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For current or aspiring Akali players, the best and cutest Assassin in League of Legends!

2023.05.30 10:23 Amsalpotkeh Look at how they butchered my boy...

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2023.05.29 21:31 Amsalpotkeh Look at how they butchered my boy...

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2023.05.28 15:24 Inquisitor_Jeff We need to play more assassin.

At the moment I see 3 to 8 adc a game. Adc counter are assassins. But more adc with exhaust flash and shield bow have enough to survive one gank every 50 ish seconds.
So how do we fix this by playing two assassin ideally in mid and jungle as they have the most roaming potential. So you can gank every 80 seconds so the adc doesn’t have any summon or shield bow. They get gank every 40 seconds every other gank should be a kill.
What are the benefits one it’s really annoying as an adc as you well spend half of the game walking back to lane or dead. Two they don’t have the gold to buy more that 1.5 item s at 14 minutes.
I recommend having opposite damage type so the adc can’t build an item to counter both of you.
Assassin combo I recommend zed and evelynn as it forces control ward. Akali and Kayn yeah good luck try to hit them.
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2023.05.25 23:38 SpecialistSeason9996 Try rushing stormrazor akali

I genuinely think this might be the most fun Akali build that's existed. I've been running fleet with stormrazor into and AD Akali setup. Anyone think this could be the future meta of akali or no?
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2023.05.25 19:40 soj0bo 13.10 build questions

Heyooo~ pretty new around here, I been a corki main for about 3 months now almost instalocking him every game I play. With the new patch I thought the mixed damage items were gonna make him flourish but I’m disappointed since I feel like there’s little benefit to the corkmeister, any tips on build paths/ runes for a dirty silver pleb ? 😞 I’m tired of feeling like a Whiskey Delta against champs . Also any tips on fighting against champs like Zed/ Akali/ Syndra/ ahri/ a sol would be greatly appreciated since I’m fairly new ! Or any advice at all
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2023.05.25 13:15 Karleney Statikk Shiv

How many of you guys have tried out statikk shiv? Haven't had the chance to try it out yet on Akali in a real game - only practice tool, but on LeBlanc my buildpath is
Mythic -> boots -> mejai's if DS is stacked -> statikk shiv
Two slots for morello's/void/zhonyas and mejai's can be replaced with deathcap if not stacked
Do you think it's a reasonable build for climbing? It allows me to clear waves in one auto which eliminates akali's waveclear ability and I can finally take jg camps without losing half my hp. And it procs on her E2
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2023.05.24 20:41 Wild_Squash9178 Ap Assassins need better mythics

As the title says we need better ap assassin mythics. In league there are only two ap assassins the rest are all ad. Those two are Akali and Katarina. The 3 mythics they have access to are riftmaker, rocket belt and nightharvester while all these options are okay none of them truely fit kat or akali. I think they really need to bring back gunblade that item was perfect for these two. It gave them all the stats they needed. You know their items are bad for them when they have to buff these champs ad ratios to make them synergize better with ad items than ap items.
I think bringing gunblade back as a mythic would fill the item niche they need to do better as it is right now akali and katarina have been out of meta for a while meanwhile their ad counter parts have been meta since item rework. Those two champs have been out of meta for a while because their items are poop for them. The only time kat was heavy meta was when divine sunderer builds were op and thats only because her ad ratios got buffed like crazy to compensate for terrible itemization for her ap builds. Akali was basically in the same boat now they are both d b tier or below meanwhile all their ad counter parts are sitting at a tier plus and have been for ages now.
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2023.05.24 08:14 wlp4scr Download Akali, 4k, darkness, League of Legends, MOBA, LoL, fan art, Akali Build, Akali League of Legends wallpapers - Wallpapers4screen.com

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2023.05.24 06:33 Mistycalwisetree327 State of Akali

