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2011.08.15 06:27 tptbrg95 ICanDrawThat

Request a drawing, or offer your drawing skills!

2011.08.16 07:51 Discr1m comicswap

Need to make room for more comics? Perhaps you have an empty shelf or long box to fill up? Always looking in the back issues of your LCS? Well this is the place for you! Find kicking deals or make some quick PayPal scrap. We only allow the bartering/selling/buying of comic books and comic book-related swag. We have some rules, but so does the Justice League. We would appreciate your attention to them. Have fun swapping and good luck finding the comics you want!

2013.11.16 17:30 The World of Cory

That top grossing anime for 420 years in a row

2023.06.10 10:06 SeaCup94 Can anyone interpret this dream?

I was traveling somewhere in a van. But It was massive and if i think about it then it couldn't even fit on the road. There was a really nice casino inside with other people's rooms so it rather felt like it was a hotel. I had a roommate from the US (I'm not) who was about 30 years old which is quite a lot older than me. Nonetheless we never had any problems though i wonder why our room was the biggest mess ever, there was a huge pile of clothes that i could literally have hid myself in. For some reason i had brought there my pc which i didn't really use except one time i just shut it off. I realized that the van wasn't actually driving so me and my roommate went to the casino which was the only place to go there. We didn't actually want to gamble and we decided to start pranking people. I don't remember all the activities but we acted like little kids running around and making noises to the point of just wearing shirts that had something inappropriate written on them. I still remember how we changed the text that was on these shirts by simply thinking. Suddenly there were many cops around every single corner and he got caught many times but for some reason... I never did. So i didn't mention about doing anything bad but the cops got him. I think it's because i forgot some activities, we definitely disturbed other people and so on.
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2023.06.10 10:06 DarkChons Today is the Day : I stop fapping and join this Community.

Hello everyone,
I'm new here, and this is actually my first time creating a topic on Reddit. This morning, once again, I masturbated to a pornographic video, and I felt ashamed. I've tried several times in the past to overcome this addiction. I've even attempted "No Nut November" and similar processes, with my longest streak being 20 days.
Today, I've made the decision to free myself from these chains. I've decided that today is THE DAY, the only day. With all my accumulated experience, spirituality, and knowledge, I am definitively stopping masturbation and forever banning pornography from my life. I no longer want anything to do with them.
I have seen the light, and I desire to become a responsible, gentle, caring, radiant, and strong adult. I want to elevate myself and no longer be in sin.
I started masturbating at the age of 16 due to social pressure. I was that weird guy who didn't masturbate, didn't drink alcohol, didn't smoke, didn't go out at night—the "weird," "fragile" guy. I wanted to try pornography because I was ashamed of not understanding conversations at school. A friend made a joke using the word "boobs" during a class, and I asked him, "Sorry? What are 'boobs'? I didn't understand your joke," and I felt extremely embarrassed in that moment.
Today, I am 26 years old, and I've been masturbating and watching porn for 10 years. That's a lot of time, and I believe it's high time to stop, don't you think?
May God preserve me and preserve all of you as well. Amen.
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2023.06.10 10:06 mangosport Going from Pascal to Ada Lovelace. My experience (pros and cons)

