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In Honor of my first ever fallout game play through.

2023.06.10 00:08 faydratadriel In Honor of my first ever fallout game play through.

So with New Vegas being my first ever time playing a fallout game instead of just watching people play it, I would like to share just some of the silly reasons I reloading from a new start:
Fun fact, when I reloaded the save and continued upstairs with the Deputy, I got lost from him and he got in a gun fight and murked. So ya know
I've been having a bunch of fun with the game and wanted to share some silly stuff with you all from a newbie
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2023.06.10 00:08 Delicious-Ad-8216 Car Damage due to laying debris on highway 427

Long story short I was travelling on highway 427 today between the exit of Rathburn and the ending of the highway and as I was travelling a “the beer store” truck attempted to illegally turn into my lane when I had the right of way, as I attempted to avoid a collision I veered away from the truck and as this was happening my car went over debris (possibly construction) that was already laying on the road. I was going about 100-105km/hr and with cars behind me I didn’t get the opportunity to stop, the truck also sped away and exited the highway and I was not able to get their license plate. Upon exiting the highway and reaching my home I stopped to assess my car, it suffered a scuff mark near the very bottom of my bumper and my wheel well trim and cover that separates the engine and the wheel well had come right off and seemed to have been flung away by other drivers who where behind me, after sinking this whole thing in I called my parents and explained everything that happened after about 20-30 mins on the phone I went back on the highway to investigate the debris and attempt to find my trim but was unable to find either, would MTO have cleared the debris? Are they usually that quick?
Later in the day I called the MTO and they advised me to fill out a claim instead of filing a claim with my insurance how should I go upon this would this MTO claim show up in my record and increase my insurance as I read online that such incidents are always considered “at-fault” no matter the reason so I don’t want this on my record as I have been a clean driver so far. In terms of repairs my local auto body mechanic quoted the damages at Atleast $1000 which is a little bit more then half of the deductible my insurance would be making me pay if I claimed this incidence however I don’t want that at fault claim in my record for 6 or so years. In terms of the MTO claim Should I get my car repaired and then send them the invoice in the claim? Or should I send it in today and send the invoice in separately I have ten days but my auto body mechanic is backed up and might not be able to get it done by then.
Also in the description of this incident I don’t want to seem like I did this to myself when the sole reason of me veering away and not noticing the debris on the road was the “the beer store” truck so any way I could describe this incident in a way which wouldn’t make me a distracted driver?
I also explored into seeing if I can obtain footage from the overhead cameras however the MTO representative on the phone told me that it would fall under the freedom of information act and it could take months before I actually get anything.
Any help regarding this would be greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.10 00:05 ShirtExisting6665 I need your help about this

I never really post on Reddit but here it goes, currently I am sitting at a three day streak but I had a personal best of 70 days going from March 19th to May 29th. So the problem is that back in the beginning of this year in January I was doing something in which I shouldn't be engaging in lol which I am sure you know it as fapping. And so the problem is that my bathroom is connected to my older brother, similar to a Jack and Jill kind of bathroom and I am sure he saw me. Since that day on he hasn't been the same with me in terms of our relationship and he does weird subliminal ass shit like shaking himself near me and this is targeted towards me and makes me feel uncomfortable. He never came to me about the problem, he just stresses himself over this shit and then acts weird specifically around me. I am getting fed up of this crap and I know this shouldn't be an excuse to masturbate but when I see him doing this weird shit it stresses me out and in the past I would fap to relive myself from the stress. Also today we got into a fight and I am not sure but I think he might have said "keep fapping," it's this type of shit that might trigger my urges, I know this shouldn't motivate my actions of fapping. I am really starting to hate this guy even more and plus he isn't even supportive. I really need your help guys on getting an even longer streak and how do I make myself confident in these sort of situations. And if he is somehow reading this then this is what I have to say to him 🖕
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2023.06.10 00:04 Ok-Yesterday-416 Reapplying to move deaneries

I accepted a specialty training number in my second choice of deanery - a bit far from home - hopeful that I could suck it up and commute. After 1 year I find that it is just too hard. A few more years to CCT and partner is not willing to move.
I could try IDT application under category 5 (don’t think 4 since no “change” in circumstance) but I’m hearing it’s near-impossible and waiting lists forever.
Does anyone have experience with re-interviewing to try getting a different deanery? How does it work? And if I fail, will my current TPD hate me forever?
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2023.06.10 00:04 Phloofy_as_phuck Mom is going into surgery next week, I can't be around her.

My mom is going into surgery to remove a breast due to cancer next week. She's never taken care of herself, her affaires, her finances, or her health (physical and mental) on her own. Since my dad died over a decade ago, my mom (they were codependent) fell apart and parentified me even worse than when I was a kid (i used to defend my mom from my drunk dad when i was like, 3.) She won't do basic adult things like get house insurance. She willows in her misery and says I'm "the strong one" 🤮
I've never been seen or truly loved by my mom. I thought I was weird my whole life. Turns out, I was just emotionally neglected. I'm recognizing that through therapy and have had some major breakthroughs.
Since her cancer diagnosis I can't bear to be near her. Her lack of emotional regulation, inability to consider others, and negative mindset make me want to run away when I should be supporting her during this time. She just falls apart. I'm sick of mothering my mother and begging her to go to therapy. I can't help but feel that she's making herself sicker with her bullshit ("therapy doesn't change the fact i have cancer" she said to me recently).
I wish I had someone to comfort me during this time but I'm all alone in this.
Every day since the diagnosis I've been in mental anguish. Not just because she's sick, but because it's just another thing that she's going to wallow in and act like a shell of a person. I put distance between us prior to the diagnosis, but now I'm being reeled back in. Fuck I wish I had a mom that could be a parent and not whatever this is.
Thanks for reading, needed to just get it off my chest.
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2023.06.10 00:03 More-Low-7007 Celebrity crushes?

So I was thinking lately. I (30F) found out only several months ago about demisexuality, and it clicked with me immediately on many levels. Many descriptions that I read at the start of my demisexual journey included the point that demisexuals don't have celebrity crushes. Like it makes sense to me, because in my opinion you can't have feelings for a person you basically don't know. But lately, I started to question myself, and I would be glad to know opinions and experiences of others.
So, I was in a long-term relationships, but they ended on a reeeeally bad note. And we broke up. I had a really tough year after this and still trying to recover, because I had a really deep emotional connection with that person that was mercilessly shattered in pieces. And it's still hard for me to think of my life without them. But it's a lot better now, and I started to see that I care less about that person the more days pass. I also understood that I have a need of such a connection, and it's difficult for me to not having one. I tried dating apps, but it was not interesting for me and I couldn't understand how it's possible to like a person and date them when you just see a photo of them without knowing who they are. And especially build relationships with them, like whaaaat? :) Like I don't know you, and it's unlikely that I will know you in even several months or so. Eventually, I decided to just look for new friends on dating apps rather than looking for dating. But I feel that there is still this need in me, this desire for a very deep emotional connection with a person. And I just can't get rid of it. And this is when the problem starts.
I'm not properly diagnosed, but I think that I might have OCD and anxiety. There are too many disturbing and unpleasant situations that might have be my symptoms of these disorders. But it's not the point. I really love songs in which a person shows their deep emotions and their feelings through the music. So, the point is that I have several musicians that I really love to listen to that talk about depression, anxiety, OCD, mental health in general, and other psycological problems in their lives that I see similar to mine. Of course, I understand that they are not the same and that everyone has their own demons to fight with. But... they sing about important things, they touch what bothers me as well. And I feel so sorry for them and for all the people who struggle with these or other difficulties in their lives. I feell sorry for myself and feel this mutual understanding of the struggles we have. And the more songs of these musicians I listen to, the more I want to know them as a person. Like I understand that both of them can be completely different people, of course, they are celebrities, they show what the fans want to see. But considering how serious they talk about their issues and how many personal stories they tell seems very sincere to me.
So, here is my issue. Lately, I began to notice that I started to feel something more than just respect or empathy towards one of those musicians. I can't call it love and I don't want any sexual interaction with a person, when I'm trying to imagine if they were near me for example. Maybe just hugs and that's all. To hug it all out, you know. To share all those struggles we all have. But I am proud of their achivements, their success, I wish all the best to them in their life. And, I think that the feelings I have towards this person are transforming into something else. And, frankly speaking, I'm a little bit afraid and confused. Is it just the emotional connection that I built in my head and that wants to have a way out on someone growing more and more or is it something else? Like is it even common for demisexuals? It's not a situation with a friend or any other person one may know and be close with. It's a celebrity we are talking about.... What do you think? Have anyone maybe experienced anything similar? It all may sound strange, but I would really appreciate to hear if anyone felt something similar.
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2023.06.10 00:01 bruhidek_ I'm gonna graduate in a few days but can I still use the counseling services?

I don't have the funds to pay for a therapist myself that lives near me and I remembered that western offers counseling for 6 sessions or smthn. But the issue is that I'm technically not a student anymore bc I'm graduating on tuesday. Could I still use the counseling service? has anyone experienced this?
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2023.06.10 00:00 ChronoisCross1999 Ideas for New Evolutions for Old Pokemon for Gen 10 Australia Based Region Part 1: Kanto Pokemon

