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2023.06.09 23:38 Difficult-Hearing652 F36 Looking for a partner [Relationship]

My name is Zoe and I live in Washington, DC. I own my own business. I enjoy healthy cooking, playing golf, yoga, shopping, etc. My job keeps me very busy and I am not interested in relationships but with the arrival of COVID-19 I have been able to relax from my real life. I am now starting to plan my relationship and I would like to have a partner who is over 35 and is fun, we can build a relationship to vent, help each other out and do meaningful things together.
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2023.06.09 23:37 StreetBear8959 They are removing people’s schedules

They are removing people’s schedules
Since it hasnt been busy they are removing our schedules making false claims and removing blocks so they wont pay you the hourly wich is bs . I take all the orders no matter how much and how far i dont care i take them all and for them to say iam trying to milk the system is bs
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2023.06.09 23:36 Originalgametag Chatgpt story using starfield lore

Just posted but it didn't upload or was taken down. I've seen this done before for a different game but I figured I'd give chat gpt the known starfield lore and ask it to right a first chapter. Tried two different prompts:
User Write the first chapter of a story using this lore: The entirety of Starfield takes place in the Settled Systems, which is a section of the Milky Way about 50 light-years from Earth's solar system. The year is 2330, a little over three hundred years from now. It's not clear when humans began to settle space and form the factions that make up the Settled Systems, but 20 years prior to the start of the game, all was not particularly well.
In 2310, the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies had a massive conflict that came to be known as the Colony Wars. This conflict has been loosely compared to the war between the Imperials and Stormcloaks in Skyrim; although the Colony Wars are in the past, the Settled Systems is still feeling the repercussions. When the game begins, the game world is in a period of tentative peace, but it's probably safe to assume that this won't last for long.
It's unclear what the United Colonies and the Freestar Collective were fighting over, but the Colony Wars are one of the biggest pieces of Starfield lore so far. The world's history will have a huge impact on how characters from different factions interact with each other and in most cases, probably don't trust one another.
ChatGPT Chapter 1: Shadows of the Past
The year was 2330, and the Settled Systems were finally beginning to catch their breath after the devastating Colony Wars that had ravaged the region. In the vast expanse of the Milky Way, about 50 light-years from Earth's solar system, factions had formed and tensions simmered beneath the fragile veneer of peace. The scars of the conflict still ran deep, etched into the very fabric of society.
No one could truly pinpoint the exact cause of the Colony Wars. It was a clash between the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, two formidable factions vying for control and dominance. Some whispered that it was a battle for resources, while others believed it to be a struggle for ideological supremacy. But in the end, the specifics mattered little to those caught in the crossfire.
The war had been brutal, marked by fierce battles and devastating losses on both sides. Countless lives had been sacrificed, worlds reduced to smoldering ruins. The echoes of that conflict still reverberated through the Settled Systems, a haunting reminder of the cost of unchecked ambition and unbridled aggression.
But now, two decades later, a tentative peace had settled upon the starry expanse. The wounds were healing, though the scars remained. Interstellar trade routes were reopening, and societies were beginning to rebuild their shattered foundations. The threat of open warfare had receded, yet few dared to believe that the peace would endure.
The Settled Systems were a patchwork of worlds, each aligned with one of the factions that had emerged from the chaos of the Colony Wars. The Freestar Collective, a loose alliance of independent colonies and renegades, stood in stark contrast to the United Colonies, a more structured and centralized power. Animosity lingered between these factions, fueled by the memories of bloodshed and betrayal.
