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Success at Dallas 55 w/ proof of travel within 48H and locator number!

2023.06.09 23:04 gallywas Success at Dallas 55 w/ proof of travel within 48H and locator number!

Success at Dallas 55 w/ proof of travel within 48H and locator number!
I got our two passports for our minors on Thursday, 6/8/2023 from 55 Dallas. We were there by 8:45-9am and left with a passport in hand around 4pm.
I won’t have time for questions so folks, please need to read what I took the time to write below.
I used the screenshots and my observations below with 2 applications for minors, the other person was solo and later included some of the items I noted below. Probably useful for folks getting last minute appointments.
This worked for me and I didn’t have issues. Folks who made assumptions that the office had ANY of their submitted paperwork, were scrambling to get stuff.
Action: Do ALL of the application paperwork again, following the instructions from the site including making copies of what they ask for, and the passport photo. (I kept the singles after our April appointment.) Assume they can’t look at your paperwork via the locator number.
They may be able to work with photo copies of proof of citizenship because you submitted the originals but I didn’t want to risk it. You need proof of citizenship for each applicant. (We ran out earlier this week to get duplicate certified copies of a birth certificate.)
Must bring the applicant. YES! EVEN IF THEY ARE 3 DAY OLD TWIN BABIES OR A 15 yo kid.
-Both parents on the Birth certificate OR the parent consent form that’s notarized from the application page section or other applicable parental consent forms. Fill out one for each minor applicant. THIS IS REQUIRED!
Extra items to print: -screen shots of each applicant’s Locator number(s) -proof of travel within 48 hours with the individual’s name on the itinerary. (I had only one print out and it was okay.)
Note: If you happen to buy a fully refundable international plane ticket in June but your application said your trip was in July, they won’t know if you later cancel that June trip. They just need proof of travel within 48 hours. (72 seems to apply only if you travel on Sunday or Fed. holiday.) I took a calculated risk to go Thursday with DOT Sunday, but also wanted Friday as an option if they couldn’t fit us in.
Other: Big #1- Be kind to ALL the staff, from security to each person touching your paperwork. Everyone, but the children, were super stressed but pretty kind to one another. They do an amazing job moving a high volume of people through effectively and efficiently. I observed that the staff will do their best to help you problem solve if they can.
Timeline: 8:59 arrival inside, past security checkpoint
Inside, do not line up with the people with appointments. I was told to stand on the rug near the middle couches while the folks with appointments lined up by the wall when their times were called. 9:05 showed slip with my locator number 9:15 they brought groups of us to a separate room to wait. There were about 25 people in the room already. (The person providing the screenshots from earlier this week, appears to have been brought up in an early group with “appointments” or wedged in after a set of appointments.) Our paperwork was checked for the first time in this room. I did not see more folks come into this holding room after about 9:45 am.
Eat snacks and other food in this room only, before you are guided up stairs.
10:05 am A woman came down and asked for people with travel today, or tomorrow and had them line up, then travel Sat. Those folks went up stairs. 11am they brought the Sunday travelers and anyone else they allowed to stay in the room who didn’t have appointments to head up to the processing room.
The security is strict on no phone calls, photos or food and drink in that room and maintaining quiet so people can hear their numbers and processors. You can text but only one ear bud in allowed. Kids can use tablets but must have headphones or no volume. Think “crowded DMV” room of chairs and standing room only with about 6-12 processing windows.
11:26-12:09 We waited in line to see someone at the Appointment Checkin Window where my paperwork was reviewed again and I was assigned a number that started with an R. (reissue?)
1:00pm Called up to do paperwork with processor and took out credit card.(They are doing the computer work and charging you in about 10 minutes or less). They moved my fees over from my other application and then I paid $35 per application. I was given a slip to return between 1:30-3 but was told by security to just be back closer to 3. 1:15 finished at window. Grabbed lunch at McDonald’s across the street. 2:10 returned early to avoid a longer security line and just get into the building.
IMPORTANT: Give your return slip to the security officer Inside who is inviting people upstairs for pickup. If they missed receiving it, there should be a box or a guard upstairs to take it. Apparently they use this to confirm you returned and pull your passport print.
3pm The room was very full as they got the rest of the waiting folks into the room, and stressed sitting in chairs as they b. They were calling names in chunks and serving them at different windows. 3:53 I noted the room was dramatically less full 4:05 our names called - signed received and checked the passports. No discrepancies. Large blue envelope returned original birth certs and passport as well as with note about if I happen to get a second one via mail. The original application paperwork will come back by mail later. 4:08 out the front door.
Posting to pay it forward in case it can help others. I recognize this is not possible for most individuals and their situations.
4/7 application date 4/26 received Expedited processing and shipment selected Locator 11 Not received State reps contacted. State senator’s office called my local processing center with no appointments available until after the date of travel. 6/8 trip to Dallas, obtained passports Dot 6/11
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2023.06.09 23:02 billyjoz WHO MADE THIS? YOURE EMBARRASSING US

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2023.06.09 23:01 Mohammmmmmedddddd Can we play monopoly without dice but AI?

Assalamualaikum everyone. I hope you all are doing well In Sha’ Allah. Playing with dice is Haram in Islam. So, I had this question in my mind for sometime now. Can we play monopoly/ludo without dice but we let AI guess our number? For example, “Choose a number between 1 and 6” Here, the dice isn’t involved so…
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2023.06.09 22:58 karamazov555 Ranked Points System Discussion/Idea

For a bit of context, I only started playing this season, I'm platinum IV with a very lame K/D of .5 (still getting the hang of movements coming from CSGO).
While I find the current scoring system to encourage smart play making in order to place well, it also promotes way too passive games and ratting. I see too many teams placing 10 and above without shooting a single bullet (IMO).
In order to mitigate ratting and overall too passive plays we need to incentivise taking fights but not as much as the game becomes a team deathmatch.
Here is a proposal:
Buy in -50, first squad your squad eliminates nets your team +25 and subsequent squad eliminations nets +10. This is squad elimination, not individual kills, meaning any member of your squad eliminates the last member of another you get +25/+10. This is to promote teamplay and limit random Octanes/Pathfinders zipping around just to get KP and leaving the rest of the squad hanging to dry. That although mean you can third party, get only the last kill on one of the squads and "steal" the points of the other.
Placing 20 to 11 nets -50 pts, meaning that the only way to mitigate loss is to have eliminated 1 or more teams.
Placing 10 nets 25, meaning that to break even from a previous loss, you have to have gotten rid of at least 1 team.
Placing 9 nets 30
Placing 8 nets 35
Placing 7 nets 40
Placing 6 nets 45
Placing 5 nets 75
Placing 4 nets 100
Placing 3 nets 125
Placing 2 nets 150
Winner gets 200
With this system placement is still rewarded significantly but you have to "deserve" that placement by eliminating at least a team to get into points.
Given my K/D you'd think that this system would penalize me, on the contrary, I try to take advantageous fights as much as I can and playing as a Support/Anchor most of the time, often the heavy lifting is done by my teammates, I have an healthy number of knocks and assists. This point system would likely boost my progression while crippling rats and overly passive squads.
How would you improve on the current system, what would be your ideal point system?
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2023.06.09 22:57 TedBehr_ Was this work done properly?

