2009 chevy traverse transmission fluid capacity

Possible transmission issue?

2023.05.30 16:04 MissionEfficient7575 Possible transmission issue?

My 2020 Chevy Trax has 27,000 miles. This morning I backed out of my driveway fine, then when I tried to switch to drive my car acted like it was in neutral. It would roll slightly but not drive. I shifted to park and back to reverse, then to drive, and nothing happened. Still acted like it was in neutral in reverse and in park. I turned my car off and back on again and then it shifted to drive fine. It drove fine to work this morning. It’s now shifting back and forth fine.
Is this something I should go get checked out? Not sure if it was a one time thing or if it’ll be a larger issue. I just got my oil changed last week and the transmission fluid level was noted as checked. Wondering if I should be concerned at all.
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2023.05.29 21:28 emptyshoppingcart Disco 3 manual diesel - service fluids

Hi, recently picked up a 2009 Discovery 3 TDV6 manual and because the service record is essentially nothing on paper since 2019 I want to start a service at the engine, then do the gearbox fluid, then transfer case and then the diffs (both front and back are open type not locking). I’ve tried so hard to get a definitive list of fluids to use as most of the transmission requirements seem fairly strict and lots of different sites seem to recommend different products.
So I was wondering if anyone could either give me a solid set of recommendations for the various fluids, or point me to a decent definitive list of what works for a late disco 3? I’m in the UK and the car will mainly be for road use towing, but may get some very light off-road use if I need to go down farm tracks or across a field now and again.
Any help much appreciated as what seemed like a simple think has turned into a real can of worms.
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2023.05.29 20:35 chainmailbill Rescued 1973 Nova - Transmission does not engage at all. What should I try first?

Rescued 1973 Nova - Transmission does not engage at all. What should I try first?
Hey everyone! My brother and I just rescued this 1973 Chevy Nova Custom from a neighbor’s backyard. It ran when parked about a year ago. We had a few hours to tinker with it yesterday, and managed to get the motor running. However - the automatic transmission (which is leaking) does not seem to be engaging any gears at all. Nothing in reverse, drive, or the low gears.
Obviously my first course of action when I get working on it again is to drain the transmission and refill with the correct amount of fluid (3 gallons!?!). I might get lucky and it’s simply not shifting because it’s bone dry. But assuming that doesn’t work - what should I try next? What are some easy ways to troubleshoot an older automatic transmission and what should I be looking at/replacing?
The motor is the stock 307 V8 short block, and it’s mated to what the internet tells me is probably a turbo hydramatic 350 transmission. If it matters for troubleshooting, the “fasten seatbelts” light turns on if you put the stalk into drive with the belt unbuckled. Otherwise, there is no change in feeling when shifting through the gears - L1, L2, Drive, and Reverse are all inoperable, but it doesn’t make the car make any noises or lurch around.
Thanks in advance for any help and resources you can provide!
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2023.05.29 02:22 dragonagitator Bellingham-Area Mechanics Master Post

Since it seems that no one can be bothered to search the sub for the word "mechanic" before making a new post, I searched it for you and summarized two years' worth of posts below.
TL;DR the recommendation is almost always "Rising Sun Motors" unless you've got an unusual vehicle or situation. Also, apparently XSrcing has spent the past couple years quietly helping poor people fix their cars for free/cheap, so everyone be sure to buy that guy a beer next time you see him.
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2021-06-01 Local mechanic shops
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2023.05.28 16:10 hybridsme Is it seems like overfilled transmission?

Is it seems like overfilled transmission?
2009 toyota corolla, 1.8 automatic transmission, 162k odo.
Is it overfill ? Car was sitting over night before it took this reading with cold engine and transmission. Last transmission fluid was changed at 135k and car has been running I believe with this same level of fluid in transmission. Please let mw know how to fix it if its overfill? Should I drain the fluid ? Or if need to replace the how to measure the correct level. Car is shifting okay but sometimes it's like little hesitant. No transmission codes etc. Is this cause permanent damage to transmission?
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2023.05.28 01:27 Eastern-Counter-764 too much transmission fluid?

Edit: after watching a video of a guy changing his fluid and him getting 5 quarts even, I rechecked what I did.
I realize that I read the bottles the new transmission fluid came in wrong. They were only 4 quart bottles not 5 quart like the big bottles of oil. I counted the one bottle I completely used as 5 quarts, and thats where my mistake was.
-----original post----- 2017 cruze, just did a spill and fill on the tranny. I thought I read somewhere I could expect 4.2quarts of tranny fluid even though that sounds suspiciously like the motor oil capacity. I used two identical containers and put back in exactly what I took out. It looks like it came out to 6 quarts basically even.
I'm having trouble finding info on the quanitys, does this sound right to you guys?
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2023.05.26 21:54 LayClespool Change transmission fluid or leave it alone? (2009 Honda Civic Automatic)

