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2023.06.10 09:08 Quick_Algae 2005 KLE500 Q&A

Hi Guys. I recently bought a KLE500. I'm a total noob when it comes to motorcycles. The KLE that I bought is perfectly running, but needs a bit of TLC (I got it for next to nothing) Would this be the right community to help me get her in mint condition? Literally, my first question is how to get the seat off?? I have looked at the workshop manual, but its a bit confusing and can't find anything saying how to take the seat off.
Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.10 09:04 Alone-Flight-6851 Should I be upset?

I'm not sure if I'm the asshole here. But would love some feedback.
Married for most of our lives, started swinging a little under a year ago. Rules state no play unless we're both in the same room.
We attend a social swinger event. I get incredibly sick from something I ate and have to lay up for a couple hours. When I wake up, I can't find her. I end up finding her with her arms around someone's neck, face buried in their neck (his in hers). When I tap her that I'm there, she turns around and her top is down exposing her breasts. She is incredibly wasted. I had one drink but she had several (no idea how many but her words were very slurred).
She says, "Nothing happened, we were just talking". This isn't a play event. We've never met most of the people there. If it was a play event we don't get physical unless we're both there in the same room participating.
Should I be upset thinking she went too far? Also worth noting we've swapped several times but always with each other there. I've never physically touched anyone unless she's there involved.
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2023.06.10 09:03 Peanutbutter_cheese I'm struggling with creativity since I quit cannibis.

I can't write songs anymore since I quit
Ive been clean for a month and 2 weeks and I feel like it's killed my creativity. I was smoking everyday for 2 years and that meant I was smoking whenever I wrote music and now that I've quit I can't find the inspiration or motivation to write songs anymore.
I study songwriting so I'm worried how this is going to affect my studies. Has anyone else struggled with this? Will it come back? 😢 Not sure if this breaks rule 3 but was hoping for some advice from anyone who has been in a similar position.
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2023.06.10 09:03 Big_Palpitation8795 18f Only really attracted to very specific kink/dynamic

I (have always been majorly attracted to men older than me, from a few years to several decades difference. The common denominator among them is that they're teaching/guiding me through sex. Like helping me orgasm and whatnot. Sort of like an innocence kink I guess? Recently I noticed it's the only thing I find arousing and I don't fantasize about much else. I feel like this has made sex boring for me with partners who don't indulge this dynamic since they don't have the experience or personality for it. Does anyone else have this issue? What do I do about it? I can't really get with people of my preference since most are older than me and wouldn't want someone as young as I am. Nor do I really want a relationship with someone, older or not.
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2023.06.10 09:02 Dismal_Attempt_2792 What's important to document here?

I'm in a very intense situation rn and I previously posted about other aspects, but it's like the whole thing changes/gets worse every single day and I wind up needing more help. To summarize the previous stuff. An ex friend broke into mind and my bfs apt to grab a bag of his. (He'd gone out with his gf and my bf while I stayed home and got violent after a fight with her. I just said you can't come in like this while I'm home alone, please just wait for my bf). Instead he smashed the window to get in. He returned 2-5x a day from Sun-Tues to threaten us. Also the landlord said it was our fault bc he was a guest so she'd board up the window and we'd pay her back. Wed it still wasn't boarded, but with advice from some officers we'd used our fridge to block the window and dresser to block our bedroom door just in case. That prob saved our lives bc he did get back in using that window and almost broke our bedroom door in half with just his foot. LL went back on the guest thing and we're now being let out of the lease with the victims of a crime law NV has. NOW he's flat out threatened to kill my bf (he saw the report for stalking bc it was on the table when he broke in), there's nothing stopping him from breaking the other window and he had multiple people watching us all day today. We tried to find resources for a motel, but the literal only option was an outdoor (covered) shelter where me, my bf and our pets have to be split up. Neither of us can sleep and it's breaking my heart to see how scared my cats are in this environment. (They're totally safe in a kennel 50 ft from my cot with food, water and litterbox provided but just so stressed I want to cry). We had to coordinate with the Lyft driver to plan an escape where we literally threw our bags out the back window and ran to her car. What we couldn't bring with us is prob going to be destroyed by him and his friends tonight. And we're essentially forced to be homeless again after all the work we put into following this program. It's summer in NV. We don't have transportation and have nowhere safe to go during the day when we have to be out of the shelter. Before this I didn't have any interest in going after the landlord. But her not doing the one thing she was responsible for has made our home less safe than being literally outside. What do I need to put togethefile/document? Any advice appreciated.
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2023.06.10 09:02 City_Mouse_69 Can't progress anymore

