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2023.06.10 08:38 Whatisitmaria It took me three years to realise that I was taking pristiq wrong

I'm sitting here with splitting headache again, 4pm on a Saturday, because I'm an idiot. I had to do it one more time to see if my psychiatrist was right. Yeah, she was.
I've been taking desfenlafaxine for around 3 years. I'm on 200mg a day. 2 tablets after breakfast. And except for a couple of occasions outside of my control I did what my gp said - 'make sure you take them at the same time every day'.
I've been really struggling with increased depression lately. Especially on weekends. And I mentioned this to my psychiatrist when we were doing my adhd medication review on Monday. My gp had always managed the antidepressants side of things so this was the first time we really discussed it. She asked me detailed questions about what happens on weekend.
See, I always overextend myself. I burn the candle at both ends and in the middle. Now that I understand my adhd I also know to look for meltdowns and burnouts. And I know that sometimes (ie a lot of times) during the week I've pushed so hard that by my first day off, often a Saturday, I'm so utterly exhausted that I sleep in. Late.
And I also have irregular hours in my day jobs. In the last few years, probably a few months after starting on pristiq, I left the mon-sat regular work week and have been working part-time for others and growing my own business the rest of it. So some days could start at 7am, others could start at 1pm etc. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this...
I thought I was taking my pristiq at the same time every day. That time was breakfast. It took my psychiatrist to point out that my breakfast is never actually at the same time of day. So if I sleep in til 3pm on a crash day like today my body started going into withdrawal when the last dose that I took at 8am yesterday ran out 24 hours later at 8am this morning. So I'm waking up 6 hours into withdrawal symptoms. Splitting headache, exhaustion, dizzy, tired eyes, everything seems to loud and harsh, everything is too hard.
Coupled with my adhd, on mornings like this, my trouble with task initiation and paralysis from executive dysfunction will keep me in bed even longer. I'll browse reddit until I have the 'energy' to get up. Still not taking my tablets because my routine is to take them with breakfast.
I thought that maybe I get so many headaches because I don't drink enough water or haven't had a coffee or let myself get to hungry. My solution for three years has been to stay in bed longer, have some water and food, take a painkiller and wait for it to pass. On days like this, like today, I find that by about 7pm I feel more human and also more depressed because I've wasted a day. Then I'll end up awake until 4am and repeat the cycle on Sunday. Except Sunday is a little better so I might be up by 12 and then Monday morning I'm really really exhausted as I drag myself into work at 9.
I've even said in the past that I have a better weekend on the Saturdays where I drag myself out of bed early in the morning because I had something on or someone was relying on me. Even though I'm exhausted and it's a struggle to get up, once I get going I'm good.... because as I now realise, those days I had been taking my pristiq at the earlier 'breakfast time', closer to my dose the day before.
Like I truly feel like an idiot. I have been putting my body through withdrawal symptoms over and over again without even realising it. My misunderstanding about what 'same time every day' means has been making things so unnecessarily worse for me. And even this morning when my alarm went off at 8am, because I now had this information about dosage times, my exhausted ass still went 'surely it doesn't matter that much', hit snooze and went back to sleep. Waking up with a splitting headache at 3pm, feeling so shit that I just wanted to stay in bed and go back to sleep. So I guess I had to do this to myself one more time to get the message?
Now I know the problem what strategies can I use from here? I can't trust morning me to get up and take the meds. Do I move them to later in the day and set multiple alarms?
I probably don't even really need advice, I just wanted to venture about my idiocy and maybe if someone in the future is searching this sub for advice on withdrawal symptoms and missed doses, I can be the cautionary tale that reminds them that you need to take them exactly the same time of day - an actual unmovable time number on the clock - not something like 'breakfast'
Tl;dr- Same time of day is not 'breakfast time'. I've been giving myself withdrawal symptoms for three years. Don't be me. Take your meds at the same time on the clock every day.
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2023.06.10 08:38 Strawberry-1909 Anyone else having issues sending files to kindle?

It was working in the morning but suddenly when I send the file I’ll get an email saying “there was a problem with the document” I’ve never had this issue. Before today I’ve been able to send documents just fine. Even through the email it’ll say the same thing. I’ve done it many times before and it’s worked perfectly good. I’m not sure what the issue is now.
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2023.06.10 08:34 Unlucky-Barracuda266 Be Quiet 650w bronze help please (real world experience) or other quiet PSU.