A few days ago I finally retired my very trusty GTX 1070 to get a 4070. Many people, both on reddit and YouTube, pointed out how these cards were a great upgrade for those who were still stuck with the 1000 or 2000 series (or AMD equivalent). I therefore decided to upgrade as well, and this is my experience.
1)-WHY NVIDIA AGAIN? Simply, I am specializing in using Metashape, Blender, and Maya. So the choice of Nvidia was a must: Maya doesn't render with AMD/Intel gpu's, Blender is significantly faster with Cuda and Metashape...well, it doesn't give a shit what you use, it will be extremely heavy anyway. Also, my past experiences with AMD (RX 290x and 380) have not been great on both hardware and software levels. Finally, the power efficiency of the 4070 is undeniably incredible.
1b) WELL YOU COULD HAVE CHOSEN A USED 3080. It was a choice, but the extra 2 GB of vram, the aforementioned power efficiency, and the new features of the 4000 convinced me.
2)-CONS -Price: Although I was able to buy the 4070 for 100€ less than its MSRP, it is still too much compared to what it should cost -the vram: 12 GB of video memory for a card at this price is low (although, FOR ME, enough expansion so far) -Nvidia in general: Yes, ok, I decided to buy one, but their monopoly in productivity is definitely frustrating, because they force professionals to have to spend more in order to get work done (AMD is at fault in this, because ok they are cheaper, but it's not enough to dump more VRAM into a card to hope to take a slice of the market. Intel is getting there)
3) PROS -Power efficiency: it's amazing that a card that is twice as fast as my old 1070 consumes practically the same. In game, even enabling path tracing on CP2077 doesn't get more than 180/190w. That allowed me to still use my old 650w PSU, without the needing of buying another one. -performance: absolutely incomparable to my old card. Rendering times have dropped dramatically, and the extra 4 GB of vram helps incredibly in processing complex scenes with heavy textures -DLSS/DLAA/Frame Generation/Ray and Path Tracing: these features are the real selling points of these cards. I have tested these features on Forza Horizon 5 and CP2077; Path Tracing is visually outstanding, DLAA is far superior to regular TAA, DLSS offers quality virtually indistinguishable from native resolution, and Frame Generation is black magic to me (in 1080p, DLSS+FG+PT in Cyberpunk sent my fps from 40s to 80/90. That’s astonishing). Regarding software, then, Nvidia proves to be light years ahead of the competition.
All in all, I can only be satisfied with my upgrade. The jump in performance is incredible and undeniable. Unfortunately, the price for all this is way TOO high, and this is what really turns my nose up at it. Tell me in the comments about your experience!
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2023.06.10 10:05 Waddles113 In a movie like Temple of Doom…

Where we have to suspend our disbelief that an inflatable raft could fall hundreds of feet with three humans and no fatalities (twice), and a guy can use magic words to remove people’s hearts, the hardest thing for me to wrap my mind around has always been: where in Club Obi Wan did they have the space for that giant tap dance number? And who was it for? Willie exits the back of the stage (and the view of the audience), there’s a tap dance number with 40-50 people in a giant room, Willie appears within the dancers and renters the stage from behind a curtain. So who was able to see their giant dance number?
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2023.06.10 10:05 VerseKong How can Jesus possibly be human and GOD.

In a lot of my earlier debates with Trinitarians I used to argue how could Jesus possibly be human and God. By that, I mean how could he possibly have a dual nature, I would usually point to stuff such as him being dependent on his mother, him eating and drinking, him being powerless as us, being beaten and enduring pain ect.
Trinitarians respond with their usual stuff that he wasn’t dependent on theses things, only that he decided to be dependent on theses things, out of his own will. (He had no will.) Supposedly he chose all of this, to have the full experience of being human, even though he wasn’t sinful like us.
Who’s right? Me or the Trinitarian.
By the way I don’t argue like this anymore because it’s pointless and there’s better topics to discuss about.
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2023.06.10 10:03 neospecv Your honest opinion!

Your honest opinion!
So not too long ago, I made a post how I plan to name change to Therapy Kittenz. I'm mostly mute and this has allowed me to still interact with others and it be fulfilling on both sides. I truly want people to be happy and help put a smile on people's faces. I use my kitten avatar to cuddle with or just play with people. Within the past week, I've gained nearly 100 friends and it has been a huge success! I wanted to add a profile to go along and explain who I am in game. I came up with this so far and wanted to get everyone's input. Is putting my Discord too intrusive at the top? Does the overall feel of the profile message feel ok? Thanks for any advice or opinion. Down below is what I wrote on my profile.
"Add me on Discord neospecv
Therapy Kittenz is here for all your cuddly kitten needsǃ I believe we all deserve to be happy and I'm here to help with thatǃ I'm here to show as much love and support in any way I canǃ Add me and you're welcome to join or invite me anytime ․ You can adopt me‚ cuddle me or play with my little kitten beans ≺3 I just want you to be happyǃ
"Please note that I'm mostly mute due to sever social anxiety․ I can talk if you ask nicely or I feel comfy enough around you"
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2023.06.10 10:02 itstooblue my schizo theory of alien everything

