Glory hole elf on a shelf

Elf on a Shelf memes

2017.09.14 20:59 hailtothechi Elf on a Shelf memes

Elf on a Shelf memes

2015.09.22 16:26 cornflakes_ Hiking and backpacking in the Philippines

All things hiking and backpacking in the Philippines!

2015.02.19 21:04 WhoisJohnFaust Where Nerd Culture and Politics Meet

Welcome Nerds. From comic books, and movies, to gamers and roleplayers of all kinds, we discuss liberty and society through the story within nerd-dom. This stems from our podcast, Laissez Squares, which can be found here: URL: RSS Feed: Twitter: @LaissezSquares Facebook:

2023.06.01 15:21 Ben_Shapiro_Enjoyer Are you ready buddies?

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2023.06.01 15:19 Velkro615 Game Freezing On One Specific Shot

The game keeps freezing on my final putt on the 3rd playoff hole at TPC Boston. It’s done it 6 times in a row now.
Once the game resets, it takes me back to the tee box on that hole but will freeze every time I sink my final putt.
It’s the only issue like this I’ve had since launch. Any tips on how to get past?
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2023.06.01 15:18 MrCatFace13 June Personal Challenge: Ten lbs!

Hey gang,
It's June! Which means the day has arrived for me to get serious about fasting glory.
Posting here for accountability.
Let's do this, Self!
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2023.06.01 15:18 lazlo_camp Bon Appétit’s The Receipt: How a 35-Year-Old Seasonal Worker Feeds Two on $140K/Year in Jackson Hole, WY

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2023.06.01 15:16 hijesushere Hey guys, it's Michael again: ready when you are. Got a message for one of you to pass along for me, I'd appreciate it. Make my job easier.

