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2017.04.19 03:56 heavy-vinyldotcom heavy-vinyl.com: heavy metal vinyl and cassette online store and media outlet

www.heavy-vinyl.com Heavy Vinyl and Cassettes is an online music store based in Lewisville, North Carolina which focuses solely on selling new heavy metal records and cassettes, with a special focus on underground and unsigned doom, sludge, psych and retro metal. Contact us: Email: [email protected] Facebook: www.facebook.com/heavyvinylandcassettes

2023.03.31 23:09 KittyKat8299 Giving Away Shoes On Marketplace And Dude Doesn’t Understand Basic English: PS I Think He Only Added The Last Part To Make Me Feel Bad

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2023.03.31 22:57 WildHealth Property rental in this country is RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.

Idk how people think it's ok to charge 25k per month for a 1 bedroom house that's 45 minutes away from the city and 10 minutes walk from the highway!
I'm sad and angry that this place is built for foreigners.
At our local property listing marketplace on Facebook group, all the locals can afford are those tiny native shacks in unsafe locations that are 4-8k a month.
I wish foreigners would realize that they're destroying our rental market and stop paying these inflated prices,
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2023.03.31 22:51 heartsday Is this too good to be true? 2001 Tioga for 1.5k

Is this too good to be true? 2001 Tioga for 1.5k
Hi everyone! I am very new to this, but considering purchasing an RV as I am a remote employee and can work from anywhere. I saw this on Facebook Marketplace and it seems too good to be true - can someone with more (or any lol) expertise let me know your thoughts?
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2023.03.31 22:50 alejandro_bear Where to sell a gaming PC?

I want to sell my gaming PC as I’m not using it and I don’t know where. Facebook marketplace just seems a place where I can get scammed.
Any ideas?
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2023.03.31 22:44 TACOBELL2111111 Where to sell pc parts?

Anybody know what are some good apps or websites to sell? I’ve already checked our Facebook Marketplace, EBay, Craigslist, Mercari, and Poshmark. Are there any others that I should consider listing my pc at?
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2023.03.31 22:43 user4969 I got stood up :(

I was talking to a seller off of Facebook Marketplace and they were supposed to drop the car off at my house last week and never came..
Do I bother texting them or move on to a new seller??
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2023.03.31 22:19 safelyhq-com Scam, False Advertising, Facebook Scam, Delivery - Maxton, North Carolina - I seen add on Facebook for this merchandise ordered 3pair payed with a vanilla gift card they took the money off never sent me a tracking numbe... #scam #falseadvertising #facebookscam #delivery

I seen add on Facebook for this merchandise ordered 3pair payed with a vanilla gift card they took the money off never sent me a tracking number proof of money I sent in so waiting for 5 days nothing waited for 5more nothing add went off phone an just now found it again they scammed me an took my money I want something done or my merchandise never sent info of my order or tracking number as they said they would iv waited now going on three weeks for my merchandise still haven’t received my three pairs of garments
Read full report here
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2023.03.31 22:09 Meowlik Having trouble picking an ebike for commuting and errands. Any suggestions?

Hey folks! I'm in the market for an ebike! I got into my first car accident over the weekend which resulted in my car being totaled. At this point I think I'm done with car ownership for a while and want to switch to an ebike and bus as my main form of transport.
I'm looking for something reliable but not terribly expensive.
Budget; $2k-$3k ideal, $4k MAX
Speed; 20-28 ideal. I'm not sure if faster speed is considered better.
Purpose; commuting 3 miles to and from work, plus errands including grocery runs. Possibly the occasional driving around of a friend.
Biking conditions; paved streets and bike paths. I live in the Midwest so it snows through a large chunk of the year. I'm willing to take the bus if needed in the winter.
I'd also like to be able to get the bike serviced if I need it. I'm somewhat familiar with servicing my fixed speed bike, but I'm less confident with servicing something with a motor
So far I've been looking at Trek brand bikes, as well as Aventon. I also briefly looked at Cero and Rad. It seems like there are a lot of choices!
Additionally, what does anybody think about buying an ebike second hand? I've seen some on Facebook marketplace that seem nice.
Thank you in advance!
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2023.03.31 21:56 i-think-its-fine Jumped/Assaulted by Youths (warning/question)