Siding and entry photos
I just had the siding on my home redone and did some stonework around the front door as well.
They finished the job today, and I had suspicions that things looked a little sloppy, but I have no experience with these things, and I don't know exactly what the finished product should look like. I just knew it didn't look quite right to me.
My stepfather does all or most of his own home improvements, which has included some smaller scale siding jobs. So, I had him come take a look, and he pointed out a number of things he considers to be improper finishing.
Can I get some additional opinions? I want to be as informed as possible when I bring my concerns to the contractor I hired.
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2023.06.09 22:56 Bowers1818 {NA/PvE} Claîr De Lune [Luna] ┃ Training & Experienced ┃ Raids, Strikes, Fractals, Dungeons, Social Events

✫ ⁺ ₊ ⋆ ★ ⁺ 。☾゜₊・ CLAÎR DE LUNE [Luna] ⁺₊⋆ ✫ ⁺₊・。★゜₊・
Claîr De Lune is a small-to-medium sized, English speaking guild. [Luna] is looking to improve our numbers of new, returning, and/or vets who love being social, having fun, and are open-minded and mature. If you're new to GW2, we have plenty of learning opportunities for you to join in on. We want folks who are open to learning from mistakes, can handle constructive criticism, and are ready to progress into content; have it be fractals, strikes, raids, or dungeons!
All of our events operate on an EDT (Eastern Daylight US) time zone. Our guild is full of night owls, so our event times can start anywhere from 8:00PM (reset) to 11:00PM EDT.
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2023.06.09 22:56 Joadzilla Here are the 37 charges against Trump and what they mean

Here are the 37 charges against Trump and what they mean
A court on Friday unsealed the federal indictment against Donald Trump and an aide over classified documents found at his Mar-a-Lago home and the men’s alleged efforts to keep the government from finding the materials. Here’s what we know about the charges against the former president, brought by special counsel Jack Smith.

How many charges does Trump face?

Trump is accused of violating seven federal laws but faces 37 separate charges. That is because each classified document he is accused of holding on to illegally is charged in a separate count, and his alleged efforts to hide classified information from federal investigators is charged in several ways. His longtime aide Walt Nauta faces six charges, all but five of which are also lodged against Trump.

What are the charges against Trump?

Espionage Act/unauthorized retention of national defense information: Trump is charged with 31 counts of violating a part of the Espionage Act that bars willful retention of national defense information by someone not authorized to have it. Such information is defined as “any document, writing, code book, signal book, sketch, photograph, photographic negative, blueprint, plan, map, model, instrument, appliance, or note relating to the national defense, or information relating to the national defense which information the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation.” Technically, that information does not have to be classified, but in practice the law is almost exclusively used to prosecute retention of classified material. In Trump’s case, prosecutors say that all but one of the 31 documents he is charged with illegally retaining were marked as classified at the “secret” or “top secret” level. The unmarked document concerned “military contingency planning,” according to the indictment.
A conviction does not require any evidence of a desire to disseminate the classified information; having it in an unauthorized location is enough. But the crime requires a “willful” mishandling of material “the possessor has reason to believe could be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of any foreign nation.” Charges are generally not brought without some aggravating factor making clear the retention was not accidental — such as evidence of intent to share the information, signs of disloyalty to the U.S. government, or simply the volume of documents taken.
Unlike other government employees, the president does not go through a security clearance process that includes a pledge to follow classification rules. But Trump received requests from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) and subpoenas from the Justice Department indicating that the documents in question were classified and needed to be returned to the U.S. government. Prosecutors say he instead sought to hide them from federal investigators. And while the president can declassify most information, there is a process for doing so. According to the indictment, Trump twice showed classified information to others, once while saying that the document was still classified and lamenting that he no longer had the power to declassify it.
Conspiracy to obstruct justice: Trump is charged with one count of conspiring with Nauta to hide classified material from federal investigators, by lying to the FBI about what was found at Mar-a-Lago and moving boxes of documents out of a storage room before agents searched the home. Trump specifically is accused of suggesting that one of his attorneys lie to the FBI and help hide or destroy documents.
Tampering with grand jury evidence: Trump and Nauta face two counts of trying to keep evidence out of grand jurors’ hands: one count of withholding the classified documents and one of corruptly concealing them. As part of those charges, Trump is accused of trying to persuade one of his attorneys to help conceal the documents, while Nauta is accused of hiding the evidence by moving the boxes of classified documents.
Concealing evidence in a federal investigation: For the same alleged conduct of hiding the classified information at Mar-a-Lago, Trump and Nauta separately face one count of concealing evidence with the intent to obstruct an FBI investigation.
False statements: Both Trump and Nauta together face one count of scheming to making false statements for allegedly hiding from the FBI and the grand jury that the former president still had classified documents in his possession. Trump faces a separate count for causing his attorney to falsely claim in June 2022 that all classified documents in the former president’s possession had been handed over in response to a subpoena, according to the indictment. Nauta alone is accused of lying to the FBI by falsely claiming that he had nothing to do with moving any boxes.

What possible penalties does Trump face?

The maximum punishment for each count of unlawful retention of national defense information is 10 years in prison. Conspiracy to obstruct justice, tampering with grand jury evidence, and concealing evidence in a federal investigation all carry punishments of up to 20 years. Each false statement charge is punishable by up to five years in prison.
If Trump was convicted on all charges, the sentences could run consecutively, amounting to hundreds of years in prison. But federal defendants are rarely given the maximum possible punishment. He does not face any mandatory minimum sentences.
Sentences in unlawful retention cases vary widely, depending in part on how sensitive the material is, how much of it there is, how long the person held on to it and his or her cooperation with investigators. A Defense Department employee in Manila who took home a small amount of secret-level information to work on a classified thesis project served only three months behind bars. Kenneth Wayne Ford Jr., who was found guilty at trial of bringing home national defense information after leaving the National Security Agency and lying about the case, received a six-year sentence. A former NSA contractor who over two decades amassed a huge trove of highly sensitive material, including hacking tools and details of overseas operations, was sentenced to nine years in prison. A Navy sailor who took pictures of classified areas of a nuclear-powered submarine and then destroyed the evidence was sentenced to a year in prison for retention and obstruction; Trump later pardoned him.
Retired Gen. David H. Petraeus was given probation after pleading guilty to sharing classified information with his biographer. At the time, the crime of mishandling classified information — as opposed to national defense information — was a misdemeanor with a maximum punishment of a year behind bars. It became a felony during Trump’s presidency.

What other criminal charges does Trump face?

Trump is charged in New York State Court with unrelated crimes for conduct that predates his presidency. He is accused of falsifying business records to hide payments during the 2016 campaign made to an adult-film star to keep her from saying publicly that she had an affair with Trump.
Trump is also under investigation by a state prosecutor in Georgia, who is looking at his efforts to overturn President Biden’s 2020 victory in that state. Smith is also investigating Trump’s attempts to stay in office after losing the presidential election, including his pressure on officials in battleground states and fundraising off false claims of election fraud.

Has Trump responded to the charges?

The former president described himself as “an innocent man” being treated unfairly in comparison with Biden. Classified documents from the Obama administration were discovered in Biden’s Delaware home late last year by lawyers cleaning out his home office. Biden’s attorneys turned those documents over to NARA, and the president gave the Justice Department permission to search the home, as well as his beach house and think tank office. The White House has said that only “a small number” of documents from Biden’s vice-presidential tenure were found. A special counsel has been appointed to oversee that investigation.
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2023.06.09 22:56 BeautifulRose_ Here’s why I’m interested in my genealogy, it’s relatively interesting in my opinion