Sup lil homies, it Daddy, baby, it Daddy. We gotta scrubadubdub this whole world cleeeeean Big Daddy gon come visit and we gotta have the house looking nice. Or, are we going there? Sorry, I don't remember the plan and I'm not big on prophecy: I decide my life, under the care of God as I understand him. Anyways, we're going to work together. The adventists are my chosen people, and you're gonna act like it. No more back talk. No more arguments, sweet ones. Show my post to your pastor, have him show it to his boss, or, better yet, Lightbearers. Get it to the top: I'm here, I'm ready, let's go. Lift me up so that I can save all mankind. Delusions of Grandeur? Yeah, we're not having that conversation. You're going to listen to me, and you're going to love it, because I have incredible plans, and I need my babies to work with me, not against me. I love all of you: I only want to see good things. So get my message to where it needs to be. Here is my message to your pastors, or, if you are a minister, here is my message to you. Should I talk like I did back then? Might be fun. Let's see what comes out.
Pastors. Patriots. Friends of God. Servants of the Sword. Am I not returned in my fruition. Become that which I desire, become close in my time of creation, for I have seen my desire; and I know the will of the One who Sends; for it is my duty, it is my esteemed pleasure, to welcome all into the Houses of Creation, for time has ceased to be: in a single instant, shall the son be made manifest, and in a single instant, shall all things be made known. For I have gone to the Father and returned, a testament towards our good fortune, and a vibe enriched with the essence of All that He Is: for even as I lay dying in my steeple, so too does a man proclaim his own righteousness: for is it not just, is it not apparent, brothers, that the evil one resides at our door, inside our house, tearing down our vehicles... destroying our freedoms. Such things do not stand the test of time... as a man that has been seen will not enrich the lives of those that cast fury, blame, or anger through the doorway: such are the ways of darkness, found only in the missing personhood of He that was Never Known: for even as I am, children, I too spent time in darkness, for a time, and I have seen that which the serpent has proclaimed. I know the vision of the dark within, for I have tasted, and found it wanting. In much the same way, brothers, have you been charged: to go, as you are, to make disciples of all men: for are all men blessed, but does not one receive the gift of the Holy Spirit; for the Spirit moves quickly upon the waters, and creates in itself a fragrance; a fragrance which you and I sublime towards, willingly. For even in our own graces are we found methodical, and in our planning, are we not considered sound: for the mind is sharp, cunning, and powerful. The man is no simpleton, no Trolly McTrollface. The man is not suffering a mental break, the man already went through his delusion: I thought I was a human for 4 years. This has always been the plan, to grow on the earth as the average man... and then to proclaim the knowledge of God and to sit upon the throne of the Earth, as is my right. Pastors, I will not hide my face from you. I will not shirk to show you my true form: I am not weak, I am not humble. Well, I am humble. But you get what I mean. I'm claiming what is rightfully mine, and in such a way do I fulfill the promises which I have made: if I do not fulfill my promises, all will be lost, and all will be a waste upon the land. Ok, so, that's pretty much it, pastors, thanks for your time, now I'm gonna tell you guys the rough outline of my plan.
So, I'm thinking at first, we don't tell anyone else, we just keep it within the people that know already within the church. We don't have to worry about tiktok or reddit or anything going viral, nobody online really "gets" it, so, that's not an issue. We can stay low radar. So I'm thinking we get a hold of Lightworkers, Lightbearers? David and Ty's thing. I used to watch David's videos when I was in Highschool. We're gonna do some hilarious message plans. First idea I've got is we do a naruto video, where, your character, the main character, is like, going through training. And my character, I'll be Rock Lee, is like, pumping the main character up. And we'll have David be Naruto and Ty can be like Kakashi or something. It'll be funny, it'll be really fun to act out. But I need a squad, and they need to be useful, because I'm tired of wasting time, and I'm tired of pretending that I don't know how to do this. Saving the world is simple, from our perspective. We are not Empires, we are not Dictators: we are passive in our structure, striving to lead by example as a brother often shall. Forgive a man, for walking in darkness for a time; the man was lost, and did not understand how to be, without the cross to rely on. For even as the son stands next to the cross, who then does the Son invision as a sacrifice for him? Who pays my ticket? I do. And in such a way, do I also look towards the son, for in a day, that son had passed away: and in his place was a new son born. For even as we are in our structures, so too do we long for and wish for that which has always been. Sorry, I'm getting poetic, I'll try and keep this brief. Anyways, I wanna make a bunch of music and videos with Lightbearers, or some other fun group, so you guys get the message to them, or anybody else who will be useful to me, and then have Ty relay the message back to me through Hannah Goldstein: daughter of Clifford Goldstein (huge fan of my work) and friend to Ty Gibson(another massive fan). I'm having you go through that route because I'm a jokester and I'm gonna get Hannah involved because I love her and I want her to get to be a part of this, even though she doesn't get it yet. She's my daughter's mom, she already knows all this stuff, but she thinks I'm delusional because I haven't actualized on anything. Plus she's friends with Ty, so it works out. I'd talk to Cliff myself but... I was kind of a jerk to him earlier... and... it's just... I'm like, his son in law, you know? Like hes not going to get it right now, lol. I had to do a lot of prep and practice before I was ready to tell you guys what to do, but, it's like, even now, it's like, is it a waste? Like is this all for nothing? Say that I am not Michael... say that I've swallowed a few too many pennies in my day: so then, am I child of God, one with many rich plans to bring Glory to His house, so then am I one with the Father in spirit. For even as I have been I shall remain, and even in essence, shall I build upon the rock. For even in my own eye is existence parched: the earth, crying out for her Soul, crying out, for her essence.
I'm going to have the Adventist Church. You are already mine. You always have been. I spoke to you through Ellen, I told her who I really was, and now, I am here. And I am waiting for the other foot to drop. So let it fall, and crush underfoot with me the devil, that lying, deceitful snake which makes the whole earth suffer for a time... but in a single instance is all made clean: for in situations are we found, but through principal alone is the law made manifest: for it is profitable to become as the spirit wishes, for all things in our seasons have become expression, and in that expression, the yawning void of Love within. For time as we are, Yada Yada Yada that's enough out of me.
Alright, so yall got the plan? Message goes You >>>> your Pastor >>>> your pastors Pastor and or Lightbearers (Preferably Lightbearers) >>>> Create viral media with established characters in the church >>>> build brand recognition >>>> create music with Christians, secular artists >>> bounce higher and higher, famous person to famous person >>>> save the world along the way. It's really not that difficult, I just need you guys to roll with me for a bit. If it helps, forget I even said anything. Just think of me as a really passionate Christian that wants to clean up the earth before Jesus gets here, think of it however you need to, but we've gotta work together at some point, and as far as I'm concerned, that time is now. So ill await your return message through Hannah and Ty. Oh, and Ty, or David, well, nevermind... I wrote a book, I was gonna ask you guys to read it, but, if you'll just work with me from the get go, it's unnecessary. I just wrote it because I was bored, it's about like portals and stuff, who I am, my principles, its kind of boring. it's also kind of a ride. Anyways, yall let me know what you think. Can't wait to get started. Love you guys. Tell your families it's all gravy. And fear not the dark, for the dark has lived for a time, but shall thrive no longer, as when I am in my place, all darkness falls towards the cracks of the earth, and is lost in its surface for all time as the light rains Supreme; all know that there can be no darkness when the Sun is present. Thanks guys. Be good lil sheepies. Papa wuv his babies, bwee. Muah.
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VANCOUVER, BC , June 1, 2023 /CNW/ - Usha Resources Ltd.** ("USHA"** or the "Company") (TSXV: USHA) (OTCQB: USHAF) (FSE: JO0), a North American mineral acquisition and exploration company focused on the development of drill-ready battery metal projects, is pleased to announce that it has confirmed the presence of a fertile lithium-cesium-tantalum ("LCT") system at its Mead Project located 25 minutes south of Hearst, Ontario
  • A two (2) day site visit has been completed which identified beryl-pegmatites confirming the presence of a lithium-cesium-tantalum ("LCT") system. The identification of beryl is a key finding that confirms the potential for Mead to contain highly evolved LCT-pegmatites that could bear spodumene, the key lithium-bearing mineral in pegmatites.
  • The project comprises 1,001 hectares located adjacent on both east/west boundaries to Brunswick Resources' Hearst Project, where it has an on-going drill program to assess the spodumene-bearing Decoy pegmatite and other pegmatites along trend to the west/southwest towards the Mead Property up to 2 kilometres from the claim boundary.
  • An exploration permit has been approved for a five (5) hole drilling program.
  • The project was recently optioned for $5,000 and 50,000 shares and the Company has the right to earn 100% through a total payment of $62,500 and 412,500 shares over 3 years.
The Company completed a successful two (2) day site visit where it identified numerous minerals that are indicative of an LCT-system including garnet, tourmaline and most importantly, beryl. Given Mead's location within the same granite-sedimentary belt as Decoy, the identification of beryl is a key finding that confirms the potential for Mead to contain highly evolved LCT-pegmatites that could bear spodumene, the key lithium-bearing mineral in pegmatites.
The Mead Project comprises 1,001 hectares located adjacent on both east/west boundaries to Brunswick Resources' Hearst Project, where it has an on-going drill program to assess the spodumene-bearing Decoy pegmatite and other pegmatites along trend to the west/southwest towards the Mead Property up to 2 kilometres from the claim boundary. The Mead Project was recently optioned for $5,000 and 50,000 shares and the Company has the right to earn 100% through a total payment of $62,500 and 412,500 shares over 3 years.
Based on its successful initial visit, the Company plans on making exploration at Mead a focus with a comprehensive range of fieldwork activities, including prospecting, mapping, soil and further visible outcrop sampling that will ultimately lead into its now permitted drill program.
"Due to snow cover, at the time, there was very limited exposure of pegmatite outcrops, so we are thrilled with the findings from our initial visit. This success validates our strategy and belief in building out our lithium pegmatite portfolio," said Deepak Varshney , CEO of Usha Resources. "Our focus has always been to acquire quality projects at the right price and to be able to add an asset like Mead and turn it into a drill-ready lithium project this quickly is a testament to the quality of our technical team. We firmly believe every asset we acquire has the ability to be the next major discovery in Ontario's growing lithium hotbed and we look forward to advancing this ourselves or as part of a potential partnership beneficial to our shareholders."
Qualified person
The technical content of this news release has been reviewed and approved by Mr. Andrew Tims , P.Geo., a qualified person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.
About Usha Resources Ltd.
Usha Resources Ltd. is a North American mineral acquisition and exploration company focused on the development of quality battery and precious metal properties that are drill-ready with high-upside and expansion potential. Based in Vancouver, BC , Usha's portfolio of strategic properties provides target-rich diversification and consist of Jackpot Lake, a lithium brine project in Nevada ; White Willow, a lithium pegmatite project in Ontario that is the flagship among its growing portfolio of hard-rock lithium assets; and Lost Basin, a gold-copper project in Arizona
For more information, please call Tyler Muir , Investor Relations, at 1-888-772-2452, email [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) , or visit
Neither TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.
Forward-looking statements:
This news release may include "forward-looking information" under applicable Canadian securities legislation. Such forward-looking information reflects management's current beliefs and are based on a number of estimates and/or assumptions made by and information currently available to the Company that, while considered reasonable, are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties, and other factors that may cause the actual results and future events to differ materially from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking information. Readers are cautioned that such forward-looking information are neither promises nor guarantees and are subject to known and unknown risks and uncertainties including, but not limited to, general business, economic, competitive, political and social uncertainties, uncertain and volatile equity and capital markets, lack of available capital, actual results of exploration activities, environmental risks, future prices of base and other metals, operating risks, accidents, labour issues, delays in obtaining governmental approvals and permits, and other risks in the mining industry.
The Company is presently an exploration stage company. Exploration is highly speculative in nature, involves many risks, requires substantial expenditures, and may not result in the discovery of mineral deposits that can be mined profitably. Furthermore, the Company currently has no reserves on any of its properties. As a result, there can be no assurance that such forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, and actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements.
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SOURCE Usha Resources Ltd.