I've already beaten the game twice but now no matter what I do or what difficulty I play on, the communications key does not spawn anywhere whatsoever. Unless I'm doing something wrong and missing a crucial part to spawn in the key, it does not spawn anymore no matter what. So when I start now I quickly get the code for the wheel and lift the lockdown then make a beeline for the security room. Once I open that and get the note I begin searching for the key which I can never find anymore. I've checked all over the bunks, I've updated the map, I've gone back to the safe room and then back down into the barracks and I've quit the game and launched it again. No matter what I do I can't find a key and this is persisting across every new save I make. Loot, traps and objects have been randomized each time but for some reason this key doesn't spawn anymore and I can't progress and I don't know what to do.
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2023.06.10 09:00 Distinct-Lettuce-741 Partner-focused ROCD

I'm new to the community and I'm very interested in your opinion on my current problems. It's going to be a long text, but I'm grateful for anyone who reads through it and can give me tips.
Several things have become clear to me recently in therapy: I've been in many relationships and jumped from one to the next without really loving the person. I think it was more the feeling of excitement that drove me. All relationships were the same: first there was a slight "infatuation" phase and excitement, then there were so many toxic thoughts (about the partner, their family, etc.) that my behavior caused the partners to end the relationships. In hindsight, I realize that I never loved my partners strongly (the way they are). That hurts. Some partners left me without warning, others betrayed me.
The story was yet to change: My girlfriend and I have been a couple for 4 years. We got together very quickly. I felt very comfortable in her presence, enjoyed the time with her and could not imagine life without her. The feeling of being in love or excited when seeing each other was very light, if even fading, in this relationship. As quickly as we came, so did the toxic thoughts, like "She's fat, you don't even find her attractive". These thoughts came to me, although I find them beautiful even when I'm overweight. We had a harmonious time for a long time, but due to the many toxic thoughts it was never possible for me to give back so much love, even if this person is very important to me and I have never felt so loved and for the first time I felt that it could go on forever. She's the first person I've been able to spend an extended amount of time with without having to escape into other activities; where I felt valued and supported. Even though there were many negative thoughts and my thoughts always longed for other women, I was happier than I had been for a long time.
We moved in together two years ago and a lot has changed for her. She started to work and was always tired as a result. So tired that she didn't want to do anything and neglected her social life and household. I always had to do housework and it made me so upset that my toxic thoughts, which I had been very mild for a while, came back. After that I couldn't talk to her anymore. She was grateful for it, but also made a lot of jokes about it and thought it was very funny that she was so lazy. Many conversations about it failed and her life went more and more down the drain. She neglected herself, such as her diet or exercise. I'm also an athletic type and I watch my diet, but it got me so down that I started neglecting myself too. That shouldn't be the case, of course, because you should take care of yourself. She was so dissatisfied that she was toxic to me in some situations and would not change her behavior, such as helping around the house. It was the first time that I was very dissatisfied in this relationship and considered ending the relationship for a while. But I couldn't and didn't want to and fortunately it got better, although since then it hasn't been the same as before. I was so hurt by it that since that time I have hardly felt any emotions and have isolated myself emotionally from everyone at once. Time passed before I got involved in therapy with attachment trauma 8 weeks ago. You have no idea how severe the ROCD the therapist diagnosed was. I cried so much and had so many negative thoughts and doubts that I couldn't even go to work. I had typical doubts like "Do I love her? Are we compatible?" etc. For a few weeks now, partner-related ROCD ideas have also been added. I was able to work through some of them with the therapist, but there are two that I can't let go of: my partner has changed her behavior in the last few months. She exhibits both maternal behavior (she is very caring and treats me like a toddler; her body language and stroking show this) and childish behavior (a lot of the jokes in particular are very childish, including in tone).
I decided to work on myself and the relationship because I realized how important it is to me. My problem right now is that as soon as one of these behaviors is exhibited, which unfortunately is common, it triggers me to be unable to think of anything else. I am then very overwhelmed by my emotions. I really want to spend more time with her and put the thoughts to rest, but it's very difficult for me. It seems so hopeless to me right now that I only think negatively and only end my thoughts on relationships and other women are out. I am scared and crying so much right now. It just takes a miracle for this to be resolved. You may be my miracle. Do you have any ideas how I can deal with the situation and the triggers so that I can have a happy partnership with her? I am very grateful for every answer!
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2023.06.10 09:00 Dxshyam Conflicted Love Rekindled.

