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2020.06.10 09:57 Dathiks WitherHoard

For players who found a new addiction in the "witherhoard" grenade launcher from destiny 2.

2018.09.03 15:46 HighSlayerRalton Jaune Arc (Forged Destiny) Mega Respect Thread

The home of the Mega Respect Thread for Jaune Arc, from the *RWBY* fanfiction [Forged Destiny](

2010.07.02 05:48 geoviedo Spider-Man

A subreddit for all things related to our friendly neighborhood hero and his amazing friends.

2023.06.10 08:33 Tauseefahmad123 DoveOs Widgets 30 Beautiful and Minimal Widget Pack

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2023.06.10 08:29 prepositionsarehard 30 M - Stoner, Gamer, Anime Nerd

Looking for someone to game with and voice chat while we game.
Would prefer someone who is also 420 friendly so we can do it together. Also open to watching anime, tv shows, or movies together.
I enjoy Elden Ring (help I'm bad), Destiny 2, New World, Grounded, Valheim, Apex (noob at it), No Man's Sky, and ToTK. I'd love for someone to play with me, watch me play, me watch them play, or play together on discord.
I'm liberal and fat. Message me if you're fine with all of that.
Looking for something long term, 21+
Chat request me to talk
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2023.06.10 08:26 Metaverse_77 Most painful Meltdown POVs

Meltdown is my favorite game in MCC. I mostly like it due to it being very intense, suspensful, and punishing. But sometimes, it becomes TOO punishing. This game has been the source of the most painful, depressing POVs to watch of any MCC game ever. A team getting constantly eliminated at the very beginning is never a good watch. The way Meltdown is scored also means that when those scenarios happen, teams get very little coins. Basically SG, but with 3 rounds. Here are my 3 picks for the most painful Meltdown POVs:
  1. MCC 31 Purple Pandas - Look how they massacred ma boi(Punz). This was probably the first POV of a team since All Stars Red in BB be so angry at a game, and its understandable. Round 1 they got 3rd partied from behind by Blue and Punz’s arrow on Sapnap did nothing. Round 2 they encountered Red and were eliminated, with the anger from round 1 lingering. Round 3 probably set a record for fastest elimination in Meltdown as they died 30 seconds within the round. Both Lime and Purple aggressively pushed through and encountred each other so quickly, which caught Purple off guard. Lime got the upper hand and eliminated Purple. The whole team was enraged(Zeuz not as much), not to mention they weren’t doing so hot in previous games. This was the nail in the coffin. Punz got unlucky once again, this time in his best game. He needs a redemption arc.
  2. MCC 30 Aqua Axolotls - If the spawns were ordered in some sort of RNG, then Aqua was EXRTEMELY unlucky. Other teams in 30 had this issue, but none had it worse than Aqua. Them spawning next to Red was frustrating and they lost every single time. Red was the only team they encountered. Red had Sapnap, and Sapnap did what Sapnap does best; flanking. The team morale pretty much died a bit afterward. At least they got revenge on Red with Impulse having the dome choose HITW for the last game.
  3. MCC 23 Blue Bats - Lack of experience was the one thing that brought down Blue in Meltdown. Despite it being the second time it was played, Kara, SB, and Sneeg never played it while Sparklez did, doing so pretty well in 22. The fact that it was the final game, the multiplier made the scoring INSANE, and Blue were in 1st made this absolutely depressing. Sparklez getting 3rd again after his first win was tragic. This has become my favorite team in MCC history and for them to be gutted at the final game and losing their place in the top 2 was a rollercoaster of emotions. Plus, Purple were behind them by 6 COINS by the end of it!
Leave a comment and share other Meltdown POVs that left a bad taste in your mouth.
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2023.06.10 08:24 Worth-Hovercraft-107 Main Characters tier list on ELR

  1. Robert=in my opinion is the funniest ELR cast by milessss!!
  2. Frank=the sassy and hold no prisoners in the early season but in the last few seasons they make him as this one dimensional grumpy pensioner
  3. Ray=either really funny or really boring there's no in between
  4. Marie=perfect example of iconic obnoxious character
  5. Debra=the imperfect straight man on the show
  6. Amy=important for Robert story arc but so damn dull and uninteresting in person
  7. ray and Debra kids=accessories for the show no more no less
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2023.06.10 08:21 Chemical_Connection4 Colt M4 Carbine with Comp-M4 Red-dot sight & M203 Grenade Launcher in use with 10 Para SF

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2023.06.10 08:19 iwasdusted WEEKLY ROUNDUP & CH. 11 MEGATHREAD: Week of Friday, June 9, 2023