aliens searched the universe for habitable planets and came across ours. they were in luck as we had already began life and progressed for a decent amount ( or who knows and we needed like a refresh so they wiped the dinos to allow for smaller things.)
they chose a lifeform that most closely resembled them in this case the only decent bipedal was the ape. so they mixed their genetics with the apes, skyrocketing a huge evolutionary difference. from there we get all the homonid species. we kill each other hononid species n the aliens r like okay we'll be back cuz we need time for ghe genetics to mix yanno. then by the time the aliens return, homo sapiens had murdered the rest of the species. astonished by this the aliens r like okayyyyyyyyyyyyyy we need to trickle in technology so they dont go out n fuck up the entire galactic universe. so they start from the beginning. laws, math, science, calendars, time, arithmetic, writing, communication, verbal speech, how to use fire, how to use tools. okay then the ppl in civilizations started worshipping these gods that showed them the way. and the difference in gods worshipedd around ancient civilizations like the aztecs vs the mayans vs greeks vs indians can be the many different species. okay then the aliens were like phew let em cook n give it time before theyre fully ready. so they give us time and we start killing eachother and fucking up the planet. now heres the thing. why are rhey helping us. why do they keep coming back. its because they're a dying race that need genetic diversity to continue living. theyre evolving backwards. we exist to bring forth genetic diversity. so u can imagine their surprise when they came back n we salughtered all other homo species. thats when they decided to create the military craft crating hangar base and start observing us. to ensure that humanity doesnt end n keeps growing. growing. growing. why does hunanit need to grow. more data. more ppl the better. thats why rhey study our disease n radiation. fhats why they support capitalism. infinit growth at the cost of humans is whats most important. communism would be finite n unable for us to live beyond our means. capitalism allows that. so they side with liberals and supply america with the knowledge to create an atom bomb against the Soviets, wiping out n killing socialism. but what might be happening rn is the expectations to keep a promise. what promise? the promise the american military made with the aliens. in exchange for knowledgen technology, the military promised to keep the aliens a secret from us so they did so by launching a large disinformation campaign. maybe they tried with highly advanced germans but then they started to kill eachother for not lookijng like the aliens aryan or whatver idk i dnt believe that one but its there. why would the aliens want privacy? cuz they need to do their research and continue on planning to regenerate their bodies to a more suitable one. so abductions n all that. maybe thats why they dont care if they get seen, its a matter already settled. so whats changed now? why is there a sudden shift in information about them comn out now. tbh idk but imma speculate a few things. one is that a transition of power from old management to new. covid killed a lotta em. time killed em. early retirement. transitions of power have never been smooth ever and this is likeky the largest one in terms of differences in personal values and philosophies. the second reason could be imminent collapse of society. we know the capitalist class are well aware of climate collapse, insurance companies stopped selling in certain places. it doesn't matter if anyone doesnt believe in climate change cuz they do. so with this in mind if u relook at all the progress weve taken its actually not much progress at all. EVs?? lmao r u kidding me, real climate solutions would be public transportation. the problem is capitalism has gone outta control after the raegan era. the promise made with the aliens was to ensure humanitys growth but not at the cost of the planet. that's why there's such early warnings of climate change quickly after the industrial revolution. so why arent the aliens stepping in to do anything??? its cux theyre not physically fit enough to do anything on our planet. maybe earths gravity is too harsh on their bodies or some shit. so the only thing they can really do is bomb the shit outta us but they dont want to cux were like the Sasuke to their orichimaru. anyways the third point is that military is what controld the world basically in collaboration with corps ofcourse. and it seems like theres been crazy infighting amongst the capitalist class and they've all gone fuck it lets ride it out w a bang. now obviously i dont think all billionaires know i dont even think a small portion know. prolly only the highest ranking positions of the most vital industries. one of them would be oil. the US neoliberal imperial hegemonic dominance is backed by the strength of the dollar which is heavily propped up by oil. that's why they call it the petrodollar. so whats going on rn all at the same time are: BRICS, climate collapse, China rise in dominance, saudi turning its back on america. the dollar hasnt ever been in more threat than ever. okay why is that relevant. well now that the future of oil trade in dollars is at risk, the US may no longer see a need to withhold tech advancement to help support the fossil fuel industry. so they slowly start feeding us info so as not fo brain break us or cause any protest. uhhh idk where im going w this im tired n adhd but there was more but whatever good place to end
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2023.06.10 10:02 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] [Get] ✔️ Adam Bensman – 6-Figure Income Sprint ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 10:02 SuperNovaStasisflash A few hopefully helpful tips for femboys to save money in this screwed up economy

