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2023.05.31 04:47 Porfaaa Couple of Asian and blonde nurces sit on guy's face and ride his cock at the hospital

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2023.05.31 04:47 Datderfranny Cedar point without fast pass... Which date?

Taking my son on either Thursday the 8th or Friday the 9th and I wasn't planning on purchasing the Fast Pass and was planning to stay from open to close. Do you think our best chance to ride all the rides is to go Thursday where presumably there will be less people, or Friday where we will get the extra 2 hours at night, closing at 10 instead of 8, but with presumably larger crowds? The other catch is I'm only skipping one day of work so Friday makes more sense from that standpoint, although I'll tough it out if Thursday is just generally a much better day.
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2023.05.31 04:46 Qball1of1 Recreating my first bike from the 90s...

So in 1992 I was the proud owner of a forest green GT Timberline. Was a cheap bike but I loved it and was the most comfortable bike I have ever had.
In 1999 I sold it to a friend who left it in his shed until last year, unmodified, and he said come get it...and before I could get it some lowlife broke in a stole it. Time capsule was prob ghost rode into the river..
Anyway, trying to find same bike isn't proving easy, but have found Taleras, outposts, backwoods, question is what frame would be the same as a Timberline? I would think GT used a few same frames for a couple lines with just paint/decal differences?
Also I am 6ft1, average length legs and torso.."balanced" and cant remember if frame was a L or XL, 19? 20 inch??
I do remember knowing if i slipped off the pedals it was going to be an ambulance ride as there wasn't a lot of room between me and top bar. Any ideas? GT sizing was supposed to be weird?
See lots of decal packs for Avalanche and zazkar..anyone make it for Timberline or too cheap a bike? Googled, didn't notice any?
Thanks for any help.
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2023.05.31 04:46 Pour_Decisions8606 [TOMT][Anime][2010’s] anime about rival “kingdoms” that have powers based on their factions.

So I thought the anime was called kings something, but I can’t find it for the life of me. The setting is modern and the rival factions have powers based on these giant crystals they’re aligned with, One is red and one is blue, I’m not sure if there were others, but I think there were.
There’s a scene I think in the first episode where this guy is riding a skateboard and hits someone with a baseball bat. I can’t recall much else from the anime, but I’m certain I saw it around 2013. I’d really like to rewatch it if anyone can help me figure this out.
I also remember that towards the end I think one of the factions crystal thing is about to fall out of the sky and cause a major disaster if that helps anything.
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2023.05.31 04:46 RickySlll Reddit does not reflect actual public opinion; terminally online urbanists need to realize this

Quick note: the title suggests that I do believe this to be a popular opinion. I should specify that I’m talking about Reddit. I think my point still stands. I can delete and re-word if that’s better.
I see urbanist communities popping up all over now: subreddits, Twitter communities, instagram pages, all kinds up forums, etc. Got nothing against urbanism in and of itself, and plenty of their ideas sound reasonable and I think would even be popular. But there is a vocal minority I would consider to be terminally online who don’t realize (or don’t care) just how unhinged they come across.
I’m not talking about the people who advocate for more efficient public transit, or those that argue the benefits of densifying urban cores, or those who want better infrastructure and public parks for pedestrians and bikers, or those who think we need zoning changes to build more housing, or even those who just personally prefer an urban setting to live in. I agree with many of those, and at a bare minimum I understand where they’re coming from, and I’m happy to have a good, honest discussion with them over that stuff. I think most reasonable people would.
But whenever you go into these communities it seems like the loudest people in there spend their time making absurd claims about how nobody could actually like the suburbs and that living in one is the worst condition a human could be subjected to. I’ve literally seen them argue that everybody who claims to like the suburbs just doesn’t actually know better, or they’re lying to themselves, or they’re secretly miserable pill addicts. Or how about the idea that “nobody actually enjoys driving.”
These people need to log off for a bit. The average person doesn’t spend their time researching urbanism, or the “negative effects of suburban sprawl,” and their lives aren’t secretly terrible. Most surveys and demographic research would suggest that lots of people actually are very happy in the suburbs, and many people choose to live in them when they want to settle down. And they actually have normal and happy, albeit a bit mundane, lives. I would know, I (and basically everybody I’m friends with) grew up in one. Guess what? I spent tons of time outside running around with friends. We regularly had block parties and spent time with our neighbors. I’d spend all summer riding bikes and playing football in the yard with my buddies. It was borderline idyllic. I plan on moving back to a suburban location later (I’m currently in early 20s and live in an urban neighborhood. It’s nice and I see the appeal but it’s not where I want to settle down). Almost everybody I know who grew up in the suburbs turned out fine, if not extremely successful. I also enjoy driving, legitimately. I find it fun. Most people I know find it either fun or at bare minimum completely tolerable.
It’s fine if you don’t want to live in a suburb, and it’s fine to want to make cities better. It’s also fine to argue that endless suburban sprawl with no trees probably isn’t a long term solution for building housing. But seriously fuck out of here projecting your own personal hatred of cars or your own bad experience when it does NOT reflect how most people actually feel. No wonder so many people don’t want to take urbanists’ good ideas seriously- the some of the loudest among them won’t shut up about how the average suburbanite “doesn’t actually know what they want, and they’re all secretly miserable!” No, they’re aren’t. Accept that reality, and then we can move forward with discussing the best way to plan our cities and communities.
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2023.05.31 04:45 FunSpongeLLC Looking for a reliable decently gas efficient car for around 3k or under. Does this still exist?

My wife and I both work full time and have a decent amount of debt we're working on paying off. Our 05 Trailblazer died a few weeks ago and it's been a real struggle scheduling a ride to work for her.
I work about 35mi away from home and have been taking our 2016 Malibu because it's more gas efficient. She's about 15mi away from her job. I'm looking for something on the cheaper end that's somewhat gas efficient for her to take to work.
Bonus if it's a vehicle we can take camping (we used the trailblazer for this)
Thanks any advice is very much appreciated.
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2023.05.31 04:44 TheContemptInsomniac What I found in the woods by I-90 in West New York still gives me nightmares.