So I've had some ideas for evolutions that could be given to old Pokemon from Gens 1-7 for an Australian based region ever since shortly after Gen 8 released, but never really posted them online because I wasn't sure what the rules for posting fanmade Pokemon ideas with their abilities, stats and inspirations were, but with the moderate success of my posts for my ideas for starters and story path ideas on this sub, I've decided to go ahead and post my ideas for 29 new additions to previous Pokemon lines that aren't regional or paradox forms, but are actual additions to the evolution line like Annihilape, Farigiraf, etc. from Gen 9.
What I'll be doing in this series of posts is gradually going through the first seven generations of Pokemon and choosing which Pokemon would be best suited to gain an evolution based on the wildlife and ecological conditions in Australia, as well as a few that I just think deserve to be buffed due to them being kind of underwhelming despite having a lot of potential.
I'll be listing what their classification in the Pokedex would be, how they factor into the previous evolution line, their abilities, their fully evolved stats (as well as how much that stat increased or decreased from its previous stage in parentheses beside it), and any other relevant notes explaining the evolution and what new role they could factor into. Also keep in mind that the Base Stat Total for these Pokemon will for the most part stay between the 500-530 range because of the Astral Ascension mechanic of the region allowing the temporary use of a Pokemon's second ability in battle, but there will be exceptions if the evolution is a gender counterpart evolution of an existing Pokemon or if I feel their stats should be slightly highelower than that range depending on what would fit their existing design.
Before getting into the evolution descriptions, if you haven't seen my other posts on an Australian based region detailing my ideas for starters and the possible story paths that could be included, they can be found by following the links below. Without further ado, let's get into the new evolutions!
Gen 10 Starter Ideas:
Gen 10 Story Path Ideas:
Ampereow (Fearow Evolution)
Classification: Thunder Bird Pokemon
Evolution Line: Spearow (Normal/Flying)- Fearow (Normal/Flying) (Evolve at Level 20)- Ampereow (Electric/Flying) (Evolve Fearow with Electric Astral Type at Lightning Ridge)
Abilities: Volt Absorb/Sniper
Fully-Evolved Stats:
HP: 85 (+20)
Attack: 110 (+20)
Defense: 75 (+10)
Sp. Attack: 50 (-11)
Sp. Defense: 75 (+14)
Speed: 120 (+20)
Fully-Evolved Base Stat Total: 515
Other Notes: This might be the most out of left field evolution out of all the 29 Pokemon that I've chosen to give evolutions, but it goes to show how much of an impact the Dream World in the Auborn region can have on non-native Pokemon. It is thought that Ampereow first came into existence when a flock of Fearow flew south from Kanto for the winter, eventually landing in the Lightning Ridge mountain region (based on Thunder Ridge, an actual mountain in Australia). Upon landing there, they realized that they couldn't resist the strong lightning energy present in the area, but some of the Fearow felt an innate connection with the electricity present, and when they came into contact with some dream energy, they felt a strong desire to gain the electric type so they could be more like the legendary Pokemon Zapdos back home, which caused them to evolve into Ampereow. This population would remain in the Auborn region, while the other Fearow who didn't have the Electric Astral type went back to Kanto for the summer.
Getting to the battle side of things, I felt like Fearow deserved to get more attack and speed to become a more effective sweeper to help it gain some relevance again after Pidgeot got its own mega evolution back in Gen 6, while Fearow got nothing, and it has since been outclassed by some of the other regional birds as well, which made me think it deserved to get a third stage in its line. Upon Evolution, Ampereow will learn the signature move Thunder Flap, which is a physical Electric type move with 80 base power that deals either electric or flying type damage depending on what is most effective on the opponent. This move will not ignore the Ground-type immunity of electric type moves, however.
Nogard (Arbok Evolution)
Classification: Dragon Serpent Pokemon
Evolution Line: Ekans (Poison)- Arbok (Poison) (Evolve at Level 22)- Nogard (Poison/Dragon) (Level Up + Hold Dragon Scale)
Abilities: Intimidate/Shed Skin/Unnerve
Fully-Evolved Stats:
HP: 80 (+20)
Attack: 115 (+20)
Defense: 85 (+16)
Sp. Attack: 50 (-15)
Sp. Defense: 85 (+6)
Speed: 100 (+20)
Fully-Evolved Base Stat Total: 515
Other Notes: This is the only idea that isn't my own, since I've seen the concept of having a Dragon/Poison type evolution for Arbok before called Nogard, which is dragon spelled backwards, but it just worked too well for an Australian based region like Auborn, so I decided to include it anyway. The stat spread and decision to keep all the abilities the same were all my own, though. With Nogard, I felt like Arbok really only needed a slight buff to its stats across the board to become more viable, along with it gaining the dragon secondary type for added offensive capabilities, which has only been used before for Dragalge and Naganedel.
Paraspect (Parasect Evolution)
Classification: Mush Reaper Pokemon
Evolution Line: Paras (Bug/Grass)- Parasect (Bug/Grass) (Evolve at Level 24)- Paraspect (Bug/Ghost) (Learn Spore Scythe + Level Up)
Abilities: Effect Spore/Dry Skin/Cursed Body
Fully-Evolved Stats:
HP: 80 (+20)
Attack: 115 (+20)
Defense: 90 (+10)
Sp. Attack: 80 (+20)
Sp. Defense: 90 (+10)
Speed: 60 (+30)
Fully-Evolved Base Stat Total: 515
Other Notes: Parasect might be one of the worst Pokemon that were introduced in Generation 1. It had three 4x weaknesses to Fire, Flying, and Poison (Bug was weak to Poison in Gen 1) and although one of its quad weaknesses was reduced to a double weakness, it really hasn't gotten that much better, especially when compared to the glow-up that regional bugs got in Gen 5 and 7. With this project, I wanted to add in a few Dual type combinations that haven't been used yet as well as ones that have only been used once previously, which is what I did here with Paraspect, since only Shedinja has the Bug/Ghost typing as of Gen 9, and it's a gimmick Pokemon. Parasect will learn Spore Scythe at Level 36, which is a signature move that has 60 base power and is a Grass type attack that has a 10% chance of putting the opponent to sleep. Paraspect has a similar backstory for its evolution to Annihilape, where upon learning Spore Scythe it realized how much the spore on its back was taking advantage of it, so the spirit of Parasect decided to take back control of the husk it used to call its body, leading to it evolving into Paraspect.
Manatey (Dewgong Evolution)
Classification: Manatee Pokemon
Evolution Line: Seel (Water)- Dewgong (WateIce) (Level Up to Level 34)- Manatey (WateFairy) (Evolve Dewgong w/Fairy Astral Type)
Abilities: Thick Fat/Hydration/Water Absorb
Fully-Evolved Stats:
HP: 100 (+10)
Attack: 60 (-10)
Defense: 90 (+10)
Sp. Attack: 90 (+20)
Sp. Defense: 105 (+10)
Speed: 70 (+0)
Fully-Evolved Base Stat Total: 515
Other Notes: Dewgong is another one of those Gen 1 Pokemon that wasn't very memorable when it was first introduced due to being outclassed by nearly every other Water or Ice type in the game, and it hasn't really improved since then. Manatey improves on this by giving it a more memorable design, which I imagine would draw inspiration from mermaids like Primarina's design to reference the fact that manatees were commonly mistaken for mermaids in the past. It also gains two immunities to Water and Dragon thanks to both its ability and its new fairy typing, which replaced its Ice type for better defensive utility. With its new typing, it'll take 1.0 damage from Ice type attacks because of Thick Fat, but now Fire-type attacks also only deal 1.0 damage rather than the 2.0 it used to because of its secondary Ice typing, which also helps to make it a bit tankier overall.
Insomneous (Hypno Evolution)
Classification: Nightmare Tapir Pokemon
Evolution Line: Drowzee (Psychic)- Hypno (Psychic) (Evolve at Level 26)- Insomneous (Psychic/Dark) (Learn Nightmare + Level Up)
Abilities: Insomnia/InfiltratoInner Focus
Fully-Evolved Stats:
HP: 105 (+20)
Attack: 60 (-13)
Defense: 100 (+30)
Sp. Attack: 93 (+20)
Sp. Defense: 125 (+10)
Speed: 47 (-20)
Fully-Evolved Base Stat Total: 530
Other Notes: Hypno always felt like it got the short end of the stick, even when it was first introduced in Generation 1. It could be caught later than Abra, which outclassed it due to it being faster, and it only got worse as the generations went on, with it losing its base 115 special in favour of 115 special defense, and with the Psychic type in general becoming less relevant as the generations went on. With this evolution, I wanted to focus on making it more of a tank to differentiate it from other heavy hitting Psychic types, and its Forewarn ability was replaced with Infiltrator because it's infiltrating the dreams of its opponents. Its design expands on the yo-yo it held while it was a Hypno by drawing inspirations from both ventriloquists and clowns, which are common fears that people tend to have.
Kangaskid (Kangaskhan Pre-Evolution)
Classification: Baby Kanga Pokemon
Evolution Line: Kangaskid (Normal) (Breed Kangaskhan and Kangasking)- Kangaskhan (Normal) (Max Friendship w/ Female Kangaskid) OR Kangasking (Normal/Ground) (Max Friendship w/ Male Kangaskid)
Abilities: Early Bird/Scrappy/Inner Focus
1st Form Stats:
HP: 75
Attack: 65
Defense: 50
Sp. Attack: 30
Sp. Defense: 50
Speed: 60
1st Form Base Stat Total: 330
Other Notes: Kangaskhan has always felt like it needed a pre-evolution, since it's baby is quite literally already in its pouch when it hatches from an egg, and the mega-evolution it received in Gen 6 didn't help matters at all. To justify giving it a baby form, I also gave it a split Male/Female Evolution.
Kangasking (Kangaskid Male Evolution)
Classification: Parent Pokemon
Evolution Line: Kangaskid (Normal) (Breed Kangaskhan and Kangasking)- Kangaskhan (Normal) (Max Friendship w/ Female Kangaskid) OR Kangasking (Normal/Ground) (Max Friendship w/ Male Kangaskid)
Abilities: Moxie/Scrappy/Inner Focus
Fully-Evolved Stats:
HP: 90
Attack: 105
Defense: 80
Sp. Attack: 40
Sp. Defense: 80
Speed: 95
Fully Evolved Base Stat Total: 490
Other Notes: The male counterpart to Kangaskhan is more attack focused and is slightly faster than it, while also gaining the ground-type for STAB ground coverage, with the added bonus of having Moxie to increase its sweeping potential over Kangaskhan. Aside from that, it has the same base stat total as Kangaskhan.
Calfierce (Tauros & Miltank Pre-Evolution)
Classification: Fierce Calf Pokemon
Evolution Line: Calfierce (Normal) (Breed Tauros & Miltank)- Tauros (Normal) (Learn Wild Charge + Level Up Male Calfierce) OR Miltank (Normal) (Learn Rollout + Level Up Female Calfierce)
Abilities: Intimidate/Scrappy/Sap Sipper
1st Form Stats:
HP: 50
Attack: 65
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 30
Sp. Defense: 45
Speed: 75
1st Form Base Stat Total: 330
Other Notes: Tauros & Miltank have always felt like they should be related in some form, since they have the same base stat total and are generally found in similar locations in the games, and are usually even side by side in the regional Pokedex of games that they both appear in, but no connection has ever been canonically established between the two. Adding in Calfierce would allow trainers to gain access to the family earlier than they typically would while also not handing the player a single stage Pokemon with high stats that would steamroll the early game.
Mytheon (Eevee Dragon-Type Evolution)
Classification: Legend Pokemon
Evolution Line: Eevee (Normal)- Mytheon (Dragon) (Level Up + Hold Dragon Scale)
Abilities: Multiscale/Pure Power
Fully-Evolved Stats:
HP: 95
Attack: 60
Defense: 65
Sp. Attack: 130
Sp. Defense: 65
Speed: 110
Fully-Evolved Base Stat Total: 525 (585 when factoring in Pure Power)
Other Notes: The Dragon-type is the only one of the original special attacking types from the first three generations that doesn't have an Eeveelution, so I decided to rectify that with Mytheon. To commemorate the 10th Generation of Pokemon as well as having to wait nearly 30 years to get it, Mytheon technically has the highest base stat total out of all the Eeveelutions when factoring in Pure Power, which doubles Mytheon's Base attack from 60 to 120. It also has a gimmick with its abilities where you essentially have to decide whether you have double attack or double defense (at full HP only), giving it good synergy with the new Astral Ascension gameplay mechanic.
And there you have it. Part 2 of this series will focus on the evolutions for the Johto and Hoenn Pokemon, so look forward to seeing that in a week or two. I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on these evolutions in the comments!
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2023.06.10 00:00 silver_flash2077 Eventful Friday

I just have to ask, but how do you guys deal with damn near nothing going right for you shift after shift in your bars? I knew that today was going to be interesting when I had to clean vomit out of the urinal at 8:30 in the morning.
Then the bartenders want to try to order me around on my lunch break since they can't find their server, as if I take orders from them (I don't).
And finally, I get stuck in the service elevator for an hour and a half while I am trying to fetch trash cans from another part of the building. Had to call the nonemergency line for police to get out.
The silver lining in this is my manager let me go home early and I'm getting paid for the full shift. Also got a decent workout in at the gym.
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2023.06.10 00:00 Phanocrinus Male sexual assault survivor and I just got diagnosed with PTSD. Still don't feel like my case is bad enough.

I was recently diagnosed with PTSD stemming from a sexual assault that occurred last year. I have had nightmares, flashbacks, being overly cautious, etc.
I still don't feel like my case is nearly as bad as others, as my sexual assault only lasted about 15 seconds, and was from an intimate partner. I am also a man, and it was done to me by a woman. It was very painful and I still can feel the pain vividly in my mind. It was a horrible experience.
I feel like my body wasn't only raped, but so was my mind. It's a hellish existence I'm living. But I don't feel like my case is nearly as bad as some others I've heard. I never thought I would be sexually assaulted because I was never taught that this can happen to men, and I'm very ashamed for feeling the way I do. I feel like I'm being dramatic and blowing it out of proportion.
Does anyone feel the same way?
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2023.06.10 00:00 Desperate-Damage3599 What suits do you wanna see in Spider-Man 2?

