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Product Management is the art and science of building the right product for the right people. It encompasses understanding what to build, why to build it, and how to position it. Part marketer, part engineer, part sales, and part project manager, the product manager needs to understand the business, marketplace and customer to make sure they come together to form an amazing product.

2023.04.01 01:19 Amtexas84 Bored? Me too! Let’s chat!

I’m searching for some fun ladies who might be interested in playing the infamous number game with me! It’s a fun/flirty get to know you type game! If you’d like to know more about it or you’re interested in playing send me a chat! Let’s have fun and get to know each other! Basically how it’s played is you pick a number and I answer the question. Then I pick a number and you answer. We can pick the same number from time to time and we can ask follow up questions to spark more of a conversation if you’d like! If you wanna play hit me up and let’s have some fun today!!
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2023.04.01 01:18 Jadedframes splat 2 or 3?

I've been eyeing getting Splatoon on my switch for a while and now I've decided to get Nintendo online for a year to justify getting one of them. I was planning on 3 but apparently 2 is still fine and they changed some things in 3 so I just want to know what I should keep in mind for picking one. Like a pros and cons list to each one or if 3 is just outright a better version save for niche changes that might keep some playing the older games such as how the combat handles in each smash bros game.
Just throw out all your thoughts feelings and opinions on each one!
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2023.04.01 01:17 giverofmedicine Can’t even lie, paying a $152 cab fare is crazy

Like this is not even normal or acceptable behavior anymore. It’s weird. 1) that’s a fat bill I would never pay that even for myself to get home, and 2) it’s strange how much MQ “takes care” of Josh. It’s mostly because of the age gap too, but it’s fuckin creepy. Most adults would just maybe hang and catch up with someone like Josh (condition and age taken into consideration) over the phone or grab a coffee with them on occasion, but literally getting drunk through the night multiple times a week with someone younger like that is just pathetic.
Fuck your life MQ.
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2023.04.01 01:17 Ok-Ad3876 Trying to change display name on an already sent email

So I have successfully changed my display name to be what I want it to be, but the email I have already sent still says my old display name. How do I get it to change to my current display name? I’ve done some googling and haven’t had much luck with what I’ve found
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2023.04.01 01:17 choose_ay How to play against Cassiopeia top as Sion?

I recently had the pleasure of playing against Cassiopeia in the top lane and I lost in laning phase pretty badly 1/5/2. I rushed spirit visage and merc treads, but that didn't seem to help me get ahead. Every time I tried to engage with my ult she would just use hers right after and I would be stunned for 3 seconds which was enough time for her to kill me. I decided to go lethality and phase rush in champ select because I've never played into the matchup and didn't know how she would scale.

Any tips for going into this matchup, we ended up winning in the end but literally felt like I was going into a teemo on steroids.

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2023.04.01 01:17 GTUTD Host tried to extort money outside of app, then made fake pics to hit CC with $300 in fines

Amazing at how little protection a renter has with Turo. Car was dropped at location with pics taken, car cleaner picked up car and then hours later sent pictures from a separate location showing small damage and demanded money outside of the app. When they did not get their way, they planted illegal substances all over the interior, laughable really, and made false claims. Despite the host doing everything wrong, Turo sided with them and now my colleague has a work problem because of the travel expense. I have met some greats Turo hosts, but after watching this happen to a colleague I am pulling out and also disallowing anyone at my company to use Turo moving forward. There is just no protection for renters.
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2023.04.01 01:16 Amtexas84 [38/M] Boredom chat

I’m searching for some fun ladies who might be interested in playing the infamous number game with me! It’s a fun/flirty get to know you type game! If you’d like to know more about it or you’re interested in playing send me a chat! Let’s have fun and get to know each other! Basically how it’s played is you pick a number and I answer the question. Then I pick a number and you answer. We can pick the same number from time to time and we can ask follow up questions to spark more of a conversation if you’d like! If you wanna play hit me up and let’s have some fun today!!
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2023.04.01 01:15 Amtexas84 38M Boredom [chat]

