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2023.06.10 06:17 SnapYooFingas THE DOWNFALL OF ROGUES IN ARENA (ONLY 30 GLAD MOUNTS S6!!)

[North America] Only 30 rogues obtained a gladiator mount this last season that just ended in WOTLK classic, with almost all of them being earned in the 2v2 bracket, with only 4 getting it in 3v3 and zero in 5v5. What has happened to our little sneaky friends? On one hand it sucks for all the die hard rogues and on the other hand it just makes the mount extra special. Maybe they deserve it for being so powerful in TBC..
Gladiator mounts earned by rogues throughout classic wow. List includes 2v2, 3v3 and 5v5 brackets. (glad + r1)
(Data collected from ironforge.pro)
s1: 144
s2: 115
s3: 147
s4: 166
s5: 67
s6: 30
Big congrats however, to the 30 rogues that earned themselves one of these bad boys in season 6.

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2023.06.10 05:25 VampiroMedicado RE EXTERNALLY ^^^^

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2023.06.10 04:19 nosy_bore Passed with a hundred points on my second attempt

I ended up with 100 points, 90 plus 10 bonus points.
About me:
Five years as a software developer, two and a bit as a pentester. Had another life and a zillion careers before then, but went back to university to do a computer science degree. I’ve found four CVEs as part of my job and love to shell things, dump source and find more bugs. I have a family and fuck all free time, but managed to carve out some consistent time in the evenings when the kids were in bed.
Total study time:
Two weeks concentrated, and a couple of hours most nights for about five months as well as day to day pentesting.
First attempt, December 2022:
I’d done maybe 50 of the (old) lab boxes, 30+ proving grounds, lots of the TJ Null list. Started my first attempt at 10am, first shell on AD took less than an hour….then it took me 12 hours to try and privesc on the second AD box after which time I went to bed.. Woke up at 3am, managed a stand-alone box as a break, tried again on the AD set and didn’t get anywhere. Abandoned around 9am. It was a slog. I did not enjoy it and it was extremely depressing.
After the first attempt, I got two months of extra lab time, determined to get the bonus points, which I did. I also redoubled my note taking on privilege escalation in particular, making a cheat sheet of all the techniques outlined in the material all in one place. My previous notes were a mess, comprehensive but badly organised. I also worked my way through a bunch of the new networks as well as the three practice exams over a month, and used them as some very detailed note taking practice.
Second attempt, May 2023: Started at 10am again, had knocked off the AD set by lunch. Got a foothold on a standalone box by 2pm, straightforward privesc (it was in the material). At this point I had enough points to pass (40, 10, 20) but plenty of gas left in the tank. Got another foothold around 4, the box was a bit of a surprise, but nothing that wasn’t in the material. The privesc was right in front of me when I logged in, it just took a bit of time to enumerate properly.
Paused for dinner, then back into it. Got my exploit half working but not quite. Let the proctor know that I was going to use metasploit, finish it off….annnd it didn’t work. Took another break then tried manually again, and finally got my low priv shell. Last box! At this point there were diminishing returns on everything I was trying, so it was time to go to bed. I checked my notes to make sure I had enough detail to work my way back through the chains. Woke up at 6:30, had some breakfast, reset the boxes and started working through all the exploits again. It took about ten minutes to replay the AD set from my notes. My notes were pretty good so it was just a matter of taking all the possible screenshots for every single step of the process and making sure I hadn’t missed any commands or tooling - I had known of someone getting 70 points but being marked down and failing for a missing reference, which sounds like some classic offsec bullshit.
Took about four hours to write the report, thanks to my very detailed note taking. Got the passing email 48 hours later.
Anyway, here are the bullet points: - Enumerate and nmap at least three times, SO many times in every offsec thing ports simply aren’t open the first time. - Reset the boxes, don’t assume offsec have done their job properly. - If you get creds, spray them EVERYWHERE. Do it. - Take notes and screenshots of absolutely everything, try and use a tool like cherry tree or obsidian to keep them as organised as possible. - Use every tool at your disposal, everything from inspect element up. - Take breaks and drink water. - Take your time enumerating, start manually, try the basics and look around before reaching for a script like the PEAS suite (don’t get me wrong, they’re fantastic but verbose) - When you’re studying, if you hit a wall, don’t be afraid to use the forums or discord. You don’t know what you don’t know! Just be sure to take notes if you learn something new
I’m just glad it’s done. It’s supposedly an ‘entry level cert’ which is only partially true, there’s such a huge breadth of content to learn and 900 pages of a PDF doesn’t exactly feel entry level.
Good luck everyone and thanks for being part of this very supportive community.
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2023.06.10 04:01 RedSsora How do i remove this pop-up or whatever it is? it takes up so much space and chrome just started with this recently.

