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2023.04.01 00:50 abusdhobo The Westfield Indiana WPD Cover Up Human Trafficking in front of Sherifs house.

This is becoming a federal case. Thoughts on firms that can handle this in Chicago? My best guess is Michael Oppenheimer Chicago Civil Rights Attorney any other idea post it here for consideration and why.
If you can describe any crimes from evidence provided here your find could improve the case against the police and county. More videos at the link but not al evidence available as WPD editing the evidence FBI has been notified FBI directs abuse and civil rights concerns to Hamilton Country IA and WPD.
Description from link.
GRAPHIC TRIGGER WARNING! \This warning has ben ad at moderators request.]This was police fake arest and felony misconduct with WPD Westfield Indiana and the county on 07 18 2020 to 2021 case was dismied without prejudice. Yes I am safeish cat 1 homeless and sueing them.)
Why this matters is obvious defamation and that I did not do all of that work on my reputation and nothing on my record and not hitting this wackjob after every bipolar rant he has and threats for 2007 to 2020 just to have the police lie and say I did conveniently on his brhda right before I get to leave.
In 2007 I moved in with someone online in different state due to money issues that didnt tell me he had a murderous roomate and was then kept against my will by this man a bipolar psychopath ptsd sociopath 450 lbs morbidly obese 50 yo man with diabetes recent bariatric patient on 2 antipsychotics felon ex con for capitol offence extortion with threat of homicide was thron into mental institute for criminaly insane its on his record police kno that etc... had always been threatening me that if I leave he would make a false charge against me to protect himself from prosecution for kidnaping and atempt murder because roomate going to throw him out if I was to leave. The roomate want me to stay to replace him so roomate said oh your going to leave and fck me then by leaving me alone with him. I said didnt want anything to do with the guy and have nothing and have to get out of there.
Story Continued.
The acuser man threw all my clothes out and in 2010 to 2020 had fake swatting calls to the police telling them I would murder police and had a gun or one cal was that I was dancing naked in public in front of families or another was that I was threatening him with a murder video that if he didnt let me go I was going to send him to jail etc... all trying to get me arest on various false charges with a different story every tim.
04 10 2010 Phoenix police recordfake swatting call by acuser about officers in danger that I am armed with weapon and going to kill them so have their guns ready when arrive... That call 04 10 2010 Phoenix.2013 Westfield police recordfake insanity call by the man acuser about OCD and threats2016 Westfield police recordfake 911 call by the man acuser about me dancing naked in public in front of families atempt to get me arrest fails acuser calls police a bunch of fagots2018Witness kicks out the man acuser and is threatened with murder. Witness gets intoxicate and bashes head in. The Man calls police and sheriff comes into house and evaluates situation and sends witness to hospital then leaves.

04 10 2020
begged the police to get me out of there that he was threatenening fake acusation if was to leave asked for detective and camera or ride out of there etc... officers denied.
06 10 2020The Mans sisters makes Human Traffiking call against acuser and roomate saying The Man molest her as a kid and is abusing males in his house WPD refuse the caller to WPD go into the home for welfre so they refuse to go into house and list acuser roomate and victim on the police report one of the officers from this sho up on scene in next call WPD tried to delete and remove this part from aresting officers cam video but forgot to edit it out of the other officers video.
On 07 18 2020
The police fake arrest. The evidence here is from this scene.The Man acuser brhda less than 2 weeks before I can leaveThe Man gets into argument and fight with roomate who was a intoxicate witness and during that fight and argument with he man abot money tells the man that I am going to leave in 2 weeks and get 100K inheritance and nothing the man can do to stop me and that witness roomate changed his mind abot me having to stay there against my wil and that he is going to assist me in doing so and wont deal with the mans threats anymore.
The man says I dont get to leave and that we are lying to him that I am not leaving in 2 weeks im leaving that wekend and trying to screw him on his brhda.
The man argues with the witness and the witness says dont plug in a computer cant handel that lethal amount of stres right now as he has high blod presure and a lethal stress diag by the VET and as the witness goes to rom the man did it anyway and didnt like me there witnessing it because makes him the bad guy then he attatckd me and tried to take my cloths off and shed them as usual before his fake police cals because he insanly wants me naked in front of the police because he is always caled a mental patient by roomate so wants me to be one but the witness was there and came out of rom and the man didnt know the witness was there as he was doing that to me and once found out the man got angry then called 911 says we ruin his brhda and says I picked him up off of the ground and full contact body slamed him to the ground and punched him in the face and threw a peor cord at him 100% BS.
The police arive I go out and change my destroyed clothes to the only par of clothes I had stashed let for my get away so that I wasnt completely naked as The Man intend and The Man angry with that informs 911 that I was doing so. I couldnt leave them on or the police would have been like WTF and forced me to go to the hospital and arest the guy and not what I want.
He was cleared of any injuries by medical on scene.
The City of Westfield Indiana and WPD covered up what they believed to be Human Traffiking going on at 319 Park Westfield neighbor to the Sherrifs house who in 2019 list his house for 5 x its value at $1.2 Million because the YMCA was deciding to put a $35 Million facility there and would make everyone's house values go up and westfield has been trying to get the YMCA to build that 2018 to 2022 recently they offered YMCA $5 Million to build it the police kno that so WPD manufactured false evidence against me on camera pretending to be authentic and valid and coached a Intoxicate witness who was on parole for DUI to change his written statement to say he witness me battery a guy in a domestic dispute and it wasnt enough so she actualy changed the witnesses statement herself and signed her name to it and completely lied about everything that happened on scene including talking to another officer who told her he recently responded to a Human Traffiking call there less than a month prior.
Add Info
WPD also edited many of the cam videos silence parts and removed some completely including when she use their ID's and found out both were ex cons and removed completely the human trafiking video portion of her bodycam but they forgot about this officers video and left it in so you have the evidence.
She denied on reports that the conversation ever happened under felony perjury charges and that both felon ex con's statements acording backgrond on their ID were both and their statements credible and that she had no evidence or say so otherwise and that no other officer told her anything that would lead to believe otherwise. She shood that officer away intentionaly lying to him about fake drugs and aspergers claims 100% lies and silenced her bodycam repeadedly as asked him and other officers to do the same so what she says couldnt be heard by anyone later. Then in evidence her entire bodycam is silenced.
The Lawsuit
If anyone knows a Civil Rights atorney let me know I have contact the ACLU but they are too busy with other sht I guese and dont care about me. The YMCA still hasnt decide whether to put a facility there and in 2022 the City of Westfield offered $5 Million to them to get it going. The county also tried to murder me negligently at the jail and by forcing me to wheeler mission and hering judge after getting angry that I didnt asnwer yes or no to him gave me a lawyer who was practically disbarred for trying to have sex with his clients and his wife worked against me for the diversion part of the prosecutor's office who then voice mailed me and extorted me saying that she listened to my voice mails and emails to her husband and it didn't sound like I was too interested in pleading guilty to divert my case and if I did not hurry up and pay her $400 to divert my case that I could be convict of a crime.
I am going to sue the sht out of them all for this some guys in this group are from wheelers mission in Indianapolis that witnessed me being raped and abused in person in front of them and 250 other guys where the police forcibly drop me of at during a pandemic with no phone or trnsport or ID or job 45 miles from court. The nurses in the jail asked why I wasnt sitting in the medical cell I said because I have OCD and there is fecal everywhere and mold and I have open bleeding wound on my fet that they took pictures of and tel me if I didnt sit down in fecal matter and rust and mold in the cell that they would inject me with vitamins to pass out and I said thats not legal and they came back with more nurses and chemicles and they said because you have ocd then you wouldnt mind cleaning up the cell for us... BECUASE IF HAVE OCD I WOULDNT MIND CLEANING THE POTENTIONALY COVID 19 INFECT LETHAL FECES AND MOLD AND RUST.... FOR THEM not because I have a disorde no because I have a disorder I wouldnt mind doing it.. not for me but for them... That is attemt murder MF.
I am sueing WPD the city of westfield and hamiltn county in federal court as a user said to do. If you kno a civil rights atorny that is LGGBT let me kno because ACLU is useless and I have no money and am category 1 homeless. The statue of limitation is not over yet this happened in 07 18 2020 was homeless in wheelers until case got dismissed because of witness recanting story and accuser lying.
Here is some evidence for you I wouldnt make claims that couldnt be proven in and out of court by my atorneys.
The officer coaches witness to change statement so say he directly witnesses battery and then thats not enough so she later edits the witnesses written statement herself and signs her name to that.