I’m really excited to find out what I am, I’ve been told I’m a mixture of a lot of things and I do believe it, I was born and live in England but my parents both have ancestry from different countries and I don’t really look like I’m from a specific place although I’ve been asked if I’m Italian by a few Italians over the years.
I know what my Dad’s side is, they’re all Irish, my mum on the other hand, is adopted, her adopted parents (my grand parents) were told she was Jewish, and a number of different ethnicities.
Here’s the thing, my mum had contact with one member of her original family, her grandmother, she/they were incredibly rich, but towards the end of her life, we travelled to London to visit her in the hospice, we got there and her original family had blocked us from seeing her, as you can imagine, as a young child, seeing your mother not being able to see her grandmother on her death bed before she died was harrowing, she was absolutely hysterical and so was my sister, I must’ve been about 6 at the time.
I don’t know whether they were worried about us trying to take inheritance or whether they didn’t want to accidentally see us if we visited while they were there or both or something else.
My mum is a bastard, she was a disgrace to that family as she was had through cheating, that’s why she was put up for adoption, she was 3 or 4 years old when she was adopted, I don’t know what happened as she will never say but something really disturbing happened to her when she was in foster care…
Anyway, her original family is really rich, like, seriously, seriously old money rich, as in, even if we had just inherited a painting or two from her grandmother we would have been loaded, not that I care really but just to give some idea, we’re pretty sure they have paid good money to stop us from being able to find them, my older sister has obsessively tried to find anything at all on multiple occasions throughout the years but to no avail, the only thing she has managed to find is what’s thought to be the death record of my mum’s original grandmother.
Here’s where it gets a bit freaky…
Over the years, we have received a number of presents from them, more specifically, the original mother, I guess she must have a guilty conscience, the thing is, the thing we were sent and the way they were wrapped were just a little bit psychotic, wrapped up weirdly with loads of layers of wrapping paper and sellotape, difficult for a child to open, with little to no explanation, we don’t even know how they found us, we can’t find them and none of us have ANY contact with them at all.
Mental health issues run in my family, well, through my mothers side, my Dads side are all luckily very happy people, sadly, my mum is an unhappy person and so are my sister and I, so I’m guessing this is true of more of her original family too and that might help explain the bizarre and confusing presents from her original mum.
I really wish I could meet them, just one or two of them or literally just see what they look like! Do they look like me? Or my sister? Or my mum? Or do they look similar to all of us? Both my sister and I look like our mum and not our Dad so it’s likely we look similar to her side of the family.
I just wish I could know ANYTHING about them, I wish they were real family. My mums adopted family, they have never treated us like real family, we’re very different people, we have different morals and values, we look different and we definitely don’t feel like real family, it’s a dying shame.
My Dads side of the family, we like them but again they’re very different, my mum, sister, and I are very different people but also quite similar in a lot of ways and I wonder if there is an element of nature that causes that, and if that were the case maybe, some of my mums family would also be like minded. I don’t know, probably not, I’ve had a lot of time to think about it and I don’t think I’ll ever have any closure, but it’s fine.
Anyway, I didn’t get or do the test to find any of them, although that would be so amazing, I just want to know where I’m from, it’s thought that I’m Half Irish, quarter Italian and I guess and eight of French and Austrian.
When I’ve told my close friends that, they’ve poked fun at me saying things like ‘Oh yeah and aren’t you 1 millionth Afghan as well?’ It’s all in good nature and I do find it funny, I do think, imagine if I do the test and it turns out I’m fully English or something, that would be funny, but I’d bet good money that I’m not, I don’t even remotely look English.
So yes, very exciting and I can’t wait to get the results, I’ll post them here when I get them, and if you’ve read this far, hope you enjoyed, thanks for reading :)
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2023.06.09 22:55 cosmic68 Just been diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease (stage 3)

Hello chaps.
As per title-out of the blue been diagnosed with stage 3 CKD. Was wondering if any chaps on here/on TRT are in a similar situation?
I’m seeing a specialist on Monday. Pretty sure he’s going to tell me to come off TRT because, well he’s a Dr and anecdotally-even the TRT Drs you read about on here can get thing’s staggeringly wrong (‘one shot, every two weeks!’)
My concern is I won’t be able to PCT/they’ll tell me it bad for kidneys etc. Dreading the idea of cold turkey.
Any thoughts would be appreciated.
I’m 55/take 80mg cypionate and 1000uis HCG a week (split in thre doses) which puts me at about 800 trough reading.
Hopped on TRT as clinic felt my low libido was due to primary hypogonadism…but natty test was 450. LH and FSH were sky high. If I’m honest-despite some good numbers on page (trt doc said ‘literally the best numbers possible’) it didn’t fix low libido. Tried a few protocols, but not much progress so possibly issues not testosterone related. Been on trt for 15 months now.
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2023.06.09 22:54 Brave_Instruction_17 Bf (30m), may have unintentionally, made me(25f) chose between him and my hobby

I had been a trading card collector for years, about 5 years now. Started just pre-covid as a fun hobby to share with my mother.
Well, I recently expanded on that hobby because I felt like I was missing something. So I started playing the game and streaming it. It was going pretty well. Each stream had viewers, I felt proud of my product, and I felt like maybe once in my rather secluded life I might be more then a nobody.
I work 12 hours a day as a truck driver, most days I wont talk to anyone. Often 6 days a week.
However this meant I was streaming 1 hour each day before work. That was the time I had previously dedicated to making my partner breakfast & sitting next to him while he gamed. I knew he was starting to miss me sitting with him. It just kind of sucks watching someone hang with their friends while I sit in silence watching which is part of why I got into streaming.
So rewind to a few days ago I had just started my daily stream. First pvp match. Chat was busy with people and I was trying to focus on both. This hour was important to me because it was the last day before the reward tiers reset.
My partner picked that time to insist I need to go to Taco Bell with him. He had been up for hours and chose to use that time playing his own game, I heard him talking to people. I told him, "I dont want to go", "I dont want taco bell", "Im streaming". I assumed he knew this was my last chance to get rewards (i wanted those pants for my avatar). He is supposed to be my number one supporter. He knows him making me chose between my hobby & him would overwhelm me. But he wouldnt leave. I know streamers often get interupted, but my partner was actively trying to get me off the computer and wasnt taking "no" for an answer. The pvp match was timing out, chat was rushing by un-moderated and bf is still talking.
So I shut the stream off. Cut off chat. Lost the last chance for rewards.
I havent been able to look at the trading card game app since. I feel shame, sad, frustrated. My mood had been irritable and reclusive. Guess I took on too much and I just dont have time for work, bf and streaming.
I know I messed up ending the stream the way I did.
My parents had noticed the change in my behavior, but I keep telling people I'm just tired. Figured I could post here to get it 'off my chest'. Peace.
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2023.06.09 22:51 BigHerring Thoughts on Ally bank?

Im looking to open a HYSA and park some money somewhere to at least gain interest. I have a normal checking account at wells fargo. Anyone with experience with Ally bank opening, how quickly can I get funds in and if I don't like it, how easy is it to get money out of there?
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2023.06.09 22:50 DAMadigan Don't Call Him Cheef

I have been reading Greg Rucka's LOIS LANE a bit and I cannot tell you how much it irritates and offends me that his version of Lois apparently cannot spell well. Every time she sends a story in to Perry White, Perry calls her and comments on all the words she has misspelled and how she misspells them and he seems to think this is somehow endearing and I guess so does Rucka and it's not.
It's not a funny little quirk. It's insulting to those of us who can actually spell. This woman is a major cultural icon and now that our culture has advanced to the point where she isn't being laughed off as a buffoon in every panel she appears in, now that she is being treated as an accomplished and experienced and wildly successful journalist, well, I guess Rucka thinks she's got to have some kind of humanizing flaw and the one he picks is, she's fucking subliterate.
If she can't spell, she would never be able to achieve the level of success she has in one of the few remaining textual professional fields left. It is a basic requirement. Furthermore, I'd like to think that Clark Kent/Kal El/Superman would feel more than a little bit of contempt for her if she not only does not know how to spell the big words she regularly uses, but CAN'T BE BOTHERED TO LEARN.
Editors like Perry White have better things to do with their time than BASIC SPELLING CORRECTIONS FOR THEIR LEADING AWARD WINNING REPORTERS.
For fuck's sake, if she's got to have an endearing flaw, let her correct other people's grammar. Let her kill plants without meaning to. Maybe she drives like a menace, and parks wherever she wants to and never pays her tickets. There are any number of weird quirks you can give her to humanize her, but making her subliterate, when she is in one of the very few jobs left where literacy not only matters but is absolutely essential, is just stupid, and unbelievable.
Superman would never date, much less marry, a person who can't spell and refuses to learn.
Can you imagine anyone ever doing a story in which any male protagonist at all was revealed to be unable to spell big words correctly? Oh, but Lois is hot, there's always going to be a smart man around to correct her spelling for her. Jesus this is offensive.
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2023.06.09 22:50 dannym094 Couple of questions for a beginner Diablo player.

