The Elites - Lap 40 - Wayde van Niekerk

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Wayde van Niekerk

Quick Info
Country South Africa
Lives Cape Town
Age 25
Events 400m, 200m
University University of the Free State
Team adidas
Coach Anna Botha
Links Wiki, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram
Event Time
400m 43.03 (WR)
300m 30.81 (WB)
200m 19.84
100m 9.94
Wayde was born in Cape town, and attended Grey College before going on to study marketing at University of the Free State. His international debut was at the 2010 World Junior Championships, where he came in 4th in the 200m (21.02s). His senior breakthrough was a year later, when at the age of 18 he won the South African Athletics Championships 200m in 20.57.
In 2012, he suffered a devastating hamstring injury, that almost looked career-ending. However his coach, Anna Botha, pushed him towards the less explosive 400m, and he began excelling at that instead. In 2013, at the South African Championships, he won the 400m for a second national title (45.99). At the Golden Spike Ostrava, he placed second to the Olympic champion Kirani James, running a 45.09. He also raced at the 2013 Summer Universiade, but didn’t make it out the semi-finals in the 400m. However he did help the 4x400 team get a bronze, which helped him earn a slot on the 2013 World Championships team in the 400m. He didn’t progress past the heats.
In 2014, Wayde won another national title, this time with a 44.92. At the New York Diamond League (sidenote: wtf!?) he placed second to LaShawn Merritt, setting a new South African record of 44.38.
At the Meeting Areva in 2015, he won the 400m with a time of 43.96, putting him in the top 12 of all time. At the 2015 World Championships in Beijing, Wayde won gold, lowering his record and making him the 4th fastest of all time, with a time of 43.48.
Throughout this time, he also occasionally raced the 100m and the 200m, and in early 2016 ran a 9.94s 100m. This made him the only person in history to run sub-10s, sub-20s, and sub-44s in the 100m, 200m, and 400m respectively.
At the 2016 Rio Olympics, Wayde became the only man to have won a gold medal from lane 8, setting a world record in the process (43.03s) [video], and winning by several strides.
Recently, Wayde ran the Diamond League Paris (43.96), DL Lausanne (43.62), and DL Monaco (43.73).
At the 2017 World Championships, Wayde is running the 400m and 200m double. He has progressed to the semi-finals in both so far.
Doping History
After he won gold, identity politics ran wild in South Africa -- since Wayde is Coloured, a term mostly associated with apartheid-era labeling, it began trending on twitter, and with others arguing it’s a win for the black community, since anyone’s who not white is black. I’m not really gonna touch this one any more than that lol, but a radio host and political commentator in Johannesburg summed it up nicely as “how about waiting for the dude to come back here first”.
Training and Nutrition
  • He calls them torture, but does 800m and 1000m repeats for endurance work.
  • 12 days before Rio, he ran 3x100m @ 9.9s, 2x150m @ 14.7s. It shocked even his coach.
Anecdotes to tell your friends
  • When asked about what he was most proud of, Wayde responded “my grades”. I think this was before he won Gold though, so take that as you will.
  • Wayde’s mother was a national standard sprinter as well, but ran in a league opposed to apartheid and could never compete internationally.
  • He used to play rugby and football, and supports Liverpool (if that changes your opinion of him)
  • In the build-up to Rio, Wayde trained with Glen Mills, the coach of some other runner named Usain Bolt.
Upcoming Races
2017 London World Championships - 400m, 200m
  1. Anecdotes/stories you’d like to share? Thoughts on Wayde in general?
  2. (When) do you think Wayde will break the 43s barrier? What is your personal 43s / 4:00min / 2:00hr barrier?
  3. Are you upset that Moose League isn’t hosting a 100m?
  4. Anything else you’d like to add?
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