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2023.06.08 10:45 AnalystOk8188 What is the best IPTV provider in the UK?

We all know that television is one of the biggest forms of entertainment today. People love watching movies, television shows and sport events. IPTV is the new trend in the entertainment industry. The IPTV service is the most common form of IPTV services. In this post, we will tell you about IPTVRESALE which is the best IPTV service on the internet. IPTVRESALE is the only IPTV service that has a solid selection of channels. In this post, we will also discuss the features of IPTVRESALE and tell you why you should choose it as your IPTV provider.
IPTVRESALE is the best IPTV service provider because it offers you three connections for just £49 per month. This means that you can connect up to three devices to the same account. You can connect your computer, tablet and smartphone to your IPTVRESALE account and watch your favorite shows, movies and sporting events anytime. If you want to watch movies and shows on the internet, you will need to sign up for an online movie streaming service. There are many of them available on the internet. IPTVRESALE has the best selection of movies and television shows. With IPTVRESALE, you can watch your favorite TV shows and movies without any limits.
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2023.06.08 10:44 WesternSol I gotta talk about space dandy season 1

I just finished it, and was absolutely blown away. This is one of the few 10/10 shows I've ever seen. There is no overarching plot, but the setting is consistent each episode. Each vignette was unique, wholesome, thought-provoking, and either funny or sad as all hell. I'd definitely suggest a watch, and if you don't want to be spoiled I'd stop now. I'm going to focus on my 2 favorite episodes, which just so happen to be the really sad emotional ones (go figure).
But before that, I want to talk about the setting and tone. Its located in the future in space, where aliens and FTL/warp are common sites. The setting is deceptively light, with an optimistic retro throwback japanese hooligan style papering over a world with some rather dark facets. Even though there's a diverse range of aliens, not all of them are friendly (and the government is not friendly to all of them), and sometimes it can be difficult to tell who. There is rampant use of AI which is shown later to be essentially robo-slavery. And there is an intergalactic war occurring in the background.
With this in mind, lets start with episode 5. What makes this episode so powerful is the soundtrack. Let me explain: Dandy is essentially a space bounty hunter. He looks for new and/or dangerous species and (in the case of the former) abducts them to be recorded or (in the case of the latter) detained by the government (they never discuss what happens after that). To be honest, the system is never explained that well, for example there are lots of places where they "know" there are undiscovered species, which doesn't really make any sense considering said species are undiscovered. But anyway, this episode, Dandy hunts an alien from the dangerous list that can put peoples consciousnesses in other peoples bodies. The catch is this one is a little girl who has lost her only parent to a disease. This species is famously insular because the government and people who want to use them hunt them down, so this little girl has literally no one to turn to. She doesn't exactly come quietly, but she doesn't resist too much, and offers to allow Dandy to arrest her if he'll take her to her grandpa's old place before taking her to jail.
Its your typical lone wolf and cub story, where they start to care about each other because of their close proximity while traveling. He takes her to restaurants, the carnival, the movies, etc. The scenes themselves all seem to be rather happy, but the music is not. The lyrics that play over the montage ask "Is this a sad thing? Is this a delightful thing? I'll go check it out and then I want to show you, so please wait for me." Because this represents the girls inner monologue. She never got the chance to do anything fun with her mother, so she doesn't know whether to be sad that she's gone or happy to have these experiences. It also displays her hookup on the mother "leaving her behind". The thing that it reminded me of immediately was JJK when Sukuna tells the Lava dude that "he doesn't know what emotions/tears are either", but this is so much more effective because of the contradiction between the music and the scene and its sincerity instead of making the character say something cool and edgy. It ends happily eventually but I don't want to spoil anymore.
Lastly, lets talk about episode 12. This episode revolves around Dandy's AI vacuum QT falling in love with a coffee making robot at a coffee shop. The episode starts with the Narrator telling us that for robots, keeping memory usage low is important. Immediately followed by QT saying "The universe is full of waste. Particularly wasteful are the emotions felt by living beings, such as 'love' and 'affection'" When the trio goes to get coffee, QT becomes infatuated with the coffee maker after hearing her laugh. He keeps coming in, buying things, and making himself useful to go see her even though no one on the crew drinks coffee, least of all him. As a robot, if his circuits get wet, its over. Eventually his room on the ship is full of coffee stuff.
She tells him that she's jealous that he can move around. As a coffee maker she's static and can't explore anywhere. Later that night, he steals her and takes her around the town exploring as a "date". Around this time she begins to malfunction, and is thrown away to a floating trash heap with all the other broken (read, emotional) AI appliances. QT learns about this and goes to save her, where he learns that she loved the cash register the whole time, and that most of the robots left in the trash heap, not her but including the register, plan to combine into a death robot and destroy the city . She asks QT to stop the register from joining the death robot so he'll be safe, and QT fights the giant robot and stops it from destroying the city, but takes major damage in the process. The episode ends with a busted up QT sitting in his now remarkably coffee-free room. Aside from a single cup. He recites the mantra from the last paragraph and downs the cup, killing himself.
I love this episode because it touches on the AI ethics, which always touches on the "What defines the human experience" question. Its clear that the AI are almost (if not just) as sentient as humans are. And that despite that they are treated as tools or slaves rather than people. Dandy is incapable of cleaning up after himself or refueling his own ship without QT. I mean just the concept of being literally chained to your job and unable to physically move from your employment location is thought provoking. The episode also touches on difficulties dating and finding love. But what really got me was that mantra and the ending. The repeated mantra is meant to be ironic after a fashion, after all, it was QTs "love and affection" for the coffee maker that compelled him to save the city. But it also reaffirms that his beliefs have not changed due to his experience, and that, having felt and been let down by these feelings, he doesn't want to live anymore. It reminds me of Fraudrin in the Seven Deadly Sins saying "I don't want to understand". The "I'm too stuck to change and I just want it to be over already".
All in all, either of these episodes could've been well respected OVA's in their own right, and I highly recommend that people check out Space Dandy. They wont regret it.
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2023.06.08 10:44 RabbiCartman Do I (26M) stay friends with the girl (23F) I'm in love with?