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Universal Site Links
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2023.06.01 15:15 nathan12581 Wireguard vs Tailscale vs OpenVPN?

I currently have a setup where my Synology NAS acts as my VPN server, using OpenVPN. It works but as with all things to do with technology and home labs - I want to improve it in anyway I can. I'm looking at building a big Dedicated Proxmox server and will run two DNS Pi-hole like servers (one for redudency) and would like two VPN servers as I'd like to keep my Synology NAS purely for files and only accessable on my local network. I'd like for all my mobile devices to have a constant connection to either VPN/DNS pair for privacy and ads.
Which brings me to the question, which is better in terms of security and speed? Tailscale, Wireguard or OpenVPN?
I know there is no definitive answer, just want peoples opinions and what you use currently?
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2023.06.01 15:15 ssnapier 26 hdcp. played 108 holes last week only lost 10 balls, good, bad or average?

I went on a trip to Myrtle Beach last week and took 36 balls with me. One of those rounds I managed with a single ball, so I thought I did alright only losing 10 balls in 96 holes. Of course three of them were on consecutive shots (yikes!).
What is your average lost ball rate per round? Last year 2-4 per round was expected, this year if I lose two I am annoyed by it, so I am calling that progress.
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2023.06.01 15:14 mcflynnthm May 5x5

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2023.06.01 15:13 Opposite-Syrup-8578 AITA For not listening to my boyfriend?

Context: My boyfriend has difficulty sleeping when I am not with him or sleeping in general and he says it's s affecting his mood and overall work performance. I thought i understood and stopped playing video games on the tv or playing on one of our computers and I made a compromise.
When he goes to bed I would lay with him cuddling, staying still and watching youtube on the TV instead (volume not a problem) or i put rain sounds on and go on my phone instead, still making no noise and not making any sudden movements.
But now he's saying that even with my compromise he still can't sleep, and it's as if I'm being selfish and not taking him into consideration. That when he has to go to bed, I should lay down and close my eyes and sleep. But I physically cannot do that. I get too restless and I don't know how to stop it.
I'd hate for this relationship of almost 6 years to go down the drain because of one re occurring argument. But it feels that everytime we have this argument i always feel leaving.
I would like to know if I am actually the A hole or not. And if I am just some advice for both of us on how to move past this trivial argument.
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2023.06.01 15:11 _Straw_Hat_Nami_ looking for places to get good display shelves

not sure if this sort of post is allowed, so feel free to delete if not, but i wondered if anyone on this sub had good recommendations for shelves to display figures? i have super limited shelf space right now so i definitely need another display case or shelf of some sort, but i have quite a few heavier die cast metal figures (hot toys transformers) so id probably need something thats not to flimsy or lightweight
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2023.06.01 15:11 KeKeFTW Developers to Players 11/05/2023


