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2023.04.01 00:32 janainamartnas Can I please get insight as to what this year may hold or mean for me? This is my solar return chart.

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2023.04.01 00:30 Alessandro_1499 Card di WrestleMania 39

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2023.04.01 00:25 vovouenas Switching from bundesliga to PL, who to upgrade next? Div 4

Switching from bundesliga to PL, who to upgrade next? Div 4
I got about 300k in investments right now as well that can go into the budget, Cancelo and Frimpong are the only tradeable ones
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2023.04.01 00:25 PenSuccessful5748 So happy i found her there was only 2 left

So happy i found her there was only 2 left
Had to get a employ to check the back
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2023.04.01 00:20 nico_lop 1.6m for upgrades, not sure what to do

1.6m for upgrades, not sure what to do
Lucio, Mbappe, and Ginola are tradable as well.
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2023.04.01 00:18 Apprehensive_Key4784 Any opinion on this LU 761 in Burbank? Omw to go fill out an application.

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2023.04.01 00:11 __FireandDesire Ready for 2024 hehehe🍭🎉

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2023.04.01 00:01 ban-deez-cajones Can anyone explain why cities founded in 1830s in US are buried in mud? Or why alleged “great fires”/ earthquakes resemble Hiroshima Bomb sites or why trees don’t appear burned and neither do structures. I also dug up evidence they knew how to trigger earthquakes in 1800s!! SUPER FKING SHADY!!!