Before you read I just want to put out a disclaimer - I am sharing my story and putting out a warning in hopes that no one experiences what happened to me a few weeks ago. I am not here to be criticized on how I handled this situation, I am human and I recognize my mistakes. I am thankful for EPS’ support in this case, stick around at the end if you’re able to help me answer some law-related questions.
I was selling my old iphone on FB Marketplace, a place I have sold loads of stuff with no problems before. I like to think I am very aware when it comes to online scams and things that are fishy. If you’re familiar with selling on Facebook, there are loads of people who lowball or just seem plain weird so I always avoid those interactions. For reference, I am a young adult female. Long story short, one of the people who messaged me for my phone appeared to be a young male and the interaction seemed genuine. We scheduled the details I.e. payment method and pick up for the following day at my home as their preferred drop off location was out of the way (yes, I know this is my first mistake not just meeting in a public place).
A young male came to my home to purchase the phone which I was expecting, as during the interaction on FB he mentioned he needed to confirm with a parent the price of the phone was okay. Red flag #1 was that he showed up alone without parents, although my first thought was maybe they were parked down the road or in front of my driveway waiting for him (couldn’t see from my porch).
The kid inspected the phone as a buyer would and was blown away with the price and how pristine it was despite a camera issue (which I wanted to make sure buyers were aware of). I was making conversation with the kid and was curious as to why he would want one with a glitched camera, he stated he just needed a new phone right away (I assumed he busted his old one). Red flag #2 was when he started to act nervous and pulled out a pristine iPhone and asked if I would take PayPal. I told him on FB we agreed on e-transfer and that would be the only method I would accept besides cash. He got real weird and kept asking for PayPal and at this point he was still holding my phone. A second later he turned from my steps and said “oh, thanks for the phone!!”, pocketed it and he started to run away. Without thinking, I started to chase him down the path near my house which lead to a back alley, however I was only wearing slide sandals and my jacket was barely on.
As I chased him I pulled out my own phone to record him running away from me. As I made it to the end of the path connecting to the back alley, I was hit with what I thought was pepper spray (later on the cops found out it was bear spray). I was still recording and I fully got the kid spraying me on camera and realized there weren’t just 2 people involved, there was 2 more boys behind the fence as well who had already started running towards a main road. To my luck, I dodged most of the spray with the help of some wind as well and only took a bit to the nose which burned and made me cough. I recorded the 4 youth running down the back alley towards the main road and began to call the cops as I followed them to the main road. They ran in front of traffic to a near by church, luckily as I was talking to the operator on the phone, I know my neighbourhood area well enough to know the only place they could escape was through a ravine.
I waited at the church for an officer to arrive while other officers tracked down the kids. While waiting and providing a statement, I realized how damn lucky I was to have not been hit badly with the spray and the fact that I had full video footage which helped me and the cops with the descriptions of the kids.
In the end, I waited an hour and a half with the officer and the other cops ended up taking dogs into the ravine and caught all 4 of them.
I was asked on the spot it I wanted to press charges and as someone who doesn’t know a ton about the law and prosecution process I was a bit puzzled on what to do. The officer I was with mentioned it was something I needed to decide right away. My biggest concern was that these kids would end up with some kind of charge whether it was me or the police who pressed them. The officer was convinced they would press if I didn’t do I said I wasn’t going to.
After taking time to process the event that night and talking to some family, I decided I wanted to press charges. I went the the police station the next day and all they could tell me was that the 4 youth were charged for assault with a weapon and that I may receive more info in the mail. The officer I was with the night before dropped off the iPhone they stole to my home but I was not home to receive it, my parents were.
This situation still weighs on my brain and I still find myself thinking about the youth and where they are now. This can’t be something they have done for the first time especially if they were set up like that to begin with.
Questions: 1. Does anyone know if I’m supposed to get some kind of a summary of how the case was handled/charges in the mail? The officer at the station mentioned potentially getting a subpoena but how long does that take?
  1. I understand the youth would be protected under the YCJA, where would these kids be now after their charge? I still wonder and worry now that they know where I live I could see them again.
Thanks for listening to my situation. Edmonton has been going through lots of scary stuff recently. I am a teacher and lots of similar situations have been happening at school with our kids as well. Crazy the kids who did this to me were around the age that I teach.
I hope this never happens to any of you and hopefully bringing some awareness will help others stay safe. I now know of buy and sell locations at police stations and will use these in the future!
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2023.03.31 21:33 Advanced-Weird-9530 [fluff] iPhone 5S iOS 7 bought on Facebook marketplace for $10 dollars Touch ID does not work but it is in excellent condition and has been used very little since the battery has around 17 charge cycles