How do i remove this pop-up or whatever it is? it takes up so much space and chrome just started with this recently. submitted by RedSsora to chrome [link] [comments]

2023.06.10 02:54 NasusSyrae An update on the subreddit going dark on Monday, 6/12: alternatives to r/Latin and how to get updates on when we will return

As you know from this post from a few days ago, Latin (along with Classics and AncientGreek) will go private on Monday along with thousands of other subreddits. We will be private for at least 48 hours. Reddit seems to be doubling down on destroying third party apps, accessibility tools, and non-Reddit moderation resources based on this disaster of a thread from Friday, 6/9 that was supposed to be an AMA from the CEO. He answered about 14 questions from "super mods" (who probably work for Reddit) and bailed on the most popular and relevant questions.
When the subreddit goes dark, this linktree will be the message that you will get that has alternatives to Latin. We recognize that most of our posts are from learners or people seeks help with Latin. The linked Discord servers listed as well as the independent discussion forum all have places for you to do that. None of these places are moderated by us anymore, but they have solid communities with a lot of knowledgeable people. Note that you may not see this linktree message when you try to access the subreddit on Monday if you are on Reddit's official mobile app.
I have also made a thread on my personal blog to update you if we are still private on 6/15. You do NOT need to subscribe to access this thread.
Finally, we do not know what Reddit is going to do to us as moderators or as a community in response to this. There have already been reports of them retaliating against moderators, but those seem to be mods taking more extreme actions than we are taking (deleting things, removing other mods, etc.).
Hopefully, we'll see you again soon!
Spes alunt exules.
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2023.06.10 00:31 AnEmuIguess Headphones for music (mostly classical, opera, movies) for under $100

I don't know anything about headphones, but the more I look into them the more confusing it gets.
I want to buy new headphones to use primarily for music and movies. However, whenever I find a positive review on a certain model, I immediately stumble upon a different website/forum where people state that it's "meh" at best. For example, according to different sources, SHP9600 are either the best headphones for classical music, or only a slight improvement on their equally "awful" predecessor (SHP9500).
Can someone please recommend headphones that most people can agree are - at the very least -decent?
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2023.06.09 21:03 Dablakbandit MineScape [SMP] [Network] [Roleplay] [PVE] [PVP] {1.18.2} {Dynmap} {Skilling}

Welcome to beautiful land of MineScape.
The world of MineScape is a Minecraft MMORPG aimed at the recreation of a classic game Old School RuneScape. Join now to get started on your journey to becoming the greatest adventurer whilst making amazing new friends along the way.
Visit the website https://minescape.me and join the discord to get involved!
Interactive Custom NPC's and Mobs
Custom Quests
22 Custom Skills: Attack, Ranged, Magic, Woodcutting, Mining, Smithing, Crafting & More
Beautiful hand crafted map
Clue Scrolls: Rewards for solving clue scrolls
Daily Rewards!
Pets, Cosmetics, Titles
IP: minescape.me
Wiki: https://minescape.fandom.com/
Latest blog: DevBlog #38 Animal Magnetism Quest, Version Update & More
Store: https://store.minescape.me/
Discord: https://discord.gg/minescape
Facebook: https://facebook.com/minescape
Instagram: https://instagram.com/minescape
Twitter: https://twitter.com/playminescape
Rules: http://forum.minescape.me/threads/259/
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2023.06.09 19:44 grain_ddy The number of people pressed about me calling out random posters is astonishing.

Kyu bhai free entry waala mela dikha toh kapde utaar ke nachoge kya? And to think people are actually getting mad about me calling them out.
Bring back the cringe posts, the stupid pickup lines, the boys hitting absolute lows on self respect just to get laid. That was funny. That was what this sub was for.
Jahan dikho ‘woe betide me’ chal rha hai ‘boohoo mai kitna akela Hu’ , ‘boohoo meri kya galti hai ye ladkiyan aise kyu hai’
Bsdk tu aisa kyu hai, desperation aur loneliness ke separate forums hai wahan randirona karo hazaar supporters bhi mil jaaenge.
fucking hell and if someone’s trying to actually fill up the lack of moderation on this sub you get mad? classic.
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2023.06.09 11:13 Beautiful_Basil819 What should I play? Any advice needed :D