What suits do you wanna see in Spider-Man 2?
Now, I've seen many posts talking about whether or not these suits are good or if these are all the suits we'll get (And yes, I've seen a couple that are like that).
But I'd like to know: What specific suits are you looking forward to see?
For me: I'd love for them to include all of the movie suits ranging from Sam Raimi Spider-man, The Amazing Spider-man suits (I WANT them to add the TASM 2 suit so badly), MCU Suits, and both Into and Across the Spider-Verse suits for Peter and Miles.
I'd also love for them to add a Spider-Cop suit as homepage for Peter annoying Yuri as Spider-Cop.
And as a final note, if it is ever possible, I'd love for Insomniac to add the feature to have the symbiote version of every suit rather than just the story suit. So that way it would give us the Spider-man 3 symbiote suit and unique versions of Symbiote Suits for both Andrew and Tom's suits.
Let me know what any of you think!
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2023.06.09 23:59 eachJan Breaking into non-profit

Hello all,
A few years ago, I quit my full time job and went back to school to finish my bachelor’s after working in retail/sales/sales management for over a decade. I went back because I wanted my work to matter, I wanted to help people, and I wanted to get paid to think deeply. I ended up finishing the degree and then continuing with an M.A. in sociology. During the program, I realized that more than anything, I want to work for a nonprofit.
I graduated last month, but I’ve been applying to jobs (full and part time) on and off since March and I cannot find anything. I had one interview, but they ended up going with someone more experienced in the field.
It’s been awhile since I’ve applied to full time jobs, I understand that networking is a huge part of it now, but my only social media is LinkedIn (and Reddit) and nearly all of my contacts are salespeople. I don’t know anyone in nonprofit and unfortunately, I don’t know as much about all of this as I’d like to (though I’m learning).
I know with my sales and management background and education that I would be well suited for the right position, but how do I break into this field?
I also live in a very conservative, isolated area in the U.S. (5+ hours from major cities) and, unfortunately, this can’t change anytime soon, so the position would have to be remote as I have yet to see anything local available.
Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.06.09 23:58 Front-Strike-8690 Human Nature 4[OC]

Zander Camlot, Selkath Empire Docean ———————————————————————————- I crawled out of my small nook in the wall, I slid the small piece of loose cobble back into place and moved out of the alleyway. I sighed as I looked up at the sky and saw it was a hazy day. The fires had been getting more intense as of late. They always burned hot and fast at this time of year, when every piece of plant is dry and dead; perfect fire tinder.
I cleared the alley and entered the main street. I took a moment to view my surroundings and saw the normal vendors to the left and right. I frowned when I saw a squad of troopers marching down the street. These weren’t your run of the mill city watchmen either, these were the King’s men at arms.
Why were soldiers here? They never come to Docean, much less the Outcity.
I almost forgot to step out of the way as they marched past. Armour clattering and swords bouncing on their belts, their spear tips glinted red in the light. I considered following them but decided against it, nothing good comes from robbing soldiers.
I walked down the main street strolling down and whistling my jaunty toon. I pulled out my slightly battered gentleman’s hat and set it on my head casually. This coupled with my freshly cleaned shirt would make a dashing appearance of a poor man but still of noble heritage. I snagged a nice crispy apple from a passing cart. I looked down at the moist skin of the apple before taking a bite. It was quite a good apple, buuuut not good enough. I threw the apple to the side as I walked up the road to the gate to Ivyheath. A guard stepped out of the hut and raised his hand. I sighed. If I wanted to break through I wouldn’t stop for your raised hand. But, all the same I didn’t want a confrontation, especially when the guard had a studded helmet and a heavy club at his waist.
“Stat your name and purpose,” he said sternly.
With a small flourish of my hat I replied, “Goodman, I am Sir Tomwell of House Weldrain.”He grunted and stepped out of the way, clearly intimidated by my confidence but wanting to save face. I chuckled sweeping past him and moving into the richest district of Docean city.
I yawned looking around, but I didn’t see anything if value which would be easy to take. So I moved down the street and entered one of the fancy inns lining the street. I stepped inside and saw nobody of interest, which was good because it meant no secret bodyguards or hidden tricks. I winced remembering the last time I’d been blindsided by a secret bodyguard who had been tagging me.
I sat down and waited to be seated. A waiter in a fine suit approached and beckoned me to follow him. He began moving towards the center of the room and I promptly ignored his gesturing and moved into a small dark alcove in the back of the inn. I took a cursory look around the room looking for anything of interest. My eyes locked onto a rather fancy looking golden bracelet on a nobleman’s wrist.
I slipped forward sidestepping the waiter. I moved myself to intercept him and ran into him directly, he fell over and I put a worried look on my face and reached down to help him.
As I brushed him off and helped lift him up apologizing profusely I slipped the clasp of the bracelet off. I slipped it into my pocket while he grumbled about fumble footing. With one last apology I left the inn and began walking back towards the Outcity.
However as I approached the gate I looked at concern at the 20 some heavily armored city watchmen standing guard. I turned around already thinking of my backup route out of the wall, then I collided with a wall and fell backwards.
I looked up and icy cold panic flooded my mind at the sight of the nobleman I had just robbed. He looked down at me, but not with the disgust I thought he would be but more with curiosity.
He looked at his bracelet which I had been trying to hide under my back but he simply shook his head and said, “Keep it I can get more.”
I looked at him confused before saying, “What do you want with me?”
He raised his bushy eyebrow and said, “A blunt one I see.”
I mumbled under my breathe about his bluntness but paused when he said, “But, you’re a very good thief, yes?”
I nodded and said, “Yessir I’m the best you’ll find in all of Docean.”
He nodded looking me up and down, I felt uneasy at the cunning glint in his predatory eyes.
He looked up and said, “The citadel 12 o clock sharp tomorrow, now I’d get moving before those guards get here.”
I stood up and moved towards my secondary escape route and with one last glance at the nobleman I turned and fled. I slipped down the alley and reached a dark, wet spot of the wall, ignoring the beggars hiding in these dark spots and going crawling through the broken sewer drain.
Later that day when I slipped back into my alcove I thought back on the day and decided that maybe I would go to the citadel, just for a peek of course.
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2023.06.09 23:56 LoyddSteroid Bloodhunt Launch!

Bloodhunt Launches with 3 Hunters, 6 Hunted, 4 maps and more.


The Scarecrow
Difficulty: Moderate
Movement Speed: 4.6 Meters Per Second
Heartbeat: 24 Meters
Height: Moderate
Power: Lantern of Fear
Perks: Fear of Reality, Kill Streak and Skewered
Starter Add-ons: The Face of Fear Mask and Broken Light Bulb
Prestige 1: Kill 5 Hunted with a +25% Fear Bar
Prestige 2: Kill 10 Hunted with a +50% Fear Bar
Prestige 3: Kill 15 Hunted with a +75% Fear Bar
Full Prestige: Win 10 Matches where every Hunted is killed with a Full Fear Bar
Add-on Count: 14

Lantern of Fear
The Lantern of Fear can be used on any survivor. While using the Lantern of Fear you are slowed down to 4.3 Meters Per Second. The Hunted can be put into 4 tiers of Fear. Upon reaching a new Tier The Hunted are immune to gaining more fear for 10 seconds.
Hunted Tier 1: The World becomes Orange, making everything much hard to see
Hunted Tier 2: Hallucinations randomly appear walking. From this point onwards the Hunted slowly gain more fear whenever they aren't near any other survivor
Hunted Tier 3: A distant Heartbeat is heard
Hunted Tier 4: Every Time The Hunted see each other they will scream. A Constant Heartbeat is heard.
Interacting with a Hunted survivor who is in a lower tier of fear than you makes you slowly lose fear. The Current Fear state of any of the Hunted is not revealed to the Hunter


Fear of Reality:
The Hunter's deep connection to the ethereal realm grants him unparalleled efficiency in wielding his powers.
Increases the efficiency of all powers by 5/10/20%.
"Fear not the darkness, for it is your own sanity that shall crumble before him." - Jonathan Blackwood, before succumbing to the madness of the fog

As the Hunter weaves their way through the fog, their malevolent presence disturbs the very essence of his surroundings.
This perk activates after injuring a Hunted Survivor while in chase. All of the Hunted within 4/8/16/32 meters of The Hunted Survivor in chase is revealed. This perk has a 60/30/15 second cooldown
"As the tally of his victims rises, so too does his insatiable hunger, an eternal hunger that feeds on your very essence." -Cirrus

The Hunter's arsenal of terror expands with each fateful encounter.
Gain a stack every time you injure a Hunted Survivor, up to a maximum of 5 stacks. Each stack increases your lunge by 0.25/0.5/1 meters.
"In the clutches of the Scarecrow's grasp, time unravels, and reality warps into a twisted nightmare." -Cirrus


The Face of Fear Mask:
Starter Add-on for the Scarecrow
The Face of Fear Mask, a haunting artifact in the possession of the Scarecrow, serves as a conduit for the embodiment of pure terror.
Upon a Hunted Survivor reaching tier 4 they become exposed for 20 seconds
Exposure makes any Hunted take 2 health states when hit

Broken Light Bulb:
Starter Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Broken Light Bulb serves as a chilling reminder that no sanctuary can be found within the fog's enigmatic embrace.
Upon a Hunted Survivor reaching tier 4 they cannot use their item until they leave Tier 4
"The flickering light fades, shrouding you in darkness."

Crow Reaper:
Common Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Crow Reaper, a foreboding implement affixed to the Scarecrow's lantern, beckons the dark forces of the avian realm.
Increases range of Lantern of Fear by 15 meters (25 meters)
"In the wake of my haunting presence, the crows gather, harbingers of your imminent demise" -The Scarecrow

Crow Caller:
Common Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Crow Caller, a macabre attachment affixed to the Scarecrow's person, summons an unsettling entourage of spectral crows.
Whenever a Hunted Survivor enters tier 4 they gain a crow that screeches whenever they are within the Scarecrow's Heartbeat
"Beware the call of the crows, for they herald my approach" -The Scarecrow

Lit Candle:
Common Add-on for The Scarecrow
Increases movement speed when using the Lantern of Fear by 0.3 meters per second. Decreases movement speed when not using The Lantern of Fear by 0.3 meters per second. Increases all Fog Stones at the end of the round by 100%

Crow Invader:
Uncommon Add-on for The Scarecrow
A macabre charm fashioned from the feathers of dark, otherworldly crows, the Crow Invader radiates an eerie energy that resonates with The Scarecrow's presence.
Upon a survivor leaving any fear state they become exposed for 20 seconds
"Expose the trembling prey as they flee, and watch their hope wither in the mists." -The Fog, telling The Scarecrow his purpose

Crow Killer:
Uncommon Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Crow Killer, a wicked contrivance of The Scarecrow's malevolence, embodies his desire to ensnare the Hunted Survivors within a web of terror
Reveals the aura of any Hunted Survivor in Tier 1 or higher whenever they complete a skillcheck for 3 seconds
"Every act of defiance shall be met with revelation. The crows bear witness to your torment, and their caws shall herald your impending doom." -The Fog

Crow Feather:
Uncommon Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Crow Feather, a sinister artifact tied to the dark powers of The Scarecrow, shrouds him in a veil of stealth and deception.
Whenever a Hunted survivor enters tier 4 you become undetectable for 25 seconds
Undetectable removes the Hunter's heartbeat
"Silent as the wind's whisper, I tread upon your trembling dreams." -The Scarecrow

Crow Meat:
Rare Add-on for The Scarecrow
Whenever a survivor enters a new fear state they gain the Blindness effect for 30 seconds
Blindness makes any aura not appear
"Feast upon the crow's cursed flesh and feel the world fade to darkness. In fear's embrace, your eyes shall betray you, lost amidst the shadows of your own despair."

Crow Beak:
Rare add-on for The Scarecrow
Reveals the aura of all survivors within the range of Lantern of Fear
"Beneath the Scarecrow's gaze, no secret shall hide."

Moldy Crow:
Very Rare Add-on for The Scarecrow
The Moldy Crow, a decaying relic steeped in The Scarecrow's dark powers, inflicts a sinister influence upon the Hunted Survivors.
Any Hunted Survivor within tier 4 becomes oblivious

Crow Bone:
Very Rare Add-on for The Scarecrow
Once emerging from the Fog all Hunted Survivors start to gain fear up to tier 1.
"From the first step, your souls shall be tainted with fear, forever haunted by the specter of your impending demise." -The Scarecrow

Iridescent Crow:
Iridescent Add-on for The Scarecrow
A cruel "present" from the Fog itself, serves as a mocking reminder to The Scarecrow of his past life and his eternal entrapment within its grasp.
Reveals the aura of any Hunted survivor whenever they enter a new fear state for 5 seconds
"Behold this Crow, a twisted jest from the Fog's cruel heart. It is formed from the very roots of the Fog, and shows that you are still a man compared to the Fog" -Cirrus

Crow Wing:
Golden Add-on for The Scarecrow
Injuring a survivor who is in tier 3 or higher makes them broken until they are in tier 2
Broken means that survivor cannot heal

