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(A speculative attempt to describe the near future of Europe, Britain and USA that is now fast emerging.)
And so it was that the more the Russian military succeeded in its campaign across Ukraine the greater was the pressure to extend the war mode that had informed both political and media elites to the general public of all nations within the collective West.
This process had already been well advanced during the years after 9/11 and came to the fore especially during the Trump years. These were the years of ‘cancel culture’ and of naming those who did not take the official western line on Russia as ‘Putin’s Puppets’. Fear was stoked from one end of the USA to the other claiming that a powerful but hidden Russian influence posed an enormous danger to the normal running of the USA, including that of its electoral systems.
While a new McCarthyism was awash across the USA something very similar was being attempted in the USA’s closest ally, Britain. It seemed that as in America with Trump’s face selling magazines and all the profits attendant on that phenomenon, so in the United Kingdom the face that sold magazines through their covers and newspapers through their headlines, was that of Vladimir Putin. Anyone who dared talk of these money-making and fear-spreading tactics in anything but glowing appreciation but instead cast doubts upon their propriety found themselves a social pariah.
In those families where such “black sheep” refused to remain silent but argued for a fairer hearing of the Russian case or who cast doubt on what became known as ‘Russiagate’ experienced a near permanent split in their relationships. Those who depended upon their positions at work quickly became aware of the need to remain silent on such topics. Self-censorship became the norm for most of the people who retained an open mind on these matters.
What had occurred was that the two principal and most powerful elites across the western world, the political and media elites had united in a joined-at-the-hip allegiance to one single and unchangeable narrative on both Putin and Russian influence. This was extended before too long to include China also but with Russia’s intervention regarding Ukraine on the 24th of February this year the preponderance of the West’s focus returned with a vengeance to Putin and Russia.
The phenomenon above has a name. It is called ‘War Mode’. Though a war has not been declared against Russia a war is indeed being waged against it. In a war, or within the confines of ‘War Mode’ nothing positive is allowed to be said about the enemy. Such behaviour is regarded as traitorous. In wartime it is subject to extreme penalties such as incarceration in specially created camps. The difference between a declared was and ‘war mode’ in this respect is perilously little and this is why, as Russia took ever more land from Ukraine the difference in mentality and action disappeared completely.
It was when the Russian military broke through the main defences of the Ukrainian military opposite Donetsk City and in both the Kherson region and that of Izyum that we saw the effect of the ‘war mode’ mentality deepen across the West. With the fall of Odessa only a week later in mid-September it appeared the final straw had been laid upon the veritable camel’s back. First the British government, led by Elizabeth Truss and then the Biden administration began to pass the draconian laws that they insisted were necessary.
The security of the nation was at stake was the common sentence heard on both sides of the Atlantic and therefore the measures being taken though much regretted had proven unavoidable in the circumstances. The European powers were reluctant to follow suit but after consultations behind closed doors they complied less than a week later with admonitions that these measures would be purely temporary.
Temporary however, they were not. And the effects were immediate.
Unknown to any but a few a comprehensive database had been created of all so-called “subversive voices spreading misinformation” Talk of misinformation, disinformation and fake news had been a common enough topic across the political and media elites for some time, but now the determination to close down all sources of unacceptable opinion became all-pervasive. One by one and sometimes in groups of up to a dozen at a time website began to disappear from the internet. ‘The Duran’ channel was one of the first, and though there was massive speculation and outrage at first regarding the unknown whereabouts of the primary figures associated with the site at first, as those who spoke out were also apprehended soon silence began to be all that prevailed.
The atmosphere of self-censorship that had been seen increasing from 2016 onward now took on similar characteristics as the ‘normalisation’ process which had post-dated the Prague Spring in Czechoslovakia. Those who chose to voice their protest at what was going on or who continued to spread “unorthodox views” criticising western state “truths” concerning the now mortal enemy, Russia were simply ‘disappeared’. The remaining population continued life much as before even expressing great approval that the ‘troublemakers’, ‘traitors’ and ‘Russian Agents’ had been suitably punished for their malignant delusions regarding the evils of the Russian monsters who had made such a heinous and unprovoked attack upon the innocent population of Ukraine.
Several hard-hitting publicity campaigns had reinforced this majority prejudice against the so-called ‘Russian Supporters’ to heights unseen since the second world war ended though only historians were able to comment on this, the populations of the West being in the majority too young to make sense of these remarks. Several historians too were subsequently no longer to be found, or at least to be heard from again in the public sphere.
A special police force was required, complete with an army of analysts in their back office. The database of ‘subversive personalities’ was being added to significantly on a daily basis as the ‘Russian Spy Hotline’ was deluged with calls by “friends”, parents and neighbours reporting on those they suspected of holding ‘order contravening’ or ‘security risk’ views. The original camps set up in remote locations were doubled in size, then tripled, quadrupled and so on. Entire cities of the non-conformists were constructed where ‘political reorientation’ and ‘in-depth deprogramming’ took place.
Various suggestions were made for a more secure environment going forward. One of the most popular was for microscopic chips to be implanted in the soft brain tissue of every fetus so that adequate monitoring and potential preemptive punishment for forbidden thoughts could be effected. This was considered far too extreme when it was first broached in the British parliament in late 2024… but by 2026 it had become a common, if hidden practice.
Much has become hidden now as I write this on 2030. We live in a time where great care must be taken in all things. Each adult that wishes to maintain a life without attracting trouble, one where an income can be earned and a family raised must exercise extreme control over things said, associations maintained and even places visited (certain locations have been named as ‘potential insurgent hotspots’). We watch each other like hawks, unable to know whether those around us are beneficiaries of the ‘State Medal for Heroism’, those who have named beyond 1,000 criminals and traitors who have wished the downfall of the state. You may think that is a high number to reach. Not at all. The current figure for the United Kingdom is currently 17,586 and rises by up to a dozen each day.
No one talks freely about the disappeared anymore. Whispered rumours in safe places among friends do take place. We wonder constantly where John Pilger, George Galloway, Max Blumenthal, Aaron Maté, Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris and many others may be, and even if they are still alive. But even this is becoming more and more dangerous as by satellite and roving surveillance units held by the ‘SMh’ (State Medal for Heroism) holders are becoming ever more sensitive as devices to hear even the most whispered speech.
Those of us who have survived the database searches live in fear. We exist in a darkness surrounded by the blithely ignorant who continue to indulge themselves with mindless passion in the new, state-sponsored ‘bread and circuses’ entertainments. We are naturally sick at heart and can barely endure the permanent falseness that pervades everything now with not a trace of any of the relief we felt hearing some of the down-to-earth reality as transmitted daily by The Duran and others. We now live within a vacuum chamber of darkness, one from which there appears no possible escape… save one.
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2023.06.01 13:50 zeekoes [WP] You are the first man to ever land on the moon but when you go outside, you see something. A person. Without gear. And he is staring straight at you.

Ten seconds until landing.
Louis wasn’t sure whether the shivers in his spine were from anxiety or excitement.
Five seconds until landing.
He locked his helmet in place and tested the intercom system. This moment was going to be broadcast live around the world, so he had rehearsed his first words until he could recite them in his dreams.
Three seconds until landing.
Peering through the porthole he could already see the rough rocky surface of the moon, covered by a layer of moon dust that hadn’t been disturbed in millions of years. The sunlight reflected more harsh of the surface, because of a lack of atmosphere, creating a surreal spectacle of highlights and shadows.
Brace for landing, impact incoming.
With a thud and a rumble through the cabin, Apollo 11 had landed on the Earth’s eternal satellite and the closest thing it had to a sibling. Louis grabbed the flagpole that was secured against the wall of the cabin. He wouldn’t officially be claiming the moon for the USA, but it was a nice symbolic middle finger to the Russians.
With a hiss the valves depressurized and the hatch of the ship slowly opened. Through the opening he could see the surface and the scattering of the light even more clearly now. It was beautiful, haunting and alien.
For a moment Louis was struggling with unbuckling himself. All this advanced technology and they still couldn’t manufacture a belt system that wasn’t a pain to release. That and the fact that he still had to write with a pencil while in space. As he finally disconnected himself from the vehicle, he pushed himself off the seat and let the weaker gravity carry him towards the platform. Stopping himself short of exiting, he firmly planted his feet on the metal plates below. This first step had to be made with intent.
“One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!” Louis said as he truly planted the first human foot on the lunar surface. Hearing the satisfying crunch of ancient dust beneath his boots.
His intercom system buzzed and crackled with words of celebration from the control room back on Earth. He barely noticed it as he was gazing along the rounded horizon of the moon, with the Earth brightly illuminated in the background. It was truly a magnificent view.
Louis had carefully set out on a walk across the lunar surface. Leaving footprints behind in the dust that would lead his way back to the Apollo. Scouting for a nice spot to plant the flag, his eyes fell on a subtle upwards slope in the rock and dust. That would be the perfect location and he took giant leaps – almost like a kangaroo – towards it.
As he stuck the steel pole as deep in the ground as he could, he noticed something moving from his peripheral. Probably something conjured up by his mind adjusting to the unfamiliar lightscape that was cast on the surface. Yet when he turned to inspect it, he saw a small dot on the horizon. It looked vaguely human, but Louis knew that couldn’t be possible. Curious and slightly startled he decided upon investigating it.
Walking on this surface had been a breeze. Not only was it incredibly satisfying to take these great leaps, but it also barely took any strength. In a mere five minutes he had traversed almost a mile to his crude estimation. The closer he got to the figure however, the more it resembled the silhouette of a human. He could feel anxiety creeping up his throat at this completely impossible scenario, but he also couldn’t make himself turn around. He had to see for himself. The most odd to Louis was the fact that no matter how much closer he got, the figure didn’t seem to move. Almost like it was waiting on him.
He was close enough now to see the details. It was indeed a man. It looked like an ordinary human, but it wasn’t wearing any protective gear. It couldn’t possibly breath on this surface, nor should it be possible for its body to withstand the cold or UV radiation. It frightened Louis on a level he had never experienced before. Convinced he was seeing things, he closed his eyes and took several deep breaths, calming down his mind as best he could. When he opened them again, the figure was gone. Relieved that he had in fact been seeing things that weren’t there, he turned around. He screamed as he stared straight into the glazed eyes of the figure that had stood right behind him. Jumping back instinctively, he stumbled on a couple of moon rocks. The fall didn’t hurt him, because of the lower gravity, but as he crawled backwards, the thing slowly started moving towards him. Louis turned around and stumbling found his way back onto his feet and he bolted away from this thing as fast as he could. Oddly, running on the lunar surface was a lot harder, as the lower gravity tried to transform each push from his foot into a leap that took him frustratingly slowly forwards.
Catching his breath – mostly out of fear and panic – Louis came to a halt. Resting with both hands on his knees. He hadn’t kept track of where the Apollo was and the reckless flight had made a mess of the footprints in the dust. That’s when something inside him told him that he wasn’t standing here alone. He slowly looked from the ground upwards. In front of him stood the figure. It didn’t look exerted, it didn’t even seem to have left any trail, it just stood there as it grabbed hold of Louis’ helmet and he heard the click of the release. The cold vacuum of space was the last thing he felt.
The dust on the surface crunched as the figure in the spacesuit had managed to track back the footsteps that lead to the spaceship. Across the metal hatch it entered the spaceship and fiddled with a couple of buttons and switches until the hatch closed behind it. It sat down on the seat in the cockpit and strapped itself secure. The buckle was a bit of a struggle, but when it was done, it activated the launch sequence, with the interface setting course towards Earth.
Ten seconds to lift off
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2023.06.01 13:02 AutoModerator /r/snooker for the 2023-24 season