Morning team !
I have had enough of my wind turbine EVGA 750w BQ as its so noisy and the wife wants to throw the PC out as its driving her nuts!.
I would like to change to a quiter PSU but i'm on a budget £80 or less. The Be Quiet 650w bronze looks good but before i hit the button i would like to see if anyone has real world experience with it? or maybe advice on a quiet cheap PSU. (i'm only running an i9 9900k and 3060ti.)
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2023.06.10 08:33 PlantbabyS Partner has been using again and lied about it, can I get some perspective?

Here’s some back story: BF and I have been together in a serious relationship for 3 years. We’ve lived together for 2. Currently we live at our parents house because we travel for work together and are taking a break until our next gig to spend time with family — our parents live only 10 minutes away from each other.
When we met, I had already figured out he had some sort of problem with Oxy. He got into a terrible accident and what was initially to manage his pain, he started abusing. He quit that. Started taking suboxone. He had another slip but with Ambien, got so high that I was scared and I left the apartment. When I came back, he was gone and the door was unlocked. He couldn’t be reached because he left his phone. He came back the next morning and he had lost his car. Long story short, he was driving it and a stranger saw that he was intoxicated and took his keys from him. He found a ride home. Whoever that person was is an Angel. That scared him and he also stopped with Ambien. We moved to a new place, happy, and we started new jobs and we had a good relationship. He had just come back from visiting his parents — I started suspected him acting strange and accused him of taking sleeping pills again. I began acting erratically because I could tell he was on something but he wouldn’t admit to it. He sat me down and we had a talk, he told me how our relationship is fine and that I’m ruining it by thinking crazy things. I believed it and felt guilty. The next day, his behavior didn’t change and I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was taking something so I kept pushing for answers until he told me yes, he’s been taking trazadone and showed me where he was hiding it on top of the washing machine. I was furious. How could he make me seem to be the crazy one when he had lied to me? We got over that. He promised to never take it again, flushed it down the toilet. Two years later, our relationship has gotten more serious. He hasn’t done anything. We have a loving relationship, thinking of marriage, our lives are intertwined. Our family’s are involved.
Last month he flew to his home country to accompany his parents there and also have a bit of a vacation. He’s from somewhere that isn’t easy to go to — you need a visa and it’s not very safe there for tourists right now so I didn’t go. Instead I spent time travelling myself. He called me when he arrived through wifi. Everything was okay. Then I didn’t hear from him in 2 days. I finally got a hold of him, I immediately could tell by his voice, his behavior, his attitude that he was on something. I asked, are you high? To which he got defensive, threatened to go to his brother who is there with him and ask him for myself (which is unlike him to do). He was telling me a bunch of random things how he hasn’t been able to text me because the government blocked his vpn blah blah. Random stuff he wouldn’t normally say. He said he’s been sick with food poisoning and feet swelling has been taking a bunch of medications. I asked to see those medicines, to which he began to and then said “I gotta go, BYE”. I then sent him a bunch of angry texts, telling him he’s lying, that he’s manipulating me, that i’m disappointed and to put his brother on the phone so I could know the truth. The next day I called, and he had his brother answer the phone. I was caught off guard because I said that out of anger, but he showed his brothers my texts and involved him in our issue. Of course his brother said he was sick and that he’s taking antibiotics. I said I don’t want to speak with you, give to phone to my partner. That lead to a series of angry texts in the next 2 weeks between us. Long story short, he admits he’s been taking Xanax for his anxiety because of the family drama. I picked him up from the airport yesterday. He’s angry. His feet look terrible. We fight and scream in the car. He tells me it’s none of my business what he takes. And starting now, if I want to stay together it’ll be none of my business. He says I embarrassed him I front of his family and how he’s going to tell all of his brothers. He called me psycho and bi polar and that I have anger issues. I want to add that he has never been abusing to me in the past — he is not a perfect person but he has been supportive, kind, loving, mature, and takes care/respects me. I don’t know if it’s because he’s sick or if it’s the Xanax making him into someone he’s not but I feel no love. I’m angry and I reacted the way I did because I knew he was on something, asked him, and he said no and made me look to be the crazy GF. Yesterday, I said, if you were to just tell me yes you were taking Xanax and the reason why, we wouldn’t be in this predicament. He said he didn’t want to worry me, that I was thousands of miles away, and that our relationship isn’t at the level where he feels the needs to tell me his family problems. I feel shocked at that statement. We have been living together for 2 years now, we share money, we’ve planned our lives around each other, just the other week he sent me a Zillow link of a house he wanted to buy together and now he’s saying our relationship is not that serious? I see him as my family. I’m hurt. He hasn’t tried to really hear me out. He told me my feelings are my opinions and that he doesn’t accept it. He said that I was never concerned about him and that I was jealous of him being in an another country having fun. I would never think those things. Besides, I was in Thailand also having the time of my life. Why would I want him to be miserable? Is this the xanax talking? I don’t know. I’m giving him space because he asked for it. I don’t know what to do. I love him but I’m sick of being his manipulation and not being heard. It’s like he’s a completely different person since he left. I guess I just wanted to share because I haven’t shared this with’s too heavy. Any perspective would be great. Thank you <3
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2023.06.10 08:31 Roshe83S T2