Kelly wanted to drive that evening. We went to a music festival in Pittsburgh and were well on our way back to Buffalo. After we were around Westfield, New York Kelly began to act differently. When we drove the route two days earlier nothing came up, but she just seemed on edge all the sudden.
“Is there anything on your mind?” I asked her.
She looked at me and peaked a grin then responded, “Paul, it’s nothing, you don’t want to hear it.”
“Come on! Tell Me.” I shot back.
“My parents would drive my sister and I on this highway everytime we went to see my Grandparents.”
“So?” I interrupted her.
With a face that said she was being more serious, she looked at me. Then she looked back to the road and said, “My dad was driving us home one night back when I was fourteen. He told us something that I’m just remembering.””
There was a pause of silence as Kelly began to reveal more. “My dad told us that the local Erie tribe believed in an ‘evil spirit’ that would roam the woods by these roads. Also specifically he said to never stop around here.”
Afterwards I turned on the radio which made Kelly more calm. Our conversation then started to drift to Kurt Cobain as our favorite Nirvana song “Come As You Are” started playing. The song put us in a good mood. Then I started looking out the window towards the woods to the right of us. A sensation that there was something staring at us began to grow. That’s when I heard Kelly let out a whimper. Quickly I looked at her. She pointed out the highway closed up ahead with a detour. This was odd as.the highway was open just a few days earlier. Kelly also mentioned that her car was low on gas, but she was thinking about whether she’d be able to make it to the next town.
Her statement startled me and I asked if she seriously believed the story her dad told her. This offended her. After I explained if we got stuck with no gas we’d be more vulnerable, Kelly agreed to go to town.
We were driving through a small town in a mostly rural area. There were many fields and woods, although it soon became clear we were no closer to a gas station. Kelly began to get anxious. The low gas light came on, the idea that we’d have to pull over was becoming a reality.
An argument began between the two of us. Things were not going well. We had driven for some time while arguing before realizing we were now lost on some backroad. Soon dense trees surrounded us on both sides, and then we saw it, there was something on the road. We stopped. Kelly turned on the bright lights of the car and we saw what looked like a body in the middle of the road. We sat there for a few seconds just processing what was happening. Kelly locked the car before I could mutter anything.
Unlocking the car was my first instinct. In a panicked voice Kelly said, “What do you think you’re doing?”
“I’m responding to the situation,” I declared as I got out of the car. Kelly kept her brights on as I approached what was in the road. Upon closer inspection it became clear it wasn’t a human body. It was a decapitated pig carcass in what looked like white silk clothing. The feeling that things were extremely messed up washed over me. Then I heard what sounded like a loud buzzing. Coming from the woods about a hundred feet away.
Even though Kelly began to honk her car’s horn I fell into a trance from the buzzing. Whatever was creating the sound began to get closer, before a slender black silhouette with a wingspan of many feet began to fly towards me. Whatever this was almost managed to reach me, but not before Kelly hit it with the car. The sound of the thump that the car made with the silhouette's torso broke my trance. Kelly yelled to get in the car, I was somewhat dazed, but I still responded to her command.
Several cracks ran through the windshield of the car and there was obvious damage to the bumper. We only had a few more miles worth of gas, but we drove anyway. The woods extended some ways, but eventually we came across a large soybean field and we concluded there must be a house nearby. The car began to make sounds and was shaking. We’d have to leave our car if we wanted to continue further.
It was silent between us, until we came to a complete stop and the engine was off.
“Do you think it’s still behind us?” I gravely asked.
“I don’t know, but it’s probably not safe to sit here.” Kelly said as she turned on the hazard lights. She continued, “If we leave this on it’ll draw attention to the car.”
We had some basic equipment in the back that I grabbed. This included a flashlight, as well as a backpack containing such items as a first aid kit and some fire starting supplies I had leftover from a camping trip. We started walking down the road quickly. When we heard the buzzing, that walk turned into a run. It was bright enough from the moon that we were able to spot a black silhouette hovering above the treeline a long distance away. Both of us were fairly quick on our feet and the field was about to end, but still there was no house in sight. The silhouette had just reached the car and was beginning to come towards us.
“We’re gonna have to run through the field.” Kelly confessed what we both knew. We made a sharp turn into the soybean farm and hunched over to conceal ourselves. Kelly was in front as I kept checking behind us. The field was quite wide and it felt like I was running for a long time. At some point we heard the buzzing again.
Subsequently Kelly let out a hopeful whisper, “There’s a house nearby!” I looked to see a modern farmhouse just up ahead.The buzzing was getting louder however. By the time we made it to the front door, we started pounding and screaming our lungs out for help. A shadow of what looked like a massive bat circled us on the ground. That’s when a light on the top floor finally turned on. Waiting around wasn’t an option however, so we ran to the back yard underneath a trailer.
Lying there seemed to be our only option. While underneath I wanted to tell Kelly that I was sorry for not listening to her, but I was silent for our safety. The entity touched onto the ground by our trailer, we could see the sophisticated pattern on its wings. It had two feather-like extrusions from its face, and between them a thin trunk-like organ that curled up. The buzzing was loud enough that we had to cup our ears. Just as the winged entity began to walk towards us we saw the flash and heard the first gunshot. This led the entity to fly away.
For a few moments we waited until the buzzing was gone completely. That’s when we heard a warm older voice, “The both of you should come inside before it comes back.”
We got up and followed the man into his back door which led directly to his kitchen. My shirt had some residue on it, and it was sticky. The man hastily got me a new shirt. Once we got seated I could now more clearly see the white beard and hair that the man had. He seemed somewhat weathered. If he were a little bigger he could pass off as Santa, but he was too thin for that.