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2023.03.31 21:33 yared_cf2 Guitar only works with TRS cable?

Hey everyone
I was taking a look at facebook marketplace and I found an Ibanez 121 grg (price is in MXN). I contacted the seller and we agreed to meet tomorrow, but he mentioned that the guitar only works with TRS cable (stereo). I've been playing guitar for 15 years now and this is the first time that I hear something like that.
It's making me have second thoughts about buying this guitar
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2023.03.31 21:24 FollowsClose Facebook Marketplace Find

Facebook Marketplace Find
I was second in line for this marketplace add. I assured the seller that I would beat any other offer. I offered to pay $1,000 sight unseen, and up to $2,000 if the figs where a plenty. I ended up loosing it. I was bummed as I am a huge medieval fan and this lot appeared to have some great castles that are on my want list.
originally posted for $1234, I was second in line
My luck changed as the next day I discovered the buyer that beat me to the lot was flipping it for a quick profit. I reached back out to the original seller and he let me know that he sold the lot for $1,000 to a guy named ******. With this information in hand I went to inspect the lot.
Upon arriving I asked if I could have 10-15 minutes to take a look in the bins. The first tub I found not one, not two, but four goats! This was all the confirmation I needed that this lot has not been picked through. I spent about 10 minutes quickly looking over each of the 19 tubs then made him an offer.
goats a plenty
I unloaded the bins in the garage and the tubs sat there for a few days anticipating when I could start cataloging and assembling the medieval sets.
19 tubs of goodness
While the tubes where still in the garage I opened up each tub one by and:
  1. Pulled out the minifigs and sorted them by theme.
  2. Assessed the cleanliness of the pieces. All 17 tubs (2 had instructions) had very clean blocks. No pet hair. No clone brands. This was a very clean lot! I do not need to wash any of these blocks.
  3. Took note of what sets I saw and the completeness of each.
  4. Left everything but the figs in the tub.
medieval figs from the first 10 tubs
The first set I pulled from the lot was 6086. This set was mostly contained in a single large baggie. The only missing pieces where the figures and a few weapons, which I located them all in just two different bins. See the white and yellow feathers!
100% complete 6086 (no instructions)
Another largish set that was in a baggie was 7097. The only pieces I had to hunt for where the Crown Knight figures and a few weapons.
7097-1: Trolls Mountain Fortress
At this point I have about 4 hours invested in this lot. I decided to build the 80s sets that where all mixed in one tub. I ended up building 6054 early as I wanted to see how it compared to the recent 40567.
6054-1: Forestmen's Hideout
Another oldie: 6066: Camouflaged Outpost. Missing just two feathers that I hope to find elsewhere.
6066-1: Camouflaged Outpost
At this point I was six hours in and I finished up the remaining small sets in the 1980s tub.
1596-1: Ghostly Hideout
6034-1: Black Monarch's Ghost
At this point I had all the tubs in the Lego room. I had started to co-locate sets into trays and store the trays in the tubs where possible. Through this process I identified the following sets:
initial assumption of medieval sets in the lot
I also had instructions for almost all the medieval sets.
medieval-ish instructions
I started this phase of the project by building the sets that I am missing from the Kingdoms and Crown Knights' lines. This went quickly as each of the follow sets had a least three copies.
6918: Blacksmith Attack
7949: Prison Carriage Rescue
7950: Knight's Showdown
70400: Forest Ambush
After about 8 hours in; I have over $1,000 in sets sorted out from this lot. I enjoy this side of the hobby so much more that buying the latest and greatest set.
Next up - a few late 80s set that will be sold to go towards paying for this lot:
... then some more recent sets that I also will be selling as I have no need for duplicates:
To be continued...
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2023.03.31 21:22 Rogaine-Lettuce Suzuki gs500