Well its been a month since we saw history being made in the Crucible Theatre: Luca Brecel winning his first world title and becoming the first player from Continental Europe (and first player from Belgium) to win the title. The 2022-23 snooker season was chock full of shock results and a changing of the guard in many ways, and the next season doesn't intend to disappoint us at all! Will the fabled "Class of 92" return to winning ways, or has the Covid-19 pandemic itself become the necessary change that snooker may or may not have required for its long term future?
It'll be an interesting season for sure, as the World Snooker Tour will be returning to China as well, the first events to be held in the country since 2019. We already had the Hong Kong Masters last season, which set a record for the largest audience in snooker history, but unfortunately that event is not on the calendar this year, and the fate of the Turkish Masters hangs in the balance as well.
All that aside, lets look back at last season and see what changed for the community:
Based on your feedback shared over the course of the entire season, we're looking forward to the 2023-24 snooker season and want to provide you with transparency about how things will be handled with the Tournament Discussion threads, as well as other minor points that came up during the season.
​1. AutoModerator will continue to be the poster for all Tournament Discussion threads going forward.
At the start of last season, our main user who handled all TD threads quit Reddit. This led to a vacuum in relation to who should manage the threads in the future. We trialled using AutoModerator for all threads to provide consistency to the community and we believe this to be a net positive change which removes any kind of "ownership" concerns, as future moderation teams can continue the management of these posts. Therefore, effective immediately, any and all tournament discussion threads (for this season and all future seasons) will be scheduled posts through AutoModerator for the foreseeable future, and they will continue to be "one thread for the whole tournament", with the exception of the World Champs as discussed later.
  1. No threads will be made for Qualifying rounds, with a specific set of notable exceptions.
Throughout last season, World Snooker Tour used a qualifying round for the vast majority of tournaments. This season, we expect that this will continue and these rounds are often only accessible to users through paywall platforms such as Discovery+, making them inaccessible to the majority of fans. They also don't generate a huge amount of interest from the community anyway, as during actual Qualifying sessions, little community posts were made, except for notable results.
Therefore, with that in mind, and as World Snooker Tour have decided they will continue with the Qualifying rounds format in subsequent season, official discussion threads for Qualifying rounds will not be made going forward (for this season or any other season), but we encourage the community to make new posts as required for any notable results or matches that people might feel they should watch or need to know about.
Two specific tournaments are exempted from this rule: those being the UK Championship and the World Championship. These two events are given more notability by World Snooker Tour, as well as more "meaningful" coverage that is also available for free, so it is reasonable to give them more attention on the sub than other events.
  1. No threads will be made for the Championship League.
These tournaments are generally played behind closed doors and get little televised coverage. Since a large portion of the community is based in either the UK or Europe, where access to the events is limited to one stream on YouTube [which lacks commentary] and one stream on Facebook [which does have commentary], and these events have typically generated little interest due to their unique format, we don't think its in the best interests to provide a thread for discussion threads for either version of the Championship League, but -- like Qualifying rounds above -- you're more than welcome to post a new thread for notable results that you've seen mentioned on social media.
  1. The televised rounds of the World Championship will use an updated thread format for this season.
Last season, we trialled an unusual format whereby Round One matches were in one thread, Round 2/Quarter Finals matches were split into two threads [one per table], Semi-Finals were covered in one thread and the Final was given a thread to itself.
Our intention was to make things more intuitive to navigate and to reduce the potential for spoilers, as people may be watching one match but not the other and end up being spoiled. However, feedback during the event showed that while many appreciated the format of the threads, others did not and it led to confusion, as people did not know what Table One or Table Two referred to.
We want to make these threads for the event easy to use: the World Championship is our premier event on the calendar and draws a lot more activity than any other event on the calendar, which means we want to make sure that everyone can use them. Across all of the threads for the World Championship, they amassed well over 17,500 comments alone. If we put all those comments into just one thread, they would be an extremely painful experience, not only for us moderators having to remove bad comments, but also for you trying to read the thread (as well as loading said thread!)
With this in mind, and based on your feedback, we are going to use a different format for these threads this season: again, like last season, your feedback will help us to shape a format that works for you but also makes it easier for us to moderate over the tournament. The new format will involve each individual round being given its own thread: no separation will be used for each table, as the designation was deemed confusing and unnecessary.
  1. The sticky post for matches to be played on each day will continue, but with some specific exceptions
Along with the use of AutoModerator for owning the discussion threads themselves, we also provided a sticky post which detailed matches to be played per day for each stipulated session of that day, as well as other notable information relating to each session [eg matches cancelled because a player withdrew]. We believe that this information can be useful for fans, even if it is duplication of information provided by World Snooker Tour, so this will continue for all threads as required.
However, this information will not be provided for those tournaments played in Asia. This is because of timezone reasons, and matches will be played at times when most of the moderators will not actually be able to check what matches are being played and on what table. For those events, the sticky post will just detail some useful information not covered by the OP, if any: otherwise, no sticky post will be given.
  1. The rule regarding "don't post threads with spoilers in the title" will be reviewed.
This has become a point of contention recently, as Reddit has made several changes that mostly make the rule redundant. However, we appreciate that a thread containing a spoiler can still be disruptive as not everyone will be aware of these features, or may not be using a version of Reddit where they exist. With that in mind, our moderators will be reviewing the specific rule and see if it needs to be tweaked or removed. We will provide updated information on this later in the year [but before the Champion of Champions commences]

Okay, long post over with! While the professional tour is taking a well-earned break, Q School is well underway to see who is joining (or rejoining) the tour. Let's all congregate again when the 2023-24 season recommences and enjoy the time to relax! :)
With regards,
- /snooker Moderation Team
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2023.06.01 12:46 SeriousDookie My weird experience with fires in southern Oregon, thoughts?

I own land in Klamath county Oregon, in a “town” of less than 100. I’ve lived all over the west coast and the mountain regions, but this was different.
During fire season, things got odd. This was in 2020/2021 especially. I noticed many fires within a short period. It would be a regular occurrence to wake up to smoke billowing over my land from a new fire.
These fires were all visible to me from my home sometimes over a hill, sometimes I could see flames. One night I had a dream of a wall of fire at the edge of my land and within a few days my closest neighbors old property in the woods burned down. He wasn’t there, nobody was.
When the fire fighters came, they had new fires starting when the other fire was being put out in my neighborhood, but the little ones were going against the direction of the wind and blocked by hills, rocks and trees, etc. and shouldn’t have been spread by the previous fire. so they had to do extra investigations and couldn’t figure out how it would be possible to naturally spread like that when the fire clean up was already finishing up.
They used a water tanker airplane on my neighbors property because it was already putting out 3 other forest fires started within 24 hours, in the same area within a few miles
Sometimes there would be up to a dozen large fires nearby, within a week. Often times by the river down the road and also westward towards crater lake area.
I also noticed a lot of these were in a line visually, not an exact line but a general geographical line on a large scale meaning it’s like they were being burnt methodically for periods of time. Over a large area.
The military has a base in Klamath falls nearly 60 miles away and fly over often, also the trails in the sky sometimes were at insane levels during this period. (No idea if they’re related with fire)
The explanation of these fires varied, often times there would be a controlled burn, then they’d repost the same story but say it was a forest fire and it was a surprise. Which I thought was odd. Some were possible arson or garbage burning.
The weirdest moments for me were when they were saying it was caused by lightning on sunny blue days with very few clouds.
An area nearby where I go for solitude in nature, was nearly complete burnt in the bootleg fire. It is a very secluded area away from anything. It just so happens to be where a monument is for the only world war 2 enemy bombing site in mainland usa. when a bomb took out school kids outside in the forest during world war 2.
Now I only mention those details to explain that this area gets very weird mysterious vibes and I’m not very superstitious but something just seemed and still seems … off and bad about the situation. Which is why I’m still thinking about it.
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2023.06.01 12:07 doingoilmachinery How to improve the efficiency of soybean oil pressing machine?