I’m searching for some fun ladies who might be interested in playing the infamous number game with me! It’s a fun/flirty get to know you type game! If you’d like to know more about it or you’re interested in playing send me a chat! Let’s have fun and get to know each other! Basically how it’s played is you pick a number and I answer the question. Then I pick a number and you answer. We can pick the same number from time to time and we can ask follow up questions to spark more of a conversation if you’d like! If you wanna play hit me up and let’s have some fun today!!
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2023.04.01 01:15 acousticadventurer 26(m) Idk if I should continue my relationship with my girlfriend 26 (f) of 4 years

My girlfriend and I have been dating for 4 years and both of us are students at the same school. This makes it incredibly less challenging than if we each had to pay for our own living situations. We have been living together for 1 year and get along for the most part (but I do have specific issues I will discuss). Some of our views on life are very different to where I’m questioning the thought of eventually getting married and settling down with her. I know I am already almost 27 and I had planned to be married by this point in my life so ending a relationship right now and potentially pushing marriage off even further is kinda scary, especially because idk if my worries are legitament enough to break up.
First my girlfriend is a vegan which I fully support because it’s shown to have really great health benefits and who am I to tell her different? lol However, we have discussed having children but she strictly wants them to be vegan growing up. I think that this would be challenging and conflicting because withholding meat from my kids has me thinking that they wouldn’t like that and maybe they would be more prone to adopt an unhealthy diet later on in life of eating meat at every meal instead of having portion control when they start taking care if themselves.
My girlfriend is also very against me hunting and fishing which I don’t get to do much at all anyway(maybe 1-2x per year). She has told me that she wouldn’t allow our kids to go hunting due to her view on the subject, but I am conflicted because some of my most favorite memories growing up were while hunting with my dad and friends and I want to allow my future kids to share in that. I respect her view point and we get along for the most part about it, but frequently get into arguments around the ethics of hunting and fishing, but always end up agreeing to disagree.
I have no harsh feelings toward my girlfriend and support her on this next topic. She doesn’t know how to cook very much at all and most of the time I do the cooking. I feel guilty even bringing it up because I know it’s a super traditional view point that all women are supposed to cook which is absurd and outdated. However, I always pictured myself with someone who enjoyed sharing the kitchen with me because I love cooking as well.
One more thing I would like to share is we don’t have that much similar interests in movie/tv entertainment. We often have conflict picking movies and shows to watch and dont really appreciate each other’s movie tastes. Is this normal with other successful relationships?
I am saying all this, but I do want to mention we do get along and i dont want to make it seem like i am miserable because I do enjoy being together in the present. We do laugh a lot together and share some common interests where we enjoy spending time with each other (travelling, nature, etc.).
Anyway, I know this is a long post and really appreciate if you have read this far😅 I just needed somewhere to let this all out and to evaluate if I want to continue building this relationship or break it off.
Tl;dr: Girlfriend of 4 years. Living together for 1 year. Conflicts of interests in raising our future children.
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2023.04.01 01:15 Rory0000 My best friend dislikes my autistic girlfriend

Ok so I also have autism (very important for later) and in the last few months I have gotten myself an autistic girlfriend and we get along very well. Unfortunately though my best friend does not like her and is subtly saying that he doesn’t want us to go out. His reason?, her autism basically.
Zoe (the girl) is incredibly nice but will often say things without thinking (she is very self aware of this) which has made my friend describe her as rude on multiple occasions. The thing that makes no sense however is the fact that as previously mentioned I also have autism and DO THE EXACT SAME THING, but somehow it isn’t a problem when I do it and he doesn’t call me rude.
As far as I know the things that Zoe says are not that bad and many of them could simply be related to the stress of a drama exam which was happening around the time she was doing this the most. She did have one panic attack due to this exam so obviously she would have been on edge.
How can my best friend have an autistic person (that’s me) as his best friend for the past 3 years who also speaks without thinking and not realise that Zoe can’t help it and it’s just part of her autism. I have tried explaining it him but he just doesn’t get it somehow. Zoe has no problem with my best friend but it’s not the same if he is secretly wishing we weren’t dating.
Oh and in case your thinking that maybe Zoe is actually saying some really means things. The worst thing she did was get annoyed at her drama partner for missing a line but the partner basically then made her out to be a huge bully or something, hence how this all started.
Me, Zoe and friend are 16-17 years old if that means anything.
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2023.04.01 01:15 bacondrivez John Anthony Lifestyle - Occam's Razor (Here)

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2023.04.01 01:15 eLizabbetty Extra gigs near San Francisco?

