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2023.06.10 00:17 Stupid_Bullets [Store] TX AP and tools restocked. Gazzew in stock. Jerrzi and Dukharo inbound.

Stupid Bullets Tech here with some exciting updates:
All orders are shipped *within 24 hours* (the same day if before 10 am, except Sundays and holidays). We are based in Oregon.

Quick Links:

Detailed Links:

TX Tools, from the brilliant mind of kin25 and TX Keyboards -

In-Stock Switches:

Need something to open up your switches? Try these premium CNC aluminum or brass switch openers! Hefty but compact, with magnetic caps and both MX and Kailh compatibility.
For the month of June, we're proud to once again tease partner with our favorite Tiffany - beloved and esteemed keyboard streamer, starfirepenguin. Each order made in the month of June has a chance to include one of five fancy and special Golden Tickets! For more information about these and plenty of other fun, check out the channel in our Discord. Thank you for all the support!
Socials: Instagram Stupid Bullets Twitch starfirepenguin Twitch
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2023.06.10 00:17 Electronic-Grand1172 Question about how my drain lines are setup and how to resolve a backed up line

Picture of my HVAC unit
From my limited first time homeowner knowledge, the red line is the overflow line. It leads to the pan with a float switch beneath the unit. That was filling up which means somethings clogged. I've since shut off the A/C for and wet vac'd the water out the pan, as well as hooked the wet vac up to the drain outside and tried to suction out the blockage. The yellow line is the main line which goes through the P-trap and out to the side of the house. My question is around the blue line, what purpose does that serve?

When I looked inside I can see the yellow line is backed up to the elbow from the unit. Looking down the blue line, it's empty all the way to the water in the P-trap. When I took my wet vac to the drain outside and sucked all the water through to dry out the yellow line, pouring hot water in that side simply went back into the overflow. Pouring hot water down the blue line goes out to the side of the house.

I've not seen any example online where there are two open lines, so not sure which one I should be using for preventative cleaning or unclogging like now?
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2023.06.10 00:17 ResidentBlueberry110 Unemployed lazy narcissistic dad wants to date…

My dad has been unemployed for 20+ years. Basically what I see is a father tryin to get out there with a dark past. I DOUBT any of these ladies he’s talking to know he abused his children. He does tell them he had a kid, aka me. But I don’t think they know he’s absuive and narcistsic. Nor do I think they know he’s unemployed…unable to provide for his CURRENT family. So I don’t see how he can provide for a new family. He’s a mess. He’s very lazy and messy. And if these ladies are like me I would not want to even talk to a man like this.
But again I don’t think these ladies know any of the things I listed. I bet my dad painted himself to be a supportive proud dad. But he’s the complete opposite. Oh my god. He’s putting more effort in looking to date than to find a job. My dad keeps telling me about his dating experiences 🤮 like idc. He randomly came to me saying “This chick has money!!” Uhhh what? Is he really going to live off of HER money?? This is what my dad does already with my Nmom! He lived off my Nmom for years. He has no money to his name but he keeps talking about moving out, so I’m assuming he’s gonna rely on the girls he’s talking to to pay for his moving out expenses. Whcih is insane because he EXPECTED ME to pay for his rent for an apartment.
If these ladies decide to date him, he won’t have anything to provide for them. He would just sit in their home all day, trashing their house, rotting in front of the tv all day, and possibly abuse their pets behind their back (he has done that to my dog). My dad might say he’s a dog person, but he’s a narcissist, narcissist do not like animals!
It’s just a cycle if he dated someone new! What do I do?? if he does leave and move out that’s not my problem anymore thooo🤭
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2023.06.10 00:17 randomcerealguy123 O

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2023.06.10 00:16 Easy-Statement-7904 It will get better