You are on my mind again, constantly occupying my thoughts. Even when I find myself lost, I can't help but think of you. I truly wished you wouldn't reach out to me on my birthday, hoping it would mark the beginning of my final journey to move on. However, deep down, I knew you would, and indeed, you did. Your message has once again entangled my mind, bringing me right back to where I started—madly in love with you. We haven't spoken in the past three months, and during that time, I tried to convince myself that perhaps it was for the better. I am aware that we haven't met, and it's uncertain if we ever will, but I swear I have never felt such intense emotions for anyone else in my entire life. You are truly special to me, and I knew from the beginning that I would fall for you, even before our conversations truly took off. This feeling is unlike anything I have ever experienced, and I am certain I will never feel it for anyone else. I want you to know that I am here for you, and if circumstances allow, I would be willing to meet you. It's you—yes, you—who constantly occupy my thoughts and reside in the depths of my heart.
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2023.06.10 09:00 2soccer2bot Daily Discussion

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2023.06.10 08:58 Vee_Under_E Unavailable in MegaThread

I have turned the entirety of the Megathread upside down, and I regret to say "I cannot find it" for prod keys referring to Pokémon Shield version 1.2.0, and the two DLCs. Everything is 3DS or older console-wise, and while everyone is talking about TOTK, I come to ask in the ocean of Zelda if anyone can help a Pokémon fan. Thank you in advance.
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2023.06.10 08:55 VeryResponsibleMan Why do Germans prefer Xing over LinkedIn?

Xing is much less dynamic, and doesn't have any recommendation system or you can't find people over the reactions or comments on their posts, and has less features. Is there still a reason for this preference?
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2023.06.10 08:54 idratherchangemyold1 Can you only connect Paypal to Depop via the app?

What the title says, probably a dumb question lol. I tried looking for a way to do this on the website but I can't find where to do it anywhere. I was able to locate where to do that on the app though.
Seems silly to me that you can't do that on the website?
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2023.06.10 08:53 goyourownwayy Medicare/ LA Care through Anthem or Kaiser is better?

I am currently on Anthem Blue across Blue Shield with Health Care LA. Everything is free because my income is below 20K
However I despise the providers I have seen. They are all nurse practitioners and I rarely see a doctor. It’s hard finding a decent specialist and I go to the doctor a lot. Very frustrated with Anthem
Was thinking of witching to Kaiser and wondered if anyone had good experiences or better with them through medi-cal
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2023.06.10 08:53 CocaKoolAid228 grommash and thrall argument