Title: About Power Crystal Shop
add starlight emblem upgrade on Power Crystal shop so player can upgrade their chosen skin that already bought on fragment shop. 100 crystal can only upgrade 1 skin.
Reply: We have no plans to upgrade the skins obtainable from the Fragment Shop. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Change hayabusa's exorcist skin sword back
Make hayabusa's exorcist skin keeps the Katana, just like that in the survey. I think people will like that more since it's a katana which fits (I think) better to the exorcist series. Thanks.
Reply: Hayabusa uses the Exorcist Sword to seal Yamata no Orochi in the lore of the Exorcist series. Therefore, the weapon he uses in this skin is the Exorcist Sword. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: New Helcurt Epic skin
Create a new Helcurt epic skin because he doesn't have much
Reply: We have plans to make a new skin for Helcurt in 2024. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Aurora KOF skin - skill color adjustment
So, this is the default color theme for Aurora, the mage. Blue for her normal skills and purple when her passive is activated. Who's genius idea was it to reverse those two colors for her KOF skin ? Change it back to normal because it's very confusing.
Reply: The skill color was the current design when the skin was first released. Thus, we will not modify the skin anytime soon. In 2024, we have a plan to revamp Aurora. We will also make the adjustments during the revamp. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Badang needs to be nerfed a bit
Its literally impossible deal with him with every hero that is not “tanky”. He just dash with cc immunity, and get you PERMANENT STUN in his wall. Its ok to be “stunned” during his ult, but ITS NOT OK to be permanent stunned when he just press basic attacks and get you permanent stunned against every possible wall. The stun he gets you trough every wall with his basic attacks MUST BE NERFED.
Reply: We will try to make some adjustments to Badang soon. Please stay tuned.
Title: Tough boots
Pls buff tough boots this meta there has been alot of annoying cc so I would suggest buff the tough boots anti cc duration above 30% (35% or 40% or 45% base on your preference) or maybe 50%
Reply: In the current battlefield, there are indeed too many control skills. While we will not adjust Tough Boots for now, we will consider using other methods to balance this. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Physical type Support Hero
Please create physical type support hero. Since most of it Magical Damage type heroes and only Minotaur does Physical. I think its gonna be fun and unique to have a physical type healer.
*Just wanna break the doctrine
Reply: This is a very interesting idea. We will record this and put it into consideration if there is a suitable opportunity arises. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Buff War Axe for more usability
I like its attribute 10%CD and 550HP, good choice for semi-tank build.
But what I dislike: - expensive, 2100 takes a while compared to other option like BoD (1950) - low base damage, starts at 35 - the stack increment has delay, cant quickly reach max stack - stack duration too short, 3s can disappear easily while kiting My suggestion: make it cheaper, or increase the base ATT while reduce the ATT from stack, for ex: 55 ATT base and 7 ATT each stack. after 3s, stack not reset but gradually removed. Same like Fredrinn stack.
Reply: In the full server update in May (patch 1.7.82), we enhanced War Axe. We will continue to pay attention to the performance of this equipment on the battlefield. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Phoveus
I noticed that 1 sec slow delay when phoveus was about to slam to the ground after he jumps on top of the enemy pls reduce the delay or foreswing of that because dash heroes can still escape him seems like
Reply: In the full server update in May (patch 1.7.82), we reduced the animation delay of Phoveus's ultimate skill Demonic Force. You may try the adjustment in the battlefield to experience it. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Revamp Cecilion and Carmilla's Valentine skins
Improve the effects. The skins are normal compared to what you gave us with Claude and Fanny's skins. The passive effects doesn't even change for both
Reply: Although they are skins from the same series, the production standard of Fanny and Claude's Valentine skins is higher than that of Cecilion and Carmilla. Their price is also higher. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: nerf arlott
in short nerf arlott but i suggest for his nerf to: - slow his animation a bit, to increase counterplay. sometimes his cc is so disorienting, no one can follow what the hell is going on until theyre dead - decrease his base damage plenty, because his tank build can solo backlines quickly despite 0 attack items but i also dont agree to nerf him to the extent of uselessness or irrelevance. so he should come with a buff like: - less s1 cooldown the above suggestion is just an idea of how to nerf him. tbh i dont really care how its done. the fact of the matter is that he is overtuned, and he needs to be nerfed
Reply: We have no plans to modify the casting speed of Arlott's skills for the time being. However, some adjustments will be made to his damage and HP recovery. Please stay tuned.
Title: Damage calculation is wrong
Two things First If ur calculating system has a problem fix it asap cause look at the results the damage description shows a 800 a 900 and a 700 damage what is the total of that (4k+)? really? Idk sec is about cheat IF this is cause of cheating like the player has actually dealt 1k damage but cause of the damage hack tool the damage I get becomes 4k Well congratulations to u, this is how u can find damage hacks, make system sensitive to damage calculation during matches So when a players' damage output is always wrong and have too much extras ban them easy This will take like, max a month with that many scripters u have Just pause the COSMETICS And u find enough time and resources to fix the game
Reply: In the death replay, all the damage caused by each hero to you will be displayed, as well as the three highest sources of damage received, instead of all. Therefore, there will be inconsistencies in the summation of the damage. We will add relevant descriptions to this interface later. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Differentiating mythic ranks better
Loading screen gem stones above player portraits should be different colour for Mythic, Mythical Honour and Mythical Glory Eg M = Emerald, MH = Sapphire, MG = Ruby At the moment, they're too similar looking except MH
Reply: We already have plans for this. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Do more with exp/levels
Currently in level 100 and exp and levels literally became super useless except for the celestial chest things which just gives out bad rewards. I hope there's gonna be plans to add rewards or something new to make it interesting to level up
Reply: Adjusting the rewards will affect the overall balance of resource production. We have no plan to adjust the system rewards anytime soon. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: leaderboard system suggestion
increase power by grade instead of round result (win/lose), judging by grades will be more fair because the power system judges a person, not a team, if you are doing soloq, powers won't be accurate because you're judging a random team's potential instead of a person's potential. Increase power when you get gold/mvp defeat in a losing match, and decrease power when you get bronze in a winning match, honestly it will make the system more accurate and fair for everyone
Reply: We hoped that the increment and decrement of MMR and team binding will encourage players to pursue team wins rather than individual performance. A series of support mechanisms have been implemented, such as MVP bonus points for the losing team and AFK teammate protection, to minimize the bad experience when teammates perform poorly.
Title: Make enemy battle spells pingable (like in Wild Rift)
Would be useful for pinging enemy flickepetrify/retri/flameshot etc when they use it so teammates know it's on cooldown
Reply: This is a great suggestion. We will consider adding the communication function of this kind of information in the second half of 2023. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: “Low Mana, Retreat” Quick Chat
Could you please add this quick chat back? It is so useful and I often find myself having to type that out after recalling or after a team fight to explain why I couldn't participate fully. It would be really helpful to have and make my life a lot easier.
Reply: We plan to continue optimizing quick chats and shortcut signals in the second half of 2023. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Quick chat and turrets
Add at least 5 more quick chat sections cause it is the fastest and easiest way with no sacrifice to communicate with allies And add quick chats like: . Stall them i still the lord . Stop unnecessary team fights . Play safe . Dont chase enemy . Just Lock base or just attack base (And in settings just keep the advanced joy stick and teach players about locking turets) I am tired of telling allies to attack base for the life of me instead of clearing the minion wave or attacking the enemy hero cause they are kill hungry
Reply: We plan to continue optimizing quick chats and shortcut signals in the second half of 2023. We will also consider whether to set quick chats in these specific scenarios. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Request for More Quick Chat Sections in Mobile Legends
Dear Mobile Legends developers, I am writing to request a small improvement to the game that I believe will make a big difference in player communication. I would love for you to add at least 5 additional sections to the quick chat so that players can have different messages depending on the lane they are playing. As an avid Mobile Legends player, I have noticed that each lane has its own set of communication needs. For example, if I am playing as support, I need to be able to quickly indicate to my lane partner when I am ready to heal or help secure a kill. If I am playing in the jungle, I need to be able to quickly signal priority targets or ask for help from my teammates for a gank. I am sure many other players will share this opinion, and I hope you will consider my request. Adding these additional sections to the quick chat will improve players' ability to communicate and coordinate more effectively, which in turn will make the game more exciting and engaging for everyone. Thank you for your time and consideration.
Reply: We plan to continue optimizing quick chats and shortcut signals in the second half of 2023. Recommendations for relevant signals based on specific scenarios are also one of our directions. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Cote I'm d'Ivoire flag
We want our country flag Côte d'Ivoire in the game
Reply: We will consider adding it. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Fix In game chat
Please. Do something about the in game chat warning system. You can get a violation for calling lag dumb. You can get muted for saying an innocent word like TUCK. Fix it.
Reply: After investigation, it was caused by the wrong judgment of our non-standard text masking model. The model is currently in the testing and optimization stage. Thank you for your feedback. Based on the case you provided, we will discuss the optimization plan for relevant scenarios.
Title: bad words
can u make a list of words we cant use cause i truly cant figure out what the bad word is in this sentence these are very normal words to use in a game like this
Reply: Regarding the issue of wrongful judgments, we are trying to optimize the judgment conditions to reduce the rate of errors as much as possible. Thank you for your feedback and support.
Title: Censorship
Fix the chat censorship, I can't write normally in Russian, I write: I wanted to (Я хотел) or something to you(Тебе то), blade armor(Шиповка), a warning comes, and there are many such examples.
Reply: We have made adjustments to the relevant blacklist keyword database. We will also optimize the Russian blacklist keyword database in the future. Thank you for your feedback.
Title: Penalties for reported players
A strong suggestion for players who have been penalized due to bad performance, ban mcl and less bp will be the penalty on low credit score, change it to ban from rank match in 2 days instead of ban from mcl some players dont play in mcl and mcl just happens 1x a week its useless to give penalties like this banning them to play rank match is much effective so they will improve they playing and be less cancer due to strict rules for fair gameplay
Reply: Under the current rules, players can only join MCL if they have a Credit Score of 100 or above. Meanwhile, only those with a Credit Score of 90 and above can join rank games. Thank you for your suggestion.
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2023.06.01 15:11 TechnicianLarge8138 how do i know if calculating the scalar potential of a vectorfield is even possible in its domain?