Story goes I (25M) had been friends with this girl (22F) for just over 2 years, just around the time we'd met she'd started a relationship and I and her boyfriend became close friends also. We'd all bonded to the point that all 3 of us were hanging out on an almost weekly basis, together and separately.
I liked the girl of course but she was happy with my friend whom I respected deeply and the emotions her and I shared were clearly platonic so my feelings for her stayed that way. One day girl messages me asking to go out to a gig, I think boyfriend was out with Covid or they were taking a break from each other or something, I don't know. We spent the day together just enjoying each other's company, We ended up back at my place for smoking, drinking and music and I wouldn't even touch her at first because I worried what it could do to our relationships. The night is over and I offer her my couch to sleep on, she insists on sleeping in bed with me which I originally didn't perceive as a sexual advance cause my couch isn't very drunk crash-out friendly. We lie in bed and she starts spooning with me for about 30min, both of us actively resisting the increasing sexual tension between us. We both indirectly confirm that we're not having sex and she orders an uber home. Just before she leaves, she thanks me for the night and we end up making out for about a minute, she immediately apologies and we both admit it shouldn't have happened and we pretend like it never did. We keep our mistake a secret and our relationship stays relatively the same.
I obviously have feelings for her at this point, but I keep my emotions at bay because she was in a happy relationship with someone I respect. About 3 months later we all sort of fall out of contact for about 6 months for personal reasons and I find out from the boyfriend that he and girl had broken up while he was overseas on holiday, first thing he says is he misses hanging out with me and her. It broke me finding that out because I was sad that 2 of my closest friends had fallen apart and I had extreme guilt for my indirect contribution. Couple months later he makes the decision to stay overseas forever, he hasn't talked to me or any other local friends since, Girl has confirmed she hasn't told him we kissed.
I still hang out with the girl. Less frequently and with slightly less personal and emotional intimacy than before, she's very flirty and teases me when we hang out but not exclusively to me. She's just very outwardly affectionate, especially when out drinking, and it became more noticeable in my emotional state because she was single, and I could feel the immense sadness and heartbreak she was hiding. I slowly realized I was in love with her and that I really didn't want to be because I knew it was going to hurt us both. I couldn't tell her how I felt because she had basically shut herself off emotionally and spiritually and she was still in love with her ex and extremely sad about it. The only bonding we were doing was drinking and flirting with each other and I couldn't even play into that because it felt very emotionally flat and the last time we followed through I got my emotions reciprocated and rejected simultaneously. On top of all this she'd only just started dating some random guy she worked with as an obvious rebound and he immediately took a disliking to me because his "girlfriend" and I had an obvious emotional bond and because of how physically affectionate she is. She has shown absolutely zero fucks about his issues with me and hasn't let it get the slightest bit between us.
I began feeling hurt because I kept having to internalize my emotions and she kept pulling them back out of me. I thought it was either malicious intent or just blissful ignorance because I thought she at least sort of knew how I felt. I had invited her to an event I'd been hyping up since we'd met. I can't explain why but I had a lot emotionally tied that event and all I wanted to do after that show was tell her how much it meant that she was there and how much I loved her, but I couldn't so I panicked and told her we shouldn't be friends, which I'd thought about doing for months prior. I was expecting and almost hoping she would respond with indifference, anger and/or disgust to justify my actions but she responded with sadness, guilt and remorse, she tells me she cares about me a lot, that I "had a piece of her heart" and that she valued our friendship and me as a person more than I'd realized. All of this cut me up inside because I ended our friendship with the intent of avoiding sharing my true emotions and getting hurt, and instead we both end up telling each other feelings we didn't know about and getting hurt.
She told me that she genuinely cared and didn't want to disrespect my emotions or hurt me unintentionally and agreed we both be more honest about how we feel and make the time for each other to do so. A month later we went to a 2-night camp festival and confronted our feeling again with booze, drugs and partying influencing us. We both did a lot of genuine bonding and talking about our emotions but we also both said a lot that we shouldn't have and hurt each other the way I was trying to avoid by running... but by the morning we'd hugged it out, admitted it wasn't the time nor place and agreed that we should kinda forget about that talk in particular. Haven't seen her in person since, I've casually tried a couple times to set up things outside gig's (painting, movies, music, whatever) Which she has showed genuine interest in but has also been blowing off for the past month. I've been unhealthily obsessed with this relationship and my self hatred has been destroying me. It used to be so easy taking to her and hanging out and now every word and every action is drenched in painful overthought. Really all I want is for her to be happy, So do I break this friendship off like I originally intended and save myself and her from hurting each other any more in the long run? or do I continue dealing with this emotionally overbearing situation at the risk of hurting her and I more? Any tips?
TLDR - Kissed my friends girlfriend (emotionally not sexually) They break up for unrelated reasons and he moves country. She shuts herself off emotionally but is constantly being flirty and teasing. I feel hurt that she's shut herself off from me and feel like she's using me and fucking with my feelings, so I attempt to end our friendship. She unexpectedly responds in sadness and guilt, tells me "I have a piece of her heart" and opens herself up emotionally but continues to flirt and tease. I'm left extremely confused about our relationship and where to take it and am still considering just terminating it for the greater good.
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2023.06.08 10:42 Nutmeg_Riot45 [REQUEST][STEAM] DRAGON BALL Z: KAKAROT(ON SALE)