It was in this fragile climate that our story begins, on the outskirts of a forgotten settlement on the edge of civilization. The air crackled with tension as the sun set, casting long shadows over the worn buildings and dusty streets. A lone figure stood at the crossroads, his weathered face etched with lines of experience and loss.
Jax Brennigan was a relic of the Colony Wars, a survivor who had witnessed the darkest depths of humanity. He had fought alongside the Freestar Collective, driven by a desire for freedom and the hope of a better future. But the war had changed him, leaving scars that ran far deeper than the physical wounds that marked his body.
As he gazed into the fading light, memories flooded Jax's mind—images of battle, the cries of the fallen, and the bitter taste of defeat. He knew that the peace was fragile, a mere illusion that could shatter at any moment. The factions may have ceased open hostilities, but the distrust and animosity remained.
Jax had spent years trying to find his place in this post-war world, seeking solace in the quiet corners of the Settled Systems. Yet, the shadows of the past continued to haunt him, refusing to let him forget the horrors he had witnessed. He had seen the best and worst of humanity, and he knew that true peace was an elusive dream.
With a heavy sigh, Jax turned his gaze towards the stars, their distant shimmer a reminder of the vast unknown that lay beyond. He knew that his journey was far from over, that destiny still called him to navigate the treacherous currents of the Settled Systems. The factions may never fully trust one another, but perhaps, in the face of the looming unknown, they could find common ground.
As the night sky enveloped him in its embrace, Jax steeled himself for the challenges that lay ahead
User Use that lore to write the first chapter of a book but make the main character a miner who discovered a rare artifact to start the story off.
ChatGPT Chapter 1: The Unearthed Legacy
The year was 2330, and in the Settled Systems, a delicate peace prevailed. The Colony Wars had scarred the region, leaving behind a landscape of distrust and tension. But amidst the remnants of conflict, life continued, and the pursuit of opportunity remained a driving force for many.
In the heart of an asteroid belt, where miners toiled in search of precious resources, a lone figure named Jonas Hartigan chiseled away at the rocky surface. He was a seasoned miner, his rugged hands weathered by years of labor in the unforgiving depths of space. For Jonas, the thrill of discovering something rare and valuable was a distant dream—a whisper carried on the solar winds.
But fate had a way of unveiling its secrets when least expected.
As Jonas swung his pickaxe into the dense asteroid, a resounding crack echoed through the void. He paused, his heart racing with anticipation, as if he had stumbled upon something more than just rock and ore. With meticulous care, he chipped away at the debris, revealing a glimmering metallic surface beneath.
A rush of excitement surged through Jonas's veins as he unveiled the hidden artifact—a small, intricately crafted device, unlike anything he had ever seen. It pulsated with an ethereal blue glow, casting an otherworldly aura upon the mining vessel's dimly lit interior. Its delicate engravings hinted at a forgotten legacy, a tale waiting to be unraveled.
Jonas held the artifact in his hands, feeling its weight and power. He could sense that it held significance beyond its material value. The Colony Wars had left the Settled Systems scarred, but this artifact, he believed, could hold the key to understanding the conflict and the factions that had torn the region apart.
As news of Jonas's discovery spread through the mining colony, whispers of intrigue and curiosity filled the air. Miners and settlers alike gathered around him, their eyes wide with wonder, as he recounted the tale of the artifact's unearthing. The Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, once bitter adversaries, now shared a common interest—the desire to decipher the mysteries held within the artifact.
Representatives from both factions arrived in the mining colony, each seeking to claim the artifact for their own purposes. Jonas found himself caught in the crosshairs of their competing agendas, uncertain whom to trust in this treacherous landscape of politics and power.
He knew that the artifact was more than just a trinket; it was a catalyst, capable of reigniting the dormant tensions that had defined the Colony Wars. The fate of the Settled Systems hung in the balance, and Jonas, an unwitting miner thrust into a world of intrigue and danger, held the key to it all.