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2023.06.10 08:29 Concious_Dragon [WTS] Fractional silver rounds, some 90 percent and some odd and ends

Hello everyone,
I am here to offer some silver. Before i get to the goods.
Shipping method: $5 FC and anything over 13oz would go priority for $9.
Payment method: Zelle (preferred) , paypal & Venmo.
I will try to ship saturday morning, otherwise it would be Monday first thing.
Please refer to my feedback I have done several transactions over here.
Without further ado here are the goods.
1/2OZ AG ROUNDS rounds
Lot of x16 1/2oz SD Bullion rounds (2 rounds not perfect) - $232
1925 Peru on a sterling keychain (little over 0.5oz of silver)- $ 15
90 percent assortment (x1 SLQ, x1 Seated liberty, x2 Barber Dimes cull, x1 Walker) - $25
2x 40percent Kennedy's- $6
1945 AU War Nickel - $2.50
Lot of x5 1/4oz Indian head rounds - $37.50 (7.5$ea)
1oz rounds/coins:
2021 Niue Roaring Lion - $32
2020 Molon Labe - $31 Molon Labe
1974 Silver Trade Unit - $30 rev Obverse
Communication: CHAT preferred, should you need additional pictures or have any questions, please reach out to me.

Thank you for looking.

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2023.06.10 08:26 Pizzacanzone Can I have a hug?

This happened years ago in the north of Holland - the flattest, least scary land in the world. We were still teenagers. I remember it like yesterday.
My friends Anna, Veronica, Chris and I had been spending the day at the beach and were going back home after watching the sunset. We had been walking together over the sandy, broken-shell path between the dunes, but after we had to split up. There were three roads: Anna had her bike and turned left, to a misty polder path. Veronica and Chris turned right, into the forest.
The forests here are nothing exciting: you can see the end before you even enter them. They are sparse and open. I would have taken that route, but Veronica and Chris were newly dating and I wanted to give them some privacy, so I started biking straight ahead, into a street lit by yellow street lamps and lined with tidy cottages. As I was approaching the second cottage, however, I got a very bad feeling. Just as I was trying to shake it off, my tyre popped. I dismounted my bike and stepped right into a pile of broken glass. Annoying.
I would have repaired my bike right then and there - but something just felt off. The light was too orange, the cottage too close to the road. I felt suffocated. I decided to roll the bike home and maybe my dad would fix it in the morning. I did not feel good between these houses though and somehow really wanted to walk with my friends. Anna was long gone, but as Veronica and Chris were walking - and probably making out - I could still catch up with them. I turned my bike around and started jogging best I could. The glass was covering the entire bike lane, how did I not notice this? It was shimmering red in the deep orange light. I picked up my pace.
Soon I caught up with Veronica and Chris, whose handheld eye-gazing was rudely interrupted by my arrival. 'What's up?' said Chris, hiding his annoyance well. I pointed at my bike, which now had two flat tyres, glass sticking out in several places. I said: 'can I walk home with you? I got the creeps in the lane.' Veronica sighed, but Chris managed to agree enthusiastically.
We didn't have to go far, just around one last dune and I'd have to head into the town and find my home, lock my bike against the lantern in front, find my warm bed... but not yet. I was still the cockblock in the misty forest. I tried to find some light small talk, but Veronica quickly shut down every topic. When we finally got to my intersection, she enthusiastically turned to me, hugged me tight, and said: 'it was SO nice to see you. We should do this again tomorrow! Maybe earlier in the day!'
She let go and I turned to hug Chris, as I heard Anna's voice behind me: 'Can I get a hug too?'
A chill ran down my spine. Why was the light so orange? Didn't Anna get home a long time ago? I turned to see her wrap her arms around Veronica clumsily. I didn't see her face, but it seemed she only had four fingers on her left hand. Weird, I never noticed that before. I hugged Chris and as I looked up, I looked straight into her face. It was a very soft, white face. Wispy hair, large grey eyes, kind of distant look. Not Anna at all. I don't know why I thought that. 'Can I get a hug too, please?' she asked softly of Chris. I stepped away to let him hug the stranger. I now saw she had five fingers, one was just very small. That's cool. I wasn't going to be some kind of person that is creeped out by a handicap. That would not be cool.