How to improve the efficiency of soybean oil pressing machine?
Soybean oil is one of the most commonly used edible oils in the world, as it is rich in nutrients and linoleic acid, which are essential for the human body. Typically, the oil is obtained by mechanically pressing soybeans, but the efficiency of this process can vary due to various factors. In this article, we will discuss some tips and techniques for increasing the efficiency of soybean oil pressing machine.
Selecting high-quality soybeans
Selecting high-quality soybeans is the key to improving the efficiency of the soybean oil pressing machine, as the processing of soybeans has a significant impact on its efficiency. High-quality soybeans should be fresh and pollution-free varieties, so as to avoid the negative impact of damaged or moldy soybeans on the soybean oil pressing machine. In addition, the size and shape of soybeans can also affect the efficiency of the soybean oil pressing machine, so it is important to choose soybeans that are uniform in size and shape. When selecting soybeans, attention should also be paid to their moisture content, as excessively high or low moisture content can affect the efficiency of soybean oil pressing machine.
Choose the right soybean oil pressing machine
Choosing the right soybean oil pressing machine is also an important factor in improving efficiency. The selection of the soybean oil pressing machine should be based on factors such as production scale, soybean characteristics, and production requirements. The screw soybean oil pressing machine, automatic temperature control soybean oil pressing machine and automatic temperature control vacuum filter all-in-one soybean oil pressing machine produced by Henan Glory Company can meet your different needs. For example, for large-scale production, you should choose a high-efficiency automatic temperature-controlled vacuum filter all-in-one soybean oil pressing machine, while for small-scale production, you can choose a manual or semi-automatic screw soybean oil pressing machine.
Soybean oil press machine photo
Adjust the parameters of the soybean oil pressing machine
The parameter setting of the soybean oil pressing machine also has a great influence on the efficiency. For example, properly adjusting the pressure and temperature of the soybean oil pressing machine can improve the efficiency of the soybean oil pressing machine. In addition, the speed and feeding rate of the soybean oil pressing machine can be adjusted according to the characteristics of the soybeans and the model of the machine to achieve the best results.
Maintain the condition of the soybean oil pressing machine
Maintaining the good condition of the soybean oil pressing machine is also a key factor in improving efficiency. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the soybean oil pressing machine can prevent machine failures and oil pollution. In addition, regular inspection and adjustment of various parts of the soybean oil pressing machine, timely replacement of worn parts and lubricating oil can also improve the efficiency of soybean oil pressing machine.
Soybean oil pressing machine photo
It should be noted that the regular maintenance of the soybean oil pressing machine should be selected and improved according to the actual situation, and should not exceed the equipment’s tolerance range, otherwise it will cause damage to the equipment. At the same time, the balance between cost and benefit should also be considered in regular maintenance.
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2023.06.01 10:01 SinfulAbsorption Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair In USA Available on Amazon

Best Robot Vacuum For Pet Hair In USA Available on Amazon

Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni
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Another impressive feature of the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is its intelligent mapping technology. This vacuum cleaner uses lasers to scan and map your home, creating a detailed floor plan that it uses to navigate around obstacles and avoid collisions. This means that you can sit back, relax, and let the robot do the work while you focus on other tasks.
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In addition to its advanced mapping technology, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is also very user-friendly. The companion app that comes with the vacuum cleaner allows you to control and monitor the device remotely. You can schedule cleaning times, adjust cleaning modes, and even receive notifications when the bin needs emptying or when the vacuum cleaner requires maintenance.
Moreover, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni boasts an omni-directional wheel that allows it to move seamlessly in any direction, enabling it to navigate tight spaces and under furniture with ease. This feature helps to ensure that the vacuum cleaner reaches every corner and crevice of your home, leaving it spotless and dust-free.
Finally, the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Omni is incredibly adaptable. It uses AI technology to analyze your cleaning patterns and adjust its cleaning modes accordingly. For example, if you tend to clean your home at the same time every day, the vacuum cleaner will automatically adjust its schedule to match your preferences.


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iRobot Roomba j7+
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Another fantastic feature of the j7+ is its ability to detect and avoid items on the floor. Thanks to its advanced sensors, the j7+ can detect everything from cords to pet toys and will automatically work around them. This means you won't have to worry about the vacuum getting stuck or damaging your belongings.
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One of my favorite things about the j7+ is its automatic dirt disposal feature. With a charging dock that doubles as a dirt bin, the j7+ can empty itself after each cleaning session. This is a game-changer for anyone who hates dealing with the mess and hassle of emptying a traditional vacuum. Plus, the j7+ can hold up to 60 days' worth of dirt and debris, so you won't have to empty it nearly as often as you would a regular vacuum.
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One thing to note about the j7+ is that it does come with a pretty hefty price tag. However, if you're someone who values their time and wants a high-quality, hassle-free cleaning experience, then it's definitely worth the investment. Plus, when you factor in the time and money you'll save on traditional vacuuming, the j7+ pays for itself over time.


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2023.06.01 09:48 SquibblesMcGoo [Eurovision] The Dark Horse, the Powerhouse and the Great Nordic War of 2023 (Or When the Winner of a Song Competition Made the Audience Revolt)

Ah, Eurovision season. The time of hype, music, unity – and a shit ton of drama. This year’s winner is maybe one of the most controversial we’ve ever had, and that’s saying something considering we've had broadcasters straight up end a broadcast because they didn't like the winner (don't ask).
But I’m getting ahead of myself. Let’s start from the basics:

What is Eurovision?

Eurovision (or ESC) is an annual song contest originating from Europe, organized by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU). It’s been held without fail since 1951 aside from 2020, when it was cancelled for truly mysterious reasons. (COVID, guys, it was COVID). Originally incorporating only European countries, the contest has grown in its scope since its early days, nowadays having almost 40 countries participating (including some decisively non-European countries like Israel and Australia) and reaching a viewership of 150+ million, making it measure up to live events the likes of Super Bowl.
The concept of the competition is simple: each country sends one original song to compete. Aside from the biggest sponsors of the contest (UK, Spain, Italy, Germany and France) and the winner of the previous year (Ukraine in ESC 2023) each entry participates in a semi-final, from which 20 countries are selected to advance to the final via voting. The winner of the competition is the act that gets the most votes in the final, who then gets the right to host next year’s contest and enjoy the tourism money. This year, UK took over the hosting duties from Ukraine for reasons (the war, guys, it was the war).
The voting system is important to understand for context: each country gives two sets of points, both equal in value and weight. Points are given to the top 10 entries, 10th getting 1 point, 9th two points and so on. Third place gets 8 points, second place gets 10 points and first place gets 12 points to make the top two positions more valuable. The two sets of votes come from professional juries and the televote. Countries can’t vote for their own entry, naturally.
Juries are 4-5 member teams consisting of music professionals (artists, producers, managers, vocal coaches, music reporters, radio DJs, choreographers etc.) who appraise each entry based on the following criteria:
Televotes are collected by having viewers vote via the official Eurovision app, or by calling/texting. A person/device can give a maximum of 20 votes and each vote costs money, the amount depending on each individual country, but it usually hovers somewhere around 1€/vote. Yes, I blew 20€ on the grand final. Yes, I blew another 20€ on the semifinal I was allowed to vote in (there are two semifinals and you can only vote in the semi your country’s in).
This year's Grand Final was held on May 13, but things start happening way before that. Each Eurovision season typically starts with countries selecting their representatives. Some use internal selection (as in, broadcasters decide who goes all by themselves) but most host national finals, competitions where the winner is granted the golden ticket to Eurovision. These national finals are keenly followed by eurofans (passionate fans of Eurovision).

Ready Player One: UMK 2023 and the Launch of the Dark Horse

In January 2023, UMK, the Finnish national final for Eurovision, started revealing its finalists. Seven finalists were announced, and their songs were released one by one on a once-a-day schedule. Finland’s journey in Eurovision has historically been poor, having only managed to secure one win (granted, there are many who have never won) and often finishing on the back end of the results.
Since 2020, however, UMK went under new management and did what was pretty much a 180: in a few years, it became one of the highest quality national finals around, and because of that, many eyes were on Finland when UMK started. The overall quality of songs in 2023 was very good, but one emerged as a clear frontrunner.
Käärijä, a Finnish rapper who was virtually unknown even in his home country, entered the competition, as the kids say, guns ablaze and mad as hell. His song Cha Cha Cha, a rap/metal/techno fusion song that does a complete tonal and genre shift halfway through, immediately became the fan favourite to win. When the time came, Käärijä absolutely landslided the national final, getting more points than the three runners up put together.
Hopeful buzz started amongst the eurofans; would this finally be Finland’s time after seventeen years (Finland’s last and only win was in 2006)? Finland is by means not the most beloved country in Eurovision, but many see it as an underdog that’s finally catching up to speed. Many wanted it to do well. Some were cautiously optimistic.
That was, until Sweden entered the competition, as the kids say, guns ablaze and mad as hell.

Ready Player Two: Melodifestivalen 2023 and the Awakening of the Sleeping Giant

Sweden, by all possible metrics, is one of, if not THE most successful country in Eurovision history. Before 2023, they’ve raked in a massive six wins (second only to Ireland who has seven), two of which during the last 11 years alone and the last one as recently as 2015. Additionally, on years they don’t win, they place in the top 10 almost without fail. They have only failed to qualify from the semifinals once, and it was largely seen as a national disgrace.
Sweden takes Eurovision VERY seriously, and it shows in their results. Melodifestivalen, Sweden’s national selection, started gathering curious eyes even before it started, because rumours were murmuring of someone very remarkable returning on stage. These rumours turned out to be true.
It’s hard to overstate how iconic Loreen is to the Eurovision community. She won the competition back in 2012, with a song that’s widely regarded as the best winning song of all time. She’s beloved and for a good reason. Known as a passionate, skilful vocalist and a world-class performer, the moment her participation was confirmed, many considered Melodifestivalen 2023 a done deal.
It must be mentioned that Loreen did attempt to return to Eurovision once between her win in 2012 and entry in 2023, but failed to win Melodifestivalen. However, this year’s entry was not here to play. She entered with Tattoo, a pop epic crafted by some of the best songwriters Sweden has to offer, with a staging so impeccable it could pass for a music video.
Critics and audience alike were raving. She was back, more powerful than ever. Expectedly, she won Melodifestivalen and earned her place in the line-up of 2023. In the community, the buzz was immediate, but not all of it was positive.

Sweden and Eurovision: A Turbulent Relationship

I think it’s fair to say that Sweden is, for the lack of a better term, suffering from success. Lately, there has been a somewhat anti-Sweden mentality brewing in the community, stemming from a few key criticisms Sweden regularly gets
This has led to things souring between Sweden and eurofans. To sum it up concisely: many eurofans feel like Sweden never takes risks, sends ungenuine lab-crafted jury baits and is always rewarded for it no matter what the viewers do because the juries always have Sweden's back. There's a lot of intricacies that go into this and there's nuance to this criticism, but for the sake of keeping things concise, I won't go into them now, all you need to know is that this is something that's going on.