I have revived my account after 12 years of abstinence to realise how dog shit I was and still am in this game. I came back because of hardcore wow, and I have seen videos of raids in both retail and classic. However, I have died so many times now in hardcore that I am too discouraged to continue because I want to see more of the world, areas and dungeons, and not only the starting zone lol.
The big problem is that I really do not seem to enjoy retail, and classic hardcore is too difficult....
What would u guys advise me to do? Are there also big communities besides the hardcore ones in WotLK and Classic?
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2023.06.09 10:18 Sandra-Wang Funny history behind character of Reverse 1999

Reverse1999 is a new game with a rich historical background, where you can find real historical details in every aspect! I have collected some information and analysis from forums to summarize the interesting historical backgrounds of the character, Voyager.
Voyager ‘s identity and prototype may be derived from a very romantic affair: Voyager Golden Records.
The reasons are as follows:
The character has two attributes: a traveler between stars and a musician who plays instruments.
The character's name, Voyager, is the name of the spacecraft that carried the Golden Record - Voyager 1 and Voyager 2.
The character's voice are mostly meaningless murmurings or music, such as "Hmm? *humming* ; *surprise* ; ...Heh heh."
The character's task details page is partly in garbled code, and a Golden Record can be seen in the background.
The character's story, titled "A One-in-a-quadrillion Miracle," reads as follows: "What a beautiful photo," he said. It came from a glance 6.4 billion kilometers away ... The distant blue planet. With one in a trillion chance, we exchanged this insignificant encounter. (Note: this is not an official translation.)
That's right, the beautiful photo in question is the classic image "Pale Blue Dot" taken by Voyager 1.
Of course, these are just my personal speculations, and I welcome everyone to discuss and share their thoughts!
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2023.06.09 10:08 audio-city-usa Method Wheels: Unleash Your Off-Road Beast with Superior Performance and Style