So the buffs for 13.10 came out, and overall I'd say it's a pretty good patch, with some champion finally getting the attention they needed (mainly Renekton and Kalista), a nerf to yomuus, absolutely desteged imo, and some other tweaks here and there that i mostly agree with. The ONLY thing that really disappointed me is the Akali "buff" by +10 damage at all ranks on Q. Akalis problem rn is that she really struggles to push waves effectively, and this buff should help her doing that no? Wrong. This means that she will be able to oneshot casters with her Q only after level 7 (mind you, not at level 7)and only after she already bought a decent amount of Ap. Most of the other assassins can reliably clear waves quickly and without spending much resources (talon W, the recently changed leblanc, Ekkos Q) while she has to use all of her energy to push 1 wave, because her Q eats it up and melees take at least 3 Qs to die. Let's not even talk about how painful pushing cannon waves is. That said, i was really hoping to see a change that wasn't just +dmg anywhere on her kit, but this change really doesn't change anything (she jas around a 47%wr in most elos rn). So Riot, please actually buff this champion's wave clear, her damage is fine as it is and she has been struggling for the past 2 seasons now. Sorry if this sounded like a complaint post but those are my thoughts. What do y'all folks think?
Akalis winrate across all ranks (notice how, despite her being a high skill cap and "pro play" bound champ, the higher the elo the lower her wr):https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/it/champions/builds/akali
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2023.05.24 00:06 phieldworker Statik Shiv

Has anyone tried out statik in a build? I’ve only tried it on Akali and it was fun one shotting back line with an auto. Also only got it as third item but every time it does 1300-2K damage to champions in about 5 min.
Definitely a meme build item.
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2023.05.23 20:38 prowler_1 I subtitled a VOD of the best Fizz in China MangoFish playing Fizz vs Akali

First time posting in fizzmains, had a browse around and thought this might be an appropriate place to post my video since I see some questions here and there about builds/runes/matchups.
From my own experience as a player, I feel as though Fizz is most potent between Silver and Platinum due to the snowbally nature of his kit, hence why I decided to select a VOD that MangoFish played in around Platinum III MMR - to highlight the thought processes he has and how he goes about dominating that rank.
For those who don't know this guy, he peaked 2346 LP on the Chinese Super Server and 1307LP on the Korean server.
I don't think the Akali he played against was very good, but that being said, I think there's a lot to learn from how he presses his advantage and closes the game out quickly.
Anyways, like I said, I've never posted in here before. Don't know if you guys enjoy this type of content or not, but feel free to leave me any criticisms/feedback/suggestions.
Thanks guys.
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2023.05.23 02:18 Blu_Will_Enthusiast I tried connecting a brawler to a League champion. Either it be gameplay, mechanic, or theme similarities.

