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2023.06.09 14:16 OhNoMyMentalHealth heres my whole f/o list

Narrator (Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe) Narrator (Battleblock theater) Karl Heisenberg (RE8) Shane (Stardew) Elliott (Stardew) Viktor Humphries (Slimerancher) Arms Dealer (Terraria) Steven Stone (pokemon) Kabu (pokemon) Piers (Pokemon) Raihan (pokemon) Leon (pokemon) Narinder (Cult of The Lamb) Damien Bloodmarch (Dream Daddy) Robert Small (Dream Daddy) Hugo Vega (Dream Daddy) Seek (Doors) Figure (Doors) Jack (Doors) Glitch (Doors) Eyes (Doors) Rush (Doors) Sundrop (FNAF) Moondrop (FNAF) Withered Foxy (FNAF) Fredbear (FNAF) Nightmare Foxy (FNAF) Nightmare Freddy (FNAF) Nightmare Fredbear (FNAF) Nightmare (FNAF) Funtime Freddy (FNAF) Funtime Foxy (FNAF) Lolbit (FNAF) DJMM (FNAF) Lefty (FNAF) Glamrock Freddy (FNAF) Endo-02 (FNAF) Twisted Wolf (FNAF) Stephen Strange (Doctor Strange) Marc Spector (Moonknight) Jake Lockley (Moonknight) Mobius M. Mobius (Loki) Venom (Venom) Tony the Talking Clock (DHMIS) Colin the Computer (DHMIS) Red Guy (DHMIS) Remus Sanders (Sander Sides) Logan Sanders (Sander Sides) SCP 049 Monty Gator (fnaf) Bruno Madrigal (encanto) SCP 035 Micheal Afton (FNAF) Henry Emily (FNAF) Cthulhu Moonlord (Terraria) Wally Darling (welcome home) Enderman (minecraft) (edited)
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2023.06.05 07:30 Significant_Buy_2301 Can you get CPU´s from salvage?

Sorry if this has been asked before but I want to know just to be sure. I know that in FNAF:AR you could not get CPUs from salvage or it was extremely rare.
But with Forsaken, can you? Since the game is way more user-friendly than the original FNAF:AR, with them implementing new features like 8-hour salvages, is it possible to get CPUs?
I mean I already got both the Freddy and Lefty plushsuit+ Endo 2 and it is only my 5th salvage. So it would not surprise me.
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2023.06.05 02:08 Jorgeq2008 ForsakenAR Trade Help

Hello! Can anyone send me Lefty? He is my dream suit ever since FNAF AR came out, could anyone help me sending him ?
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2023.06.04 19:33 TheWolfFromNether "Untill we meet again" models lefty,fnaf fan

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2023.06.03 15:42 Gargamel_Sky What we can expect to see in Help Wanted 2


So following the trailer from the PlayStation Showcase, we saw that there would be Sister Location (or at least something similar because idk how that would make sense lore-wise) and it got me thinking about the other game modes we could see in the game. This post relies heavily on HW because I don't really know where else to find more information and of course, that's just my own speculations, go ahead and add your own in the comments if you want.

So about the events that happened in SL and Fnaf 6: as I said, there would be no reason to clarify what happened there, since the people don't know about it, but I have 2 different possible options:
  1. The first game was "apparently" made to knock off the drama and speculations that the Indie game developer Not-Scott-Cawthon made about the real life locations. So assuming that he also made games about SL and Fnaf 6 only then, would they need to clarify them
  2. As mentioned before there might be some games that don't connect to the story (like in HW), so they could make them like that.

And lastly, it could be possible that the whole point of the game changes. So like, that it's not about clarification anymore. But I don't know what it could be.

P.S: I feel like there could be some connections to Security Breach since it's the latest game, but I also don't know what it could be so I didn't mention it.
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2023.06.03 06:58 trackjack6 I think I get the lore please confirm or deny