Looking at this on facebook marketplace, price is good and bike looks clean. Any opinions on why I should or shouldn't get it? Just looking for a cheap way to get back into riding. Power is not a huge concern.
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2023.03.31 20:15 zozeedoo Dad won't pick up his stuff after protection order

Asking on behalf of my mom, and location is NC. She was able to get a protection order against my dad; the year long one went into effect on 2/27/23. She had the 1 week protection order in place on 2/20/23, and he came to pick up toiletries, a miniscule fraction of his clothes, and his computemost of his tech related stuff with a cop on 2/20. He hasn't set up a forwarding address so she's still getting his mail, and all his tax documents are in his office still. He's perfectly capable of coming to get his stuff, no physical limitations and he supposedly still has a WFH job which is very flexible.
My question is, is my mom just stuck with his stuff if he won't pick it up? We don't know his new phone number, so neither my siblings nor I can get in touch with him to ask him to come get anything. The entire garage is filled with thousands of dollars of tools, there are 4 contractor bags filled with clothes, and most of the furniture is his (my mom moved out briefly in 2021 and he replaced most of the furniture). She's going to ask the DA to ask him to come get his crap, and she could probably ask them this same question. But what would the consequences be if his stuff found it's way to FB marketplace or goodwill in 6 months? (assuming he sobers up long enough to do anything about it)
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2023.03.31 20:11 collectorguy92 Stumbled onto a listing selling an out-of-business children’s play area on Facebook Marketplace and it gives strong Backroom energy

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2023.03.31 19:41 spacemanvt Recommendations on where to buy a used car?

Apologies for the random question. I just moved to the area and need to get a car or SUV in good shape. Looking to spend 10-15k. Where else should I look or am I better off just searching in Orlando?
However, there doesn't seem to be much selection on Facebook marketplace. What other websites should I be using to look for stuff?
Thanks in advance.
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2023.03.31 19:29 ashphxdel Why is it always Facebook marketplace

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2023.03.31 19:27 Ironjosh321 Look what I found on Facebook marketplace… Description was “Custom made prime chain. Only 1 in the world “

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2023.03.31 19:22 RevolutionaryNose250 Is the keyboard and build quality of an E595 and L390 comparable to a T480s

So I've drank the ThinkPad Kool-Aid, after buying my first ThinkPad earlier this year, and of course, I want more.
I've found two killer deals on Facebook Marketplace for an E595 and an L390, I was just wondering if they're similar, in terms of their keyboards and build quality, to my T480s, which I really, really like.
I'm interested in the E595 because it's got almost the same components as my cheap and flimsy plastic ASUS VivoBook with a Ryzen 7 3700U which has a decent iGPU for some post 2010 gaming. I want an L390 to use in tent mode with my custom-built mechanical keyboard for work, but I'm still hoping these two machines have the same amazing keyboard as my T480s.
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2023.03.31 19:20 AffectionateJelly389 Should I buy 2004 wrx

Should I buy 2004 wrx
My friend is looking at buying a 2004 Wrx as his first car and found this on Facebook can some one help me and him and give us some feed back on the car and if it’s a good deal or not
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2023.03.31 19:09 shemulgomes Agriverse platform utilizes web3.0..................................

Agriverse platform utilizes web3.0, IoT, and AI to provide a realistic solution for users and allow them to offset their carbon footprint
Agriverse allows users to own virtual land, crops, and livestock as NFTs.
website : https://theagriverse.com $AV #Theagriverse #Elonmusk #Bscchain #NFT #Gems
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2023.03.31 18:53 lumenpumpkin Lorna Shore April 1st

Is anyone here going to see Lorna tomorrow in Greensboro NC? I’m just trying not to be completely alone so if anyone here doesn’t mind keeping someone a bit of company that’d be nice. Lmk.
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