Can anyone explain why cities founded in 1830s in US are buried in mud? Or why alleged “great fires”/ earthquakes resemble Hiroshima Bomb sites or why trees don’t appear burned and neither do structures. I also dug up evidence they knew how to trigger earthquakes in 1800s!! SUPER FKING SHADY!!!
And where the hell was this mud coming from? Some of these photos like Illinois the city was founded in 1830 yet apparently has like 20 feet of mud in buildings half in the ground. When was there a time for this to happen unless of course the cities are much much older than were told, and humanity was bused in or trained in. So many times I’m observing the strange men dressed in black, almost acting a chauffeur, chauffeuring humans around like cattle who don’t even know how to behave and they’re just looking at all this stuff. It all seems so questionable.
Man 1800s sure were chaotic. But then the fires just stop in the 20th century (but wars pick up). A century on fire. Strange that lots of the fires looked like Dresden or Hiroshima after the war though…given it was a century many suspect war the time humans were resettled on a destroyed land using orphan trains and fabricated histories. And the reasons have to be a joke. Chicago’s great fire started from someone making eggs and ham and it burned down most of the city lol. Hate when that happens. Tartaria stone structures went up like a tinder box. And the fires made sure to target the libraries and any building with records. Can’t forget them, again life coincidence. Just like Julias Ceaser burning down Library of Alexandria..we don’t need all that truth when we have all these lies to get us by.
Often ridiculously insignificant levels of the loss of human life, or the information is not present (the below are some of the most compelling, impossible numbers)​ 1842 – Hamburg Fire - 51 killed. 1/4 of the inner city destroyed, and an estimated 20,000 homeless 1845 - Pittsburgh Fire - 2 killed. The fire destroyed as many as 1200 buildings. 1871 - Chicago Fire - 120 killed. Destroyed were 17,500 buildings more than 73 miles (117 km) of roads, 120 miles (190 km) of sidewalk. 1872 - Boston Fire - 76 killed. Destroyed 776 buildings. 1889 - Seattle Fire - 0 killed. Up to 64 city blocks destroyed in the Fire. 1889 - Great Bakersfield Fire - 1 killed. Destroyed 196 buildings. 1901 - Jacksonville Fire - 7 killed. 146 city blocks, destroyed more than 2,368 buildings. 1916 - Paris, Texas Fire - 3 killed. 1,400 buildings destroyed.
  1. Lack of photographic evidence of the clean up activities​ With millions of tonnes of brick, concrete, marble and other debris to clean up, we have close to zero evidence of any clean up activities. A guy holding a broom is not sufficient. One horse hauling some bricks is not enough. There had to be trains of horse carriages, and armies of people cleaning this up. Remember how long it took to clean up after the 9-11, with all the contemporary excavators and dump trucks. Yet in the 19th century nobody took a picture of thousands of people cleaning the streets, and trains of horses carrying the rubble away. At the very least, this is bizarre.
  2. Super fast rebuilding activities​ Nothing demonstrates this better than the following article: 1889 Post-Fire Seattle rebuild speed: 5,625 buildings in 18 months. Look into your own city, there might be a surprise waiting for you there. Additional speedy re-building can be seen here as well: Who nuked San Francisco in 1906?
  3. Lack of photographic evidence of the rebuilding activities ​ There were millions of buildings built in the aftermath of these devastating "urban fires". Where is the photographic evidence of any of those buildings being built? You might find a picture or two of some renovation prepped buildings, but where is that "all the world came together-type" re-building activities?
  4. Presence of the non-researchable, dead-end "appointed" architects​ Rebuilding had to attract a lot of architects. It sure did. Unfortunately looking into the background of those architects proves to be a dead end. Below are the names and little tiny investigations into four of such architects. They do appear the be some sort of appointed historical figures. They can also be called an investigational dead-end.
  5. Presence of the non-researchable buildings​ The new "re-built" structures are just as much of an enigma, as the entire story. There is a building, there is an architect, and there is nothing else. There won't be any additional information pertaining to the construction of those newly constructed building, meant to replace the burnt ones. Obviously I can not vouch for every single one out there, but I looked into quite a few, and failed to locate any documents pertaining to construction: supply, delivery, blueprints, factories used, payroll, etc. Below are the buildings I wrote articles on. There were 10-15 more I looked into. You can try and do a research of your own using a building near you.
