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This subreddit was created for posting and sharing pictures (static or gif) and video. Unnecessary Censorship refers to the practice of adding censor bleeps, mosaic blurs or [black bars to source materials that were neither profane or explicit to begin with. The bleeps are typically dubbed over words to make it sound as if they were explicit. Mosaic blurs and black bars are placed over people, objects, or text to make it appear as if they are covering up pornographic or explicit material.

2023.06.09 22:19 throwthatawayjen02 Advice for a Female Seat (Facesitting)

Hello! I recently posted on this sub for some help and I love the advice I received!
So quick background, I met an older woman at a bar and she’s super into facesitting (like it’s all she wants to do and I am happy to let her haha). It was hard at first and I’m still working on improving to let her sit for longer, but I’m getting better. Her dream is to be able to sit on a girl’s face for like over a minute at a time or more without stopping. I’m not even close yet but I’m working on improving so I can do it for her 🥰
Yes yes I know if you read the other post I have to have a conversation and figure out how to set limits and stuff, but I really do enjoy doing it for her and I would love some advice on how to make it even more enjoyable for her.
For some more context when I say sitting I mean like sitting sitting. Not to get too graphic but like, full weight, directly on me while she takes care of herself lol. Because of the pressure I like physically couldn’t do anything if I wanted to do, and just sorta sit there while she does her thing. This sounds bad but I promise you I’m enjoying it haha. All I can really do is like tap her leg to let her know I need a break.
Okay so this is what I could use help on - is there anything I can do to make it more fun for her? It’s really clear she’s enjoying it (it’s all she talks about wanting to do to me haha and yea she looks reaallyyy satisfied when she’s done), but yea I just kinda let her do her thing. Again I LIKE IT. She asks me several times if I’m okay and if I want to stop and I always want to keep going and we keep meeting up haha.
But yea I guess I would like to hear from other women who enjoy doing something like this! What is it that would make it even better? What about it is she enjoying that I can make even more fun for her? I’ve done it a few times and while I’m still working on lasting longer, I want to also improve on other ways if I can. For reference it’s not breathing that I have an issue with, just holding the weight without getting scared or panicking haha.
Thank you!!
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2023.06.09 22:18 emmdani FED UP.

a lot swearing coming up bc I’m fucking tired of this shit
I’m fucking tired of my boyfriends dog. It’s to the point where I can’t even TRY to like him anymore. He always finds a fucking way to chew up all my favorite things bro I can’t. I’m literally crying rn. I have these kitty ears from an old costume (tmi but my bf likes for me to wear them for him) and I just came home to find them all fucking chewed up in his bed. He’s chewed up some of my favorite shirts, he chewed up a hair clip that was my favorite bc my hair is really thick and it was one of the only ones I’d found that could hold it up. He fucking broke one of my only FAVORITE mugs with his stupid uncontrollable tail wagging. Chewed up my laptop charger, some of my favorite pens, some of my favorite underwear. The list could literally just go on and on and I’m so fucking fed up. I just needed to vent idk what to do. He chews up my bfs clothes and socks and he seems to not have a problem with it all like how??? He chews up his socks and then ends up constipated for a week and then the next he ends up with runny shit. This past week I had to clean up liquid shit when I came home from work. And when I tell my bf “I bet it’s bc of all ur clothes he eats” and my bf is like “yeah duh” like okay then fucking do something ab it??? You don’t wanna be worrying ab his poop habits or clean up shit after work then fucking do SOMETHING. All he ever does is go “No sir 😡” and there the dog is just looking at him with his stupid puppy dog eyed face and tail wagging and doesn’t understand a single word he just thinks my bf is telling him some sweet shit. It annoys the crap out of me. Every single time I start to grow a soft spot for this dog he fucking finds a way to make it all go back down to 0 and I just add another thing to my list of resentment towards him. I love my boyfriend so much and HE is the only reason why I try with this goddamn dog. He wonders why I have some animosity towards A DOG. Like let me show you a list of reasons, yeah? Rant over. I have a headache now. Best believe boyfriend and I are gonna have a talk when he gets home from work. Thanks for reading of you made it this far. 🥲🔫
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2023.06.09 22:18 oknature2 What are your thoughts on morality of having a romantic (non sexual) fling with a teen?

Need some advice. I am a 27F and currently on vacation in Hawaii for 4 weeks. I met a guy who I clicked with right away. He came to Hawaii to celebrate his 17th birthday and here for 3 weeks. We are both from the same country also which is pretty cool
I'm here with my grandma and he's there with his older cousin. I bumped to him at the beach last week. We are both into surfing and went together few times. We went dancing as well. He can actually dance and it was so nice dancing with someone that legit dance. We just clicked and it just feel comfortable talking to him. He's like one of those ppl that actually make you feel good about yourself/more confident when you are around them. Very rare to find. Most ppl are pleasant but don't have that effect
Yesterday I bumped into him in a beach alone and ended up talking/laughing for about 6 hours about random stuff and made these really neat sand castles and sand snow men. I don't know what it is about him but everything he does is so.. so alluring. Little stuff like just brushing his hands through his hair, his dimples, the darn lip bites. Around 11pm we finally decided to go to our hotels to sleep. He decided to kiss me all of a sudden and we made out for several minutes (with serious neck kisses) and there was some light groping and we almost had oral sex until I ended it. I just simply said we haven't done anything to be ashamed of but we shouldn't go further than this. He was super respectful and apologized and we went our separate ways.
I spent the whole day with him today but he hasn't tried anything with me. I know this wouldn't be a long term thing but even short term fling is nice to think about. Sexual fling would be nice but given the situation I am leaning more towards romantic fling ( just making out, holding hands, cuddling etc and not sex). If we are still somehow in contact after he turns after he turns 18 then maybe it can esclaate to a sexual one. But the sexual aspect is not a priority to me. I would still want to be with him if we never had sex. It just feels people are ok with such relationship if both parties are 18 and over. But 17 is literally one year younger than 18. and it's above the age of consent in most countries which is 16. How morally wrong is it really tbh? I would really appreciate rational/logical/respectful answers.. which I know is probably too much to ask for
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2023.06.09 22:18 KittensWithTopHats My mom got a random direct deposit from SS for $330. She usually gets about $1100 on the 22nd of every month.

Does anyone know why she would randomly get a direct deposit for such a small amount? She’s on hold with the SS office right now, but I thought I would check here just in case anyone has any insight. Has this happened to anyone else?
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2023.06.09 22:17 Logan42 Chase Not Honoring Trip Cancellation Insurance Benefit

In October 2022 I booked a flight for my girlfriend and I to Japan on behalf of her family as we are all traveling together. I booked our flights through the Chase Travel Portal. Unfortunately, we had to cancel all of the flights and hotels due to an emergency illness (doctor's note provided).
When I called Chase to cancel the flight, they told me to submit a claim with eClaimsline and they will grant me a travel credit with Delta. I submitted a claim but never heard anything back from eClaimsline, and I followed up several times.
I just got off the phone with Chase and they said that I have until October 2023 to book a new flight with this travel credit, and it must be the same carrier, and I will have to pay a $199 fee per passenger. This does not sound right.
Does anyone have any suggestions for how to get Chase to provide me the trip cancellation refund in cash with no additional fees? I won't be able to use this credit before October 2023 with this carrier and I don't want to be out several grand.
The flight was with Air France.
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2023.06.09 22:17 Striker--7 HHG Move Was A Disaster; So Was My Damage Claim

So I performed a HHG move at the beginning of this year and we had some pretty hefty damages; our claim was right around $3.5k. I'm going to attempt to keep this short, but if you need more information for a better response, please ask and I'll respond. This is also developing, as I'm taking the weekend to handle this situation, so I will try to give accurate statements to the best of my ability, but that might change as I investigate further.
I just received an email from the TSP today, and they are offering me $550, which doesn't even remotely come close to the cost of the damages. Out of the 14 items I claimed, only four are being settled. The rest are either claimed to be damaged before shipment and the burden of proof falls to me, or the items were not inventoried because they were packed into boxes with other items.

I also made a big fuckup and did not accurately document the move. My previous PCS was a breeze and I admittingly got complacent. Due diligence was not exercised on my end. Trust me, I'm already beating myself up plenty over this. I will NOT allow this to ever happen again to myself. So I respectfully ask that we move past the responses saying "You should have taken pictures of everything, inventoried the items yourself, checked all the boxes, etc." Next time, they will not be out of my sight for a moment. They will explain and justify every single bit of damage they put on that form. I will be in regular contact with the HHG/Transportation Office. I will record every phone call and video every moment they are interacting with me in my house and while they are moving my items. I will not let them touch a single one of my possessions unless I am watching them like a hawk, and I can accurately refute any and all damages they attempt to hold me liable for.
Needless to say, I'm mad at myself just as much as I'm mad at the TSP because I allowed them to do this to me. So again, I understand I fucked up here.