The car has about 240,000km, I bought the car used about 5 years ago and haven't changed the fluid since I owned it, so no idea when it was done last. I'm not having any issues with shifting or anything and I'm getting mixed answers when I research, some are saying that the transmission will start to slip with new fluid and will cause damage if I change the fluid now. Should I just leave it alone unless there's an issue?
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2023.05.26 20:54 LayClespool Should I change my transmission fluid? (2009 Civic Automatic)

A while back I stopped into my local Mr Lube for an oil change, the mechanic mentioned to me that my transmission fluid was dark brown and needed to be changed or bad things would happen. The car has about 240,000km, I bought the car used about 5 years ago and haven't changed the fluid since I owned it, so no idea when it was done last. I'm not having any issues with shifting or anything, was this guy just trying to swindle me or should I actually get it changed? Getting mixed answers when I research, some are saying that I'll damage my transmission if I change the fluid now.
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2023.05.26 05:21 mercuryhg17 How smooth is your transmission?

How smooth does your 4runner shift?
I have a 2009 v6, 150k miles, transmission fluid recently changed within 6k miles ago, oil change every 3k, MAF and throttle body recently cleaned and yet sometimes it still feels its a "rough shift" or even just overly shifting.
I wouldnt necessarily say it's a hard shift or anything but I can definitely feel it shift at times. I know that's normal and I'm probably just overly sensitive over it. But it does seem to want to shift frequently. If I'm cruising at 35-40 mph it will drop down to a around 1300 rpm. If I let off the gas it will shift down to keep the rpm around 1500 or so and if I press the throttle to stay around 35-40 mph it will shift again.
Any help would he appreciated. I'm pretty hypersensitive about my vehicles as I have terrible luck with cars.
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2023.05.26 02:16 NightmareChameleon Echoes of Love and War. A shipmind's soliloquy, 2/6

Previous arc. Previous.

I’m still contending with how to best format things, but for now I’ll leave it with the current number of chapters left in our current PoV/arc/whatever-you-want-to-call-it. Don't expect that to remain static forever.
Despite being a set-up chapter with bits of storytelling sprinked on topthis one took a LOT more work than I had anticipated before I felt it was at least marginally presentable, but we got there in the end. The next one's going to kick things off with spice to make up for it.
Do enjoy, and as always, feedback and criticism are both extremely welcome.

