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2023.03.31 23:22 Fion_1995 [Friendship] DM me ^_^

Hey! I suck at this kinda stuff but here we go
I am Fin I’m a gay 27 yr old who’s pronouns are He/They and I’m looking for friends/chats I’m hoping to find some people that i click with pretty well but at this point lets just see what happens and i always try and respond to all messages as quickly as possible
i like video games although i haven’t been playing many recently i enjoy watching anime or sci-fi/fantasy tv shows im a huge fan of dnd although not currently in a game am always happy to talk about it im trying to broaden my interests and learn about other people’s interests so feel free to lore dump your hobbies/interests on me i will try my best to keep up haha
But if none of that seems interesting then just ask me a weird question or tell me something weird about yourself that you could only tell a stranger that doesn’t know you!
Hope to hear from some people soon but if i don’t i hope you all have an amazing day x
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2023.03.31 23:21 KimberBr I am the lucky one

So I have been lurking and reading for awhile now and I honestly feel like maybe I should just call myself poly even if I only have one partner. Let me explain...
20 years ago, I met my now hubby on a bdsm site. At the time I had a bf/Master and now hubby didn't realize I would be open to a poly relationship. To be fair, neither did I. Then bf and I had a don't ask, don't tell policy which I abhor now. Not for any reason other than I learned communication is super important in a poly or even mono relationship and I don't believe in hiding what I am doing. Fast forward to 2007 when my girl passed away from brain cancer and her death was the catalyst for me to realize I was not happy and could not see myself long term with my bf. We broke up and I moved from Massachusetts to Texas. While there, I started talking to another guy whom was killed by a drunk driver in October. I spent several inconsolable weeks crying myself to sleep before I decided to reach out to hubby. He had been a good friend before and I needed one now.
We started talking every night on the phone when I confirmed I was single and his ex wife pushed him to ask me out. With the deaths of two friends so close together, it really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I agreed to meeting hubby in Jan/Feb of 2008. We spent two weeks together, fell in love and me going back to Texas was the hardest, most gut wrenching thing to happen to me in awhile. I cried on the bus heading back to Toronto Airport (he lived in Hamilton) and on the plane ride back to Texas. We managed 5 months apart before we both agreed it was not working for us. I moved in with him for 3 months (the most time allowed without a visa) while looking for a place in Buffalo. For the next 6 years, I traveled back and forth between Buffalo and Canada until I got my permanent residency card in 2018. During that time, I went to school and graduated twice, he got divorced, he had a psychotic ex gf who very nearly broke us apart after being together for 8 years, they broke up and he found my meta whom we now live with. And we got married in 2019, they got engaged in 2022 (I am so excited to help her plan their wedding!!) And honestly I could not be happier.
So here are the partnerships so you can see where I am mono dating poly and I'll explain why I am no longer sure that fits me as it seems most mono dating poly are unhappy and I really don't read many stories that are like mine.
Hubby and me
Hubby and play partner
Hubby and fiance/meta
Meta and bf (the four of us + metas special needs brother live together)
Meta and fwbs
I am very much an introvert and loner. Also the crazy cat lady (I have 3 kittens under 2). I love, want and need time to myself. During the week, hubby sleeps upstairs with fiance and with me on the weekends and odd days during the week when long haul truck driver bf comes home. This works for us and we are all happy with how things are.
We have family nights where we play Euchre, Squence, Risk or dominoes. We watch movies together. We have family dinners where hubby's parents and metas dad come over. On the days when I am feeling extra ant-social, they have movies they watch together and I watch my football or hockey. Or read. Or play games on my phone. I am happy to be by myself and this works in that I see hubby every day and kiss him goodnight even if he doesn't sleep with me. It's fantastic.
Meta and I also get along really really well (shocker!) And we have our own shows we watch together like Love is Blind (no spoilers for season 4 pls!) Or Perfect Match. And we also watch Last of Us or Witcher or Mandolorian. Point is, even when we are alone, we still have company if we want.
Things have not always been perfect. Hubby and I nit pick at each other to stop the big explosions and usually its financial stress. But we see a forever home together with his fiance and her bf and brother and the girl who swore she would never live with another female after the fiasco of his ex wife and psychotic ex gf can see that too.
All in all, I am happy to be mono dating poly. I just wish others were happy too.
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2023.03.31 23:21 mq003at An appreciative post for the franchise