Does anyone know how to get Extra gigs nears SF? Sign-ups? Where? Advice. Thank you.
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2023.04.01 01:14 Kitten0006 John S

This is for you. I need to vent.
If I had a way to leave I would. You haven’t asked. Your not going to ask. But I’d leave him in two seconds flat if I had the following
  1. An employed man with job stability
  2. A man who pays the bills
I need to go back to school and get my degree and I can’t do that if I work part time I have learned. It’s why I haven’t gone back.
I know your never going to ask me on a date. This is why I’m frustrated. I’m staying with an insane man I don’t even fucking love because he provides. He treats me like literal crap and abuses me. I put up with it for a roof over my head.
You didn’t show up today for my birthday and they told me you took a vacation. I have never been so upset before in my entire life.
If you wanted me all you had to do was fucking ask. But you don’t want me and prove it time and time again.
I’m so mad.
I’m ready to second separate and call it quits.
I can’t do this anymore. Maybe I should move on and not give you a union!
How could you do this to me? I know you don’t know we’re twins and are unawakened and probably not here. But fuck you. This was almost the last straw.
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2023.04.01 01:14 Illustrious-West-328 How to get rid of the awful black borders on dialogue

Is there any way to do it? Even with addons? I just can’t stand it. Even just shrinking it or moving it would be helpful Thanks
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2023.04.01 01:14 River_Minx I can’t take it anymore.

I just can’t stand how lonely I am I struggle to maintain friendships online and there’s no where for me to go and meet people. I want more then two friends and I want a girlfriend. Bumble and tinder are a waste I just end up getting ghosted or matching with bots, discord servers are fine for a while but either drama tears everything apart or I just feel like an outcast. Sometimes I just want to end it all.
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2023.04.01 01:14 LordBugget I need advice

I'm on vacation right now and I'm gonna be in another place for a month. I've only been here for a few days but I'm already stressed out and panicking because when I'm far away from home I get so scared and anxious. There's not many things I wanna do here and Ive just been spending most of my days in my room. I try to go out with my family and have fun but I just can't no matter how hard I try. I also have autism so I'm bothered by little things like slight changes and stuff. I just really wanna go home but I can't because I'd just feel guilty forever because of how expensive plane tickets are. I'm so worried about everything but everyone's told me I don't have a reason to be. I can't help it though and I just don't know what to do. I've been crying for the past 15 minutes because of this.
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2023.04.01 01:14 ImaginaryOffice7699 Roy Hamilton -Come Out Swinging (Album Review 1958)

Roy Hamilton -Come Out Swinging (Album Review 1958)
Link to full album - (
Roy Hamilton - Come Out Swinging
Great Day
Upbeat song you can swing/dance to. Reminds me of Sinatra. A great day is on the way and we are hopeful about the future.
Ac-Cent-Tchu-ate the positive
A hopeful swing song about accentuating the positive, Spreading joy and focusing on the good. This is the first time I’m hearing Roy add some grit into his voice and I kinda like it.
Be grateful, “sing hallelujah and shoot those blues away!” The song is fast paced and builds up to the ending where Roy belts out the chorus. I’m noticing this trend of hopeful songs about the future.
That Great Come And Get It Day
Similar to “great day” it is about the excitement and hope before this great day arrives. I notice this song is a little more laid back.
Some Days There Just Ain’t No Fish
I like this song. The idea of being a fisherman and dealing with the days were there just ain’t no fish. Is obviously an analogy for life and how we all have off days. It’s an acceptance of days in which things don’t happen the way we want them to. An acceptance of things out of our control. I like the ending when he says… “Well I guess I’ll put in my line, it don’t seem like they biting today, I guess I’ll try again tomorrow” I also like hearing that growl in Roy’s voice every so often.!
Sing You Sinners
I kinda like how he is telling the sinners to sing. I also like the idea when sinners sing the devil gets annoyed. Sort of like singing is a good way to get closer to God.
Blow, Gabriel, Blow
A religious song about facing Hell but choosing rather to hear the angel Gabriel blow his horn. Im noticing a very powerful solution to the fear and guilt of doing the wrong thing through religion.
Get Happy
A simple light song about letting go of everything that is stopping you from being happy.Forgot your troubles, get happy.
Jump for Joy
A song that is telling you to jump for joy.
Ain’t Gonna Leave My Love No More
A song about being tempted to leave his lover but instead choosing to reject the temptation. I think this song could be about anything that gets you in trouble with the miss’s. Gambling, Other Women, Drugs, Partying, whatever it may be. This song is about leaving that life behind in order to be the best partner he can. I love the belting at the very end.
Peace, Brother
A upbeat, light song about being grateful. I like how he says “all your sins can be forgiven” it’s like he is telling you the listener to calm down and stop worrying because there is a lot of good you can focus on.
The Lonesome Road
After hearing the first 15 seconds of this song I’m already hooked. I think this song is about noticing when your traveling down the wrong path in life, a path that eventually is a lonesome road. And focusing on that dark future before traveling on, so that maybe this can counter act the path to hell being paved with good intention. You can look at where your life is headed because of your actions and really wonder wether you should travel on or make some different decisions. So never lose sight or make excuses and always be aware of the steep and quick slope down that lonesome road.
This is a Swing album 100%. I don’t usually enjoy songs about positivity and being happy but Roy does it in a way that it doesn’t bother me. I personally loved these songs from the album.
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2023.04.01 01:14 pleadmodel John Anthony Lifestyle JAL - Occam's Razor (Course)