As for additional information, I started my shipment on a bad note. Our movers refused to install the moving bolts for the washer, and they were asking my wife to help pack. So I called the transportation office and corrected that. Most of our belongings were packed somewhat haphazardly, as my wife described. I was at work the day of the move, so I wasn't able to attend the morning hours of packing. I visually witnessed them throwing stuff in the back of the moving truck with no padding or protection, but I didn't think to take pictures. They seemed pissed at me after that.

When they finished moving, they had us sign the "Household Goods Descriptive Inventory." (I'm fucking pissed about this part) I asked him what all the random symbols meant under "condition at origin" and if he could explain to me what I was signing. He said that it was just a physical description of all of the items that were inventoried, and told me to sign it because I would have a chance to notate any damages when they arrived at the destination. So I looked through all of the inventory and everything looked good. By the way, it was difficult to understand the condition at origin stuff. Literally, it looks like chicken scratch and says "10-9-W-F,ST-SO,F." But my dumbass went ahead and signed, thinking that if something *did* happen, I'd be able to claim damage at the destination like my mover said I could.

I realize now that I signed away my entire claim by that one dumb action.

Upon arrival, our goods were haphazardly carried up the stairs, getting dropped and scraped along the railing. We had a lot of cosmetic damage, but there were also some items that received physical damage. One or two items were just completely gone. During that time, before I realized the damage that had occurred, our movers asked us if we could get them lunch and they'd pay us back. I didn't have an issue with it, so I went ahead and got food for them for around $60 or so. When we finished up with everything, I was frustrated with the nightstand that they completely broke the front off of, so I was busy documenting that. I admit to being distracted at the time, and that was (again) entirely my fault. They gave us the papers, and I notated the damage to the washedryer (that we had just bought no more than 6 months prior), and the couple of other items that we noticed were damaged. We did not do a complete walkthrough at the time of delivery, opening every single box to check for missing items, which is again my fault. Then signed the paperwork and they left.... and I forgot about the lunch because I was distracted with other stuff at that moment.

Also, when they moved the washer, I asked where they put the moving bolts. They told me they threw them away in the dumpster. Now, when we had our washedryer delivered, the woman who sold us the appliances told us to keep them. I wasn't home at the time, but the installers also conveniently "threw the bolts in the dumpster." Come to find out, those things can go for upwards of a $100 on eBay.

Since I had learned our mistake on that one, I asked the movers what dumpster they threw it in so I could go fish them out. They told me not to worry about it and they brought them to me in under 5mins. (in almost perfect condition, might I add)

So now, I'm going through all the paperwork, learning the code they used for the "Condition at Origin", and I'm discovering that the mover grossly overexaggerated MANY of the damages noted. Some items don't even have damage on them where they claimed. Also, anything packed into a box did not receive an inventory number. So the three monitors that got shipped, free-floating inside the box, did not get an inventory number.

Due to the items not being inventoried, the TSP is claiming that those items were not actually shipped, and they also aren't liable for those damages. To include my wife's $500 Alienware monitor that is now only backlit doesn't display a picture. On that note, the TSP told us (for the monitor specifically) that we needed a professional look at the monitor to give us a quote on the cost of repair. So we went to best buy and asked geek squad to inspect it. Why spend the time and money telling us to get a quote when they never intended on providing settlement for it anyways?!
So here I am, its a Friday night and I'm seeing **red**. I want to call the TSP and fucking chew them out for their dishonesty and unethical behavior. I wanna call the transportation office for not doing a post-move inspection, and report this. I wanna yell at myself for being so stupid. I want to call my House Reps and Senators to tell them what happened. I want to get a lawyer and start a suit. I want to let my chain of command know, and explain how this shitty situation is affecting my work and home life, adding additional stress. I want to put in a FOIA request to determine the cost of how much the Navy paid this company to move my stuff, and add that to the suit along with providing that information to congress. I am just so. fucking. peeved.

Instead, I'm typing on here to get some wisdom from others who are familiar with similar situations, and get advice for a way forward. While I'm not just going to *let* this happen to me, I also realize that:
1) I'm probably not in the best headspace to be talking to anyone or making any important decisions right now, and 2) I have no idea what to do, and I feel that if I do decide to go the lawsuit route, it would be a bad decision to continue communications between myself and the TSP without a lawyer present.

Regardless, I'm not done here. I will make sure something will come from this because I'm determined as all hell right now. And it pisses me off that this happens regularly to other Sailors and nobody does anything, so it just gets dismissed. If I can change something to benefit myself and others, then I should make every effort to.

So that being said, what do you guys have for me? What should I do from here? What options do I have? What realistically should I do, and how much of what I said is just emotional nonsense because I'm angry?

I don't plan on communicating with anyone tonight. Instead, I plan on going over every single item on the inventory list, copying down the "condition at origin" section, decoding it, then taking pictures of the items that have "supposed damage." I feel like that's a good start, because (and feel free to tell me if I'm wrong) if I can prove they lied on the inventory sheet, that would be one step to deconstructing everything else they lied about.

I apologize for the long post. If you made it this far, thank you for listening; it's been somewhat calming to just vent. I appreciate any/all help and consideration on this one in advance, and please wish me luck. I'll keeping a regular eye on this post in case I get comments for more detail.
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2023.06.09 22:15 ccm20012000 🇨🇦 Join Betano Canada Now! And we will Both get $50 to help get started! Plus a deposit Matched up to $500 ! Everyday you get free Slot spins or sports credits! Just like bet365 but better! GOODLUCK!

🇨🇦 Join Betano Canada Now! And we will Both get $50 to help get started! Plus a deposit Matched up to $500 ! Everyday you get free Slot spins or sports credits! Just like bet365 but better! GOODLUCK! submitted by ccm20012000 to BonusCasinoReferrals [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 22:14 Karmanacht A guide to taking your subreddit private: do's and don't's's

Hey we've already seen someone removed as a moderator by the admins for going about the protest in the wrong way.
They kicked all of their comods and took the subreddit private. The admins almost certainly won't let you sabotage your subreddits in a way that makes it look like you're taking them down for the long haul.
Kicking all of your co-mods is a quick way to have admins knocking on your door, which we've seen multiple times on this site in the past, this was already an established response from the admins.
Things you probably won't be able to do:
Things you can probably do:
There is also a bot set up to coordinate taking subreddits private, in case you don't want to or aren't able to do it yourself:
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2023.06.09 22:13 JuliusCeejer Spirit of the Tree voice actor, Tomorrowland Aftermovie narrator?

I can't find VA credits for Diablo 4 yet, but does anyone else think it's the same guy?
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2023.06.09 22:12 jerrydvanmaanen Hiarchy of cooperative capital collectivism

