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2023.06.01 14:30 lolavas I (28F) asked my boyfriend (33M) to set boundaries with an overly-friendly female coworker.

I (28F) asked my boyfriend (33M) to set boundaries with his female co-worker.
My boyfriend & I have been together for going on 4-years. We’ve never really had issues in the trust department, & I’ve never really felt insecure in our relationship until as of late. My boyfriend has a female co-worker (28) who started working with home for maybe 3/4 months now. She moved to our state, by herself, & is currently going through a divorce. She talks to my boyfriend a lot about this situation, & he gives her advice. He has brought her up a couple of times stating that she is looking for friends & that maybe he could invite her to our group gatherings, since we were around the same age. Never got around to this.
Fast forward a month or so, I would start hearing her discuss things like “would you give a blowjob for this amount of money”, etc. with her coworkers (my boyfriend & I talk on the phone here & there throughout the day). Although she is a female, I just took this as locker room talk at work, since she is one of the only few females that work with a bunch of men. But then, I would slowly start hearing her always trying to get my boyfriend to go out to eat lunch with her, although in a group, but she is always hounding him to go - even offering to pay. Though he would reject, that’s when I started to feel weird about her.
Now to yesterday, I was on the phone with my boyfriend & we had just gotten back from a 2-week vacation. I overhear her say in a singy-songy voice “I missed you”. I brought this up to my boyfriend last night, he said she says that to everyone. I asked for his phone, which I never do, but in that moment, I did. I saw that she would text him random things on his day off of work, which he wouldn’t really respond to, but also a message from yesterday evening saying “thanks for the shirts btw 😌” so I asked him about this & he said he had given her his old work shirts that he doesn’t fit anymore. In that moment, this felt weird to me too.
I talked with my boyfriend and he didn’t argue or defend her, but he did say that he didn’t think it was a big deal because he knows that he doesn’t want her & will not do anything to jeopardize our relationship. I didn’t feel like this response was enough & let him know that I honestly don’t care if they continue their friendship but he needs to make it known that the I miss you talk needs to stop, in respect to me & our relationship. It seemed that my boyfriend thought I was overreacting & he was felt that I was in the wrong for asking for his phone & not trusting him.
I hate that this is where we’re at now because I do trust him, but I don’t trust her, if that makes sense. So I guess I’m wondering, how do you deal with an overly-friendly coworker of your boyfriends/girlfriends?
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2023.06.01 14:30 bIinders Something stuck in braces

Please help,there is something stuck to my teeth in-between my bracket.i literally cannot get it out and I have tried everything.its at the of my mouth . It's obviously food but I have no idea why it's stuck because I eat everything I'm meant to,and it was not there last night . Please help what do I do?
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2023.06.01 14:30 cechidna HSG Experience - Very positive

I had an HSG done this past Tuesday, May 30th. I took 800mg Ibuprofen and 1000mg Acetaminophen about thirty minutes before the procedure. My RE also prescribed an antibiotic (doxycycline) to take the morning of the procedure and then again in the evening.
I got to the radiology office, signed in, then they led me to a room in which I got undressed from the waist down. My RE was there to perform the procedure, which was a nice surprise because I had assumed it would be someone I didn't know.
I got onto the table and put my hips on a folded up towel. There were no stirrups. My RE showed me the catheter and dye (it's clear!). She inserted the speculum, which for me was uncomfortable (sting-y), but that's because I have vulvar vestibulitis and have always felt pain with speculums. She then inserted the catheter. I expected pain on the level of my IUD insertion, which for me was 7 or 8 out of 10, like a five second long menstrual cramp (my cramps are quite bad as a matter of course). Instead I had pain at about a 4/10 for around 5-10 seconds. It felt like the kind of dull ache you get if an overly enthusiastic penetrating partner touches your cervix. I didn't even have to move around for her to get the dye to go where it needed to go. It was over incredibly quickly!
I felt no cramping or pain after the procedure and did not bleed. I wore a pad for a few hours, but most of the dye spilled out immediately, so I didn't need it. I would say I would rather have one HSG a month than give blood twice a month, in terms of pain/annoyance.
The only issue I've had post-HSG is that I didn't take the antibiotic with sufficient water, so it stuck around in the bottom of my esophagus and gave me this bullshit. So, if you're taking doxycycline, drink a lot of water.
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2023.06.01 14:30 KieraJacque [5e] (online) (one shot) (20th level) (Battle of Gods) Mapping out a Battle Scene for my Novel. 20 Players or 10 players with two characters each needed. [6/19 7 PM EDT-12 AM EDT (half hour break) & if needed 6/26 7 PM EDT-12 AM EDT (half hour break).