You can chat + 44 759 388 0762 to get John Anthony Lifestyle - Occam's Razor Course.
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Reddit DM
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2023.04.01 01:14 vapooreon How much? For how long? we're you able to fix it?

I'm 28/f, non-alcoholic fatty liver, heart disease now
For about 4 years now I've drank every day, from half a 750ml bottle of vodka to a full bottle every day now. I recently had a mini stroke and now I get chest pain and numbness and I'm still struggling to stop. I feel like no one ever drank as much as I did. I'm so ashamed and I'm so guilty and drinking makes me feel better but drinking is the problem.
How long did you all drink? Was it as bad as me? Did you get better? How long did it take? Is all hope lost for me?
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2023.04.01 01:13 LawEqual8886 I(23F) can only like bad boys and emotions unavailable men, how can I change my attraction?

I’m aware that I like the bad boy type of guy over the nice guy trope. I understand that nice guys will give me all the things I’d require out of a relationship but there is not attraction/chemistry. They probably remind me too much of myself and that’s why I don’t like them.
I just don’t get why I’m not enough for the bad boys or attractive guys who don’t want me. Or why I’m not enough for my ex who is my daughters dad and keeps dating other women despite knowing it hurts me. What do those women have that I dont? It actively haunts me and I get so depressed that somehow they can keep his attention and there’s something wrong with me that I can’t.
How can people make you feel this way and continue to live their life like they’ve done nothing wrong? Idk it’s a general consensus that people are allowed not to have feelings for you and it’s ok I get that I’ve been there. It just hurts being on the receiving side and being made to feel worthless. My ex prioritizes work/other women over his own daughter. Such men exist and go about their lives like they have the right to.
It honestly makes my own life unlivable for I’m just having a hard time coming to terms with my feelings of worthlessness. I can’t just move on and pretend it never happened. This feelings continue to haunt me and occur over and over again. My ex is completely fine and yeah we’ve been broken up for two and a half years now. But I guess we had continued to hangout from time to time and that hurt me more.
Perhaps I’ll forever feel this jealousy when my ex gets a new gf and doesn’t care about me. I was cursed with this life and I try to move on and date others yet I can never fully be happy with them. It’s like I always want what doesn’t want me back. I just have to pray I can distract my mind long enough not to fall into a deep depression.
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2023.04.01 01:13 YasuhikoTheSerafim Hoyoverse is Truly the Best Companies of All Time

