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Have you ever had a job or hobby that made you feel like a secret agent or spy?

2023.06.10 10:11 Any-Shopping5877 Have you ever had a job or hobby that made you feel like a secret agent or spy?

What's the most creative project you've ever undertaken?
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2023.06.10 09:26 Background-Blood-155 Nourishment for cancer treatment

We as a whole realize that what we eat influences how we feel, and a solid eating regimen is vital to calculate forestalling numerous infections. Here are a few understandings into the job of food in cancer counteraction and treatment, and what food varieties would be smart to stay away from.
Nourishment for disease avoidance.
While nobody’s food or food part alone can forestall cancer, research proposes that an eating regimen wealthy in vegetables, natural products, entire grains, beans and vegetables can help essentially bring down your gamble for various tumours. There are numerous food parts and synthetics tracked down in specific food varieties that guide in forestalling cancer. Phytochemicals that normally happen in plants are synthetic substances that lessen irritation (which might build the gamble for disease), upgrade the resistant framework, and have numerous other defensive properties against cancer. Cell reinforcements block synthetics, known as free revolutionaries that might harm cells and increment the risk of cancer. There are different cell reinforcements tracked down in specific food sources and refreshments. Instances of dietary cancer prevention agents incorporate lycopene, beta-carotene, and nutrients A, C, and E, which are tracked down in different leafy foods. Catechins, which are cell reinforcements tracked down in tea, have been displayed to diminish the risk of cancer possibly. A high-fibre diet has likewise been displayed to fundamentally diminish the hazard of colorectal cancer, especially because of fibre’s capacity to tie cancer-causing agents in the colon.
In many examinations, various nutrients, minerals, and phytochemicals have been displayed to have hostile to disease impacts, however, proof proposes that a significant number of these mixtures cooperate in a general eating regimen in cancer control and offer security against specific cancers.
If consolidated in an even eating regimen, the 5 food varieties recorded beneath are at the first spot on the list for counteraction of different sorts of disease:
• Brussel fledglings, broccoli, and other cruciferous vegetables
• Dim green verdant vegetables including spinach
• Blueberries
• Dazzling orange-hued vegetables and organic products including yams, carrots, and chime peppers
• Garlic
In cancer consultation suggested some Food items to stay away from.
While eaten with some restraint, for all intents and purposes any food can be moderately protected, however, research recommends that a few food sources might build the gamble for specific diseases. Even though they may just objective a slight expansion in disease risk, supplanting these food sources in your eating regimen with better decisions may diminish your cancer risk, yet will likewise improve your general well-being. For instance, food sources that are handled contain practically no dietary benefit. When in doubt of thumb, it is useful for all individuals (regardless of cancer) to zero in on eating good food sources and staying away from handled food sources however much as could reasonably be expected.
Another model is sugar. Our bodies need sugar (glucose) to work. Glucose in the body gives us the energy to perform day-to-day assignments. Solid types of sugar incorporate natural products, a few vegetables, entire grain bread items, and low-fat dairy items. Having an abundance muscle to fat ratio puts individuals at a higher gamble of creating sicknesses like cancer, diabetes, coronary illness and heftiness.
How you set up your food may likewise add to your gambling factor. Many individuals don’t understand that overcooked meat and meat cooked on a barbecue might build your gamble of disease. Meat that is overcooked, particularly under high intensity and for extensive periods, can cause the arrival of cancer-causing agents known as heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic sweet-smelling hydrocarbons (PAHs). Meats cooked at temperatures above 300°F, and under direct intensity like on a barbecue, may build the convergence of these cancer-causing agents. Utilizing cooking strategies, for example, stewing, poaching and searing can enormously lessen how much these cancer-causing agents.
The main 5 food varieties that have been displayed to possibly increment disease risk according to a cancer therapy advisor, include:
• Great red meat
• Handled meats including pre-bundled franks, shop meats, bacon, frankfurter, and ham
• Liquor
• Broiled food sources, potato chips, and other high-fat food varieties
• Unnecessary measures of sugar
Food during a cancer conclusion.
Similarly, as there are food varieties that might assist with forestalling disease, there are food varieties (or homegrown supplements) that may help in letting aftereffects free from treatment. Any quiet considering a homegrown supplement are urged to check with their Oncologist before starting treatment if the natural cure obstructs their treatment prescriptions. In general, individuals should keep consuming an even sound eating routine, on the off chance that they can, in light of their growth site.
Naming explicit food varieties to eat during a cancer finding is a piece precarious. The area of cancer might cause trouble enduring specific food sources, and not every person encounters similar results from chemotherapy. It would be useful for patients to meet with a dietitian previously, during and, surprisingly, after treatment is finished to assist with guaranteeing the patient is addressing their requirements with a particular eating routine taken care of every person.
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2023.06.10 09:24 cuchulaiin Customs Agent salary