This is for a novel I am writing. I have no idea how to write a battle scene, well I do kind of. I just always play D&D with my husband to do the battle and write from there. So everything in this game will be my intellectual property for my novel. But to thank everyone, you will all be listed in the credits at the back of the book. I'll reach out to you on discord at that time to get the name you want to be thanked under. This also could make way for more games in the future. I am halfway through book one and decided the prologue's will all show the evil Gods backstory, the moment that will happen in this war, where my Villain ie my PC will slaughter a whole bunch of powerful Gods, then be told how powerful of a warrior he is by one of the level 9 Gods, a God he has looked up to all his life, is the setting point for what makes him who he is now. So just be warned, that scene will come. You are free to play your characters as they see fit, the only thing I ask is you look up different native american names or words to name your characters. That is the general language I am using to name these Gods. I'm writing the first prologue of seven prologues for my seven book epic high fantasy novel where the evil chaotic God, Asgahni (cherokee for evil according to The naming conventions and the words sound so regal to me, and what I imagine for Gods. Also, since so many American place names come from Indigenous words, I feel they're easier to pronounce.
Lots of homebrew radiant powered weapons will be homebrewed into your inventory, so you'll need to be able to add yourself to my campaign on D&D Beyond. We will be playing on Roll20 and talking on Discord during the game and talking on Discord prior to the game. I'm looking for experienced players (played in a minimum of five battle heavy games before, preferably have been playing regular for a year or more). This is not a 20 person party, this is twenty characters split between two teams and fighting against each other, I will be playing my character [level 6] whose back story it is, plus I will be adding a really high powered player on his team for the story. If anyone backed It's Tough to be a God on kickstarter, those are the rules we will be using to build these characters off of. Since I'm assuming most people do not have the book, I will be editing a lot of your pages to power you up to God level.


The entire session will be recorded so I can write the prologue later, this recording will go nowhere beyond me! So if you are not comfortable being recorded, do not apply. But just keep in mind, I will be the only one who ever hears this recording. Players my ask for it if they want, they will only be given it if every player decides they are comfortable with that. Screen recording of the roll20 screen will be taking place as well as voice recording.


But! If you have something you really want to be (besides warforged) bring it up to me and we'll discuss. This is just all I own that I'm willing to have be in this game.


The only non normal one I have is Blood Hunter, which I'll definitely allow, I've never seen it in action, I only ask that if you choose it (since we're at level 20) that you either find some time to familiarize yourself with it or that you have played it before for more than three sessions. If you have another class I've never heard of and want to play, just bring it up to me and we'll discuss it.


No need to roll abilities, they all start off at certain levels depending on the book, but there is some room for play. At least three stats will be set at a certain point depending on the book, and then you'll discuss how you want to roll play to set the other three somewhere between 14&22.

God Levels

There are levels one through ten. I'm looking for a mix of levels 6 through eight, with one or two level nines. These will influence your stats and powers. But in a war, not everyone is evenly matched. Since I know everyone is going to probably want to play the higher characters, it will be on a first come first serve basis. But hey, even if you don't get to play as a higher level God, you're still playing in a war amongst Gods, as a God. That doesn't come along very often.


You're all going to have the same background- that you were raised as a God amongst massive wealth, everyone will roll a d20 though to decide how many worshipers they have in this world. All of you were raised in a world where throughout childhood you were taught many different things Gods need to know, like how to create humanoids, and how to create landscapes like mountains and seas.

What are you a God of?

That's up to you! Everything except for war is on the table. But, also, first come first serve.

The World

Welcome to Eria Asomia. It is the oldest planet in the Casideous Nebule. It is filled with every type of feature included in earth as well as most fantasy things. It's beautiful. The climate is based off of earths climate. I'm almost done with the map (my book is set on the planet a family of Gods-my character I'm playing- fled to to escape the war and its aftermath as my characters older brother started the war to overthrow his father as the extreme God, then everyone picked sides). This is a high technology world. Think like the ideas of technology in the Jetsons but with a modern polish on it. Great big gleaming metallic airships in every color. The whole entire world is a communist society enforced by the Gods. The people have never known different, so they are happy how it is. These people are like extremely, weirdly, happy. And the Gods are now letting them be slaughtered as battle springs up all around their homes. So the humanoids are at shock over everything going on. One or two might run into the battle field, what you do with that is up to you. There will be no judgement for any evil or good actions, this is war!


