Crate and barrel outdoor dining chairs

[WTS/WTT][SK]WE G3 GBBR with 4 Mags + Spuhr Stock

2023.05.31 05:52 turtlez0614 [WTS/WTT][SK]WE G3 GBBR with 4 Mags + Spuhr Stock

I have a WE G3 that I am selling for a TM AKM.
It comes with surplus (as far as I can tell) handguard and pistol grip, real sphur stock, optics mount and 4 mags.
Not sure if the mags leak or not. I will update on the condition of them as soon as the propane adapter arrives. One of the mags have the dry fire switch broken off, but thats about it.
The only other thing I can note is that the previous owner have installed a short inner barrel for CQB field fps limit. So if you want to field it outdoors, you will likely need a longer inner and better hopup rubber.
$900 shipping OBO included.
Located in Regina.

Only trades im interested in would be a TM AKM.
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2023.05.31 04:21 natwest96 living/dining room suggestions

living/dining room suggestions
Just got the keys to my first place and unsure what kind of furniture to look for and how to go about the layout. Things like sofa placement and tv? coffee table? what kind of dining table/chairs any rugs? Any Plants? Lamps etc..
For example if i decided to have a sofa under the stairs facing a tv on the opposite wall, how would best make use of the space on other side of the fire place by the window.
Starting entirely from scratch and the only possessions coming with me to consider are my turntable and record collection / speakers.
Appreciate any suggestions in advance!
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2023.05.31 03:52 justweddingplanning Planning Help!

So, now that’s it’s summer and I finally have time (teacher) wedding planning is in full force for two months. We’re getting married in November, but I need help thinking about what else is needed. We have the venue, caterer, and photographer. His dad will be our officiant. What other things do we need to think about? Here are some of my questions on some main items I’ve already though about:
Rentals - Our venue doesn’t have chairs or tables. So, we’re going to have to rent. Should I have booked that a long time ago? Do I still have time?
Lighting - Can you rent lighting? We’re having a reception outdoors and tbh I can’t remember the lighting situation. I know I can just ask, but just in case - can you rent lighting things?
Decor - I’m gonna hunker down this summer and try to DYI as much as I can with whatever I can find and get.
HMUA - When should I do a trial? It’ll just be my mom and I that are getting makeup done. Would it be best to have someone come to us or go to them? Ideally I’d like them to come to us, but I’d assume that be extra?
Nails - How far out do y’all get a mani/pedi done? My nails are naturally long so I don’t do acrylics (also I’m just scared, haha). So, I was thinking gel polish? But the thing is I’m and art teacher, I’m so clumsy, and I talk with my hands, so regular polish chips fairly easily on me. Does gel hold up? I don’t really get my nails done that often (like I said, art teacher, so little spending money) so I have no idea when I should get nails done. Oh! I’m also a Hot Cheetos girly and they are my comfort snack in times of stress. I’m scared I’m gonna have Hot Cheetos fingers 🥴
Invites - We didn’t do save the dates since the people invited are people were already close to and we’ve told them the date once we set it. How far out do you send the invites?
Registry - How do you do it? Do you just go up to the service desk and ask? We were thinking Target and maybe Amazon? We wish Lowe’s had a registry because we have a fixer upper house and could use some assistance 😂
Speakers - We don’t plan on having a DJ to save on costs. What would be the best speakers to work with? Can you rent those also? How many speakers?
Rings - We don’t have wedding bands. I have my engagement ring but I haven’t gotten him a band. Am I pushing it? Do I, myself, need a wedding band or can we just use the engagement ring?
I don’t know what else I might be missing? Any guidance would be appreciated!
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2023.05.31 03:19 shandelion When did you take your baby to indoor restaurants?

FTM to a two and a half week old. We’re going to visit my parents for the 4th of July and do a combo Father’s Day/4th of July/Brother’s bday celebration. LO will be 6/7 weeks old.
My mom wants to book a restaurant that the family lives for dinner one night, and this spot has no outdoor dining options.
I was planning to avoid indoor dining until she’s able to have her two month shots, but now I’m worried that I’m being overly paranoid.
When did you start taking your little ones to indoor dining?
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2023.05.31 03:19 shandelion When are you taking your baby to indoor restaurants?