When it comes to off-roading, having the right wheels is crucial. Method Wheels is a brand that has gained a reputation for delivering superior performance and style in the off-road world. Designed with precision and engineered for the most challenging terrains, Method Wheels offer a winning combination of strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into the world of Method Wheels and explore how they can transform your off-road adventures. From their innovative construction techniques to the range of designs available, we'll showcase why Method Wheels should be your go-to choice for enhancing both the performance and appearance of your off-road vehicle.
History and Legacy of Method Wheels
Method Wheels has a rich history rooted in off-road racing. Method Wheels was established in 2010 in Temecula, California. The brand was founded by enthusiasts Kevin and Bud Fitzgerald, and Colby Groom, the off-road business veterans who shared a passion for conquering the toughest terrains. From the outset, Method Wheels set out to redefine industry standards by combining innovation, superior craftsmanship, and unwavering dedication to performance. The founders were not content with merely producing ordinary wheels; they sought to push the boundaries and raise the bar in terms of durability, strength, and style. With their background in off-road racing, the founders had first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by off-road enthusiasts. This insider perspective allowed them to understand the specific requirements of off-road vehicles and design wheels tailored to meet those needs. With a focus on superior performance and innovative design, Method Wheels quickly gained recognition among off-road enthusiasts and professional racers alike. From humble beginnings, the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of wheel technology has propelled them to become a leading name in the industry. They support rookie and top-level racers alike. The list includes Jason Voss, Phil Blurton, Toyota Gazoo Racing, Austin and Jesse Jones, Cameron Steele, McMillin Family, Crody Bradbury, Toby Price, and Factory Subaru Motorsports to name a few. The trio to date gets their vintage 1974 FORD 100 to compete annually in NORRA Mexican 1000.
Superior Construction Techniques
One of the key factors that set Method Wheels apart is their exceptional construction techniques. Method Wheels are built to withstand the rigors of off-road driving, providing durability and strength when it matters most. The wheels are meticulously crafted using high-quality materials such as cast aluminum or forged aluminum alloy, ensuring a lightweight yet sturdy design. Both materials offer excellent strength-to-weight ratios, making them ideal for off-road applications. The premium-grade materials, ensure a strong and reliable foundation.
The process of manufacturing Method Wheels involves advanced engineering and rigorous testing. Whether it's the cast wheels or the forged variants, Method Wheels undergo a series of quality control measures to ensure they meet the brand's high standards. These measures include impact testing, load rating verification, and rigorous real-world testing in demanding off-road conditions. Method Wheels are designed with precise fitment in mind, ensuring proper alignment with the vehicle's suspension components. Proper fitment maximizes suspension travel, prevents interference with brake calipers, and maintains optimal steering geometry. Method Wheels employ design techniques to reduce unsprung weight, which refers to the weight of components not supported by the vehicle's suspension. By reducing unsprung weight, Method Wheels improve overall vehicle performance, including acceleration, braking, and handling.
Method Wheels are put to the test in real-world off-road environments, allowing the brand to validate its performance under extreme conditions. This testing phase ensures that the wheels can withstand the demands of off-road adventures, including intense vibrations, rugged terrains, and varying temperatures.
Method Wheels feature a variety of spoke designs, carefully engineered to balance strength, weight reduction, and aesthetics. These designs enhance the overall look of the wheels and contribute to their structural integrity.
Design and Aesthetics
Method Wheels not only deliver exceptional performance but also elevate the style of your off-road vehicle. The brand offers a diverse range of designs to cater to different preferences and vehicle types. From sleek and minimalist designs to aggressive and rugged looks, Method Wheels has options to suit every off-roader's taste.
Method Wheels pay meticulous attention to detail in their designs and extends beyond functionality. From the precise angles and contours of the spokes to the intricate machining and milling, each wheel showcases the brand's commitment to craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal. These fine details enhance the overall look of the wheels, adding a touch of sophistication and refinement to any off-road vehicle. Whether it's a symmetrical split-spoke design or a more intricate mesh pattern, Method Wheels offer a captivating look that grabs attention both on and off the trail.
Method Wheels offer a variety of finish options to suit different tastes and complement various vehicle styles. Whether you prefer a classic matte black finish or a head-turning machined and polished look, each finish is carefully applied to the wheels, providing a durable and visually appealing coating that enhances the overall aesthetics. In addition to the standard finishes, Method Wheels also incorporate color accents into certain designs. These color accents provide an opportunity for off-road enthusiasts to personalize their wheels and make a unique statement with their vehicle's appearance.
Method Wheels proudly display its branding and logos on its wheels. The Method logo, often featured prominently on the center cap or the spoke of the wheel, adds a touch of authenticity and brand recognition. These logos are intricately designed, contributing to the overall visual appeal of the wheels.
Whether it's a sleek and modern design or a rugged and aggressive look, Method Wheels offer a perfect combination of style and functionality, ensuring that your off-road beast stands out from the crowd.
Uncompromising Performance
Method Wheels are engineered to deliver exceptional off-road performance. The design considerations go beyond aesthetics, with features aimed at enhancing the vehicle's capabilities on challenging terrains. The brand utilizes high-quality materials that provide the necessary durability to handle the demanding terrains, impacts, and vibrations off-road driving entails. The precise engineering of Method Wheels ensures proper fitment, allowing for optimal suspension travel and clearance. It also prevents interference with brake calipers and other vital parts, ensuring smooth and uninhibited off-road performance.
The wheels are designed to be lightweight, reducing unsprung weight and improving overall vehicle performance. This lighter weight, combined with the strength and durability of the materials used, translates into enhanced acceleration, braking, and maneuverability off-road.
Furthermore, Method Wheels offer various beadlock options for those seeking the utmost security during extreme off-road adventures. Beadlock wheels allow you to run lower tire pressures without the risk of the tire detaching from the wheel. This provides increased traction, better grip, and improved performance in challenging conditions.
Method Wheels undergo rigorous testing protocols to meet stringent quality and performance standards. By subjecting its wheels to off-road and on-road tests, Method Wheels ensure that its products deliver reliable performance and durability in the most demanding situations.
Method Wheels over the years, have gained popularity and earned the trust of off-road enthusiasts and professional racers alike. The brand's wheels have been extensively used in off-road racing competitions, including prestigious events such as the Baja 1000. The fact that Method Wheels have withstood the rigors of competitive racing further attests to their exceptional performance and durability.
Whether you're tackling rough terrains, conquering challenging obstacles, or pushing the limits of your vehicle's capabilities, Method Wheels provide the reliability and performance necessary to elevate your off-road adventures.
Finding the Perfect Method Wheels for Your Vehicle
Method Wheels offers a comprehensive range of sizes, offsets, and bolt patterns to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of off-road vehicles. Whether you drive a Jeep, truck, or SUV, there is a Method Wheel that will suit your vehicle's specifications.
To find the perfect Method Wheels for your vehicle, it's important to consider factors such as the desired wheel size, offset, and bolt pattern, as well as any specific requirements for tire size and suspension setup. It's recommended to consult the Method Wheels website or reach out to AudiocityUSA – the most reliable and knowledgeable retailer and distributor of authentically branded wheels that ensure proper fitment for your specific vehicle.
Maintenance and Care
To prolong the life and performance of your Method Wheels, regular maintenance, and care are essential. After intense off-road adventures, it's crucial to clean your wheels thoroughly to remove any dirt, mud, or debris that may have accumulated. Using a mild soap and water solution, gently scrub the wheels with a soft brush, paying close attention to the nooks and crannies. Avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners that can damage the wheel's finish. While cleaning your wheels, take the opportunity to clean and inspect your tires as well. Inspect the tires for signs of damage, such as cuts, bulges, or uneven wear, and address any issues promptly. Additionally, maintain proper tire pressure according to the manufacturer's recommendations for optimal performance and safety.
Inspecting the wheels regularly is also important. Check for any signs of damage, such as cracks or bends, and address them promptly. Additionally, ensure that the lug nuts are tightened to the recommended torque specifications to maintain proper wheel attachment.
To protect your Method Wheels against corrosion, apply a layer of wheel sealant or wax after cleaning. This protective barrier helps prevent oxidation and the formation of rust on the wheel's surface. If you live in an area with harsh winter conditions, take extra precautions to protect your Method Wheels. Consider using a winter-specific wheel and tire package to prevent damage from road salt and winter debris. Additionally, regularly wash your wheels during winter to remove accumulated salt and grime.
Customer Reviews and Testimonials
Method Wheels have garnered a loyal following among off-road enthusiasts worldwide. Taking into account customer reviews and testimonials can provide valuable insights into the performance and satisfaction levels of Method Wheels users. Browse through online forums, off-road communities, and retailer websites to gain first-hand accounts of experiences with Method Wheels. These reviews can help you make an informed decision and validate the brand's reputation for superior performance and style.
Wrapping Up
Method Wheels have earned its place as a trusted and respected brand in the off-road community. With their unwavering commitment to delivering superior performance, exceptional construction, and eye-catching designs, Method Wheels offer off-road enthusiasts the opportunity to unleash their vehicles' true potential. Whether you're tackling challenging terrains or seeking to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your off-road beast, Method Wheels provide the ideal combination of strength, durability, and style. Upgrade your off-road experience with Method Wheels and take your adventures to new heights.
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2023.06.09 08:59 KeraKitty [HELP] Action Bar Tooltip Only Showing Ability Name and Rank