If you die, before the break at two hours, you can rebuild your character and during break I can populate it with the right stats and magic items and you can rejoin. If we end up going into a second session, and you died during the second half of the first session, you can make a new character and I can do the same thing. I want everyone to be able to enjoy this as I will, despite the fact that I will be taking detailed notes.

Blood & Gore

Topics that this game will include:
Topics this game will not include:

To Apply

Fill out this APPLICATION and message me on discord at KieraJacque#7621 with the completed application. Talk to you all soon!
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2023.06.01 14:29 Alaric_Darconville Yellow lupine blooming on a hazy day at Salt Point State Park, California (2663x3100)(OC)

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2023.06.01 14:29 RanchoCuca Can we pump the brakes on the "Denver is invincible" narrative?

I agree with the great majority of folks who think that Denver should be a firm favorite in this finals series. Many reasons why. However, let's not act like Miami has no chance or path to win it all. Some things to keep in mind:
Denver swept LA, but were not dominant. Yes, Denver was the better team, but the Lakers had a real chance to win every contest. In three of the four games, LA was within 3 points with less than 1:30 to go in the fourth quarter. In the other game, the Lakers held a lead with about 7 minutes remaining. The series could easily have been tied 2-2 after Game 4. Denver had to dig deep for some of this and got it done with some great performances, particularly from their two stars. But these weren't ass-kickings or cruise control victories. Just noting the sweep is a tad misleading.
Heat Culture means never being an easy out. Eric Spoelstra is arguably the best coach in the league. The Heat are always prepared, always strategically sound, and never beat themselves. They are battle-hardened and consistently rise to the occasion.
Small ball is a thing, too. Much has been made of Denver's frontcourt size advantage. It will be a real factor. But let's not forget that facing a skilled small ball lineup can be very challenging as well. The Golden State Warriors won it all (and bounced Denver) last year with a main five featuring 6'7" Wiggins as the tallest player and Draymond Green their biggest player at 230lbs. Now, the Miami Heat are not '22 Golden State (much less Hamptons 5-era Warriors) but over seven games they might cook up a reasonable facsimile with their shooting and driving. Denver will have to deal. Granted, this year's Nuggets are far different than last year's and better equipped to defend small ball. The point is, being the bigger team comes with both benefits and challenges.
Lots can happen in a best-of-7 series. Variance is a bitch, and pretty much any sample within the span of a single game/series/playoff is a small sample. A key player can go cold for a game or series. Three-point shooting is a great equalizer; what form will Miami show? The one that shot 43% from deep against Boston? Or 30.6% against New York? Or 34.4% during the season? Obviously, the opposing defenses play a role, but so does variance.
Five Thirty-Eight gives Miami a 27% chance to win the series. Let's say that's an accurate representation of the teams. An 83% win probability represents a serious level of superiority for the Nuggets. But having something (like Miami taking the series) happen once every four instances is hardly a freak occurrence.
Look, I love talking about scheme, personnel, stats, etc. (and will continue to discuss them in other posts). But too often we talk about them like they add up to destiny. Or, we talk about results in hindsight like they were obvious and inevitable. Let's just remember that a)There's a lot you (and I) don't know and haven't considered, and b)even if one's analysis is spot on, there is always uncertainty and variance in outcome.
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2023.06.01 14:29 straysayake Precision in Grief and Rage