Yes, they are kinda expensive upfront, BUT they are wayyyyyy cheaper than cartridges long term. You will save over 200 dollars over the span of 2 years!!!!!! Just be warned, despite the name “safety razors” are harder and require more skill to use, and you WILL cut yourself a few times during the first few shaves. But as you get better the cuts will stop coming, Until eventually you get zero cuts and wayyyyy happier and healthier skin, aswell as a happier wallet :) (Buy a shaving CREAM too NOT shaving FOAM, the cream is thicker and will protect your face
This one is soooooo fun but I know some of you will have an issue buying feminine clothes in public so I have a fix for that, pretend your on your phone and talking to your little sister about what type of clothes she wants you to buy for her at the shop. And then buy the corresponding clothes.
Also quite a fun one :)
If you’re in the UK like me you’ll like this one, Superdrug has its own facial cleanser, it’s called the superdrug +Me cleanser, it comes in a 200ml bottle which lasts sooooooo long, I’ve had mine since December and it’s not even half empty yet (I use it daily)
I hope these will help you cuties save money! I’ll post more tips when I’ve thought of some :D
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2023.06.10 10:02 minutealarm My person story.

First a disclaimer I'm from Denmark so bear with me for not writing fluently English sometimes.
So here I am, telling my personal story about and event occuring years ago and still haunts me a couple of times. When I was 13 me and my family moved to a big farm as a last resort to prevent homelessness, yes this sounds as a cliche but I wish it was. The landowner had a bigger farm with production a bit further down the road and his caretaker lived next to us, he was a old happy man with a lot if sparkle and joy in his life but lived a bit messy and humble. When I was 15 i went away to a school for sports talents for a year on the soccer line i was supposed to be there for two years but in the summer holiday i met my girlfriend who now is my wife. She moved in whit me after 3 months with her and my parents consent. A while later the caretaker unfortunately died, i never found out how but that not important. Not long after we began to hear footsteps in out yard that was filled with small rocks instead of dirt or concrete every night different times and various lengths. Then it became footsteps and whistles, both from the yard but also from inside the house. The real haunting began where this entity became physical and turned on lights and other electronics. One evening i was home alone in my room playing games, from my room i could see the hallway and had the bathroom to the right from my room, i sat there and the light turned on in the bathroom, so i calmly asked if it was my GF that may have come back for a quick toilet use, but no answer i paused the game and went out to see, no one was in there but I felt a quick freeze and was unable to move for a couple of seconds. I heard a deep angry voice say "hello" and a sensation of someones hand on the back of my neck, like someone found me trespassing the property. I ran as fast i could down the stairs and out in the garage that faced towards my rooms windows, i stood there looking up on my windows a multiple times saw quick movements of a shadow and one time a full body apparition looking down on me, and then the shadows stopped. I spent 2 hours in the garage in the middle of nothing freezing waiting for my GF anf parents to come home. Move a couple of months forward and my GF is pregnant, we moved rooms to get s bigger one for us and our daughter. One night we were sleeping and I felt uncomfortable the entire evening but pushed it aside as tiredness or a mild flu. Well we laid in our bed and when both us where sleeping i woke up on top of my GF with her neck in my hands and her screaming, i remembered nothing, my name is Patrick but i woke up as a Peter. I had distinct memories of a man's life that was not mine. A hateful man. I remember nothing only that he was awful. Still to this date 12 years later some memories pops up and i see this man in the shadows and feel his appearance near me. Sorry is this is a long weird story that doesn't make sense. Please feel free to ask questions about anything thats not making sense.
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2023.06.10 10:01 AffectionateIce2567 Should I involve CPS and cause problems if I’m not able to take the kids in?