Hiarchy of cooperative capital collectivism
Essay on the hierarchy of the co-op capital collectivism:
The manual laborers, investors and engineers: The first part of the hierarchy of the cooperatives is the engineers, manual laborers and land investors. These are the proper owners of the local facilities run democratically by these people. Management of the facility is elected by these people.
For the agricultural cooperatives: These will be mostly hydroponic or aeroponic. The things that are not available for such methods will be grown indoor facilities with levels holding soil, small amounts of animals and meat cloning facilities. These will be the basic technological uses for agriculture in the future.
For the mining cooperatives: These will be owned by the mining equipment owners and operators. The mining equipment is used in regulated areas to prevent ecological disasters. The best and cleanest ways will be used by these cooperatives.
For the manufacturing cooperatives: These will be run by engineers and automated machinery for the best possible production. At first there will be manual laborers but, they will be replaced with automation but still required to keep their share of the company unless they were fired for misbehavior or quit the job.
The management: Local facility management will be elected by the workers of each facility. Each facility will come together for a county board for each cooperative facility. These facilities will be the main means of production in a co-op capital collectivist society. On each facility board will be a head of board, treasurer, secretary, worker selector, investor representative, land stock rep and three worker reps.
The three county boards: These will regulate every facility under each board. There will be a county agricultural board(CAB), a county manufacturing board(CMB), and a county mining board(CMB2). These will keep the environment clean and free of pollution in populated areas.
The state production board: These will tax the cooperatives and pay tribute to the federal government. They will make sure that the federal government gets the funds to pay for economic and political protection. The will consist of a state planner, treasurer, head of tax collections, economics rep, three worker representatives for each category, three investor reps, three land stock owner reps, and the head of board. This will act as another branch to the state governments.
The reasons for this: Reason one- this is to bring back manufacturing Reason two- this is to restart the virtuous cycle. Reason three- this is a means of democratizing the means of production while slowly taking control from the elite to the common man and woman.
Education requirements for this system: Requirement one- the first requirement is critical thinking. This keeps the worker from doing things that would not serve the interest of the common folk.
Requirement two- the second requirement is cooperation between individuals. This will put the value of a unified society that serves national interests before it serves individual interests. It will put the nation and community first.
Requirement three- basic math, science, history and english are to be the utmost important things taught in elementary and middle schools.
Requirements four- this is the requirement for future career based education which will be taught in high schools and colleges. It will teach the value of finding a good career.
Duty to nation and community: The duty to the nation comes to be the utmost important thing in co-op capital collectivism. It will keep people thinking alike and raise the new way of going about business. Of course this means we need to teach cooperation between students in elementary, middle, and high schools. The public are the ingroup while keeping the outgroup as criminals(child abusers). The nation will require that each state taxation and regulation board pay tribute to a national government and allow for a strong military and peace trooper force. The nation is the most important aspect of life. Our loyalty is to soil and nation. Our loyalty is to those who serve the soil of the nation.
The racial theory of co-op capital collectivism: The best three races for the current promotion of this political party are the Germans, Indigenous, and Irish alliance to raise public awareness against the public outgroup(child groomers/abusers, feminine homosexuals[leaving masculine homosexuals alone], anyone who preaches anti-German/Indigenous/Irish rhetoric and any pro israel individual). Reminder, no race is inferior or superior and no race is being removed. The issue is promoting the three races and indigenous repopulation alongside the Irish and Germans. This will alone be used to promote a future super soldier program(project supermen).
The ideal citizen: The ideal citizen follows the law. He or she follows a line of public duty. He or she reports any criminal activity or turns themselves into the government when necessary. A leader is a leader for two reasons. To lead by example or by luxury. The ideal citizens follow the ones who lead by example. Those who are hypocrites will not be leaders of the political party.
The meaning of the flag: The gray background represents respect for order, unity, stability and authority. The red triangles represent the cooperative effort to bring manufacturing to the United States. The black triangles represent respect for hierarchy and authority. The purple oval represents the need for an individual to keep with this program.
Meaning of the party slogan(for a greater nation and long live order): This represents the future effort for a tri continental union to global union. It is representative of a stronger larger nation in the future that will be legally placed and humane. This future union will be called the Imperial Federation. The solute will be a clenched right fist with the arm folded to the side. Long live order is a reference to the need for law and order. The need is clear. Order brings the three Ys later explained in this essay.
The role of the family unite and the community: In order to keep society running we must promote a balance of both. This will lead to a much stronger nation through the unity caused by the promotion of both the family unit and the community.
The role of limitation on sexuality: This will be a complete ban of any sexuality under the age of twenty. Anyone under the age who does it with another under the age of twenty will face prosecution and placement into a juvenile anti-crime indoctrination facility. The role of this will keep the family unit intact while protecting people below the age of twenty. You know, the best birth control is to not do sexuality at all until ready. Any one over twenty who does it with anyone below twenty will also face prosecution and placement into an internment work facility. This is for the people’s protection and necessary for the unity of society.
The role of the public punishment and reward system: This is the theory that if we reward some behaviors and make examples out of others we create a system of repetition and respect for authority. When people have a reason to, they will respect authority. The teaching of rewards and punishments for certain behavior keeps the hierarchy. If we rule with fear and respect with examples of bad leadership we lead a brighter future for the glorious future nation. Not everyone is to be treated the same. For most situations productive behavior is to be rewarded through the virtuous cycle. For behavior that reduces the strength of productivity in most cases such as a crime, we must punish.
The peace-trooper force and its role: This is to enforce the public reward and punishment system. These will de-escalate or battle violent, illegally sexual, black market/web, thieving or tax evading behaviors. The world will see a much stronger America under these forces and much better security in the United States. There will be no illegal searches/removals of property or private data for political gain.
The National Security Bureau under co-op capital collectivism(NSB): The military, peace-trooper and investigation branches will be under this branch. The role of it is to gain a people’s control of these branches through this bureau. There will be a need for it in the future. This will be the way we quail riots, revolutions and enemy nations. The world will fear the new United States.
Immigration under co-op capital collectivism: I do not believe immigration is the problem but, I do believe illegal immigration to be the issue. I believe that it is not a racial issue to regulate whether or not a criminal comes and goes. I view it as the immigrants are harder working here because they want to be here. There is the truth that there are drug cartels in mexico. I do not view that fact a racist fact. Therefore we should regulate who comes/goes to and from mexico. These cartels are not the friends of law and order. I do not see law and order as a racial issue but a unity issue.
We are not taking a stance on abortion. That topic is too sensitive.
Power of local sole proprietorships: These will be the means of distribution. This will rebuild local economies. Great local economies lead to great states. Great states lead to great federations. (the four Ys) Productivity leads to stability. Stability leads to security and all three Ys lead to the fourth(prosperity). I see it as the single stick will bend and break while the bundle will not. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. All of this applies to limiting the means of distribution to city wide sole proprietorships. The means of production will be in the hands of regulated cooperatives while running a currency off of cooperative goods and off of the virtuous cycle.
The role of the four Ys doctrine: The three Ys are productivity, stability, security and prosperity. Productivity leads to stability. Stability leads to security. Finally security leads to prosperity. All of this makes a functioning social contract. This ideology is a more radical form of the social contract complete with the role of a necessary hierarchy. This doctrine leads to a much more unified society. The teaching to the young will lead to a more collective future. This of course means the use of force will only be necessary when harm is being done. To keep a stable society, the production system must be encouraged to be as efficient as possible while leading to a strong sense of communal and national duty. The duty of the four Ys is the proper law and order of society.
The doctrine of disgust: This is the use of disgust for negative anti greater nation behavior. This is such as child abuse, rape, murder, stealing, feminine men, anyone who preaches against masculinity and any one who preaches anti national rhetoric. This disgust will be used to unify the nation and lead to a greater nation. The point is to create such a powerful feeling of unity against a common enemy.
The doctrine of leadership by example rather than luxury: This is pretty self explanatory. The needs of the many apply to all situations. Leadership should lead at the cost of how the followers are doing.
The appeal of expansionism through diplomacy: This is the idea of using the new government's reputation in order to unify many nations. This will lead to the rise of the trie continental union and eventually the Imperial federation. The use of diplomacy is utmost important in this system. Expansion is needed to gather as much political, military and economic power as possible.
The ideology of absolute order: This is the ideology that is run by three methods of rule. Rule by fear, the four Ys and rule by hate.
Rule by fear- this is the use of harsh consequences for negative behaviors.
Rule by the four Ys- productivity leads to stability. Stability leads to security. Security leads to prosperity.
Rule by hate- this is the rule through a common enemy(child abusers, feminine gays[leaving masculine gays alone{I'm masculine gay}], any one who preaches anti racial alliance rhetoric and anyone who supports Israel).
The appeal of this ideology and its end goal: The first appeal is the ingroup(the public) and the outgroup(child abusegroomers). People want to feel safer, so they follow the ingroup. They fear the outgroup. they will revive that primal instinct of us and them. The second appeal is appeal to integrity. In the essay(phases to legally implement co-op capital collectivism) it explains a bill to force state and local politicians to reveal their funds to the public eliminating dark money. This will be the bill that makes the first directive appear sympathetic to the democrats and republicans. The two parties will be forced to jump boats to the first directive in the end. The third appeal is to national duty. This appeals to people who want purpose and reason for existence(to make a greater nation). This will be the jump to a stronger America.
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2023.06.09 22:12 BasedChurchill B1550 - National Self-Determination Bill - 2nd Reading

National Self-Determination Bill 2023

guarantee British Overseas Territories, Scotland and Wales the right to hold independence and transfer referenda.
BE IT ENACTED by the King's Most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—
Section 1: Definitions
(1) “British overseas territory” has the same meaning as in the British Nationality Act 1981.
(2) “Independence referendum” shall mean a referendum where registered electors of the relevant territory may vote on whether or not to become governed independently.
(3) “Transfer referendum” shall mean a referendum where registered electors of the relevant territory may vote on whether or not to leave the United Kingdom and join another state which has officially indicated to HM Government that they would be willing to accept the territory.