An exploration of how grief for Sirius informs Harry's characterisation in HBP. I wanted to talk about the shift in Harry's internal voice from Order of Phoenix to Half Blood Prince, and how his grief, guilt and immense self-loathing for his part in events around Sirius' death informs it. At the end of Order of Phoenix, Harry is a mess - of incoherent, unfocused grief, where he wishes he never wished more that he was anybody else:
"Harry, suffering like this proves you are still a man! This pain is part of being human— ”
"I DON'T WANT TO BE HUMAN!Harry roared, and he seized one of the delicate silver instruments from the spindle-legged table beside him and flung it across the room
The scene at Dumbledore's office is rife with how much he blames himself for his godfather's death. These feelings manifest in his behaviour in different ways:
  1. Refusing meals
When we are first introduced to Harry in HBP, we are told he has shut himself away in his room, filled with "chill emptiness" he associated with Dementors. He has also been refusing meals.
As far back as PS, the deprivation of food is associated with punishment in Harry's head - with Vernon punishing him with "no meals" as early as Chapter 2. Harry tends to not eat during times of intense stress (the lead up to First Task), or when he believes he is punishing himself. The time he believes he attacked Arthur as the snake, he hid himself in Buckbeak's room, refusing Mrs Weasley's call for food. He believed himself to be unworthy, and a contamination at the time - and only once he is assured by Ginny that he could not be possessed, he becomes hungry enough to grab a sandwich Mrs Weasley sent up to the room.
Similarly, the moment Harry steps into the Burrow in HBP, he feels "suddenly hungry", associating the Weasley home as an infusion of life over the emptiness he felt. Essentially, the first two weeks back at Dursleys, Harry was punishing himself for Sirius' death.
  1. Connecting with Tonks, Buckbeak
Harry blames himself for Sirius' death so much that he avoids talking about him at all (he wolfs down his breakfast when Ron and Hermione bring him up) and suppresses his grief and rage surrounding the events of OOTP- unless he is sure that the person he is speaking to understands the weight of Sirius' loss. He brings up Sirius willingly only with Buckbeak ("missing him? But you're okay with Hagrid aren't you"), and Tonks ("I miss him too") - two people he was sure are grieving Sirius the way he was (Hermione says Tonks was struggling with survivor's guilt early in the book, and that is the only time Harry speaks up, supposedly finding a connection with another person who blames themselves for Sirius' death: "How does she work that one out?"). I mean he is wrong about what Tonks is truly upset about, but still.
But it is telling that he seeks to connect with her -"I miss him too" but he spends so much of the book externalising and avoiding his debilitating grief that he also cant stand to be around the new "gloomy" Tonks after some time.
He also hopes Remus would write to him - an expectation of a connection from an adult that is quite big for Harry to admit to himself. Remus seems to sense this, and he offers an explanation even though he has never written to Harry before: "I've been underground".
There is also a self-aware moment from Harry, whose hatred for Snape has intensified in the book: He admits to displacing some of his own self loathing and blame onto Snape as to make his own feelings about it easier ("Whatever Dumbledore had said ..(..) he clung to the notion because it felt good and also because he knew the one person who was not sorry Sirius Black was dead was walking beside him")
  1. HBP textbook: A new father figure
He gets attached to the Half Blood Prince textbook and gets excited at the possibility that it might belong to his father - even as he knows that his father is a pureblood.
He defends the book to death until Sectumsempra - a book that becomes his guide and friend, a reflection of teenage Snape. The betrayal he feels with Sectumsempra is immense ("a beloved pet gone savage")
Essentially, he makes an old textbook his new friend/ father figure - and him wanting the book to have belonged to James (or any of the Marauders) is one more proof of it. ("It's hard - to know he won't write to me again" Harry admits to Dumbledore about Sirius' death).
  1. Going to adults with his theories/suspicions
    In the previous book, Harry avoids going to adults at all unless he really had to or forced to. However, a result of events of OOTP, in HBP, Harry goes to every adult with all suspicions he has - and freely admits to his suspicions and what he does about this. This is a marked change in Harry - he tells Mr Weasley about following Malfoy and asks him to check the manor, he tells McGonagall that he thinks Malfoy is behind the Katie attack (he even admits to McGonagall that he followed Malfoy to Borgin and Burkes) and he even reiterates his suspicions to Dumbledore. Even though he embarrasses his own friends with his suspicions, he is not deterred from letting adults know what he considers a threat.
  2. Advocacy for Stan Shunpike
Harry's anger and advocacy for Stan Shunpike, people Scrimgeour is throwing to Azkaban on false charges. He would have felt upset about it regardless, but Sirius' false imprisonment is a powerful factor in how he feels about these things. (He also notes Slughorn's cosseted existence with disdain: "it was hard to sympathise with Slughorn's cosseted existence when he remembered Sirius, living in cave and eating rats).
  1. The Mundungus scene
    The most explicit show of Harry's feelings about Sirius' death comes in full force in the scene with Mundungus outside of Hog's Head. His grief manifests in precise, focused rage in this chilling scene:
Harry had pinned Mundungus against the wall of the pub by the throat. Holding him fast with one hand, he pulled out his wand.
Why do I call it a focused, precise rage? Mostly, because unlike the other times Harry is provoked with perceived disrespect to a dead parent, Harry has not forgotten his wand. (Cue the scene in OOTP that he is so angry he just beats up Malfoy with his fists). What Harry has done is not just grab him by the throat, he makes sure Mundungus (who is shorter than him) is nose to nose with him and then threatens him with a wand.
You took that from Sirius’s house,” said Harry, who was almost nose to nose with Mundungus and was breathing in an unpleasant smell of old tobacco and spirits. “That had the Black family crest on it.”/ "What did you do, go back the night he died and strip the place?"
And he doesn't stop until Tonks magically throws him off Mundungus.
"Harry, you mustn’t!” shrieked Hermione, as Mundungus started to turn blue.
There was a bang, and Harry felt his hands fly off Mundungus’s throat. Gasping and spluttering, Mundungus seized his fallen case, then — CRACK — he Disapparated.
Harry swore at the top of his voice, spinning on the spot to see where Mundungus had gone.
A small tangent - It is not a coincidence that we see Harry's darker and more chilling traits in a book where he is heavily paralleled with Tom Riddle. The parallel is explicit in the scene where he uses his mother's death to guilt Slughorn into giving him the memory. But here is a tiny mention of how Tom Riddle reacts to perceived disrespect to an heirloom from his parent:
That’s right!said Hepzibah, delighted, apparently, at the sight of Voldemort gazing at her locket, transfixed. “I had to pay an arm and a leg for it, but I couldn’t let it pass, not a real treasure like that, had to have it for my collection. Burke bought it, apparently, from a ragged-looking woman who seemed to have stolen it, but had no idea of its true value— ”
There was no mistaking it this time: Voldemort’s eyes flashed scarlet at the words, and Harry saw his knuckles whiten on the locket’s chain.
There is a parallel, not exactly a neat one - but still quite telling that Harry specifically notices how Voldemort's knuckles whiten around the locket, after Hepzibah pretty much talks about how Merope was essentially robbed. Harry understands, in so many ways than one.
As Ron points out in DH: "You really understand him" and Harry responds with "Bits of him."
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2023.06.01 14:29 Seleene Beware of the Dragons...