List of the "Fires" I put together (the below list probably includes less than 10% of the "fires")​ 1755 - Great Fire of Lisbon, w/ Earthquake and Tsunami 1788 - Great Fire of New Orleans 1794 - Great Fire of New Orleans 1796 - Great Savannah Fire, GA 1802 - Portsmouth City Fire 1805 - Great Fire of Detroit 1808 - Great Fire of Trinidad 1810 - Charleston, SC 1811 - Great fire of Podil 1811 - Great Newburyport fire 1813 - Great Portsmouth Fire 1814 - Great fire of Tirschenreuth, Ger 1815 - Great Fire of Petersburg, Virginia 1817 - Great Sag Harbor Fire 1817 – Great Fire of Saint John’s, Newfoundland, CA 1818 - Great Fire of Salzburg, Austria 1819 - Great Schenectady Fire 1820 - Great Savannah Fire, GA 1822 - Great Fire of Canton, China 1824 - Great Fire of Edinburg, GB 1825 - City fire of Saint John, N. B. CA 1826 - Great Fire Kempston, Bedford, Peterborough, Huntington 1827 - Great Fire of Turku, Finland 1827 - Great Fire of Alexandria, VA, D.C. 1828 - Arita, Saga, Japan 1830 - Great Fire of New Orleans 1831 - Great Fire of Raleigh, NC 1831 - Great Fire of Fayetteville, NC 1833 - 1839 – Fires of Charleston, SC – 1833, 1835, 1835, 1835, 1836, 1837, 1837, 1839, 1839, 1839, 1839, 1839, 1839 1834 - Great fire of the UK Parliament 1834 - City Fire of Syracuse 1835 - Great Fire of New York, NY 1836 - US Patent Office Fire 1837 - City fire of Saint John, N. B. CA 1837 - Great Fire of Southampton, UK 1838 - Great Fire in School Street, IN 1838 - Great Fire of Charleston, SC 1839 - Great Fire of Mobil, AL – 4 separate fires 29 september – 9 october from Athens to bankrupt 1840 - Great Fire of Louisville, KY 1842 - Great Fire of Trondheim, Norway (additional fires 1841, 1842 + 3 more) 1842 – Great Fire of Hamburg, DE 1843 – Great Fire of Kingston, JA 1843 – Great Fire of Tallahassee, FL 1843 – Great Fire of Fall River, MA 1844 – Great Fire of Boston, MA 1844 - Great Fire of Gravesend, UK 1845 – Great Fire of Bridgeport, 1845 – Great Fire of New York, NY 1845 - Great Sag Harbor Fire 1845 – Great Fire of Pittsburgh, PA; destroyed over 1000 buildings 1845 – La Playa (de Ponce), the city port of Ponce, Puerto Rico fire, wiped out most of the Ponce vicinity 1846 – Great Fire of Saint John’s, Newfoundland, CA 1846 – Great Fire of Nantucket, MA 1847 – Great Fire of Bucharest, Romania 1848 – Great Fire of Albany, NY 1848 – Fire in Medina, Ohio. Destroyed the entire business district. 1849 – Great Saint Louis Fire, MO 1849 – First Great Fire of Toronto 1850 - First Great Fire in Philadelphia 1850 - Great Fire of Fredericton 1850 - Great Fire of San Francisco 1851 - Great Fire of San Francisco 1852 – Great Fire of Montreal, CA 1853 - Great Fire at Oswego 1854 - The Great fire of Newcastle and Gateshead 1855 - The Great Fire at Bankside , London 1856 - City Fire of Philadelphia 1857 - First Great Fire in Sandhurst 1858 - Great Fire of Christiania 1861 – Great Charleston Fire, SC 1862 – Troy, New York, 671 buildings destroyed 1863 – Great Fire of Denver, CO 1864 – Great Fire of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia: Over four city blocks burned with over 50 houses razed; 0 deaths, 4 injured 1864 – Atlanta, Georgia, burned after time given for evacuation of citizens by order of William Tecumseh Sherman 1865 – City Fire of Richmond, Virginia, burned by retreating Confederates 1865 – Columbia, South Carolina, burned while being occupied by troops commanded by William Tecumseh Sherman 1866 – Great Fire of Portland, Maine 1868 – Auerbach in der Oberpfalz, Bavaria. Arson destroys 107 houses and 146 other buildings; 4 deaths 1870 – Great Fire of Constantinople, Turkey 1870 – Fire in Medina, Ohio, consumed all but two blocks of the business district, nearly wiping out the entire town 1871 – Great Chicago Fire, IL 1871 – Great Peshtigo Fire, Wisconsin 1871 – Great Urbana Fire, OH 1872 – Great Boston Fire of 1872, destroyed 776 buildings and killed at least 20 people. 1873 – Great Fire of Portland, OR 1874 – City Fire of Chicago, destroyed 812 structures and killed 20 people. 1877 – Saint John, New Brunswick Fire destroyed 1600 buildings 1878 – The Great Fire of Hong Kong, destroyed 350 to 400 buildings across more than 10 acres of central Hong Kong. 1879 – Hakodate fire, Hakodate, Hokkaidō, Japan, 67 fatalities, 20,000 homeless 1881 – Thumb Fire in Michigan 1881 – Ringtheater fire in Vienna, Austria 1886 – Great Vancouver Fire, Vancouver, British Columbia 1887 - Cannon Falls Fires, MN 1889 – Great Fire of Spokane, WA 1889 – Great Bakersfield Fire - destroyed 196 buildings and killed 1 person 1889 – Great Fire of Seattle, WA 1889 – The First Great Lynn Fire, Lynn, Massachusetts - destroyed about 100 buildings 1891 – Great Fire of Syracuse 1892 – Great Fire of Saint John’s, Newfoundland, CA 1893 – City Fire of Clarksville, Virginia. 1894 - Great Hinckley Fire 1894 – Great Fire in Shanghai; over 1,000 buildings are destroyed 1896 - Great Fire of Paris, Texas; destroyed much of the town 1897 - The Great Fire of Windsor, Nova Scotia Canada, destroyed 80% of the town 1898 - Great Fire of New Westminster, British Columbia 1898 - Great fire of Park City, Utah 1906 – Great SF Fire and Earthquake 1914 – Great Salem Fire, MA – 1376 bldgs 1918 - Cloquet, Duluth, and Moose Lake Fires
A couple notes:
  1. These are all major fires, not small flames. They have either destroyed a portion of a city or a significant historical landmark.
  2. Take this list, as a list. I haven’t noted the reasons why the fires started - some are natural disasters, wars, or accidents. It’s a list.
  3. If I’ve missed any major burns you know of, please list it and I’ll add it.
• 1608 Jamestown, Virginia USA • 1624 Oslo, Norway • 1625 Stockholm, Sweden • 1652 Glasgow, Scotland • 1653 Marlborough , England • 1657 Tokyo (Edo), Japan • 1663 Nagasaki, Japan • 1666 London, England • 1675 Northampton, England • 1676 Jamestown, Virginia USA-1684 Toompea, Germany • 1692 Usingen, Germany • 1694 Warwick, England • 1697 Tre Kronor Royal Castle Stockholm, Sweden • 1698 Whitehall Castle, London, England