In the late 19th century, during the unsettling era of the Industrial Revolution, a small farming community nestled deep within the heartland of a forgotten country thrived under the care of a diligent and compassionate farmer named Jonathan Blackwood. As the crops flourished, so did the hopes and dreams of the townsfolk who relied on the bountiful harvest to sustain their humble lives.
Jonathan possessed an uncanny talent for tending to the land, seemingly blessed by nature itself. With his expertise, the fields yielded more than ever before, and the villagers marveled at the abundance of food that spilled forth from the earth. The sight of the flourishing crops enchanted the townsfolk, and their admiration for Jonathan soon transformed into something akin to worship.
However, as the seasons passed, the prosperity that once enveloped the farming community began to wane. The crops withered, livestock perished, and a sense of despair hung heavily in the air. Blighted by a mysterious blight that defied explanation, the town faced an imminent threat of famine.
Desperate to save his beloved community, Jonathan turned to the forbidden arts of the occult. Rumors whispered of his nocturnal excursions to ancient burial grounds, where he sought guidance from the spirits of the departed. Driven by his love for the people who depended on him, Jonathan was willing to do whatever it took to restore the land's fertility and safeguard their futures.
It was during one fateful moonlit night that Jonathan stumbled upon a hidden chamber within an ancient burial mound. Within its depths lay an ornate lantern, its ethereal glow pulsating with a sinister energy. Overwhelmed by a mixture of awe and trepidation, Jonathan cautiously reached out and touched the lantern, and as his fingers brushed against its surface, an unholy pact was forged.
The spirit that inhabited the lantern, a malevolent entity known as Mirage, sought vengeance for its own tragic demise centuries earlier. Empowered by the farmer's desperation, it offered Jonathan a twisted bargain. In exchange for the spirit's guidance and the restoration of the land, Jonathan would become the vessel through which the spirit would unleash its wrath upon the world.
Blinded by his desire to save his community, Jonathan accepted the wicked pact. In that moment, Mirage's essence seeped into his very being, transforming him into a grotesque amalgamation of man and spirit. The once kind-hearted farmer was reborn as The Scarecrow, a twisted figure shrouded in tattered garments and adorned with straw-stuffed limbs, his hollow eyes burning with otherworldly fury.
With the newfound powers granted by Mirage, The Scarecrow returned to his dying community. As he roamed the moonlit fields, the eerie glow of the lantern he now wielded cast long, haunting shadows across the barren landscape. The presence of The Scarecrow alone brought terror to the hearts of the townsfolk, as they realized that their beloved farmer had been irrevocably changed by dark forces.
No longer bound by the limitations of mortal flesh, The Scarecrow's malevolence manifested through the powers of the lantern. As he stalked his prey, the lantern's glow intensified, and an oppressive mist engulfed the surroundings. Within this ethereal fog, the Hunted found their senses dulled, their movements slowed, and their chances of survival diminished.
The Scarecrow reveled in the torment of his victims, deriving sadistic pleasure from their despair. The once benevolent farmer had become an embodiment of fear, a being who lurked within the mist, harvesting the souls of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. The townsfolk's worship had been replaced by fear.

The Banshee
Difficulty: Hard
Movement Speed: 4 Meters per Second
Heartbeat: 32 meters
Height: Small
Power: Banshee Lunge
Perks: Banshee Scream, Lust for Blood and Death Immunity
Starter Add-ons: Crystal Ball and Timid Death Poster
Prestige 1: Kill 1 survivor with Banshee Lunge
Prestige 2: Kill 2 survivors with Banshee Lunge
Prestige 3: Kill 3 survivors with Banshee Lunge
Full Prestige: Win 15 Matches where the final kill was using the Banshee lunge
Add-on Count: 12

Banshee Lunge
Banshee Lunge can be charged.
Base Range: 15 meters
Charged Range: 30 meters
Hitting a survivor with Banshee Lunge will injure them for 1 health state. Banshee Lunge counts as a Special Attack. Hitting a deep wounded survivor with Banshee Lunge instantly kills them.


Banshee Scream:
The Hunter's presence strikes fear into the hearts of the prey, invoking a visceral response with their deadly strikes. Upon ending the life of a survivor, the echoes of their dying breath send ripples of terror through their injured comrades.
Upon killing a survivor all injured survivors scream and reveal their auras for 3/6/12 seconds
"In the wake of death, the Banshee's cry echoes, striking terror into the wounded souls. Their screams reveal their fate, a chilling reminder of the inevitable."

Lust for Blood:
The Hunter's unyielding thirst for retribution sharpens their senses, granting a keen awareness of the wounded.
Reveals the aura of any survivor being healed for 2/4/8 seconds. This perk's icon lights up while it is active
"The Banshee's hunger grows with every drop of blood spilled. Her eyes keenly watch the wounded, exposing their feeble attempts to mend their broken bodies."

Death Immunity:
The Hunter's relentless pursuit of vengeance grants a formidable resilience in the face of adversity.
Upon injuring that survivor that survivor also suffers from bleed. After being stunned by any means you gain a 50% breaking speed for 10/20/40 seconds. This perk has a cooldown of 80/40/20 seconds
"The Banshee cannot be deterred by mere resistance." -Cirrus


Crystal Ball:
Starter Add-on for The Banshee
The Crystal Ball, a mystic artifact in the Banshee's possession, grants her a glimpse into the fate of those she strikes with her Lunge
Reveals the aura of any survivor who vaults over a window for 3 seconds after injuring a survivor with Banshee Lunge
"The Crystal Ball gazes into the depths of their torment, revealing the futility of their attempts to flee"

Timid Death Poster:
Starter Add-on for The Banshee
Reveals the aura of all survivors for 4 seconds whenever you kill someone with Banshee Lunge
"In their fear, they are exposed, mere prey in the Banshee's unending hunt."

Screwdriver Head:
Common Add-on for The Banshee
A twisted modification to the Banshee's deadly instrument, imbues her with an eerie and unsettling power.
After deep wounding a survivor with Banshee Lunge you become Undetectable for 25 seconds
"The Banshee slips through the realm undetected, her wrath hidden until it is too late."

Training Sword:
Common Add-on for The Banshee
Reduces range of Banshee Lunge by 8 meters. Increases maximum Lunges by 1 (2 lunges). Increases turn rate by 25%
"Precision over distance, agility over reach." -Altan Khulan

Crossbow Bolt:
Uncommon Add-on for The Banshee
Increases range of Banshee Lunge by 12 meters. Decreases turn rate by 25%
"Yet with each strike, her steps become deliberate, her pursuit relentless, but measured." -Cirrus

Crossbow Stand:
Uncommon Add-on for The Banshee
Increases speed of Banshee Lunge by 50%. Decreases range by 10 meters

Father's Katana:
Rare Add-on for The Banshee
Father's Katana, a cherished relic passed down through generations
Increases lunge speed of by 25%. Increases range by 10 meters. Increases recharge time by 5 seconds
"With ancestral steel in hand, the Banshee dances upon the wind. Swifter, deadlier, her reach extends to embrace the wailing souls. Yet, with each swing, the past lingers, lingering in every step."

Father's Tools:
Rare Add-on for The Banshee
Decreases recharge time by 3 seconds. Decreases lunge speed by 20%

Old Crossbow:
Very Rare Add-on for The Banshee
A weathered relic from a forgotten era, holds a peculiar power that instills terror within the hearts of the Survivors.
All survivors within 16 meters of your lunge will scream

Charred Skin:
Very Rare Add-on for The Banshee
Gain the ability to break pallets and doors with Banshee Lunge. After breaking a pallet or door with Banshee Lunge you get 50% faster break speeds for 30 seconds

Iridescent Tuft of Hair:
Iridescent Add-on for The Banshee
This Tuft Hair is a peculiar adornment that appears to mock the Banshee's spectral nature. This whimsical accessory, shimmering with an iridescent glow, serves as a playful reminder that even in the realm of the Fog, levity can find its way amidst the darkness. It offers no tangible benefits, but its presence is a whimsical tribute to the ethereal entity that strikes fear into the hearts of Survivors.
After killing a survivor with Banshee Lunge all other survivors are revealed for 8 seconds
"With a mischievous glimmer, this Tuft Hair dances upon the Banshee's spectral visage. A playful nod to the absurdity of their existence, it brings levity to the shadows that consume the realm."

Bloody Kunai:
Golden Add-on for The Banshee
Increases range by 10 meters while in chase. Decreases range by 10 meters when not in chase

In the tumultuous era of the Mongolian War, amidst the chaos and bloodshed, there existed a woman named Altan Khulan. She was a humble civilian, a mere bystander caught in the crossfire of warring factions. The clash of swords and thunderous hooves reverberated through the land, leaving destruction in their wake. Altan's life was forever changed when she became an unwitting pawn, kidnapped by a ruthless faction as leverage in their political machinations.
Altan Khulan was torn from her family, her fate sealed as she became a captive in the midst of the war. The ruthless faction saw her as a means to exert control, a bargaining chip to manipulate their enemies. Her spirit shattered by the cruelty of her captors, Altan yearned for freedom and the reunion with her loved ones, but the fog of war veiled her hopes in darkness.
Days turned into nights, and nights into weeks, as Altan's captivity persisted. In the depths of her despair, she discovered a sliver of solace in the haunting whispers of the wind. In the darkest moments, a mysterious force resonated within her, resonating with her anguish and offering an opportunity for vengeance and release.
With each passing day, Altan's resolve hardened, transforming her from a vulnerable captive into a woman fueled by an unquenchable fury. In the depths of her despair, a dormant power awakened within her, granting her the mantle of the Banshee, a harbinger of woe and retribution.
Empowered by the spirit of vengeance, Altan embraced her newfound abilities and cast aside her former name. She became the Banshee, a spectral embodiment of her rage and sorrow. No longer bound by the mortal coil, she could traverse the ethereal plane and wield her spirit as a weapon, piercing the hearts of those who dared to stand in her way.
In a fateful turn of events, the Banshee found herself consumed by the fog. The Entity, an enigmatic force that presides over the realm of Bloodhunt, claimed her as one of its own. The fog embraced her, merging her essence with its own, forever entwining her destiny with the eternal hunt.
Now, the Banshee roams the fog-laden landscapes, a vengeful specter driven by her insatiable thirst for retribution. She emerges from the shadows, her chilling cry echoing through the realm, striking terror into the hearts of the Hunted Survivors. With each Banshee Lunge, she leaves a trail of devastation in her wake, a reminder of the horrors she endured and the price she paid to become one with the fog.
As the Banshee, Altan Khulan transcends her mortal origins and embodies the wrath and sorrow that have consumed her. She serves as a reminder that even the most vulnerable can rise to become an unstoppable force in the face of unspeakable atrocities. The Mongolian War may have stolen her name, but it also forged her into a fearsome entity, forever known as the Banshee, forever destined to haunt the Fog.

The Prowler
Difficulty: Hard
Movement Speed: 4.5 Meters per Second
Heartbeat: 24 meters
Height: Tall
Power: Hunting Season
Perks: The Prowl, Stay out and Proper Hunting
Starter Add-ons: Worn Machete and Worn Axe Head
Prestige 1: Kill 1 survivor who gets Trapped at least once
Prestige 2: Kill 1 survivor by an Arrow
Prestige 3: Kill 1 survivor by the saw
Full Prestige: Win 15 rounds where every survivor is trapped at least once

Hunting Season:
Upon Emerging through the fog boxes appear throughout the map. Inside the map The Prowler can choose between 3 different powers


The Prowl:
Any time you would normally down a survivor you now instantly kill them. This perk has a cooldown of 80/40/20 seconds
"With a silent and deadly presence, the Prowler's malevolence materializes in an instant. The Fog trembles as his prey falls lifeless, their existence snuffed out in a single decisive strike."

Stay Out:
Whenever you injure a survivor they also bleed. Whenever that survivor is healing their bleed they are revealed. Upon finishing the heal they are revealed for 2/4/8 seconds
"The Prowler's sadistic artistry leaves a mark that cannot be concealed."

Proper Hunting:
Any Hunters power now inflicts bleeding if the power can injure them. This bleed has a 60/30/15 second longer time to bleed out.
"The Prowler's art of hunting transcends the physical realm."


Worn Machete:
Starter Add-on for The Prowler
Reveals the aura of any survivor who steps into a trap, gets hit with an arrow and gets hit with the saw for 6 seconds
"Its edge, worn but sharp, brings forth the revelations of survival's fleeting moments."

Worn Axe Head:
Starter Add-on for The Prowler
Reveals the aura of any survivor who disarms a trap, dodges an arrow, or dodges the saw for 6 seconds
"The Worn Axe Head, a testament to the Prowler's relentless pursuit"

Charred Machete:
Common Add-on for The Prowler
Increases charge speed of The Bow and Arrow by 25%. Decreases charge speed of The Saw by 25%

Charred Axe Head:
Common Add-on for The Prowler
Increases charge speed of The Saw by 25%. Decreases charge speed of The Bow and Arrow by 25%
"The Charred Axe Head, a symbol of relentless torment, delivers the scorching kiss of everlasting agony. Its fiery embrace consumes hope, leaving only the ashes of despair." -Cirrus

Original Machete:
Uncommon Add-on for The Prowler
Start the Round with The Beartraps equipped. Increases setting speed by 25%
"Its blade carries the echoes of a thousand hunts, resolute in its duty to deliver the final blow."

Original Axe Head:
Uncommon Add-on for The Prowler
Start the round with The Saw equipped. Increases saw charge speed by 5%
"Through the ages, it remains an emblem of the Prowler's unquenchable resolve."