Section 2: Independence and Transfer Referenda
(1) Citizens of a British overseas territory, Scotland, or Wales may present a petition to the Secretary of State to hold an independence or transfer referendum, which will be binding if:-
(a) the petition is signed by 20% of the registered electors of the relevant territory; and
(b) the signatures were collected within a 9-month period; and
(c) a previous unsuccessful referendum was not held within 10 years of the petition beginning to collect signatures.
Section 3: Assent of Devolved or Local Governments
(1) For the purposes of this section, an appropriate person is any of the following-
(a) The First Minister of the relevant territory,
(b) The Chief Minister of the relevant territory, or-
(c) The head of Government of the relevant territory
(2) Should none of the above be available or appropriate, the Secretary of State may designate as an “appropriate person” any person who is a part of the functioning of a devolved or local government in the relevant territory, so long as that person is reasonably able and appropriate to carry out any duties foreseeably arising from this act.
(3) A petition under Section 2 shall not be valid unless an appropriate person representing the relevant territory affirms to the Secretary of State that they support the aim of the petition.
Section 3: Entitlement to Vote
(1) Those entitled to vote in a referendum called under this act in Scotland or Wales are-
(a) the persons ordinarily resident in the territory in question who, on the date of the referendum, would be entitled to vote as electors at a parliamentary election in a constituency within that territory,
(b) the persons ordinarily resident in the territory in question who, on that date, are disqualified by reason of being peers from voting as electors at parliamentary elections but would be entitled to vote as electors at a local government election in any electoral area in Great Britain.
(2) Those entitled to vote in a referendum called under this act in a British Overseas Territory are the persons ordinarily resident in the territory in question who, on the date of the referendum, would be entitled to vote as electors at a general election within that territory,


Section 4: Duties of the Secretary of State
(1) Upon the receipt of a valid petition under Section 2 of this Act, the following duties are created for the Secretary of State:
(a) the duty to move an order under this act so as to create a referendum of the type intended by the petition, within one calendar year of the date of receipt,
(b) the duty to produce and publish such regulations that are reasonably necessary and expedient to ensure the smooth, orderly and fair discharge of the referendum in question,
(c) to publish a report detailing the issue at question, and what efforts His Majesty’s Government will take to ensure that an orderly transition between the status quo and proposed constitutional change within the territory in question can occur
(d) to appoint whatever persons the Secretary of State deems reasonably necessary to discharge the functions of the referendum, and-
(e) to provide whatever funds are reasonably necessary to discharge the functions of the referendum.
(2) The Secretary of State may reimburse any reasonable costs incurred by Section (1)(e).
Section 5: The Powers of the Secretary of State
(1) The Secretary of State shall have the power to make regulations specified under Sections 6 and 7 of this act.
(2) The Secretary of State shall have the power to make such regulations as are reasonably required so as to fulfil a duty under Section 4 of this act.
(3) Regulations and Orders under this act shall be subject to the negative procedure.
Section 6: Referendum Orders
(1) The Secretary of State may make an order that a referendum to which this act applies is to be held in the territory in question, so long as they have received a valid petition.
(2) The Secretary of State must, by regulations, appoint the day on which the referendum is to be held.
(3) The Secretary of State shall have a duty to refer the question to appear of the ballot papers to the Electoral Commission, and must ensure that the wording they provide is that which appears on the ballot papers in question.
Section 7: Conduct Regulations
(1) The Secretary of State may by regulations—
(a) make provision about voting in the referendum and otherwise about the conduct of the referendum,
(b) apply for the purposes of the referendum any other enactment relating to elections or referendums, including provisions creating offences;
(2) The Secretary of State may by regulations make provision for and in connection with the combination of the poll for the referendum with any one or more of the following—
(a) the poll for any election specified in the regulations;
(b) the poll for any other referendum specified in the regulations.
(3) Regulations under this act may not change the date of either a referendum called under this act, or any electoral process to which subsection (2) applies.
(4) Before making any regulations under this section, the Secretary of State must consult the Electoral Commission.
Section 8: Short title, commencement, and extent
(1) This Act may be cited as the National Self-Determination Act 2023.
(2) This Act shall come into force immediately upon Royal Assent.
(3) This Act extends to England, Wales, Scotland, and the British Overseas Territories
(4) Nothing in this act shall be construed to have extent to Northern Ireland
This bill was written by The Rt. Hon. NicolasBroaddus MP, Leader of the Opposition, The Most Hon. Marquess of Belfast, the Rt. Hon. Dame SpectacularSalad KG OM GCMG KCB KBE CT PC MP MLA FRS, and The Rt. Hon. Sir mg95000, and was submitted on behalf of His Majesty’s 37th Official Opposition.
Appendix 1: Devolved or Local Governments
For the purposes of this act, the Devolved and Local Governments are:
The Scottish Government
The Welsh Government
The Government of Anguilla
The Government of Saint Helena
The Government of Bermuda
The Government of the British Virgin Islands
The Cayman Islands Government
The Government of Montserrat
The Falkland Islands Government
The Government of Gibraltar
The Government of the Turks and Caicos Islands
The Government of the Pitcairn Islands
The following individuals may be taken to be appropriate persons:
The Administrator of Tristan de Cunha
The Administrator of Ascension Island
The Secretary of State may by regulations amend this Appendix for the purposes of adding or removing Devolved or Local Governments, or appropriate persons where no recognised Government exists.
Deputy Speaker,
I must start by making clear that, while this coalition does not agree with the decision the Commons has made on the Direct Democracy Act, we have no choice but to abide by that decision. However, this puts us now in an even less clear constitutional position on a specific area in which referenda are the only viable and accepted method to be used: independence votes.
We have seen recently, outside of this simulation, the UK Supreme Court decision regarding the legal status of a Scottish independence referendum. While I am sure many here would wish to debate the grounds and arguments made in that particular judgement, that is not the intent of this bill. The intent of this bill is to guarantee the specific right explicitly, so as to prevent this sort of controversial court judgement subverting the will of the people in contravention of Article 15 of the UN Convention on Human Rights. To quote:
“(1) Everyone has the right to a nationality. (2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his nationality nor denied the right to change his nationality.” To this end this bill will guarantee that right for Scotland, Wales, and the British Overseas Territories. Northern Ireland is specifically not included in this bill so as to remain in compliance with the Belfast Agreement, which supersedes the authority here as a pre-existing mutual agreement. The required signatures and time between possible referendums is based on the previous Brexit referendums and the Fixed Term Parliament Act, respectively.
To be clear on a more metagame angle, independence is still blocked unless it should come to be in real life. This may not apply to British Overseas Territories, given the actions taken regarding the establishment of New Chagos, but this is undoubtedly a less impactful aspect of MHOC remaining recognisable as a simulation of British politics. However, whether or not we can actually hold a referendum in game is irrelevant to the main point at hand: this is legally and morally the correct guarantee to make. The UK has been part of actions taken against other nations by the UN regarding Article 15, we are obliged to also honour its conditions.
This reading will end on 12th June at 10pm BST.
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2023.06.09 22:12 WombatStud 6.75% Feels Insulting

So, I have a successful bid on a place in Wicker Park. Escrow deposit has gone through. I am providing 40% down on a 15 year loan. Just got my lock-in document and the is 6.75%! Loan through Chase. Is this crazy? I am thinking going to through a local credit union now.
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2023.06.09 22:12 Drakolf Dragon Rising- 26. Conjoin:

I jolted awake, my heart thundering in my chest. I looked around, but didn't see anyone. I sat up on my bed, idly noting that the bedding was different. My bedroom was adorned with carvings dedicated to Bahamut, a small assortment of vestments were arranged on a shelf, as well as an assortment of other things that Tallyn likely had need of.
I stood up, I no longer felt exhausted, but I didn't feel rested. I didn't remember much of my nightmare, only that it was claustrophobic, a memory of the mine collapsing on me? I wasn't certain. I made use of some sort of polish to clean up my armor and some wax to give the spear a nice coating.
We didn't bathe, at least, we didn't go out of our way to use our drinking water for bathing. I usually stuck with Prestidigitation, three quick casts were enough for me. As I got ready for the day, I walked over to the vestments and picked them up. Dyed blue, at least with magic, as far as I knew. The Artificers were good at figuring out all of the things that both mattered and didn't matter.
'The vestments of my faith are a sign of devotion to me.' Bahamut spoke. 'You have your devotion directed elsewhere.'
"I know." I said. "I want to avoid another situation with your faithful, I quite literally went in and gave Mitne a dressing down on little more than spite, and something like that's not going to be ignored, regardless of the situation."
I put the vestments on, and noted a section of the wall had been polished to a reflective sheen.
My once-blind eye was a deep azure, the scars still present on my face, the other was a dull, pale yellow, a sign that Kurtulmak had once been an influence in my life. I realized, as I looked into my reflection, that this was my first time seeing myself since... Since when? There was a memory, certainly. A building, one that was completely different from what I was used to.
'You do not remember your prior home.' Bahamut observed. 'Does it distress you, knowing that you used to live as a Human?"
"I was... a Human?" I asked. I shook my head. "I don't remember ever being one."
'Nobody does.' Bahamut replied. 'There is an entire year you have existed as a soul, the effects of Tiamat's machinations still affected you, their effect forcing you to forget you ever were a Human in the first place.' He paused. 'In many ways, the truth becomes a lie, as the Human named Adrian ceases to exist, with only Ruuk Stingtail remaining.'
"Will there ever be a point where that would become a lie, even to you?" I asked.
'Perhaps when the last memory has faded, and the truth would only serve to cause anguish.' He answered. 'I have had to abide by much I would not normally, simply because adhering to my ideals would have only led to suffering. I do not have the luxuries the other worlds grant me, if my faithful are gone, and you are dead, Tiamat will have total victory.'
I could feel anguish, a distinct feeling of being unclean. I could see visions of acts of great valor, judgments made for the sake of good and justice, a rigid moral code that brooked not even the merest acts of evil. Worlds where faith formed sturdy bridges, easy egress.
And then there was this lone planet, cast aside and forgotten, only the thinnest threads granting any connection.
"You're forced to abide by us, simply because it's the only option you have." I realized.
I saw another vision, of myself, disbelieving. I could feel a fondness, a desire to show myself a world beyond my own imaginings. The lightning was for me, to spark belief, to show a greater truth. I felt such strong joy, seeing myself faithful to him, and I felt the cold, crushing sorrow and disappointment when I refused to leave Kurtulmak behind.
I saw my evil acts, and I felt such devastating loss and self-loathing for allowing pride to get in the way of ensuring my continued devotion to good.
Bahamut had made costly mistakes, and though he hated it, though he despised abiding by it, he was forced to tolerate my actions, he was forced to give me every opportunity to prove that I hadn't fallen so deeply into hatred as to be irretrievable.
Yet, even though he did not believe for a second Kurtulmak was capable of such, the day Garl Glittergold confronted us, my God had shocked him completely,
Looking at my reflection, I realized I liked seeing myself in this.
'You are my agent, Ruuk, because you were the only one who was able to see hypocrisy for what it was. You demanded I give you proof, because nothing less than that would satisfy you. Even at your lowest, you never truly did anything that hadn't been done to you. Your hatred, painful as it was to see, was justified by the hatred directed toward you. Your manipulations to bring about an Empire were no different from Galax's."
He paused. 'The day I directed you to the platinum, that was a test to see who you really were. An irredeemable tyrant would have used it for evil, or hidden its existence entirely. You not only gave it to my Temple, you made what they needed most.'
I felt his presence around me. 'I am proud of what good you have done, and I am ashamed of the evil my actions to you have wrought. And yet I still use you, my gift being little more than a tool, not a true reward.'
"I have promised myself to Kurtulmak." I said. "If you cannot abide by this, then take my brother as your agent, because I will continue to try and bring my God back."
'I abide, for the simple fact that you have done what I believed to be impossible. I do not need your faith, I only need your good and your justice. I shall not make you make promises to me."
I nodded. "Bahamut... If you promise me you will help me bring him back, if that is a promise you can make, I will serve you and him in equal measure, and he will have to accept that since you would have aided me."
'Ruuk Stingtail, this I vow.'
"Then I vow to serve you as I serve my God, I will hold you in the same regard I give him, and when I am able, I will strive to follow your way. Nomeno Si okros."
I felt Bahamut's warmth flow through me. It did not fill in the void Kurtulmak's death left behind, merely outlined it. In the mirror, my blue eye glowed with inner light.
'Go put on your armor.' Bahamut spoke. 'It would not look good for you to serve both of us, yet represent only me.'
I put the armor on, and feeling more determined than ever, I stepped out into my throne room.
The look on my Council's face, and the faces of both the followers of Kurtulmak and Bahamut, indicated nobody expected me to walk out as I had. Carrying Kurtulmak's spear, wearing his armor, yet bearing Bahamut's holy vestments, I most certainly struck quite the sight.
"Kneel." I said, and they all knelt. "From this day forward, I am a servant of both Kurtulmak and Bahamut, for Bahamut has given me his solemn vow to see him restored."
"As my agent upon this world, Tallyn shall be the ultimate authority of my Temple, as guided by me." Bahamut spoke, my eye flashing with his power. "There shall no longer be a High Priest dictating what is my Law. In the days to come, I shall make apparent what is truth, what is deception, and what is simple misinterpretation."
I blinked, his presence retracting, but not retreating. I was as much his, and I was Kurtulmak's, and he was not letting me go any time soon. Not that I minded.
"From this point forward." I said. "The only laws of the Empire are the Tenets of Bahamut, and what laws come forth as needed. All prior laws will be discarded. Moreover, worship to any God is not mandatory. If I see so much as a pamphlet being handed out, I will execute the offender personally. Is this understood?"
"Yes, Imperator."
"Good." I said. "That line of communication is today's top priority. If no significant headway has been made, I will assume either incompetence or malice, and I will personally see to it that the offender is held accountable." I looked at my father. "Baruk, as my father, you have a heavy burden. I know you will not mess this up."
"Of course, Imperator." He said.
"Good. Go out and to what is needed. I will handle the citizens and their criticisms. Make it known that I now command the Temples, and that there will be no High Priest to dictate their lives. Dismissed."
I didn't waste any time, and neither did the people. Of course, they were a little concerned, seeing me wearing Bahamuti vestments when I stepped out onto the gathering area, but I commanded them to give me their criticisms and concerns.
"The Temples are under my command." I said. "As Bahamut's Agent, it is my job to ensure the people are treated with dignity and respect. You will not be forced to believe in anything."
Going through over ten thousand individual papers is exhausting, so I said, "If in the process of going through everything, I have addressed your every concern, feel free to dispose of your paper." This, as it turned out, was a good idea, because by the time I got to the twentieth person, over half of the gathered crowd crumpled up their papers, ignited them, or otherwise got rid of it.
No detail was too insignificant. "As the new head of Bahamut's Temple, I declare your grievances legitimate, if any Cleric or Paladin denies you any recompense, return to me and I will personally kick their ass."
Gradually, I saw hope and happiness restored in their faces.
"I will not be removing Tallyn from his position." I stated in response to one grievance that called him ineffectual. "At present, I need him to ensure shit gets done with the Temple. However, the one who made him ineffectual will be hunted down and executed on sight."
Another thousand papers were disposed of.
As the day wound down to evening, and after a light lunch, the complaints and criticisms grew more granular and petty, I addressed each issue, and by nightfall, I had gone through the entire list. My father reported that the soldiers were willing to set up a direct line of communication, and were glad we were finally cooperating.
"How did they react to me returning from the dead?" I asked.
"I, uh, haven't actually had a chance to really explain that." He said. "It would have bogged things down. They will be getting things ready for our Artificers, who have an idea for a broadcasting device based around the concept of something called Sending Stones. It shouldn't rely on electricity at all."
"Good." I said.
I took a short nap before leaving to do the ritual again. This time, we had a brazier, which we used to burn aromatic herbs. "This time, I shall join, but I will not give devotion, only direction." Bahamut spoke through me.
We were going to need a lot more stuff, but thankfully, we had a convenient supply of gold, silver, and gemstones waiting to be peeled off the walls of a building.
The next day, while the Artificers got to work on the communication devices, we got to work on what I called 'Operation Cleanup'. Kurtulmak's Divine Essence being everywhere was what some would consider A Problem. That was our ultimate goal, and our options were very limited on that front.
So we focused on what we could do.
I did away with the notion of a Temple to Bahamut entirely, instead just having his face carved into a wall that was accessible to everyone, but out of the way enough that anyone who needed to pray could do so without being bothered.
"Until everyone can behave long enough to not need one, there will be no Temple." I stated firmly. "You have The Wall, you will do your praying at The Wall. If this is inconvenient for you, then go out and do what Bahamut commands you to do. Your actions are your prayers, use them."
The Clerics and Paladins were used to long-winded sermons about Bahamut and his deeds. I was very blunt and direct. If Bahamut had a problem with something, it was always something along the lines of 'Bahamut said no. These are the reasons he said no. If you complain, I will poke you with the pointy end of this spear.'
Which was, incidentally, effective. Bahamut's faithful gradually stopped being so insular and uncertain. The Tenets were all they needed, anything else was a judgment call on their part. "Believe in the you that Bahamut believes in, go forth and do good." I would say.
Anything that needed a less strict hand, or a slightly less moral approach, I would deal with it. He didn't like it, but as far as I was concerned, "If I must be Evil, then I shall be necessary." A concept he believed was oxymoronic, but he didn't complain because I still deferred to his judgment on most things that needed it.
The Temple dealt with, I started focusing on the ravening bands of murderhobos below the city, and that was going to require a more delicate touch.
"Arcanik jedark vers!" I snapped, killing a Kobold who was trying to attack me. "Kneel before your Imperator, or by the point of Kurtulmak's spear and the tip of his poisonous tail, I will see every member of your family perish!"
Sufficiently cowed, the recently dead made recently revived, I made it very clear I was in charge. "Tiamat killed me, and I am still here to make it her problem!" I roared.
Bahamut wasn't particularly fond of me using brutality and coercion to get the hostile Kobolds to comply, but considering I wore a replica of Kurtulmak's armor and wielded his actual spear, well, the only thing I was missing was a stinger tail, and I was reasonably certain I could probably finagle some sort of magic that would do that, if it was absolutely necessary.
With them cowed and submissive, I led them out into the daylight, which they of course weren't happy with. With them stood in front of my city, I spoke very clearly. "I am Imperator of this city, its citizens revere me. If you cannot exist peacefully with them, I will not bring you back. We are Kobolds, and Kobolds protect their own."
Contact between the two groups was tense, but they integrated, swapping crude covers for actual clothes and bolstering our workforce. They numbered roughly one hundred. I made it fairly clear that worship of Tiamat was not allowed. "We will not revere a Goddess who attacked us and slaughtered four fifths of our population. If you must revere a God, revere Kurtulmak, whom we will bring back to life, or Bahamut, who has done more for us than Tiamat ever will."
Atheism was, of course, a viable alternative.
The next few days were dedicated to me helping with the smaller, less vital things, taking down banners that were solely dedicated to Bahamut that had been required by law to be hung- anyone who wanted to hang them in their own home or outside of such was welcome to- or arming the populace because Mitne wanted to consolidate power.
And each night, we performed the ritual, even if it ultimately amounted to nothing, we refused to sit back and do nothing.
During the restoration of Kurtulmak's Temple, one of our workers slipped and fell on something sharp, I didn't even think as I yanked it out and healed him, I had one free heal per 'long rest', any further would eat up my supply of spells, which considering I could restore a handful, meant in a rough spot, I could take some burden off any Clerics.
Finally, on the fifth day of my resurrection, the line of communication was made, and I got ready to use it.
Blood-slicked hand, dead eyes gazing into mine, it was either him or me. Thousands of eyes were on me, overcrowded, overwhelming. I told them, this was where we would stay, I told them we would fight our way to the center, we would conquer this land for as long as it was necessary.
They spoke: "Yes, Imperator!"