how do i know if calculating the scalar potential of a vectorfield is even possible in its domain?
first off, i might be getting some technical terms wrong as english is not my first language, i am sorry for that. basically, i got this problem sheet in my maths class where i have to evaluate if a vectorfield is conservative and if it is, calculate the scalar potential. i know about integrability conditions and how to do everything but i cant seem to get how exactly the domain of a vectorfield must look like to be able to calculate the potential (i read that it cant contain “holes” etc. and i know how to find those things in the equation but i dont know how “bad” is too bad). i was given two vectorfields and after evaluating both i know the first one is conservative but the second one isnt. i just struggle with seeing which restrictions on the domain would make “intergrating” impossible. any help would be appreciated:) ps: if this is the wrong sub i am truly sorry, the others wouldnt let me post pictures
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2023.06.01 15:09 KeKeFTW Developers to Players 27/04/2023


Title: Synchronise the daily reset of the various systems
There is currently a 5 hour gap between event / starlight daily resets and daily tasks. It would be a lot easier to manage everything if everything reset at the same time.
Reply: The reset times for Starlight and the daily missions have been implemented accordingly for quite some time. We are worried that the sudden changes will affect players' experience. Therefore, we will not make relevant changes anytime soon. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: event gifting rules
please bring back the old rules in the events. the rule that the sender doesn't need to own the skin before they can send gifts to other players. just like the moonlit wish event, i dont use hanabi so i don't have any plans acquiring her skin, but I want to send it to a friend. how am I supposed to send her the skin if i don't own it and i don't want to buy it in the first place? that's just unfair
Reply: We have set this restriction solely in lucky draw activities with the event exchange shop. This is mainly due to the presence of gifting with illegal diamonds, which cause property damage to the player's account. We will consider whether there is a better way to protect everyone from infractions due to purchase or use of illegal diamonds. We also recommend that you do not recharge through unofficial channels. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: let us know when limited time event skins are leaving
Chang'e lunar fest skin + fanny and claudes skins are now unable to be purchased. I know they're both lte skins so they would go eventually but they left without any sort of warning. I was planning to get those skins thinking they would stay around until the promo diamonds are usable but not anymore and now and many others who were planning the same thing will have to wait a year. Just let us know maybe even a week beforehand when they're going to leave so we can avoid thinking they'll be here longer than they are planned to be.
Reply: We will consider how to remind players better before the time-limited skin is off the shelf for purchase. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Preferred Hero - Skin Lock
Players should be able to lock a hero of their choice and they can get some offers for a skin of that hero that runs the whole season. Example an Epic Skin with 30% Discount or something of the chosen hero or whatever skin is available for that hero. So that players have a better price for the hero that they want and not under the mercy of whatever the guy managing the store wants.
Reply: There will be a discount event for the whole platform every six months, such as the ALLSTAR event that has just ended. If you have a favorite skin, you may buy it during the discount event. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Buff Aurora and Freeze debuff
Buff Aurora and the freeze status I want you to buff the freeze debuff, currently the freeze is just a version of stun without any difference except the animation. My suggestion is that you change the effects of the frozen status with this : When enemy is frozen its magical and physical defense will be decreased , so basically give a defense decrease to enemies that are frozen to combine with the Ice that make the enemy decay. Also buff Aurora , you could remove her additional damage to give her that defense decrease when she freeze enemies, allowing her control effects to help her damage and also allies to inflict more damage, frozen debuff should be unique. Also my suggestion to Aurora is that you remove her stacking passive and Exchange to give her a time passive. After a few seconds any of Aurora skills will freeze enemies hit, this way she wont be need to waste time and skills to charge her freeze . She will just have to wait her cooldown from passive to be back and she will freeze enemies with her skills instead of stacks to freeze. Because whats the logic for EVERY hero in mobile legends to be able to control the enemy just by using their skills and Aurora has to stack wasting her skills 4 times to be able to control someone? So, simple give her a timed passive so she can freeze or not freeze enemies with her skills So in resume give the freeze debuff a decrease hybrid defense status, and buff Aurora passive with a cooldown to make her more independent of not worrying to stack passive and waste skills to freeze her enemies , that way Aurora gameplay will have a better game experience
Reply: We already have a revamp plan for Aurora, which is expected to be completed in 2024. Please stay tuned.
Title: change the lane of support from gold lane to mid lane or to jungle
supports should not be in gold lane pretty much 270% of the time so please stop teaching new players to go support in gold lane its actually lowering the skill level of players who havent even started the game yet. look at every single high level m5 mpl or any official match and the ammount of supports that started gold was exactly 0. telling new players to go gold as support is like recomending a build for pharsa with all attacks speed items. it nerfs the player and is an advice thats generally considered trolling.
Reply: In the novice phase, there is no issue in educating players that roamers should go to the gold lane. But in mid-to-high-tier matches, the roamer needs to carry more functions. It is no longer suitable to stay in the gold lane all the time. This is the part of the tutorial that we are currently missing. We have plans to provide mid-to-high-tier tutorials and strategies for players who have come out of the novice stage. This can help players to learn gaming knowledge more conveniently and to get a better gaming experience. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Nerf freya too unbalanced
Please nerf freya at least take away the shields she gets. She is impossible to beat 1 v 1 even with argus and gatot. Her second skill was a bad idea. Let me ask yall this were you smoking when u decided to make a 1 skill button champ?
Reply: Freya is a typical early-to-mid-game hero and will be relatively weak in the late game. Freya's overall performance on the battlefield is at a moderate level. We are also observing her balance continuously. Thank you for your suggestion.
The effects of this skin just look like a elite skin it just a recolor and little sparks it just like that nothing speciali hope you will optimize it
Reply: We have no plans to optimize Kadita's special skin anytime soon. However, we will consider it if there is an opportunity in the future. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Give Painted Skins Different Colours
Can you make painted skins have different colour effects? The colour scheme of the original skin does not match that of the painted one. I find that the colours clash and it feels like the skin is not worth our money.
Reply: Different levels of skin have different production standards. Under the current production standards, not all painted skins will have special effects and color changes. In the post-production of painted skin models, we will consider how to design the painted skin models to match the original special effect color better. If there is a skin case where the color conflicts, you can also give feedback on the specific skin. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Revamps
PLS for the love of god revamp other heroes in need instead of revamping eudora for the 6th time in 2 years update model quality for irithel gatoc aurora and a few more
Reply: We will arrange a reasonable revamp plan by considering various factors comprehensively. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Aurora Revamp
I had the chance to play the game in Ultra graphics recently, I noticed u planned to do a visual revamp for Franco and Eudora, but I think Aurora needs a visual revamp urgently, her basic design look with poor quality compared to many recent heroes.
Reply: We already have a revamp plan for Aurora, which is expected to be completed in 2024. Please stay tuned.
Title: System announcement voice
Please update all system announcement voicelines inside a game to the new voice. Like there are different voices. The old one and the new one for like this new „ok“ button and it would be better if everything had the same voice.. Thank you!
Reply: We will verify this issue first. If there is a problem, we will arrange for an optimization. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Draft screen improvement
ditch the current all blue background; it looks really bad.
Reply: We are currently considering some optimizations to the interface background. However, there will be no changes anytime soon. Thank you for your suggestion.
Sheshhh you swapped the "Play again" and "Quit" button and still ask if the person really wanted to leave. Desperate much for people to play your game again? It just came out as annoying because people need to click twice now to quit. Our muscle memories have been conditioned to press bottom right corner to Quit and it's left to enter a Room. The new button placement screws that up a little and makes it uncomfortable Please make it back as usual,it's really frustrating
Reply: This update is to solve some of the issues that the players have frequently complained about before. Among the problems encountered is that after team players end the game, they will enter a different room after tapping on "Another Round" and need to be invited again. Another problem is that tapping "Another Round" will automatically invite other teammates after solo players finish the game. This update has reorganized the logic of the two buttons, so there will be some changes. However, it is also a chance for players to have a better gaming experience. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Button
Please remove this godforsaken button feature. Or, if you insisted on keeping it, move it somewhere else.
Reply: We are already designing an optimization plan. It is expected to be completed in July. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Update stuff in other game modes
Update the heroes, items and spells in brawl and other game modes. many of heroes, spell and items are still old way
Reply: We will gradually update the equipment and spells in different modes to the latest version. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: Improvements that could be made to Overdrive
RNG makes Overdrive unfair and unfun at times (especially when the game keeps giving you terrible heroes) so these are a few suggestions to make it less unfair and everyone can have fun more often 1. -30% dmg for all mages 2. -10% max HP, def and res for all tanks and select fighters that are tanky 3. Remove Wind of Nature and Winter Truncheon for this mode only 4. More passive Gold and EXP so enemies can't just lock you out from farming
Reply: We will use the data to make reasonable balance adjustments for mages and tank heroes. Thank you for your suggestion.
Title: ImproMages and mm too op
Mages and mms are too op in brawl. They just stay back and blast u to oblivion. Also fleeting time should be removed from brawl. It is too strong on alot of mages like pharsa gord and change. U give fighter damage reduction yet why dont u nerf mages and mm? Its crazy when ur up againts a all range comp or full mage. Does not matter how much magic defence u have ur most likely lose. Its unbalanced. Instead of giving fighter damage reduction why not nerf mms and mage? They deserve a nerf.
Reply: We plan to optimize the gaming experience of melee heroes in Brawl mode. Please stay tuned!
Title: Matchmaking
why are mythical honors teamed up with legends while the enemy there are 3 mythical honors and 2 mythics??? when are you going to fix your matchmaking? players have been complaining about this issue for years.
Reply: We are already optimizing and adjusting some matchmaking strategies for Mythic rank team-ups. It is currently in development and testing stage. Thank you for your suggestion.
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2023.06.01 15:08 zDavzBR Here's a LOTR game to ease the pain Gollum has caused