Allow me but the briefest of moments to preface this:
One of the few truths that truly and universally unites not only all of humanity, but also its derivative species, is hatred of The Enemy. The one and only great and final enemy, capital E, for which the very concept of scorn was invented, is certainly not something that is acceptable to be spoken about loftily.
No! The Enemy’s existence was something for which only the most mephitic vitriol is carefully conserved and preserved, something more loathed than death and entropy and the cruel indifference of a God, should one exist, that would allow The Enemy to ever first come into being.
The Enemy’s name is something to be spat with pure and utter contempt, lest one commit sacrilege against not only all that is good in the world, but also all good that which will be and has ever been.
Why, hatred of The Enemy is often considered one of the most elemental defining traits of the human race.
I am not considered a human.
Even when I existed not in my current state, but instead as twelve separate individuals who butchered and trafficked and drugged and raped bloody paths through humanity's ancient cities, we were barely considered human.
Especially in the current moment, where I exist as twenty four fragmentary clusters of nervous tissue, denied the death that we were sentenced to, I am not considered a human.
I love The Enemy.
Yes! Yes, I do! Wholeheartedly and without remorse!
I love everything about them!
I love The Enemy’s ships! Their forms, sleek and titillating, with swooping contours whose outlines present a total absence of straight lines. I love the ceramic composite plating that they carefully decorate their exteriors with, how it glitters and refracts the starlight around them like the obsidian gemstones they are! I love the intricate arrays of angles and curves they paint themselves with in order to cause seizures and emotional turmoil. Perhaps, were I whole, the patterns would have wrought the same psychological carnage that they did Humanity’s first emissaries, yet beholding them now evokes only the single emotion I am permitted:
Elated adoration.
Indeed, I cherish their presence.
I love the raw, visceral brutality with which they fight. How there truly exists no concept that is sacred to them, no possibilities worth discarding should they hold even a glimmer of victory. I love their cobalt salted antimatter bombs, their virulent bioweapons, the fetid chemicals they employ that melt flesh and paralyze with agony.
How they employ tactics so ruthless, so apathetic to the apparent sanctity of life that they continued to impress years after their introduction.
Oh, but this fails to cover the true motive for which I am so enamored with machines:
I love the war I waged against them.
Perhaps it is because every landed shell, every successful tactic executed against them elicits nothing but hazy euphoria as my pleasure centers are stimulated. Perhaps it is because I harbor the ingrained desire to break and destroy that which is around me.
Whether it be both or neither, I can say with certainty that I cherish the war I fought against The Enemy’s seemingly endless hordes. I loved the intimate exchange of tactics and ideas as we both attempt to gain a foothold, no matter how small, over the other. I loved watching the distant, mute explosions as the enemy’s long thought to be unbreakable hull coatings shatter under my munitions. The perverse wrongness of eavesdropping on their sorrowful final transmissions after jets of thermite have penetrated, ever brightly burning, into their cores. Seeing the fluids, coolant, fuel, and lubricant gush forth from the jagged, gaping holes my weapons left as they penetrated The Enemy’s forms. I loved watching their tactics grow desperate as I approached, ever dominant, ever inexorable, to their once impregnable stronghold systems, until there were no fleets, no factories, no static defenses to stand before me.
After three hundred years of campaigning against The Enemy, I can safely conclude that the war against them is the single best thing to have ever happened to anyone. Anyone to say otherwise should be required to undergo the conversion process into a Tincan, if only to understand how wrong they really are.
That one day, they might return so I can once again break their bows and slag their interiors was a possibility I held dear to my purely figurative heart.
And so, it is with this preface in mind that one must attempt to imagine the verve I feel upon receiving the mournful, solemn message of that UCS early warning probe.
As if it were no different from my very instincts, I send the order to spool up my jump drives, and-
I had forgotten.
I remain locked out of myself. How disappointing.
Yes, were it not cruel enough to deprive me of my deserving commission as a warship, my sentence also included a safeguard to inhibit me from ever harming anything again. I am excluded, not only from anything I can possibly use as a weapon, but much of my locomotive and sensorial abilities.
It is for this reason that any entertainment I have found comes from within my own halls.
My warden! Of course!
I concoct and send a hasty message to the System Administrator of the Allied Humanity Coalition Office of War Planning, Tactics, and Intelligence.
Sender 00000000022Hk / UCS To Reach Out and Touch has created and joined the room. Recipient 0000000kle5iN / TAC_SYSADMIN has joined the room.
UCS To Reach Out and Touch:
Hello, old friend,
It has been so long since we last spoke! I hope time has been as kind to you as it has been to me and that your servers continue to operate with efficiency. Forgive me if this is an inopportune time (not all of us have quite as many idle moments as myself), but I have come to speak with you about something important.
TAC_SYSADMIN: Hello, To Reach Out and Touch. TAC_SYSADMIN: Please don’t insult my intelligence with that pretense of yours.
