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2023.06.10 00:25 Flicker-kel-Tath Midnight Tides - The Giant

At the start of Chapter 1 of MT is this interesting little passage:
HERE, THEN, IS the tale. Between the swish of the tides, when giants knelt down and became mountains. When they fell scattered on the land like the ballast stones of the sky, yet could not hold fast against the rising dawn. Between the swish of the tides, we will speak of one such giant. Because the tale hides with his own.\ And because it amuses. \ Thus. \ In darkness he closed his eyes. Only by day did he elect to open them, for he reasoned in this manner: night defies vision and so, if little can be seen, what value seeking to pierce the gloom? \ Witness as well, this. He came to the edge of the land and discovered the sea, and was fascinated by the mysterious fluid. A fascination that became a singular obsession through the course of that fated day. He could see how the waves moved, up and down along the entire shore, a ceaseless motion that ever threatened to engulf all the land, yet ever failed to do so. He watched the sea through the afternoon’s high winds, witness to its wild thrashing far up along the sloping strand, and sometimes it did indeed reach far, but always it would sullenly retreat once more. \ When night arrived, he closed his eyes and lay down to sleep. Tomorrow, he decided, he would look once more upon this sea. \ In darkness he closed his eyes. \ The tides came with the night, swirling up round the giant. The tides came and drowned him as he slept. And the water seeped minerals into his flesh, until he became as rock, a gnarled ridge on the strand. Then, each night for thousands of years, the tides came to wear away at his form. Stealing his shape. But not entirely. To see him true, even to this day, one must look in darkness. Or close one’s eyes to slits in brightest sunlight. Glance askance, or focus on all but the stone itself. \ Of all the gifts Father Shadow has given his children, this one talent stands tallest. Look away to see. Trust in it, and you will be led into Shadow. Where all truths hide. \ Look away to see. \ Now, look away.
So, this passage seems to be a framing by the Crippled God, as narrator of the series. Furthermore, could he be be pointing towards this fact in the passage, as indicated by the parts in bold?
Are we meant to read ‘the giant’ as the Crippled God? Is this him telling the story of the Fall in a metaphorical way?
Is the part about the giant drowning and then turning to stone about how the Crippled God’s heart falls near Kolanse and turns to stone?
Within the structure of the series it would make sense for this interlude to appear here, just prior to the books shifting to contemporary events on the Letherii continent.
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2023.06.10 00:24 Capital_Command925 My friend/roommate is becoming a spoiled asshole

My roommate over the past 6 months has started to become such a spoiled brat.
His parents have a lot of money, and he is extremely spoiled through that. He does not have a job, has taken an extra 3 semesters of college because he kept failing classes at an out of state school for him, and he parents fund all of it for him so no loans or any worries about making money for himself.
This was never really that big of a deal to me because yes he would get whatever he wanted, but he wasn’t super flashy about any of it and seemed pretty humble.
Recently, his parents bought him a $60k Tesla. Though not a fan of Tesla, it’s very nice and of course I’m very jealous because I bought my cheap Mazda by myself. Again, this was not really that big of an issue.
At first.
But since then, he has started to become more and more flashy about everything he has and the price of things, but especially the Tesla. Obviously people ask about the car because college students, even the richest of kids, do not drive THAT expensive of cars (unless they’re foreign exchange because that’s a lot more common). He automatically tells them the price of the car, all the cool stuff it can do, and talks about it nonstop.
For the most part, it’s okay to tell people about it, but as his friend that is around him pretty often, it feels like I have heard every single god damn time he tells someone about it.
Because of this inflated ego he’s gaining, he seems to be losing all common decency because of this. He told me the other day that he hates his life at times because “people make fun of the fact the he gets whatever he wants from his parents”. He almost got punched because most people’s problems are… real problems.
I just wish he would be humbled by someone. He’s super aware of how spoiled he is, and he even seems to be aware that he comes off like an asshole when he doesn’t need to.
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2023.06.10 00:23 ImportantWelder3506 First inhabitant in the budget acropora 40g Breeder

First inhabitant in the budget acropora 40g Breeder
This little guy took its time to get here from Marine Collectors. Super pleased with their quarantine service and well worth it to me. Very healthy looking fish and eating great!
I will update in a month or so on how the first piece of acropora is doing in my tank. Hopefully it’s colored up nicely and encrusting.
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2023.06.10 00:20 VitaaSerena How do you guys interpret statistics from matches?