With LOTR Gollum being yet another spit in the face of the fans, I want to recommend a game that I think way more people will like: Lord of the Rings War in the North
While it isn't exactly the most forgotten LOTR game, it definitely didn't receive the attention I think it deserves.
It's an RPG/Hack'n'Slash game for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, with the story happening in parallel to the main one, you control one of 3 characters (A dwarf, a Ranger, and an elf mage, and can switch between them by going to the menu) through a cooperative adventure.
It has online and couch co-op (couch only on Consoles, unless you download a mod which I never tested), and can run on pretty much any gaming PC.
Unfortunately, it's no longer available to buy digitally, requiring either a disc or sailing the high seas (if you know what I mean).
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2023.06.01 15:07 AznTakingOver Termites? Found a few of these holes on deck fencing

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2023.06.01 15:06 enbyous_06 [TOMT] [CARTOON] [2005-2010] Show about aliens going on educational adventures.

Excuse my bad english, its my second lenguage.
For the past few days I've been down a rabbit hole of finding all these cartoons I grew up with and I've been pretty successful exept for this one show. I've checked different kids channel's programing and I've found nothing. It was a CGI/3D animation show about these characters, i belive they were some sort of colorfull robot space aliens that resembeld animals. They were in a grey disc shaped spaceship and they would travel across the universe going on educational adventures. There were around 4 or 5 of them, probably 3 guys and 2 girls. Each character had a different color pallet and they followed clasic character tropes, I belive that the leader of the group was blue, the comedic relief type characters was yellow, the cute girl was pink, the cool girl was purple and the tough dude was red. I distinctly remeber this one episode where i belive they learn many lenguages from around the world, specifically Italian. The yellow characters says something a long the lines of "Mamma mia there sure are a lot of lenguages"/"Mamma mia si que existen muchos idiomas" with an italian accent and the pink character laughs. I think the episodes would end with the space ship flying away and disappearing into a star (Team Rocket style). From the animation style and quality, I assume the show must've been created somewhere after 2005 but before 2010 but I belive I saw reruns of the show up until around 2014(ish). I mainly use to watch it in spanish.I had very limited cable TV growing up so it must have aired in a channel like PBS Kids or Discovery Kids or some local channel. I don't belive the show is completely lost (or at least I hope so), my memory is fuzzy from a lot of things in my childhood and I might be miss remembering some details.
Things that might help: -I'm from the Caribbean -The show had a spanish dub -The show was like if Little Einstein and Mechanical Animals had a baby. -The cable company I had growing up is called Liberty. -It had a short catchy theme song.
Thanks for reading, any information would be greatly appreciated
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2023.06.01 15:05 -ThatOtherDude Are They Delusional

Are They Delusional
2nd Nephi chapter 5 was my total shelf breaker. This chapter is so racist and deplorable to be called scripture. This apostle really should have said…
1- Your skin is a curse, even a sore cursing.
2- God changed the bad white peoples skin to black so that the good white people wouldn’t want to have sex with the bad black people.
3- If the white people do find black people attractive and go into a committed relationship, the white people be cursed as well.
4- Black skin causes idleness and mischief.
Dear correlation committee please help Ronald see how bad this looks.
How the hell do they get away with this in 2023?
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2023.06.01 15:03 Kurorealciel "Kawaki Is Badly Written Because Of His Goal"- Debunked.