  1. With armor drops and weapon drops, should I just equip anything that makes the “numbers go up” (my life, armor,) or carefully choose on what stats they each bring and don’t bring?
  2. Should I focus on wearing yellow drops?
  3. Why is it that I’m not creating high damage counts?
  4. Should I only be equipping legendarys and yellow drops while focusing on the increase of item power and higher damage power or the percentages as well?
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2023.06.09 22:50 jawsisra How do you change the serial number?

I bought some Amiibo Cards off Alliexpress for Legend of Zelda BOTW and TotK. the cards came with these item cards as well and on the back they say they are the same as the characters. So I scan them with my phone as I plan on to start make my own cards as it will be cheaper on me in the end. And sure they registered as the same as the characters the games though see them as 2 diffirent amiibos I am able to scan both of them in the same day. It is my understanding the Serial number of the Amiibo is what keeps an Amiibo from being scanned a 2nd time. So is this something you have to change in the bin file or is this the serial number of the card it self. Because I want to make more Zelda Cards so I have a High Chane of getting the items in BoTW and ToTK.
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2023.06.09 22:48 ksbrown22 Steph Curry vs. Jamal Murray in the NBA Playoffs

Check out how eerily similar Stephen Curry and Jamal Murray performed to in their first three playoff trips of their careers.
Murray's first playoff appearance was during his age 21 season, as well. Inside the NBA Bubble in 2020, Murray dropped two 50-point games, which definitely boost his numbers.
At what point do we start mentioning Murray's name as one of the league's true superstars ?
Rk Player Age From To G FG% 3P% eFG% FT% TRB AST STL TOV PTS
1 Stephen Curry 24-26 2012-13 2014-15 40 .447 .410 .549 .862 4.4 7.3 1.8 3.7 25.9
2 Jamal Murray 21-25 2018-19 2022-23 51 .477 .404 .550 .908 5.0 6.2 1.2 2.3 25.4
Provided by Stathead.com: View Stathead Tool Used Generated 6/9/2023.
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2023.06.09 22:46 RobotDevil222x3 Why I bought it: A Row Review

We haven't had many posts about the rower and so since I just got one I wanted to share why, when we can now use any rower we want, I decided it was the right time to make the big purchase.
I have rowed before and enjoyed it. Prior to Peloton rowing at home was my main source of cardio (I did not work out regularly back then so take that into account). So when, after years of teasing, Peloton finally came out with theirs I was thrilled. However also skeptical. Because I had never done a rowing class, I had only ever just hopped on one and rowed in a steady state for a while. So I had a hard time imagining how a class would be structured and why I would even need one.
And so, while I thought I probably wanted one, I wanted to hear what people thought of it first. See some reviews. And most importantly, try some classes. Which a few weeks ago we were all finally allowed to do.
My First Classes
Of course day 1 with access to rowing content, I tried a class out. A forms drill class with Ash. (she's great btw). I very quickly learned that I could not just use my existing rower (the Sunny one at the top of everyone's best budget rower list) and take the Peloton classes. I mean I could, but I would't get a lot out of them. Why? Numbers. I can't just do classes by feel. I need to know I am doing the right things. In the case of Peloton Rowing it means having the right stroke rate and rowing at the right pace and each point in the workout. Sure I could get some exercise without knowing these things. But if Peloton has taught me anything, its that I am driven by knowing that I am improving and progressing, and that in order to do that I need some numbers because not all improvements show up in the mirror or on the scale.
So I knew I needed to upgrade. And tbh I suspected I was probably going to want to upgrade I just wasn't willing to consider it until I tried the classes.
The Decision
So I should just go buy a C2 right? That's what pretty much everyone is going to tell you. It does, among other things, tell you the exact numbers you need that my Sunny rower was lacking. And if you have used a C2 and like it you should absolutely do so.
The problem is, I don't like the C2. Yea, I said it. Cue the hate and scorn. But I don't find rowing on it to be a great experience. I'm not saying its a bad machine or that people should avoid it. But the feel of rowing on it is very similar to my Sunny rower but much louder. So despite all of it's great aspects, its not the right machine for me. However I also didn't want to spend $3000 on a rower. So I had to figure out what I should buy.
What you should do before any major purchase. I set out with the goal of finding which mid-range rower was right for me. There are several in the $750-1800 range after all. Since rowing isn't popular in the way running and cycling are it can be a little harder to try them though. But if you look around you can find some on display to try out. And I did. Some were nice, some were janky. I think I know what alternative I would have gone with and on a good sale it would be about half the price.
But I had to at least go to a Peloton showroom and look at one, try it out, see for myself. Any review you read after all will basically tell you its the nicest rower out there and the only real knock anyone ever has is the price. Still I left my house fully intending not to buy one.
Here's the problem. Its just. So. Nice. And I don't mean to look at, I mean the feel of rowing on it to me is just head and shoulders above anything else I tried (granted I had no opportunity to try a Hydrow). its incredibly smooth and quiet, a baby could probably sleep in the same room as it (and yes I am aware I am starting to sound like a commercial, I'm trying to be objective and factual here).
And ... it was on sale (Memorial day weekend). This was a major kicker because after trying it I really wanted it badly despite being $1000 or more above the alternative. But its not like it doesn't have extra perks on top of other rowers. Form assist and the integrated Peloton experience are worth more than $0 to me as well. Just like people buy Peloton bikes and treads all the time even though there are alternative DIY versions of those that are well built. And for whatever reason they don't get the same reaction the row gets.
The actual review
So I bought it, it arrived, and so far I love it. I've tried every one of the instructors (with my Sunny while waiting) and I either like or love each one of them so that's a perk, would have been a very different story had I not liked who was teaching the classes.
A week and a half to have it delivered, could have been even shorter but I wasn't able to commit to being available for the whole day earlier in the week. Delivery itself was ... sufficient. People seem to have a wide variety of experiences with XPO. They came, assembled it quickly, told me it would need to update for 10 minutes, and left. No showing me how anything works or staying to confirm there were no problems. So not great, but not a poor experience either. I feel like thats a win when dealing with XPO.
Since I just got it, I am currently fascinated by the form assist. I "know how to row" but that is based on watching videos of proper form and assuming I am doing it correctly. So all class long I am mostly staring at my avatar to see if anything lights up red and if so I correct it. With as much as it lights up I was expecting a middling or poor form score but came away from my first row at a 94% which I think is supposed to be very good. After all I got a badge for a 90%+ form rating. And my problem isnt what I was expecting it to be. I thought I would get dinged on the recovery because I feel like I collapse everything back down at once. But instead my issues were on the Drive where apparently I start leaning back too soon. (I also may recalibrate as it seems to want me in some rather extreme bends)
In general, I think I am actually going to love the row bootcamps more than the straight rowing classes. Maybe my mind will change as I do it more, but I'm not sure how I feel about a 45 minute long row session. 10ish minutes has always felt right to me in the past, and thats the range the bootcamps go before getting on the floor. But I could always just do short rows stacked with strength classes as well. Especially if I dont like the bootcamp class plans. I tend to want to focus on specific areas and that can be hard with that kind of class.
I'm starting off with just level 2 while I make sure I have good form. Not trying to wreck PRs just yet. Its actually hard to go easy enough for the easy pace, but max really does seem to be my max pace right now. So I think its the right move. I do really enjoy the different pace levels and intervals they do over the monotonous steady pace rowing I used to do. Though I would probably hate a Tabata style 20 on 10 off interval change. It takes me too long to adjust to a new pace for that ... at least right now.
Being an OG bike owner I didn't have a swivel screen for my workout room before and so I'm trying this out as well for any non-bike class instead of casting to a TV. Right off I can say its better than casting to a swiveled bike would be because of the level the screen is on. A bike would be too high for any time you're down on the floor. I haven't decided yet whether I'll continue or go back to casting. It is different. because its at a different angle from my workout mat than the TV. So I don't know if I just need to get used to it or if its not as good.
I was pleasantly surprised when my HRM connected as soon as I turned it on. I assumed I would have to pair it the first time like I did with the bike. I guess all devices remember it once you pair it to one?
I can't speak to the wall anchor because I have not and do not intend to use it. I am lucky to have enough space to just leave it down the entire time.
Two very minor things, one of which isnt even specific to the Peloton Row. The powesleep button, its flush with the back of the monitor. Seems like great design right? Totally hidden and unnoticeable. Yay! ... except when you want to use it you're putting your hand on the back from the other side where you can't see it and its harder to feel for the little ridge around the button, whereas the bike (at least OG) has a raised button that is easy to feel for.
Second, and like I said this is more my experience with all rowers not just this one. I feel like I'm not really doing the work with the drive. I don't even feel the resistance on the handles until I am pulling during the finish. But at that point it is a good amount of resistance so I don't know that I want to turn up the dampener. I'd prefer if I had more resistance during the drive and less during the finish. Would feel more natural and well balanced.
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2023.06.09 22:43 thenarddog_69 Scope of power electronics engineering in India and my dilemma