WEEKLY ROUNDUP & CH. 11 MEGATHREAD: Week of Friday, June 9, 2023
Here is this week's weekly roundup post!
  • See a list of all the movies playing at Regal this week at the link above!
  • Oppenheimer tickets are now on sale -- check it out in 70mm & IMAX 70mm at select Regal locations.
    • 70mm - Bridgeport Village, Edwards Long Beach, Gallery Place, New Roc, Sherman Oaks Galleria, Union Square, Waterford Lakes.
    • IMAX 70mm - Edwards Ontario Palace, Hacienda Crossings, Irvine Spectrum, Mall of Georgia, Opry Mills, UA King of Prussia. There are only 30 theaters showing Oppenheimer in this format worldwide.
  • There are A LOT of promotions ongoing right now. Enter some sweepstakes and earn some bonus points!
  • Be sure to check out Spider-Man and Transformers in premium formats before The Flash takes over on Thursday.
Here's this week's PLF chart!
Fast X, The Little Mermaid, and The Roundup are only playing in RPX at one location each. As always, formats and bookings are subject to change and local availability.
Here's the link to our ongoing Chapter 11 roundup.
  • 5 locations have closed this past week:
    • Regal @ Austell, Austell, Georgia (from the Fourth Omnibus Motion, filed 12/8/22)
    • Regal Citrus Park, Tampa, Florida (from the Fourth Omnibus Motion, filed 12/8/22)
    • Regal Henrietta, Rochester, New York (from the Fourth Omnibus Motion, filed 12/8/22)
    • Regal Interstate Park, Akron, Ohio (from the Eighth Omnibus Motion, filed 5/31/23)
    • Regal Longview, Longview, Texas (from the Eighth Omnibus Motion, filed 5/31/23)
  • At the beginning of 2022, Regal had 515+ locations. Regal currently has 450 locations nationwide.
  • Since Chapter 11 began in September 2022, Regal has rejected 56 leases (excluding theaters that stopped operating before bankruptcy).
Here's the link to the MoviePassClub Discord server, for spoilery discussion of new release movies, general movie discussion, and to chat with fellow Regal Unlimited members. Many of our mods and members are active here. (This Discord is shared across RegalUnlimited, MoviePassClub, Cinemark, with some overlap with AMCsAList.)
And don't forget to check out this week's pinned movie discussion post for spoiler-free discussion of your recent Regal experiences!
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2023.06.10 08:16 ZedaEnnd Newbie Questions

Basically, my friend and I are starting into mk.3 and there's kinda just a couple things we in our blindness haven't, like.. Noticed. In our little book of wordy confusion.
  1. How far from the map edge do we actually start?
  2. Can someone with multiple initial attacks swap between different targets for each?
  3. What exactly is a rear strike? Besides being an attack from the back arc.
  4. Is the free strike range of a pure gunfighter only a half inch?
  5. How is a power attack damage roll different exactly..?
I'll probably come back with more at some point, but for now these are what I'm kinda struggling with.. Thank you pre-emptively! Also, does anyone know anywhere I can find reasonably priced faction dice sets? I've found some, but it's always like twenty bucks after shipping and that just feels insane for six D6. Especially since the target market is pretty small at this point..
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2023.06.10 08:04 ShadowGinrai EXCUSE ME, WHERE ARE MY DUAL LIGHTING CLAWS???

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2023.06.10 08:04 ShadowGinrai EXCUSE ME, WHERE ARE MY DUAL LIGHTING CLAWS???

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2023.06.10 08:03 Poto2209 Help me understand the weapon selector.

So, I was trying to get the hang of the controlls on pc and for that I started doing the Atlas Gundam trial. The scroll wheel selects weapons in a random order or instead of one scroll I have to spam the wheel for a successful weapon change. And if I go to the weapon sort… it is missing like 2 guns (where the heck is my assault rifle and my grenades?), then how do I select them manually?
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2023.06.10 07:57 lovelesstobeloved Predictions for the remaining Memory Characters in the Upcoming Chapters of Arc 3