She turned to me next. Really, why did I ever think this was Anna? This was the opposite of Anna. I wish it was her. I missed her thick legs, her matter-of-fact way of speaking, her dirty blonde, messy hair, her farmer's grin. This girl was so wispy and hardly-here, it was hard to believe she was even Dutch. Well, I wasn't going to be someone who is scared of foreigners. So when she turned to me with her tearful eyes, said: 'can I get a hug please?' and my entire body told me: NO! Don't let her touch you! Get her away from me! - I smiled politely and opened my arms. I felt her hand on my shoulder first. She took her time laying down her fingers on it: one - two- three - four (the small one) - five - six... I wanted to pull away but I felt frozen as she pulled herself toward me, wrapped her arms around me and breathed in my ear: 'thank you...'
I managed to cycle home on my ruined bike after that and made sure to never stay on the beach past dark again. You know what was strange? My father fixed my bike the next day - he didn't find any glass. He said it just looked like someone let out the air and the tires were fine.
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2023.06.10 08:26 darksideofin 27M lying in bed, come [chat] to pass time ?

Hey there I’m Jay and I’m 27. Currently just lying in bed not falling asleep since I slept in this morning.
I enjoy reading and movies. Really just adventure and thriller but I’ll give anything a try! I also game on my PC as well
I love sports and going to the gym. Trying to get back into shape after being her for a bit
I’ll listen to just about any music except country. Alternative/2000s is my stuff.
Navy blue is my favorite color. I like steak. Thin crust extra pepperoni is the best pizza
I’m a good listener and can generally be really understanding. I’d love to chat with you!
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2023.06.10 08:25 darksideofin 27M in bed, maybe come and keep me company ?

Hey there I’m Jay and I’m 27. Currently just lying in bed not falling asleep since I slept in this morning.
I enjoy reading and movies. Really just adventure and thriller but I’ll give anything a try! I also game on my PC as well
I love sports and going to the gym. Trying to get back into shape after being her for a bit I’ll listen to just about any music except country. Alternative/2000s is my stuff.
Navy blue is my favorite color. I like steak. Thin crust extra pepperoni is the best pizza
I’m a good listener and can generally be really understanding. I’d love to chat with you!
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2023.06.10 08:23 darksideofin 27 [m4f]TN/Online Currently 1:20 am and I’m lying in bed. Chat?

Hey there I’m Jay and I’m 27. Currently just lying in bed not falling asleep since I slept in this morning.
I enjoy reading and movies. Really just adventure and thriller but I’ll give anything a try! I also game on my PC as well
I love sports and going to the gym. Trying to get back into shape after being her for a bit
I’ll listen to just about any music except country. Alternative/2000s is my stuff.
Navy blue is my favorite color. I like steak. Thin crust extra pepperoni is the best pizza
I’m a good listener and can generally be really understanding. I’d love to chat with you!
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2023.06.10 08:20 SirGurley AITA for blocking my neighbors in my driveway?