Buckle up because this is going to be a long one… so my sister had a child in 2012, who we will call “A”. A was placed by CPS with my mother shortly after her second birthday due to my sister’s drug use.
Between then and 2019 my sister was able to get back sober and on track and ended up having another child February of 2019. She was doing well for herself and her new baby so my mom decided to let her have A back. They didn’t go to court or change court orders, just a verbal agreement, my mother still has custody to this day. My sister was also given custody of her ex husband’s toddler during all of this too, making her responsible for 3 kids total.
Things went okay for a few months but fast forward to now and my sister and her new husband are back on drugs and the kids are being neglected. My mom still has custody of A, so for awhile she did take her back. But A didn’t like that she now had rules regarding friends and social media. If she was told no by my mother she would just text/call and ask her mom to come get her so she could “stay the night” and then she would be able to get whatever she wanted at her mom’s house. This has caused problems between my mom and sister and now A prefers to be at her moms due to the lack of parental control over there and is extremely disrespectful to my mother. My mother, for a bunch of reasons, does not want to stir the pot and believes A will either want to come back soon on her own, or my sister will get herself herself in trouble and the problem will work itself out.
My problem with all of this is that A has confided in me that for most of the school year, she was responsible for waking herself up and getting ready for school, just to not be able to get her mom up out of bed and was either hours late or absent every single day. How this wasn’t a red flag, I do not know. She has also told me that her mom and step dad spend most of the day either locked in the garage or bedroom and she is responsible for taking care of her younger siblings when she isn’t at school. She has witnessed her mother and stepfather do drugs in just about every way possible. She’s explained seeing them snort, eat, smoke, and inject substances. Also, the younger kids and the dog are constantly getting out and wandering the neighborhood that is off of a very busy main road and a river. With the lack of supervision my 4 year old nephew has absolutely destroyed an entire sectional couch AND a mattress with a pocket knife give to him by his father. Countless instances of domestic violence while the kids are present. Among many other things.
You would think it would be a no brainer. Just call, right? Well, I’m not sure.
I have 4 kids myself, and don’t have the room in my home or my vehicle to add 3 more children if they’re to be removed as a result of me calling. There isn’t any immediate family that would be able to take in all 3 children together. Would they separate siblings? Would they be better off where they are now than in foster care? My sister would definitely be revengeful, and my husband and I smoke legal marijuana recreationally (Colorado), would we be making ourselves vulnerable to a CPS case against ourselves? What happens if no one in the family can take them, they end up in foster care, and my sister doesn’t do what’s necessary to get them back? Do they get adopted out? I wouldn’t be able to live with that..
I feel like I have to do something before something terrible happens. I will never forgive myself for not stepping in when I had the chance. But what do I do?
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2023.06.10 10:01 Strong-Protection-35 How to keep things casual when I want more out of the relationship? 24F, 36M

I’m 24F and the guy I’ve been seeing is 36M. I’ve been seeing him off and on since I was 19, we ‘dated seriously’ (seemed serious at the time? Maybe it wasn’t) for 3 years straight but currently aren’t labeled as bf/gf. I don’t want to call him a f* buddy either. He’s like an old friend that knows a lot about me and we have sex sometimes is basically the vibe now.
I like seeing him bc I find him attractive and he can be funny when it’s not a remark directed towards me. He turns me on unlike anyone else I’ve been with, I really like having sex with him. But he also makes me feel really insecure about my place in his life and sometimes even about myself as a person. Maybe I’m just young and that feeling will go away eventually. He follows Instagram models and girls he’s met traveling which both bother me… but he’s ‘not my bf’ so I don’t get a space to be bothered by that anymore. It’s all supposed to be ‘causal and light’.
We used to hang out every day pretty much but now I see him once a week on average. I’m not sure if he sees other girls but it wouldn’t be much of a stretch since all of his friends see multiple girls. I feel like all guys have multiple girls they fuck and see. Honestly, after I thought more about it, I could see myself having at least 2 different guys to see/date regularly with each fulfilling different needs for me (sexual, emotional, friendship, deep intimacy, fun/entertainment, travel companion). I feel like I’ll never find one guy who can meet all of my needs/wants in a relationship but several different guys together could each fulfill missing spots for me. That way I’d be overall happier with each guy individually since he’s only having to meet one need of mine instead of several simultaneously (less chance to be disappointed).
I’m at a weird spot romantic relationship wise. I want a life partner and to get married eventually. I want someone that loves me and thinks I’m very beautiful/sexy and they wouldn’t think about seeing other people bc I’m their life partner as much as they’re mine. I wanted the guy I’m seeing to be this person for me but honestly the older I get I don’t think it’ll be like that at all. He’s expressed he does not want to get married (at least not to me).
I don’t want to stop seeing him, I did go 6 months recently without seeing him and no contact and I hated it. I only date him currently, so I don’t have other guys to run to when he wants to ignore me and go do whatever he does.
How can I make my brain see the situation as casual and understand he will never take me seriously any further than a hookup or gf? I want to be indifferent about him talking to other girls and not care at all, but don’t think I can get there without having another guy I can go see myself. If the playing field was leveled I think it would rid me of a lot of jealousy feeling like other girls get to have what I feel like should be mine and only for me (sex with him and his time/attention especially when it’s intimate like having drinks on a rooftop). If another man was giving me his time and attention then I wouldn’t give af what the current guy I’m seeing is doing. It would be even and I wouldn’t feel so shitty - see you when I see you and we can have fun with our other people until then.
I get jealous over him super easily and want it to stop. I want to be casual and just see him when I see him and not think much about him or the situation otherwise. He doesn’t take me seriously and doesn’t want a deeply emotionally connected relationship with me. It’s all very surface level and I’m just not there.
Has anyone else felt this way? Guess this was mostly just a journal entry - I wanted to type out how I feel.
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2023.06.10 10:00 Ghost_of_Aces I want out