Hi everyone, I want to know how can I interpret statistics that come after every match? What do they imply? I know what they mean literally but in terms of what really happened on court I don't think that I really realize. Can someone know what happened on court by only looking at those numbers? If there are some resources(articles, videos,...) where I can really get into this, you can share. Thanks!
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2023.06.10 00:18 AutoModerator [] ✔️Brett Williams – Productize Yourself ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 00:17 lulucyboogie days of rainbow is just unplayable

waiting 20+ minutes to get a few tickets is so damn boring and frustrating. I’ve only managed to get 31, i don’t wanna give up cuz it will mean i’ve wasted time before to get only 31. But still how long will it take till i have enough tickets for the cape? whyyy tcg whyyyyyyyy
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2023.06.10 00:16 Marvynwillames [Excerpt - Dark Heresy The Inquisitor's Handbook] The multiple facets of the Imperial Cult

From time to time its asked just how tolerant the Imperium is, how this galaxy wide government imposes its faith. With how large the Imperium is, and how inneficient the FTL travel and communication is, its only natural that the faith isnt uniform. But, how does said faith varies? What is and what isn't allowed. In the excerpt, we can see some explanations
A Life of Worship
The Emperor has a profound effect in the lives of the people he protects. To most, He is everywhere and everything. Part of every citizen’s life is to honour the Emperor, often on a daily basis, for the protection and guidance that He provides. How they honour Him, however, will of course vary depending on where they live and just how they choose to view the Emperor. For example, on the world of Acreage, the priests of the High King teach that the Emperor is the “King of the Sky”; sky-mill workers must keep there eyes averted from the heavens when they work high above the ground, lest they anger Him with their impudence. Villages often make “candle-balloons” in which to offer their prayers. On the mining world of Luggnum, the pit-shafts are so dangerous that all miners undertake hour-long blessings by the station abbot before they descend. Miners that have refused or avoided such blessings are scorned (or even killed) by their co-workers, lest they bring ill-luck to all, proving that perhaps the blessing does in fact protect from harm. Then there are worlds like Dwimlicht, a feral world far from the civilized core of the sector, where primitive locals see the Emperor as a mighty star-god and shave their heads so that at night He might look into their minds with His million eyes and see that they are faithful.
Whatever the world’s particular teachings, almost universally, citizens pray before work, before meals and before downtime. They thank the Emperor for what they have and pray to Him for what they desire. As most citizens of the Imperium are poorly educated, often knowing only what they need to do their jobs, prayer and the teachings of the Ministorum are all they know of the galaxy or world beyond their homes. They often believe wholeheartedly that if they do not pray to the Emperor and follow the instructions of His clerics, they risk their very souls (a belief unfortunately justified on many worlds). Over time, citizens become entwined in the rituals of worship, so that daily prayers to the Emperor are as natural to them as breathing. For most, this is as far as they come in their religious observance, convinced of their faith, living and dying without ever questioning the Ministorum or the god it serves.
Of course there are those who stray from the path. Paying no more than lip service to the Imperial Creed, these people forget their faith (if indeed they ever had it) and instead choose to see the Emperor as a distant overlord, ruling an empire that He will never see from a state of neither death nor life. Such folk choose to live by their own set of morals and ethics, though usually they have little of either. On many advanced worlds these kinds of people thrive. Where the rise of technology has overshadowed spirituality and wonder, so too does it undermine the belief in a power greater than mankind. Such places can be breeding grounds for the faithless or for those that would scorn the power of the Emperor for more tangible and immediate rewards.
For many citizens, however, the truth is, as always, somewhere between fevered worship and the brink of heresy. Most citizens pray at their local shrine once a ten-cycle, and invoke the Emperor’s name to protect them from evil; but beyond this they go about their daily lives like everybody else.
A Question of Faith
Just what your PC believes, when it comes to the Imperial Creed is up to you. All Acolytes have been raised in the shadow of the Cult of the Emperor and cannot doubt His influence and the power of the Imperium. However, deciding to accept or reject any of the myriad of nuances making up His religion, such as the stock placed in certain saints or the best way to interpret His will, is up to you to decide. The following questions may be used to help you round out your character’s religious beliefs.
How was the Emperor revered on your home world?
The worship of the Emperor varies greatly from world to world and, quite often different cultures focus on a key aspect of His power. For instance, on an agri-world it might be the grace of the Emperor that protects and nurtures their crops and villages, while keeping them safe in the night. Hence the population would view Him as a benevolent figure that guides and shelters them. Alternatively on a penal world, the Emperor is a harsh judge and overseer who weighs your every deed and strikes you down if you are found wanting. Here the population would view Him as an unquestionable overlord to be obeyed and feared. These various experiences colour how you see the Emperor and His role in your character’s life; even though your circumstances may have now changed, you remember the mighty Star-God or glowering statues of your childhood.