Just watched something hilarious that I've never seen before in my casual 2,000+ hours of play.
I'm playing a Xenophile race of soon to be Synthetic evolved humans. This has been a great run so far. I started out with exactly nine systems, sandwiched between two larger powers. Through charm and brute force, I've managed to defeat one of them, and befriend the other. Along the way I picked up several smaller vassals, one of which is a Hive Mind lizard race (the Rax'Thalak Multitude).
Suddenly, the Great Khan arrises on their doorstep. I mobilized my fleets to come save the day and zoom in to see the first skirmishes when I noticed something... odd. You know that little icon for "monsters" or "bad things you should not mess with"? Well, there were three of them just chilling in Vassal Blue colors right next door to the Khan's home systems. Apparently, my vassal has been BREEDING SPACE DRAGONS??
I click in and then watch as the first 2... then three and then a fourth fleet get utterly smashed by three "Immaculate Specimen" dragons. Apparently my vassal had at least five of these dragons and before my first fleet could even get down there, the Great Khan has been killed / eaten / dragon fired. LOL!!!
I thought my vassal was about to get rolled because I didn't see any large fleets, but they had DRAGONS. Has anyone else seen the AI do this before? Is this new? This was on a pure vanilla play through, no mods. Just hilarious to watch. :)
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2023.06.01 14:29 dingdongshlong3 31M [chat][friendship] it's my birthday in 26 hours and I may have failed my education for the year lol

Hello! I'm a wreck. Bipolar affective, kinda fat, lazy. But I can probably make you laugh. Maybe.
Don't mind m or F or whatever, if you rarely ghost that would be fantastic haha.
Currently moderately depressed but functional. You know how it is. You go to bed at night vowing to never smoke again. You wake up and have a coffee and a cigurette and accept not today. That but with most things is how im going lol.
Hobbies and interests? I've had a few. Sticking too them is the issue haha.
We can talk about whatever and I don't sleep till late so you can have my attention for like 6 hours if you want. I'm generally nonjudgmental and open so you have nothing to lose. Shoot me a dm :).
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2023.06.01 14:28 ark_commander Search and Rescue flashlight recommendations

Experts! Im in need of some assistance. Im looking for a more powerful, multi cell light to pair with my already excellent Acebeam L35 for night time search and rescue missions. Ideally at or under the $300 price point. The L35 is wonderful for when I get to a high probability area, spot searching and lighting up points of interest but my usage behaviors tend to drain the battery before the night is over. No problem swapping batteries with that light but id prefer to just carry a larger light that is 100% good to go providing brightness for a full evening.
Looking forward to your thoughts, thanks in advance.
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2023.06.01 14:27 sassyfeet I'm slowly being drained of life and want to quit.