Predictions for the remaining Memory Characters in the Upcoming Chapters of Arc 3
So we already got the first chapter, Indigo, released featuring Fio, Argo, Noelle and Levania as the main focus, now it’s time to focus the other chapters, as the second chapter will be out this July, especially when we should note that we have a total of 20 Memory Characters for the previous two arcs.
First, If you recall near the end of the prologue of Arc 3, four doors appear for the characters to escape. We know Fio and Argo escaped the First Door. As for the others:
-Second Door: Saryu and Akeha
-Third Door: 063y and Yurie
-Fourth Door: Yudil and Rion
Dimos was the only one that didn’t make as he sacrifice himself to get Rion to the door before the structure collapsed. But I’ll get back to Dimos later, so let’s talk about the upcoming chapter.
Second, For those already aware, Nier Rein’s Twitter account release concept arts of the Cage’s area for arc 3. But, what you should know that in JP Twitter, these concept arts represents the area for each chapter:
-The blue area featuring Fio represent chapter 1
-The red are featuring Saryu represent chapter 2
-The green are featuring 063y represent chapter 3
And ye, they didn’t post the art for chapter 4 for some reason, but if you remember the teaser, it’s the yellow-orange area featuring Rion.
Third, since chapter 1 feature four characters, especially when a couple of focused Memory Characters (such as Fio and Levania) are connected to one another, that means we have sixteen more to go. Now to predict the remaining characters that yet to appear.
For Chapter 2, we know Saryu and Akeha. Soon, Lars will appear as shown in the opening. Now who will be the fourth. My guess will be Priyet as we recall Saryu’s dialogue in the opening “I’ll never forgive you for what you did”. It makes it obvious that this dialogue is directed to Priyet.
For Chapter 3 featuring 063y and Yurie, perhaps 063y will reunite with F66x and maybe Yurie will encounter Marie
Now for Chapter4 where Yudil and Rion are. Aside one of my guesses that Sarafa will appear, who will be the last for this chapter? Many believe that Dimos will return. But for me, I’m gonna say no (like I said, will get back to Dimos topic later). So who remains? Frenliese/Gayle and Griff (and I will get back to the siblings later). Kinda hard to guess, but leaning toward Frenliese/Gayle due to connection, not sure for Griff.
Thus, we have four remaining Memory Characters.
And finally time to focus Dimos.
I doubt he’ll appear in Chapter 4 not just because he didn’t make it to one of the doors, but look at the key art visual of Arc 3. The art feature Mama (obviously), Fio (Chapter 1), Akeha (Chapter 2), Yurie (Chapter 3), Yudil (Chapter 4) and finally Dimos.
Makes you wonder why Dimos, if he were to appear Chapter 4, is feature in that art with Yudil is also there.
I theorized that Dimos will be one of the main focus of Chapter 5. Perhaps he survive the fall, but ends up somewhere in the Cage. Perhaps, somewhere off limits or an undiscovered area. Maybe he’ll encounter the last remaining characters: Hina and Yuzuki, and maybe either Griff or Frenliese/Gayle(depends). And maybe something’s gonna happen for Chapter 5. Even though we got four known colored areas, what would the fifth area be? Well, remember the opening scene about the YoRHa keyboards? For me, perhaps Dimos and the others three will find access to this “server room”. After all, Dimos is technically an Android, and the siblings are part of a Divergence Phenomenon. As for either Frenliese/Gayle or Griff, aside Frenliese/Gayle being partially machine, for Griff, I forgot where but I remember someone mention that Griff himself slowly become self-aware during his weapon story at the main story, especially during Arc 1, his chapter in the main story introduce an incident of people being expelled out of the dark scarecrow such as the little boy that Fio and Levania encountered who got separated from his mother.
That’s all my theories so far. Feel free to discuss your theories for the upcoming chapters for Arc 3.
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2023.06.10 07:55 ElectrolyteDestiny Destiny 2: Crucible Gameplay (No Commentary)

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2023.06.10 07:50 dafunkz07 [Store] TI9 & TI10 Cache (bulk order discounts available)

[WTS]Treasure Cache I & II 2019


- Huge Discount for bulk orders (>100$)

- Massive Discount for FULL set buyer (normal till very rare)


3 simple steps to deal

  1. Please add BOTH my main account , 2nd acc with more ES/gothic whispecincer sensei

###WARNING### KINDLY TAKE NOTE TO ONLY ADD THIS 2 ACCOUNT (There are active scammeimpersonator trying to scam you via fake account)