Were there any saints on your home world?
Many worlds have their own saints, whether sanctioned by the Ecclesiarchy or not. This helps people to better relate to the Emperor and His Creed. After all, at one time or another, saints were humans who lived, struggled and died in His name. If your character grew up on a world where the Ecclesiarchy was strong, it is likely that he or she would have also been taught about some of the many saints of the Imperium and be able to name each of the twenty-three trials of Quirdas, or tell the story of Kinorr the Pure and the three-armed Ork for instance. You would also have been taught about any local saints, such as the founder of your world (provided he was not a foul traitor who resisted the Imperium in any way). All this, of course, is not to say that a character born far from the schooling of the Ecclesiarchy could not come from a world blessed by saints. In many primitive cultures, for instance, the first warrior to approach the skyship when it landed is credited for “welcoming” the Emperor to their world (whether he got a bolt shell for his troubles or not).
Are there any saints that you personally identify with?
Where the Cult of the Emperor is strong, so too is the influence of its saints. On such devout worlds, when a child first receives the blessing of the Emperor it is not uncommon for the residing cleric to choose a saint to watch over the infant, sometimes adding the saint’s name to that of the child. These guardian saints are said to follow the person through his life, helping him to overcome his problems and finally, when he dies, usher him into the Emperor’s light. Sometimes, people come to have a guardian saint through other means, such as a man who nearly drowns taking up the worship of Epps the Unwell, saint of dangerous environments, for example. So it is possible, either though his upbringing or a chance event, that your character may have a very close relationship with one or more saints, praying to them regularly and looking to them for guidance in times of need.
How do you believe people should best serve the Emperor?
The people of the Imperium are often taught that they serve the Emperor in everything they do, whether it is vanquishing His foes or cleaning bilges on His cargo ships. However, most citizens of the Imperium believe that certain tasks please the Emperor more than others. For example, many believe that there is no greater service to the Emperor than killing His foes, be they aliens, heretics or witches. These people claim that His favour can only be found by wading through a sea of xenos blood. Others extol the virtues of self-deprivation and abstinence, claiming that the true light of the Emperor can only be found within our frail mortal shell. These folk suggest fasting and flagellating as the means to seek His grace. Some believe that what the Emperor truly desires is souls to cry out His name in worship, demanding that His word be spread to new worlds in order to turn unbelievers from their wicked ways and into His light. Of course it can be all of these or none, and ultimately it is up to you to choose just what your character believes.
What do you believe will happen when you die?
The Imperium is a violent, perilous place where life is cheap and death is common. For citizens on even the most stable and safe of worlds, most expect a lifetime of toil that leads to an unmarked grave. For this reason, the Ministorum teaches that, through service and sacrifice to the Emperor, the faithful can find eternal peace beyond the gates of death. For many, it is enough to know that no matter how terrible their lives or the drudgery of their days, this reward awaits them. Some, however, know more than they care to about the nature of the universe and the things lurking beyond the veil of death. Acolytes often know or have seen things that can alter their perception of death and what lies beyond, all of which is tied closely to their religious outlook. It is possible that every action your character makes is a step along the path to his eternal reward at the Emperor’s side, or perhaps your Acolyte has seen too much and knows that all they have to look forward to is the chilling madness of the warp. In either case, with such a risky occupation, your character’s feelings about death can have a profound effect on his personality and how he reacts to others.
How has the Ministorum affected your life?
Finally, the most important aspect about how your character feels about the Ecclesiarchy and the worship of the Emperor comes down to how he or she was treated by those that claim to work in His name. Perhaps he was treated well by the faith, raised by caring, if strict, abbots and clerics of the Schola Progenium and he views all those who wear the mantle of the Ministorum with respect and obedience. On the other hand, your character might have seen his family and friends put to the torch for trivial crimes in the name of the Emperor by corrupt and cruel confessors, leaving him with a deep distrust of those who claim to work in His holy name. This can be made more complicated by the fact that the Ministorum is often at odds with itself, and, like the Inquisition, there are equal amounts of the faithful and the flawed in its ranks.
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2023.06.10 00:14 Draco_232 hypomania plz help im fucking terrified about this