FTM to a two and a half week old. We’re going to visit my parents for the 4th of July and do a combo Father’s Day/4th of July/Brother’s bday celebration. LO will be 6/7 weeks old.
My mom wants to book a restaurant that the family lives for dinner one night, and this spot has no outdoor dining options.
I was planning to avoid indoor dining until she’s able to have her two month shots, but now I’m worried that I’m being overly paranoid.
When did you start taking your little ones to indoor dining?
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2023.05.31 02:59 StrngBn135 Dining Room suggestions

Dining Room suggestions
You all provided such good feedback on my last post that I would love some help with picking a dining room table.
We are moving into the house so the photos are from the listing and other furniture / accessories will no be there. We want to be able to use the table every day as our primary table and have little kids- so think we need to go with reclaimed wood to help with scratch prevention. I really did not want the table/ chairs to be very dark and heavy feeling and was going for a lighter wood / sleek base. It’s the first room you see when you walk into the house.
Would love any suggestions for style of table and color options.
Thank you!!
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2023.05.31 02:42 Quomii 10” best general barrel length for both CQB and outdoors?

I’m getting ready to buy an AEG for my son. I already have a 7-inch Lancer Tactical Gen 3 for myself. But it turns out we’ll be doing more than just CQB. I’m leaning toward a 10” for my kid. Thoughts?
(Note: Not worried about advice for brand or model, just barrel length for now.)
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2023.05.31 02:09 nosesinroses Puppy regressed so hard after puppy class.

Several weeks ago, I made a post here regarding my puppy being over-stimulated the entirety of our first puppy class, which looks like him looking rapidly around at his triggers (people, dogs), wagging his tail the entire time and panting heavily, to the point of trembling. Advice ranged from pulling him from the classes altogether or asking for modifications like a visual barrier which wasn’t available. The classes were in a very small room which really didn’t help. After speaking with the trainer, they suggested we move to advanced classes as my puppy was still responding well in his high arousal state and the location was a lot bigger. We gave this a try and while he definitely was still over-stimulated, he did do really well and I saw progress over the weeks. We had a class outdoors and he was by far one of the best behaved. I was proud.
Until last night.
For whatever reason, last night, he couldn’t handle it. He went back to the same intense arousal as the first class in the small room, but worse. He was trembling so bad. I was going to pull him out after 30min, but then we moved onto a “leave it” game which didn’t involve proximity to other dogs and he knocked it out of the park. I should have pulled him out then though, because the next activity involved a “meet and greet” where we walked towards another owner and dog, with dogs on opposite ends so they couldn’t actually meet. My puppy couldn’t handle this and to my dismay he started jumping at the owners and lunging at the dogs. Other owners criticized us and I walked out early in tears.
I had a very bad feeling about the repercussions, and I was right. Today has been horrible.
He is getting intense zoomies indoors as soon as the crate door opens which NEVER happens. He was finally starting to settle on his own and now he just wanders and pants non-stop again. We have a routine as we walk down the stairs in our apartment where he checks in with me on each flight, and I might as well have not have existed to him today. I knew before we even walked outside what I was in for…
He was extremely hyper alert and over aroused. We live above a shopping plaza so he has been exposed to people, dogs, heavy traffic, all the bells and whistles since day one. I have worked on properly exposing him to these things so he doesn’t get over aroused. But today, he was the worst behaved that he has ever been. The moment he saw a person or dog, no matter how far, he hyper fixated and either stopped dead in his tracks while ignoring my commands or pulled towards them. He pulled hard towards every single person who passed us which was extremely embarrassing. He had almost no unprompted engagement with me even though I have worked so hard on this every single day. Normally he looks at me every minute or so. He has NEVER been this bad. All it took was one stupid puppy class.
We obviously won’t be going to the final class next week, and he will be getting conditioned to a halti to hopefully stop him from pulling towards people. I was so proud of him because he didn’t need one…
I think a big reason why it’s so bad is because we don’t have a yard for him to run around in (I do take him on long line walks all the time, but haven’t much for the past week because of car issues). Another big reason is probably because I have no friends that live near me, so he doesn’t get to play with other dogs or learn how to greet new people properly. I’m not only an introvert, but kind of anti-social in general… it is extremely difficult for me to try to make new connections. That’s why I got a dog, to be my best friend. But I have tried countless times to connect with others for this dog so he can get the outlets he needs. None of these times have worked out. I have gone way above and beyond what 90% of dog owners do for this dog (not just meeting strangers for dog dates, but multiple rounds of puppy classes, private training, many books and hundreds of hours spent researching)…. and it’s still not enough.
I really like this dog. I am bonded to him. I know he is bonded to me.
But if we can’t even go for a walk in our neighbourhood without him being overstimulated the moment we walk out the door. Or find a quiet trail without off leash dogs running around. I just don’t know if this is sustainable for either of us.
This is the closest I have felt to wanting to throw in the towel. And now more than ever, it’s not even about me, but about this dog and what’s best for him. I don’t know how much longer I should hold out before I tell the rescue that he needs to go to a home with either a yard or another dog, or ideally both.
I am just so, so exhausted. And I feel so, so bad for my dog. I hate this.
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2023.05.31 01:57 wRXLuthor This was my first time making an x brace and first time making a half lap joint. Looking for advice (and feedback)