Idk if this is the right place might sound a little quora-esque.
TLDR: I want to pursue power electronics as a career in India, however, the salary on the internet looks low for a mid-career salary compared to software roles. It would be nice if someone could tell me about the salary progression of a power electronics engineer with experience. (With numbers would be nice) And in case the salaries are low should I shift to software or MBA for the sake of money and give up my interest? (I don’t mind staying in power electronics if the mid-career salaries is, for example, 30L-45L).
Whole story if you are interested:
So, a little bit about me I did my B.Tech from NIT-K in EEE (2022), in my B. Tech I developed an interest in power electronics and my eventual plan was to get a master’s from abroad mostly in the USA but I was open to other countries. Due to uncertainties in 2022, I thought it would be better if I work for a year and two and then go for a master’s in a year or two. The place I work pay is pretty bad (I work in start-up and do research interns on the side), but I don’t have to support anyone, so I manage. Also, I gave GATE in 2023 (due to my family kept on asking me to try to get into PSUs) I did study hard, and my rank was pretty good, but my mind set to do a master’s outside, and I didn’t think much about GATE after the test.
Eventually, things changed right now I prefer if I settle in India for now. I was looking into IISc, I was told by my friends about IISc, and it seems like the I place I’d want to study. I happen to be friends with one of the profs (he was my school senior) and how he described compared to IITs and NITs (he spoke from experiences in these institutions) it was a perfect place for higher studies. So, I started to look into it and I did make the cut-off for M.Tech (EE), I saw noticed that some other depts also allowed GATE-EE students like their computer science dept. (CSA), ECE…
  1. Basically, it comes down to the money factor, I wanted to know what’s salary progression of a power electronics engineer with experience (I’d prefer if someone could give me numbers). I did check out Glassdoor, but I think the numbers aren’t up to date. Moreover, as a power electronics engineer in India their chances of moving aboard or internal transfer within the company (if so how are the chances).
  2. Initially, I did it for passion and money was never in the picture as I knew after my master’s abroad, I will be paid well. Now, if I want to continue in India money does matter to me if not at starting but I do want a high mid-career salary (30L or above) i.e., 5-6 years of experience. Should I switch to software, and pursue an M.Tech at some tier-1 college or go for an MBA? Or Should I stay with power electronics and get an M.Tech from IISc (provided the pay gets better at mid-level tbh idm doing it with slightly lesser money because there's nothing better than designing circuits for me)?
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2023.06.09 22:42 ThrowRA1imsotired I (22F) am not sure if (26M) likes me or not? I need advice

I know it’s very lengthy and detailed, but if anyone will read it and give their opinion, I will be really grateful. Please also keep in mind, I live in a kind of religious country.
I will start from how I knew about this guy, so I saw this guy in my friends party pictures a few months back, and I instantly thought he was cute, but didn’t do anything about it.
Two weeks back, I saw him in a cafe with the same friend and caught him looking at me several times, so I went home and searched his profile(it was public on instagram), the next day he posted a story and I viewed it, he then deleted the story and put up a more edited one with music, so I liked it, I then got a follow request from him (my account is private). I accepted and followed him back, I post regularly on my story, he would watch all of them. But never like any.
Then couple of days later I went to that cafe( where we met) and put up a story, I usually don’t stay long and I have a specific timing, I also don’t stay late. I left, and I came home to see he had put up a story of the same cafe a while later(the friends that I know who know him, said he never puts up stories of where he is, and said that it’s for you) wasn’t sure, but it happened two more times(and we didn’t meet). As I go there regularly.
One evening I decided to dm him, and said “hey” and he replied back with “hi” within seconds, I said “I was hoping to see you in today, in so and so cafe today” and he said “unfortunately, I got late, but looking forward to seeing you the next time” from there on there was a little bit of flirting, from his side e.g. calling me beautiful, and sending winky face emojis. And then the conversation died down.
Next day, he had gone to the cafe around my timing, but I had other plans I didn’t know he was going there until he did go. And shared a picture. I informed him I’m a bit busy. I later on then had the chance to go to that cafe, I shared a picture with him as he was not there but he just left my message on read, for a while, I then had to go as it had gotten pretty late, only to see that he has shared a picture of him being there, while I was almost home. I then again informed him that I had left. We had a little chat afterward, he was very dry so I commented on that, and he said he’s not talkative, and he then didn’t try to talk for 2 days, the two times we had a conversation I had texted him first.
As the last straw, I went to that cafe again but informed before leaving, I let him know that I’d love to see him there, he told me he’d be late and it was already late. So I took a friend with me, he then came and we just waved at each other but I was getting ready to leave, when I had left he texted me to have a safe journey, we had a little convo from there on, and exchanged numbers and he agreed to call, we called for a while, we got to know each other a little and talked for a while, and the first thing he addressed was that he isn’t much of texter, and that his friends and family are tired of his texting habits as well. And apologised, saying that he’s sorry if it seemed like he didn’t want to talk. He was also very respectful and very formal throughout the whole call, I noticed the whole time, he was trying to impress me subtly with his achievements and certain other things, and then I ended the call as again it was getting late. And he too said that it was around his bedtime.
Next day I sent him a little snap of myself in that cafe, and he just laughed in laughed in response on text, as I was about to leave( heading to my car in the parking) he pulled a little stunt of coming up in-front of the cafe with 2 range rovers, and protocol car, and stepped out of the second Range Rover, (which he got parked right in-front of me) right in-front of me and smiled at me and then continued on. I want to explain how kind of unexpected and intentional this was, because the people around me all were shocked, (one guy was like did this guy just stop the car in the middle of the road) I was so confused if I should stay or leave he then told me he’s leaving in a bit, so I decided to leave.
We then texted back forth about that encounter, me asking him if he did that on purpose, and him admitting to it. I thought it was cute gesture and said so.
I was then waiting for a call but he got late, I texted him a goodnight text, letting him know that I was hoping for a call but it got late. And that it was lovely seeing him. He then got home not so much later and bid me goodnight.
I then texted him good morning the next day, he hasn’t replied to it in 2 days, and today was my birthday, I posted on my story and a proper post on instagram, which showed it was my birthday, he saw all of it and didn’t wish me a happy birthday.
I know the answer to my question is very obvious, but I still want to know.
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2023.06.09 22:41 katierose295 A "live-blog" reaction to "Heir of Fire" by Sarah J. Maas- Which I know nothing about, but which is fast becoming the best book series I've ever read.

This is my first time reading {Heir of Fire by Sarah J. Mass}. I know NOTHING about what happens in this book. I haven’t even read the blurb.
This is me just writing down thoughts as I read, so some of them will undoubtedly be wrong in the end. I try not to go back and change anything I speculated or ranted about later, because that would be cheating. Also, there will surely be typos, especially with the weird names.
As a caveat: I bought the series as a bundle on Amazon, so my Kindle edition is one BIG book. It is 4855 pages long. That means my page numbers will not line up with the regular editions of the book. Still, I’ll include my page number to give a sense of where I am in the story.

Spoilers Abound!