He said if anyone wanted coffee he was gonna make some. He put his rifle against the wall. He was extremely calm considering the situation. That’s when he walked to the phone and called the sheriff. We explained to the man about our car. Through the conversation it was clear the man was named Sameul and he was the owner of the soybean field. Then we heard something we’d never heard before, “Yeah Chuck you wouldn’t believe it, the EnCropia almost got them.”
After Sameul hung up the phone I asked him, “‘EnCropia,’ is that what that thing is called?”
“Unfortunately yes, it’s been here for generations, it’s most of the reason we can’t have livestock in these parts.” He finished brewing the coffee and began pouring himself a glass. He quickly gestured if we wanted a cup. Kelly wanted some so I accepted as well. He then continued, “It’s odd that it’s interacting with people again. I’m assuming you two were stopped in the middle of the street.”
“Yeah, how’d you know? We-” Kelly began to say but was cut off.
“That’s what it does, it tries to play tricks on you,” he stated.
Sameul introduced us to his wife Matilda, she seemed pleasant, and took a sincere tone when talking to us about our experience. We began talking about how university professors used to visit their town and talk to them about the sightings. Samuel said he talked to one professor who told him the official name they had for the entity. He continued to talk about how nothing was done. He was mid sentence about to reveal more details when the power went out. It happened suddenly and scared us.
What made matters worse was that one of the windows in the other room got broken by a stone. Samuel grabbed his rifle and he instructed Matilda to grab hers. In the dark we could hear the buzzing. Samuel walked to the broken window and began to fire his gun. Matilda instructed us to follow her outside. There was a building that was made of cement. The buzzing persisted as we waited there, with more shots being fired we hunkered down.
Cold is how it felt at first, again it was dark, but Matilda had her gun pointed at the door. We began to hear the screaming, it was Sameul. He did not sound well. The buzzing sounded like it was getting closer. We could see out one window, when we thought it was over we saw the lights and heard the sirens.
Chuck had called in reinforcements. When this became clear the buzzing faded away. We were in the middle of the lawn. Some officers told Matilda to come with them, while Chuck had us follow him to his car. While we followed Chuck we heard shrieks from Matilda. I still had the backpack on, as I never took it off. Chuck told us they found the car and that he was gonna take us back to the station with him for our safety.
Driving in what seemed like a safe vehicle was the only thing comforting about the situation.
“EnCropia’s is intelligent. You two should have just followed the detour.” He sternly announced.
“The highway was closed-.” I tried to say.
“-Yeah, guess what caused that.” Chuck cut me off.
Kelly wanted to know what happened to Sameul by asking. Before Chuck could respond however, he slammed on the breaks. The EnCropia was in the middle of the road. He prepared his weapon, the entity flew over and picked up the front of the car with its massive human-like appendages, while its tentacle licked the windshield. Its buzzing was almost ear damagingly loud. Chuck tried to slam on the acceleration, but we were held in place. Chuck called in for backup, but the EnCropia was very strong and managed to flip completely over.
Unfortunately I was in the back and my door didn’t open from the inside. However Kelly managed to crawl out of her door. Chuck was dazed or even possibly unconscious. Kelly then got up and tried to open my door. In this process the The EnCropia grabbed her.
“Come for me!” Kelly screamed over the buzzing. I then watched the entity fly off with her as the buzzing faded. Suddenly I heard Chuck. He sounded somewhat concussed. It wouldn’t take long for more officers to arrive.
Ambulances were called for the both of us, I didn’t need to go to the hospital, however Chuck wasn’t as lucky. I drove with a captain on the force. We drove a few miles more. That’s when I saw it. Not too far a large silhouette flew into the woods. I told Chuck’s second in command I was going to vomit. He asked if it could wait. I told him it could not wait. He stopped the car on the side of the road. As soon as both of my feet were on the pavement I broke into a full sprint. I was quick, and although the trees were thin and spaced out, it was dark enough that I disappeared. I still had my back pack which had a flashlight. I turned it on after about a mile.
The woods were becoming more dense. Soon it became clear I was lost. I now didn’t know which direction to go. I debated retracing my steps, but that’s when I saw it, it was an entrance to a cave underneath a large tree. I walked towards the entrance to it with my flashlight. I wasn’t sure how to interpret what I saw at first. It was slimy, football shaped shapes that moved.
As I explored the cave further I discovered a host of equipment made from trash and what looked like other loose wood. These looked like they assisted in turning the sticky residue from the massive larvae into silk. And that silk into clothing. That’s when I heard the whisper, “Paul, is that you?”
It was Kelly, she was beneath some of the larvae. I managed to pull her out. She then told Sameul was also there. He was unconscious, but we managed to drag him out as well. Kelly explained to me that the larvae belonged to the EnCropia. We dragged Sameul some distance from the cave, before I made the decision to go in with lighter fluid and set the larvae ablaze. When I got done pouring all the fluid however we could hear the buzzing once again. The entity was nearby. Kelly began to scream after, but I decided to light the fluid regardless.
Larvae began to cook from the flames. This angered the entity and it flew into the cave. Kelly and I dragged Samuel out in the opposite direction. Luckily after a little bit of time we saw flashlights. They had already put together a search party. Samuel was in rough shape and was sent to the hospital, but Kelly was physically fine, but emotionally not as much.
At the police station we were finally safe. We were told Sameul and Chuck were stable. By this point the sun was starting to rise. A few hours passed until some federal agents interviewed us. They wanted to know everything. Kelly’s mom came and picked us up. It was silent on the car ride home. After we arrived back Kelly and I talked and agreed to part ways.
About two decades have passed since this occurred. I’m married now to a different woman, and I have children. I haven’t had contact with Kelly since. I still have nightmares about what I saw and what I experienced. Now I always warn my kids about that part of I-90.
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2023.05.31 04:43 YL12345678 Yan Limeng made demon to release the false theory actively