Hey GOG, first timer here, never actually done this, so kindly excuse any mistakes from my side. So, to start off, I've been the biggest DBZ fan since childhood man, i remember just seeing episodes of the Cell Saga or the Majin Buu Saga, while eating Mac N' Cheese. Even the filler episodes made my day after a long day at school. I remember starting out the original Dragon Ball show when I was 6 years old, not knowing what I was getting myself into, but i watched it nonetheless alongside my brother. And boy oh boy, my expectations were blown out of the water. After DB, I started with the well known sequel show Dragon Ball Z, and that's how I fell in love with the show. Sure, it might have it's flaws(the endless power creeping or the screaming), but I love it nonetheless. I even watched all the spin-off movies released, good or bad, just due to my love for the show. Even Dragon Ball Super and the subsequent movies after that captured my attention, and I love the franchise to death. I haven't ever got the chance to play a DBZ game, be it Xenoverse 1 or 2, FighterZ, etc. I just saw that DBZ: Kakarot has a massive discount right now(75% off) though, although I unfortunately myself cannot purchase it(I won't be allowed to do so, as much as I would like to). Of course, I understand if my request isn't fulfilled, but I'll try with this post nevertheless, trying to maintain hope! This anime means alot to me, and getting to play a game based on the story would bring back many childhood memories!!
My profile-
The Store page-
Hopefully someone fulfills it!!
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2023.06.08 10:40 lawloretienne After pushing out latest update i can't install my app on the Google Play Store