The driveways for my house and my neighbor's house run alongside each other and each extend past our houses deep into the property. They aren't "touching" or part of one single driveway -- there is a grass median of a few feet that runs alongside them -- and can easily fit several vehicles each if you park just right.
My neighbor has family/friends over at their house once or twice a week and sometimes a good amount of them end up getting too drunk to leave and have to stay the night at their place. On these nights it isn't unusual for my neighbors' driveway to have upward of 7-10 cars parked at their house. On two different occasions before tonight I've come home from work late at night and had to walk next-door and ask them to move their car so I could pull into to my own home. It's also worth mentioning we live on a semi-busy road in midtown that doesn't accommodate curbside parking.
I got home tonight after midnight to find another car of theirs parked in my driveway. They're also parked in the middle so there isn't really enough space to pull alongside them and I just had to park behind them. I don't think anyone is even home either because I honked and knocked on their door and nobody answered. I feel like the only options I have are to either call to have them towed or to leave things how they are and let them deal with working on my schedule if they're going to be using my property. I'd rather the latter for sake of at least having a chance to have another conversation about this before defaulting to just calling the cops every time...
Some extra details to preface some points in conversation: my neighbors barely speak any English. Several members of their family speak English well but the couple that lives there really struggles in conversation with me. The couple in question is older, and generally really kind, which is why I'm a bit hesitant to jump to putting them through something like dealing with having a car towed without maybe first lining out some barriers and explaining it's something they're risking by doing this...
My work schedule is mostly afternoon-after midnight. I work tomorrow and will likely sleep through the morning until noon so they'll have to wait until later in the day if they're wanting to talk to me to sort this out. I'd rather have to talk to them about towing their car ~next time~ over explaining where their car is in the morning.
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2023.06.10 08:20 RavingCheetah1 Wanted To Showcase My Collection. ^^

Wanted To Showcase My Collection. ^^
Good Morning Fellow Collectors! I’ve Been Collecting Wax Discs Since 2017, And I’m Genuinely Curious To See What People Think Of My Collection! I Had Recently Moved My Collection To A Shelf That Previously Housed Shoes (Which I Had Cleaned Beforehand), With A Few Still In Fabric & Cardboard Storage Bins. So Yeah, I Thought Right Now Would Be The Best Time To Do This.
Hoping Everyone On vinyl Is Having An Amazing Morning Or Evening, And Remember To Stay Positive & Stay Vibey! 🤘🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🤘🏻
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2023.06.10 08:16 GrondGrondGrondGrond Where to watch Champions League final in Mostar

Good Morning bosnia
Could anyone reccomend some venues in Mostar that will be showing the Champions League Final tonight please?
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2023.06.10 08:15 Honeybabeyyy i love my boyfriend!!

firstly- this isn’t me trying to boast my relationship or make anyone feel bad, i just really want to rant about how much i love my boyfriend :)
we have been together for 3 years and everyday my love for him gets bigger and bigger. he is just so incredibly thoughtful and caring and is always encouraging me to communicate with him. he always texts me goodnight/good morning. he is so very smart and i always learn something new from him. i swear he doesn’t have a evil bone in his body. he is constantly reassuring me and loving me even with my outbursts (i have BPD) but he still wants accountability from me. he is the most sweetest, handsome, beautiful, amazing, intelligent, funny, caring man i have ever met and i am so lucky to have him. even if we ever stop dating i know he will always have a special place in my heart for all the love he gave me. i could go on forever about why and how much i love him but i’m going to stop there- whoever reads this i appreciate it!
tl;dr i love my boyfriend and wanted to talk about it:)
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2023.06.10 08:11 Playful-Depth2578 Help me understand please

I need help understanding the reasoning behind some people's driving, I travel a dual carriage way to work everyday and it's a relatively straight road good visibility yet every morning I have someone go to over take a car doing 40mph and they overtake at 43mph
It's a 60 road why would you pull out on me doing the speedlight to overtake and then look at me like I'm the idiot, I'm doing the speedlimit on a dry open road, WHY DO IT?
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2023.06.10 08:07 Left_Afloat [WTS] JAE100 OD Green Chassis