When I was 20 I had my first seizure randomly. We didn't know why. And for 6 years now doctors have done nothing but lead us around, doing nothing but finding new ways to charge us with absolutely no results. after my first seizure everything started going down hill fast. And my life is still in a free fall. I got fired from my Job because of my epilepsy (They found a way around the ADA with how they implemented the way they logged my absences), The girl I was in a relationship with for what was 3 years and we had planned to move in together, Literally had a security deposit for the place paid, when she dumped me she told me that she "Couldn't handle my condition and my Issues."
I just recently got a new job and things got a little bit better. My seizures went from Multiple a week to a couple a month. But of course this condition which at this point feels like a curse, came back, and my seizures are even more frequent now. I am going to lose this Job just like the last one if this keeps up.
I just can't do it anymore. And people may say "You can get through this" or that things will get better I just have to push through it. I have heard it so many times. But none of the people telling me understand. I was a 20 year old Adult who had a life, a Job, a person I cared for more than anyone else in the world. Now I have nothing. I cant even drive and had to move back home.
I can't do it anymore, and honestly I don't want to do it anymore. I would rather just be gone. Not just because of the past, but because of this I can't have a future. Every time I start to think that I can, and things start being okay, Things get 100 times worse.
I hate complaining, and showing/telling people how I feel because people always just say cheer up, and other crap. But because of the medication they put me on, my body can't function without it. If I'm off my Keppra 3000mg a day i get a migraine so bad it nearly kills me (yes literally not exaggerating I almost stroke out), But the Meds make it where i can't think. I'm left in a dark fog all the time unable to think clearly.
The Condition, the meds and the uncaring doctors have made Living my life and having a future unattainable, and most likely impossible. I'm stuck in this cycle of absolute hell. And I want an Out... a way to just get out of it and disappear. But I cant do that to my family, so all I can do is to rant online.
Sorry to bother you all. Just depressed and want out of this hell.
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2023.06.10 09:59 Bull_King_7 Any loser cuck who wanna do task using you wife or gf stuff PM ME on reddit or kik - tyagi7906

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2023.06.10 09:58 SciVoid Rule

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2023.06.10 09:58 donexmachina I have money but I can't buy love

I had the great luck of being born to a rich family. My parents have enough money to give me everything I need. I coasted along at school because there was no need for me to get good grades so I can get a well paying job. My father's business empire was waiting for me. Now, I am the COO of several businesses. Child Of Owner. I just have to go to the office, direct this employee to do that task and that employee to do this task, and spend the rest of the day watching Youtube and Tiktok.
I've always used my money to my advantage. I bought friendships and the company of girls by treating them to dine outs all the time, buying them gifts and letting them ride my expensive cars. Unfortunately, money is all I have. I don't have looks or a particularly interesting personality. I can be shy and introverted, but I also seek company and affection. It's hard to connect with people to get the company and affection I want genuinely. Along the way I just learned that money is the easiest way to get those, even just for a short while.
There's always been just one thing I wanted. Actually, one person. She is one of the few genuine friends I have, one who isn't interested in my money. I know because I've offered to buy her gifts and help her financially when she was in a rut before, but she declined. She is never a yes woman to me either; whenever I do something she doesn't agree with, she tells it to me straight, even if it hurts my feelings. And I love her for that. For 15 years, I loved her.
Sadly for me, she is engaged. It's a roller coaster relationship with a questionable man that she has known for just over a year, but what can I do. He asked and she said yes.
Now I am trying to move on. I am going out with several girls, fetching them in a BMW so they can be proud while their friends watch in envy, treating them to expensive meals, buying them expensive gifts. So that they will reply to my messages. So that they will go out with me. So that I'm not alone and lonely as I stare longingly at her profile picture, which is a picture of her and her fiancee.
I just want love. Someone who will love me not for my money. Someone who will love me despite my unattractive looks and introverted personality. Unfortunately for me, even all my money can't buy that.
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2023.06.10 09:57 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️Dan Koe – Digital Economics Masters Degree ✔️ Full Course Download

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Phase 1) Creating A Meaningful Niche

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  • Develop a long-term strategy to create your own niche — meaning you don’t have to worry about your “competition” playing status games.
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Phase 2) Content Strategy