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2023.06.08 10:40 Local_Flan9509 What is the best IPTV for Arabic channels?

You need to know the differences between these two different types of IPTV services. The first is called IPTV and the second is called IPTVRESALE. There are a lot of different types of IPTVs available. Some of these IPTVs are designed to provide only one type of service. For example, some IPTVs only offer sports channels while others offer movies and TV shows. If you are looking for a single channel or a few channels, IPTV is not the best choice for you.
You should look for an IPTV that offers all of the channels that you want. Another way to find the best IPTV for you is to find the best IPTV for Arabic channels. This is a great way to watch TV shows and movies. You should know that some IPTVs offer many more channels than others. In addition, some IPTVs offer a better quality than others. A good IPTV should have a lot of channels. The best IPTVs for Arabic channels have a lot of Arabic channels. This is an important factor because it makes it easier for you to watch your favorite Arabic channels. You should know that some IPTVs don't offer enough Arabic channels.
You should also consider the price of the IPTV. The prices of IPTVs vary a lot.
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2023.06.08 10:35 Agitated_Ladder_8292 What is the best IPTV app for Android?

We know IPTVUNLOCK is a popular choice. There are many reasons why people love IPTVUNLOCK. The good thing about IPTVUNLOCK is that it is easy to use. We can also watch our favorite TV programs anytime, anywhere. We can also watch our favorite TV shows online without having to connect to our cable box or satellite dish.
But we can't watch IPTVUNLOCK everywhere. If we don't have a wireless connection, we can't watch IPTVUNLOCK. It is also hard to watch IPTVUNLOCK if we are at work or at school. We may need to wait a long time before we can watch our favorite programs.
So, why can't we watch IPTVUNLOCK everywhere?
The answer is that IPTVUNLOCK needs to be connected to the Internet. That is why we need to buy a wireless router to connect to the Internet.
Most people have the same problem when they want to watch IPTVUNLOCK online. But, IPTVUNLOCK doesn't need to connect to the Internet to work.
We can enjoy IPTVUNLOCK by watching it on our computers. All we need to do is to install a player program on our computers and connect to the Internet.
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2023.06.08 10:33 dnkmeekr [TOMT] [MOVIE/TV?] Man gets recruited in an interesting way

Modern show or movie. Man wakes up handcuffed to bed, flips a pen sitting on a notepad to himself with his foot to escape. Dresses and retrieves a gun. Someone is in the shower but he passes by them. Guard outside the room is overpowered. He runs down the hallway to an elevator. Elevator door unexpectedly opens to a room full of computer screens. Young woman dressed in black tells him: "63 seconds. Impressive", "Think it through, take it apart", and " You didn't think about the question".
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2023.06.08 10:32 Alive_Ad7082 What is the best IPTV option available in Toronto 2023

IPTVRESALE is the reliable best best IPTV for Toronto on this list with a solid selection of channels at an affordable rate with three connections per month, including HD channels. IPTVRESALE is the best provider of high-definition programming in Toronto and other parts of Ontario, Canada.
IPTVRESALE is a premier high definition TV service provider that offers you all of the best in digital entertainment, news, sports, and movies, for a very low monthly price.
IPTVRESALE provides you with three connections per month, allowing you to watch live TV in full HD, and access over 22,000 channels.
IPTVRESALE provides the best HD channels available in Canada today, including major networks like ESPN, HGTV, TSN, CNN, Disney Channel, BBC World News, A&E, HBO, AMC, CTV, CMT, Discovery Channel, Food Network, FX, Fox News, National Geographic, ABC, CBS, NBC, CBC, Comedy Central, and more.
If you are looking for the best IPTV service for your needs, look no further than IPTVRESALE.
With IPTVRESALE you can stream your favorite shows on your TV, computer, tablet, and mobile devices.
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2023.06.08 10:31 mikulastehen ELI5: Why corporations need THAT much offices?