My current company was taken over by another company so I thought it was the best time to ask for a pay raise and was told by hr that "You already earn well enough" (because of indexation) which put me off.
I checked the sub here and haven't seen anyone else mention their experience / wage in my field but I'm really curious about other people's experience in my field.
2. TYPE OF CONTRACT : Bediende
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2023.06.10 08:08 vaibhavalphamale Got a job in Qatar Airways

I have got a job in Qatar Airways as customer service agent with a salary of 40K. Should I go ahead with the offer? Will I be able to survive with 40K rent as a bachelor? Has anyone worked in Qatar Airways? If yes, then how has your own experience been?
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2023.06.10 07:24 FinnBalur1 A private high school in Toronto cheated me out of my pay by disputing my online teaching hours. Any idea how to go about this?

I keep getting different advice from so many different people, but in the end this is my life I'm gambling with. One wrong move and I could end up homeless. I signed with this school on May 8th, as a high school English teacher, after quitting a 10-month contract job that I had and that ensured me EI for July and August and even sickdays and holiday. I switched over for a couple dollar hourly wage increase. So, I work this new job, and they paid me less than half of what I'm entitled to get on May 20th. I was shocked. I complained, and so they stalled for weeks and made promises to rectify it on the next payroll period. June 6th comes, and the pay is wrong again. So, I complain again, and at this point they are bouncing me between each other: "go to him," "email her," "do this," "do that." They said I was an independent contractor, not entitled to holiday or sick days, or even paystubs. I am teaching OLC4O to their students, a course the kids need to graduate high school, by the way.
They are saying the reason this is a problem is because I did not record my online teaching using Adobe. The issue is my schedule was really busy, and they didn't train me on it. I expressed to them many times I was having technical difficulties with it. The vice-principal even referred me to a person I can email and their response was "we don't have experience with macs, but here's a [very unhelpful] link." I finally got it to work on my own, outside contract hours, but now I keep asking to get paid for my unpaid work (about 30 hours or so), and i am gettinng the run around. I threatened them with the Ministry of Labour but they don't seem to care, even ignoring my emails. I literally have an email from them saying "we will compensate you on the next paycheque," and a message from my VP with a photo of my timetable. But they don't care, still. I would have quit earlier but I believed them and said "okay, my money will arrive soon" as they stalled for time. I was naive, and now they financially drained me; I am in so much credit card debt, and I've had multiple anxiety attacks, I feel sick to my stomach all the time. I'm late on rent; I can't afford my car payments, nor any of my bills.
I will file a complaint with the ministry of labour, but it might take time to process and it's not guaranteed. An agent on the phone told me they may have misclassified me (as an independent contractor), and that it didn't make sense. A friend who used to work for EI told me to get a sick leave doctor's note for my anxiety and apply to EI, but I think as an independent contractor I may not be entitled to sick leave EI, or even regular teacher EI.
I don't know what options I have at this stage, but I feel so helpless and broken-hearted... All I wanted to do was teach. That was all. And to get paid for it.
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2023.06.10 07:15 RedOranges123 AP looked for my banking details and logged into my bank account