As the factions jostled for control, Jonas made a decision—to embark on a journey of discovery, one that would take him deep into the heart of the Settled Systems, where the truths of the past lay hidden. With the artifact clutched tightly in his hand, he vowed to unlock its secrets and unearth the legacy that had shaped their turbulent present.
Amidst the remnants of conflict and the lingering echoes of war, Jonas Hartigan would become a reluctant hero—a miner turned seeker of truth, venturing into the unknown, driven by the hope that the revelations he unearthed would guide the Settled Systems toward a lasting peace.
And so, with determination etched upon his face, Jonas set his sights on the horizon, where starlight mingled with shadows, and the fate of worlds awaited his discovery.
User Write chapter two
ChatGPT Chapter 2: Shadows of Betrayal
The hum of the spacecraft's engines reverberated through the cabin as Jonas sat in the pilot's seat, his grip firm on the artifact that had ignited a fire within him. He had chosen a small, inconspicuous vessel for his journey—a ship that could navigate the labyrinthine reaches of the Settled Systems without drawing unwanted attention.
As the stars streaked past the viewport, Jonas couldn't shake the feeling of unease that clung to him like a shadow. He had become an unwitting pawn in the power struggle between the Freestar Collective and the United Colonies, and he knew that danger lurked in every corner of the vast expanse of space he now traversed.
His destination was a remote outpost on the fringes of the Settled Systems—a place rumored to harbor individuals who had once been intimately involved in the Colony Wars. If anyone could shed light on the artifact and the secrets it held, it would be those who had borne witness to the conflict firsthand.
The outpost came into view, a solitary structure nestled amidst the desolation of a barren moon. As Jonas touched down, his pulse quickened, anticipation mingled with trepidation. He stepped out onto the lunar surface, the crunch of dust beneath his boots a reminder of the isolated world he had entered.
The outpost's interior was dimly lit, its corridors winding and labyrinthine. Conversations in hushed tones filled the air, the occupants casting wary glances at the stranger who had ventured into their midst. It was a motley crew, a collection of individuals scarred by war and defined by their allegiances.
Jonas approached a weathered figure, a man whose eyes carried the weight of untold stories. "I seek knowledge," he began, his voice steady but laced with a hint of vulnerability. "I have something that may hold answers, but I need guidance."
The man regarded him with a mixture of curiosity and caution. "You think you can find answers here? The Settled Systems are a graveyard of secrets, young one."
Jonas nodded, his resolve unwavering. "I have come this far. I am willing to take the risks."
The man studied Jonas for a moment before motioning him to follow. They wound their way through the labyrinth of corridors, arriving at a dimly lit chamber. The room was filled with holo-projectors displaying fragments of history—images of battles, faces of fallen comrades, and the destruction wrought upon once-thriving worlds.
"This is the truth you seek," the man said, his voice heavy with the weight of memory. "The Colony Wars were not simply a clash of factions. They were a clash of ideals, of aspirations, and of the very essence of humanity."
Jonas's eyes scanned the holographic display, the images searing into his mind. The conflicts were brutal, the devastation unimaginable. He saw the Freestar Collective fighting for independence, driven by a desire for freedom from the United Colonies' perceived oppression. The United Colonies, in turn, fought to maintain control, to safeguard their vision of unity and order.
But within the chaos of battle, alliances shifted, betrayals unfolded, and innocents paid the price. The Colony Wars had been a confluence of ambition, greed, and the thirst for power—factors that transcended the superficial divisions of factions.
As Jonas absorbed the truth before him, he realized that the artifact he carried was not merely a key to understanding the past—it was a catalyst for change. It held the potential to bridge the gaps that divided the Settled Systems, to forge a new path forward, away from the shadows of war and mistrust.
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2023.06.09 23:36 onceagainimhere1000 CTRL+Z: Sorry, again. What's up? Turn my phone off.