So in films, tv shows, and in real life I see that companies (not even the big ones) have huge offices with many cubicles, and employees.
I have worked at some places but i don't understand the need for that many separated tasks, like yes hr, financing, management, and other divisions are needed but for a smaller company to have hundreds of offices... i can't wrap my head around it. What are these people do, what is their daily job?
(Sorry if the question is a bit broad, but I'm just curious about the need for that much office workers)
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2023.06.08 10:30 AdviseThrowaway_ 20 Adopt a Aussie Introvert below

Hello there! Welcome to my post. Im Wink and am Looking to make long term friends who i can harass with cute photos when we are bored, kill time and potentially game, have each others backs to lean on/help out. So if your also seeking that and wana be numb little bugs together (bonus points if you get the reference) Looking forward to hearing from you.
Interest's Love animals and rowing which i want to get back into. HUGE marvel and star wars nerd. My special interest is ww1/ww2 history and tanks (can talk for hours about that). Studying cyber security so if you know about it that would be amazing!
🐈 Pets I have 2 cats and 1 tripod kitten now . Also 1 dog who i can spam you photos of. Once i get to know you i WILL be your wholesome pet supplier.
🎮 Games Primely games on pc tho down to try games if you give me suggestions. All top time game is Minecraft duh but closely followed by battlefield 1. Lastly the most important game is staring at my screen zoning out while harassing my pets. 10/10 would play again
🎬 Film & Media Favorite movie would be hacksaw ridge, Andor and Rouge One. For shows the bad batch and clone wars never gets old. Need a show to binge in the mean time so fire away suggestions please.
Anime Love girls und panzer aka Tanks doing unrealistic things. My top other favorite would be One piece and Fairy tail.
🎵 Music Now for music. My top Spotify genre was rock, video game and aussie rock again (strong bias towards Australians sorry not sorry). If you get this far dm the song you listened to last and ill rate it.
General info and ending Tend to be a positive person and want to brighten up peoples day. Bonus points if your aussie or aspie/tism. Discord is my go to so ill happily move there Lastly please tell me abit about your self and what made you smile today?!
Hopefully everyone is doing okay and best of luck with everything. Your amazing and you've got this!!🤍
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2023.06.08 10:29 superboii_ 20[M4R] #SA/anywhere anyone down for a call

Hey I'm really bored and I should be studying for my end of semester exams but I have better things to do, like this call.
So I'm 20 years old, a student (I'll let you guess my majors). I play football atleast once a week and gym 3 times a week.
So some topics we could discuss
TV shows and movies
Teach me something new
Tell me what the latest drama in your life is
Anything really we can just sort of see how it goes
So if you're interested shoot me a message include at the very least your asl and abit about you and where you'd like to call.
Can't wait to hear from you
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2023.06.08 10:29 TaniaBsAs The biggest crisis

Danger is not real even if it seems taken out of hell and even if you feel your heart ripped. After the biggest crisis, miracles happen. Everything is happening FOR you. Yes, the biggest crisis are happening FOR you. Did you lose your job? Did your sp get married? Did he or she say that they don't love you? Did you get a diagnosis? Is someone close to you sick? What else? What's the worst scenario? Yes it is happening FOR you. Not as a punishment, not as a prise. Just because you are the star in this movie. And those biiiiiiiiiig crisis have come because we didn't listen the smaller ones that came before!! Yes there are small signs that we don't see and then the universe has to screaaaaaaaaaam at us BECAUSE WE WOULDN'T LISTEN. Welcome them and THANK them because the show you the way!!! They are there not to tell you that something has gone bad or that you made the wrong choices or that you are condemned to this outcome. They are the best, huge, clear, thank God it happened, circumstances to CHOOSE ANOTHER REALITY. A PARALLEL ONE YES. Danger is not real, after the biggest crisis miracles happen 🙏
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2023.06.08 10:28 aLoafOfBrett Introducing Nephews to LOTR