Waking up, going to school, coming home, sleeping till night, being up late, jerking off then crying yourself to sleep. Seems familiar right. This has been my everyday cycle not too long ago. I felt like life has no purpose. I don't know if it's understandable, but everyday I woke up feeling like I want to stop „existing“. Life wasn't been the same. I've been thinking about my past 24/7 and it made me sad every time I even thought about how happy I was back then. Let me bring you back around 10 years from now on. I have a brother and a sister. Our life wasn't exactly the best. Living from our parents paycheck to another, a ton of dept to pay, constantly trying to get out to a wealthier state. We try everyting, but it has a downside. Our parent had to leave us for more than 5 years of our childhood. We lived with our grandparents who were just as poor as we are, if not poorer. The first time they tried it didn't work out, but the second try, with a little help from my aunt and uncle, it finally worked out. In some time we got flown out and finally saw our parents. What a joy it has been. Life got so much better I got friends, we got our first good car and life was just great. Then all of the sudden I gained so much weight from playing video games all day whilst only drinking coca cola. There wasn't anyone there to stop me from doing those things since my parents were at work. I know it's unbelievable but I geniunely didn't know how water tasted. I was a 5 foot kid, probably around 110 lbs. At first it didn't matter but then people started to stare at me with disgust and it got onto me quickly. I tried to lose weight, but shortly gave up on it. Anyways years have flown by pretty fast. All of a sudden my father didn't like the place anymore, the place he and my mother worked so hard for to get. He had a great idea to go back to the hell we came from to „live“. My father is the type of guy that doesn't stop untill he gets something he wants. But he loooved to take shortcuts. He suggested we take out a huge loan which we definitely couldn't afford to pay back. My father bothered my mother everyday untill she eventually agreed. Biggest mistake of their life. We bought a house, started renovating it untill we lost all the loan we took out. That was when my mother broke into tears for the first time infront of me. As I saw her in tears I quickly went in to hug her as I noticed tears coming down my face aswell. It was horrible. From that point on everything went back to the old ways. Money was constantly a problem, my parents arguing if not every week about something. Then, like things couldn't get any worse, my father got in a big fight with my uncle. Haven't seen him and his family since. From that day on my mother didn't like my fathers relatives , especially his mother and the same goes the other way around. I haven't seen my cousins (my uncles kids) for over 2 years now. He got a son not too long ago, I don't think he even knows who I am. It breaks my heart honestly. From then on things haven't been the same anymore until I met some people who seemed really fun. I got to know them very quickly. I barely even remember how I really met them. Anyways we got to be best friends, with one of them I created a strong bond with. I appreciate that quality time that I spent with them which I'll never forget. When I was with them, I didn't care about how my hair looks or how much money I have, because they liked me for who I am and not for how I look like or how much money I have, oh yeah and I lost all the weight in that period of time. This lasted for about 2 years until we started to argue more and more until let's say interesting things happened from which I learned a lot about the people that can make you feel happy easily can also make you feel sad the same way. When we stopped communicating with each other, I felt all the sadness come back in my life. I had no one. I believe that was the first time I ever felt depressed. Now it's gotten better, as time goes on it heals. Now I go to high school and met some nice folks, started to pray to God everyday which really improved my mental health and things are improving day to day. I've gotten cautious who to trust and to see as a friend. I'm hoping of getting a degree and to start learning about life, improving myself and seeing where life gets me. (one thing that will improve your mental health instantly is being kind to people)

Sorry for grammar mistakes. With this story I wanted to show you that it will get better, no matter what. Everyone has war in their own mind. If you have any questions hit me up on discord : 3hh#8399
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2023.06.10 00:16 Calm_School_2494 Help!! Little spider infestation

Exactly the title. In the morning my room was fine,opened my window for a bit (closed it after max 10min) and in the evening I walk in and there are many many little spiders all over the ceiling and walls. I don’t know where they came from, they’re not anywhere else in the house (just my room). For now I’ve completely closed my door and sealed it with a towel. What do I do/use to get rid of them?As for type of spider all I can say is that they’re a light brown color.
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2023.06.10 00:16 thelore23 r/prime on Reddit: To all of the people who thinks there prime is fake

More info. . .
From Prime tracker
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2023.06.10 00:16 WhipperTheSnapper Struggle or Give up?

Unfortunately, I broke off the left joystick of my Nintendo Switch lite. Due to certain reasons, finding AND paying somebody to repair it was not feasible.(I'm not the fix-it type of guy).
I put in about 70 hours, had 21 hearts(about 80 shrines), 2 rings of stamina, several suits(maxed out as well), most of the depths explored, most side missions completed, had as much fun as I ever would with fusion and my house, and was currently working on completing the main mission for the 3rd sage.
I honestly couldn't bear to think of starting a new game and repeating the exact same things that took 70 hours when buying a new switch lite. For context, this is rhe only game I've bothered with for my switch in years....and maybe it will be years after this game before I'm that invested in the switch again.
However, what would you have done? Struggle and restart? Or just watch the scenes(and ending) on youtube like I did.
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2023.06.10 00:16 VV-94 Scared off from trying three hopes cause opinions. Should I reconsider?