Original Bow and Arrow:
Uncommon Add-on for The Prowler
Start the round with The Bow and Arrow equipped. Increases Bow Charge speed by 20%

Golden Axe Head:
Rare Add-on for The Prowler
Increases charge speed of The Saw and The Bow and Arrow by 25%.

Prized Bow and Arrow:
Rare Add-on for The Prowler
Decreases maximum arrows required to kill by 1.

Sharpened Arrow:
Very Rare Add-on for The Prowler
The Sharpened Arrow, a haunting reminder of past encounters, is the very same arrow that pierced the flesh of Ethan during a fateful encounter.
Decreases maximum arrows required to kill by 1. Increases charge time by 1

Bloody Hockey Mask:
Very Rare Add-on for The Prowler
Its macabre visage, marked with the scars of their encounter, instills fear and despair in those who catch a glimpse of its chilling countenance.
Survivors no longer bleed when hit with the saw. Increases saw charge speed by 30%

Broken Book Bag:
Very Rare Add-on for The Prowler
Survivors who escape from the bear trap suffer from a broken bone.
Broken Bones make the survivor 1% slower, and make all healing progress lost after 20 seconds without healing

Iridescent Axe Head:
Iridescent Add-on for The Prowler
Glinting with a malicious radiance, this axe head seeks to taunt the hunter, dredging up memories of a life filled with hardship and isolation.
Progress between The Saw and Bow and Arrow carries over.

Chipped Machete:
Golden Add-on for The Prowler
The Following effects are applied to any survivor who steps into a trap:
And the Prowler becomes undetectable for 30 seconds
Broken Bones make the survivor 1% slower, and make all healing progress lost after 20 seconds without healing, Undetectable removes the Hunter's heartbeat, Exposure makes any Hunted take 2 health states when hit, Blindness makes any aura not appear

The Prowler, a relentless and sinister hunter in the fog, once roamed the mountain resort with malicious intent. This man, whose identity remains shrouded in darkness, made the resort his hunting ground, preying upon unsuspecting victims with his deadly arsenal of a bow and arrow, traps, and a saw. His twisted desires drove him to kidnap and torment those unfortunate enough to cross his path.
One fateful day, a group of young adults arrived at the mountain resort, seeking a memorable getaway. Little did they know, their presence would become a horrifying chapter in the Prowler's dark tale. Among them were Kris, Kayley, Olivia, Kyler, Jamison, Ethan, Emma, Kara, and Anthony, each unaware of the imminent danger that awaited them.
Tragedy struck swiftly and mercilessly. Kris, a young woman full of life, tragically lost her footing and met a grim fate as her neck snapped upon impact. Kayley, another unsuspecting victim, bled out, her life force draining away. Jamison, overcome by a series of treacherous traps, met a gruesome end as his head was ensnared within their clutches. Ethan, wounded by an arrow piercing his shoulder, faced a brutal demise with his neck swiftly snapped. Emma, consumed by the unforgiving snow, was buried and suffocated beneath its icy grasp. Kara, too, fell victim to the Prowler's relentless pursuit, succumbing to a blood-soaked demise.
Yet, amidst the horrors that unfolded, three survivors emerged—Olivia, Anthony, and Kyler. In their desperate bid for survival, they managed to wound the Prowler, albeit only slightly. But in a cruel twist of fate, Anthony suffered a grievous loss, his three fingers severed in the struggle against the sadistic hunter. As they reported their harrowing ordeal to the authorities, the police were led to the mountain resort, only to discover an eerie absence. The Prowler, consumed by the ominous fog that enshrouded the realm, had vanished without a trace.
Now forever lost within the fog, the Prowler roams the twisted realm of Bloodhunt, his insatiable hunger for victims driving him to relentlessly pursue those who dare to enter his domain. The echoes of his past atrocities continue to reverberate through the mountains, serving as a haunting reminder of the terror he once inflicted upon unsuspecting souls. Olivia, Anthony, and Kyler, forever marked by their encounters with the Prowler, find themselves forever changed by their near-death experience, haunted by the nightmares that unfolded on that fateful day.
As the survivors venture into the fog-ridden realm, they must face the eternal darkness that now encompasses the Prowler. The hunt has begun anew, and their only hope for escape lies in outsmarting and evading the remorseless predator that lurks within.

The Hunted:

John Carlson
Difficulty: Moderate
Item: Flashlight
Perks: Backstab, Quick and Easy and Tenacious Detective
Prestige 1: Backstab the Hunter once using the perk Backstab
Prestige 2: Successfully get out of Chase using the perk Quick and Easy
Prestige 3: Successfully evade chase using the perk Tenacious Detective
Full Prestige: Survive 10 rounds as John Carlson

The Flashlight allows you to see easily in dark areas where the generators aren't finished. (No the flashlight can't blind someone)


A Cunning detective knows that striking when least expected can be the key to survival
After recovering 100/50/25% while downed you get a hard skillcheck when the hunter picks you up. Successfully hitting this skillcheck drops you from the hunter's hands
"The Hunter becomes the Hunted. Just when they think they've got me, I strike back with a vengeance." -John Carlson

Quick and Easy:
This perk activates after vaulting while injured. Your grunts of pain are silenced and your blood pools are softened. This perk stays activated for 3/6/12 seconds
"In this deadly dance, every second counts. I glide through obstacles unseen, my steps a whisper in the night." -John Carlson

Tenacious Detective:
The Detective's investigative instincts persist even in the fog, granting him unparalleled awareness of his surroundings.
This perk activates after emerging through the fog. All Hunter Objects are revealed to you for 2/4/8 seconds. This perk also activates every time a generator is completed. The Killer is revealed for 2/4/8 seconds whenever a generator is completed.
"I see through their tricks, their devices. Every step we take, I unravel their dark design." -John Carlson


Old Battery:
Common Add-on for John Carlson
This worn-out battery holds sentimental value for John, as it harkens back to his early days as a detective.
Increases battery life by 1 second

Uncommon Add-on for John Carlson
Increases battery life by 2 seconds

Reinforced Battery:
Rare Add-on for John Carlson
It was a crucial tool that sustained him through long nights and perilous encounters, granting him the strength to persevere against all odds.
Increases battery life by 3 seconds
"I can withstand the storm." -John Carlson

Cracked Lenses:
Very Rare Add-on for John Carlson
These cracked lenses were once an essential part of John's detective gear, aiding him in observing details and spotting hidden clues. However, during a fateful encounter with one of his most elusive suspects, the lenses shattered, a physical representation of the shattered trust and fractured reality that followed.
Increases distance of the flashlight by 4 meters
"Stop Him!"

Iridescent Grip:
Iridescent Add-on for John Carlson
Crafted by the fog itself, it serves as a mocking symbol, highlighting the futility of trying to maintain control or unravel the mysteries that lie within. It is a stark reminder that within this twisted domain, the fog reigns supreme, and no investigation can prevail against its relentless grasp.
Allows you to blind the killer when aiming at their eyes. Blinding takes 5 seconds. Blinding lasts for 5 seconds. Decreases battery life by 1 seconds
"It Fucking Mocks me! The Fog Fucking Mocks Us! There is no escaping! There is no nothing!" -John Carlson

Scratched Battery:
Golden Add-on for John Carlson
A battery that never seems to die out when you need it to be alive.
Grants infinite life. The Flashlight will die whenever the last generator is completed.

In the shadows of the 1970s, when crime and corruption permeated the streets, John Carlson emerged as a seasoned detective with a reputation for his tenacity and resourcefulness. Born and raised in a city plagued by lawlessness, John had a front-row seat to the injustices that unfolded daily. Determined to restore order and bring criminals to justice, he dedicated himself to his work, earning the respect of both his colleagues and the community he served.
John possessed an uncanny ability to uncover the truth, seeing beyond the façade and deciphering the intricate web of lies spun by criminals. His sharp mind and keen instincts made him a formidable adversary to those who sought to evade justice. However, as John delved deeper into the dark underbelly of the city, he unwittingly stumbled upon a secret society that thrived in the shadows—a clandestine organization known as Fog Whisperers.
Fueled by greed and power, Fog Whisperers operated with impunity, pulling the strings behind the scenes, orchestrating crime waves and manipulating key figures within the city. They saw John as a threat, a disruptor who posed a risk to their carefully constructed empire. In a calculated move to eliminate him, they devised a sinister plan.
One fateful night, as John tirelessly pursued a high-profile case, he received an anonymous tip leading him to an abandoned warehouse on the outskirts of the city. Unbeknownst to him, the tip was a carefully orchestrated trap. As he ventured deeper into the derelict building, he found himself ambushed by a group of masked assailants, agents of the Fog.
A vicious struggle ensued, but John was outnumbered and overwhelmed. Despite his valiant efforts, he was overpowered, beaten within an inch of his life. The assailants, believing they had dealt the detective a fatal blow, left him for dead, disappearing into the night.
However, fate had other plans for John. As his lifeblood seeped from his battered body, he was enveloped by an otherworldly mist, a manifestation of the very darkness he had fought against. In his darkest hour, the fog claimed him, granting him an unexpected second chance at life—but forever tethered to the fog and its twisted realm.
Now one with the fog, John emerged as a hunted survivor, trapped within the nightmarish trials orchestrated by the Fog. His skills as a detective proved invaluable in his quest for survival, enabling him to outsmart and evade the relentless hunters that pursued him. Yet, the line between self-preservation and selflessness became blurred for John. His desire to survive often clashed with his moral compass, as he would not hesitate to use his companions as distractions, ensuring his own escape.
While seen by some as a helpful survivor, John's reputation was marred by his self-serving tendencies. With every trial, he walked a precarious tightrope, balancing survival and the instinct to alert the hunter for his own benefit. His conflicted nature, a blend of resourcefulness and self-interest, painted him as a complex figure among the survivors, one whose actions could be both admired and criticized.
As John ventured deeper into the trials, he was haunted by the shadows of his past, the echoes of the crime-ridden city he had once fought to protect. In the fog's merciless embrace, he sought redemption, an opportunity to atone for the compromises he had made. The path ahead was treacherous, but John Carlson, the detective of old, remained determined to survive, to unravel the mysteries of the fog, and perhaps, find a way to free himself from its unforgiving grasp.

Amy Light
Difficulty: Easy
Item: Medkit
Perks: Shattered Mirror, Fine Fettle and The Doctor in The Room
Prestige 1: Avoid the Hunter's hit by any means using Shattered Mirror
Prestige 2: Get Injured and heal yourself using the perk Fine Fettle
Prestige 3: Heal 2 other Hunted in 1 round using The Doctor in the Room
Full Prestige: Heal 20 other Hunted as Amy Light

Gain the ability to heal yourself, and you can now heal any other hunted 25% faster. The Medkit has a total of 5 heals before you run out of heals. This counts self heals.


Shattered Mirror:
Reveals the aura of the killer whenever they use their power for 1/2/4 seconds
"I turn their tactics against them." -Amy Light

Fine Fettle:
Increases the speed you are healed by 10/20/40%
"Years of medical training have bestowed upon me the gift of swift recovery." -Amy Light

The Doctor in the Room:
Increases the speed at which you can heal by 10/20/40%
"Within my presence, the wounded find respite. With deftness and care, I restore vigor to their weary bodies. As my hands move, auras reveal the path to healing, uniting us in our shared journey towards survival." -Amy Light


Plum Bandages:
Common Add-on for Amy Light
Increases the speed at which you can heal by 10%.

Adrenaline Vial:
Uncommon Add-on for Amy Light
After breaking from a heal the survivor getting healed gets a 5% boost for 10 seconds

Rare Add-on for Amy Light
Increases boost from hitting skillchecks by 15%

Doctor Gloves:
Very Rare Add-on for Amy Light
Increases boost from hitting skillchecks by 30%

Iridescent Vial:
Iridescent Add-on for Amy Light
Gain the ability to instantly heal a survivor at any time. Cannot be used on yourself

Doctor's Notes
Golden Add-on for Amy Light
No longer experience skillchecks while healing. The Medkit heals 50% faster than normal. 2 less heals.