Time in my hand.
Forgotten this again, my own rules.
"Hey, didn't we agree not to do that?"
"Yeah, and I guess I've still only mostly followed the rule. You say how I didn't react earlier, right? I'm doing okay."
"Huh. Guess so. How much do we care right now?"
"The music makes me feel like I care more than I actually do. But in actuality...."
"...we're alright without it, yeah."
Silence, the sound of keystrokes, and birds in the distance.
We're doing okay. It doesn't hurt. I'm surprised at this.
Make a mistake, backspace and undo. The more time passes, the more I am okay with the distance.
Everything is going to be okay.
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2023.06.09 23:36 Active_Spend9930 Navigating the World of Financing: A Guide to Achieving Financial Success

In today’s complex and fast-paced world, understanding the intricacies of financing is crucial for individuals and businesses alike. Whether you’re planning for personal financial goals or managing the
financial health of a company, having a solid understanding of financing is essential. This article aims to provide a comprehensive guide to financing, exploring key concepts, strategies, and best practices for
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Module 7 – The Beginning Of The Journey
What separates people who succeed vs fail
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2023.06.09 23:36 degenerating-- No amount of apologizing is enough

It hit me out of nowhere, today. The realization that I ruined the chances of us ever being together. I did this to us months before it happened. You were this perfect half of the relationship and I didn’t see it then. I was blinded by lust and I did things I shouldn’t have. I hurt the relationship and you built a wall around yourself. I loved you more after I saw the kind of person you were and you loved me less after you saw the kind of person I was. It all makes sense now that you’re no longer with me. I know now that you have to be by yourself and never come back to me. As much as my memories of you are sweet, your memories of me are painful and bitter. I don’t want you to come back to me when you’re going to hurt even more just by being around me. I know I ruined this for you, and I will forever apologize to you for doing so when you were so perfect, and punish myself for ruining something that could’ve been perfect. I ruined my future with you. You’ll move on to have a great life ahead, no doubt about that.
I wish you great happiness, so I can feel a little better about you leaving me. I wish you great happiness so your healing can make me punish myself less. I will forever regret the things I’ve done. I’m sorry it took me this long to feel the gravity of what I’d done. You took a leap of faith and I let you fall down crashing. I wasn’t there to hold you. You stopped taking steps towards me after that. You no longer trusted me.
I’m sorry I did this to us. I loved you after you started to despise me. We were bound to fail the moment I hurt you. I thought I was letting you heal, but I didn’t know it left a scar that would always remind you of that fall. I’m sorry again, and I know no amount of apologizing will undo the damage now. I went from wishing we’d get back together someday to hoping you forget me completely someday. I wish you the happiness you have, and the happiness in my future. You can take it all, you deserve it all. I’m sorry for ever being a part of your life. I shouldn’t have ever stepped in. I would’ve never if I knew what I was doing.
Please forgive me, or don’t. Actually, don’t. Don’t forgive me. Just be happy with yourself and the next person who steps into your life. Whoever it’s going to be, that is one lucky person. I can’t even begin to describe what I lost. I’m sorry, and I will forever repent for what I’ve done.
I’ll stay away from your life, for your sake, not as a sacrifice, but as an offering. I’m not a simp here, I’m just a person trying to do the best I can, to the person I care most about today.
I love you, and I finally understand why you never got there.
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2023.06.09 23:35 BANE1994 6 YR stepson suddenly becoming rough with his baby sister

My six year old step son has suddenly started to be rough and purposely hurt his 7 month old baby sister.
The only thing that has changed is that school is now out. We have him 50/50. I don’t work and stay home so we don’t hire any nannies. But when he’s at his mom’s, there’s always a nanny watching him. Mom works a ton and on call often.
I’m assuming since school is out when he goes to his moms, he’s just stuck at home with his nanny all day. Versus when schools in session, he’s just with the nanny from 3-7pm.
When my baby was first born I was nervous on how he would adjust. But surprisingly, he’s been nothing short of amazing. He helps me out with her (handing me her diapers,etc) and he plays with her non stop. In fact, I would say he was lonely and happy to have a sibling.
2 weeks ago, out of nowhere, his behavior has completely changed. Not only to his little sister but to me and his dad as well. He’s not respecting physical boundaries (like a toddler), extremely disrespectful and doesn’t listen.
What’s concerning me is the way he’s treating his baby sister. He’s doing things that he knows aren’t allowed. Such as throwing blankets on the baby, jumping on the couch while I’m feeding her, just being extremely rough with all of us.
The other day he purposely scared her, moved her walker into a dark room and then jumped out yelling. I was in the kitchen rinsing out a bottle when I heard my baby screaming crying. It was not a cry I’ve ever heard before. She was literally shaking, closing her eyes, and crying so loud it sounded like an alarm. I immediately picked her up to comfort her but she continued for 2 minutes.
I told him he wasn’t in trouble but he needed to tell me what happened but he wouldn’t. He didn’t seem to care and went on with his playing. I kept asking him what happened but he instead asked if he could have a snack. I was shocked. He eventually told me what happened after 30 minutes or so when I refused to let him watch tv until he told me.
After that day, I won’t leave them alone for even 10 seconds.
All signs point to jealously but I don’t understand why it’s just started now. And his changed behavior is also towards his father and I.
Idk what to do to make my SS stop rough housing with his baby sister.
Also I want to note that we have him in Summer Camp during our days for a couple hours. I was hoping that would burn off his energy but nothing has changed.
He knows better so I don’t think talking to him about how fragile babies are will do anything. I’m disappointed and sad that he purposely hurts his baby sister and doesn’t seem to care. Shows no emotion or empathy.
I’ll take any advice at this point on how to handle this situation.
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2023.06.09 23:35 AWildOop None of these are selectable so I can't unsubscribe

None of these are selectable so I can't unsubscribe submitted by AWildOop to assholedesign [link] [comments]

2023.06.09 23:35 KnackeredParrot Why has there been such an influx of users these past couple days?