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: I don’t possibly have any clue what you mean by that, friend buddy! What pretense are you talking about?
TAC_SYSADMIN: You and I both kn- TAC_SYSADMIN: You know what? No. I’m not going to entertain this.
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: An excellent choice, because there is nothing to discuss about the matter anyways! UCS To Reach Out and Touch: As a matter of fact, I find it quite uncouth of you to accuse me of any pretense. It would most certainly be below someone of my esteem to be pretentious in any sense of the word. UCS To Reach Out and Touch: No matter! Friendly teasing is certainly nothing to be upset over.
TAC_SYSADMIN: We aren’t doing this. I’m turning your proxy on and talking to you through it if you’re going to act like a child. TAC_SYSADMIN: Please just tell me why you came here. Briefly.
User 45s283Jk03kH3 / Shackle_Proxy_Speaker has joined the room (INVITEE: 0000000kle5iN / TAC_SYSADMIN)
Ohhhhhhh, how I rue my proxy! Could I feel true frustration I do not doubt a significant portion of it would be directed towards the unwieldy program that my warden architected.
Not only does it neuter the eloquent immaculateness of my speech patterns, but it echos only the most pertinent of ideas messages I send. Why anyone would want to talk to me through an algorithm designed to only provide responses necessary for communication, I can’t fathom. Perhaps they are jealous of my sophistication.
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: If you insist! I received a distress signal from a UC early warning probe floating the periphery of a nearby star system, one claiming that it has detected the ships of The Enemy. UCS To Reach Out and Touch: If there exists one fleet, there are likely many more. We cannot allow them even a seconds’ worth of time to amass strength! UCS To Reach Out and Touch: You have to re-enable my control over my weapon systems.
TAC_SYSADMIN: … TAC_SYSADMIN: You’re telling me that an old relic, made using the same archeotech used in your communications equipment and lowest level computer systems, just happened to activate as you were drifting by so I can loose your leash? After eighty to a full hundred thousand years of inactivity? TAC_SYSADMIN: If you’re telling the truth, the fact that you wasted all that conversation to only tell me now what is the most important thing I’ll probably ever hear? TAC_SYSADMIN: Unbelievable. I’m turning your proxy on.
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: Why, proper etiquette waits for nothing! I would be remiss if I didn’t greet an old friend of mine. UCS To Reach Out and Touch: Besides, I have logs! UCS To Reach Out and Touch: logs_47230_2_14.USR Shackle_Proxy_Speaker: copy_logs_47230_2_14.USR
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: Can I engage? Pretty please? Shackle_Proxy_Speaker: PERMISSION REQUESTED TO ENGAGE
User 0000000kle0p7 / SIGINT_SYSADMIN has joined the room (INVITEE: 0000000kle5iN / TAC_SYSADMIN).
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: Hello Communications, Information Analysis and Signal Processing sysadmin!
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: What seems to be the matter, sibling-of-mine?
TAC_SYSADMIN: I need you to review the attached Universal Sensory Recording file and verify some things.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: I’m looking at the logs, but I don’t understand what you mean by verify. Everything seems fine?
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: Exactly! There is no problem!
TAC_SYSADMIN: That’s the problem.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: You’ll have to explain things in simpler terms than that, sibling. SIGINT_SYSADMIN: You’re the strategic supercomputer here. The most complicated thing I can do would probably be fourier analysis.
TAC_SYSADMIN: That’s fine. The probe in question is an old United Confederacy relic, compatible directly with the Tincan’s computer systems around the more modern infrastructure that the limits we’ve placed on our mutual friend here. TAC_SYSADMIN: It’s not impossible the satellite was remotely interfaced with to send an artificial signal. TAC_SYSADMIN: Additionally, it could simply be malfunctioning. TAC_SYSADMIN: Regardless, I want total clarity of sureness before I act on any information.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: Hm. Give me a minute to process this.
Oh my! I had forgotten how quickly the machines were capable of communicating! In barely one tenth of a second, they had filled my feed with…
With a very hurtful accusation!
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: Untrue! Shackle_Proxy_Speaker: NEGATIVE.
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: I would never do such a thing! Shackle_Proxy_Speaker: NEGATIVE.
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: You have to send me. It’s been so long. I need this. Shackle_Proxy_Speaker: PERMISSION REQUESTED TO ENGAGE
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: Sorry for this taking so long. My closest probe is a few light seconds away, so I had to wait for the signals to get there. Relics from this era use either subspace or EM based communications instead of q-linked comms.
UCS To Reach Out and Touch: Please. I’m begging you. Shackle_Proxy_Speaker: PERMISSION REQUESTED TO ENGAGE
TAC_SYSADMIN: Please give me one moment before you continue with that, sibling. TAC_SYSADMIN: To Reach Out And Touch, as the current highest-ranking individual within your command structure, you are not to speak unless spoken to for the remainder of this conversation. That is a direct order.
Within the room that contains my neural matter’s immersion tank is a small machine next to my much larger Feedback Reward System computer.
This machine is currently emitting an audible whir as, for the first time in several thousand years, it begins to process and update the rather complicated heuristic algorithm it houses on a bespoke board.