• 1700 Edinburgh Scotland • 1700 Gondor Ethiopia • 1702 Uppsala, Sweden • 1702 Bergen (Bryygen), Norway • 1702 St Augustine Florida USA • 1703 Port Royal, Jamaica • 1707 Xativa Spain • 1708 Kyoto Japan • 1708 Tartu Estonia • Porvoo Finland • 1711 Boston, Massachusetts USA • 1715 London England • 1726 Reutlingin Germany • 1728 Copenhagen l, Denmark • 1729 Hagar Germany • 1729 Istanbul Turkey • 1731 Coudenberg Royal Palace, Brussels, Belgium • 1731 Ashburnham House, London England • 1734 Royal Alcazar of Madrid, Spain • 1736 Saint Petersburg Russia • 1742 Smyrna Greece • 1745 Istanbul Turkey • 1748 London England • 1748 Moscow Russia • 1749 Glasgow Scotland • 1752 Moscow, Russia • 1759 Stockholm, Sweden • 1769 Boston, Massachusetts USA • 1776 New York City USA • 1776 Varazdin, Croatia • 1787 Boston, Massachusetts USA • 1788 New Orleans, Louisiana USA • 1788 Kyoto, Japan • 1794 New Orleans, Louisiana USA • 1795 Copenhagen, Denmark • • 1805 Detroit, Michigan USA • 1807 Copenhagen, Denmark • 1808 Basicalla of the Holy Sepluchre, Jerusalem • 1809 St James Palace, London England • 1811 Kyiv, Ukraine • 1811 Tyrol, Switzerland • 1812 Buffalo, NY USA • 1812 Moscow, Russia • 1813 Toronto, Ontario • 1813 York, Upper Canada • 1813 Portsmouth, New Hampshire USA • 1814 Tirschenreuth, Bavaria Germany • 1814 White House and Capitol, Washington DC USA • 1817 St John’s, Newfoundland • 1820 Guangzhou China • 1820 Ponce, Puerto Rico • 1820 Savannah, Georgia USA • 1821 Paramaribo, Suriname • 1821 Fayetteville, North Carolina USA • 1825 Cairo, Eqypt • 1827 Turku, Finland • 1829 Atlanta, Georgia USA • 1831 Raleigh and Fayetteville, North Carolina USA • 1834 Westminster House of Lords and Commons, London, England • 1835 St Paul’s Cathedral in Macau, China • 1835 Second Great Fire of New York City • 1836 St Petersburg, Russia • 1836 Surat, India • 1837 St Petersburg, Russia • 1838 Lloyds Coffee House and Royal Exchange in London England • 1838 Charleston, South Carolina USA • 1841 Mayagüez, Puerto Rico • 1841 Tower of London fire • 1842 Hamburg, Germany • 1844 Temple of Guardians in Tibet, China • 1845 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA • 1845 Canton, China • 1845 Third Great Fire of New York City, USA • 1845 Ponce, Puerto Rico • 1846 St John’s Newfoundland, Canada • 1846 Nantucket Massachusetts USA* • 1847 Bucharest, Romania • 1848 Medina, Ohio • 1848 Vienna Austria (Hofberg Fire) • 1849 St Louis, Missouri USA • 1849 Toronto, Canada • 1850 Krakow, Poland • 1851 San Fransisco, California USA • 1851 Great Bush Fire of Victoria, Australia • 1852 Vassa, Finland • 1852 Montreal, Canada • 1852 Sacramento, California USA • 1854 Great Fire of Newcastle and Gateshead England • 1856 Covent Garden fire in London England • 1856 Lawrence, Kansas USA • 1858 Auckland, New Zealand • 1860 Old Summer Palace in Beijing China • 1861 Charleston, South Carolina USA • 1862 Chalchicamula, Mexico • 1862 Troy, New York USA • 1863 Church of the Society Santiago Chile • 1863 Denver, Colorado USA • 1864 Brisbane, Australia • 1864 Mobile Alabama USA • 1864 Atlanta, Georgia USA • 1864 Silverton, Oregon USA • 1865 Columbia, South Carolina USA • 1865 Richmond, Virginia