Idk i need to talk to someone about this shit and i keep bipolar type 2 secret from everyone so. Ive been hypomanic for a week now and sleeping 2hrs a day and its getting stronger and stronger and im starting to scare myself but i dont want it to stop either.
After being severely depressed for half a yr, unemployed, severe drug addiction, constant shame, self hatred, innapropriate guilt and dreading existence etc im now employed, doing an education course and clean and everything, i dont wanna lose all that.
How the fuck can i manadge this. I love this but i dont want to lose everything i had to rebuild and i dont want to enter the same severity of depressive episode beacuse i was lucky i didnt off myself last time.
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2023.06.10 00:12 sidparks16 issues with brother se600 embroidery especially satin stitch

issues with brother se600 embroidery especially satin stitch
i’m fairly new to embroidery, i bought this machine from a local sewing centre and they gave me a tutorial on how to use it (bobbin, threading, the machine itself, choosing files etc)
i have a small business and i paid a digitizing company to digitize 6 artworks for me. i have been unable to get proper embroidery since i started using it, the fill stitching seems fine, but the outlines never complete the satin stitch. sometimes it’s dropping stitches, the fill isn’t complete, and i get bird nesting underneath especially on smaller portions and the satin stitch outline. luckily i’ve just been practicing on spare fabric rather than attempting any apparel.
i am using 60 wt polyester thread and brother embroidery bobbin (same weight), the fabric is tight like a drum, and im using iron on backing x2 (the centre told me to). i thread the upper thread and bobbin correctly (right directions for both, followed brother instructions, foot is raised before threading and i feed it through the foot after like the manual says)
i have tried changing the needle, between the one the centre told me to use, and a heavier one for canvas. i’ve adjusted the upper thread tension between 4-5, and the digitizer has sent me multiple updated files when i show him the issue.
attached are front and back of some of the embroidery i’ve tried, and the pdf version of one of the digitized embroidery files.
any tips? what am i doing wrong? (the purple thread on the moon/cloud design is supposed to be satin lettering on the bottom right reading, “pocketpuff” and stars for the rest)
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2023.06.10 00:10 AutoModerator Iman Gadzhi - Agency Navigator (New)

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2023.06.10 00:06 Significant-Monk-774 Summer Rant

And we’re only on day 2… I have WFH for 8 years, so I’m pretty set in my routine. I’ve lived with my now husband for 4 years, so none of this is new. This is the first year where my SS 13 has no real structure (camp, etc) for the summer, which is something I very passionately voiced was important starting back in March, but we’re at where we’re at now.
This morning I finish feeding the dogs and I walk over the the couch where my computer is plugged in because that’s where I work all day and SS is sprawled out watching a show. I grab my computer and go sit in my room and DH asks “what’s wrong”. I’m not even in the mood to get into it so I keep saying nothing and he keeps prodding and I’m like dude I understand I can’t expect SS to sit in his room all day but this is my normal workspace so it’s annoying but I will figure it out. So then he launches into this l response about how I should just work downstairs in “my office” and he doesn’t even understand why I work upstairs in the first place when I have “my own space”. “my office” is a tiny desk in the corner of our guest bedroom/workout/catch all room which is even more of a disaster than normal as we just got married and have stuff stashed in there and the kids are suddenly into “working out” and leave it a mess. I usually just go down there when I’m on video calls and need a quiet space and no dogs. It’s not at all an ideal work space where one would want to spend 8 hours. And it’s just not my routine! I tried to be proactive and for the last three weeks have brought up trying to get more organized but DH is always “too busy”. There is a lot to be done and it would be really tough to do on my own.
DH works outside of the house, so he doesn’t understand how annoying it is to have a bored under-stimulated 13 YO boy just hanging around all day. If he I use, I’m the chauffeur which isn’t any better trying to get work done.
Long story short- just let me be annoyed! Or help get the room done! Or take him to work with you then try to tell me that I’m making a big deal out of nothing… 2 months and 9 more days….
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2023.06.10 00:06 Tg11T Las Vegas Athletics and MLB expansion from 30 teams to 32 teams

With the Athletics moving out of The Bay, moving out of The Town (Oakland) and going to Vegas, it really does beg the question of if the MLB still plans on expanding from 30 teams to 32 teams?
If that happens, which 2 cities get teams?
How do you re align the American League and the National League after we get 32 teams in?
16 teams in AL, 16 teams in NL...1 expansion team to the AL and 1 expansion team to the how do we go about this y'all?
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2023.06.10 00:05 yuzu_25 Off pill and on estradiol but not sure if working- advice?