This was my first time making an x brace and first time making a half lap joint. Looking for advice (and feedback)
This is the door i made for an outdoor trash bin holder, my first time using my table saw, first time x bracing and making half lap joint and really first time making something without using anybody else’s plans. The hinges will be on the 2x4 on the left (blue), and the door latch somehow will be in the upper right corner of the door.
1) do I need to use screws for the corners where the angled cuts of the brace meet the door frame?
2) will I be alright if I don’t glue the center of the x brace? I’ll do it if it’s recommended it’s just a pain to take the brace apart
3) I’ll be staining this with varathane to match the rest of the bin holder I made, any recommendations for waterproofing? On my chairs I used polycrilic which I now realize isn’t waterproof. Would Thompson’s water seal spray can work?
4) now that I think of it should I glue the joints on red as well?
Thank you in advance!
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2023.05.31 01:13 StudyUseful5681 Outdoor dining is "Crumbling"

Looks like the Bee saw my earlier post.
They call attention to the fact that, for the most part, people enjoyed outdoor dining during the pandemic. Today, the program that's supposed to make outdoor dining permanent is failing.
Personally, I'm dismayed that the Al Fresco program is inefficient, and I consider it a failure. The only thing it has accomplished is removing parklets and outdoor dining from the grid. Summer is here, and I would really love to enjoy dining on R street, or in the pop-up near Beast and Bounty. And who doesn't love the Rind's parklet? While I understand the need to change it to be ADA compliant and what not, its unfortunate that the Al Fresco program is prohibitively expensive to allow for the Rind to retro-fit their parklet. From the article:
"Yet $20,000 won’t cover retrofitting all patios to meet city codes. That’s one reason The Rind is removing its L Street patio, owner Sara Arbabian said, along with the strain it put on her small restaurant’s kitchen staff. To be compliant with the city’s new requirements, The Rind’s lifted wood patio needed a ramp or wheelchair lift, better drainage and to ensure that their structure didn’t stress the roots of a large tree that sat in the center. It’d cost $30,000-$40,00 to renovate on top of sunk costs".
The article mentions that some restaurants have managed to make the Al Fresco program work for them, but these restaurants seem like exceptions to the rule. At this point in the year, it's mind-boggling to me that we are still this far behind and no new parklets have been completed. Of the 85 restaurants that applied for the initial temporary grants, only one of them has applied for the formal program. This makes me think that the new program is prohibitively expensive.
Serious reform is needed here IMO.
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2023.05.31 00:56 BroMandi [Home Depot] 2-Count Hampton Bay Beacon Park Wicker Outdoor Patio Captain Dining Chairs w/ CushionGuard Cushions (Brown or Gray Wicker, Various Color Cushions) $209, More + Free Shipping [Deal: $209.00, Actual: $449.00]

[Home Depot] 2-Count Hampton Bay Beacon Park Wicker Outdoor Patio Captain Dining Chairs w/ CushionGuard Cushions (Brown or Gray Wicker, Various Color Cushions) $209, More + Free Shipping [Deal: $209.00, Actual: $449.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 00:52 BroMandi [Home Depot] 4-Pack Hampton Bay Tolston Removable Cushions Wicker Outdoor Dining Chairs w/ Charcoal Cushions $199 + Free Shipping [Deal: $199.00, Actual: $349.00]

[Home Depot] 4-Pack Hampton Bay Tolston Removable Cushions Wicker Outdoor Dining Chairs w/ Charcoal Cushions $199 + Free Shipping [Deal: $199.00, Actual: $349.00] submitted by BroMandi to ShoppingDealsOnline [link] [comments]

2023.05.31 00:51 nightandgalee Dining table and chairs - pickup near Madison and Manzanita

Dining table and chairs - pickup near Madison and Manzanita
Small, barely noticeable scratches on surface of table from ~8 years of use but it’s a nice, sturdy table. Roughly 42” in diameter. The glass top comes off for transport but you will most likely want to bring a blanket to wrap it up/prevent damage.
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2023.05.31 00:22 anishp983 Tips for first time dog owner getting Cavapoo next year

Hi all,
A bit about myself, I’m 25 and work from home, also living with my parents.
I will be getting a cavapoo next year so currently in research phase. Have found a good trusted breeder who I’m most likely to choose.
Any tips or things you’d have wish you knew when you first got your puppy?
I’m keen to potty train as quick as possible too so please let me know if you have any tips for that.
Also, is there a particular time when you can start taking them for walks? And normally how long do you start them off for? Luckily I have a good sized garden too which I will use to do leash training and practice walking him there and get used to normal outdoor sound ect
And another one is, is it best to take them alone for walk or is it okay if someone else comes with me? I have an excited younger cousin who is also keen to get involved and take the dog but I think it’s best if I obviously go myself first 5-6 months while I train up the puppy properly.
Another question, do you generally put them in the crate for overnight sleeping or when they sleep during the day??
Appreciate all your advice in advance :)
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2023.05.31 00:10 freyjas_cats Who’s a regular (good or bad) that you’ll never forget?