I 20F have had a few part time jobs here and there but nothing consistent. My AP was always curious about how much money I have, always asking and I would answer. But now that I’m studying full time I’m barely working and depending on my savings. He knows that. He doesn’t need any money, if anything he’s in the position to help me out when I’ve gone through my savings. During tax time I had brought a book with me to our tax agent which had my details in it. I believe my AP remembered about it and looked through it. He took a photo of my banking details and sent it to one his group chats on WhatsApp (although not savvy enough to realise I was also in this chat). Usually I never look at the photos shared in it cause they’re often related to his work. But for some reason I opened and downloaded the image to see my own bank details. I checked my account and there was a login made at that exact time the picture was taken and shared. I casually asked him about it and he said I must’ve been hacked or something. So I asked him did you log in and he adamantly denied and later deleted the image in the chat.
Feeling weirded out, this was so invasive and I’m assuming he thought he found another way to monitor me.
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2023.06.10 07:12 Scary_Ticket8662 Does my employer actually have any legal right to enforce the "occupancy agreement" between us?


I am a property manager for a large self-storage company. My property is located in Missouri. In the self-storage industry, it's very commonplace for property managers to reside in housing located on the property premises. In the case of this company, I do not have to pay any rent or utilities whatsoever, save for my own ISP. I have signed a Property Manager Apartment Occupancy License Agreement with my district manager back when I first became the property manager a couple years ago. I have recently been offered a job where my income has been more than doubled the minimum wage I am paid while currently employed here. Making minimum wage while having two dependents has left me in a position where saving money to move out immediately would never be a viable option (many veteran employees call the apartments a "trap" because of this).

Verbatim, the occupancy agreement states, "If your employment is terminated, or we otherwise terminate this Agreement, you and any Other Residents no longer have the right to live in the apartment. Therefore, you agree, and will cause all Other Residents, your family, guests, visitors, invitees or any other party within your or their control (collectively, 'Occupants'), to vacate the Apartment within three (3) days' written notice (twenty-four hours' notice if you are terminated for cause) of termination of this Agreement to you, except as otherwise required by law or stated in the notice of termination."

I was concerned that myself and my family would be SOL with only three days to find somewhere else to live, but then I remembered that the previous property manager before me had thirty days to vacate the apartment after their final day with the company. I reached out to my district manager to speak with them about this. In the meantime, I spoke with two tenured coworkers who are legitimately two of only three people in this entire district I trust; one [CW1] who has been here five years and the other [CW2] for over a decade. Both coworkers had brought up several times when past resident property managers had either been fired or resigned from their position, yet remained living in the apartment for extended periods of time. For example, one had retired, but was permitted to reside in their space for three additional months. More recently, and one that I can confirm myself, another PM had been fired but refused to vacate their apartment, and it took the company two months to evict them. CW1 brought up how the previous district manager, before they left, had told CW1 and other property managers at the time that the occupancy agreement is basically all BS and that the company hardly has any power to enforce the writing. CW2 couldn't recall the previous district manager mentioning the first part, but CW2 did share insight on the company's power. CW2 says that the company has to spend thousands of dollars in legal fees and has to go through the court system in order to obtain the necessary power to evict a resident property manager, in the end costing the company more money than it was worth.

After learning about some anecdotal and some non-anecdotal evidence of the looseness surrounding the three day notice, I was finally able to speak with my district manager. I mentioned I would need enough time to obtain at least two paystubs from my new employer so that I have the money needed to move and proof of income for rent. My district manager had referred to the three day notice that is in the occupancy agreement, then mentioned some sort of grace period of five to seven days after (which isn't written anywhere in this agreement), and then stated we would be charged for every day we are still residing in the apartment. I don't want to be a pain to my district manager or to the company, so I humored them and offered to work a day out of the week in order to remain employed and in the apartment for a short period of time. My district manager stated I have to work a minimum of 35 hours to reside in an apartment, but if I can work two days out of the week, then they may be able to approve that. (The employee handbook, which is separate from the occupancy agreement and isn't at all stated in that documentation, states verbatim, "Resident Managers must average 35 hours per week to remain eligible for an apartment (where applicable).")