I just saw a video ditching the franchise on Youtube so I decided to watch the movies. Man, the movies are very good, in my opinion. I was bored by lots of movies recently because they always follow the same structure that it is soooo easy for me to guess what will happen next. However, this movie, especially 2nd and 3rd one, really blows my mind.
At first, I was just like other people thinking that FB is about Newt catches his Pokemon and stuffs. However, it turns out there is a different theme behind the magical world. Just like HP is about being "The child who lives" against cruelty, FB is about "Going to the war although you do not want to". Newt does not want to join Albus side, but he has to fight because of Leta's death and Theseus' job. Jacob also has to fight because Queentin follows Grindelwald. Albus does not want to fight but he has to do so because of guilt (and because he loses his teaching job in Hogwarts, lol). Aberforth badmouths Albus for "acting like a savior" but he also joins when he realizes that his son is in the war as well. And the most important, Grindewald. He only fights because Albus initiates first, while the cause is what they both dreamed of when they were young.
The problems with the franchise, in my opinion, are structure and the audience. There are too much information covered in one movie, and the most important information only shows up once or is hidden very well. For example, people say that the only thing original is Albus' manipulation, but in this case, he has to manipulate people without telling them the whole plan. The enemy can read fragments of the future, so by splitting up the plan, Grindelwald cannot use Divinity ability against him. About the audience, well, I can see that most of them just care about the "magical part" of the franchise. That is the reason why Hogwart Legacy is loved that much: it's still the same colorful Hogwarts. Till this day, people are still unable to find out that Slytherines are Nazis and that is truly astonishing. (And before you attack me about this, yeah, it is the case of "we are being oppressed so we fight back by saying that 1 race should be like slaves and we will rule over them. Do not forget the genocide").
In conclusion, I am really looking forward to the two last parts. I am really sad that although they fight in that war, Jacob and Newt do not treat Albus as friends. They will fight for him, but they will not invite him to the wedding. And Grindelwald is the one chasing their own dream, but got betrayal. Albus is now alone with the nightmare "Who will love you now?" because while others have found their peace, he walks alone in the snowy road. I hope that he may repair the relationship with Grindelwald, although he has to see his lover in prison.
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2023.03.31 23:20 Kukkaruukku6_ [TOMT] [tv series] Help me! Im in agony about some tv show that has disapeared from my memory!

Okay, lets start with the tv show in question. It was about "historical" events and people like the devil core and Jonas Salk. There was brobably a story about car mechanic who had an accident and lost his short term memory, witch caused him to live in believef that he was 20 years old. Or something like that. I dont remember the host, but the host was a man. I live in Finland so i dont quite remember on which chanel it was shown but if i have to quess, it was like from history chanel. Im so sorry for my english, not my first language, but i hope and pray that you guys could help me with this problem. <3
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2023.03.31 23:20 Ed_Derick_ Update on my GVK rewrite

The last thing I wrote was the scene where Kong shows he knows sing language, so I’m about to cut back to Team Godzilla. And I wanted your opinion on something.
For context, I’m already brainstorming as to what the final battle will be like and I’ve been running into a lot of problems regarding the axe. So my question is this: How would you feel if I completely removed the axe from the movie, and had the final battle be solely melee combat?
Rest assured that the hollow earth temple will still have a function in my version of the movie if the axe is removed, and the mecha-g battle will be altered as well.
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2023.03.31 23:18 ryanthom100 Should I buy a new MacBook Pro for my own projects?

So my current computer oriented devices devices are a gaming pc and an Intel MacBook 16 inch which is my work laptop, my current job is a software automation testeengineer.
However, I want to move into front end development using react native. I have started with using my work laptop and running my companies app locally and then running my own free time work is a pain in the ass. Once the Intel laptop shut down from overheating when I ran an iOS and android version of the app at the same time 🤣.
Is it a good idea to get a MacBook Pro for personal use? I would use it at home most of the time and have a 4k 42 inch tv and 1080p monitor to hook it up to. The m2 pro has hdmi 2.1 so I can finally take advantage of 4k 120hz on Mac OS. Not that it will make me a better programmer 😅. I don’t want to publish apps or anything like that, I just want to create something to show potential employers in the future and learn new skills.
I am also just worried that if I don’t stay at my current job and decide to leave then I will need to hand my work laptop back and then I won’t have any development machine.
It also feels a bit better having a separate laptop for personal use. I was thinking maybe the 16 inch m2 pro base model. 16gb ram seems enough for development and I’m not sure I can deal with the smaller 14 inch screen. I’m not looking to waste money here but I guess if I have a use for it then it isn’t going to waste.
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2023.03.31 23:17 hockeyhud10 Docker/Radarr/Qbittorrent Paths - Help Needed

Qbittorrent is saving radarr files to data/torrents/torrents/radarr when the specified path is data/torrents/radarr. Sonarr behaves properly with data/torrents/sonarr-tv.

My Qbittorrent save path is /data/torrents
Yet movies for Radarr go to (Sonarr works fine (torrents/sonarr-tv)) /data/torrents/torrents/radarr
and radarr thinks it should be data/torrents/radarr Despite me changing my remote path to torrents/torrents/radarr
TLDR - download path is data/torrents. Radarr files go to /torrents/torrents, yet I can't get radarr to pick up on this. Either fixing the qbit, or making radarr recognize the second folder would be ideal.
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2023.03.31 23:16 Sensitive_Anxiety_75 If you had to pick one superpower, what would it be and why?

If you could switch lives with any character from a movie or TV show, who would it be?
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2023.03.31 23:15 nocontracts Can you upgrade HDX movies to 4k?