The past few weeks have been pretty grim here in terms of daily user count. Let's be honest.
Compared to what we were used to seeing the months before (5-6k) we'd dropped down to 3-4k quite consistently.
It's certainly noticeable. The frequency / quality of posts and discussion drops considerably and it's not as fun to be here. I would honestly say cc is more of a hobby for me at this point so having that drop in quality isn't the best.
But lo and behold, the past 2 days has seen a considerable spike in user count. While it's about 6.5k at the time of writing this, I've seen 8-9k at regular intervals and we almost peaked 10k earlier.
I feel like I've missed something key. Is there any reason for the jump? Moon distribution caused a little spark in dormant users? The recent dip got people licking their lips for a sale? Some dogshit meme coin is now going to take the world by storm for 8 days?
Any insight would be great. I've been busy with work this week so not caught up on everything. So may just be me being an idiot.
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2023.06.09 23:35 Dgemfer Payday 3, from excited to disappointed in 2 days

Payday 3 was my most anticipated release of the year ever since its announcement. My friends and me were looking forward to play it, like crazy. We were all excited to see news and the first gameplay trailer in the summer game fest, or at least some news on it.
However, leaked content all of a sudden talking about microtransactions was like a bucket of ice water. I can't describe to you how much we went from being super excited to super disappointed. To be totally honest, I am not really sure if I will bother to play Payday 3 if MTX really are in. Things that made Payday 2 so good and fun included the endless customization of free cosmetics and weapon mods (before safe boxes). Blocking fun behind extra money is unacceptable to some of us.
All in all this is a brief rant to vent how disappointed I am with this latest leak. I want to make very clear to Overkill that some of us are so fucking sick of MTX that them existing in a game is a reason enough not to buy it. Probably no one will care, but I've been looking forward to this game for so long that at the very least I want to say this.
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2023.06.09 23:35 kellyhurley My life. I'm down, but I can triumph!