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2023.06.09 22:12 afooble Corolla Cross Hybrid "On Hold" at Production Plant

I put down a deposit on a new Corolla Cross Hybrid early last month, and the car was officially finished with production as of the end of May. However, the car still has yet to leave the production facility as they have it flagged as "On Hold." The dealership doesn't know exactly what the hold is for, but they think it may have to do with the air bag recall for the Corolla Cross (although I was under the impression this was for non-hybrids only). Anyone else seeing this same issue and have any additional insight? Super eager to get this car as I have just moved to a new state and sold my old car before getting out here 😅
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2023.06.09 22:11 Financial_Athlete198 What’s up with South Shafer?

Between the credit union and the convo there are about 500 utility flags and a 100 wooden stakes on the edge of the road. Does anyone know what is happening?
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2023.06.09 22:11 richfrit Hi 👋

Would anyone please let me hold some karma ?
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2023.06.09 22:10 Teentitansgo123 My bf is having issues with the company he works at

My bf works at tech company as a sales person in Dubai and has been facing issues at it since a while. The last time he got his salary, they deducted around 65-70% from. They have been late by almost a month to give him his salary for May and this might repeat in the future. The manager says he will pay him tomorrow for sure but there is no guarantee based on the past issues. Furthermore, the manager also had the audacity to make him work till late night or on weekends at times and go for meetings, etc to really far away locations at odd hours. He would also get work last moment at times when he already had prior plans. The company recently also got blacklisted which means my bf can't buy a car, get a loan/credit card, etc. anytime soon.
To add to this the company had also given him a car, however when he reported a problem with his car with the manager, instead of getting it fixed, he sold it to some second hand dealer. My bf has also told him multiple times that he wants to resign however the manager said he'll face issues if he tries to do so just as a tactic scare him, we feel. My bf will definitely start looking for new jobs in a month or two but we don't know how easily he'll find one and and neither can he resign this stupid job until he does.
My bf and I want to take action against this company for their unprofessional behavior and wanted advice on what we can do? What legal steps do you suggest we take?
Tldr; Bf works for sales at a company here. They're late in paying his salary and deducted money from it previously. They also make him work overtime, give work last moment and make him attend meetings, etc at far away locations. The manager even threatened him saying he'll face issues when my bf said he wanted to resign. Need advice on what legal steps to take.
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2023.06.09 22:06 marxbro4521 CareCredit or savings for surgery?

I'm getting toe surgery later this month. The surgery itself is going to cost $3k, plus $500 in doctor fees, and whatever the anesthesia and physical therapy costs end up being. I'm guessing it'll be around $5,000 in total, if not more. I currently have enough savings to pay that all off, but it would wipe out most of what I have. I'm nervous about exhausting my savings right now, given the potential for a recession. My other option is to apply for a CareCredit card and hopefully get an 18 or 24 month payment period. My thought is that this would be easier than managing multiple payment plans, and I could always use my savings to finish whatever balance was left at the end of the interest-free period if needed. Does anyone have any thoughts on this plan?
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2023.06.09 22:06 Grand-Run-9756 Corporate / construction law

Thanks in advance for assistance. Here’s the long and short of it, owned a construction company in Florida, and from late 2015 through early 2017 did work for a national builder(construction company that builds throughout the country) as a subcontractor for various finish work scopes such as: stucco, painting, and trim carpentry. I was essentially a middle man for these scopes as I would sub-contract out the work orders I received.
A handful of homeowners are suing the builder for various issues, some of them include water intrusion. As a result the builder is 3rd party suing 3 sub contractors including myself claiming we hold all the liability. Specifically they are blaming me as the stucco contractor, another company as the painter (we didn’t do the paint on this house) and another company as the window installer.
The company I owned was an LLC and dissolved early 2022, but the business hadn’t been actively performing work for a few years already as I had owned that business with a partner and saw the end was near so I transitioned into a new entity as sole proprietor. Eventually the relationship with previous business partner concluded in a way that he removed himself from the company so I kept that first company open for its already established credit lines, but I did not perform more work through it. I first started receiving letters regarding the issues early 2022 and chose to dissolve that original LLC in hopes it would make them just go away. Received about 5 separate suits from different homeowners over the proceeding few months. Then nothing for almost a year, thought I was clear…. yesterday received summons at my home regarding the first document as I was the registered agent. In hindsight I know the “bury your head in sand” technique is immature and never works and I know I have to retain council and deal with this now because there most likely will be a few more summons coming. I’m looking for any advice I can get to aide me in this task. I’m worried because I’m just a small business, the builder is a national corporation. It’s Friday, I couldn’t even get an attorney on the phone today…. Anyone know anything that might help rest my nerves or is this going to be really nasty?
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2023.06.09 22:06 Alone_Impression2407 Your opinion on, "Fate/Destiny"

I have been considered for the better part of my life as unattractive -
When I was younger I hit puberty very fast and acne exploded all around my face - Other kids didn't understand it so naturally they made fun of it.
As I grew older the acne became ice pick scars I hardly even notice them anymore truly, but when one trial ends another begins - unfornately I didn't get the attractive gene like my younger brother who has a full set of hair (I am Bald), Tall (6, 3 - 5'5) and silky smooth skin, but it has allowed me to view the world in almost two different lenses because - regardless of anything I love my brother and see him as an extension of myself.
I can never speak on my brothers behalf and can only provide speculation at this point.
More times than not I noticed when my brother interacted with someone (even from a very young age) people would do their best to not give him problems - If anything they did their best to set him up with either a job, sport player, people would try to set him up with their (sister, daughter, friends) - I was witnessing humanity at its best, but when I would interact with the same people my brother would - I would get another reception:
- They would forget or call me by the wrong name
- They bring up my brother's height or hair and wonder how I am related to him or if I could help put them together for Whatever reason.
- If I was interested in a girl I would have to personally go sweep her off her feet if I wanted her time of day.
I realized I couldn't live the way my brother does even if I wanted to - Left me in positions where either I have to work harder than my college beside me or cut corners to merely get equal footing.
My brother is a positive easy to talk to guy and lets just say I am not.
He wonders why I am always so, "negative" but I see myself as realistic.
When people see someone they perceive as attractive - That holds value - It holds value to be seen and associated with attractive people and thus people will put their best foot forward with them.
This doesn't make attractive people's life easier because it opens the door to being targets, but this isn't about what side has the better life (Neither does).
Takes me back to a scene in, "Better Call Saul" Where Saul wants to be a good lawyer and not take a money bribe, but the potential clients don't want to be seen with someone who appears like a villian so they leave him with no real choice but to take the money that he had worked hard for, but unfornately didn't look the part to receive legally.
When I talk to people its like a business transaction because I know I have to prove my worth/value to them in order to be taken into a social group or relationship - This is how humans work: Who is putting what on the table.
I didn't choose to look a certain way and to receive certain reactions from others - It is just how it ended up to be and it has made me realize what people really want from others and that is whatever will help themselves - Its not a bad thing or a good thing - Just reality and I am no where close to being a victim of it.
I skip the small talk because I know they could care less what I do on my own time - This isn't because I am' "ugly" that they care less, but they aren't as concerned with putting their best foot forward until something of value presents itself.
Maybe we are all born to look a certain way so we can act a certain way by stirring a specific response from others and thus allowing these experiences to mold us to who we are supposed to become for whatever part we play in the bigger picture of reality I guess.
There has to be heroes, but there has to be villian too.
People born to be heroes and others who had no choice, but to be the villian.
I don't want to paint a picture that my younger brother didn't have his trial and tribulations - He did, but this post isn't about if attractive people have a better life, but maybe we all have a set path decided even before birth - So, I used attraction since it is the easiest wait to help bridge my point.
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2023.06.09 22:06 poemsfromnowhere Theoretical coup d'etat?