I’ve been in the service industry for almost 10 years now, I’ve been working in restaurants since I was 14 and there are definitely some regulars I will always remember.
A terrible regular I’ll never forget, his name was Dick, and he was definitely one of the more mind boggling ones. We called him ‘the lizard’ because he would demand we closed our outdoor umbrellas because he had a medical condition that caused him to be literally cold blooded and need constant heat. He lived down the street, would show up an hour before we opened, bring his own cup of diet Dr. Pepper, and sit until we were closed and literally stacking chairs around him. We were pretty sure he had dementia, because he never remembered when we actually opened or closed, he’d often show up and forget to order, or forget he ordered at all and would be confused when we’d bring him his check.
We always tried to cut him some slack because we were positive he had dementia, despite treating us terribly, specifically taking up tables meant for parties of 5 or more, and only tipping by rounding up to the exact change (if the total was $17.30 he’d ask you to make it an even $18.00 etc.).
One day, last august, we were having a burlesque event that required you to pay an entrance fee of $10 just for a ticket, $25 if you wanted a charcuterie platter as well. Plenty of people showed up early to try and bypass the door fee, but the manager made everyone go back to the door to pay for entry. The lizard had shown up a whole 2 HOURS earlier than the event and was completely outraged that he had to pay $10 to take up a table for 6 hours, so he swore to her he’d never come back.
We understandably figured he’d forget about the whole thing and show up again the next week, but he never did. I guess his brain prioritized his disdain for us so he just remembers that he hates our restaurant now. The lizard is still alive if anyone was wondering, just the local Starbucks had to put up signs saying you could not occupy their tables for more than 3 hours at a time now, because of him.
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2023.05.30 23:19 Peanuttttssss The Pure Order Program