Whats that officer? human traffiking no this guys on drugs and insane cant prove it but go away from my scene.
![video](8szmkh3if5ra1 " I do not have Aspergers everyone kno that I have OCD the guy knows that and explained that to police trying to get me arrest many tims before the guy made aspergers up becuse he watched Osark Seson 2 that gave him the idea to make up aspergers to 911. The shoes I am wearing... The pile of clothes to the right of car are the ones guy was tryingto rip off of me because wante me naked for police as usual. The guy didnt kno that I had a last par of clothes stashed that he couldnt find and throw away like everything else. ")

The officer never mentions the men are both felon ex cons for extortion and witness is on parol for DUI also purposely forgets to mention acuser is bipolar psychopath sociopath with PTSD on 2 antipsychotics and recent bariatric patient also has dentures glasses and diabeties a fall could kill him but yet was injured and punched in the face and body slammed to the ground with no marks of any kind and cleared from medical also already caught by police lying about Aspergers and intoxicate witnesses story changing and suspect claiming kidnaping matching another officer that described human trafficking call by acusers sister.

This is felony perjury here or is it not.
This is also felony perjury or is it not.
This proves it to be a legal arrest the accuser and witness 100% credible got it or is it not you decide. Also a lot more happened at the jail than just an irregularity in the scan wouldnt you say.
You should blow up your car officer.
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2023.04.01 00:48 mat136136 24M QTc interval of 611ms and junctional rhythm (repost for visibility)

Not on any medications. Diagnosed conditions: diffuse esophageal spasm and SIBO. Undiagnosed but pursuing diagnosis: progressive weakness and numbness is distal muscles for last 7 years, more recently also presenting in proximal muscles. Swallowing has worsened over the years.
Muscle weakness is significant after any physical activity that uses effected muscles. Become extremely fatigued, effected muscles ache, feel sick, and heart has pain on and off for the next 7-10 days after physical activity (ie. walking).
Presented to ER after walking the previous day and having the above symptoms. Ecg had QT interval of 432ms and QTc of 611ms using bazzets. Ecg also had junctional rhythm. All electrolytes were normal. Heart rate was 120bpm. I was referred for full cardiac workup and consultation with cardiologist. Heart symptoms described in above paragraph have been happening on and off for last 2 years after physical activity. I’ve read that prolonged QTc intervals at heart rates above 100bpm are exaggerated because of over correcting due to bazzets but using other formulas, my QTc is still above 500ms. Another possibility is the incorrect measurement of the QT interval by the ecg machine, but wouldn’t the ER physician manually measure that also? I’ve read cases of genetically confirmed LQTS in which only one or 2 ecgs showed a long QT interval. I had a subsequent ecg and it was normal but I was not having any symptoms then. I know long qt doesn’t cause chest pain and by the time I was in the ER I was asymptomatic. Also have read that junctional rhythm can cause chest pain. So does this mean I genuinely had a long QT interval? If my subsequent cardiac workup is normal, will they ignore this ecg finding? If so, why?
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2023.04.01 00:48 CactusMike95 Double or Nothing: Part 2