Lore: Amy Light, a beacon of compassion and healing, was born into a world still reeling from the aftermath of World War II. In the wake of the devastating conflict, she emerged as a symbol of hope, dedicating her life to the noble pursuit of medicine. Amy possessed an unwavering commitment to her patients, driven by a deep sense of empathy that compelled her to alleviate suffering and restore lives shattered by the horrors of war. As a doctor, Amy witnessed firsthand the physical and emotional scars etched upon the survivors and soldiers who sought solace in her care. Her days were filled with tireless efforts to mend broken bodies and fragile spirits, tending to wounds that ran deeper than mere flesh. Despite the ravages of war, she remained steadfast in her belief that even amidst the darkest of times, a glimmer of light could be found. However, fate had a twisted plan in store for Amy. One fateful night, while attending to a patient haunted by the memories of battle, an unnatural occurrence unfolded within the walls of the hospital. The fabric of reality ripped apart, and the darkness of the Fog began to seep into her world. Chaos ensued as the hospital transformed into a nightmarish reflection of its former self, with the Fog's influence warping the very essence of its occupants. Amidst the chaos, Amy found herself trapped within the fog, torn away from the life she once knew. Stripped of her medical tools and stripped of her purpose, she was forced to navigate a realm where survival became paramount. Despite the fear and confusion that surrounded her, Amy's altruistic nature remained unyielding, and she became a guiding light for her fellow survivors. Within the trials, Amy became known for her selflessness and unwavering support for her companions. She would risk her own safety to tend to the wounded, offering solace and healing amidst the relentless pursuit of the Hunters. Her presence served as a source of comfort, as survivors found solace in her compassionate spirit, drawing strength from her unwavering commitment to their well-being. However, even the brightest lights can cast shadows, and Amy carried her own burden of survivor's guilt. Haunted by the faces of those she couldn't save, she yearned for redemption, seeking solace within the trials. Every survivor she aided, every life she mended, served as a testament to her unyielding resolve and her determination to rise above the darkness that threatened to consume them all. Though trapped within the fog, Amy remained a beacon of hope, reminding her fellow survivors that compassion and kindness could endure even in the most desolate of landscapes. In the face of unimaginable horrors, she stood as a testament to the resilience of the human spirit, a reminder that even within the darkest corners, the light of altruism could prevail.

Kris Hackley:
Difficulty: Hard
Item: Hockey Stick
Perks: Ice Skates, True Fighter and Team Captain
Prestige 1: Successfully escape chase using the perk Ice Skates
Prestige 2: Successfully escape the Hunter's grasp using the perk True Fighter
Prestige 3: Complete 1 generator and heal 1 survivor using the perk Team Captain
Full Prestige: Stun the Hunter 30 times as Kris Hackley

Hockey Stick:
While within 2 meters of the Hunter you can hit the Hunter with you hockey stick for a 2 second stun


Ice Skates:
After stunning the killer by any means gain the haste effect for 3 seconds. After this haste ends you gain the exhausted effect for 100/50/25 seconds. Haste doubles you speed. Exhausted makes you 5% slower and you cannot experience haste while it is active.
"With every daring move, I carve my path to freedom." -Kris Hackley

True Fighter:
Increases your wiggle speed by 5/10/20%. Increases your wiggle sway by 15/30/60%
"You may think you've caught me, but I refuse to be a captive in your twisted game " -Kris Hackley

Team Captain:
Kris's natural leadership qualities shine through, even in the face of overwhelming darkness.
Increases your action speed by 3/6/12% when not within 8 meters of any of the other hunted. Increases the action speed of any of the hunted within 8 meters of you by 3/6/12%.
"Together, we are stronger. With unity and coordination, we can overcome any obstacle that lies before us. Trust in each other, and we shall prevail." -Kris Hackley


Goalie Gloves:
Common Add-on for Kris Hackley
Increases swing speed by 0.5%

Hockey Putt:
Uncommon Add-on for Kris Hackley
Increases swing speed by 1%

Back Breaker:
Rare Add-on for Kris Hackley
Increases swing speed by 2%. Stunning the Hunter inflicts blindness for 20 seconds

Empty handed:
Very Rare Add-on for Kris Hackley
Gain a haste effect for 2 seconds after stunning the Hunter. Cannot be used while exhausted.

Iridescent Hockey Wrap:
Iridescent Add-on for Kris Hackley
Increases swing speed by 10%

Professional Hockey Stick:
Golden Add-on for Kris Hackley
Allows you to hit the Hunter twice before the stick breaks

Kris Hackley had always been the embodiment of determination and leadership. As the captain of her local hockey team, she commanded respect and pushed her teammates to their limits. Yet, beneath her strong exterior, Kris harbored a simmering discontent towards those she perceived as unworthy or unfamiliar. It was this disdain that brought her to the fateful trip to the mountain, seeking an escape from the confines of her team and the pressure of her responsibilities. The day started with a hockey game, where Kris once again led her team to victory. But instead of relishing in the triumph, she found herself growing increasingly irritated with her teammates' shortcomings and mistakes. Seeking solace from the persistent frustration, Kris agreed to join her friends—Emma, Ethan, Anthony, Kyler, Kara, and her siblings Jamison and Kayley—for a weekend getaway in the serene mountain retreat. However, tensions began to rise as Anthony introduced a newcomer to the group—Olivia. Kris immediately resented the intrusion, perceiving Olivia as an unwelcome disruption to their tightly-knit circle. Her feelings of superiority and territoriality cast a shadow over the trip, as Kris became increasingly distant and hostile towards Olivia. As the group ventured further into the secluded mountain, their bonds began to strain under the weight of Kris's disdain. Unbeknownst to them, the dark presence of the fog had already begun to weave its way into their lives. It sensed Kris's isolation and resentment, drawing her closer to its clutches. Tragedy struck when Kris, consumed by her own emotions, failed to extend a helping hand to those in need. As they engaged in risky activities, disaster struck one by one. Kris watched in horror as Emma, Ethan, and Anthony succumbed to their fates—severing the already fragile bonds of friendship. Jamison and Kayley, her own siblings, suffered the consequences of her indifference. Overwhelmed with guilt and remorse, Kris found herself separated from the remaining survivors—Olivia and Kyler. Alone in the unforgiving mountain terrain, the fog began to envelop her, offering a haunting embrace that echoed her internal turmoil. In that moment, Kris's fate intertwined with the fog, becoming one with its ethereal realm. Now, as a Hunted survivor, Kris roams the trials, forever trapped within the fog's grasp. Her once fierce determination transformed into a relentless struggle for survival, and her perceived superiority challenged by the enigmatic horrors that lurk in the shadows. The lessons learned from her past failures now guide her, as she navigates the trials with a newfound sense of humility and empathy. Though the memory of her selfishness lingers, Kris's journey through the fog offers her a chance at redemption. She seeks to overcome her former limitations and forge new bonds, recognizing that unity and selflessness are the keys to survival in this twisted fog.

Kyler Hal:
Difficulty: Moderate
Item: Glasses
Perks: Survivor!, Grand Refresh and Reap what you Sow
Prestige 1: Successfully survive one trial using the perk Survivor!
Prestige 2: Successfully take 2 hits for an injured survivor using the perk Grand Refresh
Prestige 3: Successfully stun the Hunter twice while using the perk Reap what You Sow
Full Prestige: Successfully escape 10 times as Kyler Hal

Glasses can be equipped or unequipped at any time. While equipped all of the fog is removed, however if you are hit while they are on you break the glasses.


This perk can be activated at any time while injured. You become broken for 80/40/20 seconds. During this time you suffer from blindness and oblivious. You also make no grunts of pain. Once this time is up you become healthy once more. This perk applies exhausted for 60/30/15 seconds. Exhausted makes you 5% slower and you cannot experience haste while it is active, Blindness makes any aura not appear, Oblivious makes it so the heartbeat constantly seems further than it is, Broken makes it so the survivor cannot be healed.
"Surviving isn't just about avoiding death. It's about embracing the risks and emerging stronger." -Kyler Hal

Grand Refresh:
Gain a stack for every protection hit you take for a survivor. Every stack decreases your grunts of pain volume by 10%. Gain a maximum of 6 stacks.
"In the face of danger, I'll stand as your shield."

Reap What You Sow:
Gain a stack for every time you stun the Hunter with a pallet or door. Each stack can be used whenever you hit a skillcheck on a generator. That generator will gain 5% of its current progress added onto the generator. That generator gets revealed to the Hunter. All stacks are lost upon being downed
"Every action has consequences. Let's make sure they favor us." -Kyler Hal


Metal Lining:
Common Add-on for Kyler Hal
Increases the speed you put on your glasses by 1 second
"Every second counts when darkness looms. I won't let it cloud my vision." -Kyler Hal

New Lenses:
Uncommon Add-on for Kyler Hal
These lenses have advanced optics that brighten his surroundings, allowing him to see with greater clarity even in the darkest of environments
While the glasses are active everything becomes 25% lighter
"With a clearer view, I can navigate the shadows with confidence." -Kyler Hal

Bloody Glasses:
Rare Add-on for Kyler Hal
Being hit while the glasses aren't active breaks them. Being hit while they are active does not break them

Blue Glasses:
Very Rare Add-on for Kyler Hal
Reveals the killer in blue while looking in their direction

Iridescent Lenses:
Iridescent Add-on for Kyler Hal
These unique lenses, infused with the essence of the fog, grant Kyler an extraordinary vision that transcends the boundaries of the physical world.
Removes the fog and darkness while active. Your vision becomes red while active.
"Through these lenses, I see a twisted reflection of my fate."

Golden Glasses:
Golden Add-on for Kyler Hal
Increases the fog for the killer while in chase with you AND the glasses are active

Kyler Hal was a free-spirited adventurer, always seeking thrill and excitement in life. In the vibrant era of the 1970s, he yearned for experiences that would test the limits of his courage and fill his life with unforgettable memories. It was during this time that he found himself drawn to a mountain resort nestled in the picturesque Colorado landscape—an idyllic setting for the adventures he sought. Accompanied by his friends—Emma, Ethan, Olivia, Kris, Kayley, Jamison, Kara, and Anthony—they embarked on a journey filled with laughter and camaraderie. The mountain resort promised an escape from the constraints of the mundane world, offering a playground for their youthful spirits. Little did they know that their escapade would lead them to the unforgiving clutches of the fog. As they explored the resort's scenic trails and indulged in adrenaline-fueled activities, Kyler reveled in the freedom of the mountains. The majestic peaks seemed to call to him, urging him to push his boundaries even further. However, their joyous excursion took a dark turn when an ominous presence loomed over their group, watching their every move. Tragedy struck swiftly, as Emma, Ethan, Kris, Jamison, and Kara fell victim to the unknown malevolence that pervaded the mountain. Their lives were cut short, leaving Kyler, Olivia, and Anthony as the sole survivors of the harrowing ordeal. The weight of loss and survival weighed heavily upon Kyler's shoulders, his carefree spirit burdened by guilt and grief. It was on their journey back to civilization that the fog made its insidious move. Trapped in a dense mist that seemed to devour the world around them, Kyler found himself separated from his companions. Panic and confusion washed over him as he desperately searched for an escape, but the fog had claimed him, pulling him deeper into its eerie realm. Now condemned to wander the trials as one of the Hunted, Kyler fights to preserve the memories of his lost friends and find solace in their spirits. The fog taunts him, a constant reminder of the past he cannot change and the choices that led him to this haunting existence. His once carefree nature has morphed into a resilient determination, fueled by the desire to honor the memories of his fallen comrades and seek a way back to the world he once knew. In the trials of the Fog, Kyler's courage is put to the test, his survival dependent on his ability to adapt, cooperate, and outmaneuver the relentless Hunter. Through the fog's relentless challenges, Kyler seeks redemption, not just for himself but for the friends he lost on that fateful mountain journey. As he navigates the trials, he discovers that true strength lies not only in physical prowess but also in the bonds forged with his fellow survivors, united in their shared struggle against the encroaching darkness.

Anthony Kael:
Difficulty: Easy
Item: Toolbox
Perks: First Serve, Hate The Sinner and Panic Headed
Prestige 1: Finish 1 generator using the Perk First Serve
Prestige 2: Finish 1 Generator using the Perk Hate The Sinner
Prestige 3: Finish 1 Generator while injured using the Perk Panic Headed
Full Prestige: Finish 30 Generators as Anthony Kael

Can be used while working on a generator. While using it it you complete generators 25% faster, however getting off of generators is much slower.