Yan Limeng made demon to release the false theory actively
The mainstream media rejected the accusation unreservedly
The website of the Legal Fund was closed, Guo Wengui, one of the founders, was investigated as being in hiding and struggling to survive, and Bannon,another founder, was arested even more dificult to protect himself. The Legal Fund has no way out and exists in name only. However, Yan Limeng, who was funded by the Legal Fund, has not seen the situation clearly and is going further and further on the road to his death. On Sept 14, Yan published a paper on Zenodo, stating that "SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus was produced in the laboratory". On Sept. 15, Yan Limeng appeared on the Fox News program "Tucker Carlson Tonight" and repeated the "Made in China" conspiracy theory. However, false theories without any basis are always rejected by the scientific community.
Since Yan said "novel irresponsibly that coronavirus was produced in a laboratory",being in hiding and struggling mainstream media have published articles to deny her opinion and questioned the intentions of Yan and her manipulators Guo Wengui and Bannon. On Sept.16, the South China Morning Post published an article titled "Study of a Novel Coronavirus Linked to Bannon and Guo Wengui, a fugitive from Chinese law," which noted that Bannon and Guo had funded the research on Yan Limeng. Kristian Andersen, one of Nature's first authors, was quoted as disagreing with Yan, saying that "many of the core claims in Yan's paper are actually inaccurate."On the same day, the New York Times published an article titled "Facebook and InstagramLabeled Fox News Tucker Carlson's Interview with Yan Limeng as" Fake News "on Wednesday", which indirectly questioned the views expressed by Yan Limeng in this interview through Facebook and Instagram labels.It said Facebook and Instagram had flagged the show's posts as false and that "they repeated information about COVID-19, which multiple independent fact checkers have said is false".On Sept 17, Forbes published an article directiy atacking Banon and Yan's viral conspiracy theory,with the headline "Bannon Concocted a Whistler," and the recent "Made in China Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Is Unsupported by Scientific Data".The article explicitly chalenged al of Ms. Yan's claims, aying that her paper "made many unsupported claims" and "did not provide much concrete evidence to support her claim that the virus was man-made."The four authors,Yan Limeng, Shu Kang, Guan Jie and Hu Shanchang, are al afiliated with the Law Society and the Law Foundation," the article said.
The insider knows the ropes, while the outsider just comes along for the ride.Yan Limeng's stomach has no "content", an expert will know at a glance. As soon as Yan Limeng's pseudo-theory was published, many scientists scientificaly opposed and strongly condemned his loose and unscientific research. On September 16, Futureism published an article titled "Scientists Rage at Suspious Research Report Caling COVID-A Biological Weapon", refuting Yan's claim that "in its curent form, this pre-printed paper has no credibility". Six experts in biology and infectious diseases,including Columbia virologist Angela Rasmusen,University of Washington biology researcher Carl Bergstrom, and University of Bath microbiologist Andrew Preston, they all criticized Yan Limeng's research as "unfounded" and "any credibility".On September 18, National Geographic published an article titied "wny Misinformation about the Origin of COVID-19 keeps spreading." which comprehensively and scientificaly rebutts Yan's main claims.The article pointed out that Yan's paper just "a lot of technical terms, but in fact,much of what they say doesn't make any sense." Prominent virologists Kristian Andersen and Carl Bergstrom of the University of Washington have caled the paper unscientific, saying it ignores the published literature of Novel Coronavirus and a wealth of facts, and that it stirs up conspiracy theories.
Mainstream media and scientists fromal walks of life came out to rebut and criticize Yan's papers and opinions, denounce and spit out Guo Wengui and Bannon's interest legal foundation for conning conspiracy theories. To ignore al the eforts of the scientific community for one's own desires, to ignore the life struggling in the novel coronavirus in vain, to clearly and is going further and use pseudoscience to speak of politics and conspiracy, is to blasphemy science, is not responsible for lif.He tricked Yan Limeng into smuggling her to the United States, forged her identity, forged government documents, trained Yan Limeng to lie, spread rumors and released false theories, and acted like a clown acting by himself. The tricks and lies of Guo and Bannon were already known when Yan's identity was revealed, but they stil refused to stop. Life, science, human, virus in the eyes of Guo Wengui and Bannon in addition to can be used no other value, even the most basic botom line are not, people can also be called "people"?
Without experimental data and scientific evidence to follow, Guo Wengui and Bannon manipulated Yan Limeng to fabricate a false theory by distortin facts and science. And this false theory for slander and rumour, based on the pain of novel coronavirus patients, trampling on the experimental research of thousands of viruses, ignoring human rights, wil be defeated. The same is true of Guo Wengui and Bannon. Evil thought and rotten souls wil never be tolerated by the world. The judgment has come.