When will it get better?
I started what was originally a weekend night shift (Friday and Saturday 11pm-7am) two months ago. They were meant to compliment my part time day job during the week which I used to work Monday to Thursday. It was going great but I was being asked to work a lot of extra night shifts- I have real, real trouble with saying no so I took them.
My coworker was fired and I was pressured through multiple phone calls and texts to accept his job. So now I work a rotating 4 days on/4 days off. It's killing me. I've had to drop two of my day shifts just so I have time to sleep. Just this week alone I've worked 58 hours finishing my 2 weeks at the day shift and immediately going to the night shift after I finish at 9pm.
I feel terrible, I'm making mistakes. I feel like all of my coworkers hate me and think I'm a dumbass. I'm exhausted.
Tonight was supposed to be my final shift until Tuesday but management rang and said my other coworker is sick and could I work Friday night too. I honestly feel like dying.
I was chewed out at the end of my shift this morning for using the equipment wrong which no one told me about and miscounting my till. I'm so upset that I'm fucking stupid that I wasted time crying instead of sleeping before my day shift started. I'm running on 3 hours sleep with two more shifts ahead of me. I feel sick.
I just need to know that it gets better. Once I'm only doing 2 day shifts and I get to sleep and I stop being stupid. I just need some sleep.
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2023.06.01 14:27 Tokedout01 Thinking I'm broken

I honestly think I'm broken and simply shouldn't be around people. For years I coped with things by drinking and basically forgot my childhood to a point. During that time I went through hell, including cancer at 23 that was supposed to kill me. Tried killing myself shortly after surviving it because I couldn't stand the world anymore. Fast forward awhile, I have 2 great kids and a wonderful wife but still I felt undeserving. I quit drinking 35 months ago and made huge changes. About a year later everything went to hell because I was struggling to be a "normal person". Held it together did everything I needed to do, even started going to counseling weekly by choice. I was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis and was told it comes with a 3-5yr death sentence. Kept working and stayed sober, took care of my kids, all that fun stuff. Then I started remembering my past even more, all the rapes and beatings, being traded for my mother's addictions, being taught to be a criminal ( I was a dealer by 9yrs old) and the family knew about it. Nobody did anything, in fact some joined in on it. This list goes on, but now it's to the point where it's all I dream about every single fucking night! I understand that's the brains way of processing shit like this but it's ruining me. I have no friends everyone just tries to use me, I got denied for disability, can't work, and am now a full time sahd and homeschool teacher. Im going for my fifth procedure in 2 weeks due to the rapes and failing health, possibly a surgery. I honestly want to watch the world burn at times, just a giant fireball and end everything all the suffering and pain just gone in a flash. No matter what I do, I'm always on edge and ready to burst in tears between the depression and constant pain. I try to hide it for my family but it's becoming a chore. I want to be happy, I want to be calm, I know I can but these nightmares are killing me.
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2023.06.01 14:27 6BakerBaker6 Issues with Sixt Rental Company

When I picked up my rental, it was late at night and we didn't notice it was on E. I called in a first time, and the worker told me it should have been full. They hung up on me.
The second time I called, I didn't get a clear answer on what they'd do. First, he told me to return it on E. I don't trust that, since the contract says they'll bill me $12.99/gallon plus tax if it's not full. Then, he said to take a picture of the car on E along with the receipt. Thankfully I have both. He ended up hanging up besides saying "bring those and the front desk will figure it out."
My only plan is to tell them I plan on renting with them again in August, and hopefully they can fix this problem. Not sure what else I can do at this point.
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2023.06.01 14:26 JosephArt1965 Elev8te fun