I had a drug problem, and I lived a very chaotic live. I frequently went to bars just to do cocaine with friends and fight people in the bar.
One of my female friends was very concerned about my way of living. I said that it really wasn't that bad. But one day when I got very high on cocaine and I crashed my motorcycle in a farmfield somewhere and laid there until sunrise, I knew it was time to try to change my life. The female friend, named Emma, was very reliefed that I had the courage to ask her for help.
She immediately started to figure stuff out to help me, and after a while she told me she found a program somewhere in the mountains deep in the forest that helped people get rid of their addictions.
The name of the program was ''Pure Order''. I was a bit sketchy at first, but I love the mountains and nature so I thought I could always give it a try.
The only problem, was that I was from New Jersey, and the program was in Montana. But Emma was willing to pay along for the trip, and she'd even come with me to drop me off to make sure I arrived safely.
At the airport, a car, that was part of the Pure Order program, would take us there. The driver was a man in a suit, with combed black hair, a well kept goatee and mustache. He was wearing a dress shirt, suspenders and cowboy boots.
It was a peculiar look that I instantly noticed. It was a very hipster look, but also a very country look. It was a 5 hour, if not more, ride from the airport to the place where the Pure Order program was. It was very deep in the woods and mountains, and very far away from civilization.
When we arrived, I saw 10 feet high walls, made out of wooden beams, with barbed wire at the top. It kinda looked like a military camp to me, but also like a scouting camp. It was close to a very big lake, surrounded by a dense forest.
The big wooden doors opened, and a nice dressed gentleman was standing in the door opening. Also with suspenders, big beard, combed hair, tinted glasses, nice white dress shirt, a black Bolo tie, and a suit jacket.
I noticed some kind of dress code, but I thought that was to tell the staff members apart from the people. The man who greeted me was a very nice man, and super welcoming. Then we heard a gunshot in the distance, and I saw birds fly up from the treelines.
The man was obviously startled by the gunshot, and me and Emma looked at each other. The man said ''Its hunting season, we take the people outside hunting as one of the many outdoor activities we have around the camp'' in a laughing tone with a smile.
The man welcomed me in, and Emma was not allowed in since she wasn't part of the Pure Order program, so they politely asked her to leave. And the driver would take her back to the airport.
The man talked to me for a bit, while we walked to my bed where I could put my stuff and ''Make myself'' at home. I walked into one of those typical summer camp sleeping places, with two rows of bunk beds on each side of the walls, once again very military like.
The man noticed the look on my face and he told me not to worry, as we would only sleep here, and we would be doing activities all day.
Lastly he asked me if he could have my phone, so I'm not distracted by the outside world and we can focus on me getting better instead. I was hesitant at first, but the way he said it just made sense, and before I thought about it I handed over my phone.
Not that my phone had any signal anyway.
He asked that if I had any questions, I could always ask him. I was scared to ask questions but for some reason I just blurted out all the questions I had.
I asked about the barbed wire, why we are so far away from civilization, why I had to hand my phone over even though I didn't have any signal.
He politely told me that the barbed wire was because the wildlife would sometimes climb over the wooden walls. He told me we are so far away from civilization because they don't want anyone to get the urge to get distracted by day to day society, and fall back into our old habits.
I had to hand over my phone because I would be distracted by it, even though I didn't have any signal, they just wanted to be completely sure that I would get better.
That night we would gather around the campfire, the staff members were there, and the other people in the program. The staff introduced me, and I was kinda awkwardly sitting there, but the other people in the program were very inviting as well.
They told me about the program, they had big smiles on their faces and they looked genuinely happy. They showed interest in me, asking me where I came from, what my goal was, told me about their issues and how the program have really helped them so far.
I felt like I wasn't alone, and that I could actually be helped. Almost all my suspicion disappeared. The heat of the fire was getting a bit hot, so I took off my flannel, revealing some of my tattoos. People in the group were very interested in my tattoos.
I had a tribal tattoo that looked like waves, with a boat sailing on the waves. I said it was because one of my best friends was in the navy, and he sadly lost his life in was, and I had the tattoo out of respect for him.
One of the staff member showed me his tattoo. It was a tattoo on his forearm. It looked like a ''Phi'' symbol from the Greek alphabet, but instead of the circle, it was an eye. He said he got the tattoo when he ''Reached enlightenment''.
I didn't know what that meant, but you know, I don't judge, we all got our things, and I was just happy he ''reached his enlightenment''.
As I was getting ready for bed, one of the other people in the program came up to me and told me ''Welcome to the program, one piece of advice, make sure to smile.'' I thought he meant that we had to smile so we don't bring down the mood for the other people and we keep things positive.
So I brushed off what he said, and made sure to keep a positive mindset.
The next day we did all kinds of activities, we painted, we went fishing, we had a couple (Non alcoholic) drinks and it was a very good experience.
