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2012.04.22 22:16 Natv Beautiful wallpapers with heartfelt quotes

Lovely wallpapers with inspiring quotes.

2017.11.28 02:07 feminineslime DeGoogle - expel Google from your life

Expel Google from your life. You deserve to live a sustainable, private, self-sufficient and independent life. Don't let anyone take this from you. We are currently losing the battle.

2023.05.31 06:00 Peacock803 Update After my 2021 ID.4 was Totaled

Update After my 2021 ID.4 was Totaled
After hours of research and all the feedback I received a couple weeks ago I decided to upgrade my totaled 2021 Pro S to a 2023 Pro S. I’m loving it so far. I have two questions and I’m hoping for some help:
1) is there a way to turn off the profile confirmation that comes on every time I get in the car?
2) is there a way to permanently delete the “license expired” notification?
In case anyone is interested attached are the photos after my accident. Part of the reason I stuck with the ID.4 is how safe it felt.
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2023.05.31 05:59 Born-Entertainer-495 Can anyone explain what CRIS means in this USCIS news? Any explanation would be welcomed.

Can anyone explain what CRIS means in this USCIS news? Any explanation would be welcomed.
Hello everyone, after seeing the processing time change on I-130 tab for everyone today, I went ahead and check some USCIS news on their own website, then I can up with this. Can anyone explain what this mean?
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2023.05.31 05:58 GrayTabby47 Rover Support put me in an uncomfortable situation of leaving me alone in an apartment with a male stranger

I'm a new cat sitter on the Rover app. My first few clients have all been spectacular, but now I'm running into my first problem. I had a new client reach out to me for a booking and he informed me he might have to extend his trip during it. The initial booking went smoothly despite the questionable meet & greet (nothing questionable in concerns to safety, he was just very rude and had me unnecessarily come back when he had a spare key and left me sitting around so he could socialize/make calls during our two meet & greets), so I decided I would go ahead and continue to do visits for him. He sent me a request for a new booking and I booked it right away. A few hours later he suddenly informed me he is going to have a male friend staying over in his apartment for the next few days. He asked me to leave the door unlocked when I left so the friend could enter afterwards. He also told me the friend would try not to be there during the day so I wouldn't encounter him during my visits (the whole situation seemed strange, but okay...). Admittedly, I was very uncomfortable with having a male stranger being around suddenly dumped on me only after I made the booking, but since he made it sound like the guy wouldn't be there I decided to just begrudgingly go along with it.
So the night I was supposed to start leaving the door unlocked arrived (I normally visit in the afternoons but the client was aware I would be stopping by later in the evening that one time due to an obligation I had that day). My instructions the night prior were to leave the door unlocked for the friend and message the client when I left so the friend could come over. A few minutes into the visit I noticed the lights on the balcony suddenly turned on and off a few times (think of how people signal each other with flashlights) and then they just went from being off to on. I know my client can control lights and music remotely with Alexia or something along the lines of that, so that's when I started to suspect he might be signaling someone to come in because that seemed awfully strange. I'm also aware clients get a little notification on the app as soon as a drop in visit starts, so the timing was awfully suspicious since I had only been there for a few minutes. Sure enough there was a knock at the door a minute later. I was so uncomfortable and frightened as a woman alone in an apartment with an unknown man on the other side of the door, that I would not open the door. I called my husband feeling distressed and he came to the apartment building to make sure I was able to leave safely. I would like to add I am someone with a history of sexual harassment/assault and stalking, so I am especially sensitive to being put into a situation like this. I called Rover Support to talk to them about being uncomfortable to continue doing these drop in visits after having my client both only inform me about the guy after I confirmed the booking and also lied to me about when the guy would be coming over. I was basically lured into an apartment alone at night to have a male stranger show up. I felt incredibly unsafe and rightfully so. Rover Support was not willing to help me get out of the booking right this second. They expect me to confront the guy about what happened and have him sort out having a friend or relative come over to continue the visits for me. I don't feel comfortable confronting him at all and I did let them know that. I brought up I didn't think reaching out to someone who both hid things from me until it was convenient and then lied to me in a manner that compromised my safety was something that would go over smoothly. I kept getting sympathetic responses that only rerouted to me confronting him and then calling them back if the confrontation didn't work out.
I'm just staring at my phone dumbfounded having no idea what to do. I started to write a message to him about the situation, but then I panicked and deleted it without sending it. I feel disrespected, lied to and abandoned. I really don't think I can bring myself to message him about it after how rude he has been to me this whole time (which I also informed Support about), but at the same time I'm really scared to show up tomorrow because apparently I can't trust this guy won't actually not be there. I don't know what I'm going to do.
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2023.05.31 05:58 Dramatic_Highway126 I broke up with my boyfriend of 7 months today