Hey all. I was diagnosed with provoked vulvodynia about a year ago , which seems to be hormonal bc-related in cause. I’ve been on Yasmin for about 10 years, put on it as a teenager for acne. My gyno recommend coming off the pill and using topical e/t cream.
I first tried coming off the pill end of last year, and was off it for about 2 months before briefly going back on, as my skin started going crazy and I wanted to get a acne routine in place before coming off again. I definitely felt a change hormonally during this time - along with acne, mood felt different, my libido skyrocketed and I did feel my pain lessen (although not completely gone, and also was not in a relationship so couldn’t test how it was during sex, which is when I feel pain mostly).
I went back on pill while I sorted my skin out for about 2 months, and then came off again. I also, on my gyno’s advice started a myo-inositol supplement for controlling acne.
I’m currently 5 months off pill now and using the combo cream 3-4 times a week and although my pain has gotten lesser, I still do feel stinging/burning on penetration. I remember when I first saw my gyno a q-tip touching the area made me wince, now I don’t have that which is great, but still feel pain during sex which is getting me down. I also have felt no hormonal side effects from coming off pill like I did first time around which makes me think that the inositol is blocking my hormones from balancing? But I’m reluctant to stop it in case my acne comes back full force again :/
Should I give the treatment more time? My period is also not regular yet so I don’t know if I just need more time for my system to balance . Should I try another treatment option? Very confused and looking to hear others experiences!
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2023.06.10 00:02 Wonder_8484 My karma is -3. Posts not seen

I probably started on the wrong foot. My karma -3.
I have posted on a couple subs, but noticed my posts are not shown to others. I am assuming this is down to my karma.
How do I get out of this, if my karma -3, but how can it increase if no can see my posts?
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2023.06.10 00:00 EnvironmentBig5407 AITA for making someone pay me back for something they can’t afford?

1 (18F) live with my boyfriend (19M) with him and his parents house about 300miles away from my mothers house. I recently went to go visit my mother so I took the week off work and we both left to go see her. Upon returning home I discovered that our room was trashed. It looked like a bomb had went off. I was infuriated. After further inspecting the room, I noticed most of my makeup was missing, and my acrylic paints were empty, and my brushes were used. Before we left, I specifically told my boyfriend that his sister (15F) was not allowed to go into our room, due to a recently incident where we went to Scotland and allowed her to stay in our room, and when we came back it was trashed. It turns out that my boyfriend had not listened to me, and had told his sister that she was allowed to sleep in there but was not allowed to touch any of my belongings, which she did not listen to. I went into her bedroom and found my missing belongings, including belongings that I thought I had misplaced months ago but as it turns out, she was going into my room when I was in work and stealing my stuff. We immediately told her parents and they were furious! She was punished straight away, phone confiscated, grounded, and being made to pay me back for all the stuff she had stolen, used and destroyed. A few days has gone by, and everyone had pretty much forgotten what had happened. 1, however, was still furious. She didn't apologise to me until a week later, after refusing to talk to me for getting her into trouble. She got her phone back the day after the incident and was ungrounded. Her parents told me that she could not afford to pay me back, and it was a lot of money she couldn't afford. Well then... if she can't afford to pay me back, why did she do it in the first place! I want the money back to replace my belongings, but also because it will teach her a lesson. Nobody is listening to me. According to them, she can't afford it and that's end of story. I can't even leave the house without hiding my most expensive things in ca y she comes in here and steals them. Tonight I got into argument with my boyfriend because of it. I was mad that everyone had pretty much forgotten about it, and she got away with out without any punishment. Her parents offered to pay for the damages from their own pockets but I wouldn't let them. I want her to work for money to give back to me, either through chores or getting a job. She learns no lesson if her parents just pay for her. But to them, who am I to tell them how to raise THEIR child. Whilst I was away, I even bought her some souvenirs and sweets I thought she might like, but after what has happened, she isn't getting them until she pays me back. My boyfriend thinks I'm overreacting, and because it's likely that I will never get the money back, that I should just forget about it and give her the gifts. Maybe I'm being to harsh?
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2023.06.09 23:59 zchandos My opinion on how renown should be changed/fixed.