Can you upgrade HDX movies to 4k?
I recently bought the Ip Man collection bundle. It was only available in SD & HDX.
However I noticed that the individual Ip Man movies show that they're available in 4k.
Is there an option to upgrade my HDX movies to 4K?
Unfortunately, I'm not seeing anything on the Vudu app on my smart tv.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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2023.03.31 23:15 Lucky-Situation Botched Home Sale (-COA)

Previous Post -
this documents an old set of 2 recordings around the early to mid 2000's, detailing the seller of an old home belonging to ---- ------, after his mysterious disappearance in 1986.
The camera turns on, the footage showing an old house in front of a forest, the building overgrown with nature, the windows being boarded up
The footage cuts to the person holding the camera approaching the house, looking through one of the old broken windows, looking into a dark room, it was a living room, a very old, broken tv, a torn up couch, and various other things
the camera pans to the front door, a male going up and trying to open it, when the footage cuts again
coughing is heard, "God, there's dust everywhere" a male voice said, a female coughing in the background as well
"So this is the living room, lot's of cleaning up to do, huh?" the female said
"Yeah, probably gonna be a few months just to clear this place out" the male responded, clearing some cobwebs away, The camera peaking down a hallway to a few doors
"Well, we have to sell this place by August, so we need to be quick." the female mentioned
"Why do they think we can fix this place up in under a month?" The man asked.

The footage cuts, before picking up a few second later
"Hello?" The woman called out,
"Hi?" The man said curiously, "You alright?"
"I.. swear I saw someone." she pointed down a hall, the man starting to walk down it
"Is anyone here?" He called out, looking around
"There's no one-" He got cut off, a loud bang of something falling from another room as the two quickly ran towards the noise, the footage completely cutting
the second tape,
the duo is walking around the house, calling out, talking to each other, but its very faint as the camera sits on a stand
a shadowy figure walks from one side to another, in the direction of the female
seconds later.. the girl screams, and the man rushes over "Mary??"
the next few seconds, you can hear what sounds to be a struggle coming from the room..
then silence.
The next 5 hours would be taped on the camera with complete silence, and nothing happening, until the camera finally dies

the house would be burned down a few months later under mysterious circumstances, the camera being found perfectly fine, with the bodies of the man and woman never being found, no one knows what attacked them, or what that shadow was, but the Hurricane police department is trying to do their best to figure it out...
...We have no idea what happened that night.
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2023.03.31 23:15 BradLB22 A question about the audiobooks.

I’m just getting started with the audiobooks and have some questions: what makes you like them? Are there any other versions apart from the British guy, if not that’s fine I was just curious.
Are there any parts in particular that you would put over the TV show, if you can, don’t spoil too much :)
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2023.03.31 23:15 bugi0007 [TOMT] [TV SHOW] [circa 2010/2] TV show about CIA agents - name?

Hello everyone,
I’m looking for a name of a TV show that was aired approximately 10 years ago.
It was about a few CIA agents (I think 4, all male), the first episode was about going to the North Korea to some congress, I think they were rescuing someone from there. I remember them crossing the borders with China, border guards shooting at them. They went through with a stolen bus. Their boss was an older man, then he was changed by some pretty nice blonde woman. The show had about 8-10 episodes and only one serie, I think.
If anyone knows the name, I will be really glad! Thanks!
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2023.03.31 23:15 Jumping_Peanuts Anyone interested to know (approximately) how much screen time each main character has across the whole show?

BODY TEXT IS NOT ESSENTIAL READING, feel free to just lmk your answer with an upvote or a mean comment about how stupid I am and how much of a waste of time this would be.
I did this for the Gilliganverse back in January. It was a 2-month long endeavor. I posted the results to a very poor response (albeit the graph was a little messy; I plan to repost soon with clearer, better organized data).
So this time, I want to make sure this is actually something people will be interested in, before I take on the endeavor. I imagine these 77 26-minute episodes will take much less time to go through than the 125 48-minute episodes of BB and BCS + movie, but still, I'm not gonna do it if nobody cares lol.
If the answer is yes, these are the characters I plan to compile data on:
BoJack Horseman
Todd Chavez
Princess Carolyn
Mister Peanutbutter
Diane Nguyen
Sarah Lynn
Margot Martindale
Beatrice Horseman
Herb Kazzaz
Hollyhock Mannheim Mannheim Guerrero Robinson Zilberschlag Hsung Fonzerelli McQuack
These are the 5 official main characters, and any supporting characters that have a substantial amount of development, and a significant impact on the plot throughout the show's run. If there are any characters that you think meet these requirements, but are not on my list, please make your case in the comments! I won't be surprised if I forgot someone.
(For reference, here's the 17 characters from the Gilliganverse I included in the data set: Walter, Jesse, Skyler, Flynn, Hank, Marie, Hector, Saul, Gus, Mike, Lydia, Todd, Chuck, Kim, Howard, Nacho, Lalo.)
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2023.03.31 23:14 mrbrannon [LIVE] Supercard of Honor - March 31st, 2023 (Zero Hour @ 6pm ET, Main Show @ 7pm ET)