Thrall: Grommash, we need to tackle this matter head-on, bro. Reports of your unsanctioned attacks on human outposts have been making waves, and it's got my pecs tingling with concern. Our gains are on point, but we must find the right balance and pump the brakes on impulsive actions, bro.
Grommash: Thrall, my pumped-up partner in crime! The rush of adrenaline, the surge of power—it's like unleashing a beast within me. But, dude, there are moments when you say something unexpectedly hilarious or catch me off guard, and I can't help but let out a playful giggle. It's a mix of excitement and maybe a tinge of embarrassment, like a bro caught in the spotlight but loving every second of it.
Thrall: Grommash, your laughter hits me like a set of heavy dumbbells, catching me off guard. It's in those moments when your guard is down, and your playful giggle fills the air, that I find myself fidgety with excitement, like a bro about to embark on an epic cheat day feast.
Grommash: Thrall, my heart pounds like a high-intensity interval session when we share those genuine laughs together. There's something magical about those moments, when we connect on a level that goes beyond our warrior façades. It's like our spirits are doing a happy dance, bro, and I can't help but blush at the sheer joy of it.
Thrall: Grommash, your enthusiasm is contagious, and it unleashes a cascade of excitement and warmth within me. Those moments of shared laughter and lightheartedness reveal a side of us that others rarely see. It's like we're bros in arms, taking on the world with smiles and hearts ablaze.
Grommash: Thrall, these moments of unfiltered happiness remind me that life is about more than battles and gains. It's about finding joy in the simplest of things, like sharing a laugh with your bro. Together, we can conquer any challenge with muscles flexed and spirits lifted.
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2023.06.10 08:52 toast_ghost12 Finding purpose

Second time writing this because my phone had died mid-post and deleted all my progress. You'd better believe I was so ready to throw my phone at the wall. Guess that's on me for not paying attention to my battery level.
Anyway, for the past year to year and a half or so, I have began to notice that things just...aren't exciting anymore. I used to noodle around with music and music theory. I used to come up with ideas for short stories, I'd play around with computers, I'd study astronomy, and I loved math. Today? Music is just...meh. Sometimes I'd force myself to sit down and write a song so that I'm engaging in something productive, only to eventually scrap the project or decide that it's not worth my time.
Same with the rest. Literature is just meh, math is meh, computers are whatever, and astronomy is just whatever now as well. Nothing is exciting anymore. These days I mindlessly scroll through Reddit, watch YouTube, watch some occasional porn, and shovel junk food into my mouth so I can at least feel something, no matter how unhealthy or meaningless it really is. Every day is full of cheap dopamine fixes.
Every day I'm seriously to begin re-considering suicide more and more. I already attempted a few years ago, and the biggest problem with suicide is my mom. Even though I survived, my attempt ruined her. My father died when I was 5, her older brother died about a year ago, and her mother (maternal grandmother) passed about 3 years ago. Not to mention her dad's time is coming pretty close to being over as well, from the looks of it. If I did this, she would have almost nobody. But it's becoming hard to resist, because life is just so much effort for nothing in return. I have ADHD, so everything requires about 10x more effort than it would compared to your average person. It feels like a monumental task to do the things I need to do. I'm 19 and still a sophomore in high school for christ's sake. It feels like a monumental task to even look at my homework assignments. I can't take ADHD medication, because I have high blood pressure, which are stimulants and therefore increase blood pressure. So my life is basically trying to swim against the current and failing miserably, with your only option to let the river sweep you away. Combine that with the fact that I was just born this way and there's really nothing I can do about it. Sure, by some miracle I can lose weight and take the medication, but that's more of a treatment, not a cure. There's a sense of hopelessness in realizing that no matter how hard I try, I will never be able to live a normal life. If life is just going to be full of bullshit, what's the point in even trying?
I guess, my question here is, what can I do? I already attend therapy and have taken this to the therapist in question. But it feels as if my life currently is stagnant and that it's not going to go anywhere unless I do something, and I'm not going to want to do anything unless I find motivation or purpose somehow. Thanks in advance.
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2023.06.10 08:52 ThorOdinson54 Exotic Armor Focusing Help

Where is the expansion focused decoding? Rahool only seems to have precision decoding.
I need to focus a new Loreley's for my titan, so I was gonna use the focused decoding to get myself one. However, I can't find the option that lets me decode armor based on expansions, only the precision option where I decode a specific piece. I remember using the expansion version for my warlock and have found stuff talking about it. Am I looking in the wrong spots, or did it get removed or something?
submitted by ThorOdinson54 to DestinyTheGame [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 08:51 TheWhiteChocolateAxe Needing some help sourcing an air filter and internal parts for a 1980 Yamaha it125 dirt bike.