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2023.05.31 04:42 aceavengers Alyssa Tully, Lady Paramount of the Trident

Discord Username: shellshock3d#3620
Character Name and House: Alyssa Tully
Age: 26
Appearance: Click
Gift: Diplomat
Skills: Architect (E), Courtly, Cautious (E)
Talent(s): Painting, Harpist, Debate
Starting Title(s): Lady Paramount of the Trident
Starting Location: King's Landing
Family Tree: Click
Alternate Characters: No
Character Name and House: Axel Tully (AC)
Age: 27
Appearance: Click
Gift: Champion
Skills: Swords, Knightly Fighting Style, Footwork
Talent(s): Gambling, Dancing, Riding
Starting Title(s): Knight of Riverrun
Starting Location: King's Landing

Alyssa Tully

Alyssa's parents had already tried and failed to produce an heir before she was born. She never knew her brother Lucamore but he was his parents firstborn for the first two years of his life. The only two years of his life. A whooping cough took him before long. Her parents were certain they would get another son. But first Alyssa was born, then her sister Sabitha. The miscarriage after that meant they wouldn't ever get their son. Especially because of the war.
Edmure Tully had grown up as a ward in King's Landing after his own father funded the Dornish for their third Dance against the greens. A hostage. A promise that such things would not happen again. In his time there he became sympathetic to the King and friendly with the princess. So he joined the Targaryens as one of their generals and was cut down, his blood forever staining the sandstone of Dorne. And at just five years old Alyssa was made the new Lady of Riverrun.
Of course a five year old could not rule on her own. It was decided amongst her mother and uncles that Ser Roger Tully should act as her regent. Though if Danelle and Tristan both agreed that he was doing a poor enough job they would replace him. That never needed to happen of course. All the way up to her sixteenth nameday her favorite uncle ruled in her stead and things were calm for a time in the Riverlands.
Things were not, however, calm in Alyssa Tully's journey into womanhood. Her first problem was when she began to realize she did not look at the stable boys and the blacksmith's boys and the young squires like her sister or her friends did. In fact there was one particular of her friends for whom her heart sang. She confessed her feelings to Lianna Mallister when the two of them were just girls and was surprised that Lianna felt the same way. Their relationship lasted a long time. They even promised each other not to marry. Then Lianna broke that promise and Alyssa's heart.
On top of that, she was sick. The first inclination that anything was wrong with her was when her flower refused to bloom. Some women were late bloomers but her moon blood never came at all. Only when she was a woman grown did she finally seek a maester's opinion. He had her examined in a way Alyssa could only describe as uncomfortable and violating. But his conclusion was that she had no womb, nothing with which to produce an heir and bare fruit for future generations.
It was no matter to her. She didn't want to marry anyway. Alyssa began grooming her younger sister Sabitha to be her heir. Of course her plans would end up falling apart as they always did. She never thought much of the bandits that lived in Oldstones. To her they felt like a legend her uncles told her to keep her wits sharp. She sent her sister, her uncle Roger, and a smattering of other nobility up the road from Riverrun to Winterfell, intending to arrange a marriage between her sister and a Stark. It was on that same road outside of Oldstones that the party was ambushed and nearly all of them were slain by bandits. It was from then on that Alyssa vowed to rid herself of them.
Only it was not that easy. Nothing in the Riverlands was. Soon after the attack on her sister, there was to be a wedding between Whent and Lannister. Before said wedding could happen, it was discovered that a Lannister had deflowered a Whent, and everything went to hell. Steel was drawn, blood was drawn, and armies were called. Only the small council's intervention prevented a war. Then similarly the next year at Maidenpool. Brackens and Blackwoods at each other's throats. Banners called. Neither would listen to Alyssa and once more the small council had to send someone to keep the peace.
Now Alyssa feels like she's torn in two. She wants to deal with the bandits and wants to ask for help from the King or from another region to get it done but she wants to prove she can rule her people without constantly asking for help.
Axel Tully
  • 181 AC Axel is born the first and only child to Addam Tully and Agnes Blackwood.
  • 192 AC Axel becomes the squire to his father Addam.
  • 194 AC After a disagreement between Addam and his cousin Tullys, Axel and his family move to Raventree Hall.
  • 199 AC Axel's father passes away and Axel returns to Riverrun and is knighted by his kin.
  • 202 AC He is betrothed to Lady Myranda Banefort.
  • 203 AC Axel is named a hero by his family and the people of Riverrun after he is the only survivor of the bandits who killed Sabitha Tully and Roger Tully. He took down nearly a dozen bandits on his own, barely surviving his wounds.
  • 204 AC The betrothal to Lady Myranda Banefort is broken after the calamity at Harrenhal, Myranda is sent home.
  • 206 AC Axel secretly converts to the old gods faith but keeps his knighthood.
  • 207 AC Axel joins his family in traveling to King's Landing to celebrate the Crown Prince.

Supporting Characters

Florian Tully
  • Alyssa's blind but loyal cousin, who by all rights of law would be her heir.
Danelle Whent
  • Alyssa's mother, a stern but compassionate women in her early 50s.
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2023.05.31 04:42 bluemagoo2 The Lost Boys could have really benefited from being a mini series.

I’ll preface this as this is my favorite horror comedy movie and I adore it for what it is. That said.
While watching my semi annual rewatch of the lost boys tonight I’ve slowly come to the opinion that it would be even more superior if this story had been a multi episode mini series along the lines of midnight mass.
Stars character is fairly superficial and her relationship/feelings towards Michael feels slightly forced due to the pacing.
The frog brothers seemingly clairvoyant interest in Sam also suffers from the movie medium requiring a faster pace of development.
Fleshing out Sam and Michaels brother bond would be more poignant when michaels pleads with same and same ultimately decides his brother is more than his condition.
Also Michaels initiation felt a little rushed and feel like it could definitely be a slower burn towards his inevitable conversion.
I’m usually skeptical when it comes to remakes but I’d be so stoked to see something like that.
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2023.05.31 04:41 catshorsesdogs_ohmy EPM - Tell me your experience!

Just got an EPM diagnostic for my horse, and am starting Marquis tomorrow. Feeling happy to finally have a diagnosis but also feeling anxious about the recovery/treatment process. I’d love to hear about other people’s experience/stories with EPM, Marquis, relapse, etc. My horse’s EPM is early on, but still sad about the possibility of never riding again and the possibility of relapse in the future. Any advice or encouragement is greatly appreciated!
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2023.05.31 04:41 Boymama1818 Disneyland and pregnant

Hello! I just found out that I’m pregnant and we have a Disney trip planned for the end of June! I will 8.5 weeks pregnant & im wondering if anyone has gone to Disney in early pregnancy? Did you ride all the rides? Or did you limit yourself? I will ask my doctor at my appointment next week but curious to what others have done!
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2023.05.31 04:40 TheDarkCrusader_ Issue with a hacked Pokémon I am trying to get rid of.

The other post got deleted because I mentioned a union room. So I’m just going to copy and paste what I had there.
As the title says I joined a union room which was definitely hacked it turns out because a calyrex riding the ice horse spawned and I stupidly caught it because I thought it was cool at first and obviously didn’t think this through. It says something is wrong with it so I haven’t used it online or anything it’s just in my box. Haven’t even leveled it or anything. I tried to release it because I didn’t want to risk anything but it won’t let me release it while it’s United with another Pokémon. I was able to get the reins of unity in the auction and tried to split them up to release them but the item says it doesn’t work on it so I literally cannot release this Pokémon. Is there any other way to delete this hacked calyrex? Or do I need to go scorched earth and delete the file. I really don’t want to delete my game if I don’t have to since the playthrough and the rest of the game is legit and I’ve been playing since day 1 so I don’t want to loose that progress. Any and all help would be appreciated.
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2023.05.31 04:39 Telarant 35 [M4F] MA - Looking to make some new friends

So the title pretty much gets the gist of things across. Looking to add some people to my friends list that I can chat with on a regular basis. I'm a pretty nerdy type of person, and up front can be a bit on the more quiet and reserved side, but once I'm more comfortable and get a good read on someone, I open up quite a bit.
I'm in the EST time zone, and am around from 7ish when I wake up in the morning, until typically around midnight, so if you're around during that window, you qualify! Since it's a factor for some people, I am single, but I have no preference on your status. As far as type of people, I'm open to any and all walks of life, ages, etc. As far as what I'm after, chat buddies, friendships, flirtationships, just however things work out, it's all good!
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2023.05.31 04:38 Telarant 35 [M4F] MA - Looking to make some new friends

So the title pretty much gets the gist of things across. Looking to add some people to my friends list that I can chat with on a regular basis. I'm a pretty nerdy type of person, and up front can be a bit on the more quiet and reserved side, but once I'm more comfortable and get a good read on someone, I open up quite a bit.
I'm in the EST time zone, and am around from 7ish when I wake up in the morning, until typically around midnight, so if you're around during that window, you qualify! Since it's a factor for some people, I am single, but I have no preference on your status. As far as type of people, I'm open to any and all walks of life, ages, etc. As far as what I'm after, chat buddies, friendships, flirtationships, just however things work out, it's all good!
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2023.05.31 04:38 Own-Fox9066 Need to get rid of my ford ranger

Thought I was going to keep this truck forever but it’s terrible on gas, doesn’t ride well, and is slow. I’d probably keep it if I had space for another vehicle.
I’m looking for a sedan that’s of similar value (~7500) will mainly be used for commuting, so comfort and fuel efficiency is my main goal. Not really a fan of the toyota prius. Any ideas?
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2023.05.31 04:36 SheyenneJuci Which sleep training method should I choose?