I had posted some about this in the general FE sub but I got accused of being a troll although this is something a genuinely struggle with. Thought maybe I could try a post here since people seem more forgiving and less judge mental here.
I’ve been thinking about trying 3Hopes for a while. I know there’s a demo, but my concern isn’t the gameplay. It’s the characters and story. I know all about tre story in all three routes, but my FE fan, Fodlan lover, and gamer brain says play it anyways. But I can’t shake seeing all the intensively negative things about the story asks characters online off me, especially with Dimitri and Claude. I love all the lords in three houses so it’s a relief to see Edelgard fans not under nuclear fire for once. But guess who’s my favorite?
Yep! It’s Claude. I’ve seen so many YouTube videos, YT comment sections, Twitter, tumblr, and Reddit posts disparaging Claude the most. I’ve seen it all from bloodlustung tyrant,backstabber, the objective evil guy of Fodlan, worse than Thales, idiot, and psychopath. Not to mention actual racist aimed at him too. And I’m biracial myself so it’s extra awful. Some pretty respected redditor on the main subreddit made a post calling GW atrocious and a “golden trash fire” and says Claude ruins all the GD in the story.
The Dimitri anger is less profound but still there. I’ve seen centrist, boring, and even that his route is sexist cause what happens to Edelgard in AG. Both part 2 of GW and AG appear universally hated.
Now my issue is twofold; 1) I don’t want to hate these characters that I love and 2) I don’t want to be outcast and revolved for liking those characters. I’m always been terrified for having “wrong opinion” since I was a kid.
Should I still get the game cause I may like it? And if I do, how do reconcile the fact that some of the characters I live are now despised? Like, how do fellow fans here deal with it?
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2023.06.10 00:16 That_Emu_6850 Alternatives to SP-Star Meteor v3 Bottoms?

Hi all, currently looking to make BCPs (Cherry top, Zaku stem, Meteor v3 bottom) and was wondering if there were any alternatives to Meteor v3 bottoms. It's a nylon housing and the sound profile I'm looking for is something that's loud and clacky. I'm considering the WS Nylon MM bottom housing. Any ideas are welcome, thanks!
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2023.06.10 00:15 AidemAmok Spirits

Does anyone here deal with spirits? I have dealt with hundreds of them. The doctors say I'm Schizophrenic but this is a religion thing I'm being attacked because I was atheist then converted to pagan. Loki came to me and offered me a deal which I took ue said I will be attacked for ye rest of my life and he will help me. It's been 3 years of terror and agony every second of my life it doesn't feel like it me in my own body.the thoughts are gone for the most part but every movement Iake idk if it me and every second of my day I'm thinking" I here" ."this is my body" ." I'm making this movement. I tried many things to get rid of them and feel like I am in control Med do nothing theyade me worse and also gave them more power. The spirits would make me walk in the street at dark. Try to steal cars. And would try to trick me into believing the most ridiculous stuff you can think of like a UFO is going to land in the back yard every night. When I say hundred Iewn hundreds I have spoken to sead relatives and they are excited mainly to know about how I am. That ability gone it's just me constantly battling control ovee my own body. Thing like showering are the worse because every movement is like ruck that wasnt me and I'm not washing my own body anymore The highest recorded multiple personalities was under 100. My mind did not break it was a flood of evil spirits attacking me and I truly believe that's what schizophrenia, it's just spirits trying to wear you down to the point they can banish your soul from your body and takeover. They would tell me to hurt people andi was Putin a lot of meds after that I'm on less meds now and doing a lot better because the main spirit is trying to take over and blocks the others abilities. No place of worship will help me, hey are afraid because at least the religious know this stuff is real and I'm a very scientific person and was told many things about how spirits work scientifically. I could write a whole book on it. But mainly it's through radiation. I don't see thing unless my eyes are closed. But I can see radiation since this began Spots on the eye is what it seems like but I can interact with it ans hold it. The good spirit hat tried to help told me this is what easterners call Ki. But overall I'm at my best but also my very worse because every night my mind goes to other places of existence and I have to fight my way back into my own body. I've been to hell. And they are at war and the lesser demons were freed and that's why you are so much evil in the world now more than ever. My thoughts are like a faint whisper and myhead jerks I make faces that arentnme doing it as if the apirit is surprised still here. Hey will lift my eyebrows up to mock me. They will constantly move my feet at night like restless leg syndrome which I've been checked for. I do not have it.itw like them fighting to take control from the one that has more power over me. They do it as if it's more code or some type of code.while I'm half awake is when they can spela again and they will just say hey or say my first name. Or they will mimic parents voices And it's audible like I can record it on my phone I have one time and their voice comes out of my head without my mouth moving. it's like a high vibration turning into a voice I'm notakimg any of his of or exaggerating my parents have heard it once and said who was in the house The voice is not mine it's a more stern voice Also when I dream I'm like living someone else's memories and they are sick minded like pedo stuff and it really bothers me I hate this. Everything just typed I have not seen one case report or study of nor have I seen anyone on a forum say anything remotely likey sotuwtion. Ye mind doesn't break into 500 plus personalities it just doesn't. My Dr just nods and writes meds and says good good you're doing better. Nope I'm trying to get SSI and I can't function normally at all because of all this on top of spinal stenosis. Anyways They are evil and have ruined my relationship with my girlfriends and are terrorists in their own right. Has anyone dealt with this at all. Even a little?
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2023.06.10 00:15 ebink0010 SFO looking for teammates to buy together from russia