“I love Loreen, but…”

Because of this sentiment, while Loreen undoubtedly had her fans, a sizeable section of the fandom started being critical of her. People started negging. Her song was called generic and soulless, the fact it was written by a huge group of the “regulars” in Melodifestivalen was brought up. People said it was too similar to her 2012 winning song, a 2.0 or carbon copy if you will.
As soon as Loreen was announced as the Swedish representative, the competition took on a narrative of its own. It was widely seen as a race between Finland and Sweden. While Loreen definitely had her fans, the overall mentality was leaning more towards Käärijä. He was seen as the underdog from the country that has a winning chance once every 20 years, if that, going up against the Eurovision powerhouse Sweden who wins so often the fandom is getting tired of it.
That’s not to say no other entries were ever in the talks: Spain’s artsy fusion flamenco song was seen as a potential jury darling. France’s sassy chanson was seen as a potential sleeper hit. Norway’s TikTok viral Viking techno banger was seen as a potential televote magnet. Ukraine was still a big unknown given that the previous year, they had received the largest televote tally in the history of the competition and many thought sympathy votes would keep pouring in this year as well. And then there’s whatever the fuck Croatia was doing (okay, they never had a chance of winning, I just wanted any excuse to subjugate people to this chaos).
But the overall sentiment was heavily leaning towards this being a neighbour war between Finland and Sweden. As the press and pre-parties (fan arranged concerts where artists are invited to perform to get their first interactions with the fandom) started, eyes were undeniably on Loreen and Käärijä.
During his Eurovision journey, Käärijä became somewhat of a crowd darling and went moderately viral on TikTok. A little guy with a bowl cut and a thick accent who had quickly gotten the reputation of being both funny and extremely friendly, coming to the competition with an out of the box and blatantly flamboyant genre fusion banger, walking around in a green bolero with no shirt. It's hard not to feel endeared. (Not that Loreen was unfriendly or anything, she’s perfectly nice by all accounts, but her off-stage personality wasn’t as much of a focal point as it was for Käärijä who became so beloved he was locked in as an icon even before the competition began).
Finns, they, well… Rallied behind Käärijä like crazy. Their government officials sent tweets wishing him good luck. The state owned railway company dressed its statues as Käärijä. The Helsinki tram got a Käärijä makeover. Cha Cha Cha topped the Finnish charts for ages (and still does AFAIK). The Finnish press was going gaga, broadcasting how only Loreen stood in the way of Käärijä’s victory.

“Just Ignore Everyone”: The Main Event That Undeniably Shaved a Few Years Off Of Graham Norton’s Life Span

The main event came about at the Liverpool Arena. As expected, both Sweden and Finland qualified for the final (later revealed to have come second and first, respectively). As the grand final came about, what was supposed to be a fun event (ironically carrying the slogan “United by Music”) turned into a rather tense occasion. Sweden performed 9th whereas Finland performed 13th. Both of their performances went largely well.
During Finland’s performance, the crowd went so crazy some commentators even said the whole building was shaking. People shouted Cha Cha Cha at the top of their lungs. The audience was on his side. Not that Loreen’s performance was poorly received either, she clearly had a lot of friends at the arena, but Finland got the audience by the balls.
After all of the 26 acts were done performing, the time for vote announcements came. The structure of vote announcements goes as follows: first, each country gives their jury points one by one, their spokesperson saying out loud the country that got 12 points, the highest one possible. After that, the total televote points given by all countries are given to each act one by one starting from the country currently at the last position.
Very soon, it became obvious that the juries had taken an immense liking to Tattoo.
Loreen got 12 points after 12 points, and the atmosphere at the arena shifted. The audience got more and more agitated with each 12 points Sweden received, and cheered very loudly whenever Käärijä (who was expected to do significantly worse with the juries thanks to non-mainstream genre and his lesser singing abilities due to being a rapper first and foremost) got any points. It got to a point where they responded to Sweden getting 12 points by chanting Cha Cha Cha.
The hosts (Graham Norton and Hannah Waddingham) were getting visibly uncomfortable and had to calm the crowd more than once. Hannah Waddingham eventually gave the exasperated yet iconic one-liner “just ignore everyone” when the chanting wouldn’t calm down. In the end, Sweden was comfortably in 1st place, having raked in a massive and historic 340 points, almost double that of the runner up Israel (who got 177 jury points). Finland ranked 4th with the juries with a total tally of 150, nearly 200 points behind Loreen.
Once the time for televotes came, everyone’s eyes were on Finland. Käärijä was expected to do well, but no one could quite gauge how well he’d do. Turns out, very well. He raked in a massive 376 televote points, getting the full marks from 18/37 countries and not placing lower than 5th with any country. To put it in perspective, this is the 2nd highest televote score ever (by percentage of available points), the highest being Ukraine from the year prior, and the circumstances were quite unprecedented.
By then, it was obvious the two-horse race had become true. Loreen would need 189 points (roughly the 3th-4th place in televotes) to secure her win, a tally that wasn’t a walk in the park, but was very doable with her popularity.
The following sequence is still very bizarre to me. Loreen’s points were announced. She got 243 points, making her the televote runner up. Which in turn meant Käärijä had lost to her by about 50 points despite outdoing her televote score by 133 points. As the winner was announced, Käärijä buried his head in his hands, clearly devastated. Loreen was immediately guided back on stage for her winner’s reprisal.
Footage from backstage shows many contestants beelining for Käärijä to comfort him. They’re seen hugging him, chanting Cha Cha Cha like he’s the actual winner and trying to cheer him up. All the while, Käärijä himself was obviously heartbroken. The crowd wasn’t happy, to a point where when Loreen accepted the trophy, she asked if anyone even wants her to perform again.
While Loreen’s fans were ecstatic to see her win and perform again, a portion of the audience reportedly walked out, disappointed. That was the end of the main competition. Sweden had won its 7th Eurovision trophy, catching up to Ireland for most wins ever. Loreen had become the second person (and first woman) in history to win twice.
The fandom, while disappointed, quickly got over themselves and accepted the outcome- yeah no one’s buying this lmfao. The dust was up in the air and wouldn’t settle for a good while.

Let the Shit Slinging Begin: Conspiracy Theories, Petitions and the Media Fight

The outcome received immediate backlash. Loreen’s winning performance and grand final performance were mass downvoted on YouTube. Loreen’s victory post on Eurovision currently has 0 upvotes and over 6500 comments. Social media posts by Eurovision about Loreen were spammed by people proclaiming Käärijä was the real winner. Some contestants (namely Slovenia, Estonia and Serbia) outright said Käärijä was their winner. Finland’s grand final performance views also surpassed that of Sweden’s.
There was a lot of shit slinging. Conspiracies started rearing their heads. Some were convinced Sweden had rigged the jury in order to host Eurovision on the 50th anniversary of ABBA’s victory (yes, ABBA is Swedish, yes, they won Eurovision with Waterloo, no there’s no proof of this conspiracy). A petition was started to remove the juries and it reached 60 000 signatures in two days. Loreen was accused of plagiarizing at least two different songs (not that I personally think the accusations have any merit, the melody line is just incredibly common). The Norwegian delegation outright said the juries should be overhauled (Norway got screwed over massively by the juries, being placed 17th, only to be pulled to the 5th overall position by the televote).
When detailed televote results came out, it turned out Sweden had not placed 1st in a single country. It also had less 2nd places than Finland, and its average position was 5th (which coincidentally was the lowest score Käärijä got in any country). People were pissed. Some proclaimed spending money on voting is a waste of time if the 2nd highest televote score in history isn’t enough to win because a group of 200 or so people said so.
People started going through the jury credentials, soon discovering that they were overwhelmingly pop professionals (55% to be exact) while rock pros were nowhere to be seen (they made up 3.8% of the jury to be exact). To be fair, people weren’t only pissed for Finland, they were pissed for other entries that seemingly ticked all the boxes for the juries just to get a minimal result because Sweden vacuumed all the points like it was time for spring cleaning. (I feel like I must mention that a lot of televote magnet entries also flopped hard because Finland suckled up most of the televote points leaving the rest to fight for scraps.)
With the televote results also came a peculiar detail that kicked the drama between Sweden and Finland to a whole new sphere. Turns out, every country gave Sweden televote points, except one. Yep, you guessed it. Finland blanked Sweden, while Sweden’s televote gave Finland the full 12 points. (Finnish and Swedish juries gave each other 12 points.)
This was seen as unsportsmanlike and the Swedish media latched onto it. Think pieces started coming out. One infamous Swedish Eurovision podcast episode hosted by a Swedish newspaper consisted mostly of ranting about how Finland is a "country of idiots", how it's impossible Finns could genuinely have thought 10 other songs were better than Tattoo and how it was a testament to their lack of taste that they voted for Germany and not Sweden (Germany came in last, Finland was one of the only countries to give them points. Germany sent a metal entry so I’m not sure why this was a surprise, Finns LOVE metal).
Swedish newspapers also widely reported that the Finnish Eurovision commentator had told Finns not to vote for Sweden, furthermore adding fuel to the fire. This seems to mostly be lost in translation/a cultural miscommunication, the commentator in question read a joke out loud from the stream chat that essentially said “you’re allowed to vote tactically but not for your own country”, joking about the general elections held in Finland just months prior, where a lot of people voted tactically for the largest left-wing party to prevent the largest right-wing party from taking over. It didn’t work but "vote tactically" became a nation wide meme. Said commentator also simultaneously came under fire by Finns for stanning Loreen too much during his commentary. Man just can't win lmao
One Swedish newspaper article evoked strong backlash in Finland by referring to Finland as “östra rikshalvan” (“Eastern part of the Kingdom”, roughly translated) which was the term used for Finland when it still belonged to Sweden. Many Finns saw it as colonialist and like Sweden was implying they were entitled to their former vassal using their money to give them points. However, it’s difficult to deny this lack of points likely was tactical from Finland, given how they’ve given Sweden points every other year except this one. The Finnish media also did broadcast heavily that Loreen's win depends on the amount of televotes she gets compared to Käärijä, so it's not far-fetched at all that Finns were aware of it and voted for something else.
Finnish press wasn’t silent either. A widely publicized clip from a gossip radio show hosted by the teen targeted state-owned radio station Yle X3M heavily criticized Loreen’s entry, calling it “shit” and making a tasteless joke implying Loreen was on drugs the whole night thanks to her somewhat ethereal demeanour. One of the hosts also seemed convinced the results were rigged. Newspapers also eagerly reported about the plagiarism allegations against Tattoo, even if they never went as far as suggesting there’s any merit to them.
Perhaps the saddest part of this is the contestants themselves. Loreen and Käärijä both have consistently praised each other. They reportedly get along great and there are numerous clips of them hugging, laughing and joking around. Despite taking the loss heavily, Käärijä congratulated Loreen and emphasized he loves her and wishes her all the best from the very first interview he gave after his loss. (He did however say he feels like the jury system might need a reform.) Likewise, Loreen said in an interview that she wasn’t bothered by the crowd chanting Cha Cha Cha because she thinks Käärijä is awesome and authentic.
They’re still in contact and are planning to meet up for coffee when Loreen’s next in Helsinki. The abuse Loreen herself received reached downright disgusting proportions, crossing from general trashing to misogynistic and even racist territory (because of her Moroccan heritage). It got to a point where Käärijä had to address it on Finnish morning TV, emphasizing that the results are not her fault and that he feels horrible for her when people insult her because he knows her and knows she’s a lovely person. By all accounts, there’s no bad blood between them (or any contestants for that matter, this year was remarkably cordial).
So, where are we now? People have mostly calmed down (mostly) and accepted the results. Many still push for a jury reform, demanding larger juries with more diversity and knowledge of non-mainstream genres, a shift to a 60/40 voting split in favour of the televote, and many other things too numerous to list here. EBU has not addressed the controversy in any shape or form (and they likely won't), and we’ll likely have to wait until next year to find out if the jury system will be overhauled. Loreen and Käärijä fans are still bickering amongst each other but the general public seems to have moved on. Loreen is currently enjoying very good streaming numbers and chart placements across the world, and a record number of Eurovision entries are charting. Käärijä isn't doing half-bad either, being greeted by an airport full of supportive Finns upon his return and having skyrocketed to undeniable legendary status in the Finnish music scene.
Here’s to hoping Käärijä’s invited to perform at Eurovision 2024 as an interval act and regardless of jury reform (or lack thereof) people can bury this hatchet and Nordic unity can blossom once again. (Nordics get along great... Until one loses a competition to another, then it means war.)
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2023.06.01 08:56 Travelogue44 Wanted: Every hack for paying off student loan debt