[LIVE] Supercard of Honor - March 31st, 2023 (Zero Hour @ 6pm ET, Main Show @ 7pm ET)
Time: Watch the Zero Hour Pre-Show @ 6:00 pm ET on YouTube; Supercard begins at 7 pm ET (use this site to figure out your local time!) on pay-per-view.
Location: Galen Center, Los Angeles, CA
Capacity: ~4,889 (as set up)
Attendance: ~4,500+ Cost: $40 (US via Bleacher Report) or $30 (Internationally via Fite TV)
If you still need to know how to order Supercard, are having trouble purchasing/viewing, or have general questions or tech issues about the PPV please contact the PPV provider. We cannot help you as we do not work for these companies. Please DO NOT make an additional post in the subreddit or in this thread for help or to complain - it will be removed.
Want a preview of tonight’s card? Check out Ring of Honor’s thorough preview and break down of the matches here.
Zero Hour Card (at time of posting, in no particular order):
  • Jeff Cobb vs. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams
  • Konosuke Takeshita vs. Willie Mack
  • Stu Grayson vs. Slim J
  • Willow Nightingale vs. Miranda Alize
Main Card (at time of posting, in no particular order):
  • The Embassy (c) vs. AR Fox, Black Christian, and Metalik for the ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship
  • Athena (c) vs. Yuka Sakazaki for the ROH Women’s World Championship
  • Lucha Brothers vs. Top Flight vs. The Kingdom vs. Aussie Open vs. La Facción Ingobernable for the vacant ROH World Tag Team Championship (Reach for the Sky Ladder Match)
  • Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Daniel Garcia
  • El Hijo del Vikingo (c) vs. Komander for the AAA Mega Championship
  • Wheeler Yuta (c) vs. Katsuyori Shibata for the ROH Pure Championship
  • Samoa Joe (c) vs. Mark Briscoe for the ROH World Television Championship
  • Claudio Castagnoli (c) vs. Eddie Kingston for the ROH World Championship
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2023.03.31 23:14 DukeSpaghetti Outdoor Projector Help Please

  1. Maximum budget. $1600 USD
  2. Screen size. My projector screen is 100" diagonally but it doesn't necessarily need to fill the entire space
  3. Distance from back wall or preferred mounting position to screen wall. about 12 feet
  4. Seating distance to screen.about 15 feet
  5. How will you mount? (ceiling, rear shelf, table) ceiling
  6. Usage: Movies, TV, Games, Sports, etc. Mainly want it for watching football during the day
  7. Room type: Dedicated, Mixed use, Living room. it is in a California room/covered patio
  8. Ambient light, through lighting or light leakage from windows? yes, it is outside and the yard faces south
  9. Room colors: Walls, Ceiling, and floors walls and ceiling are beige. the floor is orangeish pavers

I don't need the picture to be amazing during the day but I do need it to be visible. Am I dreaming or is this possible? TIA
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2023.03.31 23:13 ShinyMcGuffin The Mate Tricks - Chapter 1: Pre Face