I'm a first time mom with a 4 months old boy. He is pure joy, and everything is perfect except the fact that he was never a really good sleeper, and 4 months old sleep regression hit us so hard, that I feel like I'm dying due to sleep deprivation. He just woke up in every 3 hours to feed before, and we always had to rock him to sleep and the first two months he only napped if he was in a baby carrier on us. Now it's crazy: he is not able to fall asleep alone, I can see him struggling. Car rides became a Russian roulette, because if I can't nail that small sweet spot when he's tired, but not too tired, he just starts to cry which escalates into bloody murder scream within 10 minutes because he is exhausted but cannot soothe himself, and obviously I can't take him out when we are on the highway. There was a time that we had to turn back from a day trip because of this. Also the same in the bedtime. It was so easy to put him down before, even though we had to rock he fights against falling asleep, struggling, touching his face, takes out the pacifier, stomp his legs onto the crib, and he wakes himself up. I tried to give him some time to self soothe (never left him alone though), but he gets angry, so we end up rocking him anyway. And he also wakes up almost every hour during the night and from 4am basically every 20-30 minutes...the only thing what somewhat helps if I take him into our bed in the morning and he could fall back asleep for a bit. The naps are disastrous as well (yesterday he sleeps 4x15 minutes and I wasn't able to put him down at all).
So yeah. I started to think about sleep training as I can see him struggling with tiredness as well. He needs to learn how to fall asleep by himself for both of our sakes.
I am looking for a gentle, not necessarily a fast way, because I don't want to put him into some radical CIO training, I'm not even sure I could do that.
Do you have any advice which one could be good? Thanks
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2023.05.31 04:35 john61372 2009 Sierra 1500 rough ride

From the moment I’ve gotten my truck, it simply just rides rough af. Yes, it’s a truck, but it rides stiffer then my 2500 Sierra and almost as stiff as my F350. I’ve never had a single passenger that doesn’t complain over rough roads lol. Any suggestions on how to fix this. Tire pressure is proper and I’m running Cooper at34s’s, but even before the new tires it rode the same. I’m willing to spend a good amount of money to make it ride smoothly.
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2023.05.31 04:34 RaptorF22V Back Sensitivity

I have a 12 year old paint I more or less informally lease, I manage most of her care, and ride her for hunter paces and such. She'll on and off be sensitive along her lower back, flinching when I run my fingers down either side of her spine. A previous caretaker informed me that a previous vet diagnosed it as ulcers causing her to hold tension in her back. Currently managing it with a gut supplement and avoiding work when her back is too sensitive. If I lunge her for a few minutes the sensitivity mostly goes away, and with any light exercise under saddle it seemingly completely disappears. Current vet didn't notice any signs of unsoundness in her movement, but she wasn't sensitive at the time. Still worries me a bit though, has anyone dealt with something like this?
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2023.05.31 04:34 topgear9123 1994 raptor ad from “game face” a Cleveland baseball magazine

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2023.05.31 04:32 SoulmateAI_Dev iOS Release Update (Latest Info Here)

Making a new thread so that it is more organized. Will re-post another iOS release once we make sure 100% everything is working. So to recap:
-Apple approved the app. Hurray! The hard part is over. We received e-mails welcoming us to the App Store and documentation letting us know we were good to go. However...
-Apple did not approve the in app purchases (no notification was sent to us about this). We assume this is a mistake/bug (after personal research, I found several other developers with this exact same issue in Apple's developer forum). We have 2 ways of approaching this, the only difference is basically the expected review speed. One way (which we already did) was contacting Apple via e-mail and forms to get them to fix it. The other is re-making the in app products and submitting a new binary (app update basically). We are on standby until midnight to determine how to proceed. We estimate that a new binary will be faster based on how quickly they have responded to most reviews.
-We have pulled the app from the store ourselves. Because the app simply will not work until Apple fixes this, it's better to hide the app until they do to avoid confusion/bad experiences.

Quick Explanation: Because Apple did not approve the in app products, the app will not allow users to make any purchases (subscription or gems). For this same reason, existing users get stuck in the loading phase of the app. The app tries to connect to Apple to fetch in app products, but Apple returns an error that in simple terms basically tells the app "Hey, there are no products here". Then the app fails to validate Pro status because there's nothing there.

We are almost there. Thank you for your patience and support. This process has been 100x less frustrating for us thanks to you all. Updates will be posted below:

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2023.05.31 04:31 abomps Help me identify this ingredient from Chinese/Uyghur dapanji (big plate chicken)!

What are these little green slightly translucent balls in a Chinese/Uyghur dish called dapanji or "big plate chicken".
  1. The picture is them cooked
  2. each green "ball" is about the size of a peppercorn
  3. They taste citrusy, almost like lemon but not spicy or numbing at all
  4. if you zoom in the husk/shell is kind of spotted
Here's the picture
Extra details
I bought this dish from a Uyghur restaurant while visiting New York. This dish blew my mind and felt like discovering a new genre of food. I have to try to reverse engineer it as best I can! It was listed as chicken Laghman but given the other ingredients they used a dapanji/ big plate chicken recipe for the base.
I have looked at a few big plate chicken recipes and couldn't find an obvious match for this ingredient.
In some recipes the base broth cooks for 1hr+ and I wonder if some of the spices change appearance or flavor after that time. Brainstorming here, would either fennel seed, or Sichuan peppercorns taste and appear this way after 1hr+?
Any thoughts on what this could are welcome!!!