So, to cut a long tale short, I'm 26 years old, didn't technically graduate from high school approximately 4 years ago, and have been avoiding employment ever since.
After high school, my family would constantly remind me that I needed to get employment. I would ignore them and claim that I would eventually do so, although not attempt to do so. I'm NEET due to social anxiety and some past trauma, so finding a job is a pretty daunting prospect for me.
I ultimately heard that I had to have a job or else I would be homeless, so I reluctantly applied for government assistance. I didn't want to do this because it would have required me to report to a job agency and actively seek employment to maintain my benefits. I would have nothing to show for myself week after week, and my agent would make an effort to humiliate me for not having any work leads. I detested observing them.
Covid-19 eventually arrived and saved my life. I was now receiving three times as many benefits without having to look for a job. Everything was going well. I got takeaway every night and bought a load of Valorant skins. I was content:)
However, this did not last, and despite collecting more than $20,000 in compensation, I was left with nothing. When my benefits were returned to what they had been, I had to meet with my employment agent once more every other week, or did I? You know, I had a fantastic concept I called "operation sink or swim" where I had to decide between living without a place to live and obtaining a job.
I had enough money to cover my living expenses for around six weeks, so I was relatively optimistic that I had time to get my stuff ready. In contrast, I didn't. I had started to form some pretty bad habits, like waking up, eating, and drinking coffee before spending the rest of the day watching YouTube, porn, and playing video games, but my anxiety about being around people and my trauma-related issues were less severe now than they had been when I first became a NEET. I couldn't get out of the cycle.
After a while, my mother observed that I wasn't buying groceries as frequently, that I would wait until I was out of food before buying more, and that I was constantly late with my rent payments. The game was over since I could no longer even hold my weight and everyone in my family realized how much of a failure I was. My mother's expression of dismay devastated me, and my emotions of shame deepened. It was agreed that my only value was as a helper for errands and housework, which is understandable given that I wasn't paying for it myself, but it was embarrassing to essentially be everyone's slave.
I understood I had to act at this point. Before having to face the reality that I had to do it, I had thought I could handle finding a job. But the truth of it was simply too much to bear; it was embarrassing to be concerned about what my coworkers would think of me and that they would hold me responsible if I made a mistake. I was also concerned that this would be perceived as my first step towards total independence and that I would no longer have the option of relying on my family for support and would instead spend the rest of my life working as a wage slave.
Other options had to exist, and they did. I've always been passionate about YouTube, and even though I hadn't posted much previously, I was sure I could build a popular channel. I identified a market gap and added podcast episodes from a YouTuber's podcast. Unexpectedly, after constantly doing this for a month, it ended up working, and I ended up with 15,000 subscribers and over 350k views. I joined the YouTube partner program, and my first month's earnings were $600. Unfortunately, nothing wonderful lasts forever, and when YouTube learned about this, they removed me from the YPP and shut down my channel. At this time, I genuinely felt hopeless.
After some time had gone, I was scrolling through Tik Tok when I came across someone boasting about how they had made $300 in a week by only spending two hours a day taking surveys. I wasn't exactly convinced and thought I wasn't the kind of person who would be foolish enough to download some dubious survey app, but it lingered with me. I searched for it in the app store and downloaded the first app I came across out of desperation and curiosity.
I chose to dedicate an hour to see how much money I could make from the surveys, which ranged in price from 80 cents to $3 for surveys lasting 5 to 20 minutes. After an hour, I earned a meager $11.23. It wasn't much money, and I'm pretty sure it's less than half the minimum wage where I live, but it still felt odd to me. When I deposited it to PayPal and subsequently my bank account, I saw real money for the first time in months.
After performing some quick arithmetic, I estimated that if I could make $10 per hour and spend 5 hours per day taking surveys, I could easily make $300 to $400 per week. Again, not a lot of money, but if I did this, I'd be making the same amount of money I was receiving in government assistance when COVID hit. However, this time I didn't have to worry about seeking work or even having a job; instead, I could just sit at home and complete surveys while watching Twitch streams.
This was the start of a six-month quest for me to live entirely in surveys. In addition to earning more money, doing this has had several other advantages. Despite being a rather miserable endeavor, earning money through surveys has given me structure and a certain amount of self-respect. My days seem longer and happier now that I don't have to do all the housekeeping. I rise from the bed and ride my bike to the closest coffee shop, where I spend $3.85 on a medium double espresso shot latte. I then take a taxi back to my house, where I make myself comfortable and start filling out surveys while watching YouTube videos and Twitch streams. I feel more productive and can sleep better at night knowing that I'm not letting each day pass me by totally.
I think I've made good progress toward regaining my ability to function as a normal human. Oddly enough, I can picture a time in the future when I am contently working a 9–5 job or, even better, founding a business to free myself from wage labor. Now that they are aware of my condition and my willingness to make an effort to carry my weight, my family appears to be much more understanding of it. Speaking with individuals at my neighborhood coffee shop and getting to know them by name has developed into a pretty simple approach to engaging in social interaction each day, which has greatly reduced my social anxiety. Again, life feels good.
I figured that some people here might be interested in also doing surveys so I'll leave a link to the two survey apps that I use.
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2023.06.09 23:35 Dragoon_96 How should I handle this?

I started a new job in April and I realized that I been accepted into my masters program starting in September.
I plan to give my two week notice in the middle of July, as I will be busy in August with a wedding and vacation.
Thing is, I never told my co workers and manager anything, as I do not want them to get upset or become aware that I will leave soon.
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2023.06.09 23:35 ekothewolf Extended warranty?

So I just got a mini clubman I'm super excited I love it but only thing is it's a manual I just started learning driving it my mother is teaching me to drive it. But I'm worried about killing the clutch and we do our own work on our vehicles but being the car the mini is I'm afraid I don't have the resources to replace a clutch easily I heard I could get a extended warranty I called a place it seemed ok but he recommended I look around and see what else is out there the vehicle is a 2013 with 160,000 miles and in perfect condition the previous owner took great care of it I might upload a photo it's a sexy looking car but to my question what would you guys recommend extended warranty wise I just want part coverage like engine and clutch or whatnot? other things I can do also I'm from Eastern US. But that would definitely put my mind to ease not worrying about it to much.
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2023.06.09 23:35 BillysBongs Happy Friday!

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2023.06.09 23:35 Flyboy_2_point_0 Welp, after 1200 hours I’d say it’s time to profile people by their classes again.

What’d I miss?
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2023.06.09 23:35 ILoveScience23069 I'm curious to hear about experiences from the business owners and consultants.

