BendBroadband has been rebranded to TDS

2022.11.15 16:12 TroyCagando BendBroadband has been rebranded to TDS

I just noticed it on the website, which now redirects to hellotds.com
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2022.09.24 18:06 rci22 YSK: In the USA, calling the phone number “211” contacts basic human needs resources.

Why YSK: Calling 211 can help you if you’re suddenly homeless or need to help someone else who’s in need and yet almost no one seems to be aware of 211.
“211 acts as a quick connection to resources in your area. 211 centers are housed with referral specialists that listen to your needs and connect you with those who can help. The types of referrals offered include basic human needs resources, physical and mental health resources, work support, translation services for non-English speakers, support for the elderly and the disabled, children and family support, and suicide prevention.
211 centers cover 94.6 percent of the U.S., and most TDS communities are included. To see if your area has established a center, visit 211.org.”
Source: https://blog.hellotds.com/get-the-411-on-4-1-1-and-other-3-digit-phone-numbers/ There are 7 other n-1-1 phone numbers. You can read about at this source.
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2021.02.04 22:49 singapore_traveller Anyone Using TDS for internet? Feedback and want to refer me

Hi Team,

Moving to St George (down from Salt Lake) in March, and looking at internet providers.

TDS looks like it has the best speeds, and wondering what you guys think?

Also if anyone is a customer you can refer me and we both get a little referral bonus https://hellotds.com/offers/referral.html

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2014.04.10 17:18 Ercerus Two more types of stone

I thought of Basalt generating in the Nether, as it is a black volcanic stone.
And a green stone type. (Maybe only in swamps and jungles?)
There should of course also be the polished variants of these.
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2014.01.19 03:20 georedd Anyone know a picture of a Merlin D turbine pump? (or early version if not)

answering my own question but would love one with some human scale
on this page http://blog.linuxacademy.com/space/under-the-hood-with-the-spacex-merlin-engine/
(bonus old V2 cutaway turbopump http://historicspacecraft.com/Rockets_V-2.html )
(early falcon ? http://images1.hellotrade.com/data2/MK/JA/HELLOTD-1335359/bantam_turbopump-250x250.jpg same as here? http://www.barber-nichols.com/products/rocket-engine-turbopumps)
(bonus another page with other turbopump stuff in Danish http://ing.dk/blog/turbiner-teknikbasker-noerder-med-damp-164472 translated http://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=n&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=ing.dk%2Fblog%2Fturbiner-teknikbasker-noerder-med-damp-164472 )
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