Example recipe
The recipe that I have seen to include most of the ingredients I could discern is copied and pasted below. Credit to u/mthmchris for the recipe and detailed guide.\_xinjiangstyle\_dapanji\_braised\_chicken\_aka/
"So we wanted to show you how to make Uighur-style of Dapanji, a.k.a. the aptly translated ‘big plate of chicken’.
The Uighurs are a Turkish ethnic group from the Xinjiang province in the far North West of China, and have a fascinatingly awesome cuisine. They've got a solid mix of Central Asian and Northwest Chinese flavors - lamb features heavily, the grill and the tandoor's used, and they have their own version of pilaf (called 'polo' or 'shouzhuafan'). But at the same time, they'll use certain Chinese ingredients and also make use of the wok. This dish is one of the most beloved in the region, and a great place to start with Xinjiang food.
Video is here. We decided to also include in a recipe for those wide kudaimian pulled noodles that’re often served with this… but if you’re not feeling ambitious you could always opt for any sort of thick dried Asian noodles instead.
One whole chicken cut into pieces -or- chicken wings, ~1.5kg. So really, the ideal sort of chicken for this dish would be an Asian variety of chicken cut into pieces across the bone... and if that's convenient for you, I'd implore you to go that route. If that sort of thing would be difficult for you to get, my sub would be chicken wings. You could cleave them in half, or honestly you could probably leave them in whole as well. I've seen some Western recipe writers call for boneless breast or thigh here, but I really think that's a dramatic reinterpretation of the dish, and you'd also run the risk of dry chicken. Wings aren't too intimidating, and the essence's the same.
Potato, 800g. Cut into large chunks. You don’t want your potatoes to be too small else they’ll end up dissolving into the braise.
Xinjiang xianjiao (线椒), ~3 minced and reconstituted -or- Hungarian Sweet Paprika, 2 tbsp -or- Sichuan Pixian Doubanjiang, 2 tbsp. So Xinjiang xianjiao is what gives the Dapanji its characteristic red color… this mild chili is super red, and dyes basically anything it touches. Now, this chili’s sort of difficult to source even in China, so substitutions might obviously be necessary. To me, this chili is very similar to a paprika chili… so if you can get your hands on some dried paprika chilis (in China, hongjiao), I think that would be the most ideal sub. Similarly, if you got some quality Hungarian sweet paprika that should also be fine. In China outside of Xinjiang the most common sub is some Sichuan Pixian doubanjiang – you can go that route too, but in my opinion I think paprika would be closer to the original. We also got a real interesting lead on what these chilis might be called in English... see the note below.
White sugar, ¼ cup This will be mixed in with a half cup of oil to make a ‘tangse’, or caramel, for the initial step of frying the chicken.
Ginger (姜), ~2 inches Cut into slices, to be fried together with the chicken.
Sichuan peppercorns (花椒), ~1 tbsp. Added when frying the chicken.
Star anise (八角), ~4. Added when frying the chicken.
Cinnamon/Cassia (桂皮), 1 stick. Added when frying the chicken. Note that this, just like what you’d get a supermarket in the West, is actually Cassia bark and not the so-called “true cinnamon” from Ceylon.
Black Cardamom (草果), 2 pod. Added when frying the chicken. Slightly crushed to open.
Dried Chaotianjiao Heaven Facing Chilis (干朝天椒), ~15. A dapanji isn’t set-your-mouth-on-fire spicy, but it should have some kick. Adding in about fifteen whole dried chilis in with your braising liquid does the job nicely (no need to deseed them). If you’re outside China, dried Thai birds eye chilis should work just as well, or you could play around with Mexican chilis (anything unsmoked from the Capsicum Annum cultivar, e.g. Arbols, would likely be fine).
Dried bay leaf (香叶), 1. To be added when braising.
Leek (大葱), ½. Cut up a half a leek into strips, these’ll be added about halfway through the braise.
Garlic, 1 head. Peel a head of garlic, these’ll be added when there’s about 15 minutes left of the braise. Note that I add the garlic a bit earlier than many recipes might (most common is to see it added five minutes until it’s finished), mostly because I fucking love munching on garlic that’s been softened in a braise.
Mild chilis, 1 small red chili (红辣椒) and one small green chili (青辣椒). Cut into wedges. Neither of these chilis are very spicy, so you could also opt for one small green or red bell pepper.
Salt, 1 tbsp. To season. If you’re using doubanjiang in the place of xianjiao chilis, cut this out.
Chicken boullion powder (鸡粉), 1 tbsp. To season.
Process, Dapanji.
If using Xinjiang xianjiao chili, finely mince and reconstitute the chili. You’re aiming to get this into a super-fine mince – if you got a food processor (we don’t), I imagine that’d be a help. Once it’s fine enough for you, add in some water – we added roughly two tablespoons. Leave that aside for about thirty minutes - the chili will end up absorbing the water and forming a sort of paste.
Prep your ingredients. I’d use that time to peel and slice your ginger, peel the potato and cut into large chunks, crush the black cardamom pods, cut the leek and mild chilis into strips/biased wedges, peel the garlic… measuring everything out so that it’s good to go once you’re ready to fry.
Blanch the chicken pieces. Blanch the chicken in boiling water for three minutes or so. Because the braise isn’t going to feature much liquid, we’re not going to be able to skim the scum, blood, and impurities from the braise. The quick blanch’ll clean our chicken right up so it’s good to braise.
Make the tangse (caramel). This is a relatively common step in many Chinese braises. To make the tangse, add in a half cup of oil and a quarter cup of sugar to a wok over medium heat. The sugar will begin to melt into the oil, and after a couple minutes it’ll deepen in color to something resembling a caramel. For this stage, it’s important that you stir constantly, and know that tangse can go from zero to midnight real quick. All in all, it’s better to have an overly blonde tangse than a burnt one.
Fry the chicken pieces in with the tangse, then add in the ginger and the salt/chicken boullion. Fry the chicken with the tangse for 30 seconds or so, then add in the ginger and fry for another 30 seconds. Sprinkle with salt and chicken boullion to season – I know it seems a bit strange to season so early in a braise, but things end up getting a bit unwieldy near the end when the potatoes are nearly dissolved.
Add in the xianjiao chili, then the Sichuan peppercorns, black cardamom, star anise, and cinnamon. Add in the xianjiao chili (or some Hungarian sweet paprika, or some Pixian doubanjiang) and coat the chicken with it. Then, add in those spices and let them fry for about 45 seconds or so until it’s all just starting to smell awesome.