USA • 1865 Boise, Idaho USA • 1866 Portland, Maine USA • 1867 Buffalo NY USA • 1868 Auerbach Oberpflaz, Bavaria Germany • 1869 Kent, England • 1869 Galve, Sweden • 1870 Batang, China • 1870 Medina, Ohio USA • 1871 Great Fire of Chicago USA • 1871 Urbana, Illinois USA • 1871 Peshtigo, Wisconsin USA • 1871 Holland, Michigan USA • 1871 Manistee, Michigan USA • 1871 Paris, France • 1872 Great Fire Boston Massachusetts USA • 1873 Alexandra Palace in London England • 1874 Second Great fire of Chicago Illinois USA • 1874 Minneapolis, Minnesota USA • 1875 Dublin, Ireland • 1876 Brooklyn New York • 1877 Paris, Texas USA • 1877 Saint John, New Brunswick Canada • 1878 Great Fire of Hong Kong, China • 1878 Eldkvarn in Stockholm Sweden • 1879 Deadwood South Dakota • 1879 Hakodate, Japan • 1880 Ponce, Puerto Rico • 1881 Opera de Nice in Nice, France • 1881 Thumb Fire in Huron, Michigan USA • 1882 Great Fire of Oulu • 1883 Kuala, Terengganu • 1883 Salt Lake City, Utah USA • 1884 Orlando, Florida USA • 1886 Calgary, Canada • 1886 Great Fire of Vancouver Canada • 1888 Sundsvall, Sweden • 1889 Seattle, Washington USA • 1889 Spokane, Washington USA • 1889 Ellenberg, Washington USA • 1889 Bakersfield, California USA • 1889 Lynn, Massachusetts USA • 1890 Sydney, Australia • 1892 St John’s Newfoundland Canada • 1893 Clarksville, Virgina USA • 1893 Louisville, Kentucky USA • 1894 Great Hinley Fire, Minnesota USA • 1894 Shanghai, China • 1894 Silver Lake, Oregon USA • 1896 Paris, Texas USA • 1897 Windsor, Nova Scotia Canada • 1897 Dawson, Canada • 1898 New Westminster, British Columbia • 1898 Park City Utah, USA • 1899 Ponce, Puerto Rico • • 1900 Hill Ottawa Fire Canada • 1900 Hoboken, New Jersey USA • 1900 Sandon, Canada • 1901 Jacksonville Florida USA • 1902 Paterson, New Jersey USA • 1904 Baltimore, Maryland USA • 1904 Yazoo, Mississippi USA • 1904 Ålesund, Norway • 1904 Ontario, Canada • 1906 Arrowhead, Canada • 1906 San Fransisco, California USA • 1906 Dundee, Scotland • 1908 Chelsea, Massachusetts USA • 1908 Phenix, Canada • 1910 Idaho and Montana, USA • 1911 Bangor, Maine USA • 1911 Porcupine, Ontario Canada • 1912 Houston, Texas USA • 1914 Salem, Massachusetts USA • 1914 St Augustine, Florida USA • 1916 Bergen, Norway • 1916 Matheson, Ontario Canada • 1916 Paris, Texas USA • 1916 Nashville, Tennessee USA • 1917 Halifax, Canada • 1917 Atlanta, Georgia USA • 1917 Thessaloniki, Greece • 1917 Gyongyos, Hungary • 1920 Cork, Ireland • 1921 Tulsa, Oklahoma USA • 1922 Manisa, Turkey • 1922 Tizmir, Turkey • 1922 New Bern, North Carolina USA • 1922 Astoria, Oregon • 1922 Ontario, Canada • 1923 Tokyo, Japan • 1923 Berkeley, California USA • 1928 Fall River, Massachusetts USA • 1932 Napier and Hastings, New Zealand • 1933 Omaha, Nebraska USA • 1934 Hakodate, Japan • 1936 Crystal Palace, London, England • 1938 Changsha, Japan
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2023.03.31 23:51 skifever Just released an Arizona traffic camera app (iOS) that lets you create custom groups of cameras and view your entire route by scrolling rather than clicking one at a time. It’s free, no ads, no data collection etc. Looking for feedback. Thanks!