FNAF 1: Mikey boy is trying to i guess free the animatronics in the 90s he's like in his 20s at this point.
FNAF 2: Jeremy boy is fighting for his life as if he just had the taco crunch supreme and there is no toilet nearby. He's also probably the bite of 87 victim idk... But night 7 is fritz smith (Mikey boy?) Who FROM WHAT I UNDERSTAND is like "jeez I sorta caused the death of my brother and my father is psychotic maybe I should do some investigating" my guess is he is 20-21 here. Puppet survives.
FNAF 3: a 40 year old Mikey boy tries one last time to free the souls of the animatronics and tries to stop his evil lunatic animatronic possessed father. Purple guy/afton/Springtrap survives
FNAF 4: Mikey boys little bro last days of hallucinations. We find out Mikey boy caused the bite of 83. My guess is this (death of his siblings) guilts Mikey boy into becoming a hero and righting the wrongs of his father.
FNAF 5: Mikey boy (okay ik a lot of ppl say this game takes place sometime in the 80s but I'ma actually guess it takes place shortly after FNAF 1 because Mikey boy sorta has his body jacked up for a bit so I doubt that happens anytime before FNAF 1/2) goes to the old sister location where his sister was sadly murdered like a decade prior (awww he lost both his siblings) and does some investigation. Ends with his being possessed sorta but he ends up throwing them up. Baby/Elizabeth and funtime Freddy survive
FNAF 6: Mikey boys last stand tying up loose ends with his father, sister, puppet/lefty, and molten Freddy. He does... Probably?
FNAF 7: afton survives.... IN CODE and is trying to sorta possess vanny.
FNAF 8: Gregory gets trapped in a mega pizza Plex because he wants to do some investigating and gets involved with a split personality vanny and glitchtrap.
So in order
But honestly FNAF 5 can take place anytime between 4 and 3.
Didn't realize how badass Mike was trying to right the wrongs of his father how does no one appreciate this guy for being a true hero.
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2023.06.03 03:20 Espsiongold2VA HELP WANTED 2 the game that might have the best reason to exist

HELP WANTED 2 the game that might have the best reason to exist
Put the security breach Logo over Freddy in your mind, it's part of the theory
So obviously there's a few people scratching their head at the help wanted 2 idea, why is it possible, when, who are we, what time.
So I've a few thoughts based on some past lore
Hand unit said in the original FNAF help wanted "the game almost never made it to market" which means it did. And he says "it's good to see you sticking to the script and not wandering which is exactly what our risk assessment team is looking for" if you don't interact with anything that summons glitchtrap.
These are interesting because it implies that you are both playing to beta test going by the risk assessment team comment but also that the game is already for sale on the market and with enough time to get DLC.
So considering curse of dreadbear was made setting up a mask for vanny and the it's me Easter egg meaning more game was made which is both done by Vanessa and the princess in princess quest 3 making curse of dreadbear cannon to the timeline since you go through help wanted and curse of dreadbear in princess quest 3.
Depending on how you take hand units dialogue from help wanted..
It is possible you play as the only person who never actually went looking for clues and never encountered glitchtrap like the FNAF world mocking you "you beat the game but didn't do anything" or FNAF 6 mock "you did little effort and took no risk and here is a certificate of mediocrity"
Like we play as the only person who followed every rule and that's why there's no other applicants. Because I mean it's hinting we are a beta tester by the no other applicants, or the only person who followed the rules.
However he said welcome back for another week and that implies Mike. Ballora has purple eyes, it's the ones Mike shows at the end of sister location scooping ending. So her having blue eyes which is mikes own eye color makes sense.
It's not implying that you are a child either.
we could be Mike for 2 reasons 1. Help wanted hand unit says "your descending to Cbear sorry for the crampt space but the other services elevator is well above your pay grade" this line always confused me but yea it implies that there is another service elevator leading to sister location. Mike would be able to access
And hand unit said "Fazbear entertainment are not responsible for real world manifestations of digital characters" meaning Mike can return "we designed this like a plug n play bringing back personalities from the past in an instant"
Or....FNAF AR trailer Mike "I've been living in the shadows" perhaps his consciousness was accidentally transferred into another person since you signed the contract.
Hand unit mocking is absolutely the way he mocks Micheal so perhaps Mike manifested in the FNAF AR trailer, as you hear him "I've been living in shadows" Or
because remember the CDs in security breach we find 16 and they are retro CDs same as vintage, retro old CDs 16 collected in mikes very room, wouldn't it be funny if collecting the 16 retro CDs manifested Mike into either existence or back kinda like how I your the band he's just like "sup.....Mike security guard, come experience this not cannon situation to save your son"
And Mike Schmidt movie game ect.
And the reason why I think this is happening is because of FNAF AR. We were though on security breach for it's bugs and cut content but going by FNAF AR the dark circus and the lore split between the games, it's entirely possible sections had to be cut because ilumix handled their side badly.
Email leaks, characters absent from the game. I mean we got a picture of Lefty and Funtime Freddy cost more than security breach, but that's not the issue, if the dark circus was to connect to sections of the pizzaplex then steel wool were left with half the characters absent from the other game that were essential for plot points.
Hopefully steel wool have been given control over the AR lore and the result will be in help wanted 2. This isn't a rant against ilumix, more an apology to steel wool for not realizing that they had half the game.
I get the impression from how much takes from the pizzaplex stories have changed places and names the AR cade is literally an Augmented Reality cade and the VR booths. Maybe there was a reason Monty golf only had half the game.
But the lore from the books, the devs on gamejolt talking about the game, Scott putting the AR animatronics in FNAF fury's rage, you see one side
Then you look at the pizzaplex guide and it's like incoherent to a fault. It's like help wanted mobile port glitch level.
So if steel wool have been working on RUIN and help wanted 2 it's absolutely for one reason only, they were left with so much work to do.
3 cannon disappointments Ilumix brought remnant into existence stealth technology allowing animatronics to be invisible haywiring and brought Shadow Bonnie as the real shadow Bonnie.
Pizzaplex runs on batteries, trying to explain vanny is invisible because sound illusions that only make your view destort and no shadow Bonnie
Combined it would explain itself
Anyway that's my theory and if you want to talk about triangles inside triangles try my suggestion above
Anyway how do you think it will work?
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2023.06.02 05:58 VaguePirateFox My take on the FNAF lore