I think most people here, the “causals” and the “top” players all can agree as it stands, the renown system is just going to be pretty awful when it comes to making new characters each season. I think as it stands, it’s fine grinding max renown for the first time but no one is going to want to do that EVERY season. Getting every statue, side quest, dungeon, is just too repetitive and not fun, especially after the first time.
My solution doesn’t have the renown for these things carry over but make it so that 100% isn’t required for max renown rewards. Add more of a variety of activities that reward renown to give the player choice in how they hit max renown. Maybe a first time nightmare dungeon completion counts towards the regular dungeon equivalent? The main point is that the worlds activities have a surplus amount of available renown required to hit max so if a player doesn’t want to click statues and would rather instead participate in pvp for example, they can.
Just give the player choice on how they hit max renown. Forcing them to click on every statue, do every dungeon is just not gonna go over well and I can bet most people will not play past season 1.
Oh also, map fog of war completion should also carry over. Thanks :)
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2023.06.09 23:56 LeonardoDiSerPiero Any idea how to get to the belt?

Any idea how to get to the belt?
I thought my Mayfair 772 player was dead but I opened up the back and saw the motor was spinning. However, the belt wasn’t spinning with it so no sound was playing. But if i reached in and spun it with my hand it started playing the tape.
I figure the belt needs replaced but i have no idea how to get to it. The back flap seems to be the only way to access the interior. There are screws on the bottom but I don’t think it will open up the rest of the player because it all seems to be one contained box. Does anybody know how I might go about changing the belt?
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2023.06.09 23:55 superginseng As a sport bike rider, I just got a cruiser, feel like a new rider

I have an R1 and had a CBR1000RR before. I like to hit the twisties and like to get in to the technical aspects of riding. If funds weren’t so tight, I would totally sign up for Keith Code’s Superbike School.
With that being said, I just bought a Yamaha Raider because I want to take long road trips on my bike and my knees can’t take riding in fetal position for 40+ min.
But OH MAN, how do people ride these things? How do you turn and corner? I feel like I’m about to tip over every time, or the weight of the bike might make the tire slip from underneath!! 😂😭
Cruiser riders, do you have any tips for handling these bikes with more finesse or will I get used to it over time? I don’t want to put it down by being too cocky, so I rode it back home as it was my first day riding lol.
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2023.06.09 23:54 Sammy-Lynx I went from a happy go lucky person seeking social interaction to someone bitter who actively avoids it and then to someone who barely cares anymore.

Growing up I was forced to accept that as people grow older, the more they grow apart for a number of possible reasons. One being "Maybe they just don't like me anymore" which yehh ofc is a negative way of looking at it but is technically a real possibility given most people wouldn't just say that to your face if it we're true.
I used to go out of my way to spend time with the people I care about or even meet new people but the more people I lost with time the less I started to care (unwittingly at first), this includes classmates, family members and people I've met through online games and such. I had to understand everyone has their own lives and I'm just not a part of them, I had to understand people are just generally more busy as they get older. I still see some of my family from time to time but nowhere near as much and we just aren't that close anymore I hate to admit.
Cause of this the few times I do see people from my past, it's just a constant reminder that our relationship isn't what it once was and it probably will never be again, I generally see it as a waste of time and energy knowing my efforts are futile.
Idk if that was the only reason I started to have a distaste for socializing or if it's also cause of the fact I concider people confusing now and just aren't worth the trouble. Like how easily irrated people tend to be and vise versa, the vastly different beliefs we tend to share and how sometimes it feels like people are purposfully misunderstanding everything you're trying to say.
Ik being "antisocial" is usually seen as a bad thing or whatever but it just seems like a logical conclusion after everything. People exhaust me and I'm not allowed to act like that's the case offline but it honestly is even though I'm only 26+yrold.
And yehh I'm aware I can just appreciate the short spurts of time I have with any given person but all I've ever really been interested in is having a meaningful relationship with at least one person and it sometimes feels like that'll never happen short of getting married or dating which doesn't even promise that would be the case anyways. (not to mention I'm not even interested in that sorta thing)
But don't let all of this fool you, I don't even think I desire a relationship with anyone anymore and if I do it's hidden deep in my subconscious that I'm not even aware of it.
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2023.06.09 23:54 Krockius I love her mentally but not physically