The tooltip for abilities on my action bars is only showing ability names and ranks without the ability description or cost. I tried reloading ui with and without addons disabled and the issue persists. Deleting the interface and wtf folders also did not fix the issue.
I've found one other post on the Blizzard forums about this issue, but it doesn't have any responses.
EDIT: This is in classic wotlk
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2023.06.09 06:55 MickJof Achievements in WotLK Classic? How to turn off "Joyous Journeys"?

I remember when I played WotLK back in the day there was an achievments panel where I could see and track all achievments in game. This is not available (yet) in WotLK Classic? I can't find it!
Also, how do I turn off the "Joyous Journeys" experience buff? Google tells me I can disable it at an innkeeper, but I don't see any option for it there.
Finally, I remember the map also used to show the level range for each zone, but I don't see this in WotLK Classic either.
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2023.06.09 01:23 gumdropsEU Reddit API policies and /r/woweconomy

Hi folks,
If you're an active reddit user outside of /woweconomy you may have already seen the large volume of discussions around Reddit's recent API announcements.
For those that are not aware, here is a quote from /BestofRedditorUpdates that includes links to some solid information on the background and consequences to these announced changes by Reddit:
By now you have probably heard a lot about The Open Letter about API Pricing. Some of your favorite subreddits may have signed up to protest. [...] Subreddits like explainlikeimfive have highlighted in an easy way to understand what API is and why this is change is a problem. AskHistorians have explained in detail why so many Mods are upset and, frankly, disillusioned, in the wake of the Admin announcement.

What does this mean for /woweconomy?