(No matter how far-fetched or stretched out it is)
Shelly - Graves Shotgun wielding outlaws
Colt - Lucian Double pistol do-gooders
Nita - Annie BEAR!!!!!!
Jessie - Heimerdinger Tiny things building turrets
Dynamike - Ziggs BOMBS!
El Primo - Sett Show fighters who attack by punching
Brock - Tristana Both use launchers of some kind that have exploding ammo and both can jump
Barley - Graves An AOE bartender and an AOE alcoholic
Rico - Sivir? Both marksman with abilities that bounce? Also Sivir literally has an ability called ricochet
Bull - Alistar? Uhhhh Bull? IDK
Poco - Sona Musical support healers
Bo - Kindred Spiritual Archers
Mortis - Vladimir Vampire archetypes who steal life force
Spike - Zyra Living plants who deal AOE damage
Crow - Twitch Poison
Piper - Jhin? Their both snipers who dabble in crafts? Also both their supers include the number 4
Pam - Soraka Healing Mamas
Tara - Twisted Faith Both throws three cards and reveal enemy location
Darryl - Rammus They see us rolling
Penny - Gangplank Pirates who have cannon artillery as supers, also barrels
Frank - Sion Undead corpse tanks who have an attack where they slam their weapon in the ground
Leon - Neeko Chameleon
Gene - Blitzcrank GET OVER HERE!!!!!
Carl - Wukong Both have fidget spinner supers
Rosa - Vi Punch tanks (Even though one of them doesn't even have enough muscle mass to punch)
Bibi - Riven? Both get close to your face with blunt objects and have wave clearing supers?
Tick - Taliyah? HARD STRETCH. Taliyah has that one ability maybe?
8-Bit - Milio? Another hard stretch. I guess since they both have AOE support abilities?
Sandy - Lillia Sleep zzzzzz
Emz - Singed Gas *cough*
Bea - Varus Long range marksmen who both have annoying supers
Max - Zilean? Max probably has weird sense of time anyway with all the energy drinks she's drinking
Mr. P - Malzahar Those porters might as well have come from the void for how annoying they are
Jacky - Rell Mounted tanks with supers that draw in enemies
Sprout - Maokai Living plants who throw other plants
Gale - Janna Supports who have supers that push enemies with wind
Nani - Kalista Marksmen who both have nanny cams
Surge - Kayle? Maybe the level up gimmick as well as the crash down supers?
Colette - Ahri One kiss and your health is taxed
Amber - Brand FIRE!!!
Lou - Nunu and Willump Both can freeze enemies with snow and ice
Byron - Senna Supports who heal by shooting at you
Edgar - Talon Parkour assassins
Col. Ruffs - Ivern? Supports who buffs others?
Stu - Akali? Annoying assassins with infinite dashes
Belle - Ezreal? Both marksman with abilities that doubles damage if it hit the same target?
Squeak - Zac Blobs, that's literally where the similarities end
Buzz - Pyke Grappling underwater assassins
Griff - Tahm Kench? Both wouldn't upheld their part of the deal? idk
Ash - Renekton Both have anger issues
Meg - Rumble MECH!
Lola - Zed Sends out clones with same attack
Grom - Syndra? Balls and knockback I guess?
Fang - Lee Sinn They both literally have kick based skill shots
Eve - Anivia? EGG!
Janet - Seraphine Singers who get all the fanart
Bonnie - Kennen Tiny assassins who deal massive damage with their supers
Otis - Lulu Have companions that attach to you and hurt you and makes you wish you never existed
Sam - Xayah? Both can deal damage by recalling their weapons
Gus - Thresh Ghostly supports who shield and collect spirits
Buster - Braum That flipping SHIELD!
Chester - Shaco No outright gameplay similiarities, both are just absolute CLOWNS!
Gray - Bard PORTALS!
Mandy - Caitlyn Snipers with annoyingly long supers
R-T - Swain They know all your secrets and they have AOE supers
Willow - Renata Glasc Poison AND mind control
Maisie - Vex? Both have abilities that accelerate mid-flight?
Hank - Nautilus Underwater tanks who deal massive damage up close
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2023.05.23 01:00 turtle921 Patch 13.11 Preview

Phroxzon went to something called "MSI" and is yet again not at work. First follow up to our Midseason Patch! Tuning a bunch of outlier champions and systems for our initial patch and expect small tunings in following patches.
We saw good shifts in classes, with Tank and Fighters on the radar once the strong Assassin/Mage classes have settled. Overall tough to judge initial ADC strength with the plethora of builds, especially when tuning some of very powerful items (Galeforce, Stormrazer).
Champion Buffs
Champion Nerfs
Champion Adjustments
System Buffs
System Nerfs
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2023.05.22 10:35 Sold4kidneys any good challanger akali youtubers?

I look up for a good akali build for current seasons and its all just professor akali, I don't know how good he is, half the time he's playing on his smurf, just too clickbaity for me. I just need a channel which shows me a good build for latest patch and change in playstyle if any
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2023.05.21 23:42 SealSquasher Stattik Shiv In Depth.