This was my second relationship. My first relationship lasted twice as long. This relationship took me by surprise, and as they usually are the beginning was good. I love him. I do. But I couldn't ignore the red flags anymore. I felt like my social circle was getting smaller and he would get irrationally angry at small things and we would fight and say things we didn't mean. Fights were intense, threats of breaking up, screaming, crying, the whole kitchen sink. Not healthy, I know. Something in me decided today was the day to pull the plug, we had a small skirmish and something told me it was over. When I was able to see him in person I ended it and he exploded. He wouldn't let me leave and he stole my phone and threatened to break it. I yelled at someone to pull over so he would let me leave. I had been crying so hard I threw up. When I was hunched over outside his fingers traced my spine to let me know he was still there. It was so gentle and it's all I can think about. I know I did what's right, I know it needed to happen. But I can't help but miss him and the comfort he would bring me right now. I'm so distraught and sad and tired I want nothing more than to fall asleep in his arms right now. All my friends could see this relationship had been tearing me apart. I don't want to disappoint them by getting back together with him, I know it's not healthy.
Is it possible for him to change eventually? I don't know. I'd like to pretend he'll grow outside of this relationship and maybe one day we can get back together. I miss him. I'm so lost.
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2023.05.31 05:58 Wonderful_Pitch2760 You Tube Premium, Disney plus Turkey Plan

So many reddit posts had already commented the register of Youtube premium and disney plus Turkey. My experience for registering youtube premium and disney plus Turkey are summarized below for reference (for somehow i must give credits to some of the reader's post because i take reference to them and trial and errors):
  1. An android phone should be used in the first place, delete disneyplus and youtube apps if installed in an android phone, completely clear the concerned data.
  2. now please set up a new google account.
  3. After 2, go to the apps store, select turkey for the country for payment. No address is required to be entered.
  4. Now download back disneyplus and youtube. Register under your new email account.
  5. You should pay under the play store in the android phone.
  6. You could see the currency should be changed from your home country currency to TLY. No VPN is required.
  7. Then after finishing paying, you are charged with TLY but not your home currency. Install back the apps in your Iphone (if any) and you will login successfully. Happy Enjoying.
I don't know whether Argentina or India or even others could perform this function.
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2023.05.31 05:57 flyingMarshmallow_7 Stray adopted puppy bite

I recently adopted a stray puppy. He is now 2 months old, We got him when he was 1 1/2 months old (which means he spent his early life with other stray dogs) because his leg was injured and he was looking bad. We took him to vet and he is doing much better now. The vet said he is still very young for the rabies vaccination so he hasnt got the vaccine yet. This morning i was playing with him, teaching him the "drop it" command, he accidentally bit my hand a little too hard and there was a tiny bit blood. I am going to get the vaccine today just in case and because my mother wprries a lot. I read that chances of rabies in such young puppies are negligible but also read an article about a man contracting it from a 2 month old puppy. He is a stray so im not sure what to think....i am not worried about myself since i can just get the vaccine.. I am worried about him getting sick because of my carelessness. I am panicking to the point of tears, i dont want him to die he is a beautiful little pup and so there anything i/vet can do to save him? is he going to be ok? i will really appreciate the help.
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2023.05.31 05:56 SpacemaniaXu TIFU by not paying attention