First Serve:
What some may see as old scrap you see as good machinery
This perk activates after touching a generator with no progress. Gain a 25% boost on that generator until one of the following happens: You leave the generator, you are hit or you fail a skillcheck. This perk has a 60/30/15 second cooldown
"When the sparks fly, and the machines come alive, it's my chance to make a difference." -Anthony Kael

Hate The Sinner:
This perk activates for 15/30/60 seconds after being injured. Gain a 15% boost on fixing generators during this time. This boost is increased to 30% if you are deep wounded
"There's a fire inside me, a relentless drive to fix what's broken and reclaim our chance at survival." -Anthony Kael

Panic Headed:
Unlike most, you don't scream from Injuries. You take the pain and laugh in the face of death
Gain a 3/6/12% boost to all actions while injured
"When the world spins in chaos, my mind clears. Panic fuels my every move, heightening my senses and sharpening my focus" -Anthony Kael


Spanner Wrench:
Common Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases speed by 2%

Measuring tape:
Uncommon Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases speed at which you put the toolbox away by 15%

Metal Mallet:
Rare Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases boost from skillchecks by 5%

Very Rare Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases boost from skillchecks by 10%

Iridescent Screwdriver:
Iridescent Add-on for Anthony Kael
Increases boost from skillchecks by 20%. Toolbox now deactivates whenever the first generator is completed

Golden Wrench:
Golden Add-on for Anthony Kael
Gain the ability to sabotage Traps. Decreases boost from skillchecks by 2%

Born with an innate talent for tinkering and fixing things, Anthony spent his days as a dedicated technician, ensuring that machinery and devices functioned flawlessly. However, his life took an unexpected turn when he embarked on a fateful trip to a serene mountain resort with his friends, unaware of the horrors that awaited them. As Anthony and his group of friends arrived at the picturesque resort, tensions ran high. Despite the warnings, Anthony insisted on bringing Olivia, a newcomer who was not well-received by the others. Little did they know that their collective actions would lead them down a path of darkness and despair. Tragedy befell the group one by one, as the mountain became a hunting ground for an insidious force. Ethan, struck by an arrow, met a grisly fate with a snapped neck. Emma, entangled in the gnarled bark, was mercilessly slammed into the snow until life left her body. Kris, the team captain, met a fatal end when she plummeted from the treacherous mountainside, her neck snapping upon impact. Kayley, left to bleed out on a meathook, succumbed to her injuries. Jamison's ill-fated encounter with a bear trap sealed his fate, leaving him lifeless. Kara, too, fell victim to a cruel trap, bleeding out as her final moments slipped away. Amidst the bloodshed and loss, Anthony, Kyler, and Olivia found themselves as the sole survivors. They navigated the treacherous terrain, their bond forged in the crucible of survival. However, their resilience would be tested further as they encountered the enigmatic force that lurked within the fog. As Anthony faced the horrors unfolding around him, his resourcefulness and technical prowess became his greatest assets. Cirrus, drawn to his unwavering determination and problem-solving skills, claimed Anthony as its own, entwining his fate with the merciless trials that awaited him in the fog. Haunted by the memories of his fallen friends, Anthony now roams the fog, driven by a relentless need to uncover the mysteries of his tragic past and outwit the forces that seek to consume him. With his technical expertise and a determination that knows no bounds, he fights for survival, ready to uncover the truth behind the malevolent presence that binds them all.
Kara Scaler:
Difficulty: Easy
Item: Boots
Perks: Back Track, The Queen and Sixth Sense
Prestige 1: Successfully escape from Chase using the perk Back Track
Prestige 2: Successfully escape with at least 1 other Hunted using the perk The Queen
Prestige 3: Successfully hide from the Hunter using the perk Sixth Sense
Full Prestige: Escape 10 chases as Kara Scaler

You run 1% faster than all other survivors. Your footsteps are silent.


Back Track:
After vaulting through a window your grunts of pain and pools of blood are removed for 2/4/8 seconds. Once this time ends your pools of blood backtrack the the vault location.
"In this tangled game of survival, every moment counts. I leave no traces behind, vanishing into the shadows. They'll never know where I truly tread." -Kara Scaler

The Queen:
Reveals your aura to all survivors. While injured all survivors gain a 5/10/20% boost to healing. All of the Hunted who escape gain a 100% boost in experience
"The Queen commands, and her will is absolute. Together, we rise above the pain and despair." -Kara Scaler

Sixth Sense:
Reveals the aura of the Hunter for 3/6/12 seconds when you hear their heartbeat. While within the heartbeat of the hunter gain a 3/6/12% boost to all actions


Soft Tissue:
Increases movement speed by 0.5%

Steel Toe Boots:
Increases movement speed by 5%. Removes the silent footstep effect

Leather Boots:
Increases vaulting speed by 5%. Removes the silent footstep effect

Winter Boots:
Removes the silent footstep effect. Increases speed after being hit by 10%

Iridescent Tissue:
Increases movement speed by 3%. This stacks while Deep wounded.

Fur Boots:
Removes the silent footstep effect. Increases movement speed by 2%. Increases vaulting speed by 3%. Increases wiggle sway by 20%

A striking figure with an air of independence and a disquieting aura, Kara possessed a longing for control and an unspoken desire for affection that ultimately drove her down a treacherous road. Intrigued by the allure of the Hackley mountain resort, Kara insisted on gathering a group of friends for an adventure. Among them were the determined Kris, the gentle Kayley, the steadfast Kyler, the empathetic Anthony, and the spirited duo of Ethan and Emma. Despite her reservations, Anthony chose to invite his friend Olivia, much to Kara's discontent. Her desire to maintain a close-knit circle was fueled by an underlying fear of losing control. Within the group, Kara clashed with Kris, a natural leader whose presence threatened Kara's own desire for dominance. She held an unspoken disdain for Kayley, who had a deep connection with Jamison, Kara's secret love interest. The weight of unrequited affection burdened her heart, and only Anthony, her confidant, shared her pain and understood her longing. As they ventured into the heart of the mountain resort, the group encountered unspeakable horrors. Emma's tragic demise shattered Kara's world, traumatizing her to the core. The harrowing scene would forever haunt her memories, igniting a primal fear and unraveling the fragile threads of her composure. In the midst of chaos, Kara's selfishness and desperation propelled her into the forest, seeking refuge from the horrors that unfolded. But fate had other plans in store. Trapped by a vicious bear trap, Kara cried out for help, her screams echoing through the night. Hours passed, each moment a torment as she wrestled with pain, fear, and regret. As the agonizing hours slipped away, Kara's desperate pleas were answered by an unexpected force. The fog, sensing her turmoil and her broken spirit, reached out to claim her as its own. It enveloped her in its ethereal embrace, forever sealing her fate within its enigmatic realm. Lost to her friends and the world she once knew, Kara became a reflection of her own inner turmoil—a haunting reminder of the consequences of selfishness and the yearning for control. In the fog's clutches, she is condemned to wander, her soul forever tormented by the choices and regrets that shaped her tragic journey.

Harvest Haven:
Type: Abandoned Farmlands
Harvest Haven is an eerie and desolate farmland, haunted by the memories of a tragic event. Once a thriving agricultural community, it now stands abandoned and forgotten, overrun by overgrown crops and ominous scarecrows. Dilapidated barns, broken fences, and rusted farming equipment serve as reminders of a life that was abruptly shattered.
Main Building: Farmhouse. The Main building has 1 generator inside it, and when the generator is completed the lights inside are turned on. (Safety: Safe)
Size: Moderate

Resort Ruins:
Type: Mountain Resort
The Resort Ruins capture the remnants of what was once a luxurious mountain getaway. Now reduced to a desolate and overgrown wasteland, the ruins bear witness to the horrors that unfolded within their walls. Collapsed structures, cracked swimming pools, and twisted amusement park rides serve as eerie reminders of the resort's tragic past.
Main Building: Ski Lodge. The Main building has 1 generator inside the basement. Upon this generator being completed the lights inside and outside are turned on. (Safety: Balanced)
Side Building: Ski Lift. The Side building has 1 generator. Upon this generator being completed the lights inside are turned on. (Safety: Unsafe)
Size: Moderate

The Prowler's Shack:
Type: Mountain Resort
The Prowler's Shack is a secluded and ominous structure tucked away deep within the fog. It serves as the dwelling place of The Prowler, a twisted refuge where he orchestrates his malevolent pursuits. The shack is surrounded by dense forest, and the air is filled with an unsettling stillness, as if nature itself holds its breath in fear.
Main Building: Prowler's Shack. The main building has no generator inside it. (Safety: Balanced)
Size: Small

Derelict Manor:
Type: Mountain Resort
Derelict Manor is an abandoned and decaying building that once stood as a grand mansion. Time has taken its toll on the once opulent structure, leaving behind a maze of crumbling hallways, broken furniture, and faded portraits. The atmosphere is heavy with a sense of abandonment and despair, perfectly reflecting the darkness that haunts The Prowler's past.
Main Building: The Manor. The Main building has 3 generators inside it. Once all generators inside it are fixed all lights inside it turn on. (Safety: Very Safe)
Size: Large

Fog Offerings:
Forgotten Ritual: Common Offering. Increases the chance of going to Abandoned Farmlands by 25%.
Faded Postcard: Common Offering. Increases the chance of going to Mountain resort by 25%
Vengeful Spirit: Common Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunter by 25%
Desperate Prayer: Common Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunted by 25%
Bloodstained Ledger: Common Offering. Increases the amount of experience you get by 25%
Cursed Cornfield: Uncommon Offering. Increases the chance of going to Abandoned Farmlands by 50%
Ripped Blueprints: Uncommon Offering. Increases the chance of going to Mountain resort by 50%
Dark Embrace: Uncommon Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunter by 50%
Beacon of Hope: Uncommon Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunted by 50%
Knowledge Tome: Uncommon Offering. Increases the amount of experience you get by 50%
Harvest's Call: Rare Offering. Increases the chance of going to Abandoned Farmlands by 75%
Ruined Brochure: Rare Offering. Increases the chance of going to Mountain Resort by 75%
Blood Oath: Rare Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunter by 75%
Survivor's Pledge: Rare Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunted by 75%
Duo Dice: Rare Offering. Increases the amount of experience you get by 75%
Hunter's Mark: Very Rare Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunter by 100%. If two are placed both Offerings are discarded
Survival Talisman: Very Rare Offering. Increases the chance of becoming the Hunted by 100%. If five are placed all offerings are discarded
Essence Amplifier: Very Rare Offering. Increases the amount of experience gained by 100%
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2023.06.09 23:56 alwaysjulying TOURO Middletown MS VS PCOM Philadelphia MS *PLease help me Decide*

Please help me decide on Touro vs. PCOM (Philly). I got accepted into the MS program for both schools, and I'd appreciate any current student perspectives.
Both programs required specific standards to enroll after completing MS in their Osteopathic medical schools.
Pros: This is my first choice - friendly campus, good rotation sites, good residency match outcome. I have a friend who is an MS3 and did this program, so I feel confident in the support + inside scoop on how to study, etc. I love Philly and HUGE on research opportunities, better at matching residencies, and has more growth opportunities as it is a bigger school. A well-respected DO school.
CONS: I have to finish the MS + get selected for an interview, and possibly retake the MCAT
Touro (Middletown):
PROS: Direct Matriculation into the DO program after completion of the MS program / NO Mcat
CONS: Rotations? Since they are kind and new, I was slightly disappointed with their residency options. Also, I don't see myself living there for five years as I live in Miami, and it will be a BIG change, and I have no one. Middletown also I would suit myself in a small town.
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2023.06.09 23:55 just-a-hurt-soul Stuck in a cycle of (un)familiar horrible feelings - Seeking insights and experiences