Sammy Guvera vs Jack Perry
On Battle of the Belts VI, MJF faces Jack Perry, Sammy Guvera, and Darby Allen in a fatal four way. Towards the end of the match, Sammy hits MJF with a GTH and pins him.. 1, 2… Jungle Boy picks him up and throws him out of the ring, then goes for the pin himself, when Darby Allen breaks it up with a Coffin Drop. MJF then hits Darby with his diamond ring and pins Jungle Boy.. 1, 2, 3…
After the match, an infuriated Sammy slides into the ring and begins to brutally punch Jungle Boy. Finally, the refs are able to get Sammy off of Perry.
In the following weeks, Sammy continues to blame Jack for his loss, becoming increasingly angry with the young star. Jungle Boy reaffirms he did nothing wrong and continues to bring the fight to Sammy. Throughout the feud, JAS interferes in Jungle Boy’s matches, making it hard for Jack to get ahead. In the final 3 weeks before the pay per view, Jack employs guerrilla warfare on JAS, successfully attacking all members from different hiding places. Sammy vows to destroy Jungle Boy.
The match starts off hot, with Sammy immediately jumping onto Jungle Boy. Sammy controls the beginning of the match by not allowing Jungle Boy to get away. The two begin to go back and forth as the brawl goes in the ring, out to ringside, then back into the ring. Eventually, Sammy pokes the eye of Jungle Boy and gains control, lifting him up for the GTH. Jungle Boy rolls out the back and rolls him up. 1, 2… Sammy kicks out, gets back up, and superkicks Jungle Boy. Then, Chris Jericho comes out to the ring with his bat. He begins to distract the ref as he rolls the bat into the ring. Jack grabs it before Sammy and nails Guevara with it. He then flips off Jericho and throws the bat out of the ring. He pins Sammy.. 1, 2, 3… Sammy sits up and begins kicking the ropes. He tells Jericho, “I don’t need you anymore!” He then superkicks Jericho as other JAS members come to check on their leader. Sammy leaves as Jericho breaks down into tears.
Jack Perry beats Sammy Guvera in 12 minutes
Samoa Joe vs Will Hobbs(C) vs Wardlow vs ???? for the TNT Championship
Will Hobbs, fresh off his TNT title win over Wardlow, tells both Wardlow and Samoa Joe, “You both want a rematch and you’ll both get it, but on my terms at Double or Nothing.”
The following weeks on Dynamite resemble a car crash. All 3 men want a piece of each other and will do anything to get it. But they go about it in different ways. Samoa Joe uses age and veteran status to trick the men into working against each other. He tells them, “Anybody can beat me. I’m old. You guys are the young guns. Once you take out the other guy, I’m done. This leads to multiple brawls between Wardlow and Will Hobbs while Samoa Joe watches with a smile on his face.
Wardlow feels embarrassed by his loss to Will Hobbs. He felt like this was his time and now that has been ruined. Because of this, he feels like he has to put more effort in every move he makes. He storms out to the ring, not high fiving anyone. He doesn’t pander to the crowd, he just fights.
Will Hobbs does the opposite of Wardlow. He begins to feel himself a little bit. He doesn’t care what the crowd thinks of him, but he’s having fun. He creates a new catch phrase. He says, “Do you think I can kick his ass??” Then he raises the microphone to the crowd and they say, “YEAH!”
On the final week before Double or Nothing, all three men meet in the ring. Will Hobbs says, “I’ve already got two of the toughest men in AEW against me. Who else wants a piece?!” On the jumbotron, a hooded man is seen signing a contract. Will Hobbs then says, “Do you think I can kick his ass??” The crowd says, “YEAH!” as Joe kick starts a brawl between the three, ending with Wardlow coming out on top.
The masked man reveals himself to be Miro. The other three come out and the fight is on. The four hosses beat the shit out of each other. The fight goes in and out of the ring, with Hobbs and Wardlow fighting into the crowd. Towards the end of the match, all four men have entered the ring. Miro locks in the Game Over on Samoa Joe. As this is happening, an oblivious Hobbs Spinebusters Wardlow and pins him. 1, 2… Samoa Joe begins to tap as the ref hits three. Miro and Hobbs both celebrate. The ref then informs them they both got a fall, but Miro’s was a second before Hobbs’. Hobbs is shocked and hits Miro with the title. He then grabs the ref by the collar and says, “You think I can kick his ass??” The crowd says, “YEAH!” and he hits him with a Spinebuster.
Miro wins the title in 20 minutes
House of Black(C) vs Aussie Open for the Trios Title
At Battle of the Belts VI, House of Black cuts a promo saying, “Any group of souls brave enough to step in this ring against us, come forth now.” Aussie Open comes out and accepts the challenge for Double or Nothing.
In the following weeks, both teams rack up wins, building to a mega clash at Double or Nothing.
The two teams have a highly skilled clash with both men hitting hard and fighting harder. Towards the end of the match, the only two men left in the ring are Jeff Cobb and Malaki Black. The two men exchange blows. Jeff Cobb punches Malaki, turning him around. But Malaki shocks Cobb with a Black Mask. 1, 2, 3…
House of Black beats Aussie open in 15 minutes
Jamie Hayter(C) vs Ruby Soho for the Women's Championship
After Revolution, Ruby Soho becomes a full fledged member of The Outcasts. Her initiation process includes jumping Britt Baker, injuring her. After this, they declare war on Jamie Hayter and do everything they can to injure her as well. But they continue to fail as Jamie proves to have too much heart. Jamie evades multiple brawls and wins some as well.
On the go home show before Double or Nothing, Jamie Hayter is jumped by The Outcasts, with all three wielding chairs. They mercilessly beat down Jamie and spray an L on her back.
Ruby Soho dominates the match. Jamie is unable to get anything going as Ruby targets her injured shoulder. But near fall after near fall, Ruby can not put the match away. She becomes more and more frustrated as nothing works. She begins to lay vicious forearms into Jamie’s skull. The ref finally pulls her back. She gets in the ref’s face, cussing at him. Paige enters the ring with a steel chair. Hayter dodges the attack and Saraya accidentally hits Ruby, who falls into the ref, distracting him. Hayter then grabs the chair from Saraya and hits Toni Storm who is entering the ring. She then hits Saraya. She throws the chair down and walks over to Ruby, who hits her with a pair of brass knuckles. Ruby drapes her arm over Jaime. The ref counts.. 1, 2… Jamie gets her foot on the rope. Ruby can’t believe it! She’s done everything. She paces the ring. She goes back to Hayter, who hits her with a Hayterade! 1, 2, 3… Jamie Hayter wins the match.
Jamie Hayter beats Ruby Soho in 12 minutes
MJF(C) vs Darby Allin for the AEW Championship
After the fatal 4 way at Battle of the Belts VI, Darby Allin feels as if he was screwed by MJF, as MJF continues to say he did nothing wrong. Because of this, MJF pokes fun of Darby and his misfortunes for weeks. Finally, Darby has had enough and asks Tony Kahn for a match against MJF. Tony Kahn tells him, “I’m sorry. I can’t do that. However, if you win a gauntlet match, I can give you the shot.”
So the next week, Darby Allin participates in a gauntlet match that includes Big Bill, Christian Cage, Ethan Page, and QT Marshall. Darby Allin proves his worth by beating all four men. MJF then tells him, “You may have beat all these schlubs, but you can’t beat me! I am at the top of this company and you’re just a little Jeff Hardy wannabe. So how about you just walk outside and get another DUI, Jeff.” Darby then smacks MJF who says, “Did somebody leave the front door open? I feel a breeze.” Darby then slaps him again and this time, Maxwell hits the ground. MJF escapes before Darby can do anymore.
In the following weeks, MJF continues to provoke Darby, but keeps his distance. On the go home Dynamite, he says, “Darby reminds me of the Little Engine that Could. Nobody has faith in him. So he chugs and chugs up the mountain. But Darby, unlike the Little Engine that Could, your story is not going to have a happy endings because I, Maxwell Jacob Freidman, ‘think you can’t, think you can’t!’” MJF is then interrupted by Darby, who walks quickly down to the ring. He grabs a mic and says, “You may not believe in me MJF. You may think I’m nothing but a pebble on your road to greatness, but in reality, I’m one of the best wrestlers you’ve ever faced. And I’ve got something you can’t buy. Something nobody can buy! And that’s heart. That comes from deep down. That comes from a series of bumps and bruises, just to eat my next meal. You don’t know how it feels, Max.” MJF then says, “Darby, you know nothing about me. I’ve lived your life. I’m just smart enough not to risk my body for it.” MJF then slaps Darby, who stands still and stares a hole into the “Salt of the Earth”. MJF says, “Oh, I’m so scared of a 175 pound bitch!” Darby then hits him and the two begin to brawl. The two are brawling and the security guards have to pull them apart. MJF yells, “I will see you at Double or Nothing, Skinny Bitch!”
The match is hard fought, as both men give it their all. MJF continues to taunt Darby, calling him Twig, while Darby keeps his mouth shut and continues to fight. At one point in the match, MJF throws Darby Allin into the ringpost, busting him open.
Towards the end of the match, Darby Allin knocks MJF down with a devastating clothesline. He then crawls up to the top rope and jumps off for a Coffin Drop. MJF moves out of the way and catches Darby with the diamond ring. MJF then pins him. 1, 2… KICKOUT. MJF pounces onto Darby, delivering blow after blow with the ring, going so fast, the ref can’t see it. The ref pulls MJF off of the beaten Darby. He then gets in Darby’s face saying, “Are you ok? Are you ok?” and Darby can’t respond. The ref throws out the match, declaring it a win for MJF. MJF holds the title over the beaten Darby as the show goes off the air.
MJF beats Darby via TKO in 17 minutes.
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2023.04.01 00:47 Anthron49 Red grid marks me and gfs backs years apart but very similar

When I was around 15/16 years old I noticed I had a large perfectly linear rash looking thing on my back. I showed my parents and they were worried and took me to a dermatologist. I told them there was no pain or feeling and that I just saw it in the mirror one day. The dermatologist specialists had no idea what it could be and left us after a few hours of examining it with no clue as to what it was. Days went by and everything was normal other than having very abnormal and vivid dreams throughout the next 2 weeks until it faded away. Fast forward to me now 21 years old with my gf at college. The night before we saw this picture we both had very sporadic sleep with myself waking up very startled 3 different times throughout the night. My gf woke up and instantly told me about her crazy vivid dream of a girl holding a cocoon that you could see inside of with a tumbleweed type texture to it. There were larvae inside of it and then they started filling up with white liquid which the larvae struggling and trying to climb up the walls. Then a big all black wasp like bug started to attack her, also making her hit me while she was asleep. When we went to the gym together later that day was when I realized she had the same markings I had when I was younger when I was having crazy dreams similar to the one she explained. I’ve looked all over online because it’s worrying to me knowing she has the exact same thing that I had years ago. Almost every source I’ve looked into, even medical websites saying that no one understands it and saying (jokingly) that it’s probably is just alien abduction. Idk if I sound crazy but for some reason I believe it could be with my circumstances. Does anyone have more information on this?
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2023.04.01 00:47 Boring_Barber5172 Joey Logano is on an impressive career pace. Could end up Top 5 all time in Top 5s, Top 10s, Starts. Top 10 in wins. On pace to break consecutive start record as well.