-CC was first to die in 1983 (FNAF 4) --William notices the Freadbear animatronic acting strange, figures out remnant and all that so he tries experimenting with said remnant by building killer animatronics which would kill children and gather remnant. --Enter Sister Location -Elizabeth is second to die in 1984 (FNAF 5) dying to Circus Baby. --She wasn't meant to be killed, William told her to stay away so she wouldn't be. But with her being a child she didnt listen. ---all remnant from the childrens deaths goes to the scooper for testing ---funtime animatronics kill children leaving something i like to call !!!"Remnant Residue", allowing them to be at least somewhat sentient. This is why they're able to survive without Elizabeth as Molten Freddy!!! --William, now having lost 2 children, goes insane and starts killing the children himself starting with -Charlie dies in 1985 (FNAF 2) -Then susie and cassidy in 1986/87 (MCI) --Susie dies first because chica in UCN says "i was the first, i have seen everything" -1993 William is springlocked -2023 William comes back --MCI children are set free --William sends micheal to check in on his sister --mike gets scoopered but "lives" on (!!because of the remnant in the scooper!!) to go to pizzeria simulator -further into 2023, simulator takes place ---Elizabeth gets booted from ennard leaving molten, and scrap baby ---Charlie/puppet gets trapped in lefty by Afton --Henry comes back to set everyones souls free, and finally kill Afton. --William survives and comes back yet again. --Molten survives because he has no soul, hes just a pile of sentient wires -Security Breach (any time after 2023) --William always comes back, his experiments with remnant have made him close enough to immortal that its dumb to even try to kill him. -- Molten Freddy/the Blob still having leftover "remnant residue" also survives and comes back, now with the heads of !!all the animatronics that were possessed!! All but golden. Sybolizing how Golden (CC and Cassidy) is the only one thats truly moved on, and how the others are still waiting for their revenge on Afton, using the Blob as their weapon against him, which is why it drags Afton away at the end of Security Breach.
✨If someone wants this taken down because we're all annoyed with the feeble attempts at coming up with ways to explain the lore, just say the word, your wish is my command✨ Or, on the off-chance that someone wants me to continue my work and look even deeper into everything, and continue sharing my finds opinions and the such, i appreciate the support my friend 🙏
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2023.06.02 01:44 123HALgal FNaF 4 Lore????

I have a possible theory for FNaF 4. Yes, I will accept all hate. So, we know that all the nightmare animatronics represent the original FNaF Pizzeria (This makes sense in my brain). Nightmare Freddy represents Freddy, Nightmare Chica represents Chica, Nightmare Bonnie represents Bonnie, Nightmare Fredbear represents Golden Freddy (Idk if this is proven but again, it would make sense to me). But my question is what about nightmare? The thought that popped in my head it represents Puppet, right? Well, what if its Lefty. Lefty is technically Puppet, but then I also thought, we don't know about Lefty until FNaF 6. Well, what if FNaF 4 takes place after the FNaF 6 fire? Like all the forgotten memories of how all this happened, suddenly being remembered? Is it all just the memorizes of the events that happened? Now I know something some of you might be thinking, why does he look scarier now then? Well, if we are playing as Michael in FNaF 4, we all know he would have seen some pretty terrifying things, and, if the nightmare animatronics are illusions, it would be as if all the terrifying memorizes get combined into one. So, what do you all think? Btw, I'm not saying the bite happened after FNaF 6, I'm saying all this was being remembered after being forgotten.
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2023.05.31 12:16 mr_awesome12345 Lefty appeared

i was playin fnaf 6 and i didnt salvage any animatronics, and i haven't purchased lefty. and he appeared, is this possible or a mistake in the coding?
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2023.05.31 05:31 CatPawsPrinter Types of Bears