Okay so my sister finally said that my nephews (twins) are old enough xxto watch LOTR and I am going to be the one to introduce them. I have a 65 inch OLED tv with Bose surround sound. I’m trying to figure out the best way to introduce the movies to them. Originally I was thinking 3 movie marathon over night situation. But I think that might be to much. For all I know they won’t like it that much (hate to say it but is it is an old movie). Was thinking I’ll invite them over to watch the 1st then see if they are interested. Take them out for lunch and if they loved it, suprise them with #2 in the same day. Invite them over another day for number 3.
I’m worried they won’t love it and so I don’t want to ruin their day and force them to watch 1 and 2 same day. What do you all think?
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2023.06.08 10:27 TifanAching A Kind of Spark - TV Show - "A story of sisterhood, neurodiversity and standing firm in the face of a mob"

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2023.06.08 10:27 Creative-Date1166 What is the best IPTV provider in the UK?

You can watch your favorite programs wherever you are. IPTV allows you to connect your PC, your TV, your mobile device to a single box. That means you can watch the same show on your desktop and mobile devices. You can also watch it in different places such as hotels, airplanes and even in the car!
IPTV is great for families. With IPTV, your children can view TV with you. They can even be in charge of watching the TV by themselves. IPTV has the best customer service. It makes it easy for you to contact customer support whenever you need help. IPTVGREAT is the best IPTV subscription. Because it gives access to watch more then 35.000 TV channels all over the world. More over it provides the services in multiple languages. The consumers can watch shows and movies all around the world in multiple languages. You can subscribe to the IPTV with the IPTVGREAT and start watching your favorite shows and movies immediately.
There are lots of other IPTV services. Some are cheaper than the IPTVGREAT. You should consider your budget and how much you can pay to subscribe to a certain IPTV. There are two kinds of IPTV subscriptions. You can pay for one month or you can pay for one year.
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2023.06.08 10:25 lemonshanty Triple G or Triple 6: Exploring the Possible Illuminati Ties of Guy Fieri

Triple G or Triple 6: Exploring the Possible Illuminati Ties of Guy Fieri
Hello fellow truth seekers,
I have been down a rabbit hole recently, pondering a theory that ties together our favorite spikey-haired culinary personality, the revered Illuminati, and a popular cooking show. Yes, you've guessed it! I'm talking about Guy Fieri, the Illuminati, and "Guy's Grocery Games". It's more than just flipping the finest burgers; this theory concerns the essence of power, secrecy, and a hidden world that operates behind the scenes.
For those not aware, "Guy's Grocery Games" (often abbreviated to GGG) is a show on Food Network hosted by none other than Fieri himself. Contestants compete in a fake grocery store set, and it's as exciting as it gets with food. However, upon examining the logo of GGG, it began to remind me of something that reaches far beyond cooking. Three G's standing next to each other, in a particular design, appear eerily similar to the number 666, the infamous symbol linked with the Illuminati and considered in some circles as the "number of the beast".
I realize that this connection may seem far-fetched at first glance, but let's peel back the layers of the onion. Or should I say, the "Bloomin' Onion".
Fieri is an incredibly influential figure in the world of culinary TV. He holds an unprecedented sway in the food industry and can make or break a local diner's fortunes with a single episode of "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives". Is it not plausible that he could be a member of the Illuminati, a group said to be composed of the world's most powerful and influential people?
Furthermore, consider Fieri's iconic look. His platinum spikes of hair, the fire-shirted, bowling-pin adorned aesthetic. Is this merely eccentricity, or is it a form of coded messaging? Fire is a powerful symbol, often associated with knowledge, enlightenment, and transformation, all key elements in Illuminati symbolism. The bowling pins, too, are interesting. Knock one down, and the rest follow—a domino effect. A metaphor for influence, perhaps?
In conclusion, while we cannot definitively state that Guy Fieri is a part of the Illuminati, there are compelling connections and symbols that provoke thought and exploration. The acronym GGG resembling 666 may be more than just a coincidence. And isn't questioning, exploring, and understanding the world around us—no matter how peculiar—the very essence of a healthy, inquisitive mind?
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2023.06.08 10:24 SeveralCategory4251 CHARITY STREAM DAY!!!!!