Let's talk about this item and it's uses in depth. I made a post the other day and since then I've done some more testing. This item is strong.
It has a 50% ap ratio, hits 6-12 targets based on level, has 60-170 dmg on it. And does 220% dmg to minions, at 225 ap onwards you one-shot caster minions . A lot of mages who build it can just auto the wave, then use their aoe waveclear ability (which most mages have) to oneshot the wave instantly.
I personally found that ludens, lich into shiv with sorc boots feels the best. Shiv benefits from pen and with lich you're hitting people for at least 600 dmg with shiv proc.
Here are some champs it's good on:
Ahri: Can r, w, auto. With electrocute shiv ludens and lich you do like 1k dmg with a very simple, repeatable combo.
Akali: Kinda same as ahri. Does more dmg due to buffs.
AP Akshan: rageblade, shiv, nashors. He got ap buffs. Not as good as ad but funny.
Bard: autos a lot and good dmg buffs
Corki: loves ad from shiv. Loves magic dmg. Loves ludens pen. I think it's core on him
Diana: for fun
Ekko: big e dmg
AP ezreal: can proc lich and shiv consistently, likes the ad from shiv. There's probably some ludens/muramana/lich/shiv build but i haven't gotten to test it. getting him on aram is hard.
Fizz: big q w dmg, e out
Kaisa: I played muramana, ludens ,shiv, nashors and got all three evolutions. Felt good.
Katarina: Haven't tried but I imagine its probably fine on protobelt kat. She benefits from the ad still
Leblanc: just play it like the sunderer build
AP on hit lulu: better than you think. This item carries shit champs.
Milio: I built it fourth with support items and reached the 230 ap. Could proc it from far with w.
AP MF: She likes the ad.
Neeko: should auto a lot anyways because of w. Kinda obvious but don't build if your'e an ult bot.
Sona: Good for full ap sona (not that troll since they gave her dmg buffs a bit ago, you'd be surprised)
Seraphine: can proc it from 1k range with passive. Does less dmg due to aram nerfs. Still good poke
Twisted Fate: Self Explanatory I think.
Zoe: Really strong. Can portal auto for like 1000 dmg. Its stupid.
Ziggs: Auto q wave. Wave go boom. Not good on champ dmg but thats not why you're playing ziggs on aram
Edit: you can go it fourth too if you want dcap before shiv. It's upto game state tbh. If ahead go for shiv.
I also feel like this goes without saying but when you start to build this item as a mage, start with kierchis shard, then noonquiver, then cloak. You don't need the crit and shard is magic dmg.
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2023.05.21 23:38 FeuerwerkFreddi Help me find a new name

Hello fellow degens besties,
I’m currently building a new champion pool after one tricking Anivia. I’m now planing to also play Akali and Ahri with Akali being the one I’m having most fun with rn so I’m looking for a funny and degenerate name that preferably suits all of them but since especially Anivia is kinda the odd one out I think that’s not possible, so a funny name for Akali would suffice. I’m unfortunately not creative enough in my degeneracy, maybe you can help me out. Already asked the Darkinfolk for suggestions and was told to ask here as well.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.05.20 05:57 Direct-Potato2088 I have no idea how to improve and I’m stuck in my rank.

Before anyone replies with the most unhelpful white bread ass “look up guides”, I’ve tried i just don’t understand. I don’t understand where to start and what and how to apply and how to do what when. Applying these supposedly advanced mechanics like freezeing, hard shoving, slow pushing, just doesnt mean anything to me and i dont know how to use any of that stuff
My main question is, what is at the bottom of the pyramid, what are the fundamentals i need to improve and then how do i build, slowly step by step. Im mainly an adc/mid main playing akali, kai’sa, and ashe. Is there some sort if guide or just irder to learn and apply? It feels so hard to gauge any progress i make but i feel like im just getting worse and worse
It feels like all these guides online are situational and i dont have the mechanics to survive on mechanical skills (minimum ping is 7 and avg is 100 and i commonly spike to 300), and im just naturally clumsy and bad with my hands.
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2023.05.19 07:38 Traditional_Lemon Posting the build I use(again), to those who feel lost or to whom nothing seems good