Just purchased a Yamaha dirt bike, and much to my dismay (even though the previous owner had no issues with it) it is missing the entire air filter inside of the casing. No mount, nothing. I've searched as well as I can, and I can't find any parts for it, so help would be appreciated (preferably online ordering if found).
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2023.06.10 08:51 kycorx Twilight Menu touchscreen is not accurate

While I'm using Twilight Menu on my N3DSXL the touchscreen behaves abnormaly, displaying a very choppy trace. I just tried playing Okami Den but I can't draw properly so the game is practically unplayable. I hope to find an answer because i love ds games and most of what i play uses the touchscreen.
To clarify, i just downloaded Twilight Menu and got the roms, so I haven't messed any configurations, it's a "brand new" download.
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2023.06.10 08:50 Professional-Ear9663 WIBTA for watching Barbie with my best friend instead of the friend I planned to watch it with?

I (26F) have two very close friends. Let's call them Ben (25M) and Lucy (24F). Ben has been my best friend for nearly a decade and has always been there for me. I became friends with Lucy a bit (maybe 2 years) after I became friends with Ben.
I had a bit of an issue with Lucy at first because we were both officers in a club. I did majority of the work, while she barely did anything. Despite this, we were able to work out our issues and become very good friends. After Ben, she's my closest friend.
After college, Ben and I made an effort to see each other often and call everyday. Lucy and I mostly just talked online and only saw each other once or twice year.
Now here comes the issue. Lucy recently got a new boyfriend. Let's call him Ron.
Ron and Lucy are from very different backgrounds. Lucy grew up rich and privileged while Ron did not. Lucy is an outspoken feminist (much like Ben and I), and Ron grew up in a community that was quite misogynistic. Of course, we can never blame someone for their upbringing. Ron acknowledges that some of his views are problematic and always makes an effort to learn.
Recently, Ron made a misogynistic joke. Lucy got mad at him for it, and I'd like to believe that he realizes he was wrong (idk, he said, "ok I'll just take it back". I'd like to think that's admitting he's wrong but some people disagree.).
Ben picked up on this and started making jokes behind Lucy's back about Ron being a misogynist. I told Lucy about this, and she seemed fine with it and even agreed to it (as far as I understand).
Recently, it came up in a conversation between Ben and Lucy. Long story short with the conversation, Ben realized that making those jokes about Ron (even if not to his face) are wrong. He apologized to Lucy for making those jokes even if it was behind her back, and promised not to make them again.
Lucy got mad, one thing led to another, and she ended up unfriending him. When I talked to her about it, she said that it was because she hated that she was being associated with a misogynist: something that she, an outspoken feminist, would never do. I honestly find this weird since while I understand her staunch principles, her last boyfriend WAS indeed a misogynist (he even objectified a girl in front of her family!).
Ben has been trying to make amends with Lucy since then. Most recently, he offered peace offerings to Lucy and Ron, which Lucy declined. I asked if she wouldn't even give him a chance to make up for his mistake. She said that it's still too early to do anything. Take note that it's been less than 3 weeks at this point since the fight between them.
Now here's my conflict: we had planned to watch Barbie as a group. It was originally supposed to just be me and Lucy, but then she invited Ron to the group, so I invited Ben.
Lucy and I have very strong principles about choosing and siding with other people. Ben is my best friend so I expect him to always side with me over other friends whom I have beef with (unless it's the girl he's dating, then that's understandable. However we haven't really had that problem yet, but that's an exception I'd make).
Lucy has the same principles. We're avoiding the topic of Barbie, but I just know that she will end up asking me to choose between watching it with her or Ben. If that happens, I plan to choose Ben basis that he is my best friend. I impose a certain standard on him, so I can't be a hypocrite and back down when the time comes to apply it to me.
I know Ben is in the wrong in this situation, and he has been trying his best to make amends. I know also that Lucy has her own feelings and boundaries, and she's not obligated to forgive him if she doesn't want to. But somehow there's something off about the whole situation.
So would I be the asshole if I indeed chose Ben over Lucy? Also how do you think I should explain it to her? Do you think there's any chance of them making up between now and July 21?
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2023.06.10 08:50 Icy-Button8401 [IG] Choking Juu with her... (Yorktown II)