Not sure how often this is discussed, but I was interested to consider how general behavior of bear species could give some perspective on the designs of the bears in FNAF.
First off, I'm no sort of bear expert and anything I say is likely to be inaccurate, so I'm going off of general consensus that I've seen about real-life bears. I absolutely encourage doing your own research as well!
Obviously, being animatronics, the bear characters are hard to pin to a specific species of bear, but I think even just going off the colors can give some interesting results.
For instance, a brown bear or grizzly is generally known to be aggressive, but they don't like expending a lot of effort if they don't have to. They are also more likely to attack someone by themselves rather than two or more people. This reminds me so much of classic Freddy's behavior in the first FNAF game, what with being one of the last animatronics to activate. Hilariously, if you are attacked by a brown bear, it is typically advised to play dead immediately, so Phone Guy would have been right on that count. It doesn't seem like any of the other brown bear characters fit this behavior though, except maybe tricking the Freddys with the mask in FNAF 2, but that's not really a behavior exclusive to them. Also, there is such thing as a blond grizzly, so it's about as close to a Golden Freddy kind of bear as you could get.
Black bears, though also deadly, are typically cited as the least aggressive and more likely to run away. I can actually say this matches what I've seen from personal experience, having actually watched one through my window as it knocked over my neighbors' bird feeder and spooked itself. Now, as far as black bears in FNAF, there aren't many. Nightmare from FNAF 4 fits the color scheme, but maybe not the behavior. Lefty is the only other black bear and somewhat fits the behavior, being the only Salvageable animatronic in Pizzaria Simulator who is friendly enough to perform on stage before later attacking you like the others. I do think it's a neat touch at least symbolically that Lefty was designed to locate and capture the Puppet, and that Henry may or may not have designed Lefty to look like one of the less aggressive types of bears on purpose.
Now on the complete opposite end of the spectrum is the white polar bear, cited as being the biggest predator on Earth and are typically agreed to be the most aggressive bear species. In part because of being in the Arctic with scarce food, polar bears live a cycle of hunt, kill and eat. Though all bears can be observed sometimes cannibalizing bear cubs in extreme hunger, it seems like it is most frequent with male polar bears on account of scarce food. They are not scared off easily like black bears and playing dead won't work on them like with brown bears. So of course the only white bear in FNAF would be Funtime Freddy, who is among one of the most aggressive animatronics in the series.
So, though the behaviors don't match exactly, there are interesting parallels. Let me know your thoughts or any other bear behavior parallels you've noticed! And please don't get eaten by any bears!
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2023.05.26 10:45 TheWolfFromNether Glamrock Lefty in FNAF AR

Glamrock Lefty in FNAF AR
I did tried to make it accurate as i can
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2023.05.25 21:20 UltraSunLP Question

If Henry came back to the Fnaf 6 Pizzeria to burn the animatronics down, including lefty (the puppet is inside), doesn´t that mean he burned the spirit of his own daughter?
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2023.05.25 16:55 Lassehl What would the requirements be to be a part of the UCN roster?

What are the requirements? What does an animatronic need to be in the UCN roster?
I saw a video by ID's Fantasy where she talked about why phone guy is in UCN. She said that her theory is that when phone guy died on night 4 he possed the phone he used and that explains the night 5 phone call and his appearance in UCN, but that video got me thinking. Why aren't Funtime Freddy in UCN? But Lefty and that Mexican dude are?
My original theory was that you need to be possed by something killed by / related to William or be a spirit killed by / related to William at the time that William got burnt in FNAF 6. But for me (A guy with very bad memory so I don't remember everything about everyone) don't know how / why that Mexican dude, Funtime chica / foxy, etc would be possed.
The original animatronics, the toy animatronics, the withered Animatronics, the phantom animatronic, and alot of the others can easily be explained why they were possed / a spirt at that time. But alot of the animatronic still doesn't fit in that category.
Please help me here. This has been stuck in my head for like 2 hours now and I need answers.
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2023.05.21 14:07 0KiaraMinecraft Midnight Motorist Theory + Security Breach Ruin Prediction