There is one thing that separates those who make it in the digital economy and those who don’t.It’s the quality, articulation, and perceived originality of their content.The content you post has to make sense to the people you attract.Everyone has a different voice and tone that they resonate with. That they are congruent with and trust.It has to change their thought patterns or behavior — that’s what makes you memorable.That’s what separates you from the sea of people posting surface-level copy-cat style posts.Example and putting my money where my mouth is:
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Bonus) Live Product Build & Launch

In the first Digital Economics Cohort, I built out my course The 2 Hour Writer.I have videos showing how I build it with the strategies in phase 3 and 4.There is a bonus module that shows how I had an $85,000 launch that resulted in my first $100K month.I did this to prove the strategies inside Digital Economics work if you stick to the plan.And, this past Black Friday, I blew my that monthly high out of the water in 4 days.That’s the power of these strategies if you stay consistent with your life’s work.
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2023.06.10 09:57 KentuckyKlassic Are charger questions allowed in this sub?

Cuz if they are, I have questions.
Number one is that I want a Ruger Charger. It looks so fun and compact. The big draw for me is that the guy looks lightweight and easy to pack. With me having terminal cancer, I can’t get around like I used to and this would be a nice lightweight option for me.
I have taken to the particular “lightweight” model of the Charger. I mostly picked it over the others because I thought the barrel looked cool, I thought it might be lighter weight, and it says it’s a “takedown”. I don’t really know if I will ever need to takedown a charger, but I guess if I need to there is availability to do so.
Does anyone know if the regular 10” barrel model is any better or worse than the “takedown” lightweight model? I am worried that because the lightweight is a takedown it may be less accurate. But that may be completely false.
Also, is the 10” model known for being more accurate than the 8” model? Because if it is not, then I may just go with the 8” model.
I plan on running the charger suppressed.
I like how the lightweight model has the picatinny rail in the stock area. It would be nice to add a stock to the charger. I am aware that right now is kinda a bad time for this because of some new laws about pistol brace stocks. But if I put a Sig Sauer MPX telescoping and folding stock on it would it be considered illegal at that point? I assumed minimum it would be considered a short barrel rifle and therefore would have to get stamped. One thing I don’t know is this. If I were to stamp my charger as a SBR, then do you have to wait on approval to use the gun, like when buying a suppressor? I have never purchased or have owned an SBR (short barrel rifle) and I am not up to date on the proper methods of acquisition of such a rifle. So if anyone would be so kind as to enlighten me on the differences between buying and SBR versus buying a suppressor. I have bought suppressors and know a tax stamp is a few hundred, then you have to wait forever.
With the cancer, time is always my number one enemy, so I hope you don’t have to wait like you do the suppressors.
Anyways if someone on here has used the Sig Sauer MPX telescoping and folding stock please let me know if it worked well, or if you think I should get the M4 style stock version? I was also wondering if you could switch out the bolt that attaches it to the gun and the bolt that keeps it folded with bolts that where large and knurled on the head so that the bolts could be tightened or loosened quickly and easily.
Also if anyone on here has had a Ruger Charger in the Odin Chassis, please let me know if you think it’s worth it. I think it looks good and it may add some functionality that the standard Charger chassis wouldn’t.
Two more questions.
Is there a type of trigger system or something that allows for easier extraction of magazines? I don’t know how the Charger is, but if it’s like the 10/22, I shot my buddies 10/22 the other day and it was very difficult to press that one part in and try and us you fingernail or fingertip to get the 10 round magazines out. If there are different magazines that are easier to extract. Or if there is some kind of aftermarket extraction part upgrade or something. Or if it’s considered part of the trigger assembly, whatever is out there to solve this issue for me I would be great full to hear about it.
And lastly I want to ask about a good sight to put on this rifle. I do have an EOTECH holographic with magnifier, but I don’t know if it would fit, depends on how long the picatinny rail is on top of the charger. But if anyone has any suggestions let me know.
Last but not least, if anybody has any advice on what model charger to go with I will listen. Or if anyone has any advice that would be beneficial in any way to the topics discussed above. Thanks for everyone’s time and opinions.
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2023.06.10 09:55 Deep-Ad3117 The constant feeling of being studied under a microscope