  1. Comment on my profile (eg: Added for Cache Set 2019 - Cinder Sensei)
  2. Wait for 30 days to complete the deal (I may or may not require deposits depending on scale of purchase)
----------Treasure Cache I 2019---------- --------Hero-------- Quantity Price(USD)
Echoes of the Everblack Abaddon 7 $14
Allure of the Faeshade Flower Dark Willow 12 $10
Paean of the Ink Dragon Grimstroke 14 $7
Scorched Amber Dragon Knight 12 $15
Priest of the Proudsilver Clan Chen 11 $5
The Arts of Mortal Deception Enigma 17 $10
Poacher's Bane Tidehunter 14 $7
Soul of the Brightshroud Death Prophet 13 $7
Curse of the Creeping Vine*only via fullset purchase Undying 4 $15
Pursuit of the Ember Demons Huskar 15 $15
Appetites of the Lizard King Slark 14 $18
Forbidden Medicine Dazzle 13 $15
Riddle of the Hierophant Oracle 12 $5
Glimmer of the Sacred Hunt Drow Ranger 8 $29
Adornments of the Jade Emissary*only via fullset purchase Earth Spirit 5 $24
Defender of Ruin (Rare) Disruptor 18 $25
Gothic Whisper (Very Rare) Phantom Assassin 3 $99
----------Treasure Cache II 2019---------- --------Hero-------- Quantity Price(USD)
Sight of the Kha-Ren Faithful Drow Ranger 18 $15
Tribal Pathways Warlock 20 $7
Directive of the Sunbound Clockwerk 13 $7
Souls Tyrant Shadow Fiend 15 $19
Endless Night Abaddon 12 $7
Dapper Disguise Pudge 15 $15
Fury of the Bloodforge Bloodseeker 16 $10
Automaton Antiquity Broodmother 16 $5
Tales of the Windward Rogue Pangolier 7 $24
Grim Destiny Wraith King 15 $9
Distinguished Expeditionary Tusk 17 $10
Verdant Predator Venomancer 14 $7
Prized Acquisitions Batrider 19 $5
Fowl Omen (Rare) Necrophos 19 $25
Cinder Sensei (Very Rare) Ember Spirit 6 $99
----------Treasure Cache I 2020---------- --------Hero-------- Quantity Price(USD)
Origin of the Dark Oath*only via fullset purchase Night Stalker 4 $15
Ravenous Abyss Underlord 8 $12
Apocalypse Unbound Ancient Apparition 9 $12
Beholden of the Banished Ones Warlock 8 $7
Fury of the Righteous Storm Disruptor 9 $7
Lineage of the Stormlords Juggernaut 7 $25
Silent Slayer Silencer 9 $9
Mindless Slaughter Pudge 10 $15
Heartless Hunt Bounty Hunter 8 $13
Herald of the Ember Eye Grimstroke 9 $9
Fissured Flight Jakiro 10 $7
Flashpoint Proselyte Huskar 9 $14
Signs of the Allfather Nature's Prophet 8 $9
Glory of the Elderflame*only via fullset purchase Lina 2 $25
Songs of Starfall Glen Enchantress 7 $5
Ancient Inheritance (Rare) Tiny 10 $25
Forsworn Legacy (Very Rare) Mars 5 $59
----------Treasure Cache II 2020---------- --------Hero-------- Quantity Price(USD)
Evolution of the Infinite Enigma 9 $9
Beast of the Crimson Ring Bristleback 6 $9
Clearcut Cavalier Timbersaw 7 $9
The King Of Thieves Keeper of the Light 7 $7
Horror from the Deep Tidehunter 8 $19
Ire of the Ancient Gaoler Arc Warden 7 $19
Talons of the Endless Storm Chaos Knight 9 $14
Carousal of the Mystic Masquerade Rubick 9 $9
Crown of Calaphas Shadow Demon 8 $9
Wrath of the Fallen Doom 9 $19
Blacksail Cannoneer Sniper 8 $14
Secrets of the Celestial Skywrath Mage 8 $9
Blaze of Oblivion Phoenix 9 $9
Master of the Searing Path*only via fullset purchase Ember Spirit 1 $19
Steward of the Forbidden Chamber (Rare) Templar Assasin 9 $19
Claszureme Incursion (Very Rare) Faceless Void 4 $59
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2023.06.10 07:49 themangastand Crazy deck but it works. I love magical girls and wanted to make them some what viable.

Crazy deck but it works. I love magical girls and wanted to make them some what viable.
For context the only thing I know about yugioh is this deck. I've had so many versions. And it's a bit less magical girly then my first iteration but here is what it does.
Basically just things to draw and summon to get things on the field. I do have a chance to summon quintet magician even on first turn. I searched an scoured for cards that would work. And I found magical mallet. Magical mallet lets me get my draw and summons off. As well as pick and choose my deck as I pull it off. Ussually it has a combo of free summoning(which the fortune monsters act as trap cards that are also blockers) and then wand for more. Still working on extra deck. Recently got rid of alesister the invoker to go all in, and I think it's working better without him. I had mirror force. But with the risk of having no monsters with wand. I found Monster reborn better. A lot of people would just destroy my trap anyway. Monster reborn to get another type can help me pull off another link summon.
Anyway a lot of synergy. With those wacky deck.
Anyway this is the highest chance I've gotten pulling quintet magicians with magical girls.
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2023.06.10 07:48 randomized312 Tokyo Ghoul CYOA