SFO looking for teammates to buy together from russia
hi all,
ive put down a deposit on a ragdoll kitten for $1500, here is a picture of her. the breeder got other kittens available rn, and we can pick them up at SFO around end of July to start of August
im looking for teammate to split the shipping cost, with 2, each can pay 600 usd
with 3, each can pay 500
dm me if you are interested!
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2023.06.10 00:15 Dili8opk Maid Takes Dick For Extra Cash,Anais Amore Jay Bangher,Bang Bros,video link in the first pinned comment

Jay hires Anais as a maid to clean around the house. But, he has a little more in mind for her to do than just clean. He offers her a little more money to clean around in the nude. She quickly accepts the offer and begins to clean around showing her nice and perfect round ass. She starts around the kitchen and makes her way to the bedroom. There, Jay offers her even more cash for her to clean his pipe! She also doesn’t hesitate to accept his offer and gets on her knees and begins to suck his huge cock. From there, she gets on the bed and gets fucked from all positions until he comes inside her mouth."
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2023.06.10 00:15 be-chill-dude What would you want your deployed spouse to do in this situation?

Hello, I want to start off by saying I'm the deployed member, but i need the opinion of a spouse who is at home. I started dating my partner 2 years ago. I've been deployed for 2 months now. When I was still at home, I was pretty happy, besides some small issues here and there. We have a house together, Two cats, no kids. Now that I'm out here, and away, I don't think they are the person I'm meant for, forever. I can't see myself marrying them anymore, and I can't see forever with them. However, I still love them so much. Here is where I need your opinions, as the other person. What do you think is better for them, at home? If I call, explain how I feel now, and let them emotionally move on before I come home? Or wait it out, get back home and then talk about breaking up? I know long term this is the right move.... but I cant even imagine dealing with this deployment without them because they're my rock. But I know that is selfish so I won't do that, ill do what's best for them.
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2023.06.10 00:15 Responsible-Gur-8807 Was I booty call or Was it self sabotage?

Me [23 F] and this guy I was talking to [22 M] were in a talking situation for 3-4 months. The first month he never wanted to meet up and hid stuff from me so I told him I was done, a month later he told me he did that because he was afraid if we met his feelings would be more because of how much he already liked me without seeing me, he was perfect this whole month constantly calling texting giving me reassurance without asking, posting me etc. so I thought I'd give him another chance. But this chance was different, he was different. We spent nights together and mornings where we cuddled and he held me and kissed me, not always sexual but when it was I initiated it. But when we weren't together he wouldn't text me, but would call me when he's was home from work or friends house at 2 am. And falling asleep on the phone every night but all day would disappear not a text in sight.
He made it clear we were exclusive and he wasn't speaking to anyone else but me. He never took me out on dates because he claimed he hasn't liked a girl like this since his ex publicly cheated on him four years ago and hasn't dated since so he didn't know how to initiate everything that I had to be the one to tell him. Out of no where he started wanting to see me more spend all day and night with me, talked about taking me out on dates ( which he never did before) but one day I found out he was talking to another girl. He claimed it was how are you texts and what are you're doing, but if anything that hurt more. He was giving her what I wanted which was communication. He claimed it was nothing serious but wouldn't show me, but he also knew that I hate liars and he continuously lied to my face. I hated how he made me feel so I blocked him, but now I'm wondering was I blind? Was I just a booty call or "cuddle call" in this sense? Or did he just self sabotage because his ex fucked him over.
Tl;dr: Was I clueless to all the signs that he clearly didn’t want me? Or was he just self sabotaging because he wasn’t ready to get into a relationship again after being hurt?
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2023.06.10 00:15 AutoModerator [] ✔️ Devon Brown – Easiest System Ever ✔️ Full Course Download