Was looking at some all time stats and was surprised to see just how far up Logano is and knowing he has another 10 years left at least, just how far he could climb.
Assuming he continues as is and remains as strong as Harvick as late into his career, current stats and projections below.
28th all time in Wins with 32. He averages 3 wins per year at Penske. Another 10 years puts him at 62 wins. Another 15 years puts him at 77 wins. Both would be good enough for Top 10 all time in wins currently (depend on how Busch/Harvick finish).
26th all time in Top 5s with 151. Somehow he is only 10 behind Kurt Busch and already ahead of Keselowski and Truex. Averages 13 Top 5s per year with Penske. Another 10 years would put him around 280 total, good for 5th/6th all time. Another 15 years could put him over 340 and good enough for 2nd all time.
29th all time in Top 10s with 260 (tied with Dale Jr and Dale Jarrett). Only 4 behind Truex. Averages 22 Top 10s per year with Penske. Another 10 years puts him around 480, good enough for 2nd all time.
45th all time in starts with 513 (two behind Greg Biffle right now). Another 10 years puts him over 850+ starts, which would break the consecutive start record and put him 6th. One more year would put him 3rd.
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2023.04.01 00:46 Wurdyburd [Long Post, Part 1] GW2 and Roles: Why Attributes and Gear Fail to Teach Players, Diversify Gameplay, or Inform Design Direction

Hello, it's me again, the wordiest of birds, with another analysis and design post. This could easily be ten different posts, but I'm cutting it down to two main themes. As always: I mostly play PvE, but spend time on every class in every mode; The goal of this is not necessarily to wildly invent new systems for the game, but to identify themes, and what it takes for them to flourish, not condemn and start over, and invite conversation; I find spoiler-hiding my walls of text helps keep it digestible. Part 2 will cover non-attribute designs and tech in GW2, and open discussion about whether our current obsession with "hit big monster make big numbers go up more" is stifling the diversity of the game, and whether there could be a place for builds that aren't exclusively about damage or boons. A lot of this has been cooking for a long time, and as much as I love the game, I do worry about it's longevity, and the diversity of elite specs, builds, and challenges that we've been getting for the last several years, and what it'll mean for content in the future.
First, the state of the game. While GW2 is both celebrated and chided for it's [relative] departure from "holy trinity" teamcraft, it still fails to present the 'role' of RolePlaying Game especially seriously. Increasingly, traits and skills lack any kind of narrative or thematic flavor, opting instead to slap numbers and % increases around until some unseen meta god is appeased, while teamcraft has identified a flexible DPS/boonDPS/boonHeal to be the main way to approach challenges, but with severe consequences should they be played off-design. This leads to an ENORMOUS amount of dead traits, dead equipment prefixes, dead runes and sigils, and some dead weaponry, plus oversimplified gameplay with spammable moves, and while a limited number of meta/best-in-slot equipment makes it easier for the developers to target overperforming builds, it means that there are many elements of buildcraft that sneak under the radar, unnoticed and unassuming.
Questions are asked, "Are there any advantages to melee combat over range?", "Are we expected to stand still or move around during combat?", "Should every profession be viable at every challenge, or should they have unique advantages?", and "We don't believe that profession complexity should translate into an increase in DPS," among others. In attempting to form a baseline for the game, and make it's various components easier to balance, the game runs the risk of becoming too homogenized, too bland, reliant increasingly on roleplay themes that the devs don't seem interested in mechanically representing, while as many as 30 different non-PvP attribute combinations fail to see use. All the while, powercreep slowly inflates the average player's output, undermining the difficulty of old content, failing to teach players how the intricacies of the game works, and shocking inexperienced players who jump from location to location with difficulty and mechanics they are neither prepared for, nor understand.
Gripes aside, Guild Wars 2 has perhaps the strongest foundation for MMO buildcraft I've ever played. It's huge array of diverse traits and swappable weapon sets, and diverse component interactions, both within a profession and between professions, is what drew me to the game, kept me playing the full range of content, and what leads me to make these lengthy, passionate articles. There's a good reason why many other MMOs see GW2 as an inspiration, or even copy from it directly. For all it's challenges, all this game needs is a slight clarification in philosophy, even without making any of the changes recommended here, and the pieces will fall into place over time.
Guild Wars 2 is sometimes compared to Magic the Gathering.>! They both share an incredible number of sub-mechanics and themes that all fold together in intricate, and sometimes unexpected ways. Fans of each game are probably aware of the remarkable confidence that MtG has in it's color spectrum: for each color, there are a series of powerful, and well-documented sub-themes, many of which overlap with other colors. It's when the colors combine that the game truly shines, creating dynamic playstyles and themes that appeal to an incredibly diverse audience, with 3-color decks having much more tech available, and much stranger themes, than 2-color, or 1-colored decks. From the moment that a colored card is revealed to you, a practiced player can instantly make inferences to what their opponent's strategies may be, and begin to move in a way to counteract it, while pushing their own strategies. This "foreknowledge of theme" rather than "foreknowledge of event" means that two players can effectively combat each other, despite never having met or taken the chance to look through each other's deck list, and makes for more personalized decks, and more enjoyable games.!<
I give this example because such a case could be made for Guild Wars 2's attribute system.>! Much like MtG colors, each attribute aligns with a purpose, some objective that promotes value when travelling the world or the Mists alike, with each "color combo" coming together to form an attribute prefix. The problem with this analogy is that Guild Wars 2's gear prefixes aren't each designed to carry a mechanic that helps the player succeed, either while travelling alone, or in a group. Many traits exacerbate this with attribute conversion, usually from +Power, and if your selection doesn't result in you or an ally killing an enemy faster, it's generally regarded as a dead choice. !<
Were GW2 to shift to recognize each attribute as a genuine gameplay mechanic, it would grant the designers a foundation from which to design content that harnesses specific challenges, and grant the players of the game confidence in their build, as well as flexibility in purpose, when approaching said challenges.
(As an aside, first: many MMOs have rather abstract stat and buff systems, that make it impossible to understand without extensive out-of-game research, and even once understood in concept, Guild Wars 2 doesn't always communicate how these effects are supposed to interact. An across the board UI fix here would allow players to see a breakdown of where their stats are coming from, by source, and what % impact it has on each of their attribute, such as from gear, food, utility consumables, or traits, without having to actually slot it first, possibly at an armor-repair station so as to not blow out the during-gameplay UI. Being able to see the exact number of points they are away from their next +1% or 1sec effect increase would be helpful too. )
In the case of the attributes themselves, each attribute should be viewed as a component of a larger puzzle, that each have their own, special identity. By considering which professions, skills, weapons, and group content are defined by which attributes, much stronger combinations of those attributes should arise.
With these roles defined, each attribute combination becomes not just a build type, but a distinct element of encounter design. Simply select two sets of 2-3 different attributes, combine them together, and you have a meaningful encounter:
The main problem with these "Attributes as Roles" designs, is the gear combinations themselves. 4-Stat prefixes carry such a staggering advantageous weight over 3-stat prefixes, and Celestial over most 4-stat prefixes, that the more 'roles' are added to an encounter design, the more 4-stat and Celestial gear carries the day. While all the rest of this can be done fairly easily without disrupting metas too badly, I would honestly, personally, recommend lowering the stats associated with 4-stat and Celestial gear, even by 5% total, to help 3-stat gear, which is infinitely more narrow in application, stronger and more specialized for purpose. Additionally, changing which stat conversions exist on which professions, how, and increasing what % they take from other, less ideal attributes, could mean that each of the nine professions stand to benefit from different attribute combinations than each other, which would help enormously in bringing value to the 33 underperforming stat combos.
Otherwise, were these to be adopted, many different dead or unrecommended prefixes stand to open up, which really highlights the extreme extent to which gear has been made useless in this game, by merit of the narrow outlook the balance team takes when viewing each profession.
Disappointing outliers include:
Much of this is exacerbated by the fact that stat-selectable gear is so readily available, with every single stat an option. Gearing a new build has turned from what used to be, at minimum, an excuse to run certain dungeons or farm Heart of Thorns, and devolved into a fairly meaningless scramble to grab up stat-select gear from any source, select either Berserker's, Viper's, Harrier's, Diviner's, or Celestial, and sigh in relief as you ignore the game's 33 other options. (Not that all those are ignored, I'm just being facetious. Easily 90% of all online builds use the above 5 options though.)
So. This concludes Part 1. In part 2, I aim to cover how we might pair these 'attribute roles' with mechanical effects in different classes that help produce roles not currently recognized by ArenaNet. In the meantime, I'd like to open discussion:
  1. Should each professions be expected to benefit from a more personal set of gear attributes? Overlap is guaranteed in many cases, but should we see more cases such as Ritualist's, which is only desirable on professions with Vitality conversion? Or should all professions benefit identically from the same prefix options?
  2. Are there any archetypes or build fantasies that you think our current selection of attributes could be used to address, but currently aren't in the game, such as Expertise affecting trap duration? If so, what are they, which profession would be doing it, and which attributes do you think would enable it?
  3. Do you think stats being freely available is a good thing, or would you be interested in different attribute sets looted from specific zones or content types? For example, high-durability gear looted by roaming open world, or that different metas drop gear with prefixes that are explicitly designed to help you defeat it? Or that 'raid-ready' gear prefixes be looted from champions, strikes, and raids themselves?
  4. Should 4-stat and Celestial be nerfed, or 3-stat buffed, in order to make them more appealing? If not, what purpose do you propose for 3-stat, non-Berserker gear?
  5. If more content started to use a greater variety of challenges, other than just "hit big monster make big numbers go up more", would you be excited to experiment with different gear setups, in order to be better prepared for the challenges of each encounter? Or, do you prefer having a small number of loadouts, that can handle any and all content in the game?
As always, thanks for reading! If you have critiques, let me know! And if you're interested in Part 2, find it here! [link later]
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2023.04.01 00:45 harleykegelson Does this sound like TN??