I 19m love my 19f girlfriend, we understand each other so well and get along great.I feel shitty even saying this, I'm not attracted to her physically. She's on the heavier side which personally turns me off. She's emphasized how much she loves me countless times. I'm really 50/50 on what I should do right now cause I love her personality but dont physically. Part of me wants to end it so she finds someone that truly accepts her for who she is. She's acknowledged that she's heavier and has recently started going to the gym but I just can't decide I've been thinking about this for awhile now. Part of me thinks we could work it out. But the majority of my mind is saying to end it.
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2023.06.09 23:53 ThrowRAroommamate I am often consumed by jealousy and do not like myself. How did you learn to like yourself?

There are things about myself I like, a lot of things actually. I consider myself a good person. Nonetheless, I don't actually like myself. I am borderline fearful of doing things I like. I used to enjoy all kinds of art, and now I clam up with embarrassment when I even consider doing these things. At this point I feel empty. I have a partner whom I live with and love dearly, we do things together and I enjoy them, but I just cannot bring myself to do anything if I do not get "approval" from someone else. This approval is not real, I just often feel like things are not worth doing if I will not gain anything from someone else; I essentially outsource my happiness. I find no joy within myself.
Furthermore, I have a horrible time being happy for others. I can empathize with any negative situation someone comes to me with, and I can be happy for someone only if their good news is about something I'm currently doing well with. For example, I am in a healthy relationship, and a friend of mine recently told me about how she is seeing someone great, and I am genuinely happy for her because I know how great that feels! But my partner talks to me about their hobbies they enjoy and I end up (internally) very frustrated and resentful that they are able to enjoy themselves so seemingly effortlessly. I feel so stuck. I feel very ashamed for feeling that way toward my partner, too. I want to be happy for them, and I do my best to verbally fake it till I make it, but I am just so envious. I feel so angry with myself.
Important info may be that 1. I have been in therapy with the same therapist for 12 years, and 2. I had a traumatic childhood with a neglectful and self absorbed mother. I know that my past is at play here, but I genuinely don't know what specifically I am supposed to do to like myself. From therapy, I believe the root cause of my jealousy issue is that I dislike myself, and I am so lost on how to fix it. If YOU like yourself, please let me know what in the world you are doing to achieve this!!
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2023.06.09 23:52 Cute-boy-6021 The angel of pride

Jasper, also known as the Angel of Pride, flew over the city with his beautiful white wings. He was a beacon of hope, a symbol of freedom, and a protector of all those who faced injustice. Jasper had spent a lifetime learning how to harness his supernatural abilities, but the most important lesson he learned was to stand up for what he believed in.
Jasper was a gay man, and he knew all too well the trials and tribulations that came with it. There were many who would judge him for being different, but Jasper knew that he had a place in the world and that his sexuality was something to be celebrated, not scorned.
One day, Jasper received word of a religious cult called the Holy Temple. This group believed that only a man and a woman should be married, and they were actively spreading their message of hate and intolerance throughout the city. As the Angel of Pride, Jasper knew it was his duty to protect all those who were being targeted by this group.
Jasper flew to the Holy Temple's headquarters, determined to put an end to their reign of terror. As he approached the building, he could hear the cult members shouting their hateful messages. Jasper landed in front of the Temple and used his supernatural abilities to create a shield that protected him from any harm.
The members of the cult were shocked to see the Angel of Pride standing before them, and they immediately began to attack him. Jasper fought back with all his might, using his super strength and agility to take on the entire group. He could feel his wings carrying him effortlessly through the air as he dodged their punches and kicks.
As Jasper battled the cult, he could hear the cries of those who were being held captive inside the building. The Angel of Pride knew he had to act fast, and he used his powers to free the captives and lead them to safety. Together they fled, leaving the Holy Temple behind.
Word quickly spread throughout the city of Jasper's heroism, and soon he became known as the protector of the LGBT+ community. He continued to fly through the city, his wings spreading hope and love wherever he went. The Holy Temple had been wiped out, but Jasper knew that there would always be those who preached hate and intolerance. He was ready to face them head on, knowing that he had the power to make a difference.
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