So just guessing from how healthy Xi looks he probably has at least have 15 more years before he kicks the bucket. Every year that passes things will only get worse. He purged all of his opponents and now China is a one-man state. Any directive he throws out of his mouth his lackeys follow to the extreme to please him. Internet censorship has ramped up to draconian levels never before seen. Optimism and hope like it was in the 00s and 10s are shells of themselves as economic growth seems to stall with the latest news. Also ppl on subs like real_china_irl just have negative, self-hate attitude of themselves and everyone around them, with no united ideology besides being generally anti-ccp. Xi is tightening the grasp on citizens' lives so that nothing could even come close to threatening his rule. The chance that change is going to come from the bottom up is going to be next to none barring a total economic collapse, and even then he might still hold onto power as the country has become such an efficient police state.
A coup is very unlikely since everybody at the top is now one of Xi's bootlickers. But even if miraculously one happened and succeeded, they would probably still be communist party members and supporters. The communist party still ultimately derives it's legitimacy all the way up from mao, the greatest evil tragedy to ever befall china. For them to stay in power, they'd still have to keep twisting history and public perception to suit their needs. The only way for justice for all the victims of the ccp as well as the spiritual rejuvenation of china is regime change, where afterwards the truth holds supreme and all of the twisted and evil history of the communist party are laid bare. Only then can the national healing and cultural/spiritual revival begin.
The way I see it there is only one viable way to accelerate regime change. That is an on-camera assassination accompanied with a passionate, extremely well thought out justification manifesto/video that appeals to all levels of society, spreading it a way that evades censors. And even if it is censored a lot of people will be able to see it over the wall. The shock it would generate would be to great to ignore. It would have to be done sadly by a very brave soul that would probably become a martyr. The one thing this does is bring a lot of people on the same page ideologically, even if they might not agree entirely, calling to action people who have political power as well as everyday people who are disillusioned with the ccp.
The alternative is to pray to every god you know for Xi to have a heart attack and for that the guy who consolidates power after has ROC sympathies (very unlikely).
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2023.06.09 22:04 LeutnantzurSeeFritz The Ventures of Fritz Decke Part 9: Prisoner of the Royal Navy

(You can also find this work here, along with the previous parts here.)