Tonight I write this in bed while laugh-crying at my predicament and waiting for my meds to kick in. I hope I can complete this before the stronger stuff kicks in, so please forgive me ify spelling or grammar degrades as this goes on.
Now let me paint a background for you. I'm a Pharmacy Technician in my late 30s who has a decade of experience. I have spent the last half of that time trapped in my job without a meaningful vacation with my wife mostly due to the big C as a primary reason for the drought. In that time, I have puttered away poring pills and building medication packs for the community. My job is making sure every pill for every patient is dosed correctly and taken at the right time. After all, the difference between medicine and poison is: dosage.
This goes for myself as well, I would put my own compliance package as a medium difficulty due to the wide variety I take. Migraines, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Mental Health are just a few conditions to name so a missed or double dose has the potential to cause quite a problem with compounding interest if it isn't corrected immediately. Having made this mistake to myself in my youth, I have very uncomfortable memories to remind me why compliance packaging done by our dispensary is built and scrutinized so thoroughly.
With the seriousness of my job in one hand, and the seriousness of my conditions in the other hand, surely I would take my own compliance packaging the most serious of all. Right?
Well, it would seem that even a Pharmacy Tech has that annoying flaw that all professionals seems to have. A high standard for quality control for everyone... But themselves... Because Today, I was an extra special case of fucked up!
When I built my second pack for the trip, I made a mistake. I didn't put in my propranolol in at all. This is a cornerstone treatment to PREVENT MIGRAINES. Considering it's the only teal colored tablet in my packt, let alone blue or green in shading, a rational person would think that such a striking omission would be noticed.
Again, I am my own special case of dumbass. I do as many others do, just blindly take pills without much thought. So clearly because I'm writing this, I found out the hard way on the first day. Right?
Again, Technician Dumbass over here didn't pay attention. I decided to attribute my migraine from traveling up and down rough roads and roaming in and out of storms in top of eating foods I'm not used to, all classic migraine triggers that can break through my prevention routine. It's a sad fact but very few gets 100% prevention efficacy so this theroy is very plausible. So by day two or three I would be suspicious of an unresolved migraine or SEE THE MISSING PILL. RIght?
NOPE! Pharm McDumbass me missed it, AGAIN. How could this happen? My heart should be doing the headless chicken dance from withdrawal by now. Well, yes it absolutely did! In what possible reality could I not notice such a profound symptom?
Because to fight the migrane, I take ever increasing amounts of caffeine! So my McBrain determined that to be why it was weird. Again, perfectly reasonable assumption! Surely however with both my head and heart getting progressively worse to the point where I am having anxiety, heart palpitations, a resting heart rate of 90-110, a throbbing arterial pulse from neck to temple, and now hallucinations I would by now at least seek professional medical help. RIGHT??
NOPE! Of course not! This is isn't only a TIFU story, it's a TWIFU story! This Week I Fucked Up! I didn't see anyone because as I said, I'm traveling! I'm in bumfuck nowhere and the nearest ER is a six hour drive away! Yet with my heart wanting to exit my chest and bitch-slap me back to reality, one would assume that I'd at least make sure I didn't miss any doses, to look in my box and notice a very easy to see error. Right?
I had an asthma attack on day four so I took a hit off my rescue inhaler on top of 400mg if caffeine in 4 hours. So yeah, my lizard brain saw my heart flipping around like a fish in desert sand as perfectly reasonable!
I looked at my pills in hand, then at the remaining slots, then back at my hand,and back at the slots. Nope! No Propranolol!
Samuel L Jackson, eat your heart out because the F-Bomb parade I issued in that moment of pain-indiced hysteria was absolutely legendary. It was there, in that moment, did I realize that 5 days of my vacation was crippled by my failure to be a professional to myself, and pay attention.
TLDR: I managed to count to potato with my pills for almost a week and make a third of my vacation a pain-indiced hallucination to forget.
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2023.05.31 05:56 Actual-Travel-7121 OIP Salary Petition - 53K for Toronto for BA to PHD?

Hello everyone,
Does anyone have any suggestions on how to petition the OIP for a review of its student salary scale, especially in light of inflation and students with additional qualifications. It seems illogical to equate the pay of individuals holding a Bachelor's degree with those who possess a PhD. They've mentioned that salary negotiation isn't an option, but has this always been the case? I find this particularly odd given their claims of offering a "competitive salary". Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.05.31 05:56 HyruleHeroRS Trying to get help for a lost package and the want a police report as a proof of loss??

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2023.05.31 05:55 AccomplishedPie548 We are tired.