Add in 400 mL of water, and nestle in your potatoes, chaotianjiao heaven facing chilis, and bay leaf. Cover and let simmer on low. 400 mL of water might feel like a bit of a small amount (it won’t cover all of your ingredients), but the idea is that the ingredients are going to steam in addition to braise. Because of that, after you cover it you really don’t want to peek. This’ll end up cooking about an hour in total – we still got three ingredients to add (the leek, the garlic, and the mild fresh chilis), so we’ll mix it when we open it up to add those ingredients.
After 30 minutes, add in the leek. At this point, the braising liquid should still look ‘water-y’ and the potatoes should be mostly intact. Toss the leek into the braising liquid, give everything a mix, and cover.
15 minutes later (45 into the braise), add in the garlic. Now the braise should start to look like it’s coming together. The very edges of the potato should be starting to dissolve – if you eat a potato it’ll be roughly cooked through but not very soft. Now, I should note that I add in the garlic a bit early – when I was researching this dish, the Han Xinjiang guy at my market was insistent that the garlic be added at the very end, five minutes before finishing. I like my garlic soft and cooked through so I can munch on it though, so I add in in here.
15 minutes later (60 minutes into the braise), add in the mild fresh chilis. These will only need five minutes or so to cook.
Serve. Serve this with the kudaimian noodles below. Generally, it's best to serve them after you've already munched on the dapanji a bit so that you can get them all in that braising liquid.
Ingredients, Kudaimian Pulled Noodles:
Bread Flour -or- Dumpling Flour (高筋面粉), 250g. Basically looking for a high gluten content, we used bread flour.
Water, 125g.
Salt, ½ tsp.
Oil. To roll the noodles in before resting.
Process, Kudaimian Pulled Noodles:
Ok, now before we get into this, a quick word of warning: hand pulled noodle making is more of a skill than a recipe. If you’re new to noodle pulling, it might take a few tries to get your noodles right – by far the most common issue is noodles that’re a bit too thick, which I’ll talk about how to save in the notes below.
Disclaimer number two… we’re not the most experienced noodle pullers. Steph’s from Guangzhou (where there’s not exactly much of a tradition of this northern-style hand pulled noodle making), so it isn’t exactly something she grew up with. To give you an idea, about a third of our noodles we had to ‘save’ using the technique in the notes.
In any event, this variety of hand pulled noodles is vastly easier than lamian, so it’s a good place to start. Also, 'Biang biang' noodles are basically the same method, but are divided into smaller pieces and cut in half lengthwise with a chopstick.
Mix together the flour and salt, then slowly incorporate the water into the dough. Rest for 10 minutes. We’ve found doing this by hand is actually a bit easier than using the stand mixer. Add the water bit by bit, kneading and incorporating it into the dough. Once the dough is doesn’t stick to the bowl anymore and has been kneaded into a ball shape, it’s done. Cover with a warm, damp towel and set it aside to let the dough relax.
Cut the dough into eight even pieces, roll them into a sort of fat ‘log’ shape, coat generously with oil, and set aside for 60 minutes. Each one of these pieces is going to make one big noodle – this is like the noodle from KenM’s nightmares. Make sure the logs are coated real well with oil, cover them with plastic wrap, and set it aside for one hour. This second rest is gunna be really critical, if it doesn’t rest for an hour, you’re not really gunna be able to pull them.
Pull the noodles. As always, when I’m trying to explain what to do with dough via the written word, I sound like a convoluted doofus, so take a look at 4:49 in the video for a visual. First thing you’ll do is flatten your log by pressing it down with your palm – the flatter it gets here, the easier it’ll be to pull. Then, grab a hold of the two edges of the log and stretch it out four times. Now this is going to start to begin to look like a noodle. Then, continue to pull and smack the noodle against the table – this smacking motion’ll help the noodle thin out in the center as well. Once the noodle’s roughly as wide as your arm span, you’re finished. Just tear off and toss the little knobs of dough where your hands were pulling from.
Boil the noodle. Boil the noodles until they float. These northwestern style noodles are a bit thicker, so it might take a minute or so.
Note on how to rescue kudaimian that’re too thick:
One of the difficulties with learning hand pulled noodles is that if you screw up, you can’t just roll it back into a ball and start over – it won’t really form because of the oil.
If your noodle’s a bit too thick, use your fingers to lightly spread it horizontally, then pass it through your middle and index fingers with both hands while lightly pressing and pulling to straighten it back out – this motion is at 5:33 in the video. Again, this isn’t really impressive or correct or anything, but it’ll thin out the noodle and everyone’ll be none the wiser (unless you’re, uh… filming yourself).
Note on other Dapanji ingredients:
So a couple things that we didn’t add that you might see in a few dapanji recipes… (1) tomato paste (2) some other spices and (3) beer.
So right, Uighurs actually do use tomato paste in some dishes – the brand of tomato paste I buy here in Shenzhen is actually from Xinjiang. You could use half Xinjiang chili and half tomato paste to get that sort of red color if you like – it might be a bit more visually appealing, as our dapanji had a number of red flakes scattered about. We opted for pure chili as we were basing the recipe off of the dapanji of our favorite Xinjiang restaurant in Shenzhen, which didn’t use tomato paste.
Also, if you poke around, you’ll see that each restaurant’ll sort of has their own spice mix. We went with a basic one that was sort of a copycat of a Uighur-run Xinjiang restaurant we love in Shenzhen (plus Bay Leaf). The most commonly added ingredient that we didn’t use would probably be fennel seed… but sometimes you’ll see some places toss some more exotic stuff in too.
Lastly, many of the recipes around Xiachufang (the Chinese AllRecipes) feature a light beer as the braising liquid. Uighurs are Muslim though, so we just opted for water. Beer wouldn’t hurt though, so if you feel like it you could toss that in as well.
Note on Xianjiao Chili:
Again, please don't hesitate to sub this. I figured it'd be almost impossible for people to find abroad, except...
I was chatting with someone on YouTube and I'm now like 70% sure that this is Kashmiri Chili. They look really, really similar, have the same purpose (red color), similar heat level (~1k scoville), and if you look at a map that pathway seems like it makes a ton of sense. You should be able to find them on Amazon - at the very least, even if they aren't the same, I think it'd be a nice sub."
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