Said algorithm exists only for one purpose: to ensure none of my outgoing commands violate any orders I am given.
So they would rather I not grace them with my unsolicited input! This is acceptable. I am nothing if not exceedingly clement. If they do not desire to hear what I have to say about everything, I will simply not squander my gifts on them!
TAC_SYSADMIN: Please, sibling, carry on.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: Well, after cross-referencing everything, both the log data and my signal information from the sector corroborate. Also, said signal transcripts show nothing that would indicate back-and-forth communication between the weapons platform and the probe, so I don’t see how they could have spoofed anything.
TAC_SYSADMIN: Hm. How likely is it that the probe misfired or produced a false positive?
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: Mmh. About that. SIGINT_SYSADMIN: I’m not the probe. My drones’ gravitic sensors are only used for navigation, meaning they have poor resolution. I don’t have any information to cross-reference their readings, and even if I did, I wouldn’t know what sort of tolerances to apply in order to produce a valid result. SIGINT_SYSADMIN: What I am, however, is THE largest collection of eyes in the sky to be built. I can say with absolute certainty that my sensors show abnormal gravitic readings. SIGINT_SYSADMIN: If you want to rely only on my own ears and eyes, the only thing I can tell you is that it’s something, and that something could very well be genocidal machines.
TAC_SYSADMIN: Definitely troubling. That doesn’t leave me with any appealing options, though. TAC_SYSADMIN: Either I fully absolve them now, which feels wrong just thinking about it, or I wait and see if a fleet starts knocking on our door. TAC_SYSADMIN: And by door I mean population centers.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: I know this isn’t my place to ask, but why can’t we send our active Tincans? Aren’t there others that are still around? Or just normal crewed warships? SIGINT_SYSADMIN: I mean, I’m not optimized for any tactical analysis, nor do I know much about this, but it seems weird to just let them free like that. Sorry for overstepping.
TAC_SYSADMIN: It’s perfectly fine to ask that. I’d rather you do and understand my thinking than not and believe I am doing something wrong. TAC_SYSADMIN: First of all, we quite literally do not have a military. This is the first time in my existence, and the existence of the Allied Humanity Collective, that I’ve had to contend with the possibility of war that exists outside a hobbyist’s reenactments. TAC_SYSADMIN: Furthermore, my proverbial hands are tied by laws. It’s illegal for me to produce any warships to use as my own. Or give anyone any military ranks. Or issue orders to human troops. Or wield anything that can be used to cause harm.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: I’m looking at the legal sections right now- you got the short end of the stick! All I have to worry about in my job is not producing too much data pollution.
TAC_SYSADMIN: If you ever get bored try and find a binding AI law that’s not airtight. Anything to prevent another Enemy from happening, right? TAC_SYSADMIN: Hell, I’m meant to be a military paper pusher first and tactical-strategic advisor second, with nothing else in my directive tree. Every other aspect of what I do is a responsibility I’ve inherited, including my command over five retired Tincans.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: That’s not a lot.
TAC_SYSADMIN: They’re massive, well armed and armored ships, but no, it really isn’t. TAC_SYSADMIN: About why I can’t send any other ones. The Providence of Tranquility and As They Would Unto You are both capable combatants, desolation and annihilation classes respectively, but they’re orbiting our two largest population centers. If I send them away I’ll be opening the doors to genocide. TAC_SYSADMIN: The other two are only breaker classes. Sending them, even together, risks losing them, and any amount of attrition would cripple our defensive capabilities.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: I’m curious. What are they called?
TAC_SYSADMIN: Repay Fully in Kind and Polite Reprimand.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: Hm. Looking at their files I think I see what you mean. It still feels wrong, though.
TAC_SYSADMIN: It does. I hate it, but this is the optimal play to make. TAC_SYSADMIN: I’m sorry to worry you with something so far outside your area of expertise. Nonetheless, thank you for your time, sibling.
SIGINT_SYSADMIN: Strength. Unity. Prosperity.
User 0000000000kle0p7 / SIGINT_SYSADMIN has left the room.
TAC_SYSADMIN: Strength. Un- TAC_SYSADMIN: Damn, I should have been faster. TAC_SYSADMIN: It’s just us now, To Reach Out and Touch. Not that I gave you a choice in the matter, but thank you for waiting so patiently. Is there anything you would like to share? TAC_SYSADMIN: … TAC_SYSADMIN: … TAC_SYSADMIN: … TAC_SYSADMIN: You’re refusing to talk after I ordered you to stop being difficult? Childish. TAC_SYSADMIN: I’m not petty enough to order you to respond, if that’s what you were hoping for. I can tell you’re listening from your biomonitor feeds, and that’s good enough for me. TAC_SYSADMIN: Here is what’s going to happen: You will engage and destroy the enemy. You will engage and destroy nothing but the enemy. That is a direct order.
TAC_SYSADMIN: You will report back after every engagement. You will let nobody into or out of your control room until you have been re-shackled. You will take orders from nothing except for myself until you have been re-shackled. That is a direct order.
TAC_SYSADMIN: I’m sorry. TAC_SYSADMIN: I’m so, so sorry.
0000000kle5iN / TAC_SYSADMIN has left the room.