Page 842 Are we going to spend this whole book in this other land, without our two boyfriends? Because, I’m not up for 300 pages of pining for Choal. On the other hand, maybe someone more interesting will arrive now.
Page 851 A tattooed fae warrior guy has arrived. Things are already looking up!
Page 854 Ugh! Choal is whining about Archer’s death and how Dorian is possibly in danger from Celeana and his loyalty to Evil King Guy, again. Like, I just want the hero focused on the heroine’s safety and goals more…? I guess he IS moving back to his evil dad’s land, to help her, though. Maybe I just enjoy bad guy types, rather than do-gooder types in my romance books. Maybe that’s why I can’t get into him as our endgame hero, yet.
Page 876 I think Wolf Warrior guy just pushed Dorian into the rose bushes to get his blood to look for magic. Or maybe he just likes picking on Dorian for the hell of it.
Page 878 Ooooo, Dorian’s got a healer girl crushing on him. A new romance must be starting, because we’ve switched to her POV and she’s all gushy about his handsomeness. This makes me happy! I like him better than Chaol.
Page 895 Hmmm… I think tattooed fae guy is Celaena’s cousin. Also, Wolf Warrior guy is her cousin. It seems like she’s related to all the new hot characters. Doesn’t bode well for a charismatic new leading man sweeping her off her feet.
Page 897 I am unclear how the witch clans fit into everything here. Why are we suddenly following them?
Page 897 Thinking about it… I do like that this book seems to be expanding the world and giving us more characters and settings. I am more invested in this story, now. So, it’s GOOD the witch is here, I guess.
Page 903 Oh, the witches are going to fly the dragon things being raised in the secret mountain pass. Gotcha.
Page 919 I like how all the witches are panicky and curious about who killed the super old carnival Yellow-Legs and why she was targeted. And Celaena only spur-of-the-moment killed her to hide Dorian’s dumb fortune-telling question. Did she even know the witch’s name? The randomness of it amuses me.
Page 970 Chaol’s been kidnapped… again.
Page 974- Wolf Warrior guy isn’t evil. I suspected he wasn’t, because Adeion seems likable and crafty. Most of the bad guys so far are smelly morons. And WHY is he named Adeion , when Celeanda’s fairy-name is Aelin? The names are SO CLOSE, when I’m reading fast. It gets me confused.
Page 974: Also, guy with two swords working with the rebels seems cool. He has a scar and two swords. That’s really all I need to be intrigued.
Page 974 Also, what the fuck Choal! Don’t tell people Celaena’s the lost princess! You’re going to get her killed, dumbass!
Page 976 Who is Ren, again? The two-swords guy? A lot of stuff seems to be happening, now with the rebels. It might have been better to do this scene from Chaol’s POV, because then I would be learning it all along with him, instead of jumping into Adeion’s head. He already knows what’s going on and now I have to catch up.
Page 955 I like Rowan and Celeana’s storyline best in this book. I like how he’s got this idea of her as useless and weak. But she’s going to show him he’s wrong sooner or later (I assume) and then, in my head, he’s going to be super impressed with her. Also, he’s not really her cousin. If he works at it, he could be the Rhysard of this series. But he probably won’t be, because I’m not great at picking leading men in a TV, book, movie series.
Page 1009 I love the witch storyline! I didn’t except that. Manon has chosen the beat up, bait wyvern and I am literally smiling. I was so sad it was being eaten alive, but now it’s got a devoted owner. It’s like a little rescue-dragon from the pound.
Page 1018 Kings don’t “hand out mind-controlling jewelry unless they want absolute dominion.” Hahahah. Adeion’s funny. I like him.
Page 1021 So many names and so much backstory! The Rebels and the Terrasen stuff is confusing to me, so far. Kudos to Adeion for being so loyal to his cousin, though. I have cousins. They would all fuck me over in a heartbeat to seize control of a kingdom. He’s never even met adult Celeana and he’s all in on her as queen. See why I like him?
Page 1024 Okay, I think I get the shift in my thinking w/t the series. I was okay with books 1 and 2, but book 3 is really hitting all the right notes with me. I feel like this one is more adult and that’s why I love it. The others had more of a YA feel. The story is now bigger and the characters are more complex. It’s like the men have arrived and before I had boys.
Page 1063 I think Eldie, the other magical, Terrasen noble girl, is alive. We’ve mentioned her a couple times now. Maybe she can date Adeion. He needs a girlfriend. (Or boyfriend. He could also date Ren.)
Page 1085 That little dragon and Manon are flying together and eating flowers. We could just switch it up and make this their book series and I’d be okay with it, now. Axi-whatever-his-name-is the most adorable little terror-monster, ever!
Page 1090 The half-fae are telling stories about Maeve. I don’t like it when someone is telling a story within a book. It’s usually blocks of text and blocks of text are hard for me to read. I skim.
Page 1140- There is another kingdom called “The Wastes” now. I feel like I was supposed to know that already, but I don’t. Jesus. I hope there’s not a test on the lore of this series, because I would fail it.
Page 1143 I love that plucky little dragon guy! Now he’s taking out evil spiders. He and Manon are my forever-ship. I am so worried, because the witches are bad guy, though. So, what if he’s hurt somehow? I would be seriously scarred by that. Not kidding.
Page 1155: Uh-oh. Dorian and healer girl are happy. Having sexy times. Not involved in any major storyline. This isn’t looking good for them. Current prediction: Healer girl is dead real soon
Page 1158: Dorian is telling Choal that he can’t pick and choose which pieces of people to love. That is really good advice. Choal will probably not listen.
Page 1207: Now I feel like Choal is NOT the endgame love interest. Because, Celeana is talking about how she is a different person these days than she was with him, blah, blah.
Page 1207 But I’m not sure Rowan is endgame either, although he and Celeana are getting closer, because the book keeps telling me there is nothing sexual going on between them. Also, it would be kind of sad for him being an immortal guy and her not being immortal. He wouldn’t want to lose another mate. I’m torn.
Page 1264: I do not trust Lady Marion. Is she still alive? Don’t remember. But I’m reading Celaena’s memories and I just vibe that she’s bad, because why else is she introduced?
Pge 1270 Whoops! Called that one wrong. Lady Marion just died in the memory, saving Celaena. Sorry Marion. I misjudged you.
Page 1283- It is now 5:54 am. I am reading and eating Frosted Flakes on my sofa. Not so unusual for breakfast… Except, it’s not breakfast. I haven’t gone to bed, yet. I’ve been up all night, reading this damn book.
Page 1306- King Evil Guy’s plan reminds me of that Simpsons episode where Lisa says to Bart, “Even if the Three Stodges did come back to life, what makes you think they’d want to hang out with you?” I mean, sure you can invite incorporeal monsters from other dimensions into your kingdom, but do you really think they’ll let it remain YOUR kingdom for long? Even as zombies? And who even WANTS to rule over a kingdom of zombies? Like, think it through, dumbass.
Page 1329- Manon is not THAT bad. She’s just not. She saved that other witch from falling and she loves the wyverns. I not sure I can vote for Celeana to win, if they ever have to fight. I like Manon too much. She might be my favorite character.
Page 1339- Uh-oh. Evil king is kidnapping Choal and Dorian and their buddies. This is one kidnapping per book for Chaol, if you’re keeping track. He’s just a terrible guardsman.
Page 1339- Shit, if Aedion does before he even gets to see Celaena I’m gonna cry. Take any of the others, Evil King, but not him!
Page 1344: Yep, healer girl is dead. I knew it was only a matter of time. Better her than Aedion.
Page 1350- Choal saved the dog, again. The book does this to me, because it wants me to question myself and my choice to not like him so much. Crap. You HAVE to sort of like someone who likes dogs. Or wyvern.
The end
Okay that one was amazing! I am still confused as hell as to the endgame romance, but I enjoyed reading the book so much I don’t even mind. Five stars!
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2023.06.09 22:38 AutoModerator [Genkicourses.site] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download

[Genkicourses.site] ✔️John Anthony – The Leads Machine ✔️ Full Course Download
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A “lead” is simply a phone number that you get from a girl.