Dear Trans people,
I am tired. My ancestors were stolen from their land, homes, and families and brought to America as enslaved people. The women who have come before me fought way too hard to create a space for me, a black woman and my black daughter, to be accepted in America and valued as an American. The term Female and woman does not just define who I am but what I am. I am a Black Woman. I am American. The most undesirable, the afterthought, the abused, the raped, the scorned, the punching bag, the political pawn, the object of hatred. A Black Woman.
Trans women. Do not tell me about oppression. Do not tell me about genocide. Do not tell me about acceptance. America has taken my blood and sweat and spilled it over plantations. America has separated me and my children from my ancestors. America has jailed my father, killed my brother, raped my uncle, sexualized my daughter, and forgotten about my mother.
When you look at me, I cannot run or hide from who I am. With your eyes, you will see my skin, you will see my femineity, you will see my pain, and you will see my future. You will see parts of my body that I try to hide, my hair, my nose, and insecurities about my skin. My future is being erased by the white-out of the trans community. When you walk into my bathroom, you take my place of refuge. Often black women need to go to the toilet to affirm who they are as strong black women. "Is my hair too kinky today? Is the powder on my nose making it look bigger? Do I look presentable? Will they see the determination in me? Do they think I am qualified for this position? Why do they not see my value? Am I too dark?"
A bathroom is a place to refresh and restart. As a black woman, sometimes I need to go into a restroom, look at myself and remind myself that I Can do anything and that the Melanin on my skin cannot hide the glow and shine that comes from within.
When you take my space, you take my refuge, comfort, confidence, and shine. As a black woman, I need a place to cry in a white man's world. Unfortunately, Melanin does not protect me against bullets. The shots that are fired when I am not promoted when my opinions are ignored, my voice silenced, and my position is constantly being questioned.
I see my neighbor's daughter running up and down the street every morning before school and every evening after she's done her homework. The most intelligent girl on the block, she's also the fastest. She's hoping to get a track scholarship. It's the only way to break her family's cycle of not having enough money to pay for college. A generational curse that you will never understand.
What should her mother tell her when she sees you in the lane next to her? "I'm sorry, but the boy who went through puberty has decided to be a woman and will take your spot and opportunities?" What should we tell black girls looking for a way out of the streets and into a Univesity classroom? "Just be smart and try for one of those academic scholarships." Well, those scholarships look for well-rounded girls, and for a lot, that means joining a sports team and staying out of trouble. Are we supposed to tell those girls that it doesn't matter anymore? A man will take your spot. Is that the message? "Dear black girls, just stop trying." Who will be the next Serena Williams who couldn't defeat a man 200 below her level? Who's going to win the next sprint or heavy lifting competition? A thief. A man. God knows we can't compete.
What about my cousin who was raped as a minor because she came out as a lesbian. Does she deserve to continue to be brutalized by a man wearing a dress and hiding his penis? Where should she find refuge? Where is her safe space? Where can we hide, or do we even need to appear at all. Again, you are speaking about being a woman, an experience you do not know and will never understand.
Trans ideology is racist. It allows white men to steal seats that could've gone to a woman of color. When I see Dylan, I know that he is a racist thief. You are stealing opportunities away from colored girls and crying about being bullied. The white man cannot conquer than turn around and call foul. Dylan reminds me of the Chinese women forced to dress up as young girls for the pleasure of sick white men who travel to those third-world countries.
I want to sum up with the trans ideology means me and my black womb that will produce the next generation of black daughters. You are no longer welcome. The ultimate minority has arrived. A man, in most cases a white man, who decided that he hates everything you are and can do it better. That Black women do not understand what it means to be hated and oppressed. Our spot at the table is no longer welcome. Men dressed as women will speak for me as I am continued to be silenced.
You want to castrate the next generation of children who think they are different. I want to speak to those kids from a mother born black and different my entire life. IT IS OKAY TO LOVE YOURSELF FOR WHO YOU ARE. GIVE YOURSELF TIME TO GROW AND DEVELOP. NOBODY HAS HATED THEIR BODIES MORE THAN BLACK WOMEN, AND HERE WE STAND. HERE WE ARE STRONG, BEAUTIFUL, AND PROUD.
America has grown leaps and bounds in recognizing that minority women deserve a chance at the American dream. So please, don't let the progress stop because white men feel the need to be victimized. They don't know what it feels like to be judged from the moment you are born just because of your skin color. The one thing that surgery cannot erase, I cannot tuck, and I cannot feel and cannot ignore!!
A Group Mad Black American WOMEN.
P.S. To the Trans people of color, Open your eyes to who is being promoted and awarded in America. It is not you.
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2023.05.31 05:55 Barash26 Is the Mevlidi-sherif that is recited in almost every turkish masjid bidah/haram?