[IG] Choking Juu with her... (Yorktown II) submitted by Icy-Button8401 to AzureLane [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 08:49 Both-Mechanic-6381 I am doing a fan-made series tell me what you want to see in the crossovers also tell me what you think of episode 1 of Arrow back from the bed there will be 15 episode seasons

Episode 1: "Back from the Dead"
We see the familiar skyline of Star City as the camera pans down to an alleyway where we see a group of hoodlums robbing a convenience store. Suddenly, a figure drops down from the rooftop, taking the burglars by surprise. He quickly takes them out one by one with precision, using a bow and arrow as his weapon of choice. The man is none other than Oliver Queen, back from the dead.
Oliver: "I am Oliver Jonas Queen. After five years in hell, I returned home with only one goal -- to save my City. But in my absence, a new darkness has risen. And I will stop at nothing to extinguish it."
We then see Oliver back in his lair, studying a map of Star City when he receives a message from his old friend and tech expert, Felicity Smoak.
Felicity: "Oliver, there's been a new villain that's surfaced in the City. He calls himself Eclipse, and he's been causing all sorts of trouble."
Oliver: "What kind of trouble?"
Felicity: "He's been robbing banks, stealing high-tech gear, and causing chaos in the streets. And from what I've heard, he's been using a bow and arrow just like you."
Oliver: "I need to find out who he is and stop him before he gets any stronger."
Cut to a scene of Eclipse standing on a rooftop, surveying the City below him. He is wearing all black, with a hood that covers most of his face. He pulls out his bow and arrow and takes aim at a nearby skyscraper, shooting an arrow that sticks into the wall.
Eclipse: "Time to make my mark on this City."
Cut back to Oliver, who is tracking Eclipse's movements. He investigates a warehouse where Eclipse was last seen and finds a set of blueprints for a new weapon, which he believes is going to be used to destroy the city.
Oliver: "I need to find out who this Eclipse is and fast."
Cut to a scene of Oliver walking in the rain when he is ambushed by Eclipse, who beats him soundly and almost kills him. Oliver is shocked when the hood of Eclipse falls, revealing his true identity: his former student Robert Baxter.
Oliver: "Robert, what are you doing? Why are you doing this?"
Robert: "You never trusted me, Oliver. You always favored your other students over me. I had to prove myself to you."
Oliver: "I'm sorry, Robert. You don't have to do this. Let's talk this out."
Robert: "It's too late for that, Oliver. You're going to die like the rest of them."
Robert raises his bow and arrow to shoot when he suddenly gets hit by a tranquilizer dart from Felicity, who had been tracking Oliver's movements.
Felicity: "Oliver, are you okay?"
Oliver: "Yeah, thanks Felicity. Let's take him in."
Cut to a scene of Robert being taken into custody as Oliver watches from a distance. He realizes that his old life as the Green Arrow is not over just yet.
Oliver: "I may be back from the dead, but I can't do this alone. It's time to assemble a new team to help me save my City."
The episode ends with a shot of Oliver looking over the city, determined to bring justice to Star City once again.
submitted by Both-Mechanic-6381 to Arrowverse [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 08:49 rootsdeepening Questions about the Trickster and Spiders

1) I would be so grateful to understand more about the trickster. Im having trouble getting my head around this but it intrigues me so much.
Maybe I should have made two posts as I have a second unrelated question as well below.
2) I have been having so many encounters with spiders to the point I'm convinced there is something for me to learn from this. Literally they have been running towards me (the jumping that can see) and others have gone down on their web while I'm reading a book, etc. One recent day I went outside to find a web of spider babies beside the place where I make my daily tea, and then I sat down to try to learn about the role of the spider in our history and even as I was reading a neighbor came and asked me to take a spider down from her ceiling as she was too scared.. I went to help but the spider was gone.. I returned inside, and soon after a spider came down on its web onto my book. I can't ignore this anymore, I always thought spiders are supposed to ignore people, is there some message here for me? Thank you kindly for any insight!!!
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