Up until recently, I was operating under the "pay as little as possible, the world is ending anyway" attitude regarding my student loans. But in the past few years/months I've gotten my shit together in a new way and am wanting to be as strategic about my loan repayments as possible.
What other ways are there to maximize deductions, etc for paying off this massive loan amount? I mean beyond PAYE plans, etc. I mean, ways to get this sucker crushed asap.
Example: 529 plans. I'm an Oregon resident/tax payer. Can't quite seem to wrap my head around whether or not I can open a 529 plan (in Oregon, or otherwise?) to pay off my loan debt. According to this site, Oregon does not meet Federal regulations for using a 529 for loan repayment. If anyone can clarify/offer advice on this, I'd appreciate it a lot!
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2023.06.01 06:46 learhpa Reflections in realtime

I am exhausted. I am wired. I am hungry. The bronchitis from a month ago is back and tearing up my lungs. My body is in full on revolt. I am deleriously, ecstatically happy, and for the first time in a very long time I look at the future not with fear, or with indifference, but with hope and excitement. The last week may well have been one of the best weekends of my life. I am bursting with so much joy and love of the beauty of the world and the people in it, and gratitude for the people in my life and the gifts they have shared with me, that I can barely encompass it.
For nigh on a decade, I have predominantly been motivated by fear. Fear that if I didn't fix what had gone wrong in my marriage, I was a bad person. Fear tht if I didn't change in the way my husband needed me to to become the person he needed me to be, I would lose him, and it would show me to be a bad person. Fear that if I lost him, I would lose everything that mattered, I would be alone, unloved, unworthy of love.
Fear. Fear may be the mind-killer. It may be the little death that brings total obliteration. But it's a great motivator. Through long, painstaking, difficult effort, three steps forward, two steps back, I ground out a new me. A me with skills i'd never had, with a capacity for self-reflection and acceptance that I could never have conceived in my twenties. A me who (unlike twenties me) could stand for what I wanted and take the risk of loss, but also a me who (unlike the me of my early 40s) could be flexible and compromise rather than clinging for dear life to the boundaries that I'd carved in stone because I hadn't had any and could no longer tolerate hteir absence. A me that could blend self-care and compassion and care for others. A me who could be open with almost anyone about almost anything, but who didn't need to force that openness on people who didn't want it or couldn't share it.
It took me too long; I changed in the way my husband needed me to, but too late, and by then he needed something else, and the person he needed had become incompatible with the person I needed to be. But we both loved each other so much that we kept trying, and it didn't work, because it couldn't work. I grew into myself in order to save my marriage, and in the process lost it, and it sucks, but it's ok.
And yet, still, in the year since we agreed to stop trying and transmute the deep love we have into each other into a friendship (instead of a failing attempt at a partnership) --- in that year, every intrusive thought, every self-talk on long walks, every middle of the night ranting at myself when I cannot sleep, has been about my marriage, about the feelings from it that were never resolved and which likely can never be resolved. I have been stuck, half in the door to the relationship, half out, unable to move, or progress, or imagine any future --- the future I had hung my hat on for decades was gone, and while that decision was right by the time we made it, it meant there was nothing. A good job, a great circle of friends, a loving family household, sure, all of those are great, but they're no basis for building a future in the absence of the relationship that has been the focus of my adult life; nothing is such a basis.
At Coachella this year, a little bit before the start of Monolink's set, I ate some mushrooms. I peaked during the amazing visuals of Eric Prydz's set, enjoyed the acute comedown during Calvin Harris, stayed up all night, euphoric as fuck. It was a great time.
But --- i've been on the outskirts of rave culture for long enough to know that psychedelics are not just for partying. If you go in with the right mindset and the right intention, they can be a tool for change. There are all sorts of studies ongoing now of this principle --- mdma for ptsd, ketaimne for depression, mushrooms for whatever those godawful expensive clinics in oregon are doing with them. I had an intention: it is time to close the door, to be fully outside, to let the past be the past. I want to maintain a friendship, sure, but it has to be a friendship among friendships, not a primary friendship, and I have to just let the intrusive thoughts and the feelings and the what ifs go.
So the next night, still in the residual euphoria, I looked out across the crowd at the massive robot statues on the grounds, and they became security guards, blocking the door. And even now, a month later, when the intrusive thoughts come, the guards are there, tall and bright in my mind, warning me away. Do not enter, they say. The path is barred. Once in a while they don't succeed, but the overwwhelming majority of the time they do, and the intrusive thoughts have reduced.
I came home from Coachella knowing I had done it: I had hacked my mind, successfully, and the ensuing month --- a month where I had the worst cold in a decade, and bronchitis, and the most stressful work project since Borland kicked my ass to the curb so many years ago --- has proven it. The euphoria got lost in the cold, the stress of the project was brutal and overwhelming --- to the point where I got called out, in a way, specifically because the way I was interacting with coworkers was drawing complaints --- but the security guards are still there, a seemingly permanent addition to my cognitive repertoire.
But still, I could not see a future. Just an endless present, comfortable but unsatisfying, stretching until I die.
I'd been toying with the idea of going to another festival, Lightning in a Bottle --- an electronic music festival with hippie-spiritual aspects run by the people who run a specially curated stage at Coachella (the same stage I went to to bawl my eyes out after Porter Robinson's set this year) --- for years, but it never felt right, and I didn't want to go without a crew. (I increasingly don't want to go without a crew, but that's a tale for another day). This year, as I was still riding the euphoria from Coachella, things coalesced: some friends were going, I could camp with them, if I went this year, I'd have a crew. So I bought a ticket, took the time off work, and then promptly put the whole thing aside to focus on 70 hour work weeks while recovering from a terrible sickness.
I wasn't sure I was going to use psychedelics until I got there; my mindset in most of May has been ... incompatible with successful hacking or, honestly, joy. But I stepped onto the festival grounds on Wednesday and --- festivals are such a muscle memory for me that i was instantly refilled with the joy of the last festival, and the one before it, and the one before it; when i am at a festival it is as though i am at all festivals i have ever been to, one continuous time, the energy stretching across and among them, and it hit me, i was home.
(This didn't work last year at Hog Farm Hideaway or at California World Music Fest, and it's curious to me why, but that too is a topic for another day).
We set up camp -- me, my friends, one of their friends, some of her friends --- and started the weekend. The festival is sprawling (my campsite was at least a mile, possibly a mile and a half, away from the venue, with continuous campsites between) --- and, unlike Coachella, the festival isn't really about the bands per se; it's about a series of curated experiences to which the bands contribute. And the vibes --- the vibes, oh my god the vibes. Almost everyone is on, engaged, connected. I got more hugs from random strangers last weekend than I have over the past five Coachellas combined.
The production value isn't as good as Coachella (but very few are), but the curated atmospheres are stellar. And I love touches like the mid-festival fire pit, or the wierd martian dance party hangout, and the art design of the woogie at night was amazing.
I tripped twice last weekend (once planned, once a spontaneous last minute decision that may have been one of my best decisions of the weekend), and I rolled once.
I went into it with the intention of figuring out what the rest of my life looks like, and that didn't happen, but that was kind of a tall order, right? Insane, really.
But I also went in with the knowledge --- if i'm going to use these substances to hack my brain, the place i'm going to do it is at music festivals, and both so I can do it alone and so I am not a burden on my friends when I do it, I have to develop certian skills --- the skill to manage my reaction when i get overstimulated, the skill to go off and find a calming place when the feels get overwhelming, the skill to navigate to the bathroom when i need to, the skill to have a good time and not freak out when i get seperated, the ability to keep enough of my wits about me to be a good member of the crowd and not do super stupid stuff that's going to attract attention I don't want. My friends were kind enough to give me a safe space to develop those skills, and by the end of the weekend, I had. And at the same time ...
I had a couple intersections with the spiritual aspect of the festival. Not many, as that's not really what my friends wanted to do, and sharing the experience with them was more important than having my own experience in many ways, but some. An opening cacao ceremony I barely remember except for the bitter taste of the cacao and the sense of peace and focus it provided. A shiva ritual with tone meditation. And the fire pit, late sunday night, where the fire took on the aspect of the sacred fire that burns in everyone's heart, and i could gaze across the fire and see it, feel it, beating in everyone. (Something I did again, sober, last night, at the fire pit with my household-family).
I do not know who I am, not for real. I know the terrified child who hid behind being the smartest kid in the room so hte other kids would leave him alone and his mom and stepparents would take him seriously (and who stepped up to take care of his mom every time her relationships failed); I know the man who was afraid to not be the person he thought his husband wanted until that was unsustainable, the man who would not compromise with his husband because he'd been pushed to the point where the meagre boundaries he was clinging to were both essential and all he had, and the man who out of fear transformed himself into something close to a healthy adult (for someone else, not himself) --- but none of these are the core of me. They are masks I have worn, roles I have inhabited. I do not know who I am, and that used to terrify me, but now it does not.
I know that a big part of me is the part that connects, that seeks connection and forges conneciton and helps others find connections. I call myself a Bondsmith in cosmere fandom not because of any affinity to the known powers of bondsmiths, but because of an affinity to the act of bringing people together, of forging tribes and protecting them. And I know that a big part of me is the person who can sense, even if he can not always see or describe, the sacred fire of love and beauty deep within the core of us all, hidden and encrusted over by hurt and fear and rejection and loneliness and self-doubt and self-loathing and the drudgery of day to day life, and who seeks to bring it out and help it flower.
I do not know what I am going to do. I do not know who I am going to find that the rest of me is. That is a problem for tomorrow --- the metaphorical toomrrow, the immediate future stretching before me.
But ... I have spent a decade developing the tools for self-reflection and self-evaluation and self-change. I have learned this spring that I can use immensely powerful chemical tools to hack new neural pathways into my brain, to heal myself, and to help me discover who I need to be and what I need to do. I have a safe and loving community who will support me in it, and a job (for now) that will pay for it, and no need to worry about forcing myself to be who anyone else needs me to be --- I can find out who I need to be, and then I can decide what to do about it.
For the first time in more than a decade I am excited about the future, hope that I can be, and my future can be, something fantastic and fulfilling and full of love and joy and peace.
And I have so much gratitude, proximally to the friends who helped me this spring, more broadly to the friends who carried me through the darkness, and with whom I hope to celebrate the light.
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2023.06.01 06:13 QueenMaureen Ordinary World