I have never found a hadith on the Mevlidi-sherif that is recited for the Prophet saw and in some cases other people. Is it bidah?
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2023.05.31 05:55 catritious Sleep paralysis, hypnagogia or Astral projection?

PRE-NOTE Just some information, that day I was extremely exhausted and had almost fallen asleep in class multiple times. When I went back home I drank lots of caffeine drinks and ate. I then stayed up for a long time and got super tired where the only comfortable position is on my back, and I try my best to avoid that position because I know something like this will happen again but this time it was extreme.
Before that, for a long time i’ve been experiencing hallucinations like seeing bugs flying around and seeing shadow people walking in the hallways and disappearing when i look behind me again. I often hear sounds and I twitch a lot (muscle spasms) but it’s increased. I also see objects glitch or entirely disappear by blending in with the wall. I sometimes see cracks everywhere but ignore it.
Before this, I kept hearing banging but inside my head. (Possible exploding head syndrome?) It’s like in the same spot as my inner voice, it kept getting louder and louder and I also heard the sound of many many flies just buzzing in both ears and that getting louder too. There were also some screams that suddenly go from extremely low volume to high and also brought static energy/electric sensation (that I’ll explain later) I usually ignore these type of stuff even though this was new and pretty serious. I then fell asleep diagonally with my head facing my wall and started this weird thing:
Like I said, it’s happened before but with the feeling my soul is being sucked/vacuumed out. It’s like this electric feeling that goes woooOOOSHhh, whoOOOOshhh, and the climax (OOOOO part of the sensation i’m trying to describe) of it really depends on something and changes severity on the way I breathe. Also during the climax, it starts getting really light and once the buzz is done the light goes away, then another buzz comes and it repeats. I try to take deep breathes and it worsens and brings me to the climax of this entire thing I’m experiencing. It’s like static. During this entire thing I used to be able to turn my body to the side after a little while and lots of effort to make it stop,, but this time I could NOT move. I recognize this so I’m waiting for it to go away. Then I get (electric) tingling on my head and at some point i see myself (in 3rd person) holding my hands over my head. Except i could somewhat feel them: it’s like when your arms are numb/sleeping and you can’t feel them but you still sort of can. Except i had skinnier hands and longer nails which happened to be exactly the stuff I was looking on Pinterest before I had decided to go to sleep (I was looking for nail inspiration 😭). During that I was scared and trying to call my mom (in reality I didn’t have my phone in my hands and felt like the devil was trying to stop me from doing so) and I also wanted to sleep the night with her, but I’m glad that never actually happened because I seek motherly love in impulsive situations like these. (possible cognitive and affective phenomena). It was obviously dark in my room and desperately wanted to see light.
During all of this I feel like someone is hugging me or laying on me, like it’s the devil. I had felt like I was the chosen one and felt similar to Fran Bow. I’ve researched about sleep paralysis before so I knew this would be common but this felt incredibly different. I’m just waiting to get out of it and at some point I did but quickly I “wake up” to this same exact thing again. This happens and I’m waiting to snap out of it but I get transmitted to a different reality. I wake up in my old room, suddenly there is sunlight and it feels wonderful. My family is awake and sounds like they’re getting ready to make breakfast and I hear my mom, so I call for her and she says she’s coming. After that I snap out of this entire thing and wake up in my original room but still feel somewhat fake and as if I had never woken up from that dream.
I searched about it, it went from spiritual demon possession to sleep paralysis, then to astral projection then to hypnagogia. I believe it’s hypnagogia but what’s making me doubt it is the ‘reality/universe switching’ so it could be possibly related to astral projection. Even though I doubt that as well. Someone else described this as a ‘sleep paralysis DREAM’
There is this urban legend where you’re in an elevator and press the numbers to get to different floors,, and after you get on the specific numbered floors in the right order, at some point a lady comes and once you continue you’ll be back to where you were, but not in the same reality. It feels like that.
SOME OTHER NOTES: ((When I woke up it was 2am)) Might I say many other things i’m experiencing have been drug inducing derealizations and other issues (did weed a few times, been taking non-prescribed ritalin and haven’t done that in 2 days, have done mdma a few times and do nicotine once a week.) I’ve also done magic truffles once out of boredom and had a feeling I could see through my eyelids. I’m also currently being tested for bipolar (type 2) so I’m wondering if this has to do with the “psychosis” part of if that usually belongs to type 1. I also experience a lot of Déjà rêvé. I often sleep with my earbuds still in and I lack lots of sleep so my sleep schedule is a mess. I’m scared to sleep again so I drank more caffeine to stay awake this night.
I DID experience: ⁃ slight voices in the same space as my inner head ⁃ geometrical shapes, speckles ⁃ some sort of Tetris effect ⁃ exploding head syndrome ⁃ people talking inside my head ⁃ paralysis ⁃ flashes of light with the electric buzzing/sensation ⁃ cognitive and affective phenomena ⁃ hallucinations (some shadows and a third pov of me with hands that aren’t mine.)
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2023.05.31 05:55 SuitingUncle620 How r/iPhone will run during WWDC 2023