Cyoa Link
Drawbacks: Incompatible, Mild R.O.S, Watchlist
8,000 + (3,000 x 3)= 17,000 cells
Kagune: Bikaku for stability
Special Kagune: Self-ingestion (My stats are boosted when I digest my body, while I can use this to make myself stronger at the cost of getting hungrier, I choose to consume my excess RC cells)
Organization (Whole family are members): Anteiku -4,000 = 13,000
Social Class: Filthy Rich -3,000 = 10,000
Location: 20th Ward -4000 = 6000
Gene Mods: All - 4,000 = 2,000 left
Family business: Labor Company made of ghouls (construction, engineering, delivery, security and more)-2,000 cells = 0 cells left (I know it's not in the choices but if this will be similar irl this will be their choice.)
My family are well known to the public as rich ghouls; optimists who believe in peace between humans and ghouls. We give jobs to ghouls so they can afford to buy corpses instead of murder. We've had assassination attempts before, from both humans and ghouls, yet we've always fended them off as we are slightly better at everything due to the gene mods, as well as the use of Q bullets (we're rich we can afford it).
Whole family is targeted by both the clowns and Aogiri Tree due to conflicting ideals + 6,000 cells
Spy, Mask Maker and Hunter - 0 pts left

Story Snippet:
Reporter: "Breaking News! Roland Wonjick, brother of the head of the Wonjick Corporation; Adam Wonjick was killed. We have a video to be shown now, viewer discretion is advised as the killing was quite graphic”
A video in bird's eye view (likely from a phone of a resident in a building) showed a man surrounded by 10 ghouls. The man whipped out 2 desserts eagles and well as his tail and started dual-wielding, fighting like a character in an action movie. He shot 3 ghouls in the head; 3 Ukakus before the rest started charging at him.
He had 9 bullets left (7 bullets per gun), that was when he ran up to a building, he was wall running for a scant few seconds before he leapt to another building and did the same thing, once he got to the rooftop, he crouched down and took position with one of his guns, hitting 2 koukakus in the throat and heart respectively. Those shot did not get up, meaning the bullets were q bullets, though he got caught when a bikaku like him came from behind his back and injured his shoulder (turns out there were 11), Roland Wonjick killed the would-be assassin by spearing his tail through the man.
The distraction was enough for the remaining 5, 3 koukaku, 1 bikaku, and 1 rinkaku to jump and finish the job, Roland Wonjick killed 3 ghouls before his head burst like a watermelon from being punched by a koukaku. 2 Koukakus survived yet was killed by the CCG when they tried to escape the crime scene, the ghouls were too injured and too slow to block or dodge the overwhelming rain of bullets.
Video end
Reporter: “It seems that the 3 ghouls were affiliated with the Clowns with the rest part of the Aogiri Tree. We-”
The T.V. was clicked off by an 18-year-old boy, face pale white, hands trembling and a face showing rage, he looked at the remaining members of the Wonjick family; his 2 parents, 2 brothers, 3 sisters, his uncle’s wife, and her 4 children (3 boys and a girl).
“So what do we do now?” Alex the reincarnate asked
“They want a fight, we’ll give them a slaughter” Replied his brother
“We have one shot at this, fuck this up and the other organizations will know our capabilities,” Said his uncle’s wife
“Good thing we brought all that war gear, eh?” said his cousin
1 hour later
4 armored trucks were cruising to the suspected headquarters of the Aogiri Tree, inside were the 9 members of the Wonjick family (2 adults remained to protect the 2 kids). All wore riot armor with their tails holding custom-made shields 1 meter wide, 1.5m long, 8 inches thick, and fully transparent. Some held, SRM ARMS MODEL 1216 shotguns, and Heckler & Koch MP7 submachine guns, all were dual-wielded, except for my father, and his sister-in-law, who held honest-to-god heavy machineguns (the type to be mounted on armored cars) and me who had a Barret M82 Sniper Rifle, as well as my mom who was an ukaku with a kakuja; she held a grenade launcher and blast (demolition), fragmentation, antiarmor (armor-piercing), and incendiary (fire) bombs. The bullets were not q bullets (oh how our targets wished they were, we just finished them off with our tails), they were war crime bullets, dum-dums, glass slugs, explosive, poisonous, and more, every mag had one of each. All expensive and hard to get but oh so very worth it.
Due to the bikaku giving their users supernatural stability, and our family’s genetic modifications, we all had bullshit levels of accuracy and defense similar to koukakus (we were skilled in using our tails holding the shields to parry attacks like dark souls experts, enhanced stability means we don't get pushed back much when blocking, and if we can't block we are fast enough to dodge roll).
We came at them like medieval knights against archers and peasant soldiers of old, tanky, and unstoppable. In 1 week we waged a family war against both the Clowns and the Aogiri Tree (most of our ghoul employees joined on the 3rd night), with the CCG backing us up (the enemy of my enemy is my friend) we culled 40% of the members of the Aogiri tree and 60% on the clowns.
We had a few casualties; 2 employees, 2 Anteiku, 10 CCG, and 1 volunteer V member (we gave generous compensation money to their family members), though my little brother and 40 other people were badly injured, they all healed up and we paid them (except for 25 of those 40, those were CCG members). Most of our battle gear broke but we’re rich and we had plenty of backups, it was nothing.
Humans felt safer here as most ghouls not affiliated with V or Anteiku stayed away from the 20th ward. Though a lot were scared of us due to seeing videos of ghouls getting shot once, then said ghouls screeching and crying and begging for us to kill them just to ease their pain (war crime bullets).
Despite the mini-war the family waged, the Wonjick Corporation still kept making money, by making songs (ghouls have better hearing making those of us vocally gifted easily becoming experts), construction, engineering, mining, and salvaging wrecked ships (enhanced strength) even making video games (enhanced stamina, useful for crunches). Ironically, despite being ghouls who eat humanoids (only human or ghoul corpses) both my cousins were world-renowned doctors.
Reporter: "We are live in the Wonjick Estate with James and Sarah Wonjick, world-renowned doctors, tell me how did you become experts in just a year, an extremely short amount of time?
James: “The bikaku gives their users supernatural stability, and ghouls have natural enhanced senses, we can hear a humanoid’s (both ghouls and humans) heartbeat and blood flow, see without the need for instruments, we can literally smell what’s wrong with our patients, we also require less maintenance (get tired or hungry slower) compared to humans, we can do a 72-hour surgery by ourselves without problems.”
Reporter: “Wow, that is amazing! Tell me what made you become doctors?”
Sarah: “We-”
I crashed through the wall like the Kool-Aid Man and screamed
Sarah quickly covered my mouth with her tail, slowly choking me in hopes that I pass out
Sarah: “Sorry about him, he’s the weird one in the family.”
Reporter: “Uhmm, okay?”
James quickly ushers the reporters out of the house
James: “Thank you so much for the interview but it’s getting late and you should go.”
Reporter: “Wait, this is live and you haven’t answered the rest of the ques-”
*Bang!* Door slams shut
Sorry, I took liberties with the cyoa
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2023.06.10 07:47 ILC_YTP Is Starbreeze having another "505 games" situation?