At this point, I'd like to bring up more verbatim sections in the occupancy agreement. I brought up to my district manager how the previous resident property manager before me was permitted to reside in their apartment for thirty days after their resignation. My district manager referred to this as an exception. In the occupancy agreement, it states, "No waiver. If we fail to insist upon strict compliance with the terms of this Agreement, that does not mean we cannot insist upon strict compliance at a different time."

In reference to my district manager mentioning charges for every day in the apartment, "You and us agree that in the event any Occupant breaches this Agreement and refuses to vacate the Apartment ... it would be impractical or extremely difficult to determine or quantify the actual amount of such damages. You agree to pay us the sum of $100 per day in liquidated damages, plus interest accruing at the highest legal rate, for each day that any Occupant remains in the apartment in violation of the terms of this Agreement. You and us agree that this amount is reasonable ... The payment of such liquidated damages is not rent and does not make you or any Other Resident a tenant." I brought up the recently fired resident property manager. My district manager claims that they were charged a four digit fee. As resident property managers, we have accounts and a "unit number" attached to these accounts for clerical reasons, I assume. These accounts are how storage lessees are charged rent. After checking the fired property manager's account, they had no charges applied.

I find these decisions confusing because, "This Agreement is the entire agreement between you and the Company relating to this subject matter and supersedes all prior or contemporaneous agreements on this subject. No oral representations by us or our agents at any time, will change this Agreement." This is completely contradictory to the questionable discretion that has been exercised regarding other resident property managers in the past.

Finally, the biggest thing that I would like to point out calls back to the last line regarding liquidated damages. One of the very first lines on this occupancy agreement states, "You understand that you are not a tenant and we are not your landlord, and that your employment can be terminated at any time, for any reason."

With all of this in mind, does it seem like they could take swift action to remove me from the apartment when I resign? Can they actually charge me for days I have stayed in the apartment beyond my resignation date? I'm not trying to gain some edge to take advantage of free housing for months on end. I literally just need like a month max to make the money needed for security deposits and first month's rent for a new residence. My district manager knows how much we are paid. I just don't understand why the last resident property manager was made an exception, and so many others seemingly were (which defeats the purpose of exceptions), yet my situation has to be somewhat by the books.
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2023.06.10 07:08 nascarfan88421032 Applied for Ramp Agent position, moved onto interview process (with an issue)

I applied for a ramp agent position at Unifi. I received an email saying my application was received and immediately another email saying they wanted to schedule an interview! Likely an algorithm looked at my resume I assume.
That's all well and good, except I am unable to schedule an interview on their site, because there are "No results found. Please choose a different date." for (best I can tell) every single day this year.
Any Unifi rampers have any tips to proceed? I wrote an email to their support email listed on the website explaining the issue.
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2023.06.10 06:34 flippenphil (OFFER) Trauma Center, the little mermaid, super troopers 2, yesterday, marauders, mr. holmes, scary stories, a thousand words, the dark tower, big hero 6, jungle cruise, strange world (REQUEST) Ambulance, the Menu, ISO on bottom / offers

MA = Movies Anywhere
GP = Googleplay
[?] = unknown definition
title = pending trade
If a title is no longer listed = It has been traded
TV Series Marked
Vudu Only
ITUNES Only MOVIES - No Port - Marked
CANADIAN CODES: GOOGLE PLAY / ITUNES MARKED I do not know any of these port
Titles I am looking for
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2023.06.10 05:53 saphria1224 Child's father jumped states to avoid the process server

My kid is a year old and his father has been dodging not only being served his paternity results, but he dodged the first test all together, any attempt to meet his kid, and now I'm finding out he picked up out of where he lived, and based off my knowledge of living situations moved back home to Ponchatoula.
I'm in SD. He's been avoiding this for a year. What can I do? I've offered as much information to my DSS agent and the state has tried to serve him multiple times. He either doesn't answer the door, hides in the back at work or tells his co-workers to lie for him, and when the process server finally contacted him, he dodged the meeting. Based off the last letter I received we're reaching $6,800 in back child support next month (although I'm aware that's not a solid number until he's served, and subject to change.)
He's been job hopping and my agent mentioned he's been popping up "all over the place." I asked if it was still in town he lived in and my agent said no but that's all he can disclose. I gave my agent his parents address, which is where I'm assuming he's at.
Is there anything else I can do to get this child support stuff rolling? We were never married, child out of wedlock defaults to mom in our state if dad doesn't sign the BC.
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2023.06.10 05:46 brodie7838 Here's what happens in my town if you try 5A with the police