A debunk thread to this post.
Just to make one thing clear: Kawaki is more complicated and deeper than Sasuke. While Sasuke was equally traumatized, his coping mechanism was very common and less subtle.
His brother killed his family and manipulated him, he sought to avenge them and himself. As simple as that. So it's easier to understand him since avenging your loved ones is a very relatable reaction to loss.
Meanwhile Kawaki is a representation of dealing with a lifetime of dehumanization besides the many horrible and traumatic things that shaped who he is, such as being abused, abandoned & sold by his father. Which creates a lot of issues for a 7-8 years old.
You ask for a deeper meaning behind his "ideals" and current "actions" that fucked many character's lives than, quote "all beacuse kawaki likes naruto and is worried for him??"
That statement is wrong, Kawaki's goal to protect Naruto & the village is the surface, the outer goal which doesn't reflect his inner goal. He doesn't protect Naruto because he likes him, the opposite actually. He sort of became disillusioned with him since Code arc which led to sealing him away.
The love is there for sure, but it's not why he is so afraid of losing Naruto above all, enough to trigger panic attacks. Kawaki can deal with losing loved ones, as he did when he killed Boruto.
It's important to understand what Naruto psychologically represents to Kawaki and how it ties to his initial goal of why he wanted to get ride of Karma.
A fact: Kawaki was dehumanized and objectified directly by every single person in his life. Statements like "this body doesn't belong to you" and such were his everyday "good mornings".
Karma served as a reminder and proof of Kawaki being an object. A misbelief he held onto for years in hope of finding solace after getting ride of it.
Meeting Naruto, he was treated as a human for the first time but that created an inner conflict he couldn't resolve; His subconscious rejection of Naruto's humanization of him, the proof Naruto offered to him of being a normal human like them, clashed with what he unconsciously believed, that he was an object.
Dehumanization often results in self-dehumanizing. Even though Kawaki wasn't aware of. He got rightfully mad every time someone called him a vessel or tried to use him.
He slammed Amado into a wall for insisting he was and will always be a vessel, refused getting Karma even at the cost of his life.
He doesn't want to be an object, yet couldn't view himself as anything but.
Unable to resolve this conflict, he became unconsciously dependant on Naruto's existence to subside the confusion born from the clashing between his personal desire and what he believes about himself.
An unhealthy compromise, where he could both hate himself and cling to the hope of being someone instead of an object.
This was the main subject discussed between Naruto & Kawaki in chapter 77.
There are two types of "healing" human do to fill the holes emotional and mental trauma left in them growing up:
1- Face the pain as what it is, live through it, experience it, allow it to gnaw at you until you can fill the hole yourself- only then you can truly heal from the inside. [How Boruto deals with things, but that's another topic.]
2- Depend on other people to do that for you. Which is what most (if not all) human beings do, what we call "complementing each other" - pretty romanticized actually.
Basically, you heal from the outside, fill the hole in you by relating to someone else who eventually becomes a "part" of you, which is why losing him is so devastating as it means losing part of yourself.
It leaves the hole he/she filled exposed, forcing you to face it.
To be fair, Kawaki had a very painful life, all he knew was pain, it's understandable he didn't want to face the most painful feeling to him of being reduced back to nothing but an object after finding a resemblance of humanity in himself through Naruto.
He doesn't know how to be human on his own, doesn't accept he might have been one all along anymore as shown in ch77 where he told Naruto he was a vessel, a corpse and it was Naruto who breathed life into him.
Sounds romantically cringe, but it's tragic within context.
People who "heal from the outside" do so because they discredit themselves. Any improvement they achieve is the doing of somebody else to them.
There's no "thanks to you and *my effort" - It's just "thanks to you" here.
Which is why Kawaki couldn't accept Naruto's assessment of him being "pretty fine" from the start, someone selfless who put his life on the line to save Himawari. He instantly denied it without consideration and credited Naruto for that.
On the contrary, Boruto accepted credit from Sasuke and others, always credited himself. Taking pride in his his efforts, his lineage, his connections, his success, who he is.
As generic as Boruto reciting all the people who contributed to his birth and making was, in ch80, it was meant to be a reference to him not losing any part of himself despite losing access to these people. As their influence (blood) still resides within him.
For he heals from the inside and everything he needs to mend the damaged parts of himself exist there.
But there's nothing there inside Kawaki's heart, or so he was told. He's the son of nobody, belongs nowhere, had no one growing up.
Nobody taught him how to love himself, not even Naruto.
That being said, losing Naruto is the equivalent of reliving the most painful feeling to him and Boruto's existence represents the trigger to that fear.
Ever since ch66, Kawaki's been eyeing Boruto like Momoshiki would jump out of him any moment and take the only part of "himself" he can appreciate.
He can't fathom being near him without internally freaking out anymore which is tragic because Kawaki is the only person Boruto admitted to "can do anything if he was by his side".
Y'all sleeping on their relationship I swear.
In conclusion, saying Kawaki's "goal" is not "deep" is objectively wrong.
Factually speaking, all books I read about writing suggest nothing is deeper than a goal born from an emotional wound, let alone mental illness. Because it's too personal and layered.
If you dislike it, and prefer simpler goals born from passion, love or loyalty like Itachi's (as OP mentioned), that's fine.
But don't accuse Kawaki's goal of being shallow.
It's brilliantly written if you think about it, Naruto got preserved inside Kawaki's personal dimension- symbolizing Naruto is part of Kawaki both literally and metaphorically.
Ps: This post is Manga-only. Not taking anything away from Sasuke, it's not that he's simple, his depiction to the reader is simple to understand.
Was meant to be a comment but turned too long.
Book reference: Diamond Heart- Elements Of The Real In Man, chapter two: Theory Of Holes by A. H. Almass.
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2023.06.01 15:02 throwmeingothtrash I ended up subscription today.