So, before I get into my theory, I wanted to talk about a few theories that others have presented to try and explain Midnight Motorist. One of them suggests that the three-toed footprints belong to Funtime Freddy, who is using an illusion disc to disguise himself as Fredbear. He then lures the Crying Child out of his room and to the restaurant and then kills him in his stomach hatch. If the Crying Child possessed Funtime Freddy, then that would explain why Molten Freddy says, "One Big Happy Family." However, I have two issues with this.
First, if the Crying Child possessed Funtime Freddy, then what about Golden Freddy?
Well, I have a slight answer to this. Maybe Funtime Freddy kills the Crying Child, gets possessed by the kid, William takes apart the animatronic to get his son out of it, and then The Crying Child's soul gets set loose, but is trapped in the restaurant where he died. Then, his soul would enter Fredbear.
Second, why would Funtime Freddy be built in the first place?
No one would be dead yet. You could argue that Elizabeth would actually be dead by the time, as we don't see her, but then the same question would apply to Circus Baby. What's her reason for existing at this point?
(Tiny note here: I think we all assumed that Circus Baby and the Funtimes were built with child capturing in mind on day one. I don't think that is the case now. I mean, couldn't you just implement new features into animatronics at a later date?)
But what about the Bite of 83'?
(DISCLAIMER!!! Regarding what I'm about to say on The Bite of 83', I do not think this is right at all, but it is something to consider. No hate, please)
I think there might be a bit of a retcon on The Bite of 83', as in it never happened. Now, I know that the password for the keypad in the Sister Location bunker is 1983, but that is just the year the Crying Child died. That doesn't necessarily confirm that it was the bite that killed him. I am also aware that in FNAF 3, the Phone Guy mentions multiple and simultaneous spring lock failures at the sister location, Fredbear's Family Diner. Now, I personally have a bit of trouble with FNAF 3. On Steam, the description says that the game takes place thirty years after Freddy Fazbear's Pizza closes. A lot of people assume that FNAF 3 and Pizzaria Simulator both take place in 2023, but I disagree.
This is mainly due to the fact that the FNAF games 1-4 were originally going to follow Dream Theory, I think, but we as a community weren't happy with that, so Scott had to make it follow an actual timeline. And I think that messed a lot of stuff up. So, I tend to hesitate when citing timeline evidence from the first 4 games. Also, regarding the whole FNAF 1 takes place in 1993 thing, I don't really agree with it. We know that Freddy and the gang have been around since at least 1983. Phone Guy in FNAF 1 says that they were singing the same songs for 20 years. Like MatPat said in one of his theories, that would put FNAF 1 in 2003, and FNAF 3 in 2033. I do agree that the Missing Childrens Incident takes place in or around 1985, though I lean more so towards it happening at the end of the year.
As for Pizzaria Simulator taking place in 2023, I have a slight idea against that. Let me lay out some details beforehand. If FNAF 3 and Pizzeria Simulator take place in 2023, then we would need:
  1. Springtrap becomes Scraptrap after being damaged by the FNAF 3 fire.
  2. Baby splits off from Ennard, managed to find spare parts to build a functioning body, and incorporates roller skates and a giant claw into her body.
  3. Ennard becomes Molten Freddy and starts wearing a damaged Funtime Freddy head, or the same Funtime Freddy head if Steel Wool is trying to retcon Molten Freddy's design like RyeToast suggested in one of his theories.
  4. The puppet getting caught by Lefty. Either Henry tracks down the puppet, which could be remaining in the rubble of the FNAF 3 fire, and stuffs it inside of Lefty, or, Lefty was roaming around and managed to lure in the Puppet using the bracelet code we see on Lefty's blueprint.
And all of that would need to happen within the same year that Fazbear Frights burns down. I can understand that points 2 and 3 could happen earlier, but you would still have the attraction burning down and a new restaurant with all of the vent systems and not to mention creating a plan to lure everyone back. Even if you give FNAF 3 a starting point of January 1st, it still feels like it's a bit much even if you have FNAF 6 taking place in December.
Another thing I want to point out is the "HRY223" audio file. I personally believe that "HRY223" is just the name of the file. If it was saying the year the file was created, then why not just "HRY2023"?
Now, what about the person sitting in the chair?
Well, it could be Micheal, especially if they are retconning The Bite of 83'.
(Now, with this next part, I'm kinda assuming that FNAF 4 is being almost entirely retconned)
Micheal, instead of terrorizing his brother, would just be sitting around and watching TV. Either as a teenager or an adult, I think Micheal would have also seen Elizabeth die by Circus Baby. That would actually give a better explanation for the Nightmare Animatronics. They are just that. Nightmares. He could be experiencing these nightmares in 2 different scenarios.
  1. It is happening during the time in between shifts when Micheal goes home and rests from his day at Circus Baby's Entertainment & Rental.
  2. It is happening while Micheal is recovering in the hospital after getting bit by Mangle in 1987 and becoming the Bite of 87' victim.
Now, as much as I like Micheal being the person in the chair, I also believe that the person in the chair is William's wife. The person in the chair tells William to leave Him alone. The only other two male individuals in the Afton house are Mike and his younger brother. Also, unless William and Henry hired someone to run the restaurants in the event that neither of them showed up to work, I highly doubt that the person in the chair would be Henry, if he was a family friend, just hanging out with the Aftons.
Now, regarding MatPat's theory about Charlie's murder is a result of drunken rage, I do agree with him, but my reasons are slightly different. If the Bite of 83' is being retconned out of the story, then maybe Charlie's murder was just drunken revenge against Henry for basically copying William's ideas and doing it better constantly. Maybe William is the type of person that gets angered easily, and even more so when he's drunk.
One tiny thing that I want to mention is the place at which Charlie died. I have seen people say it was Fredbear's and I have seen others say it was Freddy's. Personally, I think it works either way.
Now, for my Ruin Prediction. I think that Ruin will, hopefully, clear up Fnaf 4, Sister Location, and Midnight Motorist. If those 3 things are out of the way, it could give us some solid groundwork to build on for future theories.
The last thing I want in RUIN is, and this probably won't happen, a detailed timeline of events from FNAF 1 to Pizzaria Simulator.
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2023.05.21 00:07 Cluecifix Possession in the FNAF games.