When I was getting another drink from the cooler, one of the staff members came up to me, saying that I had a very rough look, with the tattoos and I had a cut in my eyebrow from a bar fight when someone pulled out a knife and tried to cut my face.
I told him about the fight I've gotten in, and said that I could ''basically defend myself''. He said that if I'd like, I could sign up for a boxing match that would be happening that night. He said that they would have boxing matches, so the people could blow off some steam, and since I had a history of fighting he thought it would be something for me. I was actually very excited, so I decided to sign up.
That night I put on the boxing gloves and fought one of the other people in the program. It was a close match but I managed to win. He was laying on the ground, still consious. As I was celebrating they told me to ''End the fight''.
I had a very confused look on my face, the fight ended, he coulnd't fight anymore and I won. But every staff member kept chanting ''End the fight''. I realised I had to kill him. The man that welcomed me at the door, told everyone to be quiet and he told me ''End the fight, prove to yourself that you have what it takes to make a change. Otherwise you don't have what it takes, and we would be forced to take matters in our own hands.'' while putting one hand on a revolver. When I looked around, I saw the other people in the program just silently looking at me. Their eyes looked empty. All of them knew what had to be done, because they were once in my spot.
I realised that if I didn't kill the man in front of me, I would be the one that would not make it out of here. I looked at the mans face, he had this facial expression that begged me for mercy, but he also understood what had to be done. I shut off my mind, and my survival instinct just took over. I killed that man with my bare hands.
I came to the realisation that this wasn't a program to help people get better. This is a cult. And now that I killed that man, I had officially joined the cult.
I walked up to the man who greeted me at the gate the next day, as I got the impression that he was most likely the leader of the cult. I overheard some staff members drop the name ''Head of Order Edgar'', so as I walked towards him I said ''Edgar?'' and he looked up and asked what was wrong?
I tried to maintain calm but couldn't really contain myself and I asked ''What the fuck was that all about yesterday?'' in a very shaken voice. Edgar told me that I had to choose a new path in life, that I had to make a change in my life, and have the strength to make a life or death decision. As the was telling me these things, I noticed the ''Phi'' tattoo in Edgar's neck. The exact same one the other fella showed me before.
I looked at him with a scared but understanding face, while in my mind all I could think was ''These guys are absolutely nuts.'' I knew I had to escape somehow, even though it could be my death with all the wildlife out there, I had to at least try.
The next few days I went along with all their activities, while trying to figure out the patterns of the cult members. I managed to find an oppurtunity to escape. I noticed that every night, after all the program members would go to sleep, the cult members would gather around and they would have a few drinks.
I knew it was risky as it would be very easy to detect me if I were to sneak out, but I had to try.
So after a couple nights, I gathered the courage to sneak out. I slightly opened the door and I noticed the cult members gathered around the campfire. There were even more cult members then I thought, all dressed in the dress shirts, long beards, suspenders etcetera. I sneaked out of the cabin and the door cracked as I opened it.
The cult members heard the sound but brushed it off, but they did stay on their guard. I thought about sneaking back inside the cabin but I knew this had to be my moment, now I had the courage to make a move. I decided to keep going, and sneak towards a weaker spot in the wooden walls.
As I got closer to the wooden wall, a dog in a cage started barking at me. I panicked and kicked down the weak part of the wall and managed to get out of the walls. I felt so free, but I wasn't out there yet. I didn't have time to think and I heard the cult members scream and load weapons.
I didn't think about anything, I just started running, and I heard the screaming get further and further away. I just kept running, I had no idea what way I was running, where I was, it was pitch dark, I guess around 3 am. I heard bullets whizzing by my head, bullets hitting the trees, right next to me.
I zigzagged and all my legs could do was just run. I kept hearing the screaming in the distance, then it got closer and closer and I kept hearing bullet whizzing by. Then out of nowhere, I felt a sharp pain in my leg, I tried to get up but my leg felt heavy, I thought I was struck by as bullet, but my leg got caught in a bear trap. I tried to pry it open, I screamed from the pain, the screaming from the cult members got closer and closer. My heart was raising. And as I looked up I was looking directly into the face of a cult member, with his weapon leaning on his shoulder. He didn't look happy.
They dragged me through the woods, like I was some kind of animal. They said that they had a place for ''people like me''. They dragged me to a tiny shed deep into the woods. It had no windows, just some very small holes in the wood of the shed that let some light from the upcoming sun in.
They strapped me to a chair, and put tape over my mouth. I heard the sound of a shotgun getting cocked behind me. I felt a very cold metal rod getting pushed into the side of my head, the barrel of the shotgun. I was breathing very heavily, I couldn't scream. I felt one single tear roll down my face.
As I looked through one of the holes in the shed, I was looking at the sunrise. I heard a gunshot, and all my pain disappeared. All I could see was Edgar welcoming new people at the gate, as he smiled and said ''Aahhh, hunting season.''
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2023.05.30 23:08 Timely-Ad2080 Wheelchair user roovians what are your contingency plans for muddy conditions?