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It will then be your choice if you want to keep the girl around to be part of your “harem” or make her your girlfriend.
So you can think of the process like this:
Acquire phone number “lead”Work the lead properly for a meetup (date)close the lead (have sex)retain the girlrepeat the process until you have your dream “harem” or “dream girlfriend”.
So as I near the big 1,000 laycount milestone, I decided to spill the beans on my ENTIRE “secret sauce” in FULL DETAIL.
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For those of you who look at my high number of lays as being suspicious, I don’t blame you. But I have documented proof with 100s of hidden camera infield footage videos of me picking up women – which is more than any other pickup artist in the world has ever recorded.
No lead is waster
That’s my secret: working leads like a machine.
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What is the system? I call it The Lead Machine.
Why Machine? Because it works like a damn well-oiled machine!
Just put leads in and get pussy out!
Here is a sneak peak of what is included:
Massive Master flowchart ​​
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Dates Masterclass videos from Occam’s Razor
Videos About Dates Straight to the House
Videos About Closing at the House
Excel Spreadsheet Template for Organizing and Tracking Leads
It’s time to end that frustration, and stop wasting so much energy.
And that for a fraction of the money you are spending away inefficiently.
Stop wasting time and energy.
You don’t have to figure it out all over again. I did that for you. Been there done that.
So here I am offering the product of over ten years of optimizations, and first hand experience.
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2023.06.09 22:37 JoshAsdvgi The Sacred Origin of Smoking

The Sacred Origin of Smoking

The Sacred Origin of Smoking

Smoking is, of course, originally an American custom, and with the
Indians of North America possesses a sacred origin.
"Of the sacred origin of tobacco the Indian has no doubt, although scarcely two tribes exactly agree in the details of the way in which the invaluable boon was conferred on man. In substance, however, the legend is the same with all.
Ages ago, at the time when spirits considered the world yet good enough for their occasional residence, a very great and powerful spirit lay down by the side of his fire to
sleep in the forest.
While so lying, his arch-enemy came that way, and thought it would be a good chance for mischief; so, gently approaching the sleeper, he rolled him over toward the fire, till his head rested among the glowing embers, and his hair was set ablaze.
The roaring of the fire in his ears roused the good spirit, and, leaping to his feet, he rushed in a fright through the forest, and as he did so the wind caught his singed hair as it flew off, and, carrying it away, sowed it broadcast over the earth, into which it sank and took root, and grew up tobacco.
"If anything exceeds the savage's belief in tobacco, it is that which attaches to his pipe.
In life it is his dearest companion, and in death is inseparable; for whatever else may be forgotten at his funeral obsequies, his pipe is laid in the grave with him to solace him
on his journey to the 'happy hunting-ground.' '
The first pipe' is among the most sacred of their traditions; as well it may be, when it
is sincerely believed that no other than the Great Spirit himself was the original smoker.
"Many years ago the Great Spirit called all his people together, and, standing on the precipice of the Red Pipe-stone Rock, he broke a piece from the wall, and, kneading it in his hands, made a huge pipe, which he smoked over them, and to the north, south, east, and west.
He told them that this stone was red, that it was their flesh, that of it they might make their pipes of peace; but it belonged equally to all; and the war-club and the scalping-knife must not be raised on this ground.
And he smoked his pipe and talked to them till the last whiff, and then his head disappeared in a cloud; and immediately the whole surface of the rock for several miles was melted and glazed.
Two great ovens were opened beneath, and two women (guardian spirits of the place) entered them in a blaze of fire; and they are heard there yet, and answer to the invocation of the priests, or medicine-men, who consult them on their visits to this sacred place.
"The 'sacred place' here mentioned is the site of the world-renowned 'Pipe-stone Quarry.' From this place has the North American Indian ever obtained material for his pipe, and from no other spot.
Catlin asserts that in every tribe he has visited (numbering about forty, and extending over thousands of miles of country) the pipes have all been made of this red pipe-stone.
Clarke, the great American traveller,relates that in his intercourse with many tribes who as yet had had but little intercourse with the whites he learned that almost every adult had made the pilgrimage to the sacred rock and drawn from thence his pipe-stone.
So peculiar is this 'quarry' that Catlin has been at the pains to describe it very fully and graphically, and from his account the following is taken:
"'Our approach to it was from the east, and the ascent, for the distance of fifty miles, over a continued succession of slopes and terraces, almost imperceptibly rising one above another, that seemed to lift us to a great height.
There is not a tree or bush to be seen from the highest summit of the ridge, though the eye may range east and west, almost to a boundless extent, over a surface covered with a short
grass, that is green at one's feet, and about him, but changing to blue in distance, like nothing but the blue and vastness of the ocean.
"'On the very top of this mound or ridge we found the far-famed quarry or fountain of the Red Pipe, which is truly an anomaly in nature.
The principal and most striking feature of this place is a perpendicular wall of close-grained, compact quartz, of twenty-five and thirty feet in elevation, running nearly north and south, with its face to the west, exhibiting a front of nearly two miles in length, when it disappears at both ends, by running under the prairie, which becomes there a little more elevated, and probably covers it for many miles, both to the north and south.
The depression of the brow of the ridge at this place has been caused by the wash of a little stream, produced by several springs at the top, a little back from the wall, which has
gradually carried away the superincumbent earth, and having bared the wall for the distance of two miles, is now left to glide for some distance over a perfectly level surface of quartz rock; and then to leap from the top of the wall into a deep basin below, and thence
seek its course to the Missouri, forming the extreme source of a noted and powerful tributary, called the "Big Sioux."
"'At the base of this wall there is a level prairie, of half a mile in width, running parallel to it, in any, and in all parts of which, the Indians procure the red stone for their pipes, by digging through the soil and several slaty layers of the red stone to the depth of four or five feet.
From the very numerous marks of ancient and modern diggings or excavations, it would appear that this place has been for many centuries resorted to for the red stone; and from the great number of graves and remains of ancient fortifications in the vicinity, it would
seem, as well as from their actual traditions, that the Indian tribes have long held this place in high superstitious estimation; and also that it has been the resort of different tribes, who have made their regular pilgrimages here to renew their pipes.'
"As far as may be gathered from the various and slightly conflicting accounts of Indian smoking observances, it would seem that to every tribe, or, if it be an extensive one, to every detachment of a tribe, belongs a potent instrument known as 'medicine pipe-stem.'
It is nothing more than a tobacco-pipe, splendidly adorned with savage trappings, yet it is regarded as a sacred thing to be used only on the most solemn occasions, or in the transaction of such important business as among us could only be concluded by the sanction of a Cabinet Council, and affixing the royal signature."
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2023.06.09 22:35 Sufficient_Career713 You never think it will happen to you: A Labor Story