A little over 2 weeks ago I had a filling done on the upper left side of my mouth. My dentist said it was deep and had nerve exposure, but he seemed confident that we avoided a root canal. The next few days I was still super sore, but figured it was just because the work was so deep.
A few nights ago I couldn’t fall asleep because I was in so much pain. My lymph nodes were swollen (on the opposite side of my face from where the work was done) and the pain was all over. My jaw, traveling up my face, and in my inner ears. I went back to the dentist the next day and he said I may just need a root canal. He took more X-rays and said that it doesn’t look like a root canal is necessary but basically that’s all he could think would be the problem.
Fast forward to today… my lower left jaw is now hurting and sending shooting pain up my face and down my neck. I’ve never needed a root canal so I’m not sure what that kind of pain would feel like? So maybe that is what I’m experiencing?
I’ve been taking Advil and Tylenol basically nonstop and it just never kicks in. The radiating shooting pain up my face makes me feel like it could be TN but I would love to hear everyone’s thoughts. Also maybe some advice to get the pain to stop? Because no meds are working so far.
Thanks in advance!!
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2023.04.01 00:43 xdakota $35 ESPN H2H Weekly Fantasy Baseball Draft Tonight at 730pm EASTERN LEAGUESAFE 10 man league Need 1 person (everyone else paid)

1 spot left, had someone not be able to draft last minute
Criteria are as follows
$35 H2H Weekly POINTS league Scoring/Daily Set
Scoring Format: Pretty Similar to DFS Sites will submit a point format if requested
Draft: Snake, randomized order 1 hour prior
Roster: 31 Man Rosters 23 Starters 8 Bench 3 IL
Transactions: Basic 7/7, move to last after waiver pick up.
League Size: 10 or 12 HAVE TO PAY BEFORE DRAFT - 10 should be doable 12 is possible
Buy in: $35 via leaguesafe, majority approval
Message or send me a chat request for an invite/scoring and any other questions!
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2023.04.01 00:43 Mysterious_Aide_8870 The Unbeliever only needs just over 61,000 more plays to cross the 1 million mark.

Edit: On Spotify for clarification.
It's current total as of 23:22 on the 31st of March 2023 is 938,745. It wouldn't need much of a push at all to get to a million. If it were to achieve that, Maiden would then have no songs under a million plays.
That's right. As it stands, Unbeliever is the only song with less than a million plays in the entire discography. X Factor is their least played album and the other 10 tracks all have over a million plays. It looks like Blood on the World's Hands only achieved the feat relatively recently, and it's the next least played. It currently stands at 1.08 million.
Just a few months ago when I did my calculations to find out how the albums rank in terms of total and average plays, Unbeliever had less than 900,000. It can't be much longer now until it becomes the last Maiden song to achieve the feat of 1 million plays.
It needs exactly 61,255 plays. That's about 1.4 plays per member of this sub (the exact number is 1.36653653095). So if every member played it about 1 and a half times, that would be more than enough to ensure that Maiden have no songs left with under a million plays.
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2023.04.01 00:42 lullaby09 Florida peeps, how do you deal with the hot, humid weather? Does it cause symptoms?

Hello everyone. I’m fairly new on Reddit. Just a little background. I’m 36F, woke up with optic neuritis in my right eye on Thanksgiving 2022. Couple days later was admitted to the ER where a neurologist ran all the tests and I then saw a neurologist who specializes in MS in January. That’s when I was diagnosed with CIS. Literally same day after that appointment, my right leg was hurting and I noticed my right knee was stiff. The pain went away but the stiffness didn’t. Then I had tingling on my upper right lip and facial numbness. So for those symptoms, as well as the prior optic neuritis, I was given a high dose of steroids through iv. In February, I was then diagnosed with RRMS. Anywho, since then I have been symptom free except every now and then my right knee feels stiff. I notice when I do yoga or even go for a walk it helps.
Now onto my question, my boyfriend and I had a trip to Disney World and Universal Studios booked for December 2022. After I was hospitalized from optic neuritis and then hospitalized a second time from spinal leak from a spinal tap, we had to cancel that trip. And looking back, that 10 day trip was pretty ambitious: 5 days in Disney World, 1 park hopper day in Universal. We were lucky to get refunded on almost everything except Disney World, but our tickets don’t expire. We are thinking to go this year to Disney World in late September. We were there in 2017 around Halloween and I remember it was insanely humid and temperature in the high 80’s. Is it a bad idea to go during this time? Does heat cause symptoms? And if so how does one manage it? I haven’t experienced hot weather yet as I live in Vegas and it’s still cold here. I haven’t noticed any symptoms from the cold weather. I just am nervous that I would go on the trip and then feel crappy while in Florida or even on the plane. Any thoughts/advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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2023.04.01 00:40 ihavemyself I miss you, Clara.