It has not really changed and has been slowly evolving for over a year now. If you're struggling to figure out what to buy, you can safely build this every single game and you'll be difficult to deal with. The build is:
Why this build? Originally I was watching a KR Grandmaster Trynd as he faced Baus while he was in Korea. This guy absolutely tore Baus a new one, and he did it with a version of this build, which was Botrk->Sunfire->LDR. Everything about this build, down to the Trynd's runes, was optimized to fight Sion. He took Cut down instead of last stand. He took conditioning just to min-max long fights against Sion lategame. He built almost every single %HP damage item in the game. And it worked incredibly, it was just unplayable for Baus. Many people here cannot imagine a 4KHP 200+ armor Sion struggling against Tryndamere, so just let that sink in.
But when this Trynd fought other enemies, they would just dissolve too. So building the tank mythic didn't even cause problems for damage, because you don't need damage to run an ADC down. They're just going to melt. In fact, because you don't need damage, tank stats, tenacity, and ms, slows, mixed damage-- these things have far more value. This goes against a once correct, but now wrong assumption many Trynd players make today. If your build is itemized to perfectly fight a tank, but also to perfectly fight a high damage squishy, you have the optimal build. So that's the story, and I've been building this in almost every game ever since. Sunfire is hard-nerfed since then so Iceborn is the mythic now.
The 13.10 items feel sort of weak to me after trying them for a bit, but this build is still very consistent and works against every possible kind of comp. Whenever it spikes, it beats some champions Trynd cannot normally beat very easily(champions that build a little or a lot of armor), can teamfight better than glass cannon builds due to the anti-burst you get from a tank mythic, ontop of the strongest mythic passive that Trynd has access to in the entire game, which is Tenacity and Slow Resist. That's two effects by the way. Tenacity makes stuns and slows and cc last a shorter time, and slow resist makes slows that hit you, weaker in terms of how much they slow you. It's easy to not understand how strong this is on a champion like Tryndamere as you activate this mythic passive more and more. Iceborn is just one of those mythics that a huge number of champs can buy if they really want to, and it'll be strong.
Really quickly I'll mention the runes. It's just the basic Trynd LT page, nothing changes there, except I recommend taking double resists if you're laning, either 2x armor, 2x MR, or a mix of both. The eHP you get in between keeping dorans procced, having very high base regen, and spamming Q, is just more value than a little bit of AD. I can't be sure but I believe it's actually more offensive to take resists in lane. If you're one of the two Trynd jg players in the world, you should take either conditioning/unflinching(greedy but hard to stop you), or future's market+approach velocity(good with smite and the multiple slows the build has). Otherwise just the standard second wind/unflinching(or revitalize if there's low cc-- you'll get tenacity from your mythic).
Why this build order? The first item you buy is so you can fight enemy champions, and there's no item in the game that lets you directly fight and win against more enemy champions than Botrk. It costs a hundred gold less than a typical rush like Hydra or Galeforce. It's better for short trading with people in lane because it does upfront % hp, so it chunks enemies at full hp. It's better for all-in because of the aforementioned chunk, giving it a head start in damage over most other items. It offers you a huge range of stats and effects, lifesteal, as, ad, phys damage, magical damage, a slow, movement speed. It's just the highest dps item for almost any melee auto attacker in the game. There are many first-item spike fights in matchups that you'll struggle to win without Botrk.
The problem with Botrk is it falls off quickly if the enemy builds armor. It also doesn't give you crit(so we can't buy Serylda). These two weaknesses are the logic behind the second purchase:
Mortal Reminder or Lord Dominik's
You just need two things, anything else is a cherry on top. You need pen, and you need crit. The way you make this decision is simple: Do they have healing? Build Mortal. Do they not? Build LDR. "But I'm wasting the HP passive once I buy Iceborn!" , not really-- there are times where the passive gets activated, but even in cases where you don't benefit from that specific stat, you benefit so much from Pen+Crit that it doesn't even matter. To bring Baus up again, people would constantly say this when Baus built LDR on a 4,000+ HP Sion because it was just the best in slot purchase at the time. You do not need to perfectly take advantage of every single effect in an item, that kind of thinking is too rigid. You need crit and pen in this slot, it's just that simple.
Third you build Iceborn, which has a pretty good build path-- even Kindlegem is underrated because it's the cheapest source of CDR in the game, which is the next stat we are missing. You'll be surprised by how many plays you can pull off with these 3 items that you cannot pull off with glass cannon builds. I've found that enough damage isn't actually Tryndamere's problem, but rather having your R forced or getting kited are Trynd's core problems. This build does a good job at solving both of those problems in a similar way that Phase Rush does, except here you take Lethal Tempo, so you don't feel as weak as you sometimes would with Phase Rush.
The last two items are situational, but generally it's PD fourth unless you're desperate for something very game specific. The last item is also completely situational, but just ask yourself what you need. Some of the best choices in the last slot is maximizing CDR. That can be found in three items; Black Cleaver, which is best if they're still stacking armor, it can be Shojin, which is just a very expensive item that gives Trynd lots of stuff he likes, namely making you run very fast during your R, or it can be Hydra, which you'd get in some rare situation where you don't need any pen at all or any ms at all. You're probably either not fighting people, or the people you're fighting have absolutely no hope of escaping getting run down by you, and they're also squishy. Hydra is the highest AD item in the entire game with very respectable CDR, so that's what you'd get.
More niche options for last item are: Deaths Dance(anti AD burst), GA(Good for team fighting when your team lacks engage), ScimitaSilvermere(If there's too much long CC and you have to insta cleanse something), Hullbreaker(You cannot team fight for some reason, and you have to sidelane vs. a magic dealing champion that cannot deal with the Super Cannon. Good vs. champions like Akali, Singed which both normally effortlessly remove Trynd from the game-- they struggle a lot more vs. this build and you can outplay them) Kraken(untested in this build since it just became legendary), Force of Nature(If they somehow draft 4-5 AP champs you should build this because it's too much value ontop of your tank mythic), Randuins(in the rare event you're vs 4 crit champions, Quinn top, Kindred Jg, Yasuo Mid, Draven Adc, something like that-- you get this, because it's better than DD, the damage mitigation gives too much value, and the slow is better than the CDR and AD you'd get from DD. Only get DD if they have multiple champions that work like KhaZix or Zed) . If you ever have the option of selling boots, try to make it so you build an item with an MS effect.
Long write up but that's the end of the build. If you do give it a try, remember that you can lose with any item build, so simply losing a few times doesn't really tell you anything. You also likely aren't familiar with the strength of the build, so there is a learning curve, but I genuinely think it's one of the best builds available right now
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2023.05.18 21:45 Direct-Potato2088 When to go conqueror or electrocute