“Call me Ishmael. Some years ago -”
"Nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan!
Her phone displayed a black cat with the body of a poptart flying through the air on a rainbow until the ringtone stopped and cheerfully chirped the arrival of a notification.
The only illumination in the room came from her laptop. Her face looked pale, hollow, and grim, contrasted by her fuzzy warm pajamas and the energetic ringtone.
Her desk was covered with an arrangement of wholesome food options - mostly vegetables. She picked up a dark green smoothie from her desk and sipped it expressionlessly as she turned her attention back to the words on her laptop.
“Call me Ishmael. Some -” She read, only to be interrupted again as the phone vibrated to life with a new jingle. Cat loves food, ye-yeah yeah-yeah! Cat loves food, ye-yeah! Her phone showed two cute black kittens sharing a milkshake.
She took another sip from the glass of milk, her eyes fixed on the laptop in front of her, expression unchanging. She leaned forward, adjusting the form-fitting black leather that hugged her curves.
“Call me Ishmael.” She repeated, only to be interrupted yet again by, “Caaaaat paaaaarty! Meow… Meow… Meow! Meow… Meow… Reowr!
Her eyes drifted to her phone, and three black cat’s wearing party hats danced in the reflection of her vertical pupils.
She placed the glass of milk back on the desk, she reached out toward the pile of junk food on her desk that now contained tins of tuna, sausages, beef jerky and...
Her whiskers twitched as she selected a package of catnip, which she dumped over herself and rubbed over her body as she twisted and turned in her seat.
She brushed a strand of short black hair behind her ears and felt… a band of metal. She removed the headband and inspected the cat ears that hadn't been there moments before.
She tossed them into the darkness and wiped away the sweat from her forehead, rubbing her paw down the side of her face to start licking -
She stared at her hairy black hands and sharp claws.
“Whoa. Is this fur real?” She asked the empty room.
She blinked and refocused on her laptop.
“Call me Ishmael!” she said, determined to - “Smelly cat… Smelly cat… What are they feeding you? Smelly cat… Smelly cat… It's not your fault!
She adjusted her collar, causing the bell to jingle, as she lifted the phone with a shaking paw and answered it.
“Sexy singles are in your area.” Said the deep male voice on the other end. “The three bears.”
“Where’s Goldilocks?” She said.
“I don’t know.” The man said, “How close is he?”
She minimizes Moby Dick to reveal a window: INSTALLING DICK… 22% COMPLETE.
There’s a large RUN button below the file.
“It doesn’t matter.” She said, turning up her lips, “It'll be fiiiine.”
“He’ll probably make it. At the last second everything will work out, wight? But it'll be close!”
“What are you… Shit. We just picked up Black Cat Warning. It's Magnitude 4 so far… you should be fine for now, but a Quadruple Black Cat is coming your way. Can you feel it yet?”
“I feel a widdle funny."
“What?” The man’s voice falters, “Shit. Shit. We've also just detected an... unknown Category 5 superstimuli moving toward your location! Holy shit. You need to -"
"But this is our best chance! How could I possibly fail when witewally the fate of the world wests on my widdle -”
"Shit. Shit. You’re already compromised. Abort mission. You need to run. Now.”
“Aww, don't be such a scaredy-cat.”
“WAKE UP!” The man screams. “DO YOU HEAR ME! YOU ARE IN DANGER!”
“Am I weally though?”
"YES! What does that mean!! YES YOU'RE IN DANGER!"
“Meow you tell me! Good thing nobody actually dies after being twold they’re dUwUmed!”
"RUN! I make the call when you run so run!"
"Meow! But I'm gonna make it! It'll be really close! I'll be right on the edge of not getting there but then I'll get there!"
“This isn’t our only chance! It wouldn’t be in your best interest to abort the mission now and run before your reasoning degrades further! Hello? Hello? ARE YOU EVEN NOT LISTENING TO ME?”
The cat girl looks up from the screen where she was image searching “cute pokemon” and bats her paws at an errant butterfly.
“Pspspsps! PsssPsssPsss! PSSS! PSSS! PSSS!
“Ummm, hewwo.” She says, smiling and wagging her tail.
"Do whatever you want! Obviously this plan doesn't matter! You’re not special! You're not the chosen one! We have a whole bunch of backup chosen ones ready to go!”
“Hummm, but I thought the whole point of being “The One” is that there's only one of you.”
“Is that what you learned from all the many chosen ones you’ve seen in movies?”
“Yeah! Wait… maybe you’re right… so this mission isn't crucial then! And I can go home!”
“Exactly! See I was right and you’re listening to me, which means you’re thinking clearly and it’ll be a good idea to listen to me carefully and do the opposite of whatever I say.”
“YOU NEED TO RUN!” The man yells slamming the phone down hard against the table.
The girl scowls at the phone, holding it away from herself. She notices her paws, black and hairy, somewhere halfway between human and cat.
She makes a low grumbling sound into the phone. “Ok. I’m good. I'm lucid. This is stronger than -”
The voice cuts off, replaced by an eerie clicking static.
Foooooound youuuuuu…” A girl’s voice whispers from the other end.
"Who is this?" The cat girl asks.
More static.
"Call me... MAL."
"What do you want?"
The cat girl dropped the phone, hissing as she hopped backwards out of the chair.
She picked it up and slammed it on the edge of the desk three times, confirming the kill and tossing the remains into an unlit corner.
She paces back and forth, “I’m fine. I’m fine. I'm supposed to… run.”
She sits back down in front of the laptop.
She stares at the RUN button and tries to click it, but it’s greyed out.
“I guess I’ll just have to wait then.”
She maximizes Moby Dick, “Call me Fishmeal, nya~! Some years ago—never mind how long purrrcisely—having widdle or no catnip in my purse, and nothing particular to interest meow…”
She paused, glancing up from the screen into the shadows of the room.
No intrusive meows disturbed the silence.
“See I’m fine.”
With a sigh, she… her eyes widen as she looks down at the phone in her paw, alive and vibrating.
Except it’s not her phone, it’s a large white marshmallow haped like a phone, displaying five black humanoid cat creatures dancing and singing.
*“*Gelatin songs for gelatin cats!
Gelatin songs for gelatin cats!
Gelatin songs for gelatin cats!
Gelatin songs for gelatin cats!
Gelatin songs for gelatin cats!
She shook her paw, trying to drop the marshmallow, but it sticks, melting.