I wish I knew how to talk to you to make things better again between us. I miss you for you, as a person, you. That’s what I wish you would’ve accepted, even if I couldn’t give you sex or romantic love, I do love you… I still do. I care about you… I think about you every day but my heart breaks all over again to remember how distraught and disturbing our last conversation was. I thought you’d hear me. I thought we could clear things up. I don’t think you were ready and you disregarded so many boundaries. I wish so badly to know how your life is going, to hear about your days, to see you doing better. But I can’t. I’m so sorry. I just wish things were actually resolved but I’m not convinced we can give each other that, as much as I keep wishing and hoping. Maybe someday. Maybe someday I can tell you about my amazing partner and what I did with the life you encouraged me to pursue. Maybe someday you’ll tell me about yours, we’ll cheer for each other and reconcile the damages younger us did. You weren’t ever just “damage.” We were two hurting people trying to love each other. My love for you has grown and changed but it’s so much there. I’m not religious but I pray for you in my heart. I wish you well. I wish you clarity. I wish you’d see me for who I am, not a perfect dream nor wholly evil thing. Please see my humanity. Please register that I wanted you. Please know I still do, for all that my friendship or connection can offer. You were never an object to me. Never a placeholder. That’s why losing you from my life at all has cost me years of pain. You were so, so important to me. I miss you and I hope you love yourself enough to know if talking to me is a good idea or not. I shut down every time you cross major boundaries and I let them down every time I think you’re coming back to help me make sense of what you left me with.
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2023.04.01 00:40 Future-Guarantee-784 [WTS] Agilite K19 in RG and RMA 1155 MCs


Looking to sell my Agilite K19 in Ranger Green. Bought it about a month ago from Agilite and decided I wanted to stick with my Spiritus. It has 3-4 range trips on it. No rips or signs of wear that I could find. Comes with everything that it came with from Agilite. Asking $240 shipped to your door.
RMA 1155 MCs. Had these since August of 2022 and they didn't see too much use. One corner of one of them is torn which shouldn't cause any problems. You can see it on one of the pics. Bought them through Apex Armor Solutions. DOM is 8/10/2022 which leaves over 9 years left in the warranty. Asking $225 plus shipping. Shipping estimate I got through Pirate Ship is $20-$30 shipped via UPS or USPS to anywhere in the CONUS.
I am in GA. Local pickup is fine with me if you live nearby or are willing to drive.
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2023.04.01 00:39 GroundbreakingMud424 One Piece pacing is too fast now

I think since late Wano One Piece has been going WAY too fast with events and it seems Oda is setting up the final war already.
I didn't want Luffy to win and more importantly, I didn't want both Kaido and Big Mom to lose in the SAME arc
I wanted more islands and arcs before Luffy and the Supernovas were fighting and able to beat Yonkos
I wanted Kaido to have a more fleshed out backstory.
I wanted the Straw Hats to be getting stronger alongside their captain but now it seems like only the Monster Trio get see any improvement and the rest are kinda just comedic relief or fun distractions instead of a part of the battles and adventure
I think Egghead has been good for slowing the pace down a bit again but still want more development for the other Straw Hats and it concerns how fast the world is changing outside of Egghead bc it's setting up for the big war already
Ideally I wish One Piece had 10-15 more yeara of story left but it seems like it will end this decade at this rate
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2023.04.01 00:39 No_Salad_2913 My dad (44) has stage 4 cancer and I’m a wreck

Hi everyone, this is my (26f) first post and I’m sorry in advance. I have been depressed severely for the last few years. And I feel I’ve lost my mind, I feel useless. I used to be bubbly and energetic. Now I feel like an empty shell. I was in an abusive relationship and it sent me outside my body, like the old me was gone. I became nothing so I didn’t have to feel what was going on around me. I was raised one of Jehovahs witnesses. My parents divorced when I was five, partially because my dad wanted nothing to do with the religion. Understandable as I have trauma from it. My step dad was an abusive alcoholic and meth user, mostly mentally and emotionally abusive, but also physically to my mom and one of my little sisters. I never got physically abused because I learned from a young age how to be a ‘good little girl’ (more like suppression) and sadly my sister took the brunt of it because she was strong enough to speak up. (im scatterbrained so sorry if I’m jumping around and none of this makes sense) (— I think I have ADHD but I also think I’m dying half the time, I’m very neurotic, anxious etc.) Anyways, I was kicked out on my 18th birthday for confessing to my mom I had been sneaking out to hang out with “worldly people.” You are not allowed to associate with people outside the religion unless it’s for work/business. It’s a cult. My mom thought because of this I was a bad influence on my siblings and didn’t associate with me for years. I went ‘good girls gone wild’ so to speak. Now I carry so much guilt. I’ve had 3 abortions. I’ve slept around, I’ve done drugs and basically have never made a path for myself in life. I was raised not to seek further education or really do anything w my life because the ‘end times’ are so near. My childhood was chaos, my mom had me at 17 and was extremely naive. As am I. Anyways jump forward to now, my dad has stage 4 cancer and I struggle so much each and every day with depression and I feel like my “sins” burdens my family and I have a hard time talking to my dad and I’m terrified that once he dies it’ll be hard to forgive myself for not spending more time with him. He does live 4 hours away. And we are both socially awkward. He favors one of my sisters, but they play video games together. I just don’t know what to say. I don’t know who I am, I have nothing about me I’d wish to talk about as I feel my decisions in life so far have just made me so mentally ilI I don’t want to burden him. But he’s my dad and he’s still here and Im missing out. And he has nothing to say because for one he doesn’t feel good and it’s just hard for him to talk to me. Anyways there is so much more to the story but it’s hard for me to remember things and I feel more emotional than rational and putting my thoughts together is just difficult. I’m just struggling in many ways and I feel so bad that it’s impacting the last few years I would’ve had to spend with him. It’s not to say I don’t see him, I just wish it was more quality time rather than showing up. I’m very disassociated. He’s had cancer for 3 years now and about a year ago progressed to stage 4 and they told him he had about a year left. Now it’s been a little over a year and he just took us on vacation and we barely talked. My mind isn’t right and I’ve felt pain since a little girl and now I don’t know how to deal with any of it. On top of everything I am unemployed as of February because I told my boss about a coworker (50’sM) who told me he was going to kidnap me and roofie me and hovered over me telling me not to tell anyone. The next day I walk in and was “laid off.” This sent me deeper into depression and my bank account is negative and I just have no will anymore. I hate myself for the things I’ve done and the abortions would be a whole other story but all I can say is for me it sent me into an existential crisis. Idk what I’m asking for I just wanted a safe place to say what’s on my mind.
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2023.04.01 00:38 Beautiful_Net2409 sick of being single but terrified of dating

