. If we need a couples counselor then we’ll get one. No cost is too great or effort is to be spared. If it means canceling my gym membership to make more time for us, I’ll call them Tuesday when they open and cancel. I’ve thought about my previous relationships how I felt about them and why things didn’t work out and what happened between then and now. And I can say with certainty that I’ve never felt the way I do about you with anyone else. You asked once if there was someone that was the “perfect fit” for me before. I told you that there was once back in high school. Looking back. I realize I was in love with the idea of her. That it wouldn’t have worked. But you. The way you make me feel is different. I know it’s not an idea of you that I’m in love with. It is you. And even if it takes the few months or years or even till I’m old and gray to fix what I’ve done. I won’t regret any of it. Because it’d have been with you. There’s a style of pottery that I’ve always loved. Kitsugi. Broken pottery that are repaired with inlaid gold over months that are stronger and more beautiful for having been broken. You and I testaments to that. So too could our relationship. I’m not saying you have to make a decision next week or even next month. I’m asking you keep an open mind to the idea.
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2023.06.01 07:07 Shivaproducts01 Boosting Efficiency with Cartridge Heater: Reducing Energy Consumption in Heating Processes

Boosting Efficiency with Cartridge Heater: Reducing Energy Consumption in Heating Processes
For heating operations in a broad variety of sectors, such as injection moulding, packing, and sealing, Cartridge Heater are a common and widespread kind of heating equipment. Because of their reputation for great efficiency and precise temperature control, they are an excellent option for applications that call for heating components to achieve and maintain certain temperatures.
Cartridge Heater
The following are some tactics that may be used if you want to minimise the amount of energy that is consumed in heating operations:
Insulation should be optimised
Ensure that the heating equipment and the components that surround it are insulated in the appropriate manner. This limits heat loss to the environment, enabling the heater to run more effectively. It is possible to reduce the amount of energy that is lost by the use of insulation materials such as ceramic fibre, mineral wool, or high-temperature insulation blankets.
Use temperature controllers
Employing appropriate temperature controls helps maintain the optimum temperature level without unnecessary heating. This prevents the vehicle from overheating and reduces the amount of energy that is consumed. Temperature controllers of the modern period are able to give precise control and may be programmed to alter the degree of heating depending on the needs of the process.
Put in place different zones or partitions
Consider employing zoning or partitioning tactics in your heating process if it includes many portions or huge regions to be heated individually. This gives you the ability to heat just the portions that need it, while maintaining a lower temperature across the remainder of the room or even turning off the heaters entirely. You may considerably cut down on energy use if, rather of heating the whole area, you heat just certain zones inside it.
Choose heaters that are efficient in their use of energy
When shopping for a cartridge heater, be sure to choose ones that have a low impact on the environment. Look for heaters that have modern designs, high-quality insulation, and effective heating components. This will ensure that the heat is distributed evenly throughout the room. Not only do heaters that are efficient in their use of energy cut down on total energy consumption, but they also improve the overall performance of the heating processes in your home.
Time spent heating should be optimised
Analyse your heating process and determine if the heating time can be optimised. There is a possibility that the heaters are being run for longer periods of time than are required. You are able to cut energy consumption by determining and minimising the amount of needless heating time, which allows you to do so without compromising the effectiveness or quality of the process.
Regular maintenance
To guarantee the best performance from your heaters, proper maintenance is required. Always make sure the heaters and the areas around them are clean, check for any signs of damage or wear, and swiftly repair any components that are malfunctioning. A heater that has been properly maintained will function more effectively and will use less energy.
Optimisation of the process
Conduct a thorough analysis of your entire method of heating to locate any inefficiencies as well as potential growth areas. Things like insulation, air circulation, heat distribution, and methods for heat transmission should all be taken into consideration. You may realise larger energy savings and boost overall productivity if you optimise the process as a whole.
Implement automation and control systems
There is potential for large energy savings to result from the incorporation of automation and control technologies into the heating operations at your facility. These systems are able to monitor and regulate heating operations based on data collected in real time, making adjustments as necessary to achieve optimal levels of energy consumption. The elimination of human mistake and the maintenance of stable heating performance are two further benefits of automation when you purchase it from Cartridge Heater Manufacturers in India.
When it comes to heating operations that employ heaters, you may successfully cut down on the amount of energy that is consumed by applying these tactics. This will not only result in cost savings, but it will also help to sustainability initiatives by reducing the negative effect that your business activities have on the surrounding environment.
If you are looking for durable heating equipment then Shiva Products is the one-stop solution where you can any kind of heater making them an the ultimate Cartridge Heater Supplier in India.
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2023.06.01 07:03 caffinateddragon Libraries are Solarpunk as Heck