Took the niece and nephew last night and everyone had a blast. Ran into Chef Pat as well which was cool. The manager wound up right behind me on the escalator. So I pointed out my BDM shirt to him and told him the advertisements were already working even tho they weren't an official sponsor yet. He assured me the check would soon be in the mail to Tom and Dan to make if official. Once again you guys knocked it out of the park choosing your partnership. The place was a blast who knew the old Sears where I got arrested for being a stupid 16 year old would someday be an amusement park lol. Gonna go back without the kiddos and do some ax throwing and beer drinking next time. Only down side was the high school kids working at the place for sure are still being trained and had no idea what they were doing. But I'm certain that will work itself out with time.
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2023.06.01 14:26 6BakerBaker6 Issues with Sixt (Car Rental)

When I picked up my rental, it was late at night and we didn't notice it was on E. I called in a first time, and the worker told me it should have been full. They hung up on me.
The second time I called, I didn't get a clear answer on what they'd do. First, he told me to return it on E. I don't trust that, since the contract says they'll bill me $12.99/gallon plus tax if it's not full. Then, he said to take a picture of the car on E along with the receipt. Thankfully I have both. He ended up hanging up besides saying "bring those and the front desk will figure it out."
My only plan is to tell them I plan on renting with them again in August, and hopefully they can fix this problem. Not sure what else I can do at this point.
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2023.06.01 14:26 Pictorial38k AITB for going to a bar instead of tending of my gf?

My gf (29) is in a rough place right now, she is works 15 hrs a day on average on a movie set, she has no time to relax, almost no time for her hobbies, almost no time for me. She hates her job and is determined to leave. She's always talking about how much she hates her job, she sends me several messages about it every day, she talks about it for half an hour straight every night when we're on the phone.
Usually I try to do everything I can to support her through this difficult time, I call her every evening, I help her with basic daily tasks, I do all I can to make her feel better.
But this Monday I had enough problems of my own (work and family issues) and when she texted me about her job, I only replied briefly and then added that I was going to go out to the bar with my friends tonight (I don't usually go to bars on weekdays, but this time I felt like I needed to). When I got home around midnight, I saw about three messages from her saying she'd like to set her workplace on fire, so in my drunken state I replied that she should do it and added a gif of a burning building, I just thought it was funny.
The next day she only replied to all my messages with one word answers and she seemed angry, when I asked her if she was mad at me she said yes because I had unexpectedly gone to a bar instead of attending to her when she was in a bad mood, and then I made fun of her feelings.
It´s been three days and she still is not talking to me. I tried to explain to her why I went to the bar and then sent her a gif with a burning building, but she hasn´t responded yet. AITB? (Edit: typos)
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2023.06.01 14:25 jo3y__ Hip-Hop night club in HCMC

Hey all, Solo traveller here, and I’m looking at spending my last night experiencing a cool hip-hop night club in HCMC without bottle service in D1.
I found some (Commas Saigon) but it looks like I need to buy a whole bottle?! I’m not a huge drinker, so there’s no way I can finish a bottle on my own! So any recommendations would be great!
I’ve done some research and searched the threads here (loosely) but I couldn’t find anything concrete
PS. If anyone is keen to join, that would be awesome!
Thanks for any advise
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2023.06.01 14:25 eza2510 Drawings Featuring Fireflies - Dancing Lights [2023.05.30 ]

Drawings Featuring Fireflies - Dancing Lights [2023.05.30 ]

Drawings Featuring Fireflies
There's a kind of ethereal quality to the sight of fireflies floating in the air as you walk through the woods or by the water at night. Their heavenly glow makes you wonder if they're stars that have fallen from the sky, come to light your way.
They're a lovely addition to any illustration! They really set a mood, don't you think? Check out some illustrations featuring fireflies below.

ほたる by チャーミー

ほたる by チャーミー

by 湊みなも

蛍 by 湊みなも

お月様とユイシス by けいま ろん

お月様とユイシス by けいま ろん

夜の甘雨 by kaminarichyan

夜の甘雨 by kaminarichyan

真夏の夜 by ふーろ

真夏の夜 by ふーろ
Please feel free to check the original article over at pixivision to view the rest of the artworks for this gallery.
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2023.06.01 14:25 lissakristine NK’s nap was cut by 30 minutes

B4 typically has quiet time in his room from 12pm to 2pm. Now, he doesn’t always sleep, but he will occasionally. He has a clock in his room that displays a sun when he’s allowed to come out of his room.
Today, MB told me that his clock is now set for 1:30 because he’s been having a hard time sleeping at night. That way, if he does fall asleep, he’s not sleeping as long. (Though, I also feel that since he doesn’t always sleep, if he does, it might be because he needs it).
I understand, but I’m mourning the sudden loss of 1/4 of my “break” time.
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2023.06.01 14:25 lolo-red What do I do next?