I'm having some feelings and I want to share so I feel less alone.
I'm finding that the most emotional draining aspect of my transition is the feeling of being under a microscope. Especially since I'm early on my transition. When I'm with people who know I'm trans, I feel like they're judging me and studying me. Going through puberty as an adult is so fucking embarrassing. At least when I was in high school, I was with a bunch of other kids who were also going through the same thing. But now it feels like I'm being treated like a kid again.
I also feel like people are judging the changes that are or aren't happening, you know something i have no control over. Like it's almost a complete shot in the dark for what changes will happen. I can guess what's going to happen by looking at my dad and brother but overall I have no idea how things will turn out.
Not to mention the near constant worry about if the people in my life see me as a mam or still see me as woman. It's so exhausting. I'm finding myself slowly falling into the idea that I need to earn my right to be gender properly and I'm trying really hard to stay out of that mindset but it's hard. I know things will get better with time but God I wish it was better now.
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2023.06.10 09:55 Longjumping_Plan3252 After many relationships, I’ve learned a few things that people need to hear.

This is a little word of advice for getting to know a partner before commitment ensues. I am a 34M and been in and out of the dating world. These are the few things I’ve learned in my experiences:
1) Always be patient and take your time to learn about someone. It doesn’t happen in 3 months, 6 months or even within a year. Confessing your love for someone 2 months in, love bombing and expressing that you cannot live without them will scare the living hell out of healthy personality types.
2) Expressing your traumas and fears are a part of learning someone. Always be under the understanding that not all people can handle other peoples traumas or personality traits, no matter how “right” or “amazing” the feelings are while being with this person.
3) In the first 6 months, don’t push to get to know their family, friends, kids or social network. Focus on them, focus on who they are with you, what they bring to the table and how you both can mesh each others needs in a relationship. Before this is solidified, nobody should be meeting anyone’s extended social network.
4) Learn how to communicate. Everyone communicates different and lots of people have different personality traits, which include, anxious, secure and avoidant attachment styles. In order for any relationship to succeed, both parties need to make sure they are comfortable with the way they are able to communicate their feelings, frustrations, issues and ideas to the person they want to be with.
5) Do not try to change yourself or another person to fit the relationship status quo. They may be gorgeous, intimate, attractive, but changing your likes and personality to suit someone else’s needs or wants will end up in disaster. Be yourself, let them fall in love with who you are not who they want you to be.
6) Do not use sex as a distraction from the issues that stem from a relationship. Sex can be amazing, you may feel this person is so attracted to you and can make you feel amazing. But, the second arguments or disagreements are put under the rug and sex is the main priority, it will blow up later on. Trust me.
7) Most people are aware of what manipulation and toxicity is. Do not be offended if someone removes themselves from your life if you are portraying toxic behaviors or emotionally abusive tactics.
8) Most breakups hurt the most because people fall into this cloud of “love” that because you love this person they would do nothing to hurt you even if they have expressed their issues with the relationship. The only way that gets fixed if you deal with the issue at hand. If one partners issues keep going undiscussed or stone walled, expect the other person to pull back due to the lack of respect when bringing up important things.
9) Nobody is responsible for your happiness but you! If you are recognizing unhealthy behaviors when starting relationships, step back, get some therapy and love yourself before you love someone else. You will thank me.
10) Do not stay in any relationship no matter how amazing if you feel unsafe or walking on constant eggshells no matter the reason. Life is to short to waste.
11) When one partner deicdes to call it quits, give each other the respect and time to heal. Even if you don't think you should be apart, time = clarity. DO NOT contact their friends, their family, or anyone on your partners side regarding your emotions or to get info on your ex. Its toxic, if you ever have a chance to get back together, this will truly destory it.
12) Understanding why the relationship broke down is important. It helps you understand who you are, what changes to make moving forward and being grateful that you had the chance to learn from all this. DO NOT beat yourself up, FORGIVE yourself for it, because you are 1 in 8 billion in terms of humans in this world. You’re leaning, just like everyone else. 8 billion other people are also going through the same roller coaster ride and learning who they are. Be kind to yourself, be patient, there is no perfect way of doing any of this. Relationships are meant to break down, its how we get back up that makes us who we are. Love yourself.
Hope this helps! Please add in any other points to help people out in this group.
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2023.06.10 09:55 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] [Get] Chris Orzechowski – Badass Black Friday Bundle - Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 09:54 StarPeep Help finding this Tanaka Special about his background

There was one I saw on this subreddit years ago that was subtitled. It was a special where it would talk about an anonymous celebrity's background before they got famous and reveal who the celebrity is at the end and it was Tanaka. I remember it going into detail such as Tanaka using the public timed showers and to save money and time, he would put shampoo in his hair before going into the shower by using his sink water. Can anyone help me find it?
submitted by StarPeep to GakiNoTsukai [link] [comments]