Both keystones feel awesome on akali, amd both trees offer really good runes for akali. Im just not sure when to take either, I only play akali midlane with standard ap rocketbelt build (riftmakedemonic rarely), but I’m not sure which rune is better for her and when to take either. Electrocute feels so nice for skirmishes and teamfights for deleting one person but so does conqueror and that ramping ap really helps when i have to take it slow or when a tankier champ is fed.
Is there a situation where i should take one over the other or should i just stick with the same rune always bc im not high elo enough where that small difference means much.
My secondary is always resolve into ranged/poke
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2023.05.18 21:45 Direct-Potato2088 When to go conqueror or electrocute

Both keystones feel awesome on akali, amd both trees offer really good runes for akali. Im just not sure when to take either, I only play akali midlane with standard ap rocketbelt build (riftmakedemonic rarely), but I’m not sure which rune is better for her and when to take either. Electrocute feels so nice for skirmishes and teamfights for deleting one person but so does conqueror and that ramping ap really helps when i have to take it slow or when a tankier champ is fed.
Is there a situation where i should take one over the other or should i just stick with the same rune always bc im not high elo enough where that small difference means much.
My secondary is always resolve into ranged/poke
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2023.05.16 22:38 Rodl0es Fellow assassin's

Hey my fellow assassin's, Im looking for akali builds, it's either elect or cong. But what about items, I see hextec and rift maker but why is night harvester not viable,
I would go night harvester or hextec, shadow, deathcap, void staff, sorcerer, and last would be demonic or lichbane but I would love some tips. I'm still improving my akali ☺️
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2023.05.16 10:01 Justalostdudeasking What was it like, playing with Gunblade? Was it stronger than Protobelt? Did it feel better?

Honestly curious, as someone who LITERALLY started to play the week the new Items were added, i never got the chance to try it.
For me league has always been with Mythic Items and Akali AP build = Protobelt
Kinda feel like i missed out ngl
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