So I'm 24f, and to be entirely honest, I haven't had a boyfriend since I was 17. I feel so bad admitting that but it's the truth.
I'd always been the slightly nerdy, somewhat plain looking 'weird' kid. I'd been bullied for my looks and interests for the whole of my secondary/high school life. Ugly, fat, nerd, no friends, Kids can be mean. Looking bac I know I was no particular stunner, but I simply had a slightly broader build, wasn't considered overweight by anyone outside of school, and there's nothing wrong with a deep interest in school, Marvel and Star Wars.
But it was rough at the time, so when I met Jack (false name) on a school trip, I was ecstatic. We had similar interests, got on really well for months, but things started to sour when I said I didn't want to have sex. I felt we were too young, I wasn't ready, and he got cold real fast. I'd find him kissing other girls, I heard him telling friends I was a bet that he didn't know how to get rid of. He wouldn't be seen with me, said I was an embarrassment, laughed at the Valentines and birthday cards I made him. I remember trying to break up with him after he dragged me out of the house when I was sick, and then abandoned me in the middle of town. However, he kept pulling the 'I'll be depressed if you leave me' card, and I was a dumb kid who didn't want him to be upset. I also didn't think I could do any better, that at least somebody liked me. It dragged out, and out, and eventually he left me.
It was a very toxic breakup, and I spent the las year at school hearing him tell everybody that I slept with him, fabricating details of our sex life, laughing about them. In reality I never slept with him, and hearing these things really hurt. But it came to a stop, thankfully-- one of my family members worked at the school and overheard what was being said, then told my ex boyfriend just what would happen if he said another word. Unethical, I know, but it worked, and I never saw my ex again.
Since then, I've focused on myself and my studies. I have a degree, I'm in postgraduate education. I'm comfortable with how I look, but would maybe like to lose 10 pounds. I keep to myself a lot, I don't like to party and enjoy my hobbies. I'd genuinely love to have a boyfriend, but I'm still rather nervous.
I know that logically, it's not all men, and that I know meeting someone like my ex isn't guaranteed. I also know that my self confidence isn't that great. I also know that I shouldn't rush to find a boyfriend because my friends and family wonder why I've taken so long.
But I'm just so nervous??? I talk to guys on dating apps but get the fear when it comes to meeting up. I'm super shy when encountering guys that I find attractive and/or have great chemistry with. I'm terrified of meeting up with them, them not liking how I look, or making mean comments behind my back. I just don't know how to get over it, even though I'd really like to.
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2023.04.01 00:35 Agogp A bicycle shop almost made me cry: building brand loyalty

A bicycle shop almost made me cry: building brand loyalty
10 minutes ago I walked out of a bike shop with a frog in my throat. It was such an internal experience, Im sure no one would even know I was going through it which is the reason I feel the need to share with fellow business owners.
A year ago I bought my first motorcycle. Within 3 months I was run off the road by someone making an illegal turn. I didnt have enough skill to fix the parts that broke so I called my insurance and just took it into the shop. They assessed it and said, "shes dead." And like that I lost my first love.
Feeling the loss, I decided to ride my bicycle more. But that broke too.. "Not again". I hesitated to take her in thinking it would be another DOA situation but after trying to fix it myself I gave in.
My anxiety was high; I walked in over protective, ready to be scammed and ready to walk out. My bicycle is an old Peugeot, so I was ready to be told its gonna be expensive.
There were 2 guys, one at the counter and one behind him fixing another bike. The guy behind the counter was working on another bike. I explained my issue, and the guy working on the other bike call me explain to me what the issue with my bike was how to fix it what part I needed and everything such that I could've walked out of that bike shop after that and fixed it myself with parts from Amazon. But something about the way that they handled the situation made me feel certain but if I left my bike here it would be in good hands
There was a certain seriousness that they had about bike issues that suggested to me that they weren't simply trying to make money but actually enjoyed bikes and that they would know what pain it would be if I had to go through another bike loss.
To most people it's just a bike but it seemed like them into me at a time there was something on spoken about my connection with my previous bike in this bike but they seem to just sort of understand even though it would've been goofy if I explained it to anyone else.
The guy for the counter explained to me that they didn't have any of the parts in the store so they will have to order pieces that's what I said to myself, "here we go". he told me that the parts will probably be about $40 in my head I was thinking , "they're going to get me on labor cost and fees." But I left my bike there cause it's currently my only motor transportation and I needed it fixed as soon as possible.
A week later I went back to pick up my bike and this brief experience I had is what made me think I got a build a business like this. I walked in and there was a whole gaggle of people just standing like they were having a barbecue in this bike shop but there was no event going on they simply just had a community of people who enjoyed being around. It made me feel part of something.
A guy at the counter saw me stopped his conversation with the other people, asked "can I help you?"invisibly turned his head and turned his ear towards me. I started to tell him I was there but midway through explaining he stopped me and said my name and my bike model and that threw me off. I have a particularly difficult name to remember and a particularly difficult name to pronounce correctly. But the guy nailed it in the way he said it didn't sound like he was guessing that sound like he knew my name and anticipated me picking up my bike it was glad to show me what he done.
One thing that really jumped out at me about that shop is the fact that it so stylized on the inside. There was beautiful photography and paintings on the wall they were books about bicycles and things like that all around the shop. It made me seriously reflect on my lack of interest in beauty when it comes to designing my own products.
Finally he took me over to the cash register after grabbing the bike and rang me up. This was the moment I had been anticipating. The moment I realized all of this was a fake ploy to get me to spend an unnecessary amount of money. But to my surprise it actually cost less than the quote which means somehow they got the part for cheaper and did the work for almost nothing.
I noticed when I took my bike from them that some of the other issues I was aware of on my bike were still there. They were minor issues and didn't need to be fixed right away. So I was ready for them to upsell me on the fix it for me to swiftly reject them and walk out thinking "see, that's why I was so cheap because I want it up tell me"
But they didn't they simply gave me my bike and let me go about my business.
I walked out with my bike in hand only down 30 bucks, and thought to myself "now, THIS is the moment I realized it was all a scam." But I got on my bike started the pedal and it was better than it had ever been before.
I was so happy to have my bike back it was almost as though I was vindicated for being run off of the road a year ago. I was so happy in fact that I run Road around the neighborhood with my arms extended titanic style and the frog in my throat.
I loved the way that they: - conducted their business - took note of my name and remembered how it was pronounced - built a bike shop that had a community of active bikers that hang out there - made it beautiful and not just useful on the inside - let me walk out of the shop with my bike in hand without trying to talk me into buying another thing from them
I will probably refer everyone I know to the bike shop even if they live on the other side of town just from that experience alone .
And I'm using this opportunity to reflect on how I conduct business so that others will do the same for what I provide.
Just wanted to share in case anyone is struggling to understand exactly what builds loyalty and confidence in a brand in business like I am.
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2023.04.01 00:33 pillbuglegz please help! need advice

my left bottom 2nd molar, hurts when i eat on it. it doesn’t hurt continuously, but if i’m chewing on that side, the food can get in this area on the top of my tooth and feel really sore and painful, the more i chew down.
the whole tooth itself doesn’t feel sore and painful, only the top part when i chew. but sometimes i’ll chew and it won’t hurt, and that’s only because it’s not falling into the certain area on my tooth.
i’ve had this for a year. i’ve seen my dentist about it at first and it was kinda brushed off. my wisdom teeth were impacted at the time and they said how that could be the cause.
i got all my wisdom teeth taken out and i’m all healed up now and i still have the same same pain.
so i went back to the dentist today. i have no cavities there, my cavities filling on that tooth is it in good condition, don’t need a root canal and my gums and teeth overall seem healthy he said.
he prescribed me mouth wash and said how it can go away on it’s own, to keep brushing and flossing.
it was disappointing to feel like nothing got solved. and im tired of feeling like i can’t normally. i have to avoid foods and mostly chew on my right side.
what do i do? what could this be?
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2023.04.01 00:32 Qt1ppp Can someone translate this?

Can someone translate this? submitted by Qt1ppp to ArcaneOdyssey [link] [comments]

2023.04.01 00:32 WouldUbuy That time I tried to k*** myself [sensitive content!]