Not quite sure if the first one qualifies as solarpunk, but it's pretty neat. (Also not sure about which flair would apply for this post).
"Library cards are not required and readers don’t need to download an app." So basically, you could just be in Boston for a bit, get some books, and enjoy them wherever (for two weeks anyway). Not every library system has the funding for this type of thing, but if people fight for it you never know.
Portable solar powered libraries. Seriously, this one was fascinating.
I think Little Free Libraries are also pretty solarpunk too. There is an upfront cost though if you're starting your own. I think it'd be a good way to reach communities that are very remote, or people that for whatever reason, cannot access their local library (or maybe one does not exist in their area). Or heck, maybe there can be a Little Free Library for banned books. I've never seen one for tools though, so that's something to ask this organization about. Doesn't hurt to try, right?
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2023.06.01 07:02 TheIrrelevantWitness Toyota 86

Can anyone offer insight or reviews on 2017/2018 models?
Fairly sure I'm going through a mid life crisis (40f) but I'm liking the 2 door option sporty look, reliability of toyota Toyota. The manual transmission not so much.
I've come across some BMW/Audi options but with no local dealer I'm hesitant.
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2023.06.01 06:48 VerbingWeirdsLang All Korok Seed Inventory Slot Upgrades/Costs

To fully upgrade your inventory you will need 421 Korok Seeds/1000 Korok Seeds.

Bow Upgrade Slot Korok Seeds Weapon Upgrade Slot Korok Seeds Shield Upgrade Slot Korok Seeds
1 x1 1 x1 1 x1
2 x2 2 x2 2 x2
3 x3 3 x3 3 x3
4 x5 4 x5 4 x4
5 x8 5 x8 5 x5
6 x12 6 x12 6 x10
7 x17 7 x17 7 x10
8 x25 8 x25 8 x10
9 x35 9 x35 9 x10
10 x45 10 x10
11 x15
12 x15
13 x15
14 x15
15 x15
16 x20
Total 108 seeds 153 seeds 160 seeds
Where to find Hestu (video guide):
Where to find Hestu (article):
Hestu's three locations: southeast of Lindor's Brow Tower, Lookout Landing, Korok Forest after saving the Deku Tree from the gloom.

For those who want to compare Breath of the Wild's inventory expansion costs:
Weapons (x11): 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 25, 35, 45, 55 [Total: 208 Korok Seeds]
Bows (x8): 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 12, 17, 25 [Total: 73 Korok Seeds]
Shields (x16): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 10, 10, 10, 10, 15, 15, 15, 15, 15, 20 [Total: 160 Korok Seeds]
You needed a grand total of 441 Korok Seeds out of 900 to complete your inventory.
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2023.06.01 06:31 Brilliant-Pen4954 The girls were groomed

They were being subjected to cult brainwashing techniques.
Isolation from friends and family, humiliation rituals, love bombing and verbal abuse, physical exhaustion, lack of adequate sleep, poor nutrition, a mysterious and forceful charismatic leader "Jason Goldstriker", a "good cop" (Jet), keeping the door to leave open at all times but presenting a carrot to keep them in (money, love-bombing) so they were psychologically persuaded to choose to stay.
The TTS and the chime acted as a thought disruptor, it kept them from being able to think during the lulls and from communicating with each other properly. Any TTS that might snap them out of it (e.g. "what if your mother saw that?") was manually filtered by the production crew so that only messages that are either meaningless, encouraging them to keep going or general abuse get through.
They developed Stockholm Syndrome and wanted to stay (partly due to sunk cost fallacy) and forced themselves through a series of more intense humiliation rituals to prove themselves.
After enough trauma and exhaustion is inflicted the victim loses their sense of self, they begin to identify with their victimizer and the cult then rebuilds them as something that can service them.
The "streaming boot camp" offer proves it. He likely wants to keep Josie to get her to sign a predatory contract that charges usurious fees for their "help" in learning how to stream, including renting out space and equipment in their studio.
She's perfect for them since she is autistic, easily influenced by strong personalities, gullible, ignorant and desperate to escape poverty.
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2023.06.01 05:55 tossedout1978 Ballpark price for this

Ballpark price for this
I know this isn't a super difficult project for you professionals. I'm just kind of curious what it would have cost to pay someone to do it.
Water damage and termite damage, remove siding, house wrap, build support wall inside, remove window, remove OSB sheathing (stapled in), remove All the rot- 2x12 header, studs, top plates were trashed... install new double top plate, reframe, resheath, rewrap, reinstall window.
Not including drywall.
I'm not asking anyone to waste a ton of time doing a full-blown estimate, just curious about a price range shooting from the hip.
Thanks all. (Picture after demo just about complete, prior to rebuild)
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2023.06.01 05:40 dki9st New to the group and need some advice!