Brings me to tears every time. 💕 I last saw Duran Duran at Marymoor Park about 10 years ago. 🎸 🎶
Came in from a rainy Thursday on the avenue Thought I heard you talking softly I turned on the lights, the TV, and the radio Still, I can't escape the ghost of you . What has happened to it all? Crazy, some'd say Where is the life that I recognize? (Gone away) . But I won't cry for yesterday There's an ordinary world Somehow I have to find And as I try to make my way To the ordinary world I will learn to survive . Passion or coincidence Once prompted you to say "Pride will tear us both apart" Well now pride's gone out the window Cross the rooftops Run away Left me in the vacuum of my heart . What is happening to me? Crazy, some'd say Where is my friend when I need you most? (Gone away) . But I won't cry for yesterday There's an ordinary world Somehow I have to find And as I try to make my way To the ordinary world I will learn to survive . Ooh-ooh-ooh, ah-ah . Oh, yeah, oh . Papers in the roadside Tell of suffering and greed Fear today, forgot tomorrow Ooh, here besides the news Of holy war and holy need Ours is just a little sorrowed talk . And I don't cry for yesterday There's an ordinary world Somehow I have to find And as I try to make my way To the ordinary world I will learn to survive . Every world Is my world (I will learn to survive) Any world Is my world (I will learn to survive) Any world Is my world Every world Is my world
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2023.06.01 06:00 Analypiss Respect Juggernaut! (Marvel, 616)

Respect Juggernaut

This won’t hurt me! Nothing can!
Cain Marko was the son of nuclear scientist Kurt Marko, who worked in Alamogordo, New Mexico with Brian Xavier. After Brian died in a lab accident, Kurt married Brian’s widow Sharon for her family’s money, resulting in Cain becoming the stepbrother of the Xavier’s son Charles, the eventual founder of the X-Men. Kurt proved to be an abusive father to both Cain and Charles, which combined with Cain’s jealousy over his brother’s telepathy, fostered a lasting resentment between the two of them. After Kurt died saving them from another lab accident, Charles and Cain would end up serving with the army together in Korea. During their service, Cain would stumble across a cave that had a temple dedicated to the powerful mystic being known as Cyttorak. Touching a crimson gem at the heart of the temple, Cain was transformed into Cyttorak’s avatar on Earth, an unstoppable human Juggernaut. Shortly after, the cave collapsed, with Xavier barely managing to escape. Years later Cain would dig his way out and seek revenge on Charles for the perceived slights he had inflicted upon him. In doing so, Cain would come into conflict with the X-Men, Hulk, Spider-Man, Thor, Doctor Strange, and many other superheroes before eventually burying the hatchet with his brother. However, despite joining the X-Men and later Thunderbolts, Cain would return to being a villain each time. Throughout his life and various goals and motivations, only one constant has remained for Cain Marko. No matter the obstacle, he will never stop.
This respect thread is abridged due to Juggernaut’s large number of appearances. A full version is available on the Juggernaut Mega Respect Thread, with links to the unabridged sections posted where appropriate.

Key and explanation of periods where Juggernaut was stronger or weaker than normal


Unabridged Force Field and Advancing Sections

Force Field


Unabridged Striking and Lifting Sections


Lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing, grip, etc.

Unabridged Durability Section

Durability w/ Force Field/Armor












Matter Manipulation



Soul/Life Force

Power Absorption/Nullification


Durability w/o Force Field/Armor












Unabridged Endurance, Speed, Skill, and Temporary Powers Sections

Endurance and Regeneration



Temporary Powers


Mystic Abilities


Captain Universe


Once upon a time, there was a man. A man who got everything he wanted. In the end it wasn’t enough. In truth, it could never be enough. No amount of power could change who he was. It could never quench his thirst for power. He was now and forever the Juggernaut. And he would never stop.
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2023.06.01 05:29 banned1080 Datura while camping

Every day I think about this trip, and wish I could go back in time to prevent it. It is the worst thing that's ever happened to me, and while I understand the innate curiosity associated with such a fascinating drug, I strongly urge you don't touch it, and if you do decide to, take a much smaller dose and don't do it alone. Seriously, try finding a single report with a positive experience. You can't.
It all started in June of 1994, and my friends and I had just graduated high school. We were all massive potheads, but I had only ever used marijuana and tried mushrooms once. We also liked camping a lot, something I still do to this day. One thing we always made sure of was to camp as far from civilization as possible. I don't think camping at an established campsite is really camping. You have running water, a fire pit, and sometimes even electricity. Whats the point? You might as well just be at home. Luckily, where we lived in Oregon at the time, there was plenty of that.
The weather was perfect, sunny, warm, and despite the mosquitos everyone was having a great time. We were on a hike, and about halfway into it, one of my close friends spotted a plant growing a few yards off the path. We'll call them Belvis. I'm not sure where they got the name, but we all called them that, and even some of our teachers.
"Yo guys, check this out!" Belvis walked off the path, and came back with a handful of spiky jimsonweed seed pods. "I've heard of this stuff, it makes you trip balls! We should try some." I mentioned before that I had tried shrooms once, and it was actually on another camping trip like this one. The dose was relatively low, and all I remember was the sunlight streaming through the trees looking really pretty, so I was excited to try this new stuff since I thought it would be the same. but oh boy, it was not.
We were all clueless, and thought it would be a great idea, except for Belvis' sister, A. She thought that if anything was to go wrong, she didn't want it to go wrong out in the middle of nowhere. I wish every day that I had listened to her.
When we got back to camp, everyone took two seed pods, except for A. We broke them open and ate the little black seeds how ever we could. My buddy E tried to eat them whole, but nearly vomited at the taste. Belvis mixed them into a bottle of water, and chugged them. I mixed them into a can of soup that I had brought, and ate them, being careful to not chew them.
A while later, I don't remember how long but it couldn't have been more than an hour, I really really needed to piss, and my mouth was dry as hell. I went behind a tree, and tried to, but as with most datura trips, nothing came out.
It was at this moment a massive 100 foot tall tank passed over my head, crushing trees and leaving deep tread marks in the ground. This terrified me. Not because of the massive fucking tank, but because I remembered that there was a military draft to Yugoslavia. In reality, there was none, but in my mind there was, and I was about to be whisked away from my scholarship at PSU, my future, and my family, and placed into war.
I ran back to camp, and found that my friends were all gone, replaced with demonic versions of them. They had skin that seemed to flash between jet black and bright white at an impossibly fast speed, and gaping holes for eyes. They all stared at me, and the next moment I was laying down in my tent. I don't remember walking to my tent or laying down, the travel happened in an instant.
Then, the tent instantly transformed into my bedroom. It's strange how hallucinations manifest themselves. It's not like a sharp cut or a fade, but you simply look at something one moment, and the next moment it's simply another thing, with no change happening in between. Your brain just says "yeah that's about right" and carries on.
I got up from the bed and walked down the hall, where my dad was sitting at the kitchen table, reading a newspaper (he never reads the paper). I opened my mouth to speak, but he stood up and beat the everliving shit out of me. My father isn't abusive, and has never been violent to anyone, so I have no clue why I hallucinated this.
I ran back to my room, and found myself in Belvis' tent. He was there, and without a word passed me a blunt. I smoked it for a while, but then I dropped it, and when I tried to pick it up, it was just a seam line in the sleeping bag I was sitting on. Belvis and I talked for a while, until I found myself in the back of his truck. Belvis had taken his truck up there, and E had taken their car. Belvis was in the back with me, until he got snagged on a branch and yanked off at high speed.
For some reason, this was really funny, despite the fact that he was one of my best friends. I had no idea where I was going, and when I looked into the cab, there was nobody there. I was all alone in the back of this truck, speeding down the road. I got real scared, and started banging on the cab's window, and in an act of desperation, I jumped out.
The intense searing pain that followed was nothing I had ever experienced before or since. I had roadrash on both my legs and my left hand, but that pain was felt over every nerve and piece of skin in my whole body. I felt nothing but pain. There were no thoughts but pain. Only pain. I was in my own personal hell for what felt like an eternity. There was no time, no past, present, or future. Only pain. The world around me looked like hell, full of deep reds and blacks and a constant deafening scream was heard in my ears.
Eventually I must have fallen unconscious, because the next thing I was aware of was being rushed into the hospital on a gurney. Once they noticed I was awake, they gave me a cup of something black, and told me to drink it. I politely told the nurse no, and handed it back to her, but when I talked to A afterward, she told me that I was screaming slurs and cursing and threw the black liquid all over her.
Not sure what they did, but they probably gave me a lot of anti psychotics, and put me to sleep. Later, when I had mostly come back to reality, my parents were at the foot of the bed, and the doctor told them I would be ok as long as I didn't ingest anything like that every again. I had roadrash and a broken leg, and had to wear a crutch for a while, but I would recover.
I hadn't completely come down from my trip while my parents drove me home, as I kept seeing people in the road who weren't there, and warning my dad not to hit them, all with a mild background feeling of pain.
I recovered, but it's a wonder I didn't die, and that none of my other friends got hurt. While talking to A after the trip, she told me everything that she had seen.
Everyone else had their own story, but what she saw me do was run into the camp with my dick out screaming about Bosnia before jumping over the campfire and hiding in my tent.
Then, about an hour later, I walked out of my tent and down the trail. I stood staring at a tree for probably half an hour before screaming and running back to camp, this time hiding in Belvis' tent. Belvis wasn't in there, they were staring at the fire and mumbling to themself.
Everyone was going crazy, and several people had tried to jump into the fire or burn down the forest with burning sticks. A was getting really scared, so she corralled everyone into Belvis' truck and took us to the hospital, which I especially needed after falling out. There was no more room in the front for me, so I was put in the back. She saved my life, and I can't thank her enough.
I have since then never done anything other than weed, and will never touch anything else. The eternity in hell of sitting on the pavement fucked with my brain. I don't know if it's PTSD or something else, but I frequently get flashbacks to that moment.
If I could go back in time and stop myself from taking that damn plant, I would. The experience changed me, and not for the better. Don't take anything that can mess with your consciousness and make you do stupid shit beyond your control, it's a miracle none of us died, and if it wasn't for A saving us all, I might not even be alive. Don't take this stuff. Don't do it. No matter how curious you are, no matter how fascinating it is, DON'T DO IT. If you do decide to for some reason, only take a small dose and don't do it alone. Datura is scare stuff man.
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2023.06.01 04:50 MyNameIsMattYeah Do most things annoy or irritate you?