Edit: oh wait, this is the wrong sub. Should I delete this? Sorry guys
I can't remember exactly how old I was, probably 16 or 17.
I had been working, I was on my 5th job. Every one of them had been miserable. Absolutely hated them, dreaded them, and every second I was there, I was wishing I wasn't. I come to my parents saying that I can't handle working. That every job has been like this. My mother told me to man up. My father laughed at me and said it would be like this forever, so get used to it.
I could not live like this for 40 years until retirement. It was impossible. I considered alternatives to work like leeching off people or the government, or doing work that was considered dream jobs. All of these seemed infeasible. So what were my options? 40 years of hell, or, since I was a Christian at the time, go to heaven.
One day a month or two later when I was crying, I realized nobody was home. I sat on the bed and practiced. Y'know when you're doing something physical that requires commitment there's a certain amount of conviction and oomph you need to do it, like doing a flip?... or pulling a trigger? At first I couldn't reach the feeling to know I pull the trigger. In my mind I would pull the trigger but I knew it was fake. At another time I did the same exercise but did not reach certainty of will. Today though, I did. I will kill myself. I will pull the trigger. I HAD done it already in my head.
I get up and go to my parent's gun safe. I try to break in but fail. I go to the garage to get a crobar, only to find that my dad is in there. I call my sister who lives out of state to vent and kill time until he leaves. She empathizes and says she understands and tells me about her suicide attempts, and how bad our parents made her feel. But she begged me not to, promising things would get better and something would work out. Eventually we say goodbye, but dad still hadn't left yet.
I explain my hate of work to dad, explain the two options, and ask if he wants to come to heaven with me. He laughs at me and says he's happy living, and says I will learn to be happy living like this too.
Well, not too long after that I deconverted from Christianity. Piece by piece it was deconstructed and I found it impossible to be true, and I had to grapple with the fact that after my death, there was no heaven or peace, or bliss. Fear staves off killing myself. Eventually I quit the job and go to school instead which my parents allow me to continue staying in their house for. After two years of the free city college, I got an AA and it's not free anymore, so I coast not doing school or work for close to a year which they are not happy with.
I get a gig assembling a model house for someone, and it's actually not bad! After that's done, I get a job as a grill at chipotle. It's the worst work I've ever done in my life. Temptations to kill myself come back, but I decide I'd rather try to eek by on mom and dad for a little longer than kill myself. I quit after a month but the guy who trained me said most people don't come back the second day. I don't feel bad about hating working in a fast food kitchen. I met a guy from north korea who went through things that were far worse than I even expected (which is saying a lot!) and he was never suicidal through the entire thing, until he started working the grill at Panda Express in America.
I remember my oldest brother said he liked working at a movie theater. I start working there, and it is super slow, almost no business, being paid to do almost nothing. Good, fun, interesting coworkers to talk to all day. Management doesn't give busywork, and Manager is understanding and reasonable. Best job I've ever had. Now I realize my dad was wrong. Even if it takes 8 jobs for you to find employment that doesn't make you suicidal, there probably is some way to get by in life without crying every day.
In the last year and a half I have worked here, there have been periods of incredible loneliness, to the point that the physical pain of it keeps me from falling asleep at night, or one time I literally thought I was about to die of loneliness, not suicide, which does happen, look it up! But I have improved my social life, and have been moderately enjoying life overall. I have taken a look at my future and now feel it is a tree branching out full of good choices about lifestyle and possible employment futures I can make if I want. My next battles are addiction to porn, youtube, and laziness, but this is one of the best spots I've been in of my whole life.
If it wasn't clear, I am 20 years old now, and my parents deal with me is that if I have a job or go to school, they let me stay in their house and eat their food for free! I am incredibly grateful for this because it allows me to save money in a Roth IRA and even donate while only working part time at a minimum wage job.
During this time I have also had my eye on other jobs I think I could handle. The one that has most of my attention is bus driving. Simple, easy, occasional chit chat with a stranger riding with me. Government job so good pay, full benefits, and best of all, a small PENSION! Downsides are more hours, less socializing, and no hanging with coworkers during work. I don't have the required driving experience yet, but I will definitely think long and hard about trying out this job when I do.
I hope that this gives you some kind of hope if you've had similar problems. Feel free to share in the comments
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2023.04.01 00:30 Acceptable_Roll_7257 Airing out some grievances... (New P&M Associate) (Heavy rant)

Hi Staples! Can you believe this is my first time making a reddit account? It's crazy what working at Staples can do to an individual...
This post is mostly a rant; a detailing of my experience since starting work as a P&M Associate a few months ago. My goal with this post is, as it says on the title, to just air out my grievances- but if you find yourself relating to or having any similar stories mentioned in this post, sharing down in the comments is much appreciated. I feel like it's easy to feel alone working here...
Also if there are mistakes/confusing parts to this, I'm just not proofreading it. Will clarify in replies if needed. Also apologizing for how word-heavy it is- I have to talk a lot.
My first impression of Staples was not positive. The day of my interview I walked in and went straight to the P&M "corner" (as I believe it is being called on here. Lol. Perfect name for it). There were two employees working there (who I have since become quite close with!) who were clearly slammed with orders, and I saw them glance up at me a couple of times, but it took more than 5 minutes before they could walk over and ask what I needed. I remember thinking that, if they're so busy back there that they can't acknowledge a potential customer- can I really handle the work? (Spoiler alert: I could, but not happily, anyways.)
Fast forward to the first weeks of working, I realized almost immediately that there was this strange distribution of tasks at P&M and a glaring issue with store management.
Order intake, order production (And the whole bag of beans associated with that!); iPostal; returns for THREE return services (Amazon, Express, Happy); then drop-offs; and another aspect I had never experienced in my years working as a part-timer in retail... Walkie Talkies. Not only is this WAY too much for one department to be handling, it's also unreasonable to expect us to keep up everything efficiently...
Naturally with a retail job, customer service is just the cherry on top. I've seen a few posts mentioning this but I have noticed this influx of incredibly rude, demanding, entitled customers! And as a side note- isn't it the most irritating thing to have customers wait with their bodies pressed up against the counter, watching, waiting waiting waiting pretending to look irritated as if that's going to make me work faster?
The worst of it, I can only categorize into two-halves.
...Back to management. The most disorganized and unreliable I've ever seen. Just some highlights I've had to face from the MOD:
Well, a few months later and I'm just now getting a good hold on things. Us part-timers have managed as best as we could. Most shifts we don't have our Supervisor so we have to hold down the fort. I feel bad having to message our Supervisor on their off-days, alongside messaging other coworkers, but that's just how we've had to do things at our store.
Most of us working at the department are college students/really young. Even our print Supervisor is. I just find it very unfortunate that we're doing good work, getting paid just a bit above the regular cashier (no offense to any cashiers reading!), then having to deal with duties that someone higher up should be dealing with.
I do like the work. I find it fascinating. I think it does develop some well-needed workforce skills and gives me some perspective on how businesses operate. But. Heavyhearted But. It's one of the most draining jobs I've had to do thus far.
I've run out of things to say, believe it or not. But I do feel a bit better after writing all of this out. Again, any comments are appreciated. Hope you guys have a good April.
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2023.04.01 00:30 rollzdust Help me “solve” a JV modified Tele crisis

So I’m in the market for a new Tele (I currently own a Nashville Player Plus), and the other day at the shop down the street — out of left field — I spot and play the new JV modified 50s and…wow. I put a deposit down within 10 minutes.
Later that night, I see online that the shop’s other location has the other JV tele — the 60s — and I ask to have it shipped to my location so I can A/B before making a final call.
I just got home after testing both out, empty handed. I cannot make up my mind, and part of the stress comes from me not being super familiar with the feel of a full maple neck and fretboard. I simply love the feel of the 50s neck, but the tone definitely felt thinner and brighter than the 60s. Is the difference between a rosewood fingerboard and a maple fingerboard that drastically different? Maybe the 50s Tele had a set of very bright 9s without much heft?
This all sounds ridiculous as I type it out, but damn if I’m not conflicted over here. I’m gonna head back for the final showdown tomorrow morning, but curious if the knowledgeable folks around here have opinions.
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2023.04.01 00:30 basedyeehaw bro💀

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