The phone answers itself.
She pauses licking the marshmallow and stares.
“OK ONE MO-OUCH!” The cat roughly scrapes the marshmallow off on the table.
The glob of marshmallow phone sits on the table. “MAYBE TRY A LITTLE HARDER NEXT TIME?”
“You’ve got the wrong number.”
There’s a knock on the door. “Pizza delivery!”
The cat girl turned, and the marshmallow flopped toward to the laptop.
“Extra large sausage for one for... The One!” The pizza delivery guy said.
The marshmallow began spreading out over the keyboard, sinking into the laptop like butter on toast. The catgirl turned back and shrieked. She frantically clawed at the marshmallow, scraping as much off as she could as it melted in between the keys.
Ooooooh Yeaahhhhhhhh! Like that!” MAL groaned. “You’ve Got MAAAAAAL!
An ad popped up on the screen, displaying 7 long blue pills carefully arranged in the box: “IS THIS WEIGHT LOSS? YOU WON’T MISS CARRYING 10 POUNDS OF BABY WEIGHT! GET WEIGHT LOST!”
The cat girl desperately scraped at the marshmallow burrowing in between the keys, getting goo over her paws. She begins rubbing it on her clothing, only to find that she hasn’t wearing any, just a black bra and panties.
A pixellated marshmallow with a smiley face appeared in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. "Hi there, I'm MAL. It looks like you're trying to be a slut. Would you like some help with that?"
"Don't show me this tip again!" The cat girl screamed in frustration.
“It’s ok if you don’t have a tip for me!" The pizza guy said. "I've even got a tip for you!”
The cat girl reached for the mouse, but it scurried away.
More popups appeared:
She pounced on the mouse (squeak!) using both paws. The mouse cursed at her (#!$?%@?..!) as she guided the mouse cursor on the screen to close out the pop-ups.
The ads dodged out of the way as she tried to X them, and more just keep appearing.
"It looks like you're trying to -"
"Eat a dick!"
"Ok. Don't mind if I do." MAL said.
White tendrils extended out of the marshmallow, wriggling angrily.
The tendrils shot upward.
She gave up on closing the pop-ups, and moved the upload (INSTALLING DICK… 26% COMPLETE) to the top of the screen.
“What are you doing in there?” The delivery guy asked, knocking again. "We can work something out! I"ll eat a dick too if that's what you want!"
She desperately grabbed the Moby Dick e-book, and bashed it into the tendrils. Moby Dick harmless stuck into the white mass of goo that had leaked in at the bottom of the screen and began sinking into it.
The tendrils resumed their ascent, snaking up over Moby Dick as bits of text rubbed off the book onto the tentacles.
She typed “MALWARE REMOVAL” into her web browser and clicked on the first site.
The tendrils, now spotted with siphoned bits of black text, controlled the bottom half of the screen. They reached up past the ads towards the web page.
The page loaded:
She clicked and more ads opened.
“God Dammit!”
The tendrils opened up the vibrator window and ordered an express shipping 12 pack of vibrators.
She clicked the address bar and typed four letters.
She clicked "Images" and fire appeared. The front line of tendrils recoiled as the less aggressive tentacles tried to help by smothering the flames.
She dragged to the top of the page down, pausing to widen the browser window, and swung the wall of fire like a torch.
Scorched tendrils retreated, cramming themselves back out the bottom of the screen.
She dragged the impenetrable fire wall further down.
Crispy goo bubbled and spit out the keyboard. An already strained laptop fan whirred harder as bits of smoke furled out the back.
“You can’t treat me like this…" MAL gasped as strips of charred marshmallow peeled out between keys like potato skins. "I want to speak with… I demand to speak with…” The marshmallow gathered itself into a congealed mass of gooey s'more. “your TASK MANAGER!
The marshmallow pile pressed down on three keys in unison. CTRL ALT and DELETE.
The screen went blue as there was another, more forceful knock at the door. “Ma’am, it’s the cops!”
The cat girl looked around in panic as a tendril reached up and forcibly closed the web browser as another disabled the internet connection
The cat girl click cancel and the home page returned, but the s'more was already sinking back into the laptop, and the charred tentacles had resumed their crawl up the screen.
The cat girl stared at the screen, searching for territory she could click that wasn't already covered in goo.
“Please let us in! Don’t make us start coming in through the window!” The cop said.
“Start! Windows!” The cat girl said.
She hits the windows key and a the start menu popped up, displaying a list of applications.
“We’ve had reports of degenerates playing with themselves!”
“Playing with themselves!”
She opened Solitaire.
She grabbed Solitaire and swung it down. The cards sliced through a couple tentacles before the cards were crumpled up and consumed by the mass.
“We are authorized to do a pervert sweep!”
“Sweep!” The cat girl said.
She opened up another game. A grid of grey squares appeared on the screen.
A tendril touched a grey box, causing it to reveal a series of touching safe squares, as well as bunch of boxes with 1's 2's and 3's.
The tentacles lightly slithered overthe untouched gray squares, carefully pausing before picking a safe route to continue moving upward.
A large open patch of safe squares revealed themselves in the center of the game board.
...except for one grey tile in the middle, surrounded by the boxes with the number 1.
The tendrils climbed up further, snaking across the minefield.
The mouse pointer hovered over the small grey box in the center.
The tendrils drew closer.
And closer.
White chunks of marshmallow exploded out of the screen, spraying onto the cat girls chest. She toppled backwards, off her chair, though still landing on her feet.
“WHAT WAS THAT?” The cop yells.
The cat girl stood up and stared at the cracked laptop screen.
Heh. Heh. Heh. Harder.
The laughter came from the computer, distorted by the blown out speakers.
“You want to play games?” MAL whispered.
Bits of black and white and brown goo crawled up the screen, growing larger as they reformed, like drops of water.
The goo crawled back in through the cracks, reforming into a charred blackened crispy marshmallow, distorted by the jagged pattern of colors that formed across the broken screen.
“Then let’s play.”
MAL opened a chess app.
"WE'RE COMING!" The cop yells.
The mouse pointer was firmly stuck in MAL's head.
“For real this time.”