With the recent poor reception of the newest Payday 2 update, and the leaked assets on steam pointing to Payday 3 having in-game currency that can be purchased with real world money, leading people to believe there might be microtransactions in the game, I'm starting to wonder if Starbreeze/Overkill is getting some déjà vu with their current publisher, Prime Matter.
For those who don't know (and if you do skip this paragraph) Payday 2 was originally published by 505 games. During the game's early years, some players were concerned about Starbreeze adding in skins/microtransactions into Payday 2, as games like TF2 and CS:GO were doing it, but a dev replied and said it wasn't gonna happen. But a few years later, during Crimefest 2015, safes and skins were added, contradicting what the dev said and angering players as many saw this as a cash grab (and it was.) These safes had weapon skins inside them, and in order to open them you had to buy a drill to open them for $2.50 real world money (so pretty much just CS:GO cases.) But then when Update 100 came out, Starbreeze announced they purchased the publishing rights from 505 games, and at the same time, they changed how the safe system worked by introducing new safes that didn't need any drills to open, and all previous safes that needed drills would no longer drop. And over the next couple of years, the safe/skin system would get more changes to make them less pay to win and less like gambling. This made some speculate that Starbreeze never wanted to add microtransactions into the game, but 505 games forced them to do so. There hasn't been any definitive evidence to prove this, but given how Starbreeze made more changes to distant them selves from the safes and tried to stop making DLC, many people came to this conclusion.
Payday 2 coming to Epic Games honestly doesn't make much sense. Why bring a nearly decade old game onto a basically new platform, when the new game is set to come out the next year? The Epic Games launcher is also widely unpopular, and most people who use it do so because they have to with the games they play, and a majority would rather use Steam. Adding a bunch of stuff to the game's poor netcode and systems to handle when it's about to be finished with updates isn't a smart move. It's a decision that really makes me believe it wasn't really up to Starbreeze to make, and that they have their hands tied up.
So I wonder who could have been responsible for these decisions. Could it have been Prime Matter? They might be wanting to make a bunch of money off the Payday franchise with microtransactions, but do they have control over Payday 2? Could it have been Epic Games? Starbreeze might have wanted to use their servers for Payday 3, but Epic Games might have requested them to make Payday 2 be supported on their planform. They might have saw how popular Payday 2 was, and tried to force Starbreeze to agree to their terms if they wanted to use their servers (though I don't think they would have had a play on the Payday 3 currency.) Or all these moves could be by Starbreeze/Overkill them selves, as twisted as it is. As much as they tried to remove safes from the game, that didn't stop them from adding all the weapon color and heister comedic packs into the game. Maybe they wanted/needed more money, and decided adding the game to the Epic Games Store was enough for the extra revenue shares and possibly Epic giving them money to entice them. They are a public company with stocks also, and they did have a restructure a few years ago.
There's no definitive answer, and I wanted to discus about it with you guys and know what you're speculations are. Feel free to add any info you think would be useful in the replies as well.
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2023.06.10 07:41 Alternative_Cook_102 Dragon Ball Super Power Scale Part 1