After watching a wide verity of Youtubers how make FNAF related content like Ozone, Rye Toast, Sire Squawks, theft king, ImpulseEvan_37, ID's Fantasy and of course, Game Theory, as well as reading a LOT of Reddit post.
I started thinking, something was missing, something was wrong in the FNAF theorist community, something big, something over looked, something fundamental to the very bases of the Five Nights At Freddy's games.
Then i realized what was wrong.
A lot of the time when people look at and analyze the animatronics in the FNAF games i think that people forget one of the most crucial parts about these characters, its the fact that even though a soul is possessing them, they all are robots now.
I think Robot AI complexity has a lot to do with animatronic behavior.
I don't think possession give spirits new life but instead brings the animatronic characters A.I. to life, Using the soul as a battery/brain/memory bank of sorts. (couldn't think of a better word)
Like for example the FNAF 1/ withered animatronics have very simple A.I. only meant for moving around and saying prerecorded voice lines on stage.
That's why the puppet says the others are like animals in UCN, because when the missing children's incident kids possessed the animatronics there A.I. was brought to life but because of their simplicity, they were no better than the brains of literal wild animals, but they were still set to being on a pre-programmed routine, like how they stop attacking and have to go back on stage by 6:00 AM.
Next the toy animatronics in FNAF 2 it is stated that the toys are synced to a criminal database and are programmed to scan adults upon entry to the pizzeria, but other than that the toys are coded almost the same way the FNAF 1/withered animatronics are. That explains why the toys only show aggression to adults. they're not programmed to scan children, and adults are the first thing their AI sees, but they're still animalistic and aggressive because of the souls powering/driving them. (couldn't think of any better words)
Then there's sister location with the (Funtime animatronics who have the most complex A.I. and we know 100% without a shadow of a doubt are possessed), and this is where we see the complexity of robot AI's real effect on the soul. Throughout the game we hear Circus Baby and most of the Funtime's talking to us, but when listening to all the voice lines said in the game, we hear the fact that they're not talking as if their souls of the victims, but instead talking to us like they're the actual animatronic characters.
Like when Circus Baby tells us a story in her room, she's telling us from the perspective of the Circus Baby animatronic and not Elizabeth.
Or in the case of Funtime Freddy in the breaker room he talks with open and eccentric malice and talks to his hand puppet Bon-bon (not as if a soul trapped in Funtime Freddy would but as if the actual animatronic character Funtime Freddy).
Then in FNAF 6 we see Molten Freddy and Scrap Baby now as 2 separate entities,
We hear scrap baby has a drastically different personality then circus baby in FNAF SL, I believe that's because it is no longer the robot A.I. circus baby talking but instead the soul possessing her "Elizabeth".
Sometime between splitting up with Ennard, and FNAF 6 the A.I. controlling circus baby must have been broken, freeing Elizabeth and giving her full control of the Ennard.
And in the case of Molten Freddy's voice lines, he says things like
"Thanks for letting me join the pa-arty, I-I'll try no-o-ot to disappoint."
"Knock kno-o-ock, I'm here!"
and "One b-i-ig happy family!"
Even though he escaped the rental facility, hes still talking like the actual animatronic character Funtime Freddy.
(All the A.I.'s in him were still intact by the time of FNAF 6 and working properly, that's why when we hear his voice it's still the animatronic character Funtime Freddy talking, and not any of the souls possessing him.)
This theory would also Explains some things I always found weird about Springtrap in FNAF 3.
  1. Springtrap never tries to leave Fazbears frights, he just stays there till the building burns down.
  2. He still falls for the audio-lures. (Even though by night 3 at most he should know there's no actual children in the building at night.)
  3. Springtrap never actually talks until FNAF UCN (only ever talking once he becomes Scraptrap).
  4. ''Scraptrap'' isn't/wasn't the original name for the character (it's a fan made name like ''Golden Freddy's'' name originally being ''Yellow Bear''), the characters original name was just ''Afton''.
All this info has led me to believe that in FNAF 3 it isn't ''William Afton'' in control, but instead the A.I of the animatronic character Springbonnie.
With William only gaining full control of the robot once he becomes Scraptrap/"Afton" in FNAF 6, after the animatronics A.I. being broken in the FNAF 3 fire.
This also explains the reason all the spirits are as angry as they are in the games.
if the possessed animatronics actually acted as they are commonly portrayed by the FNAF fandom then i cant see any of them being angry enough to just kill anyone who walks into the building at night wearing a security guard uniform.
but if they were angry animalistic 2-ton metal monstrosities brought to life by the burning primal rage of the souls of dead children who have lost all free will, only having the ability to sit there and watch time go by in a failing pizzeria.
Yea that would make me pretty upset.
And this type of torture it would be even worse for whatever soul possessed golden Freddy.
Imagine having no choice but to sit lonely in a hidden back room of a pizzeria where no one will ever have a chance of finding you and ending your suffering.
Just left in the dark with nothing to do but sit in think.
To think about your friends,
To think about your family,
To think about all the things you have ever seen,
To think about the one who took all of it away from you,
To think about your murder,
To think about revenge,
To think about all the things you would do to make your murderer suffer just like they made you for so long.
also explaining why Every animatronic doesn't just leave their pizzeria, their ALL programmed not to leave. all except the Puppet.
That's why phone guy is scared of the puppet in FNAF 2, all the animatronics can go anywhere in the pizzeria, (but the less advanced ones can't leave for the same reason they can't go in the safe room, they can't see the exit.)
The Puppet is the only animatronic in FNAF (up to FNAF AR and security breach) that can naturally go freely in and out of the pizzeria.
That's also why the Puppet. isn't scraped in FNAF 2, it literally just left. That's why Henry had to build lefty to catch the Puppet.
Speaking of Henry, in his speech when talking to the animatronics before it burns down, he says.
''--give up your spirits. They don't belong to you.''
He's might be talking to what he considers to be the animatronic characters and not the people possessing them.
In all cases of possession in the Five Nights At Freddy's Game series: The programming of robot A.I. [If still Functioning] has more control over the animatronics actions, behavior, and personality than the consciousness of the soul possessing it.
And what I consider to be the final nail in the coffin: In the newspaper clippings on the wall in FNAF 1 we see a quote from one of the CEO's of the original Fazbear Entertainment, inc. [not LLC] (which at this point could only be 1 of 2 people Henry Emily or William Afton) saying, ''These characters will live on in the hearts of kids- these characters will live on''.
Edit: I only used the game series in this theory (in fear of getting the actual mechanics of possession mixed up with plot-points from the books).
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2023.05.20 14:35 SpectrumSpecter Ongoing Golden Freddy and Shadow Freddy Duality Still Going Through SB Ruins DLC