A RE/MAX real-estate agent from a neighboring town is selling a house in my neighborhood. She apparently put some Open House sign at the entrance to our neighborhood but the sign disappeared so she called the town PD to report it stolen. PD decides that since this all went down "next to my property" that I must know something, which I won't lie is actually reasonable, but everything that came after wasn't:
Best part: Not only is the property in question indeed mine, the city itself has laws that would have made the sign 'illegal' no matter what - he didn't care! These pigs go full CIA to 'just talk to me', can't fucking read a GIS map or ask basic probing questions, then go out of their way to escalate a situation that could have been avoided, all while whining about how dangerous their "jobs" are! So message received: Fuck tax-paying homeowners who mind their own business because some random business from another town came here, broke a bunch of laws, then made shit up. Fuck realtors and fuck the police.
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2023.06.10 05:06 LughEmblem Did anyone else just 'know'?

Hello. I am not diagnosed, but I wanted to read the thoughts of those who have been. I had a strange new symptom recently (internal vibrations/tremors) and it worried me so I looked it up to at least know it's name. I also saw that it was associated with 3 disorders, 2 of which were unlikely to impossible for me to have.
MS was not something I could dismiss as easily; I did not know much. I read a bunch about it and made connections to symptoms that I either ignored, did not think were a big deal, or thought other people felt too.
I made an appointment with a new doctor and told her about the symptoms I have. I was nervous and confused, but decided to just be honest. I felt secure that she listened to me, but my anxiety ramped up when she did not try any treatments with me first and decided to refer me to a neurologist right away. It was this referral that gave me that feeling of "I know" with regards to an MS diagnosis.
Now I am a professional myself in a health field. I am aware that I do not really "know." I am open to it being something else and will let the doctor do his job. If anything, I want to be wrong and a magic pill could fix me. But my optimism is not strong enough to ignore that this is the only thing I found that fit so well, especially with my new symptom.
I would like to hear others' pre-dx experience. Did you "know" what you had before your diagnosis? What was the process like for you? Was there anything that helped the anxiety?
Thank you very much for reading and commenting.
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2023.06.10 04:40 ProgressNo3762 Refusal to accommodate, Ontario

I'd like to think this is related to my cptsd, but sometimes I am just afraid of people. They haven't necessarily done anything to me, but they put me on the defensive and are able to push my buttons with ease.
My new manager has always been one of those people, and when you expect someone to be shitty to you, it ends up becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy.
I'm not even 30 and when it all started ramping up, my blood pressure was regularly hypertension stage 2. Around the same time, I threw out my back and I was super non-functional depressed.
I've been trying to deal with the situation by being explicit about boundaries, but whenever I express them, new manager is very dismissive and invalidating.
This past week, I requested to be transferred to a completely different position in a different department. This is my second (third?) request to transfer teams in 3 months.
I can only assume that it was in response to this that new manager did something that really activated me.
The following day, in a recorded meeting, I told them that they had crossed one of the boundaries that I have expressed to them multiple times.
I asked them for official accommodations for my diagnosed ptsd:
  1. Talk to me before modifying my tickets so that we're all on the same page
  2. Talk to me privately if they've got questions, comments, concerns about my work. Once we've discussed (and are hopefully on the same page), I don't care what happens
  3. Talk to me privately if I'm making mistakes and give me the chance to address them
Their response?
"I didn't cross any boundaries. I previously asked you if you wanted me to treat you differently and you said no."
I reiterated that I am asking for official accommodations and they kept repeating that they hadn't crossed and boundaries and what I was asking was unreasonable.
I met with a paralegal to get a run down on what my rights are with regard to official accommodations relating to mental health issues.
Spoiler alert, the paralegal doesn't think my requests are unreasonable!
In a meeting with HR and my chain of command, I was told the following:
I tried explaining that: * ptsd doesn't always make sense and I do not feel psychologically safe on my team. * This is why I have been trying to transfer, and now I am asking for accommodations to try and build the trust in our relationship that I need to feel safe
It was reiterated that my accommodation requests are unreasonable.
Idk what to do, but I imagine this is moving in the direction of "constructive dismissal."
Are my requests unreasonable?
I know I need to grow a thicker skin but it's hard to do that when I can't function at home or work because I'm so stressed.
I know I should look for another job but I have been stuck in thjs interpersonal-conflict-quit loop for 5 years.
Everyone outside my team/dept seems to like me - I even got an award this year for making such a positive impact on the company!
I am so confused and tired. If you've read all this, thank you for listening.
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2023.06.10 04:03 gnarlidrum Is there such thing as *too much* off road