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2023.06.10 00:15 jackpineseeds Rowan House

For some reason Pembroke came up on my feed!
My ancestors were the Rowan's in Pembroke. I am a direct descendant.
I would be appropriative if anyone can share with me pictures of Rowan House, Rowan Pharmacy, or anything else related to the Rowan family.
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2023.06.10 00:15 Hattonman Hanging sheet

I know it's obviously a bad idea, and I'm not going to do it but, my housemate insists that hanging a sheet around his bed for "added privacy" poses no extra fire safety hazards and it shouldn't stop a house from passing a fire safety inspection. I want to explain in depth the reasons why it would be cause for a failure in NY. Besides being a "tripping/fall" risk, what other fire code violations/safety hazards does it pose? I feel like it would help spread/accelerate a fire and that that is the more serious/primary reason it is against code. Any truth to that or is it primarily just the fall risk it poses? TIA!
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2023.06.10 00:15 Kjaeve Closed!

LONG POST! I hate to bragg because I have seen so many discouraged with the process but we closed today and have the keys with a pretty smooth process! Only thing is I forgot to get a pic with us in front… We were able to find a home in the country side of South Jersey which was older but well kept. Built in 1978 so it definitely can use some updates but basement is finished, the updates the septic with a larger tank for us and reseeded the yard. We had a gap with the appraisal that they also took the majority of the difference so we could close. My husband is a grump because it is an older home with septic and well and oil. He says everything has to be replaced and all annoyed with me for pushing him to purchase and not rent any longer. Our home is just over 1600 sqft with a newly lined LARGE in-ground pool with a huge deck and .47 acres all fenced in. He has lost his mind IMO because the home was $363,636 6.1%. When all was said and done and we only had to close with $1,234. ZERO DOWN… We did do the grant for closing costs(second mortgage zero interest zero payment) Our original offer was 370,000. I know he will come around once we get a deep cleaning and have our things in the home. It is very livable, he is just delusional and thinks that after a yr of renting we would be able to get some luxurious home for our first buy. I’m happy and proud of us. Our 4 children finally have a home of their own (6,5,4 & 2.5). They can finally live with a lot less rules and I can relax if they make a mistake with markers or throw a toy at the wall. I just wanted to gush because I am proud of me/us … we got the F out of FL and found a decent home to purchase in and closed in under 40 days time. ** I will be sure to post a pic when we move in next week.
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2023.06.10 00:14 Yakima42 How does the UK bounce back from here?

It is no doubt that the UK is hit with one of the highest rates of inflation in Europe. Additionally, it's one of the few G7 countries which was expected to have a shrinking economy this year. This prediction has merely changed from "shrinking" to "not shrinking" and not really steadily growing.
These are some of the "macro" issues in the UK atm. The problems on the ground affecting every-day people include, but aren't limited to:
  1. Sharp increase in grocery prices.
  2. Expensive housing prices
  3. Record High Rents
  4. An overburdened Healthcare System
  5. Underfunded Neighborhoods, violent crime, etc.
With all these issues (and many more), what is the proper road to recovery for the UK? Or do you feel they are beyond repair at this point?
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2023.06.10 00:14 Sirnathecentaur1993 My build advice please

My build advice please
I need advice on what to do to the exterior of my house as for it is very boring and bland picture one is from the back and the second is the front of the build
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2023.06.10 00:14 Blastoreo Should I pay off my student loans ASAP or invest money while continuing to pay just above minimum amount due each month?

Should I pay off my student loans or go another route with my money?
Current financial information below: 1. Currently making 74k. This will likely be slightly over 80k after bonuses. 2. About $3500 in an emergency fund. 3. About 35k in student loans. Half private and half federal. Federal have variable rates from about 3-6%. The private is just under 7%. 4. Currently dedicating 14% of my wages to 401k or Roth IRA combined. 5. Car is paid off. 6. No credit card debt. 7. Back living with my parents after leaving a relationship. Have one more rent payment for a place I shared with my ex due in July. Currently not planning on moving out to try and get financially more stable. 8. I would like to save for a house but am wondering if getting rid of my student loans first is a better option.
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