Given that I share the opinions of those with feelings of anger and frustration at these policy changes, as a subreddit moderator using 3rd party tools and a regular user of reddit via 3rd party applications - I plan to participate in the scheduled 'blackout' on June 12th whereby this subreddit will be switched to private mode. This anger and frustration is even more warranted when Reddit is seemingly resorting to slander of a particular developer.
Unless Reddit reverses their policy or creates a new proposal that doesn't immediately kill all 3rd party apps, then this subreddit blackout will be indefinite.

What is the alternative?

I was hesitant back in 2016 to create a Discord server as an accompanying avenue for this community to get together and discuss gold-making in WoW because it was basically IRC on steroids - and the idea of a live chat bigger and busier than that was a challenging one to think about.
However, I launched the server and the Discord platform has come a long way since then. The WoW Economy server now has close to 70,000 members and is much more active than this subreddit - it's easier to categorise conversations by Classic and Retail, and most importantly Discord introduced a new channel-type that emulates forums or discussion boards.
With this in mind I will be creating new forum channels in the Discord server as an experiment to replicate the way you might contribute or participate in discussions on this subreddit.
You can join the WoW Economy Discord server now, and it will be linked in the notice shown when visiting this subreddit when it is in private mode from June 12th
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2023.06.08 23:19 Turbulent_Horror_498 Turtle Wow Mechanical Difficulty

Hi there everyone,
I am currently playing WotLK on Classic servers, but a friend of mine really wants to join him on Turtle Wow -- trying to decide if I'll enjoy it.

Call me a masochist, but I really enjoy getting to progress with a team, sometimes being held back by others, sometimes holding others back with my own mistakes.

What I am asking here is: Does Turtle wow provide a mechanical difficulty on par with WotLK raids? Or is it more like MC/ZG/AQ?

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2023.06.08 20:35 BlueFox789 Broken Volvo V8 Mark 2 - best way forward?

Good evening, my first post on this forum so please bear with me.
We bought a Volvo V8 Mark 2 from a seller 2 weeks ago and have had some trouble with it. It broke down on the M1 only 2 days after purchase and had to be recovered by the AA. A few local garages have had a look at it and said they cannot repair it, including a specialist one in Faversham.
The garage brought to back to us this evening and we are not thinking about what to do. Apparently the engine has seized and they cannot source another one. It would seem that classic cars are not easy to have repaired.
Is there any chance of the engine being cleared somehow so that it works? Does anyone know of someone who might own a replacement one we could have fitted?
Worse case scenario we could speak to the man and hope that he takes it back. My great feeling is he will refuse, leaving us to take him to small claims court. Has anyone else been in our position? What did you do? I am not sure what our rights are at this point
Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance
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2023.06.08 20:33 jungfan123 For people new to Sheffield and in town for the gigs - I’m a Hillsborough local, here’s some answers to frequently asked questions! AMA in the comments!