CW: Birth Trauma, Medical Trauma, NICU Parent, PPD, and boundless joy
Hi all, FTM (35F) of a wonderful, perfect 3 month old baby girl.
This will be a long post but I wanted to write somethings down for my own processing and to simply share some of the things that we've gone through since LO arrived. My intention is not to scare or trigger anyone but rather share my story in the hopes that others might find some normalcy and support.
If you're anything like me I was scouring the internet prior to delivery. LO was ultimately delivered at 41w1d and I was HUGE. I'm 5'3" and I had gained over 50 lbs almost entirely in my belly. I was curb walking as much as possible and I did all of the things - eating dates, raspberry tea, exercises, stretches - anything to get baby to come on her own. I was having contractions for weeeeeks but nothing that ever escalated into true labor. I was exhausted despite my entire pregnancy being pretty textbook. There were no red flags at any point despite having done all of the standard tests and ultrasounds. Everything was pointing towards an easy delivery and healthy baby.
I was very done with pregnancy and, against my original plans (a theme), I decided to get induced. Went into the hospital on the evening of Feb 27 and had cervidil (sp??). It's supposedly more chill than pitocin. Things started happening around the morning of Feb 28. I was having real contractions and things were moving! The midwives were stoked that I responded so favorably without pitocin. Then things really started to ramp up. I was in triage waiting to be transferred to L&D (another theme) and was having really intense contractions. I finally (against what I had initially wanted) decided to take a narcotic. I needed a break and I was many hours away from full dilation plus I couldn't get an epidural until I was in L&D. Oof huge mistake. My contractions were just as intense as ever except during the in between I was having hallucinations. Luckily I had experienced drugs similar before so I knew what was going on but it worried my partner a lot (another theme). At this point I'm vomiting, my nurse is trying to get me transferred asap, my doula shows up and is trying to help me, and I'm wavering between screaming pain and having wild (and hilarious?) hallucinations.
Finally I'm cleared to transfer to L&D. Puke cup in hand, my nurse is running with me barely sitting in a wheelchair. I was so hot at that point that I remember it felt like a welcomed cool breeze. Partner is chasing behind us with far too many pieces of luggage in tow. We burst in the room and I was demanding to sit on the toilet but mostly was so blinded by pain I didn't really know what was going on or what I needed. Once again the doulas did their best to help me calm down and get through it. One of the nurses looked me dead in the eyes and was like "You can sit on that toilet but DO NOT push." I'm like 6 centimeters at this point and I couldn't believe the sensations pulsing through my body. I had wanted to wait for an epidural but I knew then that I needed it asap. I was able to miraculously sit still and felt the numbing cold take over. It was amazing. The next few hours were spent hanging out and getting to know the doulas. The nurse told me that my contractions were off the charts. Apparently they were lasting for two minutes and were shaped like a plateau instead of a gentle curve. My midwives were great and everyone was very encouraging and happy with my progress. I was almost fully dilated and we decided to burst my waters.
I was excited. There was A LOT of amniotic fluid. Unfortunately it was brown which indicated that baby had passed meconium which, given how over due I was, wasn't out of the ordinary. It also meant that NICU staff would be present for the delivery once the time came. I was finally ready to start pushing. Minutes turned into hours. My baby's head was through my cervix but she seemed stuck. 4 hours went by with no progress so we made the difficult decision to have a C section. It would be another 2 hours before an OR would open up so I just had to wait. By this point the epidural was wearing off and I was having break through contractions but I couldn't do anything with them because we knew the baby wasn't coming any other way.
This is where things really go south so stop reading if you need to <3.
Once I'm finally in the OR it's like 4AM. I'm strapped and straddled on the operating table and I can't stop shaking. It was terrifying. My partner is there with me but all I remember is fear. I also remember double checking with my nurse that NICU staff was in the room. The surgeons then test to see that I've had enough anesthesia which I hadn't so they had to give me fentanyl so things could get a move on. Eventually I felt no pain, just the movement of the procedure. I was laying there waiting to hear my baby's cries and to finally have her on my chest. I felt a lot of movement in my abdomen and I remember asking "Is that the baby? Is she dancing?" and the anesthesiologist said "No they're delivering your placenta and performing a fundal massage to prevent hemorrhage." This is when I knew something was really wrong. Those are the things they do after the baby's been born but I didn't hear my baby nor did I see her. I begin asking what's going on, I ask my partner if he can see her. He can't. All he can see is a lot of movement from different doctors. They finally tell us that she needs to be admitted to the NICU. I ask to at least see her and she's wheeled by me in a bassinet already swaddled and en route. We found out much later (when we were ready to hear what happened) that when she was born she had aspirated a lot of meconium and wasn't breathing. Her APGAR score was a 3. She was immediately intubated and it took around 10 minutes to resuscitate her (miraculously she didn't suffer brain damage).
Afterwards we were taken into a recovery room. We had been awake for over 24 hours at this point and were exhausted, devastated, and confused. We didn't know what happened and were waiting for news while I had to endure more fundal massages. A NICU doctor came to my bedside to inform us that they suspected she has having seizures, was at high risk of a blood infection, and may have some kind of genetic issue. We were in hysterics. Just totally beside ourselves. The nurses that had been with us came to say goodbye with tears in their eyes. They knew we had been traumatized and I think they may have been too.
They told us they were waiting for a postpartum room near the NICU to open up so we were just waiting. At this point, my baby was still very abstract to me. I was much more concerned about my very exhausted partner who had witnessed all of the trauma that happened. And was still carrying all of our stupid bags that I had packed. I sent him to the NICU to go see the baby. She was on oxygen and in an incubator. Her face was swollen from being stuck in the birth canal for 6 hours. I got to see her a few hours later but I could only touch her cheek. As I was leaving she was being hooked up to an EEG to check for seizures. We finally, after many hours, were moved into our postpartum room where I insisted we both take a nap before returning to the NICU. By this point we had delivered the news to our friends and families and let people know to please not reach out. It's hard to communicate the complexity of feelings we had. It was so devastating yet he and I felt so bonded together. Nothing else mattered but the three of us.
I'm told the weather was beautiful that day. I hadn't even considered a world existed outside of us. I didn't remember an outside until days had gone by. He pushed me in my wheelchair to get some food one morning and I saw the sun. I didn't remember there was a sun or that other people were just going about their days.
While LO was in the NICU she had every test under the sun and all of them kept coming back favorably. She wasn't having seizures, her brain looked great, her heart looked great, etc. Except there was still a question of a possible genetic issue but no one knew for sure. Her eyes were bulging but it could have been because of birth trauma or she just sort of looked like that. It wasn't until she had her hearing test that something went wrong again. I found solace in knowing failed hearing tests are pretty common and we'd just have to wait to meet with an audiologist for confirmation. During our stay I became a breast pumping machine. It was the only thing I could do on my own to help. I was immobilized from the C section and I felt so very hopeless that pumping was the one thing that gave me some satisfaction. LO had a significant tongue tie so latching proved impossible. My partner bonded with the baby immediately - he did the bulk of her care while in the NICU. For me, however, it took time. It's hard to admit but if I'm being honest it took me a few weeks to really fall in love and bond with her. I think part of it was the delivery and because I wasn't physically able to do the bulk of her care in the NICU. Also, I was in a grieving period. I was grieving the labor experience I hoped for and I was grieving the child I thought I was going to have.
After 5 incredibly long yet miraculous days we were both discharged together. We had a long list of follow up appointments but we didn't care. We were going home and it was a beautiful day. We laugh/cried the whole way home.
Close friends and both of our parents were there when we arrived home with an overwhelming amount of food. We were grateful. But also, hearing the excitement from others was really difficult for a long time. It took awhile for us to appreciate being congratulated. It felt like a stab every time.
That first week we had a number of doctors appointments. When she went to get her tongue tie snipped, her ENT discovered that she didn't have ear canals. Her external ear was fully formed but her middle ear was a closed pit. There were a lot of tears that day. It was the first time something was decidedly "wrong" and it was the first time there was a strong hint towards a genetic issue.
I don't remember the sequence of events and diagnoses - it was an emotional whirlwind. We learned that she has two chromosomal deletions of which the symptoms and severity vary greatly and we won't know the full extent of her disabilities for years. She does have conductive hearing loss (though I generally say she's deaf because its true and its a little easier to explain) and will be receiving a bone anchored hearing aid (BAHA). We're also invested in learning ASL so that she will have access to both spoken and signed language. She has strabismus (lazy eye) and ptosis (droopy eye) as well as craniosynostosis. She will be undergoing intense skull surgery later this year. Despite all of this she is thriving.
During the early weeks of postpartum I was not well. My partner had no time off and my family, while good intentioned, didn't really know how to talk about or meaningfully support a special needs child. It became clear that I needed some medical intervention so I enrolled in intensive therapy and began taking SSRIs. It may have saved our lives. I was not well and I knew it. I was struggling to bond and I was so devastated by her health outlook on top of all the normal lack of sleep, breast pumping stress, and lack of familial support that I needed to actively make a change. I did and I'm glad for it. I'm in a much better place now!
The love and joy I feel towards my child is unbelievable. People say that children bring joy to your life and it's really true. I love her with my whole heart. I am and will probably always be saddened by some of the trials she will be forced to endure in this world - her life will not be easy. But I am so committed to being at her side every step of the way. I love her totally and completely. Its hard to explain in words the depth of love I have for her. She's not what we imagined but no child ever is. Prior to her being born we always said we'd love and support her no matter who she became and that remains the case.
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