Time stamp:
Good morning GAFS. For sale is a J Allen chassis for the M1A. Everything pictured is the packaged deal. Spacers, some hardware and screws, the chassis and heat guard. Minor chips on one side of the finish. I used this in my M1A super match and she did beautifully; however, I finally got a JAE-700 and decided it was time to return the M1A to her former glory in wood.
Price is negotiable, but I’m looking for $1350 (Not that gunbroker is a great resource, but these pop up every now and then for 1700-2000). J Allen Engineering was bought by MDT and only manufacture the 700 chassis now, so these are hard to find. She’s a bench queen!
Based on my flair level, PayPal G&S. I'll cover shipping and G&S fees @ the current sale price.
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2023.06.10 08:06 Southern_Ad_6590 [TOMT][MOVIE/DOCUMENTARY?][RECENT] What a wonderful world opening scene….

I saw an opening scene to a fairly new movie or documentary where the opening scene was a montage of terrible things in the world with the song “what a wonderful world” by Louis Armstrong. It has a vibe similar to the good morning Vietnam scene but not the same. I specifically remember one clip showed and incredibly close video of the second plane hitting one of the twin towers on 9/11 - like right under the building close. Anyways it was the best rendition of the overplayed “what a wonderful world show all the terrible things in the world” montage shots and I would love if someone could identify it. Thank you!
Note: I have done a pretty significant amount of searching online and none of the lists that show all the movies that have “what a wonderful world” in them are correct…. I don’t know if this helps.
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2023.06.10 08:00 dhughes99 24M 21F did I blow it? Leaving it alone atp.