Fritz was in a room, his eyes closed. His sunburn skin had healed, and he had a new Ironblood officer’s uniform on him.
However, he was comatose.
A combination of sodium poisoning, sun exposure, dehydration, and starvation all worked together to place him in a coma. A pink-sliver-haired woman was hard at work looking over him.
“Vestal! You’re needed at the meeting!”
Vestal stopped tending to Fritz. She looked at him and sighed as she wrote on a piece of paper.
“Subject is stable. However, it is unknown if the subject will ever regain consciousness.”
Vestal nodded and made her way to the meeting. She saw Prince of Wales, Queen Elizabeth, and Warspite. Prince of Wales smiled.
“I suppose we shall start this meeting.”
The other shipgirls nodded. Queen Elizabeth and Prince of Wales looked at the papers they had in front of them. Warspite smiled.
“First, how are our guests?”
Prince of Wales sighed.
“The pilot has so far been a bust. We are thinking of sending him to a regular Prisoner of War camp. The submariner has so far been in a coma. We believe he has a substantial amount of information about the internal workings of the Ironblood.”
Queen Elizabeth nodded.
“You said King George V found two folders on the two men when she found them on the raft?”
Prince of Wales nodded.
“Indeed. My sister found two folders. One on each man. We now have confirmation of the Ironblood and the Sakura Empire conducting joint operations in both the Indian and Pacific Oceans.”
“Are they a threat to us?”
Prince of Wales shook her head.
“No. The Monsun Gruppe, as they are called, have been suffering heavy casualties from the sirens.”
Queen Elizabeth smiled.
"How are you holding up, Wales?"
Prince of Wales smiled as she rubbed her belly. Her pregnancy was showing under her shirt.
"I've been doing well. Vestal told me I am currently five months pregnant, and Caleb and I's child will be a boy."
Queen Elizabeth closed her eyes as she smiled and giggled.
"That is good to hear. I made sure to place you here as soon as you found out you were expecting.
Prince of Wales sighed.
"It's certainly safer than combat duty, but it does get boring around here.
Queen Elizabeth nodded.
"Understood. I'll be sure to find this place more entertainment."
Queen Elizabeth looked at Vestal with a serious look on her face.
“How about the submariner, Vestal? Any updates on him?”
Vestal sighed. “Your majesty, you can call him by his name. He is not a cursed idol.”
Queen Elizabeth rolled her eyes.
“Alright. How is Fritz doing?”
Vestal closed her eyes.
“He is stable, but he is still not yet out of the coma. I do not know when he will wake.”
“You all remember the cover story, correct?”
Warspite nodded.
“Yes. This place is the manor of a wealthy industrialist. Fritz ended up here as the Ironblood pulled some strings and placed him here rather than in a Prisoner of War Camp.”
Prince of Wales nodded.
“That is an excellent cover, but I doubt he will believe it for long.”
Queen Elizabeth closed her eyes and nodded.
“What should we do if the cover story fails?”
Prince of Wales chuckled.
“Then we reveal the ace in the hole and tell him the truth, along with our plans for him.”
Queen Elizabeth nodded. She turned her head to the man in the room.
“Petty Officer Stevenson, your thoughts?”
The Petty Officer looked at the table and sighed.
"Your majesty. You can just call me Petty Officer."
Queen Elizabeth nodded.
"Very well. What are your thoughts on this, Petty Officer?"
The Petty Officer sighed as he closed his eyes. “This feels wrong.”
King George V and Ark Royal joined the meeting. Ark Royal waved at Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth and smiled at them.
“Sorry if we're late.”
Queen Elizabeth nodded. “You are not. I’ll catch you guys up to speed.”
After updating King George V and Ark Royal, they continued the meeting.
“I know what we are asking of Fritz is a long shot, but it is the only shot we have.”
The Petty Officer nodded. “Well, that just about finishes this meeting. I’ll be in the garden with Belfast.”
Queen Elizabeth nodded, and the group left. Vestal walked to the room Fritz was staying in. He was out cold. She smiled slightly.
“Come on, Let’s get you some sun. It will be good for you.”
She lifted him and placed him in a wheelchair. She pushed him to the garden.
The warm sun hit Fritz’s skin. He was still in his Ironblood U-boat captain's uniform. The trimmed brown hair under his white U-boat captain’s hat shined slightly. She pushed him around, with hedges providing a bit of shade. Belfast was there with the Petty Officer.
Vestal pushed Fritz up to the table. Belfast smiled at her.
“Good afternoon Vestal. I see you brought Fritz with you.”
She served the Petty Officer some tea. The hot brown liquid filled the white teacup.
Vestal sat down in a chair next to Fritz. Belfast smiled at her.
“Would you like some tea, Dr. Vestal?”
Vestal smiled. “Sure.”
Belfast nodded as she served Vestal some tea. She poured it into a teacup for her.
“Thank you, Belfast.”
Belfast nodded as Vestal drank her tea. When she saw what she saw next, she nearly spat out her tea.
It was Fritz. His eyes were wide open. Vestal gulped her tea and sprang into action.
“Mr. Decke, can you hear me? Blink one for yes, twice for no.”
Fritz blinked once. Vestal smiled.
“Good. At least you still have your sense of hearing. I take it you are awake?”
Fritz tried to speak, but all he could do was open his mouth. Vestal sighed.
“Take it easy. You are safe. Your vocal cords still need time to recover from your coma.”
Fritz sighed. He couldn’t move his arms. He was having trouble even moving his head.
“You want to go back inside?”
Fritz blinked once and tried to nod.
Vestal nodded and pushed Fritz back into his room. She smiled as she placed him on his bed.
“Don’t worry, I’ll be right back.”
Fritz watched as she ran down the hall. Vestal made her way to Prince of Wales’s office. She was busy going through paperwork. Vestal greeted her with a smile.
“Wales, it’s Fritz. He’s awake.”
Prince of Wales smiled. “Good. Is he responding to questions?”
Vestal nodded. “Yes. So far, his vocal cords are not active. However, he is responding to both questions and stimuli. He can respond to yes or no questions by blinking.”
Prince of Wales nodded. “Excellent! Once he regains the ability to speak, we can start our plan for him.”
A week later, Fritz was in his hospital bed. Vestal was looking over him, moving his arms and legs. Fritz grimaced as Vestal sighed.
“I know it hurts, but the more I do this, the sooner you’ll be able to walk.”
Vestal stopped moving his arms and legs and grabbed a pen. She wrote on a piece of paper.
“Fritz has already regained the power to move his arms and upper body, but his legs and lower body are still inactive.”
Vestal was about to leave when she heard a weak voice talk to her.
“Hey. Can you help me shave?”
Vestal turned around.
“Fritz, was that you?”
Fritz nodded. Vestal smiled.
“Of course!”
Vestal left the room, and Fritz sat up in his bed. He lifted his legs, one after the other, and propped himself up using the bed.
“Only one way to get moving.” He thought to himself.
He fell to the floor with a thud. He sighed.
“Of course. I still can’t walk.” he thought to himself.
Fritz rolled over on his back with some effort and looked around. He saw a wheelchair and dragged himself toward it. He dragged himself into the wheelchair.
Vestal came back with a bowl of hot water, a razor, and some shaving cream. She gasped.
“How are you in the wheelchair already?”
Fritz smirked. “I dragged myself to it.”
Vestal smiled at Fritz. “You ready to get started?”
Fritz nodded.
Vestal shaved Fritz’s beard. He smiled.
“Thank you. I was getting sick and tired of the beard around my face.”
Vestal nodded. “Mr. Decke, you want to go outside?”
Fritz nodded. “I can move the wheelchair by myself.”
The two made it to the garden. Belfast was there, along with Prince of Wales and the Petty Officer.
Fritz looked at the uniforms, and his eyes went wide. Prince of Wales’s eyes went wide as Fritz stared at her.
“Belfast, Vestal, Petty Officer, May you all please leave? Mr. Decke and I have something to discuss.”
The three nodded and left, leaving only Fritz and Prince of Wales.
“I suppose you have caught on to the fact that you are a prisoner of war of the Royal Navy?”
Fritz nodded.
“I had a feeling I was. I can tell by the accents and the uniforms.”
Fritz cleared his throat.
“Where is Werner? He was the man I was with.”
Prince of Wales smiled.
“Don’t worry. He is alright. He is currently in a Prisoner of War camp in Royal Navy territory.”
Fritz breathed a sigh of relief.
“How did you guys find me?”
“We found both you and Werner floating on a wooden pallet. Both of you were near death when my sister and Javelin found you.”
Prince of Wales’s smile faded as she sat in a chair.
“I have a proposition for you, Mr. Decke. I want you to help the Royal Navy.”
Fritz scoffed. “Forget it. I am not betraying the Ironblood.”
Prince of Wales got up and got behind Fritz. She pushed the wheelchair inside the manor.
“I figured you would say that. That’s why we got some leverage.”
Fritz raised an eyebrow.
“Where are you taking me?”
“To the medical wing. You’ll see why soon.”
Prince of Wales opened a door and pushed Fritz through. What he saw shook him to his core.
It was Tirpitz. She was asleep in a hospital bed. Her middle was larger and rounder.
“Why is Tirpitz doing here? What are you doing to her?”
Prince of Wales smirked. “Relax Fritz. You don’t want to wake up your wife now, do you?”
Fritz sighed. Prince of Wales closed her eyes.
“Now, do you want to hear an explanation for everything?”
Fritz sighed. “Alright. Lay it on me.”
Prince of Wales nodded.
“We found Tirpitz in the North Sea. From what our spies gathered, she violated direct orders from Bismarck to not engage in combat duties to fight the sirens. We found her unconscious, and we brought her here.”
“Is she alright? Is the baby alright?”
Prince of Wales placed her hand on Fritz’s shoulder.
“Yes. Tirpitz and the baby are alright. She is due for an appointment with Vestal today, which is why I bought you here. She is currently six months pregnant.”
Fritz’s eyes went wide.
“I have been out for two months?”
Prince of Wales nodded. “Yes. It is August. You were out for two months. We found Tirpitz two months ago, and we have been moving her from place to place to make it hard for the Ironblood to take her back.”
Fritz and Prince of Wales froze as Tirpitz moaned as she rubbed her belly. Prince of Wales looked at Fritz.
“Mr. Decke, I want you to go back to the Ironblood with Tirpitz and try to convince Bismarck to sign a peace treaty with Azur Lane, to join us in the war against the sirens.”
Fritz sighed. “That sounds like a risky proposition.”
Prince of Wales left the room, and Vestal came in with an ultrasound machine. Tirpitz opened her eyes to see her husband. Her eyes went wide.
Fritz smiled and held her hand.
“Yes. It's me.”
Tirpitz felt tears go down her face as she embraced her husband. Fritz smiled.
“Relax. Vestal is here to check on the baby.”
Tirpitz nodded as Vestal turned on the ultrasound.
“I’m warning you now, Mrs. Decke, the gel is cold.”
Tirpitz chuckled.
“Don’t worry. I’m used to the cold.”
Vestal applied the gel. Tirpitz shivered as Vestal applied the gel.
Vestal moved the wand of the ultrasound on Tirpitz’s belly.
“Alright Mrs. Decke, we are going to find out if you are having a boy or a girl. I just have to get a good view of the baby.”
Vestal moved the wand as she sighed. “So far nothing.”
The screen of the ultrasound machine suddenly had a good view of the baby’s bottom.
Vestal and Tirpitz’s eyes went wide as they blushed. Fritz laughed. They could see a small thing dangling under the baby’s bottom. Vestal’s eyes went wide as she giggled.
“Well, it appears you are having a son, Mr. and Mrs. Decke.”
Fritz chuckled.
“That’s my boy. Mein kleiner Moritz.”
Fritz continued to laugh. Tirpitz smiled.
“I can’t wait to meet you, Moritz.”
Vestal continued the ultrasound. She smiled after she was done.
“Well, Mr. and Mrs. Decke, Congratulations. You have a healthy baby boy that is due in early January.”
Fritz and Tirpitz smiled as they looked at each other. Vestal pressed a button and printed out some photos for Fritz and Tirpitz to have.
Vestal cleaned up Tirpitz’s belly and left the small room. Prince of Wales reentered the room.
“I heard the good news from Vestal. Congratulations Tirpitz.”
Tirpitz smiled. “Where would I be staying?”
Prince of Wales smiled. “You will stay in Fritz’s room. It’s only natural for a husband and wife to sleep together.”
Tirpitz nodded as she got out of bed. She and her husband made their way to their room.
Tirpitz helped Fritz to bed as he lay down next to her. Fritz placed a hand on Tirpitz’s belly, feeling Moritz kick against his palm.
“It’s hard to believe that in a few months, we are going to be parents.”
Tirpitz smiled.
“Fritz. I have to tell you something important.”
Fritz nodded. “Go ahead.”
“When I received news that you were killed in action, I could not believe it. I was a wreck. Despite my sister’s warnings, I went on a combat mission. came across a couple of sirens, and they were having a meeting.”
Tirpitz froze as she sighed.
“I saw Friedrich Der Große with them. Before I could investigate further, they spotted me and knocked me out. Duke of York and Hood found me. They brought me here a week ago.”
Fritz’s eyes went wide.
“Friedrich Der Große? What would she be doing with the sirens?”
Tirpitz sighed. “I don’t know. The only thing I care about now is making sure you and Moritz are safe.”
Fritz took his hand off Tirpitz’s belly.
“The Royal Navy wants me to go back to the Ironblood with you to talk to Bismarck. The Royal Navy wants to see if she will sign a peace treaty to join Azur Lane.”
Tirpitz nodded. “I figured. I’m guessing you refused, as you did not want to betray the Ironblood?”
Fritz nodded.
“Fritz. I want you to help the Royal Navy.”
Fritz’s eyes went wide.
“Why?! Isn’t that treason against the Ironblood?!”
Tirpitz sighed.
“I want the Ironblood to join Azur Lane. I want my sister to be safe. Most of all, I want a world safe for Moritz to grow up in.”
Fritz sighed as he sat on the bed. “You’re right. I don’t want Moritz to be born in a world where he has to live in fear of the sirens.”
Tirpitz nodded as she sighed. She sat next to him and rubbed her belly.
“My sister Bismarck has not been herself in a few months. From the letters she's been sending me, she’s been acting strange. She’s been vomiting after eating very little, she’s been suffering mood swings, and it has been worrying me.”
Fritz placed a hand on Tirpitz’s shoulder.
“Don’t worry. I’m sure your sister is fine. We should get some sleep.”
Tirpitz yawned and nodded. Soon, the couple was asleep.
Elsewhere in the manor, two women were wearing headphones and smiling.
“Did you get that Yorkie?”
“Loud and clear Sheffie.”
Sheffield smiled. “You were right about one thing.”
Duke of York raised an eyebrow. “What?”
Sheffield smirked. “Bugging the rooms was a great idea.”
Duke of York smirked. “I don’t think they suspect their rooms being bugged.”
Sheffield nodded as she smirked back. “Let’s make sure we keep it this way.”
Duke of York took off her headphones and opened the door.
“I’ll be telling Prince of Wales and Queen Elizabeth the information we received. Please let me know if you hear anything else.”
Sheffield nodded and continued to work.
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