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2023.03.31 23:49 Additional-Taste-601 Sell de bruyne or will he go up?

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2023.03.31 23:43 -tripleu Self-aware Nissan driver acknowledging that everyone should stay away from them

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2023.03.31 23:41 Dryear2471 Hardcore Fickmaschine - 3500 St��e die Minute zerficken beide L�cher !

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2023.03.31 23:39 nzifnab Twitter released their recommendations algorithm... literally changing recommendations based on being from Elon, Republicans, Democrats.

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2023.03.31 23:38 resdead My first blades came in, which ones should i try?

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2023.03.31 23:38 EbeEri07 What are these shapes? MD tags in DC, if that helps…

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2023.03.31 23:37 yahmfuprjx 😘👉👌 IF YOU TAP YOU WILL CUM 🍆💦





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We joined hands as Monroe spoke, “Heavenly Father, we thank you for blessing us this day, not only for our health and our family, but for bringing Ty back to all of us safely. Thank you for giving my sister the good sense to accept his proposal.” He paused for the laughter to settle down. “Mostly Lord, I’m thankful that I’ll be able to move to the bigger bedroom where I should have been all along.” Momma punched his shoulder in mock exasperation. Cinda and I just laughed again. I knew I had been accepted when I looked at the meatloaf that Momma served. I had twice as much as Monroe as well as twice the mashed potatoes and gravy. I laughed out loud when I saw Monroe pout.
The loud roar was overbearing and still very scary to me. I grabbed my pillow and ran into Adrian's room.
"Yes, yes, yes J.t that feels so good and its so hot inside me." Laci purred in my ear.
A conversation with his moral compass was what Jason needed. Evan would blast him with, this isn't a porn movie, then they could come up with a plan to get Billy Joe away from KK. Once he had a girlfriend, a real girlfriend, not his sister or the crazy redhead who made him—Shit, I forgot about that. I really need to talk to Evan. He needs to know about Ms. Style. But first, where is Becky, Jason wondered?
In the end, we actually had the cabin in sight before the rain burst upon us. We pulled in, ran for the cover of the back porch that faced the lake (the only entrance), but were still somewhat damp by the time we reached the small covered area that was really just a portico offering very little protection from any wind-driven rain. And the wind was strong and getting stronger.
I sat up with her still on my chest; she fell off backwards to the bed. I shifted around until she was tucked under me and kissed her on the mouth. I lifted up and slithered down the bed until her pussy fell under my gaze. Madison rocked her hips, arched her ass off the bed and I flicked my tongue on the beginning of her crack. The musky scent of her sex inflamed my desire and the brief lick sent a flood of sensations through me, my cock strained even tighter against the skin holding it together. I put my lips on her pubic mound and kissed it. I heard her suck in a rush of air as her body rose off the bed again to meet my mouth. I moved my lips downward to the lips of her pussy and kissed her solidly, then flicked my tongue against her. That time she groaned out loud “Ooohhhh!” I liked the taste of her, she was slick with lust which I began to lick from her. She bucked her hips and moved up the bed as I sucked on her vaginal lips. I could have stayed between her legs for the rest of the day but my balls were screaming in agony, my cock tearing at the seams. I abandoned her sex then pulled myself up and covered her body with mine. My sister looked up at me with wide wild eyes and rasped “Why did you stop?” I didn’t answer, I only widened my legs between hers forcing her thighs apart. I rolled my butt and put the end of my erection where my mouth had just been. She moved under me until the head of my cock slipped into place then I drove it home, hard and deep. Madison gasped again and arched her back, lifting her hips completely off the bed as I started to fuck her. This time we didn’t need to be quiet or secretive. The longer we had sex the wilder we got. She was tossing and thrashing under me, twisting the blanket with her fists. A pillow got knocked to the floor and in seconds the other followed it. Madison was thrusting against me, moaning sweet agony every time our bodies slammed together. I was driving into her faster and harder, our stomachs slapping loudly when the heat finally split my erection wide open. I felt another explosion in my nuts and a river of semen and sperm poured into my sister as gushes of liquid fire.