Hello everyone,
I don't know if posts like this are allowed but i feel like i should give it a try. I'm reaching out because I'm in the middle of something that's really hard to describe, and I'm hoping to connect with others who might have had similar experiences or can provide some insights.
I'm a 23-year-old male who has been experiencing recurring phases of intense distress since I was 12. These phases can last anywhere from 1 to 6 months and are often triggered by events that, to anyone else, might seem completely ordinary. But when I'm in one of these phases, I feel like a different person. Everything around me seems threatening. Even normal stuff, like watching a show I usually enjoy or talking to friends, can make me feel really, REALLY bad.
I don't know how to describe it. I've tried to figure out what this feeling is. At first, I thought it might be recurring depression, but that doesn't quite fit. I'm not depressed, I just feel really bad. Then I thought it might be some kind of anxiety, but I know what anxiety feels like, and this is NOTHING like that. It's like something really, really bad happened to me, but I don't know what because nothing has happened.
These phases have been triggered by various events in the past - a stressful first festival experience, someone new entering my friend group, starting a new job, and even a threat from someone in a video game. But the most recent phase was triggered by a bout of COVID, and it's been more severe than any of the previous ones. It's been a struggle, and I'm feeling alone and completely hopeless.
I don't know for how long i will be able to function like this.
The feeling is really pretty much indescribable. It feels like an emotion of its own. I remember the first time I felt it was when I got bullied on a school trip when I was 8 or 9. I suffered severe homesickness and everyone bullied me for it, even the teacher I was with. It was a horrible, traumatising experience and it felt like it would never end. It rendered me absolutely anxious, bedridden and not wanting to go anywhere near school or "the people" involved for weeks. I don't remember it all-too-well but my mother said it took a long time for me to be able to have a normal day again. And even after that, i was bullied for years to come.
It's strange, but this is really the only way I can describe the feeling. It's like a deep, troubled hopelessness, like everything and everyone around me is threatening me and the only one I feel comfort with is a thousand miles away, unreachable for some reason. It's odd, because in these episodes, I tend to want to "crawl back to my family" and spend time with them. However, this doesn't help the feeling go away. It needs an extended period of time to overcome these phases.
It's also weird, because the initial memories i have of the trip or the sole fact i remember it was a traumatising experience doesn't trigger the "bad feeling", i think rather rational about it - but if the feeling is present: It's as if I'm living through the school trip feeling randomly again, but without the actual cause. If it makes sense, it feels like I'm watching a movie but having the sound disabled, while at the same time, playing the sound of another movie - they stand in no way connected to each other, but still happen at the same time. And while theres more to the sound of the second movie obviously, i'm not able to see it, as it's just the sound thats there. This is is just an analogy and I hope you understand what I mean by it.
I'm currently on a waitlist for psychotherapy, but it could take up to three years before I can see someone. I'm reaching out now because the severity and unpredictability of these recent episodes have left me feeling like I have no other choice.
I want to acknowledge that many of you here have experienced traumas that are probably much more severe - if mine is even a trauma in itself. I want to be clear that I'm not trying to compare my experiences to yours. I know that trauma is deeply personal and unique to each individual. But for me, these experiences have been the most challenging of my life, and at times, the distress can feel unbearable. There are days in which i only am able to get up, move to the couch and try to not mentally go insane.
I'm reaching out to see if anyone here can relate to what I'm experiencing or has any insights to share. I'm aware that C-PTSD is a complex condition and everyone's experience is unique, and i'm in no way diagnosed - but nobody understands me, nothing i read about describes what im feeling so i feel it must be something more complex. I'm hoping to find at least someone that finds a resemblance in my described patterns, as no doctor or psychologist is available to help me in my acute situation.
I'm wishing you all the best.
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2023.06.09 23:54 Sammy-Lynx I went from a happy go lucky person seeking social interaction to someone bitter who actively avoids it and then to someone who barely cares anymore.

Growing up I was forced to accept that as people grow older, the more they grow apart for a number of possible reasons. One being "Maybe they just don't like me anymore" which yehh ofc is a negative way of looking at it but is technically a real possibility given most people wouldn't just say that to your face if it we're true.
I used to go out of my way to spend time with the people I care about or even meet new people but the more people I lost with time the less I started to care (unwittingly at first), this includes classmates, family members and people I've met through online games and such. I had to understand everyone has their own lives and I'm just not a part of them, I had to understand people are just generally more busy as they get older. I still see some of my family from time to time but nowhere near as much and we just aren't that close anymore I hate to admit.
Cause of this the few times I do see people from my past, it's just a constant reminder that our relationship isn't what it once was and it probably will never be again, I generally see it as a waste of time and energy knowing my efforts are futile.
Idk if that was the only reason I started to have a distaste for socializing or if it's also cause of the fact I concider people confusing now and just aren't worth the trouble. Like how easily irrated people tend to be and vise versa, the vastly different beliefs we tend to share and how sometimes it feels like people are purposfully misunderstanding everything you're trying to say.
Ik being "antisocial" is usually seen as a bad thing or whatever but it just seems like a logical conclusion after everything. People exhaust me and I'm not allowed to act like that's the case offline but it honestly is even though I'm only 26+yrold.
And yehh I'm aware I can just appreciate the short spurts of time I have with any given person but all I've ever really been interested in is having a meaningful relationship with at least one person and it sometimes feels like that'll never happen short of getting married or dating which doesn't even promise that would be the case anyways. (not to mention I'm not even interested in that sorta thing)
But don't let all of this fool you, I don't even think I desire a relationship with anyone anymore and if I do it's hidden deep in my subconscious that I'm not even aware of it.
submitted by Sammy-Lynx to offmychest [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 23:54 echofreak Trading in 2 cars question. More value on a new or used highlander?

My mom recently passed away and I now have her 2019 rav4 with 21k miles on it. I paid it off 21k with her life insurance money. It’s in near pristine condition she hardly drove it.
I also have my 2005 Honda CRV, KBB $3,500.
Before my mom passed she actually text me and told me if she died she wanted me to “get a bigger new car like a Toyota Highlander with my money if I die”.
Locally there are new highlanders for 43k or a few years old for around 35k.
My question is is this..what is a salesperson more likely to be able to negotiate with my trade ins and the new highlander or an older one?
Edit: I’m in Ohio
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2023.06.09 23:54 CyanideSun666 Can you All give me some advice

I’ve been truly struggling lately. I’m in my late twenties and have severe mental issues, specifically bipolar depression, adhd and a horrible panic disorder. I’ve been through so much over the years. I’ve seen therapists, prescribed dozens of medications and have been involuntarily admitted three times. I haven’t been medicated in years because I have bed reactions to everything I’m put on. I have been drinking very heavily for the last several years as a way to cope. I don’t really let the drinking get out of control, although I’m aware that as a mentally Ill person, it isn’t a good idea to abuse alcohol or any substances really. Two years ago I moved across the country to start over after nearly killing myself. I have come a long way but find myself struggling with the same issues all over again. I am pretty good at controlling my depression and mood, but my panic attacks are out of control and it sabotages every aspect of my life. People judge me and treat me like shit with everything I do. I can’t go anywhere without everyone picking up on my panic and treating me differently. Every job I get, I end up leaving eventually because of this and no matter what I do, the same exact scenario plays out. I just started a new job and I’m already getting laughed at by my boss and everyone in my department. I’m on my second week and just called out two days in a row cuz I had a breakdown and felt like hurting myself last night. I have been struggling with this since I was in the first grade and I have always been an outsider. On one hand, I’m okay with not fitting in, but on the other, people make me feel so alienated and alone that it triggers the illness in me. I’m not the same confident, easy going, charismatic person that I used to be. I constantly just feel like a frightened, caged animal within myself and practically every interaction I have with others is a complete disaster. I really just don’t think I was meant to be here and I’m trying not to give up because I don’t want to hurt others. I’m currently working for a hotel but I’ve had experience in many other fields. I wanted to see if there are people who can relate, what you did to overcome your struggles and if you may have advice on a job that would help with my anxiety. I truly feel like I just can’t be around people, but practically every job requires me to. I wouldn’t mind working from home but don’t have many talents or expertise that would make that possible. I don’t want to die but sometimes it feels like the only option because I’m very sick and tired of being sick and tired. Any advice would be incredibly appreciated.
submitted by CyanideSun666 to mentalhealth [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 23:53 minervamon_ Possible RA symptoms?

Sorry, I'm sure this community has a lot of these 'diagnose me' types of threads and I apologize about being another. I understand this is not a place to seek medical advice to a T, but I'm looking, rather, for those who may have had similar experiences to help quell what's been an issue for me for over a year and a half now. Ideally, I'd like to have a particular sense of confidence in what direction to go first when I seek medical care. I am without insurance at this time and will be until the start of the new year from my work (Just missed the cut off date with this new job). That said, I don't make a ton of money and I'd like to try my best at getting myself into a place that can help the most without hopefully paying out of pocket for a 'Nothing I see wrong here, try this'. I did go to a chiro who said everything looks good on my end after providing a small look-through of my ankles/feet and said my range of motion/stance and posture was all great. He referred me to a podiatrist and/or a blood test for possible autoimmune. I will provide a quick TL;DR here with the bullet points and then the much larger summary for those interested. All opinions and guidance are appreciated and I will not follow anything here as medical advice, but rather as opinions and suggestions for where to seek it properly.



32M 6ft / 165lbs

Started with foot pain in bottom of feet. Sensitive to walking. Actual pain where rest helped. Lasted 3-4 months swapping shoes / insoles. Magically got better, no idea on what specifically helped.

Months later, foot pain eased up. legs started acting up. No pain, but discomfort. Weak leg feeling, specifically, back of leg behind the kneecap area. Again, lasted about 4-5 months, who knows?

Then it became my ankles / feet. Still the present issue now. No foot pain like last time, but there's still some sort of 'sore' there where pressure on it can hurt (like baseball rolling) but definitely an issue with ankle discomfort (not pain). Feels like I need to pop/crack the ankle and bottom of foot but can't. By far my most annoying issue thus far because it is admittedly a bit fatiguing and bothersome feeling like something there needs to crack or pop when stretched but nothing seems to.

No noticeable swelling

*Seems to always affect one side a day. Lord knows what side it will be when I wake up, but if it's my left, it's my left for that day and my right feels lovely. Next day, it can be the opposite. This pattern is 100% to my knowledge. Always i one or the other side. Never have it be both. Or at least, one side seems to be much, much more noticeable with it daily.*

Chiro Doc said everything looks fine with posture, positioning and range of motion.

I have decent flexibility (Never was great) but as much as stretching can burn, I don't feel really limited anywhere.

I can go run, workout, hike, etc. I don't feel limited in my daily activities.The issue is not exasperated by physical activity any more or worse than just laying in bed.

This 'feeling' is darn near 100% of my day, be it walking around at work or sitting on the couch, I feel the tingly/tightness/need to stretch feeling on my ankles. Sometimes walking feels better than sitting around, or maybe that's due to my mind being preoccupied.

*My mother has RA and first got that looked at/confirmed in her early 50's when it started acting up. She is now on a huge gluten free / RA regiment for years.*

*No insurance for a while. Looking to get recommendations or stories from people with similar issues and what direction they think would be best to seek medical advice from because I fear spending a lot of money going to x,y or z only to be redirected elsewhere. Podiatrist? Bloodwork for RA?

End of TLDR. Now, a lengthier summary for those interested.

So! My story! I'm a 31 year old male. I work full time as a janitor / maintenance role. I walk / stand for 80% of my job with the occasional kneeling here and there. I have been doing this type of work now for about 5 years. The whole journey begun with pain in both my feet on a random day, out of the blue. I was at work and just felt pain in the bottom of my feet, similar to having just taken a barefoot walk on rocks for hours. I'd been using some older pair of shoes that were seemingly comfortable in every way but they were probably worn out so I thought to simply purchase some new ones as maybe the insoles had grown non-existent at this point. Thinking that would solve it within a few days, nope! Or, not really. For the next 2-3 months or so I was now on a mission to find proper insoles, arch support (I have higher arches) and/or anything that could possibly relieve something like Plantar Fasciitis I thought I may have had. I don't know how/when/why but eventually I wasn't as sensitive in that area whilst walking at my job. Couldn't tell you why I finally just managed to be ok again, but yay!

In the next couple of weeks or so, I started to feel like I had weak knees. Specifically, I felt a lot of discomfort. (I need to really emphasize discomfort because I don't classify anything past the initial foot issue above as painful. This knee issue and what occurs yet to be followed are more classified as discomfort and 'tightness' to me). The specific area I was feeling the discomfort was typically behind my kneecap area, so opposite side of the leg behind the kneecap, where the knee bends. It felt..I don't know, 'weak' It didn't have a particular tightness to it, but I still tried to foam roll there and stretch well. This lasted a good 5-6 months or so with an occasional other spot on my legs that felt more present, but all associated with the same tingly/weak leg feeling. Compression sleeves / foam rolling and massage tools didn't seem to alleviate much. Stretching felt good but I couldn't tell huge differences after a few weeks.

After this 5-6 month period, it became my ankles and somewhat my feet again and that's where I am at today. Let's call it another 6 months or so of these being the issue after the legs issue subsided. Everything is now subsided to my ankles and occasionally feet. Important to note that the feet are not nearly as painful or sensitive as the first experience where I was having difficulty walking most days. What I feel now is an ankle tightness primarily. A feeling like I NEED to crack or pop my ankle for relief but I never can no matter how I stretch it. Accompanied with the ankle is the bottom of the foot again (specifically along the arch, outside of the foot and the middle of the foot areas). No pain for either, really, just a discomfort and tightness, again. The ankle feels good when I can rotate it and stretch it in a circle and I usually can make a small 'pop' that ultimately doesn't do much but it does feel good to do from time to time. I like to roll my foot on a baseball and find it helps break down something down there but I'm not sure if it's helping long term.

submitted by minervamon_ to rheumatoid [link] [comments]