New to using a chair and haven’t tried to do anything this big outdoors so far but am in a chair that won’t handle it well. Any tips or tricks? Must have items for surviving Roo as a wheelchair user?
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2023.05.30 22:33 CurryGoddess Rolling Kitchen Island

Crate and Barrel rolling kitchen island. It has 2 sides that fold out for a larger working space, a drawer perfect for utensils or odds and ends, and 2 shelves for storage. This cart is sturdy and great in the kitchen or as a craft station; I used it to make candles. The top would benefit from a light sanding and rub down with some oil. This model is no longer produced, but similar carts retail for anywhere from $400-800.
I am asking $200 or best offer.
Will consider trade for: Nintendo switch games, solar panels, solar generator, or similar items
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2023.05.30 22:03 Chonkan How tight should an AEG inner barrel be for CQB & Outdoors

How tight would you reccomend my aeg barrel is when i use it for CQB and Outdoor games, the barrel length is 14 in.
Also how much should i pay for an inner barrel?
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2023.05.30 22:02 fashaow Would really love input on layout and flow! And opinions on having guests move chairs or another solution

TL;DR - I'm looking for advice about using both the first floor space and the courtyard space for the full event, and also wondering if it's too much to have guests move their ceremony chairs into the reception so that the courtyard could then be used for cocktail hour. And if I shouldn't ask guests to move chairs, should I hire someone to do it and plan to use the courtyard for anything? Or should I maybe downgrade my rental space of the courtyard down to just an hour, even though they are giving it to use for free during the ceremony and we are currently contracted to pay for it for the 4 hour event time. Or...idk!! I feel stuck on what to do.
My partner and I are getting married in October at a museum! We are paying for gallery access for our guests, and are allowed to have people go basically anywhere around the museum, we just have to pay for renting spaces where we plan to set things up. So our rental contract is for the first floor and adjoining courtyard. Meaning they have additional rentable spaces that we are allowed to use, but not set things up in.
They are very kindly allowing us an extra 45 min at no cost to have our ceremony (not having a 45 min ceremony, but like time for guests to arrive and sit and start the ceremony and then start cocktail hour a bit before our official rental starting time so we can catch sunset for couple photos).
Our current plan is to have the ceremony in the courtyard, then have people go inside for cocktail hour and to check out the gallery. However, drinks/food are not allowed in the gallery (second floor), and so our cocktails and appetizers will all be on the first floor. Tables and chairs will already be set up, and we can probably fit some belly bars around as well. Then the reception will still be in the same space. I'm not sure if dancing will fit well in the same room as all the dinner tables/chairs, and have included a layout of the venue from All Seated, with my own tables and chairs plan added as well as some notes.
I am struggling to figure out how to better utilize the courtyard since we are paying for it for the full reception time, but only really are able to use it so far for the ceremony, and they are allowing us to do that for free anyway (I don't mind paying something for it, but it does feel a little silly to pay for it for 4 hours and only use it in any official capacity for the free ceremony time). We have the rental company coming at 3pm to set up tables and chairs for the reception and chairs outside for the ceremony, then they will leave.
Should I hire someone to fold up all the outdoor chairs during the cocktail hour to then use the courtyard for...something? A dance floor if there isn't enough space inside for dancing? The DJ is able to have set ups in multiple locations for no extra cost.
What I reeeally wish I could do is just have all the guests take their ceremony chairs inside for the tables...but I worry that is just not appropriate? But it would just solve so many issues! The chairs would be out of the way immediately instead of hiring a few people to take a few minutes to get it done, and then we could instead have cocktail hour out in the courtyard AND use it for dancing later on. Plus we'd only need to rent half as many chairs. I would need to make sure, but I believe the caterers could set up the cocktail hour appetizers in a way that they would then quickly be able to get the food out there after the chairs are cleared away, and I am hopeful that at least some guests will also be excited to go up to the gallery instead of immediately go for drinks and food.
My friend whose wedding I officiated did a 'backyard wedding' (it was at her husband's parents very large estate/farm with a private lake, so a very beautiful and grand feeling backyard wedding!) and as part of my announcements after the ceremony, we asked everyone to carry their ceremony chairs over to the reception tent to place at tables. Everyone was happy to do so, and helped out for any guests who were unable to carry their own, and it went very quickly. I would really love to do this but something about it being a backyard wedding vs a more formal venue makes it seem wrong.
If we don't do that, should I plan to hire people to fold up the chairs and try to then get people back outside for cocktail hour after a few minutes? Or do I need to give up on using the ceremony space for cocktail hour. Is it advisable to at least use the courtyard for dancing? Is it awkward to split up the space where dancing will occur from where we are eating dinner? I don't have a fully formed timeline yet, but so far it's something like:
3:00 - rentals arriving, coordinator at venue, family and wedding party photos around area near venue
5:00 - guests arriving
5:15 - ceremony
5:45 - cocktail houcouple sunset photos (sunset at 6:10pm, hoping to make it to some of the cocktail hour)
6:45 - first dance, parent dances
7:00 - dinner
8:00 - toasts then dancing/partying, dessert coming out at some point, or toasts could be just before dinneafter dances
10:00 - end
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2023.05.30 21:47 Ashamed_Pop1835 Landlord wishes to deduct £350 from deposit for repairs and professional cleaning. What are my chances of success in a dispute.

I have recently moved out of a flat I rented for 5 years.
I cleaned the flat to a good standard, but did not get professional cleaners. The check-in report shows some stains on the floors and describes some items as being "in need of a light clean", leading me to believe the flat had not been professionally cleaned upon moving in. The landlord wishes to have the whole flat deep cleaned. Surely, even if the level of cleanliness were lower upon my moving out, I would only be liable to pay the difference between my standard of clean and that of a professional, not of a full deep clean from scratch.
The landlord is also claiming for a broken hinge on one of the wardrobes, for the sealant on the bath to be replaced due to mould and for screws to be replaced on a couple of dining room chairs.
I understand that even if these items were damaged, the DPS factors in the depreciation that would have occured over a 5 year tenancy when deciding on a fair repaireplacement cost. I also know that fair wear and tear is factored into the calculation.
I know that the DPS more often than not sides with the tenant, am I likely to be successful in a dispute?
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2023.05.30 21:39 Nomeerkat781 Channel 781 News Week of 5-22-2023