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2023.06.01 14:24 6BakerBaker6 Issues with Sixt Rental company

When I picked up my rental, it was late at night and we didn't notice it was on E. I called in a first time, and the worker told me it should have been full. They hung up on me.
The second time I called, I didn't get a clear answer on what they'd do. First, he told me to return it on E. I don't trust that, since the contract says they'll bill me $12.99/gallon plus tax if it's not full. Then, he said to take a picture of the car on E along with the receipt. Thankfully I have both. He ended up hanging up besides saying "bring those and the front desk will figure it out."
My only plan is to tell them I plan on renting with them again in August, and hopefully they can fix this problem. Not sure what else I can do at this point.
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2023.06.01 14:24 goodmassphonenumbah Hi dude, we are so close to solving my mental illness. I am sick in my head. Please give us a shot. We can find the right pill and a professional mediator can re-establish trust

Hi, u/dontscarethereaper yes the phone number is fully set up now. 508-815-4713. It’s for MA because I want to move back, although apparently that is the area code for the part of the state where I got my car and that is closer to Providence and UMD and New Bedford where I often charged my car. Like it’s far away that it’s not copying you but we are pretty similar people.
I am not doing anything all morning except cleaning or resting or buying you and your sister or you and your dad or you and C a souvenir from MKE. I kind of recommend we talk after you’ve seen your therapist but we could talk before.
If we want a professional conflict mediator, looks interesting, Mark the lawyer who did my name change and who was cc’d on about 5 of the 14 emails would do it for $300 probably, and we could literally do it for free by calling my high school boss Eleanor C. Naiman or she could pass it to her son Avrami ("my Abraham") who seems to have changed his name to Aaron, or one of the junior attorneys. I haven’t talked to her since Hanukkah 2021. She would literally take 5-10 minutes for free to just give us advice or we could talk to Aaron but I’ve hardly ever spoken 5 minutes to him.
She’s legit and licensed with not just Maryland bar but the Supreme Court bar which I didn’t even know there was a Supreme Court bar. But she literally is just my high school boss who was livid and hung up the phone that I went to BYU but also saw some of the childhood abuse firsthand and kept me hired for 1+ years after her husband tried to hire me for his accounting office upstairs but fired me for missing too many days. She would really be able to answer any question you could possibly have about why I am weird. Lol. Shes 410-504-1113.
And the website is
We could even call the current lacrosse coach Coach Trexler at my high school who would have even more to say about why I am weird, having shared his thoughts at length about a year ago on a fundraising email thread. The Venmo that resulted from that project still exists BTW @phslaxdonate — it’s pretty take a peek lol. His phone number is private but he would mediate for us or I mean anyone you want. What if just me and you talked by ourselves at my new phone
Everything I was saying about secret marriages in Orthodox Jewish law was just kind of me telling ghost stories. From a secular perspective and even from most Jews’ perspective there is no magical power in Orthodox Judaism. It just reflects a lot of medieval tradition. There’s kind of this ghost story style of speaking in Jewish thought called midrash. Essentially on the spectrum of a tall tale filled with metaphor and an ethical takeaway from the story. If you remember or like Pokémon, technically the Pokémon Golem is based off the idea that medieval rabbis used to make magical creatures from clay on Friday night and repeat the Genesis process to set these golem monsters running through the Jewish ghetto. But I have never ever ever ever ever heard of golems being considered real in 2023. My friend Eric once gave a speech where he mentioned that according to the written legends you create a golem by writing the Hebrew letter A / Aleph on the play doh’s forehead א, then you simply erase the A / Aleph from its forehead to put the golem to sleep. That itself is an example of how this is a tall tale because can you imagine if you actually magically created a golem first of all its murder to erase the A from its forehead second of all do you think that monster is gonna just chill like it’s at the dentist and let you touch its forehead and end its life lol. I’m a Reform Jew not Orthodox and I’m trying to become Catholic like you.
So literally from a normal American perspective Eleanor is just a nice woman who literally would take 5-10 minutes for free to give us advice about how to mediate our conflict, or we can use Mark or any lawyer of your choice or if you prefer I come see an MA psychiatrist I would do it.
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