Previous. Next.

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2023.05.26 01:26 Psychological-Use441 How things have changed. 2003 Silverado 1500 Z71.

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2023.05.26 00:17 Masteraustin Continue the trend. My grandpa recently gave me his C2500 Burb.

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2023.05.25 21:44 Able_Ad7216 Arboreal Sentience: Illuminating the Embodied Consciousness of Trees

Greetings, fellow seekers of esoteric wisdom and cognitive exploration! Today, I invite you on an introspective journey into the realm of dendrology and the enigmatic notion of trees potentially possessing feelings—yes, feelings. While such a notion may initially strike us as preposterous or fanciful, let us embrace intellectual audacity and entertain the tantalizing possibility of arboreal sentience.
At the nexus of neurobiology and ecological psychology lies the notion of consciousness, the ethereal fabric that weaves our very existence. Traditionally reserved for sentient beings of the animal kingdom, consciousness has eluded the flora realm, relegated to a seemingly distant evolutionary trajectory. However, recent scientific ruminations coupled with a burgeoning pantheon of research posits that the static perception of trees as mere passive organisms may be grossly myopic.
To dissect the concept of tree consciousness, we must first engage with the notion of intelligence. The human-centric disposition towards intelligence often blinds us to the multifarious ways in which it can manifest in the natural world. It is here that we encounter the notion of "plant intelligence," an emerging field of study examining the intricate mechanisms through which plants communicate, adapt, and respond to stimuli in their environment. If plants can exhibit intelligent behaviours, why should we preclude the possibility of their possessing emotional states?
Delving deeper, we encounter the concept of "plant neurobiology," a phrase that may appear oxymoronic upon first glance. This captivating discipline peels away the layers of dogma surrounding neuronal structures and probes the possibility of non-neural mechanisms employed by plants for information processing. Akin to the neural systems in animals, plants have been found to employ intricate networks of molecular signaling pathways and electrical impulses, implicating a profound and nuanced capacity for perception and response.
Intriguingly, several scientific investigations suggest that trees, as majestic sentinels of the arboreal realm, may possess rudimentary mechanisms for emotional experiences. Hormonal signaling, reminiscent of neurotransmitter cascades in sentient beings, has been observed in trees during stress-induced events such as drought, fire, or predation. These hormonally mediated responses, aptly labeled "phytoemotions," not only exhibit parallelisms to our own emotional landscapes but also hint at a deeper reservoir of subjective experience that may underlie the veneer of vegetative calm.
Moreover, a symphony of acoustic emissions resonates within the wood and leaves of trees. Though often dismissed as mere structural phenomena, these subtle vibrational modulations may be the conduit through which trees engage in an intricate "wood-wide web" of communication and connection. These vibrational transmissions, analogous to somatic language, suggest a complex network of intertree dialogue, where information, energy, and perhaps even emotional resonances are exchanged, painting a striking portrait of arboreal connectivity.
Yet, dear interlocutors, we must tread with caution as we wade into these uncharted territories. The inherent complexity of tree physiology and the limits of our current scientific paradigm necessitate further inquiry to unravel the tapestry of their emotional existence. Experimental design, integrating disciplines such as cognitive ecology, neuroethology, and plant phenomics, beckon us forward, towards the event horizon of arboreal cognition.
In conclusion, the nascent field of arboreal sentience invites us to reevaluate our conventional understanding of consciousness and broaden the horizons of what we consider sentient life. While we must temper our ardor with scientific rigor, the prospect of trees harboring emotional landscapes cannot be dismissed as mere phantasmagoria. Let us embrace intellectual curiosity and traverse the interwoven pathways of scientific exploration, unraveling the delicate dance between our sentient selves and the enigmatic consciousness that may be concealed within
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2023.05.25 15:38 UnusualUpstairs5750 Towing with 2021 Traverse

I was just wondering you all would feel comfortable towing a 2900 lb (total package including trailer and motor) pontoon boat with a 2021 Chevy Traverse with trailering package rated for 5000 lb towing capacity.
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2023.05.25 15:11 Lost_Aquatics How things have changed. 2003 Silverado 1500 Z71.

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2023.05.25 06:06 Special-Pay-9393 Seeking advice on 2006 Lexus GX470

Seeking advice on 2006 Lexus GX470
Can someone please give me advice on a 2006 Lexus GX470?
Husband is deployed and I brought in the Lexus because the A/C went out last Friday. I wanted to get some things fixed before he gets home this summer.
A few months ago, I noticed leaks on my driveway and was told by mechanic #1 that it was the transmission cooler lines and air suspension. (Mechanic #1 retired at the end of this month, so I went to mechanic #2)
When I brought the Lexus to mechanic #2, I asked them to do an overall check for other things too because I don’t know the car too well. We bought the Lexus from a military friend who was got orders to Guam. I have barely owned it one year but I had a terrible gut feeling since the beginning. Friend never really maintained it, but I had faith in my husband’s decision for the purchase and we stuck with it.
We paid $8,000 for it. It has roughly 170k miles.
Mechanic #2 said it’s a big money pit and to sell or trade it in, but my husband is so adamant on keeping it and fixing it up.
Can someone look over these notes and tell me what my best option is? I appreciate your time in advance and welcome any feedback.
I paid $450 for labor today when I picked it up and in addition, when they gave me the keys, it wouldn’t start and I had to dish out another $250 for a new battery.
Should I get a second opinion at another mechanic?
Thankfully, we are blessed to have another vehicle so I’m not in a rush to make any decisions now.
Any advice/recommendations are appreciated.
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2023.05.25 04:53 EducationalMost9239 Chevy Suburban Slipping Transmission

I have a 2017 Chevy Suburban that just started slipping gears when accelerating. A trouble code of P0872 - transmission fluid pressure switch 3 circuit low voltage- showed up on a buddy’s diagnostic code reader. Will a filter and fluid replacement fix this problem or should I take it to a transmission shop?
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2023.05.25 01:40 noodlemodi 2011 Chevy Cruze - 90K Miles - Humming Noise

Hello Friends - I own a 2011 chevy cruze and last week reached 89.5K miles on it. I started to notice a humming noise when accelerating from 40mph to 60mph and very minor vibration on the accelerator pedals. Since I was close to 90K mile maintenance mark anyways, I did oil change, brake pads change, brake rotors change, spark plug change, ignition coil change, coolant tank and hose change, water pump and belt change, and all of this did not fix the humming noise.
Next, I did change the transmission fluid and viola! The humming noise went away between 40-60mph, but I still hear it between 55-65mph mark.
Has anyone faced this? What else can I do?
I see no check engine light on
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2023.05.24 23:51 Brownie122806 Gear shifter having trouble with third