Hope you all enjoy visiting our city!!
P.S. go outside or open windows if you’re in Hillsboro rn (11am) - they’re practising! I can hear Alex on the mic from my living room!
”How shall I get around for non-gig Sheffield fun?”
You can get taxis on Uber or City Taxis (our local firm, they have their own Uber style app), or download the app Moovit for live public transport info. As another commenter mentioned - you’ll have a very hard time getting taxis back from the gig - there’s a section below for gig transport! Trams are generally more reliable than buses. Sheffield’s very walkable though, you probably will only need transport to get to the gig itself.
”Where shall I go for a drink tonight?”
If you’re staying in the city centre, get yourself down to the Frog and Parrot (‘The Parrot’s Beak’ from Cornerstone) - they’ve got a nice outside seating area and have done the place up Arctic Monkeys themed for the gigs! The Forum is nice too, big outdoor area overlooking Devonshire Green (a park in town).
Kelham Island (on the way out to Hillsborough from the city centre) also has some great bars and pubs. The Gardener’s Rest is a classic pub with riverside seating, and Riverside Kelham is great too, as is Alder. Heist has a top selection of beers.
Hillsborough also has some brilliant pubs and micropubs. The Northern Monkey is my favourite, good prices and it’s got a great back room with a speaker you can connect to and plenty of games (also look out for the Alex Turner monkey mural!). There’s also a massive Wetherspoons right next to the tram stop with a huge garden, but please try to support our local businesses while you’re here!
If you’re looking to go ‘out out’, I insist you go to West Street Live. No pussying out. It’s vile, cheap, and a true Sheffield institution. West Street is the main ‘strip’ for bars and clubs in the city centre.
”How shall I get to and from the gig tomorrow/Saturday?”
I’d advise getting the tram into Hillsborough (yellow route towards Middlewood or blue route towards Malin Bridge) early afternoon to hopefully avoid the inevitable huge crowds. You can download the app Moovit to get public transport info.
You pay on the tram, the conductor will come round. It’s £2 for a single or £4 for a return, or you can get a day rider for unlimited trips (I think it’s £5). You can pay contactless, card or cash (cash preferred). The tram company’s advised that if you want to get the tram back at the end of the night, you should get a return now to avoid holding things up.
They’ve said it could take up to two hours to get the tram back into the city centre after, so another option is to walk back into town. It’s about an hour but there’ll be a whole load of people doing it and it should be a laugh! Alternatively, go and have a drink in Hillsborough before making your way back into town.
Important: trams are running only from Leppings Lane, not Middlewood, Hillsborough Park or Hillsborough stops after the gig! Here’s the tram company’s page on transport info for the gig: https://www.stagecoachbus.com/news/yorkshire/2023/june/arctic-monkeys-travel-advice-and-information
”Where shall I go after the gig?”
Into town (the city centre). Maida Vale plays music Monkeys fans would probably like, but everyone I know is going to the Leadmill afterparty. The Leadmill is an iconic venue in Sheff, the Monkeys played there a lot when they were getting started. They’re shutting down the whole road and having a massive Monkeys themed street party on both Friday and Saturday night! You can get tickets here: https://leadmill.co.uk/event/arctic-monkeys-after-party-friday/ Looks like this has now sold out for Friday! There might be tickets available on the door too, Leadmill promoters are pretty unscrupulous. Not sure though! If you wanted to ring and check their number is 0114 272 7040. If it were me I’d still go into the city centre after anyway and give it a go, and just go to West Street Live, Corporation or Maida Vale if you can’t get in. As another Sheffielder’s mentioned, these three venues are about a 15 min walk from Leadmill so factor this risk in!
”Where shall I eat?”
Cutlery Works is a great food hall in Kelham Island, there’ll be something for everyone there. There’s honestly so much great food in Sheffield it’s hard to choose what to recommend though! We have loads of authentic Asian food here because of the massive student population, so it’s worth having a try of some of that! Henderson’s Relish is our local delicacy, but you’ll want that on a pie not on it’s own 😂 If you comment with a particular cuisine you fancy and your rough location, I’ll come up with a recommendation!
In Hillsborough, the Orange Bird (South African barbecue) is open from 12-3 on Saturday. Envers Grill (incredible Turkish food, I believe it won best takeaway in the UK recently) is amazing too, or you can grab a proper pork sarnie (another Sheffield special) from Beres or a couple of the butchers on Hillsborough high street - they’ll have signs outside, and also do lovely sausage rolls etc.
”What shall we do in the morning before the gig?”
You could have a mooch around the Millennium Gallery, the Winter Gardens (look out for the AM elephant!) or go have a look round the lovely independent shops on Division Street! Don’t miss the lovely shop Annie Jude’s on Hillsborough high street for Sheffield souvenirs - it’s right near the park and there’s soooo much Monkeys themed merch that’s honestly much better designed than the official stuff!
Just let me know if you have any other questions!
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2023.06.08 18:57 HitBoxComics The upcoming frost mage rework removes the optional permanent Water Elemental, and why it's not okay.