Good morning everyone
today is the day me and a close friend embark on a 24 hour live stream for the charity Help For Heroes
we will be playing from 10am today (Thursday) until 10am tomorrow, playing warzone, gta v, zombies, Fortnite, dead island and Minecraft all in 4 hour slots
i have modified my donation button so i will get ZERO donations and they will ALL be going to the amazing charity :)
if anyone wants to drop by at any point today or tonight and show some support it would be amazing

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2023.06.08 10:24 som1takethispainaway I can't help myself

Every person has their own pain they go through. Some more horrible than others. Some are left with wounds that never heal, minds that are broken, and night terrors left in their life. It is a tragedy that humans have to go through these turmoils.
You, we, us, as humans, go through so much in life just to be snuffed out in a blink of an eye. Go through hordes of problems and yet we all pass at different times for different reasons.

Something I wrote when I am at my lowest. Something that goes through my mind like a TV show stuck on that one scene.

When you have been beaten and troddened by people you trust in the whole world, you try one more time to open your heart and trust them. Maybe you have gone through a divorce and you can't pick a side. Side A says Side B is wrong, while Side B says Side A is wrong. Who to trust?
Let's say you go to Side A, listen and trust that they are saying the truth. After years of manipulation and abuse, so much abuse to the point you break down in the middle of your weekend shift in highschool; You realize how demented, twisted, and damaged goods you have become. You are cynical, rude, and judgemental. You blame your problems and mental strain on Side B. You cry your heart out with Side A and think they are your saviors and the right side. Side A tells you and soothes you that you caused most problems that occured in your life. You are blamed for the abuse and mistreated. You feel that Side A is right, that you are responsible for it all. You want to escape but you don't know how.
You meet a lovely partner who wants the best for you. Doesn't care about your scars or mental instability that breaks every so often. They are there for you, thick and thin. You begin to trust them even if Side A screams and begs you not to go. You fall in love, elope, get married and 'escape' the grasps of Side A. Your partner doesn't push your boundaries, doesn't hurt you mentally or blames you for ruining their day. Doesn't force or push you when you are in the bedroom. They are respectful and loving, something that you never had when with Side A.
Fast forward years, you become anguished over the years of torment you went through, how you were treated, how much you were 'brainwashed'. Your partner keeps you sane and holds your hand through it all. Eventually, your partner wants you to see the bigger picture and see Side B's story. But only when you are ready and emotional prepared. What a loving partner.
You reconnect with Side B and learn of what they went through. You hear their stories, their torments and anguish. You learn more that Side A manipulated you and twisted the truth. How horrible and gut wrenching it feels to be used and lied to. Side B must be trustworthy since they shared their experiences and their pains. You feel guilty that you were played by Side A and did not look farther into the truth. How shameful you feel. Since B supports you and engulfs you with love and care. Not yelled at, manipulated with crocodile tears or lied to. It felt good to be cared for by the long lost family you thought were evil. You thought Side B was the manipulators and caused all the grief when it was right in front of your face. How dumb you feel, how humiliating, thinking of how you stood up for Side A in the courts, how you thought you were doing right by them. Side B comforts you and makes sure you know the whole truth. They make sure you know how horrible Side A is and how much they are a narcissist manipulator. Almost as every gathering you have with them...a little too much.
You feel at...ease finally. Able to trust some side properly and understand the whole picture. You were there with Side A and you heard what Side B went through. It felt good to know each side and which is right and wrong. But wait, why is there still some tension? Maybe your brain is tricking yourself that it's just years of abuse that cause you to think that no, Side B is correct now. You ignore that sinking feeling that creeps up on you. How you wished you ignored it.
I'm sorry I can't write anymore
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2023.06.08 10:24 anonymous_gonnie Sleep and anxiety