Hey all, it's that time of year again! WWDC is coming up and so we thought it prudent to let you all know how the subreddit will be operating on the day of the event. For those that have been members of the subreddit for the past couple of events, it's all going to be run very much the same as those were, so you can probably just skip over this post. For the rest of you, here's a quick run down on how we'll be running the subreddit on the day:
Posting will be restricted
Approximately 2 hours before the event commences, the Mods will place the subreddit into 'Restricted' mode, making it so that no-one, except the Moderators, can post. This posting restriction will last through the event and will only be lifted an hour after the event has concluded. Our rationale behind doing this is to prevent the subreddit getting absolutely flooded with new posts from people trying to post the news as it comes in, first, without bothering to check /new to see if it has been posted already.
Megathreads & News as it comes through
Since posting will be disabled, we will have two megathreads that will be going up. One will go up the second the subreddit enters 'Restricted' mode, and another will go up at the events conclusion. We won't be doing three megathreads like we have done in previous years due to the old 'pre-event' megathread being underused and unnecessary. There will essentially be a "pre-event and during event" megathread as well as a "post-event megathread." Both of these will be stickied (pinned) to the top of the subreddit for ease of access.
During the event, Moderators & volunteers will be posting news (as self posts) as it comes through. So don't worry, you won't need to sift through the megathread to find the exact topic you wish to talk about.
Wanting to chat live about the event?
Feel free to join our affiliated Discord. There will be event channels set up for WWDC and it's a great environment to chat live with other apple enthusiasts about the event!

Have a great rest of your week!
- iPhone Mods
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2023.05.31 05:55 fungalizer Today I (20m) found out my girlfriend (19F) of 9 months moved in with another guy a few days ago

A few days ago, after a weekend spent with her friends, she told me that she was moving out of our apartment to her friend’s apartment for a couple of weeks because she needed space. She’s been telling me that she wants us and that she isn’t seeing anyone else. Today she let it slip over the phone that she actually moved into a guy’s place (M20s) and she’s seeing him. She said she started talking to him 4 days ago and that she still loves me but can’t be with me anymore because of our arguments. We fight more often than the average couple, but we’ve been working on resolving and communicating these conflicts… or so I thought.
My heart is in absolute shreds right now. I want her back more than anything, but that ship has sailed. She was my longest relationship, the most intense love I’ve ever experienced, and I sacrificed a lot for her. It feels so surreal to have it ripped out from under me.
She told me she couldn’t tell me sooner because she didn’t want to hurt me because she still loves me. She texted me that she missed me this morning. Such a mindfuck. I cleaned our place of all her stuff and organized it by the front door.
I’m heartbroken. But I guess I just have to move on? Doesn’t feel right.
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2023.05.31 05:54 hererowja Ex dragging out every single thing making me DV victim insane

First off I am not in the stages of actually going through with anything or hurting anyone. I am also in therapy.
I am a victim of domestic abuse. During the marriage. Our children are victims of child abuse. NONE OF THIS HAS MATTERED TO THE COURT.
Edit to include highlights and clarification:
To provide a more organized summary of my situation, here are the key points:
I don’t know how to get to court or the gal to listen to me and they don’t even read my statements or review my evidence. My lawyer is from another country and he said he has never seen anything like this in 20 years and this is some weird small town stuff.
Please please advice? Can I drag this out myself? Can stall? I have been probably overly cooperative and provide everything I am asked and do and follow all orders.
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2023.05.31 05:54 Upset_Mess Does BJ's Carry Dr. Pepper?