Dragon Ball Super anime power scale (battle of gods arc
cool picture (don't click)
Hello everyone, this a remaster of my previous scale for Dragon Ball Super with improved scaling and better formating.
For scaling I will be using Domination multipliers, which are the only somewhat usable system I found. In the daizenshu it was stated you needed 2x your opponent's chi to completely overwhelm them and take thier attacks unharmed and if a character is 1.25x their opponent they will start to overwhelm them, this is evident in the frieza fight. Goku had a power level of 150,000,000 and frieza had Power level of 120,000,000, the difference was of 1.25 times but Goku still somewhat overwhelmed him. Thou Frieza could have killed Goku if he hadn't fought carefully.
Another thing I will using X or times buu saga base Goku or bsg to show their power growth.
Here are the domination multipliers,
1.25x - A Little but noticeable gap in power.
2x - completely overwhelms the opponent and can tank their attack
Let's begin after some context.
It has been 6 months or 6 years (depends) since the defeat of Kid Buu and Goku has been working as a farmer to support his family because even goku needs money, that makes me wonder how the hell did chichi raise Gohan and goten without a job I guess that remains a mystery. Thou Goku's financial troubles are quickly fixed when Mr Satan gives Goku a 100 million zeni which he got for saving the universe. (For real thou without Satan, Goku would have lost to buu) We also see Vegeta and his family go to the fair. (Kinda wholesome not gonna lie)
Goku doesn't train much because of work but has definitely got a bit stronger but since it's unquantifiable so he's still 1 in this scale with ssj3 being 400x bsg. Goku goes to king Kai's planet to train after giving the money to chi chi. Beerus arrives and Goku tries to fight him but is overpowered.
Goku powers up to ssj3 but is still overpowered easily by Beerus, Goku resorts to a kamehama. The Kamehameha is atleast a 2.2x multiplier as in the saiyan saga it amplified Goku power level of 416 to 924, ofcourse I rounded the number for ease for calculation. Ssj3 Goku is 400x bsg and his Kamehameha will be 880x bsg, Beerus's finger tanks the attack, easily putting Beerus at 2x the attack. Beerus while heavily suppressed is atleast 1760x bsg. This is likely extreme lowball considering Goku did state he was stronger then fusion.
Then beerus goes to earth in search of the super saiyan god and enjoys the bulma's birthday party but is angered multiple times but Vegeta manages to calm him down then buu eats his pudding and beerus gets angry, buu fights him but is easily defeated along with all the z fighters expect Vegeta who doesn't fight beerus because he is scared of him.
Until bulma slaps him and knocks her out, this makes Vegeta go ssj2 and fight beerus. Vegeta is almost equal to suppressed Beerus as he makes Beerus block and is able to break his guard. So ssj2 Vegeta is the same as Beerus but Beerus powers up later on tanks a galick gun. The galick gun is about a 3x multiplier considering it matched a kaioken 3x kamehameha. Putting the galick gun at 5,280x bsg.
Beerus atleast 2x stronger than Vegeta's galick gun or 6x Vegeta, making Beerus 10,560x bsg. Goku comes around and tells beerus that he might know about the super saiyan god then he summons shenron and asks about the super saiyan god. Shenron tells him about it and goku transforms into one.
Now let's find out how strong super saiyan God is, Goku in his initial fight with suppressed Beerus stated that even fusion won't be enough. This immediately puts SSG above atleast SSJ vegito, I put SSG atleast 2x the power of super vegito, to find out the multiplier for that, we first need to find vegito's power level. Note, I am not using ssj3 Vegetto due to him never having used it not that he can't but it's safe not to include.
It is stated that Vegetto is A's power level x B's power level as it's in an offical guidebook, so I am gonna go with that. So let's calc vegito's power level, Mecha Freeza after returning to earth was stated to 10x stronger then before, so we apply a 10x boost on frieza giving him a pl of 1,200,000,000. Trunks destroys this frieza making him 2x, if we ignore all the buffs Perfect cell is atleast 2x trunks and Gohan ssj2 2x cell with super perfect cell being equal to Gohan. That's 8x frieza atleast with lowball.
Base Goku in the other world tournament arc is comparable to pikkon, who one shot cell making him 2x cell, also note cell was stated to stronger then ever before but we won't use that. Making base Goku atleast with lowball 16x mecha freeza, if ignore any further buffs. Base Goku's power level will be 19,200,000,000. We just square that, we get 368.64 Quadrillion. We multiply it by 50x for super vegito, the final pl is 184.32 Sextillion.
For those "it's not canon" guys, it's the easiest way to find his pl and the least speculative route. So I used it, make your own scale if you have a problem. Plus super's anime is probably connected to the z anime.
SSG is 2x 960,000,000,000 as it's SSJ vegito's multiplier, we get 1,920,000,000,000x base or 4,800,000,000x ssj3 for SSG. We Slap that on base Goku, we get that he's 1,920,000,000,000x bsg (the same as the multiplier for SSG). Goku manages to impress Beerus, they fight for some time until Beerus starts winning and smacks him back into his SSJ form but is still at the same level as his SSG form.
Beerus states Goku has absorbed SSG into his base, therefore we put base Goku at 50x less than his ssj form as he needs to use it to fight Beerus. Base Goku is 38,400,000,000x BSG, after fighting some more Beerus launches his sphere of destruction or sod. Goku desperately trying to resist but isn't able to, Beerus puts more power in to the attack and completely overwhelms Goku. The attack is atleast 2x the power of God Goku, putting it at 3,840,000, 000,000x bsg.
Goku then drops back to base and suddenly breaks his limits and punches the Beerus's ball away, this limit breaker base Goku is atleast 2x the attack aas he one shot the attack. This puts Base Goku at a impressive 7,680,000,000,000x BSG after Absorbing the power of SSG.
I will cover rof in the next part, hope you all liked it.
Now to the total scale:-
Goku:- (Initially)Base:- 1 x BSG, SSJ3:- 400, SSG:- 1.92 trillion x BSG (end of the arc):- Base:- 7.68 trillion x BSG
Vegeta:- Base:- 17.6, SSJ2:- 1760x bsg, With Galick gun:- 5,280x bsg
Beerus:- Unknown but atleast stronger than SSG, therefore 15.3 trillion x BSG
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2023.06.10 07:33 Snoo32603 Audiotechnica LPW50BT - a good first turntable? What alternatives would you suggest?