I'd like thoughts on this, if possible.
In every sense, Golden Freddy and Shadow Freddy are partners. First off, Fredbear has two souls, those being Cassidy and Crying Child. Their duality persists through (almost) every iteration of the duo.
First off, UCN describes Nightmare Fredbear and Nightmare as partners, so there's the first one already. You may be wondering how Crying Child relates to Nightmare. Well, Nightmare says "The shadow fears me." Implying the Crying Child who fears the Nightmares is Shadow Freddy. Despite this, Nightmare IS Nightmare Shadow Freddy. The other shadows who have appeared outside of minigames are Shadow Bonnie (named RWQFSFASXC) and Shadow Dee Dee (XOR). Meanwhile, Shadow Freddy likely has no name, explaining why Nightmare is just called Nightmare (as they have no name to come after the word "Nightmare").

So Cassidy is definitely Golden Freddy and Crying Child is likely Shadow Freddy. The next parallel is in Princess Quest 2 from security Breach. In the game files, The Princess is called Cassidy. In one of the levels, The Princess gets a shadow that does the opposite of everything she does. The fact that she has a shadow acting alongside her further alludes back to Golden Freddy and Shadow Freddy. The Princess herself is literally gold! There's also a lot of theories saying that Gregory embodies Crying Child somehow. Further adding to this, the Ruins DLC isays you play as Cassie (which could be a version of Cassidy) next to save Gregory.