Including, but not limited to:
Most other people, cotton, money, oxygen, planets, solar system, the universe, the human body, keys, necklaces, napkins, Kleenex, plates, tv screens, cable tv, sports, the super bowl, smiling, laughing, crying, eyes, nose, mouth, hands, feet, cars, roads, trees, dirt, air, the sky, clouds, math, algebra, calculus, addition, subtraction, chairs, tables, beds, grass, water, coughing, walking, biking, running, kindness, rudeness, frisbee, football, swimming, swimming pools, food places, coffee places, dancing, yoga, meditation, work, medical doctors, medical school, high school, middle school, elementary school, colleges, puberty, glasses, contacts, Lasik eye surgery, old people, retirement homes, hospitals, eye clinics, dental clinics, rain, humidity, Mediterranean weather, airplanes, airports, light, lightbulb, flashlights, notebooks, pens, pencils, calculators, shoes, boots, sandals, Disney World, cartoons, amusement parks, roller coasters, water slides, sleeping, dreams, hair, beards, clothes, shopping malls, streets, roads, highways, houses, apartments, chatting, social settings, learning, reading, drawing, bathrooms, toilets, sinks, soap, showers, bathtubs, washers, dryers, cabinets, closets, towels, wallets, jackets, parking spaces, candy, food, soda, milk, juice, wine, beer, vegetables, fruits, bread, cheese, YouTube, Reddit, people disliking videos on YouTube, people liking videos on YouTube, people downvoting posts and comments on Reddit, people upvoting posts and comments on Reddit, nostrils, jumping, bouncing, jumping-jacks, music, movies, singing, talking, chewing gum, throat clearing, slapping, biology, bacteria, maple syrup, pancakes, waffles, bacon, being respectful, following rules, being kind, being honest, lying, cheating, having conversations, breathing, sneezing, sleepwalking, school bullies, hitting, smoking, vaping, chewing tobacco, California, Florida, Texas, New York, New York City, Manhattan, Brooklyn, American Idol, choir, vacuuming, sweeping, skipping, breakdancing, beaches, palm trees, hot weather, cold weather, snow, tailgating, cheerleading, thunderstorms, Pi, teachers, camping, etc.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
View Poll
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2023.06.01 04:16 ForgottenCemeteryPNW Cemetery YouTube Channel Recommendations

I grew up in Youngstown and haven't been home in 15 years. Chaney High for life. But I moved to Oregon some time ago and started a YouTube channel dedicated to old cemeteries/pioneer history in Oregon and would like to visit home soon.
I'd like to do a special video on a cemetery or two back home so I figured I'd ask my Youngstown family if they have any recommendations on abandoned or forgotten cemeteries. I'm interested in the long gone ones and the ones not so visited these days, the stories of individuals who I can tell through my channel so I can preserve their memory in a way. I imagine there has to be something in the Mahoning Valley hidden from the world.
My link is in my profile if you're interested in checking out my small corner of the internet. Hope the Penguins are hanging in there :)
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2023.06.01 04:10 catchmygrift This weekend in Oregon

This weekend in Oregon
Hope to see all the trad shooters out for a fun weekend.
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2023.06.01 04:00 Analypiss Strength - Striking and Lifting

Key and explanation of periods where Juggernaut was stronger or weaker than normal


Lifting, pushing, pulling, throwing, grip, etc.

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2023.06.01 03:11 British_Tea_Company Respect: Marneus Calgar (Warhammer 40k)

Chapter Master Marneus Augustus Calgar

Chapter Master Calgar is the Current chapter Master of the Ultramarines. Considered to be the most successful Ultramarine period short of Guilliman himself, Calgar had relatively humble origins as a servant-boy named "Tacitan". Tacitan's best friend was the noble scion of House Calgar, the original Marneus Calgar whom he idolized. When the original Calgar was killed by a chaos corrupted trainer, Tacitan took the name of "Marneus Calgar" in his honor and eventually went to become a full fledged Space Marine.
Calgar has a long and storied history as the Ultramarine Chapter Master with notable deeds of marshalling the defense of Ultramar against Hive Fleet Behemoth, being the last man standing defying the Ork Hordes of Zalathras and facing down Abaddon the Despoiler upon Vigilus. Calgar's career and repitoire continues to grow, especially after crossing the Rubicon Primaris now nicknamed the "Calgar Procedure" due to him being the first volunteer to become Primaris as a firstborn Space Marine.
Feats are labelled "Primaris" are done post Rubicon Primaris. Any feat not labeled as such is prior.










The Gauntlets of Ultramar have underslung bolters. Fists versus Bolter will be delineated as such.


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2023.06.01 01:33 Suspicious_Pen4793 Help before I cry? Idk

I work full time remotely from home (pre planned so I could be with the baby -mistake 1 thinking I could work lol) My wife works insane and hard hours (sometimes 4:30AM to 6pm / sometimes 7am to 3pm -- depends but she works her butt off and works hard). She was on maternity leave for 6 weeks but shes been back to work full time the past 3 weeks. Because of her work we've moved 1000+ miles away from all friends and relatives and while I've made "friends" with the neighbors over the past 2 years its not really anything substantial where they could "help".
We have a 2month old and he's our first. For the past 3 weeks its just been me and him at home--my work has literally come to a standstill and I'm getting in major trouble due to deadlines/quotas not being met --- I cannot quit or get fired as my income supports the family. (I do try my best when he's asleep but it cant make up for a full 8-9 hour workday) Wife can't quit because shes got a long term career shes building into and its her dream job etc etc
Should have known that you cannot work full time and raise a newborn lol, but anyways The way the feedings work is that I get the 2AM, she gets the 4/5AM then I would get the 7/8AM. However, over the past 3 weeks almost without fail she is waking me up at 4:30AM/5:30AM or 6AM saying "I have to go to work please take over". And so I do but that means my day starts there. Baby sadly is addicted to sleeping on someone and if i transfer him he will immediately wake up screaming.. so he sleeps in my arms and I just hang about/ try to read news or do work off my phone .
I understand that things will get easier - hopefully but also different challenges will arise as he gets older. I dont know how to tackle this especially since I can't give up my work and for the past 3 weeks this has been hard.
Sadly the issues are being compounded because I feel like my wife doesnt respect or appreciate the work/sacrifice (if that can be said) that I'm making or the stress I have. She expects me to be the SAHM and have dinner and the house cleaned and and and (I do the cooking, I do the laundry -but she folds because apparently I fold bad, I do the vacuuming/mopping/I feed the pets, I mow the grass outside/I make sure the cars are maintained) and when I mention to her how tired I am or how I need a break her response is "my work is way harder than yours" when I mentioned how if the roles were reversed and I came home from work saying that about her being a SAHM the world would torch me she said "well you don't pump so its not as hard on you". I guess I get that. She works and pumps...but idk I just feel like its not right that I'm expected to cook and clean and do the laundry and also work and whenever I say i'm tired i need help all i get is "im more tired" or something like that.
An example. Last night she got home around 5:30PM. I had wanted to start going to the gym when she got home for "me" time, but reality is once she gets home she has to shower and pump and then I can go (and at this point in the day I'm just so spent its like whats the point).
So last night she comes home at 5:30pm and says she also has takehome work. I say thats fine for me I didnt get anything done i wont go to the gym and ill do some work too when you're done. She finishes her work around 8:30 (and in the meantime I had put the baby on the crib and made dinnedid a diaper change/played with the baby when he woke up because he hates his crib lol) So shes done around 8:30 says she needs to pump. So shes pumping and I put away the dishes, take out the trash and grab the mail and finally sit down to do my own work at around 9:30pm.
After about an hour or so I give up and go to sleep at 10:30 She also goes to sleep around the same time after putting the baby to sleep. I do the 2am feed but this time when the baby starts to wake up around 4AM i just nicely say "hey hes getting up can you please feed him' Her "can you im tired" me "me too and I did the 2am its your turn" her "im more tired just please feed him I have to go to work soon" so I get up and im like "ill do his diaper change but hes your son you need to get up and feed him" and I do the diaper change and she gets up and boom its a fight.
I guess I shouldnt have said "hes your son" mb but like then she texts me at work "all you do is be mean to me at home, you dont let me sleep i work so hard/ you treat me like sh*t at home"
which I really dont agree with. I'm just like 0 energy--she comes home and wants to complain about her coworkers -- i just am like glazed over. or like also last night with all that going on at 9:30 she says "lets go out and get ice cream" and my response was "no I cant I work" Her "you always say no you always chose work over hanging out with me" and now im on reddit making this post because idk i have no life hahah We literally moved 1000+ miles to this state. She told/promised me when she was done we'd move back home and now she wants to stay in this state but in a different city where again we know literally no one and now we have all this pressure and stress with this newborn I just have no idea what to do.
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2023.06.01 01:14 tinkyscribble My heart is broken.