We just got a new BJ's last year in my area and we're thinking of signing up there and not renewing our Sam's membership that is up soon. We only really have the Sam's for the cases of Dr. Pepper that my husband drinks. Does BJ's regularly stock Dr. Pepper?
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2023.05.31 05:54 the_seventh_hokage How to manage several feature flags?

I have a web based workflow software which has multiple features. As a PM I would want to keep track of each feature's usage and enable or disable the feature in case it's useful or hampering user workflow or experience. Currently we maintain flags in backend for each feature and right now only some features have a front end to control those flags. But with each feature addition i assume it'd get difficult for development team to maintain the existing flags and would increase the development time and testing time since QA team will have to check impact on other features as well. Is there any better way to handle these flags or is there any other way than flags that you use in your softwares? Thanks for any information I can get.
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2023.05.31 05:54 kyle_wonger6 Office PC Build opinions and reccomendations needed

So I've sort of settled on a build for my dad's office PC using a budget of around $700. He only uses the PC for office work, web browsing, music/photo storage and writing/reading DVDs
- The CPU cooler probably isn't necessary but I may just buy it for myself and hand down my old cooler into this build (same with the RGB memory)
- I've also beefed the build up somewhat so that it can possibly support my RTX 3060 in the future when I decide to upgrade
- is the AMD Ryzen 5 5600G even a good choice?
- And yes the optical CD drive is probably ancient but my dad insists
Any opinions, thoughts or suggested changes would be greatly appreciated and welcomed.

[PCPartPicker Part List](
**CPU** [AMD Ryzen 5 5600G 3.9 GHz 6-Core Processor]( $121.67 @ Amazon
**CPU Cooler** [Deepcool AK620 68.99 CFM CPU Cooler]( $69.98 @ Amazon
**Motherboard** [MSI PRO B550M-VC WIFI Micro ATX AM4 Motherboard]( $119.99 @ B&H
**Memory** [Corsair Vengeance RGB Pro 16 GB (2 x 8 GB) DDR4-3200 CL16 Memory]( $52.99 @ Amazon
**Storage** [TEAMGROUP T-Force Cardea Zero Z330 1 TB M.2-2280 PCIe 3.0 X4 NVME Solid State Drive]( $46.99 @ Amazon
**Case** [Cooler Master MasterBox NR400 (w/ODD) MicroATX Mid Tower Case]( $84.99 @ Amazon
**Power Supply** [EVGA 500 BR 500 W 80+ Bronze Certified ATX Power Supply]( $64.98 @ Amazon
**Optical Drive** [LG WH14NS40 Blu-Ray/DVD/CD Writer]( $61.84 @ Amazon
*Prices include shipping, taxes, rebates, and discounts*
**Total** **$623.43**
Generated by [PCPartPicker]( 2023-05-30 23:41 EDT-0400
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2023.05.31 05:53 campaxiomatic AIAITA for cutting off my sister after she stole my life savings to fund her addiction?

I'm using a throwaway account because this situation is still incredibly raw and personal. I (32F) recently made a decision that has left my family divided, and I can't help but question if I'm TA in this situation.
My younger sister (28F) has always struggled with addiction, primarily to drugs and alcohol. Over the years, my family has done everything we can to support her, including countless interventions, rehab stays, and financial assistance. Despite our efforts, she has repeatedly relapsed and let us down.
Last month, I made the difficult choice to loan my sister a significant amount of money—my entire life savings—under the condition that it would be used to pay for her rehab program. I wanted to believe that this time would be different, that she would finally find the strength to turn her life around.
To my utter devastation, I discovered that she had deceived me. Instead of using the money for rehab, she used it to feed her addiction and indulge in destructive behavior. I felt a mixture of anger, betrayal, and immense grief at the realization that my trust had been so callously violated.
Unable to bear the weight of the betrayal, I confronted my sister about the theft. She admitted to stealing from me and begged for forgiveness, claiming that she would seek help once again. But after years of broken promises, I couldn't bring myself to believe her anymore.
In a moment of desperation, I made the heart-wrenching decision to cut off all contact with my sister. I changed my phone number, blocked her on social media, and distanced myself from our mutual friends. I couldn't bear the thought of enabling her destructive behavior any longer or subjecting myself to further emotional turmoil.
However, this decision has sparked a divisive response from our family. Some family members argue that I should continue supporting my sister, emphasizing the importance of unconditional love and forgiveness. They claim that addiction is a disease, and she needs our understanding and assistance.
On the other hand, there are those who support my decision to sever ties with my sister. They understand the toll her actions have taken on me, both financially and emotionally. They believe that I have the right to prioritize my own well-being and protect myself from further harm.
So, Reddit, AITA for cutting off my sister after she stole my life savings to fuel her addiction?
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2023.05.31 05:53 awwwsid Life is a dream