I run an outdoor lifestyle shop nestled in the Appalachian mountains. It’s a cool little gem of a spot for bikers, hikers and drivers to shop and hang among their adventures in southwest Virginia.
I have 3 route options for my work commute and drive a 13’ GX with 117k on the dash. Two of my routes include fire/access road usage, one of which is a fast dusty access road for 20% of the 25 min drive. There is one route, a longer one, that is just a twist-and-turn filled paved mountain “highway”.
I should note: access/fire roads, I mean dirt/super loose gravel with lots of braking bumps or potholes. Im aware that’s not wheeling (which I have done) but it’s just the regular off pavement driving that is my concern, not the intensity.
I work most commonly 3 but sometimes 4 or 5 day weeks. If I always or most commonly take one of the rougheunpaved routes, am I being a little two hard on my stock GX? Only thing I have done is the right tires for the job. My chief concern is really just suspension. Paint is going to wear no matter what. I’ve actually kept running boards on to keep stray gravel rocks from completing chewing up my doors.
So tell me fellow GX brethren, am I overusing my GX? Should I consider doing offroad suspension or just getting something with off-road suspension? I do a lot of road-tripping and am happy with the stock ride for that purpose.
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2023.06.10 04:02 Bulky-Concern-779 Bugged headphones, verbal abuse and assault. Psychic attacks alone, and with public agents involved in harassment

I'm being attacked through electronic warfare through overlaid harassment on ambient music. The assaults have ramped up after the psychic attacks I've endured and the violations of my rights to privacy. I'm called evil for not dying. Treated like a pest when I don't even bother anyone. Threatened with lethal force by federally involved agents from my past. I don't see any way to leave this situation. I need advice. I can't move because I'm not employed and have no money. I don't know if that would help anyway, or just make things worse. Everyone's against me. They're making death threats against me. Encouraging suicide.
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2023.06.10 03:47 squoinko 5 watts on FRS, how bad is it?

Long story short, I'm going to work a job out in the woods that use FRS walkie-talkies. I worked there last summer and their radios aren't the best in terms of battery life. I want to use my own Baofeng UV5R with an extended battery but I have to choose between 1 watt or 5. I'm pretty sure their radios use 2. I don't want to get a downgrade in terms of power by choosing 1 watt but on the other hand, I know that 5 watts isn't strictly legal. I would be shocked if there is anyone else out there using those frequencies but I can't know for sure. Anyway, is the FCC going to come after me if I make the occasional, short 5-watt transmission on FRS frequencies?
Edit: Is this like personally offensive to people? cuz y'all have been spamming the downvote. I'm sorry to all the FCC agents in this sub btw
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2023.06.10 02:52 Ok_Firefighter7108 What sites are you using?

What sites or job boards do you recommend? I am signed up for a lot, but I feel I am getting very few worthwhile offers. What are your insights? Which sites are best for what and what are some tricks or tips?