I am not exaggerating guys. The more I think of it, I feel like I'm being too harsh on them. What I said negatively towards them doesn't matter because I find more positive things to say about them as time went by.
Like for example, the Inazuma Archon Quest. It's a truly best Archon Quest of all time and Ei/Raiden Shogun is a truly great character. I think I'm underestimating how powerful she is and I think I'm way too harsh on her design. It is pretty as it is so much so you can make her a cute, submissive waifu in the end. I also think her redemption is well handled and her first story quest is truly one of the most profound things ever. It also complement with her second story quest meanings as well.
Also, Teppei is truly a great character in Genshin. I can see why people were so infatuated with him. Because he is so relatable and Traveler does feel justified in his rage in that matter. Yeah, Fatui is all at fault of this and Signora too because thanks to them, Teppei died and he doesn't deserve a slow, painful death. He still has a long way to live.
Also, Fatui... As time went by, I think I went too harsh on Hoyoverse on how they utilize them. They are really good at being effective Hate Sinks and they didnt even destroy the quality the story they are in. I think Signora is a good antagonist (And being a good, effective Hate Sinks) and she deserve everything she got on her and she has no rights to be angry at Venti for unintentionally killing her lover or not helping her back then, she had it coming so much so she deserve the most evil villain status. Plus the foreshadowing is pretty good as well. Not only that, the Pokemon fungi event also shows the fact that the Fatui is also a good antagonist there because it makes the story dark and nuanced after all.
Also, that Kazuha parry scene? It is so epic! It didnt negate the Musou no Hitotachi at all. Kazuha looks literally badass with it especially considering the fact he was helped by the power of every people in Inazuma. This also correlates with the theme about how weak people can defeat the strongest one if they combined their powers together. It is truly the most profound and succinct scene in Genshin Impact ever. And while we're at it, Shenhe freezing a tsunami during Beisht attack is also a good scene as well. It also shows that Shenhe manages to overcome her weaknesses and become more stronger to help Traveler from trouble, such a noble thing to do. And yes, I accept the fact that Shenhe is not the Cloud Retainer and her being shipped by Aether is nice, even I as a Chongyun main approves of this.
Also, that Gnosis scene. I now came to terms of understanding on why Yae did that. She do care about her Inazuma country after all and we do feel bad on Scaramouche because he just wants to become a god, poor him :( and Yae is truly one of the greatest characters of all time.
I also think Ayaka is a great character as well. She is nice, friendly, amiable and even submissive which is what we want from Hoyoverse and that's okay! She's truly a great and waifuable character. In addition, her design is also elegant and adorable as well, prove that modesty could sell well. And the dancing scene during her story quest is incredibly profound and beautiful as well.
Speaking of which, Paimon is a really good traveling companion as well. I think the fishing feature is a truly great feature that was bestowed in Genshin Impact. Her cheers also encourage my day especially it helps when trying to do fishing in certain locations. Also, I truly praise Hoyoverse for putting Raimei Angelfish in an extremely dangerous location to show how dangerous fishing is. Other than fishing feature, Paimon is still a good traveling companion, willingly to dump several exposition so that we won't forgot and she is very funny after all. Aranara who? We got Paimon and she is the number one best traveling companion of all time!
Also, Aether. I now accept the fact that he is truly the canon character of the story. His design is absolutely great too, so much so that you can ship him with other boys such as Thoma. I also think that it's understandae why he befriend Ei faster like a lightning anyways. Because in scope of things, Ei did nothing wrong and she is just an innocent girl caught in a severe situation that she can't control.
Also, I respect the fact that Hoyoverse didn't rerun Eula yet. I think Hoyoverse had a good reason why they didn't do it and as for a certain character that is not Eula, I think she's a great unit kitwise and people need to appreciate her more as her kit is absolutely god tier after all. Without her, Ayaka and Shenhe won't get a rerun and they deserve the chance they get.
In short? I love Hoyoverse, they are truly one of the best companies of all time.
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2023.04.01 01:13 No-Percentage661 I got my adderall prescription filled... barely.

Sorry, kind of a long post of my feelings. There's a shorter summary at the bottom.
I found a small pharmacy to fill my prescription, but of course it wasn't as simple as just leaving my paper prescription. I had to promise to transfer other prescriptions, which I'm totally fine with as I have monthly meds for my dogs too, and give the current pharmacy's number before she would even give me a form to get me in their system. Then as she was putting in my info, she was talking about state testing in the schools that is about to start and how sad it is that some kids will have to take them unmedicated with no additional help, and I just nodded along, but damn I feel like crap and like I'm taking it from a kid who needs it more. But I'm struggling too.. I don't want to have to take these meds, but I have my own issues affecting home and work that I'm hoping meds can help.
Sorry for the thought dump, I just feel like crap after getting turned down at so many pharmacies to have the one that had it make me feel guilty.
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