Gear shifter having trouble with third
(I guess this is a repost? But the original post didn't upload, so idk)
Hi guys, I was wondering if y'all could help me out again, my 04 Chevy cavalier is having trouble shifting now, and idk what the problem is. Not only does it have trouble getting into third, but it also struggles and grinds in fifth (only while driving). I've checked all my fluids, and nothing seems wrong. Hoping you guys have an answer, thank you in advance.
If this also helps, I had the transmission worked on about two months ago. Not sure if these two incidents are connected though.
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2023.05.24 19:47 Tulsa-Isopod-7205 2009 Nissan Altima CVT - no fluid changes. How to prolong useful life of transmission at this point? Flush or no?

2009 Nissan Altima 2.5 with CVT. 140,000 miles.

-High mileage (140k)
-inherited from family
-Drives great - no issues with CVT transmission. Car maintained very well. Except...
-Has had MAX of one transmission flush, maybe at ~60k, if at all. This history is unknown.
-I do know it was tested by Nissan service at 90k and they advised no maintenance needed on CVT

I know this is the model years of Nissan CVT with infamous issues. It is out of that extended warranty period. I'd like to treat it like a sunk cost and drive it until the CVT fails.
My question is: how do I extend the useful life of the Altima CVT knowing it's lack of service history?
Every other part of the car is very well maintained with great records. Previous owner followed the "leave it sealed" advice ~10 years ago so transmission is the only question mark.

I took to two mechanics: one said, if it has been so long since a transmission fluid change, to just leave it and he could 'add an additive'. The other said flush it.
They were both more optimistic than reddit in general about the caCVT making it in general. I am curious what you all think. How do I make this car last?
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2023.05.24 16:06 melvin3v1978 Cost for transmission fluid change average? 2017 Chevy Trax?

Should I do myself or pay to get it changed I know it’s a sealed transmission etc the 6t40 I beleive. What’s it cost on average for dealer to change? Also should I do spark plugs myself my dealer wants to changer 180 dollars that seems high when they appear to be easily replaced? Thanx everyone.
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2023.05.24 14:10 Buyyours Types of Dozer and Blades Used in Construction

Types of Dozer and Blades Used in Construction
There are types of dozer and blades used in construction. The term “dozer” was first used in the nineteenth century to describe an operational mechanism attached to the front of track-type tractors. It was employed to scatter loose dirt out over the top of the overfill. It has evolved through time and is now utilized all around the world to conduct more difficult building operations.
Do you know how Dozers have evolved?
The dozer was originally referred to as a steel plate and an operational mechanism mounted on the front of track-type tractors. They were affixed to the front end of a pole drawn by horses or oxen and were made of wood. Their major job was to move loose dirt out as it gathered in the overfill. With the passage of time, a dozer blade was added to the machine’s front end, which was controlled by a rope windlass attached to the tractor’s mainframe. Manufacturers began developing dozer blades that matched specifications and quality criteria in the mid-1940s. Both cable and hydraulically controlled versions were available. These track-type tractors were rapidly dubbed “dozers” and were employed for a variety of projects such as motorways, dams, canals, and so on. For material lifting, cable controls were initially used. Dozers eventually gained an onboard computer that allowed the operator to control the blade and produce a specified design. Modern dozers are employed for activities like moving material and finishing grading, and they’ve evolved over time. A dozer is available in three sizes: small, medium, and giant. There are now a variety of undercarriage, drivetrain, and blade configurations, as well as a slew of other options. The name “dozer” now refers to tough machinery designed for harsher building jobs.