Here is what I've been doing and how it's been working for me:
Tell me what I am missing and what I should try next.
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2023.06.10 02:49 rememberingrichard Remembering SWA Captain Richard Jenkins - A Request For Photos/Memories

Remembering SWA Captain Richard Jenkins - A Request For Photos/Memories
My father, Richard Jenkins, died yesterday at 57 years old. He’s worked at Southwest for as long as I can remember, and one of the earliest photos of us I have is him chasing me through Midway the day of his captain upgrade. Richard worked as an assistant Chief Pilot, or ‘Ass. Chief’ as I like to call it. He also worked as a Check-Air-Man, and his favorite part of the job was getting to tell people that they were now a captain. Southwest was his heart and soul - our home is covered in model planes and memorabilia.
Because of his passing, I would like to collect as many memories or stories from people who have worked or flown with him. He didn’t want to retire, and now he never has to. Being in the sky was his passion, and now he’s flown higher than ever before.
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2023.06.10 02:00 aw1219 Hiring 1,000 Remote Agents ASAP - 5 Companies that allow to work anytime + Work from Home Giveaway by Real Work from Home Jobs

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2023.06.10 01:49 DadSafetySpecialist Considering DSS with Wife and Two Little Ones

Howdy All,
See title. After about a year of research, consideration, and talking with agents of other sorts (DIA, Secret Service, FBI, Houston PD), I feel like DSS best matches what I am looking for in a job, as well as my current skill set.
Determining my fitness for the position aside, it has been difficult to determine how it will shake out for my young family. DSS themselves say they are looking for people like me. They also say they like families and take care of them. My DIA contact says the same, but I have heard dissenting opinions from others, and honestly, finding an actual DSS special agent to discuss this with is a bit difficult, as there are only around 2,000 globally. Also they stay pretty busy.
Does anybody have any insight as to whether or not this position is doable with a family?
We have already discussed that we will definitely end up overseas, and that my wife may have to stay at home with or without the kids if there is no work for her, or if the schools are iffy. We are both educators with graduate degrees, for reference.
Thanks for any intel.
Edit: typo
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2023.06.10 01:31 West-Solution4392 [For Hire] Online Assistant & Data Entry Clerk for those tasks you don't have time to do! ($4-$5/hour depending on type of job).

Hi all! I'm offering my services as a Virtual Assistant or data entry clerk. I have experience doing this type of task and I can perform them quickly and effectively. The following are some of the things I can do for you.
📍 Data entry: Involves any repetitive task, such as filling out spreadsheets with information, copy-pasting data, creating accounts, among other things that can be considered Data Entry.
📍 Web research: Anything that needs to be researched on the web. I will be quick at finding information, verifying the source, making sure everything is correct, inquiring about the veracity of the results, etc (I also use AI tools to make my research more effective!)
📍 Customer Service: I have worked as a customer service agent for quite some time in the past, so I can help you manage your clients and keep them happy, be it by e-mail, Discord, Whatsapp, your personal platform, or wherever you prefer it.
📍 Email management: Anything that involves managing E-mails, keeping them organized, responding to clients, keeping track of relevant information, tagging and labeling, E-mail automatization, etc.
📍 Transcription and proofreading: >70 words per minute. Fluent in English and a native Spanish speaker so I can do both languages.
📍 English to Spanish translation: From English to Spanish or vice versa.
📍 Recruiting: I can find you the right candidate for your job position by sorting out talent carefully and interviewing the applicants.
📍 Writing: I can write articles, captions for your social media posts, ideas, etc.
📍 Social media management: I can manage your business or personal account, which includes: Captions, stories, customer service, basic canva designs, etc. (Note: I do not offer marketing services, just the management).
📍 Others: For any other task that doesn't require technical knowledge, even if it's not included here, feel free to ask me if I can do it! I'm a quick learner and I'm used to doing diverse tasks of all sorts.
Price: My standard rate is $5/hour, however, if it's a long project or a long-term job I can lower it down to $4/hour!
Send me a DM or a chat if you are interested so we can discuss more :)

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2023.06.10 01:30 carbon_2000 Struggling with real estate agents

I am in the market for my first property and I am shocked at the way real estate agents operate. Most of them don't know if the appliances are working or not, when was the place built, even strata numbers have been incorrectly shared and one of the worst incident was when during an inspection the agent couldn't remember the price guide and he asked his colleague.
I mean I'll get fired from my job if I am unsure about so many things or provide information incorrectly to my clients.
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