Here's some extra that may add to it or may just be confirmation bias. Fredbear has been depicted with two canon eye colors. In FNAF World they had green eyes. In the graphic novels and books, they're depicted with blue eyes. In UCN if you use the Death Coin on Golden Freddy, Fredbear appears. This iteration of Fredbear has the silver eyes and black sclera. It might represent the Shadow Freddy side of Fredbear defending the Golden Freddy side. Back to the issue of Shadow Freddy likely not having a name, Crying Child's name can't be fully solved for in the logbook. You get "E-V-A". People assume it's Evan. Anyway, the name issue is still there. In FNAF 6, The Rockstars have Lefty (who bears a resemblance to Shadow Freddy) instead of a Golden Freddy. One more being that Phantom Freddy seems to be a version of Golden Freddy and Shadow Freddy is still present in FNAF 3, but that Freddy is sort of considered that game's normal Freddy.
The point that makes me feel this might be off is FNAF 1 is the only game where Golden Freddy appears without Shadow Freddy and FNAF 6 has Shadow Freddy but not Golden Freddy.
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2023.05.17 03:07 Blays-Buckler Ennard in FNaF 6?

In FNaF 6 why would Ennard be there at the end of the game? Why does some random ass character get placement next to, the complete and utter death of not one, but TWO bloodlines, at least until fnaf sb when afton comes back but ignoring that for now? Baby is William's daughter, Afton IS William, you play as Michael Afton, William's son, Cassette guy is Henry Emily, and Lefty is Charlie, Henry's daughter. Why does Ennard, in the form of molten freddy, need to be there?? There is no reason for him to be there, other than to fill up characters. There needs to be a reason why he is there!
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2023.05.14 18:11 -Nicky4820 Anybody else thinks that Charlotte Emily/the Puppet is sort of a redundant/useless character in the games?

Anybody else thinks that Charlotte Emily/the Puppet is sort of a redundant/useless character in the games?
What I mean by that is that anything that the Puppet does in canon could easily be done (and HAS been done in other continuities) by other characters, and the story would overall be much simpler for it. Examples include:
  • The Puppet stuffing the MCI kids in Give Gifts, Give Life? William himself could have done that like implied in FNAF 1 and as done in the novels. Plus it would make a lot more sense considering his motivations surrounding remnant. (And that's assuming that the Puppet DID stuff the bodies in the games, considering there are some who theorize William did it there too, which would make the Puppet and GGGL even MORE useless thus proving my point lol)
  • Caretakeleader of the animatronics and the "nice one" out of all of them? Well, putting aside the fact that Puppet is one of the two most aggressive animatronics in FNAF 2, and Lefty being a bitch towards Mike despite her having no reason to attack him at this point when the other children and their killer are there as Molten Freddy and Scraptrap; Golden Freddy could have easily filled out that role just as Michael Brooks did in the novels where he was Golden Freddy, while Charlotte herself as a person was replaced by the CharlieBots.
  • All she would basically be useful for as the Puppet is representing BV for the Bite of 83 parallel that is Happiest Day, freeing the spirits of the children (until SL and FFPS happen and that point is proven moot), and serving as a reason for Henry to exist in the games and motivation to do FFPS and burn all the animatronics, which Michael could have done on his own anyway.
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2023.05.13 16:05 Significant_Buy_2301 What determines if a spirit is "aware"?

We know that spirits in the FNAF universe can and will forget their previous lives as time goes on.
However some spirits are shown to retain memories, awareness of their surroundings, and personality traits despite this. Seen with Charlie (in The Puppet and Lefty), Cassidy and possibly Evan BV (in Golden Freddy) and finally William (as Springtrap).
That´s all fine and good, but what exactly determines the awareness that the characters listed above share? The MCI victims, excluding Cassidy, are all described by Charlie as behaving like animals. But why?
Do all the aware characters possess superior mental capabilities in comparison to the MCI victims? Is it their intimate relation to the pizzeria? What determines if a spirit is aware? William was in constant agony for three decades, I´m honestly surprised that he can still make full sentences in FNAF 6. Is it just plot convenience?
Curious for answers!
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2023.05.13 08:00 Plushkingdom How did lefty kill me?

So i decided to replay fnaf 6 and was salvaging lefty. lefty has not moved an inch cuz the salvage just started and the FIRST audio tape started playing. so after it was done i flipped up the paper and checked no and then lefty sprung into action and killed me. Lefty did not move. Lefty just killed me after the first audio tape. How did lefty do that?
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2023.05.12 02:35 EvanAfton195843 which glam theory better be between these 2 theory's Glammike or glamhenry

i like glamhenry theory better theory much better i even use theory for my gacha fnaf au
ship Mrs Emily/Emilie x henry still
after Gregory was left at the plex henry adopted him
now henry has 3 kids
Charlie and Sammy age 3 they both twins my au both possessed puppet/lefty and Gregory age 11 still alive ofc
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