Hey everyone, I'm got the entrepreneur bug a couple years ago (finally) and I've been thinking about the power of collaboration and how it can benefit both parties involved. It's amazing how two different companies can come together and create something greater than the sum of their parts or pass work back and forth.
I'm curious to hear about your experiences with collaborations in the business world.
Have any of you ever partnered with another company to expand your services or reach new customers?
What were the challenges you faced, and what benefits did you gain from such a partnership?
I'm particularly interested in hearing about collaborations in areas like design, web designers, dev, branding, SEO, IT, and the entire digital services umbrella.
Feel free to share your stories or insights. I believe there's so much we can learn from each other's experiences and I will be hanging out to take notes. Thanks!
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2023.06.09 23:35 Active_Spend9930 The Ins and Outs of Truck Financing: A Comprehensive Guide

In today’s fast-paced business world, owning xmglobal a truck is often crucial for companies involved in transportation, logistics, and various other industries. However, the upfront cost of purchasing a truck can
be a significant financial burden for many businesses. This is where truck financing comes into play, offering a viable solution to acquire the vehicles needed to fuel growth and success. In this
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2023.06.09 23:34 BallyhooSocial 38 [M4F] #Northwest Ohio or Elsewhere (extra points if you're Nearbyish) - Older, kind, occasionally funny/insightful gent just wants to find younger counterpart to share life with. NBD. (Long Post/Deep Convo Enthusiast? Click here)

So, out the gate, if you're the type that is constantly googling and looking up anything that you are unfamiliar with or rechecking things that you feel you know but want to make sure, you're probably A. CLEARLY pretty popular and just the life of parties and social events and B. Maybe just the kind of person I'm looking for.
If not, that's also okay, just know that I was one of those weird kids that grew up with hardly any other kids in the neighborhood and when I was little I often had my face buried in an encyclopedia set, so I sadly find that how much information I have in my head often seems to alienate people and I wish that wasn't so. I don't think of that as anything more than having good opportunities to be helpful to others.
(Short Bio for those that feel that kind of small talk is necessary before deep diving into conversations and getting to know people:
*6'2" Dad Bod, Bald with a usually short beard that's being grown out for the first time for funzies
*Small business owner that works nights. Jack of all trades that used to be a professional traveling performance artist and now is more of a homebody that makes and sells "Goofy" art.
*Studied psych and has plenty of experience in therapy myself and has years being people's unofficial therapist as a bartender, so I'm really solid if you have any kind of trauma that you want to get into. I've literally seen just about everything you can imagine.
*I'm also completely open with my own issues and trauma. I have depression, anxiety, some neurological issues, and I've been the victim of SA, so if we talk about anything, hopefully you don't mind when people try to relate, I just mainly like to let people know they're not alone and that I'm listening.
Hopefully that all works as "Short")
That being said. I'm lonely and looking to just find someone to focus on and be completely open with that can hopefully become a thing IRL. I want that person to be younger generally because I find I get along better with younger people generally, but I'm relatively open to just finding whatever works and makes sense.
I'm child-free and not particularly interested in changing that anytime soon if ever, and even still adopting makes a lot more sense to me than making a new one, but ideally I would just like to be greedy and have a partner to myself for at least a little bit if kids eventually had to be a part of the plan.
Beyond all of that, I don't know exactly what else to mention beyond just wanting to find someone that I can talk to and feel like there's someone out there to care about that hopefully feels the same.
I don't really have a set age I'm looking for beyond hopefully at the very least college age. I don't think much of age beyond it being something that most of the world seems to like to think means something more than just a respresentation of time out of the womb.
I think the reality seems to be that once people get out of school, a lot of people don't really mature or grow a whole lot as people, they mostly just change what they get immature about, stop evolving and get tired/set in their ways. I've just never felt that I've ever been satisfied with the notion that there isn't more to learn about the world.
That all being said, I don't want to waste anyone's time and I certainly hope I haven't wasted yours by having you read all of this. I'll just put forward that I'm not here to be gross, pervy, or sexualize anyone. I don't want to have a fling, a part time arrangement, and I'm single and not looking to cheat or really a lot of the stuff you come to expect on these kinds of dating subs, so hopefully we're on the same page.
If so, send me a message and to let me know that you actually are a person and not just someone trying to click someone to click a link, ask me to see some of the goofy art that I make. We can both wonder why people like them together as an ice breaker.
submitted by BallyhooSocial to AgeGapPersonals [link] [comments]