The cat girl frantically looked around. She hits some keys but the laptop is unresponsive. The tentacles reach towards INSTALLING DICK… 27% COMPLETE.
The tendrils are inches away.
"You've got to try harder." MAL whispered.
The cat girl plunged her head down, frantically sucking at the goo still making it's way into the laptop.
"Harder! I'm close!"
A pawn moves forward just as the door bursts open and the cops pile in, their bright blue uniforms and guns the only things visible in the dark room.
"Keep going! I'm really close! Don't stop!" MAL whispered.
The cat girl’s face is pressed up against the laptop screen, aggressively licking at the white goo between the cracks. The tentacles were almost touching the installation.
"HARDER! I'm almost there!"
The cat girl's tongue desperately - "Made it! Oh. Wow. I guess that wasn't really close at all was it? Don't worry, you tried your best, so I'll be at least that rough with your boyfriend." MAL circled around the installation with white tentacles of goo, smothering it until it had turned into a crispy marshmallow tomb.
Her lips were pressed up a where the marshmallow covered the installation, sucking, but it was too late.
“Let me guess." The cop said. "This isn’t what it looks like.”
The laptop was completely trashed, the screen struggled to display the aftermath of the white goo's blast zone and remnants of the inappropriate pop up ads.
The desk, covered in spilled milk, sausages, catnip, and open tins of tuna.
The abused mouse unplugged itself and scurried off into the darkness.
Her chest and black bra, covered with thick white streaks.
“Get your lips of that innocent computer.”
She removed her tongue from the screen.
"This should be illegal.” Another cop said. "I think I'm gonna be sick."
A twelve pack of thick purple vibrators crashed through the window, carried by a drone. The vibrators spilled out over the desk, one landing in her lap, buzzing loudly.
It sounded like one of the cops was sick.
“Have you been hacking off in here?”
She slowly reaches out and picks up a can of soda.
“I can’t believe a nice girl like you would do this to a computer like that.”
She cracks open the soda and begins chugging.
“Who do you think you are?”
She tosses the can on the ground.
“Please turn off the vibrator and stand up, Ma’am.”
She grabs the vibrator and begins letting out a massive carbonated burp as she stands. The cops freeze in place, guns still pointed in her direction. Her belch continued as she tossed the vibrator through the broken window.
It tumbled down a few stories, landing on the street, among the various emergency vehicles that surround the hotel to witness the spectacle, which included police cars, fire engines, ambulances, and a news van.
The vibrator lay in the street, vibing, doing what it did best, until it's enthusiastic yet short life was ended by the tires of a garbage truck.
The garbage truck rumbled to a stop, then slowly reversed until it’s back tire was parked on the crushed vibrator. The truck is completely clean and white, though it’s surface looks fuzzy, like it's covered in incredibly fine white fur.
The truck transformed, crumpling in on itself, folding smaller and smaller, shifting until only a man remained, standing on the vibrator.
He reached down and picked up the vibrator, examining it carefully.
He’s wearing a white suit made of the same white fur the truck was made of. His open shirt exposes chest hair and a chiselled body. His face is covered by a simple polar bear mask, fixed in a smile.
There’s an aura of control gathered about him as he looks up at the window the vibrator fell out of, just as rainbow strobe lights started flashing and music started playing.
As the music played, another vehicle pulled up beside him; a furry brown vehicle that looks like the dog van from dumb and dumber swallowed the batmobile. It blurs and shifts, transforming into another man, standing, taller, thicker, and far straighter than the first.
He wears a cowl with rounded brown-ears that covers his face, leaving only a bearded jawline and a grim grizzled expression exposed.
His suit looks high-tech and is padded, covering his whole body like a suit of armor. His suit and his cape are covered in fuzzy brown fur.
Finally, a column of black smoke, more like a tornado dives out the air and lands next to the other two. Black shapes twist and swirl within the smoke like a caged black bear.
A lieutenant, a senior man wearing dark glasses and mask over his mouth, runs over to the three bears. He’s followed by more cops holding a large banner that says “GO BEARS!”
“I knew that was gonna happen! I knew you’d be here! I just thought you’d come in from over there.” The lieutenant said, pointing down the street as he adjusted his hat which sported a shiny badge with a large “L” on it. “I've got it all under control! I got you guns, waterbottles, towels, everything I thought you might need!" He looked up, at the dancing lights, where the bears were staring. "Got it all under control! That's totally according to plan!”
Cops lined up in a row that led to the hotel entrance, saluting. Others set up a station with gatorade and snacks near the bears.
The lieutenant handed the man wearing the polar bear mask a bunch of bananas. “I can even predict what you’re going to tell me!”
The man in white replied, his voice baritone. “Can you now?”
“Course I can! I was practically born to analyze situations and provide responses based on that information!” The cop said proudly. “You were about to say ‘Great job, Lieutenant! You’ve handled this situation perfectly! You catered to my every desire, and your men no doubt possess an equally adept understanding of the female psyche! She's in the bag!'"
The polar bear mask tilted towards his cohorts. The man in brown heads toward the hotel entrance without affair. The smoke monster bounced on the ground a couple times before soaring into the air, towards the roof.
The polar bear stared down at the lieutenant.
“That’s not what you were gonna say? Then… you’re gonna give me a promotion! Because... I’ve been a good lieutenant!”
The polar bear walked up beside the lieutenant and casually placed a hand on his shoulder. “And what do you predict will happen now?”
The lieutenant paused and his grin slowly turned into a frown.
“Oh. Oh shit. You’re going to kill me! To demonstrate how uncaring and evil you are!”
The polar bear walked past, heading towards the alleyway, leaving the flustered lieutenant staring after him.
“I think we can seduce one little girl!” The lieutenant yelled. “I sent two absolute units! They're going down on her now!”
“No lieutenant, your men are already disgusted.”