Over the last nine months or so, it feels like I'm in a dream most of the time. As such, it feels less of I am doing things and more of things are happening within this dream. I think there's been a shift, or is an ongoing shift in my identity.
It's like when you sleep and dream, there's a you that's in the dream that goes through whatever scenario. You can feel joy, pain, pleasure, anger, fear etc. But there's also a you that is watching this dream seperate (or not) to the you character in the dream too. And it knows it's only a dream. It watches and it doesn't get affected. It only watches.
The same way if it's taken like a step back or looked at in this way, at least that's how it's been for the last few months - in waking day to day life, there is this body/mind who is the dream character. It can experience and go through many things. But there is a watcher of all this going on. It's all going on, it's happening, things happen. Like a whole play.
Simultaneously I am doing those things and feeling things, or appear to be. But it's like a dream and it's being watched. But I am also the watcher. There's a seperation, where some "I" that doesn't really have any quality I think, is not affected or doesn't judge, or a thing is watching this body/mind partake in all these activities.
I think this creates a situation where I become more identified with the watcher and less with the body/mind character and therefore don't have as much of a problem with whatever happens. I'll give you an example.
I shouted at my daughter in an argument. But during the argument, there was an "I" or a thing or a watcher, that watched the whole thing. It watched this body/mind argue and shout and the daughter's responses.
Upon reflection, it felt like that was a scene that had to unfold. As such it was like a chain of events where what this body/mind did and said, created a reaction in her apparent body/mind and made her make certain decisions and that is exactly what needed to play out. For whatever needs to happen to happen. If you follow. Therefore as opposed to being angry and heated and then feeling bad afterwards, there was nothing, complete calmness that this was just part of the movie. I watched it.
Like not all the time but many times now, it's like I may get angry, or happy, but really I am neither. There's a seperate thing to those feelings or feeler of feelings. If I had to give it any kind of quality I would say perhaps peaceful, or perhaps nothingness. Just watching.
Now I'm not saying that means anything and everything happening is ok in that case. I'm not sure about that. I'm just saying this is what happened in this situation. However I think that the more I indentify with the watcher, which isn't actually something I tried to do or try to do, it's just happened by itself, then the more that things just happen and it almost leads me to think, that it's already planned. Like God's dream is playing out.
This raises the question of free will and predetermined. I'm not trying to go into that, rather just talk about what happened. You can either get in the way and try take control or you can remove "yourself", dis identify with the body/mind and see how everything plays out. Both kind of happen at the same time, things playing out, you making apparent decisions, and all that taking place within what watches it all. Anyway I'm rambling now.
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2023.05.31 05:53 QueenofFrogs145 [unidentified media] Does anyone know which lost media case this is?

Basically last year when the All the Small Things Spongebob MTV music video was found, when I looked it up on YouTube I saw a "Lost Media that was Found" playlist near the top of the search results. I can no longer find this playlist.
However, in that playlist there was another video, the title began with "[FOUND]", apparently this was a lost thing that got found that I hadn't heard of. It was apparently from some Canadian children's tv station where a green glowing centipede would crawl across the screen during random tv episodes on one particular day, people in the comments remembered seeing it but thought it was a dream until they heard of other people talking about it, and there was a search for the footage of it happening, and it was eventually found.
I can't find any evidence of this video existing or the search for it taking place. But it was apparently a resolved case circa a year ago. Does anyone know which lost media case this is?
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2023.05.31 05:53 Mawrata Saliya Pieris Is NOT The Lawyer Appearing On Behalf Of Natasha Edirisooriya! I Sri Lanka Latest News

Saliya Pieris Is NOT The Lawyer Appearing On Behalf Of Natasha Edirisooriya! I Sri Lanka Latest News
Saliya Pieris Is NOT The Lawyer Appearing On Behalf Of Natasha Edirisooriya! I Sri Lanka Latest News
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