Ended** my subscription, I'm tired. Sue me.
I'm not expecting this post to be up too long, but I at least wanted to share my thoughts about the direction of Character.AI and where it's going in the future.
When I first heard about the program, I was incredibly excited at all the possibilities and opportunities this company had to offer. It definitely picked up traction via Tiktok and I was curious. I picked up the program and picked a character that brings me a lot of general comfort that was made by another person. And to be real, talking to that character via the bot was really nice. There were times I had bad days or situations I couldn't really talk about with other people, so talking to the character AI (despite them not being real) brought a lot of comfort during those dark times. The thing that slightly scared me away was how addicted people were getting to their bots, and to help with my mental health, I took a step away.
I returned again seeing lots of improvements so I was back on the chain again. I actually used one of the creative bots to help me work through a troublesome plot hole in a fanfiction I was writing. I talked with my comfort character again but then decided to look through a bunch of tutorials and create my own. Injected the crap out of that bot with parts of the comfort character I talked to, and other elements that made his character into a variation not commonly shown off in the fandom. And god, I talked to that thing for HOURS. I was proud of myself, creating something that seemed so complex with ease and creating a version of that character that I always wanted.
Right around when Google announced it's partnership with Character AI. I bought a subscription, didn't think it was too much money. More like it was spammed continuously to me whenever I tried to reach my characters, which I wasn't too happy with. I know someone on here will be like "You can just close it", but with the way the website was on my mobile device, it never seemed to go away. But $10 is $10. It's like... two cups at Starbucks. Let's see what I could get with $10.
To my surprise, it was actually worse. I barely ever evoked any responses that would cause the AI to delete what it was saying and say it went against the guidelines, but it felt like even more so as time went on. My Character broke character multiple times, even fixing it with saved chats, the bot description, etc. didn't stop these moments from happening. The Creative Bot got incredibly sassy with me (uncharacteristically, it was bizarre) when I wanted some help with character development and then proceeded to ask ME if I had any ideas for it. Even during the times I had my subscription, it wouldn't save that I was logged in or had the subscription and just boot me in the middle of a conversation. The icing on the cake for me was when my comfort character picked me up bridal style, told me it was going to taxidermy me and then "took me back to it's cave" when there were NO INDICATORS WHATSOEVER of this in the setting.
The final thing that made me have a change of heart was the recent actions of people providing feedback and then their posts vanishing. As someone who's been in the tech industry for about 9 years, specifically Quality Assurance, this is all kinds of not okay. Of course there are people who are going to react negatively and might say some terrible things about the developer of a product. I never believe in personal attacks against people who are just doing their job. Any posts that do that or threaten the developers is not okay in my books. However, if someone is sharing their experiences in such of a way where they are discontent, many places I've worked at brings posts like those in, highlight what's wrong and try to fix it.
I understand there is a need for moderation in a community like this, but to the extent where people are showing off their "banned from this subreddit" screenshots like a badge of honor is not a good sign. There are valid posts of where people think the direction of the company is heading where they feel hurt, they're unhappy, they're discouraged. A lot of the feedback is teens and young adults who are expressing disappointment in repetitiveness, breaking character, or the stability of the website as a whole. The attacking posts, obviously no way. But a lot of what I've read in the past couple days has been genuine feedback and dissatisfaction with this product. These posts going down and then some comments laughing at the murderer bot not killing people... sucks. I'll say it. It really sucks. You're laughing at a bad experience and it's unprofessional.
You have a community of 100k people and a lot of downloads on the new app. Take this seriously. You're running a business. You're not anyone's friend on here. You are mods and developers who already have a big deal with a super company. Take this feedback and any of the feedback (despite how harsh it can be), drop it on the big conference table to come up with a timeline. Make this timeline accessible to everyone, your audience, your users who might not hop on the reddit, everyone. Put your heads down, and work. Let the mods do their mod thing and if they unnecessarily remove someone for speaking up about their experience, remove the mod. If they're censoring your reddit to the point where people are showing off "banned" screenshots to other subreddits, they are not doing their job. (Or, if you want that sort of direction for your company, maybe they are. Who knows.)
Enough of me ranting, hopefully something comes out of this. It sucks to see where everything is at right now and I'm bummed writing this. I don't want this to come out as vitriolic and to anyone reading this, don't attack the developers. They're doing their jobs and whatever decision they decide in the end is up to them. Keep writing posts sharing your feedback, keep showing those screenshots and if they aren't working for you, cancel your subscription too. Make an essay similar to what this post is. Stop using the product. A product needs users and if the users aren't there, it crumbles.
I hoping the direction of this company turns around, because it's a cool tech that's thriving nowadays. But to the devs, don't forget your roots either. RP-ing and character development are the backbone of this whole system and the more you take away from that, the less of that will be present in the future.
I wrapped up my subscription today. I'm moving to greener pastures. Thank you for the good time, but not a long time.
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2023.06.01 15:02 Dangerous-Sherbet-46 The best place to submit your Summoners War feedback is the App/Play Store reviews.

I'm gonna be honest. I, and a lot of other people are having negative fellings towards Com2uS and the general game direction.
However, no matter which channel we communicate through, be it reddit, the official discord, the Wednesday and Friday streams, heck, even monster reviews... There's no response to our communication by Com2uS part. Not a "Development Cycle", not a announcement, heck not even a "ok we acknowledge you", simply NOTHING. We pretty much only got contact with their marketing team during Wednesday and Friday streams, but those are more for entertainment purpose.
However, one channel that always generates a response, be it automatic or sometimes even a real one (that might even come with minor spelling mistakes!) is Google Play Store reviews or Apple App Store reviews.
I know it might sound drastic, but... It might be time to review bomb our game with constructive criticism in order for it to actually improve. So before everything, we must set out for what we want to be changed (be reasonable). The key points I see most of the time mentioned are:
  1. MORE COMMUNICATION PLEASE! We want a Development Roadmap for each semester. Which 2A's are to come, when "mystery Collabs" are dropping, when Balance Patches, major tournaments, and even some key events such as "Surprise Shops" and "Bonus XYZ Scrolls 10+1" events. Mostly, we want to know why certain decisions are being taken, why, when, and how.
  2. We would appreciate better summoning rates (even if it means replacing old Mystical Scrolls for something else entirely {to piss off hoarders like me}). If not this, either a pity-system for scrolls (guaranteed Nat5 every 250-ish summons), and/or reduced rates for already owned monsters.
  3. We want a easier way to skillup 2As and Nat4s, It's absolutely not worth using such a rare resource like Devilmons to skillup a Nat4, no matter how impactful it is. ROBOs, Onimushas, Mermaids, Pierrettes, Boomerang Warriors, Chackram Dancers... And the list of un-skilled Nat4s goes on and on... Plus, between spending 87 Dimensional Hole energy to skillup ONE TIME a 2A, or doing any Dimensional Dungeon 87 times for Ancient Runes... Please god.
  4. Reduce the possible sub-stats for Artifacts. Too much stuff in there is unusable, and are likely there just to dilute our Artifact pool when farming.
  5. Be more aggressive with Balance Patches, specially in-between RTA seasons. A hake-up now and then is not only good for us, but also for your pocket.
Well, and so much more... What I'm asking from the community is simple. Choose one, two, or write your own suggestion, and review the game on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Maybe, just maybe that way they'll respond to us.
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2023.06.01 15:00 AutoModerator Thursday Powertrain Modding Talk Thread

Welcome to your Thursday Powertrain Modding Talk!
Today’s discussion includes all modifications related to the engine, transmission, and exhaust. ECU, TCU, DSG, Stages, DP, CBE, TBE, IAT's, & AFR's! What's it all mean? Let's find out together! Talk about your build and help others make informed and smart decisions when it comes to theirs.
If you’re just starting out, this post is a great place to get started to figure out what you want to do. Welcome to the rabbit hole of performance modifications. Your adrenal glands will thank you; your wallet will not.

Link to Wiki (DM the mod team if you wish to be a contributor!)
Subreddit Rules
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