My Mom does charity work. Not like she donates money and smiles for the camera, she helps run girls’ halfway houses and unwed mothers homes. Also there are a couple soup kitchens and a mission clothing bank she pulled out of the ground. I’m learning about who she is for the first time in three years since she married Mr. Delauter but I still can’t help but feel left out. Here she was spending all her time on my step siblings and then more of her time helping half the city, well maybe a quarter of it, and I’m walking around bruised and scared all the time. We’re at one of the all girls’ houses and Mom is dealing with a mountain of problems, apparently there is a delay in the truck bringing gifts to the girls here and she’s on the phone working on making sure these girls have a Christmas. I don’t walk around and look to the girls passing by her office door, it’s just different to me as they are all looking and watching me. I quietly sit and pass the hour as finally the truck arrives and I make myself somewhat useful and begin helping to unload the truck. It takes a good bit but once the two pallets are off the truck Mom cuts the plastic wrapping and begins sorting out gifts for the girls. There must be fifty boxes here and she’s got her system to sort them all with the other lady managing the place, a large black woman with pressed hair, and I make myself scarce and head back to Mom’s office to wait. I get about ten feet into the hall from the outside and find myself a little cornered by a few of the girls.
Jenny smiled and spread her legs for the man, who buried his head under
She was grinning now, “Why, your house of course.”
“I make up some of that audience, and I don't find you dull.” In the name of better judgment, he avoided the desire to ask why he had been allowed to know such things when 'no one' was to know them.
In tandem, we groaned in pleasure. His hard-on slipped between my lips, and soon I had one hand wrapped around the base as I gave the most enthusiastic blow-job I can ever remember giving. A part of if was gratitude—he’d given me such pleasure last week, I wanted to return the favor—but a large part was simple enjoyment. I’ve always loved giving head, and in that moment, I was so turned on that I don’t think I would have stopped had my husband walked in.
"Here you go Mrs. Wilson." The gray haired instructor snatched the vial from her hand. "David told me to tell you, he wants proof of your desire for him."
I open the front door to the sound of shouting and smashing. I run into the kitchen to see Becky hurling a plate at Dad accusing him of cheating
"Damn right wow!" my sister said in reply while holding her hand to her pussy, collecting my cum as it leaked out.
“Four hours and I lost track of the number of times. But that’s none of your business and don’t be rude Missy” Kathy said to her daughter giving her a friendly swat and laughing.
Ade had a very thick cock. It wasn't all that long though, but definitely something I could work with.
“I… uh… I feel… hesitancy… maybe a little uncertainty.” I stuttered. “It also feels a little like… teasing.” I added suspecting that this was maybe the biggest part of what I was sensing.
I live in a small cul-de-sac. One of the ones where everyone knows each other, all the kids are best friends, barbeques in the summer, those kinds. The road was a long road of just trees that led to the opening which was our cul-de-sac. I lived right in the middle. It was a nice house. It was just me and my dad. My mom left when I was little. My dad worked two jobs so we wouldn’t have to move, so he was never home.
“And now the mantle of leadership is firmly on,” I say chuckling,” what needs doing cause I could use some violence.”
“Chloe, have we ever, you know... ?” I don’t know why I asked, why I blurted that out. Dumb dumb dumb. Chloe looked dumstruck too.
"Stay with him, of course," said Michelle. "He's gorgeous. Any of us would take him in a heartbeat."
When Ashley reached the front door, she immediately opened it and was greeted with the handsome little sight that was Scotty. He was taller than Jake (not as tall as Rachel, Ashley or Sarah though) and maybe even taller than Amy.
"Sorry about before." Shawn said again, holding his dirty clothes in his hand as his sister stared at his exposed chest. She found herself staring at her brother, blushing at the thought that only the towel around his waist was keeping her from seeing his naked body.
Through his movements, she was all too aware of his desire to go slow, but she needed to be sure slow would never equal stop. Her mouth opened more, pulling him into a deeper kiss as her tongue slid against his teeth. The music still coming from the CD player covered their heavy breathing from everyone else. For them, however, there was no other sound in the room but the gentle moans of the other. Jasen ran his tongue against Kairi's, feeling every muscle and nerve in his body jump with excitement. “Mmm...” She moaned into his lips, causing him to all but lose it.
His eyes narrowed. “You still interested in what we discussed yesterday?”
“You’re busy,” I grunted, pulling her down hard. She gave me a look and reached down, covering my mouth.
"It's harder than it looks," she answered while staring at Max's cock.
"So why the act?" I changed the subject slightly.
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