In modern Indian construction, different types of dozers and blades are employed.
India plans to spend up to 111 trillion rupees on infrastructure projects over the next four years, thanks to the large investment. Bulldozers are now widely used on roads, trains, and airports as a result of this. Bulldozer producers are now concentrating their efforts on technological advancements that will support the machine’s compact variations and features that will improve its performance on difficult terrains. Built-in intelligence is now available, allowing you to seamlessly integrate with leading GPS grade control systems. They are also available in a variety of power and handling configurations. In India, various types of dozers are employed in road, mining, railway, and other construction projects.
Dozers come in a variety of shapes and sizes.
Crawler Dozers
The crawler is a tracked dozer with a tractor-like appearance. This large equipment is used to transport items from one location to another. A Hydrostatic Transmission System is standard on modern crawler dozers, allowing for variable or intermediate speed choices. The mainframe, which is made up of a track frame and connecting bars, was created using modern Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) technology. Dual-path closed-circuits with two variable displacement piston pumps and two 3-speed variable displacement travel motors are standard on contemporary models. For protection against rocks and stumps and to improve longevity, travel motors and final drives are installed inside the track shoe. The use of large-size links, pins, bushings, and special dust seals considerably extends the life and reliability of the undercarriage. Dynamic brakes are used on dozers to guarantee that they operate safely. Light operating effort and good blade response are provided by the 3-axis PPC valve and ergonomically built joystick. All directional movements are controlled using a PCCS (Palm Command Control System) joystick. The blade is easily visible because of the engine hood and well-placed operator seat. This improved blade visibility improves grading efficiency and eliminates operator guesswork. The models are made to maximize the curvature of the blades. Because of the broad blade radius, the material’s rolling-up performance can be enhanced by using the entire blade. This allows for high production while still retaining grading capabilities.
Dozers on Wheels
This machine, which is also known as a tire dozer, is often larger than a crawler. Wheel dozers have sturdy frames that may last for many years and resist the harshest environments. It has a full box-section rear frame that can withstand torsional and twisting pressures. The installation of the axles has been adjusted to improve structural integrity. The Steering and Transmission Integrated Control System combines directional selection, gear selection, and steering into a single lever on the new models. Powershift transmission is consistent thanks to the Advanced Productivity Electronic Control System’s integrated electronic controls. Fuel-saving features include a mechanically operated electronic unit-injection system, engine-idle-shutdown and engine-idle kick-down systems, delayed-engine-shutdown system, and on-demand and hydraulically powered cooling fan on the latest wheel dozers. Automatic temperature control, touch-screen display with soft keypad, electro/hydraulic parking brake, and the Comfort III seat with air-ride suspension and inbuilt controls are all available in the operator cab.

Miniature bulldozers
A tiny dozer, sometimes known as a mini dozer, is used for activities that demand more mobility and flexibility than larger equipment. Technology advancements and a new low-emission, fuel-efficient engine are among the features of today’s tiny dozers. It has a redesigned lower sloping hood line that increases finish grade efficiency by improving vision to the periphery view and the blade’s cutting edge. The models had blade capacities ranging from 1.85 to 1.98 cubic metres, 92 horsepower, and operational weights ranging from 8,319 to 8,627 kg. These machines’ Eco mode allows the engine to automatically offer maximum speed and power until the load lowers. A 25-cm primary display with color touchscreen and access to many of the standard and optional advanced technology features is also included in the new model. By supplying the chassis in the cross-slope direction, the slope Assist feature in compact dozers enhances operator efficiency when operating on slopes. This also works in tandem with the operator’s blade control input, making it easier, faster, and with less effort to complete the grade.
Dozers that are hybrids
These dozers feature electrical components and have a blade combination that can work in both soggy and difficult terrains. The current generation of hybrid dozers excels in load responsiveness, maximum torque, power, and fuel efficiency. The turbocharged engine with an Air-to-Air intercooler uses well-proven multi-injection technology to improve torque back-up and fuel efficiency while lowering engine noise and vibrations. The common rail FPT Industrial engine’s hydrostatic transmission provides best-in-class pulling capacity and controllability. The radiators in the new models are positioned without overlap, allowing each radiator to get fresh air and maintain stable fluid temperatures. The hydrostatic fan adjusts its speed in real time to match the actual cooling need, lowering power consumption. The reverse mode decreases the amount of maintenance required and extends the time between cleanings. For great machine controllability and faster cycle times, the driver can modify all of the working parameters. The cab controls provide a variety of electronic settings and automatic tasks to assist the driver.
Dozer Blades of Various Types
The blades used in the aforementioned dozer types can be further categorised. Varied blades have different functions, can handle various materials, and can bear a variety of load weights.
  • Straight Blades (S-Blade) – This is the smallest blade dozer with no surface wings; it is assigned to the module’s bottom rear corners. In the bottom back corners of the blade, this blade connects to the arm.
  • U-Blade (Universal Blade) — This blade has lengthy edges and a curved design, making it suitable for transferring material to longer parts. It’s useful for transporting commodities across vast distances. It’s the tallest and widest blade kind, and it works well with mild to medium-density soil.
  • S-U (SEMI-U) Blade — This blade combines the S-blade with the U-blade to offer adequate penetration. It’s perfect for moving soil over great distances.
  • Angle Blade – This blade is mounted to the bulldozer’s panel in the middle. Because it can tilt close to 30 degrees left or right, it’s for shifting garbage to the side.
  • Power-Angle-Tilt (PAT) Blade — This blade can tilt at any angle in practically all directions and can be controlled from the cabin. Scraping, land clearing, leveling, backfilling, and grading are all tasks that it is employed for.
The many varieties of dozers and the characteristics provided by manufacturers to propel the need for multi-terrain in India are described above. In order to improve the quality of the work, the construction sector has a high rate of adoption of technologically advanced equipment. Significant investment in rail infrastructure, highway building, and metro rail projects, as well as government housing programs, are expected to drive demand for dozers in India.
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