I live in the south, specifically the Houston, TX area, and have very recently discovered how much this sucks. I first found lesions maybe 10+ years ago, and found out it was HS by talking to a friend about it, and he told me that he had HS and described his condition and it was a revelation! I had the same thing he was describing, although he was 10 years older and his condition was much more advanced. He was bedridden much of the time, with painful tunneling lesions all over his waistline and groin/butt region. In fact, that's why I went to his house to see him, as he couldn't go out anymore like we used to.
Since then I talked to a doctor about it and started medicating with topical antibiotics, maybe 7 or 8 years ago. Once I got married, almost 5 years ago, I had insurance, and went to a dermatologist, who it turned out had HS himself. He started me on a twice a day Doxycycline regimen, along with Clindamycin pads for flareups. That worked for me for years, and I slowly weaned myself down to once a day Doxycycline, as he had cautioned that it was bad for my system long term.
Fast forward to about two years ago, we had the freeze which flooded our house and had to rebuild the inside. We decided to switch to a cheaper HMO insurance due to all the extra costs associated with that, and that Dr was no longer in network. This was fine until recently, with the seasonal weather change.
With winter over and summer approaching, I started having flareups again. Not the normal one or two a year type that respond to Clindamycin if I catch it and fade away in a week, but a big major lesion on my waistline where my pants ride. It was like a big grapefruit hanging off one side of my tummy, and it hurt! Clindamycin didn't work, it even seemed to make it angrier. I doubled up on my Doxycycline dosage again for the first time in years. Nothing helped. This thug grew and got so painful that I couldn't work, couldn't wear normal clothes, couldn't go outside. It grew for weeks, then finally burst and bled out a bit, providing some relief. That was about a month ago, based on how many packs of bandaging I've gone through since, and the other day, I felt it finally drained enough that it's almost back to my normal skin size.
But I've noticed other flareups around my body since, especially nearby the original one, which I felt I could feel it tunneling under my skin to other spots, specifically in my groin/thigh region, and down lower to between by balls and my anus. An old flareup, one of my originals from years ago, on my neck has also become inflamed and started smelling something awful. Again, I'm self-conscious and don't want to be out among people, either working or socializing. It's wreaking havoc on my mental health.
The earliest appointment with a dermatologist is a month away, and I'll have to explain and start all over with them to figure out a course of treatment. I'm worried the flareups will be done by then and the Dr will have nothing to go on so no reason to suspect HS and do nothing effective anyway.
Meanwhile my friends and family probably wonder why I'm not around anymore. My sex life with my wife has definitely suffered, although she's slowly coming to understand how bad this can be. Without working I feel she respects me less, although overall we're okay financially.
Basically, I hate it all. What can I do?
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2023.06.01 05:39 websterize Breaking in a new charging port

Breaking in a new charging port
TL;DR: My i3 displays "Unable to charge" faults during DC charging sessions. I'm unsure why.
Over the holiday weekend, my kids and I took a 675-mile road trip to visit family. We set out in ideal conditions (75ºF, calm wind, <70 mph) to achieve maximum range in a 2020 i3 S BEV, which I recently purchased as a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle still under the factory warranty. We also broke in a new charging port that BMW replaced after delivery under its "Goodwill Program." A plastic tip on one of the DC pins broke off, and out of pocket, replacing the port — BMW doesn't repair parts — would have cost $2,500. (
We charged four times on the outbound leg and four times on the inbound, alternating between 15-minute boosts and 30- to 40-minute food breaks. Driving and fast charging the 337 miles to Grandpa's took 7 hours and 3 minutes. (My daughter was the official timekeeper.) Our moving time was about 5.5 hours. I used Active Cruise Control extensively, setting the speed between 65 and 70 m.p.h. with an average consumption of 3.6 miles/kWh.
On half of the eight fast-charging sessions — three with Electrify America and one with EVgo — the car displayed an "Unable to charge" fault on the iDrive screen a few minutes after initiation. The mobile apps of each provider also showed a communication error between the charger and the i3. When I went outside to investigate each time, the DC charge was running strong. At one of the EA sessions where the fault appeared, the car charged at its maximum 50 kW rate for several minutes near the end, tapering at 86% state of charge. So the electrons were flowing.
I'll likely schedule an appointment at the local BMW i service center that replaced the port so they can read the error codes and tell me nothing is wrong.
We experienced an unusually BMW i intense road trip. Driving home today, at the beginning of the journey, my kids and I passed a white i8 in Ashtabula County, Ohio, where their grandfather lives. My hair almost caught on fire at the site in this rural area. I flashed the high beams, but he stayed dark. As he approached, he appeared to be looking down and might have been texting.
Then, 75 miles from home in Western Maryland, a white i3 with 20-inch Sport wheels passed as if we were plodding at 70 mph on I-70. My son's hair almost caught on fire. He misses the 2018 white i3 S, which he called Panda, that I recently sold to another father who has a boy his age.
Finally, at the last charging stop today, and as we pulled out, a Tesla Model 3 with blue brake calipers backed into the Electrify America fast charger in Bedford, Pa. It has three CCS stations and one CCS/CHAdeMO combo unit. It was the first time I'd seen a Tesla at that location. I wondered if the driver had an adapter. Waiting for traffic before pulling out, I glanced in the rearview mirror and saw the Tesla driver holding a CCS gun near the charging-port flap, tapping it. When my son was a toddler, he would tap my hand with his empty sippy cup when he needed a refill. I smiled at the memory and conjured some EV mojo, hoping she had enough juice to make it to the Breezewood Supercharger 30 minutes away.
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