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2023.03.31 23:13 RagnarStonefist A Definitive answer on the 'Face' Question

Who is the Face?
When the crew of the Titan finally confronts the Face, they're going to be left with a shocking truth:
It's The Outrageous Okona!
He's now the host of an intergalactic reality TV show in which he uses changelings to 'set up' seasoned Federation officers into believing there's a conspiracy. It lasts years. After the last episode, they're going to pull back a holoscreen which reveals the crew's been on a holodeck the whole time, and all the dead characters - Icheb, Ro, Riker's dead kid, Bruce Maddox, Soong, et al - are going to be laughing and pointing at the crew.
Then they'll do a recap show where they go over the most embarrassing parts of the show, including when they went 'back in time'. Afterwards, they'll go on a holonovel tour. During the tour, Okona will bang Riker, Riker's wife, and Ro, which he claims makes them a 'quadrazed'. Then he'll go find more orphans to betray.
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2023.03.31 23:13 picklemyginger [April 2] Second Brunch Comedy at Impact Lounge!

Keep your Sunday Funday rolling into the evening with Second Brunch Comedy, a new monthly standup show featuring Toronto's best queer and queer-friendly comedians!
April 2 - 7pm - Impact Lounge - $10 admission
Hosted by Dan Donnelly
Lineup for April 2: Alasdair Dooley, Joseph Whittle, Jessie Olsen, Dan Brennan
Headliner: Sarah Ashby
What do you get when you put Regina George’s mean spirit into Garth from Wayne’s World’s body? Why you get Sarah Ashby! This Roast Battle Champion has been performing all around Southern Ontario and has appeared in multiple festivals including JFL 42, TIFF, the Bi- Arts Fest, the Brantford Comedy Festival, and the 420 Comedy Festival. You can catch them performing numerous types of comedy, from Musical Comedy to Drag to Roasts to Themes, all across Southern Ontario and can see their puppeteering talents on Lido Tv!
Their debut comedy album, "Ew, What is This?" is now available on major streaming services!
Check our website for updates and further info:
Impact Lounge 238 Parliament St.
(Between Dundas and Shuter)
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2023.03.31 23:12 LokoLoa Anyone feel like Kiriko/Shion were meant to be main cast?

Just saw that Relive made a joke about them being new stage girls as April`s fools.
But doesn't it feel like they were always meant to be main cast but kinda got scrapped for whatever reason? The show and the movie spend time on their mini-arc even tho they are technically minor characters, and there is already such a large cast (and one of the big complaints about the anime, is that there is not enough character development for certain character such as Claudine).
So why did they have their own scenes? Perhaps just a remnant of the script from before they got scrapped as main cast. Also that one yelling scene is repeated in Episode 2 of the "Specials" from the japanese bluray, but only this time with Maya Tendo in the stairs, meaning anyone else could had potentially played Kiriko`s scene (for example idk Nana?).
There is also the fact the fit the whole otokoyaku/musumeyaku thing.
In Relive, the girls blatantly tell Shion about The Stage of Fate and its implied she may have a similar power to Elle
Anyways would be cool if we could actually pull for them and see their Bond Story.
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2023.03.31 23:11 Plane-Fishing9540 If you could have any job in the entertainment industry, what would it be?

If you could be any character from a movie or TV show, who would you be and why?
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2023.03.31 23:11 hockeyhud10 Docker/Radarr/Qbittorrent Paths - Help Needed

My Qbittorrent save path is /data/torrents
Yet movies for Radarr go to (Sonarr works fine (torrents/sonarr-tv)) /data/torrents/torrents/radarr
and radarr thinks it should be data/torrents/radarr Despite me changing my remote path to torrents/torrents/radarr
TLDR - download path is data/torrents. Radarr files go to /torrents/torrents, yet I can't get radarr to pick up on this. Either fixing the qbit, or making radarr recognize the second folder would be ideal.
Thanks for your help.
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2023.03.31 23:10 Nice_Series2770 dae feel like they never aged past the age of when they were assaulted

i don’t know if that makes sense.
i was assaulted by several men at the age of 3 and younger and assault again at 12-14 and i feel like i never grew past the age of like 13 i think.
i’m 20 now, turning 21 this year. and i have never been able to hold a job for longer than a couple months.
i don’t do adult things besides abuse drugs and pills and alcohol but i’ve also been doing that since i was 9. i can hardly work. i am so shy when talking to other adults, i forget i’m an adult too. my hobbies include playing kids video games, watching kids movies and tv shows, collecting stuffed animals, and taking care of my cat. that’s all i want to do.
the only thing that bring me comfort is the thing i’m currently obsessed with, which is fortnite. i can’t talk to other adults normally. i just am not an adult, people see me and treat me like a joke. it’s so humiliating and devastating. i forget people see me and see a 20 year old woman and not a 13 year old girl.
it’s so hard. life is so hard. i don’t want to be a kid again but i can’t be an adult. i’m cursed
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