Deadly Shooting / Moody St. Hyrbid Closing / New Candidates / Waltham Pride / Housing Notification Ordinance / Energy-Efficient Building Codes / Proposed Sober House / Lexington Power Plant
1:00 What to expect from Waltham Pride? (Nick Hammond) 3:10 Speakers at Pride 4:40 Where’s the money come from for Waltham Pride? 6:46 Volunteer at Waltham Pride! 9:25 Waltham Reproductive Justice Paint Event @ Pride! (Amanda Kennedy) 10:45 Sneak Peak at Portrait 13:45 Waltham City Council Passed Pride Resolution - Not Everyone Signed On 16:30 Shoulda Been A Roll Call 21:06 Tenants Rights Ordinance 26:20 Difference Between a Citizen Input Hearing and a Public Hearing 30:00 Sober House Application Goes Awry 33:20 Clips From the Meeting 38:20 Councilor Bradley-MacArthur's Climate Resolution Shot Down 43:00 If The Whole World Doesn’t Agree To Do Something, It’s Not Worth Doing (Councilor Lafauci) 46:25 This Puts Anthony Lafauci To The Right of Oil Industry 50:30 Waltham Should Be Leading, like We Used To
Headlines transcript:
Waltham resident Shelson Jules passed away on Monday 5/22, apparently from a gunshot that occurred about 1:30am near Lyman St. and Faneuil St. According to a gofundme set up to support his family, Shelson was also known as JJ and was a 22 year-old alum of Waltham High School. Waltham Police and the district attorney are investigating the shooting and so far no additional details have been made public.
This weekend is the first weekend a portion of Moody St. is closed to cars this year under the new "hybrid" plan that allows for outdoor dining but with more restrictions than in past years. Moody St. from High St. to Pine St. will be closed to cars Thursday evening through Sunday, as well as some holiday Mondays , from now through September 25. According to a WCAC article, business owners have mixed feelings about the new arrangement but 12 restaurants as well as the Game Underground have applied to use outdoor space.
A few more prospective candidates have pulled papers for this year's Waltham election. They include one more person who's been part of our Channel 781 News team-- Chris Hammer, who has helped us with video production, plans to challenge Councilor Harris in Ward 8. In addition Tammy Wong-Bigelow is the first challenger to pull papers for the School Committee race, Waltham Police Officer Paul Tracey has pulled papers for Ward 3, and elementary principal Stephen Duffy plans to run at-large.
Waltham Pride is happening next Saturday, June 3 on the Waltham Common. This is the third time in Waltham's history that we've had our own Pride event, and the second year on the Common. Some of last year's popular performers will be returning including Missy Steak, Evan Greer, Toast, Katie Gullotti, Rose Bello, and Zumba with Jen, along with a new drag performer Iris Laveau. Speakers will include community members from the middle school, high school, Brandeis, a local Church, and Waltham's recently formed Trans Alliance. That's 11-4 on Saturday and if you'd like to help out, there's still time to sign up as a volunteer. We'll have Nick Hammond and Amanda Kennedy on our debrief show to talk more about th event.
In this week's city council meeting, Councilors Bradley-MacArthur, Paz, and Darcy introduces a resolution recognizing Pride month and calling for a Pride flag to fly on the Common. The council voted to approve that without committee reference.
Also in this week's meeting Councilor Paz re-submitted the housing rights notification ordinance, and the council set a date for a citizen input hearing to take place Wednesday 6/21 at 6:30pm at Government Center. That ordinance was originally proposed by Watch CDC and would require landlords to give tenants in danger of eviction information about their rights. The new version Paz submitted includes language that also protects homeowners in danger of foreclosure.
Also in recent meetings, the city council shot down a proposal to make Waltham's building codes more energy efficient. The state sets standard that require new buildings or renovations to meet a certain level of energy efficiency, but municipalities can choose to adopt "stretch codes" that require a higher standard, which Waltham has done in the past. Councilor Bradley-MacArthur submitted a resolution to adopt the latest stretch codes, which was discussed at the Public Works & Public Safety Committee on 5/15. At that meeting Councilor LaFauci argued that the standards were too difficult to meet and would cost the city money by deterring people from renovating their homes. He said that "fossil fuels are not going away" and argued that it doesn't make sense for Waltham to take steps to address climate change if not all states and countries are doing it. The committee recommended the council file the resolution with prejudice, meaning they will not take action on it and no one can submit a similar resolution for at least a year. In the following meeting the council voted to do just that despite an effort by Councilor Bradley-MacArthur to send it back to committee.
Also at this meeting neighbors showed up to oppose a proposed lodging house on Robbins street that would provide shared bedrooms for about 20 people in recovery from addictions. That was sent to committee and we'll talk about that more on our debrief show.
A proposed solar plant in Lexington near the Cambridge Reservoir and the Waltham line was approved by the Lexington Planning Board on 5/17. The City of Waltham previously went to court to prevent developers from building an access road to the plant through a Waltham neighborhood, but lost. More recently Waltham neighbors organized to pressure the Lexington government not to approve the project. At the recent council meeting Councilor Darcy requested certain city department heads come to the next meeting to discuss.
There's no city council meeting this week but committee meetings will return June 5.
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