I recently caught up on the upcoming Frost Mage rework, and I found the removal of an optional permanent pet to be very alarming.
Back when they first introduced the Water Elemental pet for mages, I used to beg on the official forums to make it into an official pet. At the time I loved pet classes like hunters and warlocks, and I wanted to experience that on my Mage instead of just having a 2 minute cooldown. Eventually my prayers were answered in 2009, when they added the terrible Glyph of Eternal Water, which allowed for a permanent WE companion. I was beyond overjoyed, even it was far from an optimal glyph. But just having the option of having a permanent companion was more than enough for young-me!
Now I see that they're removing the option to have a permanent companion soon and I've been absolutely crushed by this news. For 14 years I've adventured with Bubbles the Water Elemental by my side, and now those days might come to an end. For pet fanatics, this is a huge loss for seemingly no reason. I even made a short comic series starring my mage and Water Elemental and it's sad that my character's headcanon is now going to no longer be possible.
The upcoming change proposes that the WE is now a temporary summon that appears when you're using Icy Veins (your main big dps CD spell), and it gives ramping bonuses the longer it attacks. I believe this is a really bad change for all Frost mages, and not just people who love permanent pets.
There are two main parties of frost mages when it comes to the Water Elemental. One's who love having a perma-companion, and ones who never want to touch a pet with a 10-foot pole. Well with this change, everyone is going to have to deal with the pet. Everyone is going to have to use Water Jet and other WE abilities, everyone has to make macros to cast these at the opportune times, everyone has to make macros to reposition the Water Elemental around the battlefield if it gets displaced, and everyone's biggest DPS cooldown is now reliant on dodgy unreliable pet AI. And do pet-hating frost mages really want that? I don't think they do.
It's obvious that the elemental can't compete with Lonley Winter, so I propose the following change:
>Change the Water Elemental talent into a permanent melee pet designed for outdoor PvE solo talent, akin to hunter pets and the voidwalker. This way it stays out of raiders/mythic+, but still has a powerful niche that any mage could consider speccing into.
Mages aren't overpowered in solo content, and they aren't top tier at taking down outdoor bosses/elites, so I don't think this would push them over the edge and it would make permanent pet lovers happy, and pet haters happy as well. And ditch the whole temporary WE that gets summoned during Icy Veins because it's just not a good solution for anyone.
I know it seems dumb to defend the existence of a talent few people like, but I feel like the new talent system was made so they don't have to pointlessly prune classic abilities like Summon Water Elemental. I really hope mages who dislike these changes can speak up and let Blizz know that this isn't the right solution. Anyway, thank you for reading, and if you want to try to make a difference, reach out on the official forums and let them know in the PTR feedback thread about your opinion of the rework.
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2023.06.08 18:52 Frodopshere 2tb bootable nvme drive disappeared from bios entirely

So windows had been running fire for a while on my old ssd and a few weeks back I decided to upgrade my drive from a 500gb crucial nvme gen 3 drive to a gen 4 2tb crucial p3 drive. Windows installed fine and was running sweet up until today I booted my computer this morning and then came back to it a few hours later to find it had crashed thinking nothing of it I rebooted the system to be greeted by the classic no bootable media message thinking that’s strange I reset open the bios and try to boot from the drive manually in the list of boot devices, same message no bootable media. So I decide to reset my overclock on my cpu and ram (which were running stable for well over 3 months) and tried to boot again still no luck. Feeling defeated and scouring forums I decided to just reset my bios settings and reboot. Opened the bios back up after boot and navigated to the boot tab to find no bootable devices selected so I head into csm and turn it on back out and head to the boot devices and see my two storage drives are in the bootable menu but my ssd has simply disappeared after messing about with some different cam settings mainly changing back and forth between uefi support and legacy support on the 3 different options nothing seemed to make it show back up hence this post any help is welcome
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2023.06.08 18:33 random_noob42 Heirloom gun vs. heirloom bow

My particular question is this: With the gun, specifically in the wotlk era, you get access to engineer crafted ammo as a potential dps boost. I'd say a non-trivial dps enhancement particularly sub lvl 30. With the bow, there are theoretically equivalent upgraded arrows to the crafted ammo i.e. Depricated Whipwood Arrow. But I say theoretically, because while this item exists on wowhead, I cannot find any validation that this item actually exists in game or how to reasonably acquire it. I cannot find a source of acquisition or comments of relevance on wowhead. If these comperable arrows cannot be obtained, it would mean that crafted ammo is an advantage for guns.
If guns do get this potential ammo twinking advantage, do you think it overcomes the built in disadvantage that the pvp gun has vs. the pvm bow in the context of pvm twink leveling?
*I've checked Wowhead comments, guides, google searched through reddit and other forums and have not seen this particular issue discussed anywhere on the internet.*
*this is a min/max conversation about twink lvling alts, so if your input is something like it doesn't really matter because it isn't that big of a difference - already noted, I'd still like to hear input for what people thoughtfully think is best*
This is a conversation specifically on the merits of using the Upgraded Dwarven Hand Cannon vs. Charmed Ancient Bone in PvM.
I know the obvious element of the gun having a wasted PvP mod, so on its face the Bow is the better choice. I'd also note that various enhancements can be applied to both weapons, so that doesn't really matter, but I've not seen the ammo element discussed anywhere that I can find.
Any thoughtful and knowledgable input on this is greatly appreciated.
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2023.06.08 16:33 OriginalFit Scammers getting more sophisticated

Scammers getting more sophisticated
Look very real for scammer. Is Rogers aware of these emails ?
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