The music I hear is generally minimal techno like Bonobo. Wanted to get some advice if the ATLPW50BT would be a good first table. Would love alternate suggestions.
Things that are important to me: 1. Not overly complex (I'm a newbie) 2. Upgradeable but also above average sound quality without any upgrades 3. Bluetooth (ideally) 4. Materials used and visual appeal 5. Features that allows me to connect to Sonos arc (via sonos play) 6. Budget US$450-600
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2023.06.10 07:32 KeenShotty Funny name go brrrrr

Funny name go brrrrr
My take on a grenade launcher specializing in crowd control
Also free png to use
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2023.06.10 07:32 Snoo32603 AudioTechnica LPW50BT. A good first buy? What alternatives whould you suggest?

The music I hear is generally minimal techno like Bonobo. Wanted to get some advice if the ATLPW50BT would be a good first table. Would love alternate suggestions.
Things that are important to me: 1. Not overly complex (I'm a newbie) 2. Upgradeable but also above average sound quality without any upgrades 3. Bluetooth (ideally) 4. Materials used and visual appeal 5. Features that allows me to connect to Sonos arc (via sonos play) 6. Budget US$450-600
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2023.06.10 07:26 TimelsChild Suns #1 in moral victories confirmed. Sorry lAkErS

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2023.06.10 07:24 uitinis Xo launcher infected with Trojan

Xo launcher infected with Trojan
Can anyone explain why Crossout Launcher is constantly sending over something away 10-50Mbps? Not downloading just sending. Plus my antivirus blocks trojan everytime I launch it. Am I getting attacked?
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