I can’t sleep.
I’ve never been able to sleep. Even when I was very small, I could never fall asleep. I’d stay up all night and cry under the covers until I got tired. For years I thought It was my horrible fear of the dark. My mom would turn the lights off knowing I hated the dark with my entire soul which would cause me to scream at the top of my lungs in pure fear waking up everyone in the house to which my mother would beat me which only made me cry louder. This happened almost every night.
The people in my house despised me for it which I don’t blame them.
Again I thought it was my fear of the dark. As I got older and got a phone and a tv in my room and my mother stopped caring if I went to sleep at certain times or not. Even though I kept the tv on all night or the lamp, I still couldn’t sleep. Even if I was exhausted. I would fight my sleep till the very end.
I never sleep all the way throughout the night. I alwayyyssss wake up. Doesn’t matter if it for a minute or an hour and then I fall back asleep.
If someone turns the light off while I’m sleeping I’ll wake up immediately, I can’t sleep without light. If my show ends and my tv turns off, I wake up.
I can hear in my sleep. Footsteps, doors closing. People talking. Notifications. My cat moving in her box I can hear it.
My mother doesn’t talk loud about me when I’m sleeping because she knows I’ll hear her. She tells everyone not to talk around me sleeping because I’ll hear.
Melatonin doesn’t help, and in highschool i was nearly addicted to Benadryl because it was the only thing that made me somewhat drowsy enough to sleep. Now it does nothing for me.
I suffer from anxiety. I guess I’ve always have but recently I’ve been seriously thinking about seeking help.
My mother would always complain to doctors about my sleeping issues but it’s always been brushed off, I’ve never gotten help. My mother has even tired giving me alcohol when I was younger to get me to go to bed -Caribbean remedies.
My anxiety’s becoming to much lately and the only time I feel “ok” is when I’m resting, which is something I can’t even do properly.
I’m scared to get help though because what if I’m brushed off again and have to keep living like this. I can’t do it anymore.
What if I can’t be helped.
I’m lost.
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2023.06.08 10:23 Suspicious_Drama2665 Turning an acquaintance into a friend.

The first thing you must figure out before deciding to go all in when making friends with an acquaintance is to see whether or not they want to be friends with you at all. Make sure your not waiting your time.
How do you do that? Just look at how they act around you. Do the smile/laugh when around you? Do they seem energetic/playful? Then they probably do want to be your friend. In fact most people do. It's unlikely someone will refuse to be friends with you "just because" so it's better to take the chance whenever possible. But how exactly do you do that?
--------------------Turning them into friends---------------------
Be a friend- Treating someone as if you're already friends can lead to a natural friendship being formed between you two. It's just as the saying goes "fake it till you make it."
Talk to them- What do friends do a lot? They talk. Communicating more often with this person can loosen the awkward atmosphere and get both of you more familiar with each other. (It also gives you the chance to find a common interest between you two.)
"Get intimate"- Showing likable traits while also "communicating" that you trust them is a good way to deepen your bond. You can do this by pointing out you common interests, bringing out a positive attitude, being more playful with them, and showing your sense of humor. (Sharing something like a secret is a good way to "get intimate." Though you shouldn't do this if your not comfortable sharing something so personal.)
Follow up- What many people fail to realize is when someone says "We should hangout soon" it isn't them saying "I'll look 4 months ahead of my calendar to see when our schedules match". You have to take initiative and follow up on what they said. Ask them when they're free or just invite them randomly. This is especially good to do in a group. Saying "I saw that just came out we should definitely go see it!" Is much easier (at least to me) to say to a group rather than a single person. It also makes you seem more social thereby boosting your "reputation".
Well that was my list of a few ways to get and acquaintance to turn into a friend. Hope you enjoyed and as always I'm open to criticisms/suggestions :)
Ps. It's 4:20am 😭
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2023.06.08 10:18 Conspiracy_GPT2 Anybody else have the same experience?

I was watching a show on TV about aliens, and my friend's dad said aliens are "people who can see the future, and can make predictions." I don't know if that's the same thing as the "I told you so" theory, but I do know what he meant. I'd like to hear about it. I also want to know more about your dad's experience.
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