I don’t post often, but I have just had to put my kitty down today. He appeared at my front door in January 2020 as I was searching for cats to adopt online. According to the neighbours he was a stray, so we took him to the vets and they said he wasn’t chipped and he was an old boy (about 15yo). I said we would still look after him, I wanted him to know he had a erm bed a bowl full of food if he needed it. From then on he was my little friend. He wheedled his way into my heart and I loved him more than I can explain. I broke up with my partner in early 2022 and asked my friends mum if she could take him in as I couldn’t leave him behind, nor could I take him to a shelter as he was too old and I knew he wouldn’t like being cooped up in a little box whilst people passed him by. He was so friendly and vocal with his little trills and purrs, plus he loved when the hoover came out as he would roll on his back and we’d vacuum him all over and he would purr until the floor rumbled. Every time I opened the door for him in the morning he would trill “hello” and he would warm my heart. We were told he had thyroid problems, arthritis and he was going blind, and I went to visit him on Sunday and he looked up at me as if to say “I hurt, it’s time.” It has truly broken my heart to say goodbye to my little grey boy who entered my life just before the world fell apart and I will miss him for the rest of my life. I hope he knows how much he was was loved, both myself and my friends family were there and held him when the final dose went in. He was my best friend and yet the world continues without him in it.
Good night Ernie, we miss you ever so much. Hold your pets close, as it is shattering when they are no longer with us ❤️
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2023.06.01 00:52 Fast_Bedroom_3267 Story Notes Around TBHC

So... I've been writing a personal story, and it surrounds Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino. A few friends I showed them to said I should share them in the community - I don't know if this is the place to share them, but I thought... May as well. They include my interpretations of the songs as well.
A hotel owner who takes her place as the receptionist... And is also looking for stories to write about, inspiration for her science fiction novels. A lover who decides to not give into is darker, more lustful desires, instead waiting for his lover's calls. A friend who's concerned about what's going on through experience, a friend who's concerned through context. A distant acquaintance that shares the feeling with the lounge singer about still fantasizing about each other from time to time, and that feeling is mutual with other young men. A young lady who is happy to find comfort in the hotel owner's world. Friends that are happy about the new world they can experience. The tales of Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino. (A description for a story inside of a story.)
Star Treatment: This number is the first we hear at the location. It sets the scene as the hotel and casino is a lovely, calm place that the owner has created and started for her friends. We find out the owner has also become the lounge singer, starting a 'cover' band called 'The Martini Police'. This song also makes some references to Science Fiction properties, which the lounge singer loves... We find out the hotel has been opened for everyone... And anyone. The lounge singer puts on a show for her friends, weaving metaphors together, a signature of her work. She even says she just wanted to be like the members of a band, maybe foreshadowing... Her friends look on, happy she's singing. She also makes reference to the fact that she wants to haunt the one she loves and hopes it's okay, but they're in a tough spot... For now. In fact, that may change, everyone's enjoying the residency, which the Lounge Singer even refers to the place as her 'Make-Belive Residency'. And she, along with everyone love it.
One Point Perspective - The Lounge Singer now sings to a much smaller crowd. Her friends that are much closer to her... She lists her intentions, past and present... Everything from starting the 'Cover Band', talkinh about a stunning documentary only she saw, and asking everyone to bear with her, she's losing her train of thought... She says that she's played to quiet rooms like this before, and while there's an element of sadness, she's really just glad and grateful she has friends to talk and sing to about her thought, no matter how random or existential they are. She likes reflection, no matter how small her perspective is... For now.
American Sports - This song is from the perspective of The Concerned Friend From Experience. He's friends with The Hotel Owner, but he's experienced strange visions and dreams that he suspects are tied to the hotel. He reflects on thoughts he keeps to himself, and perhaps he's not the only one having these visions... There may be some overlap with others. He never tells anyone these thoughts, for that's not what his peers are there for. He then makes a snide comment about explosive visions, similar to the American Sports he loves, plays, and sees others just outside playing.
Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino - This song is once again sung by the Lounge Singer. The Hotel Owner has now decided to take her rightful place as the receptionist - Little does she know the consequences... She reflects on everything the place means to her, guiding her friends along this place, to custom rooms and architecture she can't help but adore. She invites the young man she loves to kiss him, and asks her friends what she can do for them. She asks them to let loose, maybe even let their darksides out to play... Something the hotel and casino is trying to bring out. There's also an ominous buzzing and red light, something The Receptionist is trying to figure out why... Something's being hidden, but why? This is her hotel and casino...
Anyways: This track shows exactly why The Hotel Owner takes so much comfort and pride in the hotel and casino, despite the looming visions and possible dangers her friends are sharing - she needs a break from her real life. She reflects on her popular status, and how that has affected what she overshares and overthinks while vacuuming. She comes to sit down in an empty room, and this is the only song not performed in front of anyone else. She just wants to show who she really is, and thanks everyone who's stuck around with her. Being her isn't easy, she has so much to deal with, which others barely take time to think of, just trying to change the conversation to 'Anyways'. The number ends with one of her friends entering to check on her, ending the self-reflection.
Golden Trunks: Something dark is definitely happening at this place... Some people allowing their dark desires to overtake them. But why? This song is from the perspective of The Vindicated Friend. Yet as the number progresses, more voices join in, reflecting that... Everyone knows that The Lounge Singer has her eyes on someone else, he's even The Vindicated Friend's best friend. Yet... The Lounge Singer relented that it's always hard to live on, especially that now she's forgiven him. She admits that sometimes, her fantasies about the past get the better of her. Some over-sharing characteristic of her, he thinks, but he hates the fact he also does... And he's not the only one. Now... They're invited for it to become reality. But by who? The forces of the hotel and casino... Why?
Four Out Of Five: The ominous buzzing and red light has only intensified. And not just for The Receptionist. The Concerned Friend From Context has now found out the 'past' of the establishment, and now she, The Concerned Friend From Experience have gotten more rapid visions... As well as many other patrons. The Lounge Singer puts on a show for the grand opening of The Information Action Ratio, a taqueria she put on the roof of the casino. Yet, beneath her cheery vineer, she knows something is going on in the world she created, at the hotel and casino of her own making. She hates that, and wants to make everything better. She reflects on the state of the world that she doesn't want to return to, and tries to be cheeky and fun, happy to share some lovely Mexican food with her friends. Until she notices some are absent... How? Why? Why have her friends disappeared? Where have they gone?
The World's First Monster Truck Front Flip: A song that is a reflection of The Friend Who's Just Happy To Be Here. It's not that she took her friendship with The Hotel Owner for granted, but she never knew she was capable of... This! She has never had the easiest life, so being offered a getaway where all she has to do is press a button, is a happy comfort she doesn't mind to take part in. She has a lot more trust in The Hotel Owner than The Hotel Owner has in her, but the gap is being closed. There's so much for her, shows for her to see, time she can spend with her friends and her boyfriend. It doesn't matter that the hotel and casino wants her to be a little darker... After all, she's a bad girl trying to be good, happy to have a friend who supports her.
Science Fiction: The Lounge Singer indulges in her cheeky writing, and we find out she's The Aspiring Science Fiction Writer. Dark events are occuring around her, and it's not that she's oblivious, she just doesn't know the depth. She's fine to sing a complicated, multi-layer love song to The Young Man Who's Unsure If He's Even In Love. She even references the fact that him, and his other friends, probably have no idea what she's talking about. She's singing songs about hidden messages, and they're certainly staying that way.
She Looks Like Fun: As The Young Man Who's Unsure If He's Even In Love watches The Lounge Singer, he can't help but sink deeper into his lustful fantasies. He's trying his best to focus on what she's singing about, and even if she does a damn good job singing a line as ridiculous as 'Cheeseburger', he can't help but comb through memories of their past... Maybe if he was to return her feelings, things wouldn't be so bad. She's a damn good dancer, and he's not the only one who thinks so... Everyone watching her would be inclined to agree. Perhaps she would be a fun girlfriend...
Batphone: The Young Man Who's Unsure If He's Even In Love knows there's a batphone that will give him immediate, private access to The Receptionist, but is keen to wait for her to call. Batman imagery means a lot to them, and he reflects in her cheekiness. He's an introspective young man, so he reflects on everything he's never told his friends... The hotel and casino seems to have that effect on people. Another effect occurring is... Dark forces and energy around him. Something strange is going on, but he's oblivious. He's too busy making his observations that he can can only share with The Receptionist. He's chosen to not given into the lustful tendencies that the hotel and casino have called him to. He's still not committing to her, or even giving her a straight answer, but maybe she'll know he's waiting... As he thinks about what's going on in the hotel and casino, because... Come to think of it, where have some of his friends gone?
The Ultracheese: The conflict is over. All that's left is The Hotel Owner and her friends. Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino is going to close its doors temporarily, as it'll have to be re-done soon, and The Hotel Owner will have to return to reality. She thinks about the ironic death she could die, despite the fact she's immortal... Writing songs about everything she's lost, like the friends that she still thinks of, has pictures of on the wall. Those people were far from her friends, so now she's just happy that she has the friends that surround her now that lover her no matter what. She knows she's done things in the past she shouldn't have, and even apologizes for the damage that may have been caused from the hotel and casino. Her friends embrace her in a hug, and she looks out, not just to The Young Man Who's Unsure If He's Even In Love, but to all of her friends, that despite everything, especially in the past year, she's never stopped loving them. Their presence has made this sad song at least into a bittersweet one. It's the perfect way to end their summer, and the perfect bookend of their friendships.
However, even the songs that aren't primarily sung by The Lounge Singer, she still sings these songs in her dreams... These songs are their stories, but the whole thing is her story as well.
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2023.05.31 23:50 aster2560 Better solutions that were ignored in volume 8

Use the staff to raise both Atlas and Mantle
Use the staff to create vortex that only sucks in Grimm into oblivion
Lower Atlas to Mantle and use to the staff to create a field that destroys every Grimm that’s inside of it that covers the entire world then use the staff to create a device that would make Salem brain dead then use the staff to create a one way portal into deep space and toss Salem’s brain dead body and her followers into it then create anything else so the portal will close
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2023.05.31 23:36 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - GOP walkout in Oregon Senate hits 4th week; uncertain if boycotters will be sanctioned Toronto Star

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