I’ve known this girl for two years in college. I just graduated she’s got another year. We are both single for the first time at the same time. Both recently got out of relationships but they were both kinda expected and I’m healed from mine that was 7 months ago and she’s a bit behind me.
We always flirted in college in subtle ways. Never felt like it was totally platonic but could never fully read her. Never made a move or planned to cause I would never have cheated on my gf at the time. She was the same. Had morals and wasn’t like that. Just ended up kinda always being in contact as “friends” but never went further, until now. Never got together often, but often enough to foster a friendly relationship where we know each other quite well.
She started taking initiative to get together to hangout after her breakup recently, since she’s alone much of the time now that our college town is in summer mode. Rebound or not, I don’t think it is based on what I saw from her relationship it was dead for awhile, she offered to just hang if I was up to it.
I ask if she wants to get dinner a few days later, she’s down, I like to be fancy and generous with any girl I feel I have a genuine shot with, so I tell her a nice place we can go to. She can’t really afford it, I insist on paying until she stops fighting me about taking care of the bill. She doesn’t like to be treated to free stuff by anyone at all.
Her birthday is this weekend and I know she isn’t always very excited about her bday, just like me, so I decide to celebrate it for her and do a little surprise. Neither of us called this a date, but with the fancy restaurant and the fact that she got the picture and dressed way better than I expected her to, makeup and perfume and all that, we still never said it was a date, but it totally was and we both knew it. Had a great time, did a little surprise dessert, took care of the bill without it ever making it to the table, paid for everything and she got her surprise gift in the car. She was very receptive and didn’t seem uncomfortable at all, a bit surprised by it all since she’s not used to that level of treatment from guys. Not bragging more so I just like to really have nice dates so I make sure I have the means to afford that stuff. Leaves an impression.
She stays way later at my place than she originally planned. Her body language was not extremely obvious but I know she wasn’t uncomfortable. I wouldn’t know if she’s the type willing to make a move or if she prefers the man to. I didn’t wanna be too fast or disrespectful since, again we didn’t officially categorize the entire thing as a date, so I didn’t make any kind of move and looking back I think it’s more than obvious she would’ve been receptive.
I dropped her off later that night, she texts me right away thanking me for the whole night. I wanted to be clear with some kind of words and not confuse her with my actions (really nice date but not even an attempt at the simplest affection) so I just told her I wanted to be respectful cause I know she just got out a relationship but I really enjoy spending time with her. She says she really enjoys spending time with me and says thank you again. We talked about plans for after her busy upcoming weekend and it ends all good, I wasn’t worried that much since I think I made it more than clear with my actions and the text response about respecting the recent enough breakup that I was interested but didn’t wanna pressure her or be overbearing or anything. I have played it very cool, not overly eager but not nonchalant either.
Everything was fine for like two days. Wasn’t weird, had plans in the works that I was sure would work out. We texted the usual amount over this past week since she started talking to me more than before. Felt I should take a bit more initiative, without being pushy and just texted her this morning a quick “you wanna do dinner on Monday?” We had talked about Wednesday plans but never got confirmed since her schedule is legitimately packed this weekend due to birthday and some siblings graduations.
As soon as I sent that question today for Monday night, didn’t hear from her for 8 hours until the day was over. Usually I don’t read into this type of thing and in the end it isn’t a big deal but you can get the vibe when something is different. She responded basically at the end of the day with a “I have to check I’ll lyk cause I have a busy weekend” first time she’s done this since we started talking more recently. We aren’t the type to chat back and forth all day every hour but we had at least some kind of communication so over 8 hours no response is more than enough of a hint to just back off.
I’ll give it a day or so to see if she actually wants to see me again in that kind of manner, if so she’ll lmk and try to make plans. Ball’s in her court. I haven’t been overbearing or annoying. Never changed how I ever interacted in the last two years even till now. Never double texted, matched her energy, never gassed her up or gave more than I received from our “friendship”. Was always respectful and we know each other well. I’ll never beg someone to wanna talk to me or wanna see me so she’s never gotten free, one sided validation/attention/adoration or compliments from me. This time is the first time I’ve upped the ante in a pretty smooth way without expecting anything from her, just wanted to peak her interest and show her I’m not 100% platonic for her. Only did this cause she was sending some different signals than before and we are both single at the same time for the first time ever since we met. This is the first girl in a long time that’s got me to tangled like this man. Throws me off balance which I never allow to happen. I truly think I might’ve confused her that night when I wasn’t receptive to her less than normally obvious hints and maybe I just blew the one shot she was gonna give me? Not upset, just always trying to learn from things like this.
TLDR: been “friends/acquaintances” since we met two years ago. I’m 24 she’s 21. Age gap isn’t super obvious. We always kinda flirted, never felt like we were truly platonic but we have never been both single at the same time till now. She asks to hang, I offer to go to take her to dinner at a fancy place and she agrees. I take her on a really nice fancy expensive date, just my style, but we never called it a date. She was all dressed up and so was I. Yet we never explicitly say to each other that we are obviously on a very non platonic date. Have a great time. She gave me some signals back at my place after dinner but I didn’t make a move. Still hade a great night, I made it clear I was interested in my actions. All good for two days, nothing was any different other than more frequent texting, asked if she wanted to do dinner on Monday, she took all day to respond and said she would let me know. Literally the only thing I can think that I could’ve done better was at least kissed her but I didn’t wanna blow it since we hadn’t called it a date. Maybe I confused her. Might be overthinking but usually my gut is right.
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2023.06.10 08:00 TobiToubsen SMA slope turns positive

Good morning,
hope this is not a stupid question, but I``m new to tradingview and haven`t found infos about this. Is there a way to filter stocks for this signal? slope (SMA 9) turned positive yesterday
Kind regards Tobi
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2023.06.10 08:00 damnedsouls28 I destroyed myself mentally and I my family hates me for it

I (13 F) have Autism, and it takes a main role in this entire situation. I have been insecure about myself as a whole, but mostly my mental state and my personality, I have been made fun of for my "over-energetic" and "overly sweet" personality traits for as long as I can remember. So I have tried to change myself mentally and have a different personality, I broke down what personality traits I didn't like and replaced them with what I wanted, and the outcome (obviously) wasn't pleasent. This entire proccess made me way too angry at people and made me way too emotional, I have started to isolate myself away from my family and I get upset if they try to ask me something that I dont want to answer or if they make jokes about me. This has gotten to the point where my older brothers don't even want to leave their rooms because they don't want to encounter me and my anger, and my mom barely talks to me, only talking to me to tell me "Good morning" or to ask me a question, such as "where (so and so) is." and my dad has started to barely talk to me too, the only time he would talk to me is to lecture me about something. I hate what I have become, and I hate that my family has to deal with it.
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